Kamping_Kaiserthat doesnt make it perls problem though, it just makes the perl revision the catalist00:04
techsupportKamping_Kaiser, hi !00:05
techsupporti'm downloading perl 5.8 from here http://www.ccl4.org/~nick/P/perl-5.8.9.tar.bz200:06
techsupportdo you think you can help me install it after its done ?00:07
Kamping_Kaiserany reason not to get it from perl.org? http://www.cpan.org/src/README.html00:10
Kamping_Kaiserand i can probably lend you a hand, but only on a fairly theoretical level00:11
techsupportKamping_Kaiser, ok its downloaded from the link you gave me00:15
techsupportKamping_Kaiser, how do I install compile and install it ?00:15
Kamping_Kaisertechsupport, have you compiled something before?00:16
techsupporttechsupport, yeah a long time ago, I am getting back to ubuntu after a long break00:16
Kamping_Kaiserare you working on the server here, or on a workstation?00:18
uvirtbot`New bug: #316594 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (universe) "/etc/lsb-base-logging.sh: line 84: INITOUTPUT: unbound variable " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31659400:20
Kamping_Kaiserok. i generally advise people dont install build environemnts on servers. in a chroot on the server, no worries, but not on the live system. If you dont mind building on your live server, you can skip making a build chroot00:21
techsupportKamping_Kaiser, i just need it installed and working properly thats it (keeping in mind that perl v.5.10 is already installed)00:22
* hads thinks installing 8.04 would be easier00:23
techsupporthads, ok can i transfer my database if i install 8.04 ?00:24
* Kamping_Kaiser thinks people should use LTS on servers, but this clearly isnt universal00:24
* hads agrees00:25
uvirtbot`New bug: #268536 in samba (main) "mount smbfs not working properly after upgrade from 6 to 8" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26853600:25
hadstechsupport: That depends what "my database" is, but I'd assume yes.00:25
erichammondkirkland: I like the screenbin idea.00:48
erichammondI've used Ubuntu desktop on EC2 for similar purposes working with and walking somebody through a graphical application.00:49
Sylphidim trying to migrate my server to a raid 1 install and the instructions i followed worked save for one thing ... they suggested running update-initramfs -u  and now i can boot to any kernel save the one that was running when i issued that command01:38
_CidHeya, does anyone know how to add log to syslog?02:12
_Cidoh, nice config file - nevermind :-)02:14
TailsfanHi There, I'm trying to install 8.10 on my tower, but whenever it gets to the Hard Disk scanning phase, it keeps on flashing and then keeps on saying "Failed"02:23
TailsfanWhat can i do?02:24
Gr3mlinhay all, got a question for you.03:44
_Cid_uh oh ...03:45
_Cid_is it the one about the african versus the european swallow?03:45
Kamping_KaiserAfrican swallows are non migratory :)03:46
Gr3mlinit was sort of.03:47
_Cid_but, what is the air velocity?03:47
Gr3mlinwhat would one expect to pay for a IBM x445, 4x2.8Ghz MP Xeons, 4Gb ram.. with 2 10k, 36Gb HDD?03:47
_Cid_uh ...03:47
_Cid_less than you :)   employee pricing is 15% off I think03:48
_Cid_Gr3mlin:  gimme a minute, let me look it up - can't rememebr the URL03:48
Gr3mlincheers _Cid_03:49
_Cid_Gr3mlin:  new, refurb or new?03:49
hadsAnd in what country03:50
Kamping_KaiserI'd go with a 4 digit number of $AUD at a guess.03:50
Gr3mlinnew zealand03:50
Gr3mlinits second hand.. but no OS03:51
_Cid_hads:  good question ...03:51
_Cid_Gr3mlin:  sorry mate, I only got access to US stuff .... let me give you price comparison anyway03:51
hadsThat's the reason you should say where you are :)03:51
* _Cid_ is in the living room ...03:51
* Kamping_Kaiser is in a heater03:52
hadsThat's odd, I'm in the living room too and I can't see you.03:52
_Cid_Gr3mlin:  looking at the clearance stuff, which would be the best to comapre against for the used market I guess .... looks like .... somewhere around $1400-1850  USD03:52
* _Cid_ checks for hads behind the counter....you freaking me out dewd ....03:52
Gr3mlinthat was weird. im use to microsoft and crashes.. but i've never had the program stay open before..03:53
Gr3mlinsorry. ok, so 1400 - 1850 usd.03:53
hadsDoesn't appear to be available in NZ03:54
Gr3mlin2.5k! - 3.28k!03:54
_Cid_uh ..we made him crash03:55
Kamping_Kaiserpoor kiwi, probably not used to hearing such large amounts of money03:56
Gr3mlinthat was strange...03:56
Gr3mlinok.. were was i..03:56
hadsKamping_Kaiser: Oi!03:56
_Cid_he probably divided the full amount witht he price of beer, and it made his computer crash03:56
Gr3mlinlol, i say that btw Kamping,03:56
_Cid_oh..the kiwi is back03:56
Gr3mlinNIce CID03:56
* hads is also in .nz03:57
Gr3mlinso should i grab it if i was offered it for 700 NZD or 394 USD?03:57
_Cid_but..but..the licing room is in California?!03:57
hadsGr3mlin: Yes03:57
_Cid_Gr3mlin:  depends what it is worth for you03:57
