savvasPOX: sorry about debian/rules, I forgot I changed the link to catfish.svg in that too :) good catch!00:00
ScottKmaxb: The 0.1 thing is used for security uploads.00:04
savvasScottK: can you remind me the channel for debian python?00:05
ScottKsavvas: On OFTC it's #debian-python00:05
savvasah oftc00:05
savvasok thanks :)00:05
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Riddellsommer: ping00:36
Riddellsommer: your ebox upload to intrepid-proposed has no bug number00:36
cody-somervilleRiddell, I don't think they've been approved for motu-sru yet either00:38
Riddelldoesn't seem so looking at the other two00:39
sommerRiddell: ya, the packages still need some work, should have new ones ready soon... waiting on upstream for some info00:41
Riddellsommer: so I should reject?00:42
sommerRiddell: ya, I'd like to fix the things cody-somerville mentioned in the bug00:43
sommerand get the jaunty packages working as well00:44
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stochasticHi, I'm having some troubles getting my new calf package to build in my PPA for hardy.  Everything was going fine until: dh_clean: Sorry, but 6 is the highest compatibility level supported by this debhelper.01:34
stochastichere's the full build log: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21181806/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.calf_0.0.17-0ubuntu1~hardy~ppa2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz01:35
stochasticand here's the PPA: https://launchpad.net/~stochastic/+archive/01:36
stochasticThere seems to be a problem (probably in the rules file) with using debhelper 6, but I'm brand new to packaging and on an Intrepid system, so...01:41
RAOFstochastic: No, the problem there is that Hardy has debhelper 5.01:43
RAOFOr, apparently, debhelper 6?  That seems odd.  I was sure it was 5.01:44
stochasticRAOF, the package listing said 601:44
stochasticI'm going to turn on verbose output to see if anything more can be explained01:44
maxbstochastic: The problem is that you have adjusted the Build-Depends, but you have not adjusted the debhelper level requested in debian/compat (I assume)01:48
stochasticI'll try that01:48
maxbstochastic: 'man debhelper' details the effect of the compatibility levels. If your package definitely does not benefit from using the absolutely latest level, it can be useful to require an older version, to ease backporting01:50
RAOFOr you could just build against hardy-backports, which IIRC contains debhelper 701:50
stochasticok, this is my first package, so I'm learning as I go01:50
maxbThe command 'rmadison' displays the version of a package in all the ubuntu distribtions - this is very useful for this sort of thing - 'rmadison debhelper' tells you at a glance which version is available where01:51
maxbincluding that yes, hardy-backports has 701:51
maxbthough its possible that you might not want to reconfigure your entire PPA for that01:52
ScottKThe reason we backported Debhepler 7 to Hardy is that a non-trivial number of packages are using Debhelper 7 functions and it saves a lot of debian/rules rewriting.02:24
ScottKIf you're going to be trying to bring current packages back to hardy, I suggest building on backports.02:24
ScottKAlso a lot of stuff is already there.02:25
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BullHornsHi, can I start helping with development on ubuntu If I run hardy 8.04 or do I need to upgrade?05:48
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BullHornsI did a lot of reading the past week and it looks like I should start with motu05:57
ScottKBullHorns: You can.05:57
BullHornswhat development tools do you use, Who can help me with the first few steps to start. It will help me alot to get to work soon06:06
BullHornshow do ajunta compare with kdevelop?06:11
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fabrice_spBullHorns, you can begin reading the info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted06:33
dholbachgood morning06:39
iulianMorning Daniel.06:45
dholbachhiya iulian06:47
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dholbachnxvl: do you know if somebody contacted the spanish speaking ubuntu community about ubuntu developer week?07:29
didrocksmorning o/08:38
dholbachdidrocks, huats: good morning08:43
dholbachdidrocks, huats: did you let the french community know about ubuntu developer week?08:43
huatshey dholbach08:44
huatsit was supposed to be announced today or tomorrow08:44
huatsbut I'll take care of advertising it today08:45
