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mvo_@time berlin14:15
ubottuCurrent time in Europe/Berlin: January 14 2009, 15:15:07 - Next meeting: Foundation Team in 1 hour 44 minutes14:15
=== ubottu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Current meeting: Foundation Team Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 14 Jan 17:00: QA Team | 15 Jan 00:30: Forum Council | 15 Jan 12:00: Ubuntu Mobile Team | 15 Jan 13:00: Desktop Team | 15 Jan 14:00: Ubuntu Java
* mvo_ looks around15:58
* robbiew waves15:58
TheMusoHey folks.15:59
robbiewhmm...Mootbot is broken15:59
KeybukI can pretend to be mootbot16:00
robbiewheh...it's not like this channel isn't logged16:00
robbiewAgenda is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FoundationsTeam/Meetings/2009/0114#Agenda16:00
robbiewwaiting on doko, james_w, slangasek, and cjwatson16:01
* james_w waves16:01
* slangasek waves16:01
robbiewgreat...folks are here and I don't have to use mootbot :P16:02
robbiewfirst topic is Jaunty Alpha 316:02
robbiewhow's that going?16:02
* TheMuso is kind of glad he is working early today, going to be stinking hot...16:02
Keybukrobbiew: I was very restrained and expressly didn't break things today ;)16:03
KeybukI'm going to wait until Friday16:03
cjwatsonone installer glitch (bug 316618) fixed today, which I've asked slangasek to respin for16:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316618 in apt-setup "jaunty alternate cd media change error" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31661816:04
evandencrypted home directory support in the desktop installer is broken.  On it, but it may end up being a release note.16:04
liwI'm holding off a system-cleaner upload until Friday, too; spec for that should be ready, waiting for approval (and package waits for third and last name)16:04
cjwatsonimages grossly oversized due to new OOo Java dependencies16:04
slangasekOOo has us a bit behind schedule, java snuck back into the CD dependencies with the latest upload and that puts us a little oversized16:04
cjwatson90M is a little? :-)16:04
slangasekthe OOo-l10n build should finish in a few hours at which point we should have some right-sized images again16:05
slangasekcjwatson: smaller than a DVD!16:05
mvo_I have a pending upload for update-manager to fix system where nvidia binary drivers got removed during the upgrade16:05
cjwatsonit's the "taller than Ronnie Corbett" competition - you can be very short and still win16:05
slangasekah, no - OOo-l10n is already built16:05
slangasekso I'll start respinning the desktop images now and see where we get16:06
mvo_and asac and I debugged a upgrade issue with libnspr today16:06
robbiewso Alpha 3 most likely released sometime Friday evening?16:06
mvo_I had trouble getting the upgrade tester going, kvm in jaunty is not my friend currently16:06
cjwatsongood news for a3 is that I spent a kind of a skunkworks day doing ext4 support in the installer16:06
slangasekrobbiew: still aiming for Thursday evening16:06
cjwatsonwhich seems to be popular16:06
robbiewslangasek: ok, thnx16:07
slangasekthere are already some images posted and ready for validation16:07
Keybukcjwatson: I bet Ted still didn't change his wiki page? :p16:07
cjwatsonnot last I checked ;-)16:07
robbiewso moving on, I've been steadily adding to the 9.04 status page16:07
robbiewshould be complete by tomorrow16:08
dokohmm, are the java deps really needed for OOo?16:08
robbiewgives me a single point of tracking status...and a place for others to quickly check16:08
slangasekdoko: same as before, I think16:09
slangasekthey crept in now because Tuesday was the first day OOo 3 was on the daily builds16:09
cjwatsoncalc uploaded to take them out again16:09
* slangasek nods16:10
cjwatsonmvo_: (kvm in jaunty has been working fine for me, for the record ...)16:10
TheMusoSo does openoffice lose much functionality without those deps?16:10
slangasekTheMuso: AIUI, the answer is "no moreso than before"16:11
TheMusoslangasek: Right.16:11
mvo_cjwatson: it freeze for me when I do a upgrade test (interpid->jaunty) at random places (amd64 host)16:11
cjwatsonugh. (I'm on i386)16:11
mvo_cjwatson: usually after ~45min or so :/16:11
james_wthough the mailing list suggests it may be a little more than before16:11
