slim_hello all10:29
DNis1hi, are ubuntu-mid and umpc compatible with wubi ?13:54
DNis1or will be ?13:54
DNis1and if "will be", any idea of date ? :)13:55
persiaDNis1, Not currently, and no specific schedule for implementation planned.  If you can get it working, I'm sure it would be applied.14:04
DNis1i'm working on it14:05
ograthough note that -umpc isnt built anymore 14:06
DNis1but i need to convert the image to iso first14:06
ogra(in jaunty)14:06
DNis1ogra: only mid is built ?14:06
persiaDNis1, That was one of the reasons it's not enabled.14:06
ogra-umpc was turned into ubuntu-netbook-remix14:06
ogranot sure we successfuly build images yet though14:07
DNis1ogra: ok14:07
* ogra didnt look today14:07
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ftapersia, fyi: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/fennec/1.0~a2-0ubuntu120:22
fta(or https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fennec/1.0~a2-0ubuntu1)20:24
asacogra: ^^ ;)20:30
asaclool: ^^ 20:30

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