maxbHi, is there an appropriate place to file a bug on the content of help.launchpad.net?00:09
wgrantlifeless: Not https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-documentation?00:10
lifelesswgrant: well, I err on the side of generality00:11
lifelesswgrant: better to have a larger audience with the right knowledge make it finer if its in the wrong place, than a small audience recategorise it later00:12
wgrantlifeless: Very true.00:12
Philip5spitfire: but now i'm back :)00:14
spitfirePhilip5: 64 bit is no problem now;)00:14
spitfirewgrant: is there a way to translate launchpad itself?00:14
Philip5spitfire: i know... it's just for old times sake00:15
spitfirePhilip5: switch, your builds will be fatser:P00:15
lifelessspitfire: not yet00:15
Philip5maybe next time i reinstall00:15
wgrantspitfire: I don't believe so.00:16
lifelessspitfire: its been discussed but not implemented00:16
wgrantBut I have real work that needs doing now.00:16
spitfirelifeless: why not?00:16
wgrantSo I must depart.00:16
spitfirelifeless: what has been discussed?00:16
LaserJockwgrant: whoa? work?! :-)00:16
lifelessspitfire: 11:12 < spitfire> wgrant: is there a way to translate launchpad itself?00:16
Philip5spitfire: btw, how did you find out about my repo?00:16
spitfirePhilip5: googled for something.00:17
spitfireDidn't got straight to your mainpage,00:17
spitfirejust in the middle of you repo:P00:17
Philip5it's not that advertised :)00:17
maxbOnce signed PPAs actually come to fruition, *then* PPAs will be really cool00:19
savvasmaxb: there's a bug for that, it's done, but not for all users of launchpad - still being tested :)00:26
maxbthey tease us saying that it might happen this week :-)00:27
spitfirePhilip5: advertise yourself00:28
spitfireDo you have a blog?00:28
Philip5it's not the purpose i do it any way00:29
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kfogelAnyone here can help me test if some bizarre help.launchpad.net behavior I'm seeing is due to my browser or due to the server?01:23
kfogelTo test, go to any inner page --01:24
lifelesskfogel: don't ask to ask :P01:24
kfogelsay, https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/ImportingYourPGPKey --01:24
kfogellifeless: right01:24
kfogelthen once you're there, go click in the upper left to be taken to the home page of help.l.n.01:24
kfogelI get redirected back to the inner page I came from every time.01:24
kfogelDoesn't matter which inner page it is.01:24
kfogellifeless: does the above happen for you too?01:25
lifelesskfogel: no01:26
kfogelI'll restart my browser and see what happens.01:26
spmkfogel: might be worth crosschecking with a different browser on the same machine?01:27
kfogelspm: epiphany doesn't show the bug01:29
spmkfogel: hmmm. have you got adblock/cookie blocking type stuff active? Perhaps whitelist *lp.net?01:30
kfogelspm: I'll poke around.  Right now I've got more FFox state than I can comfortably dump, so I'm just going to live with it until that stuff is done.01:31
spmkfogel: sure - failing that, I can always snarf the logs (i think for help.lp.net as well) and we can see what/where you're going01:32
kfogelspm: it seems so overwhelmingly like to be a client-end problem that I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.  It doesn't reproduce for lifeless, and it doesn't reproduce for me in a different browser.  Translation: cosmic rays.01:33
spmkfogel: I've tended to have more issues with sunspots - but do ack cosmic rays as a source of woe :-)01:38
CayalHow do I use the bzr launchpad-login command?01:55
CayalWhen I try it tells me that (url) had been permanently redirected to (url).01:56
mwhudsonbzr launchpad-login <your username *in lowercase*>01:56
CayalWhen I try that it tells me that cayal isn't registered with Launchpad.01:57
CayalCayal is recognized but doesn't work, cayal isn't recognized. As far as I know, that's my openID.01:57
Cayalbzr: ERROR: The user name cayal is not registered on Launchpad.01:58
mwhudsonwhat is your username on launchpad?01:59
CayalMy launchpad username is Cayal.01:59
mwhudsoni.e. go to launchpad.net, login, click your name and paste the link here01:59
mwhudsonCayal: there is a difference between 'username' and 'real name'02:00
