john__make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/modules/alsa-driver'00:00
john__make: *** [kdist_image] Error 200:00
DasEIjohn:and no further explanation ? just failing rm ?00:00
john__/usr/src/modules/alsa-driver/acore/info.c: In function ‘resize_info_buffer’:00:00
al3x-admindvheumen: so... just dist-upgrade in an hour should fix it ?00:00
john__/usr/src/modules/alsa-driver/acore/info.c:90: error: implicit declaration of function ‘PAGE_ALIGN’00:00
john__DasEI, i've watch the  /var/cache/modass/alsa-source*buildlog*00:01
dvheumenal3x-admin: I hope so, but I'm also just a user ... so I can't know for sure00:01
john__the last 4 lines are it's output00:01
dvheumenbut, that was why I was wondering if the upload was considered completed or not, since otherwise it could be incompletely transferred00:01
al3x-admindvheumen: Ok =) Thanks for the help00:01
dvheumenno prob00:01
DasEIjohn:looks like a false call at building the alsa-drivers, dpkg-reconfigure -a let's you (amongst lot other) to choose to install all als-drivers, let's try this  (really poking)00:03
DasEIjohn:sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a00:03
john__what would that command do?:)00:05
DasEIask you about how to configure your sys, including alsa00:05
john__so i should select all the alsa packets?00:06
DasEIyes, all drivers00:07
john__let's hope i won't be disconnected00:08
john__i'm on wi-fi00:08
DasEIdon' think so00:08
john__this is in progres...00:10
DasEIthrough ?00:16
DasEIsudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart00:16
DasEIbeep 5000:16
john__just wanted to see if i'm still online, it's not done yet00:17
AdolaAnyone know why Kopete won't connect?  (Here is teh situation, I'm using WML protocol, and on dial-up I wasn't able to connect, So, I updated to teh SVN version of msnlib, I still can't connect)00:17
al3x-adminAdola: because of recent MSNP change00:18
al3x-adminAdola: It should work with latest svn of kmess | kopete | pidgin |amsn00:19
al3x-adminAdola: I tested kmess && amsn && pidgin00:19
AdolaWell, Pidgin connects, But, I'm using MSN-pecan.00:19
AdolaAnd, I got svn of libmsn00:19
Adolalibmsn 4.000:20
Adolaand ran make and installed it.00:20
john__DasEI, gotta restart00:20
AdolaYet, I'm still not able to connect.00:20
Adolanow, Kmess wont' connect etier.00:20
DasEIJohn__:see you then00:20
Adolacan you guys PLEASE help me?  I REALLY hate Pidgin00:20
john__right away00:20
HappySmileManMine works today, didn't work yesterday, don';t think I've upgraded since then :S00:20
al3x-adminAdola: right now I'm on kmess00:21
al3x-adminAdola: so, I'm 100% sure that svn kmess works fine00:21
AdolaUsing the latest svn libmsn?00:21
al3x-adminAdola: Yes00:21
AdolaGod, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.00:21
sikor_sxehello, i just updated to kde 4.2rc1 in intrepid. now plasma doesn't seem to work anymore00:22
al3x-adminAdola: How did you updated?00:22
sikor_sxeit crashes after login00:22
al3x-adminsikor_sxe: just wait 1 hour until all packages are uploaded, then do update && upgrade ;)00:22
Adolacmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr00:22
dvheumensikor_sxe: the upload is still in progress00:22
AdolaAfter I got..I don't know exactly, someon in #kopete told me to.00:22
al3x-adminAdola: I mean... downloading .tar.gz or svn update from console ?00:22
AdolaOh, from Terminal.00:23
sikor_sxeal3x-admin: ok thanks00:23
al3x-adminAdola: You get the "Server internal error", right?00:24
AdolaI don't know.00:24
AdolaKopete just..Sits there...Never connecting...Always saying "Connecting"00:24
AdolaKmess provided an error atleast00:24
AdolaLet me fetch it00:24
al3x-adminAdola: Ok00:25
AdolaOk, that's odd.00:25
m_tadeuhi everyone...has anyone tried the kde4.2rc1?00:25
AdolaKmess just connectd...(For the first time today) And dissconnected Pidgin.00:25
AdolaLet me go try Kopete ONE more time.00:25
dvheumenm_tadeu: upload is still in progress, de plasma addons aren't updated yet and this (probably) causes the crash00:26
dvheumenm_tadeu: (in case you're wondering :P)00:26
al3x-adminmtadeu: If you cant run "plasma" is because you upgraded without all packages having been uploaded. So, wait 1 hour and update && upgrade ;)00:26
al3x-adminAdola: =)00:26
m_tadeuhehe....ok I'l wait a bit longer....:)00:26
AdolaOk, I'm attempting to connect.  I'll give it a bit.00:28
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore00:29
Adola!ping Adola00:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ping Adola00:30
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* DasEI is leaving, for John__: http://paste.ubuntu.com/104613/ 00:30
sebranybody seeing a kmail crash on start with the new 4.2rc packages?00:31
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Adolaok, al3x-admin:  It's not connecting.00:31
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al3x-adminAdola: Witch one client?00:31
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AdolaPidgin-Connect-Using MSN-Pecan00:33
AdolaKmess-Connect-using...Um, not sure00:33
AdolaKopete-Just keeps saying "connecting" forever-using WML protocol.  i've even used the SVN version of libmsn.  The 4.0 one.00:33
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al3x-adminAdola: Do you know how to check witch MSNP is using Kopete to connect? (I ask you because I dont know how) (If not <=MSNP13 or MSNP16 wont connect00:34
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stefan__sebr: yes, same for me00:36
sebrdamn damn!00:36
stefan__plasma also crashes every time for me00:36
sebrbut at least it restarts itself and works :)00:36
stefan__crashes when starting up on login00:36
stefan__sebr: not for me :-(00:36
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sebroi :(00:36
sebrtry delete all your settings perhsp00:36
stefan__sebr: already did so00:36
AdolaIn 4.0:    libmsn 4.0 was refactored to support MSNP1500:37
stefan__sebr: all files with plasma in its names in .kde00:37
stefan__sebr: I have no desktop... at least Alt+F2 works so I can start some apps ;-)00:38
sebrtry with a new user00:38
stefan__sebr: ok00:38
dvheumenstefan__: are you talking about KDE 4.2 RC1?00:39
stefan__dvheumen: yes00:39
stefan__dvheumen: intrepid packages00:39
dvheumendvheumen: it's because not all packages have been uploaded yet00:39
dvheumenthe kdeplasma-addons are not available yet ... I suspect Plasma tries to use the old packages and crashes00:40
stefan__stefan__: then the rest of plasma should depend on the fitting kdeplasma-addons package, no?00:40
Adolaok so.00:41
dvheumenstefan__: yeah, you're probably right00:41
Adolai did "make install" on the libmsn directory....Is that all i had to do?  Or was ther emore?00:41
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stefan__dvheumen: or the other way around, so a new libplasma cannot be installed as long as only an older kdeplasma-addons package is available00:44
stefan__dvheumen: available and installed00:44
dvheumenstefan__: tnx mate :P00:44
stefan__dvheumen: uninstalling kdeplasma-addons could also fix the problem I see currently I guess00:44
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* stefan__ tries it00:45
dvheumenstefan__: yeah, hadn't thought about that00:45
al3x-adminAdola: Sorry, I wasn't here.00:45
AdolaIt's fine.00:45
Adolaal3x-admin: have you installed the SVN version?00:45
* stefan__ restarts the KDE00:46
al3x-adminAdola: I think that this should work :S. But if not, just use pidgin or kmess or amsn until svn update fixes kopete's conexion probs00:46
stefan__ah, actually, I just need to start plasma00:46
AdolaAre you about to tell me something?00:46
AdolaOr are you just saying that it should have worked?00:46
stefan__dvheumen: plasma doesn't crash anymore now :-)00:46
al3x-adminAdola: No... I dont have KDE at this moment... I'm one of those that installed before total package was uploaded...00:46
dvheumenstefan__: I've updated the rest of the packages and all is fixed now for me too00:47
AdolaOk, >.>00:47
al3x-adminAdola: sorry for not being more helpfull =/00:47
AdolaThat's fine.00:48
AdolaI'm just very annoyed.00:48
stefan__dvheumen: ah, haven't noticed there are more updated packages available now :-)00:48
* stefan__ upgrades00:48
TraceRoute87is kde4.2 coming on the next kubuntu release ?00:50
alipioI think so.. =)00:50
TraceRoute87kde releases the 27th thou, so i assume we'll just be getting it in a update?00:52
alipioTraceRoute87: the next kubuntu release is in april...00:55
dvheumentnx everyone, bye00:56
Ahmuckhi.  i need to change my resolution, manually00:58
Ahmuckhow do i do this?00:59
alipioAhmuck: edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and put the resolution there...01:00
Ahmuckubuntu is using xorg.conf again?01:00
PsyonikHi, I'm having trouble installing glib from the source code, can anyone help?01:01
alipioif you configure there.. it will work... try it01:02
Ahmuckit appears that xorg.conf is empty.  are there example resolutions on the web?01:03
mrb__hi there... question... plasma is crashing in todays kde 4.2rc1 update... anyone else is having this problem?01:03
alipionice idea... let me upgrade the system here.. =)01:04
mrb__good luck alipio... 3 machines here had plasma crashing after the upgrade :(01:05
nhandlermrb__: It should be working now01:06
alipio:( .. maybe I'll have more luck... =)01:06
Ahmuckk, so i need an example xorg.conf file to fix this i suppose.  anybody have an 8.04.1 config file laying around?01:07
Ahmuckany particular reason *untu decided they needed to drop the xorg.conf file?01:07
alipioAhmuck: look at http://nozell.com/examples/xorg.conf-ati-works-with-one-monitor.2006062401:10
mrb__allipio.. packages are in experimental :)01:10
alipiothere some screen sections...01:10
alipiomrb__: i know... i'm using kde 4.2 b2 here.. I'm updating right now...01:11
m_tadeuis it ready to upgrade?01:11
caustinAnyone experience Plasma grabbing 100% CPU when adding Icons to the desktop in KDE 4.2 beta?01:11
alipioI don't know... I don't use icon anymore...01:12
m_tadeuplasma still crashing when logging in01:13
m_tadeuwhat should I do?01:13
Ahmuckany reason 8.10 would cause crashes while trying to open display in system settings?01:13
alipiocaustin: try to update to kde4.2rc1 published today...01:16
tweakedehHey, I made a new user on my computer but he has no privlages what so ever, even in his home folder. How would I fix this?01:17
caustinalipio: oh, cool01:17
caustinalipio: Would that be from the same place I got 4.2 beta from?  deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main ?01:17
alipiocaustin: yes.. i'm updating it from that right now..01:19
Ahmucktweakedeh: delete the user and re-create01:20
Ahmucksudo adduser someuser01:20
tweakedehAhmuck: I'm pretty sure thats what I did before. I'll try again though.01:21
alipiotweakedeh: chage the home owner with 'sudo chown newuser:newuser /home/newuser -R'01:21
tweakedehalipio: thanks, looks like its working now.01:22
caustinalipio: Excellent, thanks, updating now.01:22
m_tadeuif plasma crashes after the update just remove the plasma related files from ~/.kde/share/config and ~/.kde/share/apps01:23
caustinm_tadeu: ok, thanks01:25
caustinI also seem to have a problem configuring my Network Settings, like hostname, etc.  From my searching I guess there should be an Administrator Mode button, however, no matter what I do, I do not see one.01:27
TouchDownHello all. I'm with suspicious of invasion on my kubuntu 8.10. anyone can help me ?01:27
m_tadeuno  msn account in kopete....01:27
alipiom_tadeu: now it uses WLM Messenger instead01:28
TouchDownThe suspicious are: open proxy installed, changing many things on communities, changing font, autoshudown, etc.01:28
TouchDownnobody ?01:29
m_tadeualipio: I know...I was using it in beta2....now it's gone and not there to create a new one01:29
rakkuhello, I have a problem with plasma :) KDE 4.2rc1 can anybody help?01:29
e-jatanyone having problem / crash with 4.1.96 ?01:29
e-jatrakku: me too ..01:29
e-jatjust recently ( a few minutes ago upgrading) now its gone :(01:29
m_tadeutry to delete plasma related files inside your .kde01:30
e-jatany idea what package need to force downgrade?01:30
alipioI've just upgraded mine... for now.. it's working ok01:30
rakkum_tadeu: I've renamed ~/.kde, doesn't work01:30
e-jatalipio: hmm really .. im using kubuntu-experimentl01:30
alipiowhen kde crashes for you?01:30
alipiome too01:30
nhandlere-jat: Try doing an apt-get update and then a dist-upgrade01:31
e-jatnhandler: im doing it now ..01:31
alipiowell.. I'm now in kde rc1... and no crashes for while...01:31
m_tadeuwhat should be the package containing WLM?01:31
JontheEchidnam_tadeu: libmsn01:32
JontheEchidnaor rather, building kopete against that will make it build the wlm plugin for kopete01:32
e-jatowh ok .. got some dist upgrade01:32
rakkue-jat: me too!01:33
e-jathope it would help ..01:33
nhandlerIt should e-jat01:33
e-jatto get me back to kde :)01:33
rakkue-jat: the whole bunch again01:33
e-jatok ..01:33
e-jatthanks got i got gnome for backup ..01:33
alipiolet me startup again to see if all works fine...01:34
e-jatalipio: gud luck01:34
rakkue-jat for me, it's only plasma. I can start programs with krunner01:34
m_tadeuok ok....libmsn0.1 is installed...no WLM accont type to create a new one01:34
e-jatrakku: ic ..01:34
rakkuI'll start up again, fingers crossed01:36
nhandlerIs there an identi.ca plasmoid? Or does the twitter one work with identi.ca?01:36
caustinHmm, so WLM Messager functionality is missing from Kopete in 4.2rc ?01:37
e-jatbrb ..01:37
m_tadeuguess so...trying to figure out01:37
JontheEchidnaThe WLM should be present in the Intrepid packages01:37
* legodude__ hates the broken iwlagn driver01:37
alipiokde 4.2 rc1 is ok at startup here... no crashes =)01:38
JontheEchidnanhandler: the twitter plasmoid just gained support for identi.ca. ...for KDE 4.3 :-(01:38
nhandlerJontheEchidna: I guess I'll need to wait for that ncurses client to come out01:39
JontheEchidnaor you could try choqok01:39
e-jatits work ..01:39
JontheEchidna!info choqok01:39
ubottuPackage choqok does not exist in intrepid01:39
JontheEchidna!info choqok jaunty01:39
e-jatbut .. i miss the AIR wallpaper01:39
ubottuchoqok (source: choqok): KDE Twitter Client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.1-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 150 kB, installed size 656 kB01:39
e-jatis it the latest wallpaper?01:39
nhandlerJontheEchidna: Is it only in jaunty?01:39
nhandler!info choqok intrepid01:39
ubottuPackage choqok does not exist in intrepid01:39
JontheEchidnanhandler: I think there might be an intrepid backport in a ppa somewheres01:40
nhandlerJontheEchidna: I'll look. If not, I'll make one01:40
e-jatnhandler: may i know which folder store the kubuntu wallpaper?01:40
nhandlere-jat: I would tell you if I knew ;) This is day 1 on kde for me :D01:40
e-jatnhandler: owh .. sorry .. and welcome to the club :)01:41
nhandlere-jat: Thanks.01:41
* e-jat just a week i guess01:41
randy_I'm getting a kernal version mismatch trying to run quickcam. I read an old faq and did apt-get linux source instead of my actual uname. I re-did the apt-get correctly but I still get the version error. Any ideas?01:41
alipiokde 4.2 is awesome... very fast and stable since the last time I used (4.1)01:42
e-jatalipio: yeap01:44
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:50
zac_whats kubuntus off topic01:52
e-jatanyone here know where is the default folder for kubuntu's wallpaper ?01:54
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m_tadeue-jat: I think you can find it in /usr/share/wallpapers/01:56
e-jatm_tadeu: thanks ...01:58
e-jative change the wallpaper but it still wont appear ...02:00
e-jatbrb .. relogin ..02:00
caustinm_tadeu: Any sucess with WLM?02:00
m_tadeunot really...the guys in #kopete are debugging another problem with WLM02:00
alipiocaustin: I was using that in kopete 4.2.85 here with success....02:01
caustinalipio: Ok, you installed that after upgrading to 4.2rc1?02:02
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alipionot yet02:02
caustinyeah, it worked for me in the beta02:03
m_tadeuyeah the beta was working just fine02:04
caustinIs it possible to revert back to the beta version?02:04
alipioyou guys are using openoffice 3 with kde 4.2?02:05
m_tadeualipio: I tried it once, but didn't work out very well02:05
alipiom_tadeu: how do you revert to the 2.4?02:06
TouchDownhow do i remover a package (squid) using the bash ?02:06
e-jathmm .. is it only me having problem connecting to YM using kopete ?02:06
alipioTouchDown: use apt-get remove packagename02:06
m_tadeualipio: I was using a repo with the ooo3 packages...I removed it and reinstalled the old ones02:07
e-jatm_tadeu: y u remove it ?02:07
e-jatu mean issues with openoffice.org-kde ?02:07
alipiohave you just removed tha repository?02:07
m_tadeuwell I didn't spend much time with it....I'm happy with 2.402:08
e-jatowh ok ..02:08
m_tadeualipio: remove the repo, update and the install the openoffice packages02:08
alipiolet me see02:09
e-jatheadache with disconnected from YM using kopete :(02:11
e-jatis it my network prob ?02:11
e-jator its kopete issue?02:11
caustinwell, time to reboot into 4.2rc02:12
alipiogood luck caustin02:12
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ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore02:16
K`zanIs there some way to get 8.10 without kde4?  Much missing from the goodness of 3 still :-/.02:18
e-jatweather plasma widget got prob i guess ..02:18
Dr_willis_there was some kde 3.5 repos in the works.. but not sure whats the state of them02:18
K`zanDr_willis_: Thanks, guess I'll go back to 8.04 then until kde4 is ready for prime time.02:19
alipioK`zan: have your tried kde 4.2 experimental?02:20
alipioIts very nice02:21
hallownameare jaunty's 4.1.96 debs ok to use?02:22
Dr_willis_I thought Jaunty had  4.2 ?02:24
hallownameim on jauntydevelopmentbranch right now... 4.2 isn't released yet... i was just curious about the new 4.1.96 debs...02:25
alipiohallowname: jaunty will come with 4.2... today was published the 4.2 rc1 from the kubuntu experimental repo...02:25
hallownamealipio: yes, i kno... just curious about the new debs...02:26
alipiohallowname: Packages for the development Jaunty release are available. If you use Jaunty you will be able to upgrade as normal. Note that due to the holidays, the red tape needed to include libmsn in main has not been cleared yet. MSN support for Kopete will go in to Jaunty before it is released, however.02:26
hallownamealipio: nice to know, thx for the info... so the new debs are usable? no violent issues?02:27
alipioI don't know about Jaunty... I'm using Intrepid with the lastest kde release (4.2.96) with no hard issues... I'm really glad with it.. =)02:28
hallownamealipio: 4.2.96 eh? lawlz, thx man02:29
hallownameim on trunk anyway, i was just curious02:30
gstnethey guys. If anyone updeate to kde 4.2 rc1 ,do you still have MSN in kopete ?02:36
astromme_gstnet: Are the packages done yet for Jaunty (amd64)?02:36
gstnetno idea, but they are out for intrepid x8602:36
gstnet,, so jauny cannot be all that far away02:37
astromme_gstnet: see alipio's comment: "the red tape needed to include libmsn in main has not been cleared yet. MSN support for Kopete will go in to Jaunty before release"02:37
alipiogstnet: Note that due to the holidays, the red tape needed to include libmsn in main has not been cleared yet. MSN support for Kopete will go in to Jaunty before it is released, however.02:37
astromme_gstnet: Yeah, although I think ppc build servers (which the Intrepid packages build on) are much less congested than official build servers....02:38
gstnethmm, that kinda sucks about MSN, worked just fine in beta02:38
gstneti am trying to remember if I did something or if it just worked02:39
gstnetif I did something to it, i with I knew what it was02:39
gstneti do no remember compiling it02:39
PSiL0hey, does anyone know how to make firefox and banshee play nice in kubuntu 8.10?02:46
PSiL0for example, if I play a flash video from youtube, banshee craps out.. Likewise, if banshee is playing a song while firefox is running, I can't hear any sound from any video..02:47
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:48
drleperdoes 8.10 have KDE 4.1 ?02:49
gnumdki just updated to kde 4.2 rc1 but no msn support in kopete again :(02:55
JontheEchidnain Intrepid?02:55
gnumdkseems to be a probleme with kopete.install02:57
JontheEchidnait was probably backported without adding the msn support02:57
JontheEchidnaI'll work on fixing that02:58
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gnumdkJontheEchidna: using 4.1.85 kopete.install seems to do the job ;)02:59
