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dpwalshHaving grub problems. Failed install left me with no grub file (that I can see) google search suggestions havn't worked. Can anyone help?00:01
ninNabend! Neuling hat ein Problem mit der Wiedergabe von Streams - sitz schon 2 Tage/Nächte dran. HELP! :)00:04
Tm_T!de | nin00:04
ubottunin: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.00:04
stnormali have a weird problem where ubuntu won't finish loading (it stalls when x should first start... the screen just goes blank, but x never loads) if I don't manually select Ubuntu at the grub prompt00:07
stnormalit loads fine if I hit enter, but it doesn't load if I let it load automatically00:07
marius__at last it worked, it reads the dvd00:08
marius__but k3b ain't able to write on it00:08
marius__gives error00:08
flashkiddwhat error it gives?00:09
|aleph0|hello. where is the best place to go to ask a question on iptables and NAT?00:09
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marius__it sais "write error". sometimes is sais "input/output error"00:10
marius__dvd's are fine00:10
marius__I tried with more than 200:10
astromme-laptopmarius__: That could be a drive issue.... if you have another os on the machine, can you write cds/dvds with it?00:11
flashkiddk3b uses wodim to work, u can try the command line00:11
marius__it writes them super well00:11
ruffles_how do connect to another channel?00:12
marius__i tiped wodim00:12
marius__and got  some responses00:12
flashkiddnice, what it gives?00:13
marius__wodim: No tracks specified. Need at least one.00:13
marius__Usage: wodim [options] track1...trackn00:13
marius__Use     wodim -help00:13
marius__to get a list of valid options.00:13
marius__Use     wodim blank=help00:13
marius__to get a list of valid blanking options.00:13
marius__Use     wodim dev=b,t,l driveropts=help -checkdrive00:13
marius__to get a list of drive specific options.00:13
marius__Use     wodim dev=help00:13
marius__to get a list of possible SCSI transport specifiers.00:13
marius__but that's it00:14
flashkiddtry dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/sr000:14
stnormalis there a way to unload/reload a device? Apparently, my NIC only works sometimes in kubuntu, and if I could figure out some way to keep reloading the device instead of rebooting the system until it works, that'd save me a lot of time00:14
flashkiddit gives info aboute the media00:14
marius__it does00:15
marius__but...quite many lines00:15
flashkiddno problem, than its reading ok00:15
flashkiddwhat u need to write, is a iso file?00:16
marius__yeah, now it's reading it, and dolphin also detects it. just won't write. nope, ain't .iso...just some .jpegs and some .doc00:17
flashkiddu can write dvds iso from command line just like from graphical interface00:18
marius__autoplay runs like a dream...if it would just write the disc ohhh...i'd go to sleep heheh00:18
flashkiddwhat message k3b gives to you?00:19
marius__k...but i'm trying to setup a user friendly desktop environment so that certain ppl can do basic tasks00:19
marius__it sais "write error". sometimes is sais "input/output error"00:20
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flashkiddU can try create a image iso and burn in command line to check if the drive is working fine00:21
flashkiddthe command to do so is...00:22
flashkidd/usr/bin/wodim -v dev=/dev/sr0 speed=4 driveropts=burnfree starwars1.iso00:23
flashkiddfor example00:23
flashkiddu change the iso name with the name of the image00:23
marius__thanks for the assistance ;) but I give up till tomorrow...it's kinda' late now...2 am00:24
marius__I wrote the command00:24
marius__tomorrow's a fresh new day for headaches00:25
marius__bye and thanks a lot00:25
flashkiddc ya00:25
flashkiddur welcome00:26
IagoBRi need to install JAVA on Wine to Run Runescape anybody can help me ?00:26
