asacwhy not00:00
ftai don't know why it's not in there yet00:00
asacits the perfect place for that ;)00:00
asacnow that it becomes more popular00:00
ftathere's probably a reason00:00
asacfta: there is no sponsor/maintainer00:00
asacfta: ask jcastro00:00
ftajcastro, ^^00:01
jcastrofta: I usually don't push one unless upstream asks me to00:03
jcastrohe doesn't really want it in universe until he gets it hooked up to the gnome keyring00:03
jcastrowhich he's working on currently00:03
jcastrofta: however, if you want to throw an update into your PPA I have no qualms copying them to the official PPA. :D00:04
ftajcastro, ok, i can do a rogue snapshot then00:04
jcastrofta: follow the versioning scheme that's in the gwibber ppa, let me know and I'll copy them over when yours are built00:04
ftai follows the version scheme so it integrates well00:04
jcastrolet me just give you access to the gwibber ppa00:04
jcastroso if I get hit by a truck you can update00:05
ftalol, I think i risk more than you do, i commute by bike everyday00:05
ftaand in paris, drivers are crazy00:06
jcastroyour lp username is "fta" right?00:06
asacobviously ;)00:06
jcastrowell, I never assume lp names because there are so many ones00:06
jcastroand I've on many occasions assigned bugs to the wrong people, heh00:06
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/104608/00:07
jcastrofta: ok you should be able to push to the gwibber ppa now00:07
ftaasac, that's for your "is not a symbolic link"00:07
jcastrofta: I usually push to my personal ppa, announce on identi.ca for people to test it00:07
jcastroand then if I get good results I push it to the official ppa00:07
asacfta: do_remove = 1 is default ... scary00:08
asacbut "is not a symbolic link" sets it to 000:08
asacso should be ok i hope00:08
ftajcastro, great, i'll experiment on my side 1st, i hate to push broken stuff, and now that ppa have stats, it's even worse00:09
asacppa have stats?00:09
asacwhat kind of stats?00:09
fta PPA build status00:09
ftaTotal builds: 278100:09
ftaFailed 30500:09
ftaPending 200:09
ftaSuperseded 6600:09
ftaSucceeded 240800:09
asacthought download stats ;)00:10
asacfor a moment00:10
ftano, i wish00:10
ftaif only00:10
fta11% of failed :(00:10
ftaI push by 36 so it raises fast00:11
ftaasac, you cost me ~108 bad with your upstreamed patches00:12
asacyou mean because i forgot to rename?00:12
asacin series?00:12
fta{xul/ff 3.1/3.2} {hardy,intrepid,jaunty} {i386,amd64,lpia}00:13
asacgood ;)00:13
asacfinally i found a purpose ;)00:13
asaci will try to do better in future ;)00:14
ftayes, please00:14
ftaat least, push the full series00:14
asacdid i push half series at some point ;)?00:14
asacfta: i think 10% isnt that bad ;) ... givent that moz central is burning more than half of the time ;)00:16
ftawhen you renamed a patch without updating the series, obviously00:16
asacfta: yes, but in that case  just forgot th eseries ... didnt push "half" of it :) (just kidding because of "full")00:17
ftalol https://code.edge.launchpad.net/gwibber00:20
ftamore contributors than us00:20
asacwhats funny?00:21
asacwe dont have an upstream tree00:21
asacits natural that you dont get that many ;)00:21
asacthose are mostly topic branches00:21
asacbut did they ever contribute anything? e.g. how many got merged at some point?00:22
ftahow would I know00:24
asaclaunchpad auto detects that nowadays00:24
asacat least when you requested a merge00:25
asacif the merge is pushed the merge request gets auto flagged as "merged"00:25
asacimo branches should be marked as such too00:25
ftathe last two, maybe00:25
asacotherwise you end up with zillions of new ones00:25
ftajcastro, hm, how do you merge the two branches? manually?00:30
ftai see two .bzr in your last tarball00:30
ftatoo bad you don't have a debian dir in the packaging branch00:31