mwhudsonif your username was cayal, there would be a page at https://edge.launchpad.net/~cayal02:00
CayalOK, founf it.02:00
Cayalbzr: ERROR: The user cayalcayalcayal has not registered any SSH keys with Launchpad.02:00
mwhudsonCayal: also, https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/CreatingAnSSHKeyPair?action=show&redirect=CreatingAnSSHKeyPair02:01
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calcanyone know how to reassign a bug without creating a new task if it is assigned outside of ubuntu and needs to be on a package in ubuntu?02:56
calcbug 31669202:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316692 in openoffice-pkgs "Chart data taken from first sheet only" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31669202:56
calcthat bug needs to be assigned to openoffice.org in ubuntu02:56
calci tried changing it to 'openoffice.org' or 'ubuntu' and it rejected both02:56
calci was hoping to be able to not mark it as invalid since we still don't have the ability to delete invalid tasks02:57
wgrantcalc: You can't.02:57
calcdoh :(02:57
wgrantYOu'll soon be able to delete bugtasks or at least hide them, though, IIRC.02:57
calcwill hiding them make the bug mails go away as well?02:58
spmcalc: does 'also affects distro' give you what you want? (guessing here - don't know per se)02:58
calcspm: well that doesn't get around the can't get rid of bugtasks issue, but yes it works ok for now, i knew about that though02:59
emmajanethumper, thanks. :)03:20
thumperemmajane: do you have a copy of the trunk branch locally already?03:20
thumperemmajane: I'm guessing that is what you based your work on03:20
emmajaneI have downloaded ubuntu-desktop-course, yes.03:20
thumperyou'll want to do something like:03:22
thumpercd trunk-branch-location03:22
thumperbzr pull # to make sure you have the lastest03:22
thumperbzr merge ../udc-804 # assuming that is the location of your branch03:22
emmajanebzr pull won't get main though, will it?03:22
* emmajane waves at dinda03:23
thumperdid you branch from trunk to start your work?03:23
thumperwithout keeping a local copy of trunk somewhere?03:23
emmajanepfffffffbt. No. I didn't learn *that* step. I pushed with a different name.03:23
* dinda waves at the room03:23
thumperemmajane: is your branch a standalone branch (with its own repo)?03:24
emmajanethumper, I am mildly useless but *totally* enthusiastic. :)03:24
emmajanethumper, I downloaded my current files by using bzr branch lp:ubuntu-desktop-course03:25
emmajaneand then I edited them without even making a new copy.03:25
thumperhow big is the branch (in disk space?)03:25
emmajane(which over and over again I'm realizing is BAD and WRONG)03:25
emmajane500MB? ish?03:25
emmajaneloads of images.03:25
thumperok, lets do some local magic03:25
emmajaneI like magic.03:25
emmajanebtw, I'm comfortable at the command line.03:26
thumperwhat is your current working directory called?03:26
thumperemmajane: that is good, 'cause we're about to use it03:26
thumperfull dir from ~03:26
thumpercd ~/ubuntu03:27
* emmajane nods03:27
thumperis there an ubuntu-desktop-course dir in there?03:27
thumperand do you have 500 meg of spare space?#03:27
emmajaneyeah, but it doesn't have to be.03:27
emmajanemv is also my friend.03:27
emmajaneGBs of spare room.03:28
emmajaneI can get this wrong multiple times.03:28
emmajanemoved the u-d-c folder03:28
thumperwhat version of bzr do you have?03:29
emmajaneBazaar (bzr) 1.6.103:29
emmajaneit's an old repo though.03:29
emmajaneIf that makes a difference.03:29
thumperwe can make a new one03:29
thumperbzr init-repo --1.6 ubuntu-desktop-course03:29
emmajaneThe Old Format. where you have to upload the whole thing from scratch every single change.03:29
emmajane(which angers me a little bit)03:29
emmajanenew directory created03:30
thumpercd ubuntu-desktop-course03:30
emmajane.bzr folder is present and accounted for.03:30
thumperemmajane: now, just checking, but the local copy of your udc-804 branch is located at ~/ubuntu/ubuntu-desktop-course=fixes?03:30
thumperI think we can pass a format string to bzr branch, so lets try this03:31
thumperbzr branch --1.6 ~/ubuntu/ubuntu-desktop-course-fixes03:31
emmajanefail on the --1.6 part03:32
