RamblurrLure:  is libkdcraw included in kipi-plugins?00:02
astromme-laptopI'm having a crash starting plasma with the RC packages00:02
LureRamblurr: it is pard of kdegraphics, therefore in kubuntu-experimental00:02
LureRamblurr: kipi-plugins will pull it as dependancy00:02
astromme-laptopIs anyone else experiencing the same?00:02
Lureastromme-laptop: had that 4-6 hours ago, bot now it started to work - may be some recent update00:03
astromme-laptopLure: Are you on a i386 or an amd64 jaunty?00:04
Lureastromme-laptop: amd64/jaunty00:04
astromme-laptopI just re-installed this system from scratch an hour ago >_>00:04
Lureastromme-laptop: do you update from archive.ubuntu.com or from mirrors (that may be behind)?00:05
astromme-laptopLure: archive.ubuntu.com00:06
Lurethen I do not know what it may fixed it for me00:06
astromme-laptopmy kdebase-workspace-bin is Version: 4:4.1.96-0ubuntu200:06
Lureastromme-laptop: same here00:06
astromme-laptopLure: and libplasma3 is Version: 4:4.1.96-0ubuntu100:07
Lureastromme-laptop: did you tried to start it from konsole to see what it writes on it?00:08
astromme-laptopyeah, I have a backtrace here: http://rafb.net/p/3uLKb758.html00:08
astromme-laptopno error on the console except for "application crashing"00:09
astromme-laptopLure: What is your .kde/share/config/plasmarc (and other related files)00:09
RamblurrLure: hah, digikam 0.10.0-beta doesn't show images00:26
tvakahkmail's unusable here with the new 4.1.96 packages, goes down with a sigabrt whenever I try to send a message00:38
tvakah/build/buildd/kdepim-4.1.96/kmail/kmmsgbase.cpp:1035: off_t KMMsgBase::getLongPart(KMMsgBase::MsgPartType) const: Assertion `sizeOfLong == len' failed.00:38
ScottKtvakah: What architecture are you on?00:45
tvakahseems to have been a botched mail directory tho, I nuked ~/.kde/share/apps/mail and everythings fine now ( I'm an imap user so no pain in nuking local folders, the only thing lost was the unsent message in outbox )00:46
tvakahafter nuking mail, I can send a test message, rewriting the original to see if there's something wonky again00:46
ScottKamd64 only finished building recently.  Depening on mirror lag and such you may not have all the 4.1.96 packages yet.00:46
tvakahI'm intrepid pulling the ppa fwiw00:48
tvakahI'd be on jaunty, but I need nvidia driver and all that noise00:48
tvakahjust rewrote and sent the message, went fine this time, can't reproduce it, oh well :-/00:50
astromme-laptoptvakah: I'm using nvidia 180 on jaunty. I have to use the -ignoreABI option when starting X but it seems to be working fine. I'm using Kwin effects and wine 3d apps00:50
tvakahastromme-laptop: oh nice, how'd you force the install, equivs or manually from nvidia?00:51
astromme-laptoptvakah: It's now in jaunty repos (180).00:52
tvakahastromme-laptop: and doesn't provide the old conflicting package name?00:52
astromme-laptoptvakah: Doesn't seem to00:52
tvakahnice, I think it's upgrade time then00:52
torkianoI can't connect to my Gtalk account with kopete 4.2rc, someone else?00:52
astromme-laptoptvakah: Are you on amd64 or i386?00:53
astromme-laptopI'm having a crazy plasma crash issue on amd6400:54
tvakahastromme-laptop: amd6400:54
tvakahhow crazy?00:54
astromme-laptoptvakah: Like plasma crashes before it starts... I'm trying to debug it now. Something in the corona (so core stuff.... gah!) doesn't happen with my i386 machine00:55
seeleastromme-laptop: when did you upgrade?  there was a problem with python-kde4 that got fixed00:55
ScottKSomeone else was here having amd64 trouble earlier.00:55
seeleoh, amd6400:56
astromme-laptopseele: Today, just an hour or two ago00:56
* ScottK waves at LaserJock.00:56
seeledidnt LaserJock have that problem00:56
seeleScottK is on the ball00:56
astromme-laptopScottK: Did he resolve it?00:56
seelehoo wee this coffee is strong.  even after cream and syrup00:56
ScottKastromme-laptop: No.00:56
LaserJockI'm still not sure what's going on00:58
LaserJockI can't start X via X&00:58
LaserJockbut I can start KDM ok00:59
ScottKLaserJock meet astromme-laptop.   astromme-laptop meet LaserJock.  Maybe together you can figure it out ...00:59
LaserJockI log in, it shows part of the splash, then goes black00:59
* ScottK wonders if nixternal has bothered to upgrade.00:59
ScottKHe also has amd6400:59
LaserJockI check if plasma is started but it's not00:59
tvakahthankfully I don't really need plasma for anything but a wallpaper, so it's not even close to being a showstopper if it goes down in flames for me *upgrades with disregard*01:00
seeleScottK: i think nixternal is worried about collecting enough newspapers to burn for warmth01:00
LaserJockwell, I get nothing01:00
tvakahbut I'll let ya'll know just how many plasma pieces I have on the ground after I upgrade this amd64 box01:01
astromme-laptopyes, I get same thing....01:01
astromme-laptopI have a backtrace01:01
astromme-laptopURL: http://rafb.net/p/3uLKb758.html01:01
LaserJockastromme-laptop: what kind of video card?01:01
torkianosomeone trying digikam from experimental PPA?. My digikam crash on startup: digikam: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libdigikamcore.so.1: undefined symbol: _ZN6Marble12Ma01:01
astromme-laptopLaserJock: Intel01:02
LaserJocksame here01:02
tvakahsay umm, is the "acpi" package no longer used in jaunty?01:03
astromme-laptopX3100 with -intel drivers?01:04
LaserJockI don't think I have an X310001:06
LaserJocklspci claims: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)01:06
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=0&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 001:06
astromme-laptopLaserJock: Same, they're the same card01:07
LaserJockso perhaps it's a driver issue then01:07
astromme-laptopLaserJock: Perhaps... crashing on c->initializeLayout();01:08
astromme-laptopc is Corona01:08
ScottKI guess no one fixored kdesdk?01:16
astromme-laptopLaserJock: So looking at the backtrace it seems to be crashing in http://rafb.net/p/v6StL482.html01:21
LaserJockI see01:23
vorianScottK: i'll take a look at it01:23
astromme-laptopOoh, a new kdebase-runtime-data.... maybe that'll fix the crash....01:47
vorianScottK: i have a fix for kdesdk if you are about02:01
torkianoDigikam crash on startup: I follow thi http://www.digikam.org/drupal/node/420#comment-18128 and I installed marble-data but nothing changes02:22
voriannixternal: can you look at a fix for kdesdk?02:54
nixternalI can look at it quickly02:54
nixternalworking on a project that I have to get done soon :)02:55
vorianah, nevermind then02:55
nixternalhave to build the packages before I can move forward, so I can look at the diff now02:55
vorianit's the smallest change i think i've ever made02:56
nixternalnow why did I have to look at that diff?02:56
vorianbecause i'm not a core-dev02:56
voriansdk is FTBFS on all arch's except for amd6402:57
nixternalhow did this get missed before the upload that is now FTBFS?02:57
vorianno idea02:57
vorianwhat's even weirder is it actually built on amd6402:57
nixternalvorian: that is because the amd64 package didn't build kdesdk-scripts or even attempt to build it03:02
vorianhmm, happend on my system too03:04
voriannixternal: actually it did just build on my system03:10
nixternalgive me a debdiff and I will upload for you03:10
voriani just did03:10
nixternalahhh, silly tiling hid that from me03:11
vorianhold a sec03:12
nixternalyou found something else?03:12
voriani was making a proper debdiff :)03:12
nixternalno need to03:12
jjesseevening :)03:12
nixternalhowdy jjesse03:12
vorianthanks nixternal03:13
vorianhi jjesse03:13
nixternalvorian: give me the go ahead and I will press the little red dput button03:13
jjessehello vorian03:13
voriannixternal: fire away03:13
* vorian pushes revision03:13
nixternalI love how I can just upload a 6MB file in 9 seconds03:14
vorianthat is awesome03:14
nixternalSuccessfully uploaded packages.03:14
nixternalnp, thanks for fixing that03:14
nixternaltime to start chopping off fingers for missing that kind of stuff :)03:14
nixternalthat's why I test build on both i386 and x86_6403:14
nixternalthen again, I guess compared to a few, I would be considered quite anal, as I don't only test build on multiple platforms, but I also test installs, updates, and removals...and then do quick regression testing03:15
nixternalI may spend an extra 30 minutes, but at least I know it won't kill a install03:16
DaSkreechI always thought you were anal03:16
nixternalshove it03:16
DaSkreechsee? :)03:16
seelewow.. i skipped over a few key words and read that very wrong03:16
DaSkreechseele: You too huh?03:17
jjessenot the first time  :)03:17
nixternalthanks seele03:17
nixternalthe peanut gallery is on fire tonight03:17
jjessenope we are just paying more attention03:18
nixternalmaybe I will throw you all into my fireplace to keep me warm tonight ;)03:18
nixternalI love our weathermen this week03:18
nixternalwe were supposed to have a blizzard on monday...we got a light dusting at the most03:18
DaSkreechI love mine :)03:18
jjessenixternal: i was laughing at the poor weather man for the weather channel that was standing next to lake michigan holding up a thermoter the camera was trying to focus on03:18
DaSkreechLooks a lot like hot sun and no rain03:18
jjessenow you know you havea crappy job03:19
nixternalthen last night they tell us we should only get another dusting to 2 inches of snow03:19
nixternalwe got 703:19
nixternalnow they are telling us -2f for a high tomorrow with -20 to -40f windchills (-40c for you silly folks)03:19
nixternaland snow tonight...does it ever end?03:19
DaSkreechIt does in negril :)03:19
jjessein detroit this week, its slightly warmer03:19
* DaSkreech taunts03:19
nhandlerWell, hopefully they are wrong about the temperature. I want warm weather03:19
nixternalnhandler: I am with you03:19
nixternalyou are in BG right?03:20
nixternalI can never remember03:20
nhandlerYes nixternal03:20
nixternalhow was your snow today?03:20
nixternalit snowed the entire day downtown03:20
nhandlerIt wasn't too bad. But I did need to clean off the driveway (a few inches)03:20
nhandlerThe worst part was the blowing wind03:20
nixternalI looked out, saw the sun, and was like hell ya, lets go for a walk...by the time I got downstairs, it was snowing again03:20
nixternali measured the driveway before snowblowing tonight, just over 7"03:21
nixternalthankfully it was a really light powder though, so it took me no time to clear the drive03:21
nhandlerWe just got a new snow blower. It went right through the piles of snow without any problems03:23
jjessei pay someone to plow my driveway03:24
jjesseso i don't worry about it03:24
ScottKvorian: If you're still up and need sponsoring I can do kdesdk.03:24
nixternalreal men clean their own driveway03:24
nixternalScottK: to late :)03:24
vorianScottK: nixternal got it for me03:24
ScottKExcellent.  That's one thing.03:24
jjessenixternal: real men make enough money to pay others to do it for them03:24
vorianScottK: also, amarok is done03:25
nixternaljjesse: real men keep their money and buy beer with it03:25
ScottKvorian: Good to hear.03:25
vorianit's been a fun day03:25
nixternalno it hasn't!03:25
jjesseno it hasn't03:25
jjesseno internet at the client site means i spend all night catching up on work email :0903:26
nixternalhahaha, today in our scrum meeting, my boss (Andy) was in it...this is my portion of the scrum:03:26
nixternalI started the USB, then Andy interrupted me and had me work on some silly little thing, then I started USB, and then Andy interrupted me again....I did that about 10 times03:26
nixternaland then it was Andy's turn, and I interrupted him and said "Bugged Rich and Dusty all day" :)03:27
nixternalbooyah, hope he got that through his little micro-management skull03:27
* DaSkreech misses nixternal's Booyahs03:27
nixternalI see I have written a fairly large chunk of badly broken code...was supposed to clean my db, well it took it from 5GB to just over 23GB :p03:29
nixternalwas wondering why it ran for so long, now I know03:29
ScottKAny suggestions on what to kick off the CD if it's oversize again?03:41
nixternal*gtk* :p03:42
DaSkreechHow much oversize?03:42
ScottKDunno yet.03:43
nixternalwhy are we having such an oversize issue with jaunty?03:43