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Elloc i need to install JAVA on Wine to Run Runescape anybody can help me ?00:27
astromme-laptopElloc: woah.... java on wine? why?00:27
astromme-laptopWhy does runscape need wine? isn't it browser-driven?00:27
maxbaldwinrunescape doesn't need wine...00:27
maxbaldwinit needs flash plugin for mozilla00:28
maxbaldwin*the flash plugin00:28
jenniferhey i was wondering how to use Konsole to open a deb file00:28
jetleehey i need some help00:28
astromme-laptopjennifer: open a deb file? meaning install it?00:28
flashkiddU can ask jetlee00:29
jetleejennifer sudo *.deb00:29
jetleeyeah i am using dual sound cards00:29
astromme-laptopjennifer: You should be able to click on it and have it install...00:29
jetleehow do i switch under kde00:29
astromme-laptopJediatNight: If not, install with gdebi-kde filename.deb00:29
jenniferi'm trying to install gimp 2.6.300:29
astromme-laptopwhoops, that was for jennifer00:29
astromme-laptopjennifer: if that doesn't work, then yes, sudo dpkg -i *.deb00:30
JediatNightastromme-laptop: Np00:30
jenniferwhen i look for it in my adept manager, all i get is the old version of GIMP..2.4.500:30
astromme-laptopjennifer: Fine. install it with "gdebi-kde gimpfilename.deb"00:30
jetleeyep go to the download page and add it from there00:31
astromme-laptopjetlee: Which version of kde?00:31
jetleeany one using dual sound cards under kubunutu00:31
astromme-laptopjetlee: In 8.10 you can use the systemsettings to select your primary output00:31
astromme-laptopjetlee: In 8.04 or before it's different. Do you have <=8.04 or do you have 8.10?00:32
stnormalhow can I make grub not automatically load an OS?00:32
stnormaloh, I suppose I need to run some utility from inside kubuntu00:32
astromme-laptopstnormal: Check out the file /boot/grub/menu.lst . There is an entry for "auto start" or something like that00:33
astromme-laptopstnormal: You'll need root (sudo) to edit it00:33
jetleei always prefer the other sound card00:33
astromme-laptopjetlee: Go to System Settings -> search for sound -> you can choose output device00:33
jetleethe sound cards keep changing on its own i dont know what to do00:34
tomas__Somebody speak Spanish? My english is not very good00:34
webbianybody that is currently using qtcreator?00:34
webbitomas__: Yo00:34
tomas__I'm in Venezuela00:34
astromme-laptop!es | tomas__00:34
ubottutomas__: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:34
flashkiddI speak some00:34
webbitomas__: nose si puedo ayudarte, pero al menos intentalo00:34
astromme-laptopI speak some as well00:34
webbitomas__: yo soy de argentina00:35
tomas__Hi webbi, Hi flashkidd00:35
flashkiddyo soy de brasil00:35
webbitomas__: hola!00:35
tomas__Muy bien! Trabajo con brasileños00:35
jetleewait going to login under kde00:35
tomas__Me gusta el inglés pero aún no lo hablo muy bien00:35
astromme-laptopjetlee:  You don't have to, you can use alt+f2 and enter "systemsettings"00:35
webbitomas__: con el tiempo ya te acostumbras00:36
MakuseruHi, I've just installed Kubuntu 8.04, how would i go about removing KDE4 and installing KDE3?00:36
tomas__Si. Me imagino. Espero viajar para Estados Unidos y aprender bien el idioma. Tengo familiares en Canadá también00:36
flashkiddtomas__: legal00:37
tomas__Trabajo en la Construcción de la Central Hidroeléctrica Fabricio Ojeda. El Proyecto es Brasileño.00:37
ubottuNo, intrepid does not include KDE 3, only KDE 4. Please continue to use Hardy if KDE 3 is deisred.00:37
torkianoMakuseru: install intrepid and then KDE4.2 ;-)00:38
Makuserutorkiano: I tried that, it was horrible,00:38
tomas__La construye la empresa ALSTOM00:38
astromme-laptopMakuseru: You should be able to install "kubuntu-desktop" to get your kde3 desktop00:38
torkianoDo you try KDE 4.2?00:38
astromme-laptopMakuseru: As for removing your kde4.0 desktop? I dunno.00:38