kdb424I have a quick question. How do I upgrade kubuntu the distro itself from the command line?03:00
kdb424I know it's not sudo apt-get upgrade03:00
kdb424I did that03:00
p_quarlessudo update-manager --dist-upgrade03:00
kdb424Thanks so much!03:00
kdb424I knew there had to be a way03:01
p_quarlesyou need the -d argument too if you're looking for a development release03:01
p_quarlesbut update-manager takes care of changing the repositories as well as installing newer packages03:01
kdb424I'm not, but that will work. Thanks so much!03:01
kdb424Should I see it going to work on the screen or in the terminal? This is through ssh03:02
Guest94288someone know when k3b 2 will be released?03:03
p_quarleskdb424: it's a command line program . . . if that's what you're asking?03:03
kdb424p_quarles: That's what I wanted to know. Nothing happened03:04
kdb424It's on 7.0403:04
p_quarleskdb424: oh, I don't think that came with update-manager03:05
p_quarlesalso, it's no longer supported03:05
kdb424any idea on how to get this up to date ish?03:05
kdb424It was the only disk I had lying arround.03:05
p_quarleskdb424: well, what's the output of: which update-manager03:06
kdb424The program 'update-manager' is currently not installed.  To run 'update-manager' please ask your administrator to install the package 'update-manager'03:07
kdb424-bash: update-manager: command not found03:07
kdb424And if done sudo, nothing03:07
p_quarlesyeah, and the 7.04 repos are down, so that won't work03:07
JontheEchidnaGuest94288: It currently doesn't have a planned release date03:07
p_quarleskdb424: honestly, I'm not sure; if installing a supported edition is an option, that's your best bet03:08
p_quarleskdb424: apart from that, you're looking at manually changing all repositories from feisty to gutsy, then running apt-get dist-upgrade03:08
kdb424I have no way to burn any disks, and it's kinda not likely I can re-install.03:08
kdb424I'm ok with that if someone can give me all of the repos in a PM03:08
p_quarlesthere's nothing to PM; you just need to change the word "feisty" to "gutsy"03:09
kdb424ah, k03:09
p_quarlesedit as root, of course: kdesu kate /etc/apt/sources.list03:09
kdb424Yep. Thanks. I knew that part. I run Ubuntu, but I am not used to the KDE. I'm a gnome guy. I appreciate all of the help.03:10
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=== Poe is now known as Poehahahah
Guest94288kde is better than gnome03:13
* astromme_ sighs at Guest9428803:14
szrhawaiihow can i create a zip or a compressed file for some reason its not allowing me03:22
=== geek is now known as Guest88993
Guest88993i just got a 4gb thumbdrive, and i'm thinking of doing a thumbdrive install of kubuntu on it. has anyone used it before, and can i use the non persistant part of the drive (not counting the OS proper) in the live OS?03:22
=== Guest88993 is now known as faileas
=== claydoh_ is now known as claydoh
Guest94288you can compress files with ark03:25
astromme_szrhawaii: You can also do it on the command line: "tar cvzf filename.tar.gz filea fileb directorya" etc.....03:27
szrhawaiiim trying to make a zip instead of a tar.gz03:28
szrhawaiii miss 3.5 beause it had it in dolphins settings03:29
szrhawaiihow do you do a zip from command line03:30
mluserszrhawaii: man zip03:30
szrhawaiiok do i have to put the file cource after that03:31
mluserare you wanting to zip a file or directory?03:32
szrhawaiia file03:33
mluserzip zipname.zip file.txt03:34
szrhawaiiits an avi file03:34
szrhawaiiso it would be zip (file name).zip03:34
szrhawaiiso its exactly how you wrote it03:36
mluserif your file is movie.avi then type this 'zip movie.zip movie.avi03:36
mluserzip <zip filenane> <file to be zipped>03:36
mluserbzip2 is a better option though03:37
szrhawaiiyeah but im sending it to a different os that doesnt have that kind of compression file allowed03:38
szrhawaiiso zip is good03:38
dwidmannmluser:bzip2 is better, but pretty slow03:41
knicwhat is the version number for KDE4.2 RC?03:43
dwidmannhmm, probably something like 4.1.86 or 4.1.8803:44
knicnvm looks like 4.1.96 thanks03:44
dwidmanncome to think of it, they've probably changed it since 4.1.86 ... I haven't synced up in a while03:44
dwidmannwhen did they release the rc?03:44
knicthe day after yesterday03:44
dwidmannso today03:44
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=== Cueball is now known as Cueball_
burak_hi  ?04:00
nhandlerHi burak_04:00
burak_everybody sleepin'04:01
nhandlerNot everyone, just people in certain parts of the world04:01
faileasi just got a 4gb thumbdrive, and i'm thinking of doing a thumbdrive install of kubuntu on it. has anyone used it before, and can i use the non persistant part of the drive (not counting the OS proper) in the live OS? or would i be better off doing a full install on it?04:01
nhandlerfaileas: I know ubuntu now has a utility to create a live usb. I am not sure if this works on kubuntu or not (it probably does). I would give that a try.04:02
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore04:07
mDemocritusk9copy stops responding 32% into ripping a dvd, any ideas where i can start looking?04:19
mDemocritusOOPS so sorry, wrong window :(04:21
darkdelusionsStupid question is there a way to find out which version of the nvidia driver I am running installed 180 the other day but I think it reverted back04:33
darkdelusionsAnswered my own question :)04:34
prometheus77i have a freaky apt-get error04:48
prometheus77it tells me i have broken held packages and "package download failed"04:48
prometheus77this is after i upgrade to 8.1004:48
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore04:49
prometheus77APT Error. Context:    Package download failed,     Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.,     :04:52
DaSkreechprometheus77: Get the package from P.U.C ?04:57
prometheus77what is04:57
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xxploitany1else have this probelm while installing koffice-kde4 E: /var/cache/apt/archives/koffice-data-kde4_1%3a1.9.98.5-0ubuntu1~intrepid1_all.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/icons/oxygen/16x16/actions/object-order-back.png', which is also in package kde-icons-oxygen05:02
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quassel251hey, there's a packaging error in the new RC105:10
quassel251nice, my name is quassel05:10
quassel251anyway, I had to roll my own kmouth in kdeaccessibility05:11
quassel251err kmouse05:12
quassel251yes, kmouse has usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/actions/male.png which steps on some other package which has the same icon05:13
White_Pelicanwhat is nepomuk?05:13
e-jatwhats the diff project-neon & kubuntu-experimental ?05:14
quassel251how do you pronounce neopmuk?  why can't the java edition of seasame be used?05:14
White_PelicanI have no clue05:15
quassel251anyway, someone needs to address the packaging error in kmouse in the new 4.2 RC1.  male.png steps on another package in kdeaccessibility05:15
quassel251my understanding of nepomuk or whatever is that it's hard to pronounce and performs some indexing service so later on you can search for things05:16
White_Pelicanthanks for the info05:17
White_Pelicanmy wife also needs a good font editor05:17
yousef_can someone tell me how to reformat my usb drive to fat3205:17
_2yousef_ sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb     #careful with the dev/something    you want the exact device there   could be something like sdc1 if it's partitioned.    fdisk -l /dev/sd?05:19
quassel251mscore and fontforge might handle some font editing jobs05:19
quassel251never used them05:19
yousef_device node = dev/sdc105:20
White_Pelicanfont forge isn't working for her05:22
White_Pelicanit creates broken fonts05:22
quassel251gbdfed?  http://www.math.nmsu.edu/~mleisher/Software/gbdfed/05:24
quassel251hmm, gbdfed probably isn't going work05:24
=== Cueball_ is now known as Cueball
yousef__2 thanks i got it05:26
quassel251I'd file a bug report against fontforge.  I don't see much more that that project05:27
quassel251for truetpye font editing05:28
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TraceRoutehow do i set specific icons to apps on the kicker panel?05:32
_2right click05:34
TraceRouteright click and?05:35
=== jerr is now known as Jerr
npurcifulhello about a bug #313318 on launchpad well it seems that the problem still exists and i was reading about the is was supposed to be fixed in KDE 4.2 RC1.05:42
=== _DarkSmoke_ is now known as DarkSmoke
kxmasyeah, the weather applet was the first thing I looked for when I upgraded05:45
npurcifulyeah little bit05:45
Tm_Tnpurciful: crash?05:45
gabriel__hola alguien habla español05:45
Tm_T!es | gabriel__05:45
ubottugabriel__: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:45
npurcifulTm_T: no05:45
npurcifulTm_T: rss data engins05:46
kxmasoh wow, never mind, LCD Weather is working!05:46
kxmasI thought I had tried it05:46
Tm_Tnpurciful: roger05:46
npurcifulTm_T: why you ask about crashes05:47
Tm_Tnpurciful: different thing I thought you were talking05:48
Tm_Tthough you shouldn't been encountering anyway05:48
npurcifulwell i did have plasmoids crash but resolved issue05:48
=== jamie is now known as jam8oe
jam8oehelp me pls, my firefox doesnt load :(05:51
=== Cueball_ is now known as Cueball
tweakedehWhen ever I use FireFox to download any file it wont let me save it to the desktop because I dont have the permissions to do so. Any Ideas?05:58
npurcifultweakedeh: did you change the permissions06:01
npurcifulof ~/Desktop06:02
tweakedehnpurciful: no I never touched them.06:02
=== Cueball is now known as Cueball_
Tm_Ttweakedeh: have you been running desktop apps with sudo?06:02
npurcifuldid you run startx in konsol06:02
npurcifulwith sudo06:03
tweakedehTm_T: no06:03
tweakedehnpurciful: x Server is running?06:03
tweakedehwould I just chmod 777 /home/tweaked/Deskop?06:05
npurcifulno chown USER.USER ~/Desktop06:06
npurcifulerr sudo06:06
DaSkreechnpurciful: With sudo06:06
moj0risinghi. can anyone tell me the proper place to discuss Jaunty topics on IRC?06:07
tweakedehAlright, thanks guys =]06:07
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.06:07
npurcifulit think it is ubuntu+106:08
moj0risingsweet. thanks.06:08
npurcifulits late06:08
_2sudo chown -Rh $USER $HOME06:10
npurcifulyeah the would work06:11
moj0risinganyone here know how I might go about remmoving proprietary video drivers via the command line?06:12
moj0risingI'm using an NVidia card.06:12
* _2 says "sudo chown -Rh $USER $HOME" == strong medicine, good for what ales you.06:13
solid_liqmoj0rising: aptitude remove nvidia-glx06:13
_2moj0rising how did you install the driver ?06:13
npurcifulJockey or apt06:14
moj0risingthanks. well does kubuntu install it automatically?? was thinking maybe that's the issue.06:14
npurcifulno there proprietary06:15
_2moj0rising if that's the issue you can remove linux-restricted-<blah>06:15
moj0risinghm. I'll try that too if this doesn't fly...06:18
moj0risingoh. yeah. and I can try failsafe x! just remembered.   :)06:19
everyone_any real peaple here06:22
* _2 isn't going to say "hi everyone" that sounds like a trap.06:23
moj0risinghi. a couple.  How's it going?06:25
realmattWhat are some really good fast paced country songs that would get a crowd going.  Must be sung by males.  Simmilar to Heartland by George Strait06:32
* _2 never really was off topic, mmm compaired to that...06:33
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* DaSkreech laughs06:54
mot_has anybody else noticed that kubuntu 8.10 (kde 4.2rc1 or even 4.1.4) absolutely will not retain settings?06:56
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore06:56
mot_doesn't retain the location/placement of folder view windows (even when widgets are "locked")06:57
mot_won't retain program settings (i have autoconnect enabled on knetworkmanager and everytime i reboot it is unchecked)06:57
mot_anybody else notice this stuff?06:57
DaSkreechThis is on login?06:58
mot_anytime i restart x06:59
kerry_hi all06:59
mot_everything reverts to 'default' settings.06:59
mot_it's really, really annoying.06:59
mot_nothing "takes".06:59
DaSkreechHaven't noticed that here06:59
kerry_anybody know how to assign a keyboard shortcut to the application launcher in kde4?06:59
mot_i don't know how the hell i'm the only person06:59
kerry_on plasma06:59
mot_i KNOW this is happening to other people and it's not just my imagination06:59
mot_because i'm using kde 4.x on three different machines.07:00
mot_two kubuntu, one arch linux07:00
mot_the behavior is the same.07:00
DaSkreechkerry_: alt+F2 ?07:01
kerry_no, not that... sorry if i called it by the wrong name, i'm a newbie :)   - it was Alt-F1 in Suse, now that doesn't work anymore07:03
kerry_(and i can't find an option to change/set it)07:03
kerry_the 'start menu'07:03
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DaSkreechkerry_: Oh yeah that.07:16
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-BrB
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magoo_does anybody know of any issues with kubunto with a nividia gforce 6800 video card?07:43
magoo_kubunto verison 8.1007:43
magoo_i've installed it, and can use the o.s fine in recovery mode, i used the recommend drives for the video card but it wont work in generic mode07:45
theajaysharmaI have a normal gnome ubuntu install (8.10) and want to check out 4.2 rc1.  I enabled the "recommended updates" and added the experimental repo, can I just 'apt-get install kde' at that point?07:46
theajaysharmasorry, I know it's a basic question...07:47
magoo_i'm stuck07:47
magoo_my question is probably very basic as well07:47
Ch1ppyHey, I was previously on KDE 4.2 Beta 2 and MSN was working in Kopete, but I upgraded to the RC just now and MSN support seems to be gone, despite no mention of this in the release announcement. Is there any way I can enable it and/or go back to beta 2?07:48
DaSkreechCh1ppy: have Libmsn installed?07:52
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
Ch1ppyDaSkreech: That was the first thing I checked07:53
DaSkreechmagoo_: Hmm?07:53
tbr281i'm trying to install google earth and every time i the setup appears it says that it has no write permissions on the install directory07:54
tbr281can anyone help?07:54
faileastbr281: got sudo?07:54
Ch1ppyDaSkreech: libmsn0.1 4.0~beta1svn77-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa107:54
tbr281i did that already07:54
DaSkreechtbr281: try sudo07:55
bvalek2tbr281: use sudo07:55
tbr281thats what i tried^07:55
tbr281at the bottom07:56
tbr281if there is a different way please enlighten me07:56
bvalek2tbr281: do you know sudo?07:57
bvalek2this is what you have to do in command line: sudo GoogleEarthLinux.bin07:57
darkdelusionsIf i remember correctly isnt google earth in the medibuntu repo07:57
bvalek2it will ask for your password again, and the installer will have the necessary permissions07:57
=== logico is now known as logicohh
magoo_sorry, dont know how to msg you07:58
darkdelusionstbr281: follow this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu and add the repo then just do a sudo apt-get install googleearth-4.308:00
DaSkreech!tab | magoo_08:01
ubottumagoo_: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.08:01
DaSkreechmagoo_: you have a nvidia card and your drivers don't work?08:06
=== jens is now known as Guest80469
tbr281thnx darkdelusions that worked08:09
roccolordanybody having problems with kmail in 4.2rc on 8.10?08:09
HughCockIs adept the default package manager for KDE4?08:10
darkdelusionsemail software still exist :)08:10
roccolordHughCock: in kubuntu it is08:10
darkdelusionsHughCock: yes08:10
Black_MonkeyHughCock: it is for kubuntu 8.10, but it's a distro thing08:10
Ch1ppyDoes anyone have any ideas for getting MSN working in Kopete in the new RC?08:11
roccolordHughCock: will change in 9.0408:11
roccolordCh1ppy: doesn't look to be compiled with msn support08:11
HughCockhmmm ok... because i use kubuntu and theres like 3 to choose from.. ill use adapt i guess08:11
DaSkreechHughCock: No08:11
DaSkreechThere is no default package manager for KDE408:12
Ch1ppyroccolord: Odd, why would they do that when it was working in Beta 2 :S08:12
DaSkreechroccolord: What kind of errors?08:12
roccolordDaSkreech: crash on startup :)08:12
DaSkreechroccolord: Lets see08:13
roccolordCh1ppy: well I don't know but as you said it worked find in 4.2beta2, and I read that it wasn't enable in 9.04 yet either08:13
darkdelusionsroccolord: I was able to load it withou a problem08:13
roccolorddarkdelusions: ok but do you have any accounts configured?08:13
Ch1ppyroccolord: I read the release announcement very closely. That specifically said no MSN support in only the Jaunty section08:13
DaSkreechroccolord: Where did you see that about 9.04 ?08:14
darkdelusionsroccolord: i am setting that up now08:14
DaSkreechroccolord: kmail crashed on mail check here08:14
roccolordDaSkreech: in launchpad08:14
DaSkreechah ok08:14
roccolordCh1ppy: yeah you are right, it's not stated that it chouldn't work for 8.10, as it did for beta108:15
roccolordDaSkreech: ok damn...08:15
Ch1ppyroccolord: Indeed, so it *should* work... :S08:15
darkdelusionsI was just able to pull all the mail from my gmail account without a crash08:16
roccolordCh1ppy: well yeah but as you see it's not even possible to add wlm accounts08:16
DaSkreechCh1ppy: Might have to wait a few days08:16
Ch1ppyroccolord: Yeah. The release announcement really should be updated to reflect that then, especially since there's no way to go back to beta208:17
Ch1ppyIt's highly annoying for me08:17
DaSkreechCh1ppy: Mention that in #kubuntu-devel08:17
Ch1ppyDaSkreech: Will do08:17
=== adrian__ is now known as lokito
roccolordCh1ppy: the kopete package depend on libmsn anymore08:18
Ch1ppyroccolord: It does depend on libmsn, and libmsn is installed on my system08:18
roccolordCh1ppy: in rc that is, it would if it was compiled with msn support08:18
Ch1ppyroccolord: Oh, you're asking if it does depend on it?08:19
DaSkreechHmm I updated to RC and instantly it told me that libmsn wasn't needed and I could remove it so I did08:19
roccolordCh1ppy: aptitude show kopete | grep msn08:20
darkdelusionsroccolord: I had no issue with kmail after i droped an account into it08:20
Ch1ppyroccolord: Not there -_-08:20
roccolordDaSkreech: well that's because kopete doesn't depend on libmsn in rc08:21
DaSkreechroccolord: What is your crash message?08:21
DaSkreechroccolord: Well it must cause I sure didn't install it08:21
roccolordCh1ppy: yeah kopete doesn't depend on libmsn as it should if it where compiled with msn support08:21
Ch1ppyroccolord: Yeah, that makes sense. Annoying08:22
roccolordCh1ppy: yeah not the best start of the day :) no mail and no msn :)08:22
turuburuhi guys08:23
turuburui m thinking to upgrade my intrepid08:23
_2anyone ever setup exim4 for as a local smtp server ?08:23
DaSkreechturuburu: to?08:24
turuburuis upgrading to jaunty safe yet, or there are still bugs and breaks? i mean from practical experience. i know officially i must not put it yet, i m just asking if someone tried it08:24
_2i was wondering if anyone has tried this, or if i'm just wasting my time with it ???08:24
_2prolly should ask in the generic channel tho08:25
turuburuotherwise i ll partly try to upgrade to kde 4.2 rc 1 from the announced deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main. did this work for others ok?08:25
DaSkreechturuburu: breaks are happening now08:25
darkdelusionsturuburu: Kde 4.2 rc 1 has been running smooth for me08:26
=== rob is now known as Guest2634
_2breaks are good08:26
_2if you want/need to stop something like an automobile08:26
DaSkreechcheck your spelling08:26
_2DaSkreech whom ?08:28
Ch1ppyturuburu: Upgrading to the RC (not Jaunty) worked great for me, aside from the unmentioned lack of MSN support in Kopete08:28
DaSkreechbrakes versus breaks08:28
_2oh that.    heh i can't spell snot anyway08:28
DaSkreechsnot was spelt correctly08:29
turuburudarkdelusions and Ch1ppy thanks. you encourage me at least to upgrade my intrepid to kde 4.2 rc 108:29
turuburudo any plasmoids miss at new kde 4.2?08:30
DaSkreechturuburu: I would never recommend upgrading to a +1 unless it was in beta and even then only if you know how to track down problems and fix them08:30
_2so no experts with exim4 hangen' round ?08:30
Ch1ppyturuburu: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/IntrepidKDE42Upgrades has a list08:30
DaSkreechturuburu: Some must have08:30
turuburuDaSkreech: ok i dont go to jaunty08:30
darkdelusionsCh1ppy: when i got into kopete i have an option for windows live messenger which is the same as msn do u not have that option?08:32