asacwhat kind of packaging branch doesnt hav a debian/dir at all?00:39
ftaasac, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~gwibber-team/gwibber/packaging00:39
asacfta: yes. thats a "debian" only branch00:40
asacfta: you can use it like ours00:40
asacjust take the upstream branch00:40
ftai have it00:40
asacand use --merge --export-upstream=/path/to/upstream --export-upstream-revision=...00:40
asacon first build to get the orig00:41
asacthen you can copy that for subsequent runs to tarballs00:41
asacand just use --merge00:41
asac( bzr bd)00:41
jcastrofta: yeah when I first made it I failed at naming it properly00:42
ftaok, i jast packed the tarball myself, and used --merge00:42
asacbranch should also get .bzr-builddeb/default.conf00:42
asacwith revid:... and so on00:42
asacso you can fix the upstream revision for individual releases00:42
asac  ok off to sleep00:44
jcastrowhat I do is when he says to do a release I go into my gwibber dir, bzr pull, then I bzr branch my packaging branch into debian/, then debuild00:44
jcastroThis was my first ppa so I am totally open to whatever everyone else is doing00:45
ftawe have a packaging branch like yours but with a debian/ dir00:46
ftaso bzr bd --merge from the packaging branch works directly00:46
jcastroI didn't know about this bd --merge00:46
fta0.7~bzr120~intrepid~ppa0 looks like a native version to me00:47
ftawhat about 0.7~bzrXX-1~intrepid~ppaY instead? so upstream is 0.7~bzrXX and packaging is 1~intreprepid~ppaY00:49
fta1 or 0ubuntu1, i don't mind00:49
jcastrowhat is the 1 for?00:49
fta1st iteration of packaging00:49
ftadebian syntax00:49
jcastroI thought that's what ppaX was for?00:50
jcastrosure, whatever you think is best00:50
jcastroI kind of just winged the version to what seemed to work00:50
jcastroI am not really wedded to anything as long as I know how to do it from then on00:50
ftafeel free to reject my changes afterwards ;)00:50
jcastroHaving someone who cares about updating it is worth changes to me. :D00:51
ftacurrent snapshot seems broken00:58
ftait starts file, i open the about dialog, i can't close it00:58
ftajcastro, ^^01:00
ftajcastro, to update the package automatically: http://paste.ubuntu.com/104627/ (that's without the --export-upstream* from asac).01:32
fta"+" is fixed, not \01:35
ftaa get-orig-source rule would be nice01:37
asacfta: you dont like --export-upstream?11:35
asacbug 316452 becomes more interesting11:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316452 in nss "[jaunty] last update broke some libraries (libnss3-1d, libnspr4-0d)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31645211:51
asacldconfig is too smart for us ;)11:52
ftaasac, it's not that i don't like --export-upstream, more that i never used it. should experiment 1st.13:44
asacthought you use bzr bd13:54
asacfta: --export-upstream isnt perfect .. if you are on a different system the same export can have different check-sum13:54
asacso its usually a one time operation13:54
asacso bzr bd -e --export-upstream... could do the trick13:54
asacfor "just" export13:54
asacwith default.conf you dont have to care at all13:56
ftai use bzr bd all the time, but without --export-upstream13:57
asacfta: so jaunty is + and hardy is ~ ;)14:11
asacnot that bad ;)14:11
asacexcept that you have to bump veresion for jaunty upload to next ubuntu revision14:12
asac(if uploaded officially)14:12
ftamy mistake, jcastro used intrepid as default.14:12
ftano, i can bump ftaX14:12
asacfta: yeah ... but usually we dont include personall suffixes in uploads to official archive14:13
asacnot really an issue though ;)14:13
ftathe naming in my ppa doesn't hurt the one in the gwibber ppa, i'm lower, i can use their naming when i push there14:13
ftai don't plan to copy, but to re-push14:14
asacfta: 0.7.3~bzr183-0ubuntu1~fta2 not fixed14:15
