karlphaving major issues with nvidia + jaunty + X00:13
anderskYou need Option "IgnoreABI" "True" in the ServerFlags section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf.00:14
karlpokay i'll try that00:14
karlpwhy does mysql start up at boot now?00:16
karlpis it for akonadi or whatever?00:17
karlpi don't even use akonadi00:17
x1250karlp, mysql behaviour has not changed.00:21
anderskTry aptitude search '~Dmysql-server~i' to see what packages are installed that depend on mysql-server.00:21
karlpactually my nvidia problem is much deeper than an xorg fix00:23
karlper, configuration fix00:23
karlpif i try to install nvidia-glx-177, i have to uninstall all of x?00:23
karlpwtf? who packages this stuff00:23
anderskIf your hardware is new enough for the 180 drivers, try nvidia-glx-180 instead.00:23
karlpi tried that as well00:23
karlpi've got a 8300 gs00:24
karlpi don't think that's all that new (late 2007)00:24
anderskThe 177 drivers haven’t been rebuilt against the new xorg.  180 has.00:24
anderskSo what happens with nvidia-glx-180?00:25
karlpi don't understand why ubuntu is so complicated00:25
anderskIt still tries to uninstall Xorg?  That should not be happening with 180.00:25
karlpit does00:25
x1250karlp, it seems complicated because yo haven't do your homework. Try reading a bit.00:26
karlpi'm actually afraid to update at this point because the only thing that's sure to work is not updating00:26
karlpx1250: hahaha, isn't the stated goal of ubuntu to be easy, user-friendly etc.?00:26
andersk(The reason it happens with 177 is that nvidia-glx-177 provides xserver-xorg-video-4, and xserver-xorg-core depends xserver-xorg-video-5 and conflicts xserver-xorg-video-4.)00:26
anderskYou cannot expect a development release (Jaunty) to be as easy to use as a stable release (Intrepid).00:27
karlpthat wasn't easy either00:27
karlpi always have to fight with ubuntu to get it to work00:27
karlpi've been using ubuntu since 5.1000:27
karlpbeen using gentoo since 2004 and even then, it had problems, but i've never had to diagnose anything for longer than 2 hours00:28
karlpubuntu... i've deployed on several school labs back in high school and it was a huge mistake. huge uphill battle00:28
karlpi stuck with it because i figured it has the largest software repositories, but i'm wrong about that too00:28
karlpopera 9.5 is _still_ not in canonical repositories00:28
hggdhand will not be00:29
karlpi'll give it a go for another hour at most, but after that, i'm wiping ubuntu and putting arch on it00:29
hggdhbut they provide builds for ubuntu00:29
karlpno ngspice for ubuntu either00:29
karlphggdh: yeah, but that's not very user friendly00:29
hggdhthe problem is the Opera licence00:29
RAOFIn particular, the nvidia-glx-177 drivers will not work (properly) with the version of Xorg in Jaunty.  It just won't load.00:29
karlphggdh: did it change between 9.2x and 9.5x?00:30
karlphggdh: if it did, that's understandable that debian and ubuntu want to stay pure. but if not, then it's laziness00:30
hggdhkarlp, if the source is provided, please feel free to contribute a build of Opera to Ubuntu00:31
karlphggdh: source? opera's proprietary00:31
hggdhthank you. There you go00:32
hggdhhow can we, then, provide it?00:32
karlpuse the deb they have00:32
* hggdh is running opera 9.63, BTW00:32
hggdhyes. This is what *I* do. But Ubuntu cannot provide a package this way, expect -- perhaps -- in multiverse,00:33
karlpyeah, i'm talking about the canonical repository00:33
karlpah, well there's an update, so if this works, great. if not, goodbye00:34
hggdhkarlp, please propose it (I do not know the channel, though). I do remember, dimly, a discussion about opera some time (years?) ago.00:35
RAOFYou mean, the partner repository?  AFAIK, it's up to Opera to update their stuff in there.00:35
hggdhthanks, RAOF00:35
karlpso what allows gentoo or arch from incorporating the latest opera into their repositories?00:36
karlps/from incorporating/to incorporate/00:37
hggdhI do not know. Perhaps they provide a wrapper to the Opera binaries00:37
hggdhbut, on Gentoo, this would be strange...00:37
karlphow would that bypass legal issues?00:37
RAOFIt wouldn't.00:37
hggdhit does not.00:37
karlpand what legal issues anyway?00:37
karlpi've just heard you vaguely claim they exist00:37
karlpnever heard that before00:38
RAOFYou'd be surprised how much software people illegally redistribute ;)00:38
RAOFAnyway, I can't seem to find a license _at all_ on the Opera site.00:38
karlpwhat's illegal about it? the branding?00:38
hggdhif a piece of software is proprietary, then the owner may impose restrictions to (re) distribution00:38
karlpwhat about ngspice?00:38
hggdhand usually they *do*00:38
karlpthat's free. don't see why that's not in ubuntu yet00:38