_Cid_Gr3mlin:  great deal - expensive book press though03:58
Kamping_KaiserGr3mlin, if you A. can use it, and B. know its all working, i dont see why not03:58
Gr3mlinLOL, it could server me!03:58
hadsYou need somewhere to put it too03:59
_Cid_Gr3mlin: and you ened to give me an account <nod>03:59
Gr3mlinno, ive got a game server. but its pretty crap and i looked at what everyone else is running.. sortta03:59
Gr3mlinmade me wanna get one!03:59
Gr3mlinbut getting t he OS is the expensive bit..04:00
hadsThat bit is free04:00
_Cid_run linux on it ..04:01
hadsOf course04:01
_Cid_not sure what version of Ubuntu made it to NZ yet - but anything should work04:02
Gr3mlinthe game server needs windows. they havent converted it over yet.04:02
* _Cid_ put on his abstest suit ...04:02
hads_Cid_: Quit it :)04:02
_Cid_what game we talking?04:02
Gr3mlinis it v8?04:02
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, its ok, australia has spare 5.10's we can send over :D04:02
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  Redhat 5.1 ? :D04:03
Gr3mlinguess.. hl2-gmod-ZS and others.04:03
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, or that ;)04:03
_Cid_Gr3mlin: running windows on a box like that is a crime ..04:03
Gr3mlinYeah... i guess i could use wine.04:04
_Cid_now you talking04:04
_Cid_I mean, a box like that - you could even run VI in color, and it wouldnt break sweat!04:04
Gr3mlini've already had Ubuntu v8 with wine for the whole doesnt crap itsself factor and performance wise. it04:05
Gr3mlincrapped itself.04:05
_Cid_you guys ever get to the point where your server is running super smooth ... you watch it do that for a few days..and then...uhm....get kinda bored?04:05
Gr3mlini'd imagine a box like that would be extremely loud aye.?04:06
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, personal servers, yes. public/production, no :)04:07
Kamping_KaiserGr3mlin, remember its not v7, v8. the .04 or .10 is important04:07
_Cid_Gr3mlin:  yes on loudness - most likely04:10
Gr3mlinohh.. sorry, i have to say, it was extremely painless to install, i didnt know what 2 do.. i was04:10
Gr3mlinlike... wait.. wheres the questions? the restarts? the BSOD's? then using it was really simple also!04:10
Gr3mlinumm, its was Ubuntu 8.04.1 i304:10
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  jus a hobby server, serving a handful of doamins with mail and stuff like that04:10
Gr3mlinis that better Kamping_Kaiser?04:10
_Cid_oh - I know, I could fix my webserver .... forgot about that nonsense04:11
_Cid_switched to apache, seems complicated04:11
Kamping_Kaiserwhat was it before?04:12
_Cid_humm...in apache ... anyway I can force a subdomain (on port 80) to reload itself (on port 443) ?04:14
Kamping_Kaiserhah. you'll notice a little more complexity yes ;p04:14
_Cid_like .. you go to http://secure.foo.com  and it loads https:/secure.foo.com instead?04:15
Kamping_Kaiseruse an apache vhost and redirect04:15
_Cid_what is all this avaliacle-sites etc etc .... I just want a conf file :P04:15
* Kamping_Kaiser attempts to locate his template04:15
_Cid_didn't the last apache vhost die at little big horn?04:15
Kamping_Kaiserhm. its (ironically) on the host without an httpd. just a tick, i'll copy it somewhere you can see04:16
_Cid_oh, a html redirect?04:17
Gr3mlinthanks for the help! i'll sleep on it! :P i guess if could just pass it on for my money back or more if04:18
Gr3mlini decide i dont need it!04:18
_Cid_Gr3mlin:  if you have no need, its kinda expensive ..it will also use quite a bit of power :P04:18
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  sweet, thanks  (this is supposed to be easier than lighttpd?! - gimme regex back!)04:19
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, no worries. I got them working, and wouldnt be able to do it from scratch anymore ;)04:20
* Kamping_Kaiser -> lunch.04:21
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, good luck with it. I find #apache helpful, if a little hostile (they don't like Debian)04:21
* Kamping_Kaiser will bbl04:21
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser: thanks man :)04:21
* _Cid_ ponders what Aussies says as 'goodbye' 04:21
_Cid_G'bye mate!04:21
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  thanks, that worked - just really slow, as if it is doing several lookups ..which..I guess it is :P04:37
_Cid_quick lunch04:42
_Cid_let me guess, you threw a shrimp on the barbie?04:42
Kamping_Kaiseralmost, i threw some jam on a bread :p04:42
_Cid_could have been worse ...marmamite - yack!04:42
_Cid_what is WRONG with you people04:42
Kamping_Kaiseriky stuff04:42
Kamping_Kaiserdads in the house breaking shit, so I figured fast was the best plan04:42
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, marmite is foul. vegemite ftw though.04:43
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  back to my previous point - what is WRONG with you people!04:43