flashkiddtive um amigo que trabalhava na alstom00:39
Makuseruastromme-laptop: as long as i can choose KDE3 when i log in it'll be fine.00:39
flashkiddsoy engenheiro00:39
tomas__OK. Los brasileños son gente muy trabajadora00:39
Makuserutorkiano: No, 4.1.00:39
tomas__Yo también00:39
tomas__Ingeniero civil00:39
astromme-laptopMakuseru: You will be able to. "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" for the one-liner to install it00:39
Makuseruastromme-laptop: ive got that going now. thanks.00:40
astromme-laptopMakuseru: No problem00:40
* fidji est de retour.00:40
webbitomas__: bueno, yo trabajo con algunos brasile~nos tambien, pero todo por internet00:40
tomas__Instalé el UBUNTU en mi computador de trabajo00:40
flashkiddqual eres tu problema?00:40
astromme-laptopMakuseru: I will say, I'm working with Jaunty (9.04) alphas and kde 4.2 RC and wow, it's really smooth.00:41
tomas__Bien webbi. En que parte de argentina estás? Tengo amigos que han viajado para allá00:41
torkianoMakuseru: 4.2 is very improved00:41
tomas__Conoces a una Doctora Ingeniero de nombre María Graciaela Fratelli?00:41
tomas__Graciela, perdón00:41
tomas__Es Argentina. Me dió clases en la universidad00:42
jetleeok sound is not comming00:42
Makuseruastromme-laptop: I upgraded lastnight, because i remember trying KDE4 when 8.04 came out thiking "This will be sweet!" and I hated it, so i went back and just though "well, they will get it fixed by 8.10" so i tried it lastnight and it was just garbage. Not just KDE4, but Intreped. I had so many problems with it i just downgraded.00:42
jetleekmix is so bogus00:43
webbitomas__: mmm la verdad que no la conozco, yo estoy en Capital Federal00:43
jetleehow do i get a nice alsa frontend00:43
tomas__Una amiga fue de luna de miel para allá y en un hotel le robaron todo. Eso pasa en cualquier país.00:43
astromme-laptopMakuseru: I undesrtand, and that's unfortuante =/00:44
webbitomas__: pasara en cualquier pais, pero aca la verdad es que ya es insoportable00:44
flashkiddjetlee: u can use alsamixer in command line00:44
jetleeyep but how do i set a sound card to default one00:44
* PSiL0 gives Makuseru a lollipop00:45
flashkiddjetlee: sorry I only have a card working...00:45
Makuseruastromme-laptop: it might be due to my ancient hardware. I just kept getting Grub Errors and then No sound.00:45
jetleethis thing will make u crazy00:45
MakuseruPSiL0: I don't take candy from strangers in IRC rooms.=P00:46
flashkiddjetlee, u need the 2 cards working? why dont u try only one?00:46
PSiL0Makuseru: :)00:46
MakuseruThanks for all the help guys.00:47
tomas__Es irresponsabilidad del hotel el no dar la cara para resolver el problema. No investigaron nada y sólo ofrecieron más días sin cancelarlos. Fueron de verdad muy cabezadura00:47
jetleeanyone usind dual sound card on kubuntu00:47
tomas__Entré al servidor en español00:47
webbitomas__: lo imagino...00:48
webbitomas__: Ok, suerte por alli00:48
astromme-laptopjetlee: What applications are you trying to use that use sound?00:49
tomas__Gracias, amigo...00:49
astromme-laptopjetlee: Are they gnome apps? kde3 apps? kde4 apps?00:49
webbitomas__: de nada!00:49
tomas__o amiga...00:49
stnormalany alsa experts here?00:56
jetleewhats your problem normal00:57
stnormalwhen I try to do a speaker-test, I get the error ALSA lib pcm_hw.c:1429:(_snd_pcm_hw_open) Invalid value for card00:57
stnormalthere's two audio adapters installed, my analog one and an HDMI adapter00:58
jetleelol my problem is dual sound card00:58
stnormaland aplay finds them both00:58
jetleei cant switch them etither00:58
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stodgeWeird, my xorg.conf is configured for the nvidia driver, but according to the log file it's using vesa01:07
zetheroohow do I get the plugins working in Gwenview?01:10
