cjAmaranth: that happens when you poke at opengl sometimes :)00:11
Amaranthcj: nah, was xulrunner fail, reinstall fixed it00:12
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Six66Mikeso no help here eh? waited 30 mins in #ubuntu with no love02:10
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mvoasac: have you seen http://paste.ubuntu.com/104758/ ? this happend to me on a intrepid->jaunty upgrade08:31
didrocksmorning o/08:38
huatsmorning everyone08:45
mvoasac: together with http://paste.ubuntu.com/104760/09:02
mvoasac: I think this is a side effect of dropping the 81_sonames.patch ?09:05
mvoasac: anyway, it seems to have made my upgrade unhappy :)09:06
seb128asac: bug #31694109:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316941 in rhythmbox "[jaunty] Rhythmbox missing shared library libnss3.so.1d" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31694109:08
seb128asac: you should have changed the binary name or conflicted on everything using the library that needs to be upgraded09:09
huatshello asac and seb12809:10
seb128lut huats09:10
huatshow are you seb128 ?09:11
seb128huats: good thanks, how are you?09:11
huatsgreat too!09:11
huatsseb128: any idea where should I look to try to fix the issue I am facing with python-gtk2-dbg, that is blocking for the deskbar-applet ?09:17
huats(a missing symbol in the -dbg)09:18
seb128huats: the pygtk rules?09:18
seb128huats: it's likely that the non-dbg version gets installed as dbg for some reason09:18
huatsseb128: I'll have a look in that way09:18
seb128you can try to ping lool pochu or slomo about it maybe, we synced pygtk on debian this cycle so the bug is likely there too09:19
loolhuats: Check your build log to see whether an automatic autoreconf is triggered; if that's the case you want the fixes we have in Debian SVN09:21
loolhuats: Actually I see a typo now09:22
lool        PYTHON=/usr/bin/python$* $(MAKE) -C dbg-build-$*09:22
loolFortunately it escaped hardy-updates09:22
huatslool: hello btw ;)09:24
huatslool: I'm  testing it, to see if it works with that09:26
loolhuats: Just committed the fix in Debian's SVN09:26
loolDon't know whether that was your issue09:26
huatsan missing symbol09:27
huatsI can get you the steps to reproduce09:27
seb128lool: python-dbg -c "import gtk" doesn't work09:31
seb128lool: the version installed as dbg seems to be the non dbg one09:31
huatsseb128: the dbg .so and the non dbg one, at least differs (using to check diff)09:33
loolI'm a bit busy to say the least; would you mind trying the version in the Debian experimental *SVN* and see if that helps?09:33
loolThis python dbg stuff keeps breaking every 2 months and takes me 2 days to fix09:33
asacseb128: the idea is that there is a link09:33
seb128asac: ok so it seems to not work correctly? could you look at this bug and maybe ask whatever you need to debug the issue?09:34
asacseb128: have you upgraded to latest nss?09:36
seb128asac: no, jaunty moves to quickly for me ;-)09:36
seb128I'll try to upgrade now09:36
asacdo you have this link?09:36
asacasac@hector:~$ ls -l /usr/lib/libnss3.so.1d09:36
asaclrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 2009-01-11 21:41 /usr/lib/libnss3.so.1d -> libnss3.so09:36
seb128asac: yes, that is working here09:38
asacsee ... all fine. damn09:39
asacwhats the problem for this guy09:39
seb128not sure, maybe ask the version he's running and if the symlink is there09:40
asaci dont even know what to ask for ... now asked for upgrade temr.log09:40
seb128asac: where do you do the symlinking?09:40
asacseb128: so ... the tricky thing here is that the link was flipped.09:40
huatslool: sure09:40
asacin previous version it was libnss3.so -> libnss3.so.1d ... and now we have libnss3.so.1d -> libnss3.so09:41
asacso i move the files away in preinst09:41