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, :O04:45
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  isnt it mostly yeast?04:45
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, vegemite? yeah.04:46
_Cid_sounds yummy04:46
_Cid_you guys monitor #ubuntu?  busy channel04:47
_Cid_was just a guy having trouble figuring scp out - the advise he got was to install proftp <shakes head>04:47
Kamping_KaiserI don't. I don't use ubuntu in any serious way anymore. i'm here as much because I keep forgetting to leave as because I can still help out a little.04:48
_Cid_hehe - what do you use?04:48
Kamping_Kaiserthats why i dont #ubuntu - the useful advice to rubish advice ratio is not worth it04:48
Kamping_Kaiseryeah. everyware04:48
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  I came from Debian ..jsut thought I would try Ubuntu when it came out ..kidna stuck .... as a server, not a huge difference, Ubuntu gets the same advantages as Debian I think :P04:49
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  Ubuntu on the server, macOS on the desktop - working great for me04:50
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  if I had to redo everything again from scratch ..I might go back to Debian, just due to the coolness factor ;-)04:50
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, i switched Debian (sarge) -> Ubuntu (when it came out) -> Debian (after u.6.10)04:50
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  why? :)04:50
Kamping_KaiserI find the (desktop) releases after 6.06 to be rubish.04:51
_Cid_what was before sarge again? ...woody?04:51
_Cid_and before that?04:51
_Cid_thats right!  I used potato ... humm...before that?04:51
* Kamping_Kaiser remembers needing to select 'linux26' to get a 2.6 kernel with sarge04:51
_Cid_I started on Slink04:51
Kamping_Kaiserheh. I wasnt doing free software when slink was around04:52
_Cid_did RH before that <blush>04:52
* Kamping_Kaiser tuts ;p04:52
_Cid_RH was my first lunix04:52
_Cid_heh ..I wanna know now - when was RH 5.0 ...04:53
Kamping_Kaiseri played with manrape (mandrake), RH, FC, looked at xandros/linspire and tried debian.04:53
_Cid_I guess I started with linux in 1997 ..wow04:54
* _Cid_ is old04:54
* Kamping_Kaiser is impressed04:54
* owh smacks _Cid_ around the head with a zimmer frame :)04:54
_Cid_Cartman was my last RH   ... thats 1999 ...does that match up with slink?04:54
_Cid_it does - wohoo04:55
Kamping_Kaiserbtw, spamassassin+Claws mail == <3<3<304:55
_Cid_owh:  ok - took me a while, as I had to look up what a zimmer frame was ...but now that I did 'HEY!!'04:55
owh_Cid_: Old age will do that to you :)04:56
_Cid_Why you little!04:56
* owh is of 1967 heritage :)04:56
_Cid_owh:  you had to be, how else would you have a zimemr frame to hit me with!04:57
owh_Cid_: See, you're not as dumb as you look ;004:57
_Cid_Claws ... looking at it now - whats so great about it04:57
_Cid_owh:  good thing too!04:57
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  any mail client with NO graphic on their web page gotta be l33704:57
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, its lightweight, has an SA plugin, and is working nicely04:58
Kamping_Kaiserit cant handle >9GB maildirs though. i shold file a bug on that04:58
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  I am a big fan of Mail.app04:58
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, really? i've never looked :)04:58
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  http://www.claws-mail.org/04:58
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  not trying to start a flame war here ...but I am curious ...what does Debian have these days, that ubuntu does not?04:59
Kamping_Kaisertheres a graphic there ...05:00
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  barely ....05:00
owh_Cid_: A slower release schedule :)05:00
* _Cid_ is starting to appreciate owh05:00
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, QA, when its ready releases, an absence of stupid services that spam the network, reconfigure your interfaces and overwrite config files05:00
Kamping_Kaiserthings like that05:00
Kamping_Kaiserowh, <305:01
_Cid_I got stupid services that spam the network?05:01
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, not sure why a small number of graphics ona  site is a bad thing :)05:01
owh_Cid_: Humour is an acquired taste :)05:01
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  for a client? ..I would expect a screenshot - maybe just me05:01
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, on u. desktop yeah.05:01
_Cid_owh: apt-get install humour05:02
_Cid_Reading package lists... Done05:02
_Cid_Building dependency tree05:02
_Cid_Reading state information... Done05:02
_Cid_E: Couldn't find package humour05:02
* _Cid_ expects to get kicked for spamming ...05:02
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  claw is not for the desktop?05:02
