term_Can someone help me install Vidalia on Ubuntu 8.10?00:00
soothDr_willis_: Well, volume label should be on the disk and it is removable, so ....00:00
Sciambolahi all00:00
theUgfilthpig: I’ll try failsafe and google switch too in a bit.00:01
dr_willissooth,  i always set Lables on all Internal disks also. :)00:01
soothterm_: Did you try, http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2007/09/setup-vidalia-tor-gui-with-ubuntu-and.html00:01
Sciambolai have one problem : Qt and compiz00:01
soothterm_: Or any of the results for "vidalia ubuntu" on google?00:01
Dr_willis_sooth, ' shoul'00:01
paraConstantineXVI: thanks, it wasn't. now that it is, apt-get recognises mingw32 fine. Thanks for the help!00:01
Dr_willis_sooth, ' should'  is  the imporatnat bit. :)00:02
soothimportant even?00:02
filthpigtheUg: okay, good luck :) I'm off to bed, g'nite all!00:02
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balzacmy nic hasn't worked since I upgraded to intrepid00:02
SciambolaSkype and Lyx and more applications "qt2 don't work properly on compiz...00:02
balzacit's 3945abg from intel00:02
theUgfilthpig: thanks man00:02
balzacvery common wireless driver which used to work00:02
balzacI need this. I've been hammering on this problem for an hour and a half. I'm on aderol and I'm not a newbie. Why can't I install this friggin driver?00:03
SciambolaQualche italiano??00:03
ryanakcaI've shrunk my PV using pvresize. How can I shrink the PV's partition to match it's size?00:03
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)00:03
Dr_Willisbalzac,  could be some upgrade bug/quirk. this is why i normally always do clean installs.00:04
filthpigbalzac: google == friend :)00:04
balzacalways doing clean installs is for windows users.00:04
Dr_Willisbalzac,  check  that you are using the latest kernel? try latest update/upgrades, check forums for others with similer issue?00:04
balzacfilthpig: I've been all over google00:04
balzacwhat is lacking is a definitive answer among the 10 or more google search results I clicked00:05
jonny_GtkFileChooser opens very slowly for me00:05
balzacI tried this and that00:05
jonny_can anyone help me work out why? I want to use strace to work out where the delays are but I don't really know how...00:05
balzacndiswrapper, b43cutter, linux-firmware00:05
n8tuser2balzac -> care to tell us what you have done so far in terms of loading the driver or checking if it is loaded?00:05
jonny_strace -e open zenity --file-selection gives me much more than I can handle00:05
balzacIt's just asinine - that what the problem is00:05
balzacn8tuser2: well, I'm not a newb but I'm not very skilled yet either00:06
jmd9qsi'm having trouble using tor in Ibex... i've installed privoxy and tor, and i've followed all the tutorials i can find, but no luck. can anyone help me figure this out?00:07
ryanakcaI've shrunk my PV using pvresize. How can I shrink the PV's partition to match it's size?00:07
n8tuser2balzac -> i did not ask for your newbieness, what did you do to verify it is loaded or loading the driver?00:07
athanhey, can someone help me with firefox? it is all tarded00:07
ConstantineXVIathan, how tarded?00:07
term_soot: that guide didnt work, i still get errors00:07
athanfirefox won't update the url, and it has no history00:07
balzacn8tuser2: I was waiting for gnome to show me my network manager icon when I got it right00:07
athanreally tarded lol00:08
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: did you start tor already? (sudo /etc/init.d/tor restart) also, try the FoxyProxy ff extension... you actually don't realy need privoxy, unless you want it...00:08
tekteenathan: what do you mean update the url?00:08
n8tuser2balzac -> do you wish to answer my questions or you are off to something else?00:08
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: here's the link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/246400:08
athanwhen i put "google" in the address bar, it stays to "google" not "http://www.google.com".00:08
neetoI have an external eSATA harddrive with a JMicron SATA controller. I am still using 8.04 but from looking at forums, this bug seems to be fixed on 8.10. Is there a way to fix this problem without a complete upgrade to 8.10?00:08
jmd9qsOdd-rationale: i've got switchproxy now... i have started tor, but i'll try the restart and see what it says00:09
balzacn8tuser2: I don't know specifically how to check if a given driver is loaded. NDISwrapper is obvious with the GUI.00:09
term_Can someone help me install Vidalia on Ubuntu 8.10? I get make[2]: *** [src/util/CMakeFiles/util.dir/crypto.o] Error 100:09
Slartathan: on my computer it googles for "google".. I think it's something you can configure in about::config or whatever it's called00:09
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: what are you pointing the proxy too?00:09
balzacotherwise, I don't know how to tell  if a specific is loaded.00:09
n8tuser2balzac -> well you did say you read plenty of materials, so any of those at all you understood on how to check if driver is loaded?00:09
jmd9qsthe proxy is pointed to port 811800:10
n8tuser2or you are just bluffing?00:10
balzacn8tuser2: please just tell me the command00:10
arakthorbalzac: I am not 100% sure, but I believe modprobe -l lists loaded modules00:10
soothterm_: I've never installed vidalia before so I probably can't help you. If you want someone to help you I suggest stating exactly what errors you are getting. You need to provide more context of the error message (i.e. the preceding lines) [not in the channel, use a pastebin]00:10
athanhmm, i might just have to re-install ubuntu 8.10, cuz firefox worked before00:10
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: ok. so make sure privoxy is running too, then (sudo /etc/init.d/privoxy restart) and did you enable forwardin for prixoxy to tor?00:10
n8tuser2balzac -> i would not be telling you the exact command, but I will give you hints,   man moprobe, man lsmod00:10
Slartathan: that sounds a bit overkill00:11
neetoathan: it's not a problem with ubuntu. you can find the option in about:config00:11
balzacn8tuser2: I did use modprobe and didn't find my driver00:11
soothterm_: What features of the GUI do you need?00:11
balzacI'll try those00:11
n8tuser2balzac -> what was your exact command?00:11
athanyeah, i have a fresh install tho00:11
balzacmodprobe drivername00:11
Slartathan: check the browser.urlbar section00:12
athanso its not that important00:12
balzacI've just been taking things I see online and trying them00:12
athankk, 1 sec00:12
jmd9qsOdd-rationale: i've restarted privoxy... last night i changed the privoxyrc file, but i dont' know if i enabled forwardin or not. how can i check?00:12
soothterm_: You can also try #vidalia on irc.oftc.net00:12
n8tuser2balzac -> its a good time you hit the manual pages,  man modprobe and man lsmod00:12
balzacOk, I will00:12
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: pastebin your privoxy config file.. i think it is in /etc/privoxy/config or somthing...00:12
n8tuser2am away for now00:13
jmd9qsok... sorry, irc noob: how do i pastebin? i'm using xchat in gnome00:14
athanoh, how do i update the about:config ?00:14
Odd-rationale!pastebin | jmd9qs00:14
ubottujmd9qs: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:14
High_Speeddoes anyone have any experience with old jaton or trident video cards?00:14
neetohow can I get cp to skip files that already exist in a directory?00:15
Slartneeto: have you checked the man page? I think there's a switch00:15
balzacI think the bottom line is that I've got crappy hardware00:15
Odd-rationaleneeto: i think there is the -u switch... check the manpage00:15
ldiamondCan anyone help out with printing from Microsoft Office (through CrossOver) using cups-pdf?00:15
neetoSlart: checked, but I didn't see one00:15
athannope, still tarded00:15
athanhow do i install ogre?00:15
balzacf*ck intel for being microsoft's whore00:16
balzacmiserable bastids00:16
neetoSlart: ah yeah, you're right... it's worded differently than I had expected it to be.00:16
athancuz when i tried to do it from source, i had so many dependencies, i freaked00:16
Slartneeto: you could try -u00:16
jmd9qsOdd-rationale: pastebin url is http://paste.ubuntu.com/104166/00:16
SilverBulletGetdeb Founder interviewed Topic => http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103822400:16
ldiamondbalzac, wth r u talking about00:16
Slartneeto: it will still overwrite if the filer you're copying is newer..00:16
athaneven after i got all of them, it still wouldn't make correctly, it just gave me errors00:16
balzacldiamond: intel and their stupid wireless drivers00:16
balzacand all the redundant efforts for wireless compatibility00:17
ldiamondbalzac, this is not specific to intel.00:17
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: do you remember what line you changed?00:17
balzacit sucks00:17
ldiamondbalzac, My intel 4965AGN works fine here... (havent tried packet injection yet tho)00:17
balzacI know, but intel should have more pride than to prop up microsoft and their technically inferior software monopoly00:17
balzacyeah, well my 3954abg sucks00:17
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, hang on i'll find out. i did it based on tor's setup page00:17
Digital7what would cause a module (b43, as in "modprobe b43") to not exist after installing b43-fwcutter via the latest official deb?00:17
ryanakcaI've shrunk my PV using pvresize. How can I shrink the PV's partition to match it's size?00:18
term_sooth: Here is my pastebin file http://pastebin.com/d2c63915e00:18
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: oh wait. nvm... you just added a lin on the top...00:18
balzacit's a bunch of crap.00:18
ldiamondbalzac, this has nothing to do with microsoft... intel just dont develop drivers for linux... because linux is not a big enough share for them...00:18
Slartneeto: if you want more options when moving files you can often use rsync instead of cp/mv..00:18
ldiamondbalzac, its just intel's fault00:18
balzacmicrosoft subsidizes hardware manufacturers to remain incompatibility00:19
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, that's not all though... i know i had to disable a few lines as well00:19
neetoSlart: I've never used rsync... I am backing up my music from one harddrive to another, you think it would work a lot better in this situation?00:19
jonny_Can anyone help me use strace to debug slowness of GtkFileChooser00:19
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: well, it looks right... although, i would just delete that line you added at the top, and un comment line 1162 #        forward-socks4a   /      .00:19
mikevankuikhow can I install ubuntu in textmode? it seems that it doesn't like my grapics card... no problem because its going to run as a server anyway but how do I get to textmode?00:19
balzacanyway, I've tried for a long while and I'm pissed00:19
ldiamondCan anyone help out with printing from Microsoft Office (through CrossOver) using cups-pdf?00:20
tokabonsoir un truc de bizarre viens de m'arriver avec amsn !!00:20
Odd-rationalemikevankuik: you have to use the alternative disc00:20
Odd-rationale!alterntive | mikevankuik00:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about alterntive00:20
Odd-rationale!alternative | mikevankuik00:20
ricekrispymikevanuik: use the alt or server disc00:20
ubottumikevankuik: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-alternate-i386.iso.torrent00:20
Slartneeto: it wont be faster or anything.. but rsync has some extra bling bling.. progress bars and such.. and I think it can copy only if the destination doesn't exist like you were asking for00:20
Gnea!fr | toka00:20
ubottutoka: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr00:20
mikevankuikOdd-rationale: k cool tx00:20
Odd-rationalemikevankuik: another 600mb to download... :P00:20
neetoSlart: sweet, progress bars are awesome.00:21
theUgboobs are fun00:21
mikevankuikOdd-rationale: that's no prob :) I've got highspeed internet :D00:21
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, ok i did that... let me check and see if its working00:21
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: restart privoxy though...00:21
soothterm_: Can you paste the output of 'ls -ld ~/vidalia-0.1.1' please00:21
Slartneeto: I can't really say I know rsyncs syntax by heart..but I don't think you need to be a rocket scientist to use it00:21
mikevankuikOdd-rationale: is there a 64bit version of that ?00:21
Gnea!o4o | theUg00:21
Odd-rationalemikevankuik: yes00:21
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ubottutheUg: Some things are inappropriate for #ubuntu. Controversial topics, which often turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)00:21
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, will do00:21
neetoSlart: naw it looks fine, I can figure it out.00:21
* aprilhare used rsync a while back successfully\00:21
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: the next thing i would just is did you set you proxy to use socks5 ?00:21
mikevankuikOdd-rationale: you woudn't have the link to that too would ya? :D00:22
aprilharebeen ages since i've needed it though00:22
mrwesneeto: there is a gui for rsync called grsync00:22
aprilharewhy do you need rsync?00:22
neetomrwes: sweet, thanks.00:22
aprilharethere is always http or ftp resume00:22
Odd-rationalemikevankuik: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download00:22
neetoaprilhare: rsync is a fancier version of cp00:22
aprilhareneeto, i remember - over a network00:23
Gneaaprilhare: http/ftp resume can break iso's00:23
aprilhareGnea, a bad implementation, maybe00:23
aprilharewhen implemented correctly never breaks isos00:23
Slartaprilhare: rsync works nicely for local stuff too..00:23
Gneaaprilhare: wget, curl... it happens00:23
term_sooth: drwxr-xr-x 8 root root 4096 2009-01-13 01:07 /home/term/vidalia-0.1.100:23
ricekrispyGnea: never had a problem with wget downloading large files00:23
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, you mean for firefox? or system wide?00:23
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: for firefox00:23
Gnearicekrispy: ISO's, specifically.. and you had to resume it?00:24
High_Speedcan anyone help me with my graphics card (jaton 117pci 32m)?00:24
aprilhareits been years though since anyone has had a problem with bad implementations of http resume - even firefox has it now00:24
mikevankuikOdd-rationale: cool :)00:24
aprilharealthough i have noted problems sometimes with firefox not noticing it has only downloaded part of a file00:24
aprilharethen, you can't choose to resume because it thinks it has the lot00:24
Gneabut rsync is usually used for performing backups, not downloading software00:24
soothterm_: Okay you don't have write permissions for that directory. But before fixing that let's see if we can avoid installing from source.00:25
mikevankuik20min and counting (A)00:25
* aprilhare has used rsync to download iso images in the past - thats why i used it at all00:25
Odd-rationalemikevankuik: you found the 64bit alternative disc?00:25
aprilharedebian linux cds00:25
mikevankuikOdd-rationale: yeah I did :)00:25
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, now i'm getting an error from privoxy in firefox saying Privoxy was unable to socks4a-forward your request SOCKS request rejected or failed00:25
mikevankuikOdd-rationale: now I know where to look in the future ^_^00:25
* aprilhare watches episodes of the Roommating Show00:26
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: restart tor too00:26
HRshovinstuffHi guys.  Ok, so I built my new computer today (using it now on an 8.04 live CD)  I just need to copy some files from my old file system to a third storage space hard drive.  However when I try to copy files I am not allowed because I do not have ownership over the old drive.  Can someone show me the usage of chown and what i need to do to start moving stuff from my old install to a backup drive,?00:26
soothterm_: Did you do the steps for adding the repositories from the link I sent you? (Starts with "Open up System->Preferences") [You only need to do that step right now.]00:26
term_sooth: Yes i did add them00:27
soothterm_: What does "sudo apt-get install vidalia" give?00:27
ricekrispyHRShovinstuff: probably best to copy the files first, then change ownership00:27
HRshovinstuffricekrispy i can't copy the files it will not let me00:27
mikevankuikOdd-rationale: going to be so happy with my 64bit ubuntu :D its really my favorite distro :) there is a solution for everything ^_^ going to install a Ubuntu lighttpd php mysql rubyonrails  test server with it :) anything I should be aware about?00:27
GneaHRshovinstuff: easily:  mkdir /media/newdisk/storage && chown ubuntu.ubuntu /media/newdisk/storage  then just drag 'em over to the storage folder00:27
term_sooth: "vidalia is already installed"00:28
GneaHRshovinstuff: you may need to use sudo on those commans00:28
iframei'm about to install u8.10, desktop edition, can i install apache, mysql and php on this vesion, or should i install the server edition?...00:28
HRshovinstuffgnea ok thanks i'll give it a shot brb00:28
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, nope, same thing. i have enabled http, ftp, ssl, and socksv5 in firefox, all through port 8118. should i take some of these off?00:28
High_Speedalright, can anyone tell me how to make a backup of my system so that i can restore it later if i have to reload?00:28
Odd-rationalemikevankuik: not that i know of... but if there is, you know where to complain... :P00:28
soothterm_: Okay, sounds good. Press Alt-F2 and type "vidalia"00:28
neetoterm_: I'm curious as to why you need vidalia... tor runs from the command line easily enough, no?00:28
mcphailiframe: you can install those things easily00:28
vasslerIs there anyway to give ubuntu a mac osx look in the appearance ?00:28
Slart!backup | High_Speed00:28
soothneeto: He wants the GUI00:28
ubottuHigh_Speed: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning00:28
mikevankuikiframe: yes you can :)00:28
neetosooth: I see00:29
mikevankuikOdd-rationale: gehehe :D tx :D00:29
mcphailiframe: use the server edition if you don't need a gui00:29
mikevankuik15min and counting :D00:29
jmd9qsvidalia just freezes my box up. i don't reccomend it00:29
Slartvassler: yes.. but it won't be a simple command to write in a terminal afaik.. you'll have to do it all yourself00:29
term_sooth: it says vidalia is already running, and whhen i click on vidalia it crashes00:29
iframemikevankuik: ok thx...00:29
jmd9qstold ya00:29
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: try chaning the port to 9050 and see what happens...00:29
mikevankuikiframe: as mcphail said its cleaner :) but if your a newbie it might be a bit scary :) (I know it was for me :P)00:29
neetovidalia seems like the easier method on windows because it replaces having to use privoxy and all that crap, but on linux you can just install tor and type tor in the CLI and you're good to go00:30
soothterm_: Are you running gutsy?00:30
jmd9qsOdd-rationale: on all of them?00:30
term_sooth: No intrepid00:30
conrad_2008hello guys, howto change channel room?00:30
Slartconrad_2008: type /join #anotherchannel00:30
soothterm_: Did you change those repository source entries to intrepid from gutsy?00:30
neetoconrad_2008: depending on your IRC client, you can join new channels by typing /join #channelname00:30
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: make all blank except the socks one...00:30
Slartconrad_2008: change #anotherchannel to whereever you want to go00:31
term_sooth: Yes, i wrote intrepid instead of gutsy00:31
grobda24Hello. I clicked the "Get Ubuntu Extensions" in the addon window for Firefox. FF restarted but froze for a while and I forced quit. Now I can see the addons I installed. Neither do they appear in the Ubuntu addons window.00:31
conrad_2008ok ty00:31
conrad_2008bye bye00:31
grobda24can't see*00:31
soothterm_: Did you "make install" anything?00:32
soothterm_: successfully that is.00:32
jmd9qsOdd-rationale: that gives the same error00:32
iframemikevankuik: have been using rh/fedora for a while, i'm having troubles installing f10, a lot of kernel krashes, etc, before that was using f8 , and was ok, so i need to be back, developing, asap, so i need a stable distro...00:32
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: what error?00:32
term_sooth: yes but when i do that it gives me the errors00:32
soothterm_: Did you ever "make install" something for vidalia that didn't give errors?00:33
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, error from privoxy in firefox :  Privoxy was unable to socks4a-forward your request SOCKS request rejected or failed00:33
soothterm_: You didn't "make install" tor sources?00:34
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: did you change to port 9050?00:34
iframemikevankuik: were can i get info about ussies about this release, u8.10?...00:34
term_sooth: yes i did tor is working, but not vidalia00:34
mikevankuikiframe: ubuntu is stable as far as I know... installed a test server with 8.10 at work with it :) and it ran sweet :) but I have to say I did have nice fresh hardware to play with too :) (although it was a million times quicker then on windows).00:34
mikevankuikiframe: here and there is a ubuntu forum where you can go there is a lot of info too00:34
HRshovinstuffGnea --- Thanks so much I knew it was something stupid simple just needed a kick in the butt00:34
mikevankuikiframe: http://ubuntuforums.org/00:35
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: are you using a firefox addon to help swith proxy on/off?00:35
HRshovinstuffricekirspy  ur a tard00:35
mikevankuikiframe: but if you tell google what you want and add ubuntu to the search criteria your pretty save too :)00:35
iframemikevankuik: ok thx for your help...00:35
soothterm_: Okay, try killing vidalia "pkill vidalia" and then starting it again.00:36
mikevankuikiframe: np :)00:36
merrilHi, I'm having problem with fedora core00:36
jmd9qsyes switchproxy. i tried Torbutton as well, but whenever i turned it on, it would stop loading pages completely till i turned it off again00:36
neetomerril:  you are in the wrong channel then.00:36
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, ^^^^^00:36
jinja-sheepI'm having issues with VirtualBox (closed-source) when it comes to USB.  Any suggestion why?00:36
redvamp128Stability in 8.10 was there -- just I could not deal with the NVIDIA issue and Wine -- so now back down to 8.0400:36
merrilbut i like you guys more00:36
mikevankuikmerril: how about switching to ubuntu then? :)00:36
term_sooth: It freezes00:36
neetomerril: that's sweet of you but we don't have the answers to fedora problems00:36
term_sooth: and crashes00:37
vasslerI notice in mac osx you have kinda a windows vista appearence with the glass buttons and menus and window boarders? can you give ubuntu these same effects?00:37
redvamp128Fedora -- I am assuming you are talking about Fedora 1000:37
mikevankuikmerril: its easy :) and sweet :)00:37
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redvamp128I was actually thinking about this weekend downloading and installing it on the second partition...00:37
mikevankuikvassler: have you checked out the new KDE 4 desktop?00:37
iframemerril: what kind of problems?...00:37
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, i turned off switchproxy, but tor still isn't working (according to check.torproject.org)00:37
Dr_Willisvassler,  the compiz stuff, and emerald decorations can  look very much like vista, or os-xish00:37
Dr_Willisvassler,  kde4 also has similer look.00:38
mikevankuikvassler: its kinda vista like :( (not to my taste but he what ever floats your boat)00:38
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: let's try this... try disabling/uninstalling that one you are using. stop both privoxy and tor (sudo /etc/init.d/tor stop; sudo /etc/init.d/privoxy stop). try using the FoxyProxy addon. restart firefox, and FoxyProxy should have a wizard to guide you through setting up tor...00:38
redvamp128Actually found a site with some nifty tools for Compiz Forlong's Blog - Compiz-Check <http://forlong.blogage.de/entries/pages/Compiz-Check>00:38
soothterm_: It would have been better to not have installed tor from sources.00:38
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, ok i'll get back to you in a sec00:38
iframemerril: i'm having also a lot of problems with f10, as never before...00:38
term_sooth: why not?00:38
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: and in the wizard setup, select toe default, which is to use tor WITHOUT provixy.00:38
redvamp128There is the handy tool for turning it on and off at the click as well as some commands to add a more detailed Advanced Desktop Effect Settings menu..00:39
redvamp128The Cube is cool00:39
mikevankuikThe Cube rulez :D00:39
merrilwhat's the sudo command in terminal for Files and Settings Transfer Wizard?00:39
redvamp128Though the only thing I don't like is that my Top Bar Dissapears00:40
neetoyou can apparently make the cube a SPHERE in the current beta version of compiz00:40
josher4I forgot, how do you get the cube again?00:40
redvamp128But everything can be managed through the taskbar00:40
ubottuCompiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubotu compiz » and « /msg ubotu effects »00:40
LightTitanmy java based programs seem to be having problems. I am running Ubuntu 8.10 64bit. Is there a way to purge my java and reinstall it with default configs?00:40
redvamp128check out this site00:40
Gneamerril: that's for Ubuntu or Fedora?00:40
soothterm_: I'm guessing the vidalia package specifies the exact version of tor it needs and will try to install it from the deb package. You may have the wrong version of tor and/or two different installed versions.00:40
redvamp128Forlong's Blog - I'm trying to comprehend the things I write <http://forlong.blogage.de/en>00:40
mikevankuikOdd-rationale: you know a Virtual Machine like thingy for Ubuntu? where I could install Windows XP on? (need it :( IE is still the leading browser so I need to check if that peace of shit browser understands what I code :()00:40
SlartLightTitan: what kind of problems?00:40
Odd-rationalemikevankuik: virtualbox is my favorite00:40
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications00:41
LightTitanlike not starting. When I try to run Limewire it hangs on the loading screen00:41
SlartLightTitan: my azureus is acting all laggy and slow.. I'm on 64 bit ubuntu too00:41
redvamp128He has all kinds of tools as well as examples of how to configure the cube to run00:41
crabgrasswhere do i put custom login screens?00:41
LightTitanMine doesn't get past loading screen00:41
LightTitanand it used to00:41
SlartLightTitan: well.. you could always purge the sun java jre and reinstall it00:41
mikevankuikOdd-rationale: cool t I'll have a look at it as soon as I have a change :)00:41
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  run it from a terminal. look for error messages..   be sure you areusing the sun java, also. not the other java variants00:41
VideoSmithHey guys, Konversation ain't a bad IRC client :P00:41
ardchoillecrabgrass: you can copy them to /usr/share/gdm/themes with all the others00:41
AJ_Z0LightTitan: I gave up on sun-java-6 on my 64 install and installed the 32 bit platform00:41
crabgrassardchoille: thanks!00:41
dmulhollandhey, I'm getting a strange error, anytime I launch firefox the window manager does nothing to it, it just launches full screen with no windows bar (all other windows work ok including thunderbird)00:42
SlartVideoSmith: have we said it is?00:42
LightTitanya I have thought about installing 32 bit again... but everything is done and it's ALOT of work to redo it all00:42
redvamp128Josher4 check out this site Forlong's Blog - I'm trying to comprehend the things I write <http://forlong.blogage.de/en>00:42
Odd-rationaledmulholland: is it on full screen? try F1100:42
LightTitanok thanks for the tips guys, I will try it all00:42
VideoSmithSlart:  No :P00:42
AJ_Z0No combination of 64 bit and 32 (mainly for web browser plugin) worked for me. YMMV00:42
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  i belive that program works fine on my 64bit systems00:42
redvamp128I have the handy tool for turning compiz on and off as well as his blog explains how to get the Advanced menu installed as well as how to configure the cube to run00:43
LightTitanok, prolly something with my java, gonna run it from Term00:43
SlartVideoSmith: =).. then I'll counter with.. quassel isn't half bad either00:43
Dr_WillisI cant recall any 64bit issues on my 2 bit ubuntu machines.00:43
AJ_Z0LightTitan: I took the opportunity to install from the Alt CD and use full disk encryption00:43
VideoSmithSlart:  Never heard of quassel.00:43
soothterm_: Removing packages installed from source is difficult. I would try installing tor again from source and looking at the output for the files it creates. Delete those files, uninstall the tor package, uninstall the vidalia package and then try reinstalling the vidalia package. It should install tor automatically.00:43
redvamp128anyone else ever had the issue of the tittlebars dissapearing under compiz?00:43
dmulhollandOdd-rationale: nope, not full screen, happens everytime i launch the application00:43
LightTitanI do get an error when running from term. The following00:44
LightTitanlog4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (com.limegroup.gnutella.gui.Initializer).00:44
LightTitanlog4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.00:44
SlartVideoSmith: it's pretty new.. it runs a irc core thingy that you can connect to with a client.. like using irssi in screen..00:44
Odd-rationaledmulholland: what window manager?00:44
soothterm_: If that doesn't work I would try #vidalia or posting to the launchpad "answers" section or the ubuntu forums.00:44
LightTitansorry, that's a bit long, prolly shoulda pastebined it00:44
VideoSmithSlart:  Interesting.  I'll check it out.00:44
=== NetEcho__ is now known as NetEcho
Slartredvamp128: just reload the decorator..usually fixes it for me00:44
AJ_Z0redvamp128: I've seen the become invisible after rolling up00:44
VideoSmithSlart:  I've been trying to find a good IRC client :P00:44
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, i have done what you asked. still no luck though00:44
High_Speedis there a way i can create a complete "restore" disk of my current system? in other words, something i could use to completely restore all software, packages, etc back to the state it was in when backed up?00:44
dmulhollandOdd-rationale: im using compiz in gnome (defaults), but when I do metacity --replace it still the same00:44
LightTitanI just got more, gonna paste bin it00:44
VideoSmithSlart:  mIRC might be in my miles of files somewhere...00:44
redvamp128here is a screen of what I am talking about00:44
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: hmm... did you setup with or without privoxy?00:44
SlartVideoSmith: stop talking crazy... mIRC.. at least go with xchat =)00:45
LightTitanThis is the rest of the error I get when trying to run limewire: http://pastebin.com/m67b1556300:45
dmulhollandOdd-rationale: i think i fixed it by going into full screen and then back out although makes no sense...00:45
Odd-rationaledmulholland: well, if you don't have any improtant firefox settings, bookmarks, etc to save... try removing or renaming your ~/.mozilla folder...00:45
dmulhollandanything, thanks Odd-rationale problem fixed00:45
mikevankuikOdd-rationale: and were in business :D (its down I can burn :P I love highspeed internet :D )00:45
VideoSmithSlart:  lol ;]00:46
Odd-rationaledmulholland: oh ok. great!00:46
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, without. should i turn privoxy off?00:46
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  it LOOKS to me like youa reusing the 'gnu' java - NOT the sun java.00:46
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: yes00:46
LightTitanah ok00:46
VideoSmithSlart:  I'm still partly possessed by a Windows demon.00:46
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  -->   Java_gnu_java_lang_management00:46
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: i never told you to turn it back on... :P00:46
redvamp128That is a link to the no bars00:46
soothdmulholland: Is your nick based on your name or the movie?00:46
rogue780does anyone know a program to use to sync a windows mobile device or at least browse the files on it?00:46
remuHey everyone, I'm taking intro to Java right now, and the instructor is teaching it using JCreator on Windows. I am doing my coding and stuff on Geany, but I was wondering, what is the best way of searching the Java Documentation like you can with JCreator....are there any solutions?00:46
israelito_solitohello. I need to convert vob files into a dvd. Any suggestions?00:47
redvamp128Can you explain what I need to add to decoration -- I have the advanced desktop effects menu installed00:47
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, i know lol. i restarted tor and turned privoxy off. still nothin00:47
Slartredvamp128: install fusion-icon, then try restarting the decorator from there00:47
Slart!info fusion-icon | redvamp12800:47
ubottufusion-icon (source: fusion-icon): tray icon to launch and manage Compiz Fusion. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.0-1 (intrepid), package size 29 kB, installed size 264 kB00:47
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: does firefox have an error message?00:47
LightTitanHmmm.. Dr_Willis... I can't seem to find gnu java installed. I do have sun java installed according to Synaptic though.00:48
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, once i turned switchproxy off those stopped00:48
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  you can have several javas installed.. see what  'java --version' says00:48
gnutronsooth: mulholland drive is a street in LA, first, then a movie /end-offtopic.00:48
Joe_which is better suppoted, ATI or Nvidia (new cards)00:48
breakganyone know why flash would work in epiphany broswer, but not firefox, even though it depends on firefox to run?00:48
redvamp128Didn't work00:48
mikevankuikredvamp128: you know what I love best about compiz? it runs on bullshit hardware :P not like Vista where you need a graphic card the size of a house just to open the start menu :P00:48
gnutronJoe_: nvidia00:49
SlartJoe_: I would say nvidia00:49
redvamp128Though I can deal with it00:49
Dr_Willisoops its java -version   :) nice of Sun to Not like the -- posix type standard00:49
breakglol mikevankuik00:49
josher4breakg: I have gotten flash to work in firefox00:49
israelito_solitohello. I need to convert vob files into a dvd. Any suggestions?00:49
redvamp128Just have to goto the taksbar to move windows or close them00:49
neetoWhen you make a new mysql database using mysqladmin create, where does it store the actual db file?00:49
Joe_didn't AMD say they were going to open their drivers to the Linux community?00:49
breakgjosher4: did it give you trouble? or it worked right away?00:49
fosco_Joe_: and they did00:49
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: did you adjust any tor settings?00:49
SlartJoe_: yup.. and I think they have opened some stuff.. but it takes time to develop a good open driver00:49
josher4breakg: Not really. What is ur problem exactly?00:50
Joe_ah, so just not there yet then00:50
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krakatihow to apply colors in sirc irc client?00:50
=== jam3s2002 is now known as jam3s2001
SlartJoe_: ask in a year and the anser might be different00:50
LightTitanDr_Willis: http://pastebin.com/m72a7998700:50
josher4breakg: Flash wont show up?00:50
Joe_after this weeks debacle with upgrading (my stuff is way too old), decided it's time to buy a new computer00:50
mikevankuikbreakg: its true :P my mothers laptop has some shitty intel graphic card :) it took for ages to get stuff running after I installed Ubuntu on it I could run Compiz and it didn't even flinch :D00:50
breakgi tried installing almost everything possible to get flash videos to play, but yea flash wont show,00:50
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, i wouldn't know how. i might of edited the torrc file last night, but if i did i don't know what. want me to pastebin again?00:50
breakgintel sucks00:50
breakgthats what i got00:50
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  CACAO version 0.99.3+hg ? where did that come from..   Hers the output of mine.00:50
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: no that's ok..00:50
israelito_solitohello. I need to convert vob files into a dvd. Any suggestions?00:50
LightTitanlol no clue00:50
neetobreakg: this might be a stupid question, but did you install flash?00:51
breakgthey dont even make a driver for the card i have!!!! who DOES THAT?00:51
breakghehe neeto00:51
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: actually, yes please. :00:51
krakatihow to apply colors in sirc irc client?00:51
mikevankuikbreakg: rofl00:51
breakgyes, it works in epiphany00:51
mikevankuikbreakg: that's harsh :D00:51
VideoSmithSlart:  Gonna check out XChat in my search for a decent IRC client.00:51
redvamp128cube - http://imagebin.ca/view/lMWl8_Hf.html00:51
breakgthey got me using that 965 driver00:51
breakgwhich is mad old00:51
mikevankuikbreakg: I know :| its like stoneage :|00:51
SlartVideoSmith: xchat is nice.. but don't install xchat-gnome, it has hidden a lot of the configuration options00:51
josher4breakg: In firefox, go to www.youtube.com00:51
redvamp128Yes I will say it works-- but however the fusion reload didn't work -- tittlebar still missing00:52
VideoSmithSlart:  "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil..."00:52
breakgyeah it says i dont have it installed00:52
krakatiok another question: how to display hidden files in emelfm2?00:52
