burkmatDecepticon, Full path didn't work either... This is driving me crazy. Cron should run stuff as the user which I'm "crontabbing" from, right?00:00
ScuniziItaku: or del *.*00:00
Itakuwhats the windows equivilant of cd?00:00
ScuniziItaku: cd00:00
ActionParsnipItaku: same command00:00
ActionParsnipItaku: in windows though you can use cd.. instead of cd ..00:00
QaDeSoooh, a quiz :oD00:00
ScuniziItaku: where's the better place for windows reference info... ##windows00:01
Decepticonburkmat: yeah, so makre sure youre not editing the /etc/crontab . but rather some file where you've added that in, and then did the command crontab /path/to/your/crontab.file. you can check with crontab -l00:01
chack-1bonsoir a tous00:01
ActionParsnip!fr | chack-100:01
ubottuchack-1: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr00:01
chack-1qu'elqu'un peut maidé qu sujet de iptables?00:01
AceBlade258and my only thinking would be to boot from the built in video (remove the card), uninstall the card driver, put the card back in, and reinstall the driver00:01
QaDeSmahlzeit, chack-100:01
burkmatDecepticon, Using Ubuntu out of the box should work just using crontab from my user, right?00:01
lanaseAceBlade258: will try00:01
ozatomicwhats the best program to ghost a ext3 drive?00:01
jribozatomic: partimage?00:02
yoyit2how do i format a 500GB external Harddrive into Fat32 from ntsf???00:02
ActionParsnipozatomic: i'd suggest dd, its not necessarily the best, neither is there a best00:02
AceBlade258brb all00:02
ScuniziAceBlade258: I've missed some of that so I don't know who you're talking to but there might be a bios switch to go between onboard and the other00:02
Reformer81Crap... okay, I installed a package (gimageview), but I have no idea what command starts it.  It didn't create a menu item and "gimageview" is not found.  How do I determine which command starts it?00:02
QaDeSchack-1: was ist das für ein sinnloses gebrabbel?00:02
Decepticonburkmat: not famliar. afaik when you specify your file, as your own user with crontab /path/to/crontab/file/of/your/own... you are saying i am decepticon and that my own personal crontab is there that you should run, cron daemon00:02
jribReformer81: dpkg -L gimageview | grep /bin00:02
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.00:02
Reformer81jrib: Thank you00:02
ActionParsnipyoyit2: those are microsoft formats, i'd suggest you ask in ##windows00:02
ozatomicjrib: does partimage do an entire image of a disk like nortans ghost does, so i can get the mbr aswell?00:03
exodus_msis the forums site down for the time being?00:03
dreamyill brb00:03
Decepticonkoshar1: any help on this please?00:03
jribozatomic: don't know.  Your other option is dd which does a "dumb" copy bit for bit00:03
burkmatDecepticon, yeah, but just adding stuff to the crontab without modifying /etc/crontab on a new ubuntu install should run my crontab stuff, right? gah... maybe i'll just use sleep, at this rate I won't be asleep by the time the alarm clock goes off. :P00:03
yoyit2ActionParsnip: ive done it before, i just cant remeber how (using ubuntu) all i need to do do it on ubuntuo is form at the drive into fat32 (so it will work on xbox360) and i dont have a windows computer.... so i need a way t00:04
ActionParsnipozatomic: you can easily reinstall grub00:04
yoyit2ActionParsnip: do it on ubuntu00:04
xinxanHi, I wonder if someone could help me with VirtualBox? I've installed it then installed Windows XP successfully as a guest OS. At a certain point in the installation, XP asks me to set a password, so I did. Then when the install was done it started windows and asked me for the password, but won't accept it.00:04
xinxanI know it's the right password and I tried a fresh install just in case, now I don't know what to do.00:04
ozatomicdoes dd backup the mbr aswell?00:04
ikoniaxinxan: thats a windows issue, join ##windows or #vbox00:04
ActionParsnipyoyit2: if you dont mind losing data you can simply unmount the partition then run: sudo mk2fs.vfat /dev/<partition name>00:04
ikoniaozatomic: yes00:04
xinxanOh, there's a channel for vbox? Thanks ikonia.00:05
ActionParsnipyoyit2: if you backup the data first you can copy it back once its formatted00:05
yoyit2ActionParsnip: thx00:05
ActionParsnipyoyit2: mke2fs vfat sorry00:05
cs_studentHow do I tell where the icon that if displaying on a shortcut is coming from?  I have a program shortcut on my desktop but I want to know where the icon is so I can set it up in cairo-dock00:06
KenBW2how do i mount as user, not root?00:06
ActionParsnipcs_student: if you open the shortcut in a text editor it may say00:06
Decepticonwhats the rsync command so that it looks at dir X on pc_A and compares to dir_Y on pc_B, if there are files in dir_X on pc_A that do not exist on dir_Y on pc_B, to upload such files to dir_Y on pc_B and then delete these files on dir_X on pc_A and disconnect?00:06
Decepticonright now i am using rsync -ravz --del -u /home/bizinichi/public_html/media/ decepticon@decepticon.rlogin.org:/home/decepticon/public_html/media/tazeat/ --progress ....... but it does not delete the local file on local hdd after transferring. how to modify?00:06
gogereaverKenBW2 that a trick question00:07
KenBW2gogereaver: no, i mean how do i mount without sudo00:07
KenBW2gogereaver: so that i can access the files00:07
watdont think you cn?00:07
ruiner54anybody here have experience with bot sentry for pidgin00:07
gogereaverKenBW2 err why would you00:07
watruiner54 whats the problem00:07
ikoniaKenBW2: change the permissions and setuid on it00:07
ruiner54have it configured and make no prob, but make install gives me errors00:08
KenBW2ikonia: what does that involve00:08
ruiner54and i installed the purple libs00:08
gogereaverKenBW2 thats like handing they keys to anyone to trash your drives00:08
ruiner54just wondering what i am missing wat00:08
JohnAndersonthe program im trying to run at startup is unrealircd00:08
ikoniaKenBW2: it involves changing the permissions as I said00:08
JohnAndersonso what would i put there?? should i put the location and command?00:08
ikoniaruiner54: what errors and what are you trying to do00:08
KenBW2gogereaver: it's my files :S just on another PC00:08
watjohnanderson you want a program to run at startup?00:08
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gogereaverKenBW2 so sudo that pc00:08
gogereaverKenBW2 via ssh00:09
yoyit2ActionParsnip: sudo mke2fs vfat /dev/<DAN'S 500GB> doesnt work00:09
watjohnanderson you can just set that in user preferences00:09
KenBW2gogereaver: im trying to mount with NFS00:09
ikoniayoyit2: it won't00:09
ruiner54i am trying to install bot sentry to stop bot messages00:09
ActionParsnipyoyit2: wrong syntax00:09
ruiner54make[2]: *** [install-pluginLTLIBRARIES] Error 100:09
ruiner54make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/ruiner54/Desktop/bot-sentry-1.3.0'00:09
ruiner54make[1]: *** [install-am] Error 200:09
ruiner54make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ruiner54/Desktop/bot-sentry-1.3.0'00:09
ruiner54make: *** [install-recursive] Error 100:09
FloodBot2ruiner54: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:09
watgo to system-preferences and startup00:09
JohnAndersoni want to run unrealircd every time my comp starts up...00:09
watruiner54 do you have aim?00:09
yoyit2ActionParsnip: ??00:09
JohnAndersonmainly incase of a system crash / powersurge00:09
ikoniayoyit2: mk2fs and vfat are not compatible00:09
watjohnanderson just do what i said00:09
ActionParsnipyoyit2: itsthe partitin name, not the drive name (e.g. /dev/sda2)00:09
gogereaverKenBW2 oh i think you add that to fstab00:09
ruiner54wat: no aim00:09
yoyit2ActionParsnip: how do i find the name??00:09
KenBW2gogereaver: isnt there a way via the mount command?00:09
watok then ruiner54, i was going to have my friend help00:10
ActionParsnipyoyit2: sudo fdisk -l00:10
gogereaverKenBW2 of course00:10
KenBW2gogereaver: this is what i did sudo mount /home/bill-desktop/00:10
KenBW2gogereaver: but i cant access the files as user00:10
gogereaverKenBW2 sounds right00:10
gogereaverKenBW2 ohhhh00:10
gogereaverKenBW2 just rount it as rw00:10
ActionParsnipKenBW2: you need more options00:10
JohnAndersonyeah i see.. the thing is00:10
ruiner54wat: thanks anyway, I will keep looking through forums00:10
KenBW2ActionParsnip: , gogereaverwhat are the options i need00:11
JohnAndersonin order to start it u have to unreal start00:11
ActionParsnipKenBW2: http://www.hafenscher.net/wiki/index.php?page=Mount_USB_stick_read_and_writable_for_users00:11
JohnAndersoni tried specifying that it wont let me00:11
JohnAndersonmaybe i dont need that?00:11
watyou can easily add prograsm to startup00:11
ActionParsnipKenBW2: same kind of options will allow users write access00:11
watyou are making this way harder than it is00:11
yoyit2ActionParsnip: i have virtual box running xp, can i format it though there??00:11
Jerrr^homeAnyone here have any luck with freenx?00:11
bluelightningvidhow do I print screen in ubuntu? I have tried just using the key nothing happened along with the key and ctrl00:11
ActionParsnipyoyit2: i dont think vbox can access linux partitions at that level00:12
gogereaveryoyit2 format what the vbox?00:12
ikoniabluelightningvid: applications -> accesories -> take screen shot00:12
AceBlade258ah damn it didn't work00:12
bluelightningvidikonia: thanks00:12
gogereaverActionParsnip you can with vmware but its not something i would dare let format my real drives with00:13
ActionParsnipyoyit2: if you run mount on its own, you will see where the partition is mounted00:13
yoyit2ActionParsnip: gogereaver ok... the drive is from a windows machine, (ntfs) and i need to format it into fat32, so it will work on both xbox and ubuntu00:13
ActionParsnipgogereaver: i wouldnt touch any virtualisation to format a partition00:13
davguarHi, sorry if you already saw my message before my irc client kept crashing straight after I submitted my message so I don't know if it really was submitted or not. I am from Australia and I purchased a laptop with ubuntu pre-installed from a company called rcubedtech in Galesburg, IL, USA. The harddrive failed and I returned it for repairs before the warranty expired. The warranty expired while they had it and they told me t00:13
IkanCan someone assist me with the installation of 8.10 Ubuntu?00:13
KenBW2ActionParsnip: can i just put uid=kenneth?00:14
gogereaveryoyit2 you can use a real drive in vmware but your better off to use fdisk to connvert it if you dont mind losing the data00:14
gogereaveryoyit2 linux can format to fat3200:14
ActionParsnipKenBW2: i'd use uid=100000:14
KenBW2Ikan: i kan :)00:14
KenBW2ActionParsnip: returns error: mount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified00:14
ActionParsnipyoyit2: you need to find out which partition name it is with mount and sudo fdisk -l output00:14
IkanKen, I'm trying to multiboot ubuntu and vista, I already have vista installed00:15
ActionParsnipKenBW2: try -o noauto,users,exec,rw,umask=00000:15
yoyit2ActionParsnip: when i typed in fdisk-1 it jsut gave me some random stuff00:15
Ikanbut when I choose the installation for ubuntu, it says 100% of my harddrive00:15
KenBW2Ikan: can we go to pm?00:15
Ikanyes we can00:15
ActionParsnipyoyit2: yes, those are your disks and their respective partitions00:15
gogereaverif i rember my xbox hacking fat32 is not its file format00:16
KenBW2ActionParsnip: gives me a load of ways of using mount00:16
gogereaverits fatx00:16
ActionParsnipyoyit2: if yu fire up another terminal and run mount you can compare to see which partition is the one you want to format00:16
yoyit2ActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/104610/00:16
ActionParsnipKenBW2: i'd read man mount00:16
Newfie_richHello all00:17
ActionParsnipyoyit2: thats a 1, not an l (ell)00:17
yoyit2ActionParsnip: haha lol i new that00:17
ActionParsnipyoyit2: l == list00:17
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ConstantineXVIWhat's a good C++ IDE under Ubuntu?00:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ide00:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eclipse00:19
wolterConstantineXVI, geany00:19
complexityI am having irregular problems with using flash and FF 3.0.500:19
noodlesgcConstantineXVI try anjuta00:19
wolterConstantineXVI, i think you mean an editor, right?00:19
haolehello there... i'm using ubuntu under 1680x1050 resolution, but the splash screen during boot looks a little out of place... is there a way to fix this?00:19
snypzzanyone out there using a Dell e150500:19
complexitycan any of you get this flash game to at least pull up on the screen? http://www.thebailoutgame.us/00:19
Shamlessanyone know what happend to the ubuntu feisty repositories? its been removed from all the mirrors and from http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu00:20
usser!EOF | shameless00:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about EOF00:20
ShamlessI really need to install some feisty packages, but i kinda need a package source for that :)00:20
ussererr !EOL00:20
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases00:20
ubottuUbuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) was the sixth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 19th, 2008. See !eol for more details.00:20
gogereaverShamless upgrade its no longer supported00:20
Shamlessi'm not looking to upgrade00:21
ActionParsnipShamless: feisty is dead00:21
ActionParsnip!upgrade | Shamless00:21
ubottuShamless: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:21
nickrud_!upgrade | Shamless look there for the new archive00:21
ubottuShamless look there for the new archive: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:21
Shamlessjust after watever packages I can get my hands on00:21
gogereaverShamless then its dead no mroe apt00:21
Shamless(specifically build-essential and a few libs)00:21
complexityShamless 8.04 is much better00:21
nickrud_Shamless, as time goes by, those packages will be less and less secure, they get no love at all anymore00:21
Jerrr^homeI installed FreeNX on my Ubuntu machinne at home; Type the command in terminal to start it; which it was already started; yet when I try to connect to it from my laptop it says connection failed. Anyone good with free nx?00:22
wolterhow do i force to install a package? i want to install skype on my 64bit laptop00:22
ayandewere is dns/server located in ubuntu?00:22
ShamlessI'm not allowed to upgrade the machine00:22
watwhy not?00:22
ActionParsnipwolter: you need 32bit libs00:22
Shamlessits basically a network appliance that just "sits there", but i do have to add new features to it00:22
gogereaverShamless then time to tell whoever ownez it his os is not supported anymore00:22
nickrud_Shamless, then look at the feisty->gutsy upgrade page, that will give you usable repos00:22
wolterActionParsnip, is there a 64bit skype?00:22
ActionParsnip!skype | wolter00:22
ubottuwolter: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto00:22
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX00:23
ActionParsnipwolter: no, only 32bit00:23
Shamlessso no one in the world maintains complete mirrors of older ubuntu releases?00:23
IndyGunFreakShamless: why would they?00:23
ActionParsnipwolter: you need 32bit libs then you can run 32bit packages00:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about old00:23
nickrud_Shamless, see my last00:23
IndyGunFreakthey're out there somewhere though, i do believe00:23
KenBW2ActionParsnip: im struggling to get the information i need from there00:23
wolterActionParsnip, and that is a huge package, am i wrong?00:23
gogereaverShamless thats like asking for windows 95 upgrades00:24
ActionParsnipwolter: not really00:24
wolterActionParsnip, how big can it be?00:24
IndyGunFreakShamless: what version of ubuntu are you using?00:24
Shamlessthe appliance uses feisty00:24
nickrud_IndyGunFreak, he has a reasonable reason: maintaining a box he's not allowed to upgrade. Shamless did you look at the feisty => gutsy upgrade page?00:25
nickrud_!upgrade | Shamless00:25
ubottuShamless: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:25
gogereaverShamless kik he cant upgarde00:25
Shamlessnickrus_ - the update page doesnt list fesity->gutsy, should i google for the site you talk about?00:25
ActionParsnipKenBW2: read this, you dont need repos butthe commands will help: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/mount-your-widows-partitions-and-make-it-read-and-writable.html00:26
nickrud_Shamless, 7.04 is feisty, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes#From%207.04%20to%207.1000:26
High_Speedwhat is wrong with the ubuntuforums.org?00:27
nickrud_High_Speed, ask in #ubuntuforums, they'll be up to date00:27
noodlesgcHIgh_Speed its been down for a while00:27
ActionParsnip!info ia32-libs00:27
ubottuPackage ia32-libs does not exist in intrepid00:27
nickrud_!find ia3200:27
ubottuFound: lsb-core, lsb-cxx, lsb-desktop, lsb-graphics, lsb-languages (and 3 others)00:27
ActionParsnip!find ia3200:27
ubottuFound: lsb-core, lsb-cxx, lsb-desktop, lsb-graphics, lsb-languages (and 3 others)00:27
KenBW2ActionParsnip: thanks00:27
High_Speedoh okay, well does anybody know how long it's going to be down?00:27
Shamlessnickrud_ - all it says is that the link has been removed?00:28
noodlesgcHIgh_speed no00:28
gogereaverlooks like that has alkl the old packages00:28
Dosthttp://ubuntuforums.org/ IS DOWN :P00:28
High_Speedokie dokie00:28
ActionParsnipHigh_Speed: twice as long as half its downtime00:28
gogereavernote 7.04 does have a secture issue its posed there00:28
watIt's not just you! ubuntuforums.org looks down from here.00:28
nickrud_Shamless, no, it does not. I just clicked it. It leads to ..... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades (the link is the 7.04->7.10 upgrade)00:28
Shamlessare we looking at the same page?00:29
TetracommIs there any way at all to have voice conversations on MSN or Yahoo in Ubuntu? Any way at all?00:29
savvasDost: #ubuntuforums :)00:29
ActionParsnipTetracomm: amsn supports voice00:29
Shamlessi just searched the page for feisty00:29
=== ___mikem is now known as __mikem
Shamlessdid't look for 7.0400:29
TetracommActionParsnip: No, it only supports voice clips.00:29
Shamlessmy bad00:29
KenBW2ActionParsnip: that throws that error at me again00:30
KenBW2ActionParsnip: ill just gksudo nautilus, not ideal but it works00:30
gogereaverShamless upgrade lol contact owner00:30
feedmechickenhey, is there some problem with ubuntuforums.org, I can't access it00:30
Shamlessthanks heaps nickrud00:30
noodlesgcfeedmechicken yes it is down00:30
High_Speedoh my...guess that's a common question today.  sorry00:30
feedmechickenanyone know when the site will be back up?00:31
gogereaverthe server exploded from to many questions00:31
ActionParsnipKenBW2: keep it to a minimal00:31
noodlesgcfeedmechicken no00:31
ActionParsnipTetracomm: http://ubuntusite.com/meebo-webcam-and-voice-chat-im-support-for-linux/00:31
nickrud_Shamless, you can just replace all of /etc/apt/sources.list with those three lines00:31
nickrud_feedmechicken, try asking on #ubuntuforums00:31
Hutchis beryl still being developed? will 0.2.1 work with ubuntu 8.10?00:32
nickrud_Hutch, beryl was replaced by compiz-fusion, which is included by default in 8.1000:32
gogereaverHutch no its not its compiz fusion now and its built in00:32
Shamlessyah, already in the process of doing an apt-get upgrade00:33
marabout_when I hibernate or suspend and then try to get back to work my screen display is corrupted. Any guesses on what may be the culprit?00:33
BotLobstaanyone know of a way to test their nvidia graphics card to see if its working properly?00:33
Hutchnickrud_: ah ok and the same commands for the cube apply?00:33
gogereavermarabout_ video driver probly00:33
gogereavermarabout_ not all things like being hibernated00:33
BodsdaBotLobsta, you could try 'glxgears'00:34
Bugatti`any speak spanish00:34
nickrud_Hutch, pretty much. Some key commands have moved around; install compizconfig-settings-manager and run it from the prefs menu.00:34
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:34
ribatejono, but you soeak ingles :()00:34
ribatejocomo esta?00:34
FloodBot2ribatejo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:34
BotLobstaBodsda, does that run with the open source drivers?  And does that test everything?00:34
Hutchnickrud_: will do00:34
marabout_gogereaver: any suggestions on correcting the problem or...00:34
wat#ubuntu no habla inglis00:35
Jerrr^homeI installed FreeNX on my machine at home; as it said to in the community files yet when I try to connect to it from my laptop, it wont let me through. ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out. Any ideas?00:35
gogereavermarabout_ cant try restarting x see if the card fires back up00:35
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* opsec sits back and waits for the idiot parade to start00:35
ribatejowho is wat?00:35
watribatejo #ubuntu-es00:35
gogereavermarabout_ ctrl alt backspace to force close x00:35
BodsdaBotLobsta, It uses OpenGL and no it doesnt test 'everything' but its a first point of call00:35
tboydstonI shrunk my C:\ partition to give more room to my Ubuntu partitions but when using parted it wants me to know all the drives to move and won't tell me. How do I see them?00:35
Hutchnickrud_: is cedega the best option for running games (e.g. wow) under ubuntu?00:35
inx-liveanyone have any idea when the ubuntu website will be back up?00:35
gogereavermarabout_ or disabling desktop effects00:35
opsecinx-live: hopefully never.00:36
Bodsdainx-live, as the message on the forums says 'shortly' so try again in an hour or so00:36
Jerrr^homeAnyone use it,  that might know whats wrong?00:36
nickrud_Hutch, I was able to set up wow with the wine from winehq. Just copied over the install from windows.00:36
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opsecHarnagel: asl?00:36
inx-liveLOL that's what it saidthis morining at 7 o'clock00:36
marabout_gogereaver: force close X gets me back in. I think dsktop effects is disabled but I'll double check00:36
Hutchnickrud_: wine mouse was a little laggy. you using D3D or openGL00:36
hyperspacestill cant get on wpa2 personal wifi -_- dell mini900:37
ActionParsniphyperspace: have you installed the wpa supplicant and configured it?00:37
TetracommActionParsnip: Thank you. :)00:37
HarnagelMy friend lost his power source for his laptop in the middle of an upgrade to Ibex, and his new installion kernel panics. Furthermore his keyboard is not functional on an older kernel from the grub menu00:37
Bodsdainx-live, i dont think ubuntu-geek synced his watch this morning :)00:37
hyperspaceActionParsnip: is that what i need?00:37
gogereavermarabout_ hibernate can be flaky on some machines00:37
HarnagelIs there anyway to repair this?00:37
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tboydstonhow do I check all the partitions on my drive?00:38
ActionParsniphyperspace: absolutely00:38
ActionParsnip!wpa | hyperspace00:38
ubottuhyperspace: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:38
BodsdaHarnagel, live cd --> mount ibex --> chroot to ibex / --> continue upgrade00:38
test34tboydston, check size/freespace ? df -h00:38
HarnagelAh, we don't have an Ibex cd, nor do we have a functional cd drive. I'm on my laptop right now, not his broken one00:38
hyperspaceActionParsnip: yep its already newest version00:38
gogereavermarabout_ another fix might just to refresh the display00:38
IkanCan anyone help me installing ubuntu 8.10 on a specific partition?00:39
gogereavermarabout_ ctrl alt f1 then ctrl alt f700:39
=== npope_ is now known as npope
BodsdaHarnagel, hhmm, you can try and use a usb to boot00:39
ActionParsniphyperspace: did you configure it?00:39
watikan try 8.04 =/00:39
ActionParsniphyperspace: the wpa?00:39
tboydstontest34: Sorry, I know how to get that far, but it doesn't show my partitions that I use for Vista.00:39
watwait actually dont00:39
HarnagelThere is no way to repair this without other media, then?00:39
hyperspaceActionParsnip: must not have ... will check wifi docs00:39
nickrud_Hutch, tried both, went back to windows. quad 4 4gig ;)00:40
ActionParsniphyperspace: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WPAHowTo00:40
mib_nbtqz7bphello everyone.  is it best practice to upgrade every time a new regular upgrade comes out (like Ibex)?  or wait for the next lts release?  I am on Ubuntu EEE, based on 8.04 lts00:40
BunnyOk, have done a completely fresh install of Ubuntu, reset the router and modem, then the PC. Any idea what to do now?00:40
watwhats lts?00:40
BodsdaHarnagel, i dont think so, you need to boot an OS to fix the upgrade00:40
ActionParsniphyperspace: about 20% way down00:40
nickrud_wat, long term support00:40
Hutchnickrud_: so im guessing you still got mouse lag if you went back to windows00:40
watwait for the lts imo00:40
ActionParsnipmib_nbtqz7bp: if it aint broke, dont fix it00:40
IkanOther than 8.04lol, can anyone else help me with installing 8.10?00:40
marabout_gogereaver:  ctlr alt f1 gives me same desktop weirdness clt alt f7 gives me a black screen...00:40
HarnagelI have a hardy heron cd.00:40
Bodsdamib_nbtqz7bp, Your choice, lts is obviously more reliable00:41
BodsdaHarnagel, that will do fine00:41
gogereavermarabout_ odd that should sent you to text00:41
noodlesgcmib_nbtqz7bp i usually boot off a disc of the latest one, and make sure everything works forst00:41
nickrud_Hutch, no, I had no mouse lag in windows (once I used a wired mouse, that is, I occasionally had wireless mouse lag)00:41
ActionParsnipIkan: same process as installing 8.0400:41
HarnagelHow will I repair the dependency issues?00:41
ActionParsnipIkan: boot cd and install00:41
gogereavermarabout_ defently sounds likea flaky video driver00:41
ActionParsnipIkan: be sure to check the cd for defects00:41
Hutchnickrud~: i mean in linux via wine00:41
mib_nbtqz7bpthanks, wat, action, bod. so let's say I want to upgrade to the next lts release, what is best way to keep all customizations and settings when I upgrade?00:42
IkanThe thing is that I'm trying to dualboot and it doesn't give me the option to install on a specific partition00:42
nickrud_Hutch, yeah, performance wasn't where I wanted it00:42
watmib_nbtqz7bp im not the one to ask about that O_O00:42
Ikanand when I elect to install "manually" it shows all my hard-drive being taken up00:42
mib_nbtqz7bpno prob, thanks wat00:42
ActionParsnipmib_nbtqz7bp: when you upgrade you only upgrade the apps, settings will stand00:42
mdg2Is there a Ubuntu CLI chat forum?00:42
IkanI can show you pictures if you'd like?00:42
watikan on 8.04 for me there is a slider its awesome00:42
hyperspaceActionParsnip: i seem to be missing /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf00:42
ActionParsniphyperspace: you make it00:42
IkanThere's supposedly a slider on 8.10 also00:43
BodsdaHarnagel, you will need to restart the upgrade,  boot the live cd, mount the partially upgraded ppartition, use chroot to change root directory to that of the dodgy upgrade (effectively running ibex now) then run   sudo update-manager --dist-upgrade00:43
watyeah idk why00:43
marabout_gogereaver:  wow nothing brings me back. guess I need to power down to get back00:43
gogereavermdg2 current nivida linux drivers do not support sli modes00:43
IkanI did a disc check for errors, nothing came up00:43
Hutchnickrud_: right. cube still isnt working, i enabled desktop cube and bound it to a key combo, but the cube doesnt spin00:43
Jerrr^homeAnyone here use FreeNX? I have some Q's, please PM me. Thanks!00:43
watikan what speed did you burn at00:43
HarnagelBodsda: Thank you. :)00:43
mib_nbtqz7bpaction, I've seen people talk about keeping their home directory on another partition.  Isn't this so that settings will remain after upgrade?  Or is there another reason users do this?00:43
BunnyDo I need to put a MAC address in the "auto eth0" connection?00:43
IkanI burned at x200:43
BodsdaHarnagel, your welcome00:43
complexityAnybody want to help me with my flash problem?00:43
HarnagelI'll be working on it right now00:43
hyperspaceActionParsnip: ah ok cool... just take output of wpa_passphrase networkessid and put it in there eh00:43
nickrud_Hutch, it had default key bindings already: clt-alt- left/right arrow00:43
gogereavermib_nbtqz7bp anything in home will not get lost on upgrades or os failer00:43
complexityUsing FF 3.0.5 and the latest Adobe flash. Some sites work, some do not00:44
powertool08Is it just me or have the ubuntu forums been down for awhile?00:44
complexityEX - you tube works fine00:44
Hutchnickrud_: that flips the cube sides, but i want to actually show the 3d cube00:44
ActionParsniphyperspace: whatever it says in the guide00:44
noodlesgcpowertool08 yeah they have been dwn for some time now00:44
complexitypowertool08: they are down00:44
gogereavermib_nbtqz7bp if you have a home partation that is00:44
mib_nbtqz7bpThanks, goger, so then what is the point of keeping your home directory on separate partition?00:44
mdg2powertool08: It seems its been down all day00:44
gogereavermib_nbtqz7bp thats the point00:44
nickrud_Hutch, increase/decrease zoom level, or hold down middle button and drag mouse00:44
ActionParsniphyperspace: i use wep for the whole reason to avoid all that faff00:44
mib_nbtqz7bpAh, I think you just answered the question. thanks.00:44
Jack_SparrowHutch, Install ccsm  sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager Next go to system...pref..advanced desktop effects....  On the first page  put check next to rotate cube and desktop cube.. dbl click general options... up closer to the top...  click on desktop size  and set them to 4, 1 and 1  top to bottom... ctrl+alt+(Left Mouse Button) then move mouse00:44
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
powertool08mdg2: Going on 18 hrs here00:45
Hutchnickrud_: ah ok, got it. but the cube isn't 4 sided, its just a back/front slide. anyway to change that?00:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bonjour00:45
gogereavermib_nbtqz7bp if you just have 1 partation if you have os failer and have to format data gets lost00:45
mdg2powertool08: It apparently wasn't a schedule event00:45
nickrud_Hutch, change number of desktops, see Jack_Sparrow above for more details00:45
gogereavermib_nbtqz7bp having a home partation sepreates your personal data from the os00:45
complexityAny pointers on how to solve problems wih flash and Firefox?00:45
watikan do you have any linux experience?00:45
powertool08mdg2: To be down that long I wouldn't expect it would be00:45
ActionParsnipmib_nbtqz7bp: you put yuor home on a seperate partition so that if you have to reinstall you can delete all other partitions and do a regular install, then edit fstab to mount the home partition as /home00:45
wattry reburning =x00:45
nickrud_Hutch, make an octagon if you like00:46
tboydstonis there a way to resize my /root and /home partition with the Intrepid liveDVD I used to install?00:46
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209800:46
tsrkwhat's going on with the ubuntu forums?00:46
ActionParsnipmib_nbtqz7bp: you can also install another linux distro and do the same thing00:46
ActionParsniptsrk: maintenance00:46
complexitytboydston: use gparted on  live cd00:46
complexitybut be careful!00:46
nickrud_tboydston, boot live dvd, run gparted . Backup first00:46
TheFunkbombhow do I network to computers that run XP?00:46
IkanI have no linux experience at all, wat00:46
tboydstonthanks complexity and nickrud00:46
mdg2Anyone know of any irc forums about CLI?00:46
mib_nbtqz7bpaction, when you say a "regular install" do you mean a completely fresh install that erases the version you had before?00:47
tsrkI used to have a windows partition, but I reformatted it.  Is there any way to try to recover files that were on it if they haven't been overwritten?00:47
complexityTheFunkBomb: use samba, google it00:47
gogereavermdg2 once again nivda linux has no cli support stop asking00:47
wattsrk probably not00:47
TheFunkbombcomplexity, thanks00:47
tsrkwat, ok :(00:47
ActionParsniptsrk: foremost may help00:47
complexitytsrk: if you formatted the partition, they are pretty much gone00:47
ActionParsnipnivda linux?00:47
mib_nbtqz7bpAction, and do you mean that you can have two distros but both point to the same home partition?00:48
mdg2what is nivda gogereaver ???00:48
gogereaverActionParsnip nivida driver oss or offical have no cli00:48
complexitytsrk: there are tools out there to recover files, but a format an wipe it00:48
tsrkActionParsnip, ok, i'll try that, thanks00:48
nickrud_gogereaver, don't you mean sli?00:48
TetracommActionParsnip: No one is receiving my calls. :(00:48
elementzhi, is there a way to restart the pulse audio-server?00:48
nickrud_gogereaver, cli is command line interface00:48
mdg2I"m not asking about nividia00:48
tsrkcomplexity, i didn't wipe it, just format it00:48
BunnyDo I need to put a MAC address in the "auto eth0" connection?00:48
ActionParsnipgogereaver: well you CAN manually edit xorg.conf00:48
nickrud_mdg, not that I know of, try asking in #bash if they have one to recommend00:48
wathehe nano00:48
tsrkBunny, no, it can detect your mac address00:48
mdg2nor sli gogereaver00:49
gogereaverActionParsnip: think i was thinking corssfire lol00:49
yogi192so i setup nat on my ubuntu server and its working, so i was happy till my brother tried to play xbox360 and the mtu setting is too low for him to play :-(00:49
Lillakahi there :)00:49
BunnyIt isn't detecting one00:49
gogereaverActionParsnip: when i saw cli00:49
HutchJack_Sparrow: perfect, got it. last thing, how do i change the effects on closing a window00:49
gogereaverand thats ati00:49
complexitytsrk: did you change the filesystem, ie- from ntfs to ext3?00:49
marabout_anyone know if their is an equivalent to "Bonjour" for Ubuntu (hardy)?00:49
Jack_SparrowHutch, /join #compiz and find out all the cool tricks00:49
tsrkcomplexity, no, i deleted the old one and created a new one00:49
nickrud_Hutch, you should visit #compiz-fusion for all the goodies00:49
yogi192is there anyone here that can help with mtu settings, i tried sudo ifconfig eth0 mtu 1500, that set the mtu but didnt work00:49
tsrkbut the old one was ntfs and the new one is ext300:49
ActionParsnipgogereaver: you can do the same with ati, just so happens theres a pretty gui app00:49
complexitytsrk: good luck!00:50
barakcan some one help me with my sound ? i have installed the ati drivers for my system and now im getting no sound . when i reset me Xorg.conf to not run the ATI drivers the sound is back . can any one help ?00:50
gogereaverActionParsnip heh nice but the support willbe bad if it works at all00:50
tsrkcomplexity, ok, thanks, i have a feeling i'll need it since i've been using this drive a lot since reformatting :P00:50
nickrud_barak, ooh, interesting problem00:50
ActionParsnipgogereaver: its the same, the gui app adds entrys to xorg.conf00:50
kansan___my samsung printer connected via USB seems to go out of connection, meaning that it wont print any more until i restart my comp.  i have ubuntu hardy.  is there a way of 'waking up' my USB ports?  without restarting?00:50
hyperspacehmmm... this mini9 seems like complete fail00:50
Decepticonhow do i get this command to only show the deepst most dir.... not the dirs parent to it... find /home/decepticon/files/ -maxdepth 2 -user decepticon -type d00:50
gogereaverActionParsnip  i knoe00:51
LillakaI have tried to install for my GeForce 6600 AGP the drivers but now i have only a poor graphical performance... I don't really good know informatics, can someone help me to resolve this problem on Ubuntu 8.04 ?00:51
BunnyWhen I put in the ifconfig command, all that shows up is the local loopback00:51
mdg2hyperspace: What's up with your mini?00:51
ActionParsnipgogereaver: so why would the support be any less or more00:51
ernzHi everyone. I'm still searching for a webcam that works with Intrepid Ibex out of the box. I have bought and returned 5 cameras so far. Can anyone suggest a camera that they have working with 8.10?00:51
gogereaverActionParsnip im talking sli in genrel00:51
hyperspacemdg2: not getting it to connect to wpa2 personal wifi00:51
mib_nbtqz7bpHow do I get someone's nick to show up here so I don't have to type it every time I respond to someone?00:51
baraknickrud_ yes i know i have google it for more then 4 hours and noting00:51
ActionParsnip!hcl | ernz00:51
ubottuernz: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection00:51
watmib_nbtqz7bp if you have autocomplete on using xchat press tab after typing the first 1-3 letters00:52
mdg2hyperspace: How are things working otherwise on your mini9?00:52
gogereaverActionParsnip something the video venders defently need to get going on linux00:52
baraknickrud_ can you help ?00:52
datakidhey is there anyway of stopping anything from ever stealing my focus. In this day and age I shouldn't think that this will be an issue, but i'm constantly having my focus stolen by new windows and it's driving me batty00:52