mvo_cjwatson: aha, I shall try on a i386 machine16:11
evandamd64 here and no issues with kvm thusfar16:12
cjwatsonOOo certainly isn't full-featured without Java, and people using it substantially are still going to need to be advised to install the openoffice.org metapackage (as before, only maybe just more so)16:12
mvo_evand: hmm, how strnage. do you use virtio?16:12
cjwatsonbut I think it's still at a basic useful level on the CD without Java16:12
slangasekif nothing else, it's nice to let users only have to download 100MB to get a usable OOo instead of 250MB :)16:14
slangasekmumble, OOo also hasn't finished building on amd6416:14
calcTheMuso: you can't search help without java, so some functionality is lost16:14
slangasekso the current desktop CD build is just a smoketest to see if it sizes right on i386, then16:14
TheMusocalc: Right.16:15
slangasekcalc: oh, in that case perhaps we should be taking the help packages off the CD instead of breaking the java dep?  or is there a useful non-search mode for help?16:15
evandmvo_: Possibly.  I certainly do not pass such an option to kvm on the command line but the virtio modules are loaded in the VM16:15
calcslangasek: i think i may have to take a knife to suitesparse packaging because I have a feeling that demoting lpsolve may break calc16:15
slangasek(also, are upstream unaware that people have implemented 'searching' before in C? :)16:16
slangasekcalc: hmm, ok16:16
calcslangasek: it appears there is a lib in suitesparse that isn't currently broken out that could be to allow it to work without pulling all of it in16:16
dokocalc: what are the *additional* bits that require java in 3.0?16:16
calcslangasek: upstream wrote Java and needs to justify its existence16:16
slangasekcalc: can you file a bug asking for the split, and target it to alpha-4?16:16
calcdoko: i don't have the specific details but help apparently uses lucene for searching which in turn is a java library16:17
slangasekrobbiew: have we derailed sufficiently yet? :)16:17
calcslangasek: i will once i can look into what it takes, i will probably end up splitting it in the process myself16:17
robbiewheh...about to jump in ;)16:17
robbiewbut always think a healthy discussion is good, too16:18
robbiewso there's a link to the targeted bugs for Jaunty in the Agenda...no need to discuss it. however, I would like to briefly chat about http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ogasawara/jaunty-buglist.html16:18
robbiewmvo and cjwatson look lonely on the Foundations list16:19
robbiewperhaps I should assign these to the ubuntu-foundations LP team...then we work them from there16:20
cjwatsonmdz has suggested taking on the 'apport-package' bugs (mostly upgrade bugs) and farming them out, which would flesh it out somewhat16:20
robbiewsimilar to what Desktop has done16:20
cjwatsonthere are nearly 700 of those in main and restricted16:20
mdzprobably a lot of gardening to be done there16:20
mvo_I can have a look at those16:21
cjwatsonrobbiew: I don't think farming out the existing list will improve matters; personally, I think it would be better to add more to that list that correspond to the expertise of other members of the team16:21
mvo_(but its probably good to have more people looking at them, there are *many* :)16:21
robbiewcjwatson: ok16:21
cjwatsoni.e. I think the existing ones are basically appropriately assigned16:21
liwrobbiew, I was looking for instructions about how to deal with bugs for the bug fixing initiative the other day, and tried to get a consensus out of the related discussion on the distro list last year... without much luck :(16:22
Keybukthose are pretty much all installer + package manager bugs atm16:22
cjwatsonwhich is just a reflection of how only me and mvo have been using those tags, I think :)16:22
slangasek78552 is an interesting bug to have there, the fact that /sbin/update-grub complains is part of a deliberate transition plan by the Debian maintainers16:23
robbiewliw: yes, I'll take that as a ToDo16:23
liwrobbiew, thanks16:23
cjwatsonso, there are a couple of things that tie into the bug-fixing initiative16:23
robbiewthere still seems to be some cloudiness on how we approach this effort16:23