stodgeI used the "hardware drivers" application to install the nvidia driver. Any ideas?01:11
jetleeto do changes to xserver u have to be root01:14
alipioHello.. I'm trying to use the widget RSSNOW.. but it does not work..  according to kde forum its a little problem with kdebase-workspace package....01:14
alipioAnyone know how to fix that?01:15
LeeJunFananybody using kopete,gpg cryptography plugin on KDE4? Mine doesn't display recv'd messages, however it sends fine.01:17
powertool08Does anyone know of a program to create cd labels (for cd itself not case) specifically with the memorex template WL-OL502501:17
LeeJunFanpowertool08: glabels01:18
zetheroohow do I get the plugins working in Gwenview?01:19
LeeJunFannot positive, but it's the best hope.01:19
powertool08LeeJunFan: Does it have a template for the memorex label sheet or will it print in some random area of the page?01:19
LeeJunFanpowertool08: I'm not sure, it has templates for tons of stuff.01:20
powertool08LeeJunFan: Ok, thanks01:20
powertool08LeeJunFan: Thanks again, I found the template I need :)01:23
stodgeHow do I change the default audio device?01:33
stodgeI have three audio devices; onboard, pci and usb. I want the usb one to be used by default. The driver is loaded ok01:34
powertool08stodge: I have my onboard disabled in bios01:35
stodgeI guess I could do that... I don't use it.01:35
zetherooI installed Crossover Office but its nowhere in the menu ...01:43
zetheroowhere can I find it?01:43
powertool08zetheroo: In a terminal, run whereis crossover and see if it finds it01:44
alipiozetheroo: how did u install that?01:45
zetherooits a .deb file01:45
zetherooin Ubuntu its automatically added to the menu01:45
alipioor type in terminal: which crossover01:46
zetheroowhereis crossover returns nothing01:46
alipioif its in the path.. it'll show you where it is01:46
zetheroowhich crossover returns nothing as well01:47
zetherooI know its installed properly be cause when I right-click on an EXE file it has the option to open it with Crossover01:47
powertool08zetheroo: try cross <tab> in a terminal and see if it autocompletes01:49
alipioweird... try dpkg -S nameofthepackage to find where the files were installed in your system...01:50
zetheroook I have an idea01:52
zetheroowhere is the preferences for the Kmenu?01:52
zetheroowell this is really frustrating02:00
yao_ziyuani'm downloading the ppa.launchpad.net kubuntu updates02:07
yao_ziyuanvery slow. hope this time the Oxygen/Ozone window decorations get fixed02:07
stnormalgah... I updated alsa and it made things worse, but now I can't get back to the original set-up02:17
* dr_willis wakes up....02:18
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stnormalif I reinstall kubuntu over an existing installation, will it automatically remove all of the old stuff?02:30
TraceRouteanyone know how to enable sidekick compiz effect on kde?02:31
stnormalor am I better off backing up what I'd like to save, and then wiping the partition completely?02:31
powertool08stnormal: If you tell it to format the partition on reinstall then yes it will overwrite everything02:31
powertool08!ccsm | TraceRoute  I'd guess somewhere in there?02:32
ubottuTraceRoute  I'd guess somewhere in there?: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion02:32
* fidji probablement en train de jouer au Go02:33
stnormalwhat I meant was that I was wondering if i reinstalled from a disk, if it'd be like a fresh installation, or if all of the old conf files and drivers and everything would mess things up?02:34
powertool08stnormal: Like I said, if you tell it to format and overwrite everything then it will.02:35
stnormalso it won't if I don't?02:35
powertool08stnormal: If you keep your home partition and /etc/ folders then chances are it won't fix it.02:37
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* fidji est de retour.02:54
