william56anyone know if moddb or fileplanet allow resuming?00:03
Grant-AHello, I am trying to set up a network in Xubuntu to connect to my Kubuntu laptop wirelessly, and I would like the network to only be visible to these two computers and to no one else, is NFS the best way to go with this?00:24
Grant-AIt's a file sharing network, btw00:24
Grant-AI wanted to place a folder on my desktop that could be accessed by my laptop00:24
lc2Grant-A: no, nfs stinks00:26
* lc2 is back, never misses a chance to bash NFS00:26
lc2Grant-A: try sshfs or something else that doesn't suck00:26
* lc2 goes back to doing work00:28
Grant-Aok, I'll google it00:29
lc2Grant-A: you'll find it's a whole lot simpler, and on that scale, probably a lot more reliable as well00:30
lc2but wat do i no lol00:30
* lc2 looks at work backlog, sighs, gets started00:30
Grant-Alinux.com gives it a good review00:30
Grant-ADoes it work over wireless well?00:31
lc2Grant-A: it doesn't care00:31
lc2Grant-A: it seems to handle connection drops pretty well, if that's what you mean00:31
lc2gracefully, at least00:32
lc2kay this channel is too tempting to talk in00:32
lc2and i have to do thingsss00:32
lc2so bbl00:32
terroxxxhi all. I can't seem to work out how to downgrade Xubuntu. I want to go from 8.10 to 8.04.101:38
charlie-tcaThe safe way to downgrade is to do a fresh install of 8.04.101:42
charlie-tcaterroxxx: Here is some information on doing a downgrade. Read all of it before starting, though:01:45
terroxxxi'd do a fresh install but I've done a fair bit of custom stuff01:51
charlie-tcathus the help document :-)01:52
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kebyou are here03:35
AceBlade258i... need help03:36
kebwhat sort of help03:36
AceBlade258i can't get my computer to boot any *buntu except xubuntu unless i unplug all of my sata disks03:36
AceBlade258then when i finally boo xubuntu i can't remount any of those disks03:37
kebhow are you booing now?03:38
kebi.e. with a cd or installed on hd?03:38
AceBlade258i have a spare pata drive i installed onto03:38
AceBlade258live c.d.'s all crash because of my graphics card03:39
kebhave a look at the file /etc/fstab and see if your sata disks are in there03:39
AceBlade258only my pata03:41
kebok what about in /var/log/dmesg03:41
AceBlade258i can't tell, maybe03:43
AceBlade258i was trying to figure it out on my own and ran "sudo fdisk -l"03:44
kebdid you see sata controllers03:44
AceBlade258in the terminal, and they show up in there03:44
kebhmm how did they show up when you did fdisk -l?03:45
kebi mean what did they look like03:45
AceBlade258The pata is labeles as /dev/sda and they are /dev/sdb, and /dev/sdc03:46
kebdo you have the Mountable Devices icon in your taskbar?03:47
AceBlade258not that i can see03:48
AceBlade258when i plug it in it says it failed to mount03:49
AceBlade258oh... i forgot to say, they are NTFS03:49
AceBlade258sorry if that makes any diffirence03:49
kebok you can add the icon by right clicking on an empty area in the taskbar and choosing Add and then find the Mount Devices item03:50
kebhmm ntfs might need to have ntfs-3g installed03:51
kebwhat happens if you type ntfs-3g03:51
AceBlade258ntfs-3g: No device is specified.03:51
AceBlade258Please type 'ntfs-3g --help' for more information.03:51
kebok so you ahve support for ntfs :)03:52
kebif you click the new Devices icon on your taskbar do you see the drives?03:52
AceBlade258it mounted once when i forced a driver install for the xubuntu live cd03:52
AceBlade258(driver for my graphics card)03:52
kebbtw you normally shouldnt plug/unplug sata drives unless both your motherboard and the drives are rated for hotplug, or they are in a external sata case03:53
AceBlade258only my / and /home partitions03:53
keb*when the system is on03:53
AceBlade258the drives are... the chipset is nForce 4 Ultra AMD03:54
AceBlade258i don't know if it is03:54
kebso if you boot xubuntu with the drives already plugged in, do they show up in the mount icon choices?03:55
AceBlade258if i boot with them pluged in it dosn't boot for some reason03:56
AceBlade258errnm -5 or somthing like that03:56
AceBlade258i know a bit about computers but i know it all in windows, and i'm truing to switch because linux has been more stable for me03:56
kebmaybe the boot error could be due to the drive boot order in the bios03:57
AceBlade258the linux kernel starts to load, and that's where that error pops up03:57
kebwhat is the last thing it shows03:58
AceBlade258it goes to a command line and starts showing one line over and over, all i can remember about the line is that it wnds in that errnum -5 thing04:00
AceBlade258should we switch to a privet chat?04:02
AceBlade258i've never used IRC before04:02
kebok what if you mkdir a manual mount point in /mnt and then try mounting manually04:02