cjwatsonhttps://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuPlatform/QA/BugFixing/TeamBugLists describes the different approaches one might take16:23
robbiewKeybuk: tags defined there ^16:24
cjwatsonnumber 3 on that list is what corresponds to the jaunty-buglist URL robbiew posted above16:24
cjwatsoni.e. things tagged with qa-jaunty-foundations end up on that list; I've been using that as a way to say "our team ought to be addressing this for jaunty"16:24
Keybukwould we add these tags if we were intending to address it?16:25
Keybukor are they for finding bugs nobody's assigned to, and getting someone assigned to them?16:25
liwcjwatson, so: add tag to get on that list Leann produces, and assign to a person to get one's name onto the list as well?16:25
cjwatsonthere is a separate notion that came up on distro-team, which is the "I'd love to have some time to fix this ancient crufty bug" thing16:25
cjwatsonMartin Pitt proposed the "pet-bug" tag for that16:25
cjwatsonthese are confusingly similar notions (IMO), but I think they can be distinguished16:25
robbiewit would be nice if we had a central point to refer to for the bug fix effort...and maybe https://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuPlatform/QA/BugFixing/TeamBugLists is it16:26
cjwatsonKeybuk: I would say that if it's something you'd like to fix just because it's been annoying you (wishlist bugs would often fall into this category), then "pet-bug"; if it's something that you think is important and basically it's a disgrace that our team has been slacking at fixing it :-), then "qa-jaunty-foundations"16:26
cjwatsonregardless of whether that means you or somebody else16:27
robbiewhowever, things like the "pet-bug" tag aren't documented there...and that's where confusion creeps in16:27
cjwatsonsome of my bugs on that list are mistagged because they predated "pet-bug", but I was planning to solve this by fixing the bugs16:27
* slangasek grins16:28
* robbiew will get the "pet-bug" tag stuff added to the TeamBugList page16:29
robbiewmoving on to 8.04.216:29
robbiewcjwatson: do you have an ETA for the manifest list?16:29
cjwatsonend of the week16:30
robbiewok, thanks16:30
cjwatsonwhich conveniently coincides with the drop-dead date for updates16:30
robbiewlooking at bugs, I see 33...right?16:31
robbiewso am I to assume that all 33 will be resolved by release? or that some may get bumped16:31
slangasekalmost everything on there that's not already 'fix committed' are going to be deferred16:31
robbiewthen moving on16:32
robbiewreminder for the sponsorship queue :)16:32
robbiewI realize with Alphas, LTS, Distro Sprint coming...can get pushed to the side16:33
cjwatsonis everyone in the habit of listing their sponsorship activity for the week in their activity report, by now?16:33
james_wthe queue length is quite stable currently, but there are some long standing items that need addressing from what I can see16:33
robbiewit's either no...or just don't have many people doing it16:33
slangasekcjwatson: yes16:33
* mvo_ tries to do it16:34
james_wI usually just list "sponsoring", I can't always be bothered to look up the list16:34
cjwatsonI only managed one item this week, which I consider a failure16:34
cjwatsonI do write it down as I go along16:34
robbiewjames_w: that's acceptable16:34
robbiewI can always look at the list ;)16:34
* mvo_ has done only a small number too (at least compared to the sponsoring masters james_w and dholbach :)16:35
KeybukI haven't yet habit-formed checking the sponsoring queue16:35
robbiewohh...Keybuk is shamed! lol16:35
TheMusoI got some in this past week, however I find that by the time I get to it, its usually taken care of, due to the whole time zone thing I think.16:35
TheMusoDepends on how early I get to it./16:35
=== mvo_ is now known as mvo
robbiewok, just want folks to keep it in mind during the week...which is why I always bring it up ;)16:36
slangasekTheMuso: but... but... your timezone is earlier :)16:36
robbiewnext topic is the Objectives Guidance16:37
robbiewjust want to point out that they are only guidelines...so no need to think yours have to be like them16:37
robbiewI didn't know the PDR tool locks them in stone once submitted and approved16:38