breakgbut it is, and wokring in epiph00:52
SlartVideoSmith: hehe00:52
israelito_solitohello. I need to convert vob files into a dvd. Any suggestions?00:52
josher4breakg: It may be the activeX control00:52
mikevankuikok fireing up my box again :) lets see if this new disk will run stuff my way :D00:52
Joe_is 3-way SLI supported in intrepid?00:52
breakgi like epiph, but its not a full feature00:52
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  http://pastebin.com/f7f41a0ef00:52
josher4breakg: just click get missing pluggins00:52
breakgactive X?00:53
VideoSmithSlart:  "... for thou art with my.  Thy Wine and konsole they comfort me."00:53
breakgyeah i tried that00:53
krakatiok another question: how to display hidden files in emelfm2?00:53
breakgit says i have the wrong version00:53
VideoSmithSlart:  Gotta finish sentences. :P00:53
josher4breakg: hm....00:53
breakgx86_x something00:53
ricardoon have you been using UNIX or UNIX like  OS00:53
breakgwhen i tried to run the .deb file straight from the flash site it gives me crap00:53
ricardoon have you been using UNIX or UNIX like  OS00:53
ricardoon have you been using UNIX or UNIX like  OS00:53
ricardoon have you been using UNIX or UNIX like  OS00:53
FloodBot2ricardo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:53
b_israelito_solito: k3b00:53
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, pastebin url is http://paste.ubuntu.com/104183/... side note, now i cant browse at all unless foxyproxy is off. wtf?00:53
SuperMMTDoes Ubuntu have a "media edition" ?00:54
ubottuUbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org00:54
redvamp128SuperMMT-- try synaptic look for mythbuntu00:54
breakgI didnt know firefox used active X00:54
Slarthello ricardo00:54
SuperMMTwho what where?00:54
israelito_solitob_ thanks00:54
nickrud_!hi | ricardo00:54
ubotturicardo: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:54
SuperMMTI haven't even downloaded it yet00:54
Slartbreakg: I doubt it does00:54
LightTitanDr_Willis: ok so how do I remove that weird one and the 1.5 and go with 1.6?00:54
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: did you set any system proxy outside firefox?00:54
breakgi thought activeX was IE00:55
Slartbreakg: it is00:55
krakatino help... bye00:55
AJ_Z0breakg: There is an ActiveX plugin for Firefox on Windows00:55
redvamp128Supermmt hold on and I will find the site about it.. | Mythbuntu <http://www.mythbuntu.org/>00:55
breakgya maybe i need it00:55
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  ive no idea how ya got that one.. or where that Caco stuff came from   I would remove java. then install the 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' package and see ah it installs.00:55
ricardoany one in portugal00:55
redvamp128But if you already have ubuntu installed you can add the packages from synaptic00:55
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, yes, SOCKS on port 905000:55
Slart!pt | ricardo00:55
ubotturicardo: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:55
VideoSmithSlart:  XChat almost loaded.00:55
rogue780does anyone know a program to use to sync a windows mobile device or at least browse the files on it?00:55
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: try disabling that...00:55
Slartrogue780: nautilus used to be able to do that..00:56
SuperMMTredvamp128: Is this based on the last LTS?00:56
breakgive installed everything i can from the repo's and nothing has gotten it to work, i think when i installed gnash it worked halfway, only a little sliver of the media would show a s apreview and when i went to play it - - nothing.00:56
SuperMMTredvamp128: Never mind, I see it's not00:56
VideoSmith!hi | Jack_Sparrow_Movie_Character_lol00:56
ubottuJack_Sparrow_Movie_Character_lol: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:56
rogue780Slart, ubuntu doesn't seem to recognize the windows mobile device to begin with00:56
redvamp128They have one on 8.05--and 8.10 and 9.0400:56
VideoSmithJust to be odd.00:56
breakgdolphin probably does that00:56
breakgit rocks00:56
Dr_WillisLightTitan,   from the internet -->  cacaovm is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which uses Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation  .00:56
breakgbut KDE is ehh00:56
Jack_SparrowHi VideoSmith .. behave yourself00:57
SuperMMTredvamp128: the latest version doesn't work right.  I would need the LTS, and really want the LTS00:57
rogue780breakg, I know. KDE does so many things right...but does it wrong in just enough places to make me stay with gnome00:57
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  so it does not seemto be  the offical sun java. :)00:57
SuperMMTredvamp128: Eh?00:57
redvamp128SuperMMT- If you already have ubuntu installed you can install it through synaptic (mybuntu)00:57
breakgme too, i stay with gnome as well for the same reason00:57
Slartrogue780: then I think you'll have a hard time getting to the files.. most cell phones have some kind of basic file system transfer thingy.. at least using bluetooth00:57
redvamp128and use both window managers00:57
redvamp128| Mythbuntu <http://www.mythbuntu.org/>00:58
redvamp128That is their main site--00:58
* rogue780 helped with the initial Mythbuntu release00:58
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, it's disabled. what next? btw thanks for your help / patience... i've been trying to figure this out for 3 days now. bleh00:58
redvamp128There is one other Media center based one but I can't remember the name --00:58
SuperMMTredvamp128: I don't at the time, although I downloaded Ubuntu 8.10 and it did not work correctly, however the latest LTS for Ubuntu worked perfect00:58
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: yeah, i don't know why it is being so complicated...00:58
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:58
Jack_SparrowThe bot is on a diet00:59
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, no kidding. it still won't browse with foxyproxy enabled00:59
mikevankuikseems like it :P00:59
SuperMMTredvamp128: Is this a stand alone download CD iso ?00:59
breakgi dont know who im kidding i like epiphany better anyway :P00:59
SuperMMTredvamp128: or do I need to already have Ubuntu installed00:59
rogue780Slart, I guess what I'm asking for is an alternative to activesync, since that is what all windows mobile phones use as well as pocket pc PDA's....palm devices are supported so I only assume that their chief competitor is also supported at least minimally00:59
mikevankuikthe bot a work must be a monster :P its getting fed like every hour at least :D00:59
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: what error message does it give?01:00
Slartrogue780: I can't really help you any further.. I've never owned a windows mobile phone..01:00
b_rogue780: SyncEngine01:00
rogue780Slart, thanks for tryin'01:01
kdoggHello, When I put the 64 bit install disc in, and select install, the loading screen comes up then the progress bar will stop moving until I press a button. if I keep pressing buttons it makes it to the install dialogue, but I am scared to install with that problem.01:01
rogue780b_, thanks, I'm looking into that now01:01
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, i set it to "use proxy tor for all urls". the error then pops up immediately saying 'connection interrupted01:01
breakganyone know why i get an error trying to configure my gnome-terminal? for some reason its trying to access the "Examples" folder which i deleted a while back01:01
=== hellbilly06chie is now known as hellbilly06
mikevankuikgetting busy in here :D01:03
Joe_if my controller has 6 sata ports (and supports raid) can I set up 2 raid arrays.  IE one raid 1 array (primary OS discs) and then the other four as raid 10 (storage drives)?01:04
SlartI don't think so, Joe_01:06
SlartJoe_: unless you paid serious money for it01:06
mikevankuikJoe_: doesn't seem likely... you proberbly need a second controller to controll the second raid...01:07
LowestIs this purely a support IRC room or is it general purpose?01:07
prymal_Lowest: it's for support on ubuntu01:07
Joe_that's what I thought...01:07
SlartLowest: there is an offtopic channel for general chat #ubuntu-offtopic01:07
mikevankuikOdd-rationale: Installing right now... lets hope this goed right :D got a good feeling about it though :) (and a tired one :P but thats because I should be sleeping right now :P gehehe)01:08
lime4x4is it possible to run the nvidia 177 drivers for one video card and nv drivers for another vid card in the same system?01:08
kabahhi! somevary can tellme the command to see if i have the 3D aceleration active?01:08
LightTitanDr_Willis: ok, removing all my Java then gonna reinstall. Will let you know how it goes and thanks for your help01:09
jmd9qsOdd-rationale, if i tell foxyproxy to use "default" proxy for all urls, it works but still no tor... i think in this case "default" means no proxy01:09
Digital7lime4x4: try asking that on the forums if no one answers here, that's a good question01:09
MrElendigkabah: glxinfo | grep direct01:09
MrElendigkabah: er.. glxinfo | grep Direct01:09
MrElendiger.. >_>01:10
MrElendigfirst one was correct01:10
Odd-rationalejmd9qs: hey, i got to go eat dinner now... sorry i couldn't help more... hope you get it fixed! :)01:10
tsaihi all, i'm trying to help someone using the live ubuntu disk on their pc. How can i identify the physical harddrive to mount it? it does not mount automatically01:12
mikevankuikOdd-rationale: is it normal that the alt cd will ask for the "Ubuntu 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_ -Release amd64 (20081028)" cd?01:12
tylortsai run the command "df-h"01:12
tsaitylor - trying now01:12
The_Rebelhow do a set pulseaudio defaults permanently?01:12
Digital7tsai: did yout ry mounting it twice in nautilus?01:12
tylorit will tell you connected media01:12
linxehis there a way to set up host aliases with ssh somehow? like rsh used to use .rhosts - so I dont have to keep typing long domain names / ips ?01:12
linxehis it .shosts or something ?01:13
Digital7tsai: sometimes the livecd seems to spit out errors saying it failed to mount, when the drive is in fact mounted01:13
tsaitylor - we did try twice01:13
gnutronlinxeh: use the /etc/hosts file if i'm reading you correctly.01:13
The_Rebelhow do a set pulseaudio defaults permanently?01:13
tsaii'm trying the df-h01:13
tylorit should tell you the connected media and you should mount it with the mount command01:13
The_Rebeloops wrong channel01:14
The_Rebeldidn't mean to ask twice01:14
gnutrontsai: dh     -h   needs aspace01:14
linxehgnutron: no because that requires root privileges01:14
The_Rebelnow asking in #pulseaudio01:14
tylortsai: as root mkdir /media/hd01:14
tsaignutron- ok01:14
linxehI think its .shosts01:14
linxehor is that different ?01:14
tylorthen sudo mount /dev/{output of df -h} /media/hd01:15
linxehit is isnt it :o it does equivalent hosts. damn01:15
Joe_I didn't know they made 4GB single sticks of DDR3 already...01:15
tsaitylor - trying now01:15
Joe_of course, the price just made me scream01:15
linxehgnutron: ok, its in ~/.ssh/config you can add host aliases, with ports too :)01:16
tsaitylor- dh -h says command not found01:16
gnutrontsai: my bad df -h01:16
tylortsai: df -h01:16
tsaitylor- ok01:17
tylorit will be mounted to /media/hd01:17
tsaitylor- looking01:18
thomas__hallo zusammen01:18
tylortsai: did it work?01:20
xrolly997ist da jemand?01:20
Hootyhi, can anyone help me with this wine backtrace? http://bugs.winehq.org/attachment.cgi?id=1865901:20
=== PatchLevel2 is now known as PatchLevel
fosco_!de | xrolly99701:20
ubottuxrolly997: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.01:20
mikevankuikxrolly997: da sind mege menschen hier01:20
tsaitylor- i've got my friend joining this chat room so he can see the commands01:20
gnutronlinxeh: are you using a fresh install of intrepid? clean install01:20
tylortsai: first run "df -h" , the output will be all connected drives01:21
tylorTsai: the find your and make a directory "sudo mkdir /media/hd"01:21
tylortsai: then "sudo mount /media/"yourDrive" /media/hd"01:22
linxehgnutron: no, I'm using various systems, but generally hardy01:22
tylorthen just move to that folder01:22
linxehgnutron: why ?01:22
gnutronlinxeh: i must need to re-install ssh, ive used this box for years and my ~/.ssh dir has one file, known_hosts thats it01:22
KhomeiniDoes anyone have any experience with Ubuntu on the Acer Aspire 1?01:22
linxehgnutron: yes, create a config file01:23
gnutronlinxeh: thank you01:23
linxehgnutron: and make it chmod 600. you can put other files in there too - eg authorized_keys so you can set up passwordless ssh01:23
tsaitylor - getting chatzilla installed for him. Hold.....01:23
linxehgnutron: this was for my host alias problem btw (just checking your arent confusing it with something else )01:23
gnutronlinxeh: gotcha, thanks again.01:24
KhomeiniMy Acer Aspire 1 has Ubuntu 8.10 on it currently, and the wireless suddenly shut off. It has a toggle switch on the front, but the indicators don't work. How can I enable the wireless through the software?01:24
IndyGunFreakKhomeini: i've  had that happen before, but i usually restart X, and when i log back in, it works01:25
Dr_WillisKhomeini,  the light one wireelss dosent light up is a known issue. i recall.. you can use the switch I think.. but it dosent light up when its on.01:25
KhomeiniIndyGunFreaks: Restarting didn't work. Originally the computer was able to connect, but suddenly the wireless turned off.01:26
IndyGunFreakKhomeini: can't explain it, mine is fine01:26
KhomeiniDr_Willis: I know the toggle light doesn't work, but my wireless switch gave me problems before. Is there a way to enable it through the software instead of the switch?01:26
tylortsai: you there?01:28
tsaitylor - yes, waiting on my friend to finish installing chatzilla01:28
KhomeiniIs there no way to manually turn on the wireless through Ubuntu? Like an option in the menu.01:28
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=== dhoss-laptop is now known as dhoss
mikevankuiktalk too ya'll later :) going to catch some zzz now :D01:30
KhomeiniI mean in Windows, I just right click my wireless and can disable and enable it. There is no mirror of this in Ubuntu?01:31
tyrantKhomeini, same thing try different mouse button01:31
tyrantKhomeini, if u dont have that network symbol there , try alt+f2 and type nm-applet01:31
cmv583hi all! trying to find what wrong with cd-rw drive. cdrecord -scanbus shows it. Googled and tried a few things. http://pastebin.com/m2d57f7dd01:32
LightTitanDr_Willis: If you are still there, I have removed the java and reinstalled but I think I am missing something. When I try to run some java apps it says, Java not found. If I do Java -version I get the following http://pastebin.com/m6744a39901:32
KhomeiniTyrant: I do have the symbol and the box "Enable Networking" was checked.01:32
\Kirais there a command to clear the screen in linux?01:32
KhomeiniWhen I right clicked.01:32
\Kirathe terminal screen01:32
tekteen\Kira: clear01:32
tyrantkhomeini what about left click ??01:32
\Kiratekteen: thanks :) I was thinking of something like "cs"01:32
mdg2Can VCSTIME be set to show 12 hour clock?01:32
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  to install java - all ive ever had to do was 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras' on a clean install01:33
KhomeiniTyrant: Restarted the computer, one sec01:33
LightTitanok gonna try that01:33
tyrantKhomeini, is the wireless working at all ?01:33
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  looks like you have no java installed.. I would install  ubuntu-restricted-extras and let it isntall java01:33
KhomeiniTyrant: Yes.01:33
Chaotic_DescentI can not mount my USB SD card reader or my iPod. How can I figure out what the problem is?01:33
LightTitanAlready doing it :) I'll let you know ,Thanks Dr_Willis01:34
KhomeiniTyrant: All the other computers can connect. All of the sudden the Acer couldn't connect any more.01:34
KhomeiniTyrant: iwconfig is showing nothing01:34
tyrantdid you do an update ?01:34
SylphidIm trying to convert my single disk install to a 2disk raid 1 setup. I followed instructions here http://www.howtoforge.com/software-r...ot-debian-etch however when i try to reboot into the raid volume it fails to an initramfs prompt and also fails when trying to boot to the original volume with the same kernel ... I believe that the update-initramfs -u command screwed it up but im not sure how to repair this.01:34
IndyGunFreakChaotic_Descent: how old is the ipod?01:34
KhomeiniTyrant: No01:34
KhomeiniTyrant: is there a terminal command to turn on the wireless card?01:34
=== rob is now known as Guest92274
Chaotic_DescentIndyGunFreak: fairly new. 3rd Gen Nano.01:35
tyrantKhomeini, it depends on if its installed or not01:35
KhomeiniTyrant: It is, it was working before.01:35
IndyGunFreakChaotic_Descent: some of the newer ipods don't work well01:35
IndyGunFreak!ipod | Chaotic_Descent01:35
ubottuChaotic_Descent: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod01:35
tyrantKhomeini, you didnt hit the keyboard shorcut ?01:35
mdg2Any CLI users know if vcstime can be set to 12 hour clock?01:36
KhomeiniTyrant: Trying, the switch and keyboard thingy don't always work01:36
tyrantKhomeini, do u know what wireless card do you have ?01:36
LightTitanDr_Willis: It's still not on it says, I get this: titan@Titan-Comp:~$ java01:36
LightTitanbash: /usr/bin/java: No such file or directory01:36
KhomeiniTyrant: Whatever come standard Acer Aspire 101:36
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  you are usingubuntu 8.10 ? or what excactly?01:36
\Kirahow can I set the system to use UTC from command line?01:36
cm_can someone please tell me how to migrate my home directory to a secondary hard drive (internal)? thanks01:36
Chaotic_DescentIndyGunFreak: I just figured maybe the USB SD card reader problem was related to it. It mounts fine on my mom's PC running Ubuntu. So somehow I screwed up my Ubuntu but not hers...01:37
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository01:37
hdzi was in autosudo or root or whatever and in root of partition / and did01:37
hdz          rm -rf usr then ctrl+c halfway so that means a lot of shit is gone01:37
hdz          from /usr /usr (children) what should i do?01:37
FloodBot2hdz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:37
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  try sudo apt-get install  sun-java6-jre    perhaps?01:37
=== harry is now known as Guest12363
hdzi was in autosudo or root or whatever and in root of the partition / and did rm -rf usr then ctrl+c halfway so that means a lot of shit is gone from /usr and the /usr (children) what should i do?01:37
LightTitanDr_Willis: I am running Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit. I have done sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre01:38
Dr_Willishdz,  get ready to reinstall?01:38
\Kirahdz: why on earth did you do that?01:38
KhomeiniTyrant: The wireless card toggled off for whatever reason. How do I turn it back on?01:38
\Kirahdz: there isnt much you can do01:38
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  im not sure how ya managed to getit so messed up.  try that command again. and try java -version from a new login shell perhaps?01:38
\Kirahdz: take the data you want off it, then reinstall01:38
hdzi forgot i had cp'd some source program to / came back to that tty screen hours later01:38
KhomeiniTyrant: The switch is messed up and doesn't reliably work, and there is no keyboard function as far as I can tell. To simplify the question, sorry if I sounded a bit demanding01:38
hdzand thought i was in /home/turtle/program1.1.1./usr01:39
hdzah man i'm f*'d right might as well reinstall?01:39
Dr_Willishdz,  :) now ya know why ubuntu tries to get people to use sudo and never go to a 'root shell'01:39
\Kirahdz: I see, you shouldnt be putting stuff in / for a note in the future01:39
tyrantKhomeini, i dont know what card you have but try sudo modprobe ath_pci if it is an atheros wifi card01:39
hdzwell i did sudo01:39
br3ndenWhat permissions should public_html be set to?01:39
Flannelhdz: Well, backup your stuff, then reinstall, yes.  What version of Ubuntu are you on?01:39
Flannelbr3nden: it needs to be a+x (and stuff in it needs to be world readable)01:39
\Kirahdz: might has well upgrade wile at it01:39
\Kirahdz: hrm?01:40
LightTitanDr_Willis: I did the command again, it told me nothing added cause I already have it. But java -version gives me nothing despite the fact it's installed.01:40
hdzi don't think there is support for nvidia card for 8.1001:40
hdzi read somewhere01:40
Chaotic_DescentIndyGunFreak: this describes downloading something from a folder called .../ubuntu/gutsy/... I have Hardy Heron. Is that a problem?01:40
KhomeiniTyrant: ath5k)01:40
\Kirahdz: im not sure, if not, stay with what makes you happen. But its probably best to google it first. Im pretty sure there is support01:40
\Kirahdz: *happy01:40
hdzi want to do a clean everything i guess01:41
hdzi dont wanna go in halfassed again01:41
tyrantwell try that module maybe and after like 10 second u should have a list of wireless networks01:41
hdzi cant believe i did that01:41
\Kirahdz: well, save the files you want to a removable media first01:41
hdzcan someone du -s /usr01:41
hdzjust to give me an  idea01:41
hdzhow much i lost01:41
Marfihello everyone! i'm trying to get my gnome apps to look / feel more like KDE 4.2. how do i achieve this?01:42
hdzis there a command i cfan still do to make a batch or just text setup file to see what progs and settings i have to later when i reinstall everything have somewhat of progess?01:43
Marfihdz, yes, but i don't remember the name of the program01:43
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude --disable-columns --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate01:43
R0b0t1How do I get the Apple Aluminum keyboards to work? I can't send VirtualBox a F8.01:43
betterhandshey guys--i added a new, unformatted hard drive.  In places under computer it's listed as SCSI Drive.  It also shows up in Device Manager.  I want to format this so that i can use it.  what utility should i use?  I've tried "Disk Manager", but it doesn't see the drive.01:44
chyeahey all. i'm not sure if this is possible, but if i just did an "rm filename" on accident, and meant to do "mv", is there a way to recover the file i just removed? :P01:44
tyrantbetterhands, did u try gparted01:44
Flannel!undelete | chyea01:44
ubottuchyea: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel01:44
Weboscould someone give me a hand: i'm using ubuntu 6.10 and i'm tring to get my onboard nic card to work. i do a sudo lshw -C network and it shows my nic card there as a logical name of : pan001:44
cmv583hdz: chad@chad-desktop:~$ du -s /usr 2812204/usr01:45
betterhandstyrant--not yet.  will do.01:45
Flannelchyea: Not a straight forward way, no.01:45
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  log out/back in - your PATH may be wrong01:45
chyeadarn. that's what i thought. =\01:45
chyeaoh well, no big loss.01:45
\Kirahow can I set the system to use UTC from command line?01:45
Dr_WillisLightTitan,  also check the docs at the !java factoid for the ocmmand to set the default 'java' for the system01:45
Marfiim running kde 4, and trying to get my gnome apps to look more like KDE. how do i do this with QT?01:45
Chaotic_DescentIndyGunFreak: this iPod solution doesn't work. the link you gave me has another link, which has a 3rd link to download stuff off a site that doesn't respond. I've tried clicking on a few "this thread also helps!" links and it just rambles incoherently for a dozen pages...01:46
hdzhrm well maybe i should undelete01:46
hdzlike that guy is doing01:46
jtaji\Kira: dpkg-reconfigure tzdata01:46
josher4betterhands: Use GParted01:46
Dr_WillisMarfi,  i thohg the kde settings had a check box to make  that happen.01:46
\Kirajtaji: thanks01:46
betterhandsthanks josher401:46
mdg2Anyone know if vcstime can be set to 12 hour clock?01:46
IndyGunFreakChaotic_Descent: dunno, some of the 3rd gens are hard/to impossible to get working01:46
IndyGunFreakthank Apple01:46
MarfiDr_Willis, do you know where?01:46
josher4betterhands: Yw01:46
Dr_WillisMarfi,  nope.01:46
Chaotic_Descent"this tutorial is not needed for hardy, only gutsy"01:46
* Chaotic_Descent sighs01:47
hdzyo my gparted* is wierd i can't do shit in there, qtparted looks better, should i use that instead and question.  if i have a win partition that's boot flagged, and secondary linux parition with the boot files but no boot flag, it alright to leave bootflag on windows partition, or should i switch it to linux partition which it was never on and see if it still searches for the boot menu selection01:47
Chaotic_DescentWell what about getting Ubuntu to mount my USB SD card reader? How do I figure out why it won't do that?01:48
gnutronhdz: du -sh 3.6G/usr/01:48
IndyGunFreakChaotic_Descent: that i don't know.01:48
cmv583Dr_Willis: hi all! trying to find what wrong with cd-rw drive. cdrecord -scanbus shows it. Googled and tried a few things. http://pastebin.com/m2d57f7dd if you think you can help?01:48
slipstI'm trying to install I'm trying to install guest additions in VirtualBox OSE but I'm getting "Could not find the VirtualBox Guest Additions CD image file /usr/share/virtualbox/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso or /usr/lib/virtualbox/additions/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso." even though I manually downloaded the file and moved it to the /usr/share/virtualbox/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso anyone know what might be wrong?01:48
cm_can someone please tell me how to migrate my home directory to a secondary hard drive (internal)? thanks01:49
betterhandsinstalled gparted and using now--thanks again Thrasher and josher4.  any recommendations for partition table type if i've no intention other than using it to store backups/data for Ubuntu?01:49
mdg2I'm trying to setup some CLI stuff on my iMac01:49
Flannel!separatehome | cm_01:49
ubottucm_: Your home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home folder to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome01:49
R0b0t1I need to enter a key in that I do not have on my keyboard.01:49
R0b0t1Is there a "virtual keyboard"?01:49
stdinhdz: only the windows/dos bootloader cares about the boot flag. gparted and qtparted are both just frontends to the parted command, GParted is GTK/Gnome and QtParted is Qt/KDE01:49
josher4betterhands: I would recommend making on big ntfs partition01:49
quaalcould someone assist me with setting samba permissions so that when i save a file from the samba client to the samba server, the samba server has complete permissions to the file? i have already tried setting the create mask in smb.conf to 0777. it does nothing01:50
stdinhdz: but you can use both on either Gnome or KDE01:50
josher4betterhands: That is what I did, it works 100% great01:50
Chaotic_Descentthe iPod error I get is this (which I don't understand, but it mentions NTFS, which adds to my theory that it's related to the problems mounting my USB SD card reader which works in Windows) Mount is denied because setuid and setgid root ntfs-3g is insecure with the external FUSE library. Either remove the setuid/setgid bit from the binary or rebuild NTFS-3G with integrated FUSE support and make it setuid root.01:51
=== yacc_ is now known as yacc
betterhandscool josher4 i'll do that.01:51
josher4betterhands: ok, good luck. Tell me how it works out.01:51
Chaotic_DescentNow, I don't want to go reprogramming stuff... surely whatever screwed things up will leave these clues so that I can un-screw-it-up.01:51
zambadoes ubuntu have a graphical partition tool?01:52
=== stever is now known as stever_
MrElendigzamba: gparted01:52
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php01:52
betterhandswell since that's not an option on the menu i'm at, i guess i'll choose something else.01:53
WebcamWonderGuys, what is the command to check which packages does a package depend on?01:53
lifenovaIs there a way to sort of 'fix' usplash? When I start up/shutdown, I don't see a splash screen, and on shutdown sometimes I see the huge white text - not really a major problem, but just curious01:54
NubunInstalled Ubuntu Remix using a USB key. Cannot search for a wireless network, suspect Broadcom driver with "status" in use, cannot click on enable ???01:54
Nubuniwconfig gives the usual no wireless extention01:54
WebcamWonderFound it, nvm01:54
Code_Bleuwhy am i getting an operation not permitted when trying to create a hardlink in ubuntu 8.10 as root user?01:55
Nubunany suggestions ?01:55
FlannelCode_Bleu: Where are you trying to hardlink between?01:55
Snow_WolfGreetings all.01:55
Nubunwould be very welccome01:55
Nubunanyone out there ?01:55
solid_liqCode_Bleu: is the filesystem you're trying to create the hardlink on mounted read-only?01:55
Alexushello to all!01:56
Code_BleuFlannel: I have a NFS share mounted locally.  The NFS server is OpenFiler.01:56
FlannelCode_Bleu: so, from the NFS share to the NFS share?01:56
Alexusmake sudo dd if=/zero is bad?01:56
Code_BleuSolid_liq: no, i am able to create and del directories and files01:56
WebcamWonderGuys, any idea why a apt-get build-dep, just fails by saying dependencies cannot be satisfied, but no more information?01:56
FlannelAlexus: That doesn't make sense.  But... sure.  Could be bad.01:57
IndyGunFreakWebcamWonder: do you have source enabled in your repositories?01:57
WebcamWonderIndyGunFreak: Yup01:57
fallencreationsHey guys and gals, is there a way to make the network icon visible to all users? It only shows the network icon to the first person to log in after reboot. I am running Intrepid with an Atheros internal wireless.01:57
IndyGunFreakWebcamWonder: what are you trying to build dependencies for.01:57
WebcamWonderIndyGunFreak: pidgin01:57
Code_BleuFlannel:NFS server =, local = i did a sudo mount /mnt/localdirectory01:57
NubunHello to everyone on Ubuntu !01:57
Nubuncan a guru support my query ?01:58
AlexusI mean that if you can erase all my hard disk with this command sudo dd if=/zero01:58
Alexusi used google traductor :S01:58
FlannelCode_Bleu: you can only make hardlinks from the same partitions01:58
Alexussorry my translations01:58
FlannelAlexus: What command are you doing?01:59
Code_BleuI am running backuppc on the local pc and for some reason it stopped working...and when i look at the logs it says that it can not create hardlinks between two different directories on the same NFS share01:59
FlannelAlexus: oh.  That command as it is won't erase it, no.  But somethign similar may.01:59
Flannel!helpme | Nubun01:59
ubottuNubun: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience01:59
Alexusthanks for all01:59
jinja-sheepShit.  My laptop went "Could not find kernel image: linux" on me. :|01:59
mortuis99hi i am looking for a way to securely format a external USB HD?  are there any apps to do so?02:00
wolterhi, is there not a native way where i can share files with other linux machines?02:00
jinja-sheepPardon the language. :\02:00
wolterwhen i navigate into the folder i only get a $print folder...02:00
IndyGunFreakWebcamWonder: just curious, why are you trying to upgrade pidgin?02:00
Flannel!nfs | wolter02:00
ubottuwolter: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.02:00
Code_BleuFlannel: it is.  after mounting the NFS share locally...ie (/mnt/localdir) im trying to hardlink  /mnt/localdir/pc to /mnt/localdir/cpool02:00
WebcamWonderIndyGunFreak: I just like messing around. I have a lot of free time on my hands :)02:00
IndyGunFreakWebcamWonder: but sudo apt-get build-dep pidgin should work, unless you already have all the dependencies resolved.02:00
kansanhelp!  my printer is not getting detected when i go to system=>admin=> printers => new printer.  its a usb connection to my ML-2510 samsung laser printer.02:01
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages02:01
mortuis99hi i am looking for a way to securely format a external USB HD?  are there any apps to do so?02:01
tylormortuis: use gparted02:01
SSilver2ki have an ubuntu system, stock 8.10, will not be hooked up to the internet, so just tock 8.10.  it keeps switching resolution to a widescreen res, but i need it to stay at 1024x768, how can i do that?02:01
aeonorismortuis99, will gparted do?02:01
jinja-sheepmortuis99:  Use dm-crypt02:01
\Kiramy server lags when i try to connect to it. Its usually just the first time it will hang, and sometimes just closes the connection, but once I close the connection and try to connect again, it responds almost instantly. My game server does not suffer from this, though. The only service Ive tested this on is httpd, sshd, and nmaping the server. Im not sure this might be ubuntu server related, if not, how can I find the problem?02:01
jinja-sheep!info dm-crypt02:02
mortuis99more secure than thant02:02
ubottuPackage dm-crypt does not exist in intrepid02:02
mdg2how do I find out if ubuntu has tzclock for PPC?02:02
fallencreations!help Hey guys and gals, is there a way to make the network icon visible to all users? It only shows the network icon to the first person to log in after reboot. I am running Intrepid with an Atheros internal wireless. Sorry if I repeated this, I just noticed this is the correct way to ask.02:02
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:02
jinja-sheep!info cryptsetup | mortuis9902:02
ubottucryptsetup (source: cryptsetup): configures encrypted block devices. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.0.6-6ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 102 kB, installed size 452 kB02:02
Nubunhey Ubottu how about it?02:03
jinja-sheepmortuis99:  This is what I use.  Or you can use TrueCrypt.  :<02:03
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:03
WebcamWonderIndyGunFreak: Here is my sources.list, if you want to look at it http://pastebin.com/f170708f602:03
mdg2I'll just talk to myself tonight LOL :)02:03
IndyGunFreakWebcamWonder: i believe you.02:03
jw144000I'm having problems installing updates in Ubuntu 8.10. I keep getting this message: E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.02:03
jw144000E: _cache->open() failed, please report.02:03
Marfihow do i get GTK fonts to work under KDE 4.2?02:04
mortuis99jinja-sheep i have to make sure that data that was on the hard is not retrievable later after reformat02:04
johnny_mnemonicmortuis99, dban beta will work http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=67542502:04
jw144000Can anyone please help/02:04
kansanhelp!  my printer is not getting detected when i go to system=>admin=> printers => new printer.  its a usb connection to my ML-2510 samsung laser printer.  at ONE point, this did work.02:04
Marfii meant to say styles for them02:04
WebcamWonderIndyGunFreak: btw, apt-cache depends pidgin, should show me the libraries, so I need to insatll their -dev right?02:04
jinja-sheepmortuis99:  Oh you want to destroy your HDD?02:04
IndyGunFreakWebcamWonder: i guess..02:04
Scunizikansan: look on samsungs site.. they have the right driver and instructions on how to enable it in ubuntu.. I run the ml-2010 with no issues02:05
Flannelmortuis99: Use shred.  It's already installed.02:05
mortuis99jinja-sheep the DATA on it yes the HD itself NO02:05
jinja-sheepFlannel:  How about dd? <_<02:05
\Kiramortuis99: if you want to destroy data, write over it a bunch. shred is recommended, but there is another way (not as effective)02:05
jinja-sheepmortuis99:  Look into dd command.02:05
Flanneljinja-sheep: dd would work, but shred is much more automated and easier.02:05
\Kiramortuis99: dd is the other way02:05
tyrantWebcamWonder, the command installs the dependencies for building pidgin02:06
mortuis99jinja-sheep dd from comand line or?02:06
jinja-sheepmortuis99:  They recommended shred.  I only know dd.02:06
NubunAny program which which can be used to partition a harddisk in Ubuntu02:06
WebcamWondertyrant: Yeah, but build-dep doesn't work. Just gives me a message, failed to resolve dependencies02:06
Nubunsomething easy to install...02:06
cmv583Nubun: !gparted02:06
FlannelNubun: gparted, "Gnome PArtition Editor"02:06
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php02:07
tyrantWebcamWonder, that s not funny  :P02:07
mortuis99jinja-sheep cant do whole HDs just files02:07
mortuis99shred that os02:07
jinja-sheepFlannel:  Do you know how I can resolve my issue?  I had hard time with VirtualBox (and now I can't start Linux).  Couldn't find kernel image:  linux ?02:07
jinja-sheepmortuis99:  Then dd isn't what you want.02:07
Nubunwhere can i down load gparted ?02:07
jinja-sheepmortuis99:  Use shred, as they said.02:07
WebcamWonderNubun: sudo aptitude install gparted02:07
cmv583Nubun: click link02:07
Marfidoes anyone know how i can get my gnome programs to look decent under KDE?02:08
cmv583Nubun: sudo apt-get install gparted02:08
Flannel!virtualbox | jinja-sheep02:08
ubottujinja-sheep: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox02:08
Flanneljinja-sheep: Check those wiki pages02:08
andronicusjoin #vbox02:08
Nubunwhat is sudo apt-get install ????02:08
=== five_ is now known as Guest27932
jinja-sheepFlannel:  The issue is no longer related to VB.02:09
cmv583Nubun: copy/paste to terminal02:09
WebcamWonder!themes | Marfi02:09
ubottuMarfi: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy02:09
Nubunsays unable to resolve host02:09
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:09
AbstortedMindshi, does anyone know a program that is simple but easy to write math symbols for my discreet math class?02:10
Nubungparted web link suggests it runs off windows???02:10
cmv583Nubun: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php02:10
Nubunyeah, it runs off windows ?02:10
cmv583Nubun: open terminal and type sudo apt-get install gparted, then enter password (which you won't see) & press enter02:11
Nubunthe other choice is for linux, but is complicated as it asks me to download from HP USB format tool02:12