DaSkreechnixternal: Cause Ubuntu sucks03:43
nixternalwell, Ubuntu seems to always be within the 1 CD limit03:43
DaSkreechSo do we03:43
ScottKI already kicked PIM and Amarok off for Alpha 2.03:43
nixternalI have noticed on a few daily images that it was mid 700's03:43
DaSkreechSeemingly so03:43
ScottKNo Firefox on Kubuntu CD03:43
DaSkreechkdelibs4 ?03:43
ScottKNot yet.03:44
DaSkreechI thought that Firefox was on the CD?03:44
nixternaljust give people the kernel03:44
jjessethe kernel?03:44
DaSkreechIsn't it part of the Windows apps?03:44
nixternalthat is what I would remove03:44
DaSkreechThe OpenCd or FOSS CD or whatever?03:44
jjessekick the windows apps off then03:44
nixternalwubi and whatever else03:44
* ScottK considers.03:44
jjesseanything packaged by nixternal?03:44
jjessehow about the documentation?03:44
nixternalthough, that is part of the ISO QA03:44
nixternaldocumentation souldn't be all that large since there are no translations in it03:45
DaSkreechDo we really need plasma and kwin ?03:45
DaSkreechha ha03:46
nixternalwhat needs mysql again? is that still on there?03:46
DaSkreechnixternal:  read the Ars write up on Qt Qiking it to GTK ?03:46
DaSkreechI think03:46
ScottKEverything that needs mysql is punted.03:46
ScottKAkonadi too which is why PIM is punted.03:47
nixternalanything that needs mysql should never get put back on03:47
ScottKIt may come to that for space reasons.03:47
DaSkreechkdelibs? :003:47
nixternalif people don't know how to allow multiple db backends, then it isn't ready03:47
ScottKIt's a feature, not a bug.03:47
* ScottK considers word processing the only office suite function that has to stay on the CD.03:48
ScottKI'll probably trim OOo first.03:48
nixternalScottK: true, but who is doing word processing in an alpha release?03:49
DaSkreechOooh OO.o03:49
nixternalwe really need to be testing the base more so than the silly 3rd party apps right now03:49
ScottKYeah, well it's the chunk of it that sucks the least and gets used the most.03:49
nixternalI would get rid of OO.o over KDEPIM03:50
DaSkreechWhen Koffice ships perhaps03:50
nixternaldon't hold your breath03:50
ScottKExcept it wasn't just KDEPIM.  It was PIM/Akonadi/Mysql.03:50
nixternalthough I have always preferred KOffice over everything else03:50
nixternalis Akonadi ever going to get plugins for other db's?03:51
* ScottK just buries his head in the sand and pretends it's not there.03:51
* ScottK likes his Maildirs.03:51
nixternalaren't the maildirs still there even with akonadi?03:52
nixternalI need something to eat...I am starving03:52
ScottKDunno for sure.  My understanding is it's all in a pretty database and I needn't worry my pretty little head about it because it will be perfect and never lose my data.03:53
nixternalScottK: just so you know, the dist-upgrade is better than it was last night...running it right now to see what I get04:16
nixternalthis is pretty much a default install I am doing it on as well04:16
ScottKExcept kdesdk amd64 is all built now.04:16
ScottKDid LaserJock ever figure out what was up with his install?04:16
nhandlerI don't think so ScottK04:17
nixternalthere were no lasers installed04:17
LaserJockScottK: looks like maybe a driver problem or maybe a bug in ... something, astromme_ was looking into it last I heard04:17
nixternallaunchpadlib is a pretty cool python library04:17
nixternalor package rather04:18
voriani just lost plasma04:18
nixternalvorian: sudo apt-get install transfusion04:18
* ScottK hands vorian the plasma bucket.04:18
nixternalsounds like a disease to me, not a bug04:18
vorianit's both04:18
voriankwin's still kick'n though with compositing and everything04:19
ScottKSomone want to port debconf to use Perl QT4 bindings so libqt-perl can go to universe.04:22
nixternalsomething crashed during the upgrade...and didn't tell me what it was04:25
nixternalbut like vorian....I don't have plasma :)04:25
ScottKWhen I upgraded 4.1.3 to 4.1.4 I had about a bazillion crash on logout when I restarted after the upgrade.04:26
ScottKSince then - fine.04:26
* ScottK knocks wood.04:26
nixternalScottK: what's up with bluez? is it working in kde4 yet? if not, that might be something to look at for space04:27
ScottKAlready punted.04:27
ScottKIt actually turns out we may have some free space.04:27
ScottKalternate came in under.  Still waiting for live.04:27
voriani just re-booted, all is hunky dory04:28
nixternalya, rebooting now04:28
astromme-laptopI looked into it... still have no idea04:28
nixternalbluetooth on a laptop is a waste :)04:28
nixternalbluetooth is a waste to be honest04:28
astromme-laptopThe furthest I got was... a backtrace that pointed to a function and no more04:28
astromme-laptopnixternal: I hope you're kidding....04:28
nixternalhaha, I love when that happens04:28
nixternalastromme-laptop: not kidding at all actually...I despise bluetooth04:29
astromme-laptopnixternal: I <3 my bluetooth. Laptop -> Nokia N78 -> AT&T 3G plan == goodness internet wherever04:29
astromme-laptopbluetooth as medium? terrible... but a local small wireless standard? great...04:29
nixternalguess I can give you that04:30
nixternalvorian: post reboot == !hunky dory04:30
astromme-laptopOk, back to the crash...04:30
astromme-laptophttp://rafb.net/p/3uLKb758.html is the backtrace. http://rafb.net/p/v6StL482.html is the function04:31
voriansorry nixternal04:31
ScottKLooks very computer sciency.  Maybe nixternal will fathom it.04:32
* nixternal removes ~/.kde and tries again04:32
* ScottK suspects interference from his Windows 7 beta install.04:32
nixternalnope, still dead04:33
nixternalI don't even get a plasma crash04:33
nixternalI just get the "black screen of death" and a mouse cursor04:33
nixternaland krunner04:33
astromme-laptopnixternal: I get that as well. Open up konsole04:34
ScottKThat sounds like about what LaserJock was getting.04:34
astromme-laptopnixternal: Then try starting plasma04:34
ScottKand astromme-laptop04:34
astromme-laptopit sounds exactly what I'm getting04:34
astromme-laptopyou'll see the "it probably crashed" text04:34
astromme-laptopif you want to get a backtrace, run "gdb plasma" and then "run --nofork -nocrashhandler"04:34
astromme-laptopnixternal: Are you on amd64 or i386?04:35
astromme-laptopok, we're all on amd6404:35
astromme-laptopDo you have an intel card? (mine is a 965/X3100)04:35
* vorian is on amd64 and has plasma04:36
astromme-laptopHmm.... 2 bits of similarities04:36
* vorian has intel04:36
astromme-laptopvorian: 4.2RC?04:36
nixternalhrmm, /etc/X11/xorg.conf is empty04:36
vorianof course04:36
astromme-laptopvorian: kdelibs5: Version: 4:4.1.96-0ubuntu104:37
voriansome of the kdebase-runtime packages just have been published04:37
astromme-laptopkdebase-runtime-data? I just got those... still crash04:37
astromme-laptopOh, an even newer one...04:38
* astromme-laptop scurries off to try04:38
astromme-laptopnope, still crash04:39
vorianmight be helpful to remove mysql-server-5.1 until the next version of amarok rolls out04:39
nixternaldpkg -l kde* | grep ^ii04:40
nixternaleverything is 4:4.1.9604:40
voriannixternal: it's the kdm04:42
nixternalnope, it is the intel driver04:43
vorianjaunty or intrepid?04:43
nixternalastromme-laptop: cat /var/log/kdm.log04:43
astromme-laptopnixternal: Yuck...04:44
DaSkreechnixternal: Mail client ?04:44
voriani havent updated my system until tonight04:44
astromme-laptopnixternal: Looks like the driver, yuck yuck yuck04:44
astromme-laptoplots of ../../../libdrm/intel/intel_bufmgr_gem.c:664: Error setting memory domains 901 (00000040 00000000): Interrupted system call .04:44
nixternalastromme-laptop: yup04:44
astromme-laptopok, so can I downgrade this driver for now? I'm unfamiliar with how to do that with apt04:45
DaSkreechAnyone has IMAP in kmail ?04:45
astromme-laptopDaSkreech: Yes, I have DIMAP04:45
vorianastromme-laptop: i have those errors too04:45
astromme-laptop5 mailboxes of it infact04:45
DaSkreechIt crashes for me in RC as soon as it starts to pull mail04:45
astromme-laptopvorian: And you have plasma?04:45
nixternalhahaha...my damn kwin effects sill kind of work04:45
astromme-laptopDaSkreech: Haven't tried RC yet04:45
nixternalwent to the top left accidentally and everything scaled04:45
vorianastromme-laptop: yep04:45
DaSkreechastromme-laptop: Ok expect crashes :)04:46
astromme-laptopnixternal: Mine all work perfectly. Just no desktop...04:46
astromme-laptopDaSkreech: Not good! I need my emails >_>04:46
astromme-laptopI'll know _not_ to upgrade my desktop when I get back to uni in a few days04:46
nixternalwth is ORD camp? my CEO just left me a message and wanted to know if I was interested04:47
astromme-laptopxserver-xorg-video-intel 2:2.5.1-1ubuntu7?  and uname -r 2.6.28-4-generic?04:48
nixternalBe Prepared to Demo or Speak. The attendees at this conference are also the presenters.  You've been selected because we think you have something interesting to say or show the other folks at the conference.04:48
nixternaloh my, what has he gotten me into04:48
astromme-laptopvorian: What intel card do you have?04:48
astromme-laptopnixternal: Lol!04:49
* astromme-laptop has the same.. X310004:49
nixternalI have the G3104:49
nixternalwhatever the hell that is04:49
vorianyeah, i have a t6104:49
vorianit's a love machine04:49
ScottKvorian: Please could the next KDE is really cool screenshot (and it is a great screenshot) not have FIrefox in it?04:50
astromme-laptopI have the X61tablet. Beautiful compact machine04:50
LaserJockastromme-laptop: so you think maybe downgrading xserver-xorg-video-intel might work?04:50
vorianScottK: sure :)04:50
vorianScottK: it was a spur of the moment thing04:50
astromme-laptopLaserJock: Dunno.... it seems that vorian has the same card as us though, and he has a working plasma04:50
LaserJockScottK: but FF is the bestest ever!!!!1!04:51
astromme-laptopvorian: What's your kernel version and xorg video driver version?04:51
nixternalastromme-laptop: aptitude changelog xserver-xorg-video-intel04:51
vorianastromme-laptop: all the newest jaunty provided04:51
nixternalis your version different than the one installed in the changelog?04:51
voriani have ZERO update pending04:51
vorianyes, we kept the good packaging for ourselves :P04:52
ScottKLaserJock: FF is the most free of the non-FOSS browsers.04:52
astromme-laptopnixternal: Yes mine is ubuntu7 not ubuntu904:52
nixternalwth is that all about?04:52
vorianScottK: ok, I'll stick with konq for one week and see if i can switch04:53
LaserJockScottK: or is it the most non-free of the FOSS browsers?04:53
ScottKvorian: I still use both, but I find I use FF only a little.04:53
nixternalFF is the bestest ever memory hog!04:53
ScottKLaserJock: Perhaps.04:53
astromme-laptopnixternal: Dunno... earlier I had a similar thing... I could see the 4.1.96 package of kdebase-workspace-bin in the repo but I couldn't upgrade to it and apt said no upgrades....04:53
nixternalepiphany + webkit ftw!04:53
astromme-laptopMeh..... Konqueror + KHTML here04:53
LaserJockI can't stand konqi or epiphany :(04:53
ScottKMostly what I use too.04:54
astromme-laptopvorian: Are you on the latest as shown in the changelog? ubuntu9?04:54
ScottKI am like FF3 better than 1.5 or 2.04:54
vorianlemme see04:54
DaSkreechFinal Fantasy 3 was much better than 204:55
DaSkreechI really disliked final fantasy 204:55
LaserJockoh wow, I'm on linux today, nifty04:55
* astromme-laptop is confuzzled04:55
ScottKnixternal: How big is the binary for kubuntu-docs?04:55
nixternalvorian: so set me straight here...you have jaunty, intel, amd64, and don't have the problems we are having right now?04:55
nixternalScottK: should only be a couple of meg right now04:56
vorianastromme-laptop: xserver-xorg-video-intel (2:2.5.1-1ubuntu9) jaunty; urgency=low04:56
astromme-laptopthe plot thickens....04:56
DaSkreechLaserJock: X broked?04:56
astromme-laptophow do you have ubuntu9 when I can only seem to get ubuntu7?04:56
vorianastromme-laptop: you have broken dependancies04:57
DaSkreechHe's in the 9er club04:57
voriandid you dist-upgrade?04:57
astromme-laptopRegardless... I don't think that should matter, as the changelog doesn't show anything pertaining to my setup04:57
astromme-laptopvorian: yes04:57
astromme-laptop"sudo aptitude full-upgrade"04:57