robbiewso it would be better to have self-development style objectives16:38
robbiewversus business/project related ones...as those can change16:38
Keybukoh, was meaning to mention something16:38
Keybukmy PDR has gone a bit wibbly16:38
Keybukit seems to think I report to you now16:39
Keybukwhich is fine16:39
Keybukbut it also seems to think lots of people report to me16:39
Keybukand, well, that seems to upset it a lot16:39
robbiewpromotion for me!!16:39
robbiewKeybuk: talk to bongrad16:39
robbiewanyways, if you have business related goals...and they change along the way, don't worry about it16:41
robbiewI would expect common sense to prevail, and not meeting that objective would not count against you16:41
robbiewlast thing on my list16:42
robbiewI've listed the only idea there, on the main list that will be reviewed tomorrow16:42
robbiewanyone else have anything?16:42
robbiewmvo: you had the update testing idea, right?16:43
mvorobbiew: yes16:43
liwjames_w had an idea too, I think16:43
james_wwell, it was liw's idea16:43
mvorobbiew: its a bit cloudy to me still how exactly to do it without using a big amounts of resources on the ec216:43
robbiewjames_w and mvo: you can directly add to https://wiki.canonical.com/CoP/EngineeringManagement/AmazonEC216:43
robbiewmvo: that's ok16:43
james_wbut rebuilds + piuparts + other things16:43
robbiewmvo: just a brainstorm list at the moment16:44
mvoI would love to have install/remove testing, that kind of basic testing is already pretty helpful16:44
james_wmvo: could upgrade tests be run every day without too much handholding?16:44
evandI'm not sure if it fits the model of EC2, but I've wanted to do automatic installation testing for a while now.16:44
mvojames_w: absolutely, the thing that run them now is totally non-interactive etc - its just that is uses kvm and not ec2/xen currently16:44
evanderm, nevermind16:45
james_wmvo: cool. With an in-amazon mirror it may not be too expensive.16:45
mvojames_w: yeah, if that can be done, that would be cool16:45
robbiewfyi - that is being setup16:45
robbiewin-amazon mirror16:45
mvoaha, nice16:45
james_wmvo: I like your kvm test-upgrade my machine thing16:45
mvothen it should indeed be less pain, if the base image can be cached in-amazon too that means even less resource usage16:46
james_wmvo: would it be possible ro have some of that without massive amounts of bandwidth being needed between me and ec2?16:46
mvojames_w: thanks :) evand had this idea to make it even more spectacular by using aufs overlay on the real system16:46
mvojames_w: I have a branch and some code, its a bit scary but it seems to be working16:46
james_we.g. upload package list + tarball of /etc/ or something?16:46
mvojames_w: that is a interessting idea too16:47
mvojames_w: yeah, that should be doable16:47
robbiewmvo, james_w, evand: make sure to capture this idea here:  https://wiki.canonical.com/CoP/EngineeringManagement/AmazonEC216:47
robbiewunder Foundations16:47
james_wgot it open :-)16:47
robbiewright now, I had a generic "Test Upgrades" line :/16:47
robbiewjames_w: thanks16:47
robbiewthat's all I got.16:48
james_wdaily packages?16:48
robbiewsure...the POC, right?16:48
james_wI'd appreciate suggestions for packages that would be good to have dailies of that aren't going to be too temperamental16:49
james_wI imagine kernel, firefox, OOo would break too often16:49
cjwatsonI think I mailed a few to Robbie a while back16:49
mvojames_w: I would love to see compiz here16:49
james_wI think evolution would be good to have.16:49
james_wah, compiz cool.16:49
robbiewcjwatson: hmm...really?16:49
* robbiew checks16:49
TheMusojames_w: Don't the kernel team have their own daily build stuff anyway?16:50
cjwatsonjust trying to find it16:50
cjwatsonI certainly suggested some constraints that should be applied16:50
robbiewyes...I remember that16:50
james_wTheMuso: probably, I don't fancy taking that one on16:50
TheMusoOne could actually be pulseaudio. I was going to do it myself into my PPA, but if we have this daily build spec, then it may be worthwhile doing for that.16:51
TheMusoPulseaudio is in git however.16:51
cjwatsonthere's a project called 'ubuntu-bleedingedge' that started trying to do this, and it would be a useful banner16:51