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, feinds that they are, they are using a 'screenshots' page ;)05:02
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, hm?05:02
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser: with no link to the screenshots page?  ... or ..am I blind05:03
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser:  DOH ...haha, had the entire right column outside my screen <blush>05:03
Kamping_Kaiseroops ;p05:03
_Cid_old age ... ya know05:03
owh_Cid_: apt-cache search humour05:03
_Cid_didnt parse well in lynx05:03
_Cid_owh:  apt-get moo (just try it)05:04
owh_Cid_: I am familiar with the cow.05:04
_Cid_only cool people know abotu the cow05:04
owh_Cid_: Everything new is old :)05:04
Kamping_Kaiserare you famliar with the bug about the cow not looking cowy enough?05:04
_Cid_Kamping_Kaiser: hehe, never looked that one up05:04
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid_, i'll find it for you05:05
owhKamping_Kaiser: I think I did see that quite some time ago. Got a bug number for us?05:05
* _Cid_ is going to heat some milk for the little one, brb (and you wondered what I was doing up)05:05
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 56125 in apt "apt-get moo doesnt look like a cow" [Wishlist,Confirmed]05:06
_Cid_I like the cow05:09
_Cid_hah, someone even posted a patch!05:11
hadsaptitude moo is cool05:11
_Cid_dry, but funny :)05:12
_Cid_ This aptitude does not have Super Cow Powers.05:12
hadsTry it with -v, then -vv etc.05:12
_Cid_what is that? ..looks like an elephant being eaten by a snake or something05:29
owh_Cid_: No, it's a snake choking on a zimmer frame.05:37
_Cid_owh owwwh!05:37
milestonehi all06:31
milestonei am unable to compile drbd0.7 using m-a on ubuntu hardy LTS release06:31
milestonei am in the progress of upgrading my heartbeat cluster from dapper to hardy06:31
_Cidowh:  still here?06:53
* owh nods06:54
_CidI am getting tired, quick - say something funny!06:54
owhIf you are in need of some exercise, then you need to start small. Perhaps you could lift the baby - sort of starting with baby-weights.06:55
_Ciddon;t work well under pressure, do you?06:55
owh_Cid: I figured with bottles, up late, it would work - but you must be getting tired :)06:56
_Cidhehe, and bottle is getting empty  - mine that is ...06:56
_Cidwell ..his too06:56
owh_Cid: See -- it all works out :)06:57
owh_Cid: When you took delivery, you did get the user manual and the briefing notes?06:57
_Cidhah! - he is warming up!06:57
owh_Cid: Haven't managed to locate the wiki have you?06:58
_Cidthere is one?!06:58
_Cid(its my first, could use one)06:58
owh_Cid: Oh, they did tell you that you can't give them back didn't they?06:59
_Cidonly in Nevada, I heard07:00
owh_Cid: We have a casino car park where you can leave them - seems that quite a few do.07:01
_Cidyou in nevada? - hehe07:01
_Cidok real question ...  sudo su   vs. sudo -i ..... pro/cons?07:02
* owh uses sudo -s07:02
hadsI do too mostly, though if you want root's env then use -i07:02
owh_Cid: You've been around IT for a bit - you already know the answer - "It depends..."07:03
_Cidsudo -s ...whats that?07:04
_CidI do   sudo /bin/su -07:04
_Cidold habbit ...07:04
owh_Cid: Waaaaaaaaaay toooooo much typing :)07:04
_Cidhehe, getting punked on #ubuntu for askwering a person who asked how do I become root ...07:05
owhHere's a completely side-ways question. I'm doing this in PHP, but I'm really after methodology, not language specific. I have a class a that extends class c, and another class b, that also extends class c, I need an object that provides both methods from a and b. Specifically ...07:06
owh... class c implements PDFs, class a implements templates for PDFs and class b implements variable images on PDFs - I need both.07:07
owhComments and suggestions?07:07
_Cidclearly a job for goto ..or perhaps even gosub07:07
* Kamping_Kaiser stabs _Cid for suggesting goto07:07
owh_Cid: I suppose I could peek() and poke()  :)07:07
_Cidwb Kamping_Kaiser  :)07:08
* owh wrote 6502 machine code back in the days :)07:08
owhEA == NOP07:08
owh20 == JSR07:08
Kamping_Kaiser_Cid, ty :)07:09
_Cidback in the days ..when coding was easy, only had to know 2! keys07:09
_Cidthere are 10 kind of people in this world, those that understand binary - and those that dont07:10
owhI just scared myself, I googled NOP and JSR, and I was right :)07:10
owhMeanwhile, my question was a serious one.07:10
_CidI will keep stabbing fun at your question, to hide the fact that I got no clue - ok with you?07:11
owh_Cid: Sure.07:11
owh_Cid: The only requirement is that the references are arcane and funny.07:12
_Cidah! or we could ask Jeeves07:13
owhYes, that qualifies :)07:13
* _ruben wonders how often that jokes being made per day :p07:13
_Cidthank you :)07:13
_Cidor!!  ..we could ask _ruben!!!  ... no? ...not quite the same ring to it, eh?07:13
_rubennot really ;)07:14
Jeeves__ruben: In most channels that joke comes around two or three times07:14