emmajanebzr: ERROR: no such option: --1.603:32
thumperok, remove that bit03:32
emmajanecopying contents03:32
emmajanethe whole folder is there.03:33
emmajanenot individual files.03:33
emmajaneI should have not done that from inside the new folder?03:33
thumperyes, now if we go `bzr branch lp:ubuntu-desktop-course trunk` we shouldn't have to download any revisions03:34
emmajanefrom which directory?03:34
thumpersorry, misread your negative03:34
emmajanespamming the channel:03:34
emmajaneemmajane@gollum:~/ubuntu/ubuntu-desktop-course$ ls -al03:34
emmajanetotal 1603:34
emmajanedrwxr-xr-x  4 emmajane emmajane 4096 2009-01-13 22:32 .03:34
emmajanedrwxr-xr-x 14 emmajane emmajane 4096 2009-01-13 22:30 ..03:34
emmajanedrwxr-xr-x  4 emmajane emmajane 4096 2009-01-13 22:30 .bzr03:34
emmajanedrwxr-xr-x 14 emmajane emmajane 4096 2009-01-13 22:33 ubuntu-desktop-course-fixes03:34
thumper.bzr is repository03:35
thumperwe could rename u-d-c-f to udc-80403:35
emmajaneI'm happy if you're happy. :)03:35
thumperso do the branch of trunk from that directory03:36
thumperas in the ~/ubuntu/ubuntu-desktop-course one03:36
* emmajane blinks.03:36
emmajaneI'm not sure if I have done a bad thing.03:36
thumper`bzr branch lp:ubuntu-desktop-course trunk`03:37
thumperwhat bad thing03:37
emmajanenow I have three directories.03:37
thumperwhat do you have?03:37
emmajane.bzr, trunk, ubuntu-desktop-course-fixes03:37
thumpertrunk is the main branch03:37
thumper.bzr is the shared repo03:37
emmajaneIt's only got up to 161.03:37
emmajanethe other one has 16803:37
thumperubuntu-desktop-course-fixes is your branch03:37
* emmajane nods03:37
thumpertrunk has revno 161?03:38
thumperthat would be right according to launchpad03:38
emmajaneemmajane@gollum:~/ubuntu/ubuntu-desktop-course$ bzr branch lp:ubuntu-desktop-course trunk03:38
emmajaneBranched 161 revision(s).03:38
thumperyes, that would be right03:38
thumperlaunchpad says that branch only has 161 revisions03:39
emmajaneOften Launchpad is right.03:39
thumperit also says your branch has only 16503:39
thumperhave you not pushed latest?03:39
emmajaneI may have cheated and added another commit without remembering. :/03:39
thumperor three?03:39
dindaemmajane: i think you added commits03:39
emmajaneshould I curse now?03:39
thumperbzr log --short to see what they are03:40
thumper(in your branch dir)03:40
emmajaneshort is not so short.03:40
thumper--line gives one line per commit03:41
thumper--short doesn't give not trunk revisions03:41
thumperperhaps not so well named03:41
emmajane68: EmmaJane Hogbin 2009-01-13 Fixing CH10 objectives markup03:41
emmajane167: EmmaJane Hogbin 2009-01-13 Adjusting image sizes in Chapter 103:41
emmajane166: EmmaJane Hogbin 2009-01-12 Fixing 'objectives' markup to use itemizedlists, not formalparas03:41
thumperare you wanting to land all these?03:41
emmajanetotally safe.03:41
emmajanethanks for double checking. :)03:42
thumpercd into the trunk dir03:42
thumperbzr merge ../ubuntu-desktop-course-fixes03:42
thumperbzr commit03:42
emmajaneAll changes applied successfully.03:42
thumperbzr push --remember lp:ubuntu-desktop-course03:43
emmajaneit's thinking.03:43
thumperon which bit?03:44
emmajanethe 0/003:44
thumperpush or commit?03:44
emmajanecommit was easy.03:44
emmajaneAll changes applied successfully03:44
thumperthat was the merge03:44
emmajaneCommittted revision 162.03:45
thumperpush may well think for a bit03:45
* dinda goes to LP to confirm03:45
emmajaneAND Pushed up to revision 162.03:45
thumperit isn't as smart as it could be03:45
thumperto make sure your next branches are quicker03:45
thumperbzr upgrade --1.603:45
emmajaneI'm here to be your UI fool. :)03:45
emmajanewhat's that do?03:46
thumperit makes your branch be Branch Format 7]03:46
thumperwhich means we can stack your branch on LP03:46
emmajanewill it make other people cry, or just make my life easier?03:46
thumperjust your life easier03:46
wgrantIt will make anybody who uses a distro cry, won't it?03:46
thumperthe only thing would be others will need bzr 1.6 or later to get your branch from LP03:46
thumpernot trunk03:47
emmajanebut I did that IN trunk.03:47
thumperhang on03:47
emmajanewe didn't CD...03:47
emmajaneIt's done, but apparently I have a backup.03:48