SSilver2ki have an ubuntu system, stock 8.10, will not be hooked up to the internet, so just tock 8.10.  it keeps switching resolution to a widescreen res, but i need it to stay at 1024x768, how can i do that?02:12
cmv583Nubun: do you know what terminal is?02:12
qwexe1I am trying to tarball my system, I have one question... is this correct (omitting --excludes) tar cvpzf /nameofbackup.tgz /02:12
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages02:13
cmv583Nubun: /applications/accessories/terminal02:13
jtajiAbstortedMinds: openoffice has formula entry, also I just found that there is an additional formula plugin for openoffice, the package name is openoffice.org-dmaths02:14
lifenovaNubun: are you currently using Ubuntu or Windows?02:14
wolterhow can i know whether my computer has a bluetooth builtin device02:14
bpat1434I've installed filezilla with "sudo apt-get install filezilla" but now when I try to start filezilla, it just sits there.... any ideas?02:15
NubunErr http://netbook-remix.archive.canonical.com hardy/main gparted 0.3.5-lubutu3 could not resolve 'netbook-remix.archive.canonical.com'02:15
lifenovawolter: Open up a terminal and try 'hcitool dev'02:16
wolterlifenova, Devices:02:16
wolterits all i get.02:16
Nubundoes the command    sudo apt-get install gparted  need the internet ???02:17
aeonorisYes, or a linux CD, methinks02:17
lifenovawolter: You don't have one02:17
\KiraIm looking for a program to log the output of a command (with timestamps), and save the file perodically, not at the end of the command02:17
R0b0t1I'm having problems with my iMac's keyboard, any links?02:17
Nubunlet's fix the wireless network02:17
Nubunhow can i get this up'n running ?02:18
qcjnhy, my mp3 player don't show up ???don't automount ?02:18
cmv583Nubun: did that work?02:19
=== kompulsa_dot_com is now known as Tetracomm
WebcamWonderNubun: Yes, it needs to download the package for gparted02:19
Nubunfrom the internet ?02:19
lifenovaNubun: yes02:19
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:19
NubunIn which case it wouldn't work as i cannot get connected to the wireless network02:19
WebcamWonderNubun: Yup02:19
WebcamWonderNubun: iwconfig shows nothing?02:20
Nubuncan you help me with troubleshooting my broadcomm driver ?02:20
lifenovaNubun: how far do you get in joining your wireless network?02:20
Nubunthe usual no wireless extensions02:20
WebcamWonderNubun: I might... Not a pro02:20
zambai want to set up some sort of centralized passwd solution.. what for of database should i look into? i've been using nis earlier, but i don't think it's designed with security in mind.. i basically just want to nfs mount a /home and log on using a central authentication server02:20
WebcamWonderNubun: sudo lspci | grep Broadcom02:20
WebcamWonderNubun: What is the chip your card has?02:21
Nubunyes do see the network controller Broadcom Corporation BCM3406 802.11b/g wireless LAN controller02:22
Nubundoes that help you  WebcamWonder /02:22
TheFunkbombGood evening02:22
WebcamWonderNubun: Yeah, hold on02:22
WebcamWonderNubun: Intrepid, or hardy?02:23
vocxSo. I installed Ubuntu 8.10 without a swap partition and I haven't created a file to use as swap space. But after 12 minutes, my computer is put to sleep automatically. This is impressive and unexpected. What gives? How does this work?02:23
cmv583hi all! trying to find what wrong with cd-rw drive. cdrecord -scanbus shows it. Googled and tried a few things. http://pastebin.com/m2d57f7dd02:24
TheFunkbombSo, I went to Borders today and they had the Official Ubuntu book for 8.04 (Hardy???)  Does anyone know when the Intrepid book is coming out?02:24
NubunAh, that is a good one.. I have Ubuntu Remix, which is a cut down version to support netbook computers02:24
Nubunhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR, did get the image onto a USB and install it.02:24
mdg2Can anyone help me set the date/time to show a 12 hour clock?02:24
vocxWell, it is not actually put to sleep, more like it hibernates, because everything is turned off, the monitor, drives, fans, all but a blinking LED.02:24
saeraim not a sudoer :(02:24
mdg2at the CLI?02:24
lifenovavocx: swap is the partition that the system uses if you don't have enough memory, and is also used to store unused data to conserve memory02:24
WebcamWonderNubun: And there isn't a channel dedicated to ubuntu-remix? B/c I don't know if we officially support it or not02:25
WebcamWonderBy "we" I mean this channel02:25
vocxlifenova, I know about that, I'm not new to this. But read carefully, I don't have swap space!02:25
NubunBelieve you must support it.02:25
bpat1434I've installed filezilla with "sudo apt-get install filezilla" but now when I try to start filezilla, it just sits there.... any ideas?02:25
lifenovavocx: Apologies, you might try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq#How%20do%20I%20add%20more%20swap?02:26
vocxbpat1434, go to lauchpad, search for filezilla, and see if there is a bug reported against that.02:26
lifenovavocx: I think I'm misunderstanding what you're saying, hehe. Are you curious why your laptop hibernates?02:27
WebcamWonderNubun: Is it 4306 or 3406?02:28
vocxlifenova, I have a PC that hibernates without swap. That's what I'm saying. How can this be possible? That's it, impressed?02:28
pentasideIs there a free alternative to win3lin?02:28
WebcamWonderNubun: That makes much more sense. Did you install b43?02:29
bacterque honda compa02:29
cmv583!espanol | bacter02:29
ubottubacter: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:29
=== Eber_ is now known as Eber
NubunI did not install anything, however can see a Broadcom B43 wireless Driver with "status"   in use !!02:30
Nubunhowever enabled remains un checked02:30
arakthorvocx: this is simply speculation but it could create a hidden file on you / partition or use a similar message. The other option is that it may not suspend to disk, but attempt to hold the running state in memory. again, merely speculation.02:30
bpat1434vocx:  the only one I see that's relevant is a wxWidgets bug but I'm running
WebcamWonder!b43 | Nubun02:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about b4302:30
Nubunah ? !b43 ??02:30
Jams44Anyone know where I can download kubuntu-desktop for Ubuntu 8.04?02:30
TheFunkbombNubun, are you using 8.10?02:31
Nubunplease advice Webcamwonder02:31
josher4bacter: Yes?02:31
Nubunno it is Ubutu remix02:31
WebcamWonderNubun: Hold on, I have a similar card, I am trying to find the page I used02:31
cmv583Jams44: www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/install-kde-kubuntu-on-ubuntu/02:31
bacterdo you speak spanish?02:31
click170 Hey, Im in KDE and I just installed Compiz last night, but I just noticed today that my screen keeps blinking every few minutes since I installed that stuff02:31
click170 Anybody have any idea why02:31
TheFunkbombWhat I had to do to get my b43 to work is plug in via ethernet and run the update02:31
TheFunkbombbut I'm using Ubuntu 8.1002:32
TheFunkbombmaybe it's something similar with Ubuntu Remx02:32
SealedWithAKissCan anybody help me? I'm having trouble mounting my Windows partition. I'm getting an "Unable to mount volume" error message.02:32
TheFunkbomberr Remix02:32
ryanCHwhat is the package name for xine?02:32
Ryan_Delaneydjbeenie: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras?02:32
Nubunnow funkbomb that might work02:32
vocxarakthor, well it turns off completely. Unless the motherboard is secretly powering the RAM modules in some way. That's why I'm impressed. Is this even documented? Notice that I just fresh installed 8.10, I had been using 7.10 so I missed quite a bit of progress.02:32
Ryan_Delaneysorry, that was a reply to an ancient question :)02:32
TheFunkbombNubun, that's what I did.  I can't tell you the command I used because I forgot it02:32
TheFunkbombGood luck!02:32
Ryan_DelaneySealedWithAKiss: Your NTFS partition was most lilkely shutdown improperly and is marked as in use02:33
gvsa123hi. i am trying to configure my wireless webcam so i am able to view it from within my network. can anyone help me?02:33
NubunBut hey, perhaps i can get the driver on to a usb stick and update it ???02:33
bactersome body speak spanish in this chat?02:33
TheFunkbombNubun, do you have windows installed?02:33
NubunNot on the same machine02:33
Ryan_DelaneySealedWithAKiss: If so, you can fix that by rebooting into windows and shutting down properly. Otherwise, you can mount in the command line with $ sudo mount /device /mountpoint -t auto -o force02:34
vocxbpat1434, you mean your wxwidgets version or filezillas? Seems like a terrible bug, it should probably be reported...02:34
TheFunkbomboh.  On the other machine, does it have the same wireless card?02:34
cmv583!espanol | bacter02:34
ubottubacter: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:34
WebcamWonderNubun: You will need internet connetion for sure on that PC to get the drivers. b43 are non-free and not included in Ubuntu02:34
josher4bacter: I'm not fluent but pretty good02:34
WebcamWonderNubun: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/b4302:34
aeonorisHow do you look at your processors in Kubuntu?  Anyone know?02:34
R0b0t1Ubuntu seems to be stealing my function-key presses, which I need to send to a program.02:35
R0b0t1Any help?02:35
NubunCan i download and transfer on my usb stick and plug into my remix machine ?02:35
WebcamWonderNubun: What I did. 1) Connect to Internet via Wire, 2) sudo aptitude install b43-fwcutter, 3) Restart, done!02:35
TheFunkbombI don't see why not but I'm new to all of this02:35
bpat1434vocx: required wxWidgets 2.8.9 or greater :(  time to upgrade wxWidgets02:35
WebcamWonderNubun: But I don't knwo if you have this thing in Notebook-Remix or not02:35
cmv583Nubun: http://www.findmysoft.com/drivers/02:35
bacterthanks josher4 bye02:35
josher4bacter: Adios!02:36
bacteroyes josher402:36
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vocxbpat1434, according to my "aptitude" filezilla in 8.10 needs wxwidgets or greater, so that means you are using some other filezilla, you are probably using jaunty, aren't you?02:37
SealedWithAKissRyan_Delaney, your quite right I didn't shut down properly. So shutting down properly will essentially solve my problem? I have already tried forcing a mount and it didn't work, I only had access to the filesystem, not any actual files.02:37
Nubunok thanks let my try it in the morning.02:37
MrNazI'm trying to boot my Ubuntu Server machine, new install which has never booted before, fresh install... after the POST screen it says "Grub loading, please wait..." and below that "Error 17"    anyone know what error 17 is ?02:37
bacterjosher4 do you use the K3b02:38
Ryan_DelaneySealedWithAKiss: It is not possible to mount an NTFS partition that is marked as in use except with the force option, so yes, the disk mounter and fstab will not mount "in use" partitions. If this is the cause of your problem -- and I can't say for sure from here -- then shutting down properly should resolve it.02:38
vasslerI'm running ubuntu/kde  how do make the time 12 hour format instead of 24 hour format?02:38
vocxMrNaz, usually means grub can't be found in the Master Boot Record. Put the Ubuntu CD back in, and reinstall grub.02:38
josher4bacter: Not really02:38
vasslerI'm running ubuntu/kde  how do make the time 12 hour format instead of 24 hour format? On the task bar bottom02:39
SealedWithAKissRyan_Delaney, thanks a lot for all of your help. I'll give that a shot now and let you know how I get on.02:39
bpat1434vocx not sure...02:39
bacteri need drivers for avi02:39
cmv583MrNaz: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=44294502:39
vocxbpat1434, what do you mean? Are you using someone else's computer?02:39
NubunWebCamWonder do you think i can download the drivers onto a USB stick and install onto Remix?02:39
scwizardone of my brother's complaints about ubuntu is that it uses over 200MB of RAM02:40
scwizardis this a fault of ubuntu or linux?02:40
bpat1434vocx: can't figure out the version of filezilla since it won't run...02:40
scwizardis there anyway to reduce the footprint?02:40
ribatejohi, what od you guys use to merge pdf files?02:40
WebcamWonderNubun: YOu should be able to. I don't know, which files to take however02:40
Ryan_Delaneyscwizard: There are minimalist distributions you might want to try that focus on using the least resources possible02:40
ribatejoI mean, with UI not from terminal02:40
Tailsfanyeah, like OpenGEU02:40
kantlivelongis it possible to merge two mics with ~/.asoundrc into dsnoop or can i do seperate "dsnoop"s?02:40
vocxbpat1434, use this "aptitude show filezilla"02:41
Ryan_Delaneykantlivelong: I don't know , but if your name is a reference to the philosopher, then I owe you a beer :)02:41
scwizardRyan_Delaney: how much does something like slackware use?02:41
Tailsfanprobably the same as any other KDE Distro02:41
ubottuYour home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home folder to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome02:41
kantlivelongRyan_Delaney: sorta is sorta isnt :)02:41
WebcamWonderNubun: Here you go, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6077792&postcount=7202:42
vasslerI'm running ubuntu/kde  how do make the time 12 hour format instead of 24 hour format? On the task bar02:42
Ryan_Delaneyscwizard: I can't tell you, as the only distro I use regularly is ubuntu. Minimalist distributions off the top of my head are puppylinux and damn small linux02:42
TailsfanI just wish the Server Edition of Ubuntu would install on my tower :(02:42
scwizardiirc neither of them have a decent desktop enviroment02:42
vocxscwizard, I believe most of the memory is used by graphical apps, so obviously using a command line version would help. Or maybe a lighter desktop manager like xfce02:42
FlannelTailsfan: What about the server edition are you looking for?02:42
Ryan_Delaneyscwizard: You might try xubuntu also as a middle way02:42
scwizardperhaps it's gnome/kde that are responsible for ubuntu taking up so much02:42
scwizardvocx: windows XP has graphical apps and has a 70MB footprint or so02:43
TailsfanAs in for when I try to install it on the one tower I have, on the hard disk scanning phase, it continously flashes, and then it goes into "Failed" mod02:43
gnutronvassler: right click on the clock in the taskbar, choose properties.02:43
Ryan_DelaneyYes, AFAIK the desktop environment is at least half of the memory footprint, especially with compiz and so on02:43
scwizardRyan_Delaney: sounds like a possibility02:43
MickmeisterRyan_Delaney, it's now mounted the partition but I can access any files. There's just a directory structure with no files.02:43
vocxscwizard, you may be mistaken for a troll if you come to a Linux channel with such assumption. My windows certainly doesn't use 70 MB.02:43
vasslergnutron: No dice.02:43
Ryan_DelaneyMickmeister: You might be suffering some other kind of data loss/corruption.02:44
giacomo_cis it possible to install windows xp on my laptop that already has 8.10 installed?02:44
cmv583hi all! trying to find what wrong with cd-rw drive. cdrecord -scanbus shows it. Googled and tried a few things. http://pastebin.com/m2d57f7dd02:44
gnutronvassler: make that preferences02:44
FlannelTailsfan: What are you looking to use the server edition for?02:44
scwizardvocx: is your windows windows XP?02:44
giacomo_ccan i just resize my root parition and make a new on for windows?02:44
mikejetIs there a way to configure Ubuntu to access my ISP's DNS through TCP instead of UDP? I especially want Firefox to do that.02:44
TailsfanAs a Server for my tower, and it's only 64 Megs02:44
MickmeisterRyan_Delaney, I'm not sure, I can access everything fine from Windows.02:44
gnutronvassler: make that preferences under general tab. choose 12 or 2402:44
=== wobblyw1 is now known as wobblywu
FlannelTailsfan: 64megs of RAM?02:44
NubunWebcamWonder have downloaded them as i type...02:44
vasslergnutron: Theres a digital clock settings but within it theres is no setting to change 12 or 24  hr formats02:44
Ryan_DelaneyMickmeister: All right, that's odd. What are you using to mount the partition?02:44
WebcamWonderNubun: Cool, tell me if it works02:45
FlannelTailsfan: Try using the alternate CD instead of the server CD.02:45
FlannelTailsfan: the server CD has a server kernel, which has less hardware support than the desktop one.  But you can use the alternate CD to install a command-line only system02:45
MickmeisterRyan_Delaney, I'm essentially just clicking on the partition from the places menu and letting it mount automatically.02:45
gnutronvassler: must be your windows manager, works under gnome02:45
Ryan_DelaneyMickmeister: Do you have any familiarity with the command line? I'm going to PM you if that's ok.02:45
vasslergnutron: I'm using kde though02:46
vocxbpat1434, are you sure you haven't enabled other repositories for the next Ubuntu? Where did it say it required wxwidgets 2.8.9?02:46
MickmeisterRyan_Delaney, yeah I'm quite familiar with the command line, and a PM is fine with me.02:46
Nubunyup, now transferring to USB02:46
scomptcan anybody tell me why this compile error is occurring on ubuntu and not os x? http://pastebin.com/d3732f91a02:47
vocxTalking about partitions: are those partitions that are not in fstab the only ones that can be mounted with a single click, through the mount applet? Seems weird.02:47
bpat1434vocx: in the INSTALL file for filezilla02:48
gnutronvassler: try Right-click on the clock, select Time & Date Format. Under the Time & Dates tab choose "pH:MM:SS AMPM" for time format.02:48
cornellHi... trying to upgrade desktop 7.04 to 7.10, following the instructions at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades02:48
vocxbpat1434, dummy, then you downloaded filezilla from source.Maybe in a tar.gz?  Then what was the "sudo apt-get" command for?02:49
kereshow do you start glade?02:49
XarosDoes anyone know a good piano keyboard program?02:49
cornellIt says that 7.04 " has been removed from the normal archives and mirrors, but its packages are still available if you add these lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list file: "02:49
SSilver2khow can i set the resolution from the command line?  is xrandr the only way02:49
bpat1434vocx: I downloaded the source to read the INSTALL file... I installed via apt-get02:49
cmv583cornell: http://www.google.com/search?q=upgrade+desktop+7.04+to+7.10&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:unofficial&client=firefox-a02:49
Flannelcmv583: Please don't do that.02:50
cmv583Flannel: sorry, what?02:50
keresdoes anyone know how to start python-glade?02:50
Flannelcmv583: Don't do that.  When helping, be helpful.02:50
cmv583Flannel: didn't realize i wasn't.02:50
ErnieDuglasI LOVE UBUNTU !02:50
Ryan_DelaneyErnieDuglas: High five :)02:50
vocxbpat1434, well, which source did you download? It may be not the same source as the one included in the Ubuntu repos, you know.02:50
Flannelcmv583: Posting google queries of someone's question is certainly not helpful.02:51
ErnieDuglasXubuntu is nice too, but it can't do CompizFusion + Emerald skins as easy02:51
bpat1434vocx: true... doesn't matter now. I upgraded wxwidgets to 2.8.9 and it's still failing to load02:51
cornellThen lists three lines.  I added them, ran upgrade manager.  It failed on a bunch of 404's.  Should the lines have been added, or should they replace the others.02:51
ErnieDuglasoh for sure high five02:51
Flannelcornell: Replace the others02:51
vocxbpat1434, run it from the terminal, see what it spits out.02:51
KenBW2how would i go about using ssh -g (-g      Allows remote hosts to connect to local forwarded ports.)02:51
cmv583Flannel: that's a stepp i was told to do 2 days ago when i started asking for help, didn't think it would be a big deal, wasn't to me02:51
cornellShould I not be using help.ubuntu.com?02:51
Flannelcornell: The 404s you get are likely from the old ones still.02:52
cornellThanks Flannel02:52
bpat1434vocx: nothing spits out... just a blinking []02:52
Flannelcmv583: Well, I apologise for whomever did it to you the other day, but that's not how things go in this channel.  It's dangerous and moreover, rude.02:52
ErnieDuglasssh is hard!02:52
Jack_Sparrowcornell, Not old expired links02:52
ErnieDuglasthey need a noob guide to ssh and using with FTP and other in Linux02:52
ErnieDuglasI've looked and tried but it doesn't seem to work02:53
joejcwhats a good cheap graphics card?02:53
cmv583Flannel: sorry, didn't mean anything by it, just trying to pass time until it's my turn.O:-)02:53
saeraErnieDuglas: its easy /msg me02:53
ErnieDuglasnvidia comes ON some mobos now02:53
cornellKinda figured, but didn't wan tot trash the desktop.  So get rid of all the others or just the ones that correspond, i.e. feisty, feisty-updates and feisty-security.02:53
vocxbpat1434, then restart the X server, that is log out and back in.02:53
Y-Townanyone know a good GUI file sync app?02:53
ErnieDuglasthis puter I just setup was only $250 US02:53
ErnieDuglasruns all this like a champ02:53
bpat1434vocx... okay02:53
cornellWell, Jack_Sparrow, I got there from the update to 8.10 page, didn't think that'd be old and expired.02:54
ErnieDuglasmy work is interested too --- looking to fund what I can.02:54
FlannelErnieDuglas: If you install openssh-server, you've got ssh working (assuming proper port forwards).  If you point your ftp clients at your box with the ssh server, and choose "sftp" instead of ftp, you'll be able to then connect, without anything else.02:54
ErnieDuglasfor dev02:54
keresdoes anyone know how to start python glade?02:54
ErnieDuglasI want stuff that runs on MacOS too though ideal. I know I know it's apples & oranges but still02:54
Jack_Sparrowcornell, I was looking at the earlier link posted02:55
ErnieDuglasits very nice mac is coming with us.02:55
vocxjoejc, I'd say an nVidia one, doesn't need more than 64 MB.02:55
joejcvocx, any specifics?02:55
quaalcould someone assist me with setting samba permissions so that when i save a file from the samba client to the samba server, the samba server has complete permissions to the file? i have already tried setting the create mask in smb.conf to 0777. it does nothing02:55
lar50nif i changed the screen resolu in ibex and made my menus inaccessible by mouse, how could change it back?02:56
vocxjoejc, nope, sorry. Although I would advice against VIA. Stay with Intel, Ati and nVidia, if you must.02:56
ErnieDuglasquaal >> when you are running the cmd, who is launching it?02:56
quaali still get a -rwx-w---- file in a drwxrwsrwx directory02:56
quaalErnieDuglas, i'm saving the file to the samba share with firefox. so i assume my client user is running it02:56
fuzeboxsoftwarecan someone tell me why my printer works sometimes and sometimes it don't ?02:56
ErnieDuglasquaal > i.e. you may want to try cmd with different user, or even in a batch ? or cron? when is it running?02:56
ErnieDuglasquaal >> with FF? hmmmmm not sure about that. They should try native interface id say02:57
cornellGonna try again, if I don't get back to y'all... thank you02:57
ErnieDuglasquaal > just 'explorer' window02:57
NubunWecamwonder ...having a problem with           sudo b43-fwcutter --unsupported -w /lib/firmware broadcom-wl-
quaalErnieDuglas, i'm not using windows.02:58
Nubunsudo unable to resolve host02:58
ErnieDuglasquaal > but then translate that, then. so, for gnome it would be... um... what is gnomes file mananger?02:58
Nubunand cannot open input file broadcom-wl-
puneeth.deb packes are not installing in ubuntu..!02:59
ErnieDuglastell them to use nautilus to trans your files not thru FF02:59
Jack_Sparrowpuneeth, Are you getting them from our repo or from some other source02:59
quaalErnieDuglas, yes, when i drag the file from the desktop into the share, then it works properly02:59
quaalErnieDuglas, so this is some kind of a firefox problem?02:59
puneethJack_Sparrow, from different source as in this case, opera 9.63 deb03:00
cornellmmm.... "No valid mirror found", "... no mirror entry for the upgrade was found.This can happen if you run an internal mirror or if the mirror information is out of date.   Do you want to rewrite your 'sources.list' file anyway? If you choose 'Yes' here it will update all 'feisty' to 'gutsy' entries. ..."03:00
ErnieDuglasyes & no. It's just that one is "hookt up" and the other isnt yet id wager/guess.03:00
cornellDo I want to choose Yes?03:00
Y-Townanyone know a good GUI file sync app?03:00
WebcamWonderNubun: And it doesn't go forward to finish the command? sudo is known to have trouble, but carries out the command03:00
Jack_Sparrowpuneeth, Look for a readme wher eyou are getting the programs you are trying to install.  Not all debs are created equal03:01
puneethJack_Sparrow; i couldnt install virtualbox cus of the same problem03:01
Jack_Sparrowpuneeth, virtualbox from our repos works just fine03:01
Nubunsudo b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware wl_apsta-     didn't have a problem with this ??03:01
Jack_Sparrowpuneeth, Getting debs from other sources can really trash a system03:01
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!03:02
puneethJack_Sparrow; how about opera...? version 9.63 aint available. i could easily install 9.62 the same way... it gives some sorta error03:02
Mene-MeneMy MP3 is showing the wrong length.03:02
Mene-MeneI've googled it and it shows up that its probably variable bit rate.03:02
Mene-MeneThis problem has occured before, but has yet to be resolved as far as I can see.03:02
ErnieDuglasFlannel: ty! I copied those directions up there I will try them03:03
ubottuopera is an advanced and free (only as in price) web browser.  Install it via Applications->Add/Remove..., making sure that "Show commercial applications" (dapper only) is checked. For more info on opera please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser03:03
Jack_Sparrow!info opera03:03
ubottuPackage opera does not exist in intrepid03:03
Mene-MeneI'm in Hardy Heron 8.0403:03
Dexihey all03:04
Mene-MeneI've tried both Rhythm and Totem.03:04
kabhow can I build a schedule like the ubuntu schedule? is there any tool to do this or it's hand work?03:04
LaderiusWhere does Xchat install to?03:04
WebcamWonderNubun: Sorry, I am at loss. I don't really know03:04
Mene-MeneIn Totem it continues to play but I need to jump to the 14 minute section.03:04
ErnieDuglasdon't use opera---- My Uncle helped build Netscape !03:04
ErnieDuglasthat evolved into Mozilla03:04
Flannelkab: What do you mean?03:04
ErnieDuglasthen into Firefox03:04
kabFlannel,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule03:05
ErnieDuglas:)   Use Firefox for the winnnn.03:05
NubunIt managed to run !03:05
kabFlannel, I want to build a schedule like this03:05
Nubunnow at the final step03:05
Flannelkab: The table itself is just a table in wiki markup.03:05
SSilver2kplease someone03:05
SSilver2khow can i set the resolution from the command line?  is xrandr the only way03:05
kabFlannel, ahh ok, thank you so much!03:05
SSilver2ki have an ubuntu system, stock 8.10, will not be hooked up to the internet, so just tock 8.10.  it keeps switching resolution to a widescreen res, but i need it to stay at 1024x768, how can i do that?03:05
FloodBot1SSilver2k: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:05
LaderiusWhere does Xchat install to? im using ubuntu 8.1003:06
ErnieDuglasSSilver2k: you want to set your X config03:06
vocxLaderius, what do you want to do with it?03:06
DexiLaderius: /usr/lib/03:06
Nubunsudo chmod o+rx /lib/firmware/b43 /lib/firmware/b43legacy   problem with this line03:06
Laderiusvocx install a mrc script03:06
Dexino thats wrong03:06
SSilver2ki checked my xorg.conf - there were three lines in it03:06
SSilver2kall saying auto03:06
SSilver2kdidnt look like any normal xorg.conf03:06
Laderiusdexi ll i need to do is install a script03:07
DexiLaderius: put it in /home/yourusername/.xchat203:07
ErnieDuglasSSilver2k: yes you want it to have the res 1024x768 inside /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:07
LaderiusThx dexi03:07
XarosCould someone recommend a good piano keyboard program for Linux?03:07
ErnieDuglasSSilver2k: make it the only entry. and leave the Scan rate the same as it says (I find it's OK it only reports wrong number)03:08
Nubunwebcamwonder what is sudo03:08
WebcamWonder!sudo | Nubun03:08
ubottuNubun: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)03:08
Nubunsudo chmod o+rx /lib/firmware/b43 /lib/firmware/b43legacy  this does not work ?03:08
vocxSSilver2k, since 8.04, xorg.conf file is almost empty, you would only modify it to override some options, or when the x server doesn't detect everything for you, as seems the case with you.03:08
Laderiusdexi its not working how do i execute it? im trying /load -rs de4.mrc03:08
WebcamWonderNubun: What does it say?03:09
canon247Hi all, I am trying to mount my main harddrive using ubuntu 8.10 live dvd thru the File Browswer and it's not mounting. What is going wrong?03:09
Nubuncannot resolve host03:09
DexiLaderius: use a full path03:09
WebcamWonderNubun: And is it working, or did it quit?03:09
Mene-MeneUbuntu itself recognizes it as the wrong time.03:09
Nubununable to resolve host "myhostname"03:09
ErnieDuglasSSilver2k: er, the only Resolution entry. so that it only chooses that one you want03:09
ocRobcanon247: what cmd are you using03:10
WebcamWonderNubun: try iwconfig now03:10
Laderiusdexi /load -rs ~/home/myusername/.xchat2/de4.mrc?03:10
DexiLaderius: if that doesnt work, restart xchat and it should load automatically03:10
vocxcanon247, how is that? Does it give an error? Have you tried mounting from the command line?03:10
Nubunno wireless extentions03:10
SSilver2kthere used to be xf86conf that i used years ago to select those and creat an x conf, anything like that now03:11
Nubunhave not run this command sudo ifconfig wlan0 up03:11
ErnieDuglashey has ne1 gotten DUKE NUKEM 3D to work on here using YANG or some other way of doing it???!!!? ***** <<<<< Important .  :)03:11
canon247not quite familiar with the command lines.......is there a specific comman line i should be using?03:11
WebcamWonderNubun: chmod has not visual response, so it shouldn't tell you anything03:11
WebcamWonderNubun: It shouldn't really matter, but go ahead and try03:11
jinja-sheepFlannel:  As you said earlier, I'm at rescue operation mode now -- Exceute a shell in /dev/mps/root or in the installer environment or choose a different root file system or reboot the system?  I don't want to interrupt the interesting convo in #ubuntu-offtopic. :)03:11
Nubuncan we change the permissions manually03:11
vocxSSilver2k, no, configuration of the X Server is supposed to be greatly improved now. But you still are able to modify xorg.conf.03:11
Nubunrather than using sudo?03:11
ocRobcanon247: do you know what the device name is03:11
WebcamWonderNubun: It works, the error you see is from sudo, not chmod, and it continues, and doesn't really care03:12
Flanneljinja-sheep: Um, I'd imagine the former.  But again, with the encrypted stuff, I'm not really sure.03:12
Jack_SparrowNubun, Hey Peter, how is it going tonight03:12
vocxcanon247, type "sudo fdisk -l" to list your disks, then you can use a command such as "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /some/point"03:12
jinja-sheepFlannel:  Suppose we go with the usual procedure?  It did asked me for the password so I'm sure it should be same (in boot).03:12
ErnieDuglasSSilver2k: a version or two back, you could still run 'dpkg reconfigure xserver-xorg' and get back in. I have no idea now a days!!!03:12
canon247have identified device name  but   each time  i click and try to mount receive window message saying unable to mount volume03:12
Flanneljinja-sheep: You don't want it in the installer, you want it in your harddrive.  I'm just not sure what /dev/msp/root is03:13
\Kirawhats the command to see what services are running on my machine?03:13
Nubunyes can see the permissions changed for those directories03:13
Flannel\Kira: `ps aux` will suffice03:13
ocRob\Kira: ps aux03:13
\KiraocRob: thanks03:13
Nubunwho is Peter ? :-)03:13
storrgieanyone know an ETA on the forums?03:13
jinja-sheepIt's my root.  (Running rescue from broken disk).  <mps being my hostname>03:13
barbarella \Kira:netstat03:13
Flannelstorrgie: try #ubuntuforums03:13
jinja-sheepFlannel:  It's my root.  (Running rescue from broken disk).  <mps being my hostname>03:14
canon247im actually tying to mount the hardrive of my cpu  ...not sure what its name actually is however its showing up labeled as  245 gb media03:14
saiyhello everyone03:14
storrgieQuestion about Xconfig... when i set it up last time i specified something like busid: ... but i dont remember how I did it.03:14
vocxcanon247, I told you to do this is a terminal "sudo fdisk -l"03:14
ocRobcanon247: on the desktop? sounds like its already mounted03:14
Nubunsudo ifconfig wlan0 up  this says Operation not supported03:15
ocRobcanon247: if you see an icon on the desktop that says 245 gb media its already mounted03:15
Nubuncan i simply reboot the machine at this point ?03:15
Leo__hi,all: i am having problems with sound,anyone who can help me with that?03:15
Nubunwebcamwonder ?03:15
WebcamWonderNubun: YOu could try03:16
boscoslifewhat would the command be to sync using symlinks (/var/www to /home/bosco/public_html my website is www.boscoslife.com)03:16
vocxocRob, his 245 gb media appears in nautilus, which may or may not be mounted03:16
turtle_hello everyone03:16
jmd9qsi've been unable to set up Tor to work in Intrepid 8.10... can someone please help me figure this out? my torrc file is located: http://paste.ubuntu.com/104183/03:17
ocRobboscoslife: ln -s /var/www /home/bosco/public_html03:17
ubottuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks03:17
turtle_tor is for privacy right?03:17
Nubunwebcamwonder now rebooting ....03:17
ocRobvocx: it wouldn't show up if it wasn't mounted..03:17
WebcamWonderNubun: Great03:17
Nubunlets hope it works03:17
ocRobcanon247: cat /etc/mtab03:17
ErnieDuglaseven maker of tor says dont count on tor tho03:17
jmd9qsJack_Sparrow, this isn't for irc, it just isn't working period03:18
canon247ocRob   i typed the sudo fdisk-l command and it cannot be found03:18
DraceMy windows is messed up, and it crashed the last time I could open it, so now I cant open up Ubuntu. Any help?03:18
jinja-sheepFlannel:  I ran the shell.  I'm in root.  Could you assist me?  I see vmlinuz -> boot/vmlinuz-etc.03:18
ocRobsudo fdisk -l03:18
vocxocRob, you are wrong, it shows up. If it remains unmounted until you explicitly click on it03:18
Leo__can someone help me with the sound problem?03:18
\Kiramy samba and cups are really messed up, but I dont need them. But, every time I go to do something in apt-get, I get a long list of errors about cups and samba stuff. How can I remove these errors?03:18
Jack_Sparrowjmd9qs, Just pointing out that many sites wont let you connect while using tor due to the abuse factor03:18
turtle_Drace, you might have to reinstall, thats what I ended up doing03:18
Flanneljinja-sheep: Go to /boot/ and see if you have a vmlinuz there, and a initrd03:18
ocRobvocx: ah you are right03:19
boscoslifeocRob: i have more than one website so is it ln -s /var/www/www.boscoslife.com #that file in that directory#        /home/bosco/public_html03:19
Nubunwebcamwonder do i need to install those .deb packages too ?03:19
Jack_Sparrowcanon247, Last letter is L03:19
ocRobln -s dir/ symlink/03:19
Nubundid only install the firmware03:19
ocRobboscoslife: ^03:19
jinja-sheepFlannel:  There are a directory boot.  But it's empty. <_<03:19
jmd9qsJack_Sparrow: cool cool. can you suggest a better channel for this question? no one ever answers on the Tor channel...03:19
DraceMy Windows has major erros and it cannot boot. I cant run Ubuntu now either...any help?03:19
turtle_ive learned not to grow too attached to my data even though itd be great to have it all again03:19
turtle_will transmission block the copyright police?03:19
WebcamWonderNubun: If you ran the dpkg commands, those installed the deb files03:20
Flanneljinja-sheep: Ah, well.... that could be one reason.  Um, check your fstab (less /etc/fstab) is boot on a separate partition?03:20
Jack_Sparrowjmd9qs, tor is where I would ask, but genreally need to wait most of a day for answers03:20
vocxocRob, do you know about the mounter applet? It only shows those drives that are not in fstab? Do you know why?03:20
PhaseSo, at some point in my computers always-on state, sound just stops working. I've tried restarting pulseaudio (/etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart) but nothing comes up except another command prompt, pulseaudio -k doesn't work either. The only way I've seen that fixes it -- is restarting.. continue cycle. Any ideas?03:20
Jack_Sparrowturtle_, Nope03:20
ocRobvocx: why is that03:20
DraceMy windows has major errors and it cannot boot. How can I run Ubuntu now?03:20
jmd9qsJack_Sparrow, yup, figures. thanx anyway03:20
\KiraDrace: please be more descriptive. Tell us exactly whats happening (errors on screen, how far the startup gets)03:20
ocRobvocx: that are NOT in fstab?03:20
DraceUbuntu has errors mounting03:20
boscoslifeocRob: it does not work still what am i doing wrong03:20
DraceYou know the one it gives when windows crashed unexpectedly03:20
barbarella \Kira:apt-get remove samba cups, if you don't need it03:20
jinja-sheepI see /etc/fstab.  Bunch of... information about the hdd displayed.  I think it's in separate partition on account of encrypted lvm.03:21
\Kirabarbarella: causes the same errors03:21
Jack_SparrowDrace, How was ubuntu installed and please dont say wubi03:21
ocRobboscoslife: what'd you type03:21
joejcif my i lost my 3d acceleration when upgraded to 8.10 and still dont have it other distros could the kernal be the problem?03:21
DraceThrough a mounted image o.O03:21
ocRobvocx: i never use the mounter applet, cli :P03:21
vocxocRob, I formated my hard drive in such a way that reserved space for 2 Windows partitions. So after install the Windows partitions are not there, but nevertheless I can mount them with a single click in the applet. I'm just trying to figure out how this works.03:21
