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jribfind: your brain01:31
Picifind test bleh01:34
Picifind him, hang him :)01:42
Picihrm. That did it @ 15:31 EST in #ubuntuforums01:42
ubottusigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.01:48
nickrudcould someone poke the floodbots? they seem a little too active01:56
naliothpoke them with what?01:57
nickrudnalioth, a clue stick01:57
nickrudby the way nalioth hi, haven't seen you for a while ;)01:57
* nalioth has been watching 01:58
naliothseeing folks vouching for my authenticity01:58
Seeker`pfft, nalioth is a bot01:58
ubottuThe operation succeeded.02:00
Jack_SparrowIf a user justs floods with profanity we dont need that on bt right.. just a note about it not one of the colorful quotes02:02
Jack_Sparrow@mark #ubuntu Oinkness A true potty-mouth... Impatient and Rude..02:03
ubottuThe operation succeeded.02:03
nickrudhi wobblywu 02:12
wobblywuhi nickrud 02:12
nickruddon't tell me there's a problem in -offtopic02:13
wobblywuthere isn't02:13
wobblywuthere rarely are problems there :)02:13
nickrudnah, only when you're around ;)02:14
wobblywuyou should know the main cause of the problems there by now :P02:14
wobblywuyou crazy vikings looting and plundering the poor village ;(02:14
wobblywuthere's a problem with a user currently in both main and -offtopic, though02:14
nickrudI'm a weaponless viking there02:14
nickrudwhich one?02:14
wobblywuopersts, idling in both main and -offtopic, seems to enjoy bugging users in PM02:14
wobblywui've seen him do it to others a few times now, and I was the lucky one today :)02:15
wobblywunothing too big, but it could cause a disturbance with someone less familiar with these kind of users02:15
nickrudah, thanks. I checked him earlier in main, telling someone that asking about wireless wasn't an ubuntu question and to please leave02:15
wobblywuhe basically accuses users of acting racist, in PM02:16
wobblywuthen goes on to rant about being rude for mentioning his nickname in the channel, and stuff like: (03:08) <opersts> or further action may be taken (03:08) <opersts> of my own choosing.02:16
jribwobblywu: he'll be banned if he continues, I warned him now02:16
wobblywunothing major, of course.. but it's a nuisance we might be able to do without, especially if his behaviour is less than useful in main as well :)02:17
jribhe's an obvious troll though02:17
jribyou can tell as much just from his /whois02:17
wobblywualways fun, being in here... what would I have to do to get an "idling allowed" badge?02:18
wobblywu<- good at playing dead02:18
nickrudwondering if it's the same guy as markpee02:18
wobblywuI believe he is02:18
wobblywuor they have a very similar sense of humour02:18
nickrud*is markpee, that sounds similar to his tactics02:18
naliothwobblywu: we don't know who you are, for one02:19
wobblywunalioth, really? I end up in here more often than I want to admit02:19
nickrudprobably not as often as needed ;p02:20
wobblywuI must say I'm fairly lopsided in my channel of activity preference, though02:20
naliothwobblywu: you are not identified02:20
wobblywunalioth, that's a long story *blames LjL*02:20
naliothwobblywu: you could be _anyone)02:20
naliothwobblywu: ergo: we don't know who you are02:20
wobblywumight be time to add one of those ACCESS list entries once I remember that password of mine02:21
jribguys, opersts is friends with the owner of freenode!02:30
wobblywu... ?02:30
jrib!ettiquette > opersts02:30
jrib!coc > opersts02:30
wobblywuyou sure you want to do that?02:31
wobblywuhe knows mister Freenode02:31
wobblywuFrank Freenode, if my memory serves me well02:31
nickrudwobblywu, I think your thinking of Freddy02:32
ubottujrib called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()02:33
wobblywumister freenode-friend just became naughty02:33
naliothhi opersts what can we do for you?02:35