huatslool: to ease stuffs, I'm trying the newer in jaunty with that fix you just mentionned09:41
asacso that the unpack doesnt do the wrong thing09:41
asaci tested various upgrades and downgrades here, but nothing09:41
huatsbut after that I'll have a look at the debian experimental for sure...09:41
seb128asac: that doesn't rely on a -dev to be installed right?09:42
asacseb128: no. its really ugly i know. but thats where it comes from:09:42
asacwe took package with soname version patch from debian:09:42
asacnormal package has libnss3.so.1d09:42
asacand -dev has link libnss3.so -> libnss3.so.1d09:43
loolhuats: The changes include autoreconf patches and changing PYTHON in a bunch of places09:43
asacthen complains came that upstream binaries dont work here09:43
huatslool: ok09:43
asacdebian and ubuntu moved the link to the "normal" package09:43
huatslool: so I will take right now the debian one09:43
asacthen upstream complained the binaries built in ubuntu are not compatible with upstream nss09:44
asaci discussed this for a while and we found that the soname version was indeed senseless09:44
asacso we ended up in this link flip09:45
asacrespin of all rdepends would fix this for sure09:45
asac(and we could drop the link)09:45
seb128asac: I see09:45
asacyeah but well.09:46
asaclets see what he answers09:46
mvoasac: just reproduce the failure here, stock intrepid->jaunty09:48
asacmvo: ok so when you upgrade from intrepid?09:49
mvoasac: yes09:49
mvoasac: it looks like dpkg is screweing up for some reason during the upgrade - the symlinks from the new package are not there09:50
asacmvo: yes i even looked at ldconfig output09:50
mvoasac: but when I manually install the same version again (dpkg -i /var/cache/apt ..) it works09:50
asacwhich is a bit scary in fact as ldconfig seems to remove links (so it could be)09:50
asacmvo: my current bet is that ldconfig is messing stuff up09:50
mvoasac: yeah, I suspect that its really ldconfig doing this09:50
asachowever, i looked at the code and when it spits out the "is not a symbolic link"09:51
asacit sets no_remove=109:51
mvoasac: I file a bug and target it for alpha-3?09:51
asacso the bug is 31645209:51
mvoasac: aha, thanks09:51
asacmvo: not sure if its the best to target for alpha-309:51
asaci mean, I still dont understand where the issue happens09:52
asac(if its not the ldconfig thing)09:52
mvoasac: I can reprodcue it here reliably, I will poke it a bit09:52
asacmvo: how do you reproduce it post upgrade?09:53
mvoasac: I can not, I let the upgrade tester run, wait for the bug to appear and log into the system09:54
asacmvo: cool09:54
asaclet me get the ldconfig code ... which definitly does link shuffline09:55
mvobug #31645209:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316452 in nss "[jaunty] last update broke some libraries (libnss3-1d, libnspr4-0d)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31645209:57
asacok see you milestoned it ;)09:57
asacmvo: also nominating ;) woujld make this official?09:58
mvoasac: high or criticial (high should be enough, right?)09:58
asachigh is gok09:58
asacmvo: so: /usr/lib/xulrunner- ... output09:58
asacis already a consequence of the missing link09:59
asacthtas in xulrunner postinst09:59
asacit runs xulrunner-1.9 --version09:59
asac(probably a bad idea)09:59
mvowell, this way at least we know that its broken :)10:00
asacwhat i do in preinst of nss/nspr is to move the link and the old binary to a backup name10:00
asacand in cased upgrade fails move it back10:00
asacif it works remove the backup files in postinst10:00
asaccould be that there is a bug too10:00
asachttp://paste.ubuntu.com/104781/ ... thats ldconfig code10:04
asacthe error is printed in line 46510:05
asacerr 46810:05
asacand a "unlink" in 48510:06