kebthats ok, someone else might know more so its good to solve it here04:02
AceBlade258i'll give it a shot04:02
kebit would be like mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb /mnt/drive_C04:03
kebyou might have to use sudo on the commands ;)04:04
AceBlade258i figured that out lol04:04
AceBlade258ahh, the device was marked as in use...04:06
AceBlade258due to an unclean shutdown04:06
kebwhois using it?04:06
kebah thats ntfs for ya.  you might be able to force the mount, or you will have to boot into windows and chkdsk /r on each drive04:07
keband then reboot twice in windows04:08
AceBlade258i'm trying to force it04:08
AceBlade258haha! got it04:09
AceBlade258okay, how would i mount it like File System is (on the desktop)04:10
kebin your Settings Manager, if you go to Desktop there is a choice for what icons to display on desktop04:12
kebthere are a checkboxes for removable devices and file systems04:12
AceBlade258got it, thanks a bunch04:13
kebi'm not sure that you can browse your sata ntfs drives that way though.  might not have permissions.04:13
kebyou might have to mount them with the -o user option04:14
AceBlade258i actually did that (the command line told me to)04:15
AceBlade258now, how do i unmount?04:15
kebhehe cool04:15
kebtry the icon on your taskbar04:16
kebor try right clicking the desktop icon for the drive04:16
AceBlade258got it, thanks a bunch04:19
AceBlade258anything i can do to repay you?04:20
kebhelp some other people converting from Windows :)04:21
AceBlade258already started that :) (so far i've converted my gf, and her friend and her bf)04:22
kebdo they prefer xubuntu or kubuntu04:23
AceBlade258Ubuntu for gf and kubuntu for the other two04:23
AceBlade258(kubuntu has more eye candy)04:24
kebif you have a fancy machine, ubuntu-studio is impressive04:24
kebbut here we celebrate xubuntu :D04:24
AceBlade258i was going for ubuntu studio but i got lucky with xubuntu (my hardware can handel studio easly though)04:25
peepsalota swap partition is not mandatory is it?04:28
kebit is not04:28
kebbut general opinion last i heard is that the system will operate more smoothly with one04:32
maxamillion5645/win 604:33
maxamillionerr... sorry04:34
mynameisdavenice job guys04:54
mynameisdavemy graphics card finally can do transparencies :D04:55
mynameisdaverunning from the latest 8.10 xubuntu04:55
mynameisdaveI should say true transparency04:56
mynameisdavewhich means you should see applications behind the transparent window instead of the desktop04:57
AceBlade258what card?04:57
mynameisdavethe card did not work before04:57
mynameisdavein the order releases of ubuntu04:57
AceBlade258my bad, what kind of card, i.e. GeForce xxxx, Radeon xxxx04:58
mynameisdaveati Radeon XPRESS 200M04:59
mynameisdaveit finally does true transparencies :D04:59
mynameisdaveit is awesome :D04:59
AceBlade258transparancies are indeed awesom05:00
CarolineKoh man y'all I need some serious help05:00
AceBlade258how do you figure?05:00
CarolineKi am trying to install xubuntu on a flash drive through that unetbootin05:01
CarolineKi'm on an eeepc 90005:01
mynameisdavecompiz should work if transparencies work right ?05:01
AceBlade258yes to dave05:01
CarolineKand it boots to the loading screen and then the xubuntu logo goes away and my screen gets all stripey (seriously)05:02
mynameisdaveI could never get it to work before05:02
CarolineKand i don't think it is actually installing05:02
AceBlade258what is installed in the ee pc now?05:02
mynameisdaveI did 3d for games though05:02
CarolineKdefault xandros, easy mode05:02
mynameisdavebut the transparencies was not true transparency when I did it05:02
AceBlade258how did you make the flash drive?05:03
CarolineKwith unetbootin and a .torrent file i found on eeeuser.com05:03
AceBlade258do you have access to any other computers?05:03
CarolineKyeah, i am on another one right now05:04
AceBlade258okay, give me one minuet05:04
CarolineKthank you so much05:04
mynameisdavehow do you do the cube with compiz AceBlade258 I have only use that with berly05:05
mynameisdaveand I do not know how to do that with compiz05:05
AceBlade258i dont use compiz much, sorry05:06
AceBlade258and caroline, do you know what a virtual machine is?05:07
CarolineKi might but explain it to me05:07
AceBlade258it is software that emulates a computer, but if you don't know off the top of your head, never mind (this method was kind of complex) ;-)05:08
AceBlade258do you have a blank cd?05:08
AceBlade258and a cd burner05:09
CarolineKi do, but i just got the flash drive to boot on another computer, so it must be the eeepc05:09
AceBlade258oh? hmmm05:09
CarolineKtrying again with a different usb port05:10
CarolineKthis is frustrating!!05:10
AceBlade258i regrettably have never used an eeepc05:10