DraceI just downloaded it and ran the image file03:22
ocRobvocx: ahh i have my windows partitions in /etc/fstab so it mounts them on boot up03:22
DraceDidnt burn it to a cd..03:22
Nubunwebcam wonder did not install the deb packages with with  dbkg03:22
\Kirabarbarella: it reports that the packages are not installed, then trys to configure and start the services, obviously failing. Every time I do anything in apt-get, at the end it tries to configure and start samba a cups....03:22
Nubunsorry dpkg03:22
Jack_SparrowDrace, Cant help with that..03:22
boscoslifeOnyx: my ip address/website is still linked to /var/www           ln -s /var/www/www.boscolife.com /home/bosco/public_html03:22
turtle_Drace,  I try to one OS per CPU from now on03:22
Nubunthere is a 32bit and 64bit version03:22
Nubunwhich one should i install?03:22
turtle_it happened to me more than once03:22
barbarella \Kira:what does dpkg -l |grep samba say?03:22
boscoslifeocRob: : my ip address/website is still linked to /var/www           ln -s /var/www/www.boscolife.com /home/bosco/public_html03:23
WebcamWonder<WebcamWonder> Nubun: If you ran the dpkg commands, those installed the deb files03:23
DraceUbuntu says if you can force it with mount -ntsf.... or something03:23
vocxocRob, I made a partition for home and another one, like /ABC, but those ones are in fstab so they don't appear in the applet, not in nautilus with the single click automount capability.03:23
DraceDIdnt work for me03:23
jinja-sheepI see /etc/fstab.  Bunch of... information about the hdd displayed.  I think it's in separate partition on account of encrypted lvm.  I see a boot partition (sda5).03:23
DraceSo its not possible?03:23
turtle_Drace,  do you have to computers?03:24
Jack_SparrowDrace, You cant run ubuntu from ntfs03:24
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection03:24
ocRobboscoslife: all that command does is create a symbolic link (~/public_html) which points to /var/www, you still need to edit the apache configuration to allow user directories (~/public_html)03:24
DraceI have 2 computers if thats what you meant03:24
DraceCan I reinstall through a Live cd?03:24
\Kirabarbarella: http://pastebin.com/d2fd329e603:24
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate03:24
DraceAnd if so, could I access my windows partitions?03:24
turtle_Drace, put windows on one(for gaming or whaterver, and put Linux on the other03:24
ocRobvocx: if its in fstab it will mount at boot..03:24
boscoslifeocRob: ok do you have a site on how to do that03:25
DraceThe second is not my computer. Im hoping to run Ubuntu to retrieve some important files...03:25
linux_newbieHI, How come cario dock fails to auto start?03:25
Jack_SparrowDrace, Ubuntu can read write ntfs or fat03:25
turtle_many people need MS office for MS word to post resumes and such.03:25
jinja-sheepDo anybody know how to repair a broken system?  It seems that all of the files in /boot is empty.03:25
Jack_SparrowDrace, Boot a livecd of ubuntu and save your files to usb drive03:25
barbarella \Kira:so samba is installed03:25
\Kirabarbarella: but apt-get doesnt think so....03:26
vocxocRob, I know, but here's the catch, I don't want to. I really like it how it is now! I single clicky instead of writting the info to fstab. That's what I find puzzling but amazing at the same time.03:26
jinja-sheepJack_Sparrow:   I recently said this -- Maybe you do know?  "Do anybody know how to repair a broken system?  It seems that all of the files in /boot is empty."03:26
barbarella \Kira:try apt-get install --fix-broken03:26
=== chilli0 is now known as chilli0|coding
ocRobboscoslife: its easy, a2enmod userdir, i believe03:26
\Kirabarbarella: no difference03:27
Jack_Sparrowjinja-sheep, too late in my day, winding down.  Without kowing your setups etc I couldnt guess03:27
ocRobboscoslife: then you may  need to restart apache, apache2ctl restart03:27
cornellWell... I went ahead with the yes... it continued for a bit and then ended with errors on the fetch http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/etc.03:27
ocRobboscoslife: thats assuming you have apache2...03:27
cornellSo, I'll try again tomorrow.03:27
vocxjinja-sheep, /boot should contain a folder named "grub", also in /boot there should be a compressed linux image, something like vmlinuz-2.6-17, I think you would need to start by installing some "linux-image" package03:27
mikejetI'd like to configure firefox to use a different DNS server than the rest of Ubuntu. Is that doable with config file changes?03:28
jw144000I'm having problems installing updates on Ubuntu 8.10. Can anyone help?03:28
jinja-sheepvocx:  In my situation, there are no files.  It is gone.03:28
vocx!errors | jw14400003:28
ubottujw144000: If you have problems or errors, you will need to describe/paste them. Please use the !pastebin for errors that cannot be quoted in a single IRC message03:28
jinja-sheepI need to rebuild my boot partition.03:29
vocxjinja-sheep, that's what I'm telling you. Install "linux-image".03:29
boscoslifeocRob: no i have apache2 setup03:29
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:30
DraceIf I were to reinstsall via Livecd would I be able to access my windows files?03:30
barbarella \Kira:you can remove it with dpkg, but what is the error you get with apt?03:30
ocRobboscoslife: enable userdir module: sudo a2enmod userdir, restart apache: sudo apache2ctl restart03:30
fuzeboxsoftwareanyone help with a printer problem? shows the printer, but don't print from like web pages or open office03:30
vocxjinja-sheep, then run "sudo grub-install --root-dir=/ hd0"     check the syntax in the manual page03:30
ocRobboscoslife: then whatever is in your public_html will show up in http://host/~username/03:30
josher4Drace: Depends, what kind of disk setup do you have?03:30
linux_newbiehi, can someone please tell me how fix cario-dock won't autostart ?03:30
DraceWhat do you mean?03:31
tsai0irc://freenode/ocRob,isnick: cannon247 has had to reboot his router and will be back in a bit. Sorry.03:31
josher4Drace: Partition wise03:31
DraceIm not sure..03:31
\Kirabarbarella: http://pastebin.com/d4b65bec103:31
jinja-sheepvocx:  How can I install it?  I ran the sudo aptitude install linux-image and I get no http connection.03:31
josher4Drace: ok....03:31
boscoslifeocRob: root@li50-105:/# sudo a2enmod /home/bosco/public_html/03:31
=== hogbog is now known as boghog
ocRobDrace: if you have windows installed and want to keep it installed, you need a big enough drive to resize that ntfs partition and make room for linux partitions03:31
ocRobboscoslife: no, userdir is the name of the module03:31
tsai0ocRob: cannon247 has had to reboot his router and will be back shortly. Thanks!03:32
josher4Drace: U want Linux on the C: drive?03:32
ocRobboscoslife: 'sudo a2enmod userdir'03:32
Nubunsudo dpkg -i b43-fwcutter_011-4ubuntu1_i386.deb  webcamwonder ... there are problems with this....03:33
Nubuncannot run this command03:33
josher4Drace: You there?03:33
DraceI have it on there already, but windows wont boot. And since my windows crashed the last time I had it on, ubuntu wont boot. Im hoping to be able to reinstall Ubuntu to retrieve some important files on my C:/03:33
vocxjinja-sheep, mmm... then you need proper repositories? Maybe your system is also broken in the apt area. Check /etc/apt/ is it empty?03:33
WebcamWonderNubun: Did you already run thios command before?03:33
josher4Drace: Just boot from the livecd03:33
jinja-sheepvocx:  I'm running this from alternative disc (resume a broken system).03:33
Nubunjust now03:33
DraceIm downloading it right now03:33
ocRobDrace: you can probably boot from livecd, mount the drive and transfer w/e files you need over your network03:33
josher4Drace: OR03:33
jinja-sheepvocx:  /etc/apt is good.  Bunch of files there.03:34
Nubunsays the package architecture does not match sustem (lpia)03:34
WebcamWonderNubun: Umm, the post says to run those before. If you didn't run those, how did the below commands run successfully?03:34
josher4Drace: Well, nvm03:34
Nubunthey did03:34
DraceAlright thanks...ill give it a try03:34
Nubunwhat is lpia?03:35
vocxjinja-sheep, at this point it seems easier to just reinstall, don't you think?03:35
josher4Drace: Ok, tell me how it works out. Yw03:35
WebcamWonderNubun: You should have really ran those commands before, and stopped if they hadn't executed. Does iwconfig show wlan0?03:35
jinja-sheepvocx:  It's only boot partition that is missing.  Everything else is all well and fine.03:35
webbhawk_h4x0r71does ubuntu have a remastering tool?03:36
snypzzanyone using dell laptop dual monitors03:36
Nubuni did install a b43-fwcutter_011-1_lpia.deb  file prior to trying out his one03:36
Cadman21which program is better for managing an ipod banshee or rythmbox?03:36
snypzzand virtualbox03:36
WebcamWonderNubun: Then that should be fine. You don't need to install the deb files listed there if you ran the lpia one03:36
boscoslifeocRob: it still did not work with that command03:36
ocRobNubun: what wireless card do you have? b4306 rev03 or something?03:36
jinja-sheep!best | Cadman2103:36
ubottuCadman21: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.03:36
vocxjinja-sheep, then I don't know. Copy the /boot from some other PC, and then you'd need to modify /boot/grub/menu.lst to point to the correct partitions03:36
CircsHow would one create an .iso of their boot drive?03:36
Nubunyes ocROb03:37
ocRobNubun: i have that card, hold on i have a great tutorial don't use fwcutter03:37
DraceCircs: Try PowerISO or Alchol 120%03:37
snypzzyes ubuntu is the BEST OS03:37
snypzzit is free and allows you to run many other OS via virtual box03:37
ocRobforums are down?03:37
snypzzmy OPINION....!!!03:37
NubunWebcamwonder wlan0 says Access point not associated03:38
WebcamWonderNubun: There you go. Your wireless card is now installed03:38
=== Someone is now known as Guest94367
Nubunthere is a change ....under driver setting can see the "enable " selected now !03:38
WebcamWonderNubun: Yup. Try to connect using Network Manager03:39
Nubunthis is what i got right from the onset03:39
CircsDrace: Aren't those windows utilities?03:39
Guest94367Is anyone else having issues with the forums?03:39
Circsguest94367: Yes03:39
barbarellaocRob:yes they are03:39
Guest94367Okay, just wondering if it was only me03:39
ocRobNubun: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=201902 <== use that thread to get your card working as soon as the forums are back up03:39
jinja-sheepvocx:  Will try it.  :)03:40
ocRobNubun: i think the link for the bcmwl5 drivers doesnt work anymore but i have them so when you get to that point let me know03:40
vocxOkay, I'll give all another shot.  I have a PC with 1.5 GB RAM, I don't have a swap partition and I don't have a swap file. After 15 minutes my computer is put to "sleep", you can see this through Screensaver > Power managment. It basically hibernates. How does this work without swap space?03:40
SimonXanyone knows where can I download UMTSMON for intrepid?03:41
ocRobvocx: must be using your physical memory03:41
ZmAYneed some help with connecting to wifi please.. i have atheros card03:41
Gustavo_GI am trying to install a series of .deb files, but there is apparently a dependency between them and so I guess there is a proper order in which to install them. Is there anything I can have dpkg do to resolve these dependencies?03:41
\Kiravocx:  it just saves it to your physical memory, probably /var/03:41
Guest94367I don't believe sleep does a dump, I think it keeps running everything in ram03:41
\Kiravocx: well, somewere in /var03:41
\KiraGuest94367: he said hibernate03:42
Guest94367No, he said basically hibernates03:42
boscoslifeocRob: when i type in  (a2enmod userdir) (ouput) Module userdir already enabled03:42
woltercan i have a per-network static ip address in my computer?03:42
vocxGuest94367, the PC turns off, everything turns off. A single LED remains blinking.03:42
ocRobboscoslife: restart apache and try again03:42
wolteri have a laptop and i will connect to various networks...03:42
ocRobboscoslife: are you able to go to http://localhost/~username/03:42
SimonXwolter: yes you can.03:42
\Kirawhat is the updatedb.mlocat proccess?03:43
Gustavo_Gvocx: something must still be cycling the DRAM.03:43
wolterSimonX, how, where?03:43
ocRobwolter: shouldn't be a problem03:43
SimonXthrough wifi?03:43
SimonXor cable?03:43
\KiraGustavo_G: whats DRAM?03:43
LinuxNubAnyone around to help me with a problem i've got after a fresh install concerning screen? I've got a really good idea of what the problem is, as i get it every time i do a fresh install... But what i don't remember from last time is the commands ectect.03:43
SimonXwhat kind of ur ubuntu?03:43
valroshello, can someone guide me through reinstalling java 64bit, ive had so many problems with it03:43
ocRob\Kira: dram = ram03:43
barbarellawolter:yes, man interfaces03:43
vocxGustavo_G, \Kira your answers are the most probably correct. But is this documented somewhere?03:43
Guest94367\nick 1packer03:44
\KiraocRob: oh, thanks03:44
\Kiravocx: google?03:44
Nubunwebcam  wonder03:44
SimonXwolter: with hardy and intrepid possible.03:44
Gustavo_GDyanmic RAM. (Capacitors hold the bits and so they need to be cycled so that they don't discharge). SRAM (static ram) just needs to be powered because each bit is a flip-flop.03:44
_Cid_Guest94367:  turn the slash :)  /03:44
Guest94367it isn't working that way, just ignores it03:44
Nubunwlan0 was the same default reponse which i did get03:44
Adam_I just want to say, everything worked for me right away on my laptop in ubuntu, and I had to spend hours installing drivers on win703:44
vocx\Kira, ha ha, easy way out.03:45
wolterSimonX, i have intrepid.03:45
\Kiravocx: Im just buying time :) Im looking aswell03:45
wolterbarbarella, SimonX, is there a gui application for doing it03:45
_Cid_Guest94367:  weird..must be your client I guess03:45
* AtomicSpark slaps someone03:45
Guest94367maybe, it's too bad, don't like being Guest9436703:45
SimonXso you wanna set your wlan static ip address?03:45
boscoslifeocRob: i am actually able to go to myserverip/bosco~ and have it pull up the index.html in /home/bosco/public_html/03:45
ocRobboscoslife: ok the userdir mod is enabled03:46
ocRobboscoslife: if you want to link your ~/public_html you need to rm -rf ~/public_html (assuming you don't want anything in that directory tree) and ln -s /var/www ~/public_html03:46
Gustavo_Gvocx: I am a linux noob, so I don't know where it would be documented. If the computer is still receiving power, and there is no way that it could have dumped the RAM into the harddrive, then I can't imagine any other way than for the RAM to remain persistent. That's the difference between Sleeping, and hibernation. Hibernation consumes NO power. Sleeping consumes enough to keep the DRAM...03:46
Guest94367I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix bootsplash problems. I managed to mess somethings up so I don't have a graphical boot screen anymore03:46
vocx\Kira, Gustavo_G, Guest94367, ocRob so as you see, my PC does some sort of hibernation. But what happens if I actually unplug it. Maybe the RAM was in fact being cycled by that tinny LED.03:46
boscoslifeocRob: then why is it that when i go to www.boscoslife.com it still lynks /var/www/index.html03:47
ocRobGuest94367: heh i know its on the forums..which are down right now, can't remmeber how i did it before03:47
vocxGustavo_G, yes, you are most probably correct, but this nevertheless amazed me...03:47
jinja-sheepvocx:  I have copied the files to /boot.  What do I need to do?  Editing the GRUB, you mentioned.03:47
SimonXwolter: just edit your Network Connection ( Right Click )03:47
Gustavo_GIf you unplug it, the information in RAM is lost. It's technically not hibernation.03:47
MyNamewhen not driven, how can programmers produce quality? the bain of this community?03:47
MyNamethe reason for lack of market share?03:47
Gustavo_GI am trying to install a series of .deb files, but there is apparently a dependency between them and so I guess there is a proper order in which to install them. Is there anything I can have dpkg do to resolve these dependencies?03:47
Guest94367I know about using the startup manager, but it doesn't work for me, so I switched to terminal commands. I wanted to change the image and for some reason it lost it03:47
ocRobboscoslife: b/c apache still sees the root dir for your webserver as /var/www, all your doing basically is linking boscoslife.com/~user to boscoslife.com03:47
vocxGustavo_G, so it's sort of a fake hibernation, that is until you unplug it, ha!03:48
Nubunwebcamwonder the problem yet persists03:48
LinuxNubCan someone tell me the command i need to edit xorg.conf? :]03:48
ocRobNubun: wait for the forums to come back up...03:48
vocxGustavo_G, what are those debs?03:48
Gustavo_Gvocx: Yeah. Just keep in mind that hibernation copies the contents of RAM into a file in the hard drive. You can unplug the computer, turn it back on, and the state will be restored.03:48
SimonXI love Intrepid!! Muaaaaach!03:49
Gustavo_GIt's a bunch of tools (mostly compiler stuff, i think) to cross compile linux for an AVR32 procsesor.03:49
boscoslifeocRob: i am actually able to go to myserverip/bosco~ and have it pull up the index.html in /home/bosco/public_html/index.html i have 3 users and 3 sites03:49
vocxGustavo_G, yes, I know. Hibernation is useful for laptops, but since this is a PC, this sort of fake-hibernation is still useful, since I don't need to unplug it.03:49
webbhawk_h4x0r71does  ubuntu have a remastering tool??03:50
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility03:50
ocRobboscoslife: ~/public_html is the webroot for host/~user, /var/www is still the main webroot for your host03:50
Gustavo_GYeah, and recovering from "sleeping" is much quicker, because the computer doesn't need to load the hard drive RAM image into RAM03:50
boscoslifeocRob: srry this is what i wanted to say how do i link www.boscoslife.com to /home/bosco/public_html/index.html  i have 3 users and 3 websites03:50
barbarellaocRob:you still can use the ubuntu forum from googles cache03:50
LinuxNubAnyone? Linebased command for editing xorg to fix my "Failed to start the X server (your graphical interface)" error?03:50
VolVEhey all, remind a noob, how can I see what groups a user belongs to from the commandline ?03:50
vocxjinja-sheep, the /boot/grub/menu.lst has info on the partitions, probably lines like "root=UUID=1223-123235-34234-2423"  or root=/dev/sda1  those need to be changed03:50
exodus_ms!xorg > LinuxNub03:51
ubottuLinuxNub, please see my private message03:51
ocRobNubun: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=201902 <== thats the thread you need03:51
ocRobbarbarella: good looking out :P03:51
DavidSchlesI upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 and am now having kernel panics...anyone know anything about this or have seen it before?03:51
vocxGustavo_G, maybe it was the old kernels that didn't get sleep right, but in previous Ubuntu distros, sleep didn't turn anything off, just the screen.03:52
SimonXDavidSchles: Never upgrade, just fresh install.03:52
kavonhey guys i have this problem03:52
LinuxNubexodus_ms: That hasn't helped in the slightest.. Im a bit very rusty on the whole linux side of things (It's been a good 14 months since i used it, and i was only ever very basic anyway).. I just need the command to edit the xorg config from terminal03:52
kavonthe forums don't load03:52
ocRobboscoslife: you need to cd /etc/apache2/sites-available, cp default boscoslife.com, make the necessary changes to that file and then a2ensite boscoslife.com03:52
DavidSchlesSimonX: well now that I have upgraded....anything i can do03:52
Gustavo_Gvocx: Interesting. I just started using Ubuntu today, and I'm doing so on a virtual machine, so I don't really know yet about the power options.03:52
vocxSimonX, counter! I have upgraded without problems. Only those that have tons of repos suffer.03:53
ocRobboscoslife: you also need to mv the contents of the site out of /var/www to ~/public_html03:53
ocRobNubun: yes03:53
nazrafhi guys does anyone know how to capture images or video from a "stereo" camera using opencv?03:53
_Cid_LinuxNub:  you fav editor will do   like   vi :)03:53
vocxGustavo_G, should try it further. It kicks.03:53
DavidSchlesstill is there a way i can resolve these kernel panics?03:53
=== rob is now known as Guest5471
SimonXhehehehe vocx, congratullations then....03:53
webbhawk_h4x0r71does anyone know if ubuntu has a remastering tool?03:54
LinuxNub_cid_ i dont have any form of graphical interface, so i need the most basic, gaurentee'd to have editor.. and the command to go with it >.<03:54
Paddy_EIRE!remaster | webbhawk_h4x0r7103:54
ubottuwebbhawk_h4x0r71: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility03:54
_Cid_LinuxNub:  I dont use GUI either, we in the same boat ;-)    try: nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:54
Paddy_EIREwebbhawk_h4x0r71, pay attention :P03:54
DavidSchlesanyone know what i can do about these kernel panics?03:54
Nubunhad gone through a complex setup with webcamwonder03:54
exodus_msLinuxNub: vi is terminal03:54
nazrafanyone have experience with stereo cameras and opencv????03:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about umtsmon03:54
_Cid_LinuxNub:  if there is no nano, then use vi ... its different though, if you not used to ut  ... you got internet on the box?03:55
Paddy_EIRE!anyone | nazraf03:55
ubottunazraf: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:55
Nubunwe did get the drivers and complete an installation via a USB stick03:55
ocRobNubun: i understand, i have that card though fwcutter rarely works03:55
vocxLinuxNub, vi is so powerful that most people don't realize they are being told to use it, vi vi vi03:55
Nubunwhat are the reasons?03:55
ocRobNubun: its a firmware issue i believe03:55
SimonXnot working? !umtsmon03:55
* _Cid_ lubz vi03:55
LinuxNub_cid_ yes... But i need also the dir of the xorg config folder? Since im far too much of a noob to actually find the location of it using command lines >.<03:55
nazrafi need to capture images from stereo camera on opencv03:55
nazrafhow can i do that03:56
SimonXPaddy_EIRE: help me to search umtsmon for intrepid03:56
nazrafthe normal capture function does not work?03:56
bobbob1016I am downloading a bunch of files with downthemall for firefox.  Is there a way I can set ubuntu to automatically put in a specific username and pass each time firefox prompts for it?03:56
_Cid_LinuxNub I gave it to you ;-)    try  'nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf'03:56
exodus_msLinuxNub: read dude, he gave the app to open the config file and the path as well03:56
LinuxNubOh, thanks cid. sorry this laptop is absolutely pants03:56
bobbob1016I did remember, but some servers are different, so save password doesn't always work.03:56
_Cid_LinuxNub:  nano is easy to use if you are not used to vi ...if you are online, you can do 'apt-get install nano'03:57
Paddy_EIRE!find umtsmon intrepid03:57
nazrafhow can i capture images from a stereo camera using opencv a videre stereo camera03:57
ubottuPackage/file umtsmon does not exist in intrepid03:57
nazrafubottu thanks for the advice :)03:57
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:57
_Cid_LinuxNub:  if you mess things up in vi- you can exit without saving   do ":q!"  (without the ")03:57
LinuxNubSorted, now to edit this the proper way aha ^^03:57
boscoslifeocRob: i dont get it in am in my  /etc/apache2/sites-available directory now what is it that i need to do>>>> ssrry for the nubeness03:57
vocx_Cid_, no worries, nano is installed by default, it couldn't be otherwise since Ubuntu users are not typically experts to even know how to get out of vim03:58
DavidSchleskernel panic help anyone?03:58
nazrafwhat irc channel besides opencv channel is best for help on computer vision???????????03:58
_Cid_vocx:  oh ..didnt know  .....  nano is not bad :)03:58
ocRobboscoslife: you need to create a configuration file for it, similar to the 'default' entry but you will need to make some configuration changes03:58
SimonXvocx, what about pico?03:58
ocRobvi > *03:58
boscoslifeocRob: names www.boscoslife.com03:58
Teknovi(m) is assrape03:58
LinuxNubWhat is the other standard nvidia driver that comes with ubuntu? (pref abriviated).. nv and... ?03:59
SimonXpico = nano03:59
vocxSimonX, pico doesn't exist anymore.03:59
SimonXyeah..thats right.03:59
boscoslifeocRob: srry i mean named www.boscoslife.com03:59
ocRobboscoslife: or just boscoslife, but i would go boscoslife.com03:59
cm_hi. i'm following these instructions to move my "home" location and all has gone well, except that when i try to log-in i get the follow error message: "User's $HOME/.dmrc file is being ignored. This prevents the default sessin and language from being saved. File should be owne dby user and have 644 permissions. User's $HOME directory must be owned by user and not writable by other users."...03:59
cm_...My effort to fix it by doing "chown -R username:username /home/username03:59
cm_chmod 644 /home/username/.dmrc03:59
cm_chmod 644 /home/username/.ICEauthority03:59
cm_exit" is not working.  Advice please :)03:59
FloodBot1cm_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:59
fosco_LinuxNub: "nvidia"03:59
LinuxNubty fosco.. Sorry about all the nooby questions, i'll learn for myself when ive got it up and running on my box.. just annoying with this laptop and its 9" screen :S04:00
DavidSchlesanyone here able to help me with a kernel panic after upgrading from 8.04 to 8.1004:00
MyNamei made a mistake of elephantine proportions04:00
vocxcm_, why did you move home ?04:00
cm_i wanted it on another hard drive04:00
SimonXDavidSchles: ask vocx...04:00
jinja-sheepvocx:  Do you know what text editor I can use on bterm?  Can't use xterm.04:00
vocxjinja-sheep, what's a bterm?04:01
=== rob is now known as Guest44629
cm_vocx: i just wanted it on another hard drive04:01
webpigeonfstab x.x04:01
Barriduswhat is this paste bin thing for?04:01
webpigeonBarridus, putting code/console output into04:02
vocxDavidSchles, your question is vague. I know that I haven0t had any kernel panic after upgrading.04:02
Barridusoh, ok04:02
mslcm_, How did you move it?04:02
DavidSchlesvocx: well the problem is...i don't know what causes the panic04:02
jinja-sheepvocx:  Something for ubuntu-rescue-boot.  Small in size.04:02
jinja-sheepTerminal emulator, I think.04:02
DavidSchlesvocx: my laptop will randomly just freeze and the capslock blinks04:02
Barriduswebpigeon, still learning the ropes of linux and this chan.  thank you.04:03
cm_msl: i followed these directions http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome04:03
webpigeonBarbosa, thats okay04:03
vocxDavidSchles, it's always the graphics card. Change it to "vesa" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf then reboot04:03
\Kirahow can I restart the ssh dameon?04:03
DavidSchlesvocx: k i will try that04:03
barbarella\Kira:/etc/init.d/ssh restart04:04
webpigeon\Kira, sudo /etc/init.d/sshd restart (you might not need the d, i can't remember off hand)04:04
\Kirabarbarella: thanks04:04
\Kirawebpigeon: thanks04:04
vocxDavidSchles, once your system is up you may be able to search for the new driver of your nvidia/ati graphics card, etc.04:04
DavidSchlesvocx: ok ,i do have an nvidia card04:04
DavidSchlesvocx: would it matter that i am sometimes running an external monitor04:05
DavidSchlesvocx: what should i change to vesa?04:05
SimonXDavidSchles: nVidia running well in my intrepid....04:05
vocxDavidSchles, totally matters, since for some reason I don't know, something these things work on the external monitor but not the LCD, etc.04:05
boscoslifeocRob: http://pastebin.com/m55be2c7 that is the error message i got when making a file in that directory there and cp default to www.boscoslife.com and changed the correct directories04:06
SimonXmy compiz looks so wonderful...04:06
DavidSchlesvocx: still what should i change to vesa...i don't change my xorg for the external04:06
LinuxNubcould my "Failed to start X server" error be caused by refresh rates? I cant remember if that's what it was before >.<04:06
DavidSchlesvocx: and it panics without the monitor sometimes04:06
cm_more love please!04:07
ZmAYhave some problems with connecting to wifi, need some help pls04:07
vocxDavidSchles, there is a section called "Device", it should have an option called "Driver" next to it, put "vesa"     You should also check the kernel logs and the X server logs.04:07
=== werdan7 is now known as to
DavidSchlesvocx: the sectoin device shows up a few times04:07
IndyGunFreakZmAY: well define, "some problems"04:08
=== to is now known as werdan7
DavidSchlesvocx: 3 times04:08
barbarellaboscoslife: you mean a2ensite?04:08
ricardoquien es04:08
DavidSchlesvocx: should i replae "nvidia" with "vesa" for each section04:08
tonsofpcshrm... is there a way I can kill a connected port without killing the daemon on it or the client connected to it? (from a console)04:08
ocRobboscoslife: yeah a2ensite not mod04:09
vocxDavidSchles, ha ha, well, that's weird. Erase one, and leave just one. But now I remember, there should be a file named xorg.conf.failsafe, look at it. Rename it to xorg.conf, and save your current one.04:09
DavidSchlesvocx: ok04:09
ZmAYIndyGunFreak: trying to make Atheros AR242x wireless card to work but we get "ath_pci: HAL doesn't support MAC revision 0xe2" in dmesg04:10
wolteris giver not in the repos in hardy?04:10
IndyGunFreakZmAY: right.04:10
DavidSchlesvocx: i have a xorg.conf.backup04:10
IndyGunFreakdoes the PC have a non-wireless internet connection,.04:10
DavidSchlesvocx: also contains a bunch of "Device"04:10
boscoslifebarbarella: i did a2ensite i have a configuration file made for www.boscoslife.com and i also have enabled the userdir module could i be doing wrong that when i type www.boscoslife.com it still links to /var/www and not /home/bosco/public_html/04:10
LightTitan!java factoid04:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about java factoid04:11
webpigeonboscoslife, did you restart apache?04:11
LinuxNubHoly shit! my ubuntu CD's are outdated...04:11
vocxDavidSchles, just remember that I don't have direct experience with nVidia setups, I've read a lot of stuff but actually experimented little in this area. From nvidia I've read that they don't use "xinerama" anymore but "xrandr", so many xorg.conf may break down because of it.04:11
LinuxNub5.10 Breezy aha.04:11
IndyGunFreakZmAY: 32bit?04:11
vocxLinuxNub, !!!04:11
ocRobboscoslife: do you still have a symlink ~/public_html pointing to /var/www ?04:11
IndyGunFreakZmAY: do this... system/admin/hardware drivers, and disable "Support for Atheros 802.11 wireless lan cards"...04:11
LinuxNubWill need to download the new one as soon as ive got this one installed :s04:11
DavidSchlesvocx: ok cool...i am going to run this sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg04:11
ZmAYalready did that04:11
IndyGunFreakZmAY: did you install the backports?04:12
jinja-sheepvocx:  Blah.  I'm in menu.  I finally edit the menu.lst over the ssh.04:12
ocRobNubun: yes04:12
LinuxNubi just done a sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg.. how weirds that :S04:12
vocxDavidSchles, in ubuntu 8.10 that should generate a basic xorg.conf and auto detect your stuff, do run it.04:12
Nubunthe drivers you got off that site, was it plug and play04:12
jinja-sheepvocx:  There are bunch of kernels + initrd + quiet + etc. + title +.... but what about uid?  That's... purely random.  How can I find out what to correspond to?04:12
Nubundid it require a lot of work to get them going04:12
vocx!uuid | jinja-sheep04:13
ubottujinja-sheep: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)04:13
ocRobNubun: somewhat but that thread tells you exactly what to do04:13
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:13
ocRobNubun: if you follow it to a T it will work no problem, take about 15 minutes04:13
IndyGunFreakZmAY: did you install the backports?04:13
ZmAYIndyGunFreak: nop04:13
LinuxNubHm, could anyone help me with this "Failed to start the X server" error.. "Fatal server error: No screens found"04:13
DavidSchlesvocx: k rebooting04:14
Nubunwhat do i search for in that forum04:14
IndyGunFreakZmAY: run this in a terminal...  sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic04:14
boscoslifeocRob: when i try and recreate it says file already exist04:14
SimonXLinuxNub: xorg.conf04:14
Nubunhave noticed it has been down for more than a day04:14
ocRobboscoslife: try to recreate what?04:14
wolterwhere can i get a giver deb package?04:14
EdgeX-Hello; Could anybody recommend a screen-recording program for Ubuntu?04:14
vocxLinuxNub, seriously, we won't support you if you are running 5.10... what's the deal with you04:14
MattHow do you format a drive on Ubuntu? I dont see the option04:14
ocRobNubun: you need to follow the instructions exactly, that forum is just a how-to for getting the b4306 cards working04:14
JesdiscipleI'm stuck in the login shell because apt-get corrupted someething while I was trying to fix Apache...04:14
EdgeX-Matt, fdisk04:14
SpikoIndyGunFreak, let me speak for zmay, i'm ssh'd to his machine trying to fix it right now04:14
LinuxNubvocx.. That's just mean :(04:14
SimonXEdgeX-: Screen Recording04:14
LinuxNubGot no way of getting any higher until i get 5.10 sorted :S04:15
EdgeX-What SimonX04:15
SpikoIndyGunFreak, E: Couldn't find package linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic04:15
Nubunno problems, do i search for b4306 ?04:15
ocRobNubun: no, you need to follow that forum exactly04:15
LinuxNubTis all ive got that's bootable... And this laptop would die before the download finished :S04:15
SimonXEdgeX-: Screen Recording for record your screen04:15
ocRobNubun: trust me, there are a ton of how-tos out there for that card that DONT WORK04:15
ocRobNubun: see if you can do what barbarella said and find it in google's cache04:15
IndyGunFreakSpiko: hang on.04:15
JesdiscipleI wonder if there's a more relevant channel I should join?  I don't think I can hold a convo very well here...04:15
ZmAYIndyGunFreak: Couldn't find package linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic ... repos?04:16
mslMatt, fdisk is for partitioning.  You can format with mkfs.ext3 or mke2fs.04:16
Nubunso i need to search for something...04:16
EdgeX-SimonX, is that a program or something- i'm not quite understanding you04:16
SimonXEdgeX-: Take Screeshoot...sorry04:16
Nubunon that forum04:16
boscoslifeocRob: when i try and recreate it says file already exist04:16
EdgeX-Nubun, My mistake04:16
vocxLinuxNub, are you sure you can't get any of the newer ones? Why? Go to a cafe? Seriously 5.10 is totally dead, we can't really help with that, a lot has changed.04:16
DraceWhat does PowerIso mean by "No Media in drive"...trying to burn an iso04:16
SimonXTake Screenshoot04:16
IndyGunFreakZmAY: probably, open up synaptic, and double check everything on the first and second tab is checked.04:16
Jesdisciplejoin ubuntu-help04:16
ocRobocRob: recreate what04:16
ocRobboscoslife: recreate what04:16
LinuxNubvocx.. I live in the country, it's atleast 40 miles to a town, and i havn't got a car until next week :S04:16
SpikoZmAY, it's ok :)04:16
khakaneat one time i told ubuntu to hold on the kernel version i was using, now i dont remember how i did it.  could someone help me out?04:16
Mattok i'm trying to get use to linux (windows brain washed)04:17
ocRobNubun: yes04:17
vocxMatt, install "gparted"    you can also partition with "cfdisk"04:17
wolterhi, can somebody help me with my webcam?04:17
SimonXEdgeX-: if you wanna record your screen, just click Take Screenshot04:17
NubunI guess i need to search for b3406 when the site is up n running?04:17
wolterit doesn't work on cheese, just in xawtv04:17
IndyGunFreakZmAY: Spiko "/join #indygunfreak"... its hard for me to follow two of yuou in here..04:17
edjuHow might I find the last time that updatedb was run?04:17
DraceCan I create a Livecd with a cd+r?04:17
Nubunfor what reason do you think it would be in my google cache?04:17
Nubunnever visited that site prior to today04:17
ocRobNubun: no, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=201902 you need to save that link04:17
khakanebtw i held the kernel back in CLI04:18
ocRobNubun: google cache's the website04:18
NubunAh ...gotcha !04:18
boscoslifeocRob: srry for the nubeness what am i doing wrong still it seams like everything is done but nothing is working04:18
DraceCan i create a livecd with cd+r? My drive isnt reading Dvd+r...04:18
Nubundo you know when the site is going to be live ?04:19
JesdiscipleSemi-newbie stuck in login shell, tried to post to forums with lynx but couldn't hold cookies.04:19
Nubunhas been down for ages04:19
ocRobright now on google's cache04:19
Mattgparted worked great! Thanks!04:19
jinja-sheepvocx:  Done.  Reboot?  <_<04:19
webpigeonboscoslife, have you restarted apache!!!?04:19
EdgeX-Hello; Could anybody recommend a screen-recording program for Ubuntu?04:19
vocxjinja-sheep, sure!04:19
ubottuDear $DEITY, Give me strength to understand and work with users who question my logic, the rules, netiquette and common sense. Give me resilience to teach them the basics of Linux, Ubuntu, Community Guidelines and IRC. Allow me not to stray to nitpicking, argument, foul language or leisurely op abuse. Deliver me my daily xkcd, User Friendly, LWN, /. and Planet Ubuntu, and guard over my encrypted drives. Let it be so.04:19
LinuxNubso no-ones willing to give fixing a 5.10 error a shot? >.<04:20
jinja-sheepAnd for the reboot part too.  :<04:20
ocRobboscoslife: keep playing w/ it you'll figure it out, what is wrong exactly?04:20
Dracecan i create a livecd with a cd+r?04:20
ocRobboscoslife: yeah try restarted, apache2ctl restart04:20
ocRobDrace: yes or you can use unetbootin to put ubuntu on a usb drive04:20
EdgeX-Hello; Could anybody recommend a good free screen-recording program for Ubuntu 8.10- I can't seem to find one04:21