karlpfree as in cost and free as in freedom00:38
* hggdh does not even know what is ngspice00:38
karlpcircuit simulation tool00:39
hggdhin this case, all that is needed is someone to package it00:39
karlpit's already packaged00:39
RAOFkarlp: Well, in the absence of an explicit license, they hold the copyright, and _any_ copy infringes it.00:39
karlpi don't know what is holding it up00:39
hggdhdo you have a link?00:39
karlphggdh: if you search launchpad's bug thing for ngspice it says needs packaging and that it's "fixed"00:40
karlpwhich is bullshit because i can't get ngspice on jaunty00:40
karlpoh, that's the other thing i absolutely hate about ubuntu. what happened to upstart and all that frenzy that edgy / feisty were supposed to generate?00:40
karlpinstead, we're all stuck with that heinously useless update-rc.d and its ilk00:41
karlpnetworkmanager has never worked for me, but that's not an ubuntu specific complaint... never had it work on four or more separate machines running arch, gentoo, ubuntu, etc.00:41
hggdhkarlp, are you talking about bug 2465-6?00:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 2465 in rosetta "Timeouts when translating to Dutch" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/246500:42
hggdhbug 24650600:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246506 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] ngspice" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24650600:42
karlphggdh: not the first one, but yes, the second one00:42
hggdhit is still open00:42
karlpi don't have x to view it in a proper browser, but i seem to remember it said fixed00:43
karlpthere were two entries it looked strange00:43
karlplike blah blah --- confirmed fixed00:43
karlpand blah blah -- wishlist confirmed00:43
karlpor something like that00:43
RAOFFix committed, in Debian.00:43
karlp... so that doesn't instantenously trickle down to ubuntu?00:43
hggdhno, it does not00:44
karlpi thought debian was ubuntu's parent project00:44
RAOFThe team working on it have something, but are waiting for upstream changes before they actually upload it to Debian.00:44
karlpwhat upstream changes? arch and gentoo both have r18 nicely packaged00:44
ubottuDebian bug 489768 in wnpp "ITP: ngspice -- A Spice circuit simulator" [Wishlist,Open]00:44
hggdhno, Ubuntu is based on Debian, but Debian is not Ubuntu's parent00:44
karlpi'm pretty sure debian's bug website is nicer on elinks so i'll check it out00:44
RAOFLicensing changes.00:44
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karlpi mean parent as in for software sharing00:45
RAOFCan only be done upstream, and Debian is substantially more strict than gentoo or arch, I think.00:45
karlpokay, updated. about to see if X works, if not. i'm wiping this shit off00:45
RAOFEh.  Whatever works for him.00:46
hggdhkarlp, perhaps you would be better off with another distribution. You seem to be full of complaints, and no real help00:46
karlpokay, goodbye00:49
karlphad enough of this00:49
karlpthe latest update starts my X up and freezes control to my usb keyboard and usb mouse00:50
karlpnvidia-glx-180 and everything00:50
karlpoh, while i'm at it, another parting gift00:51
karlpall the spice user interfaces that ubuntu packages come with no simulator00:52
karlpso you get a fancy gui (that looks like crap imo) that can't do anything00:52
karlpyou can take screenshots of your schematics and maybe export to eps but that's about it00:52
karlpgnucap is also a pathetic excuse for circuit simulation software and is pretty incompatible with spice even though they claim they are compatible00:53
karlpi guess for being critical i should say something nice too00:53
karlpubuntu has a solid artwork department00:53
karlpwherever you get those people from... keep doing more of that00:53
karlphey, hardware support in the latest ubuntu kernel has gotten better too00:54
karlpmy usb stick is recognized00:54
karlpbut, that's very little consolation when X doesn't work, and i have to constantly rmmod forcedeth && modprobe forcedeth && /etc/init.d/networking restart on boot because of some stupid issue that i can't figure out (but didn't exist in intrepid, hardy, etc.)00:55
hggdhkarlp, you are running an alpha version of Ubuntu. You should know that this can break and break bad.00:57
hggdhI run it, but I know what to expect, and have indeed recovered from nasty situations00:57
karlphggdh: i do know that. but that's not even the issue. software that i require to a greater extent is increasingly more difficult to find and setup on ubuntu and is much easier on arch00:58
karlphggdh: i've seriously tried for at least 3+ years (close to 4 now) to convince myself that i like ubuntu00:58
karlphggdh: i just absolutely hate the way most of the system is handled. booting always takes much longer than any other distribution i've used00:58