AceBlade258you should have seen me earlier05:10
AceBlade258do you normally use linux?05:11
CarolineKno i am only windows05:11
CarolineKwhich makes it even worse. :)05:11
CarolineKyeah yeah05:11
AceBlade258i was too, are you tied to windows by software you need?05:12
CarolineKOH OH05:12
CarolineKApparently that USB port is bad05:12
CarolineKtied to windows by school.05:12
CarolineKi am in law school and must use windows to take exams05:12
CarolineKbut, I did get xubuntu to load up!05:13
AceBlade258the controller might tell it to reset at a certen point when you don't want that to happen05:13
AceBlade258and yay05:13
CarolineKso how to I install it to the drive and get rid of the other OS?05:13
AceBlade258what is on the screen right now?05:13
CarolineKwell that big button that says install might do it05:14
AceBlade258how big is the drive on the eeepc ? and how much ram does it have?05:14
CarolineKthis one is tiny, it's only 4gig05:14
CarolineKi have an 8gig sd card05:15
Odd-rationaledepends... i think it get a big as 8gb05:15
Odd-rationaleand 2gb ram...05:15
Odd-rationaleno, 1 i think..05:15
CarolineKmine is 1gig05:15
CarolineKyou can update to 2 w/o voiding warranty05:15
AceBlade258if you have the money always upgrade ram05:16
mynameisdaveTRANPARENCIES :D05:16
AceBlade258not on an eeepc05:16
mynameisdavelemote pcs are nice05:16
mynameisdaveno 3d though05:16
CarolineKwell now it says "partitions formatting"05:17
CarolineKso thank you for at least talking to me so i did not feel hopeless05:17
AceBlade258oh... it's an auto installer... yuck05:17
AceBlade258no problem05:17
CarolineKhey man, the easier the better of me05:17
CarolineKfor me*05:17
CarolineKy'all have a great night, and thank you SO MUCH05:17
AceBlade258at least for a beginer05:18
AceBlade258oops, now i seem like an ass...05:18
AceBlade258... hello world05:19
mynameisdavethe first thing you do  in programing05:19
mynameisdave"HELLO WORLD"05:19
AceBlade258indeed, my point exactly05:19
mynameisdaveand bash scripting05:20
mynameisdaveI remember that05:20
mynameisdavewhat is the latest version of ubuntu called ?05:21
AceBlade258intrepid ibex05:21
mynameisdaveneed to know for sources file05:22
princeduganI can't get pcsx to work. choosing "Run CD" crashes it05:48
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Ultraputzhow likely is it that a working, booting xubuntu (current install) can swapped to another machine and can be expected to boot?06:31
princeduganyou mean taking the harddrive with xubuntu on it, and pluggin it into another machine?06:39
princeduganI've done this with many different Linux Distros include older versions of ubuntu. It not only works, but sometimes works on machines that wuld not work with an attempted installtion on the machine itself. I don't see why this would be a problem.06:46
AceBlade258i cannot boot with my sata hdd's connected06:48
princedugansata's are hotpluggable right?06:48
AceBlade258to any *buntu distro, and yes06:48
AceBlade258ugg, they won't mount when i plug them in once i have booted06:49
princedugannot mounting in GUI or comman-line?06:50
AceBlade258gui, and i have to force them to mount in command line06:50
AceBlade258how do i delete a directory i dont want06:53
AceBlade258(that i made)06:53
AceBlade258i.e. /Media06:55
Ultraputzprincedugan, thanks06:59
Ultraputza friend of mine gave me an old medion, which is an improvement on the present box.07:01
calamariI am trying to help out a newbie running xfce, unfortunately I've got KDE on my box.. if she puts in a floppy, is there a GUI way to mount & access that floppy?07:31
boghoghello. i just installed xubuntu on an old(ish) acer laptop with integrated intel graphics (i815), but it seems to be using the 800x600 resolution by default while my screen is 1024x768. im not able to change this through the settings manager (it only lets me pick 800x600 or 640x480). does anyone know what I can do to fix this?08:22
boghogdo I need to add something to my xorg.conf?08:23
boghogoh nevermind I found something through google (http://hi.baidu.com/chplj/blog/item/dd46dcc42cae75c939db49fb.html)08:24
boghogbah I still can't fix the resolution on my laptop09:22
boghogI tried installing 915resolution but it doesn't seem to exist anymore (apt-get doesn't find it)09:22
boghogI also tried adding the Modes option to a display section in xorg.conf and then restarting xorg but that didn't help either09:22
nunuHi, I got a freh xubuntu installed, and my default user is in the sudo group but i can't use synaptic. can anyone help?09:32
generalsnushi guys. is it possible make a wireless access point with a laptop with x2 wlan cards? as in: recive a wireless signal on wlan card 1.. and have the other wlan card act as a AP.. kinda like a repeater12:52
ablomengeneralsnus, it should be, take a look at iptables, you can route with that13:00
