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[NikO]erUSUL, do you have bot attack or something like that on u-es ?18:52
[NikO]because #archlinux-fr is under attack by some *es users : http://pastebin.archlinux.fr/28052718:52
dantalizinghow do i change the loco channel owner?  we have a new loco lead.20:17
juliuxdantalizing: the old channel owern can change that20:20
dantalizingthx juliux i'll try to hunt him down... are there other options if i cant?20:20
juliuxdantalizing: you can contact the irc council20:21
dantalizingjuliux: k thx20:21
juliuxas far as i know they can change the channel owner20:21
dantalizingi'll try to find hte original owner first20:22
juliuxbut that should be the last option20:22
Picidantalizing: What channel?20:22
dantalizingPici: ubuntu-us-fl20:22
Picidantalizing: You're the channel owner for that channel20:22
dantalizingthats what i thought20:23
dantalizingso how do i change the owner?20:23
dantalizingor is that not the way to go?20:23
Picidantalizing: Give the +votsriRfAF flags to the new owner and remove F from yourself (if you want)20:24
dantalizingok thx20:24
Picidantalizing: /msg chanserv help flags for the syntax20:24

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