mslEdgeX-, gtk-recordMyDesktop04:21
vocxjinja-sheep, totally awesome factoid. When did they put it?04:21
MattGood program to convert avi etc. to dvd?04:21
webpigeonLinuxNub, it's not under offical support anymore04:21
SimonXEdgeX-: I've told you, try using Take ScreeShot!04:21
LakesProse_anyone tried Time Vault, feel it's reliable ?04:21
DavidSchlesvocx: i knwo have a very simple xorg.conf...hopefully that did it04:21
EdgeX-SimonX, But that takes still images- i need video04:21
LinuxNubMight not be under official support, but it's really not that hard an error to fix, im guessing if you knew your stuff it'd be common knowledge.. It's just been so long since ive fiddled with linux, i with linux im really clueless04:22
jinja-sheepvocx:  No idea. It was there. :)04:22
SimonXApplication-->Accessories-->Take SCreenShot04:22
DavidSchlesvocx: i connect to my external by using nvidia x server settings but just doing apply, without changin xorg04:22
SimonXit could be video too04:22
vocxLinuxNub, really you should have mentioned that you were using 5.10 before04:22
boscoslifeocRob: did that when i type in www.boscoslife.com it still is loading the index.html file that is in /var/www and i want it to laod the one in /home/bosco/public_html but when i type *myip-bosco it laods fine04:22
EdgeX-SimonX, it isn't04:22
felixsullaDoes anyone know why Ubuntu would be able to get to a website when you put in an IP address, but not when you put in the name? (Guest virtualbox, host is Vista)04:22
LinuxNubwhys that vocx?04:22
ocRobboscoslife: disable the usermod module, a2dismod usermod04:23
ocRobboscoslife: restart apache, and try again04:23
barbarellafelixsulla:maybe you have a dns problem04:23
mslLinuxNub, Have you tried using the vesa driver?04:23
jinja-sheepvocx:  I don't know how I can shut down without damaging anything.  shutdown -h 0, halt didn't work.04:23
LinuxNubI havn't.. but i shall04:24
andrewfreehow come ftp wont start http://paste2.org/p/12904204:24
n2diyjinja-sheep: try shutdown -h now04:24
ocRobboscoslife: actually your going to have to do more than that, you need to search google04:24
felixsullabarbarella, do I need to confige dns somehow?04:24
boscoslifeocRob: ERROR: Module usermod does not exist!04:24
vocxLinuxNub, because it's outdated, people wouldn't know what to recommend.   What! You haven't tried vesa? It's the most essential piece of knowledge.04:24
vocxjinja-sheep, poweroff maybe04:25
jinja-sheepn2diy:  Nothing.  I'm running bterm.  It said.. shutdown:  Unable to send message:  Connection refused.04:25
webpigeonandrewfree, try ftpd?04:25
barbarellaandrewfree:yes the client is installed04:25
LinuxNubas i said vocx.. I was a beginner 12 months ago.. Anything i learned then is gone now aha04:25
andrewfreebarbarella: Oh snap, how do I install the server04:25
barbarellafelixsulla:yes in /etc/resolv.conf04:25
n2diyjinja-sheep: is this on a remote box?04:25
vocxLinuxNub, 12 months ago 5.10 was already out dated by 2 years! How's that?04:26
LinuxNubHad the CD's a while04:26
LinuxNubsec ill check delivery date on the box :P04:26
webpigeonandrewfree, the ftpd package is the ftp server04:26
jinja-sheepn2diy:  No.  Rescuing a broken system.04:26
LinuxNub4/1/06 :s04:26
ocRobboscoslife: go to google and search for apache2 aliases and look at the cached pages of the forum04:26
barbarellaandrewfree:it depends what you want. ftpd,pure-ftpd, etc04:26
=== miguel is now known as Guest65852
andrewfreeftpd will work04:26
LinuxNubusing VESA driver failed..04:27
andrewfreeI use ssh but I need ftp for something where the keys on ssh are not working04:27
n2diyjinja-sheep: try shutdown -h 1, and let it cook for a minute?04:27
vocxjinja-sheep, I'm not sure how it actually boots and goes down, but I'd say it's safe. Maybe "logout" or change the init level to 0 or something.04:27
jinja-sheepvocx:  I give up.  It's back to Windows era.  (re-installation).04:27
vocxjinja-sheep, installation is pretty fast so I don't see a downside. But I'm curious, how did you get a broken system?04:28
andrewfreebarbarella: Still does not work root@freekbox:~# sudo /etc/init.d/ftpd start04:28
andrewfreesudo: /etc/init.d/ftpd: command not found04:28
barbarellaandrewfree:you can use scp for that04:28
jinja-sheepn2diy:  Do you know how to restore / build a boot partition?04:28
jinja-sheepvocx:  Was having issues with VirtualBox (closed-source) USB support.04:28
barbarellaandrewfree:oand in windows winscp04:28
andrewfreebarbarella: I dont use windows04:29
andrewfreeand scp needs host keys still.04:29
chris1Locked out of GUI by apt-get corruption, tried to post to forum and couldn't hold cookies in lynx.04:29
andrewfreeso wont work for this04:29
barbarellaandrewfree:sudo apt-get install ftpd04:29
vocxandrewfree, if you are using a root shell you don't need sudo, but why are you the root user anyway? That's bad.04:29
jinja-sheepvocx:  Tried instructions from the websites + #vbox and reboot.  OMG.  BoOT is lost. :|04:29
n2diyjinja-sheep: not really, I could get through it with a install disk, but would have my fingers crossed I was backed up.04:29
boscoslifeocRob: ok did that now what am i sopposed to find04:29
andrewfreebarbarella: did that already04:29
chris1Locked out of GUI by apt-get corruption, tried to post to forum and couldn't hold cookies in lynx.04:29
vocxjinja-sheep, ha ha ha, seriously? Only because USB support?04:30
andrewfreevocx: its a personal server I dont worry about it.04:30
LinuxNubWill attempt to download 8.10 on this laptop, but i've got an funny feeling it'll cut out shortly after starting04:30
jinja-sheepvocx:  Yeah... Tragedy..04:30
chris1Locked out of GUI by apt-get corruption, tried to post to forum and couldn't hold cookies in lynx.04:30
jinja-sheepvocx:  I tried this... boot from hard disk.  It worked!  <_<04:31
jinja-sheepBut then I would have to leave disc in... all times. :(04:31
chris1Does anybody have a clue how I can get Gnome back?04:31
vocxjinja-sheep, I haven't installed VBox in my new machine, but I recall you only needed to change one config file so your username could access USB devices with Vbox04:31
n2diyjinja-sheep: can you kill bterm, and get to a bash prompt?04:31
jinja-sheepBooting up.... Cleaning up.... Stage checking... Etc.04:31
chris1Does anybody have a clue how I can get Gnome back?04:31
boscoslifeocRob: ok did that now what am i sopposed to find04:31
barbarellaandrewfree:why don't you use scp, if you only want to copy some files?04:31
jinja-sheepn2diy:  bterm is no longer an issue.  I'm booting up from first hard drive right now04:31
chris1Locked out of GUI by apt-get corruption, tried to post to forum and couldn't hold cookies in lynx.04:32
mwasis there any other open source software to browse code like snavigator04:32
vocxjinja-sheep, I'm confused. It's booting up so that's a good thing or what?04:32
chris1Does anybody have a clue how I can get Gnome back?04:32
andrewfreebarbarella: again, it needs they keys. Long story but I basically just want to send them onto a file on my server that has full permissions with no questions or encryption.04:32
n2diyjinja-sheep: so you no longer want to reboet?04:32
ocRobboscoslife: might be a ghetto fix but you could just change the config in the default to your home dir heh04:32
gralcois there a grammar checker plug-in for openoffice writer?04:33
jinja-sheepvocx:  It's good thing.  I used alternative disc.04:33
chris1Locked out of GUI by apt-get corruption, tried to post to forum and couldn't hold cookies in lynx.04:33
jinja-sheepn2diy + vocx:  See http://developer.novell.com/wiki/images/thumb/b/ba/Screenshot-Ubuntu_install_prompt-alternative.png/320px-Screenshot-Ubuntu_install_prompt-alternative.png  (The last one in the menu)  is what I did.04:33
boscoslifeocRob: right but i have 3 sites with 3 different user accounts then what lol04:33
vocxchris1, maybe reinstall gnome core files, then "dpkg-reconfigure" etc04:33
jinja-sheepEarlier -- I tried to rescue a broken system.  However that didn't work out well.04:33
yoyit2my Totem media player, it wont let me use anything under the "go" tab04:33
SimonXEdgeX-: do you know xvidcap?04:33
chris1Which package would that be?04:33
yoyit2like menu04:33
ocRobboscoslife: i haven't done it from CLI in so long, i always use cPanel04:34
SimonXEdgeX-: A screen capture enabling you to capture videos off your X-Window desktop04:34
boscoslifeocRob: can i use webmin to do it04:34
ocRobboscoslife: possibly04:34
torcis there an issue in Ubuntu with the Sun JDK 6 ? It keeps blocking/hanging on every application I'm launching with it04:34
barbarellaandrewfree:it is the openbsd-inetd service04:34
ocRobboscoslife: snoop around in there04:34
vocxjinja-sheep, well, youhad to take the hard way before the easy one... ?!04:34
jinja-sheep!info abiword-plugin-grammar | gralco04:34
ubottuabiword-plugin-grammar (source: abiword): grammar checking plugin for AbiWord. In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.4-4ubuntu4 (intrepid), package size 37 kB, installed size 96 kB04:34
SimonXEdgeX-: with xvidcap Video can be saved in MPEG or AVI files format.04:35
vocxchris1, search like "aptitude search gnome"04:35
n2diyjinja-sheep: all I see there is an image of a Ubuntu login screen?04:35
andrewfreebarbarella: Its installed now what?04:35
jinja-sheepvocx:  Didn't know if it'd work.  I saw the menu when I was going to install.04:35
EdgeX-SimonX, I found one04:35
jinja-sheepn2diy:  Right.  I used the last one in the list.04:35
Ryan_DelaneyWhat was the path of the file?04:35
Ryan_Delaneywrong window04:36
jinja-sheepn2diy:  Which mean my system is stable.  I only need to fix boot partition.04:36
DraceOk I booted from Live cd. How can I access Windows partitions from here though>04:36
n2diyjinja-sheep: I don't see any list?04:36
DraceThere is no host04:36
=== usser__ is now known as usser
jinja-sheepn2diy:  Menu.04:36
ocRobDrace: go to command line and type sudo fdisk -l04:36
vocxjinja-sheep, how can it boot, if it's not because of the boot directory I'm more confused04:36
n2diyjinja-sheep: ok, the boot disk screen.04:36
jinja-sheepvocx:  It's using disc's /boot... apparently.04:37
jinja-sheepBEAUTIFUL DESKTOP.  Now I need to fix the /boot.  <_<04:37
DraceDone, and now?04:38
barbarellaandrewfree:you have to configure it04:38
andrewfreebarbarella: Can you help me I have never used it before.04:39
TeamColtra[TFDSince I have upgraded to .10 I have not had any issues with my computer freezing up (awesome) but for some reason MP3s wont play... anywhere on my computer... I tried checking if my restricted's were added and they are04:39
DraceocRob: sudo fdisk -l returned no errors. Now?04:39
barbarellaandrewfree:same here, i prefer to use proftpd.04:39
vocxMount your hard drive somewhere like /media/original_drive, then from the alternate CD select install grub, and select /media/original as root partition. From a terminal it would be like "sudo grub-install --root-dir=/media/original hd0"04:39
ocRobocRob: did you see /dev/sda1 or anything04:39
jason_how can i use kde stuff in gnome04:40
ocRobDrace: did you see /dev/sda1 or anything04:40
DraceYup yup04:40
andrewfreecan i send files via command line to my server running it without any questions asked using that?04:40
barbarellaandrewfree:yes, with scp04:40
ubottuSCP is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/04:40
ocRobDrace: 1 2 3 4 ? you need to know which one is your windows server, mkdir ~/windows; mount -t auto /dev/sda1 ~/windows04:40
DraceIt gives me 1 and 204:41
woltermy pc has bluetooth, though it is not showed under hcitools04:41
wolterhow do i install/use it?04:41
n2diyanybody trie Dling Windows 7 Beta?04:41
ocRobDrace: do you know what the partitions are ?04:41
DraceNo, not sure04:41
Thorsten11have not had a chance to give it a run yet04:41
n2diyThorsten11: did it work?04:41
jason_i have used windows 7 its way better than vista04:42
Thorsten11thats what i have heard04:42
Mattwill a labtec webcam work with ubuntu? I hooked it up and it didnt do anything. I'm new to linux.04:42
ocRobDrace: cd /mount; mkdir sda1 sda2; mount -t auto /dev/sda1 sda1; mount -t auto /dev/sda2 sda204:42
ocRobDrace: see whats on them04:42
Thorsten11more light wieght04:42
boscoslifeocRob: ok it just worked when i changed the defualt file now what is wrong as to why the defualt file is changing it lol04:42
jason_but its in beta not an every day use thing04:42
jinja-sheepvocx:  "Allows booting the system from the hard drive."04:42
n2diyThorsten11: did it work, the download?04:42
ocRobboscoslife: you need to figure out virtualhosts04:42
jinja-sheepvocx:  It skip the /boot -- I suppose.04:42
boscoslifeocRob: what is wrong with my virtual host04:43
Thorsten11ohhh lol, yeah it did last night, not sat night though04:43
andrewfreebarbarella: scp failed04:43
roccahardy doesn't ask me to upgrade to intrepid, even with sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, what should i do ?04:43
jason_what do i have to install to make KDE stuff fully work in Gnome04:43
ocRobboscoslife: its nonexistant at this point heh04:43
vocxIs /boot truly a different partition or is it contained is the root partition?04:43
DraceSec ocRob, let me get Mirc up on my other computer, would be much easier04:43
barbarellaandrewfree:and the error was?04:43
jinja-sheepvocx:  A different partition (sda5).04:43
ocRobvocx: depends on how you partition your drive04:43
ocRobnvmnd :P04:44
vocxocRob, hehe04:44
jinja-sheepocRob: Yeah.  Depends.04:44
andrewfreebarbarella: Cant remember because its a big program and to get there again takes forever. But it was a error with the secure part and host04:44
n2diyjason, how did you install the packages giving you trouble?04:44
jason_its Kopete it say cant use webcam have to install sonmething04:44
KatheI would like to know what to remap the volume control keyboard shortcut to, in order for them to control PCM instead of Master04:45
vocxrocca, by default Hardy will only show upgrades to another LTS release. You can change that in the software sources interface, I believe.04:45
jedexwhile i am gathering information in order to triage a bug, should i assign it to myself?04:45
roccavocx: i changed it already04:46
vocxrocca, log out and back in04:46
whackedI have a werid bug04:46
hollyw00dhi all, anyone here have luck running gmail in mutt without encountering disconnect timeouts?04:46
barbarellaandrewfree:install proftpd04:46
Odd-rationaleKathe: so right now the volume control controls Master? Try rightclickin the volume applet --> preferences and selecting PCM.04:46
barbarellaandrewfree:runs out of the box.04:46
whackedI have been running a dual boot of xp and ubuntu .7.10 for about 1.5 year04:47
jinja-sheepvocx:  Want to hear a twisted side to my story?04:47
whackedrecently i formatted the drive for linux and install ubuntu 8.1004:47
vocxjinja-sheep, do I have a choice?04:47
Dracecd mount..."No such directionairy04:47
jinja-sheepAfter reboot, the USB support now works.  :304:47
whackedand know i can no longer connect to internet with xp04:48
whackedbut i can with Ubuntu 8.1004:48
vocxjinja-sheep, Am I great or what?04:48
KatheOdd-rationale ... PCM is already selected, if I deselect Master I lose PCM too, either way the volume control does not effect PCM04:48
jason_and i have another problem04:48
jason_with 8.1004:48
DraceocRob, I entered cd /mount and it gives me error04:48
jinja-sheepvocx:  Yes.  You sure know lot about grubs.  However, I'm not sure if I'm clear out of the picture.  I need to test rebooting without the disc.04:49
jason_i try to do a fresh in tall or 8.10 and it dosnt reconize my i845g/gl chip set04:49
powertool08I set a static dns entry somewhere several months ago, It has become a problem now as the address changed, I've checked my /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/hosts files, where else could this static entry be?04:49
barbarellapowertool08:only in resolv.conf04:50
vocxjinja-sheep, try it. And next time you should explain things a little better, since I had a hard time following you. Mention every cause and every consequence.04:50
boscoslifehow do i make a cp of my kernal the way i have everything setup now and back it up so i can reuse this kernal to install again04:50
boscoslifeif i am running a server04:50
DraceSent a pm04:50
ocRobDrace: cd; mkdir sda1 sda204:50
ocRobocRob: just do it in your home dir04:50
powertool08barbarella: I looked in /etc/resolv.conf there's nothing there but my localhost entry, is there another resolv.conf?04:50
jinja-sheepvocx:  Sorry.  I need to tie up sentences into a chunk more often.  :)04:51
vocxjinja-sheep, yes the !enter factoid is the key.04:51
whackedheard of anyone losing internet connection a dual boot with xp after do a clean install of Ubuntu 8.10 on it partition04:51
hdonhow can i make scons print out the commands it's executing? the closest option i found in the man page doesn't suffice (debug=presub)04:51
barbarellapowertool08:in /etc/resolve.conf type nameserver isp_dns_address04:51
vocxwhacked, seems impossible. But for reference, my TV card doesn't want to work on XP but it does nicely in Ubuntu.04:52
IndyGunFreakvocx: lol, well thats backwards04:52
=== nose is now known as sydney_bi_boy22
whackedthat what i thought04:52
vocxIndyGunFreak, I don't know what's causing it. It's the damn windows drivers!  So what's your card?04:53
whackedI have been running a dual boot with 7.0 and xp for 1 an half years now with no isssues04:53
barbarellawacked:dist-upgrade, maybe ;-)04:54
whackedso i decide to do a fresh install of the new unbuntu since upgrading via internet to 2 upgrades didnt seem the plan04:54
whackedpulse audio was a  pain for me04:54
powertool08barbarella: Is there any way to track down which file has the current entry and delete it? I don't need to have it statically mapped anymore and I'd like to remove the current wrong entry to avoid confusion04:55
vocxwhacked, I did the same. I had 7.10, two days ago I installed 8.10, everything is nice except for my wireless card. I need to troubleshoot that instead of talking to you guys, hehe04:55
whackedhad to diable it to get my M-audio card to work04:55
whackedi have network cable unplugged message in windows network setting04:56
jason_why did ubuntu take out options in the Xserver04:56
rebel_kidusing esound instead of pulseaudio how can i kill all audio? i have static from a feed i cant kill04:56
whackedthats my error04:56
barbarellapowertool08:have you got a static ip or via dhcp?04:56
vocxjason_, they are supposedly auto configurated now, woot?04:56
powertool08barbarella: dhcp04:56
jason_vocx it doesnt04:56
whackedsorry to hear vocx04:56
jason_they need to put it back like it was04:56
samrockscquestion: when i download an application and install it where do those package files go so that i may clean them up?04:56
samrockscquestion 2: is there an automated process for maintenance i should be doing04:57
vocxjason_, won't do, it is inevitable!!!04:57
ocRobsamrocksc: did you install them with dpkg ?04:57
vocxjason_, what's the problem?04:57
barbarellapowertool08:is there a router between or are you connected directly with your isp?04:57
whackedcant understand how upgrading ubuntu could affect the connectivety of windows04:57
powertool08barbarella: there is a router04:57
jason_they messing up ubuntu is the problem04:57
whackedi have tried with router without router04:58
whackedreset winsock04:58
samrockscocRob, whatever synaptics use and apt-get04:58
jason_they promiss to keep it so people know how to fix things and u cant in xserver now04:58
jason_and it sucks04:58
ocRobsamrocksc: should be able to remove it the same way, apt-get remove pkg04:58
barbarellapowertool08:ok, in the router there is an option to send more dns addresses with de dhcp server04:58
vocxjason_, but you can. What do you want to solve?04:58
samrockscocRob, switching from gentoo bit clueless with packages with debian04:58
whackedtry removing pulse audio04:58
ReBoot77is there a C++ channel?04:59
samrockscocRob, i don't want to remove programs, just the installation packages that came with them04:59
Kathesamrocksc, the gui, you deselct the package such as remove or remove complete, or apt-get remove name of package04:59
ocRobsamrocksc: no worries, its easy04:59
whackedand see what happens04:59
ocRobsamrocksc: i believe it cleans those up automatically..04:59
samrockscocRob, so theres no file that i can check, what is the extension of those files normally?04:59
Katheas far as upkeep, it cleans up the packages automatically, and will check periodically for updates04:59
ReBoot77is there a C++ channel?04:59
ocRobsamrocksc: .deb i believe04:59
Kathesimply apply the updates when they come available04:59
samrocksci see05:00
vocxsamrocksc, packages are downloaded in /var/apt/cache I believe, it's safe to remove them, there is also some "apt-get clean" or something05:00
dualboothello all05:00
barbarellapowertool08:when you added, you have to restart your network in ubuntu05:00
josephhuangsamrocksc do sudo apt-get clean if low on disc space05:00
samrockscjosephhuang, i just don't like cloggy installation packages05:00
ocRobah my bad :P05:00
noodlesgcReBoot77 yes, /join ##c++05:00
dualbootdo any of you know if recent ubuntu 8.10 updates included new ATI graphics drivers?05:01
whackedwhat could cause "NETWORK CABLE UNPLUGGED" message in windows via wired connection and yet can still connect on Ubuntu on dual boot05:01
vocxsamrocksc, and as far as "maintenance"... mmm... no such thing in Ubuntu, I believe. What needs to be maintained anyways in gentoo?05:01
samrockscjosephhuang, thank yeh05:01
bbelt16agwhy isn't suspend and hibernation in the new  kernel ?05:01
bbelt16agits not enabled by default?05:01
powertool08barbarella: ok05:01
SJrXwhacked,  uh probably the wrong link speed and duplex being set, but try #WINDOWS05:01
samrockscvocx, same thing as with debian stuff i guess updating repositories etc.05:01
andrewfreeI am running pure-ftpd but I cant connect to it... my password is not working but its working for ssh05:01
vocxwhacked, in the device manager, remove the driver and reboot again into windows, maybe it is picked up again.05:02
samrockscwhen your updating kernel will it do it for you ? or is that still manual?05:02
whackedi have tried that as well no sucess05:02
whackedhalf duplex full duplex 10/10005:02
whackeddid that too with driver reinstall05:02
vocxsamrocksc, totally automated. Since you have only one kernel per release, plus minor fixes of course. So each new release comes with all new updated packages.05:03
Kathedualboot 64bit or or 32bit05:03
whackednetsh int commands05:03
barbarellaandrewfree:are you using a username which is added to the box where proftpd is installed?05:03
hanasakiwhy would firefox not connect to a imaps server from my firewall (timeout) however telnet to the host on 993 works?05:03
whackedoh well05:03
=== eli_ is now known as dotblank
whackedbut i do like this ubuntu 8.1005:03
andrewfreebarbarella: ohh.05:03
whackedeverything worknig fine05:04
Flannelhanasaki: Because firefox isn't a mail client05:04
hanasakiFlannel: oops.. thunderbird05:04
samrockscvocx, cool05:04
hanasakiwhy would thunderbird not connect to a imaps server from my firewall (timeout) however telnet to the host on 993 works?05:04
jinja-sheepvocx:  Do you know how I can compile the latest kernel?  (I prefer having Ubuntu autocompile it for me).05:05
rebel_kidhow can i kill by pid?05:05
jason_why dont ubuntu 8.10 detect i845g/gl chipset05:05
Kathedualboot: I could not find any updated drivers for the ATI cards that were compatible with the new x-server on 64bit.  I went back to 8.04 for this reason.  But that is not true for all ATI cards many work05:05
whackeddon't understand when trying to un-install pulse audio you are required to remove the whole gnome desktop05:05
andrewfreebarbarella: I did root@
jason_and dont say it does bc it dont05:05
=== pablo is now known as pablo-
jinja-sheepvocx:  And it worked without the disc.  I guess it must worked.  Again!  Thank a lot!  I'm sooo relived! :)05:05
vocxsamrocksc, most outsiders complain that you get outdated packages. It's true, but, it's not that bad. Who needs bleeding edge anyways.05:05
barbarellarebel_kid:kill -9 pid_name05:05
bbelt16aghey is there a how to  with how to recompile your  kernel the  ubuntu way?05:06
rebel_kidbarbarella, OMG ty, i got that stupid thing lol05:06
jason_ubuntu 9 r they going to put the xserver back the way it was05:06
dualbootbarbarella> do you know if recent 8.10 updates include the latest ATI graphics drivers?  I read on AMDs website that the latest driver supports XOrg 7.4 & Ubuntu 8.1005:06
vocxjinja-sheep, the latest kernel can be compiled by following the Master Kernel thread in the forums05:06
Leo__hello,anyone knows about that what player can be used in ubuntu?05:06
vocx!kernel | jinja-sheep05:06
ubottujinja-sheep: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages05:06
KatheLeo, player for what?05:06
dualbootLeo__: I use VLC and MPlayer05:06
Leo__for movie05:06
jinja-sheepvocx:  Thanks.  Because I think I'm using my computer's kernel.  The touchpad don't even work at all.  Lol.05:06
hanasakiFlannel:  any good or even bad inptu for me?05:07
nureyi'm on latest update of intrepid and suddenly mysql stopped working... it won't start up and i only found this in daemon.log: [ERROR] Can't start server: Bind on TCP/IP port: Cannot assign requested address05:07
KatheInstall Mplayer for w32codecs05:07
barbarellarebel_kid:pid number i mean05:07
Katheand just about anyone will work kaffiene, vlc, etc...05:07
rebel_kidbarbarella, i got ya :)05:07
nureybut there's nothing on port 330605:07
Leo__the totem does not work05:07
ziroday`nurey: have you made sure you killed all existing mysql programs?05:07
vocxjinja-sheep, I accept credit card, but I prefer cash, and sacks of pennies especially. Thank you for using this service.05:07
bbelt16agsigh we gonna have fun tomorrow  fixng  my bucket of bolts here hehe I just did a full upgrade ya...05:07
nureyziroday`: no mysql processes are running and nothing on port 8080 according to netstat05:08
jinja-sheepvocx:  How about paypal?  :)05:08
KatheLeo, Totem will but only after w32codecs are install, the easy way to get those is to install mplayer05:08
bluedragonhello need help05:08
ziroday`nurey: hmm okay. you done ps aux | grep mysql?05:08
nureyziroday`: yes05:08
Kathebluedragon ask your question05:08
bluedragon i can't play wma files i think i have all the gs plugins05:08
=== josephhuang is now known as yahoolian
Leo__can mplayer works well by  .rmvb ?05:09
bluedragoni have mplayer installed and i can't play the file neither05:09
ziroday`nurey: it sounds like an old mysql process didn't correctly quit and is still locking that port. A restart would probably fix it05:09
nureyziroday`: i did reboot and it didn't help05:09
miranda_psileo__: download the mplayer plugins and use those - works like a dream05:09
vocxjinja-sheep, sure, maybe the kernel you installed has already touchpad support, but is disabled in some way. Probably you can install it a new, with a meta package such as "linux-image", maybe it will autoconfigure itself again.05:09
ziroday`nurey: and you sure nothing is running on the port that mysql wants?05:09
miranda_psibluedragon: if you can't play it in mplayer then it is probably drm protected05:10
barbarellanurey:have you changed the my.cnf file?05:10
nureyziroday`: yes netstat -an |grep 330605:10
Kathebluedragon wma is proprietary05:10
ziroday`bluedragon: wma files work, unless they are protected with DRM05:10
Leo__okay ,thanks05:10
nureybarbarella: no05:10
bluedragonbut it doesn't give that error05:10
jason_get DeVeDe and convert the movie to what ever will play05:11
dualbootI'm not asking anything complicated05:11
miranda_psibluedragon: what error do you get?05:11
nureybarbarella: i just changed it to enable log but there's nothing special in the log05:11
vocxIt would be possible to load the individual modules, maybe "sudo modprobe touchpad" or whatever the touchpad driver is called, "synaptics" maybe05:11
dualbootcan someone here help?05:11
ziroday`nurey: well then I am out of ideas. sorry05:11
jinja-sheepvocx:  sudo aptitude install linux-image right now.  What's your PayPal account?  I'm glad to give you some money.  I love it that my data isn't at loss at all.05:11
Kathedualboot, lost track of your thread, what's the question05:11
miranda_psi!ask | dualboot05:11
ubottudualboot: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:11
noodlesgcbluedragon do you have the w32codecs package from medibuntu?05:12
dualbootKathe: I'm using Ubuntu 8.04, have ATI HD3650 video card05:12
bluedragonit says audio/x-asf-unknown decoder plugin which is not installed05:12
bluedragonany ideas what that mean05:12
bluedragonwhat is that05:12
dualbootKathe: I read that 8.10 isn't fully supported yet, so haven't upgraded.  How would I find out if recent 8.10 updates include latest ATI drivers?05:12
bluedragonhow do i know if i have it05:12
vocxjinja-sheep, data can be retrieved easy, that's not a problem. By merely mounting the drive you can copy everything.  You crazy I have no paypal account, just kidding. Donate to Ubuntu, gnome, or something.05:12
jason_dualboot go get envy install the drivers with that05:12
dualbootKathe: I know how to install the binary versions manually but prefer not to05:13
gnutronbluedragon: i play .wma files in realplayer in intrepid05:13
miranda_psibluedragon: don't know the gstreamer messages well - what does mplayer tell you?05:13
noodlesgcbluedragon type sudo apt-get install w32codecs05:13
JimmyDeefor fluxbox you need sudo apt-get install fluxbox xserver-xorg xorg and xdm right?05:13
dualbootjason_> tried Envy in the past, seemed to create more problems than it solved05:13
Kathedualboot, as far as I know the 36xx is still not supported directly05:14
nureyhere's the output of mysqld_safe... again not very informative....http://pastebin.ca/130708005:14
barbarellanurey:try mysqld --verbose see what it is telling you05:14
bluedragoncannot find the the codec for audio format 0x16305:14
jinja-sheepvocx:  "Data can be retrieved easy" -- This was on encrypted lvm.  I have to supply my password at the boot.  Good thing linux is very organized and throughout.05:14
jason_well dualboot u have to install the drivers ur self i for get how though05:14
vocxjinja-sheep, I forgot. You did mention it at the very beginning. Encrypted... yeah, never messed with that.05:14
gnutronbluedragon: do what noodlesgc suggests get w32codecs05:14
bluedragonhow do i do that05:15
dualbootKathe> is there a way to track that type of information?  I need to know when the proper ATI drivers are packaged and sent as updates by Conanical05:15
whackedwhat could cause a network cable is unplugged message on windows xp   ? and i am using the same hardware right now to chat here on my dual boot linux05:15
bluedragoni typed w32 in the  add remove software thing it was a no go05:15
nureybarbarella: i updated the paste http://pastebin.ca/130708205:15
jinja-sheepvocx:  It's not hassle at all.  All you do is supply the password at beginning of the bootup and it's like using a normal Ubuntu again... only that it's encrypted this time.  Sure, tiny loss in performance.05:15
gnutronbluedragon: apt-get install w32codecs05:15
whackedand this happened right after upgrading to unbutu .1005:15
whackedno regrets05:15
noodlesgcbluedragon ok go to medibuntu.org (could be .com) and follow instructions05:16
Kathedualboot I am probably not the person to best ask, I only knew the answer to your question because I have a similiar series card myself05:16
jason_whacked they messed up 1005:16
whackedbut still like to get my windows to work on the net05:16
bluedragonbut how do i know if it is installed allready05:16
jason_my opion05:16
gvsa123anyone know what i applications i need to setup my network camera as a home sucurity device?05:16
vocxjinja-sheep, yeah, but I mean, I have no use for encryption. I don't need to encrypt my homework, or my silly pictures of my cat or so.05:16
mineswapanyone plz, i cant play avi, mpeg, flv, 3gp, mp4 even i've realplayer, vlc, totem05:16
dualbootKathe> thanks for the help anyway05:16
noodlesgcbluedragon type aptitude search w32codecs and post the output05:17
idmeverytime I start up a new gnome session, my gtk theme goes back to default and have to open "Appearance Preferences" to *restore* it back? Anyone knows how to fix that?05:17
whackedget restricted driver under sypnactic05:17
miranda_psimineswap: what happens when you try to play video files?05:17
gnutronbluedragon: nobody knows who youre talking to if you don't prefix a nick to the question/answer05:17
mineswapthe player appear but suddenly quit by itself05:17
noodlesgcgnutron he's talking to me05:17
DraceWill changes be kept if I booted Ubuntu from Livecd?05:18
bluedragonhow do u do that lol05:18
gnutronnoodlesgc: thats cool, just giving him a healthy clue05:18
yahooliandrace: no05:18
Kathedrace, generally no05:18
Dracei did some 'sudo mount -t auto...'05:18
miranda_psimineswap: try running vlc videofile.ext from the commandline and see what gets printed in the commandline05:18
noodlesgcbluedragon ok instead just open System->Administration->Synaptic and search for it (w32codecs)05:18
wolterwhere can i find a giver deb package?05:19
barbarellanurey:can you try an other port, just for testing purpesses05:19
lu6ciferI think they're doing maintainence, but is ubuntuforums down for anyone else?05:19
nureybarbarella: ok05:19
miranda_psinoodlesgc: is he using 32bit ubuntu? don't thinkk the w32codec package is 64bit at all...05:19
mineswapmiranda_psi: but now a switch with vista using mirc, i don't know how to figure pidgin..help me plz05:20
noodlesgcmiranda_psi I think he's using 32bit. there is a w64codecs if I recall05:20
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
miranda_psimineswap: can we just deal with one problem at a time please...05:21
noodlesgclu6cifer yeah its down, I was in #ubuntuforums a few minutes ago05:21
nureybarbarella: i changed it to 33060 and i got this in daemon.log -- Do you already have another mysqld server running on port: 3306005:21
bluedragonnoodlesgc it is not installed it said nonfree codecs05:22
mineswapmiranda_psi: ok, sorry, now what im suppose to do?05:22
bluedragonit says it has to remove one and add 2305:22
KatheTossing this question back out there, didn't get much of an answer last time... I need a good way to map the keyboard shortcuts for the volume controls to the PCM...  If I select PCM in the sound settings the controls are being faught by something,  that is if I press volume up the sound briefly goes up then it goes back down.  If I keep it on Master they work fine, but do to a sound driver bug the Master does not effect the sound output.  Can anyone provide05:22
noodlesgcbluedragon ok install that package05:22
bluedragonnoodlesgc will that interfere with the gs codecs or add to it05:23
gnutronbluedragon: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats    you need to read up on this05:23
noodlesgcbluedragon it will add to it05:23
bluedragonoh ok05:23
miranda_psimineswap: run "vlc videofile" from the commandline and post the output that appears on the commandline to http://paste.ubuntu.com05:23
vocxKathe, it seems like a problem. I also got no clue how to map all these multimedia buttons.05:23
barbarellanurey:can you pastebin the my.cnf file?05:24
psypher246hi all! could anyone please tell me how to restart network manager in intrepid. i found a link that states: sudo /etc/dbus-1/event.d/25NetworkManagerDispatcher restart but event.d is an empty directory05:24
jason_just install ubuntu extras in add/remove it install all the codec u need to play movies and stuff05:24
DraceHow can I mount my windows partitions to Ubuntu?05:24
mineswapmiranda_psi: thankz, i'll try05:25
n2diywhat's up with the Ubuntuforums, I'm getting "Service Temp. Unanvailable" errors, for two days in a row?05:25
DraceMy windows failed and i need to retrieve some files05:25
noodlesgcpsypher246 try: /etc/init.d/NetworkManager05:25
psypher246that simple?05:25
bluedragonnoodlesgc installing lets see what happens will post answer05:25
noodlesgcn2diy its down05:25
jason_there working on the forum right now05:25
n2diynoodlesgc: ok, any idea for how long?05:25
DraceHow can I mount my windows partitions to Ubuntu?>05:26
noodlesgcpsypher246 yeah, just type sudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager restart05:26
psypher246noodlesgc: doesn't seem to do what i expected. still says my wired connection is unmanaged even though there is no config in the interfaces file05:26
DraceMy windows failed and I need to retrieve some important file...05:26
noodlesgcn2diy I have no clue. You could ask in #ubuntuforums, but they probably don't know either05:26
KatheDrace, http://markhill.me.uk/articles/mounting_windows_partitions/05:26
BigMikebut in a live cd and boot up05:26
n2diynoodlesgc: ok, 7305:27
nureybarbarella: oh jeez i got it05:27
nureybarbarella: my.cnf had a BindAddress to an old interface IP05:27
noodlesgcpsypher246 try this one: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart05:28
Kathedrace, here is another walk though http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/mounting-windows-partition-onto-ubuntu-linux/05:28
psypher246yeah did that already05:28
nureybarbarella: thanks for your time !05:28
bluedragonnoodlecgs that was a no good05:28
bluedragonstill not working05:28
bluedragonmaybe i can go to windows see if it works05:28
noodlesgcbluedragon good idea, it may be a broken media file05:29
bluedragonyeah starting to think that to05:29
bluedragonbut with in new package i should be able to play wma files right noodlesgc05:29
VigoI am on a limited/? usr account, how do I start firewall or stuff?05:30
noodlesgcbluedragon yeah. older wma formats have been reverse engineered, but for newer ones, we have to use proprietary dll's which is in that package05:30
nureybarbarella: nice nick btw05:31
bluedragonNoodlesgc oh wait lol it works Thanks05:31
bluedragonNoodlesgc you rock thanks05:31