generalsnusok.. but how do i make 1 wireless card act as AP.. give it ssid and such?13:01
ablomeni think (this is out of memmory, not sure) there is an option in network manager to create a new wireless network13:02
ablomengeneralsnus, http://projects.gnome.org/NetworkManager/ << see the screenshot on that page13:07
generalsnusyeah.. i tried.. made a new..with ssid "test".. but then it just tries to connect to test.. didnt really work as a AP13:09
generalsnusablomen: ok gonna try this13:17
knubbeis xubuntu still focused on older(slower) machines?13:56
Myrttito the extent of definition of older and slower13:57
knubbeMyrtti: ok, thanks.13:59
Myrttiie. you define old and slow, and I'll tell if xubuntu is meant to be run on it13:59
Myrttithe requirements have gone up since the early days, but not too much14:00
AlexPersimmonhihi how can I use local mirror of openoffice to install it? can I use debian files?14:00
MyrttiAlexPersimmon: tell me what you mean with debian files?14:01
AlexPersimmonI mean http://mirror.yandex.ru/openoffice/debian/14:01
knubbeMyrtti: i think its a 1.4ghz intel celeron(m). laptop. 2gb ram.14:01
MyrttiAlexPersimmon: are the other computers using the local mirror Debian machines?14:01
Myrttiknubbe: that's not even old14:01
Myrttiknubbe: should run fine with xubuntu14:01
knubbeMyrtti: i suppose thats a definition as well. its 3 or 4 years now.14:02
Myrttianything with more than 512M of RAM isn't old :-)14:02
knubbeif you say so ;-)14:02
AlexPersimmonlaunchpad is slow so I`d like soomething closer to me but there seems to be no ubuntued versions around14:02
MyrttiAlexPersimmon: if the package is meant especially for Debian, I'd rather not use it14:03
AlexPersimmonwell ok then are you aware of any OO mirrors directed at ubuntu?14:03
knubbeMyrtti: im running kubuntu today and experience its quite slow. im not interested in fancy effects whatsoever just as long as my development-environment works. ive been recommended to look at openbox. do you have any experience in openbox vs. xfce?14:04
Myrttiknubbe: sorry, I don't.14:04
knubbeok, will do some more googling14:04
AlexPersimmonwell nobody seems to know so since I`m here, how can I change layout with keyboard?14:05
AlexPersimmonI mean how to set up hotkeys for it14:06
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knubbeI also find it weird that it installed gdm now. Is xfce related to gdm somehow?14:52
jarnosknubbe: apt-cache depends xubuntu-desktop | grep gdm14:56
knubbejarnos: ah, thanks. (yes, Depends: gdm)15:04
jarnosknubbe: lxde is lighter than xubuntu-desktop15:06
knubbeok. too late now though.15:07
jarnosknubbe: but I dislike it depends on xscreensaver.15:07
jarnosknome: how it is too late?15:07
jarnosknubbe: ^15:08
knubbejarnos: already installed xubuntu-desktop now.15:08
knubbejarnos: lightning adsl!15:08
jarnosknubbe: but you can try to install them both and choose in gdm which session to use.15:08
knubbejarnos: where do i find lxde? is that also a meta-package?15:08
jarnosknubbe: yes, in ubuntu 8.1015:09
jarnosknubbe: actually lxde is based on openbox.15:10
knubbejarnos: i cant find the package? is it a non-official repo?15:10
jarnosknubbe: universe15:10
knubbeok. it seems like if my sources.list wasnt updated on the last upgrade. it still says hardy everywhere.15:16
jarnosknubbe: that is odd.15:43
knubbewasnt really. it appears i havent upgraded.15:44
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PierocskaHi there everybody! how are you doing today?16:55
PierocskaGuys, I have a question, which services could I switch off to gain speed since I have a really old Amd K6II400 mhz 484mb ram?16:57
jarnosPierocska: Which function is too slow to you?16:58
PierocskaWell when I open any window I have to wait like a couple of seconds16:59
jarnosPierocska: You have to choose lighter windows. I did not mean Windows ;)17:01
PierocskaOk :D17:01
PierocskaWhaqt would you suggest?17:01
PierocskaDo you think it's normal that the processor is always working at 100%?17:02
PierocskaAnd another thing.. Is it normal that i have a ntfs partition?17:03
PierocskaShouldn't It be something else?17:03
PierocskaI don't even have a swap partition..17:04
jarnosPierocska: No. I think current Firefox (or plugins or add-ons) are heavy. But I still use them: Firefox & NoScript to block Flash when not needed.17:05
PierocskaActually UI'm not talking about firefox17:05
PierocskaI just have the system monitor opened..17:05
jarnosPierocska: Then it is gnome-system-monitor that is too heavy.17:06
PierocskaOh ok..17:06
Pierocskahow can I use another on?17:06
PierocskaBut wasn't xubunto supposed not to use gnome?17:06
jarnosPierocska: it is a compromize. Try htop.17:07
Pierocskahtop thx17:07
PierocskaBasically when I wanna install another application i17:08