LaserJockand we're all pulling from the same mirror?04:58
voriani never use aptitude whilst running alpha stuff04:58
voriani'm on the main archive, thanks to some advice from ScottK04:58
astromme-laptophttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ is my mirror04:58
astromme-laptopis that the main archive?04:58
LaserJockk, so that's not it04:58
astromme-laptopvorian: Why not aptitude?04:59
LaserJockaptitude's too smart04:59
LaserJockit can really screw you over trying to help :-)04:59
vorianit pulls in things you may not want while in alpha04:59
vorianLinux vorian 2.6.24-21-virtual - Cpu0: AMD Opteron 2188MHz; /: 7.6G(f=4.0G); Up: 2d+1:42; Users: 1; Load: 0.01;05:00
astromme-laptopok, with that aside, what's different between our systems.... I did a fresh install of ubuntu today. Minimal jaunty install and then "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"05:00
astromme-laptopYou're on the 2.6.24 kernel? I'm on 2.6.2805:01
vorianastromme-laptop: nope, that's my server05:01
astromme-laptopvorian: ok, lol05:01
voriani was silly thinking sysinfo would work :P05:01
nixternalhahaha, I do that all of the time05:01
astromme-laptopvorian: can you post your ~/.kde/share/config/plasma* files?05:03
vorianwhoa, we just met05:03
vorianaren't you going to at least buy me dinner?05:03
ScottKOK.  I'll put docs back in first then.05:04
astromme-laptophttp://rafb.net/paste ?05:05
astromme-laptopdo you have a plasma-appletsrc or similar?05:05
vorianastromme-laptop: yep, getting it now05:05
* astromme-laptop has plasma!05:07
* astromme-laptop did not have plasma without those two files05:07
astromme-laptopnixternal: Try those 2 files05:08
DaSkreechthose to files should be auto created05:08
astromme-laptopDaSkreech: I agree05:08
nixternalDaSkreech: right, that is why I removed ~/.kde05:08
astromme-laptopBut plasma is choking on something05:08
astromme-laptopnixternal: Same, I removed mine05:08
astromme-laptopwow, the panel sure does look more and more beautiful with every release05:09
nixternalastromme-laptop: yes, I have plasma again05:11
nixternalthat is...ummm....silly05:11
astromme-laptopyes, quite05:11
nixternalI have knetworkmangler icon in a small window in the top left too05:11
astromme-laptopPlasma seems to be choking on creating its corona (desktop view)05:12
nixternalheh, everything is crashing05:12
nixternalplasma, nepomuk, and something else that I couldn't see05:12
astromme-laptopnixternal: Lol.... I've switched to the plasmoid. Although its really really buggy, it's less so than knetworkmanager05:12
nixternalI have a desktop, I don't even need knetworkmangler05:13
DaSkreechoooh new Koffice05:13
astromme-laptopnixternal: oh, heh05:13
DaSkreechDowe have packages?05:13
DaSkreechand do they screw up anything?05:13
astromme-laptopYeah, koffice packages tended to screw things up for me before.....05:14
DaSkreechPretty much but I love playing around with them05:15
DaSkreechWait Koffice is on a monthly release cycle?05:15
astromme-laptopDaSkreech: monthly alpha/beta release cycle... they're just snapshots of progress05:17
DaSkreechNeat! So do we package them?05:18
astromme-laptopwhoops... same thing as before:  trying to overwrite `/usr/share/icons/oxygen/16x16/actions/object-order-back.png', which is also in package kde-icons-oxygen05:19
astromme-laptopthat's in koffice-data-kde405:19
astromme-laptopgrrr....   amarok: Depends: amarok-common (= 2: but it is not going to be installed05:23
astromme-laptopamarok-common is
vorianastromme-laptop: give it a bit longer05:23
* seele yawns05:23
astromme-laptopvorian: Still building?05:23
voriani just uploaded
vorianyikes indeed05:24
vorianastromme-laptop: well, like 2 hours ago05:25
astromme-laptopE: Couldn't fetch URL http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/a/amarok/amarok_2.0.1.1-0ubuntu4/changelog05:25
astromme-laptopE: Couldn't find a changelog for amarok05:25
ScottKnixternal: You doing release notes?05:25
nixternalooh damn, I forgot about that...when are we releasing?05:26
nixternalearly or late though? what's the word?05:26
ScottKWhen it's ready.05:27
ScottKIt's the one time we're like Debian.05:27
ScottKnixternal: kubuntu-docs and kmail go back on the CD.05:27
ScottKkubuntu-docs still ancient though.05:27
vorianScottK: kmail seem broken atm05:27
ScottKnixternal: We got KDE 4.2 RC1 and then in Universe (need testing) we'll want people to install and look at quassel and amarok 2.05:28
vorian(and chokoq)05:28
ScottKvorian: We aren't aiming that at Main for this release.05:29
ScottKastromme-laptop: Kubuntu Jaunty Alpha 3.05:29
* astromme-laptop nods05:29
astromme-laptopinteresting.. http://launchpad.net/+builds shows the amd64 build machines idle05:30
vorianScottK: just figured out why kmail is borked05:30
vorianmysql-server 5.005:31
vorianit would have built before the migration05:31
ScottKWhat about it?05:31
ScottKActually that'd be Akonadi.05:31
DaSkreech!info choqok05:33
ubottuPackage choqok does not exist in intrepid05:33
DaSkreech!info choqok jaunty05:33
ubottuchoqok (source: choqok): KDE Twitter Client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.1-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 150 kB, installed size 656 kB05:34
ScottKLooks like Akonadi was built before 5.1 was in, so it should be OK.05:34
DaSkreechOh neat05:34
DaSkreechvorian: Whats the point of that?05:34
vorianDaSkreech: it's for folks who like using twitter/identi.ca w/o using the web interface05:35
DaSkreechDoesn't KDE shipp with a plasmoid for that?05:35
voriankind of05:35
ScottKvorian: You might try rebuilding akonadi locally and see if it's better.05:36
LaserJockastromme-laptop: so did we end up with a workaround?05:36
vorianScottK: it actually had been booted somehow from my system05:37
voriani was able to reinstall it fine05:37
DaSkreechvorian: What's the kind of05:37
astromme-laptopLaserJock: Yes, use somone elses plasmarc and plasma-appletsrc05:38
vorianthe plasmoid is a plasmoid, this is a free floating do-hicky05:38
astromme-laptopvorian, nixternal: aseigo says that the backtrace screams of a plasmoid compiled for an earlier libplasma05:38
vorianastromme-laptop: ScottK apachelogger and i rebuild every plasmoid yesterday05:39
ScottKWell we rebuilt them all against the new release.05:39
astromme-laptopvorian: Where is the default applets loaded stored?05:39
astromme-laptopis there a conf file somewhere?05:39
astromme-laptopwith the kubuntu customizations?05:40
LaserJockScottK: even on amd64?05:40
vorianwe ship them straigh up, for the most part05:40
ScottKLaserJock: Good point.05:40
LaserJockbecause we had to rebuild some05:41
LaserJocks/some/kdebase-workspace, etc./05:41
ScottKBut I'm pretty sure kde4libs was built and that's where plasma lives.05:41
astromme-laptopScottK: Not for the desktop plasmoids05:42
LaserJockplasma was in kdebase-workspace on my machine05:42
* astromme-laptop nods at LaserJock05:42
LaserJockat least I didn't have it until I installed it05:42
ScottKastromme-laptop: Right, but the point is the libplasma we built against was the new one.05:42
* ScottK looks at vorian.05:42
voriani don't understand05:43
vorianoh no05:43
ScottKnixternal: Since you have amd64 and you're an hour west of vorian and I, could you take over looking into this?05:43
aseigohello people with the crashing plasmas05:43
ScottKaseigo: Hello.05:43
vorianhi aseigo05:43
aseigoif you're all getting that same backtrace, i can make the hunting and searchig much easier for you:05:43
ScottKWe did rebuild all our plasmoids yesterday.05:43
aseigoflushPendingConstraints does not call sceneEventFilter05:44
ScottKWe just may have some architecture skew.05:44
nixternalScottK: not tonight...need to finish up these release notes and hit the sack05:44
vorianScottK: i can stay up for a bit05:44
ScottKAh.  Great.05:44
aseigoin fact, it so happens that when you see that it means that a widget was built against a different libplasma than the one installed05:44
aseigoin particular the last BIC change to libplasma (just prior to the rc iirc) ... the installed libplasma will have that change, and the widget will have been built against the earlier version of it05:45
DaSkreechhi aseigo05:45
nixternaloh no, you guys brought aseigo in here05:45
aseigoi can guarantee you that with 100% confidence =)05:45
ScottKOK.  So we rebuild them again.05:45
aseigoso .. make sure that *all* widgets are built against the *current* libplasma05:45
aseigoand your problems will go away05:45
* astromme-laptop chuckles at nixternal05:45
DaSkreechaseigo: While on the subject05:45
ScottKaseigo: Thanks.  We thought we'd done that, clearly not.05:45
aseigosorry for the inconvenience of that last BIC change, but it was the cleanest way to fix a particular sort of bug and after 4.2.0 we can not make such changes anymore05:46
DaSkreechaseigo: My friend on Slack builds trunk and since Monday he's been getting plasma crash right after it starts a qstardict engine ?05:46
aseigoScottK: remember that there are widgets in kdebase/apps, kdebase/workspace, kdeplasma-addons and then a few in kdeedu and elsewhere. though if it's hitting the default set up, it's most likely folderview that didn't get a rebuild.05:46
astromme-laptopI will add that I have folderview up atm05:47
aseigoDaSkreech: he needs to generate a backtrace and then file a report on bugs.kde.org =)05:47
astromme-laptopnot crashed05:47
DaSkreechaseigo: Any thing in that ring a bell?05:47
aseigoScottK: oh, and is kubuntu shipping that .. quicklauncher or whatever..?05:47
astromme-laptopI'm guessing it's the quick folder access plasmoid05:47
DaSkreechaseigo: I think he did but I have no clue what calls qstar-dict05:47
astromme-laptopaseigo: Yeah, that's what I was thinking05:47
aseigoquick access! right05:47
aseigoyes, that's not in kde's packages, so yes.. i just remember you guys ship that in the defaults05:47
aseigoastromme-laptop: try adding that to your current layout?05:47
DaSkreechQuick access is great05:48
astromme-laptopbam crash05:48
astromme-laptopaseigo:  nail on the head05:48
DaSkreechit's a really nice showcase for KDE :)05:48
ScottKplasmoid-quickaccess - just checked the CD seeds05:48
vorianis anyone here running anything other than amd64, perchance?05:48
aseigook, rebuild that package and life will be rosy again05:48
astromme-laptopaseigo: thanks05:48
nixternalvorian: I run them all05:48
ScottKvorian: Aren't you?05:48
aseigothat is all. *hugs*05:48
ScottKThank you05:48
vorianScottK: i run amd6405:49
DaSkreechWho was that masked coder?05:49
vorianand i am not having these problems05:49
astromme-laptopDaSkreech: lol05:49
astromme-laptopvorian: Add the quickaccess plasmoid05:49
voriani am using it05:49
astromme-laptopdo you get a crash?05:49
ScottKAll the people that had trouble have been on amd64, so I'm going to assume i386 is fine.05:49
* nixternal is starting to think he is not the best person to be doing release notes...as he is just sitting here looking at the sections wondering wth to write05:50
ScottKnixternal: Can you at least sponsor the main rebuilds?05:50
vorianlook next to the kicker05:50
nixternalI can sponsor them first thing in the morning...I have to be up at 4am for an archive re-org conference call :(05:50
astromme-laptopvorian: I don't see it05:50
nixternalthey are getting me up before I get up for work dangit05:51
vorianok, hold on05:51
astromme-laptopvorian: not quicklaunch, quick access05:51
ScottKnixternal: Too late.  Need them done now.05:51
nixternalgimme the debdiffs and ensure they aren't crack05:51
* seele rubs her eyes05:51
nixternaldon't have time to build, just upload05:51
seeleaseigo was in #kubuntu-devel?05:51
ScottKvorian: Please be making debdiffs.05:51
ScottKseele: he was05:51
vorianScottK: sure thing05:52
* ScottK passes the Kubuntu RM hat to Vorian.05:52
ScottKvorian: You need to talk to slangasek in #ubuntu-release about the status and when they are all uploaded.05:52
vorianScottK: ok05:52
vorianastromme-laptop: http://machine-crusade.net/quick.png05:53
* astromme-laptop wonders if this is the morning for seele05:53
ScottKvorian: slangasek said he can sponsor some too nixternal gets too tired.05:53
astromme-laptopvorian: Sounds like you're busy so don't worry about it now... but that's the quicklaunch plasmoid. The quickaccess lets you click and have a folder05:54