dholbachhuats: fantastique!08:45
DktrKranzdholbach: uh! thanks for the remainder, I'll blog about it for -it too! I won't be there... our CTO will come auditing us and I'll be busy for a couple of days :(08:47
didrocksdholbach: basically what huats means is that I will blog about it today :)08:47
huatsdidrocks: no no08:47
huatsI mean I will blog about it too :)08:47
didrockshuats: really ? :p08:47
didrocks(jut kidding)08:48
* dholbach hugs DktrKranz08:48
dholbachthanks DktrKranz08:48
huatsdidrocks: I know that you wait for an email... ;)08:48
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didrockshuats: I didn't like to repeat it, but... yes ;)08:49
* DktrKranz hugs dholbach back08:49
huatsdidrocks: doing it right now08:49
didrockshuats: great \o/08:50
* didrocks hugs huats 08:50
* huats hugs didrocksa and dholbach ;)08:52
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mok0raphink: ping10:09
raphinkmok0: pong10:10
james_wwe're falling back on the sponsor queue a bit, could everyone with upload rights please try and sponsor one or two things today?10:13
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mok0raphink: PM10:17
stefanlsdjames_w: put up another imview diff. not exactly where i wanted it to go, but i cant seem to get the autotools stuff working10:19
james_wstefanlsd: I was just looking at it :-)10:20
dholbachhiya quadrispro10:22
dholbachquadrispro: the imlib2 bug was fixed! :)10:22
quadrisprodholbach: i'm just working on it :)10:22
dholbach... in Debian10:22
dholbachrock on!10:22
james_wstefanlsd: what happens if you call your acinclude.m4 aclocal.m4 and drop the call to aclocal?10:22
dholbachjames_w: yay sponsoring! :)10:23
james_wstefanlsd: and your diff is missing the addition of the automake build-depends, but it would be easy for me to add that in while sponsoring10:23
stefanlsdjames_w: mm. works.  also.  i think loic was wanting to move more to using the autotools...  but yeah, we're not really achieving anything by doing it (except planning for autotools)10:23
stefanlsdjames_w: maybe we shouldnt do it for now and i'll work with the debian guys to seeing how we can improve it to use autotools10:25
stefanlsdwe then rename acinclude.m4 to aclocal.m4, remove automake from build-deps and remove the aclocal call.10:25
james_wstefanlsd: yeah, if you go with an aclocal.m4 that m4_includes the files with the macros you need from an "m4" directory then moving to autotools is easy10:25
james_wI just learnt all this yesterday from Keybuk as it happens10:26
quadrisprodholbach: building in progress -> http://home.alessiotreglia.com/jaunty/result/imlib2_1.4.2-4ubuntu1/imlib2_1.4.2-4ubuntu1_amd64.build10:28
stefanlsdjames_w: let me test quick.10:31
dholbachquadrispro: got it10:31
quadrisprodholbach: bug #31705310:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317053 in imlib2 "Please merge imlib2 1.4.2-4 (main) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31705310:32
dholbachquadrispro: will play with it a bit, then upload it - no need for a bug10:32
dholbachah ok10:32
gaspauops. I meant... where's bobbo?10:32
gaspaI just have a couple of thing about ssherminator...10:33
quadrisproanyone on bug 315767?10:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315767 in gpm "Please merge gpm 1.20.4-3.1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31576710:36
quadrisprodholbach: imlib2 has been build in my ppa10:37
dholbachquadrispro: just played with it over here and I'm going to upload it in a bit10:38
dholbachthanks a lot10:38
quadrisproyou're welcome10:38
dholbachyou rock!10:38
quadrisproyes, I'm learning to rock sometime :D10:39
dholbachquadrispro: you're being modest :)10:41
stefanlsdjames_w: do you know whats the normal practice for m4/ when its a .m4 shipped by another system lib?  so we need pkg.m4 - do i include /usr/share/aclocal/pkg.m4 or cp that to the imview  m4/ directory and call it there?10:41
james_wstefanlsd: cp it I believe10:41
stefanlsdjames_w: i presume i do that in the rules then?  or before build?10:42
james_wstefanlsd: in the source package10:42
james_wif you were using aclocal then you wouldn't have to bother10:42
stefanlsdjames_w: kk. thanks10:42
james_wyou could m4_include() it, but I think it's preferred to have it in the packaqge10:42
stefanlsdjames_w: http://paste.ubuntu.com/104788/           (that kinda idea?)10:49
james_wstefanlsd: yeah, I think that's right10:50
james_wstefanlsd: does it work? :-)10:50
emgentadobe removed old flash player 9 tar.gz, and flashplugin-nonfree in hardy is broken.10:50