PierocskaI should find it in the synaptics manager?17:08
jarnosPierocska: or you can make update interval longer in System monitor.17:08
PierocskaGood idea..17:09
jarnosPierocska: actually intervals (in preferences).17:09
PierocskaI should sMuch better17:10
PierocskaMuch better17:10
PierocskaYou're a genius17:10
PierocskaAny Idea to remove the flicker in the logon screen?17:11
jarnosPierocska: I guess have played aroung longer.17:11
PierocskaSince yesterday it became much faster though..17:12
jarnosPierocska: hmm?17:12
PierocskaLike the machine17:13
jarnosPierocska: was it even slower yesterday?17:13
PierocskaIt is much faster now17:13
PierocskaMuch more17:13
jarnosPierocska: good.17:13
PierocskaBut when I put 16bit depth it became another thing..17:13
jarnosPierocska: Just because of adding interval?17:13
jarnosPierocska: 16bit depth where?17:14
PierocskaNow moving the window around is smooth17:14
Pierocskain the xorg17:14
PierocskaBut I did that before17:14
jarnosPierocska: what bitdepth you use now?17:15
PierocskaI guess 1617:15
PierocskaI think the default was 2417:15
PierocskaBut I am not good at checking data..17:15
PierocskaI don't know where to find the information17:16
Sinisterim using devede and it takes 2 hours to convert a avi i have it on higest resalution does it make a differnce ?17:16
PierocskaBut the logon screen has different dis17:16
Pierocskadisplay settings..17:17
PierocskaIs that normal?17:17
jarnosPierocska: I have came across the problem.17:19
jarnosPierocska: Do you mean your login screen does not fit in display?17:20
PierocskaBut It also flickers so bad that It looks like my monitor wants so explode..17:22
PierocskaAnd I can tell that It has indeed a different resolution17:23
PierocskaChanging the windows manager makes miracles...17:28
jarnosPierocska: Yes. There should be a way to change video mode of the login screen, too.17:36
jarnosPierocska: something can be done by editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but that is not elegant.17:37
washeckHi all. Anyone willing to help me debug X freezes in 8.10?17:38
PierocskaWell if it works..17:40
PierocskaDo you know how?17:40
washeckwell, I first need to find out what the problem is17:42
washeckonce in while, lets say every hour my x session freezes17:42
washeckI'm not sure if it is xfce or x.org problem17:42
washeckthe window manager stops responding, keyboard is ignored and the only thing that works is the mouse cursor17:43
washeckif I kill X with Ctrl+Alt+Backspace I can work next hour or so17:43
charlie-tcawasheck: if the cursor moves, can you use ctrl+alt+F2 to switch to a tty? you can use top there and maybe find what is freezign17:45
washeckwell, I tried but the thing is that the terminal is also not working on my laptop17:45
charlie-tcaFrozen or don't come up?17:46
washeckI don't know if it's xubuntu bug or something but I don't have any terminals17:46
charlie-tcaIt is a known xorg bug17:46
washeckno login screen, just blank screen with text mode cursor17:46
charlie-tcacursor on the bottom?17:46
washeckso it is quite difficult to debug17:47
washeckwhen X is frozen and there is no terminal17:47
charlie-tcatry hitting enter a few times and see if anything comes up. It might be screen size is too big17:47
washeckI should probably say I have dual-head setup17:48
washeckif it matters17:48
charlie-tcaTo debug the freeze, you can open system monitor and keep on eye on the cpu. Then you might be able to scroll it when it freezes and find the app17:48
charlie-tcaBy killing the app stealing the cpu, it should unfreeze17:48
charlie-tcaI would look for updatedb17:49
washeckwell, how should I kill it if the X session is frozen?17:49
washeckI have only mouse cursor17:49
washeckand I don't suspect updatedb as there is no disk activity17:49
charlie-tcausing the mouse, right clidk the Process Name, left click kill17:50
charlie-tcaKeep the system monitor open to Processes17:50
washeckwell, I was probably not clear enough - the cursor moves but X does not respond to clicking :)17:50
washeckit's really just the cursor itself17:51
charlie-tcaI had to do this before to find the issue on mine. Then keep an eye on processes and try to find what is freezing.17:51
PierocskaAnyone can tell me how to set the log on screen display settings?17:51
charlie-tcaIt either takes all the memory or cpu17:51
charlie-tcaPierocska: sudo /etc/usplash.conf17:51
washeck> It is a known xorg bug17:52
washeckdo you know the bug id?17:52
charlie-tcawasheck: not off the top of my head17:52
washeckanyway, I'll try to find it myself17:53
washeckwithout working terminal I don't thing I can make any progress17:53
charlie-tcaPierocska: add "xres=1024" and "yres=768" on two lines; use the res you want17:53