tvakahso the network manager plasmoid makes things asplode, but other than that jaunty's treated me well so far05:54
tvakahoh and, I had to disable the bootup splash or I got a bunch of grpahic garbage during boot05:55
ScottKGood night all.  Good luck.05:55
astromme-laptopAnyways, I'm heading out for the night as well. Thank you for persisting and helping to figure out what the problem was05:55
* LaserJock hugs #kubuntu-devel05:57
vorianwhere to start05:58
tvakahis the network manager plasmoid working for anyone?06:01
astromme-laptoptvakah: Yeah, it was for me06:03
tvakahastromme-laptop: hmm06:03
astromme-laptopYou have to configure it and then reload the plasmoid (remove and re add it)06:03
tvakahastromme-laptop: it seems to make things break into many pieces here06:03
astromme-laptopare you working from a svn build of it or is there a package?06:03
tvakahnope latest jaunty06:03
astromme-laptopthere's a package?06:03
tvakahdunno, all I know is I had it after aptitude had doen its magic ;)06:04
tvakahI have kubuntu-experimental ppa enabled too so that may be it ;)06:04
DaSkreechnixternal: I can't write them this time I'm camping all tomorrow06:05
astromme-laptoptvakah: You might be running into the same problem as us.... where it was built against an older version of plasma. Does it crash your plasma? (black desktop for a moment)?06:05
nixternali am writing them now06:05
tvakahyeah that sounds about right06:05
tvakahat least I was able to get my interface up by adding an automatic config through the kcm for it06:05
tvakahsince I have to stop the kded module to beable to run gnome's nm-applet otherwise06:05
astromme-laptopoh wait06:06
astromme-laptopare you using something that sits in your system tray or a plasmoid?06:06
tvakahthe backend part of it works fine, just not the plasma interface06:06
tvakahthere is a "Networks" plasmoid06:06
astromme-laptopYeah... that was buggy for me. It's not even close to ready, and it's sure not supposed to be released with 4.206:07
tvakahaforementioned ppa package has /usr/share/kde4/services/plasma-applet-networkmanager.desktop06:07
tvakahright, time to downgrade to jaunty's version then hehe06:07
tvakahwhich is still the old kde3 version D:06:08
tvakahamarok2 eh? did the -common package finally make it up? ;)06:10
tvakah( amarok-common is unavailable at least here on amd64 )06:12
astromme-laptoptvakah: Same... give it some time.06:14
voriannixternal: quickaccess http://paste.ubuntu.com/105059/06:14
nixternalif that wiki page needs updates, it is now up to you :) I am going to help vorian, and get 2 more commits in for work, and then make sure my presentations for Saturday and ORD Camp are ready and backed up06:22
astromme-laptopok, for reals now... night all06:25
doc__hi there09:47
Riddelllive CD seems to be working11:45
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
ghostcubehi coders :) is there anything known about faulty 64 bit 4.1.4 update packages or not all bnuilded till now i have probs with the update12:20
Riddellthey may not all have compiled yet12:20
Riddellthey hadn't yesterday12:20
ghostcubehmmm ok that may explain it i have big bugs after installing the ones available tillnow12:21
ghostcubethx Riddell12:22
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
NCommanderso kde4libs is fixed12:26
NCommanderWhy is it KDE breaks just around the time of freeze12:26
jussi01NCommander: theres this guy called Murphy, and he has a law....12:32
* NCommander beats jussi01 12:32
ghostcubeisnt he a robot :O12:32
ghostcubebye guys and girls12:35
Lurewhy installing amarok wants to remove akonadi?12:49
* Lure wants kmail and amarok at the same time12:49
Riddellpresumably some clash in mysql 5.0 and 5.112:51
LureRiddell: looks like, not sure how to get around...12:57
Lureanybody using amarok at all?12:57
Riddellwe need to jiggle around the mysql packages until they work for us12:59
Riddellonce this alpha is out of the way that's what I'll be looking at12:59
ghostcubehmm ok ScottK told me the 64 bit packages are all done as it seems is there anything known then about bugs inside the 4.1.4 64 bit packages from proposed13:09
ghostcubecause they didnt work as expected here13:10
Riddellghostcube: what's the problem?13:10
ScottKLure: Because you can't co-install mysql 5.0/5.1.  vorian has details.13:10
LureScottK: thanks, will ask vorian when around13:11
ghostcubeRiddell, hmm ok lets start first i get an crash report at start of kde and i cant tell umore cause kde crash handler cant tell me anything about13:11
vorianLure: its a long sad twisted story13:11
ghostcubethen the systemsettings >> sound  isnt working anymore just not opening13:11
ghostcubeamarok2 isnt opening13:11
Lurevorian: isn't it always? ;-)13:11
ghostcubeand the system windows of kde like settings or dolphin doesnthave any deco if i enable compiz13:12
voriankmail uses akonadi and mysql-server 5.013:12
* Lure is not sure if he wants to bother and rather wait with amarok ;-)13:12
vorianamarok uses mysql-server 5.113:12
Lurevorian: but embedded, right?13:12
vorianthe two versions are not co-installable13:12
Lurevorian: oh, that is the root cause - I thought it is co-installable in limited way13:13
vorianLure: yes, but for now it also depends on mysql-server-5.`13:13
Lure5.1, got it ;-)13:13
ghostcubeRiddell, worked all fine till 4.1.3 and yesterday i updated :D13:13
ghostcubethen boom13:13
ghostcubemay i can provide an gdb for systemsettings moment13:14
ghostcubeRiddell, crash handler for systemsettings >> sound13:15
apacheloggerghostcube: install libxine1-dbg13:16
apacheloggerand kdelibs5-dbg if it doesn't get pulled in13:16
apacheloggerthen get a new backtrace13:16
ghostcube700 mb uffz13:17
ghostcubei will tell when iam finioshed lol takes a bit13:18
Riddelljust installed 4.1.4 on my amd64, no crashes, system settings sound works fine13:19
Riddelldoesn't mean I don't believe you :)13:19
ghostcubeno prob it just strange13:20
ghostcubehave u installed gstremer backend ?13:20
ghostcubei have13:20
ghostcubeall damn plugins too for gstreamer could this be an prob oo13:21
apacheloggerwhat is a live usb creator?13:21
Riddellcould be13:21
apacheloggerdoes it pop out usb sticks?13:21
ghostcubeno idea m,aybe the boot up tool13:21
ghostcubefor making livecds on sticks13:21
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: you must know, you triaged the bug :P13:21
Riddellapachelogger: creates custom images of ubuntu for USB sticks13:21
apacheloggerRiddell: is that a windows app?13:22
JontheEchidnayay, it's that xine translation bug13:22
Riddellapachelogger: don't think so but I've never looked into it, just heard it discussed at UDS (they want to expand it to non-USB images too)13:22
apacheloggerif it was not available for $notubuntu it would be rather pointless IMHO13:23
JontheEchidnaghostcube: bug 29076813:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 290768 in xine-lib "Using KDE4 trunk all multimedia apps crash because of Xine" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29076813:23
ghostcubeJontheEchidna, outch13:23
apacheloggerI mean, it certainly has it's use cases, but not very many of them without being available outside ubuntuland13:23
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=== neversfelde is now known as neversfelde_
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
Tm_Twho will package newest libmsn?13:29
Tm_Tbeta3 released13:29
apacheloggerbug 31729813:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317298 in kubuntu-meta "Install KFloppy by default" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31729813:29
apacheloggerwon't fix?13:29
Tm_TI would do it but I'm very busy with school next 2 weeks13:29
apacheloggerquoting wikipedia:13:30
apacheloggerWhile floppy disk drives still have some limited uses, especially with legacy industrial computer equipment[1], they have now been largely superseded by USB flash drives, CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs.13:30
apacheloggerTm_T: you could find some new minion13:30
apacheloggerwe are running low on them, everyone is become motu nowadays13:30
Tm_Tapachelogger: IMO it's not needed these days, KFloppy that is13:30
Tm_Tapachelogger: ouch13:30
ScottKThe only argument I'd have against wontfix is that sometimes your system is borked, you need the floppy to fix it.13:31
apacheloggerScottK: when your system is borked kfloppy isn't of much use either ;-)13:31
Tm_TScottK: and KFloppy installed by default will help how?13:31
ScottKDepends on the borkage.13:32
apacheloggerbesides, prefered way for repairs is alternate CD anyway13:32
apacheloggeror live as well nowadays13:32
Tm_TScottK: many, I mean, MANY new computers doesn't even have floppy drive13:32
ScottKMost of the reasons you might need it are a lower level than KDE, so nevermind.13:32
* apachelogger removed the last floppy drive in 200213:33
apacheloggerwas making silly noise when truning on the PC :)13:33
* ScottK still has them in all his boxen, but can't recall the last time he actually used it.13:33
Tm_Tapachelogger: I still have floppy on every pc around here13:33
* ScottK high fives Tm_T.13:34
Tm_Tmy own laptop has only floppy, no cdrom13:34
ghostcubeme too13:34
ghostcubeits easier to flash bisos with an old dos floppy13:34
Tm_TI have never have flashed bios13:34
* apachelogger never flashed bios with floppy13:36
apacheloggerI think one couldn't do that with modern boards anyway.13:36
Tm_Tall devices I have flashed, doesn't have bios13:36
apacheloggerUSB or CD sounds more like it13:36
apacheloggeror a special storage reserved for flash-upon-reboot13:36
ghostcubeapachelogger, sure my asusu p5q-pro has floppy13:36
ScottKnixternal: Did you get inspired on release notes?  I have something to add, so please point me at the draft.13:39
ScottKnixternal: Also I totally get what you mean about being sick of snow.  It snowed here last night.  I think we got an entire quarter inch.13:39
apacheloggerthat said13:39
* apachelogger has more ninja documentation13:39
* apachelogger couldn't sleep due to too much coffee13:39
ghostcubeheh i pased my exam today 2 times 3,3 lol13:40
apacheloggermarkey: also got your guide for packaging almost ready13:40
ghostcubeyeah only two to go13:40
markeyapachelogger: oi, that's nice :)13:42
apacheloggerNightrose: pling13:42
ghostcubeapachelogger, http://pastie.org/36144313:42
ghostcubehave fun13:42
Nightroseapachelogger: plong13:42
apacheloggerNightrose: got time to check a blog post for boringness?13:44
* apachelogger wrote some pretty weird stuff yesterday ^_^13:44
Nightroseneed to head out to spanish lesson in a few but 5 mins should be doable13:44
Nightrosesend it over13:44
Riddellapachelogger: if you're an openoffice expert now, fancy porting the Qt/KDE native widgets to Qt/KDE 4? :)13:46
apacheloggerghostcube: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17540713:46
ubottuKDE bug 175407 in general "erorr message SIGSEGV crash" [Crash,Resolved: upstream]13:46
apacheloggerRiddell: I would need 30 years of openoffice hacking to become an expert ;-) ... I don't think I'll have time to do the porting though13:47
apacheloggerNightrose: http://aplg.kollide.net/tmp/blog.txt13:47
Nightroses/new hot stuff/hot new stuff ;-)13:49
Nightroses/or leave a comment/leave a comment13:50
Nightroserest looks good to me :)13:50
apacheloggeris it interesting13:50
Nightroseas interesting as it can get imho13:51
apacheloggerI need a buzzword title13:51
* ScottK almost never ever sees his wallpaper.13:51
* apachelogger neither13:51
Tm_TI do oftentimes13:51
* Nightrose just turned on automatic wallpaper switching in plasma13:51
apacheloggerI get annoyed by it anyways13:51
ScottKOf course with wotm, then it'd be a suprise every time.13:51
Nightroseaka slideshow13:51
apacheloggerNightrose: that would mean you have to get the wallpapers first13:52
ghostcubeapachelogger, also wirklich ein übersetzungsfehler ?13:52
Nightrosei have a huge dir with wallpapers13:52
ghostcubealso mi den locales13:52
apacheloggerghostcube: jo ... hab ja gesagt xine is schuld :P13:52
* apachelogger is always right13:52
ghostcubeson scheiss13:52
apacheloggerNightrose: well then :P13:52
Nightroseanyway... gotta get ready for class13:52