turuburui had tried another ppa also with kde-nightly. i hope the kubuntu-experimental is more quality packaged since it was proposed at kubuntu.org. right?08:32
HughCockIs KDE 4.2 going stable maybe this month hopefully?08:32
Ch1ppydarkdelusions: I do not. Are you on the RC?08:32
turuburuHughCock: it will be finished end of this month, they prepare release parties08:32
darkdelusionsCh1ppy: no I am on the RC08:33
darkdelusionsCh1ppy: Version 4.1.85 (KDE 4.1.85 (KDE 4.2 Beta2))08:33
darkdelusionsoh RC08:33
darkdelusionsmy bad08:33
turuburudeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/project-neon/ubuntu intrepid main08:33
turuburuanyone tried kde-nightly from the other project-neon ppa?08:33
Ch1ppydarkdelusions: Yeah, it worked great on beta 2, hence the irritation becuase I cannot switch back :(08:33
turuburusorry for the extra lines. mistake of irc client08:33
Ch1ppyturuburu: the experimental contains the regular snapshots like betas and RCs, whereas the nightlies are going to be unstable08:34
turuburuok i had really bad experience with nightly. now i get it.08:34
turuburukrandrtray was crashing, konqueror was crashing, etc08:34
turuburuand i could not find weather plugin08:34
_2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   08:34
DaSkreechturuburu: Nightlies are as stated nightly. If they grab them at the wrong time you get horribly broken stuff08:34
turuburuok i go with experimental. will it use the same .kde configuration directory?08:34
DaSkreechThe experimental pretty much use released tarballs08:35
turuburuis there danger to loose any settins?08:35
DaSkreechturuburu: yes back up if you have data you can lose08:35
DaSkreechturuburu: Oh wait. no but backup anyway08:35
turuburuthen i ll not backup ;)08:35
turuburulet's see08:35
turuburuwhen kde 4.2 will be officially at interpid. begining of feb, or after jaunty release?08:36
_2everything is completely automated, and nothing can possibly go wrong can possibly go wrong can possibly go wrong can possibly go wrong can possibly go wrong can possibly go wrong can possibly go wrong08:36
turuburuok i made aptitude update, full-upgrade gives me a lot of trouble08:37
turuburui ll make the safe-upgrade first, then full-upgrade.08:37
DaSkreechturuburu: On the day it comes out08:38
turuburusafe-upgrade wants to remove amarok-nightly08:38
turuburuthere is a mess of installation from various ppa and repos08:38
turuburulet's see the power of aptitude08:38
_2see earlier message   ^08:39
turuburui hope there is way to go back to old version if i disable later the experimental repo, right? :)08:39
_2only a remove and reinstall08:39
_2apt* does not downgrad gracefully08:40
DaSkreechCh1ppy: Techincally you can go back to Beta 208:40
Ch1ppyDaSkreech: Oh?08:40
DaSkreechYou can tell apt a version number to install08:40
Ch1ppyDaSkreech: orly... would it do that nicely? I'm guessing not eh08:41
turuburu-2: to remove completely kde and reinstall, u mean?08:41
darkdelusionsCh1ppy: well looking threw the RC stuff I did find this i know it refers to jaunty but it could be why msn is missing08:41
darkdelusionsMSN support for Kopete will go in to Jaunty before it is released, however.08:41
DaSkreechCh1ppy: Long as you did it for each package :)08:42
_2turuburu yeah   it's the cleanest way to downgrade    probably not the "only" way, but the easiest08:42
Ch1ppyDaSkreech: Ouch -_-. Guess I'm waiting and using aMSN in the interim then :)08:42
DaSkreechIt's having some issues being packaged now it seems08:42
darkdelusionsI fail at coppy and paste08:42
DaSkreechCh1ppy: Cheers! has kmess been packaged?08:42
DaSkreech !info kmess08:42
darkdelusionsCh1ppy: the red tape needed to include libmsn in main has not been cleared yet. MSN support for Kopete will go in to Jaunty before it is released, however.08:42
Ch1ppydarkdelusions: That's Jaunty; it's in Intrepid08:43
turuburui hope krandrtray will work ok when disabling monitors at kde 4.2 experimental08:43
DaSkreechdarkdelusions: ha ha it should go in as soon as the alpha freeze lifts08:43
turuburugenerally new kde 4.2 is very beautiful. it has all what it needs08:43
Ch1ppyDaSkreech: It has. I didn't know about that, will check it out08:43
darkdelusionsMeh I just figured that was why you dont see it but dunno08:44
darkdelusionstired and thinking hurts :)08:44
turuburui suppose also kernel .28 with ext4 will be great :)...anyone installed it at intrepid? did it work without problems? anything broke at system?08:44
Ch1ppyDaSkreech: Hm, that looks decent. I will check it out... thanks!08:44
turuburukdebase-workspace-wallpapers failed to install :S08:45
DaSkreechWake up you stupid bot08:45
DaSkreech!info kmess08:45
ubottukmess (source: kmess): Instant messenger to use MSN on KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 1840 kB, installed size 4272 kB08:45
turuburualso icons failed to install or upgrade08:45
turuburuwhy? because i do the upgrade running already kde?08:45
DaSkreech!info kmess jaunty08:45
ubottukmess (source: kmess): Instant messenger to use MSN on KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 1840 kB, installed size 4272 kB08:45
DaSkreechWhat? What about version 2.0 ?08:45
DaSkreechturuburu: Dunno most people have some differences in the system08:46
turuburuDaSkreech: u talk about what exactly?08:46
DaSkreechWhy your packages are failing08:46
ubottuUnless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officer, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..08:47
turuburuok now i do full-upgrade08:48
darkdelusionsbut but u is so much easy to type the you08:49
turuburuit wants to remove plasmoids :(. why? kde 4.1 plasmoids are not compatible with 4.2 ones?08:49
darkdelusionstime to sleep i cant type tonight08:49
turuburui especially like plasmoid-weather and teacooker at 4.1. can i compile them for 4.2?08:49
DaSkreechturuburu: no they aren't08:49
DaSkreechYes you probably can08:50
DaSkreechThey may have replacements already08:50
DaSkreechbut if not you can try to recompile08:50
turuburuah. above it says the reason why it wants to remove. it says that all these depends from libplasma2 but this is not installable!?08:50
turuburuany idea about?08:50
DaSkreechafter 4.2 the API is locked so eerything here out should work08:50
DaSkreechapt-get install libplasma208:51
DaSkreechsee what it says08:51
* _2 point DaSkreech out to the spelling nazi'08:51
DaSkreechapt-get install v && s/ee/eve08:52
_2DaSkreech now it looks like you can't spell snot08:52
=== patrick is now known as Guest95159
turuburuDaSkreech: it says it is already installed. it is set at manually installed.08:53
turuburuand to run apt-get -f install to fix the broken kde-icons-oxygen08:53
DaSkreechgo then08:54
turuburuapt-get -f install proposes to remove kdelibs5-dev08:54
DaSkreechthat shouldn't kill you08:54
tbr281where do i go to ucheck for distro upgrades in kde4?08:55
tbr281after upgrading to kubuntu 8.10 i got lost :P08:55
ActionParsnipyo yo yo08:56
DaSkreechtbr281: There are no distro upgrades from 8.1008:56
ActionParsnipDaSkreech: could go to jaunty(?)08:56
tbr281what about kde?08:56
DaSkreechActionParsnip: You don't have a check for that08:56
DaSkreechtbr281: What about it?08:57
Tm_T_2: stop08:57
tbr281where do i go to check for upgrades?08:57
Xembalohello, on my test-system i'm using jaunty and updated to kde 4.2 rc yesterday. but now the screen is compleately black or white after login... what could i do?08:57
ActionParsnipDaSkreech: true, but its an option08:57
_2Tm_T ?08:57
ActionParsniptbr281: sudo apt-gt update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo atpt-get dist-upgrade08:57
DaSkreechActionParsnip: But there is no check for it :-P08:57
tbr281it used to be in the package manager08:57
ActionParsniptbr281: is your system malfunctioning?08:58
DaSkreechtbr281: normal updates to KDE are just updates08:58
turuburuDaSkreech: how come aptitude could not handle this issue, but apt-get -f install could? i thought aptitude is better. as it seems it depends th case,r ight?08:58
Xembaloon terminal, "sudo plasma" brings the message: plasma crashes08:58
ActionParsniptbr281: still is, irc is a text based interface so I give CLI based commands08:58
DaSkreechturuburu: aptitude depends on apt which depends on dpkg08:58
ActionParsnipXembalo: users can run plasma, no need for sudo08:58
Xembaloplasma(4478): Communication problem with  "plasma" , it probably crashed.09:00
XembaloError message was:  "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply" : " "Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)" "09:00
Xembalobasti@basti-linux:~$ KCrash: Application 'plasma' crashing...09:00
ActionParsnipXembalo: try: killall plasma; mv ~/.kde4/share/config/plasmarc ~/.kde4/share/config/plasmarc_old09:00
ActionParsnipXembalo: then logout09:00
turuburustill not fixed neither icons, neither libplasma209:01
_2turuburu "they cay aptitude is better because of better dependancy resolution"  but i find it to be less affective at actually fixing things than apt.   precisely because it will more easily remove things that are in the way.09:01
XembaloActionParsnip: thanks, i'll try09:01
turuburui have an error message that the same icon at kdeoffice-data-kde4. maybe removing this can help09:01
ActionParsnip_2: its the same difference09:01
=== florian__ is now known as Uzul
_2ActionParsnip no it's not.09:02
=== Uzul is now known as XIII06
turuburu-2: i see09:02
=== Cueball_ is now known as Cueball
ActionParsnip_2: ive resolved all issues with apt and very rarely see aptitude used in guides09:02
turuburui think my problems are related to some koffice ppa09:03
turuburui ll try to disable some of repos09:03
turuburuand update upgrade again09:03
_2ActionParsnip right, and one good example would be to attempt to remove exim4  on a debian system  using first aptitude remove   then apt-get remove    the aptitude remove will not remove it.  apt will.09:03
ActionParsnip_2: i dont have aptitude / synaptic etc installed on my system as apt does everything. theres another i removed too. I dont understand why their are so many, apt is geat09:04
ActionParsnip_2: and maybe synaptic for gui folks09:05
turuburustill mess09:05
turuburushould i disable intrepid_backports?09:06
ActionParsnip_2: debget09:06
ActionParsnip_2: tbh i usually use apt-build these days09:06
DaSkreechturuburu: Ack. Remove koffice09:07
turuburulet's see09:07
_2ah.   i have never used dselect but see ubiquity using it so i assume it has it's place too09:07
turuburudidnt work this09:08
turuburuit events tells me that digikam is deffective09:08
turuburui will just do maybe what aptitude say, remove all this09:08
turuburulibkexiv2-3{a} libkipi-common{a} libkipi0{a} libplasma2{a} plasmoid-lancelot{a} plasmoid-previewer{a}09:09
turuburu  python-plasma-examples{u}09:09
turuburu 09:09
turuburu 09:09
turuburu:(....sorry again. bad editor09:09
FirefisheI'm running Intrepid with the kde beta 4.2 beta release.  When I plug in my sansa usb player, it's not recognized.  How can I control this function?  I have usbmount and the like, installed.09:09
ActionParsnipturuburu: make a little note of whats uninstalled and then reinstall it when its done09:09
turuburuActionParsnip: thanks for idea09:09
ActionParsnipFirefishe: does it show up in sudo fdisk -l09:09
Firefisheto my knowledge, it should function just like any other usb drive09:09
Firefishelet me check09:09
_2ActionParsnip there is also a big note in /var/log/dpkg.log09:10
ActionParsnip_2: regarding what?09:10
_2the little note09:10
FirefisheActionParsnip:  Nope.09:10
ActionParsnipFirefishe: unplug it, replug it in then if its powered on and not detected, run dmesg | tail09:11
turuburu-2 thanks09:11
FirefisheIt's getting power, that's it.  Let me check dmesg09:12
turuburu4.1.96 is version 4.2 rc 1?09:12
turuburuhaha. already with half new kde 4.2 install, old 4.1 missed K-meny icon09:13
turuburuapt did not resolve problem, let's see with aptitude09:14
FirefisheActionParsnip:  Here's the output:  http://rafb.net/p/qHezPb12.html09:14
turuburuso anyone install new kerner 2.6.28 at intrepid?09:14
SalzeHi, I have some issues with KDE 4.2 RC I did not have with beta 2. Are bugreports welcome? If so, on launchpad, or anywhere else?09:15
turuburupfff. installation ended with 30!! broken packages09:15
turuburubecause kdebaseruntime not configured yet09:16
turuburui ll reboot09:16
_2Salze   i'm not sure where they are taking bug reports for that.   but yes there have been several complaining about it.09:17
_2i would think "launchpad" but not sure.09:17
Tm_TSalze: yes please bugreports, launchpad is fine09:17
SalzeOk, thx.09:18
Firefishewb turuburu09:18
turuburui m at new kde 4.209:19
turuburuwith no icons at all09:19
turuburuno menu icons, no k icons, nothing about icons09:19
turuburua whole mess09:19
turuburui ll go see what happens09:19
FirefisheI'm sticking with beta 2 for a while ;)09:20
turuburui ll will pastebin to see what i mean09:20
FirefisheActionParsnip:  Any idea what that might be?09:20
_2turuburu sudo dpkg --configure -a --force-all09:20
turuburu_2 thanks let's see09:21
_2turuburu follow with    sudo apt-get install -f09:21
ActionParsnipturuburu: rename all ~/.kde folders and reboot, you'll get a stock set which should be nicer09:21
gaboalguien que me diga que es este programa???09:21
_2he'll need to finish his install at any rate though09:21
ActionParsnipFirefishe: i think you need to websearch the errors you have, yuo could try disabling acpi in kernel to see if it helps any09:22
turuburu_2 this seems to worked. what exactly did this? now install proceeds!09:22
FirefisheSo I have to lose my power control to mount usb devices?09:22
gaboi need help09:22
_2turuburu you're welcome.09:22
Firefishewell, that's why it's called a beta ;)09:22
Firefisheokay, off to the web09:22
_2!es | gabo es ?09:23
ubottugabo es ?: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.09:23
turuburu_2 the comns u told dpkg: kdebase-runtime: dependency problems, but configuring anyway as you request09:23
turuburui like this "anyway"09:23
turuburuwhat means to "configure" them? what it did?09:23
turuburuit told them "work and shut up" ? :D09:24
_2turuburu yes09:24
_2turuburu that was the  "--force-all"   you can  "man dpkg" and read all about it.09:24
DaSkreechturuburu: well if you have 30 packages missing :-P09:25
turuburucool. i ll keep this one. till now i thought i was handling good the installations. i think once more i used this force all in my life09:25
ActionParsnipforce-all can be dead useful sometimes09:25
turuburuthanks guys09:25
ActionParsnipdon't use it zealously though or you'll break stuff09:25
_2DaSkreech they were just loop depending most likely09:25
turuburuthis was the most messy installation09:25
DaSkreechturuburu: I can get you to beat it in 3 minutes09:25
turuburuintrepid already installed from hardy, with kde-nightly, koffice2 beta, so many unofficial repots etc09:25
DaSkreechupgrade to jaunty09:25
ActionParsnipDaSkreech: install gentoo ;)09:26
ActionParsnipmuch harder09:26
turuburuno i will not update till rc09:26
ActionParsnipfor those not accustomed to gentoo installs09:26
DaSkreechActionParsnip: install $myFIRSTdistro09:26
noaXesshi all09:26
turuburulast time i was updating to intrepid betas , i regreted it hard. i could not even mount media09:26
noaXesshm.. was disconnected..09:26
turuburuall this for the impatience to use new kde ;)09:26
noaXessis there a place to post a screenshot?09:26
ActionParsnipDaSkreech: mandrake 6 was fine for me09:26
* _2 does apt-get install gentoo ... nothing to it.09:26
turuburunow ti asks me about /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc. should it be replaced with new version?09:27
DaSkreechActionParsnip: Yeah but you didn't make it now did you?09:27
ActionParsnipDaSkreech: make what?09:27
ActionParsnipturuburu: i'd keep yours09:27
DaSkreechActionParsnip: A new distro09:27
_2turuburu that's at your discression,   if you don't care just say yes09:27
ActionParsnipDaSkreech: true, its made by some dudes in france afaik09:27
turuburui think i ll say yes. manually i never edited this file. but i ll keep a backup of old09:27
DaSkreechActionParsnip: Right. try start with just a kernel and shell and then install the rest of what would be a distro yourself :009:28
DaSkreechturuburu: good move09:28
turuburustilll one broken package. guess what? icons again :D09:28
ActionParsnipDaSkreech: i do in gentoo, and have done successfully a few times09:28
turuburui will restart anyway for the new changes09:28
_2turuburu just restart the gui09:29
_2no reason to reboot09:29
turuburuyes alt+ctrl+backspace09:29
turuburuthat's what i do09:29
ActionParsnip_2: a cold boot is a god way to test booting all the way through, especially with an upgrade like that09:29
DaSkreechor logout and press alt=E09:29
robin0800Firefox Problem http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/104767/09:30
_2ActionParsnip so is   sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart09:30
ActionParsnip!jaunty | robin080009:30
ubotturobin0800: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.09:30
tommiHello everyone! Hope Someone could help me out a little... I have this problem with booting Kubuntu 8.10. The progress bar stops several times while booting and doesn't do anything unless I press a key... It's a really anoying problem. All help appreciated.09:30
_2tommi boot with   "nosplash"  and see where it's hanging, and possably why09:31
ActionParsniptommi: boot to recovery console and edit /boot/grub/menu.list so that you have the nosplash option09:31
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | tommi09:31
ubottutommi: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions09:32
ActionParsniptommi: you can then watch the boot instead of a meaningless progress bar09:32
_2more or less09:32
tommiAll right, thanks guys! I'll look into that.09:32
_2without adding verbose you still aren't really watching much.09:33
toki_hey guys im looking for 8.10 support09:33
ActionParsniptoki_: you're in the right place09:33
toki_ok im new to ubuntu and im having resolution probalms drivers are good but it wont reconize my display tried the displayconfig but it wont load in the terminal09:34
mtuxI'm Using KDE 4.2 RC1 on Kubuntu 8.10 (Updated one hour ago) , and Plasma crashes on KDE Login! The backtrace is : http://paste.ubuntu.com/104768/09:34
ActionParsniptoki_: what video card?09:35
toki_nvidia fx520009:35
_2drivers are good but it wont reconize my display <<< sounds like a contradiction to me.09:36
toki_ok well my display is my 32" flat screen09:36
robin0800ActionParsnip: posted as requested still think its 4.2rc that has removed a shared library it worked before last update09:37
ActionParsniptoki_: did yuo gksudo nvidia-settings ?09:38
ummelsJust installed KDE 4.2 RC1 on Kubuntu 8.10, too. Seems that Kopete is not compiled with libmsn enabled anymore. Any reasons for this?09:39
ActionParsniptoki_: do so, follow onscreen instructions if you get any, or simply set your resolution09:39
_2ummels i hear that it's some red tape with permission from M$09:39
toki_ok the same thing is happening like when i try to start the app  it says its opening but never does just starts another line09:40
_2ummels "should" be worked out before it goes beta   at least that's what scuttel butt has to say about it09:41
Tm_T_2: ummels: only because there's no new enough release from libmsn09:42
ummels_2: are you referring to jaunty or intrepid?09:42
Tm_Tummels: I think we get that libmsn thingie solved soon, if not, slap me hard09:42
_2ummels intrepid09:42
ActionParsniptoki_: to configure your installed driver you need to get that app running (or manually configure xorg.conf, your choice)09:42
kyle__do you guys reckon jaunty's development packages are worth going to? Because intrepid's bugs are killing me softly09:43
robin0800ummels: delayed approval from microsoft due to christmass09:43
Tm_Trobin0800: ?09:43
toki_ok i just not sure why its not load im a complete noob to linux09:43
Tm_Tkyle__: no, unless you know what you're doing09:43
kyle__OK thnx Tm_T09:43
ummelsThanks four your answers09:44
robin0800Tm_T: its on the release page09:44
* Tm_T looks09:44
_2kyle__ if a release is too buggy then upgrading to an alpha would be "less buggy" ???     err ummm maybe not.09:44
ActionParsnip!nvidia | toki_09:45
ubottutoki_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:45
ActionParsniptoki_: read that its dead helpful09:45
tommiOkay, I rebooted in recovery mode to see why the boot stalls, but there are no error messages, it looks like a perfectly normal boot, except that it stops at random places and I have to press a random key so that the proceeds. I had to press a key at least 20 times to get through the booting... It seems really weird...09:45