ftathe idea to use the ~fta sig in my ppa is to be able to identify my debs so it's clear in bugs and i can ask people to revert all my stuff if they complain too much14:15
asacfta: all fine ;)14:15
asac(fta suffix)14:16
asaci dont care ;) ... just wanted to point out and being picky ;)14:16
asacbut the + isnt fixed for me :/14:16
ftabut jorge pushed in it's own ppa too, with the naming i provided in my pastebin yesterday14:16
asacfta: is the current snapshot latest bzr?14:19
ftai think so14:19
asac187 ;)14:19
fta4 hours ago...14:20
ftaso it's not, but close14:20
asacwasnt really a complain ;)14:20
asacfta: bump ;)14:36
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/104851/  ??14:49
asacfta: not sure why there is a difference14:50
asacthe applications thing is for the start menu14:51
ftaand why two ?14:51
asacthe autostart thing is for autostart14:51
ftabzr-gtk: /etc/xdg/autostart/bzr-notify.desktop14:51
ftaapp-install-data: /usr/share/app-install/desktop/bzr-notify.desktop14:51
asacso nm-applet doesnt have a menu entry so its only in autostart14:51
ftai mean14:51
ftabzr-gtk: /usr/share/applications/bzr-notify.desktop14:51
ftaapp-install-data: /usr/share/app-install/desktop/bzr-notify.desktop14:51
asacfta: app-install-data is used for the add/remove ... dialog14:51
asace.g. the apps listed there are available with image and so on before installing14:51
ftaX-AppInstall-Popcon=318 sounds weird14:51
asacfta: yes, but makes sense. its the popularity info used to display in gnome-app-install14:52
asacbased on popcon data14:52
ftaoh, lol, i thought they hardcoded their ranking14:52
asacyea its knd of hardcoded. just automatically updated14:54
asacand maintained outside the app ;)14:54
asacto prevent fraud14:54
asacjcastro: any clue why some messages from me dont show up on my personal page?15:06
ftaasac, jcastro, a bunch of fixes: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~gwibber-team/gwibber/packaging15:19
jcastrofta: ok15:19
jcastrofta: I have some questions about that little script15:20
jcastrobut they will have to wait until later15:20
jcastroactually I can do one now15:20
jcastrowhy the tarballs?15:20
jcastroI usually just bzr bd --split15:20
ftathat's how it used to work with bd prior to --split, --export-upstream, etc.. old style i would say15:21
jcastroah ok15:21
ftai can add a get-orig-source so none of this will matter15:22
asacfta: how about adding .bzr-builddeb/default.conf instaead=15:29
ftayeah, maybe it's time for me to look at this. pointer to a doc ?15:30
jcastrofta: in hindsight, could we perhaps rename packaging to debian so when we branch it in the gwibber dir it puts the debian directory in the right place?15:34
jcastroright now it spits out a packaging/debian/15:34
jcastrowhich is kind of dumb15:34
ftacan bd use a flat packaging dir now?15:35
Jazzvafta: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Extensions/Bzr there is something there about .bzr-builddeb/default.conf15:37
ftathx, i'll have a look later today, i have to run now15:39
asacjcastro: really, look at bzr-builddeb/default.conf stuff ... in that way you just get the debian dir and run bzr bd  -> done16:58
asacno hazzles ;)16:58
asacbut fta now looks into it i gues16:58
jcastroasac: I am investigating it17:04
jcastroasac: I am slowly getting into the best practice17:04
asacjcastro: cool. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Extensions/Bzr17:04
asacthats what we currently have for extensions17:04
asaclook a bit down the page17:04
asacConfigure .bzr-builddeb/default.conf to specify upstream branch revision ID  and ff17:05
jcastroyep I noticed that earlier17:06
asacyeah ... wasnt sure if you saw Jazzva's post17:07
[reed]asac: that your first time to use Hg?17:31
ftaasac, it's not very user friendly, i mean, you have to track the rev id yourself, bd should provide a hook for a script17:31