operststonyyarusso, jrib 02:35
operstshi nalioth - i need to talk to tonyyarusso and jrib 02:36
operstsi need to get back onto ubuntu and ubuntu-offtopic please 02:36
operstsi am a regular in those rooms and so i dont appericated being wiped off for no reason02:36
naliothwhy is that? you seem to have no respect for anyone there02:36
operstsits everyone else who seems to lack respect02:37
operstsi was trying to keep them in line02:37
naliothahhh, i see.02:38
naliothyou can come back and try again in a few days02:38
operststhats unaccetable 02:38
naliothwell, you put yourself in the position02:38
operstsyes well someone has to take control over this place 02:39
naliothi suggest you go clean up efnet or quakenet, then (good practice)02:39
operstsnow let me back so i can teach jrib and tonyyarusso a lesson02:39
naliothwhat kind of lesson would that be?02:40
operstsGoodbye, nalioth 02:40
naliothtonyyarusso: please mark this gentleman in the bantracker02:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bantracker02:42
* tonyyarusso has to remember how to use02:42
ubottuThe operation succeeded.02:43
ubottuThe operation succeeded.02:43
tonyyarussooh yeah02:43
nickrudand   @mark02:43
ubottuError: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.02:43
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ubottuThe operation succeeded.02:43
nickrudbluesmoke, blowing smoke again?02:43
Jack_Sparrowtonyyarusso,          like this                 @mark #ubuntu opersts  Offense..02:45
FlannelHe was causing trouble the other day too.02:45
tonyyarussoaroo?  Nifty Jack_Sparrow 02:45
FlannelHis ident won't change even if his nicks do.02:46
tonyyarussoI just did it in the web interface.02:46
tonyyarussoawww, or tried to.  db error02:46
Jack_SparrowYou can do it from here too.. thanks to our handy dandy programmers02:46
Jack_SparrowFlannel, I didnt think they had to change repos.. just   sudo do-release upgrade  to upgrade feisty to gutsy03:21
FlannelThe first thing you have to do on feisty is make sure you're fully up to date (and have update manager installed), so you need to move over to old-releases for that03:21
FlannelAlso, he's on edgy, so he's going E F G03:22
Jack_SparrowThats a long haul03:22
FlannelYep.  Pity he upgraded to Edgy and didn't stick with Dapper ;)03:22
FlannelWuju in -ot could use a looking at04:17
FlannelHooray pings04:23
FlannelHmmm, nothing in -monitor?  Or am I not in that channel anymore04:23
Flannelwhat on earth?04:29
FlannelRandom query from someone whos in *no* channels with me with an Ubuntu question?04:29
tritiumFlannel: nice04:29
Flanneltritium: Now in #u... was just the strangest thing in the world04:30
tritiumThat is strange indeed.04:30
ubottuThe operation succeeded.05:27
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zirodayhey frootcaek in #ubuntu is trolling06:53
zirodayand is inviting people from ##linux06:53
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ubottuThe operation succeeded.09:05
ikoniaubottu responds to "find -name"09:05
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:05
ikoniaI thought it should only respond to !find09:05
stdinikonia: it probably only responds like that to those of us who are logged in09:15
stdinI need to work in the filtering some more, as the inbuilt supybot filtering is not sufficient I've had to reimplement a custom filter09:15
ikoniastdin: nope, user in #ubuntu was triggerin it09:16
stdinwell, that's just code fail for me :p09:16
ikoniaha ha, 09:16
MyrttiI want to throw up :-(09:20
MyrttiI'm so confused and stressed and everything09:24
* elkbuntu cuddles Myrtti09:32
ikonia|_ocke: what's up ? 09:55
ikoniahow can we help09:55
ikonia|_ocke: hello ?09:56
Flannelikonia: Its likely a forward09:57
ikoniajust found it09:57
ikoniatons of ban/forwards for him09:57
