keesjhmm I make some progress in the bug I am hunting. I an now reproduces it12:17
keesjI have 3 jobs files (2 service and one "state" ) http://www.paste-it.net/raw/public/g3fbeff/ called test_state_exportfs test_service_exportfs and test_service_userfs12:18
keesjthe exportfs "service" gets stated before the stop of the userfs12:18
keesjwhen I run a start test_state_exportfs12:19
keesjthis is because my userfs is defined to stop on test_state_exportfs AND stop on test_service_exportfs12:20
keesjwhen I issue a start test_state_exportfs the "userfs" is going in a stopping state and upstart does not wait for it to be stopped before it starts the exportfs service12:22
keesjhttp://www.paste-it.net/public/ve5305c/ shows that (ouput of initctl events) you see that topped test_service_userfs ok12:23
keesjis printed after started test_service_exportfs12:23
Keybukkeesj: I'll look presently14:21
keesjDo you understand what I am trying to explain?15:01
keesjit looks like because the "state" service already puts the userfs service in a "stopping mode" that a check upon start of the exportfs service it does not wait for the userfs service because that one is not "running"15:04
KeybukI haven't read it yet15:16
Keybukreading now17:16
Keybuktest_service_exportfs - this will start before test_state_exportfs17:17
Keybuktest_service_userfs - this will stop before either test_state_exportfs or test_service_exportfs17:17
Keybukyou run17:18
Keybukstart test_state_exportfs17:18
KeybukI would expect to see test_service_exportfs starting->running followed by test_state_exportfs starting->running17:18
Keybukthat appears to me to be what your events output shows?17:19
KeybukI started test_service_userfs17:26
Keybukthen started test_state_exportfs17:26
Keybukthat stopped userfs, started service_exportfs, and then concluded starting state_exportfs17:27
nottingsadmac2: built it for f9/f10. didn't add anything in bodhi for it17:29
sadmac2notting: ok17:29
nottingsadmac2: there's a -21 because i didn't add a changelog the first time17:30
sadmac2notting: yeah, I forgot that bit :)17:30
sadmac2notting: If you want to test em a bit you can. Other than "does telinit u cause explosions" theres nothing to look for17:31
Keybukkeesj: I think you're just getting confused because you're looking at the order of resulting evefnts17:37
Keybukkeesj: upstart tends to focus on one service at a time, so it's not unusual to see events in what might appear to be out-of-order17:37
Keybukkeesj: use initctl jobs for debugging instead17:37
plundraI know there is inictl restart in 0.5, but is there a 'restart' aswell? Just as 'start' etc. that is.18:26
plundraIn that case, can you 'restart job1 job2 job3' (just as you can start multiple ones)18:26
plundraIf so, that's fucking awesome :-] Man I hate Ubuntu 8.04 uses 0.3.918:27
Keybukplundra: there is if you make a symlink to it19:39
Keybukit was added sufficiently late that the symlink isn't there by default, but it probably should be19:40
keesjKeybuk it really happens that the userfs service is not stopped(still stopping) while the export service is started20:34
keesjin you paste line 12 the export service is starting and line 13 only hte userfs is stopped20:37
keesjand only in line 19 the service is stopped 20:40
keesjwhile at that point the service exportfs clearly looks like running20:41
keesjI will have more time tomotow , I will test on 0.520:54
Keybukkeesj: I don't understand what you're trying to tell me20:55
Keybukin my paste, I start test_state_exportfs20:55
Keybukit *clearly* waits for test_service_userfs to stop *and* for test_service_exportfs to start20:56
keesjindeed but not for userfs to stop before is starts exportfs20:56
Keybukyes, it clearly does20:56
Keybukline 19, test_service_userfs (stop) waiting20:57
Keybukuserfs has fully stopped20:57
Keybukline 20, test_state_exportfs (start) pre-start, process 1049020:57
Keybukexportfs actually begins to start20:57
Keybukthis is working as intended20:58
Keybukhow are you expecting it to work?20:58
keesjI expect service_userfs to be fully stopped before service_exportfs starts20:59
Keybukthat's exactly what's happening20:59
KeybukI don't understand your confusion20:59
Keybukline 19, service_userfs is *fully* stopped21:00
Keybukline 20, state_exportfs starts21:00
Keybukthere's nothing in your job to cause service_userfs to wait on service_exportfs?21:00
Keybukthe "stop on starting test_state_exportfs" is the key one21:01
Keybukdo you think that having two "stop on" means "and" ?21:02
Keybuk(it doesn't - it means or)21:02
Keybukyou would need to use 0.5 for the behaviour you want21:02
Keybuk*and* your clause is wrong anyway if you want service_exportfs fully started21:02
Keybukstop on starting test_state_exportfs and started test_service_exportfs21:03
keesjwhat I want is that when i start state_exportfs is  FIRST userfs gets fully stopped and after that only the service_exportfs get started starts. 21:05
keesjthat is why i added the second stop on starting exportfs21:05
Keybukthen service_exportfs needs "stopped userfs"21:05
Keybukstart on starting test_state_exportfs and stopped test_service_userfs21:06
Keybuk0.5 only21:06
keesjbut 0.5 can only have one start line right?21:07
sadmac2Keybuk: I am about to head out, but have you looked at my crude little state machine lately?21:08
sadmac2is the implementation helping any?21:08
Keybuksadmac2: no, haven't looked at all21:08
sadmac2(I'm going to write a manpage/user document after I get a little more into it)21:08
sadmac2well there's enough there now to be worthwhile21:08
Keybukkeesj: only 0.5 has "and" behaviour21:09
Keybukin 0.3 everything is "or"21:09
Keybukand "or" doesn't give you what you want21:09
keesjwell or is fine for me but apparently at the moment upstart starts the service_userfs it does not stop service_userfs. because (and I am guessing) the service_userfs is in "not started" mode.21:12
keesjoff to bed now21:15
Keybuknothing to do with that21:15
Keybukit doesn't wait because nothing tells it to21:15
Keybukyou don't have any instruction for upstart to wait21:16
Keybukit won't wait because you haven't told it to21:16
Keybukit doesn't know what you're thinking ;)21:16
plundraKeybuk: Ok, sweet :-)23:26
plundraToo bad not even the upcoming Ubuntu 9.04 or Debian experimental has 0.5 yet (!)23:26
Keybukplundra: I'm not particularly planning to put 0.5 into Ubuntu23:27
plundraKeybuk: Bleh, why not? :-)23:28
plundrarestart would pretty nifty23:28
plundraAnd from what I read in the changes, loads of other stuff were redone etc.23:28
Keybukthe userspace was never really finished23:29
Keybukand 0.5 has various other problems23:29
Keybuknone of its new features help Ubuntu23:29
Keybukand I'd rather spend my effort working on 0.1023:29
plundraOk, I see.23:29
plundraSo what's planned for 0.10? :-D23:29
plundraMkay, rewrites again? (Lots of stuff was remade for 0.5, right?)23:33
Keybukthe main change is dropping "start on"/"stop on"23:35
plundraOh, ok.23:36

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