Nightrosespanish \o/13:52
apacheloggermaybe we can publish a wotm collection with every release13:53
apacheloggerlast 12 wotm's13:53
apacheloggeror maybe 2 packages, each 613:53
ScottKSo how much have we updated Hardy?  Just doing a test here and when I install kubuntu-desktop on top of a minimal system only 6 of 187 packages don't come from hardy-updates.13:57
apacheloggerpoor hardy users13:58
ghostcubeapachelogger, but this xine bug will get fixed or oO14:03
* ScottK notices asiego blogged and is glad it's not a "How I fixed Kubuntu" blog.14:04
Tm_TScottK: who is asiego?14:04
ScottKAaron Siego.  Big time KDE dev14:04
apacheloggerghostcube: if you report it I would say so14:04
Tm_TScottK: aah, Aaron Seigo (:14:04
Tm_TScottK: ie ei, you fooled me there14:05
ScottKie/ei, ...14:05
ghostcubeapachelogger, i dont have an launchpad signin14:05
Tm_Tsorry too, bit tired so...14:05
ghostcubecananyone file it for me14:05
vorianghostcube: it's easy to sign up14:05
apacheloggerScottK: I would have done a "How I fixed half of Kubuntu before Aaron knew it was broken" blog :P14:05
ghostcubenot another bug login :| vorian i have bugzilla and trac and ..14:05
apacheloggerstop whining14:06
Tm_Tapachelogger: you wouldn't14:06
ghostcubedamn why are there so many bug trackers14:06
* apachelogger has 36 BTS accounts14:06
voriani always think people should file their own bugs14:06
ScottKghostcube: Launchpad will rule the world, so you may as well join in.14:06
Tm_Texactly, there's so many bug trackers because others don't use launchpad yet14:06
apacheloggerTm_T: I sure would14:06
ScottKWell it's help if it was FOSS.14:07
voriansoon enough ScottK14:07
ScottKvorian: Not all.14:07
vorianmeh, for got the 'not'14:07
vorianwe are going opensource!!!! (in 63 months)14:08
apacheloggerwe are, the product is not :P14:08
apacheloggerthey are fooling us14:08
ScottKWell they are comitted to open the bug tracker and other stuff, but the non-web U/I parts of Soyuz are excluded.14:08
Tm_Tapachelogger: I cannot, I'm blind14:09
apacheloggerbad vodka?14:09
ScottKapachelogger: I've learned not to read things I get over the interwebs that promise enhancement.14:09
Tm_Tapachelogger: just not enough sleep14:09
apacheloggerScottK: haha :D14:09
apacheloggerScottK: that was more meant like "you go enhance it becuase apachelogger doesn't care" ;-)14:10
ScottKRight, but it was funnier my way.14:10
ghostcubewait where should i file the bug14:11
ghostcubeon bugs.kde.org ?14:11
apacheloggerScottK: you always say that :P14:11
vorianwhat is the link to the release notes?14:11
ScottKGotta get a new line I guess14:11
apacheloggerghostcube: launchpad14:11
apacheloggeror maybe lunchpad14:12
apacheloggerfrom now on I shall only call it lunchpad14:12
ScottKJust to be uber helpful.14:12
* ScottK doesn't know how to make an umlaut on his en_US keyboard.14:12
apacheloggercopy that in a text document and save it as umlauts.txt14:13
apacheloggeryou'll get the other ones on demand14:14
ScottKIs Bug #290768 the same one?14:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 290768 in xine-lib "Using KDE4 trunk all multimedia apps crash because of Xine" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29076814:14
ghostcubeshould i say that systemsettings sound crashes for me and then attach the kde crash handler ? or any other wishes for sdesribing14:14
ghostcubebad typos14:14
ghostcubeScottK, i dont know apachelogger sayd yes14:15
ghostcubeso i dont know why to file another one maybe to say still not fixed in 4.1.4 ?14:15
apacheloggerghostcube: OI sent you a bug report14:15
apacheloggerdid you read it?14:16
ScottKghostcube: Because it's not part of KDE, so 4.1.4 is irrelevant.14:16
apacheloggerVir describes quite precisely what the problem is14:16
apacheloggerconsidering it is a trivial one anyway14:16
ghostcubeScottK, but this startet with update last night14:16
ghostcubethe error i mean14:16
* ScottK waits for apachelogger's SRU.14:16
ghostcubeit worked fine in 4.1.314:16
apacheloggerScottK: the cause is trivial the fix is not14:16
ghostcubeiam a bit confused14:16
ScottKOK.  Me too.14:17
* ScottK needs coffee and to do some $WORK14:17
apacheloggerScottK: yes, same bug14:17
ghostcubeso apachelogger this thing i get since the update is related to the bug you showed me ?14:17
ghostcubebut why does it start first with the update14:17
ghostcubethat is what confuses me14:18
apacheloggerdunno, don't care14:18
apacheloggernot worth investigating14:18
apacheloggerbacktraces do not lie14:18
ghostcubeheh ok14:18
ghostcubeso i will file it as another bug report for 4.1.4 ?14:19
ghostcubeok then i dont need to create login lol14:19
apacheloggerexport LANG=C.UTF-8 && amarok14:19
apacheloggerif you run that amarok should start properly and play tha music14:19
ghostcubeworking lol14:20
apacheloggerbug 31638814:21
ghostcubeis this the same for systemsettings14:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316388 in amarok "Unexpected Changes to Random Setting" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31638814:21
apacheloggerghostcube: yes14:21
apacheloggerghostcube: I recommend you change your system language to en_US and just make your desktop speak german14:21
ghostcubecann i add this lang c export to the environment14:22
apacheloggerghostcube: you can change your lang in environment14:22
apacheloggerwhich would have the same effect anyway14:22
ghostcubewow apachelogger this is effecting something else too14:26
ghostcubeif i start this  LANG=C.UTF-8 && dolphin14:26
ghostcubedolphin gets decos from compiz14:26
ghostcubethis problem is deeper14:26
nixternalRiddell: did Canonical pick up a KDE dev or did they drop the job?14:29
Riddellnixternal: still in process14:29
loolFolks, I have a translation update causing crashes in libxine1 apps14:42
loolIn intrepid14:42
loolIt might italian only, but I'm not sure14:42
loolIs this a SRU regression?14:42
ghostcubelool, hmm no not only italian if its the same as i have14:43
loolHmm not only italian14:43
loolghostcube: Since when?14:43
nixternali hate my damn server14:43
ghostcube4.1.4 update intepid14:43
loolghostcube: Update of?14:43
ghostcubeit affects some kde apps too in strange ways the locales german causing them to crash14:44
ghostcubeapachelogger, gave me a fix for this in terminal may try it14:44
loolghostcube: Can you confirm that downgrading phonon-backend-xine to an older version than 4:4.1.4-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 helps?14:44
ghostcubelool, i have still 4.1.4 and not working i havent downgraded14:45
ghostcubelool, what app is crashing ?14:45
loolghostcube: Could you downgrade to 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu6?14:45
loolghostcube: Err sorry I'm lost14:46
loolghostcube: Is it crashing for you right now?14:46
loolghostcube: What version of phonon-backend-xine do you have?14:46
looldpkg -l phonon-backend-xine14:46
looldpkg -l phonon-backend-xine | cat14:46
loolThat's from -proposed14:46
loolDid it crash with 4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 from -updates?14:47
loolCan you confirm by downgrading to this version that the crash goes away?14:47
ghostcubehmm it worked fine till yesterday on 4.1.3 so i dont know if it will work again14:47
loolsudo apt-get install phonon-backend-xine=4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid114:48
ghostcubewouldnt this remove the 4.1.4 ones ?14:48
loolIt will tell you, I hope not14:48
Tm_Tshouldn't I mean14:48
ghostcubeok iam downgrading to test14:49
ghostcubeno changes still apps not starting14:50
ghostcubebut iam not sure if its the same problem we talking about14:50
loolghostcube: Perhaps you need to log off and back in?14:50
ghostcubeah could be lol14:51
loolghostcube: Check whether running "LC_ALL=C amarok" from a terminal works14:51
ghostcubeexport LANG=C.UTF-8 && amarok works14:51
loolghostcube: And if you don't export it still crashes?14:52
ghostcubein the 4.1.4 will bebaack14:52
ghostcubehavent relogged14:52
ghostcubeno way14:58
ghostcubenot starting this is not only phonon-backend for me that seems to be doing an lc error14:58
ghostcubedolphin too and systemsettings14:58
ghostcubethe export command works fine so far for all apps crashing14:59
ghostcubeas i sayd startet for me with 4.1.4 lool15:00
ghostcubeand seems not to go away by downgrade15:00
loolghostcube: Did you upgrade any langpack recently?15:00
ghostcubethats a good question15:00
ghostcubebut now that i see this here i remember a friend of mine has the 4.2 rc1 on an german localed system there are the same errors with dolphin and systemsettings not getting compiz decos if u dont set the export path15:03
ghostcubei havent testet amarok2 there15:03
loolSo it seems it's not a regression of the langpacks15:08
loolI checked the langpacks, it's actually a but in intrepid which we released with15:08
loolBut it's exposed by an update15:08
* vorian wonders if it's compizconfig-backend-kconfig15:08
ghostcubeand i havent had it before thats the starnge thing i had a fresh intrepid install then pushed it to 4.1.3 all on german locale worked fine15:08
JontheEchidnawe've been getting reports of this starting nearish to the end of the intrepid cycle15:09
ghostcubeupdate to 4.1.4 brought anything with it15:09
ghostcubelike a flue15:09
ghostcubevorian, nah i have git compiled version and only flatfile compiled into it15:09
ghostcubeit worked yesterday with 4.1.315:10
ghostcubeso it cant be the prob15:10
ghostcubethe prob is all i report just startet 4 hours ago15:10
ghostcubeafter the last package arrived15:10
ghostcubenah 8 hours15:10
loolghostcube: I'd love to find out which exact update cause this regression15:11
loolghostcube: That would be the best way15:11
loolghostcube: Could you check your dpkg.log and find out which package upgrades could have caused the regression?15:11
ghostcubeit has been the first one from german proposed repositories15:11
ghostcubeafter this all begans15:11
ghostcubewait a moment15:11
apacheloggerlool: it's always a pleasure to see how launchpad constantly manages to break our product15:14
apacheloggerlike, from one break to another15:14
apacheloggerRiddell: I am getting seriously upset again15:15
loolapachelogger: I've raised this to Arne who grabbed rosetta folks to scan the database of strings for such issues now15:16
loolapachelogger: Would you have any idea of which package exposed this issue?  note that the string is broken in intrepid already15:16
lool(well the translations)15:16
loolapachelogger: My only guess was phonon-libxine, but ghostcube downgraded to no luck15:17
loolapachelogger: I expect something like XINE_DEBUG=1 turned on in some update15:17
ghostcubei can post my dpkg.log from yesterday lol15:17
loolghostcube: That would help15:17
apacheloggerlool: the issue is in libxine (or whatever ships libxine's translations) from what I know15:17
apacheloggerphonon just happens to expose it pretty nicely15:18
Riddellhow can a translation cause a crash?15:18
loolapachelogger: As I was saying, this issue was already present in the intrepid release15:18
loolapachelogger: But a recent update started causing the crashes15:18
apacheloggerRiddell: libxine doesn't like wrong translations it seems15:18
loolapachelogger: We will fix the translations, but I'd also like to revert the recent update change to unbreak systems as quickly as possible15:19
loolFixing the translations is going to take some time because a) of actual work to fix them and b) we don't have a process to fix a SRU via a SRU of another package (langpack)15:19
loolRiddell: When the translation is in a format string15:20
ghostcubehttp://pastie.org/361499  have fun15:21
ghostcubemaybe ?15:21
apacheloggerThat's a bug in the german (and italian) translations of libxine. It translates15:21
apachelogger"load_plugins: static plugin found\n" as "load_plugins: Plugin %s gefunden\n".15:21
apacheloggerThe "%s" makes it expect another argument which isn't there which makes it15:21
apacheloggerghostcube: no15:22
ScottKlool: Since it appears the problem is just with the packages still in -proposed, I think we just need to leave them -proposed until this is resolved.15:22
ghostcubeScottK, thx :P15:22
loolScottK: I hope this is the case, but we need to confirm this15:22