thumperyour workflow makes things a little different from how I work normally03:48
thumperyou do03:48
thumperto be nice to others for now, we'll use that backup03:48
emmajanealso? i'm sort of one of very very very very few that have figured out how to get this far.03:48
emmajaneso it's ok if I have to reteach them. :)03:48
thumperif all the others have bzr 1.6 or later, this'll be fine03:49
emmajaneThey'll just assume they did something wrong. ;)03:49
thumperare they all on ubuntu?03:49
emmajaneI'm willing to live with that.03:49
emmajanethey are.03:49
thumperthen lets change trunk for format 1.603:49
emmajaneexcept for the ones on windows, but who cares about them.03:49
thumperhey, they should be on 1.1003:49
emmajanethey never contribute anyway. they just hang out in the channel.03:49
* emmajane is bad.03:50
thumperlet's confirm the formats with bzr info -v03:50
thumperI'm interesting in the branch and repository format03:50
emmajane branch: Branch format 703:50
emmajane    repository: Packs 5 (adds stacking support, requires bzr 1.6)03:50
thumpernow to keep trunk up to date, just cd into trunk and go 'bzr pull'03:50
emmajanedid I already push stuff back to LP without noticing?03:51
dindathumper:  Thank you soooo much!  have to run, but will buy you a beer at allhands03:51
thumperto get a new branch to work on, cd into ~/ubuntu/ubuntu-desktop-course03:51
thumperand go bzr branch trunk my-fix03:51
thumpermy-fix branch should be in branch format 703:51
thumperwhich means when you go 'bzr push' you'll get a stacked branch, and not push much03:52
emmajaneok those last four lines made my head explode.03:52
thumperemmajane: yes, with 'bzr push --remember lp:ubuntu-destop-course'03:52
emmajanethis is very exciting news that LP is updated.03:52
emmajanethank you.03:52
emmajanenow... working copies.03:52
emmajanenow I have four directories: .bzr, my-fix, trunk, ubuntu-desktop-course-fixes03:53
thumperbzr info in my-fix branch should also show branch format 703:54
emmajanemy-fix is also Branch format 703:54
thumpercare to confirm for me?03:54
emmajaneworking tree 403:54
emmajaneif that matters03:54
emmajanePacks 503:54
thumperdo you want to save a config setting so `bzr push` will automatically go to lp:~emmajane/ubuntu-desktop-course/$dirname?03:55
emmajaneI use bzr for other stuff too, so probably not.03:55
thumperit would be just for this directory03:55
thumperthere is a file ~/.bazaar/locations.conf03:55
thumperthat allows directory settings03:56
emmajanewhat's the advantage of having the setting?03:56
thumperit means going `bzr push` for a new branch instead of `bzr push lp:~emmajane/ubuntu-desktop-course/my-branchname`03:56
emmajaneI'm worried I'd forget the magic was set and tell other people to use it and give them bad instructions.03:57
thumpermethinks we should document all this somewhere lovely03:57
emmajaneI'm all about the documentation.03:57
thumperemmajane: perhaps another day03:57
thumperemmajane: just remind me03:58
emmajanehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training/KnowledgeBase <-- that's what we've been working from (and I've re-written from what was there bfeore)03:58
thumperemmajane: and I'll try to get something on dev.launchpad.net wiki03:58
emmajanethat would be fantastic, thanks. :)03:58
emmajanebasically whatever I can do to make it easier, please let me know.03:58
thumperI might get you to test it out sometime03:59
emmajaneabsolutely :)03:59
rockstaremmajane, I'm writing a blog post on configuring your ~/.bazaar/locations.conf as we speak.04:00
thumperrockstar: you rock04:02
thumperrockstar: can you find a place in dev.launchpad.net/Code/SomethingCool and document too?04:03
rockstarthumper, I think that goes without saying.  :)04:03
rockstarthumper, NO!  That means less traffic to my blog!04:03
thumperrockstar: there will be blog traffic04:03
thumperdon't worry04:03
rockstarYea, I'll put something together.  Would be nice if MoinMoin did ReST, then I could just copy/paste.04:04
jmlmaybe not quite the same thing04:05
rockstarjml, I'm actually taking the cue from that post, going into more detail.04:06
troglonwhats the etiquette when referrences bugs (within launchpad) with similar traits? how do i link to the bugs?04:26