mib_nbtqz7bpHmm, I'm using mibbit at the office right now. . .00:52
nickrud_barak, looking around myself.00:52
ActionParsnipgogereaver: never used it personally and have zero need for it so its not something ive looked into00:52
yoyit2anyone know of a good program to rip dvds into mp4 (or another format supported by ipod??)00:52
complexitymib_nbtqz7bp:copy it and paste :)00:53
hyperspaceinstalling vim-full / vim-rails / vim-ruby etc... lines and lines of /var/lib/scrollkeeper parser errors00:53
nickrud_barak, like I said, interesting problem. I'm getting off work soon, will see if I can find possibilities00:53
gogereaverActionParsnip my next setup will be a dule gts so it will matter to me00:53
dreamydoes anyone wich distro.. or window manager has the best control center?00:53
workingchair_Hey guys, I'm running 8.10, and for some reason when I float over the title bar buttons the title bar loses all color and I can't read anything on it.  It's just a cosmetic problem, but does anyone know if there is a fix for this?00:53
watdreamy define best00:53
dreamycorrection: does anyone knows wich distro or w manager has teh best control center00:53
baraknickrud_: you can pm me if you like00:53
ernzThanks ActionParsnip: I have used this list to choose the cameras that haven't worked so far. Can't find any that claim to work with 8.1000:53
mdg2hyperspace: Do you have to download apps from a special repo for the mini9?00:53
watubuntu is easy to use00:53
nickrud_barak, ok00:53
watdo you want it easy/hard/complicated/simple/text/gui?00:54
dreamywat: alot of options or something...00:54
hyperspacemdg2: yes... a dell mini one @ canonical00:54
watlots of features/minimal ?_?00:54
ActionParsnipyoyit2: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/iPodVideoEncoding#Encoding%20from%20a%20DVD%20source00:54
kansan___my samsung printer connected via USB seems to go out of connection, meaning that it wont print any more until i restart my comp.  i have ubuntu hardy.  is there a way of 'waking up' my USB ports?  without restarting?00:54
barakany one else for the challenge ?00:54
watdreamy use gentoo00:54
PsyonikHelp, can't install Glib.00:54
watdreamy gentoo is your best bet00:54
complexityI am having irregular problems with flash using firefox 3.0.5 using the latest adobe flash00:54
High_Speedhow can i find out exactly what desktop environment, window manager, file manager, etc, i'm running?00:54
workingchair Hey guys, I'm running 8.10, and for some reason when I float over the title bar buttons the title bar loses all color and I can't read anything on it.  It's just a cosmetic problem, but does anyone know if there is a fix for this?00:54
dreamywat: nice00:54
wati meant slackware00:54
hyperspacemdg2: wanting to install normal un delled ubuntu... my drive hasnt arrived yet though00:54
mib_nbtqz7bpcomplexity: that'll do it.  Thanks.00:54
watgo to #slackware00:54
mdg2hyperspace: Would you recommend a mini9 to others?  I'm thinking of getting one00:54
ActionParsnipernz: thats all i know, you may want to peruse forums etc, I think all webcams will need some work00:54
complexityyw :)00:54
watwith gentoo/slackware you configure everything yourself00:54
waton gentoo all programs compile from source00:55
hyperspacemdg2: no .. not yet... lol00:55
gogereavermdg2 mini9?00:55
complexityoop mib_nbtqz7bp yw :)00:55
watdreamy if you are asking that question use ubuntu or opensuse >_>00:55
wati was messing with you00:55
nickrud_barak, one question: ati driver from their site, or from repos?00:55
ernzActionParsnip: It shouldn't be the way :( Thanks for the advice however.00:55
hyperspacehave had it a total of 2 hours.... ready to send it back already00:55
watim a fan of fedora but i like ubuntu also00:55
gogereaverhyperspace mini9?????00:55
hyperspacethen again im sitting in front of a macbook.00:55
hyperspacegogereaver: yes00:55
baraknickrud_: from the site . the last version00:55
dreamywat: okey nice.. i get a clearer idea about it now.. thanks00:55
gogereaverhyperspace acer one woot00:56
mdg2hyperspace: Hope you post about your un-delled mini9 after you get the bugs worked out :)00:56
complexityI am having irregular problems with flash using firefox 3.0.5 using the latest adobe flash. Any pointers?00:56
=== jay is now known as Guest92822
watcomplexity what kind of problems00:56
mib_nbtqz7bpwhen I put my home directory on a separate partition, can I have more than one installed distro use it as it's home?00:56
PsyonikHelp, can't install Glib....00:56
watdo they have a level of.......complexity00:56
=== Guest92822 is now known as jaybinks
mdg2hyperspace: You have ubuntu or your mac?  I have a G4 iMac with 8.0400:56
workingchaircomplexity, what kind of problems?00:56
hyperspacemdg2: i will. if it fails they will be getting it back w/ a turd smashed between kb and lid :P00:56
ActionParsnipmib_nbtqz7bp: absolutely00:56
High_Speedhow can i find out exactly what desktop environment, window manager, file manager, etc, i'm running?00:57
test34tboydston, you need to mount your Vista partitions first... you can use fdisk to find out what are your partitions (fdisk /dev/sda for example)00:57
gogereaverhyperspace better of spending the extra money of a powerfull laptop with a dedcated gfx card they run around 700$ these days00:57
hyperspacemdg2: no . macbook running leapord00:57
mdg2hyperspace: LOL LOL LOL00:57
complexitywat : I can play youtube vids, but some flash sites do nothing. one example is http://www.thebailoutgame.us/00:57
barakcan some one help me with my sound ? i have installed the ati drivers for my system and now im getting no sound . when i reset me Xorg.conf to not run the ATI drivers the sound is back . can any one help ?00:57
mib_nbtqz7bpActionParsnip: thanks, that sounds useful, so you could test other distros and still have access to all your files?00:57
hyperspacegogereaver: i has one ;)00:57
watbarak same thing happened to someone else00:57
PsyonikSo no one can help me install Glib?00:57
TheFunkbombdoes anyone run fasterfox in firefox?00:57
tsrkActionParsnip, in formost if I don't give an output directory where does it put stuff?00:57
yoyit2ActionParsnip: have you ever used ogmrip?00:57
cloud-nistI have this god awful high pitch sound on Ubuntu 8.10 please help00:57
watcloud-nist whats the situation the sound occurs00:57
ActionParsniptsrk: you choose where to output to00:57
ActionParsnipyoyit2: never00:58
datakidPsyonik, apt-get install glib6 ?00:58
cloud-nistwat: I reboot and there is a high pitch sound..00:58
barakwat: it was me with a deferent nick :-) lol00:58
tsrkActionParsnip, it didn't ask me... where does it put them by default?00:58
Psyonikdatakid: I didn't know that worked. I only tried glib00:58
watcloud-nist does it ever stop?00:58
yoyit2ActionParsnip: cuz its SO nice, and i love it, except my freezing froblem00:58
complexitycloud-nist: is your microphone activated?00:58
watbarak why?00:58
ActionParsniptsrk: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery00:58
cloud-nistwat: no, and i cant play mp3 or avi files00:58
complexitycloud-nist : is your microphone activated?00:59
tsrkActionParsnip, i'm reading that but it doesn't say anything about the default output folder00:59
datakidPsyonik, did you use synaptic and search for glib?00:59
cloud-nistcomplexity: it is00:59
Bunny_Hardware testing found my ethernet card, but does not show a connection still.00:59
barakwat: i dont know this is deferent program so it got my account name not my nick00:59
datakidthat might work, or apt-cache search glib00:59
Psyonikdatakid: I did00:59
gogereaverhyperspace oh hp mini note pffttt00:59
workingchair_complexity, it seems to work for me.  what did you use to install flash?00:59
datakidthese will give you the name of the program00:59
Psyonikdatakid, that didn't work00:59
complexitycloud-nist : that may be a problem with feedback. try to deactivate itand see if that helps00:59
BllasaeI've gotten like every error imaginable trying to go on the Ubuntu forums00:59
barakany one for the sound challenge ?00:59
mib_nbtqz7bpActionParsnip: thanks, that sounds useful, so you could test other distros and still have access to all your files?00:59
cloud-nisthmmm I just added AC97 and muted it. and the noise went away!!01:00
cloud-nistwhat the01:00
ActionParsniphyperspace: http://www.liliputing.com/2008/05/minbuntu-ubuntu-804-custom-built-for-hp.html01:00
lanoxx_hi, i just tried to update ubuntu and i got a warning saying that some packages could not be authenticated, its mainly the kde packages. how can i fix that?01:00
watcloud-nist you muted the sound of course it went away01:00
complexityworkingchair : I d/l from the adobe site. The firefox 'auto install' failed01:00
PsyonikI have the repos, it's giving me error messages.01:00
datakidPsyonik, what version are you running 810?01:00
baraklanoxx_: you dont need to fix it01:00
ActionParsnipmib_nbtqz7bp: indeed, I do the smae thing except with smbmount to my fileserver so all my systems use the same data01:00
watpsyonik go to #kubuntu for kde01:00
workingchair_complexity, actually what flash packages do you have installed?  Go to the package manager and search for 'flash' or 'swf'01:00
lanoxx_barak, isnt that insecure?01:00
Psyonikdatakid: 8.0401:00
mdg2Bunny_:  Is this a new ethernet card?01:01
Psyonikwat: Ok01:01
complexityworkingchair : ok brb01:01
Ikandoes anyone know how to get ubuntu to install to a specific partition?01:01
mib_nbtqz7bpActionParsnip: very cool!  Thank you01:01
IkanWhen I opt to install, it wants to override all of my partitions01:01
IkanCan anyone help me?01:01
baraklanoxx_: did you add any source yourself ?01:01
Bunny_Just installing ubuntu for the first time01:01
lanoxx_no i dont think so01:01
hyperspaceActionParsnip: this thing comes w/ ubuntu, everything should work.01:01
datakidok, well if you run this on the command line01:01
datakidapt-cache search glib| grep libglib01:01
joshua__hello, is there any way i can use ubuntu on my computer? everytime i boot into Ubuntu via Live session it never boots into the desktop or at all. what is the problem?01:01
barakIkan: what is the problem01:01
datakidit will show you all the glibs01:01
hyperspace* runs to his office, burns 2 racks of dell servers down for wasting his time *01:01
lanoxx_i tried to switch the mirror already with no success01:01
Psyonikdatakid: Ok01:02
mdg2Bunny_: Have you used ubuntu before?01:02
lanoxx_im in china, thats why im worried01:02
watjoshua__ did you select live session01:02
joshua__wat: yes i did01:02
ActionParsniphyperspace: then its not configured by your supplier correctly in the software sense01:02
watjoshua__ what happens/how long did you wait01:02
watfor it to boot*01:02
mdg2Bunny_: This is a wired ethernet connection you are trying to use?01:02
IkanJust one sec, barak01:02
barakIkan: ok01:02
ActionParsniphyperspace: the minibuntu will have settings specific for the mininote01:02
gogereaverhyperspace whio buys a single core pc these days zzz01:02
joshua__wat: i waited for 20 minutes or more and all i saw was the bash command thing01:02
PsyonikUgh, I bothered all of you.01:03
PsyonikI had to be root.01:03
mdg2Bunny_: How did you verify hardware worked?01:03
hyperspacegogereaver: lol01:03
complexityworkingchair :, libswfdec-0.6.4-201:03
watjousha__ it should be a loading bar01:03
ActionParsnip!root | Psyonik01:03
ubottuPsyonik: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:03
hyperspacegogereaver: i have macbook pro & 2 other ubuntu boxes next to me, i has many a core01:03
assemi'm running nvidia drivers with dual monitor (separate x screens).  my second monitor is experiencing a chop off? the resolutions are different and it's like monitor 2 has a black zone.  any tips here?01:03
Bunny_mdg2: Hardware's been working for the last year or more running under windows. Downloaded ubuntu through it even.01:03
hyperspacegogereaver: dual quad macpro @ office as well lul01:03
mib_nbtqz7bpWhen I upgrade a distro, should everything that worked before work again?  Put another way, am I better off upgrading each time a new version comes out or doing a clean install and tweaking anything that's not working the second time around?01:03
gogereaverhyperspace mac pro 8 core me whant01:03
cloud-nistNow.... can someone help me get my mic working?01:03
PsyonikActionParsnip: Thanks, I know the root rules. :P01:03
joshua__wat: well it did have a loading bar and when i thought it was loading it just went to bash command?01:03
hyperspacegogereaver: yes.. i love it01:03
mdg2Bunny_: So youhave ubuntu running now?01:03
ActionParsnipPsyonik: its your system dude01:04
complexitycloud-nist : are you on a laptop?01:04
hyperspacegogereaver: dual 30 inchers too ;)01:04
watjoshua__ reburn at the slowest speed and what iso did you download01:04
gogereaverhyperspace im not ritch thow01:04
cloud-nistcomplexity: ty. I am on a desktop01:04
Bunny_mdg2: Yes, I have it up on my second box here01:04
cloud-nistaudio is fine high pitch noise gone01:04
lanoxx_barak, whats the reason for it? some packages can be authenticated some not01:04
PsyonikActionParsnip: I'm familiar with Sudo01:04
ActionParsnipcloud-nist: is it muted? what soundcard does lspci say you have01:04
mdg2Bunny_: let me see if I can guide you to the network settings from the desktop01:04
complexitycloud-nist :  I would suggest you adjust the levels of sound and mic so you do not get feedback01:04
joshua__wat: i downloaded the 32bit i386 architecture version. and i can't reburn my cd/ dvd burner isn't working i have to repair it.01:04
cloud-nistI cant get the sound recorder to recognize my mic01:04
ActionParsnipPsyonik: then theres zero requirement for root01:05
watjoshua__ try wubi -_-01:05
Bunny_mdg2: Alright01:05
cloud-nistActionParsnip: mic is not muted01:05
gogereaverjoshua__ hahaha01:05
gogereaverjoshua__ just make a usb boot01:05
joshua__Wat: well i just wanted to try a different flavor of linux. I am now running OpenSUSE01:05
PsyonikActionParsnip: I hadn't realized I needed to use the 'sudo su' command to finish the installation for glib.01:05
workingchaircomplexity, I just have 'flashplugin-nonfree' installed.  maybe try installing that, or uninstalling the libswfdec and then installing a different codec.  I don't really know why the hell there are so many on that thing.01:05
watjoshua__ lmao01:05
mdg2Bunny_: Booting ubuntu now as I'm on a CLI box here01:05
ActionParsnipPsyonik: sudo -i is advised01:05
watjoshua__ try virtualbox01:05
Bunny_mdg2: Not a problem01:05
watyou run linux....and didnt think to use a virtual machine ?_?01:06
PsyonikActionParsnip: How come? I was always told 'sudo su' was the best choice.01:06
gogereaverjoshua__ why would he do that ubuntu can usb boot01:06
baraklanoxx_: some package are digitally sign , and some not or you don't have the key that they sign with01:06
cloud-nistHow can I even test my mic?01:06
mdg2Bunny_: By chance do you see an icon on the menu bar showing two computers?01:06
watvirtual machine :P01:06
complexityok will try workingchair...what codec are you using?01:06
ActionParsnipPsyonik: its sudo -i (interactive)01:06
cloud-nistthere are so many options in volume properties01:06
hyperspacegonna try network manager from svn -_-01:06
Bunny_mdg2: Yes I do01:06
joshua__i know it can usb boot but i don't know how to get it to boot into the usb on start up01:06
mdg2Bunny_: See what happens when you right click that icon01:06
PsyonikActionParsnip: Thanks for the headsup01:07
gogereaverjoshua__ as long as your bios support it01:07
watjoshua set your bios to boot from removable disk01:07
gogereaverjoshua__ making a bootable usb should be a non issue01:07
watsometimes the removeable disk is set as a hard drive01:07
Bunny_mdg2: Enable Networking is checked, gives me the option to edit connections.01:07
djsiegelHello, if any Intrepid users would like to help us test GNOME Do 0.8 alpha, please see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6544375#post654437501:07
ActionParsnipmdg2: its in your bios setup01:07
joshua__ah hold on i'll reboot and check and if that is available.01:07
watso on startup press the f number key for hard drives, and select the removable disk and set it to boot from hard disk :P01:07
assemmy 2nd x screen (nvidia, separate screens) has the bottom cutoff with a black mask.  the mouse can still be seen on top of it and it's generally buggy.  anyone offer links or support?01:08
mdg2Bunny_: Click on Connection Information first and see what it shows?01:08
complexityok will try workingchair...what codec are you using?01:08
joshua__my motherboard is a PCChips based motherboard i don't think those are very well supported.01:08
workingchaircomplexity, its called 'flashplugin-nonfree'01:08
anonHi, anyone know how to make it possible for all instances of an application to use a custom nice or ionice priority without having to issue the command manually?01:08
lanoxx_barak, so how do i check if the key is correct?01:08
Bunny_mdg2: Connection Information is grey, unselectable01:08
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE01:08
mdg2okay.  Go to the System on the toolbar01:08
gogereaverjoshua__ even if your bios dont you can use boot disk like super grub to do it can be put on a floppy01:08
Bunny_mdg2: Ok01:09
HutchJack_Sparrow: oh, another issue you might be able to help me with. I have a USB headset, it works in all applications except firefox01:09
mdg2Then Administration and then Network01:09
arzen1013Hi all , my ubuntu time is incorrect, I set to correct, then it popup "/sbin/hwclock returned 256", what's wrong ?01:09
Bunny_mdg2: Network Tools?01:09
Jack_SparrowHUtchno, sorry,01:09
mdg2No just Network01:09
Bunny_mdg2: Not an option01:09
mib_nbtqz7bpwill saving my home to a separate partition allow me to keep all my downloaded programs if I reinstall a distro?01:09
gogereaverheh do they still make floppys01:09
baraklanoxx_: go to system -> Administration -> Software Source and then to the Third party software , let me know whats in there01:10
mdg2Bunny_: You just have Network tools and not "Network"01:10
ActionParsnipgogereaver: hell yeah01:10
ActionParsnipgogereaver: floppys are awesome01:10
Bunny_mdg2: Yes. Network Tools, but not "Network"01:10
itai_michaelsonhi- i cant listen to the radio here : http://www.radiotower.com/player.php?channel_id=4298, it claims i need realplayer, but i have it installed, also i have the gxine plugin, but still no radio (on ibex)01:10
baraklanoxx_: do you got any selected01:10
gogereaverActionParsnip heh my drives dies ages ago i never fixed it01:10
mdg2Bunny_: Did you install update - like 150 updates?01:10
TheFunkbombMozilla addons won't let me download Fasterfox.  It's "experimental" :(01:11
ActionParsnipgogereaver: can save you some days, i have a gentoo floppy thats saved my hide a tonne01:11
lanoxx_barak, yes the intrepid partner archive + source and recommended updates and wineHQ repo01:11
brolyhello all... i installed the latest nvidia drivers now my avant window navigator wont open... any suggestions?01:11
Bunny_mdg2: I have done nothing to it yet. Fresh install, untouched.01:11
gogereaverActionParsnip my usb stick or bootable dvds save me01:11
mdg2oh, you need to let it update - it has more apps to install01:11
gogereaverActionParsnip also mini usb hd with ubuntu on it01:12
Bunny_mdg2: How?01:12
baraklanoxx_: look at the name of the packages that you can see that they are not sign01:12
baraklanoxx_: and you will see that they are from those sources01:12
gogereaverActionParsnip segate freeagent usb are awsom01:12
baraklanoxx_: and that is ok01:12
powertool08whats the best way to search every text file in every location on my computer for a certain phrase? sudo locate *.txt | grep <phrase>? or is there a better way?01:13
lanoxx_can i retrieve a key somewhere and add it to the authentication tab?01:13
ActionParsnipgogereaver: not if the system cant boot usb01:13
complexityworkingchair : removed adobe and the codec. I can still play flash video, but that site I sent you still does not work01:13
gogereaverActionParsnip with its big ornge light ontop my towerlol01:13
psycardisWhat would cause lsusb to hang?01:13
mdg2Bunny_: Oh, you have no internet.... hmmm01:13
DatzHello, how do I stop system logs from writing?01:13
complexityworkingchair : oh forgot to add that I installed nonfree package01:13
Bunny_mdg2: Hence my dilemna01:13
gogereaverActionParsnip has to be a pretty old system not to01:13
gogereaverActionParsnip then cdr fixes that01:14
mdg2Bunny_: Go to "System", then "Administration"01:14
barakcan some one help me with my sound ? i have installed the ati drivers for my system and now im getting no sound . when i reset me Xorg.conf to not run the ATI drivers the sound is back . can any one help ?01:14
Bunny_mdg2: Ok01:14
ActionParsnipgogereaver: oh it is, but it runs gentoo well enough01:14
ari_stressmorning all :)01:14
mdg2With that menu open, tell me all thats listed there01:14
marabout_anyone know if i am trying to install Ubuntu on a HD that is FAT whether Ubuntu will reformat and then install itself ( i'm hoping it will  :| )?01:14
ActionParsnipgogereaver: its my fileserver / backup / torrents box01:15
kansan___my samsung printer connected via USB seems to go out of connection, meaning that it wont print any more until i restart my comp.  i have ubuntu hardy.  is there a way of 'waking up' my USB ports?  without restarting?01:15
gogereaverActionParsnip i have a cdr with a bootloader on it like lilo on a cd and will bot usb even if unsupported01:15
ActionParsnipgogereaver: cpu is a 650Mhz K7 Slot A01:15
psycardiswhat would cause lsusb to hang?01:15
complexityI am having irregular problems with flash using firefox 3.0.5 using the flashplugin-nonfree. Any pointers?01:15
ActionParsnippsycardis: bad usb device attached01:15
DatzHello, How can I turn off syslog to stop logging?01:15
ActionParsnipcomplexity: 32bit or 64bit ubuntu?01:15
gogereaverActionParsnip oldest i have is a 333 m2 cyrax runnung a light ver of ubuntu01:16
workingchaircomplexity, I'm not really sure then.  The only thing I can suggest is to try a different package.  are you running 8.10?01:16
mib_nbtqz7bpIs it better to have vanilla ubuntu or a machine specific distro like Ubuntu EEE?01:16
psycardisAnyway to identify wich one?01:16
Bunny_mdg2: Authorizations, Create a USB startup disk, Hardware Drivers, Hardware Testing, Language Support, Login Window, Network Tools, Printing, Services, Software Sources, Synaptic Package Manager, System Log, System Monitor, Time and Date, Update Manager, Users and Groups01:16
Decepticonhow can i get ubuntu to see that files have been created in ~/watch_dir/* and that it should launch a  script that manages the files created?01:16
ActionParsnipmib_nbtqz7bp: id get specific if you can01:16
complexityworkingchair : no 8.0401:16
anonanyone here familiar with CFQ, nice, and ionice?01:16
complexityworkingchair : had problems with 8.1001:16
mib_nbtqz7bpActionParsnip: won't that make upgrades more difficult?01:16
ActionParsnipcomplexity: is it 32bit or 64bit ubuntu01:16
squirt33I am having trouble updating: when I try I get an error message01:16
mdg2hmmm...  let me see if I can come up with a command line way - would you be willing to try that?01:17
complexityAction : 32 bit01:17
ActionParsnipmib_nbtqz7bp: no, its only the stuff that comes with the install to get the hardware good thats different, it will use the same repos01:17
Bunny_mdg2: Yeah01:17
gogereaverActionParsnip the cyrax just whont die i have had newers pcs blow up and it still lives01:17
Decepticonhow can i get it to see that files have been created in ~/watch_dir/* and that it should launch a  script that manages the files created?01:17
gogereaverActionParsnip great backup pc01:17
workingchaircomplexity, okay, maybe you just need a different package.  That's be best I can suggest.  I'm running 8.10 64-bit01:17
Bunny_mdg2: Already have the terminal open. I'm not a complete newb to computing, just Linux ;)01:17
strychninehow do i get a list of the chat rooms01:17
mib_nbtqz7bpActionParsnip: thanks!01:18
ActionParsnipcomplexity: if you create a symlink to libflashplayer.so ni ~/.mozilla/plugins you should be ok01:18
squirt33When I try to update, I get an error saying that it can't find a ubuntu server at mit - what should I do?01:18
ActionParsnipcomplexity: make sure you you have no other flash plugins installed, like gnash01:18
KamilionHowdy folks, running stock 3.2.3 on Ubuntu 8.10, having trouble getting windows machines to login. Mapping a drive works with 'username' & password, but windows INSISTS on a domain/workgroup identifer for a network neighborhood connection, are there any workarounds?01:18
complexityActionParsnip : could you give me instruction or should I just google it?01:18
gogereaverActionParsnip with its massiv 40gb hd hehe the old  6 gb did finly give out01:18
KamilionIE, I can map a drive and login with 'kamilion'/'password', but double clicking on a samba share automatically decides it wants to send 'CORE\kamilion'/'password' and refuses to let me use plain usernames.01:18
ernzFFS - Another problem now. I have just installed my Audigy 2 ZS card. Sound works every except for inside flash videos in firefox. Anyone got any ideas?01:18
ActionParsnipcomplexity: thats the instruction01:19
complexitylol ok01:19
Decepticonwhy does only left alt + a number, launch a different channel and not the right alt01:19
OinknessHow do I install Windows XP on here with my Ubuntu? And will I have to also find all the drivers or will Ubuntu have taken care of the drivers already?01:19
KamilionDecepticon: Different keycodes.01:19
Bunny_mdg2: When I put in sudo lshw -C network one thing it keeps saying in there is *-network DISABLED01:19
Decepticonhow can i get it to see that files have been created in ~/watch_dir/* and that it should launch a  script that manages the files created?01:19
complexityJust an announcement...I am able to pull up the forum!01:19
OinknessHow do I install Windows XP on here with my Ubuntu? And will I have to also find all the drivers or will Ubuntu have taken care of the drivers already?01:20
UbubeginAnyone knows any online site where you can maintain a daily journal (for an IT professional)...01:20
mib_nbtqz7bpIf I install a new distro over an old one, is there a way of keeping the software I downloaded to the first distro?01:20
ActionParsnipcomplexity: mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins; cd ~/.mozilla/plugins; ln -s /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/libflashplayer.so .01:20
OinknessIT professionals make their own sites01:20
maynothI just got a new jumpdrive01:20
KamilionUbubegin: http://www.google.com/notebook01:20
maynothand wanted to test for badsectors01:20
Decepticonbesides running a cronjob every minute, how can i watch a dir, and when files appear in it (new files), to launch a script that will take care of the files01:20
gogereaveryay for you01:21
mdg2Bunny_: Almost there.  You need to find the "terminal" application under Applications > Accessories01:21
KamilionDecepticon: inotify01:21
maynothdoes anyone know of a gui utility that will test for bad sectors01:21
jacekowskiOinkness: i made decision to make my own site 3 months ago01:21
DecepticonKamilion: is there much set up involved01:21
maynothif you have an answer please send me a PM01:21
maynothI've got to run for a minute01:21
usserDecepticon: cron seems like a natural choice01:21
ActionParsnipmaynoth: fsck /dev/<partition name>01:21
OinknessI'm not even a full on IT pro and I have several sites made >.>01:21
Decepticonusser: too resource intensive to run a ronjob every minute01:21
jacekowskiOinkness: and only difference between now and 3 months ago is that i own a domain01:21
KamilionDecepticon: Beats me, never done it. But inotify is what you would use to be notified on a filesystem inode change.01:21
ActionParsnipmaynoth: you will need to have it unmounted01:21
UbubeginKamilion: but it doesnt seem to have to calendar kinda thingie01:21
Bunny_mdg2: Already have it open01:21
Bunny_mdg2: When I put in sudo lshw -C network one thing it keeps saying in there is *-network DISABLED01:21
complexityActionParsnip : when I do  locate libflashplayer.so @ the cli I get notta01:22
KamilionUbubegin: ... Use google calender? ;)01:22
Hutchanyone able to assist me with USB headset not working for sound in firefox?01:22
Spoomubuntu just told me to do a partial install, the partial install removed evolution, and now i can't reinstall it due to an unmet dependency: evolution: Depends: evolution-common (= 2.24.2-0ubuntu1) but 2.24.3-0ubuntu1 is to be installed - any ideas?01:22
mdg2Okay, we have to use an editor called "Vi".  It is a modal editor meaning it has a command mode and a text entry mode01:22
Spoompartial upgrade, rather01:22
KamilionSpoom: Disable proposed-updates and reupdate/upgrade.01:22
ActionParsnipcomplexity: i gave you the complete command01:22
mdg2Type in the terminal (without quotes):  "sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces"01:23
jrib!who | mdg201:23
ubottumdg2: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:23
SpoomKamilion, will that remove any packages i've gotten from proposed?  since i do need the nvidia beta driver from it otherwise i get the weird titlebar bug01:23
assemmy 2nd x screen (nvidia, separate screens) has the bottom cutoff with a black mask.  the mouse can still be seen on top of it and it's generally buggy.  anyone offer links or support?01:23
Bunny_mdg2: Command not found01:23
mak1Hi, i recently installed Ubuntu 8.10, and when ever I try to start my computer it gets to the "Loading Grub 1.5" stage, then it says "Error 2" and then i cant do anything from that point. What is error 2 and how can i resolve this error? (im on a live cd now)01:23
KamilionSpoom: Probably.01:23
mdg2Bunny_: Type in terminal (without quotes):  "sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces"01:23
Bunny_mdg2: Command not found01:23
maynothActionParsnip do I have to format it to Ext3 first its fat32 now01:24
ActionParsnipcomplexity: sudo apt-get --reinstall install flashplayer-nonfree01:24
mdg2which command is not found Bunny_01:24
Spoomi'll try removing it temporarily, updating, and installing evolution through apt-get, then running it again and being careful with the evolution package01:24
mib_nbtqz7bpHello, all, besides home, are there any other directories that you recommend keeping on a separate partition?01:24
compubombanyone in here experienced at using bind ?01:24
Bunny_mdg2: vi/etc/network/interfaces01:24
KamilionSpoom: use synaptic to lock the version of the nvidia beta driver first01:24
Hutchmdg2: i am having an issue with my USB headset. it works in skype/rhythmbox/etc. but will not play music from firefox (youtube etc.). any ideas?01:25
mdg2Bunny_: No slash between vi and /etc/network/interfaces - that's a space01:25
mdg2Bunny_: Space between sudo and vi01:25
ruiner54wat: i figured it out, found a deb pckg that worked01:26
ActionParsnipmaynoth: sudo mke2fs -j /dev/<partition name>01:26
Bunny_mdg2: Ok got it01:26
mdg2Bunny_:  You should get a screen about "Vi"01:26
aoliveiramy ubuntu doesnt play sound anymore01:26
maynothI'm formating it to ext2 now in qparted01:26
KamilionMy Problem: Samba 3.2.3 on 8.10, trying to connect to a share from XPsp3, Mapping drive works with bare login ( kamilion/password ), network neighborhood does not (replaces with CORE\kamilion). Is there a workaround I can be pointed at for this other than having to map drive letters every time?01:26
aoliveirawith only make noise01:26
aoliveirapretty annoying01:27
ActionParsnipmaynoth: if yuo want ext3 you can journalise ext201:27
gogereaverHutch i had that issue easy fix01:27
complexityActionParsnip : the file is still not there01:27
Bunny_mdg2: I have a lot of lines on the right side of the screen with "etc/network/interfaces" [New DIRECTORY] at the bottom of the terminal screen.01:27
Hutchgogereaver: great. what is it? :D01:27
chyeahey all. is vim-full the only vim package that has syntax highlighting enabled?01:27
gogereaverHutch you gotta set it to usb headset manuly in the ubuntu sound settings01:27
jribchyea: no01:27
ActionParsnipcomplexity: sudo find / -name *.so | grep flash01:27
xinxanHi, I know there's a #vbox channel but nobody's answering. Could someone here maybe help? Host OS: Ubuntu 8.10. Guest OS: Windows XP. My problem: I've tried three times installing now. Every time, it asks for a password in setup, then refuses to accept the password when I try to login after setup is complete. The third time I didn't set a password in setup, I skipped that step, but it still demands a password which doesn't 01:28
chyeajrib: do you know which others have it? vim-full is a lot more than i need.01:28
mdg2okay.  That's good.  You are now in vi.   You have to press the "i01:28
chyeait's a large install.01:28
=== Guest10002 is now known as tina
watwhats the mode j?01:28
mdg2Bunny_: press the "i" key so you go into "insert" mode01:28
gogereaverHutch for some reasion it will not auto switch01:28
lanoxx_does anyone know where to the a key file for the canonical partner repositories?01:28
mib_nbtqz7bpwhen I upgrade, does Grub adjust accordingly?01:28
mak1Hi, i recently installed Ubuntu 8.10, and when ever I try to start my computer it gets to the "Loading Grub 1.5" stage, then it says "Error 2" and then i cant do anything from that point. What is error 2 and how can i resolve this error? (im on a live cd now)01:28
jribchyea: do you want to use vim outside of the terminal?  ie as a window in X?01:28
complexityActionParsnip : there are 7 files there, 5 are gecko-mediaplayer files, one is flashplugin-alternative, the the other is libjavaplugin (as far as .so files go)01:28
Bunny_mdg2: Ok I pressed the i key, didn't see any change.01:28
mdg2Bunny_: let me know when you are ready to type01:28
Hutchgogereaver: in preferences>sounds>devices i have all them set as USB Sennheiser headset OSS and the test button works. but firefox still doesnt work01:28
chyeajrib: no, i'm just using it over putty ssh.01:28
gogereaverHutch odd01:29
jribchyea: I'm pretty sure vim-nox is sufficient01:29
ActionParsnipcomplexity: run: dpkg -l | grep flash01:29
gogereaverHutch other apps working?01:29
xinxanSorry to bug you guys when there's a vbox channel but nobody's replying there. Could anybody help me with my vbox?01:29
mdg2Bunny_: Down in the left corner is should show --INSERT--01:29
Kamilionxinxan: I've never been asked to set passwords in XP setup, only usernames. Try different install media.01:29
chyeajrib: i believe i have vim-nox installed. hm.01:29
Bunny_mdg2: It does not01:29
mdg2okay, now we are ready to type Bunny_01:30
Hutchgogereaver: currently sound playing in cedega and hence it wont play atm, but earlier when cedega wasnt running, other apps would play fine but not firefox01:30
Kamilionxinxan: try a different windows installation ISO, such as a MSDN image from microsoft01:30
Bunny_mdg2: Ok, it is letting me type01:30
jribmdg2: I think Bunny_ typed "vi etc/network/interfaces" instead of "vi /etc/network/interfaces"01:30
itachihello, ubunteros!!01:30
tboydstonI'm trying to install/configure lm-sensors, but I need to run a script in the "lm-sensors source." How do I find that directory?01:30
mdg2Bunny_: Type:  auth eth001:30
xinxanKamilion: What do you mean by install media? It asked me for a username (which didn't show up as the username in the login screen - it was just Local Admin) and the password, which it clearly ignored.01:30
mdg2Bunny_: that's a zero01:30
itachii have some problem01:30
xinxanKamilion: Oh sorry, you explained. How would I get that?01:30
mdg2Bunny_: then press the Enter key01:30
Bunny_mdg2 ok01:30
gogereaverHutch mine worked fine a logitec01:31
KamilionMS gives the isos away freely from msdn.microsoft.com if you look around01:31
jribchyea: sudo update-alternatives --config vim01:31
complexityActionParsnip :01:31
complexitysudo find / -name *.so | grep flash01:31
complexityfind: paths must precede expression01:31
complexityUsage: find [-H] [-L] [-P] [path...] [expression]01:31
ubottupaths is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']01:31
jzesHi Guys! I have a really slow internal wlan card on my toshiba laptop running Ubuntu 8.10. I also have an zyxel wlan usb stick, how can I get ubuntu to use my zyxel stick insted of the internal wlan card?01:31
xinxanKamilion: THanks.01:31
xinxanKamilion: I'll have a look now.01:31
aoliveirai'm getting problems with sound on ubuntu01:31
kochiihi all01:31
Kamilionxinxan: Sure. Make sure you get one that matches the key you're trying to use.01:31
RobertLaptophow can I get debuging library for 8.10 I have something that isn't working right and I need to try and trace though libusb to try and find the issue.01:31