_Ciddo most people try to take it a step further ...and are they as unsuccesful as I were?07:15
_rubenJeeves_: not too bad then ;)07:15
_Cidowh:  I think we should look at very basic methodology here...07:16
Jeeves__Cid: They all fail. But that's ok. :)07:16
owhJeeves_: What made _Cid's effort funnier than most is that I had required that if he was going to make fun of my question, that "The only requirement is that the references are arcane and funny."07:16
_Cidowh:  it would seem to me that your class a ... multiplied by itself ... added to your b class ... multiplied by itself...should GIVE you your c class ...you may however have to square it ...07:17
owh_Cid: Does that come with a Dunce hat?07:17
_Cid(may not be funny, but it sure was arcane!)07:17
_Cidyou know, I had to look that one up too - but I had a feeling I had guessed it...which I had07:18
owhJeeves_: My reply to your initial greeting was going to be: "Morning, what do you call this? Morning happened 11 hours ago. Thanks for coming." - but then _Cid came along with something else :)07:18
owhSo _Cid are your eye-lids getting heavy yet?07:20
owh_Cid: OMG, it's full of stars.07:20
_Cidkinda waking up again - thanks :)   it helped joining 5 random channels and chatting people up :)07:21
owh_Cid: Yes, they do look random.07:22
_Cidthey are all OS :D07:22
owh_Cid: Next you'll be telling us some haiku's and confusing them with 6502 assembly.07:22
_Cidowh:   no no, its the OS ...not the poems07:22
owh_Cid: See, now you're confused :)07:23
_Cidowh:  hehe, recall BeOS ?07:23
_Cidowh:  some die hard fan are rewriting it from scratch ... calling it haiku07:23
owh_Cid: I even booted it once.07:23
_Cidowh:  I bought stocks .... how is that for arcane and funny?07:24
owh_Cid: It was fast, but it didn't do much.07:24
_Cidstory of its life07:24
owh_Cid: You're going to wear out that Dunce hat.07:24
_Cidowh:  and the .err..what was it ... ziggler frame ..thingy07:24
_Cidowh:  kinda nostalgig ...fat download, and launch in vmware ... it kinda looks like the real thing :)07:25
owhzimmer frame07:25
owhYour memory is failing too.07:25
_Cidwho said that?07:25
owhAltzheimers is not when you forget what keys are, but what they're for.07:26
owh_Cid: You still awake?08:09
owhJust checking.08:10
_CidI had some fun talking in #mac about how hard a mac is to use - they kept me going for a while08:10
_Cidsuprised how many of them agreed with me08:11
owh_Cid: You have any particular reason for staying awake?08:11
_Cida very very good one08:11
_Cidnothing but brilliant08:11
* owh waits with baited breath.08:11
_CidIf I think of it, I will make sure to let you know ...08:11
* owh yawns.08:11
owhYawning is such a wonderful thing.08:11
* _Cid does not work well under pressure!08:11
owhWhen you think about yawning, others do too.08:12
* owh suspects that _Cid is yawning now.08:12
_CidI did08:12
_Cidwell...  little guy needs feeding within the next hour08:12
owhMan, that was funny.08:12
_CidI am staying awake so "mother" can get some sleep08:12
_Cidwhat is your excuse?08:13
owh_Cid: It's day time.08:15
owh_Cid: I'm working.08:15
_Cidstop side stepping and answer the question!08:15
owh_Cid: Clients pay me to work.08:15
owh_Cid: Oh, well, for one, I'm not bored :)08:16
_Cidowh: hehe, php developer by trade?08:16
owh_Cid: Did I mention that it's day time?08:16
owh_Cid: No, forced by circumstance. I'm really a business continuity expert, but I get drawn into fixing stuff for people :)08:16
owh_Cid: I console myself with the fact that I get to bill them :)08:17
_Cidat a business continuity consultants rate08:17
_CidBusiness continuity ... I like that  "so ..uhmm.. you guys need to keep going, ok ... can;t sell products if we dont make them - keep it up!'08:18
owhHell yeah.08:18
* owh has noticed a trend where the higher one's rates are, the better the client listens.08:18
_CidHey, truck driver ... you need to keep driving mmmkay ... you wont reach yoru destination if you dont drive ...ok! ... thats continuity for you ..08:19
* owh still doesn't charge enough.08:19
owhI was told once that if 50% of your clients are not complaining about your rates, you're too cheap.08:19
_Cidowh: I once walked from a project (kinda) - they begged me back ..I said, sure - for 100% rate increase ... they accepted, and MAN did they listen to me after that08:19
_Cidowh:  now I work for IBM - 100% of our customers complain about our rates, we must be spot on :-)08:20
owh_Cid: The BC is more like: "So, if this particular thing fails, what will it cost your business? Can you afford for it to break?"08:20
* owh is self employed - not sure if I ever want to work for anyone again. 'suppose if a good enough offer came along, but otherwise, I like what I do.08:21
_Cidbut you are right, we used to give free proof of concepts away - part of our selling phase .. had like a 25% closign rate ... then we started charging .... sure we doing fewer ..but we got 80% closure now08:22
