Vantraxanyone heard about the Australian NSW government k12 tender?03:13
Vantraxspec basically means every kid in the NSW system will have a linux netbook.03:14
sladen[[citation needed]]03:22
Vantraxhttp://www.zdnet.com.au/news/hardware/soa/NSW-issues-200m-PC-wireless-tender/0,130061702,339293637,00.htm https://tenders.nsw.gov.au/commerce/?event=public.rft.showClosed&RFTUUID=F6004F9F-90B3-D71E-C95E6CE7623629C303:24
Vantraxmax cost $500AUD, considering the dell mini 9 is $550 at education pricing it basically means no way to bundle MS into the price. Have to go linux03:26
sladenunless ...Microsoft *pay* AU$50 times $number_ordered for each copy of MS Office03:28
Vantraxwell MS windows and MS office both would have to be free effectively...03:28
Vantraxthe NSW government has been piloting Linux based school labs here and there for a while03:29
sladenyes/no, it's worth enough to Microsoft that they would not only make any necessary "free" but they would actually pay the contracter/government to install Microsoft stuff so that the contract didn't go elsewhere03:30
sladenwhat sadly happens all too frequently is that a government department says "we're going Linux" and Bill Gates gets in his jet and has a "meeting" the next day03:31
sladenwith somebody high-up (like a prime-minister)03:31
Vantraxyeah, maybe it will be different with a new prime ministeer03:33
Vantraxwhere you from sladen03:42
sladenI'm in the United Kindom at the momnet03:43
sladenKingdom; moment03:44
Rinchenboredandblogging, did you see the follow-up responses about the fridge gcal?15:43
cody-somervilleThe ubuntu.com domain sounds interesting15:49
boredandbloggingRinchen: yes16:06
boredandbloggingRinchen: the free tools argument has been fair, but the drupal calendars have been a royal pain16:12
james_wI think you should document what the current issues are, so that you can show people the reasons for moving to something non-free16:13
james_wand when problems are hit with using google calendar there aren't questions about what moving to google improved16:13
Rinchenyeah, I would love to use the event repeat module but it has so many problems it would be a disservice to the community16:22
james_wRinchen: could you expand on the problems?16:23
boredandbloggingi was wondering if its useful for LoCos to add their irc meetings to the calendar, maybe a separate calendar?16:23
Rinchenjames_w, in simplest terms: a) it has security holes that Kees could drive a bus through, b) it's not available for Drup 6 because it's being rewritten to address those fundamental architectural holes16:24
james_wRinchen: ah, I didn't realise Kees had reviewed it16:25
james_wit was unnamed "security problems" before16:25
Rinchenjames_w, I don't think it did. It was a metaphor you'd get though :-)16:26
james_wwell, one of the maintainers is on the drupal security team, so it probably doesn't have gaping holes16:26
Rinchennewz knows the story best but I've gotten the same story from him and elmo16:26
james_wand currently, only trusted people are able to create events aren't they?16:26
Rinchenif it were installed, yes that is correct16:28
RinchenI wasn't able to get IS to install it though :-(16:28
james_wit seems a bit silly to me to migrate away from free tools when there are free tools we could either use or fix16:29
james_wand I was mistaken about the maintainer of the module being on the security team, sorry16:30
cody-somervillejames_w, I dunno if you noticed but Mark asked if maybe it would be a good idea to get google domain applications thingie for ubuntu.com16:34
Rinchenre: silly.  My Drupal experts tell me that event repeat should rock for 6 when it's out but it won't be for a some time yet.  It's been difficult to get attention to the Fridge unless it's security related so the going has been slow. :-(16:36
james_wyeah, I can understand that16:36
james_wI'm told that the whole calendar system has been overhauled in 6 and is much better16:36
james_wcody-somerville: I did16:36
boredandbloggingRinchen: newz had some ideas for doing the calendar stuff after he got from his conferene16:44
Rinchenyeah, I'm waiting to hear back from newz on those16:44
RinchenI haven't poked him about it though16:44
boredandbloggingbut I think it would still be the same issue...it would take too long to roll them out16:44
TumieCan we change the world? Yes we can! Can we fix it? Yes we can! BOB THE BUILDER :D :D :D19:15
cody-somervilleyes yes19:27

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