ikoniamay as well get rid of him now as his constant sexual requests are not going to change looking at the history09:58
elkbuntuwho this time?10:05
Tm_Tme again?10:05
ikoniajussi 10:06
jussi01hey, ikonia10:06
Myrttido you want him out of here?10:06
Myrttior from where?10:06
|_ockecan i please get unbanned from #ubuntu-offtopic10:07
|_ockeit's been like 2 weeks now10:07
ikonia|_ocke: whats the deal with all the sexual stuff10:07
ikonia|_ocke: you do it loads10:07
ikoniayou know its wrong10:07
ikoniawhy ?10:07
ikoniahow many times have you been banned for it - I count 4 now10:07
ikoniaat least10:07
|_ockei hade had too much to drink at the time10:07
ikoniaso ?10:08
ikoniawhat about the other times10:08
|_ockei only thought i'd been banned twice, but i guess i'm wrong10:08
ikoniayou are10:08
ikoniawhy do you keep doing it ?10:08
|_ockei apologize, i don't mean to do it10:09
ikoniatired of people who are persistantly a problem, and you are10:09
ikonia|_ocke: you do it persistantly10:09
ikoniaso don't say you didn't mean to do it - you've done it at leat 3 other times and been banned for it10:09
|_ockeit's not like it's somethin i do on purpose in the chan10:09
ikoniayet you keep doing it10:09
elkbuntu|_ocke, you are responsible for your own actions. we are responsible for keeping our channels clean. you've proven that we cannot trust you in our channels, so we must do what we can to keep them clean10:10
|_ockei admit i talk more freely in other channels where it is appropriate and results in lively chat when before there was nothing, but i only talk about it in the ubuntu channels unintentionally when i am not in my right mind and don't realize i'm saying such things in the wrong channel10:11
elkbuntu|_ocke, we cannot afford the manhours to babysit you.10:12
|_ockeand if it's what it takes, i'll promise to leave all ubuntu related channels as soon as i start drinking any day10:12
elkbuntuyou've promised this before, and you fail to do so10:13
elkbuntuwhy should we believe you this time?10:13
ikonia|_ocke: can we move on now10:24
ikoniayou've been quite for 15 minutes, so lets move on 10:24
ikonia!idle | |_ocke 10:41
ubottu|_ocke: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.10:41
elkbuntuhe'll be off sulking10:51
ikoniabt's borked11:11
ikoniasqllite database errors11:11
* Myrtti wants to bash something broken with a hammer12:11
* Tm_T hugggggggles Myrtti tight12:35
stdinikonia: WFM12:35
ikoniaI just tried to add some comments earlier and sqite was complaining12:36
ikoniaI still can't comment on a ban12:51
ikoniain bT12:51
* stdin get's annoyed13:04
stdin$ ls -l bans.db 13:04
stdin-rw-rw-rw- 2 jussi www-data 147790848 2009-01-14 12:35 bans.db13:04
stdin(yes I made it 666)13:05
stdinyet, still: _sqlite.DatabaseError: unable to open database file13:05
stdinthough reading from the database works13:05
ikoniahow odd13:05
stdinand the sqlite documentation on that error: "This value is returned if the database file could not be opened for some reason."13:07
stdinwow, that's helpful :|13:07
ikoniawhat is the process for people threatening to ban evade with freenode13:30
Tm_Tikonia: I think if it happens, contact staff13:31
ikoniaI thought as much13:31
ikoniawanted to check13:31
Jack_SparrowIgnore it unless they do13:31
Tm_Tthreatening means ban won't be lifted13:31
ikoniahe's tried13:31
Jack_Sparrowmark bt with ban evasion date time and I assume staff will handle it13:32
ikoniacan't mark - BT down for comments13:33
Piciikonia: Make a note of it and mark the BT later13:34
ikoniaalready have13:34
Picior just mention it here for us to see while the bt is down.13:34
ikoniauser klotho banned on ip and nick, tried to change ident to get in but the ip ban caught it13:34
Jack_SparrowMorning gang13:34
ikoniapretty nasty little guy13:34
ikoniabut I've noted it and will update BT13:34