ftaasac_, <fta> asac, it's not very user friendly, i mean, you have to track the rev id yourself, bd should provide a hook for a script17:33
asac_fta: what kind of script?17:34
asac_for what purpose?17:34
asac_finding the revid?17:34
ftasomething to get the upstream version and rev id17:35
asac_what would be the improvement?17:36
asac_wouldnt it just help to update the default.conf properly when doing a merge --upstream-merge ?17:36
asac_fta: ?17:37
asac_for me this sounds like the feature we want ;)17:37
asac_maybe bzr bd-merge ;)17:37
=== asac_ is now known as asac
ftaasac, really, i don't see the benefit. you still have to find all the info yourself, and it's no longer a packaging branch, it's a huge branch with upstream in it, so it's slow.18:07
ftaand big18:08
ftaand worse, it's manual18:08
jcastrofta: asac: how are you guys liking this denting for team-related work?18:24
ftajcastro, about what? .bzr-builddeb/default.conf? gwibber?18:28
jcastrofta: I mean just denting in general about mozilla-team stuff18:31
jcastroI am wondering if we should encourage other teams to do the same thing18:31
jcastroget more info out there to users, etc.18:31
BUGabundo1fta asac ping19:00
BUGabundo1fta do you remember that last week I mention I saw a segfault on the console when closing FF?19:01
BUGabundo1well now, I see a popup several times a day19:01
BUGabundo1also is there a way for 3.1 not block pages auto-refresh, and not show that anowing button that says Allow, but clicking it won't allow anything??19:02
=== jetsaredim1 is now known as jetsaredim
asacfta: manual? how is that?19:50
asacfta: i said: "wouldnt it just help to update the default.conf properly when doing a merge  --upstream-merge ?19:51
asacjcastro: i use #ubuntumozilla ... as and experiment19:57
asacjcastro: havent done the automated summary thing yet though19:57
ftajcastro, i'm still unsure about that microblogging thing, it's fun for sure but on the long run, 140 chars are too short to convey anything more than instant feeling or quick Q&A. and it's volatile.19:59
BUGabundo1fta that's why I like jaiku20:00
BUGabundo1140 for the OP20:00
BUGabundo1and unlimite for comments120:00
ftaasac, from the ex in the wiki, i don't see any benefit; but maybe i missed something20:00
asacfta: you missed that the ex in wiki is just a first simple solution. there are ways to make things better; but its definitly a good way. and full-source target - even though huge - are usually better either, as they have everything you need at the same place20:07
fta_it's a totally different work-flow20:08
fta_it has its own advantages and drawbacks20:08
asacthe workflow is:  bzr  branch ... work on package; bzr bd ... no hazzles; no thinking about upstream etc.20:09
asacbut i see that there can be different opinions ;)20:10
fta_the tarball thing is not ideal i agree, especially for tracking huge fast moving targets like moz trunk but here, that's two huge branches20:10
fta_i would rather use just one20:10
asacbut i used both extensively and full-source is nicer for me20:10
fta_that's why i requested the doc, the wiki is a particular case20:12
asac6 boxes burning in tinderbox ;)20:12
asacits not relevant for us anyway ;) ... at lesat until we can sync from hg to bzr20:12
asacotoh, once we move stuff to upstream thats ok i guess20:12
asacbut i am not yet sure if we really should move everything there20:13
asacor improve upstream build to pull packaging from bzr  ;)20:13
fta_asac, read my answer to the chromium guys?20:15
jcastrofta: btw I made a debian branch instead of packaging, now you can branch right in the gwibber root and it will do what you expect20:16
fta_asac, yes, mail20:16
fta_how come the ftp only has 2 arches??20:16
fta_jcastro, ??20:17
asacfta_: thats ok ... publishing thing i guess20:18
jcastrofta_: instead of a stupid "packaging" directory when you check out it just puts the debian directory there20:18