kyle__kde4 still has a lot to be ironed out09:45
Tm_Tthough its fine here09:46
Tm_Tbut then again I guess I'm not "normal user"09:46
ActionParsnipruns ok here but i dont use kwin09:47
_2tommi that does seem a bit odd indeed.   you have waited to make sure that you aren't pressing keys for naught ?09:47
Tm_Trobin0800: sorry I fail to see anything about MS approval09:49
robin0800_2: blutooth ati drivers firefox all not working now09:49
ActionParsniptommi: i'd run an fsck and a memory test just to take those out of the equation09:49
ActionParsniprobin0800: choose one and work on it09:49
Tm_Trobin0800: ah, now I notice, though different thing09:50
_2robin0800 o.O09:50
_2Tm_T what was  "<Tm_T> _2: stop"  ?09:50
robin0800Tm_T: Note that due to the holidays, the red tape needed to include libmsn in main has not been cleared yet. MSN support09:51
ummelsrobin0800: But this refers to Jaunty, not to Intrepid. In Intrepid (using packages from the PPA) Kopete with MSN support worked fine with the 4.2 Beta 2 packages, but is broken in 4.2. RC109:52
robin0800ummels: correct so is firefox install09:53
Tm_Trobin0800: aye, IIRC nothing to do with MS09:55
toki_ok i see what i need to do but how do i do it09:55
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:55
Tm_T_2: you were talking nonsense to DaSkreech09:55
robin0800Tm_T: msn is microsoft09:55
DaSkreechkyle__: what needs ironing out?09:56
_2Tm_T the typos ?     heh  ok.09:56
Tm_Trobin0800: yes, but, bah, still that issue isn't involving MS (:09:57
robin0800Tm_T:  libmsn is it needs approval09:58
Tm_Trobin0800: it needs approval to get into main, but not from MS IIRC09:58
Tm_Trobin0800: feel free to prove me wrong, as I might not know everything (it happens I heard)09:58
DaSkreechEverything in main should only need approval from one company to get there09:59
robin0800Tm_T: red tape needed to include libmsn in main has not been cleared yet think that means msn aproval?09:59
_2red tape     hmmmm10:00
Tm_Trobin0800: no, that means Ubuntu devels find it good enough to be in ain10:00
_2red tape != yellow ribbon10:01
_2everything in main should be gpl'd    no?10:02
_2or is that debian mentality ?10:03
Tm_Thow libmsn is not gpl?10:03
_2i didn't say it wasn't     did i?10:03
Tm_Tno you didn't, did I say you did? :--P10:03
ummelsSo what's the problem with the KDE 4.2RC1 packages for Intrepid? I have libmsn0.1 installed from PPA, but kopete doesn't seem linked to it.10:04
_2i only asked if main was 100% gpl10:04
_2you implied that i implied or insenuated or something insane10:04
Tm_T_2: I always do10:04
robin0800Tm_T: whose is the eed tape?10:04
Tm_Trobin0800: in this case, I do not know exactly who's stopping us, prolly libmsn needs some polishing so Canonical can say "we support it"10:05
_2ummels it's not.   as far as i can tell10:05
robin0800Tm_T: why mention msn then?10:06
Tm_Trobin0800: MSN support in Kopete depends on libmsn these days10:06
ActionParsnipcould just run msn messenger via wine (not live messenger)10:07
Tm_Tummels: 1) that libmsn from whatever ppa is old, so may break with latest MSN server upgrades10:07
Tm_TActionParsnip: it's not the same (:10:07
ActionParsnipTm_T: depends what you need from the protocol10:08
Tm_TActionParsnip: or client10:08
_2could grab raw packets from the protocal headers and hope they are yours....    err maybe not.10:08
ummelsTm_T: So Kopete from RC1 needs a newer version of libmsn than Kopete from Beta2?10:09
Tm_Tummels: no, prolly even that Kopete from beta2 fails now10:09
ActionParsnipTm_T: exactly, so its not always a bad choice, it has benefits :)10:09
ummelsTm_T: yesterday it worked just fine10:10
Tm_Tummels: anyway, I'm poking fellows if this could be fixed soon and all10:10
ummelsAnyway, if MSN support is broken it should be in the release announcement (in the Intrepid section, not just in the Jaunty section)10:10
ummelsTm_T: Thanks a lot10:11
Tm_Tummels: I don't think it was planned to be broken (:)10:11
ActionParsnipcould just drop msn like dropping microsoft's OS10:12
_2what kind of default fork bomb protection does hardy or intrepid have ?10:15
toki_i cant get the displayconfig or nvidia settings to run from the terminal10:15
_2toki_ have you tried    sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg   ?10:16
toki_no im new to all this so i dont know much10:16
_2toki_ well try it, and follow it with a test of the gui.  startx10:17
DaSkreech_2: install spork10:17
ActionParsniptoki_: nvidia-settings needs an x server to run10:17
ActionParsniptoki_: try a reboot10:17
_2if it gets you into xorg then you can run the other commands10:18
_2DaSkreech spork ?10:18
DaSkreechBetter protection than a fork10:18
DaSkreechI would tell you to remove FUSE to assist with the bomb part10:19
toki_action parsnips. i have the nvidia x server10:20
ActionParsniptoki_: sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get --reinstall install nvidia-settings10:20
_2no i'm serious this time.   (believe that if you dare)   have they set any ulimit or anything to prevent a forkbomb or runaway process from bringing down the whole system ?10:20
amehello ... i've some trouble with graphical card... nvidia geforce fx5200... i've tried all the driver for nvidia, but the only one that seems to work is nvidia-glx-depency, but it runs at low resolution (max 800x600) and i know that it can work at more high resolution... what can I do?10:22
peterzI can't seem to install kubuntu-desktop on jaunty -- complaining that kdebase-runtime is still .85 whilst it requires >=.9610:25
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.10:27
_2   Jackalope  o.O   <.<    O.o   >.>10:27
toki_none of that did anything10:28
_2toki_ none of that did anything ?    can you clearify that jsut a little please ?10:28
_2do you mean that the problem remains unchanged ?10:29
toki_sorry im just frustrated10:29
_2yes computers are enfuriating10:29
toki_anytime i try to run displayconfig or nvidia settings it starts to open the app but then it justs stops and another line comes up in the terminal no error just nothing10:30
dr_willisso are women, and pets. and kids.. and.. err life..10:30
_2dr_willis hmmm i wouldn't know.10:30
dr_willisYou have none of the above :)10:31
dr_willisYou Live on IRC! :)10:31
dr_williswhere you can BAN all your problems away10:31
amerigoi was ame10:32
_2toki_ lets clearify one other term being used here.  by terminal do you mean a terminal emulator running inside of xorg   or a real console tty  ?10:32
toki_hell i dont know10:33
kaIs it possible to load different plasmoids on different desktops?10:33
TakahaniHi, after the upgrade to KDE 4.2 RC, WLM poete plugin no longer works, is this normal ?10:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about term10:33
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal10:33
Takahanipoete = kopete10:33
Takahanikubuntu 8.1010:33
Tm_TTakahani: known10:33
_2toki_  terminal emulators have title bars and scroll bars and window borders and things like that.   consoles are full screen10:34
kaTakahani: What is the WLM plugin?10:34
TakahaniTm_T:ok. Any workaround10:34
Takahanika: msn10:34
dr_willis'console' = alt-ctrl-f1 Consoles :)10:34
toki_ok term emu the one you access through applications10:34
Takahanika:w***s Live messenger10:34
kaTakahani: I will try it my self and see if I can load it...10:35
Takahanika: okay, i wasn't able on two different machine10:35
_2toki_ ok.  and you tried  kdesudo nvidia-config      use the tab key cause i may not have called it by the right name... ?10:35
Takahanika: but they are 64 bit10:35
_2!tab > toki_10:35
ubottutoki_, please see my private message10:36
amerigoi got problem with nvidia driver... i've istalled nvidia xserver then i've run as root nvidia-xconfig.... now the login is in text mode.. and I can't go in graphical mode  at login ...10:36
dr_willisnvidia-xconfig and nvidia-settings  i think are the 2 commands..10:36
_2@ toki_   ^10:36
dr_willisnvidia-xconfig is the NON-X program that geenrates a new xorg.conf file10:36
dr_willisnvidia-settings is the X app that teaks the x config10:37
_2@ toki_   ^10:37
kaI have 64 bit too.10:37
Takahanialso anyone else have Xorg memory > 500 Mo after some hours with kde 4, kubuntu 8.10, nvidia, 64 bit10:37
ummelstakahani: ka: same problem on 32 bit10:37
dr_willisive had no issues with nvidia on 64bit10:37
Takahaniummels: ok10:37
dr_willisor 32bit. :)10:37
Takahanidr_willis: after upgrade to kde 4.2 RC ?10:38
_2dr_willis thanks for that heads up.    and can you maybe point toki_ in the right dirrection there. he's already tired of messing with it. and really needs some "good" help in place of my advice.10:38
dr_willisTakahani,  yep. One machine is upgrade.. it worked fine.. which suprised me. :)10:39
dr_willisIm off to take the wife to the Dr. Office in about 10 min..10:39
Takahanidr_willis: yea, it may be a bug :p10:39
dr_willisa lot of other peoples have issues with ugradingubuntu and nvidia drivers..  - ibe heard of no issues from upgrading to kde 4.2 however10:39
dr_willisand i recently did  install the 4.2 beta 2 on this box with a nvidia 8800 and no issues10:40
_2we are hearing issues with the 4.2 rc1 tho10:40
QrawlI updated, and now KDE has disappeared10:40
Takahanidr_willis: no issue here with nvidia except msn plugin and Xorg huge memory leak10:40
Qrawlim on Ubuntu now10:40
kaTakahani: I have 90 MB by Xorg, system been running since 0900...10:41
Qrawlanybody having problems?  I updated KDE and it disappeared10:41
QrawlI go to login screen and its not even there anymore10:41
ka_2: No problems here either10:42
Qrawlam I the only one?10:42
DaSkreechQrawl: you are missing some package I would guess10:42
toki_ok ive been able to get to this through the admin bar it wont let me change my resolution it doesnt reconize my display10:42
amerigoscreen text at login , but i don't think to be the same situation10:42
kaNot even xorg leak...unless you call 90 mb a leak (which I would, had I not 8GB of ram)10:43
Qrawlit says unmet dependencies for :   kdebase-workspace-bin: Depends: kdebase-workspace-data10:43
kaBut I am running without compositing for the moment...10:43
DaSkreechQrawl: install kdebase-workspace-data10:43
Takahanika: do you use gtk-qt-engine-kde410:44
_2ka i would think 10m of ram used by xorg a leak.10:44
Takahanika: i suspect it to be the leaker10:44
QrawlDaSkreech: ok, I dont want to mess anything up.  I installed Kubuntu from scratch, then added the experimental line to my sources, then upgraded.  thats all I did10:44
DaSkreechQrawl: should work then but things happen10:45
_2before starting xorg  Memory Used/Total Percent: 38/502 MB (5.7%)  after starting xorg  Memory Used/Total Percent: 41/502 MB (6.5%)    but that's on a "dapper LTS"10:45
DaSkreechQrawl: try sudo apt-get install -f10:45
Takahanika: cause i use firefox a lot, and with this engine, it seems to be a huge memory consumer10:45
QrawlDaSkreech: I dont want to -f10:46
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)10:46
QrawlDaSkreech: if somethings broken, I want to fix it10:46
_2Qrawl sounds like you need to   man apt-get10:46
DaSkreechthat's what -f means10:46
Qrawli dont want to force anything10:46
QrawlI know what -f is10:47
_2Qrawl sounds like you need to   man apt-get10:47
dr_willis-f = fix10:47
_2no you don't10:47
dr_willisi thought10:47
_2-f == --fix-missing10:47
dr_willis does it really matter what it means? :)10:47
Qrawli need to reboot. i installed that package10:47
Qrawlok, ty10:47
dr_willis-f = fancy fun frog fettish10:47
DaSkreechQrawl: You need to logout not reboot10:47
Qrawli know, Im not a total noob10:47
kaNope I have no process called gtk-qt-engine-kde410:47
Qrawlive been using Kubuntu and Ubuntu forever now10:47
=== carsten is now known as tmcg
Takahaniit not a process, it's a package wichi allow to map gtk style with the current qt style (ie to make firefox and gtk app look good under kde4)10:48
DaSkreechSo slightly longer than they have existed :)10:48
=== _DarkSmoke_ is now known as DarkSmoke
_2two days10:49
kaTakahani: Oh OK but unless I am running a gtk app I shouldn't experinece a leak or should I?10:50
toki_can someone post the ubuntu channel10:50
_2/join #ubuntu10:50
Qrawlall working, I think10:50
tmcgjust installed kde 4.2rc,tried embedded movies okular and got 'Annotation "Movie" not supported'10:51
kaSo does anyone know if it is possible to load different plasmoids on different desktops?10:52
Takahanika: yes, i guess10:52
Takahanika: i mean shouldn't experience10:53
kaTakahani: How? When I flip the cube alle sides are the same...10:53
Takahanika: for this i don't know10:53
kaTakahani: Aha cross posting ;-)10:53
QrawlI was one of those people that thought KDE4 was going in the wronng direction, but now I have to change my mind10:54
Qrawlthis new version is a big leap10:54
tmcgprobably libpoppler-0.8.7 in intrepid is to old10:55
DaSkreechQrawl: Wait till 4.310:55
DaSkreechMoreso 4.510:55
DaSkreechQrawl: plus Qt is LGPL path now!10:55
QrawlI read about that10:56
Qrawlin aseigos blog10:56
turuburuok guys10:56
turuburuafter multiple apt and aptitudes10:56
turuburui managed to go to kde4.210:56
DaSkreechturuburu:  :-)10:56
DaSkreechturuburu: Good now?10:56
turuburui should remove koffice and kttsd10:56
turuburuDaSkreech:  i have the same bugs like in kde-nightly10:57
DaSkreechWhich are ?10:57
turuburui have a laptop with external monitor and intel graphic card. when i disable laptop screen, and want to keep only external monitor, then kwin crashes10:57
turuburuthis is either i do it from settings or from krandrtray10:57
Eutychushello room. i am wanting to put kubuntu on my laptop with vista; and would prefer to use the dvd (if there is one) what is the difference between the i386 and the i386 alternative downloads for bittorrent?10:57
turuburuany idea?10:58
turuburualso some times when i resize the background of desktop, a 1/5 part of it at right part, has another color and cannot see the plasmas underneath10:58
tmcgany ideas how to get okular to work (package poppler-0.9/0.10)10:58
DaSkreechEutychus: One is a live CD one is a straight install Getting the DVD negates the choice10:58
kaEutychus: The alternative version wont give you a live system som you can try before you install.10:58
turuburukde desktop effects make google earth display corrupt10:59
DaSkreechturuburu: Hitting bed now. #kde might answer some questions10:59
turuburui like the environment though10:59
turuburuok dask10:59
turuburuanyone has installed new linux kernel?10:59
_2Eutychus the dvd includes both the live cd and alternative installation methoods    arik11:00
Eutychuswhich one will spend the least amount of time updating online? i am under the impression that the dvd will have more on it, and therefore will spend less time online to update. Is this a correct assumption?11:00
_2wrong impression11:00
jonasfaHello guys.. i've got a little question...11:01
Eutychusic so cd is best way to go, yes?11:01
kaEutychus: It depends on what you install and which packages have been updated since october...11:01
jonasfahow can a make an connection system-wide in knetworkmanager?11:01
_2Eutychus i didn't say that.  if you can afford the bandwidth  then the dvd is the way to go11:02
kajonasfa: Explain11:02
jonasfamy wireless connection is activated when I log in11:02
=== italia is now known as italia_
=== italia_ is now known as italia
jonasfai want it to connect before any user logs in11:02
jefferaican anyone help me with a DVD playback problem?  I've installed libdvdread, libdvdnav, and I've run the install-css.sh helper, and followed every article/tutorial I could find online, but still xine and vlc and ogle refuse to play DVDs saying they can't decrypt them11:02
jefferailibdvdcss2 is definitely installed11:03
kaI have had the same problem on some dvds11:03
jefferaiso you're saying it may be specific to certain DVDs?11:03
_2Eutychus a standard desktop install from either the cd or dvd will both require a lot of updated packages.  while the dvd has more options and includes both the desktop livecd and the alternate install cd  methoods.11:04
jonasfadoes anybody knows how can I make my wireless network start on boot time? (before any user logs in)11:04
kajefferai: Yes, maybe, but only experienced it with two DVD s11:04
Eutychuska, i am going to dl the torrent right now. i just need to know which one is better for a  1 year old laptop with vista on it. i can afford the bandwidth.11:04
kaEutychus: DVD11:04
Eutychusthanx ka.11:05
jefferaika: interesting, on my other box (gentoo) I couldn't play this DVD..but I had tried that a long time ago so didn't think about it much until now11:05
jefferaiit's been the same DVD both times11:05
Eutychusand that is the alternate i386?11:05
kaEutychus: If you want to install with RAID or something (usually not an option for laptops...11:05
jonasfaka: does anybody knows how can I make my wireless network start at boot time? (before any user logs in) I'm using kubuntu and KNetworkManager11:06
DaSkreechjonasfa: It already does that11:07
_2DaSkreech knetworkmanager runs before login ?11:07
Eutychuska, i found the dvd download. i just did not look down far enough on the web page. thank you for your help.    :)11:07
Qrawlhow do you make it so when you click the Konversation tray icon, it remembers to be maximized11:07
DaSkreechSorry sleeping11:07
jefferaika: bingo, that was it...thanks, you've saved me from going on a trip with a seriesfull of unplayable disks11:07
jonasfaDaSkreech: i can't find it... when i used gnome it was there.. but not in kde11:07
DaSkreechi was hearing I need the network to connect before I login11:07
jonasfaDaSkreech: yes.. in gnome's network manager there is an option to make the connection system-wide11:08
_2do the wifi docs have anything on that ?11:08
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:08
=== logicohh is now known as Logico_h
jonasfamy wireless connection is working.. I just can't make it system-wide.. there's no option in KNetworkManager11:10
kaHm isn't there a config file you could edit?11:10
jonasfai don't know :/11:10
_2 /etc/network/interfaces   maybe11:10
jonasfawhere NetworkManager stores user connections?11:10
jackjust updated to kde4.2RC from Beta and msn protocol is lost from kopete - Is there a package?11:11
_2known issue. jack,  and short answer is no.11:12
tmcgshouldn't okular in kde4.2RC depend on poppler 0.1011:12
_2amsn can be used11:12
kaCrap I was tossed out for some reason. I am blaming firefox...11:13
turuburuhow can i easily compile 2.6.28 kernel at intrepid?11:13
kaInterestingly Xorg now only uses 7 mb ram...11:14
_2ka that's more like it.11:14
kaand plasma 1,8mb instead of 168mb11:14
_2still heaver than i like  but acceptable11:14
jackcan a note be attached to the notice on kubuntu.org/news ? Was last time and may save a lot of people popping up here asking Qs11:15
_2there needs to be one. yes.    i have no access though11:16
kaIs there a reliable and fast way (multithreading) to copy 700gb of data for usb to hdd in kde?11:16
* _2 doesn't actually exist.11:16
Salze_ka: Writing multiple streams in parallel to the hdd would actually make copying slower.11:18
ka_2: Was that at me?11:18
kaOn a raid 5 system?11:18
_2multithreading = more disk i/o = less effecient in that case.   full block i/o = fastest.11:18
mok0I installed KDE-4.2 from the ppa and now I don't have a window manager anymore :-(11:19
kaI just use dolphions excellent "copy to" context menu then :-)11:19
mok0I don't have the choise of "KDE" at the login screen, and I don't have GNOME installed11:20
_2ka yeah that's second best    only thing that would be better would be a dd that started at data block 1 and ended at last used data block with bs set correctly.     and that is playing dangerously too.11:21
Mamarokmok0: you are talking about 4.2 RC1?11:21
kamok0: Do you get to the KDM loginscreen?11:21
mok0ka, yes, the one with the list of users11:21
kaI dont like dd burnt my self with that command to many times11:22
mok0ka, but I can only select "Failsafe", Gnome, remote conn11:22
_2ka thus the last statement ^ up there "playing dangerously"11:22
mok0Mamarok: yes11:23
mok0Mamarok: for Intrepid11:23
Mamarokmok0: did you get any error messages during installation?11:23
mok0Mamarok: yes11:23
kamok0: Choose menu and console log in.11:23
mok0ka: I am logged onto the console now11:24
kaAnd do som apt-get magic from there11:24
Mamarokmok0: try sudo apt-get update, then upgrade11:24
_2mok0 magic in question    sudo apt-get install -f11:24
Mamarokand poste the error messages to pastebin11:25