noodlesgcbluedragon awesome :D05:31
Vigooh wait,,,sudo,,brb05:32
KatheLast go at the question, I need a good way to map the keyboard shortcuts for the volume controls to the PCM...  If I select PCM in the sound settings the controls are being faught by something,  that is if I press volume up the sound briefly goes up then it goes back down.  If I keep it on Master they work fine, but do to a sound driver bug the Master does not effect the sound output.05:32
DraceCould someone help with partitioning?05:33
CarlFK1Drace: you can do it05:33
wolterhow do i configure my samba to share files with windows users?05:33
wolterfrom zero.05:33
DraceIm doing an installation of Ubuntu, It asks for something about partioning that im not clear about05:34
barbarellanurey:yes, better as Jane Fonda05:34
wolterDrace, lets meet at ubuntu-classroom05:34
_Cid_wolter: ther eis a pretty good example in the samba.conf, just need to edit af ew lines, did you have a look?05:34
Brack101so wait, fedora/redhat don't have apt-get?05:34
wolter_Cid_, no, where do i go?05:34
CarlFK1why do I suck at pgrep?   http://dpaste.com/108407/05:34
_Cid_Brack101:  kinda ... you can install it, and somepeople maintain repo ..apt is a debian thingy mostly05:34
_Cid_wolter:  /etc/samba/smb.conf05:35
KatheBrack101, you can isntall it, but they have another package system defaultly05:35
Brack101I see05:35
CarlFK1I want to pkill gnome-screensaver, but it isn't finding it (guessing it is the - )05:35
Brack101because I was considering running fedora on a couple work computers but I don't know how I could live without apt-get05:35
_Cid_wolter: let me know if I am not making sense :-)05:35
_Cid_Brack101: they got 'yam'   no where near as nice ..but it works in a pinch05:36
Brack101I see05:36
_Cid_Brack101:  and you can yum install apt-get ;-)05:36
_Cid_Brack101:  yum install apt*05:36
noodlesgcCarlFK1 try pgrep gnome-screensav05:37
Pulvinarwhois Pulvinar05:37
noodlesgcCarlFK1 weird eh?05:37
wolter_Cid_, you are..05:37
CarlFK1noodlesgc: you rock. why does that work?05:37
_Cid_wolter:  ok :)   we will take it in steps, dont worry - its not that hard05:38
myrdoes anyone know how i can fix a sound issue? all of a sudden the sound quality is pretty bad, it's hard to explain.05:38
_Cid_wolter:  first, you should know what samba is ... lets see if the bots got an answer for us05:38
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209805:38
_Cid_wolter: those links would probably get you started, but lets just go ahead and configure stuff right now -  go ahead and open a shell ( a command line window if you like)05:39
wolter_Cid_, thanks!05:39
noodlesgcCarlFK1 I think there is a limit on process name lengths05:39
_Cid_wolter: oh, I misread - I was making sense ..I thought I wasnt :P   well - Wolter, let me know if you need more help - go ahead and check the conf file - there is a home dir share example in there ready to use, just uncomment and restart samba (/etc/init.d/samba restart)05:40
CarlFK1noodlesgc: bitchen.  thanks a bunch.  I was going to start doing ps|grep|awk|mplayer hacks05:40
wfiuewfewHi! I need to use the command "iw". Which synaptic package is it in?05:41
_Cid_wfiuewfew:  apt-get install aircrack-ng05:41
andrewfreeI found that it worked but idk where it is still05:42
andrewfree-rw-r--r--  1 root root          3 2009-01-08 08:42 test.txt05:42
noodlesgcCarlFK1 nice.05:42
_Cid_wfiuewfew:  I am curious as to why though ;-)05:42
noodlesgcandrewfree, I have no  idea what the problem you are having is, but that file looks like its probably in /root05:43
andrewfreeits not, I used this command ftp -u oem@ /test.txt05:44
andrewfreebut cant find out where it went05:44
tboydstonis there a special folder to work out of for web development (php etc.) in Ubuntu? In Vista I had a xampp environment and was restricted in terms of where I could play around.05:44
tunahi, I just installed a new ide harddrive, but it didn't show up as /dev/hda. (I had only sata har drives before.) How can I find it?05:44
barbarellaandrewfree:in the oem user dir05:44
whyameyetuna: /dev/sda?05:45
wfiuewfew@_Cid_: I am debugging my wifi network with a sniffer05:45
princeduganis pcsx supposed to work? mine crashes on "Run CD".05:45
andrewfreebarbarella: its not there either /home/oem05:45
tunawhyameye: /dev/sda is my sata harddrive05:45
mayankhow to mount iso without any software in ubuntu05:45
wfiuewfewBut I still get iw not found after installing this package --- is it available for 7.04?05:45
whyameyetuna: and you tried /dev/sdb05:45
tboydstonandrewfree> so I should save all of my php documents in var/www before running them?05:45
_Cid_wfiuewfew:  never used it ..should be part of the one I linked you05:46
barbarellaandrewfree:do a updatedb and locate the file05:46
andrewfreetboydston: Depends on your webserver conf files05:46
tunawhyameye: sdb is my OTHER sata drive.There is no sdc05:46
mayankhow to mount iso without any software in ubuntu05:46
andrewfreebarbarella: is updateb a command?05:46
whyameyetuna: I dunno. I'd look at the syslog for a clue.05:46
myrmayank, something like: mount /path/to/file /path/to/target -o loop05:46
Noah1989_tuna: ls /dev/?d?05:46
gnutronandrewfree: updatedb is05:46
etherealityDo I need to prepare my computer for the Ubuntu distribution upgrade? Close applications, etc.?05:46
tboydstonandrewfree: Great, thanks so much. Is there a way to change the folder?05:46
tunamayank: mkdir /media/cdemu && sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 <whatever you want to mount> /media/cdemu05:47
myranyone have any ideas about fixing a random sound issue? it affects multiple apps and is not hardware-related. just bad sound quality all-of-a-sudden05:47
Noah1989_myr: which sound card?05:47
tunanoah: /dev/sda  /dev/sdb05:47
andrewfreegnutron: wtf that does not work05:48
_2tuna sudo mkdir -p05:48
Noah1989_tuna: there you have your two harddrives ;-)05:48
myrNoah1989_, just an integrated intel.05:48
mayanktuna, permission denied05:48
tunaNoah1989_ Yeah, except I have 305:48
tunamayank: add sudo's05:48
andrewfreebarbarella: this is linux. I need to find it on my box now. not send it again05:49
tunamayank: sudo mkdir /media/cdemu && sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 <whatever you want to mount> /media/cdemu05:49
modjorhi all05:49
Noah1989_myr: i also have one, there sometimes was an issue that was caused by some wrong configuration05:49
DraceCan someone help me? I need to retrieve my windows files. (It crashed and wont boot up!)05:49
_Cid_andrewfree: just entered, what are you looking for?05:49
barbarellaandrewfree:you asked to change folders, ftp folders?05:49
Noah1989_myr: but i can't remember how i solved that05:49
EdgeX-Hello; How do I work out what /dev/ node my ubuntu partition is using?05:49
=== zkinion is now known as thebleh
Noah1989_myr: i changed some value from 2 to 4 or vice versa05:50
tunaDrace: get an ubuntu disk, boot into ubuntu, mount the disk and copy over what you need05:50
socksDoes anyone have any experience getting hibernate to work on a dell laptop?05:50
_2EdgeX- df -h05:50
myrNoah1989_, i don't know where to look05:50
andrewfree_Cid_: A file I sent myself I have no idea where it is, i sent it using this command ftp -u oem@ /test.txt05:50
myrNoah1989_, i'm running hardy05:50
DraceTuna: Im having problems with the mounting05:51
EdgeX-Thanks _205:51
_Cid_andrewfree:  thats the root directory    try  "cd  /"05:51
DraceTuna: I already booted it from livecd, im stuck here though05:51
barbarellaandrewfree:do a updatedb and locate the file05:51
tunaDrace: ok05:51
yahooliandrace what is the error message05:51
mayanktuna, my iso file is in another drive, i have wubi...05:51
Noah1989_myr: alsaconf or alsactl05:51
andrewfreebarbarella: idk how to do that05:51
Draceyahoolian: i just dont know what to do from here05:51
tboydstonandrewfree: Got it to work, thanks again :D05:51
andrewfree_Cid_: did and done its not there05:51
tunamayank: wait, what? how does that harm you05:51
_Cid_andrewfree:  if you ever get truly stuck looking for a file - you can crawl the entire HD (will take a few minutes)  you can do that like this:  find -name <name of file> -print05:51
myrNoah1989_, how can i tell?05:51
DraceI got to as far as booting ubuntu from livecd05:51
barbarellaandrewfree:ok, then type locate file_name05:52
andrewfreetboydston: yep05:52
whyameyeDrace you might want to take a look at this if things are really bad: http://ubuntu-rescue-remix.org/05:52
Noah1989_myr: try what you can do with those..05:52
yahooliandrace open the terminal05:52
Draceits up05:52
myxinSandralalk mo :D05:52
mayanktuna, no harm..i mean my iso is in /media/10000(drive name is 10000)05:52
Sandralalkmyxin: oi mo05:52
etherealitywhen the upgrade tells me to free 92 M on /, that's just on my hard drive, right? "/" represents my entire hard drive, so i just need to get 92 M off my computer onto an external drive or something?05:52
=== Noah1989_ is now known as Noah1989
myxin[Sandralalk]: ta vendo qnta gente?05:53
ethereality(92 M -> 92 MB of data i think)05:53
Sandralalkmyxin: sim mas eu não entendo nada né05:53
myxinnem eu :P05:53
myxinvamo sair05:53
DraceEhh...not sure what that it, but i just need to mount05:53
tunamayank: I'm not following here, do you mean it worked05:53
Sandralalkpra onde?05:53
andrewfreeWell it says it does not exist then.... wrong test file.. so ftp never sent it05:53
mayanktuna, no05:53
mayanktuna, any different procedure for wubi?05:53
tunamayank: I do not knw05:54
Noah1989myr: i think the value i adjusted was how many bytes there are in each sample05:54
_2!tab > mayank05:54
ubottumayank, please see my private message05:54
windio00what program can i use to make a manual that is either html or pdf?05:54
myrNoah1989, changing "PCM Out" helped05:54
Noah1989myr: using alsaconfig?05:55
myrNoah1989, correct. thank you very much for your help05:55
Noah1989myr: :)05:55
EdgeX-I'm using DD to backup my entire ubuntu partition to my external HDD; should I be re framing from doing stuff while this is happening?05:55
EdgeX-refraining rather*05:55
john`andersonhello how do i install new fonts on ubuntu?05:56
_2EdgeX- yes05:56
exacubefor some reason, Suspend doesn't work on my laptop05:56
exacubeit suspends,05:56
exacubewhen i press the power button to bring it back, the screen just stays blank05:56
exacubeit doesn't turn on05:56
exacubenothing happens05:56
myrjohn`anderson, you can put fonts in ~/.fonts05:56
exacubewould anyone know the reason for that?05:56
tboydstonis there a keystroke to bring up the terminal?05:56
john`andersonwhat extension do the fonts need to be?05:57
myrjohn`anderson, ttf05:57
john`andersoncool ty so much05:57
_2tboydston that's both de specific and adjustable05:57
_2tboydston something like alt+f11    idk your setup.05:58
andrewfreehow can i change this to put it on /home/oem/ instead of / because it does not have permission to write to /05:58
mayankhow to mount iso without any software in ubuntu05:58
=== Gh0sty_ is now known as Gh0sty
_2mayank please define "without any software" ?05:58
Flannel!iso | mayank05:58
ubottumayank: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.05:58
clearzenmayank: sudo mount -t loop /path/to/.iso /mount/point05:58
Argon34710hey, who can help me developing some OS for the nintendo wii in linux???05:58
mayankgot it05:59
clearzenmayank:sudo mount - loop /path/to/.iso /mount/point (sorry)05:59
clearzensudo mount -o loop /path/to/.iso /mount/point05:59
Argon34710lets do something cool for the wii....06:00
andrewfreeftp -u ftp://oem@ /thisismyfile.txt      <--- that tries to put the file on / when it does not have the permission how can I change it to try to put it on /home/oem06:00
* _2 still wonders what "without any software" meant...06:00
andrewfreehe wants to do it without an OS.. XD06:01
[TiZ]So... what's up with the forums?06:01
Corpisis there a command so you can mount a .iso like on the desktop?06:01
_2corpis yes mount06:02
Leo__hello, need help06:02
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:02
Leo__i have setup the mplayer.but it cannot find .rmvb file ,why?06:02
clearzenCorpis: like I said just a moment ago sudo mount -o loop /path/to/.iso /home/user/Desktop/folder06:04
DraceI cant mount /dev/sda1!06:04
_2Drace why not ?06:04
Drace"'dev/sda1' does not have a valid ntfs"06:04
myrLeo__, have you looked at http://www.simplehelp.net/2007/07/27/how-to-play-rmvb-files-in-ubuntu/ ?06:04
Leo__okay,thanks myr06:05
clearzenDrace: is that the exact error?06:05
_2Drace oh, yuch,   i don't do windows!06:05
CarlFK1other than gnome-screensaver, what other screen savers are there so I can disable them so my monitor will stop going to sleep?  (trying to make a clock...)06:05
[TiZ]What's going on with the forums? I'm only seeing a really vague "We'll be right back. --ubuntu-geek." Can I expect it to be up within the hour? Or should I just go to bed and post my thread in the morning?06:05
clearzenDrace: sudo aptitude install ntfs-3g && sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /media/windows (or wherever you want)06:06
CarlFK1whatever put it to sleep is not being reset by: xset s reset06:06
_2CarlFK1 bios power management06:06
ravenor_Running Hardy on an Aspire One. I updated the kernel to 2.6.24-23, and wireless has been killed (atheros). Has any body else reported problems?06:07
Joetheodd_Hey guys. I know I'm almost asking you to answer this question with a coin-flip, but I figured I'd ask anyhow. I've got a Thinkpad 600 with PCMCIA ethernet card. What are the chances of it working with ubuntu out of the box?06:07
CarlFK1_2: is there any way to tweek that from the os?06:07
princeduganArgon34710: I am willing, but I have no skills06:07
_2CarlFK1 yes. but none that i would reccoment06:07
clearzenravenor_: * killed* how? that is pretty general06:07
Hostile_Kidzany swat boosters?06:07
bogdani have a problem with my kubuntu installation.  my external ntfs hard drive doesn't show cyrillic named files (they show up on my other ubuntu laptop).  any ideas what might be wrong?06:07
CarlFK1_2: dang, that sounds like fun.  what do you not recomend?06:07
CarlFK1Joetheodd_: i bet it works06:08
ravenor_Clearzen: Going from not working to no wireless adapter after update and reboot.06:08
clearzenravenor_: ok, is the module loaded?06:08
DraceDidnt work06:08
Dracestill same error06:08
DraceNTFS signature is missing06:08
_2direct editing of /dev/nvram  CarlFK1   hope you have an air bag.  cause that's a good way to crash it.06:08
Joetheodd_CarlFK1, that's what I assumed. :)06:08
clearzenDrace: are you sure it isn't vfat?06:09
Joetheodd_How old is ubuntu 5.10?06:09
ravenor_clearzen: Should be. Where do I check?06:09
Draceill try that as well if you want06:09
tritiumJoetheodd_: October of 200506:09
_2Joetheodd_ that's date.  year.month06:09
clearzenlsmod | grep ath   <-- that should show it I believe06:09
FlannelJoetheodd_: It was released in October of 2005, it went EOL in April of 200706:09
fr500can anyone get empathy to connect to their ekiga account?06:09
CarlFK1_2: i don't mind crashing it, but that sounds tedious. maybe I'll reboot and dig around in the bios06:09
Dracenot vfat..06:10
barbarellaDrace:can you pastebin the output from fdisk -l06:10
_2CarlFK1 i would,  yeah06:10
Draceit says htIll have to install wine and mirc on it06:10
Draceits a live cd :-$06:10
Numlock40451can anyone tell me how to network transfer between my ubuntu laptop and my windows vista desktop..06:11
ravenor_clearzen: Nope. lsmod doesn'thave anything. Google says other people hve had wirelss problems. Broadcom, Intel wireless adapters06:11
barbarellaDrace:and you want to mount a ntfs partition?06:11
gleesondanyone know if there is an eee pc specific channel?06:11
myrcan anyone help me backup my amarok sqlite database with sqlitebrowser?06:11
Dracebarbarella...i was told I can!06:11
Dracegod thank you06:12
DraceWill run installation as I was previously going to do06:12
clearzenravenor_: try sudo modprobe ath_pci and see if that gets it working06:13
_2CarlFK1 one time i experimented with nvram just to see how badly it could affect the system.   heh. i ended up with a bios that couldn't store settings at all.  reset to factory defaults each boot cycle.    (i was trying to be malicious, it worked...)06:13
barbarellaDrace:which drive is the one you like to mount?06:13
ThreetimesHi, how do I execute a program after inserting my USB drive?06:13
ravenor_clearzen: "could not open /lib/modules/2.6.24-23/volatile/ath_hal.ko: No such file" That's not good.06:14
clearzenThreetimes: what kind of program?06:14
CarlFK1_2: neat.  I have some P2 boxes I might try that on some day.  but not the 3ghz P4.  it's one of my better POS boxes :)06:14
Numlock40451anyone..i need to get a file off of my desktop its sharing the file.. it running vista and the machine im transfering it to is my lap top runnin ubuntu 81006:14
bogdani am having trouble with ubuntu 8.04, ntfs-3g doesn't see cyrillic named files on ntfs file system. any ideas?06:15
TheresaEllisHi. Can I mount a subdirectory of a filesystem?06:15
amd007_I want to split a 1 GB file into 5 .rar files, is it possible in ubuntu? how can i do it in ubuntu?06:15
Threetimesthe command would be "unison /home/peter/Documenten /media/disk/Documents"06:15
_2!rar > amd00706:15
ubottuamd007, please see my private message06:15
_2oops sorry.06:15
_2!rar > amd007_06:15
ubottuamd007_, please see my private message06:15
clearzenravenor_: try uninstalling and reinstalling the restricted drivers for the card first06:15
Mal3koi have just remove ncftp using apt-get..when i type the ncftp cmd it says -bash: /usr/bin/ncftp: No such file or directory so how do i remove the bin refenrece to that dir?06:16
tboydstonis there a reason keyboard shortcuts from the desktop seem to be picky and slow to respond?06:16
clearzenravenor_: that is the easy way to fix the problem. I can tell you how to build it from source but you shouldn't have to06:16
_2TheresaEllis "mount a subdirectory of a filesystem" ???   any dir can be a mount point if that;s what you are asking.06:16
Mal3kobarbarella: how do i use it?06:17
gadu33server irc.estuchat.org06:18
DarkKnighthey i have a disk error which is not being solved when i use fsck -y....anyone has any idwa06:18
_2Mal3ko heh. you exit that shell and start a new one.06:18
DarkKnighthey i have a disk error which is not being solved when i use fsck -y....anyone has any idea06:18
clearzenravenor_: I think the driver is in sudo aptitude remove --purge linux-restricted-modules`uname -r` && sudo aptitude install linux-restricted-modules`uname -r` -y06:18
cm_hi i need some help with my home folder/ dmrc permissions from someone who actually knows, well, everything.  please private message me. i'm desperate. thanks06:18
bogdanntfs-3g not showing cyrillic files, any ideas?06:19
Flannelcm_: set it to 64406:19
Mal3ko_2: oh lol06:19
ravenor_clearzen: I followed the instructions at the Ubuntu Aspire One page to get wifi working. Madwifi. Does that make a difference?06:19
clearzenravenor_: perhaps, I would have to see the instructions06:19
_2cm_  sudo chown $USER ~/.dmrc ;chmod 600 ~/.dmrc06:19
ravenor_clearzen: Google ubuntu aspire one.06:20
navetzcan someone help me with my digital camera06:20
navetzwhen i try to mount it I get error 5006:20
navetz:unknown error06:20
navetzalso I am using KDE if that helps06:21
_2cm_ if you have really messed up permissions  own your home  (preferably with -R)06:21
clearzenravenor_: throw me a link06:21
ravenor_clearzen: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne06:21
fr500can anyone get empathy to connect to their ekiga account?06:22
ThreetimesHi, how do I execute a command after inserting my USB drive?06:22
ThreetimesThe command would be "unison default"06:22
_2!kde | navetz06:22
ubottunavetz: KDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde406:22
DarkKnighthey i have a disk error which is not being solved when i use fsck -y....anyone has any idea06:22
Flannelcm_: Are you using sudo instead of gksu for graphical programs?06:22
navetz_2: yes i asked in kubuntu but noone is there06:22
cm_flannel: i've been using the terminal06:23
_2navetz ok. is the camera set to disk mode ?06:23
clearzenravenor_: so did the driver build properly or did you get errors?06:23
wolter_Cid_, i can't get samba to work in windows... my sister can't get into my shared folder.06:23
wolter_Cid_, i am going to pass you my smb.conf, ok?06:23
TwoDDarkKnight, what type of error, damaged sectors?06:23
navetz_2: I don't know what disk mode is06:23
_Cid_wolter:  ok - but do it using the parse page, or it will kick you ;-)06:23
ravenor_clearzen: When I first did it, there were no problems. Only after I updated the kernel.06:24
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:24
DarkKnightTwoD; fsck 1.40.8 (13-Mar-2008)06:24
DarkKnightfsck.ext3: Unable to resolve 'UUID=ab5d3f4d-1d37-4614-aad3-d3051671a4db'06:24
clearzenravenor_: you need to recompile it. Do you still have the source code?06:24
wolter_Cid_, you mean the pastebin, you aggressive man?06:24
clearzenravenor_: everytime you change kernels you must rebuild it06:24
ravenor_clearzen: I could download it if I don't. I'm on a wired connection right now.06:24
ravenor_clearzen: What else would I need to rebuild?06:25
_2navetz on the camera itself  the menu "might" list  1. disk mode  2. digital camera mode  3. something else  ...06:25
TwoDDarkKnight, hmm, sounds to me like it can't figure out which disk has that UUID... but I could be wrong. Checked the manual?06:25
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
clearzenravenor_: nothing you have everything else if you compiled it once already. except kernel headers I believe06:25
wolter_Cid_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/104250/06:25
navetzThe digital camera says: Connected to computer. on the main screen so yes i assume it is in disk mode06:26
=== GodTodd__ is now known as GodTodd
clearzenravenor_: sudo aptitude install linux-headers-$(uname -r)06:26
DarkKnightTwoD; what manual?? someone told me some command which solved this issue i got previously...now i dont remember the command06:26
navetz_2 also i assume it is mounted06:26
cm_lot of help this channel is06:26
_2navetz no.  that doesn't indicate disk mode.  you need to disconnect it and see.06:26
navetz_2 okay06:26
TwoDDarkKnight, programs usually come with a manual page (manpage), just type "man the_command".06:26
TwoDDarkKnight, so in you case: "man fsck.ext3"06:27
unopDarkKnight, type.  sudo blkid  # is that UUID listed in the output?06:27
_2DarkKnight up arrow in the terminal might show the command06:27
mattgyver83Does anyone know what package needs to be installed for /etc/init.d/NetworkManager  Im using a script that calls for it, i have network manager installed however i have no such file06:27
DarkKnight_2; that was long time back.....some months before06:28
TwoDDarkKnight, I couldn't find much about errors there. I'll try google.06:28
_2DarkKnight have you cleared the command history ?06:28
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
DarkKnight_2 nope06:29
_2DarkKnight less ~/.bash_history   and use less's search feature06:29
ravenor_clearzen: "could not find package whose name or description matched linux-headers-$"06:29
woltercheese cannot read my webcam! what should I do?06:29
unopmattgyver83,  /etc/init.d/networkmanager  is provided network-manager  ..  /etc/init.d/NetworkManager isn't provided by any package - could be a typo.06:29
DarkKnightunop; yes when i tried it...i got a list of UID's with this one uid06:29
_2DarkKnight just trying to offer ways that you might use both now and in feuture situations that call for remembering an old command.06:30
navetz_2 okay the camera didn't have a disk mode i nthe mode sections, but it had instructions to connect it to the computer. I followed them and got the same error06:30
DarkKnight_2; didnt get you06:30
clearzenravenor_: my bad sudo aptitude install linux-headers-`uname -r`06:30
unopDarkKnight, what exactly does this give you?  sudo blkid | grep ab5d3f4d06:30
_2navetz there is an app in the kmenu    kcamera access   try it.06:31
DarkKnightunop; rosh@rosh-desktop:~$ sudo blkid | grep ab5d3f4d06:31
DarkKnight/dev/sdb1: UUID="ab5d3f4d-1d37-4614-aad3-d3051671a4db" TYPE="ext3"06:31
ThreetimesHi, how do I execute a command after inserting my USB drive?06:31
ThreetimesThe command would be "unison default"06:31
clearzenravenor_: you just need the headers for your current kernel uname -r shows the kernel version so it should append the current kernel number to the end and give you the right package06:31
_2DarkKnight this???    less ~/.bash_history    and use less's search feature<<<   man less    for info about it's search keys06:31
unopDarkKnight,  fdisk -l /dev/sdb06:32
navetz_2 I don't have that app, I digicam and that also fails at opening the folder06:32
DarkKnightunop;  fdisk -l /dev/sdb06:32
navetz_2 I have tried in dophin and konqueror as well06:32
ravenor_clearzen: Ok... this time it worked, but it didn't download anything? Output says no packages were downloaded.06:32
unopDarkKnight, anything? nothing?06:33
clearzenravenor_: that's fine. It just means you had them already06:33
_2navetz only digital camera i have any experance with has disk mode, which makes things real easy....  sorry.06:33
DarkKnightunop; it says it cannot open06:33
clearzenravenor_: get the source and rebuild the kernel modle then sudo modprobe ath_pci and you are in business06:33
Em3raldMcSquizzywhere can I find out about the changes to the kernel in the last few updates?06:33
navetz_2: alright thanks anyway06:33
ravenor_clearzen: No need to uninstall? Mess around in Synaptics?06:33
unopDarkKnight, prepend sudo to the command perhaps?06:34
DarkKnight_2; i searched....i see that it has the commands which i used 3 weeks back06:34
clearzennope, we already checked for a loaded module and it isn't there so no worries06:34
mattgyver83unop, in my /etc/init.d/ dir i have 'network' however no networkmanager, though the package says its installed when i try to.  Any idea?06:34
_2navetz but if you have the time.  ask again in #kubuntu and wait for a reply.06:34
navetz_2: alrigth06:35
clearzenravenor_: I have to bottle some brew. good luck.06:35
sugiI need help. I am pulling out my hair.  I am using the program called "Pystromo" it sets custom remap keys.  I can't for the life of me, asign one of my keys to Mouse CLICK 1 Buttom (or just Button 1 *the left click button on a mouse")  Does anyone know how to do this in Pystromo?  Please help.06:35
_2DarkKnight cool.   so you know what you did then to get it to work,    and you learned how to check for things like that in the feuture also.   cool deal.06:35
unopmattgyver83, have you tried reinstall network-manager ?06:36
DarkKnight_2; i didnt get you06:36
=== cakey is now known as zombie_nomnom
DarkKnightunop; http://paste.ubuntu.com/104252/06:36
unopDarkKnight, ok, where have you booted up into now?06:37
_Cidwolter:  back, sorry - inet dropped06:37
wolterwill intrepid ibex's giver package work in hardy heron?06:38
_Cidwolter: dont count on it - best not to mix distrubutions06:38
DarkKnightunop; in the sense06:38
unopwolter, probably but you don't want to do that -- you could backport the package tho06:38
wolteralso, if somebody has expirience with finger-swiping, let me know06:38
mattgyver83unop, just tryed, no changes06:38
wolteris giver in the hardy-backports?06:39
ThreetimesHi, how do I execute a command after inserting my USB drive?06:39
ThreetimesThe command would be "unison default"06:39
unopwolter, find out.  http://packages.ubuntu.com06:39
DarkKnightunop; i didnt understand??06:40
wolterunop, ah, it isn't.06:40
unopmattgyver83, that'd odd, i'm not sure what's going on here.06:40
unopDarkKnight, have you managed to boot the machine ok?06:40
DarkKnightunop; when i booted...it checked for errors06:40
sugiDoes anyone here uses Pystromo?06:40
DarkKnightunop; it checked twice06:41
quassel251can someone help trobleshooting k3b?06:41
sugiquassel251: i can try... what's wrong?06:42
wolteris there any windows-linux-mac software that will give me a dropbox kind of file sharing?06:43
silv3r_m00nhi there... how can i make kate , kwrite etc to use \r\n for newlines ...?06:43
quassel251sugi: my burner sometimes is recognized sometimes dont06:43
darkbook_alguien me puede decir si hay la posibilidad de que lo incluyan en el nuevo kubuntu??06:43
tritium!es | darkbook_06:43
ubottudarkbook_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.06:43
_Cidwolter:  given up on samba? :)06:43
wolter_Cid, did i send you my smb.conf?06:43
darkbook_sorry, thanks!!06:43
quassel251sugi: in windows I can write dvds in linux cant06:43
_Cidwolter: I never got it - but I lost connetion for a bit06:44
wolter_Cid, here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/104250/06:44
_Cidwolter:  ok - looking, hang on06:44
sparrI am experiencing the problem where the forcedeth driver doesn't like nvidia NICs with backwards MAC addresses.  Is there a way, short of hacking the kernel myself, to avoid the random MAC assignment and instead get a predictable MAC?  changing MAC every time I reboot is playing merry hell with configuration on my router.06:44
BigMikehow do I know if I have an nvidia graphics card or not?06:44
sugiquassel251: it sounds like something else is accessing it and not allowing it to be shared with other apps.  does  a restart always fix it?06:44
quassel251sugi: I tried to reinstall the system but didnt work06:45
sparrBigMike: lspci should tell you06:45
_2quassel251 open a konsole,  and run k3b from there, that will let you see any messages it returns.     sop for debugging a gui app06:45
tuna_Is there some way to see a list of what harddrives and partitions the grub (hdX.X) numbers map to?06:46
quassel251_2: it says no cd/dvd driver found06:46
sugiI need help. I am pulling out my hair.  I am using the program called "Pystromo" it sets custom remap keys.  I can't for the life of me, asign one of my keys to Mouse CLICK 1 Buttom (or just Button 1 *the left click button on a mouse")  Does anyone know how to do this in Pystromo?  Please help.06:46
mattgyver83unop, this machine is running hardy, something i just read says networking-manager doesnt exist on this, any truth to that you are aware of?06:47
_2tuna_ cat /boot/grub/device*06:47
unoptuna_,  fdisk -l  #  hd0,1  refers to the second partition on the first harddrive (number starts at 0)06:47
tuna_unop & _2: thanks06:47
term_anyone know how to make VLC player as default player?06:47
unopmattgyver83, networking-manager doesn't but network-manager does06:47
unop!info network-manager hardy06:47
mattgyver83sorry, thats what i meant06:47
ubottunetwork-manager (source: network-manager): network management framework daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.6-0ubuntu5.8.04.1 (hardy), package size 152 kB, installed size 572 kB06:47
quassel251_2: I run from terminal06:48
* _2 might mention to unop and tuna_ device.map and the fact that bios order is used durring boot time, not kernel order. (they can differ)06:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ntfs-config06:50
ori /server irc.w3.org 666506:50
term_anyone know how to make VLC player as default player in Ubuntu 8.10?06:51
pan"~/Desktop/swiftweasel/swiftweasel-bin" how would i run this program with one command06:51
=== LBSources- is now known as LBSources
pancd ~/Desktop/swiftweasel;./swiftweasel-bin ??06:52
CaptainMorganterm_, what have you tried so far?06:52
tritiumpan: no, cd is to change directories06:52
CaptainMorganterm_, I run 8.04 but I imagine it's the same, no?06:52
ubottudpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.06:52
panbut i wnat to go to that directory06:52
panand run ./swiftweasel-bin06:52
pancd ~/Desktop/swiftweasel;./swiftweasel-bin ??06:52
tritiumpan: you don't need to change directories to run it.  Just specify the entire path.  It it set executable?06:52
CaptainMorganmaybe preferred applications in System > would do it too.. ?06:53
pancd ~/Desktop/swiftweasel/./swiftweasel-bin ??06:53
pan~/Desktop/swiftweasel/./swiftweasel-bin ??06:53
=== Milosz is now known as deadchip
_2no dot06:53
mattgyver83unop, found the file in a different folder, thanks for your help.06:54
_2!tab > pan06:54
ubottupan, please see my private message06:54
tritiumpan: and you never answered my question.  Is it set executable?06:54
Glennexhi guys! very new in ubuntu here and need your help very badly06:54
panit is executable as in if i click in it in nautilus?06:54
_CidGlennex:  uh oh, I hope its an easy one!06:55
term_CaptainMorgan: i dont know how to do it06:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about yum06:55
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)06:55
Glennexi cannot install build essential from cdrom coz im having this "failed to mount cdrom" error :(06:55
quassel251c an so06:55
unoppuneeth, please /query ubottu  to do that in private06:55
ravenor_Hardy, Atheros wireless. After upgrading to 2.6.23-24, wireless stopped working. Reinstalling the drivers works up to the point where I "sudo modprobe ath_pci", which gives me "unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)". What should I do now?06:56
_CidGlennex:  but..you are online ....right? :)06:56
quassel251_2: Its running but It dont recognize the burner06:56
_2Glennex sudo06:56
puneethunop; i am pretty new to ubuntu folks... please tolerate my nonsense06:56
Glennexi can open files from cd06:56
panit works if i click on swiftweasel-bin using nautilus06:56
panbut i want to run in through terminal06:56
tritiumpan: we told you how06:57
puneethis there any way to become root in ubuntu?06:57
_CidGlennex: the way I see it, why bother with cd if you are online? :)06:57
tritium!rootsudo | puneeth06:57
ubottupuneeth: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)06:57
_Cidpuneeth: yeah ..not recommended ..but you can do   sudo -i   or sudo su06:57
unoppuneeth, sudo -i06:57
AceBlade258how do i delete a directory i don't want (that i made) i.e. /Media06:57
_CidAceBlade258:   rm -rf06:57
unop_Cid, err, sudo su is redundant06:57
wolterdoes mono include gtk, net, and everything?06:58
_Cidunop: so people keep telling me <shrug>06:58
panpan@pan-laptop:~$ ~/Desktop/swiftweasel/swiftweasel-bin06:58
pan/home/pan/Desktop/swiftweasel/swiftweasel-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libjemalloc.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:58
_Cidunop:  but if you get tired of typing sudo 98273 times, its a great way of doing it :)06:58
unop_Cid, why become the superuser to run another user that lets you become the superuser?06:58
_2quassel251 i'm lagging to much to help really,  and #kubuntu is the propper channel for that issue.  however someone in here (tritium maybe) can help if there is no answer in the other channel06:58
unop_Cid, s/another user/another program/06:59
_Cidunop:  sudo su  makes you root - and keeps you root06:59
Glennexcan anybody help solve my problem?06:59
unop_Cid, as does sudo -i06:59
CaptainMorganGlennex, which is?06:59
CaptainMorgan!ask | Glennex,06:59
ubottuGlennex,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:59
quassel251_2: ok thanks :-)06:59
tritiumThanks, _2.  I'm actually on my way to bed.  Have a good night.  quassel251 please ask the channel, and someone will help.06:59
Glennexcannot install build essential from cdrom06:59
_CidGlennex:  you tried07:00
_CidGlennex: have you tried "apt-get install build-essential" ?07:00
Glennexit says failed to mount cdrom07:00
Glennextried that07:00
RomeReactorpan:  If you _must_ run it from its own directory, try this:07:00
RomeReactorsh -c "cd /home/pan/Desktop/swiftweasel && ./swiftweasel-bin"07:00
sfuentesGoogle Chrome for Linux should be out my Q2 2009, woohoo!07:00
_Cidyou still got the install cd-rom in te drive?07:00
_2_Cid sudo -i == sudo su -     as far as user shell is concerned,  however, there is more overhead (and the option for more logging) with sudo su -07:01
unopRomeReactor, eh?  /home/pan/Desktop/swiftweasel/swiftweasel-bin  # suffices07:01
Glennexi can browse files from cd07:01
panthanku so much07:01
pani learned something today07:01
_2tritium just knew that you could if not busy.   some can't.07:01
Mac191hi i just plugged my 2 ubuntu 8.10 pcs together and cant seem to find a straight forward guide to sharing files between em? (there connected with a crossover cable)?07:01
_Cid_2:  I noticed things "wrong" with sudo -i ... good ol' su just works :P07:01
pannow must read man pages for sh07:01
jbhlspci -> creative labs ectiva EV193807:01
panthx RomeReactor07:01
jbhno sound07:01
unoppan, note: that's a silly way to do it.07:02
puneeththx _Cid> i had to import some firewall rules from http://www.itech7.com/Security/Secure-your-Linux-Box-using-IPTables-Firewall07:02
Flannel!noroot | _Cid07:02
ubottu_Cid: We don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)07:02
Glennex_Cid can u please help me07:02
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
puneethwhat is the difference between sudo su and sudo -i?07:02
_Cidoh come on .. the question was 'how do I become root' - this IS linux guys, not windows ...the power to do what you want07:02
Glennexso far i tried sudo apt-cdrom07:03
unoppuneeth,  sudo su # is a silly way.07:03
Glennexis there any work around installing build essential from cdrom?07:03
puneethwith sudo su i see root@puneeth-desktop:/home/puneeth# with sudo -i i see root@puneeth-desktop:~#07:03
_CidGlennex:  ah, that would not work - I am not sure what is going on with your cd-rom ... lets try to remove that from your apt rep's   so you can get it from the internet, that works07:03
pan/home/pan/Desktop/swiftweasel/swiftweasel-bin doesn't unop07:03
FlannelGlennex: Does `sudo apt-cdrom add` give you an error?07:03
tabris|awayunop: `sudo su` is equiv to `sudo -s`, but I haveyet to find an equiv for `sudo su -l`07:04
Glennexyes flannel07:04
Glennexthats correct07:04
Flanneltabris|away: sudo -i07:04
FlannelGlennex: No error? alright, once you've done sudo apt-cdrom add, do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install build-essential07:04