mwhudsontroglon: not quite sure what you're asking04:27
mwhudsonif you say "bug 1234" in a bug comment or branch description, it will be linkified04:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1234 in launchpad-foundations "Gina is an unmaintainable mess of command line options, environment variables and shell scripts" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123404:28
emmajanetroglon, Do you mean, "When is it ok to mark something as duplicate without the person getting upset becausee they thought they were original?"04:28
troglonmwhudson: thanks; emmajane: no :)04:29
troglonyes, i just want to reference them with a html link04:29
emmajane*phew* cos I didn't have an answer for that one. :)04:29
trogloni have also noticed the "Remote bug watches" box, can we use that for bugs within launchpad?04:29
troglonor is that for dependences and whatnot?04:30
Peng_Eep, YUI is served over plain HTTP.04:30
Peng_Doesn't Yahoo! support HTTPS?04:31
Peng_Oh, apparently not.04:31
Peng_"(Generic bzr smart protocol error: Invalid http response for http://<url>/.bzr/smart: Unable ...)" Very helpful. :P04:33
wgranttroglon: That's for telling Launchpad to watch the status of bugs in other bugtrackers than Launchpad.04:33
troglonwgrant: ok, thanks04:35
troglonare there formatting controls in bug reports?04:49
troglonlike <code> or <blockquote>?04:50
emmajanerockstar, any chance you got your blog entry up?05:26
rockstaremmajane, finishing it up now.05:29
emmajanerockstar, awesome.05:29
emmajaneI've got the instructions that thumper gave me almost written up. I wanted to link to yours as the "next steps" :)05:30
rockstaremmajane, http://theironlion.net/blog/2009/01/13/using-bazaar-launchpad-making-pushing-easy/05:35
rockstaremmajane, it's got some formatting issues right now, but those are minor.05:36
emmajanecool, thanks. :)05:36
rockstaremmajane, no problem.  I have a few more on deck as well, particularly about shared repos and creating merge proposals without the web ui.05:38
emmajaneyay :)05:38
emmajanerockstar, http://emmajane.net/node/88405:39
ScottKrockstar: When you get to the one on merging, it might be nice to mention that if you request a merge with a team owned branch, EVERYONE in the team gets mail.05:40
ScottKWhen the branch is owned by, say, ubutu-dev, that ends up being a lot of people.05:40
wgrantThey key is the subscription, not the ownership.05:41
ScottKwgrant: So there's some way we can make it so ubuntu-dev doesn't get spammed everytime someone want to merge some mozilla branch somewhere?05:42
wgrantYes. Unsubscribe them from merge proposals for that branch.05:42
ScottKCan you do that if you're the owner?05:42
rockstarScottK, not true.05:43
* rockstar sees that the issue has already been addressed.05:43
ScottKOK.  I know i get the mails.05:43
rockstarScottK, in fact, reason it requires a subscription is because we didn't want to spam the ubuntu-dev team.  That's how much we love you.05:44
ScottKrockstar and wgrant: I'm looking at a team owned branch and it's marked owner and subscriber.05:45
rockstarAlso, procmail ftw.05:45
ScottKThere's no unsubscribe link I can find.05:45
* ScottK prefers spamcop.05:45
rockstarScottK, procmail and spamcop do different things.05:45
rockstarScottK, link?05:45
ScottKBut they often accomplish the same result05:45
ScottKIs one.05:46
ScottKSo I unset default review team?05:47
* ScottK tries05:47
ScottKNope.  Can't do it.05:47
rockstarScottK, there's an edit link, right?05:49
ScottKThere is.05:49
rockstarClick on it.  You should see a choice for code review level.05:49
ScottKI'll repeat for the record that despite all the "You'll get used to it", I still find the U/I almost willfully obscure.05:50
rockstarScottK, we are working hard and fast on it.05:50
ScottKYeah, that's what I'm afraid of.05:50
wgrantIt hasn't changed much since the feature landed, so I have to doubt that.05:50
rockstarScottK, wgrant, you've seen the ui mockup videos?  I get forty stripes every week that they aren't implemented.05:51
ScottKrockstar: No.  If you just put the U/I back the way it was two years ago, I'll be happy.05:52
* ScottK is serious.05:52
rockstarScottK, do you happen to be favor git over bzr?05:53