c_lusbyHi - can we still see the media protocol in dolphin with kde 4?02:57
c_lusbyi.e. to mount cdrom/hdd without using command line?02:58
TraceRouteI can't get any features with simple-ccsm to enable anyone have this problem?03:00
jgarbersam wondering if kubuntu will properly support a dual-head monitor installation with an ATI Radeon 9800 - it's working under GNOME with a regular Ubuntu install03:09
jgarbersbut i'd prefer to try KDE03:09
p_quarlesjgarbers: well, that's an Xorg question, ultimately; chances are, though, if the setup works with Compiz it will probably work with Kwin03:11
jgarbersp_quarles: compiz-check tells me the card doesn't have enough memory to run full effects on the dual-head setup, so i have desktop effects off03:12
OxDeadC0de:| k screensavers failed to upgrade03:12
jgarbersif i have "regular" ubuntu installed, but would like to try KDE, am i better off installing Kubuntu in a different partition, or trying to get KDE and Ubuntu to cohabitate?03:13
jgarbersexcuse me - KDE and GNOME03:13
OxDeadC0deI have both03:13
p_quarlesjgarbers: the components don't affect each other03:13
p_quarlesjgarbers: the worst that will happen is that you have some unwanted programs in your menu03:14
jgarbersokay, so i can just install and run KDE on the same partition without conflict? that's cool03:14
p_quarlesyes, it could be that it won't work, but then you'd just have to change back to the gnome session03:14
p_quarlesbut, ultimately, kwin allows for as much flexibility in turning off effects as compiz does, so there shouldn't be a problem03:15
TraceRouteanyone with my issue?03:16
jgarbersokay, i've googled for some instructions and will go give it a try. wish me luck03:16
spjcrgood luck03:17
TraceRouteany of you get simple-ccsm to enable effects? it opens and everything but doesn't take effect03:19
zac_whats the GIF editor for kubuntu ????03:22
DaSkreechjgarbers: instructions are easy03:22
DaSkreechinstall kubuntu-desktop, logout, press alt+t, login03:23
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JoJoBobJoBobwhats the GIF editor for kubuntu ????03:30
jgarbersJoJoBobJoBob: gimp?03:31
jgarbersjust a guess03:31
Nomexouskrita is the KDE equivalent03:31
NomexousI don't remember if KDE came with one installed.03:31
NomexousAn editor, I mean.03:31
JoJoBobJoBobi just downloaded gimp........DIDNT WORK....now i shall try krita03:36
JoJoBobJoBobi hope it works =D (y)03:37
p_quarlesJoJoBobJoBob: what are you trying to do with it?03:37
JoJoBobJoBobmake a .gif animation03:38
DaSkreechJoJoBobJoBob: Do you know how to make a gif?03:38
p_quarleswell, GIMP can certainly do that03:38
JoJoBobJoBobcalm down03:39
OxDeadC0decrap, I can't get ruby scripts to run in kde 4.2 rc 1 that worked in b203:39
OxDeadC0deplasma scripts*03:39
jgarberscan anyone help troubleshoot my dual-monitor setup? both DVI-0 and VGA-0 are appearing in the Display - System Settings dialog, but although I make changes to arrange the displays and turn off cloning, clicking "Apply" doesn't have any effect03:41
DaSkreechJoJoBobJoBob: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-9_HwRcd1A03:41
jgarbersi have mirrored screens now - the larger monitor is stuck mirroring the smaller monitor's resolution03:41
jgarbersi've turned off desktop effects; on GNOME compiz-check said my card didn't have enough memory to do effects in dual-head mode03:42
DaSkreechJoJoBobJoBob: http://blogs.sun.com/rajkumar/entry/how_to_create_an_animated03:42
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DaSkreechhi umm tacos03:43
tacosarecoolI've got a problem03:43
tacosarecoolKDE side is acting weird03:43
tacosarecoolAnd I think it's because of the ubuntu key ring03:43
tacosarecoolit's getting confuzzled03:44
DaSkreechtacosarecool: Unlikely but tell us what you are seeing03:44