emgentnow is avail only fp1010:50
stefanlsdjames_w: yeah, builds. i also tested with --without-magick and  have_magick=no and it doesnt include the libs and includes. so that seems to work also.10:53
james_wstefanlsd: cool10:53
stefanlsdjames_w:  should i upload this diff to the bug rather?10:54
james_wstefanlsd: yes please10:54
james_wit's inconvenient to extract it from the pastebin10:55
stefanlsdjames_w: np. done.10:57
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quadrispromr_pouit: hi!11:24
stefanlsdjames_w: has anyone looked at jspwiki?12:17
james_wstefanlsd: not sure12:17
stefanlsdjames_w: kk. will look at it12:17
james_wactually, someone was looking at it, I thought it was you12:18
directhexwoo, jsp?12:18
stefanlsdjames_w: umm. not that i am aware of. hehe12:18
james_wwe can sync12:19
james_w*unless* the patches that the maintainer disabled in the new version are needed12:19
stefanlsdjames_w: kk. checking. mm. i need to install ant for the debuild to work.12:20
directhexstefanlsd, which is reasonable enough if it uses an ant clean target inside the debian/rules clean rule12:45
stefanlsddirecthex: yeah sure. runs an ant clean.   just contaminating my nice installation with this java stuff :P12:46
directhexstefanlsd, i know that feeling :|12:46
directhexstefanlsd, i wonder if nant would work for the sake of the clean rule, though ;)12:47
nxvldholbach: i pinged some LoCos13:10
dholbachnxvl: excellent - thanks!13:12
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primes2hhello to all.13:26
primes2hI need an ack for a SRU in Hardy and Gutsy for this bug #294502, please.13:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 294502 in dvd-slideshow "dvd-slideshow reports error using ffmpeg" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29450213:27
primes2hcould someone help me, please? :-)13:28
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quadrisproanyone on Bug 317095?13:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317095 in libgeier "Please sync libgeier 0.10-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31709513:54
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james_wstefanlsd: uploaded, thanks for your hard work13:58
stefanlsdjames_w: thx. np. jspwiki. i see they dont ever pull in the patches, you added the dpatch to do that, but im not sure its needed as I cant see where they were ever introduced. the debian dsc builds fine thou.14:02
james_wstefanlsd: yeah, dpatch was missing, but in the last-but-one upload to debian they disabled the calls to dpatch in debian/rules, so we can sync14:03
james_wmy only concern is that it all just looked a bit weird, so I would appreciate you checking that the patches in debian/patches aren't needed14:04
stefanlsdjames_w: k. i had a look at the patches. not a java expert thou as to what they were actually used for. i'll ping one of the java guys to have a look for us.14:05
mok0Huh?? Newest version on remote site is 1.03, local version is 0.14714:07
mok0cadabra: Newer version (1.03) available on remote site14:07
mok0stupid me14:08
stefanlsdjames_w: looks like the first one is to do with json and jabsorb.  looks like jabsorb is a alternative compatible lib for json.  it looks like jspwiki still uses json (/lib/jsonrpc-1.0.jar)  http://jabsorb.org/UpgradeGuide14:12
james_wstefanlsd: yeah, "* Removed XML-RPC capability for now." suggests that the patch is not needed14:23
james_wI'm a bit concerned by the second though, as with that it will be building against .jars shipped in the package, but presumably won't be running against those ones14:24
* slytherin stares at the mention of jars shipped with the source package. >:o14:26
slytherinjames_w: stefanlsd: which package are you discussing by the way?14:28
james_wslytherin: jspwiki14:29
slytherinjames_w: should have guessed it. I am not sure why does Debian package contain jar files in .orig.tar.gz. I am tempted to file a bug in Debian. :-)14:30
mok0I see lots of packages with missing license clauses in the source files. How serious it that? It is more the exception that the rule that upstream authors have included it14:31
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ScottKmok0: Not serious enough to prevent inclusion in the archive if there's a full copy of $LICENSE in the tarball.14:43
mok0ScottK, I've been following that policy.14:44
ScottKIt's good to edcuate upstream.14:44
ScottKeducate even14:45
mok0ScottK, yeah, but I've also seen upstream bitch about the "rabid debian developers"14:45