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:35
jussi01ikonia: you can still use @mark13:37
ikoniahe's not in the channel, I'll just wait for the database to get back up13:38
ikoniait's not urgent13:38
ikoniajust wanted check what the policy was13:38
jussi01ikonia: no...13:39
ubottu(mark [<channel>] <nick|hostmask> [<comment>]) -- Creates an entry in the Bantracker as if <nick|hostmask> was kicked from <channel> with the comment <comment>, if <comment> is given it will be uses as the comment on the Bantracker, <channel> is only needed when send in /msg13:39
ikoniait's fine, I know what mark does, but there are bans in place, I'd rather stick the comments on them when teh DB is back up so it's clear why13:39
J-_someone want to take care of vent313 in #ubuntu-offtopic?14:21
stdinikonia: you can probably comment with @comment14:26
stdin@help comment14:27
ubottu(comment <id> [<comment>]) -- Reads or adds the <comment> for the ban with <id>, use @bansearch to find the id of a ban14:27
stdinyou can get the id from @bansearch14:27
ikoniastill struggling with what's going on with the database then ?14:27
stdinyep, I'm guessing it's something to do with permissions, but I don't think I can make the permissions any more lax14:28
stdinI'm thinking about creating a program that switches UIDs and executes the SQL, that's how disparate I am14:29
stdinok, I've kinda fixed it, but I don't know *why* I needed to do it14:39
PiciWhat did you do?14:40
stdinI changed the group of the directory the database is in to www-data and made it group writeable14:41
stdinI think need to research UNIX permissions14:43
stdinwhy would the directory permissions stop a user writing to a file, which it already have write permission to?...14:44
Tm_Tstdin: IIRC there's some security measurements in apache and stuff that don't allow you to have too permissive folders14:44
stdinthe database isn't in any apache config, it's set in a python script14:44
Tm_TI see14:45
stdinand the script can read the database fine14:45
stdinso /me is confused14:45
Tm_Tstill I assume it's about too liberate permissions14:45
PiciDoesn't bans.cgi make use of modpython? Its been a while since I've looked at that.14:46
stdinit just uses pythons cgi module14:47
stdinand does some funny things with sys.stdout and sys.stderr14:48
Tm_Thow about stdin?14:48
stdinthe cgi module handles that ;)14:48
MyrttiI love it when you guys talk dirty14:56
Myrttispeak more geek to me :-P14:57
Tm_TMyrtti: say that to Fujisan?14:57
Tm_Tjust couldn't, well, resist14:57
Jack_SparrowWhat is the channel for people having problems with ubuntu-netbook-remix15:10
Myrttilolwhut?! I is going to fosdem? woooo15:13
Myrttiyes? no? maybe?15:13
* Myrtti can't wait15:16
MarfiHello, I was told to come here and explain a decent-sized bug that I found with Ubuntu.15:25
Jack_SparrowI asked him here to see what he was talking about15:26
MarfiIt enables you to gain a root account through the repair console on a computer that is locked15:26
Tm_Tand rbrunhuber?15:26
MarfiWhen the computer boots, just add the boot parameter "single" to the last line. That will boot you in the recovery console. Once you get a root shell, passwd...and you now have a root account with the password15:27
MarfiI don't know if it sounds as big as it is, but they have locked the computers down here, and it was quite easy to give my self admin rights to them15:27
Tm_TMarfi: hint hint: that's how it works, it's not bug15:27
Myrttiit's called recovery console15:27
Myrttiif you want it disabled, you can always set a password for it15:28
PiciGrub can be given a password to not allow changes if needed.15:28
Myrttior remove the option from the menu15:28
Tm_TMarfi: someone should make grub password protected if they like to keep them "locked"15:28
Picirbrunhuber: Can we help you?15:28