charlie-tcai think that should change it17:54
Pierocskaand what about the refresh? Will this effect the logon sceen?17:54
charlie-tcaLeave out the quotes17:54
charlie-tcaI don't know if it will change the refresh rate17:55
PierocskaIs it normal that I have an ntfs partition?17:59
charlie-tcaIf you have windows17:59
cody-somervilleIf you have Windows18:00
PierocskaWhen I start xubuntu it goes in text mode and it shows me that it's checking the swap file or partition18:01
PierocskaAnd till I don't press control alt and del it wont't start18:01
PierocskaHow can I fix this?18:01
jarnoscharlie-tca: I guess you meant "sudo nano /etc/usplash.conf" or something like that.18:03
charlie-tcaOh yeah! you are right18:04
* charlie-tca brain is faster than fingers18:04
PierocskaI'm trying thanks for the help guys18:05
charlie-tcano problem.18:05
jarnoscharlie-tca: But after editing it is supposed to update initramfs somehow?18:06
charlie-tcaI think so. I usually restart after and it works18:07
jarnoscharlie-tca: There is some note in the file.18:07
charlie-tcaO-oh I forgot the restart too!18:07
charlie-tcaYes, it should be just a comment (starts with #)18:07
PierocskaMh I guess I did something wrong..18:08
charlie-tcawhat happened?18:08
PierocskaWhen I reboot It gives me a screen full of gibberish18:09
Pierocskaand it won't start the os18:09
charlie-tcano grub menu?18:09
PierocskaWhat is grab?18:09
PierocskaThe one that makes you select which os to load?18:10
charlie-tcagrub is the boot menu for ubuntu. yes, lets you select the os. Use the recovery option18:10
charlie-tcaand you can then go to a prompt and edit usplash again.18:11
Pierocskaok now I have grub18:11
Pierocskanow i selected recovery mode18:11
Pierocskanow lots of gibberish...18:12
charlie-tcaTake those lines out or change the numbers. What did you use?18:12
charlie-tcaAquina: hi18:12
charlie-tcagibberish as in text?18:12
charlie-tcait is okay. let it work18:13
Pierocskabut then it seems frozen18:13
charlie-tcagive it a chance to work18:13
AquinaHas anyone in here ever installed Opera v9.5x *.deb packages? Can I install the newer ones over the old ones or am I forced to uninstal the old installation first?18:13
PierocskaI'm still waiting but nothing..18:15
charlie-tcahard drive working? What did you set it too?18:16
PierocskaIf I press enter the nonsense text moves18:16
Pierocskabut nothing else18:17
charlie-tcaWhat is the last line?18:17
Pierocskabefore the nonsense?18:17
Pierocskamh.. too fast to tell..18:18
charlie-tcawhat is the nonsense? is it a prompt, like ubuntu@ubuntu?18:18
Pierocskanope just random characters18:18
charlie-tcatry changing tty (Alt+f2)18:19
PierocskaThey become all c18:21
charlie-tcaWhat becomes all c18:21
PierocskaThe random text becomes all cs and dots when I press alt f218:21
PierocskaAnd if I press alt f1 it becomes all striped18:22
charlie-tcaSounds like it is time to use the livecd. Boot to it, mount the drive and change usplash back.18:23
charlie-tcaI think your resolution went too high, but I am not sure.18:23
PierocskaI'll try18:24
ken52I am trying to create an ssh launcher on Xubuntu 8.04 as I can on Ubuntu 7.x or 8.x no luck.  Xubuntu does not seem to have a "location" type launcher.  Any other suggestions to connect to a remote server? I can ssh in a terminal, however, I am looking for a GUI type connection for transferring files. TAI18:27
ken52That should be TIA :-)18:27
Pierocskais it possible to make the changes from windows 2000?18:30
AquinaCan I upadate a paket via apt-get (the corresponding repo was addad later) I originally installed from a .deb file? The packet is opera (v9.52) and the newly added opera repo provides me with v9.6318:35
AquinaOr is it wiser to uninstall the opera paket with "sudo dpkg -r opera" first?18:35
mib_bq3y5khello guys. xubuntu installer no matter what will halt at partition manager (never loads)18:47
=== mib_bq3y5k is now known as nkour
nkouranyone has any ideas how to skip partition manager step?18:48
ken52Just a thought - have you done a media check on the CD you are installing from?18:50
nkourken52: everything seems to work fine. it says it's loading but nothing is showing up. I'm chatting via xubuntu now (live cd)18:50
nkourno issues on the installer no output in console18:53
ken52knour: I installed Xubuntu in a VMWare virtual machine (on a Ubuntu  host) just to try it out before installing on an old PC.  I think VMWare Workstation handled the formatting so I am not sure what roll the partitioner played.18:54
viddanyone know how to set up a RaLink RT2500 wifi card?18:55
nkourken52: ok..18:55
viddI used module-assistant and and it says it fails to build18:56
viddwhere does module-assistant store log files?19:01
android60how do i enable desktop effects in 8.10 ?19:33