asacbut if the error happens do_remove = 0 ... so it shouldnt do the unlink10:06
mvoasac: I haven't looked at the code yet (ldconfig) but is it maybe doing something silly when e.g. trying to cleanup all existing symlinks that are releated to the lib?10:08
asacnot sure ... i thought so, but i cannot se it ... at least not directly related to the error mesage10:09
asacbut probably that message is a red herring10:09
asacmvo: how could it happen on upgrade from intrepid, but not from jaunty?10:16
asacwell ... assuming that it doesnt happen when you come from jaunty10:16
asacas seb didnt see it; i didnt see it and fta didnt see it either10:16
asacprobably not much a technical difference, right?10:17
seb128asac: you could ask this user if he upgraded jaunty or intrepid10:17
asacHello! I'm running an (almost) up-to-date Jaunty here.10:17
mvoasac: just more churn10:17
asacEarlier today I did an "aptitude safe-upgrade"10:17
asacthats what the initial reporter says10:18
huatslool: the current debian-svn is not fixing it10:18
huatsI mean the one in experimental10:18
huatslool: I file a but on LP ?10:19
seb128huats: do you want me to look at the issue?10:19
asacfta: can you fix pastebinit in universe ;)?10:20
huatsseb128: sure10:20
asacfta: your package works fine now that i installed it. any reason that didnt go to universe?10:20
mvoasac: I just checked the preinst/postinst, that looks all right10:21
asacmvo: can you try to upgrade without the xulrunner-1.9 package installed? (so we can pin down that message as either the cause or the result)10:21
asaci guess its result10:21
asacbut who knows if its the result-cause ;)10:21
asacdue to some rollback10:21
huatsseb128: just tell me if I can do anything...10:22
seb128huats: ok, I'll tell you if required10:23
seb128huats: you could try to debug it but apparently you already tried that ;-)10:23
huatsseb128:  :)10:24
loolhuats: Is there an autoreconf running during the build? (grep for recheck)  does pygobject have the issue?10:25
huatslool: let me check10:26
loolhuats: pygobject has the same bug actually *sigh*10:26
huatsseb128: and lool : at the end of the build, the is that :10:27
huatsdpkg-shlibdeps: warning: symbol Py_InitModule4 used by debian/python-gtk2-dbg/usr/lib/python-support/python-gtk2-dbg/python2.5/gtk-2.0/pangocairo_d.so found in none of the libraries.10:27
huats(and many others, but it is the missing symbol)10:27
loolThat's ok in itself10:27
seb128huats: the symbol is the non debug one10:27
asacmvo: another idea would be to make ldconfig a no-opt script before upgrading ... but i guess its the new ldconfig which we would have to make a noopt10:28
loolI only get the issue in pygtk; not pygobject10:28
seb128it should be Py_InitModule4TraceRefs rather10:28
loolNow that doesn't mean pygobject is actually correctly built10:28
seb128$ python-dbg -c "import gobject"10:28
seb128[12115 refs]10:28
seb128I would say it is10:28
loolseb128: Consider that _glib.so or unix.so or _gio.so can do some different ABI calls10:29
loolseb128: Ok, I checked all of them it's fine10:31
loolAnd it's not for pygtk-dbg10:31
huatslool:  I don't find the autoreconf, but I might be wrong10:35
loolOk, then no idea10:39
mvoasac: hm, right now (upgrade sitll running) I have libplc4.so.0d -> libplc4.so.0d.new-migration10:39
asacthats not intended10:40
mvoand there is code in ldconfig10:40
mvothat remove stale symlinks10:40
mvo(everything with ".so." in them and and target for the link10:41
mvoasac: lets wait until ldconfig gets trigger here during the upgrade to confirm my theory10:41
asaci do mv /usr/lib/$f.0d /usr/lib/$f.0d.new-migration in preinst10:42
mvoasac: most mysterious, a upgrade in a pbuilder chroot with just xulrunner-1.9 results in the correct behaviour10:42