Myrttibut that's basically the way it's supposed to work in the first place15:28
Tm_Tindeed it is15:28
MarfiOkay, I didn't know you could do that. I will run it by tech services, and let them know about it.15:29
Myrttiand then of course - if someone with a mal intent is given physical access to your computer - the situation is bad anyway15:29
rbrunhuberPici: No, I just joined the channel to see what it is about. I never heard of it before. :-). I'm gone.15:29
MarfiI knew that you could use it for recovery, but I didn't know if anyone realized that a root account could be made like that.15:30
MarfiBut compared to many of you, I am still very new to the world of Linux, and have much to learn15:30
Jack_Sparrowbanlist is full,  we need to make some room.. I just deleted a few...15:30
ikoniaI'll remove a few of mine15:30
Jack_SparrowMarfi, We appreciate your concern15:31
ikoniamost of them will be taken up with sken15:31
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: in #ubuntu?15:31
MarfiNo problem. Have a wonderful day, everyone.15:31
Tm_TMarfi: thanks, same to you too15:31
* Marfi takes the last few cases of Red Stripe, and hands them out to the Ops15:31
MarfiEnjoy, everyone!  =)15:31
Myrttibanlist, full?15:32
PiciNearly 400 of them.15:32
Myrttido you think it would be ok to remove some of the bans of the Russians from #ubuntu?15:33
MyrttiI've got atleast three15:33
PiciMyrtti: We can always re-add them if it becomes a problem again.15:34
Jack_SparrowWe need to set a ban on * tna (n=iso@p54BD4F8D.dip.t-dialin.net        to   *dip.t-dialin.net        to hold off a troll..  can someone assist15:35
PiciJack_Sparrow: jrib just did15:36
MyrttiI'm done15:36
jribJack_Sparrow: I set it on *!n=iso@*.dip.t-dialin.net15:38
Jack_Sparrowgreat..  and thanks to pici for removing the others that I used for the short term15:39
ikoniathat should be better15:39
MyrttiI wonder if I still have that "count who has most bans" oneliner still somewhere15:39
Picifyi: /mode -bbb *!*@* *!*@* 15:39
Jack_SparrowI had not see  the log hit full before15:39
PiciRather, you can remove multiple bans per command,15:39
ikoniaPici: thats for multiple removes 15:39
ikoniaPici: ahh thank you15:40
ikoniaPici: whoaaa thats sken's currnet ban15:41
Piciikonia: whoaaa, its improperly formatted.15:41
ikoniajust seen it15:42
ikoniawell spotteed15:42
ikoniaI shall correct, good eyes15:42
Jack_Sparrowhes back15:45
Jack_Sparrowas          * Jack_Sparrow sets ban on *!*@p54BD6560.dip.t-dialin.net15:45
Jack_SparrowDo we dare set it as tight as.. /mode #ubuntu +b *!*@*.dip.t-dialin.net15:47
Jack_SparrowAt least for the short term15:48
jribmaybe a temporary ban forward here is ok if he keeps coming in15:49
jribbut I don't know if that's a common hostmask or not15:50
Jack_SparrowAny way to see if there are any other connections from that  ip15:50
Myrttiisn't t-dialin Deutsche Telekom...15:50
PiciJack_Sparrow: lots15:50
MyrttiI *really* wouldn't ban that mask15:51
Picifrom *.dip.t-dialin.net15:51
Jack_SparrowLets see if this continues15:51
Jack_Sparrowhes just joined15:52
stdinJack_Sparrow: if you want to have fun, type /who *.dip.t-dialin.net15:52
stdinthat'll give you some scope over that host15:53
Jack_SparrowCan we do that by channel or is it overall15:54
stdin/who #ubuntu * *.dip.t-dialin.net15:55
PiciThat doesn't work for me.15:56
stdinnope, it was just a guess15:56
Jack_Sparrowstdin, That looked more like a list of all ubu users15:56
Myrttisorry for flood15:56
Myrtti[17:55] [freenode] ~~~   #ubuntu tuxina    H   0  n=tuxina@pD9E4F59F.dip.t-dialin.net  [aggri]15:56
Myrtti[17:55] [freenode] ~~~   #ubuntu knut      H   0  n=knut@p4FDDED07.dip.t-dialin.net  [knut]15:56
Myrtti[17:55] [freenode] ~~~   #ubuntu am4zin    H   0  n=amazin@p5B2FD415.dip.t-dialin.net  [Alex Hauser]15:56
Myrtti[17:55] [freenode] ~~~   #ubuntu kienerii_ H   0   n=kienerii@p5B12FE34.dip.t-dialin.net [Micha]15:56