owh_Cid: Now that is an interesting concept.08:23
* owh steals that :)08:23
_Cidquality over quantity08:23
_Cidif they not willing to pay SOMETHING (even symbolic) ... they not gonna buy anyway08:23
owhYup, that's why I stole that idea just then. I had the same problem - but that neatly solves it :)08:24
_CidI will send you an invoice08:25
* owh sends _Cid an address: /dev/null08:26
_Cidoh, lots of room there ...gonna move my files there while I replace this HD - THANKS!08:26
owh_Cid: That's right up there with a colleague storing important data on my transfer volume. She was not impressed when I emptied the transfer volume once a week.08:27
owhOr the time I received a floppy disk with a note stapled to it.08:28
_Cidowh:  I do security scans these days ...  we warn people again and again not to let us test on their production .. you should see some of the things we accidently 'ruin' ....    8million random sql injection attacks tend to polute your data, hehe08:28
owh_Cid: I was once provided with a web-site that needed "fixing". It contained a dump of the database, which included 80.000 un-encoded credit card details. Not impressed.08:29
* owh doesn't have a ringle-s.08:29
owhActually, that should have been "tuess" I guess.08:30
_Cidowh:  if only that story was unique :/08:30
_Cidowh:  tell you the best job I ever had .... scan a commercial adult entertainment web portal ..awwwriggghht08:30
_Cidowh:  funniest report ever too .. looks like you got a vurnability when accessing redheaded anal - we should use the library over here from the well hung ponies section08:31
owhMy best job was to be the manager of a help desk, seniour multi-media developer and national radio announcer at the same work-place. All fun - while it lasted :)08:31
owh_Cid: I was offered a job to develop some video streaming for such a site, but their budget didn't exist - not interested.08:31
_Cidhehe :)08:31
_Cidthe perks man, the perks!08:32
owh_Cid: New Zealand - no perks, just sheep.08:32
_Cidbaaah, hehe :D08:33
owhNow that I've successfully done nothing for the past few hours other than keeping you awake and helping in ##php, I'm buggering off to actually have some food and even do some work.08:34
_Cidmore hours to bill this way :-)08:35
owh_Cid: I wish - I'm waaay too honest for that.08:36
_Cidah..in that case - we should do business some time :D08:36
owh_Cid: onno@itmaze.com.au -- anytime08:36
* owh only reads email when awake :)08:36
* owh yawns08:36
owhYawning, it's a funny thing.08:37
_Cidnot this time108:37
_Cidoh you BASTARD!!08:37
* owh yawns again.08:38
owhWe could do this for a while.08:38
owh_Cid: It gets better...08:39
* owh yawns to _Cid08:39
_Cidowh:  what you doing in mac? ;-)   gonna yawn in all my channels?08:40
owhI did :)08:40
_Cidscript, or fast typing?:)08:40
owhCopy/Paste - they have that on modern operating systems now.08:40
owhIt's been fun.08:41
owhLater all.08:41
_Cidthats like..printing on carbon copy paper?08:41
milestoneanyone using drbd?08:58
Jeeves_soren: Awake?09:44
sorenJeeves_: According to legend, I'm always awake. I sometimes wander off, though :()10:18
sorenA trick I'll be performing again rather shortly, actually.10:19
Jeeves_You were wondering how I managed libvirt + migration?10:20
Jeeves_You know 'apt-get install' ? :)10:20
sorenAre you running Jaunty?10:20
Jeeves_yes I am10:20
Jeeves_And it works, almost10:21
sorenOk, I did not expect that.10:21
Jeeves_Except for the fact that storage takeover doesn't work10:21
Jeeves_Which is a shame, because that would be really cool10:21
soren"storage takeover"?10:22
Jeeves_Yeah, I've got the images on nfs10:23
Jeeves_So when i do a migrate10:27
Jeeves_It works10:27
Jeeves_but the destination server is not allowed (or at least unable) to use the nfs-hosted image file10:28
Jeeves_And so the vm gets timeouts on storage and fails10:28
soreni haven't actually tested with nfs (only samba), but I was under the impression that it should work.10:30
sorenPerhaps kvm 82 will help (due to be uploaded today)10:30
Jeeves_Ah ok10:30
Jeeves_So samba (cifs?) does work?10:31
Jeeves_vmware2libvirt doesn't seem to work for me10:49
sorenJeeves_: Feel free to file a bug. Package: virt-goodies, iirc.10:51
sorenI need to shut off all electronic equipment now, return my seat to an upright position, blah, blah.. Be back later today..10:52
Jeeves_soren: It seems that I'm clueless10:55
Jeeves_So I'll bug myself first10:55
Jeeves_than check if it works :)10:55
Scixis there somethig like dhcp-host=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX,hostname for dhcp3-server?11:36
Scixrather then making a host in the config file?11:37
Scixi have to assign hostname for 200 computers11:37
Kamping_Kaiserwouldnt a config file be easier?11:38
Scixits done i a config file, but i would linke a simple one-line command insted of the host block11:39
Scixlinke the one in dnsmasq11:40