mok0Mamarok: no errors, and no pasting since I'm console only :-(11:25
_2!info pastebinit11:25
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10-1 (intrepid), package size 9 kB, installed size 88 kB11:25
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)11:26
_2mok0 ^ that or gpm   either one can work wonders in console11:26
ummelsmok0: did you try "apt-get install -f"?11:26
kapastebininit is cool11:26
_2!info gpm11:26
ubottugpm (source: gpm): General Purpose Mouse interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.20.4-2ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 207 kB, installed size 544 kB11:26
mok0ummels: there are no errors11:26
mok0My guess is I'm missing a package11:27
ummelsmok0: but you said there were errors when you upgraeded for the fist time?11:27
ummelstry "apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" then11:27
mok0ummels: yes, but I could fix them by removing a few packs11:27
_2with -f even11:27
ummelsah, then you propably removed some essential ones11:28
williamwhere do I configure my printer under kubuntu?11:28
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows11:28
_2william   ^11:28
ummelsopen http://localhost:631 in ur browser to open the CUPS web front end11:28
williamoh thanks11:28
mok0ok it's getting 10-12 packages11:28
williamgot it localhost:631 ;-)11:29
erikwti just installed kde 4,2 rc2 following the instructions on the kubuntu website. i had kde 4,1 running before. when i try to add a widget, i get the following error: Could not find requested component: <component name>11:29
eagles0513875hi Mamarok hope all is well11:29
erikwtsome widgets work though11:29
Mamarokeagles0513875: hi, thanks, everything fine :)11:30
eagles0513875Mamarok: how does one compile for instance kde from svn source11:30
mok0It's an improvement... now I can select "KDE" as my window manager, but I'm thrown out immediately after login11:30
Tm_Teagles0513875: techbase.kde.org helps on that11:30
Mamarokeagles0513875: there are instructions on techbase.kde.org11:30
MamarokTm_T: :)11:30
eagles0513875i have tried those but for some reason they dont work for me11:31
eagles0513875but maybe cuz i have a messed up install ill try again11:31
_2Tm_T i'm going to go talk trash with the locals for a while.   keep the peace   :)11:32
ummelsmok0: what happens if you choose "Failsafe" and start KDE by "startkde"?11:32
* mok0 tries ummels suggestion11:33
mok0ummels: ah, I can't do that, X is already running11:34
ummelsi mean if u select "Failsafe" from KDM?11:34
ummelsnot from console11:34
mok0ummels: I'm thrown out and return to the login screen11:35
mok0ummels: guess it's not really failsafe ;-)11:35
ummelsokay... what you can also try is log in as a new user, since it's often a problem with config files11:36
mok0ummels: ok11:36
mok0ummels: nope. My "rewt" user has the same problems11:37
ummelsstrange... i think ur still missing some packages then11:38
ulysses__i need kcal/calendarresources.h, kcal/incidenceformatter.h, kcal/resourcelocal.h to install a plasmoid, but the header files aren't installed, how can I get these files?11:39
mok0There's an error message in syslog, something about ConsoleKit session11:39
ummelsulysses__: kdepim-dev?11:39
endragonKubuntu 8.10 is all fine and well, but is it possible to revert to KDE3?11:40
ulysses__ummels: thanks11:40
ummelsmok0: no idea what ConsoleKit is11:42
endragonthis is one distro i won't be using11:44
Mamarokhm, so much for patience...11:45
mok0Good to get rid of obnoxious users11:47
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)11:53
=== navid_ is now known as nahy
nahyhey guys i installed gimp but i cant see it in my programs(graphics) but adept show that it is installed11:56
ummelsnahy: sometimes takes a while until it shows up11:57
nahyisn't that strange?11:58
nahydo i need a restart?11:58
mok0Ah, my installation is toast11:58
ummelsnahy: logging out of KDE and logging in again should suffice11:59
ummelsmok0: how?11:59
nahyyeah thank you12:00
dwidmannWow, xinerama doesn't suck with ati cards12:04
=== alain is now known as Guest52984
noaXessin my kyboard shortcuts i have a lot of same entries, see here http://files.wmx.ch/upload/jpeg/70_keyboard-shortcuts.jpeg12:09
noaXessany idea to clean this entries?12:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about zenit12:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about zenity12:11
mok0I'm in deep water now12:11
mok0Uninstalling KDE12:11
kaHm  Xorg has been steadyli creeping up to use 112 mb of ram... Not good.12:12
torkianoHello all, I submited an idea to ubuntu brainstorm to improve VoIP support in the next release of kubuntu. New ideas are welcome ;-). http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/17266/12:13
kaBut dolphin is using a whopping 400megs for ram to copy my files... Is that normal?12:14
mok0torkiano: what's wrong with IRC ;-)12:14
torkianomok0: ;-)12:14
marius__help pls12:17
marius__I cannot configure multiple desktops12:18
marius__I apply four of them12:18
marius__but I get only two12:18
marius__and from ccsm won't work either12:18
squid0I had similar issues with compiz a while ago12:20
squid0but I can't help you. good luck12:21
milardovichis there a way to open .ai files in kubuntu?12:22
squid0what's .ai?12:22
ActionParsnipyo yo yo12:24
dwidmannsquid0: AI, Adobe Illustrator12:35
squid0thanks, dwidmann12:35
dwidmannmaybe inkscape could do it12:35
kaMemory usage after 1hour and 50 min; dolphin 450mb, plasma 136mb, krunner 132mb, xorg 112mb, konqueror 73mb12:48
marius__hello again12:49
marius__does anyone know how to enable the emerald themes?12:50
marius__or the emerald theme manager...12:50
ActionParsnipmarius__: sudo apt-get install emerald12:51
marius__I have it installed with several themes, though I cannot apply none of them for the manager doesn't have any apply buttons12:51
ActionParsnipmarius__: you dont, you just choose the theme, did you run emerald --replace in a terminal12:52
al3x-adminHi all. I have a prob with my nvidia 8600 GTS. I installed nvidia-180-modaliases and the I opened jockey-kde. I installed the last drivers (180) and rebooted, and X complains that the screen and the mouse/keyboard aren't configured/detected and wont start X. I ran nvidia-xconfig but wont help. What can I do?12:53
marius__it worked for several seconds then all window-controlling buttons have vanished12:53
kaWhy is kioslaves overwriting existing files when I told it to autoskip files that already exists?12:56
marius__ActionParship, when I close the terminal, after having enabled emerald, all the window-controlling buttons vanish...12:59
ActionParsnipmarius__: then you need some xorg.conf options12:59
marius__I can't even close the window12:59
ActionParsnipmarius__: alt+f4 to close, use alt+ click to move12:59
ActionParsnipmarius__: do you have an nvidia gfx card per chance?13:00
ActionParsnipmarius__: well that bar is called a window decorator13:01
ActionParsnipim just websearching a fix13:01
ActionParsnipmarius__: you need to add the lines to your screen section in xorg.conf13:02
ActionParsnipmarius__: kdesudo kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:02
sofianehi i have a probleme with microphone "skype"13:03
ActionParsnip!skype | sofiane13:03
ubottusofiane: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto13:03
ActionParsnipsofiane: that may have some answers13:04
ActionParsnipmarius__: you will have to restart your x server to apply the settings, once you get the decorators to stay after an x restart, add a script to your !startup to run emeral --replace13:04
marius__thanks, but where exctly in the xorg.conf? at the end? or..?13:06
sofianei have istall the skype in my ubuntu it's works but my probleme is the microphone wen i speak they can't hear my voice13:06
ward_hello does somebody knows how I can change the main panel from screen ?13:06
anselmecan anyone help me out?13:07
ward_I need to set up dual screen but it fails eveytime something else is messing it up13:07
ActionParsnip!ask | anselme13:07
ubottuanselme: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:07
ActionParsnipsofiane: does the mic work in other apps? is the mic muted?13:08
anselmei ve installed through the terminal ubuntu  and i still dont know how to switch the interface13:08
anselmei mean from kde to gnome13:08
anselmeand vis versa13:08
marius__ActionParsnip, is it ok if I place those lines at the end of xorg.conf or must I place them in a specific section of that file?13:08
anselmedoesnt anyone know13:08
ActionParsnipmarius__: its in xorg.conf13:09
ActionParsnipyou put them in your screen section13:09
ActionParsnipanywhere in that section is fine13:09
sofianeActionParsnip: how can i check that  / muted no13:10
aapzaksince recent update to kde4.1.96 (RC1) my screenlock doesn't work anymore. Anyone else here with that problem?13:10
ActionParsnipsofiane: bring up kmix13:10
ActionParsnipaapzak: yep, its one of the reasons i dont use kwin13:10
ActionParsnipaapzak: it will lock but never unlocks for me, never has13:11
aapzakActionParsnip: I like the whole kde thing, including almost everything and till now my screenlock has been working just fine13:11
ActionParsnipaapzak: id log a bug and disable the screen locking at all13:12
aapzakkubuntu RC site says noto to file bug reports, for once I'll follow orders13:12
francisc1701hi! why is it that Amarok (1.4) can't tell me the length of my aac songs?13:13
aapzakI guess this is why you should not use experimental stuff at work, now I can't lock which basicly means I cannot leave my desk :)13:13
aapzakgood thing I just went to the bathroom13:14
marius__k, I added the lines in the screen section, restarted the xserver, opened again xorg.conf to make sure the lines are there....but nope...the problem is still there13:18
ActionParsnipmarius__: its something like that13:18
ActionParsnipmarius__: you need some xorg.conf extra bits13:18
marius__k, another problem: how do I add more than 2 desktops? that option is blocked in cssm and in the default desktop manager...I add 4 desktops but I only get the default(2) after applying13:19
ActionParsnipmarius__: i think you need: sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl13:19
ActionParsnipmarius__: in ccsm you need to make your desktop width 4 instead of 2, you currently have a "flippy"13:20
marius__yes but the "Desktops number" option is blocked in cssm13:20
ActionParsnipmarius__: open the compiz config settings (ccsm), go to general options, desktop size, and set horizontal virtual size to 413:21
marius__that worked13:22
marius__a lot13:22
ActionParsnipnp man13:22
ActionParsnipyou got 4 desktops and windows decorations with emerald now?13:23
marius__nope, only 4 desktops. emerald only with terminal running13:24
marius__afterr adding emerald --replace13:24
ActionParsnipok did you install that package?13:24
ActionParsnipsudo apt-get install xserver-xgl13:24
marius__I did13:24
ActionParsnipwell you gotta do some websearching dude13:25
ActionParsnipget those decorations to stay13:25
marius__and now I notice that although there are 4 desktops spinning...in the bar there are just 213:26
marius__not that I'd need 'em all13:26
ActionParsniptry adding: Option "DisableGLXRootClipping" "True"13:26
bentob0xhow's the feedback on 4.2 RC1 so far?13:26
ActionParsnipto section screen13:26
ActionParsnipbentob0x: seems ok, couldnt comment on the new kwin though13:27
bentob0xdownloading the .96 upgrade now, fingers crossed there won't be many regressions13:28
ActionParsnipmarius__: and add: Option "AddARGBGLXVisuals"     "True" to the same section13:29
Tm_Tbentob0x: if there is, remember to report them please13:29
ActionParsnipmarius__: its some option in xorg.conf you gotta find13:29
bentob0xwill do of course13:29
marius__can I make the cube to appear further?13:32
aapzakguys, my run command dialog does not come up either ...13:33
mathieui have the ppa sources, did I just get upgraded to 4.2rc1? (4.1.96?)13:33
aapzakso I have broken run command and broken screenlock13:34
aapzakmathieu: nice to talk to you13:34
mathieucool :)13:34
aapzakmathieu: you still have screenlock?13:34
aapzakand run command13:34
mathieuaapzak: unfortunately Im logged remotely with ssh right now13:34
aapzakthats a shame13:34
=== claudz is now known as claudzmeister
mathieuso I can only test tonight :S13:35
ActionParsnipmarius__: you need to config compiz some, i'd suggest heading into #compiz13:35
aapzakI cannot wait that long :)13:35
marius__k, thnks a lot13:35
aapzakok, seems like I'm missing most of my dialogs, anyone know a dependency which might have been missed?13:36
aapzakI cannot get the quit menu either13:37
mathieuaapzak: maybe try re-doing a dist-upgrade ?13:41
mathieuand restart kdm completely13:41
aapzakI did a normal upgrade, might try dist-upgrade but seems unlogical to me. I did a reboot13:42
Picidist-upgrades do NOT upgrade to a new release, rather they include packages that have new or changed dependencies.13:43
aapzakPici: ah! in that case it might be useful after all13:44
mathieuyea exactly, might fix the broken package13:44
aapzaknope, nothing new :(13:44
mathieuif ALL else fails you may always try to backup your .kde folders and start with a fresh config13:44
aapzakmathieu: that might help also, you're right. Something to try tonight13:45
aapzakafter I'm done working13:45
aapzakRC1 looks great apart from my minor problems13:45
aapzakkubuntu people , my problems are gone, I have no idea why13:52
aapzakhey there :)13:52
aapzakcould have been 2 things: invoking the run command dialog through right clicking the desktop, or the dist-upgrade13:53
aapzakdist-upgrade said it did nothing, I believe him13:54
aapzakanyway, thanks for the time and nice talks, back to work for me now!13:54
robin0800can't install firefox on KDE4.2rc1 missing library13:55
pfeeHi, hopped over from #kde.  I installed KDE4.2rc1 on kubuntu.  Now my systray has all icons hidden, even though the System Tray settings shows plenty of "visible icons".13:56
pfeeIs anyone else seeing this?  Also when restarting plasma it often forgets which widgets are in the panel.13:56
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roberto_hi, i've a problem with kde4 and konqueror: i can't view flash videos14:09
bvalek2roberto_: can you watch them with firefox?14:10
roberto_with konqueror i hear only the audio14:11
bvalek2roberto_: i have the same problem, but since Firefox works, i didnt bother much with it. on January 27th KDE 4.2.0 is out, maybe the new version solves the problem14:12
roberto_but firefox is not very integrated with kde14:13
bvalek2what do you miss in firefox?14:13
roberto_and i have to install all gnome libraries14:13
=== dYna is now known as basti
somekoolKDE 4.2 RC1, thank you guys !!! its downloading now14:17
Pres-GasWhere I launchpad can I find the gpg key for the kde4 ppa in launchpad?14:17
Tm_TPres-Gas: there isn't any14:18
Pres-GasSo I will get the security complaints from aptitude?14:18
PiciPPAs do not yet have the ability to be signed.14:18
Pres-GasHmmm...really? My first adding of ppa14:19
ZehavaHello, I am getting some sort of feedback and static noise on my PC speakers even when the volume is muted from the kmixer any way to fix this?14:20
RobertLaptopI am having a weird problem I can't move the /var/lib/mysql folder it keeps telling me it has no access to write to the folder?  I have confirmed the files and folders are owned my sql and even tried make the folder world writeable but no luck does kubuntu use some form of SAlinux and if so how do I adjust it?14:21
ZehavaRobertLaptop have you tried sudo?14:22
ZehavaSudo won't allow you to move it?14:22
RobertLaptopI changed the folder were data is stored.  Moved the folder.  And attempted to restart and syslog is telling my mysql can't write to that folder but i can figure out why.14:23
Pres-GasPici: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA says Launchpad will be generating keys for ppas14:23
PiciPres-Gas: Yep.14:23
Zehavahave you altered the my.cnf file to reflect the moved folder?14:24
RobertLaptopI did14:24
PiciPres-Gas: But its not fully rolled out yet. Hence my 'yet' above.14:25
ZehavaRobertLaptop I'm not sure then.  If you've told my.cnf where the directory is but it still won't read it  I'm lost, hopefully someone else will know more to try14:26
RobertLaptopIn syslog it is tiring to use the new folder.  It attempts to open a test file in the folder with write and it fails to do so but for the life of me I can't figure out why.14:28
RobertLaptopOK AppArmor seems to be why now I need to figure out how to change or disable.14:32
RobertLaptopThat was pretty painless once I found out about AppArmor.14:38
JontyHow do I get my (wireless) network to login during boot and not after the GUI has loaded?14:38
ZehavaI have static coming from my PC speakers even when everything inside the kde mixer is muted.  the static sound starts durring boot before X even starts.  Any ideas how I can fix this?14:39
penguin_This may be a dump problem, but I'm having issues with samba and NetworkManager (I think) - samba works fine, except that it needs to be restarted after I login - it seems the NetworkManager doesn't initialize the interfaces before hand, so there is nothing to listen to... Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong here?14:39
Pres-GasPici, thanks for the heads up on the keys, much appreciated.14:42
EagleScreenKDE 4.2 RC1 is released14:46
Tm_Tindeed it is14:47
=== Tm_T changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | Free 8.10 (KDE 4) CDs https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Pastes: http://paste.ubuntu.com | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | KDE 4.2 RC 1: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-rc1
EagleScreeni am testing it now, and it works well14:47
EagleScreenjust a small problem that I have found14:48
EagleScreenafter upgrading with Adept, kdebase-worksapace was not installed (is this normal?), and kdeartwork was not installed14:49
EagleScreenthe solution is manual installing them14:49
=== tupac is now known as Tupac_Shakur
EagleScreenkbluetooth4 crash in my system14:52
EagleScreenSysinfo for 'kairi': Linux 2.6.27-9-generic running KDE 4.1.96 (KDE 4.1.96 (KDE 4.2 RC1)), CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual  CPU  T2390  @ 1.86GHz at 800 MHz (3724 bogomips), HD: 51/226GB, RAM: 893/1999MB, 132 proc's, 8.32min up14:52
Tupac_Shakuris here Amd Phemon II :) more better14:53
Tupac_Shakurbye intel inside stupid outside :)14:53
Tm_TTupac_Shakur: o k14:54
Tupac_Shakurlove amd :) & ubuntu14:55
Tm_Tok, but that has nothing to do with Kubuntu support (;)14:55
hobsdoes anyone know kubuntu randomly slows down? everything starts working extremely slow and for example "system beep" takes about 5 seconds. problem is not some process taking all cpu or memory14:55
Tm_Thobs: are you using pulseaudio?14:56
Tm_Thmmm, can you try without it?14:56
Tm_T!fi | hobs14:56
ubottuhobs: Suomenkielinen keskustelu (K)Ubuntusta kanavilla #ubuntu-fi ja #kubuntu-fi14:56
noaXessin my kyboard shortcuts i have a lot of same entries, see here http://files.wmx.ch/upload/jpeg/70_keyboard-shortcuts.jpeg15:02
noaXessany idea how to clean this entries?15:03
hobstmt, problem remains even without pulse audio, kernel log says " Clocksource tsc unstable ", googling for that next15:06
ZehavaIs the bcast line in the ifconfig the default gateway? or how can I find what the default gateway is?15:06
hobsany idea where to check next?15:09
hobs(boot fixes the problem)15:10
delicowahas any body has an experience with 9.04 alpha15:10
Ahmuckis there a way to create a custom menu in kubuntu 8.10 similar to openbox for application launches?15:10
Tm_T!jaunty | delicowa15:10
ubottudelicowa: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.15:10
dave_VI'm new to kubuntu... ex-Fedora.. where is the administration menu?15:13
francisc1701Zehava: "arp" shows my default gateway ( but it doesn't say it's the default gateway, I just happen to know it is15:13
Zehavafrancisc1701 I don't ahve an 'arp' line when I type ifconfig15:14
=== ibrar is now known as dev_master
francisc1701Zehava: no, arp is a separate command15:14
robin0800dave_V: there isn't one use settings some need sudo15:15
ummelsZehava: try "route"15:15
Zehavafrancisc1701 do I need any options to get it to show the default gateway?  the arp command it's self shows me mac address and the device15:15
dave_VI thought there was an administration menu off of system15:15
Zehavaummels rout command not found15:16
dave_Vthat would have like services in it15:16
ummelsroute with an e ;-)15:16
dreisingerany news on when kdevelop4 will be packaged?15:16