asactoo bad. the only intrepid setup i have here already has the new package :/10:44
asacok. so lets think ;)10:44
asacwhen we start libplc4.so is a symlink to libplc4.so.0d .... now in preinst i mv libplc4.so libplc4.so.new-migration and libplc4.so.0d to libplc4.so.0d.new-migration10:45
asaci dont really see how we can end up with libplc4.so.0d -> libplc4.so.0d.new-migration10:45
asacso probably that link is already produced by ldconfig?10:46
mvoasac: I guess that makese sense10:51
asacmvo: so i probably have to move that link to mktemp -d?10:51
asaci mean instead of keeping it in a place where ldconfig finds the .new-migration file?10:52
asacmvo: or maybe chmod 000 ;)10:53
mvoasac: maybe mktemp, I can try that here10:56
asacmvo: oh i look at ldconfig10:56
mvoasac: or you give me a debdiff and I build the package10:56
asacif (((strncmp (direntry->d_name, "lib", 3) != 010:56
asac    && strncmp (direntry->d_name, "ld-", 3) != 0)10:56
asac   || strstr (direntry->d_name, ".so") == NULL)10:56
asacso maybe we can just prefix it10:56
asace.g. Xlibns10:57
asaclet us try that10:57
mvoasac: ok10:58
mvoasac: the auto upgrade tester can test based on a local repo (or a PPA), if you push it to your jaunty PPA I can test the change10:59
asacmvo: ok uploaded to ~asac/+archive11:11
asacmvo: ^^11:12
asacthats what i did ;)11:12
asacall builds waiting for cycles :/11:15
asacmvo: which arch are you testing (so i can give you heads up when stuff is there)11:16
seb128huats, lool: ok, I found the pygtk dbg issue11:18
huatsseb128: great !11:18
mvoasac: the auto upgrade tester can test based on a local repo (or a PPA), if you push it to your jaunty PPA I can test the change (not sure if you got that before I disconnected)11:18
seb128huats, lool: the patch on http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=556130 was in the intrepid version and has been dropped apparently11:19
asacmvo: i got that ;) but i talked to you afterwards ;)11:19
ubottuGnome bug 556130 in general "bogus override of python includes in configure.ac" [Normal,Unconfirmed]11:19
mvoasac: I did not get the stuff afterwards11:19
asacmvo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/104801/11:19
mvoasac: thanks. I test on i38611:20
asacmvo: i will let you know ;)11:20
mvoasac: I can build local package too if it take too long11:20
mvobut I need to deal with fglrx/nvidia upgrades too11:21
asacmvo: i think that would be better11:21
huatsseb128: pfff11:21
asacppa takes about 30 minutes to make .debs available11:21
asacafter the build has finished11:21
huatsI misread the patch... I have looked at it, and thought it was a  + (not a -)....11:21
huatsand I figure out it was included upstream11:22
huatsI could have save you time :(11:22
asacmvo: can you take the patches from the pastebin or shall i poast them in pure form?11:22
mvoasac: I can take the .dsc from the ppa, no?11:23
asacmvo: if they are available yet, then yes11:23
asacmvo: otherwise its: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/tmp/nspr1.diff11:23
mvoasac: it seems to be publish already?11:24
mvoincluding the debs :)11:24
mvoeh, no. build, but not published yet11:25
asacmvo: after build has finished it takes 20-40 minutes to get published11:26
asacwhich is sad ;)11:27
asacbefore it took 20-40 minutes to start build, but close to zero publishing time11:27
asacnow its zero time till build starts and 20-40 minutes afterwards ;)11:27
asacmvo: but well. maybe do something else11:27
asacyou hav eprobably other stuff to do11:27
asaci currently feel positive that we have nailed this!11:27
mvoasac: thanks, I do the xorg stuff in the meantime11:28
mvoasac: the upgrade test with your ppa is now running, it will take ~30min to compelte, I think I go for lunch now11:45
asacok ...11:46