hggdhwell, then, I guess you should either help improve it, or move to arch00:59
karlphggdh: i hate the way the runlevels work. i hate the way building stuff from source is complicated (much more so than on arch with it's abs + pkgbuild)00:59
karlphggdh: exactly, and i don't have the time to do the former00:59
hggdhon the other hand, I tried a LOT of dists, since 1995, before stopping at Ubuntu00:59
karlpthat's really strange. i've never recommended ubuntu to anyone who wasn't just starting to play around with linux distributions01:00
karlpin other words, if i knew the person had some experience, i'd point them to something that i knew would fit them better01:00
karlpthat begs the question... why am i still on it01:00
hggdhinsteresting the source build issue. I find it simple (but -- probably -- I have been doing it for a while, so it is already ingrained)01:00
karlpand the answer is that i (falsely) assumed when i started with ubuntu that it had the most software packages available01:01
karlpeh, it's much easier in arch01:01
karlpi rather not use gentoo because building from source takes forever01:01
karlpbut i'm stuck with it on my desktop back home01:01
karlpi would have had the same situation with ubuntu on this system, but i'm going to suck it up and fix it before it gets on my nerves01:01
karlpi have too many things on my gentoo desktop to bother installing anything else on it, so it remains :(01:02
karlpi think it's a common thread with me and open source software01:04
karlpi start out intensely liking something and end up really hating it01:04
karlplike firefox01:04
karlpstarted out before the 1.0 series01:04
karlploved it, but then it was filled with bloat by 1.501:04
karlpnow hardware is cheaper, better, etc. so it's not as noticeable, but 3.0 is still not nearly as fast as i remember the 0.x series01:05
hggdhI know... I keep jumping between ffox, opera, Empathy, and Konqueror01:05
karlpand what's strange is i started out intensely hating arch01:05
Melikhey guys ugh anyone know what this apache2 module is called? >> http://dev.gentoo.org/~omp/01:05
karlpbut it's gotten so much better from 2004-2006 that i'm finding myself replacing everything (except my openbsd boxes) with it01:06
hggdhMelik, I do not01:06
karlpdirectory listing?01:06
karlpi know that's a module in lighttpd. been awhile since i've used apache01:06
Melikit generates directory listing when a index file isnt present01:07
Melikhmm thanks, im guna go ask in #apache01:07
karlpi think it's an option/directive though. i don't think it's a module. of course, i could be wrong01:09
hggdhif I remember correctly, it's a standard module (dir listing, that is)01:10
karlpokay, bye01:18
karlpreinstalling then class01:18
legodude__how is jaunty on intel graphics?01:38
legodude__and overall, is it stable?01:38
BotLobstacan anyone help me with my /etc/apt/preferences file?02:37
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x1250BotLobsta, try the apt howto: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/02:57
BotLobstax1250, i read that, and i thought i was doing it right, but it doesnt seem to work02:58
x1250BotLobsta, is this related to jaunty?03:02
x1250if not, try #ubuntu03:02
BotLobstax1250, well im trying to keep apt-get from upgrading to nvidia-glx-180 version 180.22 which i believe is only in the jaunty repos03:02
BotLobstabut ive tried there a few times too03:04
RAOFaptitude forbid-version will prevent aptitude from installing that version; but that _only_ works with aptitude03:05
x1250BotLobsta, are you in intrepid? whats your apt_preferences file?03:10
BotLobstax1250, im running jaunty. and its http://pastebin.com/f722170fb03:12
x1250BotLobsta, I don't understand what you want to do. Thats the version available in jaunty, so why use pinning?03:13
BotLobstax1250, because I dont want it to be installed.  I tried it and it didnt work03:14
x1250you don't want _that_ version upgraded anymore?03:14
x1250BotLobsta, what version are you using?03:15
BotLobstax1250, I currently have 180.11-0ubuntu1 and i dont want it to install a 180.22 version of it03:15
x1250BotLobsta, then you're doing it the wrong way. You have to ping down 180.11, not 180.2203:16
x1250pin not ping :P03:16
BotLobstabut I still want it to install a 180.25 version or something like that when the next release comes out03:17
x1250and what prevents you from deleting the pin in the future? :)03:19
BotLobstabut i wont necessarily see when a new version comes out03:19
x1250if you wonder someday, try apt-cache policy yourpackage03:20
x1250that will give you the installed and latest version available03:21
x1250uhm, launchpad is so slow these days :(03:36