Myrtti[17:55] [freenode] ~~~   #ubuntu JostS     H   0  n=jost@p4FC666AF.dip.t-dialin.net  [jost]15:57
Myrtti[17:55] [freenode] ~~~   #ubuntu iron      H   0  n=tobias@p4FD2D374.dip.t-dialin.net  [xxxx]15:57
Myrtti[17:55] [freenode] ~~~   #ubuntu the[V]oid H   0  n=phate@pD957D4A9.dip.t-dialin.net  [the[V]oid]15:57
Myrtti[17:55] [freenode] ~~~   #ubuntu apo_      H   0  i=apo@pD9E7BFE9.dip.t-dialin.net  [Valentin]15:57
Myrtti[17:55] [freenode] ~~~   #ubuntu synthe_ciser G   0   n=synthi@p579D6328.dip.t-dialin.net [Denis Holthuis]15:57
Myrtti[17:55] [freenode] ~~~   #ubuntu hotte-    H   0  n=hotte@p4FE94BA7.dip.t-dialin.net  [howtnted]15:57
Myrtti[17:55] [freenode] ~~~   #ubuntu Zeit|awy_ H   0  n=wurscht@p4FD8F2A0.dip.t-dialin.net  [guesswho]15:57
Myrtti[17:55] [freenode] ~~~   #ubuntu master_of_master H   0   i=master_o@p549D7D2A.dip.t-dialin.net [Tom Baum]15:57
Myrtti[17:55] [freenode] ~~~   #ubuntu CAiRO_    H   0  n=tooar@p4FC22C2D.dip.t-dialin.net  [CAiRO]15:57
Myrtti[17:55] [freenode] ~~~   #ubuntu freeman   H   0  n=freeman@p5081D583.dip.t-dialin.net  [freeman]15:57
Myrtti[17:55] [freenode] ~~~   #ubuntu puppyuser2007040 G   0   n=root@p5B077F8A.dip.t-dialin.net [gaim]15:57
Myrttiit's not that long15:57
Myrttiquite many though15:57
Myrttino regulars15:57
jribk, Myrtti makes a good point15:57
Jack_Sparrowore than I expected15:57
MyrttiPici: ye of little faith ;-)15:58
stdinPici: Myrtti has +v ;)15:58
Picistdin: So? 15:58
stdinso muting won't work15:58
PiciYes it will.15:58
stdin* Pici sets ban on %Myrtti!*@*15:58
stdin<Myrtti> no regulars15:58
Myrttias I said15:58
PiciYes, lots of users.15:59
Myrttialmost no regulars - lots of traffic15:59
Myrttireally unwise to ban the hostmask15:59
Jack_SparrowWe need to fix this persons parting message   chickenzilla (n=chickenz@AStrasbourg-156-1-86-119.w86-204.abo.wanadoo.fr) has left #ubuntu ("Stick the fucking flag up your godamn ass, you sonofabitch")16:00
Picibanforward to here then16:00
* nickrud wonders what was the worst mass ban ever left by a disgruntled op16:00
Picinickrud: I believe that someone once accidentally unbanned everyone16:01
Jack_SparrowProbably mine when I hit a ban button in xchat and tried to ban everyone16:01
bazhangI banned canada16:01
nickrudneither count, no malice intended16:01
jribJack_Sparrow: I just ban forward here when I want to say something and the person is no longer in the room.  Leave a comment on the bt16:01
nickrudbazhang, I remember16:01
Jack_SparrowCaught it quick, but ruined my day16:02
Jack_Sparrowjrib, Np.. will handle in a sec16:02
bazhangwhy is Asus-Tek still able to roam -ot16:02
Jack_SparrowIn the xchat script /cs bf chickenz@AStrasbourg-156-1-86-119.w86-204.abo.wanadoo.fr             Is that right?  I hesitate as that is a script function that I messed up once before16:04
MyrttiI love lag lovely little lag omnomnom16:04
jribJack_Sparrow: probably not because there's no room to ban forward to there, just do:  /mode #ubuntu +b *!*@AStrasbourg-156-1-86-119.w86-204.abo.wanadoo.fr!#ubuntu-ops16:07
Jack_SparrowIn the xchat script            /cs f chickenz@AStrasbourg-156-1-86-119.w86-204.abo.wanadoo.fr  #Ubuntu              16:07
Jack_SparrowDone and marked.. thanks16:09
AmaranthAm I seeing what I think I'm seeing?16:55
bazhangtrolling on an epic scale in -ot?16:56
AmaranthA group of people with the same native language trying to talk to each other in -offtopic using broken English16:56
Myrttican I put it to +m?16:58
ASUS-tekguess who is back 16:59
ASUS-tekback again 16:59
bazhang<ASUS-tek> majnoon:  are you arab16:59
ASUS-tekI am back 16:59
bazhang<ASUS-tek> waiting for majnoon to say yes ( so that the can nuke him16:59
ASUS-tekohh as his name suggested ? 16:59
bazhang<ASUS-tek> topyli:  does not kicks people much bazhang does so does ompaul and othes17:00