asacfta_: ah ... now i understand your question ;)20:18
asacfta_: the other archs are on ports.ubuntu.com20:18
=== fta_ is now known as fta
asacfta_: ?20:18
asacgot that?20:18
asac21:18 < asac> fta_: ah ... now i understand your question ;)20:18
asac21:18 -!- fta [n=fta@ubuntu/member/fta] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]20:18
asac21:18 < asac> fta_: the other archs are on ports.ubuntu.com20:19
asacfta: i think usually only supported archs are on main ftp20:19
asaclpia is an exception20:19
ftawhen i reco, my old session takes ages to timeout :(20:19
asacnot sure why it wasnt moved there20:19
asacarmel will probably follow20:19
asacbut maybe also an issue with mirrors and space20:19
ftaarmel in in ports20:20
asacas i said20:20
asacarmel is official i think ... same for lpia20:20
asacbut both are stuck in ports20:20
ftai thought the debs were supposed to re-enter NEW but apparently not20:22
asacfta: reenter NEW? i think they were approved20:24
asacfta: you dont get mail if binaries end up in NEW20:25
ftathe src was20:25
asacfta: binaries definitly too20:25
asacyou just had luck that archive admins had an eager day ;)20:25
ftawell, at least for xul 1.9.1, ff 3.1, it was in 2 steps20:25
ftai polled seb128, but i'm not sure who did it in the end20:25
asacfta: who cares  as long as it happened ;)20:26
ftaepiphany crashed20:30
asacfta: will you go for ext4?20:32
ftatempting but not now.20:32
asaci wonder if i try with build partitions first20:32
asacscared about loosing my home20:32
ftaI need to change my main HD. mine is too noisy, and too slow20:33
ftaand too small20:33
asacthat would be a good moment to reconsider fs ;)20:33
asacfta: you need to get two fast raptor disks20:33
asacuse them in RAID for build-dir20:33
asacthat rocks ;) and boosts builds by 50% at least20:34
asacand for home two 1TB ;)20:34
asacdoesnt need to be that fast20:35
asacjust massive storage20:35
asacso four new disks ;)20:35
asac(at least i would need that)20:35
asacand a new CPU :)20:35
asacand 16GB of mem ;)20:36
asacread: a new computer ;)20:36
jcastroasac: I got a 32gb ssd. :D20:36
jcastroso I put that as / and my normal disk as /home20:36
jcastrothough I should put my build area on the ssd someplace20:36
asacjcastro: is ssd fast?20:36
ftafta@ix:~ $ dmesg | grep segfault | tr '[' ' ' | awk '{ print $2 }' | sort | uniq -c20:36
fta      1 evolution20:36
fta     60 firefox-3.220:36
asacjcastro: i wouldnt put / on it ... just /var/builddir20:36
jcastroasac: it's sick fast20:36
jcastromy boot is like 15 seconds20:37
asacjcastro: can one stripe them even?20:37
jcastroand that was before people started optimizing boot for jaunty20:37
jcastroyep, they're normal sata drives as far as the pc is concerned20:37
jcastrothat would be insanely expensive (but fast)20:37
asachmm ... i dont ned fast boot ... just massive build performance20:37
asacat best for 4 builds at the same time ;)20:37
asaclet me check what my dealer charges for those20:38
ftaBUGabundo1, me too. i think apport changed or something20:38
ftagasp, too late20:38
jcastroasac: you want a samsung SLC SSD (which is the one I got) or any of the intel ones, the other ones suck20:38
jcastroasac: lots of new ones coming out this quarter though, so waiting is also an option. :D20:39
asacyeah ... head abou tthat20:41
whiteasac: xulrunner DSA released, waiting for Eric to upload iceweasel now20:41
whiteasac: thanks for all your work :)20:42
asacwhite: welcome too for helping out20:43
ftaanother ff3.2 crash on exit :(20:47
asacfta: isnt that the same segfault still?20:48
ftait is20:48
asacwhite: would you be interested to help out directly contributing to old branch security upstream?20:49
ftamy 60+ crashes are when i click on urls, so remote sessions20:49