tabris|awayFlannel: thanks... taht will likely come in handy!07:04
Glennex_Cid problem is i dont have internet, that is why i will install build essential to install drivers for my wireless card07:04
ndlovuI see ubuntu made the NYT most-emailed list this morning... not bad. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/11/business/11ubuntu.html07:04
panwhat is the difference between "&&" and ";"07:04
jimmioHello all, I just added Windows 7 Beta to my machine and can't seem to configure GRUB to boot it... root seems to be hd0,2...07:05
_CidGlennex: ah ok - my bad, I thought you said you had internet :)07:05
unoptabris|away, it's not.  and  sudo -i  to simulate a login07:05
Glennexflannel, i mean i got error "failed to mount cdrom"07:05
FlannelGlennex: Is the cdrom mounted already? If so, unmount it.07:05
Glennextried that already07:05
Glennexthe same prob07:05
Flannelpan: && is a boolean and.  Which will short circuit (if you know what that is).  Basically, command1 && command2 will only do command2 if command1 completes successfully (returns 0)07:06
Glennexi cannot add cdrom source also from the synaptic07:06
davcastbuon giorno !07:06
FlannelGlennex: alright, we can do it manually.  Mount the CDrom, then browse it.  You'll find build-essential (And the dependencies it needs) and you can just install them by double clicking07:06
pani understand now07:06
panmakes sense07:07
anr78how can I check which display driver I'm currently using?07:07
puneethwhat does chmod the file mean?07:07
Flannelpan: whereas c1 ; c2 will do c2 regardless of c1.  Similarly, c1 || c2 will only do c2 if c1 exits with non-zero (generally failure)07:07
_Cidpuneeth: to change permissions on the file07:07
AceBlade258sorry, rm didn't work07:07
Glennextried that also and i thought thats the easiest way of installing it but i got error also07:07
_Cidpuneeth: who can do what to it07:07
AceBlade258jon@Bushido:~$ sudo rm /media07:07
AceBlade258rm: cannot remove `/media': Is a directory07:07
panthx flannel07:08
Glennexi forgot the error it says something like "g++"07:08
unopAceBlade258, why do you want to remove /media. you shouldn't have to.07:08
anr78AceBlade258: rm -r (-r means recursive)07:08
anr78AceBlade258: but, what unop said :)07:08
puneeth_Cid; how can a chmod a file located at '/home/puneeth/Desktop/Unsaved Document 1'07:08
unoppuneeth,  chmod ... "/home/puneeth/Desktop/Unsaved Document 1"07:09
tom_this may seem like a stupid question, but is there a way to get svideo to work on ubuntu so i can stream movies to my tv?07:09
AceBlade258oh, oops, i made it and don't want it07:09
_Cidpuneeth: you got a space in there, use auto complete or wrap it in quotes for it to work07:09
AceBlade258and thanks07:09
ohmygodpuneeth, use tab07:09
unopAceBlade258, /media is system directory .. be careful deleting it07:10
puneethohmygod; tab for what?07:10
Glennexhelp me guys :(07:10
_Cidpuneeth: tab is auto complete07:10
puneethunop; what is ... have to do?07:10
ohmygodpuneeth, like that:  /home/.../Unsaved{tab}...07:10
ohmygodpuneeth, shell will auto complete07:11
Flannel!helpme | Glennex07:11
ubottuGlennex: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience07:11
unoppuneeth,  ... is for you to fill in the permissions you want.07:11
FlannelGlennex: "an error something like 'g++'" doesn't give us a whole lot to work with.  CAn you try again, and tell us what the erorr actually is?07:11
puneethunop; gime an example07:11
ytnylguys... need serious help here. i have a huge amount of text in my terminal from a php script i ran, which i need... but i cant spend an hour using the mouse to select it to copy/paste07:11
_CidGlennex: also, that sounds like the erro ryou get when compiling ..not when trying to install ( just guessing here)07:12
unoppuneeth,  chmod  g+w  "/home/puneeth/Desktop/Unsaved Document 1"07:12
ytnylwhy is there no way to save the text on my screen?07:12
_Cidytnyl:  can you run it again?07:12
unoppuneeth,  chmod  o-rwx  "/home/puneeth/Desktop/Unsaved Document 1"07:12
puneethwhat is g=w mean?07:12
cup0beansis there any way to get the default gnome panel instead of the ubuntu menus? I want the gnome foot logo haha07:12
Flannel!permissions | puneeth07:12
ubottupuneeth: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions07:12
_Cidytnyl:  if you can run it again   do    php script >> lots_of.txt    and all output will go there07:12
unoppuneeth, http://www.washington.edu/computing/unix/permissions.html07:12
ytnyltell _cid probably not because twitter restricts api and i think they are getting upset. i ran this script twice already07:13
tom_can anybody tell me how to set the display options so i can svideo out to a tv....i really dont want to have to install winblows on a partition just so i can watch movies07:13
ytnylaww, man...07:13
_Cidytnyl:  hehe07:13
AceBlade258damn, directory's still there?07:13
ytnyllol.. i can't remember how to talk to people on here even07:13
_2chmod 644 /path/to/file.name07:13
anr78I use my Ubuntu laptop in a docking station with en external display both at my home office and at work. The external displays have different resolutions, and I haven't been able to find an X configuration that just works for both of them. I have to manually switch xorg.conf when I change docking. Anyone got some fresh ideas to offer?07:13
ytnylthere we go07:13
ytnylwhat is going on here...07:15
Mac191hi i just plugged my 2 ubuntu 8.10 pcs together and cant seem to find a straight forward guide to sharing files between em? (there connected with a crossover cable)?07:15
_2AceBlade258 deleting /media ?    grep -q media /proc/mounts && sudo rm -R /media || echo 'dismount the blamed thing first!'07:15
_2AceBlade258 but you'll prolly want to   sudo mkdir -p /media    to put it back  :)))07:16
AceBlade258i made it as a mounting point, but i don't want it anymore07:16
AceBlade258i also have a really tricky problem if anyone's up for it07:17
Mac191sudo rm -rf path2point07:17
_2really tricky ?07:17
jeeves_Mosswhat is the support channel for OpenOffice?07:18
_2#oo.org ?07:18
imaginativeonehow do I disable the system debugger?07:18
CuriosTigerHi all07:19
sam__hi all07:19
sam__need help starting 2 ADSL modems on my ubuntu box..07:20
sam__when i run pppoeconf its only picks up and sets up one.. i need both to run on "ppp0" & "ppp1" any pointers?07:20
PC_NerdI want to add a user to group "daemon", with a different home directory than /home/{user}      sudo useradd -b /home/daemon/htdocs -g daemon daemon-ftp       that simply displays the output from "useradd --help"... any suggestions?07:21
jimmioHello again... What can I do to find the root location for GRUB of a certain partition?07:21
_CidPC_Nerd:  adduser instead of useradd? :)07:21
CuriosTigerapt is driving me a bit nuts. a) is 'apt-cache search //' really the only way to get a list of installed packages from the command line? b) is apt-file the only way to list the files inside each package? c) does apt-file update actually work? it's been "running" with no indication of progress for about half an hour now07:21
untappedpilot2how can i setup a printer that is connected to my router?07:22
_2PC_Nerd if the username is daemon-ftp  then you'll prolly need to quote it.07:22
CuriosTigeraccording to top, apt-file isn't working particularly hard either07:22
_2_Cid for that case i disagree. but to each his own07:22
AceBlade258*buntu will not boot if my sata drives are connected07:23
_2CuriosTiger apt-cache is not at all a good way to list installed packages.   man dpkg     (-l)07:23
AceBlade258any idea's07:24
ubuntu-u-s-rhi all07:24
_2CuriosTiger apt-cache is not at all a good way to list installed packages.   man dpkg     ( 1. -l    2. -L )07:24
sloopyAceBlade258, is grub using the UUID for specifying the mounts?07:24
CuriosTiger_2: Yeah, you said that. Now, how about a list of files inside a given package?07:24
ubuntu-u-s-ri was messed with my partition07:24
PC_Nerdsudo adduser --home /home/daemon/htdocs --group daemon daemon-ftp       "adduser: Specify only one name in this mode"07:24
untappedpilot2why not just filter for installed packages in synaptic07:24
=== deadchip is now known as Milosz
_2CuriosTiger i said that07:24
karakilled  israel  moron israel gazzaa  killed  childreenn  anan0131z0131  sikeyim   israil areyou  understend07:25
karakilled israel07:25
karakilled  israell07:25
sloopyAceBlade258, does grub load at all?07:25
CuriosTigeris that man dpkg07:25
CuriosTigerkara: so you're upset Israel kills people, so you want to kill people too? You make no sense. Stop trolling.07:25
rooney_bonjour tout le monde07:25
CuriosTigerrooney: God dag til deg.07:26
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience07:26
anr78rooney_: heisann07:26
ubuntu-u-s-ri was able make it larger but i was make it smaller, i`m wubi user - ubuntu is installed as application. Someone's help me?07:26
AceBlade258*buntu (i put that because i have all three) starts to load then a command line pops up and says sumthin about the device and at the end of the line it says errno=-507:26
=== timothy_ is now known as VideoSmith
VideoSmithStupid comp.07:27
_CidGlennex: did you post the adctual error message? I might have missed it07:27
CuriosTiger_2: Oh, -L does that. Sorry. Thanks. :)07:27
VideoSmithNo I didn't say that *pets comp* :P07:27
kara Israel kills people, so you want to kill people  and  childrenn  are you understendd  killss israell07:27
error404notfoundusing apt-get, how can I upgrade a certain package?07:27
sxphow can i have empotrated a xterm in my Desktop?07:28
Flannelerror404notfound: sudo apt-get install package07:28
error404notfoundFlannel: that's for install, right? what about upgrade?07:28
_Ciderror404notfound:  apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade will upgrade all your currently installed packages..if you just want to update one to the latest status ..see Flannel's post :)07:28
Flannelerror404notfound: That'll upgrade it to the newest version07:28
ytnylis there a way to get text off my terminal screen without using copy and paste?07:28
=== timothy_ is now known as VideoSmith2
ytnyli have to transfer like 60 megs of text07:28
sxpi want to have a terminal in the background07:28
rooney_ Israel kills people, so you want to kill07:28
Flannelytnyl: What is generating it?07:29
miranda_psiytnyl: is this from running a program?07:29
Flannelrooney_: Drop it pleaae07:29
CuriosTigerkara: I understand you are trolling in a channel where it's not appropriate. Go to #politics or something.07:29
sloopyAceBlade258, what does it say about the device? and how big is the HD?07:29
VideoSmith2lol XChat is actually pretty good as well as Konversation.07:29
Flannelytnyl: run the command again likethis:  command > ~/path/to/file  that'll put the output in the file.07:29
VideoSmith2Which is the better IRC client I don't know.07:29
_2ytnyl command that outputs the data > redirrected to a file      cat /etc/passwd > ~/my_passwd_backup  #one example07:30
_CidVideoSmith: personal prefernces, try some out - find one you like07:30
AceBlade258somthing about a timeout i think, one's a 500GB and the other is a 160GB07:30
VideoSmith_Cid:  Thanks for the advice ;)07:30
VideoSmith2_Cid:  We appreciate it07:30
_2ytnyl you can use such things over ssh as well07:30
AceBlade258both formatted as NTFS:-(07:30
sloopyAceBlade258, can you pastebin the /boot/grub/menu.lst ?07:30
_CidVideoSmith2:  for linux, lot of people prefer Xchat07:31
=== GodTodd__ is now known as GodTodd
ytnyli still don't know how to get around directories even with this07:31
ytnyli am used to dos, but not all commands are the same07:31
_Cidytnyl:  ?    cd? :)07:31
VideoSmith_Cid:  interesting.07:31
_2ytnyl cat blah | ssh user@host tee -a filename07:31
_Cidytnyl:  cd <dir>   cd .. takes you back out one07:31
_2ytnyl yes path is optional07:32
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:32
AceBlade258pastebin? sorry, i'm kinda new07:32
ytnylthe slashes confuse me, though07:32
DarkKnightcan anyone tell me how to compile and execute C programs in anjuta07:32
VideoSmith_Cid:  It seems the only difference is the channel tabs bar thing.07:32
sloopy!pastebin | AceBlade25807:32
ubottuAceBlade258: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:32
ytnyltwitter is going to ban me if i keep running this script.. hopefully they let me do it once more so i can get it right07:32
nihil161I'm having a lot of problems getting things to compile with any headers like iostream using gcc to compile c++.  It compiles into an object fine but throws out a bunch of crap on the linking.  By messing with it I was able to get it to compile fully however it didn't do anything.  The program was just a test program that printed hello, world but it didn't display the text.  I have build-essential installed.  Anyone have any ideas?07:33
VideoSmith_Cid:  Under Konversation, the channel tabs are at the bottom.  On XChat, the channel list is on the left.07:33
VideoSmithWell, have fun m8ies.  Kill each other.07:33
ytnyli try it again...  hopefully it work. thank you everyone07:33
_CidVideoSmith: :)  some are different..some support different looks ..some are cross platform (so you can use the same on yoru mac at work) etc etc - it really comes down to preference07:33
operahello.when i open a word file using openoffice, it too slowly . how can i settle this problem?07:33
_2opera one way would be to NOT use M$ formats07:34
ytnylahhh...  they not let me run it again07:35
ytnylmust be because i take up so much bandwidth07:35
sxphow can embed a terminal on the desktop?07:35
_Cidytnyl:  try again in 24 hours? :)07:35
_2sxp apt-cache search imbeded terminal07:36
RPSguys is anyone familiar with  mobloquer? It's a program to provide a level of protection when downloading torrents.07:36
sxpsorry for me english ;-)07:36
operabut, i have to acess doc.because i have to give others a  .doc file07:36
AceBlade258if that file is rewritten at each boot it probly won't be any help...07:36
AceBlade258the drives weren't connected at this booyt07:37
Glennexok, i manually install build essential by just double clicking the file but gave me this error:dependency is not satisfiable: g++07:37
DarkKnightcan anyone tell me how to compile and execute C programs in anjuta07:37
FlannelGlennex: You'll have to start by installing (through double clicking) the dependencies.  so go find (on the CD) the g++ deb, install that, then go back to build-essential, and see what else it wants.07:38
cjzmy screen resolution seems to be wrong for my monitor. the fonts are so big that it does not fit07:38
Glennexany ideas?07:38
_CidGlennex: find the g++ package, and try to double click (install) that one first07:38
operado you any ideas about acess .doc file in linux07:38
Glennexis that available from cd too?07:39
_CidGlennex: yes07:39
FlannelGlennex: Yeah, everything that build-essential needs is on the CD07:39
operabut  it so slow that i can't endure07:39
sxp_2 no results found07:39
AceBlade258opera: save the file as an oo.org format and reopen it07:39
Glennexhmm.. i see, i will try this at once07:40
sxpwith apt-cache search imbeded terminal07:40
DarkKnightcan anyone tell me how to compile and execute C programs in anjuta07:40
cjzcan anyone help me fit my screen resolution to my monitor?07:40
AceBlade258opera: then save it as a .doc again if you need to07:40
operaaceblade258 , but i have to report a doc file to my boss.07:40
_2so shorten to  apt-cache search terminal    and maybe filter through grep or less   idk  i was just offering a way to search  sxp07:41
error404notfoundhow can I login using a different user within a window? so that I can do like vnc?07:41
_Cidsxp:  havent tried this myself ...but here is a tutorial on doing just that http://icehot.wordpress.com/2008/05/11/ubuntu-hardy-tutorial-embed-terminal-into-your-desktop/07:41
operaACE ,i will test it according what you said , thank you07:41
Baz_what advantages does ubuntu have as a SERVER over debian?07:41
_2_Cid nice find.07:42
AceBlade258no problem07:42
_Cidsxp:  oh, looks like you can do it with screenlets - try: sudo apt-get install screenlets07:42
FlannelBaz_: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition07:42
AceBlade258ubottu: any news, much obliged07:42
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:42
Baz_Flannel: thanks thats a pretty good article07:43
AceBlade258sloopy: any news, much obliged07:43
sxp_Cid, ok07:43
johnweddwhats the news on Jaunty07:44
Baz_but actually the article doesn't mention advantages over debian07:44
Flanneljohnwedd: #ubuntu+1 for Jaunty questions07:44
Mal3kohow do we check for failed ssh login attempts..or bruteforce attemps?07:44
harleypiganyone familiar with the pam module pam_time time.conf syntax?07:44
sloopyAceBlade258, sry i am at work got busy a min...07:44
Baz_any suggestions on a good freeware ubuntu/IMAP solution?07:45
FlannelBaz_: What's wrong with dovecot?07:45
AceBlade258that's fine, help is help07:45
Baz_Flannel: I know very little... so dovecot you say? I will look into it, anything else?07:45
sloopyAceBlade258, is your boot drive on pata or sata?07:45
AceBlade258the boot drive is a pata07:46
FlannelBaz_: there's a few, but dovecot is fairly simple (of course, theoretically everything is fairly simple).  Dovecot tends to scale better with larger mailboxes than some of the others07:46
sam__i second that about dovecot07:46
Baz_Flannel: does it have a nice webmail interface or would that be a separate product07:47
FlannelBaz_: That'd be separate.  dovecot is just an IMAP(S) and/or POP(S) server07:47
tsai0Hi all, trying to help a buddy to mount his hard drive on a winxp pc with an ubuntu live cd 8.10 using the mount -t ntfs-3g/dev/sda1/media/disk -o force command at the command line the results are at http://pastebin.com/m2924f4e2. Any ideas as to what to do next?07:47
jtajiBaz_: squirrel mail is popular for that07:47
Baz_Flannel: looking for something flashy/ajaxy - well designed07:47
jtajiBaz_: definitely not flash/ajaxy though :p07:47
Mal3koguys how do we check for failed ssh login attempts..or bruteforce attemps?07:47
Baz_jtaji: ever seen smartermail (for windows) - very slick web interface07:48
FlannelBaz_: roundcube is07:48
earthling tsai0:give a  space between 3g and /dev07:48
Baz_Flannel: now is that just a webmail product that goes ontop of mail servers?07:49
FlannelBaz_: It's a HTTP based mail client that connects to your IMAP server, yes.07:49
sloopyAceBlade258, yeah i had this same problem, when i installed a sata drive in my machine i am trying to rem what i did to fix it...07:49
Baz_Flannel: perfect!07:49
earthling tsai0: also add sudo before the whole command07:49
AceBlade258tsai0: sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/disk -o force07:50
AceBlade258don't forget the spaces07:50
earthlingAceBlade258: how could one do that!!!!07:50
Baz_is LAMP an option for ubuntu server install07:50
earthlingAceBlade258: with a command07:50
jtajiBaz_: it sure is07:51
Baz_so awesome07:51
madhuhow to geek into others system in ubuntu Network07:52
madhui m new to ubuntu ,,,can any body help me07:52
AceBlade258earthling: he did, and i have in the past07:52
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:52
tsai0earthling: i will have him do this.  he can't connect to the internet on the problem pc so I'm having to do eveything in pastebin so he can see it.  Thanks for your patience :)07:52
AceBlade258madhu: what are you switching from and what do you need help with?07:52
milos_Mal3ko, not sure but think it's /var/log/auth.log07:53
madhuhow can i know some one is acessing my system07:53
sloopymadhu, start here  http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html07:53
_Cidmadhu:  accessing..or hacked?    a 'w' command will tell you who is logged in07:53
madhuohhh ,,,means who command07:54
_Cidmadhu:  you can use 'who' as well :)07:54
madhuya i can see07:54
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
_2or w07:54
madhuhow can avoid some one capturing my incomming and outgoing packets through wirehark ?07:55
Baz_Flannel: in my dovecot searches i bumped into courier and cyrus - what are your thoughts07:55
madhuhow can i avoid some one capturing my incomming and outgoing packets through wirehark ?07:55
FlannelBaz_: dovecot performs better on larger mailboxes07:55
FlannelBaz_: Also, you almost certainly want to use Maildir for storage07:55
AceBlade258is anyone using a logitech g15 keyboard?07:55
camelelhello, i'm looking for a site/blog to host my linux arcticles07:56
madhuhow can i avoid some one capturing my incomming and outgoing packets through wirehark ?07:56
camelelanyone knows any?07:56
hischild!repeat | madhu07:56
ubottumadhu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience07:56
Baz_Flannel: will do, any other tips/tricks/gotchas to know about? This is going to be very low load but large install - basically I want to host all my family's email forever without ever having to download locally...07:57
madhuanybody knows about firestarter firewall,,,,how can i run it in background so that,,,,i keep on using network connection07:58
Baz_Flannel: oops, didn't mean to say large install - it is going to be low load, few boxes, but very many msgs perhaps with big attachments in each boxz07:58
FlannelBaz_: You're grabbing from many sources, right?  ISP pop accounts, etc?07:58
jeeves_Mosshow do I get the spell checker of OpenOffice installed?  I have attemped to spell something seriously wrong, and it STILL dosen't get the bad spellings.07:59
Baz_Flannel: not really, the boxes are going to reside their with our own domain name - but now that you mention it that could be a great feature - what were ut hinking07:59
jeeves_MossFlannel, hey man, long time no chat!08:00
abliHi! I have an schroot sbuild setup as described in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SbuildLVMHowto  Any idea how can I keep the ephemeral schroot around so that I can enter it when there is a build failure?08:01
FlannelBaz_: getmail (or fetchmail) will do that (fetch from a whole lot of external mail things), then you route that stuff through procmail if you want to do any sorting, and then procmail stores it in Maildir format (~/Maildir); then dovecot serves that email via IMAP to your clients (thunderbird, mutt, roundcube, whatever).  To send email, the clients send it to the ISPs servers, and then store a copy on the IMAP.08:01
FlannelBaz_: that's generally how that's done.08:01
MakuseruHi, i seem to be having an audio problem. I cannot get any sort of audio, when ever i play something in Amarok all the meters and everything move like the song is suppose to be playing, yet i dont hear anything. Anyone know what would cause this?08:01
hischild!sound | Makuseru08:02
ubottuMakuseru: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP308:02
FlannelBaz_: I personally use getmail.... I found it easier to configure than fetchmail, but if you ask me for specific merits... that was a long time ago ;)08:02
FlannelBaz_: But, that's how you can have all of your email on your home server and available to all of your various computers.08:02
jeeves_Mosshow do I get the spell checker of OpenOffice installed?  I have attemped to spell something seriously wrong, and it STILL dosen't get the bad spellings.08:03
Baz_Flannel: you're turning me on... hahaha08:03
_2how does that differ from exim ?08:03
Flannel_2: This allows you to not actually "be" your own mail server.  Your IMAP server just fetches mail from all your various accounts (like a regular email client would)08:04
AceBlade258*buntu will not boot if my sata drives are connected08:04
Baz_Flannel: the one thing i would change is sending thru the isp - what for? If you travel you need to keep changing your smtp settings?08:05
_2oh,  ok.08:05
styleI want to run a small webhost for a few friends. Can I get something like cPanel for ubunt? A package that supplies me with configuration. And user management.08:05
cameleli've installed x11vnc package through aptitude and configured the port and opened it in iptables/ufw and when i 'nmap localhost' i can see the port open, and also i've ran /usr/bin/Xvnc and if i try running it again it says "fatal server error, server is already active for display 0" but still, can't vnc to the box or to the x11 session08:06
camelelany ideas?08:06
FlannelBaz_: Well in this case the TX and RX are entirely separate, so sending could be done however.  For most people that tends to be as close to "I'm just a regular person" as possible, vs having your own smarthost or relay08:06
AceBlade258help :'(08:06
MatilloHey, I just went in to enable the windows networking packages and I reboot and I come up with a misconfigured video card driver. I've been using the fglrx ati driver, but I can't figure out how to use aticonfig to set it back up, lshw's saying my video card is unclaimed. I'm new to linux and this is the third or fourth time I've had to reinstall video drivers this week, any tips?08:07
FlannelAceBlade258: Sounds like your BIOS is trying to boot to the SATA over the PATA.  See if you can change the order in your BIOS08:07
Baz_Flannel: what about saving mail in MySQL - is that done?08:08
ytnyldoes anyone know how i can post a file in xml into my blog and it be readable?08:08
AceBlade258lol, i should be more specific, grub starts to load08:08
camelelso you just want to replace linux to be first on grub list?08:09
FlannelBaz_: Not that I've heard of, but... I wouldn't have looked into it if I saw it mentioned.08:09
jeeves_MossFlannel, do you have a sec?08:10
Flanneljeeves_Moss: I'm not too familiar with OOo and spell checking, sorry.08:10
AceBlade258actually *buntu starts to load then it goes to a command line that says somthing about a timeout i think, and at the end of the line it says errno=-508:10
AceBlade258that line keeps repeating08:11
jeeves_MossFlannel, no worries.  how have you been?08:11
Flanneljeeves_Moss: Pretty good.  Yourself?08:11
jeeves_MossI'm doin...08:11
cameleli've installed x11vnc package through aptitude and configured the port and opened it in iptables/ufw and when i 'nmap localhost' i can see the port open, and also i've ran /usr/bin/Xvnc and if i try running it again it says "fatal server error, server is already active for display 0" but still, can't vnc to the box or to the x11 session, any ideas?08:11
jason_camelel u on 8.1008:12
camelelyea man08:12
darrenhi every one, what is the best method for cloning an ubuntu installation on to a larger hdd, its fun to install but i dont really want to go thru it all again haha08:12
camelel8.10 is the current right?08:12
jason_i hate 8.1008:12
jason_yes im on 8.04 its alot better08:13
darrenjason: why?08:13
cameleland you got vnc working?08:13
AceBlade258darren: Clonezilla08:13
jason_it dont detcet have of the chipsets thats out08:13
hischildjason_, darren, if you don't mind, please take the discussion about which is better to #ubuntu-offtopic.08:13
* _2 hasn't seen an email in several years now. and has no desire to see another one.08:13
scienteshow do i keep programs from messing with my resolve.conf?08:13
jason_and it will not work with my i845g/gl08:13
scientesits  pissing me off08:13
AceBlade258if you need help i can walk you through it08:13
darrenAceBlade258: cheers mate08:14
styleD-link 122-g can I use it on ubuntu?08:14
_2but.  i may try to configure exim4 just for the learning curve08:14
styleDoes interpid support a lot more wireless?08:14
scienteshow do i figure out what program is messing with my resolv.conf08:15
_28.4 is LTS and 8.10 is newest, both are current, yes08:15
unopscientes,  it's usually dhclient or resolvconf .. most probably the former08:16
scientesi use neither08:16
unopscientes, but are they installed?08:16
scientesdhclient is08:16
Baz_during the ubuntu server install, what mail server are u installing if you choose "Mail Server" under "Lamp Server"?08:17
scienteswell i gues its used to connect to dsl08:17
scientesso i guess it is used08:17
_2scientes one can chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf   then the offending process will cry about not being able to change the file... that's one way to find it.08:17
unopscientes, and your interface gets an ip address automatically?08:17
Tech-Mikei8 peeps, installed vlc (which came with vlc-nox) but: vlc-nox = command not found08:17
scientesyes but i want to send my resolvs through the local caching server08:17
scientesas with everything wlse on the network08:17
unopscientes,  you can override options for resolv.conf in  /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf then08:17
jtajiBaz_: I think just postfix, I never bother with the "Mail Server" task08:18
_2Tech-Mike and ?    what are you trying to do ?08:19
debyljoin ubuntu.cz08:19
Baz_jtaji: ah ok... is dovecot available in apt-get?08:19
Tech-Miketrying to run vlc-nox in terminal08:19
_2Tech-Mike so run vlc08:19
jtajiBaz_: indeed08:19
Tech-Mikeif i wanted the gui - i would - i want to use terminal ... nox08:20
Baz_ok, now this may be a silly question, but is there anyway for me to use my gui to interact with a server that has no gui? Like remote X or something?08:20
Tech-Mikevlc-nox is installed but command not found - when i tested this is debian (not ubuntu) it was fine08:20
_2Tech-Mike dpkg -L vlc-nox | grep bin/08:21
styleWhat KDE does interpid use? and what kde does 7.10 use? and 8.04?08:21
Tech-Mike_2 which does?08:22
nike365AceBlade258: i get the following results with the    mount -t ntfs-3g/dev/sda1/media/disk -o force :http://pastebin.com/d6469f372  what should i do next?08:22
_2nothing    man   nothink08:22
jtajiBaz_: yeah but it's really pointless and wasteful for administering server... not to mention all the docs/tutorials will use the terminal08:22
Tech-Mikei already did: locate vlc-nox , and theres not a nox in bin08:22
unopnike365, best thing to do is boot up into windows *twice* and carry out a chkdsk there.08:22
V0iDcould anyone tell me where the host file is located in hardy heron?08:23
ytnylhow do i get an xml post onto my word press blog? anyone know how that works08:23
Blaenkanyone know how to recursively erase every file of extension .txt in a directory? (and like I said, recursively, so in all of its sub-directories as well)08:23
ytnyli have a big xml file i want to post on my blog08:23
unopBlaenk, find somewhere/ -iname "*.txt" -type f -exec rm -v {} \;08:23
Blaenkthank you unop I appreciate it08:23
GaduMy Ubuntu 8.04 doesn't recognize my monitor and I would like to force 1600x1200 resolution08:24
Gaduany tips?08:24
_2!ati > Gadu08:24
ubottuGadu, please see my private message08:24
_2one idea08:25
nike365unop: i  have committed those actions  and the results were file record segment is unreadable continuos with no boot result08:25
styleGadu: How do you know what resolution you have if the computer doesnt recognize it?08:25
_2you can put mode lines in the xorg.conf file Gadu if you know them.08:25
Gaduwindows installation uses 1600x1200@6008:25
unopnike365, did you do that *twice* tho?08:25
Gaduwant linux to use the same08:25
Baz_jtaji: even more something like working with apache's conf i find much more pleasing with gedit (for example) than in the console08:25
AceBlade258nike365 sorry, first sudo mkdir /media/disk08:26
Gadu_2: i put `Modes      "1600x1200" "1280x1024" "1280x960" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"`08:26
AceBlade258then rerun the command again08:26
AceBlade258sorry i was afk08:26
unopBaz_,  ssh -X you@server 'editor filename'08:27
jtajiBaz_: you can do that easily actually... without having to do remote x08:27
nike365AceBlade258: thnx will try that   brb08:27
=== PierreW_ is now known as PierreW
unopBaz_,  some editors can edit remote files - don't know if gedit is one of them.  alternatively, you can mount the remote files locally, edit them, etc.08:27
jtajiBaz_: in ubuntu desktop .. places > connect to server... use ssh, then open the file with gedit from the file manager08:27
Baz_excellent suggestions guys!08:28
_2jtaji sounds like  fish://08:28
V0iDcould anyone tell me where the host file is located in hardy heron?08:28
_CidV0iD:  I would guess  /etc/hosts08:28
V0iD_Cid: thanks dude i'm anewbie! 0_o08:29
_CidV0iD:  a little less now, you welcome - rock on :-)08:29
_2V0iD me too08:29
KatangawiseHi all! I have one quation.. May be a strange alittle.. If I want work from command line only, how can I see pictures, movies and play mp3 files? :)08:30
styleKatangawise: You need x to see movies08:31
unopKatangawise,  use appropriate programs :)08:31
Katangawiseunop, escuse me? what programes?08:32
Katangawisestyle, From X only?08:32
_2Katangawise svgalibs + vlc plays movies nicely  even on slow systems.  mpg123 mplayer and vlc all play mp3s ...08:32
nite_johnboyHi - Using a dual boot - had problems with one partition and lost my grub boot loader - can I get this back by booting to Ububtu CD ?08:32
styleKatangawise: May I ask why you are trying to see movies in a terminal?08:32
SJrXnite_johnboy,  yes08:32
=== ziroday` is now known as ziroday
_2style no. you don't need x to see movies.08:33
Baz_if you install ubuntu-desktop ontop of ubuntu server, does that mean it will always be running even if you are not logged on? Is that why it is considered wasteful?08:33
yoyit2OGMRip keeps freezing at 66% how do i fix this?08:33
style_2: Can I play movies via ssh?08:33
_2style   probably, i've never tried   heh.08:33
SJrXstyle_2, you can mount the movies over an SSH connection08:33
SJrXVLC also has an ASCII output option08:34
nite_johnboySJrX; is it fairly straight forward to fix?08:34
SJrXnite_johnboy,  yeah this will probably help: http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=Repair+GRUB+by+Ubuntu+Live+CD08:34
_2SJrX yeah but that's ugly08:34
Baz_whats the word on the street about webmin (to manage remote servers) - yay or nay?08:34
styleSJrX: How cool, what is it?08:34
SJrXWhen I do "lsof | grep /dev/dsp" I get nothing. When I try to do "echo "Hello" >> /dev/dsp" I get Device or Resource Busy08:35
unop!webmin | Baz_08:35
ubottuBaz_: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.08:35
ziroday!grub | nite_johnboy see the second link08:35
ubottunite_johnboy see the second link: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto08:35
Katangawisestyle, only for education.. I think, to study the terminal you have use it, but if I have GUI, terminal using is much less..08:35
zirodaynite_johnboy: correction, first link08:35
Baz_hehe, nice08:35
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox08:35
Katangawisestyle, only for education.. I think, to study the terminal you have use it, but if I have GUI, terminal using is little things..08:35
nike365AceBlade258: i sent the command  and it resulted with   mkdir: cannot create directory `/media/disk': File exist08:36
yoyit2my OGMRig freezes everytime, when i get to 66%, does anyone have any idea of how to fix this?08:36
zirodayBaz_: however the current version in intrepid (and possibly hardy) is broken IIRC08:36
Baz_so is ebox cool or should i just grow up and do it like a man?08:36
cameleli've installed x11vnc package through aptitude and configured the port and opened it in iptables/ufw and when i 'nmap localhost' i can see the port open, and also i've ran /usr/bin/Xvnc and if i try running it again it says "fatal server error, server is already active for display 0" but still, can't vnc to the box or to the x11 session, any ideas? im using ubuntu 8.1008:37
Baz_ziroday: oh, well there goes that08:37
nike365AceBlade258: please note this is a live dvd08:37
AceBlade258nike365: then try this: sudo mkdir /mnt/win08:37
nike365AceBlade258:  attempting now..08:38
crdlbcamelel: if you're using ubuntu, just use vino08:38
AceBlade258nike365: then rerun the mount command, changing the mount point to there, and i know:)08:38
KatangawiseI have one more quation.. How can I install Visual Studio 2005/8 by wine? Or It's easy much more to use VirtualBOX?08:39
nite_johnboyziroday; Thanks much - should be cool now - appreciate it!08:40
polywaffleon my ubuntu laptop I wish to have the default headset as default.  In the non sudo account, this is possible.  It achieves this without an edit to the asound configuration files and without using the asoundconf commands.  I would like to know how to achieve this with my account which can sudo I would also like to know why the other account achieves this but the sudo account does not.  Thanks in advance.08:40
polywafflePS I have also used the GUI method of changing default cards without avail08:41
KatangawiseI have one more quation.. How can I install Visual Studio 2005/8 by wine? Or It's easy much more to use VirtualBOX?08:42
=== dhoss-laptop is now known as dhoss
nike365AceBlade258:  result from last command  was     fuse: mount failed: Device or resource busy08:43
GaduKatangawise, make sure you get the latest version of wine from winehq rather than using the ubuntu repositories08:43
GaduKatangawise, you should install winbind and wine-gecko as well. then try installing your program08:43
jason_i use cross over it seems to be a little better than wine08:43
Gadujason_, indeed08:44
KatangawiseGadu, Thanks a lot!08:44
polywaffleha ha I guess that stumped u guys08:44
zirodayjason_: however crossover is not free in either sense :)08:44
s1ma0Alguem português ?08:44
DJones!pt | s1ma008:44
ubottus1ma0: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.08:44
AceBlade258nike365:what kind of computer is this?08:45
s1ma0i am new in linux :x08:45
_Cids1ma0:  welcome :-)08:45
s1ma0window$ sucks !08:45
Gadupolywaffle: is the device not found in your System > Preferences > Sound ?08:45
polywaffleGadu the device is Gadu, however only on the login screen does sound come through the headphones08:46
Baz_s1ma0: hey! my cousin is a window08:46
nike365AceBlade258: gateway 5012  ....running windows xp :(08:46
polywaffleafter that, the sound comes through the laptop speakers Gadu08:46
zirodays1ma0: you have to do /join #ubuntu-pt08:46
=== Guest27932 is now known as FISTICUFFS
gvsa123hi.. i need help with setting up zoneminder to view my network camera... i am on the zoneminder console, but there is no image. i think i might have the configuration messed up08:46