bullgard4x1250: If you mean by 'these days' the year 2009, then you are wrong. It has been slow in the second half of 2008 also.04:03
x1250bullgard4, I didn't notice. I didn't really used launchpad untill recently :)04:05
bullgard4x1250: Yes, I see. I am using it for 2 years now. --04:06
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moj0risinghi. I just upgraded to kubuntu jaunty andam getting a blank white screen after KDM loads the desktop. Some googling and forum searching indicates this might be an issue with proprietary drivers but I'm not sure how I can uninstall them since there's a ton of packages for the proprietary drivers....06:10
moj0rising...anyone have any ideas on how I can fix it? I can actually use keyboard shortcuts to get the process manager up but that's about all.06:11
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pwnguinRAOF: is linux-nouveau modules gonna make it into the archive soon?06:53
RAOFpwnguin: It's waiting in NEW now.07:09
RAOFOr it should be.  Let me check.07:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 311716 in linux "The slider brightness Applet has value inverted after the last update (2.6.27-11)" [Medium,Fix committed]07:10
DanaGyay, gotta' love when one thing breaks another thing!07:10
RAOFpwnguin: Yup, there it is.  Sitting in source NEW.07:10
DanaG(last two comments.)07:10
RAOFI see someone's processed the new queue recently, too.07:11
DanaGSo, now I have no brightness control.07:12
DanaG"* SAUCE: don't use buggy _BCL/_BCM/_BQC for backlight control"07:13
* DanaG returns this SAUCE to the store as defective. =þ07:13
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
DanaGWhy do they call it "sauce", anyway?  Was somebody _hungry_ when naming it?07:13
AmaranthDanaG: I think that means they got it from upstream?07:13
DanaGMy backlight controls worked fine until that change.  Note my comments.07:14
DanaGWhy blacklist it entirely?  That's silly.07:14
DanaGInstead, it should prefer vendor drivers over the 'video' module, perhaps.07:14
DanaGIs it bad that, despite having what some would describe as a "horrible" experience with their support, I'd actually still consider buying their stuff?07:21
DanaGI take the attitude that, now that I know what to expect, I can deal with it better.07:21
Amaranthman i paid extra for 3 years of warranty with 1 week turnaround and had to fight with them for 4 days to get my laptop repair started then it took 3 weeks to get it back07:23
DanaGI learned something: the online chat people may say they're going to send a box... but in reality, you'd better call in the day after to be sure of it.07:24
DanaGOh yeah, and because they didn't offer the webcam at my time of purchase... there's no reasonable way to add the built-in one now.07:24
DanaGI still do think my EliteBook is awesome.07:25
DanaGAnd if need be, I could defend myself with it... as a blunt object, I mean.  I hope I never need that sort of thing, though.  =þ07:26
DanaGAcademic Purchase Program has the Windows-Free "MI" Mini-1000 netbook for $310.07:26
DanaG"command line interface is disabled" -- do you think they mean they disabled vt-switch?  I wonder if you could just alt-f2 or ctrl-alt-backspace or something -- or just go "single" at grub.07:27
DanaGAnother bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/31460007:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 314600 in fglrx-installer "fglrx versions newer than 8.543 cause system hang and panic" [Undecided,New]07:31
DanaGAnd look at that nice, long stacktrace.  =þ07:32
DanaGNote to self: don't buy non-AMT computer ever again, unless AMD adds their own Serial-over-LAN feature.  =þ07:33
pwnguini always feel shafted when i see python-uno has an update09:01
robin0800Firefox Problem http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/104767/09:31
toki_hey guys im looking for 8.10 support09:32
lemonadetoki_: try #ubuntu instead09:39
Teknohow do you restart x in jaunty?10:17
Teknoi dont have login manager10:18
x1250Tekno, ending the session, or restarting gdm, or enabling CTRL+ALT+BCK_SPACE on xorg.conf :)10:18
Teknoi dont have gdm10:18
x1250Section "ServerFlags"10:19
x1250        Option          "DontZap" "False"10:19
Teknookay thanks10:19
x1250try that on xorg.conf10:19
vega"DontZap" "False" ... i'd vote for "Zap" "True"10:33
nippzzomg - help on geting sound working again in jaunty?10:34
nippzxubuntu / upgraded from intrepid10:34
x1250vega, your vote is wrong :P10:43
x1250oh, Zap, I thought you used DontZap. Does it work?10:44
vegaah, so there is a Zap option also? :)10:47
x1250Don't know, first time I hear Zap, but haven't look that hard, so... maybe :)10:48
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ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/13:20