robin0800dave_V: yes sytem settings15:16
dave_Vthat looks like it is for just KDE15:17
Zehavaummels yeah I"m a dope, thanks.  Default gateway just shows 'home'  doesn't show me the router's gateway15:17
dave_Vhow do you guys get to a gui to modify what starts at boot time?  ie services15:18
ummelsZehava: then the IP of 'home' is the gateway address15:18
Zehavaummels and I find the IP of 'home' how?15:18
=== jamie is now known as jatos
ummelsZehava: "ping home"15:19
robin0800dave_V: services manager in sytem settings15:19
dave_Vall it talks about in there is KDE stuff..  not sendmail, or nfs, or automounter, etc.. etc15:20
Zehavaummels thanks a ton, got the correct default gateway now15:20
ummelsZehava: ur welcome15:20
ghostcubeis there a reason apt-get shows 2 updates not possible to do cause missing dependencies for 4.1.4 update  ?15:22
=== Cueball is now known as Cueball_
lamurhow do i makrtual drivee a vi15:23
lamurhow do i make a virtualdrive15:23
ActionParsnip1lamur: make a file of some size using dd, you can then mount it like a disk15:24
ActionParsnip1lamur: is that what you mean?15:24
dave_VDo I need to add a package to be able to have a system administration menu page?15:25
ActionParsnip1dave_V: do you mean systemsettings15:25
francisc1701ActionParsnip1: what kind of filesystem would it have? can he choose whatever he pleases?15:26
ghostcubeno one here on 4.1.3 and has problems to update to 4.1.415:26
iago_what is the Wine version for Ubuntu ?15:26
iago_1.0.0 ?15:27
dave_VAction: no that looks to be specific to kde settings.  I want to administer services, nfs, etc15:27
EagleScreen1.0.1 on Intrepid15:27
iago_ok thanks ;D15:27
ActionParsnip1francisc1701: i think it'd be iso fs15:28
ZehavaWould anyone know why I have static coming out of my PC speakers even when everything is muted?15:28
dwidmannif you just made it with dd it'd probably be blank, you'd have to give it a filesystem if you wanted to use it like a block device15:29
ActionParsnip1francisc1701: you'd use something like dd if=/dev/zer of=~/image count 40000015:29
ActionParsnip1here's one15:30
dave_VAction:  How do you change what is started at runtime?  like nfs?15:30
ActionParsnip1makes a 2Gb ext2 formatted image15:30
ActionParsnip1!startup | dave_V15:30
ubottudave_V: To make programs start up automatically when you log into your KDE session, run all programs that you want to be started and close all other programs, then select 'Save Session' in the K menu. Alternatively, create a !symlink to the wanted program in ~/.kde/Autostart - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot15:30
dave_VI would think there is a menu  System->Administration15:30
ActionParsnip1!boot | dave_V15:31
ubottudave_V: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto15:31
dwidmannActionParsnip1: don't forget bs=4096 or similar ... otherwise it'll be slow15:31
ActionParsnip1francisc1701: dd if=/dev/zero of=~/ubuntu-fs.ext2 bs=1M count=214715:31
ActionParsnip1then: mke2fs ~/ubuntu-fs.ext215:32
francisc1701ActionParsnip1: interesting15:32
ActionParsnip1you can then mount it as a loop device: sudo mkdir /media/fake && sudo mount -o loop ~/ubuntu-fs.ext2 /media/fake15:32
dave_VAction and ubottu:  I am not talking about services for my user..  I am talking system wide services like nfs,firewall,automounter,15:33
lamuractionparnsip: no that is not what i meant15:33
ActionParsnip1francisc1701: its fairly redundant as the data is still on the partition, you could just make a folder and symlink it15:33
lamuri want to make a virtual drive to mount an iso file15:33
ActionParsnip1francisc1701: i guess you could even write a boot sector to it if you sweet talk to grub enough15:33
delicowa@lamur: use the loop mounting method15:34
ActionParsnip1lamur: sudo mount -o loop /path/to/file.iso /media/cdrom015:34
francisc1701ActionParsnip1: I wonder what use I could find to this15:34
ActionParsnip1lamur: its not a virtual drive, linux sees CDs and iso files alike, its just a block device mounted to a folder15:34
lamuryhanx actionparnsip15:34
dave_Vor like how to now have sendmail start in runlevel 315:35
ActionParsnip1lamur: virtual drives are what windows users call it as the functionality in that area takes 3rd party software15:35
lamurthanx man15:35
ActionParsnip1dave_V: so you want to edit what services a user can and cannot start15:35
lamurnow i know wat to do15:35
dave_Vfor the entire system15:36
dave_Vlike if sendmail will start on startup15:36
dave_VUbuntu has it, Fedora has it15:36
ActionParsnip1dave_V: so certain users have certain apps starting at boot?15:36
dave_Vlol, no15:36
dave_Vhas nothing to do with users15:37
dave_Vsystem wide control of sendmail15:37
ActionParsnip1dave_V: if its in ubuntu you can install it in kubuntu15:37
dave_Vit's a gnome menu15:37
dwidmannkde4.2 is spiffy :)15:37
ActionParsnip1dave_V: well bring up the a gnome menu and see what the item runs, then run it in kubuntu15:37
ghostcubehmm who is repsonsible for the proposed repos ?15:37
ActionParsnip1dave_V: they are the same, just one uses kde and one uses gnome15:38
ActionParsnip1dave_V: you could even use kmenuedit to add the same thing somewhere in your kmenu15:38
stdin!bum | dave_V15:38
ubottudave_V: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto15:38
dave_Vk, thank15:41
dwidmannstdin: don't like sysv-rc-conf?15:41
stdindwidmann: I edit the scripts/links by hand, but bum is what they always recommend in #ubuntu and looks like it was what dave_V was describing15:42
* dwidmann is somewhat oblivious to the ways of his lawn gnome cousins15:43
ActionParsnip1if i have thunderbird configured on my system, is there a software I can install to make that accessible via a web page to present a frontend to read / send emails/15:43
ActionParsnip1kinda like the web interface to torrent apps but for emails15:44
iago_to execute CSS on Ubuntu i just need Wine and a Good Graphic Card ?15:45
iago_or i need more add files15:45
dwidmanniago_: 3d acceleration helps too, make sure you have that enabled15:46
iago_i'll check it15:46
marius__where is the default theme manager?15:47
m_tadeuWLM is working again on kopete...thanks guys :)15:48
=== iago_ is now known as IagoBR
marius__can anyone tell me where do I find the theme manager in kubuntu?15:49
=== EagleSn is now known as EagleScreen
=== marius is now known as Guest47028
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy15:52
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes15:52
dwidmannFirst place I'd go for theme-y-ness would be system settings >> appearance15:53
caustinCool, it would seem that they updated Kopete for 4.2rc...15:53
amerigohello  in kubuntu there's a way to know what is the sound sistem and now what program is ising it?15:53
dwidmanncaustin: I haven't looked yet, what sort of changes am I in for when I do?15:53
ActionParsnip1!sound | amerigo15:54
ubottuamerigo: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP315:54
caustindwidmann: Oh, not many really.  Last night when I upgraded to 4.2rc, Kopete had lost WLM support15:54
caustindwidmann: But I just upgraded this morning again and now it's back15:55
amerigothank you Action but i know this15:55
dwidmannamerigo: if you haven't played with things, I would assume alsa would be default ... not sure where it's sound devices are, maybe /dev/snd?15:56
amerigoActionParsnip1: the problem is that when i run a program sound is avalaible or not ... sometimes --- sometimes15:56
amerigodwidmann: read upon15:56
dwidmannamerigo: and if it is alsa, then you could use fuser to check what is using what in /dev/snd/ ...15:57
amerigoi'd like to know what program controll audio in a definited moment15:58
pidusdoes anybody know if the comic strip widget is not working only on my kubuntu 8.10?15:58
dwidmannfuser - identify processes using files or sockets15:58
amerigoi've found only smtp-refuser15:59
ummelsyep, msn/wml is woking again with kopete... thanks, guys16:00
amerigodwidmann: what is the reposities16:00
vbgunzI upgraded to KDE4 RC1, it completely wrecked Yakuakes splitting ability ... anyone know what happened?16:00
amerigoin my reposities there's no fuser .... kubuntu 8.0416:00
ActionParsnip1vbgunz: works fine here, try removing yakuake as well as ~/.yakuake (verify its there) then reinstall it16:01
ActionParsnip1vbgunz: rm ~/.kde/share/config/yakuakerc16:04
ActionParsnip1vbgunz: sudo apt-get --purge remove yakuake; sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get install yakuake16:04
walker_does anyone know if there's a problem with connecting to WPA Enterprise Wifi with knetworkmanager?16:05
ActionParsnip1walker_: you'll need the wpa supplicant16:06
ghostcubehmmnmm are the packages for 4.1.4 still compiling ?16:07
walker_isn't it installed default with knetworkmanager?16:07
ghostcubeif not something is wrong with the packages16:07
kkathmanI'm trying to move the calendar/clock widget on a panel, but it seems to not move at all, even when Im in the panel settings.  I move it, but it jumps right back to the center...any ideas?16:07
ummelswalker_: i have the impression knetworkmanager has deteriorated significantly... personally, i use wpa_supplicant on command line to connect to WPA networks16:08
=== iago_ is now known as IagoBR
francisc1701is there a program that can open lit files (microsoft's ebook format)?16:11
amerigohello....i'd like to know what program controll audio in a definited moment16:12
=== Cueball_ is now known as Cueball
ActionParsnip1francisc1701: lemme websearch16:14
* francisc1701 now feels like an idiot...16:15
ActionParsnip1francisc1701: you can convert them to html http://ubuntuliving.blogspot.com/2007/02/converting-lit-files-in-ubuntu.html16:15
ActionParsnip1francisc1701: you could try the windows reading app in wine, you might strike gold16:16
francisc1701ActionParsnip1: thanks, I'll try that convert-lit sometime16:19
ActionParsnip1francisc1701: theres the same appp for windows too16:20
ActionParsnip1francisc1701: http://www.reallyvirtual.com/installing-microsoft-reader-on-linux-and-why-microsoft-reader-rules/16:21
nico_i hope somebody can help me16:27
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:28
nico_just installed ubuntu 8.10  but no sounds16:28
ActionParsnip1!sound | nico_16:28
ubottunico_: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP316:28
bvalek2nico_: you can also open a sound mixer and take a look16:29
bvalek2maybe its just tuned down16:30
nico_too many answers16:30
nico_im an linus new bie16:30
bvalek2happens to me all the time, the sound is never loud enough when i do a fresh install16:30
nico_everything is enabled ..16:31
nico_made a test16:31
nico_got this result16:31
nico_audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback. Device is being used by another application.16:32
bvalek2nico_: it means what it says. something you opened. or something that started automatically and died16:32
sjOn my System kbuildsycoca4 is crashing (KDE 4.2 RC1 / Kubuntu PPA). Anybody with the same problem?16:33
bvalek2nico_: either search the application and kill it, or do a restart16:33
nico_did that many times16:33
bvalek2sj: the final KDE 4.2 is coming at 27th January, just be patient :)16:34
bvalek2nico_: what applications does your system start when you log in?16:34
bvalek2maybe Amarok messes it up16:35
nico_nothing ACTUALLY16:35
nico_its pretty clean.16:35
sjbvalek2; i know that kde 4.2 isn,t final, but i think starting applications would  be usefull for testing :)16:35
bvalek2nico_: take a look at the bottom right corner of your screen, the small little icons16:35
bvalek2sj: users have irrealistic needs sometimes :)16:36
nico_just firefox16:36
nico_and trash bin16:36
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
sjbvalek2: i get some errors on malformed *.desktop files and found some old bug-reports. Maybe a regression?16:37
nico_bvalek,   i will have to check these link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting16:38
bvalek2sj: sounds reasonable16:38
LazersKHow can I add the multiverse and universe repositories to kubuntu?16:40
LazersKI want to get Envy, to update meh drivers16:41
EagleScreenin 8.10, open Adept package manager and go to sources16:43
LazersK( Also, trying to install Nvidia 180 in adept results in a crash. )16:44
EagleScreenAdept is not a very mature software, if you find problems, use anothe rpackage manager16:45
william__I am not sure if I should go for the 64bit or 32bit versions16:46
william__what do you guys suggest?16:46
LazersKSuch as, Eagle?16:47
EagleScreensuch as aptitude or synaptic16:48
dwidmannapt-get ftw16:48
EagleScreenbut caution, if you install syanptic, do it in a special way:16:48
bvalek2william__: 32 bit version16:48
EagleScreensudo aptitude -R install synaptic16:48
Tm_TEagleScreen: why so?16:48
EagleScreento not install much Gnome stuff16:48
Tm_TEagleScreen: and if that causes problems, you're carrying consequences?16:49
william__thank you bvalek216:49
EagleScreenTm_T what cause problems?16:49
LazersKGah, says 'resocurces unavailable'16:49
LazersKcould not get lock16:49
Tm_TEagleScreen: brrrh, nothing16:49
dwidmannLazersK: can't use more than one apt program at a time16:50
BluesKajhiyas all16:50
EagleScreenrun sudo aptitude -R install synaptic on a terminal if you wish to install it16:50
LazersKI was updating MOAR updates.16:50
khakaneanyone have the problem that when you reboot kubuntu, the fonts are unusually small?16:50
khakaneafter a few reboots, the fonts are back to normal..16:51
EagleScreeni think future Kubuntu versions will come with Kpackagekit as default package manager16:51
=== Cueball is now known as Cueball_
=== sparklingshrew is now known as shinygerbil
thierry_j'ai un souci pour installer un pc nue, vous connaitriez un chan approprié (dsl)16:57
EagleScreenthierry_ go to #kubuntu-fr16:57
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr16:57
thierry_try to go16:58
khakaneargh guess i just reboot a few more times16:58
maximilianoHi all...16:58
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!16:58
maximilianocan some body help me cpying files?????16:58
maximiliano(sorry, I speak spanish, my english is not so good)16:59
amerigohow can i see what sound sistem is installed in my kubuntu?17:00
EagleScreenmaximiliano copying files?? what is the problem17:00
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EagleScreenamerigo system settings17:00
maximilianoHi eagle17:00
maximilianoI can't copy images_human.zip17:01
EagleScreenmaximiliano copying it from where to where?17:02
maximilianoto the openoffice folder17:02
maximilianofrom my desktop17:02
maximilianothe openoffice folder is...17:02
LazersKBrb, Restarting X17:03
maximiliano(whait me some secconds)17:03
maximilianothe folder is /usr/lib/openoffice/share/config/17:04
RegressLessDoes anyone know how to add xmms-alarm to Kalarm. I'm using Ubuntu 8.1017:04
maximilianoeaglescreen, do u underestand me?17:05
EagleScreenon Linux, you can only copy files to your personal folder17:05
EagleScreensystem folders are write protected17:05
RegressLessDoes anyone know how to add xmms-alarm to Kalarm? I'm using Ubuntu 8.1017:06
EagleScreento copy files to it you need to do it in a special way, as super user mode17:06
albuntuEagleScreen: you can copy files in all root folders using sudo17:06
maximilianoand... how can i do this????17:06
albuntuEagleScreen: sudo cp /path/to/your file.extension /path/where/you want/to send your file17:07
maximilianobecause the terminal don't leave me do this17:07
albuntuand write your user password after that17:07
EagleScreenmaximiliano press Alt F2, and in the prompt, type "gksu nautilus" and press enter, you will obtain an "Explorer" with super user rights17:07
RegressLessmaximiliano: just put sudo before the command and it will prompt you for the password and let you do it17:08
EagleScreennot not not, sorry in Kubuntu is kdesu dolphin, in Ubuntu gksu nautilus17:08
albuntuRegressLess: http://www.astrojar.org.uk/kalarm/17:08
albuntumaybe this may help you17:08
maximilianobut, the zip file is now in /home/maximiliano/escritorio17:09
maximilianowhen i write this in the terminal17:09
maximilianoit say me....17:09
maximilianothat this folder does not exist17:10
EagleScreenmaximiliano forget it, it is for frikis17:10
EagleScreenin the terminal, type: "sudo dolphin"17:10
EagleScreenand copy the file with the file manager that is open17:10
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maximilianoyou are the best!17:11
maximilianoso thanks!!!!!17:11
LazersKX Restarted, now desktop effects don't work,17:11
LazersKand the background is just blue17:11
riorioMy desktop is displaying icons in my /home folder/ instead of my /desktop folder/.  How do I change this?17:11
rioriothere is nothing related in my preferences17:12
EagleScreenriorio what KDE version?17:12
riorioeh, the one before 4.0 ircc17:12
maximilianoI think that linux is great because of the people who drive it, they are the best17:12
EagleScreenLazersK what did you did to thah happens?17:12
maximilianobye bye!!17:12
LazersKi restarted X after updating17:13
LazersKinstalling firefox17:13
LazersKand synaptic17:13
* LazersK restarts again.17:13
EagleScreenLazersK what did you update?17:13
LazersKA lot of things.17:13
EagleScreenLazersK what KDE version do u have?17:14
EagleScreendid you updated to KDE 4.2?17:14
doktoreasis there a nightly version of kmail?17:15
eagles0513875doktoreas: i think there is17:16
p_quarlesdoktoreas: Project Neon does nightlies of kde-core17:17
eagles0513875doktoreas: i found on the kde techbase project neon which is kubuntu nightly builds for kde and all other programs17:17
eagles0513875p_quarles:  touche lol17:17
hallownamewhen will project neon get a jaunty repo?17:17
vbgunzI tried so many things. restarted kdm too many times. what in the world in KDE4 RC1, could have caused Yakuake to bork badly on splitting vertically/horizontally?17:17
doktoreaseagles0513875: sorry, have you got a reference?17:18
LazersKI don't know, that updates screwed up KDE. >_>17:18
eagles0513875doktoreas: let me look it up really fast17:18
ghostcubeLazersK, what updates did u do17:18
doktoreaseagles0513875: tahnk you very mucha mate17:19
eagles0513875doktoreas: thats what this community is here for17:19
LazersKI don't know.17:19
EagleScreenLazersK if you are using Konversation, please type here "/sysinfo" command and press enter17:19
LazersKSysinfo for 'Kubuntu': Linux 2.6.27-9-generic running KDE 4.1.96 (KDE 4.1.96 (KDE 4.2 RC1)), CPU: Intel(R)Celeron(R)CPU2.60GHz at 2600 MHz (5200 bogomips), HD: 3/3GB, RAM: 727/755MB, 117 proc's, 56.39min up17:19
LazersKI was using KDE 4.2!17:19
eagles0513875doktoreas: http://techbase.kde.org/Getting_Started/Using_Project_Neon_to_contribute_to_KDE17:19
EagleScreenyes you are17:19
LazersKWhat can I do?17:20
EagleScreenLazersK it is a dependencies bug17:20
EagleScreenyou need to install some packages manually17:20
LazersKWhich ones?17:20
EagleScreenopen your favourite package manager, i will tell you17:21
EagleScreenLazersK install: kdebase-workspace and kdeartwork17:22
LeeJunFanhow do you change the destination prefix when using cmake? OR how can I get kde4.2 to look in /usr/local/lib for plugins?17:22
LazersKCan't find it.17:23
hallownameLeeJunFan: use 'cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` .'17:23
LazersKInstalling the first one17:23
LeeJunFanhallowname: thank you.17:23
doktoreaseagles0513875: fine thx! do you know how add knetowrkmanager icon in the tray?17:24
vbgunzdoes anyone use yakuake and find the split feature to be broken on KDE 4.2 RC1?17:24
hallownameLeeJunFan: np17:24
jacobw-ukhi there, can msn support in kopete be manually installed in jaunty?17:24
eagles0513875ya its under the internet list17:24
EagleScreenjacobw-uk let me suggest you to test kmess17:24
LazersKOk, Restarting X17:25
eagles0513875doktoreas: its under the internet section of ur apps17:25
DaSkreechHello everyone17:25
LazersKdidn't work17:27
LazersKStill a blank background17:27
EagleScreenyou can now set a wallpaper for the Desktop17:27
LazersKThank yous gratily17:28
EagleScreenmay be you also want to enable Desktop Effects17:28
LazersKWill do17:29
LazersKInstalling nvidia 18017:30
EagleScreenLazersK wait a momment17:30
LazersK..To late. :/17:30
EagleScreenare sure you have to install aditional drivers???17:30
LazersKI want the newest ones, yes.17:30
EagleScreenokay then install them17:31
LazersKThen i want compiz fusion17:31
EagleScreenLazersK KDE 4 have its own Desktop Effects, it is better use then instead of compiz17:32
DaSkreechjacobw-uk: Yes but not right now17:32
EagleScreencompiz can run under KDE, but it was designed with Gnome in mind17:32
LazersKAre they any better?17:32