cjwatsonit even has some code with an initial proof of concept16:51
james_wTheMuso: I'll add it to the list, thanks16:51
james_wthanks cjwatson, I'll check it out16:52
cjwatsonthat project seems moribund at the moment, but could be revived16:52
cjwatsonlp:~ubuntu-bleedingedge/bleedingedge/trunk and there's a wiki page16:52
cjwatsonrobbiew: Subject: Re: [Fwd: Daily upstream packages (Re: Laptop hotkey support)]16:52
robbiewcjwatson: ah, thnx16:53
cjwatsonjames_w: I'll forward you this mail16:53
james_was this is Ubuntu-external I'll be starting after feature freeze on it16:53
robbiewcjwatson: found it ;)16:53
robbiewjames_w: ok, and you mentioned a spec for this right?  Figure we should at least have a documented plan16:54
james_wyeah, I'll write up a spec, or find an existing one to co-opt16:54
robbiewok...just shoot me the link in an email16:55
robbiewanything else?  cjwatson: campaign speech for Tech Board? lol16:55
* cjwatson grins16:55
liwdid we skip "Good News"?16:56
robbiewthat is Good News :)16:56
robbiewliw: on it now16:56
cjwatsonmy good news was ext416:56
robbiewah, yes16:56
cjwatsonoh, I'm going through the archive reorg videos now and trying to shore up the spec16:56
liwmy good news for today is that I managed to survive an encounter with a screwdriver16:56
robbiewliw: lol...what?16:56
cjwatsonI have been a naming fascist and nailed down a single set of nomenclature16:57
* mvo advices liw to stay away from hardware16:57
liw(had to tweak my desktop machines a bit)16:57
robbiewcjwatson: name nazi16:57
liwmvo, I try, I try...16:57
* TheMuso is starting to get the hang of dealing with alsa hda quirks, and maanged to get an Ubuntu originated quirk patch applied upstream, with many more to come hopefully.16:57
cjwatson(screw "lobes", I went with "layers")16:58
TheMusobad news, my typing sucks. :p16:58
robbiewcjwatson: yeah...lobes was nasty16:58
liwcjwatson, if you run out of English words, I can send you a Finnish dictionary ;)16:58
cjwatsonand realised that layers are in fact identical to Mark's package sets16:58
cjwatsonso have been trying to make the spec reflect that16:58
robbiew#endmeeting ....for Keybuck-bot :P16:59
slangasekI thought it was "cells"16:59
slangasekohwell :)17:00
* mvo likes cells17:00
james_wthanks all17:00
* Keybuk likes pies17:00
robbiewthanks all17:00
=== ubottu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Current meeting: QA Team Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 15 Jan 00:30: Forum Council | 15 Jan 12:00: Ubuntu Mobile Team | 15 Jan 13:00: Desktop Team | 15 Jan 14:00: Ubuntu Java
* TheMuso goes and syncs ubunt and studio isos.17:00
* heno waves 17:02
* ara waves17:02
* ogasawara waves17:02
* sbeattie disappears for a second to replentish his caffiene supply17:02
davmor2hello everybody17:02
bdmurraycharlie-tca: hello17:03
pedro_hello everybody17:03
* schwuk waves17:04
henowelcome all!17:04
davmor2no bot17:04
henoagenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings17:05
heno* Jaunty spec review17:05
henoI've updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/RoadMap with Jaunty spec info17:06
schwukdavmor2: you could pretend to be the bot17:06
henoThere are a few bits missing (ran short of time)17:06
davmor2schwuk: :P17:06
schwukheno: looks good17:07
henoplease add other items you are working on that are not registered as specs to the bottom of that page17:07
henoand please review it for general sanity17:08
henoThere are still a few specs that need more drafting and approval - please try to get that wrapped up this week17:08
henoLet's not go through the whole list at this meeting though17:09
henowe can cover it briefly on the c.c call17:09
henoinstead lets focus on Hardy and Jaunty release testing17:10
heno* Hardy point release testing17:10
henosbeattie: can you give an update on 8.04.2 SRU testing?17:11
henoesp areas you are blocked and could use some help17:11
sbeattiesure, I've been working on the base-installer one (bug 306356) which looks good for hardy (and intrepid), but I'd like cjwatson to verify my results, because they didn'tmatch his testcase.17:12