KamilionIE, VLK media for VLK keys, MSDN media for MSDN keys, retail media for retail keys, OEM media for OEM keys.01:31
mdg2Bunny_: Now type:  iface eth0 inet dhcp01:31
xinxanKamilion: Oddly, it never asked me for a key.01:31
Hutchgogereaver: grr.01:32
Kamilionxinxan: you have a custom-edited windows ISO01:32
SpoomKamilion, i get the same issue with proposed removed and it just including updates and backports (and i assume they wouldn't backport only part of evolution that would break the rest of it), should i try removing evolution-common and evolution-data-server and reinstalling evolution?01:32
Kamilionmade with either sysprep or nlite01:32
dreamyaoliveira: whats wrong with your souñd ?01:32
xinxanKamilion: Do I? I believe you.01:32
Bunny_mdg2: Done01:32
gogereaverHutch maybe alisa has something muted or flash is being od01:32
xinxanKamilion: Could that be the problem then?01:32
aoliveiradreamy just noise01:32
KamilionSpoom: Dunnno. Your guess is as good as mine.01:32
aoliveiradreamy when i boot on windows all work01:32
maynothNo such file or directory while trying to open /dev/sbd01:32
Hutchgogereaver: i think flash is being odd01:32
xinxanKamilion: You think I have to get a different CD or ISO?01:32
maynothdoes anyone here know how to check a jump drive for bad sectors01:32
mdg2Bunny_: Now we need to save it, but we have to get out of --INSERT-- mode by pressing the Escape key01:32
itachii have some problem coy01:33
Kamilionxinxan: yes, there should be a unattended setup inf file on your CD that contains all the passwords and CDkey01:33
jzesHi Guys! I have a really slow internal wlan card on my toshiba laptop running Ubuntu 8.10. I also have an zyxel wlan usb stick, how can I get ubuntu to use my zyxel stick insted of the internal wlan card?01:33
maynothif so please send me a PM01:33
Kamiliongoogle for XP unattended responses01:33
dreamyaoliveira: what sort of noise ? distroction?01:33
Bunny_mdg2: Alright01:33
maynothim about to head out for a few minutes01:33
xinxanKamilion: Okay, thanks.01:33
dreamyaoliveira: distorcao ?01:33
traplineAnyone know why it is i can't hear sound through flash programs?01:33
gogereaverHutch i for mine from the ubuntu main package so it all workes01:33
aoliveiradreamy é01:33
gogereaverHutch :P01:33
jribtrapline: what ubuntu version?01:33
mdg2Bunny_: Now type a colon, i.e. :01:33
mdg2Bunny_:  and then w01:33
xinxanKamilion: THanks for the help  I'll have a look for that.01:33
aoliveiradreamy distorção01:33
Hutchgogereaver: maybe i will try reinstall it or something01:33
mdg2Bunny_:  type :w01:33
dreamyaoliveira: maybe your volume controls are at the top01:33
Bunny_mdg2 Ok01:33
mdg2Bunny_: and it will tell you it is writing the file01:33
tboydstonhow do I find the source directory for lm-sensors? A how-to I'm using says I need to save a script file there.01:34
gogereaverHutch what flash lol01:34
aoliveiradreamy already change it01:34
Hutchgogereaver: flash and or firefox01:34
gogereaverHutch i used the exyras package01:34
assemmy 2nd x screen (nvidia, separate screens) has the bottom cutoff with a black mask (taskbar / panel is cutoff).  anything i can do for this?01:34
jribmdg2: did you catch what I said?01:34
* Spoom manually downgrades evolution-common, hopes it doesn't break anything01:34
xinxanKamilion: Could it also be a problem that I am installing onto an external hard drive?01:34
dreamyaoliveira: ok.. dunno01:34
traplinejrib, Its 8.1001:34
mdg2jrib: what?01:34
gogereaverHutch if you did firfox after flash it can be a issue01:34
KamilionMy Problem: Samba 3.2.3 on 8.10, trying to connect to a share from XPsp3, Mapping drive works with bare login ( kamilion/password ), network neighborhood does not (replaces with CORE\kamilion). Is there a workaround I can be pointed at for this other than having to map drive letters every time? Perhaps a config setting for samba to accept MACHINE\user ?01:34
jribmdg2: I think Bunny_ typed "vi etc/network/interfaces" instead of "vi /etc/network/interfaces"01:34
Hutchgogereaver: how do i go about doing that. nah i did flash after firefox01:34
Bunny_jrib: I corrected it01:34
Kamilionxinxan: No, that's no problem, I've done that plenty.01:35
itachiKamilion: same01:35
mdg2jrib: You are right!01:35
jzesHi Guys! I have a really slow internal wlan card on my toshiba laptop running Ubuntu 8.10. I also have an zyxel wlan usb stick, how can I get ubuntu to use my zyxel stick insted of the internal wlan card?01:35
mdg2Bunny_:  we have to do it over.01:35
gogereaverHutch aptget install flash-nonfree01:35
Kamilionitachi: Pardon?01:35
traplineFor some reason i can't use alsa without my sound stutering a lot01:35
Bunny_mdg2: Ok01:35
operstsjzes, thats not appropite for this room:- please go elsewhere01:35
RPSguys I have a line of code to use on a program, but I'm not sure how to enter it in the terminal .../set text_max_indent 32001:35
xinxanKamilion: Okay. And I don't have to have any special settings for that, right? Just change the defaults in settings. So this should work after I figure out the unattended thing, okay. I'll give that a try. Thanks again.01:35
mdg2Bunny_: we will close "Vi" by typing :q!01:35
itachiKamilion: my samba error...01:35
gogereaverHutch same for remove01:35
Hutchgogereaver: couldnt find package flash-nonfree01:35
jzesopersts: what ?01:36
mdg2Bunny_: That a colon, a q and an exclamation01:36
Kamilionxinxan: Can't change the settings, they're on the ISO file. But you can discover what settings were used.01:36
maynothhey guys I need to check a usb flash drive for bad sectors how do I do that fsck does not work even when formatted to ext201:36
Bunny_mdg2: Yup. got it01:36
nickrudopersts, au contraire, that's an appropriate question for #ubuntu. jzes of course, I have no answer either ;)01:36
creeedhello, I get troubles with the fonts under gnome after starting dual-screen with xrandr, the dual-screen works fine but after some time and when I beginn switching between windows the font of the GUI goes to play out: colors change, letters disappear.. a chaos! I have ubuntu 8.10. any help please?01:36
Kamilionitachi: Any luck resolving it?01:36
gogereaver flashplugin-nonfree01:36
TeamColtra[TFDA few days ago, my audio just stopped working on my machine (running 8.10) it says can't play due to unknown reasons... I googled it and nothing seemed to be very helpful. I am sure its not my audio card, because it has been working for a while... and honestly its pretty generic audio card. What type of trouble shooting can I do (I have lost audio in Music and DVD playback)01:36
maynothugg I guess I'll use windows :C01:36
itachiKamilion: yes, u lucky01:36
Spoomyay, evolution's reinstalling01:36
mdg2Bunny_: Now in the terminal type:  sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces  ---- you need the slash before etc01:37
Spoomand hopefully my email is still there o_o01:37
Kamilionmaynoth: format the flash drive with ext3 then run fsck.ext3 -f -c01:37
itachiKamilion: what ur problem ?01:37
xinxanKamilion: Thanks again. Better go to bed, I'm flagging, but I'll try it tomorrow. Cheers.01:37
Bunny_mdg2: Yep. Got it, and the changes are still there01:37
mdg2jrib: Thanks for catching that :)01:37
Hutchgogereaver: why can't ubuntu play from two applications at once?01:37
itachiKamilion: HEY!01:37
maynothKamilion, Thanks01:37
SpoomKamilion, thanks, much appreciated01:37
jribmdg2: no problem, looks like Bunny_ caught it too anyway :)01:37
Spoomsometimes you just need hints ;^)01:37
gogereaverHutch it should01:37
Kamilionitachi: my problem is that I can't login with my proper username.01:38
jeeves_Mosswhat cuses my system not to mount USB disks?  I JUST created an EXT3 partition on this external 20Gb unit, and now it's saying that my system can't access it (but I can mount it from the command line)01:38
gogereaverHutch unless your ard only has half duples drivers01:38
KamilionWindows is forcing me to use domain/workgroup identifier.01:38
nickrudjzes, I suggest asking every 5 minutes or so, with models of wifi as well01:38
TeamColtra[TFD@ maynoth, http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-909934.html that might assit you01:38
mdg2Bunny_: Let me know when you have opened Vi01:38
SpoomKamilion, i'd try to help you with your samba issue but my experience with samba is rather limited01:38
Kamilionjeeves_Moss: I've had issues with bad USB cables. Try switching it with another cable.01:38
Hutchgogereaver: well its a USB device.01:38
itachiKamilion: I have allergy with with WINDOWS!!01:38
jeeves_MossKamilion, it's doing it with ALL USB drives, sticks, etc01:38
Bunny_mdg2: Got Vi open, changes made to /etc/network/interfaces" are still in place01:38
gogereaverHutch mine where full01:38
gogereaverHutch so no isues at all01:39
itachiKamilion: smbpassword ?01:39
Kamilionjeeves_Moss: specific error message?01:39
brolywhen i open WoW on another desktop and use my desktop switcher to go between WoW and my browser/irc client, i lose sound in WoW, any suggestions on how to keep sound?01:39
jeeves_MossKamilion, one sec01:39
Kamilionitachi: It's not the password I'm having a problem with, it's the username.01:39
gogereaverbroly ahh wow crack ahhh01:39
brolylol gogereaver01:39
weed37hi guys i have some questons01:39
itachiKamilion: adduser <sambauser>01:39
Hutchgogereaver: mine is too, its a Sennheiser PC166, but when i have 2 applications open playing sound, both stutter horribly. does it have to do with USB using OSS instead of ALSA?01:39
itachiweed37: what ur problem ?01:40
Kamilionitachi: won't work, samba01:40
Kamilionitachi: won't work, samba is PAM backed01:40
gogereaverHutch maybe01:40
jeeves_MossKamilion, "the volume uses a file system not supported by this system"01:40
gogereaverHutch can alwys trying switching itto use alisa01:40
jeeves_Mossweed37, we may have some answers01:40
Kamilionjeeves_Moss: Hm. And what is generating this error?01:40
Bunny_mdg2: Got Vi open, changes made to /etc/network/interfaces" are still in place01:40
itachiKamilion: PAM ?01:40
Hutchgogereaver: when i choose USB Sennheiser (ALSA) and try the test button, it gives an error and cant play back01:40
TeamColtra[TFDI just want to point out in my previous request, any time I try to open up an audio program (Songbird, Rythembox, etc) they crash upon trying to play audio01:41
mdg2Bunny_: okay.  Now :w to write the document making sure it shows /etc/network/interfaces01:41
Hutchgogereaver: how do i switch it to alisa01:41
gogereaverHutch well like you tryed01:41
jeeves_MossKamilion, it's just an OS GUI popup01:41
gogereaverHutch guess not01:41
Kamilionjeeves_Moss: I saw something similar when I connected my WD Mybook's harddrive to my PC, I had to specify -t ext3 because it thought it was a raid_member01:41
Bunny_mdg2: Yep. Got that done01:41
gogereaverHutch so did flash decide to work01:41
watlogging this channel would result in log files way too big haha01:41
mdg2Bunny_: Okay, now leave the terminal open so we can type another command01:41
jeeves_MossKamilion, it should auto-detect though01:41
nickrud!irclogs | wat01:41
ubottuwat: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/01:41
Bunny_mdg2: Ok01:41
Hutchgogereaver: reinstalled flash, youtube still no sound and the video is *slightly* choppy01:41
gogereaverHutch might be those oss drivers01:42
mdg2Bunny_: now type:   sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart01:42
Hutchgogereaver: ok, how can i update them or whatever01:42
watwhats mdoe j01:42
Kamilionitachi: Samba's using my unix account password by using pam_smb.so, so I don't have a smbpasswd database to add a user too.01:42
gogereaverHutch heh that walways ends badly01:42
wathutch apt-get update01:42
Hutchgogereaver: lol. so where should i go from here01:42
Kamilionwat: Google for IRC hyperion mode j01:43
itachiKamilion: Disconected01:43
gogereaverHutch not mutch you can do abought shotty sound drivers01:43
watjoin throttling?01:43
remuHey everyone, I am taking an intro to Java class at school, and I am running Ubuntu with Geany as my editor. The rest of the class is using JCreator on windows. They all have the ability to search the Java Docs from JCreator. I was wondering, is there a way I could search the Java Docs as well? Doesn't have to be from within Geany, can be webbased or a desktop app.01:43
gogereaverHutch use your speakers01:43
weed37i have just installed ubun/mnt/now i need to get access to all my miles that i have on the vista partion of it tu 8.10 on my sony vaio working great but01:43
Hutchgogereaver: i just installed ubuntu 8.10 lol. what speakers :/01:43
gogereaverHutch buy some01:43
mdg2Bunny_: When you typed the sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces command where you prompted for a password?01:43
Bunny_mdg2: /etc/network/interfaces:1: misplaced option01:43
Hutchwat: all up to date01:43
Hutchgogereaver: these are like $150US headphones lol01:44
gogereaverHutch or a logitec usb headset i had no isues with them01:44
Bunny_mdg2: No01:44
gogereaverHutch probly why driver support is bad01:44
mdg2Bunny_: Have you set up any users on this machine ?01:44
jeeves_MossKamilion, I jsut tried remaking the FS from the CL, lets see if this works.  LOL01:44
gogereaverHutch not many people buy 150$ headphones01:44
Bunny_mdg2: I was the first time I entered the command. I just looked back in the terminal01:44
Bunny_mdg2: So yes, I was asked to put in my password01:45
mdg2Bunny_: Good :)01:45
psycardisremu: try using jcreator in wine: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=182101:45
gogereaverHutch my logitechs where 40$01:45
Hutchgogereaver: no thanks, these are super comfortable01:45
gogereaverHutch heh so are these01:45
itachii'm off01:46
Six66Mikeanyone available to help answer some questions about software RAID5 and performance?01:46
gogereaverHutch there full sized01:46
Hutchgogereaver: they work in every other application. its just firefox!01:46
randy_Hi, I'm getting a kernal source version mismatch trying to run quickcam. I read an old walk through and did apt-get linux source instead of my uname. I redid the apt-get correctly but I still get the mismatch error. Any ideas?01:46
mdg2Bunny_: Now lets check and see what we get.  In the terminal type:  ifconfig eth001:46
Hutchgogereaver: is there another small web browser i can try01:46
gogereaverHutch shure01:46
nickrudrandy_, if you compiled against the first, wrong kernel source you'll need to get the right headers/source and recompile the driver01:47
Bunny_mdg2: Did you see where I was saying it gave me "misplaced option" on the network restart command?01:47
gogereaverHutch next to firefox and ie thats number 3 in poplure01:47
mdg2Bunny_: Yes, not sure what the means01:47
klothohey, I have ubuntu 6.10 installed on my old IBM T23 laptop... is it safe to upgrade to version 8? If so, what's the best way to do it?01:47
Bunny_mdg2: It gave me, pretty much nothing, everything for eth0 is a 001:48
mdg2Bunny_:  Type:  "ifconfig eth0" and it will tell us more info01:48
nickrud!upgrade | klotho has instructions for 6.10 -> 7.04 -> 7.10 -> 8.4 :)01:48
mdg2Bunny_: Your inet addr is zeros?01:48
ubottusigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.01:48
giorgio_scusate la chat in italiani01:49
nickrud!upgrade | klotho01:49
ubottuklotho: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes01:49
klothonickrud - so I have to upgrade first to 7.04, then 7.10 and finally to 8.4, there's no one-step upgrade?01:49
Bunny_mdg2: No inet addr at all01:49
Bunny_mdg2: Doesn't even say "inet addr"01:49
mdg2okay, we didn't get it configured right01:49
nickrudklotho, no, only one step upgrades, except for lts->lts. The page explains01:49
klothowhat's lts?01:49
randy_nickrud: I think I have the right header/source yet I think I missed something. I told the compile my linux_dir was /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.24-23-generic and yet it still says version mismatch. It says my current kernal source is
klothook thanks01:49
nickrudklotho, long term support:  6.0601:49
snypzzenvyng not working with e1505 multiple monitors01:50
weed37so guys can u help me01:50
weed37i have just installed ubun/mnt/now i need to get access to all my miles that i have on the vista partion of it tu 8.10 on my sony vaio working great but01:50
=== danopia is now known as [CC]danopia
nickrudrandy_, if you don't specify the header location, the config should use the headers that match the running kernel.  sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) to be sure you have the right ones01:50
remuI just installed gnochm, and xchm, I am trying to load up the Java Docs in them. xchm loads it up just fine, but I like the look of gnochm, fits right into my desktop, though that is stuck "loading" the chm file for the past 10 minutes or so....no errors in the terminal or anything. Can someone help me figure out whats wrong with gnochm?01:50
snypzzany suggestions help01:51
mdg2Bunny_: back at the terminal type:  sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces -- thats sudo space vi space slash etc slasch network slash interfaces01:51
Bunny_mdg2: Done01:51
randy_nickurd: i did that and it says linux-headers-2.6.24-23-generic is already the newest version01:52
mdg2Bunny_: can you retype here for me so I can see exactly what you typed?01:52
gogereaverweed37 ubuntu should aruldy be showing that to you01:52
weed37where can i see it m801:52
nickrudrandy_, ok, try running the compile without specifying linux)dir01:52
weed37total noob here01:52
gogereaverweed37 click the hd icon on your desktop01:53
nickrudrandy_, I'm assuming a standard ./configure && make && make install compile01:53
Bunny_mdg2: auth eth0 <enter key> iface eth0 inet dhcp01:53
gogereaverweed37 you will see something like xxxgb medum thats windows01:53
ScottGFor some reason, when I press the volume control buttons that are on a pannel above my keyboard on my laptop, a little window pops up showing that the volume changed, but it doesnt actually change the volume. Does anyone know why it does this and/or how to fix it?01:53
mdg2Bunny_: Actually, I was trying to verify the file path you typed to "interfaces"01:53
gogereaverweed37 you will know being you will see the windows files of course01:53
jribScottG: no, but join the club01:54
ScottGjrib: Id rather not01:54
cairese aew gente01:54
jribScottG: I haven't bothered, but you might want to check bugs.ubuntu.com01:54
randy_nickrud: ok, it gives me the same error. says kernal source is "" but kernal is 2.6.24-23-generic. you may need to do "make bzImage" to correct this error.01:54
cairestem BR pa AJUDA?01:54
cairestem BR pa AJUDA?01:54
cairestem BR pa AJUDA?01:54
cairestem BR pa AJUDA?01:54
cairestem BR pa AJUDA?tem BR pa AJUDA?01:54
cairestem BR pa AJUDA?01:54
cairestem BR pa AJUDA?01:54
ScottGjrib: you on 8.1?01:54
cairestem BR pa AJUDA?01:54
jribcaires: PARA01:54
cairestem BR pa AJUDA?tem BR pa AJUDA?01:54
cairestem BR pa AJUDA?01:54
Bunny_mdg2: Oh yeah. It says at the bottom "etc/network/interfaces" 5 lines, 63 Characters01:54
weed37there is no hd icon on my desktop01:54
nickrudrandy_, what howto?01:54
jribScottG: yes, and on a desktop by the way01:55
gogereaverweed37 have you ran windows sence install of ubuntu01:55
zard0zhey anybody know how to tell what bit type is installed? 32bit or 64 bit??01:55
mdg2Bunny_: You need the "/" at the beginning , i.e. /etc/network/interfaces01:55
gogereaverweed37 you might have to for chkdsk to run01:55
ScottGjrib: hm...01:55
Bunny_mdg2: It has it, I mistyped here01:55
randy_nickrud: the one form qc-usb-messenger-1.801:55
Cairestem BR pa AJUDA POR FAVOR???01:55
weed37i am lost m801:55
jribCaires: /join #ubuntu-br01:55
ScottGjrib: well at least thats just a minor problem of mine. btw do you know a channel for support with adobe products? InDesign specificly.01:55
nickrudrandy_, link?01:56
gogereaverweed37 open your home dir on the left sde you should see the windows harddrive01:56
BiscuitManI'm at the live cd partition manager and I'm trying to increase the size of a partition, but the partition manager will only let me decase the size of a partition.  Do I have to make a whole new partition if I want a larger one?01:56
weed37ok give me a sec01:56
zard0zhey anybody know how to tell what bit type is installed? 32bit or 64 bit??01:56
jribScottG: didn't even know there was one.  If it's something you have to get to work through wine, then #winehq and appdb.winehq.org01:56
Six66Mikeis anyone available to help answer some questions about software RAID5 and the possible performance issues people keep telling me about?01:56
JohnAndersonWhere do i save font files???01:56
jribzard0z: uname -m01:56
jribJohnAnderson: ~/.fonts01:56
JohnAndersonWhere do i save new fonts i have, in ubuntu 8.04?01:56
JohnAnderson~/.fonts is located in bin ??01:57
JohnAndersonor where01:57
Bunny_mdg2: In the terminal it says - auth eth0 - iface eth0 inet dhcp - auto lo - iface lo inet loopback01:57
mdg2Bunny_: save the file again , i.e,  :w01:57
jribJohnAnderson: ~ means /home/YOUR_USERNAME01:57
mdg2Bunny_: Then :q01:57
jribOinkness: please don't use caps01:57
gogereaverheh i just said that so he open natuls and sees the windows hd right in his face01:58
jribCaires: escreve:  /join #ubuntu-br01:58
mdg2Let me know when you have saved and are back at the terminal01:58
Bunny_mdg2: Back at the terminal01:58
randy_nickrud: I started with this http://balla.knows.it/ but then got a couple of errors that it told me how to fix, but you know how this goes, one thing led to another and now my source doesn't match my kernel01:59
mdg2Bunny_: Okay type again:   "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart"01:59
JohnAndersonthe only font folder i have in there is .fontconfig01:59
Hutchgogereaver: no go on opera either.01:59
TheFunkbombHey, is there something like GoogleEarth for Ubuntu?01:59
jribJohnAnderson: you create it01:59
JohnAndersonoh okay01:59
jribTheFunkbomb: yeah, google earth :)01:59
TheFunkbomboh lol02:00
eseven73 TheFunkbomb googleearth works on Linux02:00
traplineHey anyone know how to fix sound with flash, I can't hear anything when i play youtube videos or any type of flash program02:00
nickrudrandy_, heh. Not the most usable howto02:00
jrib!medibuntu > TheFunkbomb02:00
ubottuTheFunkbomb, please see my private message02:00
mdg2Bunny_: Let me know when you are ready for next command02:00
jribsnypzz's cat, please get off the keyboard02:00
Bunny_mdg2: Same result. "/etc/network/interfaces:1: misplaced option" "ifdown: couldn't read interfaces file /etc/network/interfaces"02:00
Cairespreciso de ajuda por favor02:00
randy_nickrud: should I do the make bzImage as it suggests?02:00
jribCaires: eu ja disse-te, para falar em portugues tems que escrever:  /join #ubuntu-br02:01
eseven73Caires: answered twice already join #ubuntu-br02:01
mdg2Bunny_: It must not be using eth0. Type:  "ifconfig" and let me know what it shows02:01
Cairesmais ninguém responde lá02:01
nickrudrandy_, no. That would build a new kernel. If I were you, I'd back out all the changes I'd done and start over02:01
jribCaires: tems que ter pacienca...02:01
Bunny_mdg2 Only shows the loopback02:01
randy_nickrud: so apt-get remove linux source02:01
traplineCould someone help me out I'm not sure why i can't get my sound to work in ubuntu 8.10 with flash02:02
mdg2does the loopback show an inet addr?02:02
nickrudrandy_, all the source, all the headers02:02
Bunny_mdg2: Yes02:02
wolterkinja-sheep, hey, i talked to you before right?02:02
Hutchlooks like flash just does not want to play with this usb headset02:02
mdg2Bunny_: It shows zeros or other numbers?02:02
wolterkinja-sheep, yes it was you hehe. Have you had any success with the thinkfinger?02:02
MakuseruSukotto just installed Ubuntu 8.10. And now when i boot up it goes through "Loading Grub Stage 1.5" and then it says "Error 2." What is this and how can I resolve it?02:03
mdg2Bunny_: Its using the lo02:03
Bunny_mdg2: Yep02:03
ScottGjrib: well actually im using it on XP in VBox as ubuntu as the host. But I'm just looking for a channel with help for InDesign in general. I just want to know how to export InDesign CS4 files in CS3 format. It doesnt seem like you can do it normally so I thought maybe theres an add-on or something02:04
Bunny_mdg2: I may know what's wrong but I don't know how to delete text in Vi02:04
mdg2Bunny_: Never had this situation, but maybe edting he /etc/network/interfaces to lo instead of eth0 will make things work02:04
exodus_mstrapline: try this sudo aptitude install alsa-oss then gksudo gedit /etc/firefox/firefoxrc change this FIREFOX_DSP=”none” to FIREFOX_DSP=”aoss”02:04
Bunny_mdg2: I may know what's wrong but I don't know how to delete text in Vi02:04
=== [CC]danopia is now known as danopia
mdg2Bunny_: I will guide you02:04
Bunny_mdg2: Ok I have vi up02:04
jacekowskiBunny_: use nano or mcedit02:05
mdg2Bunny_: In the terminal type:  "sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces" and when "Vi" comes up press the "i" key02:05
Bunny_mdg2: I'm there02:05
eseven73Vi/Vim really is nice Bunny_ Don't give up! I'm learning it myself ..hang in there :)02:05
DraceHello, I need someone to help me with partitions..02:05
mdg2Bunny_: Make sure the lower left corner shows --INSERT-- and move your cursor with the arrow keys to eth002:05
DraceMy windows failed totally and Im trying to mount my hard drive on Ubuntu02:06
exodus_msBunny_: --> http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/vimcheat.html02:06
Bunny_mdg2: Does not say INSERT02:06
mdg2Bunny_: you can use backspace to delete eth0 and then type "lo"02:06
mdg2Bunny_: Remeber to press the "i"02:06
MakuseruSukottoJust installed Ubuntu 8.10. And now when i boot up it goes through "Loading Grub Stage 1.5" and then it says "Error 2." What is this and how can I resolve it?02:06
mdg2 key to getinto insert mode02:07
gbear14275i think i used useradd insteal of adduser and I was wondering how to delete the account and start over02:07
gbear14275is there a removeuser?02:07
John``yay i got my fixedsys font back :)02:07
yoyit2ok i know this isnt an xbox360 channel, but is there any way to network (via ethernet) xbox360 to an ubuntu laptop?02:07
Bunny_mdg2: I pushed i but it does not say INSERT02:07
mdg2Bunny_: Press the escape key, then press the "i" key and see if it goes into --INSERT--02:08
Jack_SparrowMakuseruSukotto, You will need to run livecd and repair grub, I assume dual drives and dual booting?02:08
Bunny_mdg2: Nope, but I changed auth to auto02:08
Hutchgogereaver: i pulled the headset out of the usb converter, and that works fine although the volume even at full max is a little low02:08
Bunny_mdg2: so it says auto eth002:09
Bunny_mdg2: And it's doing something different now02:09
mdg2Bunny_: Not sure auto eth0 will work since eth0 would not configure02:09
Bunny_mdg2: It's trying to send packets02:09
BllasaeHow would I go about transferrring my settings from Firefox on Windows to Firefox on ubuntu?02:09
mdg2Bunny_: You can try it though.  Now type ":w" to write the file02:09
mdg2Bunny_: then :q to quit02:09
gbear14275nvm got it thanks02:10
Bunny_mdg2: Yep02:10
Jack_SparrowBllasae, Export your bookmarks for a start02:10
blindHow can I get my minimize, maximize, close buttons on the left corner of my window?02:10
mdg2Bunny_: Now in the terminal type "ifconfig"02:10
operstsblind, give it a rest02:10
mdg2Bunny_: Opps wait02:10
blindopersts: excuse me?02:10
captain_tuxwhat's going on with the forums?02:10
rdw200169blind: you can use emerald for compiz, it has a mac theme with the buttons on the left side02:10
Jack_Sparrowcaptain_tux, Under repair02:10
DraceI need help trying to retrieve my Windows files on Ubuntu02:10
mdg2Bunny_: type"  "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart02:10
BllasaeJack_Sparrow: Is it the same procedure as putting them on another windows computer?02:10
tsunamiI am planning on buying a p2900 wireless game controller. Does anyone know if this will be compatible with the latest linux build?02:10
rdw200169!emerald | blind02:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about emerald02:11
captain_tuxahhhh.... thanx, jack02:11
Bunny_mdg2: Did that, it was trying to send packets but all failed.02:11
IndyGunFreak!hardware > tsunami02:11
ubottutsunami, please see my private message02:11
DraceI need help retrieving my files from Windows...02:11
Jack_SparrowBllasae, I have no idea how to do it on a windows box02:11
mdg2Bunny_: So auto eth0 failed?02:11
BllasaeI do, but do you just copy it and paste it in the profiles folder?02:11
Jack_SparrowDrace, Can you mount the windows partition?02:11
Dracemount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 gives me "'dev/sda1' is not a valid ntfs"02:11
DraceNo I cant...02:11
Bunny_mdg2: I can give you the text but there is a LOT of it02:11
DraceI can only mount my recovery partition(or what i believe is my recovery partition)02:12
Bunny_mdg2: It was going through DHCPDISCOVER02:12
rdw200169Drace: might be fat3202:12
DraceAll my files on my C:/ drive, i cant02:12
Jack_SparrowDrace, Then we are not going to be able to help you and you will need professional tools or assistance02:12
craigbass1976Drace, is it hda, not sda?02:12
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection02:12
mdg2Bunny_: Not sure what to do now02:12
DraceNot sure craig..02:12
Jack_SparrowDrace, Oh, you did not create a mount point either02:12
craigbass1976Drace, try it that way02:12
Bunny_mdg2: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot assign requested address02:12
tsunamiIndyGunFreak:  I see what you did there....   thanks02:12
BllasaeJack_Sparrow: I do, but do you just copy it and paste it in the profiles folder?02:12
craigbass1976Drace, yeah, what Jack_Sparrow said02:12
operstsDrace, we can *NOT* help you. Please exit room.02:12
craigbass1976ooh, that bad, eh?02:13
pyro2927is anyone here running 8.10 64-bit?02:13
jribDrace: ignore him02:13
operstsThePub, hi there02:13
operstsmaxb, welcome : )02:13
Jack_SparrowDrace, I will show you how to properly mount that.. but if it wont mount we cant help02:13
mdg2Hey the ubuntu website is back UP!  :)02:13
DraceOk Jack02:13
jribopersts: take this as your warning.  Be helpful or stay quiet02:13
operstsmdg2, it was never down02:13
mdg2Bunny_: need to see what I can find on Ubuntu website02:13
Bunny_mdg2: Alright02:13
pyro2927how do you get 64-bit flash working?02:14
pyro2927ive tried shit tons of stuff02:14
operstsjrib, I am here to help, why are you warning me ??02:14
mdg2opersts: may not have been down, but was not accessible02:14
Six66Mikeok so i want to get a dedicated server, Intel Core2Duo, 2x 2.66+ GHz, 3 MB L2 - FSB 1066 MHz, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 64-bit architecture, 4x 1500 GB SATA2 HDD, Ubuntu Desktop 8.04 running with 2-3 apps.  I'd like to use RAID5, hardware RAID not an option. can ubuntu desktop handle software RAID5 without a dramatic performance increase that people tell me about?02:14
jribpyro2927: you just install the flashplugin-nonfree package02:14
rdw200169Drace: the quickest way to figure out what partition is what is to use parted (sudo apt-get install parted)02:14
Jack_SparrowDrace, sudo mkdir /media/locked-drive          then                sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/locked-drive02:14
zero-coo1good morning02:14
rdw200169Drace: then, run the command, i.e. sudo parted02:14
MakuseruSukottoI  just installed Ubuntu 8.10. And now when i boot up it goes through "Loading Grub Stage 1.5" and then it says "Error 2." What is this and how can I resolve it?02:14
zero-coo1did anybody use tor02:14
pyro2927jrib: synaptic package manager?02:14
randy_nickrud:hey that seemed to do it. thanks so much.02:14
blindhow can i switch my current window manager?02:15
jribpyro2927: yep02:15
ubottuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks02:15
rdw200169Drace: then, from what it gives you: (parted)02:15
=== usser__ is now known as usser
rdw200169Drace: type this: print02:15
craigbass1976Something occured to me...  I have a dev box, and a live one.  I get ugly having to type in paths all the time when scp-ing files from one to the other.  Is it possible to write a bash script that grabs the output from pwd (runs it itself) and asks for filenames (theones to get copied) then puts them in the appropriate place (would be the same path) on the live box?02:15
rdw200169Drace: it will show you the partitions it finds02:15
Jack_Sparrowblind, under options where you login02:15
DraceOk one sec02:15
rdw200169Drace: and will specify what type of partition each is02:15
zero-coo1vidalia doesn't work02:15
blindJack_Sparrow: no, like, emerald instead of metacity or whatever.02:15
zero-coo1working one minute and crash02:15
Jack_Sparrowblind, Sorry. busy atm02:16
rdw200169Drace: the easiest way to help you, is for you to pastebin that print out for me, or someone else to see, then we can construct the mount command for you02:16
zero-coo1i don't know why02:16
zero-coo1just  not responding and i must quit02:16
TheFunkbombI cannot find Google Earth :/02:16
Lusankyagoogle it02:17
rdw200169Drace: when you're done with that, exit parted by typing quit02:17
Dr_willis_Google Earth is on the Medibuntu repos isent it?02:17
zero-coo1can somebody help me02:17
Dracesec let me boot up linux02:17
DraceUsing livecd02:17
MakuseruSukottoI  just installed Ubuntu 8.10. And now when i boot up it goes through "Loading Grub Stage 1.5" and then it says "Error 2." What is this and how can I resolve it?02:17
pyro2927jrib: do i need to enable a repo? its not showing up by default02:17
mdg2Bunny_: I think I got it02:17
Bunny_mdg2: Alright02:17
jribpyro2927: no.  What version of ubuntu are you using?02:17
rdw200169!grub | MakuseruSukotto02:17
ubottuMakuseruSukotto: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:18
mdg2we need to edit /etc/network/interfaces again02:18
operststhansen, hi there, can we help you today ?02:18
Bunny_mdg2: Ok02:18
blindemerald --replace02:18
pyro29278.10 64-bit02:18
rdw200169MakuseruSukotto: you need to restore grub, the bootloader is having problems finding... itself02:18
mdg2Bunny_: Let me know when you are in vi ready to edit file02:18
pyro2927jrib: 8.1002:18
Bunny_mdg2: I'm there02:18
jribpyro2927: apt-cache policy flashplugin-nonfree    does not return any results?02:19
gbear14275what is the command to rename a folder?02:19
mdg2delete the text that we type in and type:  "iface eth0 inet dhcp"02:19
jribgbear14275: mv OLDNAME NEWNAME02:19
jrib!cli > gbear1427502:19
ubottugbear14275, please see my private message02:19
pyro2927jrib: i tried doing it through the UI, not term. its working now02:20
captain_tuxcan someone pls tell me what IP i'm coming in under.... tks02:20
jribpyro2927: ok02:20
jribcaptain_tux: whatismyip.org02:20
captain_tuxno, no... i know what it is... but what is comcast saying i'm using?02:20
High_Speedcaptin:  69-255-155-17702:20
Bunny_mdg2: Ok02:21
mdg2Bunny_: Let me know when you are ready to save this02:21
jribcaptain_tux: /whois captain_tux   works too (in the future)02:21
mdg2Bunny_: Press Escape key and type:  ":w"02:21
mdg2Bunny_: then ":q"02:21
Bunny_mdg2: Ok I'm out02:21
rdw200169mdg2: why not just use pico ;)02:21
mdg2Bunny_: Now type"  "ifup eth0" and see what it does02:22
Bunny_rdw200169: I don't have it02:22
rdw200169Bunny_: what about nano?02:22
Bunny_mdg2: "ifup: failed to open statefile /var/run/network/ifstate: Permission denied"02:23
Bunny_rdw200169: I have nothing that isn't in the basic install because I can't get the network to work02:23
Bunny_mdg2: sudo ifup eth0 gave me "ifup: interface eth0 already configured"02:24
mdg2Bunny_: Lets try this, type:  "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart02:24
rdw200169Bunny_: are you trying a net install or something?  the alternative, desktop, and server versions all have pico and nano, much simpler text editors02:24
rdw200169Bunny_: well, they're the exact same text editors, regardless...02:25
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:26
Bunny_mdg2: Gave me a lot of text that says it didn't work, basicly02:26
mdg2Bunny_: what does "ifconfig" say now02:27
mdg2Bunny_: Show02:27
joborociroboroquanyone knows a program that makes copy of protected cds?02:27
Bunny_mdg2: Still only seeing lo02:27
=== david__ is now known as Davidhe_
mdg2Hmm... eth0 is configured but lo only provides inet addr????02:27
smartguyzcan someone send me the hyper link for multi monitors02:28
lens360unable to mount my hardrive  from ubuntu livecd anyone familiar  with this?02:28
Bunny_mdg2: eth0 isn't even listed with ifconfig02:28
rdw200169smartguyz: what kind of video card do you have?02:28
rdw200169Bunny_: is it listed with: ip link02:28
operstslens360, you need to install first02:28
smartguyze1505 laptop ATI02:28
Bunny_mdg2: lo is the only thing listed, and it still has the same IP as last time
rdw200169smartguyz: you will want to see the fglrx documentation for mulitmonitor02:29
rdw200169!ati | smartguyz02:29
