elmargolI have installed 2.6.28 and 2.6.28-rc8 and somehow 2.6.28 can not find /lib/modules/2.6.28 :(09:50
elmargolIs kinitramfs -o /boot/initrd.img-2.6.28 the valid command to create the initrd?09:51
elmargolmy /root is encrypted ...09:51
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siretartwhy is there no linux-image-debug-2.6.27-9-generic on security.ubuntu.com? `apt-cache madison linux-image-debug-2.6.27-9-generic` claims it to be produced from the source package linux_2.6.27-9.19, but it does not seem to be published at all!13:38
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DeSonyHi, I want to know: In the boot process, does BIOS is loaded into the memory (RAM)?14:34
DeSonyI mean, does BIOS in loaded from ROM to RAM at the boot time.??14:35
KeybukI believe that BIOS is executed directly from ROM14:35
Keybuk(well, flash ram)14:35
DeSonyI am reading about kernel boot process. In one of the document it is given as follows: "Given the different uses of BIOS functions, the BIOS is made up of two parts: the POST code and runtime services. After the POST is complete, it is flushed from memory, but the BIOS runtime services remain and are available to the target operating system."14:39
DeSonywhat does it means "it is flushed from memory"?14:39
Kanohi apw , what do you want to do about the backlight problem?14:58
loolsconklin: I've sent the Poulsbo update as a patch against hardy-lum; it's pending moderation (it's 60 kB for a limit of 40)15:12
loolsmb_tp_: ^ and that's post-A3 stuff of course15:13
rtglool: hey, I know the moderator. 15:15
smb_tp_me too :)15:16
loolrtg: Happy to send it in a different form if 60kB is too big15:16
sconklinlool: I'm feeling quite a bit better today, I'll have a look15:16
loolsconklin: Glad about that; FYI I'm feeling awful, I think we swapped15:16
rtglool: no problem. its done15:16
smb_tp_lool, Well for hardy post 8.04.0215:16
sconklinlool: Mine was viral, nothing to do for it except sleep15:16
smb_tp_lool, but I will look into it15:16
loolsmb_tp_: What actual date does that mean?15:17
smb_tp_lool, The release is scheduled next week. So right after that15:17
loolsmb_tp_: Ack15:18
loolrtg: Thanks15:18
loolBTW folks, I massaged git-format-patch's output into an email; I'm sorry if the result is incorrect, and am happy to fix it if I messed up things15:19
tjaaltonwhat kernel are the jaunty ports builders using?15:21
looltjaalton: Perhaps something to ask infinity or lamont about15:23
tjaaltonlool: ok, thanks15:24
rtgtjaalton: they are likely Hardy based.15:24
tjaaltonrtg: ok.. I think it shouldn't matter either, as long as the current one is available15:26
rtglool:  an alternative to large patches on the mailing list is to request a pull from a git repo on zinc (or some other publicly accessible location)15:26
tjaaltonregarding the xorg* ftbfs's15:26
loolrtg: Yeah, I don't have zinc access though; I was thinking that perhaps I should contribute some patches and then request access; in the mean time, I guess I can push to people.ubuntu.com or so15:28
rtglool: its pretty easy to get an account on zinc. I think you just file an RT.15:29
lool"To request an account on this machine for working with Ubuntu's Kernel Team and its git tree, email Ben Collins. " says kernel.ubuntu.com15:29
rtglool: who will just file an RT, but start with BenC2 anyway15:30
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CarlFKdmesg shows: [    0.000000] Kernel command line: root=UUID=7a52d80c-2091-492f-b21a-f9c3174934c0 ro netconsole=@/,@
CarlFKbut netconsole didn't get loaded16:20
CarlFK"because netconsole isn't included in your kernel" -- duh.16:28
KanoCarlFK: modprobe it16:30
CarlFKKano: yeah, just trying to automate it.  debugging a panic.16:30
Kanoadd a initramfs hook16:31
CarlFKi don't need it early - it's an app (dvswitch) - so some startup script is fine 16:31
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rtgapw: pong19:25
apwrtg, hi19:26
apwyou back?19:26
rtgI've been giving the lpia trees some thought myself19:26
apwon the short term front i've just pushed up a version of the ubuntu-jaunty-lpia.git tree which fixes the dependancy problem19:27
apwand i've pushed up a new ubuntu-jaunty-lpia-lrm.git tree19:27
apwboth of which i have compiled together in my PPA19:27
apwso i think they are at least in reasonable state19:28
rtgapw: ok. I'll have a look. I also have some thoughts about development and tree management, but I think I'll propose them on the mailing list19:28
apwwould be nice to stop these being entirly sepearate if we can cope, as the lrm is actually unmodified, other than the mods to make it build for lpia alone19:29
apwit has 0 local modifications right now19:29
apwrtg, am going to purchase some food for dinner.  will check in with you in about an hour to see if i need to do anything else with those lpia trees or if we can call them good19:33
rtgapw: don't sweat it 'cause it'll be tomorrow. gotta get CRDA packaged.19:33
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CarlFK1I need this to happen later: cat /etc/modules; netconsole netconsole="@/,@"20:12
CarlFK1cuz that gives me:  [   19.952019] netconsole: no IP address for eth0, aborting20:12
CarlFK1so where is the right place to put: sudo modprobe netconsole netconsole="@/,@"20:13
apwwell it may even be after you login, so ..20:13
CarlFK1this is to gether dumps for https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/31722720:13
ubot3Malone bug 317227 in linux "skb_over_panic skbuff.c:128 invalid opcode: 0000 [1] SMP " [Undecided,New] 20:13
apwi would imagine netconsole must have some other mechanism to connect early?20:14
CarlFK1late is fine - i need to run a user space app20:14
CarlFK1I just want it setup as part of the boot so I don't have to20:14
CarlFK1<tgt-ip> isn't optional 20:14

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