Kamping_KaiserI've only tried using a config file (for both), so I cant really help on that front11:42
MatBoyis scst now in 8.10 ?12:56
_ruben!info scst12:59
ubottuPackage scst does not exist in intrepid12:59
MatBoy_ruben: he :D13:04
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ScottK-desktopmathiaz: When/where are we meeting?16:02
mathiazScottK-desktop: once the TB meeting is over16:02
MianoSMIsn't it supposed to be now in ubuntu-meeting?16:02
l4ncel0thi all16:27
l4ncel0tdoes someone know what is the cpu controler for speedstep for a xeon 53XX in a x3650 ibm server16:28
ScottKsommer: Did you see cody-sommerville's questions on the ebox SRU?16:43
sommerum, nope16:43
foolanosommer: I can help you to answer those questions :)16:53
sommerfoolano: awesome, I appreciate it :)16:54
sommerfoolano: I just grabbed the patches from the package version in the ebox ppa, and added some patches for other files where necessary16:56
foolanosommer: yeah, i see that16:56
sommerfoolano: everything builds and is functional, but I guess I didn't pay close enough attention to what the patches actually modified16:56
sommerfoolano: shouldn't be too hard to adjust that though16:57
sommeror too much work :-)16:57
foolanothe slapd changes are obvious16:57
foolanobecause of the change of configuration backend16:57
sommerfoolano: I thought so, but it seems there may be some small details to work out16:58
foolanowe are working on tools to do that more nicely. that patch was an interim solution to make it work with the new conf backend16:59
sommerfoolano: it may be easier to fix the jaunty packages first, or upload newer versions, so the SRU process is followed better17:00
foolanoi mean, we dont take advantage of having the directory backend yet, we use have something to make it work as it did with hardy17:00
foolanosommer: i'm already working on the Jaunty packages17:00
ScottKGenerally fixing in the development release first is required.17:00
sommerfoolano: coolio, is there any thing you need help with?17:01
foolanoi haven't tested it thoroughly but at least all the packages that are already in hardy and intrepid are working17:01
foolanoare working in Jaunty, i mean17:02
foolanoi would like to make a few changes to our ldap package.17:03
foolanoAnd also, we released a ebox-mail package using dovecot a couple of months ago, and users are pretty happy with it17:03
foolanowe should drop courier in Jaunty and use dovecot17:04
* _Cid nods at foolano 17:04
ScottKfoolano: From our perspective that'd be better.17:05
ScottKdovecot is in Main and courier is not.17:05
foolanoScottK: people who had issues with courier, switched to dovecot and everything went fine17:05
foolanoand it's way easier for us to configure17:05
davmor2I have a query on ebox.  Does it still use the running instance of apache to act as the server for it?  If so what happens if you mis-configure apache?17:06
foolanodavmor2: it uses its own apache instance as it needs to be run as 'ebox' user17:07
_Cidall this e-box stuff is intriguing, I might have to try it out17:08
davmor2foolano: So if you pooch screw apache and it doesn't restart the ebox instance should still is that correct?17:09
foolanodavmor2: that's correct. Unless you use the same port as ebox's, kill ebox's apache, and start normal apache on the same port :)17:11
sommerfoolano: for the intrepid SRU process, can you get the updated jaunty packages uploaded into universe, or have someone sponsor them?17:11
davmor2foolano: Cool thanks for the info17:11
foolanosommer: sure, I'll try to have them ready during this week. As soon as I release a new version, i'll work on that17:12
sommerfoolano: sounds good, thanks17:13
foolanosommer: fortunately, we have a bunch of automated tests to run. I just have to add Jaunty. Otherwise it'd be  hell to do it in hardy, intrepid, jaunty and lenny everytime :)17:14
sommerfoolano: automation is a wonderful thing :-).  if you need non-automated testing of anything just let me know... I should be able to help out with ti17:17
foolanothanks man :)17:21
SmokeyDhey people. Anything I should know when I want to create lvm partitions on a disk image in a ubuntu hardy in a xen virtual machine?18:12
Deepsmake sure you've got mains power flowing18:13
SmokeyDDeeps: what do you mean? I should have the power turned on?18:13
Deepswell if your computer's not turned on, you cant do anything with it18:13
SmokeyDthen I guess I am all setup to start18:14
jmedinaSmokeyD: I used xen-tools, for example:18:19
jmedinaxen-create-image --fs=ext3 --size=4GB --swap=256Mb --lvm=VGData01 --hostname=ushldap --dhcp --install-method=debootstrap --dist=hardy --mirror=file://media/cdrom/ --passwd18:19
jmedinaVGData01 is the Volume group, with this setup xen-create-image will create tu LV one for root (4GB) and swap (256M)18:20
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! infinity, soren, lamont, mathiaz or tom18:23
frojndis it safe to click on this link ?18:29
=== pricechild is now known as Pricey