ubottusmartguyz: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:29
mdg2Bunny_: and lo shows an inet addr
Bunny_mdg2: Yes02:29
joborociroboroquanyone knows a program that makes copy of protected cds?02:29
smartguyzrdw200169: I think....02:30
lens360opersts: trying to use linux live cd to mount my hardrive to save files on xp drive....unable to bootinto windows02:30
* tyta_linux says HELLO ubuntu02:30
mdg2Bunny_: lo is what it is using for networking02:30
rdw200169smartguyz: those kinds of features are directly related to the video drivers02:30
Bunny_mdg2 Ok02:30
Bunny_mdg2: Any way to change it?02:30
traplineexodus_ms: Thanks that worked02:30
captain_tuxi'm really hatin' comcast02:31
tyta_linuxhow to install using sh?  im trying to install gnome art manager which is a tar.gz right now02:31
mdg2Bunny_: Checking ubuntu documentation now....02:31
luig1Hi, I was wondering what the best text-mode (i.e. no X) irc client is.02:31
smartguyzJust got flash working .....02:31
exodus_mstrapline: flash prob?02:31
exodus_mstrapline: cool02:31
smartguyznow time for multiple monitors02:31
Dr_willis_luig1,  learn vi/vim -02:31
rdw200169smartguyz: you can start here, (it's can be very painful): http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15868602:31
smartguyzdo I need any e-1505 specific drivers....02:32
smartguyzdo I need any Dell e-1505 specific drivers....02:32
captain_tuxluigl: irssi02:32
luig1Dr_willis_, vim acts as an irc client??02:32
lens360does anyone know how to access a windows partition from the linux side on a dual boot HD?02:32
* tyta_linux wonders if he's on 'ignore'02:32
BotLobstadoes anyone know when /etc/apt/preferences gets read?02:32
amikropDr_willis_: How is that related?02:32
Dr_willis_luig1,  i missread :)02:32
smartguyzrdw200169: looking at web page now....02:33
Dr_willis_luig1,   irssi :)02:33
smartguyzrdw200169: thank you.......02:33
Dr_willis_luig1,  and still go learn vi! :)02:33
luig1Heh, thanks, bye.02:33
captain_tuxlens: can u mount the windows partition?02:33
=== Comet_ is now known as Comet
kinja-sheepwolter:  I'm back now.  Yeah.  It was me.02:33
rdw200169smartguyz: or this: http://fedoraforum.org/forum/showthread.php?t=12463402:33
* tyta_linux whistles02:34
Decepticonhow do i get full path in a ls listing02:34
mdg2Bunny_: What does "ifup" command show?02:34
* tyta_linux sighs..02:35
BigMamaMonkhi ubuntu closes my ssh connection very quickly when I'm idle02:35
TheFunkbombcan someone help me install GoogleEarth?02:35
BigMamaMonkI'm using openssh02:35
lens360captain_tux: im unable to mount hd.02:35
BigMamaMonkany ideas?02:35
Bunny_mdg2: ifup eth0?02:35
jribTheFunkbomb: did you enable medibuntu?02:35
kinja-sheepDoes XChat have the ability to send all the conversation meant for you to a seperate windows?02:35
ubottuGoogle Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository02:35
TheFunkbombjrib, yes02:35
TheFunkbombjrib, I followed the directions exactly02:36
Dr_willis_kinja-sheep,  not by default that ive seen.. but theres proberly scripts for that task at xchat.org02:36
jribTheFunkbomb: so use synaptic, or do: sudo apt-get install googleearth02:36
mdg2Bunny_: Just "ifup"02:36
Bunny_mdg2: "ifup: Use --help for help"02:36
kinja-sheepDr_willis_: Will check out the scripts.02:36
mdg2Bunny_: Really?02:37
mdg2Bunny_: how about "ifconfig"02:37
Bunny_mdg2: Yes really02:37
pyro2927jrib: since you seem to be good at this stuff, do you know how to enable to control panel for compiz? i tried doing apt-get compizfusion-settings-manager02:38
pyro2927but that doesnt work02:39
jrib!ccsm | pyro292702:39
ubottupyro2927: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion02:39
tyta_linux how do you install gnome art manager?02:39
bittintyta_linux: sudo apt-get gnome-art02:39
tyta_linuxthrough an sh cmd02:39
Bunny_Listening on LPF/eth0/00:00:00:00:00:00 is one of the lines it gave me earlier02:39
bittinin a terminal02:39
lar50nI'm not a hardware guru, but can i get a better screen resolution on my 1999 Dell-Ibex box than what is offered in the System menu?02:40
tyta_linuxi have gnome art 0.2.tar.gz on my desk02:40
mdg2Bunny_: LPF? not sure what that means02:40
ralphvwhen ubuntu install hangs for a long time and I leave the computer, does it change my MBR without asking permission?02:40
ralphvI much prefer my C:\grldr that I was using for my grub02:41
gonewestcoastlar50n: What rez are you set to now?02:41
thecubecompiz fucks up my pc , can some1 tell me why?02:41
gonewestcoastthecube: Can you be more descriptive?02:41
joborociroboroquanyone knows a program that makes copy of protected cds?02:41
gonewestcoastjoborociroboroqu: dd might work dpeending on howw you do it.02:41
captain_tuxcube: can ur pc handle compiz?02:41
mdg2Bunny_: Okay Type:  "sudo dhclient"02:41
smartguyzrdw200169: where is the path to xorg.conf02:41
thecubewhite screen02:41
ralphvplay cd and record02:41
gonewestcoastlar50n: I'd imagine so.  Check xorg.conf, and the x log.02:41
lar50nthnx gonewestcoast, i'll look into it02:42
joborociroboroqugonewestcoast, i didnt get that...02:42
tyta_linuxbittin: E: Invalid operation gnome-art02:42
=== core4 is now known as ^miSs
newmansanhey guys. I've connected a lifechat 3000 usb headset/mic ,but i can't use it in sound recorder. Help02:42
smartguyzrdw200169: where is the path to xorg.conf want to look at the current configuration....02:42
chyeahey all, which package installs the 'make' app?02:42
=== ^miSs is now known as ^miSS
ralphvgcc probably02:42
gonewestcoastjoborociroboroqu: man dd02:42
Bunny_mdg2: It's also giving me a pan0 as well as eth002:42
chyearalphv, i have gcc installed02:43
newmansani can hear myself through the mic in the headphones, but it doesn't get recorded02:43
ralphvshould have make, then02:43
mdg2Bunny_: Never head of pan0 before....???02:43
joborociroboroqudd is the name of the program?02:43
chyeahmm. make isn't a recognized command.02:43
rich_smartguyz, /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:43
Dr_willis_dd is thename of a program.. yes.02:43
hmlis there a device driver for 'fake usb' on linux? I want to take a directory, create a fake usb device out of it, and allow vmware to mount it02:43
hmlis there a device driver for 'fake usb' on linux? I want to take a directory, create a fake usb device out of it, and allow vmware to mount it (ubuntu host; windows guest)02:43
Bunny_mdg2: One moment02:43
RapscallionHow do I format my second hdd?02:43
BotLobstachyea, its just called make02:44
gonewestcoastRapscallion: fdisk should work, than a mke2fs02:45
tux91Can somebody please look if there is opera in the official repositories? (intrepid)02:45
* tyta_linux sets his computer on fire02:45
joborociroboroqugonewestcoast, where do i can get it?02:46
mdg2tyta_linux: oh my!!!02:46
gonewestcoastjoborociroboroqu: It comes as a part of the GNU disk utilities.02:46
gonewestcoastaka you already have it.02:46
[Muel]EliotHello, I would like to know if I can get a different wallpaper for different workplaces.02:46
mdg2tyta_linux: I'll share my marshmallows :)02:46
tyta_linuxmdg2: lol02:46
tux91does anybody have opera in the repositories?02:46
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
joborociroboroqugonewestcoast, ok thank you ill looking for02:47
tyta_linuxi have a file called gnome-art-0.2.tar.gz on my desk02:47
lar50nso xorg.conf doesn't have screen resolution settings - what is the explicit name of the 'x log' so i can search and look for that?02:47
wolterkinja-sheep, oh, i was wondering if you had any success with the think-finger, if you every tried...02:47
tyta_linuxi need to install it through some sort of sh command in terminal02:47
gonewestcoast [Muel]Eliot Like different wallpapers for your porn job versus your board meeting at IBM? :)02:47
Sylphidtux91, no opera is not in the intrepid repos02:48
nithI'm looking for a way to remotely share a terminal with someone... anyone know of any programs?02:48
tux91Sylphid: why not?02:48
[Muel]Elioti mean like different wallpaper on the different desktops...ctrl, alt, left/right arrows02:48
kinja-sheepwolter:  I never gave it a try.  However, I heard there was a bug -- a bug that you'd have to type a password after the fingerprint login.02:48
jtajinith: screen can do that02:48
Sylphidtux91, looking for the official statement02:48
mdg2nith: how about VNC?02:48
Bunny_Gah. Forums just went down while I'm looking for what DHCPOFFERS are02:49
nithmdg2: two routers in the way, one of which I don't have control of02:49
kinja-sheepDoes anybody here use customized xchat2?02:49
nithjtaji: screen can do that?!02:49
newmansanor, how do I override the mic plugged into the 3.5mm jack w/ the usb mic?02:49
jtaji!screen | nith02:49
ubottunith: screen is a terminal multiplexer. See http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/3/9/16838/14935 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Screen02:49
tyta_linuxok, inside the archice there is a shell script called setup.sh02:49
tyta_linuxso i need to run sh setup.sh02:49
nithjtaji: yeah but I thought reattaching a screen closes any other instances of it...02:49
[Muel]Eliotcan someone pleeeeaaaase help me get different desktop backgrounds...02:50
* nith goes to the man pages02:50
Sylphidtux91, Way back in the days of Dapper, Canonical created what was then dubbed the Canonical Commercial Repository. Back then, a few items existed, such as SugarCRM and Opera. Some have been updated and/or migrated along the way to edgy/feisty/et al (opera)02:50
tonyyarussoBunny_: Well, meanwhile, a DHCPOFFER is an offer of a lease from a DHCP server.02:50
tyta_linuxmuel what would you like?02:50
jtajinith: no more than one user can connect02:50
jtajinith: I mean more than one user can connect ;)02:50
Bunny_tnyyarusso: Not finding any but that may be because I'm still not sure if it's seeing my ethernet02:50
Jack_Sparrow[Muel]Eliot, You can but you will lose the ability to have icons on your desktop.. If you must still do it.. /join #compiz02:50
tux91Sylphid: oh i get it thanks a lot02:50
Sylphidtux91, however opera does host their own repo02:50
Bunny_tonyyarusso: Not finding any but that may be because I'm still not sure if it's seeing my ethernet02:50
mdg2Bunny_: sudo dhclient02:51
[Muel]Eliotk thanks jack02:51
tyta_linuxjack sparrow help me out bro02:51
Hutchcan anyone assist me setting up a headset for skype?02:51
chyeadoes anyone know which package installs 'make' ? i've installed gcc, but that didn't seem to do it.02:51
Bunny_mdg2: eth0 still has no mac address, though now there is a pan0 that does02:51
mdg2Hutch: Cool!  Wish I knew how  :)02:51
Jack_Sparrowtyta_linux, Sorry, trying to leave, but want to finish what I have started02:51
Jack_Sparrowtyta_linux, Not taking more questions atm02:51
xun_hello, i'm using wifi with firefox 3 in 8.10. I constantly get this message "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.02:52
xun_        02:52
xun_        02:52
xun_        02:52
xun_The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again." but after I've refreshed the pages several times, it loads. does anyone know why and how to resolve this issue?02:52
FloodBot1xun_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:52
jtajichyea: the package is 'make'02:52
mdg2Bunny_: maybe we should substitue pan0 for eth002:52
tyta_linuxyoure my only hope haha02:52
rdw200169chyea: just get build-essential02:52
rich_Bunny_ what does mii-tool say02:52
mib_5tb1ckmlhi guys02:52
tyta_linuxill make an appt02:52
Bunny_rich_: What is mii-tool?02:52
mib_5tb1ckmli have some problems compiling some code on opencv02:52
mdg2Bunny_: ifup pan002:52
rich_run it from the cmd line as root02:52
Hutchmdg2: i fixed the usb headset problem with youtube etc. took it off the usb adapter and plugged it straight into the onboard sound, but now skype is giving hell to setup audio dvices02:52
DraceJack just one thing, for the windows cd, will I have to use one thats the same as the one thats currently installed?02:52
mib_5tb1ckmlthe code is a sample code which comes with opencv02:52
kr00lcan someone help me with GKT RecordMyDesktop?02:52
nwillettjeffriesHey guys, would someone be able to help with a flash video problem?02:52
TheFunkbombjrib, I got it installed but I can't use it due to anti-aliasing problems02:53
mib_5tb1ckmlthis is the error i get :http://pastebin.com/m44186b2902:53
Jack_SparrowDrace, What version of windows were you running?02:53
BotLobstacan anyone help me with my apt/preferences file?02:53
jribTheFunkbomb: that I don't know about02:53
Bunny_mdg2: "ifup: interface pan0 already configured"02:53
Dracex32 SP202:53
smartguyzrdw200169: what kind of video card does a Dell E1505 laptop have....? I do not see ATI02:53
Jack_SparrowDrace, XP.. the 2000 or XP will do02:53
mdg2Hutch: why do you want to use it without USB adapter?02:53
TheFunkbombjrib, something with my GPU.  I had the same problem with Open Office and I just turned anti-aliasing off but GE doesn't have that option02:53
DraceSo a x64 Sp2 is just as good?02:53
mdg2Bunny_: BINGO!  Need to use pan002:53
DraceOk, thanks02:54
Hutchmdg2: because with the USB adapter, sounds from browsers were not working, something to do with flash that wasnt allowing audio through the USB02:54
mib_5tb1ckmlill post up the actual code as well02:54
xun_so can anyone help? i've seem quite a bit similar problems online but with no resolution. why does the "connection inteerrupted" only appears in linux but not windows machine?02:54
smartguyzrdw200169: Section "Device"02:54
smartguyzIdentifier"Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller"02:54
FloodBot1smartguyz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:54
mdg2Bunny_: need to edit /etc/network/interfaces to say pan002:55
xun_it's really annoying. so if anyone can point me to the right direction, it'll be much appreciated. thanks!02:55
rdw200169smartguyz: ah, yes, you have intel02:55
mib_5tb1ckmlhere is the code i have problems compiling:   http://pastebin.com/m31a5fa2802:55
mib_5tb1ckmlthis is the error i get :http://pastebin.com/m44186b2902:55
smartguyzrdw200169: is there a setup for this device?02:55
mib_5tb1ckmlany help would be much appreciated02:55
nithjtaji: I have exactly what I wanted. Many thanks!02:56
Flannelmib_5tb1ckml: You probably should talk to openCV people, that's very likely some issue they're familiar enough with to help quickly02:56
jtajinith: have fun02:56
thecubebb all02:56
rdw200169smartguyz: this is what i found in a quick google search: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=85078902:56
mib_5tb1ckmlFlannel hey yea i tried but no one is responding02:56
Eliteslavehello all02:56
rdw200169smartguyz: google this to see what i saw: intel 945 driver ubuntu video dual monitor02:57
mrocis there an easy alternative to e-mail attachments for sharing a large file with someone?  something simple perhaps?02:57
TheFunkbombwhat is the technical name for the bar that says "file" "edit" and "view" etc02:57
ralphvdcc in irc02:57
pyro2927jrib: did they take out the fire animation out of compiz?02:57
rich_mroc, throw it up on an ftp server02:57
Flannelmroc: some sort of ftp? http?  There's *many* alternatives....02:57
iratikTheFunkBomb: menu bar02:58
eseven73 TheFunkbomb for what app?02:58
rdw200169mroc: yeah, ftp, samba, etc...02:58
=== sektor is now known as sektor1952
rdw200169mroc: the *quickest* way is using ssh02:58
kinja-sheepSomebody say my name.  I'm testing the script.02:58
mib_5tb1ckmlk thanks anyway guys02:58
rdw200169mroc: but that requires knowing each computers' password02:58
jribpyro2927: no, it's still there02:58
kinja-sheeppyro2927: One more time.02:58
sektor1952I'm trying to recompile the kernel and I get an error when I run make menuconfig or make xconfig02:58
Eliteslaveis there any program that I can use to connect to my tivo?02:59
sektor1952I was applying a patch for 1 of my nics02:59
mrocrich, Flannel, rdw200169: most of those sound like a decent amount of setup.  i have one large file i need to send along.  anything that wouldn't involve setting up my own server (ftp, ssh, or otherwise)?02:59
ralphvmroc, does the sendee have IRC?02:59
gonewestcoastmroc: Use rapidshare or similar.02:59
pyro2927jrib: it doesnt show up for me02:59
rdw200169mroc: well, ssh would require setting up a server, but you don't have to do any special configs, just apt-get install openssh-server02:59
grendal_primeim running xfce4 as a desktop..whats  a good file manager i can use in that enviro for dealing with compressed files..?03:00
rich_if your sending the file to a friend you can scp it over ( though this would need ssh)03:00
jribpyro2927: are you looking in ccsm or simple-ccsm?03:00
rdw200169mroc: then, you can do a scp to transfer the file03:00
rdw200169rich_, ah you beat me03:00
eseven73grendal_prime: xfce uses Thunar03:00
Hutchmdg2: ok so what i did was use headset>sound card for audio playback and headset>usb adapter>usb for sound capture. pretty damn stupid, but it works03:00
rich_You were well on your way to the same thing though lol03:00
mdg2Bunny_: "iface pan0 inet dhcp"03:00
eseven73grendal_prime: but you can use any filemanager really03:00
sektor1952the error I'm getting is file drivers/net/arcnet/Kconfig already scanned? when I try to run make menuconfig or make xconfig03:01
Cometgrendal_prime: mc!03:01
rdw200169mroc: that, and with the openssh-server running default, you can browse it in nautilus quite easily, using Places -> Connect to Server...03:01
BllasaeThanks again for all your help, Slart03:01
pyro2927simple ccsm03:01
BllasaeYou've really improved my knowledge of Ubuntu03:01
Flannelmroc: there are some websites that will allow you to upload and other people to download, etc.03:01
grendal_primeis there a plugin ...in thunar for handleing...compressed files..because i dont see it03:01
Bunny_mdg2: Alredy did that, ran the network reset got "no DHCPOFFERS received"03:01
pyro2927jrib: ccsm03:01
BllasaeAnd everyone else who's helped me03:01
Bllasaethanks a lot03:01
jribpyro2927: where are you looking?03:01
mrocthanks for the quick responses.  i'll look into some of those options.  maybe it's worth setting up the ssh.  if i get lazy, maybe i'll go with the third party website thing.  thanks for the help everyone03:02
mdg2Bunny_: Well, at least we know it is using pan003:02
rdw200169mroc: seriously, ssh is just a matter of 'apt-get install openssh-server03:02
smartguyzrdw200169: thank you for taking the time to help me....03:02
rdw200169smartguyz: hey, no prob03:02
rdw200169smartguyz: if you had nvidia, i could help you more, because that's what i use03:02
jribpyro2927: just use the channel please03:03
mrocrdw200169: the person on the other end probably isn't going to know how to do ssh.  and i don't have the spare time to set up things and show them.03:03
eseven73grendal_prime: that i dont know have you tried google for 'Thunar plugins'?03:03
pyro2927jrib: under the advanced settings for 'animations'03:03
mdg2Bunny_: Did you "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restat"03:03
=== Starnestommy is now known as sheep
Bunny_mdg2: Yep03:03
gonewestcoastrdw200169: What's the Official Debian Way of starting the sshd server after it's installed, anyway?03:03
mdg2Bunny_: after you save the file with pan0 in it?03:03
rdw200169mroc: ah, this is over the internet isn't it03:03
smartguyzrdw200169: much appreciated I really appreciate the support..... hooked on ubuntu even though I do not know everything about how it works...03:03
Bunny_mdg2: Yep03:03
Flannelgonewestcoast: It starts automatically once you install it, so... "wait"03:03
rdw200169gonewestcoast: Flannel is correct03:03
Jack_Sparrowpyro2927, Are you trying to figure out animations like burn etc03:04
gonewestcoastFlannel: Please tell me you're kidding.03:04
jribpyro2927: I can't find it either now.  I know I had it on my laptop though.  Maybe #compiz-fusion can tell you more03:04
Flannelgonewestcoast: No03:04
mrocrdw200169: well, probably.  i was trying to figure out the easiest way.03:04
grendal_primethunar archive plugin...there it is..thanks03:04
gonewestcoastSo Ubuntu doesn't draw a distinction between "installed" and "running?"03:04
Flannelgonewestcoast: But, you can restart/stop/start etc it.03:04
eseven73grendal_prime: cool :)03:04
mdg2Bunny_: back on the desktop, right click the networking icon in the menu bar03:04
Bunny_mdg2: Ok03:04
Flannelgonewestcoast: Well, it does.  It installs, and part of the post-install stuff is to start it03:04
rdw200169gonewestcoast: that or, /etc/init.d/ssh start03:04
gonewestcoastFlannel: How, by calling /etc/rc.d/sshd stop?03:04
mdg2Bunny_: what does "connection information" show now?03:04
Flannelgonewestcoast: /etc/init.d/ssh stop03:04
Bunny_mdg2: Still grey03:04
gonewestcoastAh, they live in init.d here. Okay.03:04
rdw200169gonewestcoast: yup, that's where the init scripts are hidden03:05
mdg2Bunny_: If you double left click - what happens03:05
Flannelgonewestcoast: Although, as of Intrepid theres something like "service ssh stop"03:05
jribpyro2927: oh, in simple-ccsm, I click on "enable extra animations" and then it gives me the "burn" option03:05
mdg2Bunny_: Single left click03:05
smartguyzrdw200169: been using youtube a lot for UBUNTU installation configurations, vbox, ect...03:05
rdw200169Flannel: gonewestcoast, yeah, i'm using 8.04 so i don't know about 8.10, shouldn't be much different though03:05
Bunny_mdg2: In grey "Wired Network" "auto eth0"03:05
gonewestcoastYeah, I'm used to the RedHat and FreeBSD ways of doing it, just haven't done much with Debian yet.03:05
Flannelrdw200169: The initd stuff still exists, there's just another abstraction03:05
rdw200169smartguyz: you tube is good, but so is help.ubuntu.com03:05
rdw200169Flannel: that's what i figured03:06
mdg2Is there a little circle next to that?03:06
rdw200169gonewestcoast: i really like the debian way of doing things ;)03:06
jribpyro2927: and looks like "animations-addon" in ccsm03:06
rdw200169smartguyz: the ubuntu website, and the ubuntu forums, is a huge wealth of information on all kinds of crazy things03:07
Bunny_mdg2: Yes, also greyed out03:07
Jack_Sparrowpyro2927 For Animations like Burning windows.. Open ccsm.  Under Effects.. Enable Animations and Animations add-ons... Double click Animations.. You will see tabs for Open, Close, Minimize etc... On the tab marked Open Select.. New.. Where it says open Effect Select... Burn.. Set Duration to 150.. For Window Match.. Type (type=Normal | Menu | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu | Dialog | ModalDialog)03:07
mdg2Bunny_: No black dot in the circle?03:07
Bunny_mdg2: No03:07
mdg2Bunny_: try clicking on it03:07
mdg2Bunny_: the circle03:07
Bunny_mdg2: Nothing03:07
pyro2927Jack_Sparrow: Burn isnt listed anymore03:07
Jack_Sparrowyea it is03:08
mdg2Bunny_:  Do you get a menu option under that for "manual configuration?"03:08
Bunny_mdg2: No03:08
rdw200169gonewestcoast: i'm working on a project that involves installing debian onto a soekris board for a embedded router solution03:08
Bunny_mdg2: I can do "edit connections" when I right click03:08
saeraanyone for robbing a bank (legally) ?03:08
mdg2Bunny_: Bunny_ Lets try that03:09
Jack_Sparrow!ot > saera03:09
ubottusaera, please see my private message03:09
mdg2Bunny_: Tell what it shows03:09
Bunny_mdg2: Ok03:09
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit03:09
gonewestcoastsaera: Technically that's not... robbing.03:09
operawhat is03:09
rdw200169!grub | opera03:10
Bunny_mdg2: window with tabs, currently on "Wired" tab, auto eth0 in a white box with options to "Add"03:10
ubottuopera: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:10
mdg2Bunny_: Hold on, let me get to the same screen03:10
mdg2Bunny_: click on add03:11
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:11
mdg2Bunny_: Tell me what it shows now03:11
Bunny_mdg2: Connection name: Wired connection 1, connect automatically checked, system setting unchecked, MAC address blank, MTU automatic03:12
tux9778anyone having probs with the x64 edition?03:12
llMy first time here. I'm having problems getting Myth to work with 8.0403:13
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ubottumythtv is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV - For discussion and specific support, try #ubuntu-mythtv03:13
mdg2Bunny_: sounds good03:13
=== Poe is now known as Poehahahah
mdg2Bunny_: Is there anything that says "roaming mode"?03:13
ubottuYou should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead. See also « /msg ubottu Guidelines »03:13
Bunny_mdg2: No03:13
mrocone other issue i'm having - the headphones port on my laptop stopped working when i upgraded to intrepid.  suggestions?03:13
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mdg2Bunny_: Is there an "okay" button or something?03:14
Ace2016_-hi all03:14
Bunny_mdg2: Yes03:14
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mdg2Bunny_: I think we need to get it to stay pan0 instead of eth0, but how.....03:15
gamblerwhats the ubuntu equivalent of rpm -qil03:15
Ace2016_-when you run gmplayer in gnome do you have the ability to close it by right clicking on mplayer in the panel and selecting close?03:15
=== Guest71994 is now known as High_Speed1
Flannelgambler: What does -qil do?03:15
Jack_Sparrowgambler, Deb;s03:15
rdw200169mroc: chances are it's something related to alsa03:15
gamblerFlannel: list the package description and its files03:15
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tlmHi, does anyone know where adobe hides keys in Ubuntu? I pulled my hard drive and moved it to another computer now my adobe documents that must authenticate on a server will not open. THey allow me to put in a name and password then it say an error has occured.03:15
Flannelgambler: For a package in the repositories? or an arbitrary deb?03:16
gamblerFor an installed package03:16
rdw200169mroc: double click on the speaker icon in your top menubar, and check preferences to make sure the headphones related switches/volume bars are checked03:16
gamblertrying to find out how to use the dhcp-v3 server03:16
Flannelgambler: So, from the repos?03:16
gamblerFlannel: it was. Ive installed it now03:16
rdw200169mroc: then make sure the volume is up or the switch is set correctly03:16
Flannelgambler: Ah.  apt-cache show [package]03:16
Flannelgambler: but, you may be more interested in the README.Debian (dpkg -L package | grep README)03:17
gambleryep thats it. ty :)03:17
rdw200169gambler: or man dhcpd.conf03:17
Bunny_mdg2: Hang on one, I'm trying to get a response on DHCPDISCOVER with sudo dhclient pan003:17
sektor1952has anyone seen this issue when running make menuconfig or even make oldconfig file drivers/net/arcnet/Kconfig already scanned?03:17
klothoso I'm trying to upgrade to 7.04 and I keep getting http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz: 404 Not Found [IP: 80]03:18
klothoso it appears I need to change my repository URL but I don't see where I can do it and don't know what to change it to03:18
ericjungwhat's the best way to install ubuntu and Vista dual-boot without wubi?03:18
mdg2Flannel: does apt-cache show package show only for specific repos like 8.04 if thats whats installed?03:18
klothoany pointers?03:18
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases03:18
mrocrdw200169: not sure what "headphone related switches" translates to for me.  the following are listed: IEC958, IEC958 Capture, IEC958 Default PCM, Analog Loopback, Digital Input Source03:18
rdw200169mroc: just check all the options in preferences03:18
wakestso I just installed ubuntu on my macbook, but I didn't follow the instructions, and just installed it on a partition made by boot camp, with out first deleting /dev/sda3 and /dev/sda4 , is there anyway to fix the problem with out re installing?03:19
klothonot sure if this one got thru:  I'm trying to upgrade to 7.04 and I keep getting http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz: 404 Not Found [IP: 80]03:19
Flannelmdg2: It'll show whatever you currently have in your apt-cache03:19
rdw200169mroc: then, under the switches tab, there might be a headphones check-box03:19
Jack_Sparrowklotho, I think it is.. sudo do-release upgrade03:19
Flannelklotho: you're upgrading *to* 7.04 from 6.10?03:19
ericjungi want to install ubuntu and vista together dual-boot, but i don't want to use WUBI because i want to be able to hibernate Ubuntu. What's the best way?03:19
klothoFlannel: yes03:19
rdw200169ericjung: well, first you've got to shrink the vista partition03:20
rdw200169ericjung: to make some space to install ubuntu03:20
mdg2Flannel: can apt-cache search querry specifically 8.04 repos?03:20
Flannelklotho: oh right.  I could've figured that out on my own.  You need to change your repos to http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ then follow the upgrade instructions here:03:20
ericjungrdw200169: already done03:20
Flannel!upgrade | klotho03:20
ubottuklotho: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes03:20
klothoFlannel: how do I change the repos?03:20
Flannelklotho: edit your sources.list03:20
Flannelmdg2: You may be interested in packages.ubuntu.com03:20
klothoFlannel: cool, where is that?03:20
rdw200169ericjung: then just install normally, i believe grub will boot vista normally via the chainloader03:20
Flannelklotho: /etc/apt/sources.list03:20
mdg2Flannel: Thanks!  going there now.03:21
rdw200169ericjung: though i don't know for sure because I haven't done it personally03:21
klothoFlannel: grrreat!03:21
ericjungrdw200169: install vista or ubuntu first?03:21
Meshezabeelwhy when setting a static ip in ubuntu, the dhcp always comes back on a reboot?03:21
rdw200169ericjung: the ubuntu installer should find the empty space, and by default install there03:21
rdw200169ericjung: vista first03:21
mrocrdw200169: well, the new things i check show up, but nothing called headphones still.  checked them all off, all volume is up, doesn't appear to give me headphones sound.03:21
rdw200169ericjung: otherwise you end up with this:03:21
rdw200169!grub | ericjung03:21
ubottuericjung: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:21
rdw200169mroc: i don't know then... :(03:21
ericjung!ubuntu | ubottu03:22
ubottuericjung: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com03:22
mrocrdw200169: me neither.  thanks for your efforts though, i appreciate it.03:22
rdw200169if you install vista second, it will rewrite grub03:22
Hikeractivehow i use the sleep command in sessions to delay mail-notification from starting immediately? Is it just appname sleep x?03:23
klothoFlannel:  just add a deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/  line at the top of the file?03:23
mdg2Bunny_: Anything good happening?03:23
Flannelklotho: No, change all of the http://cc.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lines to http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/03:23
WetWired_ALUGAnyone know how to keep your display from turning off? It's not going to screensaver, it's like it's going to sleep. Highly annoying. Nothing I've tried has helped.03:24
Bunny_mdg2: I just tried sudo lshw -c network...It shows my ethernet card there, then pan0. The ethernet card network says DISABLED, pan0 does not03:24
rdw200169Meshezabeel: is dhcp set in your /etc/network/interfaces file?03:24
klothoFlannel: cool, thanks03:24
rich_WetWired_ALUG, add acpi=no to your grub config03:24
Bunny_mdg2: Logical name for the ethernet says eth003:24
WetWired_ALUGgrub config? really? I didn't figure it'd be in there03:25
mdg2Bunny_: What kind of computer is this?03:25
Bunny_mdg2: Desktop03:25
mdg2Bunny_: What brand etc.03:25
rdw200169Meshezabeel: it's either there, or something to do with NetworkManager03:25
Bunny_mdg2: No brand, I made it myself03:25
wakestwould anyone be willing to help me for a sec with an installation issue on a macbook?03:25
bullgard4What are chroots? As in https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2006-September/000195.html. (Up to now I only know a chroot command.)03:25
mdg2Bunny_: WOW :)03:25
Bunny_mdg2: I'm not stupid, I just have no idea how Linux operates :P03:26
Meshezabeelrdw200169: I believe so, the machines are at work though, so not sure, but in networkmanager, we take out the dhcp setting, and replace it with a manual setting, and once the machines are rebooted, the dhcp comes back03:26
rdw200169Bunny_: did you manufacture the boards too? (hah, joke, kidding)03:26
rdw200169Meshezabeel: then it's likely in /etc/network/interfaces03:26
Hikeractivehow i use the sleep command in sessions to delay mail-notification from starting immediately? Is it just appname sleep x?03:26
Bunny_mdg2: Though I know Windows inside and out lol03:26
mdg2Bunny_: In a terminal type "dmesg"03:26
mdg2Bunny_: may need you for windows at work :)03:26
rdw200169Meshezabeel: the /etc/init.d/network script takes that configuration file for setting up the network; that's where you put static settings, read the man page: man interfaces03:27
borkALSA won't stop when shutting down -- any ideas why this is?03:27
Bunny_mdg2: dmesg wrote two tons of stuff in my terminal03:27
klothoflannel: how about the lines that say security.ubuntu.com?03:27
mdg2Bunny_: shift + page up to scroll back up - looking for network card stuff03:27
Flannelklotho: Those go to old-releases as well03:27
klothobtw, this file doesn't have cc.whatever only archive.whatever03:27
Bunny_mdg2: Specific text?03:28
Flannelklotho: that's fine. "cc." can be missing03:28
klothorequiring users to edit files to upgrade is kinda dum03:28
mdg2Bunny_: You are looking for pan0 and eth003:28
klothowhy move things?03:28
klothoFlannel: thanks a bunch!03:29
Flannelklotho: Er... Had you upgraded while Edgy was suported, you wouldn't have to.03:29
rdw200169wakest: i read your problem earlier, but i've got nothing03:29
Flannelklotho: As is, Edgy has been unsupported for almosta year now.03:29
BllasaeHow do you transfer profiles from Windows to Ubuntu?03:29
mdg2Bunny_: What kind of network card did you put in this computer?03:29
klothoFlannel: thing is, you can't assume users will upgrade, and those who don't are probably less linux savvy,so there's no reason to make things more difficult03:30
runner23got a weird issue I've never had before on ubuntu.... total OS lockup while opening a file03:30
Bunny_mdg2: SiS900 on-board03:30
Flannelklotho: If you use update-manager, you'd get notifications about Feisty being released, and a suggestion to upgrade (for a year about, before edgy went EOL)03:30
klothoFlannel: I have no argument with you at all. I'm just saying it doesn't make sense to change things so that they break if you don't have to03:31
Flannelklotho: And also, Edgy's repos stayed online for around 4 months after it was EOL (in the same place).  In the future, you may wish to stick with the LTS releases, which you only need to upgrade once every few years.03:31
mdg2Bunny_: Finding anything in dmesg?03:31
Flannelklotho: Not broken.  But the errors from getting packages is a good way to indicate to people that they need to figure out "whats wrong" instead of them blindly running insecure versions03:32
mdg2Bunny_: You got another network card you can throw in there?03:32
Bunny_mdg2 nope03:32
BllasaeHow do you transfer profiles from Windows to Ubuntu?03:32
mdg2Bunny_: Will this computer be dual booting?03:32
Bunny_mdg2 nope03:33
klothoFlannel: my grandmother or girlfriend would never figure it out.03:33
mdg2Bunny_: That makes it easier03:33
runner23Bllasae did you install on same HD? If so Ubuntu asked me on first boot if I want to copy contents of profiles folders03:33
klothoin fact, I looked around online and didn't find anything03:33
klothoso unless someone knows to come here, they seem to be SOL03:34
mdg2Bunny_: BTW, you can type "dmesg | less" and use page up/down03:34
BllasaeI asked me but the folder wasn't there03:34
Flannelklotho: Then they'd never realise they need to upgrade, and never try to upgrade either.  They'd still be running Edgy, which has the ssl random number problem, etc.03:34
mdg2Bunny_: You can also use edit to search for pan003:34
nickrudklotho, can't argue about that; why not add/check brainstorm for a better way to inform people03:34
klothoFlannel: they'd realize they need an upgrade because the system tells you to upgrade and shows that there's a 7.04 upgrade availabe, but then when you try it breaks03:34
Bunny_mdg2: Here's what's strange to me....03:35
runner23You've looked in your home folder?03:35
Flannelklotho: I suggest after you upgrade to 7.04, you upgrade to 7.10 then 8.04.  And stop there.  In a few years, you'll be able to upgrade straight from 8.04 to 10.04 (and you have until 11.04 to do so before the desktop stuffs go out of support)03:35
ld50I have a PC with internet and I would like to share the conection with two PC's, PC-A has gentoo, PC-B has ubunto; both can ping the gateway, but only PC-A has internet, both route -n outputs are the same, any idea?03:35