ScottKBTW, when I click on the edit thingy for default reviewer it lets me pick a team, but not set a level.05:53
ScottKrockstar: I am learning both.  I find bzr easier to use and git is kicking my but.05:53
rockstarScottK, because default reviewer has no level.  Click the subscription.05:53
ScottKRight.  Saw that.05:53
wgrantrockstar: We see all these mockups.05:54
wgrantBut then they take ages to happen and happen in the wrong way.05:54
ScottKIt does look like it's now possible to disambiguate ownership from notifications.  That's progress.05:54
rockstarScottK, impressive.  I'm convinced that the people who absolutely love git are the people who think there was no innovation after the terminal.  :)05:54
ScottKrockstar: Give me sub-second page load times and a lot of my U/I criticisms will go away.05:55
ScottKI find I use LP like I used to browse the web when I had dial up.05:55
rockstarScottK, agreed.  The ajax stuff will greatly increase that.05:55
ScottKI open a bunch of windows to load while I'm reading one.05:55
ScottKA year ago when I tried bzr and LP I found it too slow to be usable.05:56
ScottKI'm trying it now and it still slow, but not unusably slow.05:56
ScottKAll I know is that when Ubuntu devs got asked for input on LP 'features' all performance related feature requests were rejected.05:57
rockstarScottK, I've heard this a lot recently.05:57
ScottKI'll also throw in that my primary method of navigation in LP is typing urls.  That's not a win for U/I design and performance either.05:58
rockstarScottK, sounds like you need to build some special tools then.05:59
wgrantI think URLs work well as part of the LP UI.05:59
ScottKrockstar: No, that's your job.05:59
rockstarI have a firefox bookmark set up so I can type lpbug 123456 and it'll expand to the bug url for 12345605:59
rockstarScottK, I suggest you do things like that.06:00
ScottKIf only I used Firefox.06:00
ScottKIt does look like mozillateam branches don't all notify ubuntu-dev anymore.  That is better.06:01
rockstarScottK, what are you using?06:02
ScottKKonqueror mostly.  I do use Firefox some.06:02
rockstarScottK, you have a very specific workflow, so you'll need very specific tools.06:03
ScottKActually one thing I do like about the LP U/I is how it runs with CSS turned off.06:12
ScottKIt's reasonably usable on my phone that way.06:12
HobbseeI wish we could subscribe other people to entire packages.06:45
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alkisgI've packaged a GPL'ed _Windows_ application of mine into a .deb, which depends on wine, and now it installs and functions like a normal Linux application: .desktop menu, /usr/bin/myapp launcher, file associations etc. I want to upload this into my ppa, but of course I cannot use the usual makefiles etc. How can I do that? Can I upload a binary package?10:40
bigjoolsalkisg: no, you need to make a source package10:40
RAOF_The source package _could_ just be a tarball containing your binaries, though.10:41
bigjoolslike the nvidia package, yes10:41
RAOF_I'm not sure if that's within the PPA terms of thingy, though.10:42
bigjoolsmrevell? ^10:42
alkisgWhere should I ask if it's within the PPA terms? Here? Some mailing list?10:42
mrevellThe PPA terms are here:10:43
alkisgOf course I can upload the source, but it's Delphi source code, it won't be possible to be used with Makefiles etc10:43
al-maisanalkisg: you can also ask a question here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+addquestion10:44
mrevellI have to confess, I'm not sure of the answer but let's take a look10:44
alkisgThank you all10:45
alkisgI'll add the question to have a "formal" answer10:45
mrevellalkisg: This isn't an official answer, just now, but I think that so long as your Windows app is GPLed and the packages in the archive result in a working app on Ubuntu, you should be fine. Something similar, but not exactly the same, is the Flash install package that someone recently added to their PPA. It installs the install script, which then pulls the Flash binary from their site.10:46
nandmrevell: okay, found the problem, should be resolved shorty11:58
mrevellah, great stuff, thanks nand!11:59
mrevellnand: What was up?11:59