ScottKGood thing this is Ubuntu then.14:45
ScottKThere was a time when FSF suggested a full copy of the GPL in every file.14:45
ScottKLicense headers aren't so bad.14:46
mok0ScottK, I agree, the short clause is ok14:46
mok0ScottK: the full GPL in every file is perhaps a bit over the top14:46
ScottK"If someone grabs a copy of a file from your project and reuses it elsewhere, wouldn't you want people to know where it came from." seems to work OKish.14:47
liwscottK, FSF suggested full GPL in each source? when? I haven't ever seen that, but I admit I've only followed GNU stuff since 198914:47
ScottKliw: It may just be an urban legend.  That's what I recall being told.14:48
pochu1989 -> that's when I was 1!14:48
* ScottK lived most of that year in Keflavik, Iceland.14:48
dholbachpochu: don't you make liw feel old!14:49
dholbachScottK: what did you do there?14:49
mok0pochu: kiddie14:49
pochuScottK: you can buy Iceland now ;-)14:49
ScottKdholbach: I was in the US Navy (there used to be a base there).14:49
dholbachScottK: ah ok14:49
dholbachScottK: did you get to see a bit of the country? :)14:49
ScottKdholbach: Yes.  Saw quite a bit of it.14:50
ScottKAlmost fell off a glacier once.14:50
mok0RainCT: There are 2 packages in "Updated packages" on REVU, but neither of them are in Ubuntu (anymore). What gives?14:52
mok0RainCT: Can14:52
mok0RainCT: Can't we do away with that section?14:52
ScottK-desktopmok0: There are times when that's helpful.14:55
mok0ScottK, hm, ok14:55
mok0ScottK, not when the uploads are in the wrong category, though14:56
ScottKTrue, but there are times when I've worked with someone on an updated package and it's convenient to have them throw it on REVU even if it's not the official way.14:56
mok0ScottK, Wasn't that before the PPA days?14:57
mok0Of course you can make use of the REVU  comment system14:58
ScottKmok0: No.  I don't consider PPAs very good for that.14:58
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bddebianHeya gang15:08
ScottKheya bddebian.15:08
bddebianHi ScottK15:09
mok0Do we have a drop-in replacement for jackd? I am not very knowledgeable about multimedia systems15:09
ScottKmok0: I'd suggest ask in #ubuntu-studio.  They know all that stuff.15:09
mok0ScottK, thanks I'll try that15:10
dholbachRainCT: ubuntu-dev-tools is not installable right now (sb-release vs lsb-release) - is it OK if I upload your latest change now?15:27
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dholbachRainCT: done15:35
RizRhello everyone. just going through ubuntu packaging process and bug fix process15:38
RizRcant really get my head around harvest. it lists bugs - yes. but why is it this way?15:38
RizRanyone got couple of secs spare? :-)15:38
anakronHi all15:38
anakronif i make a build of a package, a warning but be considered?15:39
gaspaRizR: what's the question, in particular? (what do you mean by  "this way"?)15:39
anakronwarning, `debian/python-milter/DEBIAN/control' contains user-defined field `Python-Version'15:39
anakronor i can say that was built whitout problems15:40
RizRhello everyone. just going through ubuntu packaging process and bug fix process15:43
RizRcant really get my head around harvest. it lists bugs - yes. but why is it this way15:43
RizRanyone got couple of secs spare? :-)15:43
gaspaRizR: (i already answered) what do you mean by  "this way"?15:44
RizRsorry if someone spoke earlier. i had added whole freenode in ignore list by mistake.15:44
RizRgaspa: ok, I'm not clear or the purpose of harvest if bugs are tracked in launchpad15:44
RizRof the purpose...15:45
james_wRizR: it highlights "low hanging fruit"15:45
savvasit tries to show all the bugs that are probably easy to fix (I think)15:45
james_wRizR: there are lots of lists of bugs of a certain class, e.g. maintainer script problems, or patches attached, and harvest aggregates them15:46
RizRjames_w: can we filter out the number of bugs displayed? lets say just display from last week or just from certain module or upstream code base? or may be from ubuntu only?15:47
gaspaRizR: and have them all grouped by package is an helpful thing as well15:47
james_wRizR: if you go to the index there is a latest items display15:48
james_wRizR: there are plans to improve the interface of harvest soon15:48
spitfireDoes anyone know how to use custom CFLAGS in pbuilder? Globally, WITHOUT modifying rules for every package.15:48
RizRjames_w: ok :-) I get the idea. its just the the size of the thing makes my firefox go bonkers15:49
savvasspitfire: I don't think you can15:50
spitfiresavvas: you're sure?15:51