davmor2I've done some testing on bugs past me by slangasek to help clear those17:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 306356 in base-installer "apt-setup/security_host is ignored" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30635617:12
cjwatson(one moment, looking)17:12
henodavmor2: also installer bugs right?17:13
sbeattieI was also poking at the ntfs-3g one (bug 204133) as it affects wubi, but couldn't reproduce it, so I left a ping asking for soeone affected by it to try testing it out.17:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 204133 in wubi/8.04 "wubi install unusable - Buffer I/O error on device loop0" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20413317:13
davmor2heno: yes17:13
cr3regarding the QA roadmap, the blueprints section mentions "Intrepid". shouldn't it mention "Jaunty"?17:13
pedro_FYI there's an issue with evolution 2.24.3 package; bug 316726, which should be fixed pretty soon17:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316726 in evolution-exchange "startup crash after 2.24.3 update" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31672617:14
pedro_2.24.3 from proposed.17:14
henoNote - the cut-off for SRU testing is Monday - at that point we start rolling ISOs and testing those17:15
cjwatsonsbeattie: the test case is incorrect in that it leaves it implicit that all tests of proposed d-i component changes need to be run with apt-setup/proposed=true17:15
davmor2sbeattie: I think that got fixed to a degree17:15
henodavmor2: have you had a chance to smoke test any hardy ISOs?17:15
sbeattieones I could use help with are the hardware specific ones, bug 59695, bug 204483, bug 288859 and bug 26757017:15
bdmurraysbeattie: I could try the wubi one I guess...17:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 59695 in dell "High frequency of load/unload cycles on some hard disks may shorten lifetime" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5969517:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 204483 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "[Hardy] Closing Laptop lid corrupts screen and beeps" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20448317:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 288859 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "Need Pipe-A quirk for 855 and earlier chipsets (like 1014:0513)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28885917:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267570 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "Dell C400 (i830) freezes in Hardy - Needs PipeA Quirk" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26757017:16
davmor2heno: I've had a quick look at them once installed for the case I was given17:16
cjwatsonsbeattie: oh, but do you just mean that the host name you saw was different from the test case - us.archive rather than security?17:16
sbeattiecjwatson: yes, that part.17:16
cjwatsonsbeattie: I think that's a mistake in the test case, yes, and also a not very serious pre-existing bug in base-installer17:16
davmor2heno: there was an issue with umenu and wubi but that should be fixed in today's image17:16
henocr3: could you have a look at sbeattie's hw-specific bugs and see if we have the hardware in Montreal?17:17
sbeattiecjwatson: hrm, that's what I thought the patch was fixing, that $MIRROR (us.archive) would get used, rather than $SECMIRROR (aka apt-setup/security_host)17:18
cr3heno: noted17:18
henowhich brings us to ...17:18
heno* cert lab hw data dump status (schwuk)17:18
cjwatsonsbeattie: oh, err - yeah, you're right. insufficient coffee17:19
sbeattiecjwatson: no worries, wanted to make sure it wasn't insufficient coffee on my end.17:19
cjwatsonsbeattie: I've corrected the test case. I *think* it passes now given your comments?17:19
sbeattiecjwatson: yes, I agree, I think it passes.17:20
schwukheno: can you add a bit more detail to that?17:21
sbeattiehardware dump: ogasawara and I were hoping, as an interim thing, if we could get just a raw dump (possibly a tarball) of the current hardware we have in the certification lab, at a more detailed level than just model number, but listing components.17:21
henoschwuk: are you able to generate a dump of the hardware info from the machines we have that can be searched locally?17:21