s1ma0Ola :)08:46
AceBlade258nike365: why dosn't he dual boot?08:47
Gadupolywaffle: interesting, and are all the pulldown menus set to your headset in the sound prefs device tab?08:47
polywafflethat is correct Gadu08:47
s1ma0install linux in your window$08:47
s1ma0and you gonna get dual boot08:47
AceBlade2582nd that08:48
s1ma0i have ubuntu 8.1008:48
Gadupolywaffle: does the test sound also come through your standard speakers?08:48
_2install linux inside of M$    yuch.08:48
s1ma0boas :)08:49
polywaffleit does Gadu08:49
polywafflebut the applications will not use the headphones gadu08:49
tsai0i know  what you all mean.  I have used Linux mostly since Suse 9.3 and Ubuntu 6.10. I have a Mac and Winxp and really hate using Winxp. Go Unix!08:50
Gadupolywaffle: in your sound mixer, does the device appear in File > Change Device?08:50
polywaffleGadu, do you mean via alsamixer08:50
AceBlade258never inside... ontop or beside08:51
Gadupolywaffle: yes08:51
polywafflethe device listed is pulseaudio in alsamixer08:51
scienteswill ubuntu listen to ntp server listings from dhcp?08:51
nike365AceBlade258: i have very valuable files on my hardrive that has windows xp on it ...... not familiar with installing  another  OS on  the already malfunctioning  drive since its showing  File records unreadable and error code 8193  file setupdd.sys could not be loaded.08:51
scienteshow do i set the ntp server to listen to?08:51
s1ma0rootpt ?08:51
scientesand will it listen to broadcasts?08:51
s1ma0és o rooter ?08:51
rootptSim :-)08:52
rootptBom dia.08:52
s1ma0bom dia08:52
FloodBot1s1ma0: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:52
jtajiscientes: install ntp package, then edit /etc/ntp.conf08:52
s1ma0chat é fixe08:52
Gadupolywaffle: oh wait, is it 3.5 or usb?08:52
rootptfinalmente ja vi :)08:52
polywaffleit is usb Gadu08:52
s1ma0olha presiso qe me arranjes isto08:52
rootpttens que registar o nick08:52
s1ma0as drives08:52
Gadupolywaffle: it should show up as it's own device08:52
polywafflethe headset may be brought up with alsamixer -c Headset08:52
gvsa123can anyone help me with setting up zoneminder on 8.10?08:53
polywafflebut it does not come up by default witht he command alsamixer Gadu08:53
s1ma0qando é qe podes dar uma olhadela neste pc ?08:53
AceBlade258Nike365: so you are trying to recover files08:53
style!es | s1ma008:53
ubottus1ma0: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.08:53
pw-toxicif there is no power plugged in into my notebook, i can't set the display to maximal brightness.. vor me it seems, that there are two different programs, who adjust the brightness..08:54
style!no | style08:54
pw-toxicany suggestions?08:54
ubottustyle, please see my private message08:54
polywaffleGadu , I have also tried adevchooser without avail yesterday08:54
polywafflesorry Gadu, I mean padevchooser08:54
_2bah  i think i better do a   chown -R 0 /    package scripts keep owning things to wrong uid08:54
nike365AceBlade258: yes i have given up hope on even thinking about booting into xp again. just want my files recovered and not damaged :(08:55
AceBlade258nike365:this is hard to follow, talk to me one on one08:56
AceBlade258and i have an idea08:56
kj4hello everyone!08:56
_2pw-toxic only a comment, i can't adjust my backlight at all.   100% ati chips08:56
FirefisheDo the ubuntu forums get updated about this time?08:56
pw-toxicpw-toxic be happy about this... i nearly cant see anything ...08:56
Baz_i install ubuntu server and was wondering if i had to open any ports to be able to ssh into it?08:56
polywaffleGadu , if it were an ealier version that did not use pulseaudio, I would be fine, but intrepid uses pulseaudio by default08:56
Gadupolywaffle: this would be easier if i could recreate your problem lol, unfortunately using USB Audio for all of my playback devices works fine Dx08:57
pw-toxic_2: i have intel onboard graphics08:57
Gadupolywaffle: ah, i prefer hardy as odd as that sounds08:57
nike365AceBlade258: sure how do i do that?08:57
polywaffleGadu, I would also but the fact that I use wireless broadband08:57
pw-toxicanyone an idea how i can adjust my display brightness in ubuntu?08:57
Baz_pw-toxic: are u using nvidia drivers by any chance?08:58
s1ma0register linuxxx s1mao@hotmail.com08:58
polywaffleI take it that hardy does not use the pulseaudio daemon Gadu?08:58
AceBlade258nike365: do you see the tabs on the top?08:58
Gadupolywaffle: ALSA08:58
pw-toxicbaz_ yes, but not on this computer ;) here i have intel onboard graphic card with ubuntu default drivers08:58
nike365AceBlade258: yes08:58
polywaffleGadu, I found alsa easier08:58
AceBlade258nike365: click on the one with my name on it08:59
cameleli've installed x11vnc package through aptitude and configured the port and opened it in iptables/ufw and when i 'nmap localhost' i can see the port open, and also i've ran /usr/bin/Xvnc and if i try running it again it says "fatal server error, server is already active for display 0" but still, can't vnc to the box or to the x11 session, any ideas? im using ubuntu 8.1008:59
Baz_pw-toxic: heh, then i'm not sure :(08:59
pw-toxicbaz_ if i plug in my power device, the display gets slowly brighter until it is at full brightnes08:59
Gadupolywaffle: much =x08:59
cameleli'm sorry for asking 5 times, but no one seems to answer :(08:59
pw-toxicbaz_ could this be anything with compiz?08:59
rodolfohi there!08:59
polywaffleGadu , it seems the solution then lies in improving my knowledge of the workings of pulseaudio08:59
Gadupolywaffle: your should probably submit a bug report on it not using the USB Device when select09:00
Baz_pw-toxic: don't think so, i know the compiz config quite well and I know I haven't seen anything on brightness09:00
rodolfoI have a .patch file and I'd like to apply it to my ubuntu 8.10. how do I do that?09:00
Gadupolywaffle: worse case scenario, you find out it's not a bug and learn something from it =P09:00
polywafflethis is true Gadu  , but first I should find out why it does not work behind the GUI and then I can report a possible fix09:00
flashkiddhow can I burn cds in k3b?09:00
Gadupolywaffle: good plan09:00
ubottuPatches are files describing the changes in code to achieve some results.  There are a number of ways these can be produced, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems may provide some useful guidelines.09:01
polywaffleGadu , thank you for your assistance today.09:01
aleixanyone here with an hp-mininote 2133? I can't get any video on xorg... blinking cursor... anyone?09:01
Gadupolywaffle: anytime mate, hope you find a solution =D09:02
polywafflethanks Gadu09:02
camelelmaybe you can help me?09:02
Gaducamelel: yes?09:02
cameleli've installed x11vnc package through aptitude and configured the port and opened it in iptables/ufw and when i 'nmap localhost' i can see the port open, and also i've ran /usr/bin/Xvnc and if i try running it again it says "fatal server error, server is already active for display 0" but still, can't vnc to the box or to the x11 session, any ideas? im using ubuntu 8.1009:02
flashkiddI can burn cds in wodim but k3b graphical interface doesnt work09:02
sloopyAceBlade258, still around?09:03
Gaducamelel: vnc server comes with ubuntu 8.10 by default, you don't need to install another package for it09:03
camelelyou know the default path?09:03
Gaducamelel: System > Preferences > Remote Desktop09:03
camelelisn't it a rdp client for win32 box?09:04
camelelah if it's there then it's not09:04
camelelyou know a way to run it through console?09:04
camelelcause i'm not at home right now but i'm connected through ssh at the moment09:04
Gaducamelel: vino-preferences09:04
AceBlade258sloopy: yup09:05
Ham1979Hi How do I start VNCServer on a remote machine that isn't logged in yet09:05
camelelthanks alot mate09:05
Gaducamelel: np09:05
Ham1979i have tried vncserver from terminal which I thought is how I used to do it but no luck09:05
puneethi am not running any software which needs alot of RAM, but my system is eating 404mb of RAM right now!!09:05
sloopyAceBlade258, IIRC what i had to do to fix it was install sata drives, and then boot from livecd, partition sata drives, then rerun grub with the original /boot partition specified09:05
puneethwhat's wrong with ubuntu?09:05
GaduHam1979: if you'd like to connect remotely to a pc that isn't logged in, i'd recommend using a remote login instead09:06
Ham1979Gadu - I am on a windows macine09:06
GaduHam1979: alright, have the PC you'd like to connect to use automatic login09:06
_2puneeth you must not have much ram.  if you had more it would eat more.09:06
camelelgadu, can i msg you on private?09:07
Gaducamelel: you may09:07
Gokee2Hello all, I want to get win98 installed on vmware (I have read online vmware is good with 98) but have never used vmware.  Does anyone happen to know a good guide?  Thanks09:07
tsai0nothing is wrong with ubuntu.  it is has all the power of  the linux kernel underneath. just not stripped down like hard-core linux distros.  Some linux-gurus would consider it unstable09:07
Ham1979ok, can you point me in the direction to set that?09:07
puneethIST)_2; i have 756mb of RAM... n its taking 416mb of RAM right now!!09:07
puneethso much of RAM for nothing!!09:08
kj4puneeth, you need to buy more RAM now09:08
AceBlade258go linux09:08
sloopypuneeth, see what top has to say09:08
archmanhello. everytime i boot into ubuntu after a few minutes disk starts to work even if i'm not running or trying to run anything. So i ran htop today and seen that /usr/bin/updatedb is running when the 'disk started to work'. Is it necesarry or can be turned off?09:08
tsai0puneeth: or use something like Puppy Linux09:08
tsai0puneeth: or Damn Small Linux09:08
_2puneeth serious,  if you had 3g it would use 2g09:08
kj4Mem:       2074588    used: 2000008      free: 7458009:09
_2linux' idea of ram is "if you have it, lets use it"09:09
puneethfedora is more efficient that way...09:09
* Slart has 4Gb, 3,2 Gb used09:09
kj4thats my machine. See, you need more RAM!09:09
sloopyarchman, can be turned off but it is better to let it run09:09
archmansloopy: why? what's it for?09:09
kj4archman is not going to like ubuntu if he is an arch linux user09:10
puneetheven Arch is cool that way!09:10
archmankj4: :D09:10
Gokee2archman, It can be turned off (not sure how) what its doing is indexing your hard drive for quick seaching.  Try "locate somefileyouaremissing) in a terminal.09:10
archmankj4: im likin it for a year now ;)09:10
sloopyarchman, its a database of file names installed on your machine09:10
kj4i've used arch too, i keep coming back to ubuntu (actually usually xubuntu)09:11
GaduHam1979: System > Administration > Login Window > Security09:11
_2kj4 i have a p1 with kubuntu on it  64m ram and it only uses about 56m ram to run kde09:11
archmanGokee2: i run xp on vmware workstation everyday, should be no difference with 98, why do you need a guide??09:13
Blaenkhow can I make it so that bob and john have write access to somedir/, and not just bob, how it currently is09:13
archmanGokee2: i have a guide, if you want it, for 609:14
Gokee2archman, Because I have no idea how to get vmware working...  I installed "vmware-package" and can`t seem to figure out how to use it...  Looks like it builds other vmware packages?09:14
DasEiBlaenk: put them in the same group09:14
^_SMALLVILLE_^ bongkar09:14
Blaenkcan you please help me with that DasEi ? I would appreciate it09:14
archmanGokee2: i'll upload the guide for you...just a sec09:15
Gokee2archman, Thanks :)09:15
mikevankuikdoes anyone know where you can find what files logrotate rotates?09:15
norgayhi i am facing probs in printing09:16
mikevankuiknorgay: whats the issue?09:16
DasEiBlaenk: create a group with sudo grpadd , add bob and john there (useradd) , give the group write access09:16
norgayi m on a windows network and I need to print from a shared printer09:16
Blaenkthank you DasEi09:16
=== kj4 is now known as notfruity
norgayI tried to locate the shared printer but it does not show up in the network09:17
MatilloCan somebody help me how to re-configure my monitor? It stopped being detected all of a sudden.09:17
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots09:17
mikevankuiknorgay: is it conected directly to the network? or is it atached to a computer?09:17
norgaymy work network is manual ip set09:17
norgayattached to a computer09:17
DasEiMatillo: which version ubuntu ?09:17
DasEiMatillo: sudo apt-get install displayconfig-gtk09:18
mikevankuiknorgay: can you see the computers?09:18
DasEiMatillo: sudo  displayconfig-gtk09:18
_2Blaenk groups is the key   i like to use the 'users' group for things like that.   set the perm to something like 075 on the basedir and own it by nobody:users09:18
mikevankuiknorgay: do you have samba installed?09:19
DasEiMatillo: backup xorg.conf before, search your monitor afterwards09:19
Matillowell, i've already tried running the xfix stuff, it detected on installation just fine, but now it's not fixing.09:19
Blaenknobody:users? what would that mean09:19
=== dhoss-laptop_ is now known as dhoss
mikevankuiknorgay: they have the printer shared do they?... otherwise its useless to look on your *nix machine...09:20
archmanGokee2: http://rapidshare.com/files/182717623/vmware-workstation6_manual.pdf09:20
_2Blaenk man chown    man chmod     man groups09:20
archmani hope it'll help09:20
norgayyeah the printer is shared09:20
abzhello everybody?09:20
r3duxhey abz09:20
simplexioBlaenk: nobody user from users group own file09:20
DasEiBlaenk: chmod is another way, google for it09:21
MatilloSo, what is this displayconfig-gtk? The screen resolution gui? That doesn't detect my display.09:21
abzr3dux: ;)09:21
tsai0AceBlade258:  are you signed into MSN?  nike365 is looking for you.  I'm his brother09:21
_2i'm went.   gooday to one and all.09:21
DasEi!who | Matillo09:21
ubottuMatillo: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:21
BlaenkDasEi: well wasn't the point to chmod from the beginning?09:21
norgayi guess the problem is like this:  i am the only ubuntu machine in my office which has 10 other computers on windows.....all the computers have manual ip....dhcp doesnot work so its set mannual09:21
MatilloYeah, thanks for that. Unnecessary.09:21
r3duxMatillo, X doesn't rec your screen res?09:21
Blaenkor wait, nevermind09:21
abzi can't access ubuntu forum, can u?09:21
Matillor3dux: No, it pops up in safemode whatever for resolution.09:22
r3duxIt was down earlier, abz... maybe still09:22
DasEiMatillo:You can search a list of monitors in displ....09:22
Blaenkokay if I have group 'grp1', how would I go about, nevermind09:22
r3duxMatillo, have you tried entering some res's in xorg.conf?09:22
mikevankuiknorgay: doesn't have to be an issue you should still be able to connect to an other machine and use that printer if its shared.09:22
edward__1hi everyone09:22
abzr3dux: owwh, thx . .09:22
Matillor3dux: no, because I try not to touch that without knowing what I'm doing, that's what I came to ask about. Is that my last resort?09:22
franklinha ha ha ...!cn09:22
norgaylemme try again and let u know .....will be back in few minuts09:23
micro0hey guys im new to ubuntu, and i just installed compiz fusion but i dont know how to get the 3d cube working, can someone help me?09:23
Blaenkhey if i do something like chown grp1 someDir/, does that mean that anything within someDir will be owned by grp1, or do I need the -R flag, oh and even then, when new things are created in that dir, would it still be grp1's?09:23
DasEiMatillo:also if you find it, the gtk writes the monitor section, including modlines, for you09:23
r3duxMatillo, or using the nvidia display interface? Or ati one?09:23
abzanybody have downloaded madwifi-ng-r2756+ar5007.tar.gz ??09:23
c0nfl|ct bom dia mundo09:23
palluhello all of you09:23
boghoghi you09:23
micro0can someone help me09:23
r3duxMatillo, "NVidia X Display Settings" thing, I mean, or whatever the ATI one is09:23
edward__1android ? have one ?09:23
palluhas any one seen the mac say what time it is?09:23
abzi need it . . .but the file from http://snapshots.madwifi-project.org/special/madwifi-ng-r2756+ar5007.tar.gz is only contain README file . .09:24
abzisn't it?09:24
micro0someone help me09:24
Matillor3dux: well I'm using the fglrx for ati, but I don't know how to configure monitors with that.09:24
Blaenkhey DasEi so is this fine. chown -R :mygrp1 myDir/09:24
abzsomebody give me a mirror for madwifi-ng-r2756+ar5007.tar.gz :(09:24
r3duxThere's a way from the install of the driver, I used to have a ATI x1400...09:24
r3duxGrab the driver and do "./ati-blah --help"09:25
mikevankuiknorgay: can you ping the other machine? (where the one where the printer is conected to)09:25
edward__1you can search it from google blaenk, why no?09:25
pallumicro0:what are you trying to do?09:25
micro0im trying to get the 3d cube working threw compiz09:25
Matillor3dux: the aticonfig help is like 10+ pages09:25
palluone monitor>09:25
pallui got it working on 2 monitors its so cool09:26
Gokee2archman, Hmm I was hoping for more of a debian/ubuntu way of doing things.  Do you use a ubuntu package or do you download from the vmware site?09:26
r3duxMatillo, there are simple example near the top... or just read. Do you want me to look at the screen setup in my xorg.conf and give you the format?09:26
micro0pallu: did u hear me09:26
palluso what driver are you using09:26
Matillor3dux: I was kind of hoping to figure out how to make it detect it and autoconfigure again09:26
quibblermicro0: go to systen>preferences>compiz config manager09:26
Blaenkedward__1: I did, and couldn't figure it out, which is why I'm asking here09:26
micro0ok now what09:27
oirahi i was wondering if someone could direct me to some sort of reference tool for the terminal. something like tomboy, and such programs. but again something for the terminal. (and i dont mean vi, its too loose, i have too many documents to keep track off)09:27
Blaenkchown seems to ask for owner:group, but what if I want the entire group, everyone in the group, to be the owner? chown :group ?09:27
micro0pallu: now what09:27
Matillor3dux: aticonfig --query-monitor returns "Connected monitors: none"09:27
SlartBlaenk: I don't think a group can own a file09:27
palluyou need to know if the driver that x is loading is going to let you load the cube09:28
r3duxMatillo, actually that's not going to help now it's done diff... no explicit monitor res stuff in xorg.conf09:28
BlaenkSlart: directory even?09:28
SlartBlaenk: it has to be user and group... but you can set permissions for the group09:28
r3duxMatillo, that's odd...09:28
palludo you have copiz-fusion installed?09:28
Matillor3dux: it's a laptop display too.09:28
micro0 yes09:28
micro0i do09:28
micro0im in the manager right now09:28
SlartBlaenk: nope, not even for a idrectory09:29
Blaenkah okay Slart, and for the latter part you mentioned, could you give me an example please? I would extremely appreciate it09:29
micro0click on desktop then go to 3d cube, i know, but then i dunno what to do after09:29
Blaenk'set permissions for the group' on a directory?09:29
SlartBlaenk: are you using command line?09:29
Blaenkyes sir09:29
BlaenkI already created the group and put my two users in it09:29
Blaenknow I want that group, call it grp1, to have write access to somedir/09:29
SlartBlaenk: chmod g+rw filename  will make everyone in the group have read and write permissions09:29
Blaenkso chmod grp1 g+rw somedir/ right09:30
Blaenkoh, chmod -R too09:30
TerrasqueBlaenk: chgrp grp1 somedir; chmod g+w somedir/09:30
simplexioBlaenk: chown user:group file changes owners09:30
archmanGokee2: khm downloaded09:30
r3duxMati - what's the default res?09:30
SlartBlaenk: the 'g' means the change the permissions for the group, +r means to add read permissions, +w means to add write permissions.. +r+w is written as +rw09:30
r3duxI mean, the native res09:30
Matillor3dux: like, 1280x800 normally?09:30
Blaenkah thank you Slart I really appreciate it, and I do put the group name in there right09:31
Blaenkchmod g+rw -R grp1 somedir/09:31
r3duxMatillo, are you using the restricted drivers?09:31
Blaenkor do I do what Terrasque said09:31
SlartBlaenk: not if the file is alread owned by a user and a group09:31
Blaenkso I assume I do what Terrasque said09:31
Matillor3dux: yeah, but i think my video card is still configured right, it's just the monitor I can't make work09:31
SlartBlaenk: what you write in the chmod command will be for the group that owns the file09:32
Blaenkohhh I see what you mean now09:32
boghoganyone know how to force X to use 1024x768 resolution on my laptop with intel 815 graphics? in gnome it only lets me choose 800x600 or lower. it is driving me crazy, i tried adding Modes option to display subsection of screen but to no avail09:32
r3duxMatillo, I would change from restricted to not, or vice versa and see if that works - and then take it from there09:32
Blaenkbut what if the group doesn't already own the file, do I do what Terrasque said then?09:32
Blaenkchgrp grp1 somedir; then what you said09:32
Matillor3dux: Not restricted isn't supported.09:32
Gokee2archman, Hmm I take it that its not easy to use the debian/ubuntu utils to install it then?  Also whats the difference with VMware Workstation and VMware Server?09:32
DasEiBlaenk: chown -R ,grp1  /some/dir09:32
boghogand every hit on google points to the ubuntu forums with are down...09:32
Blaenkah thank you, is the comma intentional? I assume not09:33
* boghog starts pulling his hair out09:33
archmanGokee2: i downloaded the version from the internet, installed from sources i put in serial, and that's it...no problem...09:33
Matillor3dux: Maybe. I can't use the open source stuff, anyway.09:33
archmanGokee2: dunno really09:33
Baz_if i use dovecot does that mean i dont need postfix?09:33
SlartBlaenk: you can change what group owns the file later and the permissions will transfer.. the file only knows that "my group can read/write me", not that "group gr1 can read/write me"09:33
r3duxMatillo, either that or grab the most recent ATI drivers from the site - either way - reinstall your graphic card drivers09:33
Matillor3dux: Either way, it's a monitor issue. Display adapter's fine.09:33
DasEiBlaenk : should be a colon, see man chown09:33
zirodayBaz_: yes09:33
nunu_Hi, can anyone tell me why I'm not able to use synaptic (sudo) ? my user is in the sudo group but synaptic refuses to install upgrades09:33
Matillor3dux: this is a clean install. I've reinstalled twice in as many days. I got the ati drivers last night and still got them on my flash drive.09:33
zirodayBaz_: unless you have a postfix or similar server elsewhere that dovecot can connect to09:34
archmanGokee2: try to dl' it and install, there are instructions. you new to linux?09:34
abzanyone have ccsm crash like this : Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/ccsm", line 38, in <module> . . ?09:34
DasEiMatillo:did you try the gtk ?09:34
Baz_does IMAP (or dovecot specifically) support address books and contacts or is that where an ldap solution comes in?09:34
zirodayBaz_: thats ldap :)09:34
MatilloDasEi: I dunno what to do with that.09:34
abzhelp me please, my ccsm crashed . .:(09:34
Blaenkright, which was what I was going to do in the beginning DasEi, so chown -R :grp1 somedir/ && chmod -R g+rw somedir/, right Slart ?09:34
oirahi i was wondering if someone could direct me to some sort of reference tool for the terminal. something like tomboy, and such programs. but again something for the terminal. (and i dont mean vi, its too loose, i have too many documents to keep track off)09:34
zirodayBaz_: and if you're looking for a webmail client roundcube is highly recommended09:34
r3duxMatillo, have your tried running glxinfo (or fglxinfo) | grep direct09:34
SlartBlaenk: that looks right09:35
r3duxMatillo, it should say yes, if not... driver issues09:35
TerrasqueBlaenk: just try it out09:35
Gokee2archman, No, I am just trying to figure out what options vmware has for me and if I can build a package for myself with the vmware-package ubuntu provides.  I really like packages09:35
BlaenkSlart: one last question, if a user within the group creates a file in that dir, somedir/, it will still be the same permissions right? meaning the group will have ownership, since I did it recursively09:35
DasEiBlaenk : sudo chown -R :grp1  /somedir09:35
r3dux("direct rendering", that is)09:35
SlartBlaenk: if you're going to be using special permissions with lots of weird users/groups there are stuff you can install to let you use acl's.. I think it's pretty much like in windows09:35
Matillor3dux: OpenGL Renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect?09:36
Baz_ziroday: who knew setting up email was so involved! So far I have Ubuntu/Dovecot/Roundcube/Spamassasin/ClamAV/SSL/MySQL (for RoundBox) and I still havent figured out what I'm going to do about sending mail!09:36
TerrasqueBlaenk: you could have done some extensive experimenting on the time you've tried to get a full answer here :)09:36
regulardrakehey everyone09:36
r3duxMatilla... ahhhh.... that's not good.09:36
BlaenkTerrasque: I wouldn't know if I would be able to revert my mistakes09:36
DasEiMatillo:ypu can search your monitor there09:36
r3duxMatillo, drivers haven't taken09:36
TerrasqueBlaenk: then use a test dir, not the real dir09:36
SlartBlaenk: hmm.. there is a setting for that too.. if new files in a folder inherites the parent folders permissions.. not sure how to set it though.. might be something called guid but I'm not sure09:36
Baz_Matillo: when i look at your name i see 'mail to:'09:36
Matillor3dux: Ok, well how can I change that?09:37
Blaenkyeah I believe so, but I know even less heh, thanks Slart I really appreciate your help09:37
=== notfruity is now known as kj4
zirodayBaz_: right, its harder then it looks :). I personally use dovecot+postfix+roundcube on a debian server. Remember to setup ssl with postfix+dovecot _as_ well as with the webserver nad roundcube09:37
SlartBlaenk: you're welcome09:37
norgaymike......i can ping the other machine with the printer09:37
r3duxReinstall your gfx drivers, do some research... for some reason you're not getting h/w accel'd gfx - just software09:37
Baz_ziroday: i thought u said with dovecote u dont need postfix09:38
zirodayBaz_: you don't need postfix if you are connecting dovecot to a postfix server somewhere else09:38
Matillor3dux: Ok, well, would that explain my monitor suddenly being unconfigured?09:38
r3duxMatillo, there's STACKS of forums and wikis about this kinda stuff.. yeah - it would def explain it - you're using software gfx atm.09:39
Baz_ziroday: I am a bit of a bobo - if i am making my own entire solution that means i need it then right?09:39
Matillor3dux: I had to run through stacks of forums and wikis just to get the drivers installed09:39
norgayhi mike u there?09:39
Matillor3dux: I have 3d hardware acceleration, I'm just trying to get a screen resolution I an use.09:39
Baz_ziroday: i guess i just dont get why an MTA is separate09:40
r3duxMatillo, should be as simple as chmod +x ati-blah; ./ati-blah..09:40
DasE1Matillo : which monitor have you got ?09:40
Matillor3dux: well the aticonfig program runs fine. i dunno what monitor i've got, my laptop display.09:40
r3duxHe's got a 1280x800 lapop, DasE109:40
r3duxMatillo, what model is your laptop?09:41
MatilloDasE1: What I'm getting with detect is an 800x600 plug n' play monitor, and that's wrong.09:41
Matillor3dux: Dell vostro 1000, earlier today it was running fine, then I updated and installed windows networking somethingorother.09:41
Baz_does postfix handle smtp?09:41
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DasE1Matillo : http://paste.ubuntu.com/104300/09:43
quibbler!chinese > weethen09:44
jftsangHello. Am I able to have GNOME and KDE installed on a Ubuntu machine?09:44
DasE1jftsang: yup09:44
simplenewbcan anyone point me to a good tutorial on how to dual boot ubuntu and vista with ubuntu installed first?09:44
DasE1!cn > weethen09:44
=== OZ4KK is now known as erikja
jftsangDasE1, what package do I do in order to install the KDE?09:45
jftsangIs it kubuntu-desktop?09:45
DasEi!dualboot > simplenewb09:45
ubottusimplenewb, please see my private message09:45
ActionParsnipyo yo yo09:46
Slartjftsang: kubuntu-desktop will install everything that's installed if you had downloaded the KDE iso, afaik09:46
Slartgood morning, ActionParsnip09:46
ActionParsnipSlart: thats right, and its 9:50am ;009:46
DasEijftsang: yes or apt-cache search >paket*<09:46
SlartActionParsnip: bah.. borin irc client =)09:46
ActionParsnipSlart: it does the job09:46
jftsangOk, but there won't be any clash if I have kubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop?09:47
SlartActionParsnip: =)09:47
Slartjftsang: not that I've heard of..09:47
ActionParsnipjftsang: not at all, you can run as many DEs as you wish09:47
jftsangRight, thanks!09:47
ActionParsnipjftsang: you will just have 2 x libs for each (bloat)09:47
DasEijftsang: you can choose the session at login09:47
Slartjftsang: if it's in the repos it's usually safe to install.. that's kind of the point of having a repository09:48
zirodayBaz_: yeah, you need postfix09:48
Mulderi performed a hard shutdown on ubuntu after attempting soft reboot and failing.  now sound wont work.  system beep works, but nothing else seems to.  i tried deleting .pulse and .pulse-cookie and created a new user but get no sound still.  mpg123 gets no sound either :S anyone got any ideas09:48
ActionParsnipjftsang: but if you need some kde app in ubuntu you'll need the libs09:48
DasEiMulder: tried alsamixer ?09:48
ActionParsnipjftsang: i personally use kde apps in fluxox as kwin annoys me greatly09:48
ActionParsnipjftsang: but i love amarok and k3b09:48
serban@find qmail09:49
ActionParsnip!sound | Mulder09:49
ubottuMulder: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP309:49
datakidlooking for a strong password for root. 8 chars is max? and can I use symbols?09:49
ActionParsnipdatakid: didnt think it had a max limit really09:49
ActionParsnipdatakid: you can use anything you can type on your keyboard09:50
quibblerdatakid, no max and yes09:50
datakidah,. ok - for some reason I thought that *nix had an 8 char limit, don't know why09:50
ActionParsnipdatakid: i personally use button shapes rather than actual words so they are gobbldygook anyhoo09:50
datakidok thanks all ActionParsnip, quibbler09:50
Mulderah yes, for some reason the PCM was set to mute09:51
MatilloAlright, well, I ran the displayconfig-gtk and tested a generic monitor of that resolution! And it hung up and now i'm booting to busybox, even recovery console.09:51
ActionParsnipdatakid: for a strong pass i'd use more than 8 at least09:52
MatilloDasE1: Any thoughts?09:52
Mulderthanks for the suggestions DasE1, ActionParsnip09:52
ActionParsnipdatakid: at my work we have a policy where we have to have at least 12 length with mixed case, at least one number and a character in the pass as well09:52
datakidyeah, I'm going for unreadable, have no fear09:53
DasEiMatillo: busybox or x not staring ?09:53
MatilloDasE1 I can't log into the recovery console.09:53
DasEiMatillo: so you got a further problem then x-server09:54
MatilloDasE1 I sure do now. Any ideas on how to get back onto ubuntu or is it time for another clean install?09:54
ActionParsnipMatillo: if you cant boot to recovery console then your system is quite ill, i'd run an fsck in livecd as well as scan your memory for errors09:55
DasEiMatillo: that can be a disk error or sth with initramfs, which can be updated09:55
MatilloDasE1 Winxp runs fine, on this machine, btw.09:55
Vincemanpssst, how do you enable SSL protocol?09:55
DasEiMatillo: first I#d try tp run e2fsck -p  on the unmounted drive from live, they try a update-initramfs from chroot ( also live)09:57
MatilloDasE1: I'm not gonna touch it. Reinstall time.09:57
MatilloOk, first I'm actually gonna try booting from a livecd, but I have to set up the proper drivers or at least VESA from the start. How's that done again?09:58
johnskulskihey does anyone know how i can tar extract to a differnet path than what it was tarred with. say it extracts to ./foo/file1 I would like to extract it to ./bar/file109:58
DasEiMatillo: your choice, maybe backup mbr or install grub manually afterwards (win)09:59
lain_wired_I'm running ubuntu on an asus eeepc 1000h and a few of the apps i run are too tall for the screen. the bottom of the window goes off the screen and i'm unable to shift it up or select any of the covered options without a fair amount of blind tabbing and guesswork09:59
MatilloDasE1: it's not a drive problem, it's a software problem.09:59
darrenis there a big differenc between madwifi and ndiswrapper, how do i find out what im using (for my wifi connection)09:59
clearzendarren: unless you manually installed windows drivers with ndiswrapper you are not using it09:59
darrenok so question 2, if im using madwifi can i do ad-hoc?10:00
Oli``How can I install FF3.1 in a way that replaces 3.0.*?10:00
clearzendarren: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Adhoc10:01
quibblerjohnskulski, when you hit extract in file roller you can change the path where it is extract to10:01
darrenclearzen: cheers man u guys are helpfull10:02
ActionParsnipOli``: http://icehot.wordpress.com/2008/11/27/firefox-31b2-ubuntu-repository/10:02
clearzendarren: np10:02
darrenclearzen: befor i start with it...is it gunna b a nightmare to set up, from ur personal experience?10:03
MatilloHow can I drop back to vesa drivers on the ubuntu live cd?10:03
clearzendarren: if you don't know any commands or networking then it will take you a minute. But a nightmare no.10:03
ActionParsnipVinceman: you havent provided any info hardly10:04
VincemanI'd like to know how to enable the SSL protocol10:04
ActionParsnipVinceman: what app do you wish to use ssl?10:04
clearzendarren: I think there is a package called madwifi-tools if you don't want to use CLI10:04
Vincemanit is for gmail10:04
auroraHey, could anyone explain what might be the problem when I connect to my server using tightvncserver from a remote machine, I just get a chequered screen and nothing else? It connects fine but I see nothing other than that...thanks!10:04
ActionParsnipVinceman: its in the setting of your account, what client do you use?10:04
Vincemanok, I use some netscape reminiscant10:05
ActionParsnipVinceman: you should have said: Hi I use netscape reminiscant and would like to enable SSL for my gmail account10:05
clearzenaurora: there are several settings that could cause the improper return of a xsession to a client pc10:05
ActionParsnipVinceman: enable SSL means nothing10:05
Vincemanis there how can it be disabled, it worked fine yesterday10:06
Vincemanhas my PC been hacked?10:06
clearzenaurora: how are you forwarding X?10:06
Vincemanthank you ActionParsnip10:06
ActionParsnipVinceman: i doubt it10:06
auroraclearzen: any obvious ones? it's a fresh install10:06
Vincemanwho'd want to hack this thing here...10:06
ActionParsnipVinceman: check this: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1328110:06
Vincemanmy precious PC!10:06
ActionParsnipVinceman: i doubt it has, i wouldnt sweat it10:06
clearzenaurora: using tightvnc a windows pc and a ubuntu box?10:06
Vincemando you know Seamonkey ActionParsnip?10:07
auroraclearzen: yes10:07
clearzenaurora: is the ubuntu box the host?10:07
auroraclearzen: All I've done is a fresh install, then sudo apt-get install tightvncserver10:07
auroraclearzen: yes, it's the host10:07
CrypTomHi all, is there a problem with usermod or useradd when adding lots (~1000) users to one group? I've added hundreds of users to some groups (audio, etc.) without problems, but then suddenly useradd/usermod report that the specified group cannot be found (even if it is there). Changing the group with adduser user group works!10:07
Vincemananother tiny question, I can't delete the mails from my inbox anymore, it just strikes them through, more spam than ever reached my inbox, it's disgusting!10:08
clearzenaurora: how long have you let the connection sit? Is it just being slow?10:08
auroraclearzen: I've left it for about 2 minutes and it just stays on that chequered screen10:08
ActionParsnipVinceman: i use opera and firefox and soon firepup if it runs well, just gonna test it later today10:08
ActionParsnipVinceman: spam is offtopic here, make sure you have full access to the folder your emails are saved to10:09
clearzenaurora: ok, is both machines on the same local network?10:09
auroraclearzen: yes, both local lan10:10
clearzenaurora: just covering bases, but the router is set to allow all communication over the lan right10:10
manu__\join #mpg12310:10
auroraclearzen: yes, there's only a switch between hosts10:11
ActionParsnipCrypTom: if you are doing multiple users i'd do it in a script10:11
VincemanActionParsnip, this is weird, the SSL checkboxes are checked in the prefs10:11
ActionParsnipVinceman: then thats all I know dude10:11
Vincemanbut but but10:12
Vincemanthis can't be happening!!10:12
clearzenaurora: do you have vnc setup to use ssh?10:12
ActionParsnipVinceman: check settings all the way down that guide with a fine toothed comb10:12
auroraclearzen: no ssh involved10:12
thomasiteHello. Does anyone here know how to play .3gp files on Ubuntu? No sound comes out each time I play any of my 3gp files. I have already checked the volume controls. :( Thanks!10:13
clearzenaurora: one sec10:13
CrypTomActionParsnip: thats what I did, the first 800 of our pupils were generated ok, the last 137 produced errors10:13
ActionParsnipVinceman: double check every single check box, port number etc etc10:13
ActionParsnipCrypTom: not sure, you could try a reboot just to test10:13
CrypTomActionParsnip: I used useradd and usermod (to change already existing users)10:13
CrypTomActionParsnip: I already did10:14
ActionParsnipCrypTom: is it scripted to generate them or are you typing them in by hand?10:14
ganeshnot able to install ubuntu from cd..system is going to dead lock when it comes to partition step how to fix?10:14
manu__hello everybody10:14