spitfireapt-build can do that?15:51
spitfireWhy wouldn't pbuilder be able?15:51
spitfire*apt-build can do that.15:51
savvasI'm not sure, I said I think :)15:54
ScottKspitfire: --debbuildopts will pass arguments to dpkg-buildpackage inside the pbuilder chroot, so if you know what to tell dpkg-buildpackage, then you might do it.15:56
savvasspitfire: maybe with --debuildopts and -R argument?15:56
spitfireScottK do you have idea what to pass?15:56
stefanlsdjames_w: i spoke with deb maintainer of jspwiki. yeah, they dont use the patches.  they use the includes jars. for 2.8.1 he has made seperate packages that will use /usr/share/java and the debian jars15:57
james_wstefanlsd: cool15:58
ScottKspitfire: Depending on the package, you might use -Rrules-file15:58
james_wstefanlsd: should we merge the current version then?15:58
ScottKspitfire: See man dpkg-buildpackage for details.15:58
spitfireScottK depending on the package.15:58
stefanlsdjames_w: yeah, sync should be ok15:58
james_wstefanlsd: er, yeah, sync15:59
stefanlsdjames_w: nodnod :)15:59
savvasspitfire: wait, there are some environment variables15:59
james_wstefanlsd: want to request it?15:59
stefanlsdjames_w: sure15:59
spitfiresavvas: where?15:59
savvasspitfire: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jaunty/en/man1/dpkg-buildpackage.1.html#toptoc4 go to the "Environment" topic16:00
spitfireScottK: haven't found anything that looks usable,16:00
spitfiresavvas: thx!16:00
* ScottK doesn't have additional ideas on the topic.16:00
DktrKranzspitfire: IIRC they're managed with some environment variables, I don't remember if pbuilder inherits them from current session or not, anyway man dpkg-buildpackage has a full list of such variables16:01
savvasspitfire: it doesn't say how to use them, and it mentions that not all packages honour it. but I suppose it's: CFLAGS="blah" pbuilder command16:01
spitfiresavvas: or CFLAGS="blah" in .pbuilderrc16:02
savvaswell I don't know, perhaps :)16:02
RizRone more q. in harvest i see different status for bugs (resolved-upstream, patches, bitesize etc). They're pretty obvious and I think most of those require re-package the module after including the patch provided. Am I right in thinking that?16:03
james_wRizR: often yes16:04
RizRjames_w: can I find a list of all statuses somewhere on wiki/launchpad plz?16:05
stefanlsdjames_w: https://launchpad.net/bugs/31714716:05
ubottuUbuntu bug 317147 in jspwiki "Please sync jspwiki 2.8.0-3 (universe) from Debian unstable (contrib)." [Undecided,New]16:05
james_wstefanlsd: cool, thank you16:05
stefanlsdjames_w: np!16:05
stefanlsdcya guys, heading home :)16:06
james_wRizR: you mean bug statuses?16:06
RizRjames_w: yes16:06
savvasor https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Tags :)16:07
savvas(talking about the "bitesize" mentioned before)16:08
anakronhi all16:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 315156 in nautilus "Installs unnecessary desktop file" [Low,New]16:09
cody-somervillenxvl, why did you ack an SRU after I asked questions about it?16:09
anakronwhat do you think about this16:09
anakronits right to take it out or not16:09
cody-somervilleYou did it to three of the SRUs I was taking care of!16:10
RizRjames_w: thanks.16:11
nxvlcody-somerville: yup, i worked on the updates, so i knew those questions16:11
cody-somervillenxvl, Some of them were things *wrong* with the debdiff16:12
anakronsomeone can answer me?16:13
savvaswhat does SRU stand for?16:13
ScottKanakron: #ubuntu-desktop might be a better place to ask.16:13
ScottKsavvas: Stable Release Update.16:13
cody-somervilleanakron, yes16:13
anakronok thanks16:14
savvasScottK: and ACK means acknowledged?16:14
savvascool, thanks16:14
cody-somervillenxvl, Not to mention I feel it was rude. The applicant acknowledged my points and said he was going to work on them16:14
cody-somervilleand then you went ahead and acked the SRUs16:14
nxvlcody-somerville: you are right, i apologise for that16:14
nxvlcody-somerville: i was thinking on pinging you, but you weren't here still and i forgot about that16:15
nxvlmy fault16:15
cody-somervilleI appreciate the apology16:15
nxvlbut yes, on the server team we already test that16:15
nxvland we needed that sru's16:15
nxvlalso the fix was worked closely with upstream16:15
nxvland zul sponsored those16:16
nxvlso they have been well checked and testes16:16
cody-somervilleI don't care. It needs to follow the SRU policy like every other SRU.16:16
nxvlbut yes, it was rude and that was my fault16:16