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Volkodavwhy are images oversized ? what is it that does not fit on standard CD ?14:13
TheInfinityVolkodav: look at size.14:13
Volkodavis nvidia driver fixed btw ?14:13
Volkodav797 mb14:13
TheInfinityaand now look at the size of a standard cd-r :)14:15
BUGabundo_workVolkodav: during alpha and specially dailies14:16
BUGabundo_workdevs and archive admins don't care!14:16
BUGabundo_workit would be too much work14:16
BUGabundo_workmost people just test them on VM or use a dvd or a Pendrive14:16
BUGabundo_worklike I'm doing right now14:17
BUGabundo_workbut there is a bug in the installer!14:17
BUGabundo_workand I can't proceed! :((((14:17
BUGabundo_workVolkodav: no nv fix yet either14:17
TheInfinityBUGabundo_work: in daily or in alpha installer?14:17
PiciThe 'final' alpha 3 isos won't be oversized.14:17
BUGabundo_workyesterday daily14:18
Volkodavwill wait14:18
Volkodavor boot from from flash14:18
BUGabundo_workI guess I'll have to make the disk partiions by hand14:18
delicowawhat major featurs are we to expect from jaunting jackalope15:12
fosco_delicowa: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/jaunty/alpha215:13
charlie-tcaand let us not forget ext4 formatting15:14
delicowawow!!! come to think of it15:19
BUGabundo_workfosco_: charlie-tca I just filed a bug about the installer15:19
BUGabundo_workits failing to set partitions manually15:19
BUGabundo_workand without it you won't be able to choose ext415:20
fosco_i saw that on alpha215:20
BUGabundo_workbug 31712415:20
delicowaif ubuntu uses animal names for naming releases every six months. what happens when they run out of names15:20
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/317124/+text)15:20
delicowaif ubuntu uses animal names for naming releases every six months. what happens when they run out of names?15:20
BUGabundo_workcjwatson said he would port the patch for the installer15:20
* BUGabundo_work slaps ubottu15:20
fosco_delicowa: well, more than 10 years for that to happen :)15:20
KuaeraI have a question; what are the plans for the KDE PIM suite [kontact]? I notice a lot of changes, and it seems to be getting more solid, but I'm not certain if they're willing to hear bugreports regarding it.15:21
delicowai have a launchpad account how do i join the testing team15:21
delicowaand what version of gnome and kde should we expect15:21
KuaeraKDE 4.2 with Qt4.5, IIRC15:22
delicowa***sorry i already found that out15:22
Skiessi!info mysql-common15:46
ubottumysql-common (source: mysql-dfsg-5.0): MySQL database common files. In component main, is optional. Version 5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 60 kB, installed size 148 kB15:46
Skiessisome program didn't like 5.1.30?15:46
emorrisanyone seen problems with the arrow keys not working on the boot screen of the desktop cd?16:00
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tretleHi, I was wondering whether its currently safe to upgrade to 9.04, I tried a few days ago but after the upgrade nm disappeared from the panel and I had no networking?16:26
fosco__tretle, not safe, only for testing16:27
tretleare their alot of packages being held back? and could I have had this issue from upgrading straight from an 8.10 fresh install to 9.04 withought first installing the 204 updates for 8.10?16:27
charlie-tcatretle: perfectly possible, since it is always advised to fully update before upgrading16:28
BUGabundo_worktretle: the proper way to dist-upgrade is using update-manager -d16:28
BUGabundo_workbut you will lose 3D16:28
BUGabundo_workkdelibs is also broken due to new snapshot of kde 4.2 RC116:29
tretlefosco_ I usually use ubuntu dev alpha 2's onwords, I keep everything important on an external disk so I do a lot of reinstalling. I dont mind usually but the bug I have recently encountered is a show stopper one. I dont mind a buggy system as long as I have networking to troublshoot and fix the problems16:29
tretlebugabundo_work I always use update-manager -d, but when it gets to 99% installing xulrunner fails and it continues for a bit and then kills the installation before it goes onto the clean up system stage16:30
BUGabundo_worktalk to asac or fta on #ubuntu-mozillateam16:31
mvo_tretle: does it kill itself? or do you see a message box?16:31
mvo_tretle: saying that the upgrade failed etc16:31
tretlebugabundo_work, My gfx cards been broken for the last 8months so I have been using metacity-compositing with the vesa graphics driver :)16:31
tretlemvo_ it says the upgrade failed16:32
mvo_tretle: the bug itself got fixed today16:32
mvo_tretle: ok, thanks16:32
tretleniiiiice :D16:32
mvo_hugs asac16:32
tretleI was wondering whether the bug on gnome-keyring blogged on planet.ubuntu could have been it16:32
* BUGabundo_work waits for cjwatson to fix the installer so I can get ext416:32