Bunny_mdg2: When I type lshw -c network, the SiS900 comes up as eth003:35
Flannelklotho: No, For *a year* of the system telling them there's an upgrde it was in the same location it was in, and they wouldn't have had to do anything but click "Upgrade"03:35
llHi, thank you to whoever gave me the pointer to some help pages for Mythbuntu. However I am somewhat of a Ubuntu newbie and I tried to fix my problem before coming here. And the pages are interesting and helpful, but I can't figure out what I need to do. My problem is during the MythTV Setup. I've checked the /etc/mythtv/mythtv mysql.txt file and the problem doesn't seem to be the password. I am unable to get past the "Database Configuration"03:35
ll. I have manuall started mysql. When I start the MythTV Backend Setup it asks if it ok to stop any previously running processes. Could the problem be that mysql is also stopped at that time??03:35
mdg2Bunny_: So pan0 shows an inet addr, but when you querry hardware it shows eth0 right?03:36
klothoFlannel: I'm still getting errors on upgrade with it looking for security.etc. I double checked that file and every line is edited with old-sources. anything else I should check?03:36
Bunny_mdg2: Yes03:36
Flannelll: You may have more luck in #ubuntu-mythtv03:36
llah, thank you Flannel.03:36
Flannelklotho: You need to move security to old-releases too03:36
bullgard4What are chroots? As in https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2006-September/000195.html. (Up to now I only know a chroot command.)03:37
mdg2Bunny_: Did you see anything in dmesg about pan0 and eth0?03:37
klothoFlannel: is that another file? I did change those lines in sources.list03:37
Gemmie78I've recently downloaded Banshee Music Player and would like to use that as my default music player03:37
nickrudbullgard4, chroots are the environment you are in when you chroot.03:37
Gemmie78I've selected it as my preferred multimedia application in preferred applications, but when I open an mp3 file, totem still loads03:38
Flannelklotho: Check /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ for files03:38
bullgard4nickrud: Ah! Thank you very much for explaining.03:38
Gemmie78What can I do to correct the issue03:38
Bunny_mdg2: Yes. "pan0: no IPv6 routers present"03:38
mdg2Bunny_: that's normal - mine shows that - I don't use IPv603:38
klothoFlannel: it does have some files in it03:38
roger_right click mp3 file and select properties, then open with add or select banshee03:38
nickrudbullgard4, always a pleasure to see you03:38
Flannelklotho: Check those files for similar things.03:38
Gemmie78Will I need to do this with all mp3 files?03:38
ld50can i configure my network with manually ifconfig/route/resolv.conf or ubuntu has some process that manages this?03:38
mdg2Bunny_: You are looking for "Link up" with pan0 or eth003:39
roger_no, just 103:39
mdg2Bunny_: BTW, if you use "dmesg | less" you can search by typing "/eth0"03:39
usserld50: yea sure you can do it, if u modify interfaces file ubuntu's network manager will just ignore that interface03:39
klothoFlannel: thanks again03:39
mdg2Bunny_: I'm still learning linux03:39
maddashhi. i'm getting a lot weird messages in dmesg|less: "PM: Removing info for No Bus:XXXXX" where XXXXX ranges from "event7", "input0", and "usbdev..."03:39
Gemmie78Thank you roger_03:39
nickrudld50, you can; ubuntu has 2 major methods: /etc/network/interfaces and NetworkManager03:40
maddashwhat exactly is "PM"?03:40
bullgard4nickrud: :-)03:40
roger_did that work for you Gemmie7803:40
ld50nickrud, usser thanks03:40
Bunny_mdg2: eth0: SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet at 0xd000, IRQ 5, 00:00:00:00:00:0003:40
[Muel]EliotWere can i get help for installing a program?03:41
nickrud[Muel]Eliot, depends on the program and where you got it03:41
Gemmie78That worked perfectly03:41
Gemmie78You solved this issue in the first go, thanks03:41
YankDownUnder[Muel]Eliot, What do you need to know?03:41
Gemmie78Just too easy for you03:42
[Muel]Eliotdunno how to install it03:42
mdg2Bunny_: So your Sis900 is seen and configure as eth0, but no inet addr there03:42
klothoFlannel: hmm.. now it's giving me some errors like Failed to fetch http://old-sources.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy-commercial/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz Sub-process gzip returned an error code (1)03:42
Bunny_mdg2: Yup03:42
YankDownUnder[Muel]Eliot, Is is a program in the repos?03:42
saerahi anyone know how to send a fax using an eee pc on ubuntu  8.10 ?03:42
Gemmie78I want to also know 2 more things, Firefox and Opera, what are the browsers that you folks are using?03:42
[Muel]EliotYankDownUnder, dont think so03:42
Flannelklotho: Oh, it's old-releases not old-sources, and I don't think there's any commercial component there, just go ahead and comment (#) that line out03:42
YankDownUnder[Muel]Eliot, Well, what is the program you want to install?03:43
axelhmhello. I'm using ubuntu 8.10 and the gnome desktop. the command ctrl+alt+F(1-6) does nothing while I'm logged into gnome. but it does go to the fullscreen terminal when I am on the gdm login screen. ctrl+alt+backspace doesn't work either.03:43
nickrud[Muel]Eliot, that looks like a sample program, written to use specific chip sets; do you have the ones mentioned on the page?03:43
klothoFlannel: do I have to change everything to releases?03:43
Gemmie78I'm currently running in a fairly weak notebook and want to try and maximise whatever performance I have out of this machine03:43
[Muel]EliotI have no clue, uhm how can i tell?03:43
Flannelklotho: old-sources shouldn't work as far as I know.  it's old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu03:43
Gemmie78Should I stick with firefox, or is it true Opera is more leaner on resources03:43
nickrud[Muel]Eliot, note the dates on the changelog as well. Something like that is probably non-funtional now. and either   lspci or lsusb will show the wireless chip03:43
eseven73 opera is leaner03:43
MK13both browsers have their ups and down03:43
klothoflannel: not canonical.com?03:43
Gemmie78Secondly, do you all stick with evolution as your default email client or do you use thunderbird03:43
YankDownUnder[Muel]Eliot, Er...without me opening a browser, what can you tell me about the program - and have you looked to see if someone's converted it to a DEB for Ubuntu?03:44
axelhmdid someone see my post? :x03:44
mdg2Bunny_: Am reading a post at ubuntuforums.com about Sis90003:44
klothoFlannel: do I edit the commercial sources? they were .canonical.com03:44
BllasaeI found my firefox folder but what do i do with my profiles folder?03:44
YankDownUnder[Muel]Eliot, Er...just looked for a grin...what you'd need to do is to get all the dependencies to compile it on your own matey03:45
Flannelklotho: Just remove them.  comment them out03:45
[Muel]Eliotchrist guys i dont know what im doing lol03:45
[Muel]Elioti got this out of terminal03:45
nickrudGemmie78, I use thunderbird, better imap support03:45
[Muel]Eliotdidnt coppy soryr03:45
FloodBot2[Muel]Eliot: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:45
Flannel[Muel]Eliot: Please watch your language.03:45
Gemmie78Finally is there a way to find out your exact hardware stats in ubuntu03:45
MK13windows 7 is taking forever to install :(03:45
FlannelMK13: Please keep this channel ontopic, thanks.03:45
[Muel]Eliot00:1d.7 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) USB2 EHCI Controller #1 (rev 03)03:45
YankDownUnderWindows 7 is nothing but Vista redone03:45
nickrudGemmie78, try   sudo lspci | less for real details03:45
BllasaeWhy does Firefox say "No programs that contain bookmarks, history or password data could be found"????????????03:46
axelhmmy post got flooded away :x. may I post it again?03:46
BllasaeI copied the folder to the desktop03:46
nickrudGemmie78, erm, sudo lshw | less I mean03:46
Jonatha1Can I get help in here on a certain problem involving my package manager?03:46
MK13i am on topic, it is running in virtual machine one ubuntu ;)03:46
BllasaeHow does Firefox know that there isn't anything in it03:46
Gemmie78Just a basic hardware information check, I've tried the hardware info check, but I just03:46
heirrooki have a nanorc file in /etc/ and it will not work.  For some strange reason, when I open the file nanorc with nano, then the options i have in nanorc apply?03:46
mdg2Bunny_: No solution to that post, but he had pan0 showing as well03:46
Flannelaxelhm: Every 15-25 minutes is a good rate of repeat.03:46
VantraxYankDownUnder, Windows 7's version number is 6.1, vista was 603:46
Gemmie78just type that in terminal?03:46
nickrudJonatha1, possibly, ask away03:46
axelhmFlannel, ok thanks03:46
nickrudGemmie78, yes. Page up/down to scroll03:46
Gemmie78Only need to just doublecheck ram, and spec of cpu03:47
Flannelaxelhm: I'd check launchpad bug reports, we've had a few instances of that not happening.  If you need to get to a TTY from gnome, you can use sudo chvt # (where # is 1-6)03:47
Jonatha1I got this from my terminal when I run apt-get03:47
Jonatha1Reading package lists... Error!03:47
Jonatha1E: Encountered a section with no Package: header03:47
Jonatha1E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/ca.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_hardy-proposed_main_binary-amd64_Packages03:47
Jonatha1E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.03:47
FloodBot2Jonatha1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:47
Gemmie78sudo lshw03:47
FlannelJonatha1: don't use hardy-proposed03:47
YankDownUnderVantrax, Should be still re-numbered to more like 1.1b03:47
klothoFlannel: it says No valid mirror found03:47
MakuseruSukottoHi, i recently installed 8.10, and when ever i go to boot up it gets to where it loads the grub and then it says "Error 17" and i cannot input anything after that. What causes this and how can i fix it?03:47
MK13any here use ubuntu on an acer by any chance?03:47
Bunny_mdg2: Guess they'll get around to it in six months? lol03:47
klothoFlannel: do you want to rewrite your sources.list anyway? should I say yes?03:47
Flannelklotho: please pastebin your sources.list (and the contents of the other ones)03:47
[Muel]EliotMK13, yes, my brother has an acer aspire 7720 with ubuntu working fine on it.03:48
Jonatha1what you mean by hardy-proposed?03:48
klothoFlannel: I said yes and it seems happy at the moment03:48
runner23Anyone ever heard of hard lockups on Ubuntu 8.10? Starts with app thats open, then Menus and then mouse will finally quit working after about 60 seconds after logging in.03:48
FlannelJonatha1: You've enabled the -proposed repositories for hardy.  Disable them.  You don't want to have them enabled03:48
klothoFlannel: oops. no it's not03:48
nickrudJonatha1, system->admin->software sources, find proposed, and uncheck it03:48
Jonatha1well how do I disable them?03:48
jigpehello how to install a game.tar.gz?its a game.i wanna play it in desktop ubuntu 8.0403:48
klothoit modified everything  back to archive.ubuntu.com and then failed03:48
Vantraxrunner23, check your logs and see what ran just before locking up03:48
nomingzican I run fsck command for NTFS partition ?03:49
Vantraxjigpe, you unpack the file (its like a zip)03:49
Flannelklotho: pastebin your sources.list (and the contents of each file in sources.list.d)03:49
mdg2Bunny_: Found a page about sis900 in linux:  www.brownhat.org/sis900.html03:49
nickrudJonatha1, it may be named as testing repository or similar verbiage03:49
MK13does that acer have a button for wifi, or a switch?03:49
Jonatha1in software sources?03:49
FlannelJonatha1: Yes03:49
Gemmie78Thanks for that hardware check help nickrud03:49
MakuseruSukottoHi, i recently installed 8.10, and when ever i go to boot up it gets to where it loads the grub and then it says "Error 17" and i cannot input anything after that. What causes this and how can i fix it?03:49
eseven73jigpe: have you checked to see if the game is in the repos first? or if there's a .deb for it?03:50
jigpeVantrax like extract?03:50
nickrudJonatha1, yes03:50
Jonatha1I dont see anything like that.. ..03:51
Jonatha1I have my tabs up..03:51
Jonatha1which one would it be under?03:51
runner23Vantrax problem is the OS locks up 15-60 seconds after logging in03:51
CITguy-Hermesanybody had issues with gnome-app-install not showing any apps?03:51
Vantraxjigpe yes03:51
Jonatha1Ubuntu software, Third Party Software?03:51
eseven73!enter | Jonatha103:51
ubottuJonatha1: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:51
Vantraxrunner23, you can access the logs on a live cd my mounting the root partition, or in recovery mode03:51
FlannelJonatha1: It's under the "updates" tab03:51
portzBack with another minor problem: Can't delete files.03:52
klothoFlannel: http://pastebin.com/d49e7913403:52
donavan_Can anyone suggest a PDF editor ... I have document viewer for gnome but it doesnt seem to let me edit PDFs03:52
CITguy-HermesJonatha1: I switch the category but nothing shows03:52
jigpeeseven73 : I've already checked it and there is no StepMania game...the file is StepMania-3.9a-linux.tar.gz03:52
Jonatha1kk I have important security updates, Recommended Updates, Pre released updates and unsupported updates in there03:53
FlannelJonatha1: right, uncheck pre-release and possibly unsupported-updates03:53
jigpeVantrax : the file is StepMania-3.9a-linux.tar.gz ..i already right click>extrack in the folder but I couldn't find the icon so it could run or just like in windows there is .exe03:53
Jonatha1>.< never mind I see the proposed now just to the left of Pre released *sigh*03:53
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Gemmie78Another question, is there a way to make your PIDGIN messenger client run off UTC time03:54
eseven73jigpe: sometimes you have to log out for icons to show up03:54
Jonatha1thanks guys03:54
Vantraxjigpe, is there a folder with .deb files in it03:54
Gemmie78Despite selecting the correct time server, my time is incorrect unless I select the UTC checkbox in the settings03:54
Gemmie78doing so, I get the correct time in the top right corner of my screen03:54
mdg2Bunny_: I found a post that might work03:54
Gemmie78however for applications, it still believes the incorrect time, not my local time03:54
Gemmie78Any ideas?03:54
Bunny_mdg2: Alright03:55
Jonatha1uh oh... I just received an error message03:55
ltggis it possible to get Logitech controllers ( jstick/rumblepad ) working in Ubuntu?03:55
klothoFlannel: what do you think?03:55
Flannelklotho: Alright, remove all the files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and then make your /etc/apt/sources.list have the following (and nothing else): http://paste.ubuntu.com/104676/03:55
Adrian2MiL8a little question ...anyone known how change the envyng from 173 to 181 nvidia driver ???03:55
portzUnable to delete files that are read only. Suggestions?03:55
Jonatha1I might need some more help in a moment . .03:55
MakuseruSukottoHi, i recently installed 8.10, and when ever i go to boot up it gets to where it loads the grub and then it says "Error 17" and i cannot input anything after that. What causes this and how can i fix it?03:56
DoonzHey guys How can i change the repositories from a local one to the main one. the local one is horribly slow03:56
Kristopherdoes the ubuntu live cd have a partition manager (to resize and create partitions) ?03:56
portzKristopher: yes03:56
eseven73jigpe: wait, you're gonna need to do more than extract that tar to get an icon... is there like an 'install.sh' file?03:56
FlannelKristopher: Yes, Gnome Partition Manager (gparted)03:56
jigpeVantrax : no .deb03:56
Kristopherthanks - but i tried the gparted live cd and that wasn't displaying properly, so i couldn't use it. might the ubuntu one work better?03:57
runner23@Vantrax I'm at root shell prompt and it keeps telling me var/log/ isn't a valid directory and trying to change to / is ignored03:57
FlannelKristopher: It may, yes.03:57
borkmy computer's sound works in Windows (so there is no hardware problem, probably), but it's started only making a crackling noise in Ubuntu... any ideas?03:57
mattI may have gotten in over my head. I sorta promised a friend and her mom that I could put their house on craigslist and ebay, which is no big deal. I also mentioned that I'd probably be able to create "360's" of the rooms in their house. I remember seeing something about software that does this in linux. Anyone know what it'd be called?03:57
klothoFlannel: cool, thanks! trying it again03:57
jigpeeseven73 : nope there is no install.sh03:57
eseven73jigpe: usually there's a doc directory you should see, if so, then go into that directory and view the help files03:57
Flannelmatt: hugin is a panorama picture thing03:58
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.03:58
Kristopheris it just an app once ubuntu starts? or do i have to look for it somewhere else?03:58
FlannelKristopher: It'll be under System > Administration I believe03:58
eseven73jigpe: look for 'doc' 'install' 'readme'03:58
klothoFlannel: it's still giving me No Valid Mirror Found03:58
Flannelklotho: How are you editing this?03:58
Flannelklotho: Alright, and what's telling you no valid mirror found?03:58
Kristopherthanks guys :)03:59
klothothe upgrade tool03:59
Vantraxjigpe, there is probably a setup script or you need to run a make command then03:59
mattFlannel: exaclty what I was looking for. Now...perhaps you'll know this. in either flash, html, or javascript...do you know a free way to display these things really cool on a website?03:59
Flannelklotho: (you're actually using nano, but that's ok).  Do this:  sudo apt-get update, do you get any errors?03:59
Vantraxrunner23, in recovery mode or live cd03:59
BllasaeWhy don't my freaking profiles work for freaking Firefox for freaking Windows to freaking Ubuntu?03:59
runner23recovery mode03:59
Flannelmatt: I don't.  You might try asking in #ubuntu-offtopic03:59
mattFlannel: Alright...I'll try.03:59
ltggany help? yes/no?03:59
klothoFlannel: no errors03:59
Adrian2MiL8..a little question ...anyone known how to change the envyng from 173 to 181 nvidia driver ???03:59
runner23@Bllasae because Ubuntu doesn't copy them as they are a different format04:00
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Bllasaewhat do i do04:00
Flannelklotho: Alright, then that's set up properly.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FeistyUpgrades  should be able to get you the rest of the way through the upgrade04:00
runner23@Bllasae export your bookmarks in windows and reimport them in ubuntu04:00
portz@Bllasae: Relax a bit.04:00
BllasaeI need to move the extension settings too runner2304:01
Bllasae@portz, I've been trying this for the past hour04:01
portzStill unable to delete files that are read only. Suggestions?04:01
runner23@Bllasae bookmark.html is just a list of your bookmarks, there shouldn't be any extension settings04:01
BllasaeYeah, but I need to move my extension settings too04:01
Flannelportz: what sorts of files?04:01
portz.bik, .exe, .cab04:02
runner23@Bllasae check the extension settings and see if they have a export feature04:02
portzI tried copying a CD to my disk, but want it gone.04:02
CITguy-Hermeswith Intrepid, is there a reason why I don't see any applications in the "Add/Remove" application?04:02
Flannelportz: can you create files in the same directory?04:02
Flannel!helpme | ltgg04:02
ubottultgg: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience04:02
klothoFlannel: do the command line upgrade? but it says that's less reliable04:03
opera!Live CD04:03
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.04:03
Vantraxrunner23, try to do a locate on the logs to find the path, i thought /var/logs was right04:03
MK13herme: i dont have that problem with Intrepic04:03
klothoFlannel: there must be a way to get upgrade tool to realize what mirror to use, no?04:03
portzFlan: Gimme a sec04:03
ltggproblem is I NEVER get an answer here ... don't know why I bother!04:03
Flannelklotho: I'll walk you through it.  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-standard ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-desktop linux-generic && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:03
runner23@Vantrax it is but in recovery mode I couldn't get to them, I had to boot off the live cd, trying to figure out which log file it is04:04
sektor1952has anyone seen this issue when running make menuconfig or even make oldconfig file drivers/net/arcnet/Kconfig already scanned?04:04
Vantraxltgg, try getting your question on one line and having everything needed in the one request04:04
portzFlannel: Both options (Create folder, document) are grayed out04:04
Flannelklotho: once you've done that (and restarted to make sure you're on the most recent kernel), go back to your sources.list, change the edgy to feisty (all three) then do: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.  Then you'll be upgrading to Feisty.04:04
Vantraxltgg, the forums are also very effective for getting help04:04
klothoFlannel: this has me worried: Please note - this method is less reliable. If you use this method, you MUST be prepared to fix problems manually, such as packages being unexpectedly removed, apt crashing unexpectedly, etc. Using Update Manager (see above) is likely to be much less problematic.04:04
Flannelportz: then you can use this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades04:04
Adrian2MiL8...anyone known how to change the envyng from 173 to 181 nvidia driver ???04:05
Flannelklotho: Don't worry about it.04:05
Flannelklotho: Those "worries" we've taken care of with the previous few commands04:05
portzFlannel: Gutsy Gibbon? For -what-, exactly?04:05
Flannelportz: What?04:05
FlannelOh, sorry.04:05
klothoFlannel: what's &&?04:06
portzNo worries, Flan. I know you're busy.04:06
Flannelklotho: once you've upgraded to Feisty, you can use this guide to get to Gutsy (this one should go smooother): https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades04:06
Adrian2MiL8<sektor1952> hello04:06
Flannelklotho: command1 && command2 will do command2 if command1 exits successfully04:06
runner23whats the paste link again? Have a few log lines need to paste04:06
Flannelrunner23: paste.ubuntu.com04:07
Bllasaehow can i force quit a program04:07
sektor1952adrian2Mil8: have you seen the issue I mentioned when try to config a kernel before compiling?04:07
Bllasaelike ctrl+Alt+delete?04:07
portzBll > System > Admin > System Monitor04:07
portzJust like Task Manager04:07
Cpudan80Bllasae: it is easiest to add the kill program to the panel04:07
Adrian2MiL8<sektor1952> no , i don't see anything04:08
Cpudan80err ehh force quit04:08
dal_workhi all, a friend of mine recently installed ubuntu 8.10 via the wubi installer, and has since ran out of disk space on the root partition leading to all kinds of nastiness. He wants to shift some free space from other partitions on that drive to the ubuntu root partition and my first thought was to fire up a live cd and use gparted to resize his partitions but wubi appears to have done something strange and I can't see the ubuntu partition04:08
dal_workto resize, I can only see his two ntfs partitions and what appears to be a vender recovery partition (it's a laptop)...anyone have any ideas on how to transfer some free space from his windows partition to the ubuntu space (whether it is a partition or not I dont' really know at this stage)?04:08
klothoFlannel: ok, thanks. I'm trying it. but why do you think upgrade tool is broken?04:08
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:08
Cpudan80then you click the little force quit button and click the window to kill04:08
Flannelklotho: Because it wasn't updates to handle the old-releases stuff04:08
Vantraxdal_work, wubi doesnt have a partition04:08
sektor1952Adrian2Mil8: this issue when running make menuconfig or even make oldconfig file drivers/net/arcnet/Kconfig already scanned?04:08
Adrian2MiL8<sektor1952> i think what this is not the right place for get help04:08
Ayande^how do i open filebroweser from command?04:08
Adrian2MiL8all ignore you04:09
Vantraxdal_work, its a 'virtual' partition inside windoew04:09
Flanneldal_work: http://lubi.sourceforge.net/lvpm.html04:09
Bllasae"Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system"04:09
BllasaeI've already restarted the computer and everything04:10
BllasaeI've reinstalled Firefox04:10
runner23@Vantrax http://paste.ubuntu.com/104680/ <== thats last session from syslog04:10
CITguy-HermesBllasae: ALT+F2 --> "killall firefox"04:10
miranda_psiAyande^: just run: nautilus04:10
Bllasaeand I've Force Quit Firefox updater04:10
equinux#killall [application], Bllasae04:10
Ayande^oh thats what its called thanks04:10
Ayande^wont work04:10
BllasaeStill didn't work04:10
Adrian2MiL8<sektor1952> sorry , i don't konw why you have this error message04:10
Ayande^whats the command miranda_psi04:11
klothohmm... it wants to restart my system before the rest of the upgrade is finished downloading04:11
miranda_psiBllasae: look at ~/.mozilla/firefox/yourprofile/ and delete the .parentock and lock files if they exist04:11
sektor1952thx anyway adrian04:11
miranda_psiAyande^: 'nautilus' is the command04:11
FloodBot2zenith: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:11
Ayande^thanks alot04:12
Adrian2MiL8<sektor1952> don 't worry , search by a #ubuntu friendly channel04:12
Cpudan80Hello all04:12
BllasaeMiranda_psi: those don't even exist04:12
Cpudan80Is there a way to tell network manager to use a particular wifi driver?04:12
miranda_psiBllasae: what doesn't exist?04:12
Bllasaethe files04:12
BllasaeI can't find them in that folder04:12
portzFlannel: Still unable to delete these files or make changes their permissions.04:12
uzairhi all, can someone help on using linux as a server04:12
ryanCHhow do install more, Window Themes .. there is no import button in the Windows style area???04:13
BllasaeI'm restarting the computer anyways I'll tell if it works04:13
klothouzair: what do you want to do?04:13
miranda_psiBllasae: are you looking for the hidden files as well?04:13
Bllasaei don't know anymore04:13
BllasaeI'm restarting the computer now04:13
eseven73uzair: #ubuntu-server might be of more help04:13
miranda_psiBllasae: they are hidden files and if they are there restarting won't help04:13
uzairklotho, basically i wanted to setup a relatively basic file/mail/authentication server on ubuntu hardy04:13
Adrian2MiL8anyone known how to change the envyng config from 173 to 181 nvidia driver ???04:13
runner23@Vantrax http://paste.ubuntu.com/104681/ <== thats last session from messagees log file... I have a feeling its because I left my COD:WAW disk in the drive after switching from Windows Install04:14
miranda_psiBllasae: go to the folder in the shell and run: ls -al04:14
uzairoh, i'll keep that in mind, but since klotho asked, i'll see if he can help04:14
prontoAdrian2MiL8: yes, download the .bin from nvidias site and stop gdm and then run the file04:14
klothouzair: I was just curious...04:14
uzairklotho, ahh, if you can help that'd be great, if not, np i'll head on over to ubuntu-server04:14
naknomikI want to find out which particular package will provide a specific file, the package is not installed yet, is it possible through apt-cache search? This is sort of like rpm -q --what-provides query04:14
Adrian2MiL8pronto > i ask  for change the envyng configuration and what envy make the update not i by hand04:15
prontoAdrian2MiL8: oh sorry didnt see you were using envyng . don't know about that04:15
prontoi just install the drivers from the .bin you get at nvidia site04:16
miranda_psiBllasae: can you make your question more specific please - what are you saying what to?04:16
Flannelnaknomik: you use apt-file for that04:16
Adrian2MiL8pronto > ok don't worry but thanks for answer04:16
sektor1952pronto can you assist me with my issue?04:16
pyro2927jrib: it seems officially fucked up04:16
Bllasaeshell? ls -al?04:16
Flannelpyro2927: Please watch your language04:16
mDemocritusk9copy hangs at 32 percent of ripping a dvd. any idea where i should start?04:17
prontosektor1952: i do no know what your issue is04:17
Bllasaeis there a system restore thing?04:17
pyro2927Flannel: sorry. wont happen again. didn't know it wasnt allowed here04:17
portzForce deleting a locked file that I can't change permissions to, anyone?04:17
miranda_psiBllasae: shell - terminal command line (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal), ls -al is a command saying to show all files in the detailed format04:18
eseven73pyro2927: it shoudlnt be allowed anywhere if you ask me.04:18
MK13is there a way to make a live cd of the Ubuntu on the hard drive?04:18
Adrian2MiL8pronto , i have the new 181 .bin but i installed the 173 version with envyng and i believe what there is a posibility from a problem if i upgrade now by hand04:18
DiiPhantomanyone knows the ndiswrapper driver list website?04:18
prontoAdrian2MiL8: i have no idea, i've always installed the drivers by hand, and i'm running 180.2204:18
Bllasaecommand not found04:18
Adrian2MiL8pronto > yes , sorry 180.22 i was say not 181 , 181 is on windows04:19
miranda_psiBllasae: did you put a space between the 'ls' and the '-al'?04:19
dal_Vantrax, sorry, link died for a second there. Did you know of a way of transferring free space into that virtual partition from its host real ntfs partition or would it just be easier to try something like lvpm to give the ubuntu install a real partition of its own (assuming lvpm works with 8.10, all references to it that I can find only mention 8.04 as the latest tested version)04:20
Bllasaemiranda_psi: Alright, got it04:20
BllasaeWhat do I do now?04:20
leohartxanyone here play battleforwesnoth ?04:20
miranda_psiBllasae: did you run it in you firefox profile directory?04:21
OverandIs there amore efficient way to use an X app remotely, across a lan, than SSH forwarding?04:21
prontoAdrian2MiL8: my guess would be to uninstall envyng, that should work, though i'm not 100% sure what envyng does, since i have never used it04:21
BllasaeNo clue04:21
OverandMy workstation - the "X server" - is a very, very thin machine, and the server with the apps I want is much more robust04:21
BllasaeI'm uninstalling FF and then reinstalling it04:21
portzWell, guess I should have read the help file first. I'm off.04:22
miranda_psiBllasae: did you just put that command in straight after opening the terminal?04:22
neil_dhi I have a chroot directory setup (with rsync in it)...  if I "chroot <dir>" then execute "/usr/bin/rsync --daemon" everything goes as planed :)    but if I execute the command....   chroot <dir> "/usr/bin/rsync --daemon"   I get the error chroot: cannot run command ... no such file or directory :(  what am I doing wrong here ?04:22
Bllasaemiranda_psi: from the desktop, yes04:22
rdw200169neil_d: well, is rsync in the chroot?04:22
runner23ping Vantrax you fall asleep 8-)04:23
miranda_psiBllasae: to get to the directory use the 'cd' command (e.g. cd .mozzila/firefox/) you can use tab to auto-complete04:23
neil_drdw200169: yes, and tested.04:23
bullgard4On my Ubuntu 8.04.1 computer System > Administration > Software Sources > Ubuntu Software > Downloadable from the Internet > Source code is not checked. What would I gain if I checked this button?04:24
rdw200169bullgard4: the ability to download the source code04:24
dal_the ability to download the source version of software packages already available in synaptic04:24
rdw200169bullgard4: 99% of ubuntu users don't need that04:24
runner23@bullgard4 nothing unless you want to complie apps on your own04:24
Barridushi all, can i modify the pc speaker system beep to play an actual sound file?  i don't want to disable it but it's driving me nuts.04:24
miranda_psiBllasae: when you are in the firefox directory run 'ls -al lock .parentlock'04:24
rdw200169Barridus: I believe ALSA can redirect the beep04:25
BllasaeWhy can't this be like windows04:25
BllasaeWithout the commands and crap04:25
rdw200169Bllasae: go use Mac OS then, it's mostly open source, and doesn't require a terminal04:26
klothoor like mac with everything hidden?04:26
BllasaeI hate Macs04:26
FlannelBllasae: Because Linux isn't Windows.  You can navigate directories and modify files graphically though.04:26
tritiumBllasae: I'd hate to lose all that flexibility and power04:26
BllasaeIf anything, I'd stick with Windows04:26
rdw200169Bllasae: then go do that!04:26
Barridusrdw200169, how is that accomplished?  i don't see anything obvious in the sounds control panel, and google searches have been lacking04:26
Bllasaetritium: So far, I haven't experienced anything good, really, with Ubuntu04:26
bullgard4rdw200169: I do not believe you. I can download now source code using the 'sudo apt-get source <name_of_DEB_package>' command.04:27
klothoI thought ubuntu was supposed to be getting more maclike in terms of not requiring command line or config file editing04:27
fdsfsother way around04:27
rdw200169bullgard4: then the source lines are in your sources.list file04:27
tritiumBllasae: I have.  Far more, in fact, than I ever could on Windows.04:27
miranda_psiBllasae: you could also go through nautilus as well - just make it harder for you to find the files im looking for04:27
rdw200169bullgard4: why are you so worried about it anyway?04:27
* runner23 slaps Bllasae around a bit with a large trout04:27
neil_drdw200169: found the problem...   not meant to use the quotes04:28
rdw200169Barridus: it's a rather obscure feature, if i'm not mistaken, that or it's in pulseaudio, i can't remember04:28
BarridusOS arguments make children sad to be alive04:28
klothofdsfs: mac is getting more linux-like and will require command line and config file editing?04:28
bullgard4rdw200169: I like to understand better the programs which I am using.04:28
BllasaeI just caused a temporal rift in my toolbar when I completely removed Firefox04:28
rdw200169bullgard4: well, the source code system is rather simple, in terms of how you get it, in your sources.list file (/etc/apt) there are both deb lines and deb-src lines04:29
rdw200169bullgard4: if there are uncommented lines for deb-src, then you can download the source code from the applicably uncommented repositories04:29
rdw200169bullgard4: apt update downloades the packages.gz files for ea. repo, and thus it knows where to download stuff from, which is directly related to sources.list04:30
Bllasaemiranda_psi: Parentlock doesn't exist04:30
rdw200169bullgard4: if you comment the lines for deb-src and perform a apt-get update, you won't be able to download source code anymore04:31
tritiumBllasae: use Dan's Guardian04:31
nazdregI'm a first time user, and have a problem with installing Ubuntu Server 8.10 - is this the right forum ?04:31
klothowhat's an evolution data server, and do I need it?04:31
miranda_psiBllasae: is this from looking in nautilus? if so make sure you have show hidden files selected04:31
bullgard4rdw200169: I think that not only the file /etc/apt/sources.list is relevant but files in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ directory reflect in the System > Administration > Software Sources > Ubuntu Software also.04:32
Bllasaewtf is nautilus04:32
rdw200169bullgard4: of course, i was describing the simplest way possible04:32
Omoikane_I have two beefs with Ubuntu! My mute button stopped working and no one seems to know why and for some reason my firefox bookmarks keeps messing up how firefox is displayed. I have to go through and remove each bookmark until it works again.04:32
rdw200169bullgard4: of course sources.list.d is included04:32
miranda_psiBllasae: the file system browser (similar to windows explorer)04:32
tritiumBllasae: it's like the windows file manager04:32
klothoalso, I see that I have HP printing services running, which I don't need. how do I turn that off?04:32
Barridusrdw200169, so if i switch from alsa to pulse audio, will it add an option box to the sound panel for the system beep?04:32
rdw200169Barridus: not likely, pulse audio runs on top of alsa04:33
BllasaeMaybe this would be easier if you compared things to windows equivalents04:33
FlannelBllasae: Nautilus === Windows Explorer04:33
rdw200169Barridus: alsa is still in charge, pulse audio just provides mixing so 2 applications can output sound at the same time, among other things04:33
miranda_psiBllasae: i'll keep that in mind....04:33
wolteri have a bluetooth dongle conected to my computer, but i the bluetooth device setup doesn't detect it, what can i do?04:33
tritiumBllasae: not all of us use Windows, so wouldn't know what to compare things to.04:33
nathan42100hey all. Can anyone tell me how to install the windows 7 Beta without disturbing Grub (and having it show up) or how to easily restore grub after the install?04:33
Flannel!grub | nathan42100, first link04:33
Barridusrdw200169, ok i'm with you so far04:33
ubottunathan42100, first link: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:33