asacwhite: for instance, we lack folks that verify fixes for which we backport and commit patches20:49
asacfta: yeah. i will look into it at some point20:49
asacfta: could you report that upstream?20:50
whiteasac: well, i suppose I'll do future DSAs, but hope that other members of the sec team will take them as well. At the moment, I don't have the time to constantly check ice* code, but if issues arise, I'm happy to help :)20:56
rzrhi guys , do you know about palm's WebOS ? http://www.newlc.com/en/forum/palm-plateforms-also-gnulinux-based21:00
ftaasac, mozilla bug 47362921:03
ubottuMozilla bug 473629 in General "crash on exit" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=47362921:03
asacfta: do you have libc-dbgsym installed?21:05
ftaasac, ^^21:08
jcastroasac: Is ap association speed after resume being real slow a NM problem or a driver problem?21:12
asacjcastro: its a scan thing i think21:16
asacjcastro: a reace21:16
asacNM wakes up; wpasupp wakes up21:17
asacnm sends dbus scan but wpasupp isnt there yet21:17
asacfta: can you bump nspr and nss in ppa?21:27
asac(to include fix)21:27
ftaI thought you pushed that to main !?21:29
asacfta: i mean for intrepid/hardy ;)21:33
jcastroasac: does that happen for everybody regardless of what driver they use then?21:34
asacfta: i have a intrepid sysstem where i likely can verify the upgrade issue because there are a bunch of stuff hanging21:34
jcastroasac: because for me it really sucks, it's easily over a minute21:34
asacjcastro: not known whether driver matters; if it matters, its just of a less/more fortunate timing; so its not a driver bug most likely21:35
asacjcastro: can you reproduce?21:35
asacfor me its rather quick usually ... so ;)21:35
jcastroI will just give you my laptop during the sprint. :D21:36
fta[reed], i can't add checkin-needed for mozilla bug 46091321:36
asaclet me check something21:36
ubottuMozilla bug 460913 in Build Config "Installer shouldn't copy xulrunner files into Firefox install directory" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46091321:36
[reed]why not?21:37
[reed]what happens?21:37
ftano such flag21:37
ftawith my profile at least21:37
[reed]it's a keyword21:37
[reed]see at the top21:37
[reed]Keywords: ______________________21:37
[reed]put checkin-needed there21:37
ftaoh, it's not per-patch21:38
ftashould I add wanted1.9.1 too ? I need it there21:39
[reed]if you want to, sure21:40
[reed]you should request approval1.9.1 on the attachment21:41
asacfta: once the patch has landed and applies to 1.9.1 you can ask for approval stating a good reason ;)21:41
[reed]once it lands on trunk21:41
* asac slow typer ;)21:42
* asac should rest while eating ;)21:42
ftaasac, damn, Rejected: File nspr_4.7.3.orig.tar.gz already exists in PPA for Fabien Tassin, but uploaded version has different contents22:04
ftaasac, where did you take the tarball you pushed?22:04
ftaasac, some dbgsym debs are missing: http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/libs/libselinux/  no 2.0.65-522:29
ftapff, it's not using debhelper at all22:42
asacfta: not sure. i think i used the one you had in ppa23:16
asacfta: hmm ... you think you can build libselinux with dbg?23:17
ftai tried, nada. i ended up forcing a nostrip build23:18
asacfta: you can do DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="debug nostrip"23:18
ftai think it's either a jemalloc/malloc confusion, or a flash unloading issue23:25
asacthought it happens on remote client too23:33
ftait does23:36
asacmeans its flash unrelated23:50
fta"Approved merge ~asac/gwibber/bug317073-pasted-url-escaping"23:50
asac/usr/bin/ld: jsapi.o: relocation R_X86_64_PC32 against undefined hidden symbol `stdin' can not be used when making a shared object23:53
asacmozilla-central incremental build23:53
asactoo bad23:53
asaccleaned just js/ ... lets hop23:53

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