cody-somervilleandroid60, http://xubuntublog.wordpress.com/2007/12/09/xubuntu-compiz-pretty-pretty-xubuntu/19:35
android60ok thanks19:35
MrMazdawill xfce be materially better than kde @ 400MHz with 160M RAM on ancient laptop?19:36
viddMrMazda, define "materially"19:37
MrMazdalike KDE with 256M vs KDE with 1G19:37
viddi assume since it WILL run, that is a plus19:37
viddidk if you can even GET KDE to run on those specs19:38
viddat least, not the 4.0 KDE19:38
MrMazdadumb student cousin of good friend paid $250 for 1998 Thinkpad with illegal WinXP, and I need to pick a distro and install it19:39
viddMrMazda, for such low system, i would recommend ubuntu-cli +lxde desktop19:39
MrMazdathis kid/student is a dimbulb who needs "easy"19:40
MrMazdaI never heard of lxde19:40
MrMazdaso I just apt-get install lxde-desktop on server install?19:41
viddactually..."sudo apt-get install lxde"19:42
MrMazdanot lxde-desktop?19:42
viddlet me double-check....19:42
viddcorrect...not -desktop19:43
MrMazdaok thx19:43
viddits not as "fancy" as xfce, but also not as hefty either19:44
viddyou might also want to compare xfce and lxde on that machine.....19:45
jarnosMaybe someday it is lxubuntu-desktop https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxde-common/+bug/30332019:45
viddsee if the speed boost vs functionality limit is worth the trade-off19:45
viddjarnos, i looked at that bug report...i dont think it really applies anymore....19:48
viddthe lxde package seems to install all needed stuff by default19:48
MrMazdahis concept of "speed" would be below avg, as he's used to winbloat running AV bloat layer19:48
viddabiword and gnumaric are "nice to have" but some prefer other apps, and others just dont need them at all19:49
viddMrMazda, from that, i would suggest just the default xubuntu-desktop then19:49
MrMazdathat's what I was thinking19:50
viddthe added functionality may b worth the tiny loss in speed (that he actually would never notice because he wont see the other version)19:50
viddplus you can always remove items you dont want19:51
viddthe only thing that bothers me is the recent "install-recommends" being active by default19:51
viddthis is adding unneeded bloat to an otherwise tight DE19:52
jarnosvidd: maybe you are right. Actually it bugs me that current lxde has too many dependencies like xscreensaver. Can you make it lock screen when you suspend?19:53
jarnosvidd: I can make gnome-screensaver do that.19:53
viddjarnos, i havent actually tried......19:54
viddi HATE the screen locking when i go to the bathroom or smoke a cig...or make the (third) pot of coffee =]19:54
MrMazdaare there no isos for xubuntu -> not found http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu-releases/xubuntu/8.10/19:55
viddbut i dont use it in an office environment so locking the desktop is not important to me19:56
viddMrMazda, the alt-cd of any version or the mini-iso will work fine.....19:57
viddchoose the cli-only option, and then, after reboot, "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"19:58
MrMazdavidd: just asking - I have a ku8.10alt19:58
viddMrMazda, that will work fine19:58
viddcli+xubuntu-desktop just takes a touch longer then xubuntu-desktop19:59
viddbut i prefer the cli+ option, even with the "correct" install disk, because i disable the "install-recommends" before installing the desktop20:00
MrMazdavidd: dunno what you mean about that difference, or disabling install-recommends20:12
viddby default, 8.10+ set apt to auto-mark "recommended" packages as "required" packages20:13
viddthis makes your system install more apps then prior versions of *buntu would20:13
MrMazdahow does one switch that off?20:14
viddyou go into the config folder and set it not install recommends.....20:16
vidd'i need to access the system i did this on to get the exact syntax....20:17
MrMazda"folder", with no gui installed yet?20:17
* vidd has too many systems....=]20:17
viddyep....its not as hard as it sounds =]20:18
* MrMazda wonders how mc finds "folders"20:19
viddMrMazda, if you "apt-get install --no-install-recommends" you will be able to get the gui without all the bloat to make it easier on yourself20:20
viddfeel any better?20:21
MrMazdavidd: :-)20:22
viddbut that is just the "short-term" or "as needed" fix20:22
viddif you want to permanantly disable that function, you need to modify apt's config files20:23
vidd(again...not as hard as it sounds"20:23
jarnosvidd: About lxubuntu-desktop: some people may want a live-CD.20:24
viddjarnos, a live cd defeats the entire purpose of lxde20:25
jarnosvidd: how?20:25
viddlxde is for systems that dont have the ram to run a live cd =]20:25
* vidd isnt a fan of live cd's anyway20:26
viddjarnos, did you see my answer?20:28
jarnosvidd: which one?20:28
viddlxde is for systems that dont have the ram to run a live cd20:28