nandThe htaccess was filtering /launchpad* path in anticipation of the switch to Launchpad OpenID12:00
nandwhich, if everything goes right, should happen shortly12:00
nand(The Drupal LP OpenID module use the /launchpad path)12:00
mrevellah right12:02
mrevellthanks for the update :)12:03
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nandmrevell: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/launchpad-net/ : here you go!13:21
mrevellsuperb, thanks nand!13:21
nandAnd I'd like to +1 the top request : "Launchpad Translations: Enable vandalization reporting"13:22
mrevellnand: :) Noted.13:23
laurent_hi... I've some problems to display source code for mysql project. The error page told me to use this channel to get assistance15:14
laurent_urls I'm trying to access are http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mysql/mysql-server/mysql-5.1/files and http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mysql/mysql-server/mysql-5.0/files15:16
laurent_is this a temporary problem?15:19
gary_posterlaurent_: It is temporary.  It should be back up soon.15:23
savvaslaurent_: do you want to get the code or just view it?15:26
laurent_I just wanted to view/get the history of a particular file15:26
laurent_and I'm not really familiar with the bazaar client15:27
savvasthe command is simple, but I think you have to register in order to use it: bzr co lp:mysql-server/5.1 mysql15:28
beunolaurent_, give it try now15:28
laurent_it's okay now15:29
savvashm.. now that he mentioned it, how does someone get a particular file from the whole branch?15:31
spitfireDoes anyone know how to use custom CFLAGS in pbuilder?15:34
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stdinspitfire: set it in your debian/rules15:43
spitfirestdin: Is there any way I could do it globally?15:44
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spitfireI know I can do t like this.15:44
spitfireBut for example apt-builder can do that.15:44
spitfireWithout me having to modify debian/rules15:44
stdinif you export a CFLAGS environment variable make should detect it15:45
spitfireAgain: does anyone know how to use custom CFLAGS in pbuilder? Globally WITHOUT modifying rules15:45
stdinspitfire: a better place to ask is in #ubuntu-motu15:45
spitfirestdin: I'll try.15:45
spitfireSo, for pbuilder I should do it in .pbuilderrc?15:46
laurent_back to my problem (source code in launchpad not accessible) I can now browse the source but not see a specific file http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Emysql/mysql-server/mysql-5.1/annotate/head%3A/sql/sql_insert.cc or http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mysql/mysql-server/mysql-5.1/revision/270015:46
spitfirestdin: good tip15:46
spitfirelaurent_: I tried and didn't succeed.15:47
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zulhey does anyone know how to create milestones for projects18:15
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beunozul, yes. You have to create them inside the series18:16
beunoyou can either create them on trunk, or create a new series (line of development) and create the milestone there18:16
zulbeuno: thanks18:17
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andrea-bsIs there an Atom feed for the assigned bugs for a person?18:48
lamalexAre announcements offered in any format other than atom? Particularly JSON/18:56
lamalex^ would be a nice enhancement if not18:56
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djsiegelHi, can someone tell me why I cannot edit a bug filed against my project? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/do-plugins/+bug/317217 I am unable to edit bug status, importance, assignee, or milestone.19:45
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Ubuntu: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/317217/+text)19:45
beunodjsiegel, because it's a duplicate of another one19:45
beunoso that one is disabled19:45
djsiegelbeuno: ah! of course19:45
beunosee where it says  "duplicate of..."19:45
djsiegelbeuno: thank you19:45
djsiegelyes, i was working so fast I missed that19:46
beunobut your observation is interesting, because it re-enforces kiko's theory of removing that information all together in dupes19:46