Bllasaetritium: What did you use before Ubuntu?04:34
tritiumBllasae: further, linux has many things for which there is no Windows equivalent04:34
wolternathan42100, i'm afraid that is impossible. there is though, a grub installer for windows, called wingrub04:34
tritiumBllasae: Debian04:34
Flannelnathan42100: It's entirely likely that you can't do the former.  Windows tends to assume its the only OS in the world04:34
BllasaeSo this is easy for you04:34
BllasaeAnd Windows is easy for me04:34
rdw200169Barridus: this is about as far as I can go with you, before it gets *really* complicated, i would recommend reading up on ALSA and pulseaudio04:34
IndyGunFreakwolter: thats pretty unecessary, reinstalling grub is about a 4-6sec job.04:34
bullgard4rdw200169: What do you mean by 'repo'? reproduction, repository, or what?04:34
wolterIndyGunFreak, ah.04:34
BllasaeI FIXED IT04:34
rdw200169bullgard4: repository04:35
FloodBot2Bllasae: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:35
darkdelusionsBllasae:  with time linux will be easy for you to04:35
miranda_psiBllasae: good job :)04:35
nathan42100anyone had luck with the supergrub restore?04:35
rdw200169bullgard4: if you want to learn more, do some research about debian package management04:35
Bllasaemiranda_Psi:thanks. darkdelusions:maybe04:35
nathan42100I don't really want to wait for 8.10 to download04:35
PMT_mooI have a 64b Intrepid up-to-date laptop with a Radeon Xpress 200M - if the radeon drive ris used, the laptop fails to shut down with a BUG ON in mm/pat.c, but this is not the case if the fglrx driver is used.04:35
BllasaeOkay, so before I screw something up again, where do I put my bookmarks.html file?04:35
runner23@ Bllasae anywhere04:36
runner23your going to import it from the Bookmarks menu04:36
PMT_mooI'm filing a bug about it - is there anthing special I should report beyond the lspci output?04:36
tritiumWhen I have to use Windows at work, I feel totally handicapped.04:36
bullgard4rdw200169: I did, and I did it several times. One problem is that the documentation is not consistent and not free of errors and not written didactically.04:36
nathan42100Flannel: have you tried the supergrub restore?04:36
runner23@ Bllasae just remember where you put it04:37
nathan42100does it work well?04:37
rdw200169bullgard4: what are you finding so complicated? it's a rather simple system04:37
Flannelnathan42100: I haven't; but it should work more or less the same.04:37
lanoxxhow to pronounce this: I18N?04:37
Barridusrdw200169, ok fair enough.  i was hoping it'd be a simple conf file edit.  you definitely set me off in the right direction with the pulseaudio tip.  thanks04:37
lanoxxhaha, all right04:38
lanoxxfunny abbreviation04:38
miranda_psiMethodOne: the correct spelling is: internationalisation :P04:38
Kyoaku_Tatsu1ok hi im having a few problems with ubuntu.. i cant open any stuff i downlosed04:38
tboydstonKyoaku: What are you downloading?04:39
miranda_psiKyoaku_Tatsu1: can you be more specific please?04:39
tritiummiranda_psi: he's not incorrect04:39
miranda_psitritium: he is to anyone who isn't american04:39
tritiummiranda_psi: no need to correct him to suit your preferences when he uses valid spelling04:40
Flannelmiranda_psi: Especially not here.04:40
bullgard4rdw200169: Let me proceed step by step. I would like now to know what would change if I asserted the  System > Administration > Software Sources > Ubuntu Software > Downloadable from the Internet > Source code button. Your answer " the ability to download the source code" above certainly is not correct. I told you that I am able to download source code even now when this button is unchecked.04:40
tritiumEnglish is an evolved language, containing aspects of ancient Greek, Latin, German, colonial English.  So what if he's using a newer version than you?04:40
NetLarIrvineIs it alright to place the $PATH system wide, instead of locallly?04:41
rdw200169bullgard4: disregard synaptic for a second, and check all the sources.list files04:41
rdw200169bullgard4: comment all the deb-src lines, and no more source code. period.04:41
zenwrylywhen running aptitude and it says it's removing packages, they often have a "{a}" or a "{u}" after it.  The docs are horrible.  Can anyone tell me what those mean or where in the docs I can make sense of this?04:41
tboydstonI'm using Irssi and I'm having issues with it not keeping much on the screen. The scrollbar is static so I lose a line of text after 30 or so more follow it. Is this terminal or the client?04:42
Flanneltboydston: irssi has its own "window" that keeps track of the buffer.  The scrollbar in the terminal itself won04:42
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:43
Flanneltboydston: won't do anything.  You may be able to scroll up and down with page-up/down, if not, you can use alt-p and alt-n for previous/next pages for scrolling04:43
quinntboydston: Page up04:43
tboydstonflannel/quinn: Thanks guys, page up works fine!04:43
pyro2927eseven73: no foul language anywhere?04:44
RegressLessI am locked out of Synaptic in Ubuntu 8.10 because I set a password for it and don't know what it is now. Please help!04:44
jessidhow can I scroll through a terminal???????????????04:44
Kyoaku_Tatsu1well when i am downloading something like zune or something and then it finishes i click on it and it says it is unable to open it04:44
tboydstonjessid: I was just told to use page up and page down and that works fine for me04:45
bullgard4rdw200169: What do you mean by "and no more source code"? This is an ambiguous statement. What do you mean precisely with it? That I will no longer be able to download source code packages through the apt-get source mechanism? Or that there will exist no longer any source code in the world? Or what?04:45
RegressLessI am locked out of Synaptic in Ubuntu 8.10 because I set a password for it and don't know what it is now. Please help!04:45
zirodayjessid: you can try shift+pgup04:45
tritiumbullgard4: don't provoke, please04:45
FlannelRegressLess: Its your user password.04:45
zirodayRegressLess: its the same as your login password04:46
RegressLessdon't work04:46
RegressLessFlannel: don't work04:46
jessidziroday you are the best, man. Thanks a lot!!!04:46
tritiumFlannel: don't listen to him.  Keep your job!04:46
FlannelRegressLess: Did you just change it this session?04:46
rdw200169bullgard4: ok, let's play 'english major':  If you delete the deb-src options from the sources.list files, you will no longer be able to download source code.  This is after you perform and update, via apt-get update04:46
Baz_I am installing ubuntu with RAID - I have the choice of raid0, raid1 and raid5 - is it possible to make raid0+1?04:46
rdw200169bullgard4: perform *an* update04:46
bullgard4tritium: I do not provoke. A factual question is no provocation.04:46
RegressLessFlannel: no, a few sessions ago, :( I goofed it up when I set it I guess04:46
WetWired_ALUGCan someone who is really good with nautilus MSG me please?04:47
computer13137I have Ubuntu installed on my new server.  When I boot the system it says there's no operating system.  It has 2 SATA drives, and had Windows XP on it first, however that has since been deleted.  I can't boot to the new live CD because the graphics driver is incompatible and it doesn't want to load up.  I can't boot to the older live CDs or the kernel panics for some reason.  How can I fix GRUB?04:47
tritiumbullgard4: questions are not factual by their very nature.04:47
Flannelrdw200169: The attitude isn't really necessary.04:47
palluhello all of you04:47
zirodayWetWired_ALUG: ask here and we can all help out :)04:47
FlannelRegressLess: If you set it a few sessions ago but don't know it, how did you log in to this session?04:47
uber_nooberhowdy folks. how do I install m$ office under qemu?..have win xp already installed04:47
RegressLessall 1300 of us04:47
tboydstonregressless: If you go into the GRUB and do recovery-mode you can change the password with 'passwd master' says a post on the forums04:47
WetWired_ALUGOk, nautilus recognises .jpg but not .JPG, how can I change it so it'll do both?04:48
zirodayWetWired_ALUG: nautilus doesn't find the program type from the filename, it works it out by actually looking at the file04:48
roger_uber_noober, openoffice is the equivalent of ms office04:48
Flanneltboydston, RegressLess: he mentions the method outlined here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword  but I'm still not sure how you managed to log in.04:48
bullgard4rdw200169: Ah, ok, understood. Thank you for explaining.04:48
miranda_psiWetWired_ALUG: try checking the program the extensions are registered with and make them the same (only guessing)04:48
djambsdhi, where is rc.conf in ubuntu to change startup04:49
mankashanybody knows about hostap and hostapd modules04:49
RegressLessFlannel: because it's not the same as my user password. In 8.10, it shows Synaptic User as a separate user which you can set a separate password.04:49
uber_nooberroger I know, but I'm trying to install it on someone else's system who insists on having it04:49
Kyoaku_Tatsu1i really just need to know why my computer is saying there is an error when i try to open something i downloaded like Zune04:49
uber_nooberso far managed to get xp running in virtual mode, but no idea how to get ms office installed04:50
WetWired_ALUGIt usually only happens when I'm uploading files to something like myspace. It won't display any of the files with the uppercase JPG, but once I rename them to lowercase it will. Then I can upload them. Problem is, my camera takes the picutres in uppercase, and it's a real pain always having to rename all of the files.04:50
miranda_psiKyoaku: is Zune a windows program?04:50
tritiumdjambsd: ubuntu/debian use update-rc.d. instead.  If you want, sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf, and use the tool you asked about.04:50
nazdregHas anyone encountered an error when installing the base-system in 8.10 server ?04:50
nazdregI'm also setting up a SW raid104:50
=== stephen is now known as Guest79097
Kyoaku_Tatsu1Miranda: yes it is04:51
djambsdto remove gnome default from system i use apt-get remove gnome?04:51
RegressLesstritium and Flannel, thanks04:51
miranda_psiKyoaku: then that is why - Linux doesn't know how to run such programs.  You can try installing wine and see if that gets you going04:51
marabout_can I run "fsck" at anytime to check on a possible problem or will this cause issues in Ubuntu?04:51
Dracehello. Might anyone redirect me to a channel for help on Windows?04:51
Kyoaku_Tatsu1Miranada: what is wine?04:52
MethodOneDrace:  #window04:52
MethodOneDrace #windows04:52
miranda_psi!wine | Kyoaku_Tatsu104:52
ubottuKyoaku_Tatsu1: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help04:52
WetWired_ALUGSo is there a file somewhere that lists all of the file extentions nautilus recognises? I could just add the uppercase JPG and it should work04:53
Draceehh window is empty...04:53
Kyoaku_Tatsu1Miranda: thanks ill try it out and see if it works!04:53
Gneamarabout_: only when the partition is not mounted04:53
Decepticonhow can i get a window in screen that is split halfway horizontally INSTEAD of a screen session split horizontally in which i must load individual windows and the split permeates through the whole session? from what i can tell, it only does splits a whole session horizontally in which you must load windows to each splitted area... not the other way around, where i want to load a session, have only 1 window split halfway04:53
miranda_psiKyoaku: good luck04:53
Drace#window is empty. Is it on the same server...?04:53
ryan8403quick question, some themes allow the windows to be double stacked, how can i make this happen on all my themes?04:54
tritiumWetWired_ALUG: file extensions are irrelevant.  Who's to say you can't rename a .doc as a .jpg?  That doesn't make it a JPEG image.04:54
Jack_SparrowDrace, /join #Windows04:54
uber_nooberQemu help anyone?04:54
tritium!windows | Drace04:54
ubottuDrace: For discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents04:54
WetWired_ALUGI know that. That's not what I'm asking. Here, I'll take a screeshot04:54
leohartxis tcp/ip protocol available in ubuntu 8.1004:55
miranda_psiWetWired_ALUG: right click on a file with the JPG extension and go to the 'open with' tab and set it to be the same as the the normal jpg extension one04:55
marabout_Gnea:  it will cause issues when the partition is not mounted or I can/should only run "fsck" when the partition is not mounted...04:55
leohartxis tcp/ip protocol available in ubuntu 8.10 ?04:55
tritiumleohartx: of course04:55
leohartxtritium: ty04:55
razaccourdoes amsn support voice chat for ubuntu?04:55
WetWired_ALUGmiranda_psi: I don't see that option04:56
Guest79097I need help. my laptop keeps locking up and the damn caps lock key keeps flashing when it does.  Iknoe that some aspects of this have been addresed already.  However, everything was fine untill I ran a software update about two days ago.  I would appreciate any suggestions.  And yes I am new to Linux04:56
miranda_psiWetWired_ALUG: what option don't yo see? the open with tab?04:56
WetWired_ALUGmiranda_psi: I see that, I don't see where to set it as the same04:56
miranda_psiWetWired_ALUG: you will have to look up the jpg one and then use that same option in the JPG one04:57
tboydstonwetWired: Here's a forum post with a solution: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15165004:57
ryan8403 some themes allow the windows to be double stacked, how can i make this happen on all my themes?04:57
thewizordcan someone help me troubleshoot why on my one box i get this error [702415.385135] usb 3-2: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 404:57
thewizordif i hook the removable drive up to my laptop and run video for extended periods of time i cannot replicate the error04:57
thewizordits specific to the one machine thats getting it04:58
jtajiGuest79097: what aspects have been addressed?04:58
WetWired_ALUGThat doesn't sound like my problem. here, check this out http://www.amarillolinux.com/Screenshot1.png04:59
stevenlamphearHey everyone!  Would any of you be willing to help me with getting my wireless card in my MacBook Pro to work?04:59
WetWired_ALUGI need the uppercase jpg to show up there04:59
Baz_is it possible to RAID10 with dmraid?04:59
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detox420hey whats the ubuntu help channel05:00
miranda_psiWetWired: what program are you using for that?05:00
WetWired_ALUGIt's myspace. I click upload, and it brings up the nautlius window05:00
Guest79097about the os totally freezing and the caps lock and scroll lock blinking. but the strange thing is, non of this happened untill I updated software.  I was told that it was a wireless networking problem, but that does not make any sense to me05:00
detox420what is the ubuntu help channle named05:00
jtajiGuest79097: do you have an intel wireless card?05:00
tritiumdetox420: this is it (#ubuntu)05:01
tboydstondetox420: This is the ubuntu help channel. It's just #ubuntu05:01
Jack_Sparrowdetox420, This is the ubuntu support channel05:01
jtajiGuest79097: have you installed the linux-backports-modules-intrepid package?05:01
Guest79097possibly? I am very new to Linux05:02
marabout_Gnea:  I wasn't clear on your response regarding the use of "fsck"...05:02
jtajiGuest79097: I also had this problem with intel wireless, install that package (sudo aptitude install linux-backports-modules-intrepid) and then reboot05:02
thewizordcan someone help me trouble shoot the following error? the drive in question ONLY recieves it on one computer? [702415.385135] usb 3-2: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 405:03
miranda_psiWetWired: it will be Myspace providing that filter, not nautilus05:03
detox420ok ok guys i want to be able to create a network between a windows xp and ubuntu interpid systems, i also want to share the internet with this computer using a cat 5 crossover cable because im using my samsung blackjack as a modem05:03
Guest79097right now theminutes system has been working  system for about twenty minutes which is rare for the last few days05:03
WetWired_ALUGApparently, it's a nautilus bug :\05:03
detox420ok guys i want to be able to create a network between a windows xp and ubuntu interpid systems, i also want to share the internet with this computer using a cat 5 crossover cable because im using my samsung blackjack as a modem05:04
Bllasaethanks for all your help everyone05:05
Bllasaec ya05:05
miranda_psiWetWired: its not really a bug - linux is case sensitive so to it jpg is not the same as JPG...05:05
detox420ok guys i want to be able to create a network between a windows xp and ubuntu interpid systems, i also want to share the internet with this computer using a cat 5 crossover cable because im using my samsung blackjack as a modem05:05
sleepy_catHow to get .rar files to work in Ubuntu05:05
Barridusi'm no expert here but i also experienced the capslock blinking freeze on my laptop (an old dell) was fixed by what jtaji said05:05
sleepy_catI have Wine but how to unrar in ubuntu05:05
WetWired_ALUGmiranda_psi so is there a way to add the uppercase jpg to that list?05:05
detox420i belive there a program called rar05:05
detox420for ubuntu in the add remove app05:06
miranda_psiWetWired: is there an option where you can select show all files? you could get around it that way05:06
WetWired_ALUGno, it doesn't show it.05:06
WetWired_ALUGtried that lol05:06
Baz_Flannel: you around?05:06
ronhalfdanranybody know about samba and drive sharing with VMware?05:06
detox420why just put the the files u want in the vmware into iso files05:07
detox420and load them into the cd drive in the vm05:07
balrog__does anybody know how to change the default keyring password and the user password at the same time?  can i do it via a script with zenity or something?05:07
miranda_psiWetWired: you cant add JPG to the list as it is provided my myspace - you can try and ask them to add it or you could delve into the nautilus source code and make its filtering case insensitive :)05:07
sleepy_cathi does rar file work in Ubuntu05:07
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free05:08
detox420there a program called rar05:08
sleepy_catI got a rar file i want to unrar it.. how can i do it05:08
WetWired_ALUGmiranda_psi, Or I could just keep renaming the files :\ lol05:08
Draceif you get winzip..05:08
DraceBut first, wine.05:08
ambafatimahi guys, i got this problem, i have an old dell inspiron laptop, after i increase and decrease display brightnes with Fn key the keyboard stops responding, ie i cant type or do anything at all, what can i do to prevent this?05:08
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sleepy_cat! unrar ????05:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unrar ????05:08
miranda_psisleepy_cat: it will, but you will have to install the program to do it - search for rar in synaptic05:08
detox420ok guys i want to be able to create a network between a windows xp and ubuntu interpid systems, i also want to share the internet with this computer using a cat 5 crossover cable because im using my samsung blackjack as a modem05:08
sleepy_catohh ok05:08
ronhalfdanrdetox420: was that les than stellar suggestion about iso and CD drive to me?05:08
Logiko1i switched over to ubuntu from windows a few months ago, does anyone know why my avi files are playing in slow motion and with no sound? ... is it a codec issue? and if so is there a linux alternative to avicodec?05:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unrar-free05:08
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free05:08
ronhalfdanrnot exactly a workable solution for a dynamic dataset that's almosta  terabyte detox42005:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about archiver05:09
detox420ohh sorry bro05:09
miranda_psiWetWired: just write a script or see if the program you use to import the photos from the camera will allow renaming of the files as you copy them to the disk05:09
sleepy_catok i installed the rar 1 in Synaptic05:09
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot05:09
detox420ok guys i want to be able to create a network between a windows xp and ubuntu interpid systems, i also want to share the internet with this computer using a cat 5 crossover cable because im using my samsung blackjack as a modem05:09
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209805:10
detox420so i can use samba05:10
detox420to exactly both those things i said?05:11
tritiumdetox420: no, samba is not used for internet connection sharing05:11
ronhalfdanrroger, do you know samba?05:11
detox420but i can use samba to creat a network?05:11
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php05:11
roger_oh he's wanting connection sharing05:11
tritiumdetox420: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing05:12
ronhalfdanrI want to change the shared folder to a shared drive in samba05:12
detox420how do i create a network with a windows computer also05:12
detox420and is all this compatible with my cat5 crossover05:12
sleepy_catI unrared the contents now there is .DAT .BAT and .REG file which i want to run for my game to run05:13
cinco29is there a google earth for ubuntu???05:13
sleepy_cathow should i proceed05:13
tritiumcinco29: yes05:13
Jack_Sparrowdetox420, the crossover isnt the issue it is the bridge on the host05:13
sleepy_catmiranda_psi: I unrared the contents now there is .DAT .BAT and .REG file which i want to run for my game to run05:13
roger_cinco29, yes and it works great05:13
tritium!googleearth | cinco2905:13
ubottucinco29: Google Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository05:13
AnnonyMousehi guys.05:13
detox420how can i sharefiles on a network between a windows pc and a ubuntu pc with a crossover05:13
AnnonyMousehappy new year & all that05:13
cinco29whats the name...05:13
cinco29i wanna look at some places..:)05:14
Jack_Sparrowsleepy_cat, *.bat is not a  linux based game05:14
tritiumdetox420: please stop repeating.  We've told you:  Samba05:14
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:14
AnnonyMousenayone have experience installing onto a SATA RAID system?05:14
sleepy_cathwo can i get it to work in Linux05:14
AnnonyMouseinstalling from mini ISO w network cahe/repository05:14
Jack_Sparrowsleepy_cat, What exact game?05:14
balrog__does anybody know how to change the default keyring password and the user password at the same time?  can i do it via a script with zenity or something?05:15
Jack_Sparrowsleepy_cat, If it is a windows game you will need wine or one of the vnm options05:15
sleepy_cati have Wine05:15
sleepy_catIts a crack game05:15
sleepy_catit does not run from setup05:16
Jack_Sparrowsleepy_cat, /join #winehq on how to setup wine and install your game05:16
sleepy_catu have to add to reg a file and then it will work05:16
sleepy_catthanks Jack_Sparrow05:16
ronhalfdanranybody know samba config?05:16
cinco29... thanks for the link.. for google earth05:16
cinco29now how do i install it?05:16
roger_open terminal, chmod +x googleearth.bin      ./googleearth.bin05:17
linux_trojanhow do I download video from my camcorder using Ubuntu?05:17
cinco29thank u sir rog05:17
greatcaffeineDoes anyone know if it will be possible to upgrade an existing ext3 filesystem to ext4?05:17
kosharilinux_trojan if its a DV camcorder use kino05:18
balrog__greatcaffeine: it should be05:18
tritiumcinco29: use the ubuntu package, not the .bin05:18
kosharigreatcaffeine i doubt it, i beleive you need the 2.6.28 kernel for ext405:18
roger_huh, my ubuntu install was a bin05:18
linux_trojanin Kino I get an error something about /dev/1396 or something05:18
tritiumroger_: it's in the medibuntu repository05:18
cinco29thats what i got05:18
roger_i must have old install05:18
hydehow can I use command line to verify one dhcp fixed-address configuration entry is really in effect?05:19
cinco29how do i get  the package?05:19
tritiumcinco29: don't use the .bin.  It's always preferable to have your software under package management.  Get it from the medibuntu repository.05:19
kosharilinux_trojan you may need to change permissions of the 1396 device, theres a lot of how tos around,05:19
balrog__greatcaffeine: you do need the -28 kernel, but i beleive ext4 is just an extension to ext3...05:19
tritium!medibuntu | cinco2905:19
ubottucinco29: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:19
cinco29ohhhhh sorry i missed that part of the msg05:19
greatcaffeineAlright, thanks. :)05:19
linux_trojanI didnt have a /dev/raw1936, so I created it and I chmod 777 on it but nothing works05:19
kosharilinux_trojan technically giving your firewire device write access is a security risk05:20
ronhalfdanrif I change the samba config from path = /home/ron/rondata to path = /dev/sdc1 will it change my samba share to that entire drive?05:20
kosharilinux_trojan if you didnt have a device i wouls suspect the system is not seing your device05:20
roger_can i add this medibuntu to my repository list05:20
roger_in synaptic05:20
koshari roger_: yes05:20
linux_trojansounds like I am screwed05:20
Gnearonhalfdanr: bad idea, since /dev/sdc1 is a device, not a mountpoint05:20
koshariroger_ allthugh its easier and faster in CLI05:21
ronhalfdanrGneaOK< how do I change the share to that entire drive?05:21
roger_koshari, what05:21
Gnearonhalfdanr: see what it's mounted to:  df -Th05:21
linux_trojanmaybe I should just switch to Mandriva?05:21
Gneait's a command... open a terminal and type it05:21
ronhalfdanrcommand not found05:22
koshariroger_ adding the repo in command prompt05:22
Gneayou didn't type it right05:22
marabout_Is there a 'crash log' in Ubuntu and if so how can I access it to view info on crashes05:22
Gneadf -Th05:22
Gnearonhalfdanr: it has to be exact05:22
roger_yeah there's a guide here showing how05:22
linux_trojanI have searched all the Ubuntu Forums and all of them are just floundering in the dark05:22
ronhalfdanrGnea so in samba config change it to that?05:23
Gnearonhalfdanr: right.05:23
ronhalfdanrok and the entire drive will be shared?05:23
ronhalfdanrpermissions aside I should be able to see the entire drive I hope05:24
Gneatry it and see what happens05:24
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cinco29hey google earth has an error. something about dependencies...?05:27
eseven73cinco29: did you install it from medibuntu?05:27
Logiko1help please, when i play some avi files i dont here any audio, but i can hear audio when playing mp3's or general system sounds...05:27
The-KernelHi, on the gnome panel bar, when I click Applications, nothing appears05:27
cinco29thats where im at right now05:28
AnaisCareMaizwhat does gksudo rm -rfv /*   do?05:28
The-Kernelis there a way to completely reset the panels or something?05:28
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!05:28
tritiumAnaisCareMaiz: who told you to do that?05:28
nickrudAnaisCareMaiz, it breaks your system completely05:28
cinco29i have to save it and open it with  package installer05:28
AnaisCareMaizthank you guys, I thought it looked weird05:28
hmlare there any games on ubuntu that have rich, beautiful 3d art work?05:28
AnaisCareMaiztritium, some guy on nicotine05:28
EADGGrrr... sorry for the caps.05:29
eseven73Wooo caps is cruise control for cool05:29
nickrudEADG, one of the few times it makes sense05:29
AnaisCareMaizI was asking how to set configure the "now playing thing there with the amarok2, and he said that... sounded weird to me so I asked here05:29
Baz_forgive my ignorance but is the /boot only used during boot, or is it also used later on?05:29
LunrUhm, can someone help me? I can't boot ubuntu up, it gets stuck at the loading screen, but the loading bar moves when I press a key but it dosen't load up oddly.05:30
eseven73"and he" AnaisCareMaiz ? whos 'he'?05:30
Nightvisiondo noacpi or select safemode05:30
Jack_Sparrowcinco29, I thought you were told to enable medibuntu and get it from there05:30
Jack_SparrowLunr, Is this a new install or one that previously worked05:31
AnaisCareMaizeseven73, some guy called orethrius on Nicotine-Plus room: nicotine05:31
LunrNew install05:31
cinco29how do i enable it?05:31
EADGAnaisCareMaiz: yer spiddy sense tinkled in to your benifit. Good thing you asked.05:31
LunrIt was working before, I just kept hitting the space key untill it loaded lol05:31
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tritiumcinco29: I had ubottu give you a link for medibuntu.05:32
Adrian2MiL8HI ALL05:32
cinco29i am at that link05:32
cinco29right now05:32
eseven73cinco29: its a simple matter of editing gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and adding like 2 lines to it then running apt-get update05:33
Adrian2MiL8anyone known how to modify envyng configuration for update from173 to 180.22 nvidia driver ???05:33
AnaisCareMaizand what does dcop do?05:33
eseven73editing a file*05:33
Deleriousdoes anyone know how where to find the upgrade path on the 8.04 install cd?05:33
cinco29i am not at all. familiar of commands with linux05:33
Baz_anyone use dmraid? if i am mirroring 4 drives should i make any "spare" devices or hould they all be "active"?05:35
eseven73cinco29: alt+F2 then type in the word terminal then type inside the terminal gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list  and add the lines that wwebsite said to add.05:35
marabout_Jack_Sparrow, EADG , eseven73 ; Just out of curiosity ( and since I am a newb) can you briefly mention what the command AnaisCareMaiz  wrote would have done. ( i understand -rm to be 'remove' but dont get the other part. You can PM me if it is safer...05:35
EADGAnaisCareMaiz: Exploring the command line are ya? Start with man "cmd" for a rundown on what it does. Wanna see a list of commands? type a letter then jit 'tab tab' to get a list of all the cmds starting with that letter. Lots 'o fun.05:35
roger_cinco29, here is a guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu05:35
reehancan anyone tell me how do i align sections in gcc?05:36
TheFunkbombquick question.  I want to set up my webcam and I want to chat with people who are using windows.  Any programs?05:36
=== jerr is now known as Jerr
MyrttiTheFunkbomb: skype, amsn05:36
Adrian2MiL8..anyone known how to modify envyng configuration for update from173 to 180.22 nvidia driver ???05:36
Jack_SparrowTheFunkbomb, skype05:36
cinco29thank u roger.  and i also apologize for my noobness everyone05:36
JerrHello everyone, I am having troubles installing latest Nvidia drivers, I dont know where to begin05:36
eseven73dont apologize cinco29 :)05:36
eseven73you did nothing wrong05:36
Adrian2MiL8jerr > what problem ?05:36
roger_the google earth you are looking for after you get the repository added will be located in networking in the synaptic package manager05:37
JerrAdrian; I downloaded the driver, and I am stuck there. I typed the command in termail "sh ...." yet it did not work05:37
roger_make sure you add the keyring as well05:37
Adrian2MiL8jerr > what driver you downloaded ?? from nvidia website ??05:38
Adrian2MiL8what command you type ??05:39
tritiumJerr: don't use nvidia.com downloads.  Use ubuntu packages.05:39
Jerrsh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.22-pkg1.run05:39
Deleriousdoes anyone know how to upgrade from CD while keeping my settings and home folder intact?05:39
DraceWould I be able to burn something if i took out my Livecd?05:39
Jerrtritium : the prop drivers are not functioning properly.05:39
DraceI only have one drive :-$05:39
tritiumJerr: do as you wish, but we don't support nvidia .bin downloads here05:40
Adrian2MiL8make a sudo chmod +x NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.22-pkg1.run an try again05:40
DraceWould I be able to burn a cd if i took out my livecd?05:40
cinco29okay im done adding the repositories05:40
Adrian2MiL8<tritium> the nvidia packages are best05:40
HammerjakDelerious, if you put the CD in while the old version is booted doesn't it give you the option to upgrade?05:40
roger_doesn't he have to install them out of X05:40
Deleriousno Hammerjak05:41
tritiumAdrian2MiL8: we don't recommend or support them here, as I've said05:41
Hammerjakhm, i thought it asked about adding the repositories05:41
DraceIf i take out my livecd, would i be able to burn something?05:41
Deleriousit just automounts and gives me the option of opening in a folder05:41
Hammerjakonce the cd is in, i think synaptic gives you the option to add a repository on a cd05:41
Hammerjaki haven't tried it though05:41
marabout_Does anyone know if i can run the ubuntu install CD on a computer with a HD formatted in FAT32 whether Ubuntu will correct the format (i.e. initialize)  and then install itself?05:41
Adrian2MiL8<tritium> yeah ..you right ...bet are betters05:41
eseven73cinco29: in a terminal try 'sudo apt-get update && apt-get install googleearth'05:42
cinco29reading package list ...done05:42
Hammerjakmarabout_, yes the ubuntu install cd will create a partition and format it as it needs05:43
Q_ContinuumAnyone have any idea why I wouldn't be able to connect to a WEP, passphrased WLAN with 8.04?  I know the passphrase, and there isn't MAC filtering.05:43
cinco29then says error could not open l;ock file05:43
Hammerjakthough you'll have to specify the partition size05:43
cinco29then unable to lock admin dir05:43
eseven73cinco29: close package manger05:43
=== sol1d is now known as l1d
cinco29i dont have that opened05:43
cinco29justterminal and firefox05:44
Hammerjakyou need sudo in front of the apt-get install cinco2905:44
eseven73you did sudo before anything?05:44
Hammerjaksudo ___ && sudo ___05:44
cinco29yes it has sudo05:44
cinco29i did as u wrote.05:45
Adrian2MiL8anyone know how change the envyng configuration for change driver version ???05:45
marabout_Hammerjak: Thanks.  Do you know if there is a way to achieve that via a web (command line) install or just with the CD?05:45
eseven73try sudo apt-get install googleearth05:45
rogermuddAnybody know what the best supported onboard graphics chip is under Ubuntu? Looking to build an inexpensive MicroATX machine.05:45
Hammerjakmarabout_,  'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' should do it05:45
Hammerjakoh, no i don't know marabout_05:46
gilothdoes anyone here have any experience with framerate issues with fceultra? my laptop is more than capable to run it and other emulators such as zsnes don't have any problems at all05:46
Adrian2MiL8<rogermudd> i think what the onboards ati and nvidia chips work fine05:46
cinco29that did it seven05:46
eseven73cinco29: type ese and press TAB key05:46
Q_Continuumrogermudd: Depends on what you want to do.  AMD's 780g chipset's pretty nice on Windows, I haven't tried Linux on it yet - but supports VGA + (DVI,HDMI,DisplayPort) (pick one of the latter set at a time) at once.05:46
eseven73easier that way cinco29 :)05:47
Adrian2MiL8<rogermudd> there is a cheaps mobos for amd with ati and nvidia chips05:47
BellinXFeloncan someone help me configure my seagate freeagent pro I used gparted and formatted it to ext3 but it wont let me write anything to it, I have checked the permissions and they all allow read/write05:47
jtajirogermudd: the intel integrated chipsets work great, X3100, X3500... and have open source 3d drivers05:47
rogermuddAdrian2Mil8 Thanks. Intel out of the question? They seem to have the lion's share of the market.05:47
cinco29seven it just finished setting up google earth 4.305:47
eseven73type googleearth in a terminal05:48
tritiumrogermudd: don't go with Intel integrated graphics if high-performance 3D gaming is something you want to do05:48
Hammerjakor go Applications -> Internet05:48
Adrian2MiL8<rogermudd> i'm not  probe with intel onboard vga's  yet05:48
=== dmb_ is now known as _dmb
eseven73Hammerjak: GUI is a last resort :)05:48
Hammerjakah :)05:48
cinco29i got a window with google earth update suggestion05:48
Adrian2MiL8<eseven73> GUI is the future !!!!05:49
marabout_Hammerjak: well I have an old machine that has Windows (98?) on it and is a FAT formatted HD so just trying to figure that best course of action. CD drive not reading CD's so i gotta try something different...05:49
=== _dmb is now known as libdmb
eseven73nice... umm is it 4.2 cinco29 ?05:49
cinco29it says current one installed is 4.2 newer version is 4.305:49
Hammerjakmarabout_, if you can't read cd's i don't know how you can do it then05:49
rogermuddNot really looking to go heavy in to 3D. Maybe some basic Blender stuff. Perhaps a fanless dedicated card is the answer. I'm hoping for a relatively silent machine.05:49
Hammerjakthe system is too old to have a 'boot from usb' option05:49
Hammerjakand i doubt win98 supports the wubi windows installer05:50
eseven73cinco29: I'm not sure if upgrading will mess it up or not...up to you at this point.05:50
cinco29nah im cool with this05:50
cinco29i dont liek to upgrade unless there has been at least 2-3 latest version05:51