nxvlyes, that i know16:16
nxvland it's following, the only issue here was that i was rude on what i did16:17
cody-somervilleAnd I had questions/concerns about the SRU16:17
nxvlyou can de-ack them if you feel it will be better16:17
nxvlso we avoid problems/discussions16:18
nxvli will try to ping you before doing so next time, i promise16:18
cody-somervillenxvl, Please send an e-mail to the archive admins alerting them to your mistake.16:18
nxvlcody-somerville: well, it haven't go trought sru-verification still16:18
nxvlcody-somerville: so archive admins aren't still involved, right?16:19
cody-somervillenxvl, sommers did upload already16:20
nxvlzul did16:20
cody-somervilleRight, his sponsor16:20
nxvlsommer has no upload rights16:20
nxvlok i will ping them16:20
nxvlis there a ML for arc admins16:21
joaopintofrom an archive admin perspective what would be the difference if nxvl acked and cody-somerville had no participation on the verification ?16:21
cody-somervillejoaopinto, Because nxvl is retracting his ack16:21
joaopintocody-somerville, that is not my question, what would be the difference from the procedure perspective if nxvl acked before you looked into the sru ?16:22
james_wnxvl, cody-somerville: I believe there were rejected last night16:23
james_wthey were, sorry16:23
nxvli'm de-acking to avoind issues with cody-somerville since what i did was rude16:23
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joaopintocody-somerville, he is not retracting because it feels is ACK was wrong per si, but just because it is wrong relating to your previous action16:23
nxvljames_w: so i don't need to ping the arch admins16:23
nxvlso i'm removing my vote until cody-somerville has all his concerns resulved16:24
james_wnxvl: I don't think so, check the unapproved queue16:24
nxvljoaopinto: exactly, but there is any difference?16:24
nxvljoaopinto: i think keeping good relationships and respecting the community and procedures is as important as the technical quality16:25
cody-somervillejoaopinto, I imagine the archive admins would have caught some of the same mistakes I did resulting in the SRU getting thrown back and so I would have gotten involved regardless.16:26
joaopintonxvl, right, but you don't need to roll backup a process which was properly followed to fix "relations", relations are resolved on a 1 to 1 basis, and that's what you are doing by acknowledging the fault16:26
nxvlyes, but it doesn't resolve/answer cody-somerville's concerns16:26
RainCTdholbach: now it's too late, but yes, it's OK :)16:41
phaidroshi, still on packages.ubuntu.com search servers are listed which do not mirror anymore.16:43
phaidroslook for debian.charite.de16:43
phaidrosthis is since ages, where to report this?16:43
phaidrosif not here?16:43
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Ahmuckgood morning17:13
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affluxHi! I'm unable to rebuild matplotlib, because it build-depends on python-enthought-traits (src:enthought-traits) has been removed from debian in favor of python-traits (which has a transitional python-enthought-traits package). python-traits, however, is not in Ubuntu. What is the procedure for this? Should I request a sync for it?17:54
spitfirehow to disable tests when bulding package?17:55
pochuafflux: likely17:55
pochuspitfire: check if they are run in debian/rules, and if so, disable them there :)17:55
spitfirepochu: I use pbuilder, is there a way to handle it internally?17:56
pochudon't think so17:56
spitfireOr do I have to edit rules manually?17:56
pochuthe latter17:56
spitfirethe latter?17:56
james_wthe package should repect DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=notest18:02
james_wor nocheck, I always forget18:02
Laneyevening guvnors18:04
spitfirejames_w: i found this: ifeq ($(with_check),yes)18:07
spitfireso WITH_CHECK=0 ?18:08
DaSkreech how would I find out if Mars Land Of No Mercy is being packaged ?18:08
james_wspitfire: with_check will be set somewhere else in the file probably18:08
james_whey Laney18:08
spitfirejames_w: nope.18:08
spitfiredidn't found it.18:08
DaSkreechspitfire: Me?18:08
spitfireDaSkreech: you.18:09
james_wspitfire: odd18:09
james_wspitfire: does the package use cdbs?18:09
spitfirejames_w: I'll pastebin it.18:09
spitfireIt's gcc18:09
james_wafflux: yeah, request a sync if it's not in jaunty.18:10
james_wafflux: it's possible it's in the NEW queue though18:10
affluxjames_w: where can I check that again? ;)18:10
spitfirejames_w: how do I deal with that?18:11