tretleanyone have any idea what the current state of metacity compositing on jaunty is, I saw on cimi's italian blog a post which I think was referring to a new feature regarding window transparency and fading transitions in svn but I cant speak italian so cant be sure :D16:34
tretlebugabundo_work have you seen the ext3 -> ext4 performance comparison yet16:35
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BUGabundo_workjust read about it on kernel ML16:36
tretleits an interesting result16:37
tretleby  the way is the new gnome-volume-manager supposed to show more than one mixer for the output tab?16:47
tretleI have a 7.1 system yet before it only showed one mixer16:47
tretleabout a week ago16:47
x1250tretle, try gnome-alsamixer16:48
tretleah, yeah well isnt gnome-volume-manager using pulseaudio as default now nor not?16:49
tretlenor - or16:49
x1250tretle, you mean gnome-volume-control?16:51
tretleah, whoops.... yes16:51
x1250yes it is, but pulseaudio uses alsa, so...16:51
tretleshouldnt pulse audio replace alsa?16:51
x1250no, pulseaudio is a wrapper16:52
tretleand how should you be able to control the mixer for each speaker in the gnome-volume-control applet? If i right click and choose preferences it shows all of the speakers an inputs but in the gnome-volume control there is the one mixer for output16:55
x1250tretle, do it with gnome-alsamixer, or alsamixer -c 016:57
tretleIs it currently available but unusable due to a bug with the new volume-control or is there an update planned to support multiple input/outputs in a future update, using alsamixer is a bit of a regression if you ask me17:00
x1250tretle, you can do it with pulseaudio volume control, but its a pain in the *ss. Go to the preferences window.17:01
tretlex120 - so u dont know whether you should be able to do it with gnome-volume-control?17:05
tretleeven before the final build17:05
x1250how could i know? AFAIK, it depends on the fedora guys.17:06
tretleI can see allot of people getting annoyed that they can no longer set the volume for all of their outputs in the replacement gnome-volume-control17:06
x1250tretle, I totally sympathize with that, the old volume control was way better. But well, things are just the way they are :(17:08
tretleoh, sorry.... I came onto irc a few days ago and someone told me that the new gnome-volume-control was originally working with multiple outputs but that their was a bug17:08
x1250tretle, as I said, you can do it, but in a very stupid way, go to the preferences window and select other option to control17:11
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tretlelooks like the gnome-keyring definately was the bug holding me back from upgrading, now i plan to reinstall once more when alpha 3 is released for ext4 support18:28
LukianUsing the 2.6.28 kernel, I receive the message "Unable to read/access /etc/udev/rules.d" at kernel boot with a repeating pcspeaker beep. 2.6.27 works fine18:31
ethana2does Jaunty use initrd-less boot with fallback from installed instances of the OS?18:41
uffocurrently like i understand that EXT4 can be used only with manual mode installation in Kubuntu 9.04 final???18:50
uffonews said that ext4 wont be in by default does that mean that18:50
fosco__uffo, automated installations will use ext318:51
uffofosco__: and with manual i can use ext4 right?18:51
uffofosco__: in final version18:51
fosco__it is supposed to be present in tomorrow's alpha318:52
uffofosco__: i tried to install todays live cd kubuntu and ext4 choise was in but when i selected it and after i pressed next it still was ext3, does alpha3 tomorrow will fix that18:53
fosco__hope so18:56
uffofosco__: thanks i feel myself better now that ext4 can be used manually, btw i never use guided install anyway.18:59
l337ingDisorderanyone here have experience with remote X?19:10
l337ingDisorderI made changes to gdm.conf (on a fresh Ubuntu 8.04 installation) to set DisallowTCP=False and [xdmcp] Enable=True and I was able to connect remotely last night. I ran the Update Manager overnight, it finished, I clicked the "Restart now" button, and now I can't connect remotely - it just shows a black screen with the X cursor19:11
nachodo you guys knows how to add the -ignoreABI option to the xserver, as now with latest xorg I can't run nvidia without that option19:47
Picinacho: In xorg.conf, I think all you need to do is add    Option IgnoreABI "True"     to your device section.19:48
nachoPici, ok thanks19:48
nachoPici, and do you have any solution for gnome-settings-daemon that seems to be crashing all time?19:49
nachoif not, I'll wait it is not something critical to me19:50
Picinacho: Not off the top of my head19:51
nachoPici, thanks anyway I am going to restart the X server now19:51