ghostcubeapachelogger, ok :(15:22
ScottKlool: I agree.15:22
ghostcubenach was suchen wir eigentlich genau15:22
ghostcubealso paketmässig damit ich nich nur dummes zeug von mir gebe15:23
apacheloggerdem verursacher, weil der fehler schon in intrepid vorhanden war15:23
ScottKapachelogger: Do we still think https://launchpad.net/bugs/290768 is the same issue?15:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 290768 in xine-lib "Using KDE4 trunk all multimedia apps crash because of Xine" [High,Triaged]15:23
ScottKThat goes back to release (but it's using later/unreleased at that time) KDE15:23
* apachelogger thinks so15:24
* Sput has just tested last week's k3b on gentoo, and still can't seem to get it to burn15:24
ScottKSo it perhaps supports the existing xine bug exposed by new KDE theory.15:24
apacheloggerespecial since using non-translated apps fixes the behaviour15:24
Sputso maybe k3b is still b0rked15:24
ScottKSput: KDE4 version?15:25
SputScottK: 4.2.60 here15:25
Sputso that's trunk as of last week15:25
Sputmight perfectly well work for kubuntu though15:25
ScottKNot the last time someone checked.15:25
Sputjust thought I'd mention my experience :)15:25
apacheloggerlure tested it the other day15:25
apacheloggeralso didn't get it to burn15:25
apacheloggerScottK: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17540715:26
ubottuKDE bug 175407 in general "erorr message SIGSEGV crash" [Crash,Resolved: upstream]15:26
Sputall looks fine, then it claims to start burning and nothing happens anymore15:26
ScottKapachelogger needs to find a big pile of KDE coding ninjas to decend on k3b and get them working.15:26
apacheloggerScottK: if that initial report is the same, the issue was exposed in 4.1.2 already15:26
EgSSput: that's only because you wanted to burn a disc of windows 7!15:26
apacheloggeralways me -.-15:26
ScottKapachelogger: Although the only 4.1.2 mention in there is Debian.15:27
ScottKBut I like the idea that makes it not an SRU regression.15:28
apacheloggernixternal: the main idea of wotm is that you have some kind of moderation + only free wallpapers15:28
apacheloggerIMHO kde needs a squad for that, then internet slideshowing would make sense15:28
SputEgS: I call that "sacrifice in the name of science and for the greater good"15:29
ScottKEvery time I see kappfinder I see an R in the word that isn't there.15:29
EgSSput: I call that k3b trying to keep you from permanent brain damage15:29
ghostcubeScottK, :D15:30
apacheloggeroi vei15:30
Sputah, M$ did a good job itself trying to do that, by sending me a confirmation mail that didn't even make it out of my mailserver's quarantine folder since it was so broken15:30
Sputand listed in DCC :D15:30
Sputthis company is so full of fail,,,15:30
ScottKWell the dinosaur is dead, just the brain doesn't know it yet.15:31
ghostcubenah the company is fine the pople working there are a bit on crack15:31
ScottKUnfortunately they can flail and do a lot of damage on the way down.15:31
Sputthey have reached the stage where they try and copy FOSS15:32
ScottKJust not very well.15:32
ghostcubebtw if iam here already is there any fix for this annoying damn redraw error with kde4 and compiz loose-bining enabledon nvidia drivers15:32
ghostcubethis drive me nuts15:33
apacheloggerdon't use compiz15:33
SputScottK: right. but I fear they'll learn before they're dead15:33
ghostcubeanother idea :D15:33
* ScottK considers to suggest dump the compiz15:33
apacheloggerdon'T use compiz15:33
ScottKghostcube: We aren't kidding.  kwin effects are what you should be using.15:33
ghostcubei love my compiz and i support it its nice if u have it from git master15:33
apacheloggernow that both kwin and metacity support effects compizs should die an awful death15:34
Sputghostcube: I wouldn't use compiz15:34
apacheloggercompiz only does effects15:34
apacheloggerkwin and metacity also do window managing15:34
Sputit's not even a window manager15:34
ghostcubeapachelogger, there ma will be again a fork15:34
ghostcubecause they are a bit stressed about c++15:34
Sputmetacity has its own effects nowadays?15:34
ghostcubeSput, yeah15:34
Sputso why is compiz still alive then?15:34
* ScottK likes kwin effects and finds some of them actually useful and not just pretty.15:35
ghostcubecause kde cant group and tab15:35
apacheloggerwhy is windows still alive? ;-)15:35
ghostcubeapachelogger, lol15:35
ghostcubewhy is macosx so loved by the people15:35
ghostcubelinux in chains15:35
ScottKDunno about that one.  I'm not a fan.15:35
apacheloggerghostcube: don't talk bad about linux15:36
ghostcubeeh ?15:36
ScottKAlthough it's better since I learned two-finger-drag-on-touchpad-and-click gives you right click.15:36
ghostcubebsd in chains sorry15:36
ghostcubeapachelogger, i talked bad about macosx not linux ^^15:37
apacheloggeroh well, lets not get started on the bsd discussion again15:37
ghostcubenever :D15:37
loolSo actually this particular issue could have been prevented if we would have used msgfmt --check-format when building langpacks, which is a fix I'm pushing right now15:41
ScottK\o/ - Ubuntu translations to the rescue again.15:42
apacheloggergenerally speaking15:42
apacheloggershouldn't LP do that kind of QA at export?15:43
ScottKapachelogger: I don't think they have that concept15:43
apacheloggeroh, true, QA... :P15:43
ghostcubei seen kde can do sphere now too hmm15:45
ghostcubethis is an not needed option group and tab would be cooler MHO15:45
ScottKJontheEchidna knows about spheres and cubes and stuff.15:46
JontheEchidnaI do? lol15:46
ghostcubesphere is for playing only  but group and tab is a cool compiz plugin15:46
JontheEchidnaspheres and cylinders don't work with my graphics card15:46
JontheEchidnatoo old :-(15:46
ghostcubeintel or ati ?15:47
JontheEchidnaNvidia Geforce 4 MX 44015:47
ghostcubeoh you need the 9631 drivers15:47
JontheEchidnano, I have the dirvers15:47
JontheEchidnabut the MX 440 is the model right before they offered pixel shaders15:47
ghostcubeyeah i know but sphere isnt working on that one afaik15:48
ghostcubeanyone needs an old gf 4 ti 4600 :D15:48
loolapachelogger: LP does this QA, but we're looking into why it didn't here15:49
JontheEchidnaand I am too cheap to get a new video card, because I might as well get a new computer althogether15:49
loolIt has the C format checks which msgfmt has15:49
JontheEchidnaTi has the shaders I think15:50
ghostcubeJontheEchidna, i have one laying arround :) not needed anymore but i dont now if it would work with shaders its an agp  abit siluro heh15:50
* JontheEchidna doesn't have agp, only pci15:51
JontheEchidnaSysinfo for 'jonathan-desktop': Linux 2.6.26-5-generic running KDE 4.1.96 (KDE 4.1.96 (KDE 4.2 RC1)), CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.50GHz at 2500 MHz (5006 bogomips), HD: 116/146GB, RAM: 608/620MB, 132 proc's, 1.14d up15:51
JontheEchidnaI'm running an old kernel because this is the last kernel that doesn't cause my computer to crash while starting up15:52
ghostcubeah ok15:52
JontheEchidnaunless I use my integrated intel card15:52
ghostcubebut fast enough :)15:52
ghostcubemy old one was not so good15:52
Riddell** Alpha candidate CD images need tested15:55
vorianRiddell: ok15:57
* vorian grabs one15:58
tvakahso amarok doesn't play well with akonadi, they have different mysql wants, I'm guessing this won't change until akonadi is updated to use mysql embedded available in 5.1?16:02
ScottKtvakah: It's a known problem.16:05
ScottKRiddell: ^^^ Need to make sure that's in the Alpha 3 known issues for release notes.16:05
tvakahScottK: righto, I'll be patient :)16:05
blizzzRiddell: physical install or is virtual good enough?16:16
blizzzin a virtual machine i mean16:17
Riddellblizzz: either is useful16:19
loolghostcube: Do you mind attaching you dpkg.log snippet to the bug report?16:26
loolghostcube: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xine-lib/+bug/29076816:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 290768 in xine-lib "Using KDE4 trunk all multimedia apps crash because of Xine" [Undecided,New]16:26
ghostcubeno problem16:26
ghostcubelool, just the one i postet to you ?16:27
nixternalapachelogger: I under wotm, but a lot of the "Free Wallpapers" are typically...ummm...not good if you catch my drift16:27
loolghostcube: Yes16:27
loolghostcube: I wont be able to investigate it, but would like others to be able to do so16:27
ghostcubelool, i must get an launchpad acount then i will do for sure16:28
loolghostcube: Thanks16:28
seeleScottK: did you say whois was broken for you too? last night i couldnt find anyone else with the same problem16:28
* JontheEchidna does universey work for a change16:28
ghostcubelool, sould i attach an txt with the lines or post it diorectly better attach the file eh ?16:32
loolghostcube: Simply attach dpkg.log if that's ok with you and mention the period of time concerned in a comment16:34
lool("Regression appeared between 2009/01/xyz 12:30 and 2009/01/foobar 21:45"16:34
glade88hola! I read somewhere that systray would be replaced by something better to get rid of the RGB visual problems. What would possibly replace it?16:39
ghostcubelool, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xine-lib/+bug/29076816:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 290768 in xine-lib "Using KDE4 trunk all multimedia apps crash because of Xine" [Undecided,New]16:44
loolghostcube: thanks!16:44
apacheloggernixternal: there are plenty of good ones, you just don't see em ;-)16:51
apacheloggerwhich is pretty much the problem I want to work around16:51
loolghostcube: I'm pushing xine-lib 1.1.15-0ubuntu3intrepid1~dooz1 to my PPA; would you mind trying that out for me when it's built?16:52
nixternalapachelogger: I see them all, because multiple times each day, I go through kde-look.org, deviant art, and interfacelift16:52
nixternalon a good day, I will find 1 good submission on kde-look.org16:52
nixternaland remember, what is good for you may not be good for me and others...that's why allow the user to choose is best, not us16:53
nixternalor anyone else for that matter16:53
ghostcubelool, hmm ok if it will not kill more i will do :D16:53
loolghostcube: It shouldn't ,)16:54
apacheloggernixternal: well, there is a common sense of good, and I don't really target users but JontheEchidna :P16:54
apacheloggernixternal: also, wouldn't it make more sense to triage bugs instead of browsing the intartubes for wallpapers???? :P16:55
ghostcubelool, heh16:55
loolghostcube: https://launchpad.net/~lool/+archive (intrepid obviously)16:55
nixternalapachelogger: nope, that is what makes rss awesome...i get them in google reader all day long :)16:55
nixternalplus I look at them from work, though I don't think that is any better :016:56
blizzzRiddell: there is neither amarok nor quassel on the cd, is that correct?16:56
ghostcubelool, can i just dpkg -i it16:56
apacheloggernixternal: shouldn't you triage bugs instead of google reading :P16:56
loolghostcube: Sure, when it's built16:56
ghostcubenice that this is shown at the page16:56
nixternalapachelogger: I triage on average 100 bugs a day, so don't go there :)16:56
apacheloggernixternal: our bugs that is16:57
nixternalthose bugs are also wishlist, adding new functionality to code, and so forth16:57
loolghostcube: I think you will want libxine1_1.1.15-0ubuntu3intrepid1~dooz1_i386.deb or _amd64.deb16:57
nixternaljust wait until I put the Cleversafe packages in Ubuntu...my upstream karma will kill the planet :)16:57
apacheloggernixternal: shouldn't you implement these features then?16:57
* apachelogger says by to mailody and hello to mr kcrash16:58
nixternalapachelogger: something I have looked at in the past, and was told they were going to get implemented...havent' check if anyone has started the work or not, but seeing as they just recently oopened trunk to 4.3, I would have to say it hasn't been worked on yet :)16:58
ghostcubelool, 64 bit i tell u when i have installed and tested16:58
nixternalfile a wishlist bug, assign it to me, then I will work on it :p16:58
loolghostcube: Thanks; the sooner I get the confirmation, the faster I'll push it to intrepid-proposed16:58
apacheloggernixternal: before or after you look at pictures of dogs in your google reader?16:58