james_wspitfire: no idea18:11
james_wafflux: I can never remember the url18:11
spitfirejames_w: but it takes AGES:/18:11
affluxjames_w: ah, that one maybe? https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+queue18:12
spitfire^^maybe you could find somehing actually useful in it..18:12
spitfireafflux: jaunty18:12
spitfirenot intrepid18:12
affluxlooks good18:13
james_wafflux: that's it18:13
affluxjames_w: thanks then18:13
james_wspitfire: checkout #18:15
james_winclude debian/rules.defs18:15
james_winclude debian/rules.parameters18:16
DaSkreechspitfire: If it's not packaged by debian what is the liklihood that it will get packaged for Ubuntu ?18:16
spitfireso i should comment out these finctions? really?18:16
spitfirelook for packages.ubuntu.com18:17
spitfireBut it isn;t likely18:17
DaSkreechthere was a bug filed for it in LP18:17
spitfireWhen it's not in debian it rpobably wont be in ubuntu.18:17
spitfireBut try.18:17
DaSkreechok thanks18:18
spitfireDaSkreech: it takes looong tim sometimes.18:18
DaSkreechI realise the bug was filed for 7.1018:18
DaSkreechmight make it for 9.10 :)18:18
karoogahi, i'm trying package an app which doesn't have the licences in the original tar.gz.  Can't get hold of upstream... what options do I have?18:25
maxbkarooga: Doesn't have the licence full text, or doesn't have any declaration of licence at all?18:27
karoogamaxb: doesn't have full licence text.18:28
maxbIs the named licence a sufficiently common one that you can download it from another source and be confident it's the right licence?18:28
karoogamaxb: it is -  LGPL18:29
copprodoes it say what version?18:29
karoogamax: but I understand that the orig tar gz has to include the actual licence for it to be distributable.  This is not the case for the deb package though.18:30
karoogacoppro:   >= LGPL 218:33
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* RainCT rofl because of xkcd18:41
ScottKIf the desired license is documented, but just a full copy isn't provided, you can repack the tarball and add it.18:41
* ScottK has done that before.18:41
nhandlerRainCT: The xkcd comic for today gave me a great idea18:43
RainCTnhandler: which one?18:45
nhandlerRainCT: The voice synthesizer one. One day, I connected to my computer (which was connected to my iPod speakers at full volume) and started to play the Start Wars movie. It scared the crap out of my mom (who was working at home)18:46
karoogaScottK: presumably I'd upload (to launchpad or sourceforge etc) and then reference that site as the download tar.gz?18:46
affluxpochu: do I have to give some specific reason for syncing the new packages?18:47
pochuafflux: saying they are necessary for mpl should be enough18:51
nhandlerDoes anyone here know why uscan would detect foo-current.tar.gz as being newer than foo-x.y.tar.gz? Does it check when the files were last modified?18:54
mok0nhandler: it's the natural sorting order18:55
nhandlermok0: Ok, so I guess I'll just update my watch file to require the version to begin with a number18:56
mok0nhandler: yeah do that18:56
karoogaScottK still there?19:19
ScottKSort of19:19
karoogaScottK: dunno if you saw my last response? ;-)19:20
ScottKkarooga: Just did.19:20
ScottKNo, the repacked tarball is just used within Ubuntu then.  If it's a new package you use it in your upload to REVU.  You'll want to include a get-orig-source rule to recreate the tarball in the future.19:21
karoogaScottK: would uploading repackaged tarball make me upstream?19:21
* jpds mind-boggles at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/104943/ .19:32
ScottKkarooga: No.19:33
karoogaScottK: Ok, so all references in the debian package directory refer to the original tarball (copyright, control etc).  Only in the get-orig-source in rules I do some magic packaging to create the 'good' tarball?19:35
ScottKCopyright is original.  All the rest is refer to repacked version.19:36
* ScottK goes off for a while.19:36
karoogaScottK: I could just copy the relevant licence from /usr/share/apps/LICENSES and retarball?19:36
ScottK/usr/share/common-licenses or some authoritative source.19:38
karoogaScottK: great thanks for the help. :-)19:39
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jreinhardtHi everybody. Can someone please take a look on this package on REVU? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=pgfplots21:01
jreinhardtI (think I) fixed all comments from the first review21:02
jreinhardtBut I am not sure whether i got the watch file and the tex install part right21:03