eseven73Me personally have a phobia of upgrading anything.05:51
marabout_Hammerjak:  yeah. I guess I research some zip drive install possibilities. Thanks05:51
eseven73cinco29: wise choice :)05:51
marabout_Hammerjak: *I'll05:51
cinco29u use that word but my word is paranoid lol05:51
cinco29but hey i thank thee for thy help...:o)05:51
cinco29and roger as well.05:52
eseven73tritium: helped you too :)05:52
cinco29now let me see if i can find myself on google earth05:52
cinco29tritium thank u05:52
=== Cueball_ is now known as Cueball
marabout_ALL:   Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don't Let the (Ubuntu) bugs bite... :)05:53
cinco29i love this os. its incredible.05:53
cinco29im actually planning on ordering an ubuntu cd or dvd would be better05:53
tritiumcinco29: no problem!05:54
cinco29We apologize for the inconvenience, but Google Earth has crashed.05:55
cinco29 This is a bug in the program, and should never happen under normal05:55
cinco29 circumstances. A bug report and debugging data are now being written05:55
cinco29 to this text file:05:55
FloodBot2cinco29: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:55
cinco29look what i got05:55
eseven73oh noes05:55
Baz_what is the RAID software during ubuntu alternate install?05:55
eseven73what sort of graphics card do you have cinco29 ?05:55
cinco29onboard lol05:55
cinco29intel i think05:55
jtajicinco29: you should turn off compiz if it's enabled05:56
cinco29but ive used google earth on windows05:56
cinco29ohhh snaps yes it is05:56
eseven73lol that would do it05:56
cinco29okay i set my appearance to none05:57
Adrian2MiL8<cinco29> what vga crad you have ???05:57
cinco29thnk u taji05:57
eseven73cinco29: if you have firefox running kill that too, firefox likes to hog about 10-20% cpu (even more sometimes) and a lot of ram05:57
Adrian2MiL8<cinco29> what vga card you have ???05:57
cinco29my vga card is onboard05:58
Adrian2MiL8<cinco29> ok....but ...what ?????05:58
cinco29intel i think05:58
kinja-sheepI'm curious about compiz?05:58
IkanCan someone tell me if there's a Flash Player x64?05:58
FisherPriceHey, I can't get the intrepid livecd to work on my machine it just keeps comming up with initramfs... i think it's something to do with the on-board video and i don't have another video card05:59
Adrian2MiL8<cinco29> open a console and type  lspci | grep VGA05:59
MyrttiIkan: there is an alpha stage player05:59
FisherPriceeither that, can someone help me to re-install my grub.. it keeps coming up with a grub read error05:59
IkanWhere would I be able to get said alpha stage player?05:59
cinco29Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 03)05:59
eseven73i got that same chip in my lappy05:59
Adrian2MiL8cinco29 > yes a old intel vga card06:00
cinco29im trying to upgrade06:00
cinco29but on this pc i only have pci thats it06:00
FisherPriceand I've followed this http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/reinstall-ubuntu-grub-bootloader-after-windows-wipes-it-out/06:00
Adrian2MiL8cinco29 > upsss ...you have a problem !06:01
cinco29whats my prob06:02
cinco29the only pci slots prob?06:02
=== Cueball is now known as Cueball_
Adrian2MiL8<FisherPrice> download supergrub iso and burn a cd with him06:02
sh1i cannot see my userlist in pidgin06:03
Adrian2MiL8<cinco29> yes , you don't have agp or pcie for expansion card06:03
KCCarnageWhat client would you guys recommend?  I really liked06:03
cinco29well my brother gave me a nice agp card but my only pc doesnt have that slot06:03
fakhirhmm not sure why i can find the answer but how to i list all users and groups in terminal?06:03
eseven73cinco29: my nvidia 5200 pci runs google earth pretty darn slow (unless i have no filters enabled) and even then) so I'm guessing you have to have a AGP at least like Adrian2MiL8 said06:03
binarymutantI'm having problems starting X, I get an error saying "Error setting MTRR (base = 0xe8000000, size = 0x02000000, type = 1) Invalid argument (22)"06:03
Adrian2MiL8and the only fix is get a older nvidia gforce pci card06:03
fakhir"users" only lists logged in users?06:03
jtajifakhir: cat /etc/passwd; cat /etc/group06:04
FisherPriceAdrian2MiL8: what is supergrub06:04
FisherPricedw, i'll google it06:04
Adrian2MiL8<eseven73>you right06:04
binarymutantKCCarnage: mirc is like xchat06:04
cinco29ima search for one right now06:04
Adrian2MiL8<FisherPrice> a cdrom booteable version of grub for make fixes06:04
KCCarnagethx binary06:05
Adrian2MiL8<FisherPrice> go google search supergrub06:05
FisherPriceAdrian2MiL8: yeah, dl'd it already06:06
cinco29hey adrian im using google earth right now and it looks and runs better than when im in windows06:06
=== Dvyjones_ is now known as Dvyjones
Adrian2MiL8<cinco29> what run better than windows it's not amazing06:07
IkanWhoever just helped me out a second ago with x64 flash, thank you.06:07
linuxuz3rsup everyone06:08
IkanI use chatzilla for IRC so the script killed it, but thanks for all your help.06:08
cinco29im amazed but relieved really.06:08
cinco29now i dont need to use windows for anything except for making dance music mixes...06:08
Adrian2MiL8i'm use windows to run gta406:09
cinco29now if i knew what are the best  specs for a system  for ubuntu.. ill focus on building that06:09
eseven73!yay | cinco29 (you're almost there)06:09
ubottucinco29 (you're almost there): Glad you made it! :-)06:09
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
cinco29thats good u said that adrian.06:10
cinco29i was brought over to this side by a best friend of mine. which he is not here to give him credit06:10
Adrian2MiL8cinco29 > your welcome06:10
mtholdensshey what happened to the elephant wallpaper in the packages06:10
cinco29im dying to play gta4 on my pc06:10
cinco29what u think lol?06:10
binarymutantgawd I have no X :( :(06:11
mtholdensscinco29, i dunno thats why im asking06:11
zirodaymtholdenss: it was removed as its old. You can probably find another version somewhere online06:11
zirodaybinarymutant: errors?06:11
mtholdenssok thanks06:11
binarymutantI'm having problems starting X, I get an error saying "Error setting MTRR (base = 0xe8000000, size = 0x02000000, type = 1) Invalid argument (22)"06:11
cinco29i was stund by the size of gta4 on pc06:11
sh1how do i install libssl06:11
binarymutantsh1: apt-cache search libssl06:12
eseven73cinco29: i think you need a bit better graphics card than onboard intel for GTA4 no?06:12
zirodaysh1: the same way you install any other application06:12
zirodaybinarymutant: what graphics card do you have?06:12
cinco29lol. yes i do06:13
binarymutantati radeon mobile, I was using the ati driver but when I tried vesa I got the same error06:13
sh1im using pidgin and i cannot see my yahoo contacts in that06:13
lar50nif i install a x86 version on a x64 machine does the first web update correct things?06:13
zirodaysh1: okay, and you are sure you set up a yahoo account correctly06:13
Adrian2MiL8<eseven73>hahaha ...you right ...with the older onboard intel of cinco i believe waht the installer refuse to run06:13
miranda_psilar50n: no06:13
cinco29i believe that myself too06:13
zirodaybinarymutant: okay, can you pastebin the complete error please06:14
lar50nhave you used both versions miranda_psi?06:14
cinco29my system is running good still after 4 years.06:14
zirodaysh1: okay, does pidgin say it has connected to the account?06:14
binarymutantziroday: I can pastebin my Xorg.log but it doesn't contain that error06:14
zirodaybinarymutant: where is that error then?06:14
cinco29no money in my pocket sop i rest on birthdays and xmas.06:14
miranda_psilar50n: i have (not the current release in 32bit though, just previous versions) - what do you want to know?06:14
cinco29now i told my wife hey babe wat if this year we give each other gifts...06:15
sh1hey, can i install ymessenger using a deb file?06:15
binarymutantziroday: it displays the error when I do startx06:15
lar50njust wondering how the performance of x64 was iyo..06:15
cinco29she says i dont know. becus ur gifts come out to more than 1 or 200$06:15
sh1i mean using apt-get06:15
zirodaysh1: can you print screen what pidgin looks like and upload it to imageshack?06:15
Adrian2MiL8cinco29> i have a nv 8800 gt 512mb vram and 2gb main ram and can't get run in high detail06:15
zirodaybinarymutant: does sudo /etc/init.d/?dm start do the same thing?06:16
cinco29for me ill run gta 4 on low. everything.06:16
cinco29its funner that way06:16
miranda_psilar50n: if you are doing something like watching HD movies and such the difference is very noticeable06:16
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
cinco29unless i get a new xbox06:16
Adrian2MiL8cinco29 or ps306:17
cinco29nah i rather get a new rig. at least my rig wont rrod on me using ubuntu06:17
Corpisis there a recommended app for watching dvd's?06:17
zirodaycinco29: Adrian2MiL8: could you chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please, this is really for support questions :)06:17
cinco29ps3 in april posible 299 price06:17
zirodayCorpis: not really. The default is totem but there are many others. Just make sure you have the DVD codecs installed06:17
miranda_psiCorpis: Just use what you like - for me thats mplayer06:17
cinco29oh my apologies ziro06:17
zoli2kJOIN #python06:18
Corpisk, thx06:18
luig1Alright, I'm wondering if there are any utilities I should really know how to use (in emergencies) besides ls, cd, rm etc... a text editor (nano) and less.06:18
sh1how do i do that06:18
Omoikane_I have two beefs with Ubuntu! My mute button stopped working and no one seems to know why and for some reason my firefox bookmarks keeps messing up how firefox is displayed. I have to go through and remove each bookmark until it works again.06:19
zirodayluig1: erm emergencies are hard to prepare for :), probably how to install/remove apps with apt-get or aptitude06:19
cinco29hey adrian u wanna talk some more. bout anything ill be in ubuntu offtopic06:19
luig1I do that all the time ziroday, I meant like stuck-wothout-X emergencies.06:19
zirodaysh1: you can print screen with the Print Screen button on your keyboard, and then you can upload it to places like imageshack.us06:19
zirodayluig1: you know how to pastebin from the command line?06:19
zirodayluig1: as well as to start X the command is startx06:20
binarymutantziroday: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10471106:20
zirodaybinarymutant: lookin06:20
Adrian2MiL8Jerr > sorry i don't see you question ...what pack06:21
zirodaybinarymutant: there are no errors there, and sudo /etc/init.d/?dm doesn't work06:21
zirodayluig1: you might want to install pastebinit, its a command that pastebins a bit of text06:22
kinja-sheepWhat is differences in simple-ccsm + compizconfig-settings-manager ?06:22
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday>you known how to change envyng configuration for update from 173 to 180 driver ??06:22
zirodaykinja-sheep: simple-ccsm does not have all the options that ccsm does, however its simpler :)06:22
zirodayAdrian2MiL8: that is not advised, see !latest to understand why06:22
zirodayAdrian2MiL8: why do you need the latest nvidia drivers?06:23
kinja-sheepziroday: So I'd prefer the second choice then.  More power to the *nux, eh?06:23
zirodaykinja-sheep: sure06:23
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday> only i want try06:23
pyro2927is there a program that will show a photo frame like windows vista has in its sidebar?06:23
zirodayAdrian2MiL8: upgrading to new graphics drivers can _really_ mess up your system. Upgrading just to try is never a good idea06:23
Adrian2MiL8ziroday > maybe speed up the compiz effects06:23
klothoFlannel: hey! I successfully upgraded to 7.04 but when I try to upgrade to 7.10 I get the same "no valid mirror" error. Any hints?06:24
zirodaypyro2927: take a look at screenlets or gdesklets for GNOME06:24
zirodayAdrian2MiL8: it most probably won't. Its better to wait until the next version of ubuntu with it in06:24
pyro2927ziroday: thanks!06:25
kinja-sheepziroday: Cool.  I'm about to test out the stuffs -- Emerald is a theme -- Can it be used on compiz ?  Or is it same as.. metacity, emerald, compiz? (for compare).06:25
klothoor anyone else with a hint06:25
zirodaypyro2927: I personally recommend screenlets06:25
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday>when i logon into gnome there is for a few secons a horrous black squares until the destop finish to load with the gadgets awn and more06:25
zirodaykinja-sheep: emerald is a window manager that is run with compiz. However it is buggy, unstable and unmaintained. Its not advised to use it06:26
kinja-sheepziroday: Wait... Not advised to use Emerald, but CompizFusion is stable... correct?06:27
parvocan rhythmbox connect to a mpd server?06:27
zirodaykinja-sheep: correct06:27
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday>when i logon into gnome there is for a few seconds a horrous black squares until the desktop finish to load with the gadgets awn and more06:27
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday> i think what maybe is the 173 driver with my nv 8800gt06:28
zirodayAdrian2MiL8: the new drivers are unlikely to fix that. However if you must try them out there is a PPA at https://launchpad.net/~thomas-creutz/+archive06:28
kinja-sheepziroday: Thank you.  This seems very straightforward.  I thought I'd have to do some kind of compiz --replace command?06:29
FisherPricehow can i get my ubuntu livecd to boot up when I do all the right things and it gets to "busybox initremfs"06:29
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday> hmm .... looking..06:29
zirodaykinja-sheep: to start emerald?06:29
kinja-sheepziroday: No emerald.  Replace metacity with compiz?06:29
klothoI'm getting: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy/universe/binary-i386/Packages.gz: 404 Not Found [IP: 80]06:29
sh1i want to install yahoo messenger on my system06:29
klothoso how do I change that?06:29
sh1when i try to install it says this pkg cant be installed or installable06:30
zirodaykinja-sheep: then you can do compiz --replace or go to System > Pref > Appearance > Visual Effects and select Normal or Extra06:30
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday>i'm looking you link and there is for intrepid and jaunty but i have installed hardy06:31
zirodayAdrian2MiL8: the -180 drivers will not work on hardy.06:31
GaladxI have a dpkg error can someone help me correct it?06:32
zirodayGaladx: may we know what it is :)06:32
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday>are you sure ??  why ??06:32
zirodayAdrian2MiL8: because its packages are too out of date. It may work but not easily and will wreck your system06:32
binarymutantklotho: edgy is out of date, end of life06:32
zirodayAdrian2MiL8: the only way is to download the actual drivers from nvidia.com06:32
parvodoes any one know if rhythmbox can connect to a mpd server?06:33
realmattWhat are some really good fast paced country songs that would get a crowd going.  Must be sung by males.  Simmilar to Heartland by George Strait06:33
Galadxziroday: E: dpkg was interupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem06:33
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday> i have hardy updated at today with the lastest updates06:33
zirodayparvo: it can't afaik06:33
binarymutantrealmatt: #ubuntu-offtopic06:33
nickrudrealmatt, wrong channel06:33
Galadxit won't let me install anything06:33
realmattoh my bad06:33
zirodayGaladx: did you run dpkg --configure-a ?06:33
zirodayAdrian2MiL8: that doesn't mean it has the latest version of the packages06:33
Galadxi opened up terminal and typed it in, but it says i need to be superuser06:33
ziroday!latest | Adrian2MiL806:33
ubottuAdrian2MiL8: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.06:33
kinja-sheepziroday: I'm confused.  This mean I'm running Compiz or CompizFusion now?  I'm gunning for CompizFusion.06:34
zirodayGaladx: try do sudo dpkg --configure-a06:34
zirodaykinja-sheep: it means you are running compiz fusion06:34
nickrudGaladx, sudo dpkg --reconfigure -a  (space there)06:34
zirodayGaladx: I made a typo, what nickrud said06:34
kinja-sheepziroday: Thank you.  Now I have to test many neato features. :)06:34
jerrAnyone here have FreeNX Server running on their ubuntu box?06:34
zirodaynickrud: thanks06:34
Galadxziroday: i tried several times, it just tells me i need to be a superuser06:34
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday> y have downloaded already the 180.22 package from nvidia but the actual 173 driver was installed using envyng ..this it's why my dude from running the nvidia package by hand06:35
nickrudziroday, np, I stay in channel for the same reasons ;)06:35
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
zirodayAdrian2MiL8: you are not making sense06:35
xiaopidoes anybody know if there is a channel supporting webwin/virtualmin ?06:35
Galadxplace it in the terminal?06:35
ryanCHthe media players that come presinstalled on ubuntu, aren't very cool looking ... what is a good media player that has a cool looking interface?06:36
zirodayGaladx: in a terminal type in sudo dpkg --configure -a and then it will ask you for your password06:36
miranda_psiryanCH: what do you mean by 'cool'?06:36
zirodayryanCH: you can take a look at songbird or banshee06:36
jerrHow do I tell if FreeNX server is running?06:36
binarymutantjerr: ps x ?06:36
zirodayryanCH: however cool does have a price, usually stability06:36
ryanCHyeah, i know ;p06:37
jerrbinarymutant: that will list all running aps?06:37
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday> this is because i try to find the way modify envyng configuration by running update from there06:37
binarymutantjerr: ps aux    I think06:37
zirodayAdrian2MiL8: then you need to talk to the envy-ng author(s)06:38
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
binarymutantjerr: with a sudo in front of course; sudo ps aux06:38
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday> yes maybe06:38
miranda_psiryanCH: you can try amarok as well - its at least powerful :)06:38
Galadxsays it doesn't reconize the command06:38
zirodayGaladx: what did you type in?06:39
jerrbinarymutant: You know anything about FreeNX?06:39
ryanCHmiranda_psi, thanks :)06:39
eatThisAndDiejerr: is that a HTTP server?06:39
whatevwhat's the main things that changed in ubuntu in the last 12 months?06:39
Galadxnvm, i had a spelling error06:39
binarymutantjerr: no, but isn't it a cluster daemon?06:39
jerrIts something like VNC, yet on the NX engine.06:40
eatThisAndDieoh wait... thats the nomachine thing.06:40
elphiasi did an apt-get kubuntu-desktop and i was wondering, now that i have uninstalled it, how do i get my menu's in ubuntu back without reinstalling?06:40
eatThisAndDieyeah used it. Its fun.06:40
jerrSo I can connect from work to this machine06:40
ziroday!notes | whatev read this and the last notes06:40
ubottuwhatev read this and the last notes: Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) release notes can be found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81006:40
jerreatThisAndDie: Mind helping me set it up?06:40
zirodayelphias: you mean get rid of all the KDE components?06:40
jerreatThisAndDie: I believe I installed it yet I can not connect from pc in other room06:40
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday> epiphany crash in some web pages when i make ctrl++ for increase txt size  , you have someone idea ??06:41
eatThisAndDiejerr... this may sound stupid... but did you start the server?06:41
elphiasziroday: yes after i did sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-dekstop, it left my nice shiney menu's in ubuntu all trashed up.06:41
ziroday!puregnome | elphias follow this06:41
ubottuelphias follow this: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 ; sudo apt-get remove kdelibs5 ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop »06:41
jerreatThisAndDie: I couldn't find it :(06:41
jerreatThisAndDie: What do I do to run it?06:42
eatThisAndDiejerr: i assumed you already installed the nxserver rite?06:43
jerreatThisAndDie: Yes, I followed a guide on the web06:44
jerreatThisAndDie: http://alandoyle.com/2008/12/16/setup-freenx-under-ubuntu-810-intrepid-ibex/06:44
jerreatThisAndDie: That one.06:44
eatThisAndDiejerr: can you telnet the machine on port 22?06:44
jerrIs it dumb to telnet this machine from its own term?06:45
ziroday!ch | yang_06:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ch06:45
ziroday!zh | yang_06:45
ubottuyang_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk06:45
elphiasziroday: do i need to reinstall the ubuntu-desktop?06:46
zirodayyang_: english only :)06:46
jerreatThisAndDie: Mind if I pm you?06:46
zirodayelphias: yes, its to make sure that other stuffs don't get autoremoved06:46
klothocan anyone help me with an upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10? I'm getting the same problems as the last upgrade: Failed to fetch http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz 404 Not Found06:46
LuckileeCan anyone help me? My navigation bar in firefox isn't working properly. The address bar doesn't update, the homepage doesn't load at startup (and when I click the button it goes to mozilla.org) and the back/forward/refresh buttons do not work. I tried disabling all addons and reinstalling firefox, but that didn't help. (Using Ubuntu 8.10, 64-bit)06:46
eatThisAndDiejerr: yeah sure.06:47
Adrian2MiL8<klotho> why 7.04 to 7.10 and not 7.04 to 8.10 ???06:47
zirodayklotho: gutsy woudn't be there as its not EOL06:47
klothoAdrian2MiL8: I thought I had to do 7.10 first06:47
klothoif I can go straight to 8.10 that would be great... how do I do that?06:47
zirodayAdrian2MiL8: you can't do that. You can only go from LTS to LTS06:48
grayhaneany links to download the alt 710 disc ?06:48
elphiasziroday: ok 2 of the things ubotu said where not on the system and ubuntu-desktop reports the most current version...does it matter that i am using 8.10?06:48
Adrian2MiL8<klotho> i think you should make a simple dist upgrade06:48
klothoAdrian2MiL8: cool, how do I do that?06:48
zirodayelphias: thats fine, it should of got rid of every kde app for you though06:48
kinja-sheepIs there an excellent local-to-local communication?  Something easy.06:49
grayhaneklotho: I did an upgrade and much of my stuff stopped working , could not read NTFS drive and some programs did not work any longer06:49
kinja-sheeptext-based communication.  Pidgin is network-oriented.  How about something for local-oriented (like... 192.168.1.* only) ?06:49
klothograyhane: so you're saying version 8 is problematic?06:49
phixxorcan someone help me restore my partitions from what is now seen as empty space?06:50
miranda_psikinja-sheep: ipmessenger06:50
elphiassomething called speedcrunch and pulse audio device chooser still exists, as well as konversation, but it seems that all the other things went poofle though06:50
kinja-sheepmiranda_psi: Will check it out.06:50
grayhaneklotho: Yes it was for me on 3 different boxes, I an staying with 710 for now06:50
klothograyhane: cool, thanks for the warning06:50
zirodayelphias: thats correct. The other apps you need to remove yourself06:50
Adrian2MiL8klotho > open a terminal ant type sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade06:50
kinja-sheepmiranda_psi: It's not in the repos ?06:51
klothohey how can I get ubuntu to recognize a wifi PC card?06:51
elphiasziroday: alrighty ^_^ ill do that and hopefully things go back to normal, i like kde, but it dosen't like some of the 3rd party apps i use, ubuntu seems much more freindlyer   with them06:51
elphiasziroday: and thankies for yer help ^_^06:52
phixxorklotho: there are lists somewhere that tell you how compatible your card is with ubuntu06:52
frootcaekwhy ubuntu dosent work06:52
phixxorthey should give you instructions, look here06:52
zirodayelphias: np06:52
klothophixxor: I know, but how do I get it to recognize the card?06:52
phixxor!wifi | klotho06:52
ubottuklotho: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:52
miranda_psikinja-sheep: no06:52
phixxorklotho: it depends on the card. sometimes you have to use ndiswrapper, sometimes you can use a native driver06:52
Adrian2MiL8<klotho>there is a way for use windows .sys wifi drivers in linux through ndiswarapper i believe06:52
frootcaekhi!! why ubuntu dosent work?!06:53
klothook, so I still have sources.list problems. I'm getting W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://old-releases.ubuntu.com edgy-backports/main Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/old-releases.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_edgy-backports_main_binary-i386_Packages)06:53
klothohow do I get a working sources.list for 7.10?06:53
klothoor rather 7.0406:53
miranda_psikinja-sheep: there is also a linux version and I think its linked to on the same page - and there are a couple of them and only one is any good06:53
klothoso I can upgrade to 7.1006:53
Adrian2MiL8klotho> read this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DapperUpgrades06:54
quibbler!ask > frootcaek06:54
ubottufrootcaek, please see my private message06:54
kerry_somebody help me please... i'm using hardy, kde.  how do i assign a keyboard shortcut to the application launcher?06:54
frootcaeksorry i dont accept pvt. msgs.06:54
phixxorcan someone help me restore my partitions? I used to have an extended partition with logical partitions on it, but due to a quick mistake it looks like empty space now. can I get them back?06:54
frootcaekunless their from freinds06:54
Adrian2MiL8klotho > and follow the instructions06:54
klothothanks but that page refers to 6.06 and I'm on 7.0406:54
frootcaekquibbler: plz. type in public why ubuntu dosent work?!06:54
rollephixxornot sur---i had same problem, i just reformated the entire computer06:55
ziroday!upgrade | klotho try following this instead06:55
ubottuklotho try following this instead: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes06:55
phixxorrolle: heh, I am hoping it won't come to that06:55
rollei tried to extend the partition but it failed06:55
Adrian2MiL8the process is the same only change dapper for you release name06:56
rolleso i just figured what the hell backup all the information and did it06:56
kinja-sheepmiranda_psi: Got it.  I'll look around.  Thanks.  :)06:56
rollebut good luck mate06:56
zirodayAdrian2MiL8: the process is not the same. Please stop giving incorrect advice. You can only jump upgrades from LTS to LTS06:56
rolleubuntu should have a partition manager thingy that you might be able to mess around with06:56
kerry_i believe the app launcher in kde4 is called 'kickoff'? anyone know how to assign a keyboard shortcut to it?06:57
quibblerfrootcaek, what exacly is the problem06:57
whatevwhy does the installation requirements for ubuntu say it takes a minimum of 256 MiB of memory?  what's MiB06:57
zirodaykerry_: ask in #kubuntu06:57
KCCarnageAnyone know where I can find the xchat config files?06:57
phixxorrolle: looking back, I should have made a backup06:57
l337ingDisorderwhat's the default port for a remote X session?06:57
KCCarnageOMG so many questions, lol06:57
zirodaywhatev: its a measurement of computer memory. You need 256 Megabytes of ram to run ubuntu06:57
grayhanephixxor: what kind of filesystem are you working with06:58
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday>when make a dist-upgrade the system should download the right packages i believe06:58
zirodayKCCarnage: ~/.xchat206:58
zirodayAdrian2MiL8: it doesn't, the procedure is outlined in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes06:58
krannywhatev: Mib is megabytes06:58
binarymutantgdm isn't working for me, the keyboard and mouse do not work resulting in a hard reboot, whenever I try to start X directly I get an MTRR error06:58
whatevthere's no i in megabytes though i dont get it06:58
kinja-sheepI have the tar.gz of gipmsg.  The arch is for i386.  However, I'm using amd64.  Is this conflicting?06:59
phixxorgrayhane: the extended partition used to be some empty space and 3 logical partitons. [ {empty} {reiserfs} {ext3} {ext2} ]06:59
elphiasziroday: hey is the pulse audio device chooser something that will make useing pulse in ubuntu better?06:59
miranda_psikinja-sheep: is that the source? or a binary?06:59
quibblerkinja-sheep, no, it should work fine06:59
grayhaneis there data on one that you need /06:59
zirodayelphias: not really, but it shows you more option about it06:59
kinja-sheepmiranda_psi: Seems like the source.06:59
krannywhatev:Mib is actually mebi bytes06:59
miranda_psikinja-sheep: if its source then its fine07:00
krannyWhatev:Just to avoid confusion we call it as Megabytes07:00
phixxorgrayhane: yes, the ext3 partition was my /home, which I need back for sure.07:00
ubottuYou can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html07:00
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)07:00
phixxorgrayhane: but reiserfs was / which would be good to recover also07:00
vegombreihi ... ever since my last update my mouse behaves funny when i right click ... i checked out the mouse properties but everything there seems just fine .. anyone else here had the similar issue ? what did you do to fix this ??07:01
grayhanephixxor: Wow, this is serious, I may suggest trying to log into the Linux from Scratch IRC chanel and ask them.07:01
krannyhow to make a sudo session valid for say 10 minutes07:01
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday> i can update my 8.04 LTS to 8.10 non lts if i want ..why he can't go from 7.04 to 8.10 ?07:01
krannyIt really irritates me a lot to type the password07:01
krannywhen im install ant dependency packages07:01
vegombreigbolahan: hello07:02
binarymutantI don't have any X :(07:02
gbolahani'm new to linux07:02
Omoikane__Can someone please help me with firefox ubuntu issue.07:02
kalvin_hey can anyone help,  some text on dialog box, certain programs, and buttons seems really blurred or doesnt even show, when i hover or click on them it shows up really fast and goes away..anyone know what this could be from?07:02
zirodayAdrian2MiL8: because you _cannot_ skip versions when upgrading. You did not skip a version, what you are telling to do would07:02
vegombreigbolahan: most of us here are .. im a few months in07:02
phixxorgrayhane: thanks, I'll try. are they on freenode?07:02
kranny<Omoikane__>: whats your poblem exactly07:02
zirodaykalvin_: try disabling compiz07:03
gbolahanpls how do i path my kernel will the new linux07:03
binarymutantkalvin_: is 3D effects on?07:03
vegombreihi ... ever since my last update my mouse behaves funny when i right click ... i checked out the mouse properties but everything there seems just fine .. anyone else here had the similar issue ? what did you do to fix this ??07:03
=== ^_SMALLVILLE_^ is now known as katapel
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday> maybe you right ....i'm not sure07:03
binarymutantkalvin_: is it still blurry if you take it off?07:03
kalvin_binarymutant: same thing07:04
binarymutantI don't have any X :(        can someone help me?07:04
kalvin_whats compiz07:04
Omoikane__kranny it seems to be tied to the bookmarks or profile in firefox. If I add enough bookmarks the title bar disappears and the program flashes every time I do something.07:04
binarymutantkalvin_: compiz is the 3D effects07:04
gbolahancomiz enables 3D effects on ur linux07:05
kalvin_like the options from the change desktop optino?07:05
Omoikane__kranny you ever hear of something like that?07:05
binarymutantkalvin_: like the options in System->Appearance07:05
kranny<Omoikane__>which version of firefox07:05
kalvin_when i change them to None, its just blurry now07:05
binarymutantkalvin_: how old is your video card?07:06
grayhaneanyone have a link to download 710 alt version ?07:06
binarymutantkalvin_: it might be going out07:06
kalvin_its pretty old07:06
gbolahanhmm... is ther 710 alt version?07:06
Flannelgbolahan: Yes07:07
kalvin_happens when i use wine07:07
binarymutantO thats different kalvin_07:07
Omoikane__kranny looking for the version now. Not sure where to look.07:07
gbolahanFlannel:so wots new in the alt version07:07
binarymutantkalvin_ wine is slow and needs a good pocessor and video card or else it displays very slowly07:07
SG_has feisty dist/packages been removed from the mirrors?07:07
=== Cybix is now known as BezNalogov
kranny<Omoikane__>In firefox goto help-->About07:07
binarymutantkalvin_: its emulating windows07:07
shishirm1hey guys i am trying to recover grub after installing xp07:08
Flannelgbolahan: The alternate version installs the exact same system as the Desktop version07:08
shishirm1i am getting error 27 when i type in root(hd0,0)07:08
Omoikane__kranny 3.0.507:08
kalvin_well when i switched the 3d to none it fixed the issues outside of wine but wine still has the issues07:08
shishirm1please help07:08
binarymutantgdm isn't working for me, the keyboard and mouse do not work resulting in a hard reboot, whenever I try to start X directly I get an MTRR error07:08
zirodaySG_: yes, feisty is EOL07:08
ziroday!eol | SG_07:08
ubottuSG_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases07:08
SG_ziroday : ah thanks, any idae when it was EOL'd?07:08
binarymutantkalvin_: you need a good computer to use wine, it's heavy on the system07:08
Flannel!feisty | SG_07:09
ubottuSG_: Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) was the sixth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 19th, 2008. See !eol for more details.07:09
kalvin_that kind of sucks, i enjoyed the 3d effects07:09
gbolahanthanks Flannel07:09
BezNalogovHi people. I have ubuntu 8.10 and yesterday I performed the latest update. Now I can't login on my machine anymore. I can't login via gdm or via a console. As soon as I login I directly get the logon screen again. What can this be and how can I solve it?07:09
FlannelSG_: It's been moved to a historical server, which is still available, but really only for upgrading out of it.07:09
kranny<Omoikane__>If only your firefox titlebar is disappeearing, try hitting F11 two times whenever the titlebar disappears, and see if it brings it back07:09
binarymutantkalvin_: :(07:09
kinja-sheepAny excellent voice-to-text apps?  Writing a story verbally.... Writing a theory by voicing out my thoughts.... Confessing to a murder.07:09
Omoikane__kranny what was that?07:09
kalvin_well thanks for the help though really appreciated07:09
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binarymutantkalvin_ np srry it didn't work07:10
kranny<Omoikane__>They are  few bugs in the new firefox shipped with hardy07:10
SG_Flannel : ah thanks, i'll be updating a server soon, sadly its a production machine for now and it will have to wait until the weekend07:10
FlannelSG_: You may want to consider sticking with 8.04 then.  It's an LTS, so its supported 3/5 on desktop/server (and you can upgrade straight to the next LTS, which is scheduled for 10.04)07:10
=== Cueball_ is now known as Cueball
kalvin_at least its fixed07:11
Omoikane__Kranny that fixed it! I was on here for hours trying to deal with that. We had to just start over.07:11
SG_Flannel : yep, thats the plan07:11
Omoikane__kranny what does f11 do?07:11
kranny<Omoikane__>F11 is for maximising you firefox07:11
kranny<Omoikane__>So ur problem solved now?07:11
Omoikane__Kranny yes thank you so much.07:12
kranny<Omoikane__>Do you have compiz running07:12
Omoikane__kranny yes07:12
binarymutantziroday: I don't know if you remember the conversation earlier but no, gdm didn't work. It displays but it not responsive to the keyboard or mouse07:13
kalvin_whats the best bit torrent program to use on ubuntu?07:13
Omoikane__kalvin_ I like deluge07:13
zirodaybinarymutant: I really don't know. Sorry07:13
coffeeguyhey would anyone here recommend a good firewall for just a standalone ubuntu desktop with one internet connection to a idsl router?07:13
binarymutantkalvin_: I like ktorrent07:13
kranny<Omoikane__>:If ever your other windows title bar disappear try hitting alt+f2 and compiz --replace07:13
binarymutantkalvin_: transmission is installed by default I think07:13
kranny<Omoikane__>Evn that could save you hours :P07:14
kalvin_yeah, are they comparable to utorrent?07:14
Omoikane__kranny thank you. do you know anything media buttons? like mute buttons on a laptop? I installed ibex and my mute button stopped working.07:14
binarymutantkalvin_: I've never used utorrent07:15
Omoikane__yeah, I've used k and utorrent.07:15
kalvin_im a windows guy, just learning this linux stuff, there are a lot of things to grasp, but im enjoying it07:15
Omoikane__ktorrent seemed to bug out on me too much07:15
Omoikane__deluge works 100% for me.07:15
=== uwpdc[32 is now known as qqx
kranny<Omoikane__>Laptop model?07:16
Omoikane__kranny dell inspiron 152507:17
batcoder-7whats your guys fav thing for checking the status of a network07:17