bazhang!coc | ASUS-tek 17:00
ubottuASUS-tek: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/17:00
bazhangASUS-tek, read that carefully17:00
ASUS-tekokey 17:00
ASUS-tekso I must leave now bazhang sorry for the problem caused 17:02
Tm_The's not sorry17:02
bazhangwhat the heck17:02
Tm_Tbazhang: just been thru so many times this so he knows how to save himself from wasting time in non-trolling17:03
bazhangTm_T, hard to understand the special treatment he gets in -ot17:04
bazhanghe is racial profiling, stalking, making sexist comments on a regular basis, etc17:04
Tm_Twhat special treatment?17:04
bazhangie not banned17:04
Tm_TIMO he should be perm-banned17:04
bazhang|_ocke got six weeks or something like that for much less noxious (though still quite awful) behaviour17:05
* Myrtti walks out of the discussion17:06
Jack_SparrowSeems the ru gang is moving in on Ubuntu17:14
bazhangthey are not in -ru17:15
ubottuIn ubottu, ANTOHA said: mi naim is Anton17:16
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: I had enough. forwarded to the russian chan17:22
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: do me a favour and remove that ban in 20 mins or so? I got to go for a bit17:22
Jack_Sparrownp  noted17:23
topyli<ASUS-tek> topyli:  does not kicks people much bazhang does so does ompaul and othes19:04
topylii'm lazy :(19:05
ikoniawhat the hell is ASUS-tek doing with his jew comments19:22
PiciI only saw one, and it wasn't misplaced.19:23
Pici11:36:23 <majnoon> it short for yehudi majnoon "the crazy jew"19:23
Pici11:38:07 <?ASUS-tek> yehudi is not exactly jew though what do you feel tavish19:23
ikoniaread up, talking about arabs and the like19:24
ikoniaI'm wondering if a big part of his behaviour is language19:24
ikoniahe's from India as I recall19:24
ikoniaso when he asked "who mollested who" I think his wording is wrong19:25
topylihe does struggle with his english19:28
elkbuntuikonia, he does struggle with his english, yes, but he has no respect for anyone else's personal space. at all. whatsoever20:37
elkbuntui would assume that asking really sensitive or inappropriate questions is a merging of the two limitations20:38
elkbuntuif he's been warned about jew and arab comments, he can be removed if he starts up.20:38
elkbuntuhe is a proverbial cat piss man. he freaks my rtti out, and also snuxoll20:38
PiciI agree, no more chances at this point.21:03
ikoniamore for from the #archlinux-offtopic boys21:47
ikoniaJanC: what's #ubuntu-beer ?21:48
JanCit is/was a channel for ubunteros to talk about beer  ツ21:48
ikoniareally ? talk about beer ?21:49
JanCyeah, we were annoying some other people in other channels when talking about beer, so I started the channel, but it seems like nobody stayed around while I was without a decent internet connection...21:51
MTecknologyI was wondering if I could get a floodbot in my channel at all23:04
jussi01MTecknology: no.23:04
MTecknologyis there any way to grab the source for one of my own?23:04
MTecknologyor is it not public?23:06
jussi01MTecknology: as I understand it its not public, but by no means certain of that.23:06
MTecknologyjussi01: ok, i can handle that. Since you're around, care if I bug you just a little more?23:07
jussi01MTecknology: go on, Ill tell you to get out when Im sick of you :D23:08
MTecknologyI was trying to setup the ban database and having a heck of a crappy time at it23:08
jussi01MTecknology: ahh, if they are bot questions -> #ubuntu-bots23:09
Cpudan80suggest update to !install factoid23:55
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate23:55
Cpudan80See how it points to Dapper ...23:55
Cpudan80Shouldnt it point to something more current?23:55
Cpudan80unless maybe ubiquity hasnt changed since DD23:56
Seeker`Cpudan80: what do you suggest?23:59

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