ghostcubelool, no prob i need it so i will help16:58
apacheloggerah well16:59
apacheloggermailody makes me wanna cry right now16:59
Riddellblizzz: yes that's right17:00
* apachelogger starts singing ... all the mail clients for KDE 4 are b0rked, all the mail clients for KDE 4 are b0rked, oh my good I can't read mails, nevar shall I be able to read mails, all the darn mail clients for KDE 4 ar b0rked17:00
Sputwhat's wrong with kmail?17:00
apacheloggernever worked with imap17:00
nixternalapachelogger: all day long!17:00
apacheloggerthe whole approach to imap is wrong17:00
Sputworked fine for me and imap for years17:00
JontheEchidnapop3 ftw17:00
Sputmaybe the approach is wrong, but it works :p17:00
ghostcubeapachelogger, thunder ?17:00
ghostcubeimap ftw17:01
apacheloggerSput: well, it got better towards end of 3.517:01
davmor2apachelogger: pine17:01
Sputit had some hickups around 4.117:01
apacheloggerSput: got worse towards end of it as well17:01
apacheloggerSput: 4.2 is currently ugly17:01
Sputhmm, stable for me17:01
apacheloggeralso, it appears to me if a akonadi datasource goes down all of kontact goes along with it17:01
apacheloggeror it is the other way round17:01
* apachelogger considers mutt-ng17:01
apacheloggerwhich is an austrian product anyway IIRC :P17:01
ghostcubebist du etwa en ösi :O17:02
ghostcubeich brauch mozartkugeln :D17:02
ghostcubeyam yam17:02
* apachelogger ist apachelogger17:03
ghostcubewieder nix mit mozartkugeln17:03
apacheloggerghostcube: way too expensive anyway17:04
ghostcubeyeah but there is one brand i like them i hate this kind of candy normally it contains marzipan bah :|17:04
loolghostcube: Do you have xine-plugin installed?17:22
ghostcubelibxine1-plugins ?17:23
loolNo, xine-plugin17:23
ghostcubeehm no dpkg nor listing this17:23
apacheloggerSput: pling17:23
loolOk; thanks17:23
ghostcubeahh the mozilla plugin no i use vlc :)17:24
ghostcubeso not installed17:24
blizzzauto-resize takes ages17:25
loolghostcube: Sorry to bother you again; could you try downgrading kdebase-runtime?17:26
loolghostcube: Either to 4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 or to 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu617:27
ghostcubehmm ok one moment pls17:27
loolghostcube: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kdebase-runtime/kdebase-runtime_4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid1_amd64.deb17:28
ghostcubehmm if i try to apt-get it i cant install should i dpkg it i need to downgrade more than this17:30
ghostcubeis needed then too in 4.1.317:31
loolghostcube: It's best if you apt-get install it17:31
looland downgrade what needs be downgraded17:31
loolapt-get install kdebase-runtime=4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid117:31
ghostcubeits done i will be back17:33
ghostcubehmm this fixed the strange error i get at kde start17:36
ghostcubebut not the apps problem17:36
loolghostcube: Was the strange error related to xine?17:37
ghostcubethat was ot possible to see cause krashhandler told me no info17:37
loolghostcube: So you're getting a crash on login with the new kdebase-runtime, but not the old one from -updates?17:37
loolRiddell: AroundN?17:37
loolRiddell: Can you pick up that other part of the bug?17:38
loolRiddell: kdebase-runtime intrepid-proposed version causes a regression for ghostcube (crash dialog on login)17:38
loolghostcube: Ok; xine-lib built on amd64 in ppa, just waiting for a publish17:38
ghostcubei will add youre repo to my list17:39
* ScottK returns and read the scrollback.17:39
ghostcubelol kernel update in proposed17:41
ghostcubelool if i grab the updates it will update kdebase-runtime too should i doo and see what happens if i pull youre packages17:41
ghostcubeand maybe then again downgrade17:41
loolghostcube: You can upgrade again if you like17:41
ghostcubehmm the problem is expanding with the decos now my konsole lost it too oO17:42
ghostcubebut this was before the downgrade too17:42
apacheloggerghostcube: we need to know where the crash dialog comes from :P17:43
apacheloggerthe window title of the kcrash window ought to tell you the name of the thing that crashed17:43
ghostcubei changed from compiz to kwin and now it told me phonon xine17:44
ghostcubei get a crash handler17:44
loolghostcube: With which apps do you get the problem?17:44
loolghostcube: (the xine one)17:44
ScottKseele: I think the whois thing is related to a general focus confusion problem that EgS and I were discussing last night.17:44
ghostcubeonly with system apps like dolphin systemsettings konsole and so on getting no deko the export lang fixes this too17:44
loolghostcube: http://ppa.launchpad.net/lool/ubuntu/pool/main/x/xine-lib/libxine1_1.1.15-0ubuntu3intrepid1~dooz1_lpia.deb17:46
loolghostcube: This should fix your issue17:46
ghostcubeiam updateing17:46
ghostcuberight now17:46
ghostcubeits running17:46
ghostcubekernel update too :) i will reboot after this17:47
Riddelldaily CDs seem to work, we should be good for alpha 317:50
ghostcubeok brb guys17:50
Riddelllool: is ghostcube's issue in libxine or kdebase-runtime, or does he have two issues?17:51
cbrthe glxgears performance i had yesterday has now magically decreased two-fold..17:51
cbrstrange things are happening17:51
apacheloggerRiddell: it is possible that knotify crashes due to the underlying phonon crash17:51
apacheloggercan't tell without more information17:52
ghostcubevery cool17:53
ghostcubethx lool17:53
ghostcubeand i know thwe crash handler at startup17:54
ghostcubeits kwin17:54
loolRiddell: The issue is triggerred by an intrepid-proposed update17:54
loolRiddell: We don't know which package, I tried isolating17:54
ghostcubesound works again17:54
ghostcubeamarok starts17:54
loolRiddell: But it's actually exposing an issue which was in xine-lib since the intrepid release and even earlier17:54
loolRiddell: If you know which package could have exposed this regression, I'd love to know; only some locales are affected17:55
loolRiddell: For instance it could be a package enabling xine's debugging17:55
loolghostcube: Would you still be up for some testing?17:56
ghostcubei think im here till 9 pm17:56
loolghostcube: So could you remove the libxine1 from my PPA, disable my PPA17:56
ghostcubegerman time17:57
loolghostcube: And try downgrading kde4libs17:57
ScottKLaserJock: Did the rebuilds help your trouble any?17:57
ghostcubelool, deinstall the libxine i just ionstalled ?17:57
loolghostcube: Yes, otherwise we wont see the bug anymore17:57
loolghostcube: I mean downgrade to intrepid version of libxine117:58
loolghostcube: apt-get install libxine1=1.1.15-0ubuntu317:58
loolthen disable my ppa17:58
LaserJockScottK: don't know yet for sure, I gotta find a ethernet plug to be able to dist-upgrade. I have no idea how to do wifi CLI17:58
ScottKYuck.  I understand.  I'd be in the same boat.17:59
apacheloggerNightrose: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amarok/+bug/31752517:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317525 in amarok "[jaunty] Amarok crashes the second time it's run in a session" [Undecided,New]17:59
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: do you really thikg bug 272399 is SRUworthy? libqt is no small package all the more reason to consider SRUs carefully IMHO18:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272399 in qt4-x11 "File watcher causes Plasma crash on mouseover" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27239918:01
ghostcubelool, running the changes now18:01
ghostcubemoment pls18:01
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: yes, it is a highly reproducable/easily-triggered bug18:01
JontheEchidnaplus it breaks the comic plasmoid in 4.2 D:18:02
JontheEchidnaand the weather applet18:02
loolghostcube: Then you need to downgrade kdelibs; apt-get install kdelibs4c2a=4:3.5.10-0ubuntu6 kdelibs-data=4:3.5.10-0ubuntu6 kdelibs=4:3.5.10-0ubuntu618:02
JontheEchidnaand the twitter applet18:02
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: only 4.2?18:02
JontheEchidnayes, for the comic strip only in 4.218:02
nhandlerapachelogger: I just saw your BuildEnvironment wiki page. Any chance of you attaching your multiple pbuilderrc files to it?18:02
JontheEchidnabut twitter and file watcher are broken in 4.118:02
ghostcubelool, i have the 3.5.10 of 4c2a18:03
apacheloggernhandler: in a minute or two18:03
ghostcubeand of kdelibs-data18:03
loolghostcube: Argh sorry wrong packages18:03
ghostcubeno prob18:03
nhandlerThanks apachelogger18:03
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: do they take plasma along with them? do we install twitter by default?18:03
ghostcubedont hurry18:04
ghostcubewhy is everyonewanting this twitter sing ?18:04
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: yes, the crash brings down all of plasma, and we do install both by default18:04
loolghostcube: apt-get install kdelibs5=4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid4 kdelibs5-data=4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid4 kdelibs-bin=4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid4 libplasma3=4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid418:04
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: I am not sure if it qualifies18:04
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: ....Bugs which represent severe regressions from the previous release of Ubuntu. This includes packages which are totally unusable, like being uninstallable or crashing on startup.... latter applies18:05
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: ...Bugs which do not fit under above categories, but (1) have an obviously safe patch and (2) affect an application rather than critical infrastructure packages (like X.org or the kernel).... probably doesn't need to be considered as it says, but also it says the package ought not to be a cirtiical infrastructure package18:05
JontheEchidnawhy wouldn't we want to fix the crash?18:05
apacheloggerI think Qt is one of the latter18:05
apacheloggerlol, akonadi just shutdown ... no cue why18:06
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: potential of causing more issues, forcing a pretty big update upon _all_ users18:06
JontheEchidnait's set to be included in QT 4.4.4, it's quite safe18:06
JontheEchidnastoopid shift key18:07
ghostcubelool, i need some more wait a moment18:07
wesley__I believe kde4.2 rc still doesnt work in 9.04 ( and they marked as fixed )18:08
apacheloggerScottK, Riddell: bug 272399 for SRU? I think the fact that we install the affected plasmoids by default and that they take down plasma along with them.18:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272399 in qt4-x11 "File watcher causes Plasma crash on mouseover" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27239918:08
ScottK+1 but with lots of testing.18:09
apacheloggerScottK: we never get lots of testing :(18:09
ScottKWell hurry and get it published before I give up on 4.118:09
* apachelogger accepts nomination18:09
wesley__is there something to do in Londen around 26 feb ?18:10
wesley__ScottK I already dropped 4.1, kde4.2 seems in a stable state ( not speaking about the garbage bug )18:11
ghostcubelool, this removes half of my kde if i do it18:12
wesley__what are we testing ?18:12
ghostcubewant to clean 438 mb18:12
ghostcubeany other way to check this18:13
ScottKwesley__: We're testing Intrepid SRUs (with 4.1) and Jaunty Alpha 3.18:13
wesley__alpha 3 ?18:13
apacheloggeramarok vs. akonadi18:14
wesley__have i missed something18:14
apacheloggernow seriously, my approach to getting mysqle into amarok was so much superior than what we have right now :P18:14
wesley__akanadi isnt that for mails ?18:14
ghostcubelool, if i remove the libs or downgrade we cant test anything more cause kde will be gione lol18:14
* apachelogger kicks dpkg 18:14
apacheloggerinvoke-rc.d: initscript mysql, action "start" failed.18:15
ScottKapachelogger: So start uploading.18:15
apacheloggernow... why would I want the whole freaking install to break18:15
ScottKBecause it's just for those annoying Kubuntu people you're bothering with this and you don't want to waste much time on the package?18:16
wesley__kde-nighly works to on 9.04 ( oh shit need to reboot )18:16