MianoSMwow, that link is Full of Win19:18
AnRkeyhow can i check what type of rom drive is in my server from the cli?19:30
mcasdo you mean cd/dvd AnRkey19:34
AnRkeythats correct yes19:34
AnRkeylshw is getting me nowhere19:35
MianoSMdmidecode ?19:35
MianoSMif lshw -C disk19:36
MianoSMdoesn't work then19:36
MianoSMtry man dmidecode19:36
AnRkeyi was looking for a class to use, thanks... let me try quick19:36
MianoSMsudo lshw -C disk:19:36
MianoSM  *-cdrom:019:36
MianoSM       description: DVD reader19:36
MianoSM       product: DVD-ROM GDR8163B19:36
MianoSM       vendor: HL-DT-ST19:36
MianoSM       physical id: 219:36
MianoSM       bus info: scsi@1:0.0.019:36
MianoSM       logical name: /dev/cdrom119:37
MianoSM       logical name: /dev/dvd119:37
MianoSM       logical name: /dev/scd019:37
MianoSM       logical name: /dev/sr019:37
MianoSM       version: 0D2019:37
MianoSM       capabilities: removable audio dvd19:37
MianoSM       configuration: ansiversion=5 status=nodisc19:37
AnRkeyon my box here or the server19:38
AnRkeysudo lshw -class disk19:40
AnRkeythat did it19:40
AnRkeyMianoSM, you rock mate! thanks this saved me a long drive19:40
AnRkeymy wife will be happy too cause it's like 21:40 here19:41
MianoSMlshw and dmidecode are awesome19:51
CelephaisHi, when i log into ubuntu server 8.10 a stat review is displayed, which program is used?20:27
rgotteni am getting error 25 on boot, nybody know what this is?20:28
sommerCelephais: update-motd20:30
Celephaissommer, thanks20:31
jmedinargotten: is that a grub error?20:35
MianoSMsounds like it.20:36
MianoSMLoading Stage 1.5?20:36
rgottenjmedina: it looks like20:36
jmedinadid you modify any parameter in /boot/grub/menu.lst o in the command line?20:37
rgottenno, this is what it says in the link that you send to me for grub errors: 25 : "Unrecognized command" This error is returned if an unrecognized command is entered into the  command-line or in a boot sequence section of a config file and that entry is  selected......Any clue how to fix this?20:38
MianoSMYou may be able to reinstall GRUB, or using SuperGrubDisk repair your current setup.20:39
rgottenany hints on how to do this..i am a newbe20:40
MianoSMsupergrubdisk is available at: http://www.supergrubdisk.org20:40
MianoSMOr if you can drop into a busybox shell20:40
rgottenat presnet moment it went from error 25 to a blank page with _          i do not know if waiting will go into a busybox20:42
MianoSMso you have a flashing cursor?20:42
rgottenyes flashing cursor20:44
rgottenthe link you send me has the follwoing error: The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.20:44
MianoSMIt looks like the forums are having some issues at the moment.20:44
rgottenwhat about the flashing cursor20:45
MianoSMI do not know about the flashing cursor.20:46
RediXeis there a way to unlock an account without sudo? I though as long as I used the ssh key I could lock the account and still access it and be fine but it won't accept my sudo password once it connects.21:12
rgottenMianoSM: i have RAID on my system abd have grub install in the 3 hard drives, i was able to start the computer with the grub of the 2nc disk..any iudea on how to fix the other hard drive grub21:19
MianoSMsoftware raid?21:20
=== pascal_ is now known as tarzxvf
MianoSMI honestly do not know then, I've only worked with hardware raid arrays. I've always been able to fix grub and then move on.21:22
rgottenwere do you fix grub21:26
ScottKrgotten: Grub config is in /boot/grub/menu.lst21:27
wasabithought ebox was supported. seems knowingly busted on interpid. just supported on hardy?22:29
ScottKThere's work on an update to fix it in progress.22:30
wasabiOkay, so it's planned, at least.22:34
wasabiLooks like it's just in a ppa.22:34
wasabiJust needs to be maintained. L:022:34
wasabiAnybody familiar with teh ebox packages? I'm curious hwo they interact with network/interfaces23:13
wasabiif they even do23:13
ScottKfoolano would be who you want.23:40
Zombie_GazGot a silly question here... I have a domain registered with a web site (zoneedit.com). They provide DNS for my IP to resolve to my domain. If I want my machine, however, to identify itself as mydomain.com instead of my ISPs domain (blah.blah.comcast.net) would I configue bind9? Or is bind9 more for hosting your own DNS?23:51
ScottKBind9 is for hosting your own DNS23:51
Zombie_GazRight. Thought so.23:51
Zombie_GazSo what would I be configuring / installing in order to make my machine identify itself as machinename.mydomain.com instead of my isps domain (blah.blah.comcast.net)?23:52
Zombie_GazOr do I need to run my own DNS in order to do so?23:53
Zombie_Gaz(I shouldnt' me thinks)23:53
techsupportis it possible to rename screen sessions ?23:54
Zombie_GazI think it's Control-a A23:56
jmedinaZombie_Gaz: I think you mean the reverse resolution23:58
Zombie_GazReverse resolution? Alright... I'll look into that.23:58

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