henostuff that has already been gathered during various testing17:22
schwukheno: sure - I'll cook something up17:22
henobut needs to be mined from the db17:22
sbeattieschwuk: basically something we can grep for things like pci ids locally, to use in identifying whether we have hw available for testing specific issues.17:22
henoa tarball with a dir for each system perhaps, with various files in each17:23
bdmurraysbeattie: I thought cr3 made the database available once17:23
schwuksbeattie, heno: sure17:23
henowe could then use local tools to search17:23
sbeattiebdmurray: if so, I've forgotten the details. I've access to the website, but there's no easy way to search for whether we have specific hardware through it.17:24
henoI think extracting it from the raw database is not trivial without knowledge of it's structure17:24
cr3bdmurray: the database is more complicated to query than flat text files17:24
henobecause of the way results are stored17:24
davmor2schwuk: can you not sudo lshw -html each device it will give you something like http://www.davmor2.co.uk/64test.html17:25
cr3davmor2: the information is extracted from the database which contains structured information, so the output will have to be generated based on that information17:25
henoschwuk: ok, thanks17:26
schwukdavmor2: we already have the info, we just have to re-constitute it17:26
heno* Testcase wiki migration; automated scripts17:26
henoogasawara and I looked at this yesterday17:26
henothe structure of the pages we have and want are quite different17:27
davmor2go on17:27
henoso writing sensible scripts might be more work than copying the content across17:27
henoI suggest we get a dump of the pages from IS from the server and paste it in and refactor from there17:28
henoschwuk: do we have access to the moin data dir?17:28
heno(on the testcases wiki)17:29
* schwuk checks17:29
henothat way we would have the attachments and history17:29
araheno: if that solutions is possible, it would be great17:30
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henoschwuk: can you coordinate that with IS, getting the dump and getting it uploaded?17:30
schwukheno: no. We'll need either an RT to get acces, or the content copied accross17:30
schwukheno: sure17:31
henodavmor2: can we speak tomorrow about the refactoring we need to do afterward?17:31
henoschwuk: both would be ideal17:31
davmor2yes no probs17:31
schwukWhere do we want the pages put?17:31
henounder their current names17:32
henothen we can rename from there17:32
henothat's the end of the agenda17:33
schwukSo basically the whole of /Testing right?17:33
henoschwuk: Testing/Cases only17:33
schwukheno: Got it.17:34
henoany other business for the meeting?17:34
davmor2is there a way to stop the dl-ubuntu-test-iso script exiting when it hits an issue with md5sum?17:35
sbeattiedavmor2: yes, one sec17:35
cr3davmor2: what's this script?17:35
davmor2Xubuntu is the cause this time but it is in the live which means the alternate section can't be downloaded using it17:36
sbeattiedavmor2: you could turn off verification of md5sums17:36
henocr3: used for ISO testing - would be worth looking at for the satellite servers too17:36
davmor2cr3: it's a script which pulls all the isos17:36
sbeattiedavmor2: give me a bit and I think I can fix it up so that it doesn't abort on the md5sum error.17:37
cr3heno: the images/archives that need to be tested are communicated to the satellite servers from the web server, so I'm not sure how useful this might be but I'll nonetheless look into the script17:38
davmor2cr3: I have it as a cron job so I get the latest daily each morning before I sit down to test :)17:38
cr3davmor2: do you have the latest hardy daily too?17:39
davmor2script does it all :)17:39
cr3if I run the bzr command on the wiki, I get: bzr: ERROR: Connection error: curl connection error (Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?))17:40
henook, let's wrap it up17:41
schwukthanks heno17:41
henothanks everyone!17:41
sbeattiecr3: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bugcontrol/ubuntu-qa-tools/master17:41
davmor2cr3: works for me17:42
davmor251 revisions17:42
cr3this works for me: bzr branch lp:ubuntu-qa-tools17:43
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