EagleScreenuse the new Kwin4 effects, the are as like as Compiz effects17:33
EagleScreenyou can activate them in Systemsettings -> Desktop -> Desktop Effects17:33
* LazersK likes the cube17:34
LazersKHuh, Kmix crashed.17:34
EagleScreencrashed kmix at activating Desktop Effects?17:35
LazersKNo, it just ..crashed.17:35
DaSkreechLazersK: What effects do you want?17:36
LazersKI'm fine with these ones, really.17:36
DaSkreechand ^F917:36
EagleScreenLazersK if it happens more times, obtain a GOOD backtrace and public it in https://bugs.kde.org/17:37
LazersKOkay, I now have 180 up17:45
LazersKBut desktop effects are enbabled, but  'all efects' bit, they are grey.17:45
EagleScreenit is strange17:46
LazersKWhat do i have to do now?17:47
EagleScreenyou say thet Desktop Effects are enabled.. are you sure?17:47
LazersKi guess i'm stuck with 17717:47
LazersKYup, they show up as 'enabled'17:47
LazersKBut I can't use them17:47
EagleScreentry to disable, Apply, and enable them egain17:47
LazersKOK, but the All effects are stil lgreyed out17:48
LazersKand I can't use them17:48
* LazersK closes and restarts it.17:48
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LazersKHm. I can use them now,b ut the effects are still grey. x_X17:48
White_Pelicanis anyone running Intrepid through Virtual Box?17:49
eagles0513875White_Pelican: i think there is a virtualbox irc channel that is this is a virtual box issue they might be able to help you more17:50
LazersKPlus, how do i make firefox use the kde theme?17:50
eagles0513875White_Pelican: type /j #vbox17:50
White_Pelicanok ty17:50
EagleScreenLazersK to Firefox can use Qt theme, you need to install two packages17:51
LazersKGo for it.17:52
LazersKhow do I do it?17:53
EagleScreenbe sure gtk-qt-engine is installed LazersK17:53
LazersKHow can I tell?17:54
vbgunzdoes anybody have any idea why the upgrade to KDE 4.2 RC1 may have broken yakuakes splitting?17:55
EagleScreencheck it in synaptic17:55
LazersKbrb food17:56
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DaSkreechvbgunz: Not sure that shouldn't break18:00
=== ruffles_ is now known as ruffles
=== ruffles is now known as ruffles_
DaSkreechvbgunz: What broke?18:01
riorioI try asking again → My desktop is displaying icons in my /home folder/ instead of my /desktop folder/.  How do I change this?18:02
DaSkreechriorio: What version of KDE ?18:02
riorioI made a try to install KDE 4 a while ago18:03
rioriobut I'm not sure it worked out well18:03
DaSkreechso which version of KDE are you using now?18:03
rioriowhere do I find that info?18:03
ruffles_is this channel only of kubuntu18:03
ruffles_or is also about ubuntu??18:04
riorioruffles_, try #ubuntu for ubuntu18:04
EagleScreenLazersK do sudo aptitude -R install libbonoboui2-0 to make gtk-qt-engine can work18:04
ruffles_ok txz!=)18:04
vbgunzDaSkreech: I can no longer split Yakuakes window. the new split terminal is just black. nothing there... it looks like the border expanded into the space or something but there is nothing I can do there18:04
DaSkreechvbgunz: ok thanks18:04
ruffles_go to system kde and there it tells you the version of the kde18:05
DaSkreechriorio: in any app except Konversation and Kaffiene do help -> about KDE18:05
EagleScreenif you use konversation, type here "/sysinfo" command18:05
riorioKDE 3.5.1018:06
DaSkreechEagleScreen: That gives konversation's KDE which is always KDE 318:06
EagleScreenSysinfo for 'kairi': Linux 2.6.27-9-generic running KDE 4.1.96 (KDE 4.1.96 (KDE 4.2 RC1)), CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual  CPU  T2390  @ 1.86GHz at 800 MHz (3724 bogomips), HD: 51/226GB, RAM: 1342/1999MB, 131 proc's, 3.22h up18:06
DaSkreechah right :)18:07
DaSkreechriorio: Ok what version of Kubuntu are you using ?18:07
* DaSkreech goes out on a limb to say Hardy18:07
riorioDaSkreech, its not in every help menu -- just a moment18:07
DaSkreechriorio: Really? it should be in konqueror's18:08
EagleScreenonly Kubuntu 8.04 has KDE 3.5.10 on hardy-updates18:09
riorioDaSkreech, nothing on Kubuntu there either18:09
White_Pelicanis there any way, when you are a regular user, in Dolphin. you can run a program as root?18:10
LazersKOkay, gtk-qt-engine now installed.18:10
riorioprobably 8.1018:10
DaSkreechWhite_Pelican: press F4 and sudo it ?18:10
DaSkreechriorio: Hmm ?18:10
DaSkreechriorio: Oh Kubuntu version. try lsb_release -a from the terminal18:10
rioriook, maybe 8.04 or something18:10
EagleScreenWhite_Pelican writting a servicemenu on KDE 4.218:10
White_Pelicancool I learned something, DaSkreech18:10
White_PelicanI nver knew how to do that18:10
LazersKso, what now?18:11
riorioDaSkreech, 8.04.118:11
EagleScreenLazersK did you installed libbonoboui2-0 by sudo aptitude install libbonoboui2-0??18:11
DaSkreechriorio: Right. Ok So yo uare in KDE 3 now?18:12
LazersKNo, haven't yet18:12
riorioDaSkreech, yes, I guess so18:12
EagleScreenLazersK it is necessary to can use gtk-qt-engine18:12
DaSkreechriorio: Alright and your desktop is showing ~ instead of ~/Desktop18:13
LazersKyup, got that.18:13
khakanecannot get java to work.  any ideas?18:14
riorioDaSkreech, I know it is showing the icons in my /home folder not my /home/desktop folder18:14
riorioI guess that was what you were saying18:14
DaSkreechriorio: Any directories ?18:15
riorioeh, make that my /home/myname/ folder18:15
riorioI've create hundreds of them18:15
rioriowhat do you mean?18:15
LazersKSo, continue, Eagle?18:16
DaSkreechriorio: Showing on your desktop18:17
EagleScreenSystemsettings -> Apparience -> Gtk Styles and Fonts18:17
DaSkreechif its your ~ then there should be a Desktop directory on your desktop18:17
riorioahm DaSkreech yes dirs and files and shortcuts etc18:17
DaSkreechIs there a desktop directory there?18:17
riorioDaSkreech, yes18:18
DaSkreechriorio: Ah ok :)18:18
DaSkreechLets try hunt this down18:18
LazersKnow what?18:18
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=== Fox_One is now known as Fox_One_
riorioDaSkreech, I'm not sure it matters, but in my main menu there are icons both for KDE 3 and KDE 4.  it's possible there is something wrong with my desktop related to this18:20
DaSkreechriorio: no18:20
riorioI failed to install KDE 4 while ago18:20
DaSkreechIn hardy they install alongside each other so they both exist18:20
DaSkreechhow do you define fail ?18:20
riorionothing happened when I installed it18:21
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riorioircc, the install process hang18:21
DaSkreechriorio: Ha ha You probably need to logout and press alt+T and select it when you login18:21
EagleScreenLazersK restart KDE and you will see gtk applications themed as you stablished on Gtk Style and Fonts18:21
riorioDaSkreech, OK, I'll try that18:21
DaSkreechriorio: Do you have kcontrol?18:22
* riorio is looking18:23
DaSkreechalt+f2 and type kcontrol18:23
riorionothing happens when I press alt+f218:23
riorioalt+space for Katault18:23
DaSkreechriorio: That woks :)18:23
rioriokatapult is ansering there is nothing such18:24
riorioDaSkreech, should I install it?18:25
DaSkreechI.. suppose18:25
joh6nnmy update-notifier doesn't run at startup; any ideas on how i can fix that? i've checked the settings from the adept-installer, and they appear to be correct18:26
LazersKHuh, how can i make it that when I switch desktops, the windows don't carry over in the taskbar?18:27
DaSkreechLazersK: Take it off being on all desktops ?18:27
DaSkreechalt+F3 -> advanced -> choose a desktop18:27
LazersKAlt F3 does nothing.18:28
doktoreasanyone using kopete with kde 4.2 can connect to gtalk?18:28
DaSkreechgrr not advanced But -> To desktop18:28
Salzedoktoreas: yes18:28
DaSkreechLazersK: Really? try alt+space18:28
zorglu_q. what is the default --prefix for ./configure on ubuntu ?18:28
eagles0513875DaSkreech:  how r ya long time no c18:28
doktoreasit complains about ssl18:28
LazersKThat does nothing18:28
DaSkreechzorglu_: It would be in the configure script18:28
LazersKIs alt meant to be the meta key?18:28
DaSkreecheagles0513875: Busy18:28
DaSkreechdoktoreas: What is the complaint?18:29
DaSkreechLazersK: Yes I think. are you on a mac?18:29
eagles0513875doktoreas: did that link i gave you help you18:29
Salzedoktoreas: I have checked all three options on the connections page and use talk.google.com on port 5223.18:29
zorglu_DaSkreech: there is no 'most common one' ? or default one ?18:29
DaSkreechzorglu_: Yes but if the configure script says something else then it will go there18:29
DaSkreechunless you override it with --prefix18:30
LazersKSo, what should i do if Alt F3 does zilch?18:30
zorglu_DaSkreech: is that /usr or /usr/local ? another one ?18:30
DaSkreechLazersK: Right click the window title ?18:31
doktoreasSSL support could not be initialized for account This is most likely because the QCA TLS plugin is not installed on your system.18:31
doktoreasthis is the error18:31
sonicI have a question for the kubuntu developers.  I often see statements in the kde pre-release announcements (kde4 rc1 for example) that users should not file bug reports against them.  Now I understand that kubuntu does not officially support them and thats what that statement means, but why not suggest that bugs be filed to bugs.kde.org?18:31
SalzeLazersK: You want the taskbar to only show the windows of the current desktop? Do I understand that correctly?18:31
White_Pelicanshould I assume the abilty to change the splash screen is still broken?18:31
sonicotherwise if no one files bugs then that defeats the purpose of a release candidate does it not?18:32
DaSkreechsonic: By all means please do so18:32
SalzeLazersK: You can configure that by clicking on the cashew (upper right corner) of the taskbar, then right click on the window list.18:32
sonicbut the announcements give the impression that bug reports should not be filed at all18:32
turuburuhi guys18:32
DaSkreechhi turuburu18:32
LazersKAh, ok18:32
turuburuok guys i put kde 4.2rc1, kernel 2.6.28 and grub 2 at intrepid18:32
turuburukde 4.2 is great. at least now productivity with file management18:33
turuburunow i ll try with ext418:33
LazersKwheres that?18:33
LazersKMy cashew is IN the taskbar18:33
LazersKAnd it jsut has stuff to do with widgets18:33
SalzeYes, and the window list is a widget. Right click on it to configure it.18:34
LazersKI don't have that?18:34
LazersKI only have the desktop widget on.18:34
SalzeYou don't have the window list?18:35
LazersKi don't know what you mean?18:35
sonicDaSkreech: and I do, Im just saying that you should instead include a statement that refers people to bugs.kde.org18:35
LazersKright clicking on the cashew, brings up add widgets and such.18:35
DaSkreechNormally there is something of that ilk18:35
SalzeRight click on the window list - not on the cashew.18:35
SalzeYou need to first unlock the widgets by left clicking on the cashew.18:35
LazersKAdd widgets come up with a widget list18:35
DaSkreechturuburu: Woah where did you get the new kernel from ?18:36
joh6nnmy update-notifier doesn't run at startup; any ideas on how i can fix that?18:36
LazersKGah, i'll do it later18:36
LazersK( Film, brb. )18:36
turuburudask i ve put the jaunty repos temporarily. i installed only kernel. then removed them18:37
turuburuDaSkreech: it works perfectly18:38
sonicDaSkreech: and Im not a developer so I should state that this is my own opinion18:38
khakaneanyone??? cannot get java to work in Intrepid18:40
khakaneii  sun-java6-jre                              6-10-0ubuntu2                                        Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 (ar18:40
joh6nnkhakane: what's it do?18:40
khakanekeeps telling me i need to install java runtime environment18:40
DaSkreechsonic: It's not a bad opinion18:41
ubottuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre or sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu !Dapper18:41
DaSkreechkhakane: Maybeed to update alternatives18:41
khakanetried, there is only 1 and its already linked18:41
khakaneThere is only 1 program which provides java18:41
khakane(/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/bin/java). Nothing to configure.18:41
khakaneyea that page did nothing18:43
shadowhywindhay all, do kdm3 themes work in kdm418:43
uffocurrently like i understand that ext4 can be used only with manual mode installation in 9.04 not with guided ???18:45
khakaneGRRR i need this to work i need to connect to an ipkvm like immediately18:46
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.18:46
uffocurrently like i understand that EXT4 can be used only with manual mode installation in Kubuntu 9.04 final???18:47
uffonews said that ext4 wont be in by default does that mean that18:48
Piciuffo: Jaunty is offtopic for this channel, please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion18:49
riorioDaSkreech, Thanks a lot for that Alt-T trick.  I\m on KDE 4 now (still need to get my Swedish keyboard back though)18:51
DaSkreechriorio: Welcome18:51
DaSkreechuffo: true18:51
DaSkreechshadowhywind: no18:51
riorioI feel like Nro in the Matrix   I just had a nail stuck into the back of my head18:51
DaSkreechkhakane: What happens if you call the jre directly?18:51
khakanei can type java at prompt and it goes18:52
tk_can i speak german here?18:53
Pici!de | tk_18:54
ubottutk_: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.18:54
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turuburuuffo: i try to put it at intrepid18:54
=== ubuntu_ is now known as ubuntu
kilanihi i do not have the possibility to use my usbstick18:55
kilanii cannot use my usb printer and usb stick18:55
darkhamm_hey people, i've ubuntu intrepid, i'm trying to install kde4.2rc from the repository in kubuntu site, bit i can't load it19:00
riorioåäö :)19:00
Frederickfolks which is the command to configure x automatically?19:00
darkhamm_what i must install from repo? i can't find kubuntu-desktop-kde4 or something like19:01
DaSkreechriorio: :-D19:01
* riorio loves KDE 419:01
DaSkreechdarkhamm_: Read the topic?19:01
DaSkreechriorio: Wait till KDE 4.219:01
rioriowill :)19:01
Frederickxorg reports no devices detected =/19:02
magoo_Could anybody help out a newbie to Kubuntu and the linux world?19:02
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots19:03
hyper_chmagoo_: the art of mind-reading over the internet is not mastered by many people19:03
darkhamm_DaSkreech: in my message i wrote , "i insert the repo from kubuntu page" at the link in the topic, but i don't have nothing to upgrade, i haven't any kde4 installation, and i don't know what i must do19:03
magoo_sorry hyper, i'm am having issues with running kubuntu in generic mode, i think it might be an issue with my video card19:04
FrederickCan I have some help please?19:04
hyper_chFrederick: : the art of mind-reading over the internet is not mastered by many people19:05
Frederickhyper_ch: Ivbe posted my problem19:05
Frederickhyper_ch: xorg reports no devices detected =/ive re read both nvidia config and xorg config no luck at all19:05
hyper_chFrederick: what video card? what drivers?19:05
=== energY is now known as Xae8koo
Frederickhyper_ch: gefroce 8800 gts nvidia driver19:06
hyper_chFrederick: what nvidia driver?19:06
Frederickthe one adept suggested me to install19:06
hyper_chFrederick: hmmm... I got the 9500 GT and has worked without issues19:07
DaSkreechmagoo_: What's up?19:07
hyper_chFrederick: but maybe you should then get the semi-latest on19:07
magoo_heh,  same old problem as last night daskreech19:07
hyper_chFrederick: 1.80.17 as I've heard 1.80.22 gives problesm19:07
Frederickhyper_ch: it says failed to load module type 119:07
=== adrian_ is now known as lorenso
hyper_chFrederick: no clue19:07
lorensoyea porfin19:07
DaSkreechdarkhamm_: you are on interprid?19:08
darkhamm_yes, ubuntu intrepid19:08
lorensoXD al 100% ubuntu eltimate edition19:08
magoo_kubuntu 8.10 works fine in "recovery mode" chosen at startup of my comp, i can still use my xp fine, but everytime i try to use kubuntu in "generic" mode, it freezes19:08
lorenso:O intrepit19:08
hyper_chFrederick: have a read through here:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=99097819:09
DaSkreechhi lorenso19:09
FrederickI was with nvidia 17719:09
Frederickhyper_ch: im on irssi it will be messy to read19:09
DaSkreechmagoo_: Where does it freeze?19:09
lorensoXD alguien abla español19:10
magoo_when i choose to runb kubuntu in generic mode, instead of recovery, it freezes right away, in the waiting to boot section19:10
Frederickhyper_ch: im trying 180 now19:10
DaSkreech!es | lorenso19:10
ubottulorenso: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.19:10
DaSkreechmagoo_: serious? Hmm19:10
DaSkreechhow long did you wait?19:10
lorensoXD gracias19:10
hyper_chFrederick: as said, some people there report they have problem with the latest .22 one... maybe use a previous one19:10
magoo_but everything works fine in "recovery mode" which confuses me19:10
DaSkreechmagoo_: Different drivers.19:11
Frederickhyper_ch: same error failed to load module type119:11
DaSkreechmagoo_: did you update in revoery mode ?19:11
darkhamm_ok, i understand, kde4rc is fake.19:11
Frederickwhich is the name of that browser in text mode?19:11
hyper_chFrederick: then you'll have to google that19:11
magoo_updated and then installed the nvidia recommend driver 177 all in recovery19:11
hyper_chI think I'll also upgrade to 1.80.xx19:12
DaSkreechdarkhamm_: huh?19:13
DaSkreechdarkhamm_: just update once you have enabled the repos they over write your current KDE19:14
darkhamm_DaSkreech: i DON'T have anyone.19:14
DaSkreechdarkhamm_: Wait what are you running now?19:15
DaSkreechGnome or KDE ?19:15
darkhamm_<DaSkreech> : gnome, in Ubuntu intrepid19:16
DaSkreechdarkhamm_: ok install kubuntu-desktop19:16
darkhamm_<DaSkreech> :isn't kde3?19:16
DaSkreechdarkhamm_: Hmm ?19:17
DaSkreechnot in Ibex . There is no KDE319:17
=== DS-Away is now known as DarkSmoke
darkhamm_<DaSkreech> : if i install the kubuntu-desktop package, i install kde3 ?19:17
darkhamm_<DaSkreech>: thanx i belived kubuntu-desktop as a kde3 installation, thanx, i think it will works now19:19
Knysliux001Is it possible to use kopete with skype?19:20
DaSkreechKnysliux001: Yes not in any Kubuntu packages currentyl19:20
Knysliux001any way to compile it?19:21
=== maik_ is now known as Made
=== Made is now known as Miese_Made
TheZHas anyone any suggestions for RAID on 8.10? I have a PNY SATA!! PCIe 1x card(unused), but can't decide whether to use it or software/bios RAID (need RAID 1)... TIA!19:21
TheZ"!!" = "II"19:22
DaSkreech!compile | Knysliux00119:23
ubottuKnysliux001: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)19:23
ubotturaid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto19:23
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots19:25
TheZwell, bot, I'm not certain as to whether the PNY card is sw or hw...19:25
Knysliux001DaSkreech: Thanks19:25
hyper_chhmmm, the 180.06 driver is nice19:27
rioriocan't I change the number of desktops in KDE 4?19:27
riorioor have different desktop backgrounds on different desktops?19:27
TheZriorio: rclick on the small desktop icons, selet configure.. :)19:27
riorioTheZ, oh, that simple. Thx :)19:28
Draidenhello I've got a small question, i'm currently running eeebuntu on my netbook and I really like it, i'm also in doubt about changing from windows to linux on my normal pc, but I have a question: how is the Wine support these days? I don't game a lot, but If I want to game, is Wine good enough?19:29
riorioI mut have spent 30 minutes in the system preferences19:29
DaSkreechriorio: yes and yes I don't know what version of KDE you have though19:31
riorioDaSkreech, I'm on KDE 4 now :)19:31
DaSkreechDraiden: hit up appdb.winehq.org and look for your games19:31
DaSkreechriorio: 4.0 4.1 and 4.2 are vastly vvaaassstllly different19:31
riorioDaSkreech, I'n on KDE 4.0.519:34
DaSkreechriorio: Oh dear lord19:34
DaSkreechMy apologies :)19:34
riorioI guess that's old19:34
DaSkreechIt's also kinda nasty19:35
DaSkreechHi jono!!19:35
jonohey :)19:35
DaSkreechhow are You?19:35
FrederickFolks can anyone help me with nvidia and x server?19:35
AzzmodanI just installed the kubuntu-desktop meta package on 8.10, but not only is kde kinda laggy it also crashes at random moments, using an nvidia card with the 1.77 drivers. Any idea on where to start looking for the problem?19:35
FrederickAzzmodan: /var/logs19:36
=== marius is now known as Guest11548
Guest11548hello again ppl. Help pls! I can't install any theme via theme manager...every theme I download from kde-look seems not to have the correct format19:40
Guest11548help pls19:40
DaSkreechWhat version of  kde?19:40
DaSkreechGuest11548: I think most themes should have a README in them to say how to install19:41