alienkidhow do you install themes?20:28
viddalienkid, you unpack the theme in your themes folder20:29
alienkidit won't let me put anything in it20:29
jarnosvidd: yes. But it could be used as a live cd in systems having enough ram (but not too much ram). Besides it could be used to install a working de.20:29
alienkidin usr/share/themes20:30
viddalienkid, try to "sudo" unpack it there20:30
viddjarnos, i would definantly never use a live cd to install anything on any system i own20:31
* vidd never had much luck with live cd installs20:31
jarnosvidd: or alternative cd20:31
viddalt cd is fine....20:31
viddbut, anyone who knows about lxde should also know how to "sudo apt-get install lxde"20:32
alienkidok sudo moved it put when I pick it, it doesn't look like screen shots of it from xfce look20:32
viddbut you have been able to select it?20:33
viddok...my job is done =]20:34
vidddunno why it dont look right though20:35
viddyou might want to contact the author20:35
alienkidits a murrie theme20:35
alienkidhow can I change the write permissions for the /usr/share/themes dir??20:36
viddalienkid, sudo chmod [permissionset]20:37
viddie sudo chmod 777 /path/to/folder20:37
viddthe sequence is [owner] [group] [other]20:38
vidd7= read+write+execute20:38
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viddbah....what is the command to scan for wifi networks?20:41
viddnvmd i got it20:42
jarnosvidd: btw. is there an alternative cd without a de?20:43
viddjarnos, all the alt cd's let you do cli only20:43
jarnosvidd: I know, but if you want to use lxde, there is a lot of extra to download.20:45
viddjarnos, if you want to use xfce, there is a lot of extra to download20:47
viddthe lxde package and everything that goes with it are already in the repos.....so is on the install disk20:48
jarnosvidd: which install disk?20:49
viddall of them20:49
jarnosvidd: I don't believe lxde is in all of install disks.20:49
viddfor example....if you have a Kubuntu alt cd, you can install cli + ubuntu-desktop, or xubuntu-desktop, or lxde20:50
viddive done it on systems without intentet connection20:50
vidddunno if its on hardy...but it is on II20:52
Icki'm attempting to get my webcam to function with skype. i installed it and lsmod etc. recognizes it, but skype does not. anybody know where to go from here?20:52
* vidd was not aware that skype worked with webcam in linux =\20:53
* jarnos was not aware an alternative cd contained all desktop environments.21:16
jarnosvidd: What is II?21:17
viddintrepid {whatever the i is}21:18
jarnosvidd: I see. I call it 8.1021:19
jarnosI suppose the next one will be 9.04.21:19
* jarnos is dreaming of Xubuntu 9.04 having Xfce 4.621:44
viddjarnos, the next one is indeed 9.04 (also JJ)21:44
jarnosWhy is xscreensaver started instead of gnome-screensaver in Xfce session, if both are installed? Can you change this?22:45
cody-somervillejarnos, replied to your question22:58
protocol1there a quick way to take a screencapture in xubuntu to a jgp?22:58
cody-somervilleprotocol1, add the screenshooter panel applet23:02
jarnoscody-somerville: thanks, me too ;)  If I change the script, I have to do it after each upgrade, I suppose.23:10
cody-somervillejarnos, it may ask you if you want to replace the file since it exists in /etc/23:10
jarnoscody-somerville: It has newer asked me, I have not upgraded by comman line, though. Where else would it be?23:12
cody-somervillejarnos, it'll only ask on upgrade if you've changed it23:12
jarnoscody-somerville: I see. But in clean install I loose it, if I don't remember to backup.23:13
cody-somervillebut it'll work as expected on a clean install23:13
cody-somervilleinstall xserver isn't installed by default23:13
jarnoscody-somerville: xserver?23:14
jarnoscody-somerville: you mean xscreensaver?23:15
jarnoscody-somerville: true, but once you install e.g. package lxde, behavior of Xfce session changes.23:17
jarnoscody-somerville: since it depends on xscreensaver.23:17
cody-somervillejarnos, Is there anything that Xubuntu can learn from lxde btw?23:17
jarnoscody-somerville: probably. I haven't used it much yet.23:18
jarnoscody-somerville: At least it starts fast.23:19
jarnoscody-somerville: even in a decade old PC.23:19
jarnoscody-somerville: I'll log in it in a minute.23:21
jarnoscody-somerville: But I suppose Xubuntu has more functionality to start.23:32
jarnoscody-somerville: I told about pcmanfm before, but you were not so exited about it.23:34
jarnoscody-somerville: I like setting "max sixe of files displayed as thumbnails". (I have sometimes had huge image files on cd-rom)23:43
Aisoni'm thinking about installing xubuntu on my eeepc 4g (older model)23:59
Aisonis this distribution working?  how much space is required? I ahve got only 4gb ;)23:59

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