vorianis there any kind of refernce on installing .xpm icons?21:38
RainCTvorian: what problem do you have?21:38
voriandebhelper is not installing icons from debian/icons21:39
voriani have the .install file set up correctly21:39
voriani've never messed with .xpm before21:39
RAOFIn what way is it not installing them?  They don't appear in the deb?21:41
voriandebhelper is not finding them21:41
RAOFWant to post the source pkg?21:43
vorianit's amarok21:44
vorianso, we use that kde4.mk voodoo21:44
RainCTvorian: it's like installing any other file21:44
voriani'm trying something else atm21:44
vorianRainCT: yeah, it does install every other file, but fails on that line21:49
vorianlet me see what happen with this build21:49
RainCTvorian: which line is it?21:49
vorianit's not in the current package21:50
vorianthis will be new21:50
RainCTvorian: I mean, paste it here :P21:50
RainCTweird, that should work (as long as it's allowed to mix both styles of lines in debian/install)21:53
vorianwe shall see21:54
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cbhlHi, I'm wondering about bug 178895 (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/audacity/+bug/178895); someone has commented that audacity 1.3.6-2 from Debian should fix the issue, but I notice that we're past DebianImportFreeze. What can/needs to be done to see if we can get audacity 1.3.6-2 in Jaunty?22:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 178895 in audacity "Audacity does not mesh with PulseAudio" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17889522:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 178895 in audacity "Audacity does not mesh with PulseAudio" [Low,Fix committed]22:28
voriancbhl: the package can still be sync'd if you file a request22:32
vorianimport freeze simply means that auto-syncs stop22:32
cbhlDo you have any tips as to how I can get started on filing a request? For example, do I need to open a bug report?22:32
voriansure, hold on22:33
nhandlercbhl: Use requestsync from ubuntu-dev-tools22:33
voriancbhl: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess22:33
voriancbhl: the tool nhandler mentions makes it semi-automatic22:33
vorianthe link i posted explains the reasoning22:34
cbhlvorian: okay, thank you -- I'll take a look at that right now22:34
nhandlercbhl: If this is your first sync request, you should try doing it by hand so you get the experience22:34
nhandlerHowever, the tool does save a lot of time if you are filing a lot of requests22:34
cbhlHm, it seems a request has already been filed.22:36
cbhlOkay, thanks for your time.22:36
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mrooneyIf my application is compatible with Python 2.5 and 2.6, should my pycompat be just 2.5 or something else?23:04
pochumrooney: >= 2.5, but you probably want XS-Python-Versions instead of pycompat23:14
mrooneypochu: I am using that in control, should I not have a pycompat then?23:16
pochumrooney: it's not necessary, no23:20
mrooneypochu: okay thanks, I'll that file!23:20
mrooneyI'll remove, that is23:21
rexbronany motu's interested in improving support for firewire-based sound cards? Please revu http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=libffado Thanks!23:33
mrooneyI was told I needed to add the gpl header to my `copyright`, does http://pastebin.com/f1794b68a look right?23:44
mrooneyactually, I think it was supposed to go in the License section, what about http://pastebin.com/f39e45710 ?23:48
vorianmrooney: that is better, you need a trailing line after that header that looks like23:49
vorianon line 17 and 1823:49
mrooneyvorian: oh okay, the link to it for the packaging itself isn't enough?23:51
vorianlicense header, then where to find the full text23:52
vorianthink of it in those terms23:52
vorianyou will also need the CC license header by the looks of your copyright page23:53
mrooneyvorian: yeah, I think you reviewed my package (wxbanker), so I am going through and making all the changes now23:53
vorianah, ok :)23:53
mrooneyI have done everything except the CC license header since I am not sure where to find that, and updating the standards version to 3.823:54
asomething_do you need the full CC license as there's no copy in /usr/share/common-licenses/ ?23:55
mrooneyasomething_: that's easier, I know where to find that :)23:56
mrooneypochu: so do I put http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/legalcode in the copyright file under license, and how do I separate that from the GPL above?23:58

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