djsiegelsomeone filled a bug that was just fixed, and I was in such a hurry to squash it19:46
djsiegelbeuno: yes, that info should be remove19:46
lamalexdjsiegel: i think i beat you to that oen19:46
djsiegelmaybe replaced with the same info on the other bug.19:46
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statikhey there rockstar, feel like approving a code import for me? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/fuse/trunk i'm anxious to start hacking on it20:16
* mwhudson gets in there first20:18
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statikthanks mwhudson!20:22
kikobeuno, the presence of that information is just f** confusing :)20:25
beunokiko, yeah, I'll get to that after I finish my blueprints overhaul20:26
lamalexkiko: is there a bug i can cc myself on?20:26
beunoI'm estimating fixing tests to take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 years20:26
kikolamalex, beuno will be able to tell you -- and I don't think there's a lot of tests that cover dupes fwiw beuno :)20:26
beunokiko, oh no, I meant blueprints. I removed all the actions and moved them inline20:27
beunolamalex, no bug open for it, I'll do it now20:27
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kiko-afkokay, bbiab20:28
maxbDoes launchpad have any api for querying build status other than screenscraping https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+builds ?20:35
beunolamalex, bug 31724420:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317244 in malone "Duplicate bugs shouldn't show the bugtask table" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31724420:40
beunodjsiegel, ^20:41
rockstarmaxb, that would be a question for cprov or bigjools20:43
wgrantmaxb: Not at the moment.20:43
bigjoolscoming RSN20:43
kiko-afkbigjools, maxb, wgrant, is there a bug filed for it?20:43
wgrantBut we have pages that aggregate the information usefully.20:44
bigjoolsbug 27602020:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276020 in soyuz "No API to manipulate PPAs and buildds" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27602020:44
lamalexbeuno: Do you know anything about the status of https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-buildd/+bug/270031 it looks pretty much ignored, but it's pretty serious21:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 270031 in launchpad-buildd "Mono segfaults on amd64 PPA buildds" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:02
beunolamalex, no idea, but maybe cprov does21:03
beunohe knows *everything*21:03
lamalexcprov: ^21:03
cprovlamalex: sorry, I don't know exactly what is happening with your build. I will have poke some expert (lamont or infinity).21:55
nhandlercprov: By any chance did you get a chance to look at that P3A Dependency issue the other day?21:55
cprovnhandler: yes, the cherry-pick is in progress.21:56
nhandlerYou rock cprov21:56
cprovnhandler: ehe, not really, but thanks21:57
ScottKcprov: While you're in a cherry picking mood, any progress on packages-arch-specific and building source packages where only some don't get built on an arch?21:58
cprovScottK: the binary P-a-s issue ? no, sorry, didn't have a chance to get into it yet.21:59
ScottKcprov: OK.  We're getting close to a month now ...  We'll shortly have KDE built on all archs except hppa (due to this bug).22:00
maxbWhy do people often say P3A here?22:01
cprovScottK: yes, I know, I'm really sorry.22:01
maxbok, I figured it out moments after saying that22:01
ScottKcprov: OK.  Just trying to nicely press a bit ....22:01
cprovScottK: it's fine I understand it, no worries.22:02
* cprov -> afk22:06
lamalexcprov: thank you for at least looking into it22:08
cprovlamalex: fear not, lamont or adam will figure that out for us22:08
lamalexgreat, i'll be idleing, or the bugreport is probably a better place to post status22:09
* RAOF has just updated that bug, with the results of his 'upload a package that runs stuff under gdb during build' debugging.22:09
RAOFHm. Editing this bug tells me that there's no page in launchpad.23:27
RAOFHm.  It doesn't anymore.23:49
RAOFPossibly it was a firefox-3.1 snafu, or transitory.23:49

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