apacheloggerScottK: seems so ... but that also raises the question why dh doesn't have some sanity checking for pre*/post*18:17
ScottKghostcube: As long as you don't reboot/shutdown/logout your current KDE will still run even if uninstalled.18:17
apacheloggerwell, you might see a crash a two ;-)18:17
ScottKSo it's not unstafe to uninstall/reinstall in multiple steps18:17
ghostcubei need to relogin after downgrade18:17
ScottKYeah and restart KDM18:18
wesley__I get tired off getting mails off bugs and not from girls18:18
ghostcubeScottK, if i uninstall all packages and relogin its boom18:18
ScottKghostcube: No, uninstall, install the correct ones, then relogin18:18
ScottKIf that doesn't work you can still put the ones back you just uniinstalled and you're no worse off18:19
ghostcubeit removes my kde packages 400 mb of it how to get it back lol18:19
wesley__so why are we testing amarok ? whats missing ( i have nightly running )18:19
ScottKBecause we just got it packaged into Kubuntu.18:20
ScottKWe want the packaged version tested, not the nightly.18:20
apacheloggerScottK, Riddell: what is the plan for mysql? strip mysql 5.1 into packages so it becomes useful for amarok and has sensible chance of getting into main?18:20
wesley__great, and now we need to test and install it ?18:20
Riddellapachelogger: yep18:20
ScottKapachelogger: I'd descrbed that as a goal.  I don't know enough work has been done to figure the details to merit calling it an actual plan.18:20
wesley__i dont mind and give it a run and install it18:20
* apachelogger looks at clock18:21
apacheloggeroh well18:21
ScottKapachelogger: Also make it co-installable with 5.0 so we don't have to migrate akonadi to 5.1.18:21
ScottKit being the bits we need.18:21
apacheloggerwe only need the share data for amarok at runtime, so we just need to change hte install path there18:21
apacheloggerRiddell, ScottK: I'll probably have something ready by tomorrow afternoon UTC18:22
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »18:22
apacheloggermy bf scheduled shopping all afternoon -.-18:22
apacheloggerincredibly unproducitve18:22
wesley__bf ? boyfriend ?18:22
apacheloggerexactly that18:23
Tm_Tbetter father (;)18:23
wesley__though you was a guy ?18:23
ghostcubehe is18:23
apacheloggerTm_T: I have a dad???? you never told me!!!! oh my god!!!!!!18:23
wesley__so he's gay? i dont blame him womans make me crazy to18:24
apachelogger*preparing SRU upload*18:24
ghostcubei dont know him ask him :| but if hes from cologne i would bet18:24
ghostcubebut back to work18:24
ghostcubelool, what to do to not getting rid of all packages18:25
ghostcubeoi holländisch18:26
apacheloggeroh dear, deleting my old qt build took > 2 minutes18:27
wesley__Nee Nederlands18:27
apacheloggerwesley__: getting the same issue here18:27
wesley__Holland is not a country18:27
ghostcubei know18:27
wesley__apachelogger, my talks dutch18:27
ghostcubewe germans callit this way :D as you should know rofl18:27
apacheloggerwesley__: mine talks japanese18:27
* apachelogger is wondering why console apps get translated anyway18:28
wesley__Yeah thats the place where you dig holes holland18:28
wesley__yep kind of stupid translated consoles18:28
apacheloggeryesterday I noticed that diff even spits out that "no final new line" warning in translated manner18:28
apacheloggertraiging bugs if you don't understand them is fun though :D18:29
apachelogger*triaging even18:29
wesley__i gladly report them , but dont find them that much, i have lately the urge to stay behind osx18:29
apacheloggerwe are back with the bsd discussion again :P18:30
wesley__lol, no better not18:30
wesley__dont read my grub will ya :P18:30
apacheloggernah there is more useful stuff to do18:31
* apachelogger tries switching his console to klingon18:31
wesley__like patching dvds18:31
loolghostcube: Ok; you could try downgrading everything to intrepid-updates; it's a bit hard to guide you on IRC though18:31
loolghostcube: One thing which you could try it apt-get -t intrepid-updates upgrade; this will downgrade your whole system to intrepid-updates though18:32
wesley__just pick the live cd, ive done about everday a new install of 8.10 tis week18:32
loolOr I could build a special kdelibs package reverting the changes for you18:32
loolBut it's a bit hard18:32
apacheloggerwesley__: I suppose you shouldn't break it that often?18:32
wesley__i was messing with some dont speak about stuff in linux channels18:33
ghostcubelool, no no need for me i can live with the errors if i can use my sound it will be ok  but so i cant help you18:33
wesley__so i was trying to get my athereos 5007eg to work in the dont speak stuff in linux channel18:34
ghostcubei have to leave soon too :( will be back tomorrow18:34
wesley__those guys where wondering if they could ask madwifi for help, on there stuff thats a forbidden topic in linux18:35
wesley__they are always refering to Linux18:35
wesley__Seems Linux helps more then only Linux18:36
ghostcubelool, can i install youre xine-lib again18:38
ghostcubeor do you pushed it to proposed18:39
wesley__i go patching in Osx18:39
nhandlerBye wesley__18:39
Sputapachelogger: plong, if you're quick18:41
apacheloggerSput: I found the cause for the notifyrc not going to correct directory on kubuntu issue18:42
Sputapachelogger: ah? something we should fix?18:42
Sputshoot :)18:42
apacheloggerSput: it appears KDE4Internal doesn't actually write the values to the cmakecache, so they _never_ override the ones you set18:42
apacheloggerfor none of the vars18:43
apacheloggerI recommend you define the vars after you include KDE if HAVE_KDE18:43
Sputso we should set them after including the KDE stuff, and only if they're not already set?18:43
apacheloggerSput: KDE will always set them if they are not set in the cmakecache18:43
apacheloggerso you must actually not set them at all if KDE is included18:43
Sputmakes sense18:44
ScottK\sh: Last time I had to do some charting in Python I used pylab from matplotlib18:57
loolghostcube: Sure19:00
loolghostcube: I'm afraid we can't debug this further; thanks for your efforts19:00
ghostcubelool, sorry i would help maybe i can grab another maschine tomorrow with an similiar intrepid install19:00
astromme-laptopHmm... why would akonadi depend on mysql server 5.0 but it can't accept 5.1?19:00
ghostcubeiam thanking you for doing this release19:00
ghostcubelool, it fixyes nearly 90% of my bugs :D19:01
ghostcubei think this is a good job so far19:01
ghostcubethx very much19:02
loolghostcube: cheers19:07
ghostcubeand this will fix the probs outside with xine apps19:07
ghostcubethats cool19:07
ghostcubeafter my first diplom i  may study info19:07
ghostcubei want to code hehe19:08
ghostcubewow lool this fixes this strange dragonplayer bug too no one could say anything about19:09
ghostcubeit starts again19:09
ghostcubeok i got my dolphin decos back19:16
ghostcubedeleting the dolphinrc braught them back19:16
ghostcubeseems to have hazled anything19:16
ghostcubeso i can say 95% working now again19:16
ghostcubelool, i think this has fixed all probs so far19:16
jussi01!enter | ghostcube19:16
ubottughostcube: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!19:16
ghostcubejussi01, sorry bad behaviour19:16
ghostcubeiam used to type this way inside of skype and its hard to get rid of it :)19:17
ghostcubeguys i have to go thx again for youre work and i appreciated it :) bye19:19
jussi01hrm, might of found a lancelot bug. anyone got lancelot running the RC1 intrepid packages to confirm?19:25
jussi01the bug is the blue border while hovering over an icon is only partial.19:25
jussi01its as if it goes behind the menu icon19:25
blizzzRiddell: after full install, i wanted to try out auto_resize-install, but curiously the partition-page looks like this: http://img175.imageshack.us/my.php?image=partitioningax0.png19:48
apacheloggerthat looks broken alright20:11
apacheloggerblizzz: I noticed that a couple of days in the GTK interface as well ... did you already look for bugs?20:12
apachelogger*days ago20:13
ScottKblizzz: Was the hard drive already partitioned?20:15
* ScottK wonders if https://launchpad.net/bugs/317618 is related20:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317618 in debian-installer "Xubuntu jaunty-alternate-i386.iso fails to re-partition 40GB drive w/multiple partitions" [Undecided,New]20:18
blizzzapachelogger: no, it catched my eyes, because i have never seen that.20:27
blizzzScottK: yes, from the prvious installation20:27
mok0You have to do a manual partioning to delete them20:28
astromme-laptopakonadi-server depends on mysql-server-5.0 . Is this intentional? does 5.1 not work?20:29
blizzzno no, this is the selection wether to split the hd, partition it manual or take the whole20:29
ScottKastromme-laptop: 5.1 just got in the archive last eek.20:29
ScottKNo one actually knows yet if akonadi will work with it.20:29
astromme-laptopoh, I see. Why does amarok depend on 5.1? is 5.0 not good?20:30
blizzzamarok makes use of mysql 5.1 features20:31
apacheloggerthe features were partially also in 5.020:31
astromme-laptophmm... is there a way to force akonadi-server to work with mysql 5.1? to see if it breaks? (other than recompiling with a different deps list)?20:32
* JontheEchidna wonders whether bug 106772 was actually ever fixed20:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 106772 in amarok "Errors in Amarok's .po file cause issues with unparsed HTML" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10677220:35
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: don't think so20:36
apacheloggerI poked the dude who added the wrong thingies20:37
apacheloggerhe is actually string reviewier20:37
apacheloggerjust for funs20:37
apacheloggerand I poked a rosetta dude to accept my suggesitons and possibly run a query on the break pattern20:37
apacheloggerboth not very successful it seems20:37
JontheEchidnait's a bit irritating, especially when you've taken the initiative to fix it20:39
seeleRC 1 kicks you to the login screen when you choose to shutdown or restart.  is that a policykit issue?20:39
apacheloggerdidn't do that last time I tried to shutdown20:40
apacheloggerbut I noticed that as well20:40
seelearg.. is akanodi crashing for everyone?20:56
seeleit seems to be inconsistent though20:56
ScottKseele: Did you install amarok?21:05
ScottKBecause currently amarok and akonadi can't coexist?21:06
RiddellI've had akonadi use up excessive amounts of CPU21:07
seeleScottK: not unless amarok is installed automatically with rc121:11
ScottKNo.  It's not.21:11
seelethen i dont.  although i do have it installed via neon.. but i though the installations are separate21:16
astromme-laptopman I just had a hell of a time upgrading to mysql-5.1... ugh21:17
astromme-laptopended up having to recreate the db manually and then finishing the upgrade. It complained that a table was wrong.. but mysqld wasn't started so I couldn't actually fix it. Downgrading failed becase apt refused to...21:18
LaserJockScottK: I'm feelin' the Jaunty love now baby! ;-)21:25
ScottKLaserJock: Excellent.21:25
ScottKapachelogger: ^^^ I can't say exactly which package or why, but I do think  the rebuilds were needed ^^^21:25
* astromme-laptop is still sour about not being able to have Amarok and Kontact installed at the same time21:26
LaserJockScottK: it was quickaccess21:26
ScottKLaserJock: OK.  Thaks.21:26
voriancongrats LaserJock21:26
astromme-laptopwhich isn't kubuntu's fault necessairly... </disclaimer>21:26
ScottKastromme-laptop: We'll get that fixed.21:26
vorianwe are in alpha afterall :)21:26
ScottKStep 1 was get Amarok 2 into the archive.21:27
astromme-laptopThis is true =P.21:28
ScottKapachelogger: Is someone doing amarok security updates (I'm just reading DSA 1706-1)?21:52
JontheEchidnaScottK: iirc there was a security fix that was included in
RiddellScottK: we did that ages ago21:59
JontheEchidnaoh, that too22:01
Nightroseif that is the audible stuff it was fixed in
Nightrosefixes for 1.4.x are in svn22:30
NightroseScottK: ^22:30
seeledoes the jaunty CD have kpackagekit on it?23:55
* seele wonders when colomar will be around23:55
astromme-laptopseele: I don't think so...23:57
astromme-laptopis it even in the repos?23:57

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