emorrisanyone else had any problems where the arrow keys don't work? running 9.04 in VMWare, not sure if this is a guest or host issue19:55
emorrishang on a minute, this was the same thing i had in hardy. half of them don't work and the other half do odd things (like up is prntscrn)19:57
iamarockstaris alpha 3 out?20:01
BUGabundo1should be tomorrow night20:02
BUGabundo1late as usual20:02
iamarockstarhmm ok by the way anything new expected in it?20:02
BUGabundo1some fixes in the installer20:03
BUGabundo1and new kde 4.2 rc1 snapshot20:03
BUGabundo1and the size should allow it to fit in a CD20:04
BUGabundo1not that I care!20:04
BUGabundo1I just put it on a 8GiBs pendrive20:04
iamarockstarok thx20:05
Alexia_Deathafter recent updates mysqld does not start any more20:13
Alexia_Deathnd log says: operation="inode_permission" requested_mask="r::" denied_mask="r::" fsuid=0 name="/sys/devices/system/cpu/" pid=5574 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld"20:13
Alexia_Deathany clues?20:13
iamarockstari am not sure but i think it will get fixed in alpha 320:15
iamarockstartommorow releasing20:15
Alexia_Deathso it should be in the next set of updated...20:18
* Alexia_Death is permanently running alpha:P20:18
nachoHi again20:23
nachonow I have everything working except the sound, seems that there is a new sound control, do you guys had problems with the sound?20:24
nachowith this new sound control system I can't configurate all things I had in the previous one20:25
Alexia_Deathnacho: yes20:26
Alexia_Deatheverybody do20:26
Alexia_Deaththers a problem with alsa.20:26
nachoah! ok great20:26
Alexia_Deathsearrch the launchpad, but basically your sound starts muted.20:26
Alexia_Deathdo alsamixer -Dhw20:27
Alexia_Deathunmute and volume up all20:27
Alexia_Deathto fix it muting at startup you need to link /etc/init.d/alsa-utils to rc.220:27
Alexia_Deaththeres a boug about that20:27
nachooh! great, thanks20:27
nachoAlexia_Death, I have sound now20:28
nachothanks a lot20:28
Alexia_DeathWelcome ;)20:28
nachoAlexia_Death, another thing that I realized is that when gnome-power-manager lows the brithness, the system gets hang a bit20:29
nachoknown issue?20:29
Alexia_Deathdont know anything about that20:30
Alexia_DeathBut you know anything about mysql not starting=20:30
nachommm, I didn't see the mysql yet20:31
nachoAlexia_Death, phpmyadmin seems to work fine here20:32
x1250mysql can't be installed in here, dpkg dies :/20:34
hggdhAlexia_Death, are you running mysql 5.1?20:40
Alexia_Deathhggdh: arent running it...20:40
Alexia_Deathbut yes, its 5.120:40
Alexia_Deathit sjust broke now.20:40
hggdhthe problem there is a bad parameter in /etc/mysql/my.cnf20:40
Alexia_DeathIT seems that trying to remove it removes amarok too...20:40
Alexia_Deathwitch one?20:41
hggdhall you need to do to bypass it is comment out skip-bdb in my.cnf20:41
hggdhthis was a valid parameter up to 5.0x, not anymore20:43
hggdhand it is a bug in LP... bug 31684920:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316849 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 "mysql-server-5.1 doesn't start - skip-bdb option unsupported" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31684920:44
Alexia_Deathhggdh: thanks. figured it would be20:46
Alexia_DeathMy X just died unexplicably but that worked.20:46
hggdhBTW -- the "inode_permission..." thingy... on the update, it seems the apparmour profile for MySQL got deleted, and apparmour has not been restarted20:47
hggdhif you reboot, or 'sudo invoke-rc.d apparmor restart', these messages will stop20:49
ethana2The OS doesn't store any vital hardware configuration data in ~/, right?21:21
ethana2..hope not.21:21
RAOFThe OS doesn't really store vital hardware information _anywhere_21:21
AmaranthRAOF: well, there are the udev rules21:38
AmaranthRAOF: wipe those out and try to boot all the way to a desktop :)21:38
RAOFBut that's not really hardware information.  That's a way of mapping whatever hardware is there to well-known names.21:39
RAOFPerhaps what I meant was: there's no hardware-specific configuration pretty much anywhere.21:39
Alexia_DeathRAOF: Hal has21:45
Alexia_DeathRAOF: thats the point of hal-info21:45
RAOFAlexia_Death: Again, not really specific to _your_ hardware.21:45
RAOFWhat I mean is: take the hard drive out, plug it into an different machine.  Barring possibly xorg.conf, everything should work.21:46
hggdhAlexia_Death, if you mean like Windows (where you can only really boot on the installed machine), then no hardware-specific data is saved either under ~/ or / itself22:03
Alexia_Deathor anywhwere on the system :P22:03
hggdhof course, your X install may be unhappy if you change to a different card22:04
hggdhetc, but linux will still boot22:04
hggdhwhat about uuid?22:04
hggdhgrub now uses to point to an uuid-mapped disk22:05