* asac crosses fingers11:46
asacmvo: enjoy. tausend dank!11:46
mvoasac: thanks :)11:46
* asac really hopes that this is the last time he has to do something nasty like a lib-link-flip in /usr/lib/ ;)11:50
mvoasac: so far it looks *much* happerier (also not finished yet :)12:03
mvoasac: what does plds actually stands for?12:04
asacheh ... really good question12:11
mvo93% done and still going strong *go jaunty go*12:12
asacmvo: nspr netscape portable runtime ... so PL could stand for "portable library" ;)12:15
asacmvo: and the ds lib comes from the lib/ds/ tree ... might be something like "data structures" ;)12:15
asacso in a README i found: character prefix, "PL_" (Portable Library). Internal function names12:15
asacso first theory is true ;)12:16
asacso we have nsprpub/lib/ds and nsprpub/lib/libc ... matching plds and plc ;)12:17
mvoasac: worked fine, please upload12:23
asacmvo: ok uploaded. i replaced the prefix with something more sensible ... lets hope that my sed-fu is good enough ;)12:32
huatsseb128: ok you fixed the bug :)13:24
huatsthanks :)13:25
seb128huats: you're welcome ;-)13:25
huatsseb128: so I return working on the deskbar update13:26
seb128good ;-)13:26
huatssorry deskbar-applet13:26
hggdhseb128, srag stated he forgot to update e-e Makefile.in to require 2.24.315:00
seb128hggdh: right, that was expected, the question is rather the other way around15:01
seb128hggdh: why e-e 2.24.2 crashes evo 2.24.315:02
hggdhseb128, heh. I am still sleeping, sorry15:02
seb128hggdh: no problem, I did update e-e to 2.24.3 today but it needs to get accepted now15:02
seb128still they broke binary compatibility in some way or e-e 2.24.2 should still be working15:03
* hggdh agrres... I asked about that yesterday, but did not get a full answer15:03
huatsseb128: I have put the deskbar-applet update on LP15:03
seb128huats: thanks15:03
huatsI will look again at the xchat-gnome now15:03
seb128huats: that one should be easier ;-)15:04
huats(but the last time I checked there was something weird...)15:04
huatsnot sure :)15:04
huatsseb128: I will start to think that didrocks asked you to give me some updates with issues ;)15:05
seb128ah ah15:05
hggdhseb128, correct dependency is on e-d-s 2.24.315:15
hggdhso ABI did change15:15
seb128in a stable version update...15:15
didrocks(seb128: don't tell him, please) :)15:29
seb128didrocks: ok I won't ;-)15:30
* didrocks is eager to have an update with an ABI break to have a look at librairies issues :p15:32
seb128didrocks: want some challenges? I've some tricky updates on my list ;-)15:49
seb128one of those being called GTK 2.15 ;-)15:49
* seb128 kicks directfb15:50
didrocksseb128: hum, GTK 2.15, seems fun :)15:58
didrocksseb128: I won't be able to do them tonight (my company "celebration"), but tomorrow, why not having a deep look15:59
didrocksafter having played with gnome-games :)15:59
seb128didrocks: do gnome-games it's already non trivial, they started using clutter apparently15:59
dobeyi thought the clutter dep was optional though?16:00
dobeyseb128: there's a game that uses seed now as well16:00
seb128could be, I didn't try16:00
crevettedidrocks, do you mean you work on ubuntu at work !!!!16:06
* crevette calls didrocks' boss16:06
seb128crevette: no, that's huats ;-)16:07
didrocksseb128: thanks I will enjoy gnome-games so \o/16:07
didrockscrevette: and no. I am really working now. You have to call huats' one :)16:08
anakronhi all16:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 315156 in nautilus "Installs unnecessary desktop file" [Low,Triaged]16:14
anakronsomeone can say me if is rith to take it out or not16:14
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crevettemvo, hello17:02
crevettemvo, I updated my metacity branch to update changelog with the one dholbach uploaded, perhaps you're interested to pick it up ?17:03