Guest11548oh...that'd be too much to ask hahah19:42
DaSkreechWhich themes?19:43
Guest11548I want that one installed hahahah :)19:45
Guest11548anyway...it doesn't have a readme and I don't know whether it's suited for kde 3.5 or not heheh. i'm kinda' newby19:46
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
Frederickcan I have help configureing a nvidia card in ubuntu 8.1 for amd 64?19:49
=== takeya is now known as ummels
DaSkreechFred: blast19:54
DaSkreechGuest11548: Looks like KDE 319:55
DaSkreech what's the actual theme link?19:55
Guest11548that's the download link19:59
=== ruffles is now known as ruffles_
elenawI'm having problems with bluetooth-browse.  It displays Couldn't execute command: nautilus --no-default-window "obex://[00:23:D6:5A:AC:03]"20:03
elenawand I have installed gnome-vfs-obexftp20:04
elenawso I don't know what else I can do20:04
elenawdoes anybody else20:04
Picielenaw: This is the Kubuntu channel, you'd have better luck asking in #ubuntu , as people use Gnome there.20:05
elenawi use kubuntu20:05
elenawthose are the recommended tools for kubuntu, from what i can find20:05
ruffles_how do i set the connection to another channel??20:05
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots20:07
PSiL0with kde 4.1.3, is it possible for firefox and banshee to share sound?  If one is using the alsa driver, the other cannot until the application is closed20:07
hyper__chworks with ff and amarok20:08
p_quarleselenaw: the bluetooth utility for KDE is kdebluetooth20:08
PSiL0hyper_ch: amarok controls my larger library ;)20:09
PSiL0hyper_ch: I use banshee whenever I go to work20:09
PSiL0hyper_ch: amarok 1.4.10+mysql is great for my large library stored on my external..20:10
hyper__chPSiL0: I use amarok 2 meanwhile20:14
DaSkreechis 2.1out?20:14
PSiL02.0.1.1 I believe20:15
DaSkreechah right that wsa it20:17
neothecatgood morning.  i just installed kde4 rc2... where is the kcontrol?  i can't configure keyboard shortcuts or anything like that.  or the windows.  thanks.20:18
hyper__chamarok nightly from the neon project is recommended by me20:18
DaSkreechneothecat: No one has ported kcontrol to KDE4 yet20:19
|Yves|hi,i I have 2 observations from the kde4.2 rc1 packages on amd64: kdebluetooth is missing and so are the google gadgets20:20
DaSkreechas I recall Chani was working on a plasmoid20:20
ummelsneothecat: all settings are in "System Settings" now20:20
elenawp_quarles: ok, do you know any good howtos or instruction about kdebluetooth?20:21
DaSkreechfor some definition of all settings20:21
PSiL0I tried amarok beta 2, and I didn't like the lack of implementing labels nor the cumbersome way of navigating through my collection, one with quite a few compilations (read: various artists)20:22
neothecatummels:  i go to the main menu button, go to settings, but i do not see keyboard bindings or anything like that.  perhaps i am missing a package20:22
PSiL0The only thing I did like was the use of mysql in amarok2, which beats the pants of sqlite in terms of speed when searching through large collections20:22
ummelsneothecat: Don't u have "Keyboard & Mouse" under "Computer Administration" in System Settings?20:23
PSiL0however, there is a way to implement mysql in amarok 1.4.x, so I'll still with that until amarok 2 matures20:23
|Yves|I see a lot of flicker after logging in from kdm, the screen background changes several times after login, anyone else?20:23
* DaSkreech hugs PSiL020:23
PSiL0funny thing happened, it seems like banshee and firefox can play nice now... weird... all I did the other day was to install other alsa packages.. I do recall there was an update this morning, although I thought it was libcups.... hmm20:25
PSiL0damn, this cold is wrecking havoc on my memory, lol20:26
neothecatummels:  i do not even have a "System Settings"....20:26
ummelsneothecat: Didn't you just say you have them when you open the menu?20:27
LazersKBack for a second.20:27
LazersKWheres this windows lsit then?20:27
ummelsneothecat: you can start them from a console by "systemsettings" btw20:27
neothecatummels: don't have that command either.  which explains my problem :)20:28
ummelsneothecat: install kubuntu-desktop then ;-)20:29
LazersKHm. I can't find any windows lists. x_X20:29
neothecatummels:  i have regular ubuntu installed.  i just wanted to play with kde4.  is that going to cause any problems?20:29
ummelsneothecat: right, just install "systemsettings" then20:30
neothecatummels: wow.  that's the package name.  who thought it would be simple.20:30
ummelsneothecat: which package did u install to get KDE4 then?20:30
ummelsneothecat: i don't know if u'll have every module then though20:31
DaSkreechneothecat: What version of Kubuntu are you using?20:31
neothecati am using ubuntu 8.10, not kubuntu20:31
DaSkreechneothecat: Ah ok then enable the repository in the topic20:32
DaSkreech!hi | yoritomo20:32
ubottuyoritomo: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!20:32
ummelsneothecat: To install all of KDE you can install the "kde" package20:32
yoritomohow to replace the horrible start screen image in intrepid kubuntu by a personnal image ?20:33
neothecatok, thanks.  i will do that.  btw, install systemsettings did the trick. thanks.20:33
ummelsneothecat: welcome20:33
DaSkreechyoritomo: Which image ?20:33
yoritomoyou when kde starting, it is the coloured icons showing the start evolution, and the background is a ugly B/W image20:34
ummelsyoritomo: Try System Settings -> Appearence -> Splash Screen20:35
DaSkreechyoritomo: Yeah :020:36
ummelsyoritomo: Change it to none if you want. To keep the icons but change the background is a bit more difficult20:36
yoritomoho really?20:38
LazersKHm, using KDE my system CPu stays around 60% usage20:38
hallownameLazersK: run 'top' and see what's using so much CPU20:39
ummelsyoritomo: The default theme lies in /usr/share/kde4/apps/ksplash/Themes/Default20:40
LazersKAh, firefox20:40
hallownameLazersK: run konsole (terminal), type 'top', press enter20:40
LazersKFirefox is such a memory hog. >_>20:40
ummelsI guess you could copy that to $HOME/.kde/share/apps/ksplash/Themes and make ur own theme20:40
hallownameLazersK: yes, but still should not use 60% of cpu :/20:40
DaSkreechLazersK: yes it is20:41
LazersK39% *20:41
LazersKCan amorak play m4a files?20:42
hallownameLazersK: with the right codecs... im not sure what package it's in however...20:42
ummelsLazersK: installing "kubuntu-restricted-extras" might do the trick20:43
LazersKWhat wil lthat do>?20:43
hallownameLazersK: it's extra codecs and other not-so-obviously legal files...20:44
ummelsLazersK: install some codes and other non-free packages like Java and Flash20:44
knubbeLazersK: if your on a page with flash, it will definately go up to 60%. the flash implementation for linux is... not good.20:44
yoritomohow to create my own splash screen ?20:46
yoritomois it an editor?20:46
ummelsyoritomo: just copy the directory and replace the images20:46
DaSkreechyoritomo: look in http://techbase.kde.org20:46
hyper__choh noes, there's a vulnerability in xulrunner20:49
LazersKHm, what's the recommended ram and VRAM for KDE?20:49
yoritomoummels which directory?20:50
ummelsyoritomo: /usr/share/kde4/apps/ksplash/Themes/Default20:50
yoritomoummels , thanks it is really what i wanted20:53
DaSkreechLazersK: Depends on what you are doing but I would say 512 should be workable20:53
ummelsyoritomo: You could try the "Get New Themes..." button in System Settings -> Appearence -> Splash Screen20:55
ummelsyoritomi: also20:55
yoritomoyes but all the themes are quite ugly :s20:56
ummelsyoritomo: i agree ;-)20:56
yoritomogood night all, see you later ;)20:59
IagoBRAlguem sabe como jogar Priston Tale no Kubuntu ? Pelo Wine ?21:01
IagoBRPreciso manter o XTrap21:01
IagoBRpara que o jogo execute21:01
LazersKLemme guess.21:01
IagoBRalguem tem alguma ideia ?21:02
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.21:03
IagoBRhow can i play Priston Tale in Wine ?21:06
IagoBRFix the XTrap...21:06
IagoBRto enter in game !21:06
toki_im looking for ubuntu support21:14
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Ubuntu comes with the GNOME interface. To install that from Kubuntu install the ubuntu-desktop package.21:15
PSiL0toki_:  ummm, #ubuntu?21:15
snake_can anyone please help me. i tried to install 2 packages that were broken or i couldnt managed to get , anyways i purged them but now everytime i restart the pc i get a crashed application error saying that those 2 packages couldnt be downloaded. i tried apt-get clean but that didnt help. can anyone tell me how to clear this errors21:16
hyper__chsnake_: mind-reading over the internet is an art not many people master21:17
snake_hyper__ch: thank you. i tried everything possible but i am not resolving this.21:18
hyper__chsnake_: mind-reading over the internet is an art not many people master21:18
snake_hyper_ch what do you mean ?21:18
JDSheweyTrying to create a script which secretly sends network topology information to myself in case my laptop is stolen. What I want to know is is there a way to set a maximum number of attempts for traceroute?21:19
JDSheweyCurrently if it encounters a firewall it just sits there trying to identify the router over and over.21:19
DaSkreechsnake_: Which paackages ?21:23
snake_DaSkreech: packagekit and sun-java6-doc21:23
snake_i am not sure about the exact name of packagekit21:23
snake_but sure about the sun-java6-doc21:23
DaSkreechwhat's the error?21:24
HughCockHello, I am running dual monitors with kubuntu 8.10 (DVI NVIDIA)... On my secondary monitor.... There appears to be a line that scans top to bottom and it gets rather annoying... Anyone experience anything like this?21:24
adz21cHughCock: Yea I got that21:25
snake_sorry the package : "sun-java6-doc 6-10-0ubuntu2" failed to install or upgrade21:25
HughCockadz21: is there a fix for that?21:25
=== sebr_afk is now known as sebr
adz21cHughCock: Well typically it is mostly only noticable in stuff like Video players, where apparently the nvidia-settings program can change the vsync to work better for that monitor, personally its never worked for me21:26
DaSkreechsnake_: is the deb in /var/cache/apt/archives ?21:27
=== mike__ is now known as mk
snake_DaSkreech: let me check21:27
HughCockadz21c: exactly.... i notice when stuffs moving, video players, etc... I'll try the vsync though... thanks!21:27
djphello everybody, i know this is the wrong place, but i am in real trouble, anybody knows where to find microsoft exchange pros?21:27
=== mk is now known as Guest17396
adz21cHughCock: None of it works for me, I think its just nvidia drivers being crap, to be frank21:28
HughCockadz21c: yeah probably21:28
snake_DaSkreech: no. the debs arent there21:28
adz21cHughCock: As I don't get the problem with xinerama, only when using twinview, unfortunately then I don't get compositing21:28
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents21:28
snake_DaSkreech: i tried also apt-get clean and autoclean but that didnt help21:28
HughCockadz21c: yeah exactly... damn.21:29
DaSkreechsnake_: try installing only one21:29
djpthx @ ubotto .. @ummels: the dark forces are strong21:30
adz21cHughCock: yea, so good luck :-). I can direct you to a ubuntu bug thread I have been posting on (its for 8.04 though, so its pretty much gone dead due to 8.10 uptake)21:30
adz21cHughCock: might have some useful ideas for ya though21:31
HughCockadz21c: sure, you got a link?21:31
adz21cHughCock: sure, give me a moment21:31
IagoBRHow can i Make XTrap Work on Linux ?21:31
ummels!wine > lagoBR21:31
toki_hey guys i need help with a monitor issue  i am a complete noob to ubuntu21:31
ummels!wine | lagoBR21:31
ubottulagoBR: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help21:31
DaSkreechummels: Why both ?21:31
ummelsDaSkreech: sorry21:32
DaSkreechummels: Just asking21:32
ummelsDaSkreech: wanted to to do the second in the first place ;-)21:32
DaSkreechAh ok21:33
adz21cHughCock: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24/+bug/15167421:33
DaSkreechhow do I burn a Cd with wodim ?21:33
snake_DaSkreech: same results21:33
ummelsDaSkreech: Use K3B ;-)21:33
DaSkreechsnake_: are they in your /var/cache/apt/archives now?21:33
DaSkreechummels: don't have it available21:34
snake_DaSkreech: nope21:34
ummelsDaSkreech: y not?21:34
HughCockadz21c: thanks... I'll look into it and stop in if I ever find a fix21:34
DaSkreechsnake_: hmm ok try grab them from p.u.c and dpkg install them21:34
DaSkreechsnake_: did you try apt-get install -f ?21:35
adz21cHughCock: cool, good luck21:35
snake_DaSkreech: let me try with the -f option21:35
ummelssnake_: what exactly happens when u enter "apt-get install packagekit"? u are connected to the internet, aren't u? ;-)21:35
toki_can someone PLEASE help a noob out with a resolution/monitor problem21:35
ummelssnake_: Ah, have u done "apt-get update"?21:36
DaSkreechtoki_: Ask21:36
snake_ummels: yes i did21:37
ummels_snake: then i don't understand why it cannot dl the package21:37
ubottuk3b is a feature-rich and user-friendly burning application for KDE (and, as all KDE applications, works fine on GNOME). For a guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/K3BHowto21:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:41
DaSkreechtoki_: What's the problem?21:43
DaSkreechsnake_: grab them from packages.ubuntu.com21:43
snake_DaSkreech: thats what i did now21:43
toki_ok my system will not reconize my monitor (its a 32" hd lcd tv with vga input) so my resolution is maxed out at 640*48021:43
snake_check it by yourself21:44
snake_it cant be installed21:44
snake_than it says is installed21:44
DaSkreechtoki_: you can set it manually21:44
DaSkreechsnake_: sudo dpkg -i /path/to/deb21:44
toki_well that just it im a complete noob to linux and i dont know how21:44
toki_anything past doing it throught the prefrences is over my head right now21:45
DaSkreechtoki_: ok Umm I'm heading out now but there should be some X knowledge floating around here21:45
snake_DaSkreech: i get the same thing as before. the problem is not installing it. the problem is removing the crash report that shows when i start the pc21:45
DaSkreechask more pointed questions to get better answers21:46
DaSkreechsnake_: oh. Whats that say?21:46
snake_sorry the package : "sun-java6-doc 6-10-0ubuntu2" failed to install or upgrade21:46
snake_everytime i start the pc from now on i get this21:46
DaSkreechsnake_: Remove it then?21:46
snake_i purged the package21:47
snake_but i keep geting it21:47
DaSkreechtoki_: the issue yo uare looking for is resolution detection on a second monitor21:47
DaSkreechbah Toki left21:47
stepzI have a headless media pc and I'd like to use my laptop to play music from amarok and youtube through that computer, I'd like some tips on how to do that21:48
stepzI have been using x11vnc and krdc, but that is really sluggish21:48
stepzboth the pc and laptop are kubuntu21:49
DaSkreechWhere is amarok?21:50
DaSkreechon the headless or on the laptop?21:50
stepzcurrently on the headless, but pretty much doesn't matter21:50
stepzthe music is on the headless21:50
stepzbut i could always sshfs mount it21:51
stepzyoutube is actually the tougher cookie21:51
stepza lot more interactivity is required21:51
DaSkreechstepz: you can install a webserver remote for amarok21:55
DaSkreechso you get a web page interface21:56
DaSkreechyou can manipulate playlists start stop queue etc21:56
stepzDaSkreech: as much as I've looked at them, they really don't seem to give much in the way of usability compared to just vnc'ing to the box21:58
stepzas I'm on a local network21:58
DaSkreechstepz: use up heccka less bandwidth and have fast searching through the collection21:58
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=== megatron is now known as Rodrygho
bill_Hello all from Western NY..22:11
esteevenhello from Bristol UK22:11
stepzso no idea how to route audio from flashplayer to another machine?22:12
bill_Lots of snow today..15 degree's22:12
bill_Are you running a network?22:12
stepzbill_: yes, headless kubuntu box and a kubuntu laptop on a local network22:13
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=== quassel27 is now known as seele_q
bingbongok to ask newbie stuff here ?22:21
=== aa is now known as Guest25393
ummels!ask | bingbong22:25
ubottubingbong: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:25
=== lacopt_ausente is now known as lacopt
FrauHansenhi, my keyboard is a little strange since the update to 4.2 rc1, arrows are not working and Alt-Gr sends enter22:37
FrauHansenis this only me or did somebody else experience this?22:38
p_quarlesI'm on the same version, and haven't noticed anything along those lines22:39
ummelsme neither22:39
FrauHansenhm, could be that it's only on the german settings...22:40
=== rob is now known as Guest99446
HmpfCBRHi, I am wondering if there is a problem with phonon in kde 4.2 rc on intrepid? My Systemsetting crashes when clicking the multimedia icon, and various multimeadia pplications like dragon player and amarok 2.0.1 crash on startup. The kubuntu-experimental ppa seems to contain another version, than listed on http://www.kde.org/info/4.1.96.php also.22:41
JontheEchidnaHmpfCBR: are you by any chance using a non-english locale?22:41
ummelsFrauHansen: my country and keyboard is set to German as well, I am using English as language though22:41
HmpfCBRyes iam22:41
HmpfCBRgerman actually22:41
JontheEchidnait's an ubuntu xine bug22:42
ummelsHmpfCBR: amarok 2.0.1 and dragonplayer work fine for me with KDE 4.2 rc122:43
HmpfCBRah thanks, I'll change the locale to english and see if this works. thanks alot.22:44
=== paul__ is now known as werenerd
werenerdJust off the tops of their head, does anyone know where you can get KDE Desktop Patterns?23:03
CoJaBo-DellIs there a way to make scrolling with the touchpad not horribly laggy?23:10
david__anyone using jaunty?23:14
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.23:14
jussi01david__: #ubuntu+1 for jounty help please (incuding kubuntu)23:16
=== Ardarandir1 is now known as Ardarandir
marius__hello ppl, any idea of how can I open a empty dvd in kubuntu 8.04?23:36
marius__help pls23:36
ghostcubewhy would you open an empty dvd :|23:36
ghostcubeyou mean how to burn something ?23:37
=== quassel27 is now known as seele_q
marius__I mean...the autorun stuff23:37
marius__and yes23:37
marius__burn it23:37
ghostcubeuse k3b23:37
ghostcubeschould work fine23:37
marius__but kubuntu doesn't seem to detect the dvd-rom23:38
marius__won't open any kinda' dvd's23:38
marius__only cd's23:38
ghostcubeoh you cant open any dvd ?23:38
ghostcubesure its a dvd rom23:39
ghostcubeand not only a cd rom you have23:39
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marius__works fine on Window$23:39
ghostcubehave you looked into  dolphin if it detects the dvd ?23:40
marius__yes. it doesn't23:40
marius__nor it detects any other storage media after having inserted the dvd23:40
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flashkiddmarius__: whtat is ur dvd player?23:41
marius__I couldn't say for sure...it's part of my laptop23:42
flashkiddmarius__: I was having problems to detect my dvd rom too23:42
flashkiddmarius__: mine is a samsung23:43
marius__well...I don't know what's mine...it's part of my toshiba satellite23:43
marius__quite not sure about it23:43
marius__I'm no good at hardware stuff heheh23:44
flashkiddmarius__: no problem23:44
flashkiddmarius__: :-)23:44
jordo2323I just installed KDE 4.2 Beta 2 and was wondering is there an additional package I need to download to get additional widgets in the library?23:44
cuzntkde add-ons23:46
flashkiddsomeone else having problems with k3b?23:46
marius__not there yet...heheh23:46
cuznt<ghostcube> have you looked into  dolphin if it detects the dvd ? it does but not with a black dvd for me.23:47
cuzntand sometimes i need permission to read the files23:47
cuzntblank rather23:48
ghostcubeis there anything inside /media/cdrom or cdrom0 ?23:48
ghostcubeif there is anythng on it23:48
ghostcubeif its blank only k3b will read it23:48
marius__in my case nope23:48
robsonpc dont starter compiz fusion23:48
marius__I have it installed. the k3b thing23:50
marius__not quite sure though]23:50
marius__if it also ...reads23:50
marius__well...self response...it doesn't23:51
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flashkiddmy dvd reads from linux, dvds and cds23:55
flashkiddthe recording I do from command line with wodim23:55
flashkidddid u mounted the dvd?23:56
ubuntuHi! i'm having problems with grub and kubuntu install. Anyone know if they can help? Grub appears to be gone.23:58

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