RAOFWon't change, right?  That's a property of the partition, not the system.22:05
hggdhdarnit, of course :-(22:05
RAOFhggdh: X won't be unhappy if you don't have an xorg.conf :)22:05
hggdhwell, there is that. But I, for one, am forced to use a xorg.conf, or I get the wrong card configured22:06
JanChggdh: Xorg in Ubuntu should use a "safe config" if the hard-configured X graphics driver in Xorg.conf doesn't work22:06
hggdhJanC, it does. It is just terrible, and I would still want my 1900x120022:07
x1250could someone please review this mysql-server installation? is broken: http://paste.ubuntu.com/104986/22:07
JanCthe "safe default" allows you to get to your 1900x1200  ツ22:08
hggdhx1250, which mysql do you have installed?22:08
hggdhwith 5.1 and 5.0 available, things can get confused22:08
hggdhJanC, not in my case. I am restricted to 1600xwhatever22:08
hggdhand, actually, it is time to test again...22:09
hggdhhopefully I can get out of radeonhd and back into fglrx22:09
JanCyou can use the "safe default" to change to another driver (without having to know the commandline etc.)22:09
x1250hggdh, I'm not upgrading, I had no mysql-server installed before that22:09
hggdhJanC, indeed. And this is what I usually do on every test22:10
hggdhx1250,  --> Aborting downgrade from (at least) 5.1 to 5.0.22:11
hggdhrun a dpkg -l mysql\* | grep ii22:11
x1250hggdh, you're right, there is some hand work to do.22:16
rbrunhuberCan anyone confirm that linux-image-2.6.28-4-generic does not boot into encrypted lvm?22:34
* RAOF is running that setup right now.22:35
RAOFAlthough it's true that I have to manually run cryptsetup from the busybox prompt, first ;)22:35
rbrunhuberRAOF: So you are confirming this more or less indirect ;-)22:36
RAOFWell, no.  It's not the kernel, its the initramfs22:36
rbrunhuberMaybe, did not investigate this further. Just saw that booting the -4 kernel does not bring up the system while -3 does.22:37
rbrunhuberRAOF: see above22:38
RAOFrbrunhuber: That's because the -3 kernel probably hasn't had its initramfs updated.22:39
rbrunhuberRAOF: I'll try to contact the devs directly, I do not want to write a bug report and wait while it gets attention while others are pushed over the cliff.22:41
RAOFWriting a bug report _is_ the correct way of contacting the devs directly!22:42
DanaGhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/311716 --- yay for breaking ACPI video backlight control!22:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 311716 in linux "The slider brightness Applet has value inverted after the last update (2.6.27-11)" [Medium,Fix committed]22:54
tretlehi, I as wondering whether the new gdm is supposed to be in jaunty or not22:58
tretleaccording to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/gdm-upgrade its already in but according to synaptic its not22:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 314600 in fglrx-installer "fglrx versions newer than 8.543 cause system hang and panic" [Undecided,New]23:02
astromme-laptopAnyone else having plasma crashes (4.2RC, 4.1.96) on amd64?23:06
david__how do i get proprietary drivers for an AYI graphics card?23:18
RAOFYou don't, not for Jaunty.23:20
RAOFThere isn't a version of fglrx that supports our X server.23:20
david__ah so no graphics card usage23:21
RAOFWell, you can almost certainly use one of the open-source dirvers.23:21
RAOFWhat card?23:21
david__ATI radeon 1650 pro23:22
RAOFThat should have full support, including 3d, with the "ati" driver.23:22
JanCwell, "full" as in some 3D support at least23:23
david__how do i get the driver?23:23
JanCthye 'ati' driver is included23:23
RAOFIt's the driver you'll be using when you haven't deliberately set a different driver.23:24
david__so when i booted jaunty onto my hard drive it was installed?23:24
david__cool thnks23:25
RAOFYou're _probably_ using it now, unless you've done some fiddling.23:25
david__other thav a few crashes jaunty seems like it will be a great distro!23:26
DanaGUgh, stupid broken backlight control.23:37
DanaGOh, and every time I boot, I find my hda-intel card's PCM muted.23:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 311716 in linux "The slider brightness Applet has value inverted after the last update (2.6.27-11)" [Medium,Fix committed]23:39
DanaGI sure hope it doesn't get released with that "fix" that actually BREAKS things.23:39
david__i look at it this way even a broken linux is better than microsoft!23:49
* DanaG would disagree with that.23:51
david__well i guess if you have allot of money to give away to buy a license you really dont own then yes23:53
DanaGGood point.23:57
david__long time windows user but times are tight and linux is looking very good to me!23:58

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