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rsc-hi fellas!17:38
* _MMA_ waves.17:41
_MMA_rsc-: Been pretty quiet lately.17:41
rsc-seems like it, yeah.17:42
thorwilhi rsc-17:42
thorwilrsc-: what are you up to these days?17:43
rsc-working. :/17:44
thorwilnot the worst option :)17:44
rsc-though ive gotten a few hours to put together a new theme17:45
rsc-(but it's still in the mockup stage :p)17:45
thorwilrsc-: polished aluminum buttons?17:48
rsc-lol, yeah.17:48
thorwilrsc-: the flat signs on them don't work that well17:49
rsc-oh well, its not much but it's a bit of progress at least17:49
rsc-flag signs?17:49
thorwilrsc-: the triangles and stuff17:49
rsc-oh, erm, okay17:49
thorwilrsc-: one would expect either the metal to shine through, or the symbols to be carved17:50
rsc-i was trying to do an inset effect on those back/forward/stop glyphs17:50
rsc-...either way, i dont think it's very good progress overall. I thought I'd get somewhere good with a "pro"-looking black/aluminum combo, but it ended up looking very mac-like17:52
rsc-how about elsewhere in the Ubuntu front? any updates on projects?17:52
thorwilgood thing i don't have to mention that ;)17:52
thorwilrsc-: Sebastian is still filling in icons one by one17:53
rsc-where's the latest preview?17:53
thorwilwhile i let little things here and there keep me from finishing the svg theme file17:53
rsc-eep, go-previous isn't how I believe breathe should be17:55
thorwilit's in submissions ... it will never go elsewhere ;)17:56
rsc-but it seems to be going pretty nicely :)17:56
rsc-i'd really like to contribute but I'd really rather work on pixels instead of vector :p17:57
thorwilexcuses :)17:58
* thorwil -> dinner17:58
_MMA_rsc-: Don't you owe me a Studio wallpaper? :)17:59
* _MMA_ ducks.17:59
_MMA_And go-previous will be removed soon. he other artist has done nothing with it.18:00
rsc-haha :P18:00
rsc-i've still no idea what to do with it.18:00
_MMA_Still have the emails I sent? I was just thinking something in the shape of our logo.18:01
_MMA_Some kinda background. I like the feel of your original ibex. How the bg and Ibex were separate.18:02
_MMA_And I like your screenshot there. Slick.18:02
tretlecimi , you there?18:37
tretleI saw a post on your blog about metacity compositing from svn18:49
tretleits in Italian, but I was wondering whether it was regarding transparency or fade effects for windows?18:51
Cimitretle, compositing is enabled by default18:52
Cimiif you are not using compiz18:52
Cimigconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/compositing_manager --type bool true18:53
tretleenabled by default in what?18:54
tretleI have been using metacity-compositing for some time and was hoping that that post was about updates to it because I have noticed the same bugs in all ubuntu releases thus far and no new features seem to be developed18:55
Cimitretle, that post is old18:58
Cimianyway there's an interesting -but not blogged on the web- work from opened hand18:58
Cimiintel is sponsoring some works for a clutter backend for metacity compositing18:59
Cimiallowing to use opengl instead xrender18:59
Cimithat means more effects18:59
tretlealso means incompatibility with more hardware19:00
Cimiof course19:00
tretlewould prefer if the current xrender bugs where fixed before the clutter work is done, that way metacity gnome could use the clutter backend when available and the xrender as a fallback rather than having just clutter and a non composited backend19:02
tretletwo of the biggest bugs to fix would be the lack of shadow effects upon restart and video overlaying gtk windows on top19:03
Cimi"lack of shadow effects upon restart"19:04
Cimiwhile the second bug seems more a xorg/driver issue19:05
tretlebasically when you enable metacity-compositing from the gconf editor it adds shadows to the panels but when you restart the shadows are gone... the only way to get them back is by switching metacity-compositing off and then back on again from the gconf-editor19:06
Cimion the panel?19:07
Cimiwindows have shadows here after restart19:07
Cimijust the panel hasn't19:07
tretleyup the panel19:07
Cimiknown bug19:08
* Cimi -> away19:09
theBishopSome application text is really faint when using the DarkRoom theme.  Is there a workaround?20:12
_MMA_theBishop: Depends. Sometimes it's the app doing something non-standard. Most things have  been well-tested but there will always be a few cases. What app?20:16
_MMA_theBishop: You also might wanna search Launchpad to see if the bug is reported.20:16
theBishop_MMA_, it's basically any time the app has application text on a white background.  Compiz Settings Manager, the preferences menu in Firefox, the tree-view in pgAdmin3, et al20:18
_MMA_Known issues I'm afraid. Patches have been sent to Compiz Settings Manager (and gnome-control-center as they share similar code) but nothing has been accepted.20:20
theBishopso it's not something that can be changed by GTK or the theme engine?20:22
theBishopdetermine the background and default the font color to black if the background is not standard20:23
_MMA_It often comes down to app writers assuming the text is always dark.20:25
_MMA_As things are, nothing can be done other than send patches upstream. Hope they take 'em.20:25
theBishop_MMA_, so the issue is the app is overriding the font color, assuming a light background?20:28
_MMA_No. Not overriding it, using certain widgits and assuming text will always be dark without consideration otherwise. *Some* apps hard-cone colors but they are few. FF2 was one. Thunderbird2 is another.20:31

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