qqxdoes anyone know if its possible to get mobloq to work on Intrepid?07:17
batcoder-7is there anything like top for networking ?07:17
arghh2d2batcoder-7: ntop07:17
miranda_psibatcoder-7: ntop07:17
batcoder-7oh yea but i heard not so good things about that07:18
binarymutantbatcoder-7: ntop07:18
binarymutantouch too slow :/07:18
batcoder-7i heard it was pretty resourceful07:18
arghh2d2resourceful is a good thing07:18
kranny<Omoikane__>:make sure you have the correct sound device selected to use.07:18
scunizibatcoder-7, wireshark07:18
kranny<Omoikane__>:u might have multiple sound devices07:18
miranda_psibatcoder-7: its not really that bad07:18
kranny<Omoikane__>Just check if the normal sound device is selected07:19
binarymutantrajib: hiya07:19
Omoikane__kranny how do make sure?07:19
arghh2d2does anyone here run Crunch Bang linux?07:19
rajibcan you tell me how i create my own web page in PHP07:19
batcoder-7i think hto is whati  used before07:19
binarymutantarghh2d2: whats that?07:19
phixarghh2d2: what is that?07:19
Omoikane__every heard of it.07:20
arghh2d2its a minimilast ubuntu07:20
phixarghh2d2: if it's a distro then no, I use Ubuntu :)07:20
Shendelzarehi pals07:20
binarymutantrajib: #php07:20
ShendelzareI have a question07:20
binarymutantarghh2d2: how minimal?07:20
arghh2d2it's based on ubuntu and uses ubuntu repos, thats why i asked07:20
binarymutantShendelzare: ask07:20
arghh2d2binarymutant: i dunno, i havent tried it yet07:20
qqxdoes anyone know if its possible to get mobloq to work on Intrepid?07:20
Omoikane__kranny I have it set to auto detect07:20
ShendelzareI have tried to install ubuntu on my home PC, but when i was asked to define partiotions, I had to rebooted my computer07:21
binarymutantarghh2d2: cuz fluxbuntu is minimal and server is really minimal07:21
Adrian2MiL8<ziroday>yes skipping versions is not advised but you can backup you home folders and try anyway ...for last always can make a fresh install and restore your home folder and data07:21
ShendelzareNow it is not even loading install manager07:21
krannyShendelzare:Check the cd for defects07:21
ShendelzareI have Debian Etch Right now and I guess that the07:21
arghh2d2binarymutant: it defaults to a few apps like abiword gnumeric, some media apps, and uses openbox07:21
binarymutantShendelzare: just restart the process, if that doesn't work redownload the iso07:21
krannyShendelzare:try to clean the Writer lens07:21
ShendelzareI tried to install it from the same CD on othher PC and succeded07:22
binarymutantarghh2d2: sounds cool07:22
arghh2d2i was just curious about it07:22
silv3r_m00nhi there07:22
krannyShendelzare:Then try installing The alternate cd07:22
arghh2d2yeah sounds alright07:22
silv3r_m00ni installed wicd but when i try to run it it crashes07:22
Flannelarghh2d2: You may have more luck in #ubuntu-offtopic, this is a support channel.07:22
Shendelzarethere is I\O error07:22
loabivaais there a mpg/avi to mp4 converter for linux?07:22
kranny<Shendelzare>:you can get it at www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download07:22
Shendelzare.iso image was burned throw default debian sofrware07:23
batcoder-7what else is there like ntop ?07:23
ShendelzareI got it there and burned the CD07:23
binarymutantbatcoder-7: ptop?07:23
batcoder-7that doesnt come with daemons and web backends etc07:23
Adrian2MiL8<loabivaa> try fuoco tools ...this convert anyway to anyway07:23
kranny<Shendelzare> speed at which it is burned?07:23
binarymutantgdm isn't working for me, the keyboard and mouse do not work resulting in a hard reboot, whenever I try to start X directly I get an MTRR error07:24
Omoikane__kranny it does have the correct device selected and the correct button is set to the correct function.07:24
kranny<Shendelzare>It should do07:25
Barunhow can i bring up my status/progress of AcidRip i can hear my dvd drive read it07:25
arghh2d2binarymutant: sounds like xorg might not be recognizing your mouse/keyboard07:25
Shendelzareanyway :)07:25
vegombreihi ... ever since my last update my mouse behaves funny when i right click ... i checked out the mouse properties but everything there seems just fine .. anyone else here had the similar issue ? what did you do to fix this ??07:25
Adrian2MiL8<binarymutant> there is a keys combination that work a kernel level ALWAYS ...ctrl+alt+sysreq+... something else search07:25
binarymutantarghh2d2: ive got the keyboard driver set to kbd should it be something else?07:26
kranny<Omoikane__>:Maybe a hardware issue07:26
binarymutantAdrian2MiL8: it becomes unresponsive and cant do that, those were the first things I tried07:26
Omoikane__kranny it's weird because it was working before when I had hardy and once I installed ibex it stopped working.07:27
arghh2d2binarymutant: i honestly dont know ubuntu...maybe hotplugging is trying to automagic your mouse kyb before what they are set as in xorg.conf gets a chance to load.07:27
Adrian2MiL8<binarymutant>you try this keys comb too ??? i don't remenber exactly but it's something like  ctrl+alt+sysreq+reisurb07:28
arghh2d2what are sysreq and reisurb?07:28
* arghh2d2 looks for those keys07:28
kranny<Omoikane__>:see if you had all your tracks highlighted (ex: Master, Mono, Headphone...)07:29
arghh2d2ahh i see one!07:29
mrnoogledoes anyone know how to resolve this issue with clamav in gusty (freshclam: error while loading shared libraries: libclamav.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)07:29
Adrian2MiL8<arghh2d2> sysreq is the key print screen too07:29
binarymutantAdrian2MiL8: are you talking about ctrl+alt+f1 ?07:29
Adrian2MiL8<binarymutant> no07:29
binarymutantAdrian2MiL8: whats reisurb?07:30
mrnoogledo you know where I can find libclamav.so.3 ?07:30
arghh2d2yeah, what is reisurb?07:30
Adrian2MiL8<binarymutant> is a strange key combination that always work but you need 3 arms and hands for type it  ... ctrl+alt+sysreq+R E I S U R B    keys07:30
bullgard4My file /etc/apt/sources.list includes a line 'deb http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/ddebs gutsy main universe'. What DEB packages does this repository provide?07:31
arghh2d2all caps?07:31
unop!info libclamav3 gutsy | mrnoogle07:31
ubottulibclamav3 (source: clamav): anti-virus utility for Unix - library. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.92.1~dfsg2-1.1~gutsy3.1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 437 kB, installed size 836 kB07:31
Flannelbullgard4: The easiest way is to go to http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/ddebs and peruse07:31
binarymutantAdrian2MiL8: lol k07:31
vegombreiAdrian2MiL8: whoa .. whats thats for ?07:31
=== Cueball is now known as Cueball_
bullgard4Flannel: I will try to do so. Thank you.07:32
unopAdrian2MiL8,  alt + sysrq ... should suffice07:32
Adrian2MiL8<binarymutant> i read a time ago about this ...it's  a keys combination what work a low level kernel system .. with x systen hang anyway07:32
binarymutantunop: whats alt + sysrq do?07:33
unopbinarymutant, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key07:33
Adrian2MiL8<binarymutant> the ALT key to the low part of you keyboard07:34
kinja-sheepJust out of curious -- What packages do you guys recommend?  Something cool --  You know?07:34
Foxgguy2001uhhh what's the <super> key07:34
kinja-sheepFoxgguy2001:   Windows Key.07:34
Foxgguy2001i dont have one07:34
Adrian2MiL8and the SysReq key in the upper of insert key07:34
arghh2d2 kinja-sheep screen07:34
FloodBot2Foxgguy2001: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:34
kinja-sheeparghh2d2: Uh?  Multiplayer notepad.07:35
kinja-sheeparghh2d2: On your machine, perhaps?07:35
arghh2d2what are you looking for?07:35
binarymutantidk if CONFIG_MAGIC_SYSRQ was set on my kernel I just downloaded the binary07:36
binarymutantkinja-sheep: vim probably has that :)07:36
unopbinarymutant, it is by default07:36
kinja-sheeparghh2d2:  Something new.  I have been looking for speech-to-text.  No such luck.07:36
binarymutantk i'm going to try it then and hopefully wont have to reboot07:36
kinja-sheeparghh2d2: That way, I can just say stuffs to you guys rather than typing all times. :)07:37
jacoblyleshi! My network manager suddenly stopped recognizing wireless networks after working perfectly for several months07:37
Adrian2MiL8<unop> exactly ..this is the article about i'm talking .. i don' t remenber where was07:37
jacoblylesany ideas?07:37
Omoikane__krammy yeah, it's all working it seems that it issue is that it what ever program is used to glean the mute command.07:37
kinja-sheepjacoblyles: Laptop?07:37
jacoblyleskinja-sheep: yeah07:37
jacoblyleskinja-sheep: Lenovo thinkpad T6107:38
kinja-sheepjacoblyles: Maybe you turned off the the wifi switch?07:38
jacoblyleskinja-sheep: you are a brilliant, brilliant man07:38
jacoblyleskinja-sheep: thanks!07:39
kinja-sheepjacoblyles:  Heh -- Thanks.  You're welcome.07:39
kinja-sheepGuys, you heard that?  I'm a brilliant brilliant man. :)07:39
arghh2d2i got a question about network manager..Can you still use "iwlist scan" with network manager running?07:39
grayhaneI need a link to download Ubuntu 710 alt install CD.07:41
unoparghh2d2, sure07:41
=== sleepy_cat is now known as dragon_flam
lanoxx_does anyone know how i can add a pgp key for the ubuntu partner repositories?07:41
syn-fingrayhane, try www.thepiratebay.org07:42
arghh2d2unop: can you use ifconfig and dhcpcd with it too? or is nm just a frontend for all said apps and i'm just asking stupid questions?07:42
grayhanesyn-fin: TU07:42
quibblergrayhane, http://ftp.heanet.ie/pub/ubuntu-cdimage/releases/gutsy/release/07:43
lanoxx_grayhane, if you want to dl ubuntu just go to ubuntu.com and pick a mirror from there which is near your current location07:43
unoparghh2d2, nm is a frontend (but not necessarily to these apps) - but it also detects if you've manually configured an interface and steps out of the way if you have.07:43
ashvalaMy ubuntu is not booting07:43
ashvalathee last message says07:43
mrnooglewhen I go to terminal and type freshclam after installing clamav it reports: freshclam: error while loading shared libraries: libclamav.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory07:44
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syn-fingrayhane, http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4094498/Ubuntu_7.10_Server_I386_ISO_with_HTTP_webseeds07:44
ashvala[ 52.630275] SDA:<4>Driver 'sr' needs updating - please use bus_type methods07:44
ashvalaany help?07:44
grayhanesyn-fin: Thanks again07:44
FlynsarmyIs there some app i can install that will let me limit the dl/ul speed of individual applications the way netlimiter works on windows?07:44
Thxpnp^Laptophi guys07:44
arghh2d2unop: ahh, i see then.  thats good to know07:44
syn-fingrayhane, np07:45
michelecsHi. On their website Go-oo (the Novell version of openoffice.org) state that their version of OpenOffice is included in Ubuntu. Is that true?07:45
lanoxx_i dont understand why its so difficult to get an apt key for the partner repositories!!!!07:45
binarymutantk alt+sysrq didn't work :(07:45
grayhanesyn-fin: this is the server disc07:45
arghh2d2i've had shite luck working with nm ... prefer iwconfig etc..07:46
lanoxx_<---------- I need a key file for this repository!07:46
workingchairHey guys, how do I save something as a superuser in gedit?07:47
arghh2d2i thought #ubuntu didnt tolerate racist nicknames07:47
mrnooglesudo gedit07:47
workingchairah, that makes sense, haha, thanks07:48
unopworkingchair, err no.   gksudo gedit07:48
unopworkingchair, mrnoogle .. never use sudo with GUI apps07:48
quibblerworkingchair, gksu gedit07:48
workingchairwhat is gk?07:48
Baz_is it ok to install Java 64bit from "restricted extras" or am i better off going to java's site?07:48
FlynsarmyTHere's no app for ubuntu that lets you limit the ul/dl speed of individual applications?07:49
Omoikane__kranny the interesting thing is that the mute image doesn't flash up. That means that it's not getting through somewhere.07:49
quibblerworkingchair,  gui usage for sudo07:49
unopworkingchair,  the GTK frontend to su/sudo07:49
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mrnooglegk just allows you to leave the app open after closing the terminal07:50
mrnooglegksudo or sudo will work07:50
unopmrnoogle, no, gksudo does more than that - it sets the environment up appropriately for GUI apps07:50
magoo_anybody know why i can use kubnto 8.10 fine in recovery mode, but it doesnt work in generic mode07:50
magoo_i've downloaded the recommend drivers but it still doesnt work07:50
unopmrnoogle, using sudo does not do that, and it is possible for those GUI apps to write files in your homedir that are owned by the superuser -- which is not a good thing.07:51
arghh2d2try again07:51
mrnooglek, I use sudo all the time with gedit07:51
mrnoogleseems to work07:51
mrnoogleno offense07:51
mrnoogleexplain if you can07:51
unop!worksforme | mrnoogle07:51
ubottumrnoogle: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/07:51
unop!gksudo | mrnoogle07:52
ubottumrnoogle: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)07:52
arghh2d2mrnoogle: i think some programs do more commands within the program than just edit text.07:52
mrnooglemakes sense07:52
arghh2d2like gtkpod, i have to run as root, but sudo gtkpod fails07:52
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ashvala[ 52.630275] SDA:<4>Driver 'sr' needs updating - please use bus_type methods HELP!07:53
binarymutantmy xorg doesn't start, it errors with an MTRR invalid argument(22), how can I get X to work?07:53
mrnoogleso can anyone answer my question about freshclam07:53
ashvalacan anyone please HELP!07:54
ashvalai am almost making a mess out of my PC07:54
mrnooglefreshclam: error while loading shared libraries: libclamav.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory07:54
ganesh how to check whether graphics driver is installed on not?07:54
unopmrnoogle, libclamav.so.3 is part of libclamav3 - which is not part of gutsy07:55
binarymutantganesh: vim /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:55
unopmrnoogle, you are on gutsy right?07:55
unopmrnoogle, you might want to backport clamav and libclam3 from hardy or intrepid to gutsy then.07:56
unop!prevu | mrnoogle07:56
ubottumrnoogle: prevu is an automated, personal backporting utility. Check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Prevu for more details07:56
sh1im trying to connect a embedded board to my serial port in ubuntu pc. i have set the serial port settings properly, but i cannot see anything on the serial port07:56
workingchairI just installed 8.10 yesterday and there is something wrong with the rendering of the title bar of the windows.  The colored 'bevel' disappears and you can't see either the text nor the buttons.  the close, minimize, maximize buttons still work, you just can't see them.  Has anyone else had this problem?07:56
sh1i have tested in serial port in windows boot (dual boot pc) and it works. does minicom really work on ubuntu07:56
mrnoogleI did sudo apt-get install clamav and it looked like it installed fine until I did freshclam to update07:57
quibblerworkingchair, do you have compiz enabled?07:57
workingchairquibbler, I'm not sure.  I actually don't know what that is07:57
mrnoogleshouldn't it be part of the package for clamav that installs from synaptic07:58
sh1friends, anyone using a serial port with ubuntu-8.10?07:58
sigtermsh1, yea07:58
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stevenlamphearCould anybody help me configure the trackpad on my MacBook Pro to right-click?08:00
sh1can you help me. i dont see anything on the serial port at all08:01
binarymutantganesh: still didn't work :(08:01
binarymutantganesh: same MTRR invalid argument (22) error08:01
sh1The serial port works as i tested it on windows (Dual boot pc here)08:01
quibblerworkingchair, go to system>perferences>appearences click visual effects and see what is checked08:02
workingchairquibbler, normal is checked08:02
quibblerworkingchair, check none08:03
ganesh binarymutant: sorry i dont know08:03
workingchairokay, that does fix it, quib08:04
sh1sigterm: any idea what could be wrong?08:04
workingchairis it just because my graphics card may not be able to handle it or something?  That seems rather trivial08:04
quibblerworkingchair, fine08:04
rdw200169stevenlamphear: i did a quick config in my xorg.conf file for that08:04
ganeshhow to know which graphics card i have?08:05
workingchairquibbler, thanks!08:06
rollelspci ganesh08:06
rdw200169stevenlamphear: first, man synaptics08:06
rdw200169stevenlamphear: those are all the options you have08:06
quibblerworkingchair, not necessarily you have to configure compiz to show wondows decorations08:06
rdw200169stevenlamphear: then, run synclient -l (that's a little L)08:06
rdw200169stevenlamphear: use synclient to set TapButton2 for the right click08:07
rdw200169stevenlamphear: since ubuntu 8.10 doesn't use xorg.conf by default anymore08:08
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HughCockIs Adept the default package manager for KDE4?08:08
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rdw200169stevenlamphear: i just don't know if it has SHClient enabled by default in 8.10...08:09
rdw200169stevenlamphear: i mean SHMConfig08:09
Baz_whats better for imap, thunderbird or evolution or they close08:10
ganeshrolle: http://paste.ubuntu.com/104752/      for this how can i install graphics driver?08:10
blackdevile\server irc.euirc.net08:10
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ghrockshi everyone, is anyone having problems with the flash player on firefox??? it kind of freeze it08:11
Baz_i like that gnome-do has evolution integration - would be nice for thunderbird08:11
BlackDexHello there, I have an huge problem08:12
rdw200169well, what is it BlackDex08:12
BlackDexWhen i start Ubuntu (Installed or Live CD) i get the following message08:12
BlackDexACPI: Expecting a [Reference] package element, found type 008:12
rdw200169BlackDex: you could just turn off acpi08:13
BlackDexAfter that it starts beeping throught the system speaker, and doesn't stop08:13
rdw200169BlackDex: it's one of the 'advanced' boot option things, you may have to try the alternate version of the installation cd08:13
BlackDexrdw200169: But that makes it not shuting down etc..08:13
rdw200169BlackDex: well, you mean suspend and resume, which i never use on a desktop08:14
rdw200169BlackDex: are you on a laptop08:14
BlackDexrdw200169: No it is a new desktop system08:14
rdw200169BlackDex: then why bother with suspend ?08:14
BlackDexrdw200169: I don't08:15
rdw200169BlackDex: acpi is not related to shutdown08:15
BlackDexbut i thought ACPI did more then just suspend08:15
rdw200169BlackDex: it's mostly related to that08:15
arghh2d2acpi is sometimes controled by BIOS too isn't it?08:15
ferronicajoin azureusi am using ubuntu 8.10 gnome 32bit, azureus unable to update to version 4 ???08:15
rdw200169arghh2d2: BlackDex, it's primarily related to the BIOS and Motherboard08:16
BlackDexi can't turn off ACPI from BIOS, because there has to be Windows on it.. (Which is already installed)08:16
rdw200169BlackDex: no, i mean turning off ACPI in the linux kernel08:16
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BezNalogovHi people. I have ubuntu 8.10 and yesterday I performed the latest update. Now I can't login on my machine anymore. I can't login via gdm or via a console. As soon as I login I directly get the logon screen again. I entered the machine via a root shell (rescue mode) and in /var/log/messages it says this: login[9998: segfault at 0 ip b7bfbb0b sp bff08810 error 4 in pam_smbpass.so[b7b9f000+12a000]. What can I do?]]08:17
rdw200169BlackDex: it's a common problem (acpi) and it's relatively easy to turn off during boot, or live cd08:17
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BlackDexjust add acpi=off right?08:17
rdw200169BlackDex: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions08:17
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BlackDexBecause i tryed that.. after i installed it on the harddisk08:18
BlackDexbut for some reason it didn't boot to the GDM anymore08:18
rdw200169BlackDex: what motherboard are you using?08:19
BlackDexrdw200169: Some board from Acer08:19
rdw200169BlackDex: it's a built system?08:19
BlackDexrdw200169: It is an Acer Aspire X3200 (Company bought it)08:20
TTilusBezNalogov: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/303458 - would those help?08:20
miranda_psiBezNalogov: looks like it might be a problem in the samba password part (just a guess) try uninstalling samba and see what happen (should be something like 'apt-get remove samba')08:20
BlackDexOk.. i just added the acpi=off... And now it stops at 'Starting bluetooth'08:20
BezNalogovI don't use samba08:20
BlackDexbut there is no bluetooth on the system :S08:20
TTilusBezNalogov: error you pasted says its a pam_smbpass blowing up, which is a samba lib08:21
miranda_psiBexNalogov: samba is installed by default, though I don't know why it would cause any problems if you dont use it08:21
rdw200169BlackDex: wow, Phenom08:21
BezNalogovI see, thanks08:21
BezNalogovThen I will try that08:21
BlackDexrdw200169: Indeed :)08:21
rdw200169BlackDex: that sucker's so new, there's nothing in a google search! (surprising, indeed!)08:22
BlackDexSpecs are greate08:22
TTilusBezNalogov: read carefully, theres several suggestions how to get rid of segfault with that particular smb lib08:22
rdw200169BlackDex: ok, here's the bad news,08:22
BlackDexto new im afraid ? :(08:22
rdw200169BlackDex: yup08:22
rdw200169BlackDex: you're likely going to have to wait until the Kernel community has caught up and released new open source 'drivers' that support your motherboard08:23
BlackDexFedora has the same problem so i knew it isn't just an ubuntu thing08:23
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rdw200169BlackDex: it *will* be supported, it just takes time, particularly since Acer doesn't support open source08:24
rdw200169BlackDex: now, if you had a Dell, for example, the likelyhood that it would be supported would be higher, b/c the CEO of Dell is a Ubuntu-er08:24
BlackDexi just try'd to add acpi=oldboot, also no go08:24
BlackDexMy old system (this one) is a Dell08:24
rdw200169BlackDex: they even have, (or had), a line of Ubuntu Computers08:25
SatScanhow about that Ext4 ?08:25
epictetusyeah i have a dell ubuntu box.08:25
BlackDexrdw200169: Is there a way to prevent bluetooth module from starting on the live cd?08:25
rdw200169epictetus: woot!08:25
epictetusdell's ubuntu support is annoying though -- they only offer it on limited models08:26
rdw200169BlackDex: not that I know of, then again, i always perform my installation via the alternate cd08:26
epictetusdell actually sells more redhat than ubuntu, you can get redhat preinstalled on pretty much every Dell server08:26
epictetuslike, it is a standard option08:27
epictetuswhile ubuntu's only on a few limited models08:27
rdw200169epictetus: which consequentially guarantees that *most* linux distros will work on dells hardware-wise08:27
BlackDexrdw200169: But the only diff is it is text based right?08:27
rdw200169BlackDex: yup08:27
rdw200169BlackDex: i'm a server guy, so everything i prefer is text-based ;)08:28
FisherPriceWhy can i boot ubuntu 7.10 livecd with failsafe graphics, but not ubuntu 8.10?08:29
rdw200169BlackDex: I prefer the text install b/c I can, in another tty, view the full dmesg output of installation steps08:29
BlackDexrdw200169: Ah.. well i don't mind text.. used to it from redhat etc..08:29
greatcaffeineHello, I just installed the Xubuntu 9.04 alpha, and I can't seem to reach the desktop...  After the login window, I just get a blank screen.  Any ideas?08:30
BlackDexif there just was a way to add bluetooth to the blacklist in the kernel parameters08:30
karakahrolsun israil  am0131n0131za koyay0131m sizin  orospu  çocuklar01310131anan0131z0131  sikmeye geliyorum bekleyin08:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about is08:31
BlackDexhmm think i have found a way :)08:31
karabu arda  speak  are  you  killed  israel fuck  yopu  israel murdered  israel08:31
karakileede  children  0131n  gazaa   yuhhhh  isaerl  are you killed  israel08:32
sarmisakhi all08:32
karamurdered  israel08:32
sarmisak!tr  | kara08:32
ubottukara: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.08:32
karasarmisak kimsin laa08:32
rdw200169BlackDex: if you're lucky and get it installed, you will really like running w/4 cores08:33
rdw200169BlackDex: i can only imagine how awesome VirtualBox would run with 4 cores *sigh*08:34
FisherPriceIm trying to install intrepid from the CD but it crashes out08:34
BlackDexrdw200169: Me too :)08:34
FisherPricei don't know why, there seems to be some error with ata and sdb (which i assume to be the dvd drive)08:34
BlackDexim going to try running Vista native :008:34
jbu311Hi all, with ubuntu 8.10 and the newest kernel, should I be able to mount the root directory onto an ext4 partition?08:34
kj4hzw__FisherPrice, did you test the disk integrity?08:35
_wasabidoes anyone here use sipe for pidgin on windows?08:35
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rdw200169BlackDex: why not just get windows 7 beta? (hardeharhar)08:35
FisherPricekj4hzw__: no,08:35
FisherPricei suppose i could do that08:35
BlackDexhehe compay stuff, no illegal things08:35
kj4hzw__FisherPrice, I'd do that, that has burned me before.08:35
rdw200169BlackDex: it's all legal, they're giving it away until august08:36
BlackDexhopping i don't have to reactive vista08:36
miranda_psi!topic | _wasabi08:36
ubottu_wasabi: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic08:36
FisherPriceI'm going to log off, but i expect i'll be back08:36
kj4hzw__FisherPrice, do you have any specs on the machine, like what drive controler it has?08:36
_wasabiwell i was going to ask about cross compiling08:37
kj4hzw__FisherPrice: ok, good luck with that. if the disk is bad, burn another one at a slower speed08:37
kj4hzw__baa, i didn't see he had left.08:37
miranda_psi_wasabi: have you tried looking in the repository to see if it s in there?08:38
_wasabii'm trying to compile for windows08:38
jedexhi all08:39
_wasabii already have sipe on ubuntu. but i need to compile it for windows. i'm trying to get some help if anyone knows how to cross compile for windows08:39
UbubeginAfter making changes to the /etc/resolv.conf .. how do i check the change has taken effect...08:39
ikonia_wasabi: what are you trying to build ?08:39
jedexis the linux headers package included with default intrepid 8.10 installation?08:40
ikoniajedex: no08:40
pavel_yesterday i upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 and all my postgresql dtabases are gone...08:40
sarmisakjedex, probably no.08:40
BlackDexgrgrgr.. If i add bluetooth.blacklist=yes it still starts bluetooth after starting hardware abstraction layer hald08:40
miranda_psi_wasabi: you could try doing it under cygwin or looking into gcc cross compilation08:40
karamurdereed  israelll  015ferefsi015fzlerrrrrr08:40
oasishow do i add this to my ubuntu? http://i.gizmodo.com/5130515/how-to-make-your-linux-netbook-actually-kick-ass08:40
oasisthe launcher thing08:40
_wasabiikonia: i'm trying to build sipe for pidgin. miranda_psi: i'm looking into gcc for cross compilation. i couldn't get cygwin to compile correctly under windows08:41
_wasabiikonia: | miranda_psi: sipe is the microsoft exchange plugin for pidgin08:41
ikonia_wasabi: let me have a look at sipe, I don't know what it is, it is highly unlikley you will be able to build it for windows08:41
rdw200169oasis: the instructions seem pretty self explanatory: http://www.maximumpc.com/article/howtos/how_to_become_a_linux_netbook_poweruser?page=0%2C108:42
_wasabiikonia: yea i haven't had any luck with their latest code.08:42
_wasabibut it is doable08:42
FisherPriceWell, i checked.. no errors found08:43
zichodoes anyone here know if mednafen has an irc channel?08:43
ikonia_wasabi: I don't think it is as it depends on glib librarues that are not available in windows08:43
_wasabiikonia: someone on their forum mentioned something regarding kerberos as the primary problem why it's not compiling for windows08:43
ikoniazicho: come on - this isn't an irc directory channel08:43
ikonia_wasabi: I disagree,08:44
FisherPricewhy will 7.10 livecd work and not 8.10?08:44
_wasabiikonia: hmm the older versions i had no problem compiling in windows08:44
FisherPricei can't boot the livecd of intrepid08:44
ikonia_wasabi: this depends on glib2  I don't see that being available for windows (I could be wrong)08:44
FisherPriceand there's no cd errors08:44
ikonia_wasabi: either way, not really something for the #ubuntu channel to take forward as this isn't really an #ubuntu issue08:45
_wasabiikonia: http://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=5165627 but even when i cross compile in linux it doesn't work08:45
_wasabiikonia: ah okay08:45
ikonia_wasabi: you may want to ask the pidgin or the windows guys08:45
_wasabiikonia: okay thanks man. i appreciate you looking into that08:45
vegombrei /quit08:45
ganeshwhere can i find sis  3d driver?08:47
ikoniaganesh: sis has terrible support08:47
ikoniaganesh: the drivers are known to not work in a lot of cases, more so for 3d08:47
ikoniaganesh: that said there should be an xorg package08:48
pretendermy / is getting full any ideas to free some space up in running ubuntu 8.1008:49
ganeshikonia:01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter08:49
ganesh ikonia: whats the solution then?08:49
ikoniaganesh: that doesn't change anything08:49
ganesh ikonia: so no driver for my laptop?08:50
ikoniaganesh: there should be an xorg package containing sis xorg drivers, but they are known to be very bad08:50
ganesh ikonia: i ll try..how can i install?08:51
Duke_Heya. Anyone able to help with getting all my fx plugins right? Is there a single apt-get command that can do them?08:51
ikoniaganesh: open the package manager and search for the xorg packages08:51
ikoniaDuke_: fx plugins ?08:51
jedexdoes anyone have console framebuffer working in intrepid?08:51
Duke_as in java, flash etc.08:51
ikoniaDuke_: no, you need to install the packages you want08:52
Duke_Ah right08:52
ikoniajedex: yes, why don't you just ask your question rather than what anyone else is doing08:52
ikoniaDuke_: flashplugin-nonfree for example for flash08:52
Duke_alright, thanks08:52
quibblerpretender, look here: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/cleaning-up-all-unnecessary-junk-files-in-ubuntu.html08:53
ScixIs there a way to enable restricted drivers by script? I have like 100 computers with restircted wireless drivers08:55
quibblerpretender, or here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=14092008:55
ActionParsnipyo yo yo08:56
quibblerActionParsnip, is that a yiddish santa08:56
ActionParsnipquibbler: no its a ghetto santa, holla08:57
quibblerActionParsnip, good one08:57
RealRavenanyone know where I can find xslt-devel?08:58
RealRavenit seems it has gone away08:58
ActionParsnipRealRaven: apt-cache search xslt08:59
ikoniaRealRaven: libxslt1-dev08:59
ikoniaRealRaven: wasn't hard to find08:59
breathsOf10when i do     rm `find . | grep -i html`   .. it won't work because the grep returns filenames with spaces08:59
breathsOf10how do i escape the spaces08:59
ikoniabreathsOf10: errr that find command is nonsense09:00
breathsOf10ikonia: thanks =)09:00
ikoniabreathsOf10: find . -name '*.html'09:00
bobslaedebreathsOf10: find . -name .html | xargs rm -rf09:00
ikoniabreathsOf10: thats it09:00
breathsOf10ikonia: bobslaede: thanks, lemme try09:00
ikoniabreathsOf10: or use -exec rm -rf []09:01
ActionParsnipikonia: shift key a bit broken ? ;)09:01
ikoniaActionParsnip: ?09:01
ikoniathank you didn't notice09:02
breathsOf10ikonia: wad does xargs and -exec do?09:02
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ikoniabreathsOf10: tell it to "do" something09:02
LukaszIs it possible to launch an app in background through the terminal and stop it from printing the output?09:02
ikoniaLukasz: you can bg it09:02
ActionParsnipikonia: exec uses {} and not []09:02
ikoniaActionParsnip: I know, hence the typo09:03
ikoniaActionParsnip: didn't notice it was [] not P{09:03
bullgard4After having edited  a file in mc, how can I leave the mc-Editor and return to this filename in the file tree hierarchy?09:03
Lukaszikonia, Hey :) Yeah, typing "&" as the argument, but some, especially GTK will still be verbose09:03
ikoniaLukasz: no, bg it09:03
grndslmanybody know of a simple command to burn dvd isos, like "cdrecord"... but dvdrecord??09:04
Lukaszikonia, Can you tell me how please?09:04
ikoniaLukasz: bg command09:04
fuzeboxsoftwareAnyone know how to get the canon mp190 printer working on ubuntu?09:04
ikoniaLukasz: man bg09:04
breathsOf10find . -name *.html -exec rm -rf {} doesn't work09:04
ubottu-name is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']09:04
Lukaszikonia, Done, thanks09:04
breathsOf10error: find: missing argument to `-exec'09:04
lihufind . -name *.html -exec rm -rf {} \;09:04
ubottu-name is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']09:04
breathsOf10yup worked09:05
ikoniafind binutils09:05
ikoniafind .09:05
erbiwhere can i find  a large collection of engineering ebooks?09:05
savvasfind binutils intrepid09:05
ubottuFound: binutils, binutils-dev, binutils-doc, binutils-static, binutils-avr (and 9 others)09:05
savvasthere should be an "!" in front of find ;p09:06
breathsOf10i find find .... to be quite arcane .. tt's why i try to use other tools .. anw this is the command that worked:09:06
breathsOf10find . -name *.html -exec rm -rf {} \;09:06
ubottu-name is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']09:06
ikoniasavvas: yes, I'm looking at that09:06
savvasbreathsOf10: find . -name *.html -delete09:06
ActionParsnipsavvas: does that work? thats awesome09:07
savvas              Delete files; true if removal succeeded.  If the removal failed, an error message is issued.  If -delete fails, find’s exit09:07
savvas              status will be nonzero (when it eventually exits).  Use of -delete automatically turns on the -depth option.09:07
savvasit's in the manual :)09:07
ActionParsnipsavvas: tasty, like it09:08
Lukaszikonia, Hmm I'm googling it now. I still have one question to ask: if I bg "app", wouldn't it equal to "app &" ?09:12
ikoniaLukasz: shouldn't be09:12
ikoniaLukasz: same sort of thing09:12
Lukaszikonia, How come?09:12
Teknoapp & outputs all the sit to your terminal09:12
ScixIs there a way to enable restircted drivers autoamticaly in Ubuntu Intrepid?09:12
LukaszRight, that's the case09:12
NetTalkwhat is by default username and password for entering on main window ??????????09:13
ikoniaScix: what do you mean automatically09:13
ikoniaNetTalk: what main window ?09:13
fuzeboxsoftwarehow do you check for updates in synaptic package manager on certain stuff?09:13
NetTalkactually, i am using ubuntu via virtualBox09:13
ikoniaScix: if you go to system -> administration -> hardware drivers once they are enabled once, they should stay enabled09:13
ikoniafuzeboxsoftware: synaptic will alrt you09:13
ikoniaNetTalk: so /09:13
Scixikonia: I hva like 100 computers whit restircted wireless driver. How can i autoamticaly enable these by script09:13
NetTalkbut it´s asking me username and password09:13
ikoniaNetTalk: what "main window" are you talking about09:13
breathsOf10savvas: wow amazing .. never knew find could be so simple09:13
NetTalkmain window means main KDE09:13
ikoniaScix: if you install the correct package that should enable it by default09:14
ikoniaNetTalk: it's the username and password you setup at install time09:14
Scixikonia: How can I find the corrext package?09:14
breathsOf10savvas: find . -name *.html -delete   is the best09:14
ikoniaScix: look it up in synaptic09:14
Scixok. Tanks :)09:14
ActionParsnipNetTalk: if you have a clean install and are asked for any passwords, its the only password you actually know, the one you setup when you made the first user09:14
fuzeboxsoftwaredoes anyone use the guten driver for thier printer?09:15
perlmonkeyhi can anyone tell me why I can't install audacity (apt reports package not found) when its showing on packages.ubuntu.com for hardy?09:15
perlmonkeyfuzeboxsoftware I do09:15
fuzeboxsoftwareperlmonkey: it shows my canon mp190 printer when i go to print stuff and even acts like its going to print, but it never prints09:16
KiraHow do I list the current volume mount points and their corresponding device/volume?09:16
NetTalki have tried it but when i submit to username and password. it says "incorrect username and password"09:16
fuzeboxsoftwareperlmonkey: any clue how i can get it working?>09:16
aLeSDHi all ... how could I put the trash icon on the desktop ?09:16
perlmonkeyfuzeboxsoftware: I'm using it with an Epson DX4000 inkjet all-in-one printer and it works perfectly09:16
NetTalkeven i am trying at the first time09:17