mvocrevette: yes, thanks17:04
mvocrevette: he was quicker than me with the sponsoring17:05
mvocrevette: what is the branch name again?17:05
crevetteah sorry17:05
mvocrevette: thanks, merged17:07
crevettemvo, thanks17:07
crevettemvo, I have a dumb question, is it possible to have apt-get pick up latest revision when we get apt-get source metacity for instance and update debian/17:08
crevetteI don't know if it have so sense or not17:08
crevettes/it have so sense/it has some sense/17:09
cjmaybe svn-buildpackage will help?17:10
mvocrevette: that was discussed in the past, if there is a vcs-bzr header, just use lp to get it17:10
mvoI think its a good idea17:10
mvoit just needs to get implemented :) (should not be too hard though)17:10
crevettemvo, so actually the line "Vcs-Bzr: http://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/metacity/ubuntu" in control.in is not used at the time bieng17:11
crevetteexcept to print a message17:11
mvocrevette: yes, just as a guide for the package maintainers, not to get the latest source17:16
jcastroanyone finding the new volume control stuff frustrating?17:26
* cj <3 lvm17:29
cjoh, you mean audio volume, don't you?17:29
pochucrevette: I think you can use `debcheckout $package` to get the source from the Vcs-* header17:30
cjdebcheckout is in devscripts17:34
crevettepochu, I need to run that in the package source ?17:35
crevetteseems rather simple :)17:36
pochucrevette: not necessarily, you can run it anywhere :)17:36
crevetteyeah but I think this is more convenient17:37
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MacSlowtretle, what's up?22:26
tretlelong time no blog :D lol22:26
tretleYeah, I was wondering whether you could tell me whether any work has been done on the gdm side to implement clutter ui support?22:27
MacSlowtretle, some ... but not fully done22:27
MacSlowfirst thing is to put gdm 2.24.x in22:28
tretleis that not in jaunty yet?22:29
tretlealso was your work on sparkle done in pigment, I was thinking of reusing some of the widgets to create a globe for the ubuntu live cd installer time zone selection.22:31
MacSlowtretle, gdm 2.24.x is planned for jaunty afaik22:31
MacSlowtretle, no ... sparkle is all plain OpenGL22:31
tretleah nice22:32
tretleso after gdm gets pushed into jaunty what pieces to the puzzel will be missing to integrate a clutter based ui?22:33
tretlehmmm.... seems 2.20.8 is currently being used in jaunty22:36
cjMacSlow: are you that slow guy from linpeople?22:37
MacSlowcj, no idea22:42
MacSlowtretle, a new greeter22:42
tretleso the new greater hasnt been started yet? is there any blueprints up or project page that I could keep up to date with?22:44
MacSlowthere's one on wiki.ubuntu.com22:44
MacSlowtretle, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/GdmFaceBrowser22:45
tretlehow much work will need to be done on creating a new greater?22:47
MacSlowtretle, lots22:48
tretlewould it be the gdm guys working on it or you?22:50
cjMacSlow: if you haven't been on 'freenode' since before '96 then it's probably not you :)22:53
MacSlowcj, hm I've been called MacSlow for as long as I can remember22:57
MacSlow'96 could be22:57
cjMacSlow: your name sounds familiar :)22:58
cody-somervilleHardy's gnome-icon-themes no longer builds from source in Hardy23:33
cody-somervilleicon-naming-utils (>= 0.8.7) but it is not installable23:33
cody-somervilleHardy only has 0.8.623:34
cody-somervilleHow it ever got compiled is a mystery to me23:34
cody-somervillechecking for intltool >= 0.40.0... 0.37.1 found23:40
cody-somervilleI'm a moron :P23:46
cody-somervillenvm :)23:46
* cody-somerville was trying to compile the intrepid version under hardy.23:46

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