tacosarecoolI'm on wireless connection right now I broke my desktop by accident but I'm going to fix it but I'm on laptop03:45
tacosarecoolAnd it lags in kubuntu when I'm in dolphin and there's photos03:46
TraceRouteany of you use simple-ccsm?03:46
DaSkreechtacosarecool: turn off preview ?03:47
tacosarecoolBut it gets to laggy before  I get to do that03:47
tacosarecoolin gnome its fine03:47
tacosarecoolIn kde it lags03:47
Eutychushello. i used bittorrent to dl the dvd iso of kubuntu i386 which is taking up almost 4 gigs on my hd; but when i try to copy the iso to dvd it only burns 780 megs and tries to install ubuntu instead of kubuntu. i use nero 7. i would like the gigs worth of dvd and kubuntu to load. what am doing wrong?03:48
dwidmannWeird ... I just built kdenetwork (4.2rc) and launched kopete ... and the settings dialog is blank :S03:49
dwidmannEutychus: first, check the md5sum of the image03:50
DaSkreechtacosarecool: what version of KDE?03:50
dwidmannEutychus: compare it to what it should be03:50
DaSkreechStop burning it as a CD ISO ?03:50
DaSkreechhi coreymon7703:51
dwidmannDaSkreech: CD ISOs are only ~702MB though03:51
coreymon77DaSkreech: hey, whats up03:51
Eutychusnero doesnt give me an option. it automatically assumes the iso is a cd. even though i put a dvd in.03:51
dwidmannDaSkreech: aren't they?03:51
DaSkreechdwidmann: As I recall with Nero it had a button to switch between CD mode and DVD mode03:52
DaSkreechSo he could be in ISO burn Setting but in CD mode so it only burns it like a CD03:52
stnormalwahoo! I got sound and wired networking to work!03:52
DaSkreechEutychus: Which Nero?03:52
DaSkreechstnormal: Whoooooooooooooooot03:52
DaSkreechcoreymon77: Too much I'm Camping tomorrow03:52
stnormalis there a good alternative to windows media center for linux?03:53
DaSkreechstnormal: What do you want from Media Center?03:53
tacosarecooldaskreech I have 4.103:53
DaSkreechEutychus: Look at the top to see if there is a drop down box for CD/DVD ?03:53
DaSkreechtacosarecool: 4.1.4 ?03:53
stnormalwell, the DVD player for now. I really like the fact that I can hit stop, close the player, and then open it up later and have it resume from where I left off03:53
DaSkreechOh As I recall most players in KDE do that03:54
Eutychusyes. even though i select dvd... it still only burns 780 megs of ubuntu. i am wasting blank dvds..03:54
DaSkreechI don't really watch DVds so I don't know if it's true :)03:54
DaSkreechBut I remember it being mentioned03:54
DaSkreechEutychus: BUrn it to an ISO then03:54
stnormali might have to give that a try. Does kubuntu come with one standard, or should I just get VLC?03:54
dwidmannvlc is pretty decent for watching DVDs, but it doesn't stop/resume like that03:54
DaSkreechsee what size it burns it to then03:55
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.03:55
ubottuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto03:55
DaSkreechEutychus: ^^^^03:55
dwidmannstnormal: I'd just get VLC03:55
PSiL0so guys, how does amarok handle compilations?03:55
dwidmannstnormal: you'll also need libdvdcss2 from medibuntu03:55
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:55
PSiL0amarok 1.4.10 was okay, but I can't see Various (Artists) under Genre-> Artists -> Albums03:56
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stnormaloh, uhm... also, WMC interacts well with the media buttons on my laptop03:56
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Eutychusi will need to dl the md5 program also. i am currently using a desktop computer with win2k to dl the iso, and them am trying to burn it to dvd so i can load it on a laptop with vista for a dual boot.03:57
DaSkreechEutychus: I'd get a simpler burning program myself there are too many free good ones to waste time with stuff like that03:58
DaSkreechthanks vorian03:58
vorianno problem03:58
DaSkreechvorian: can the bot do that on nicks ?03:58
Eutychusi am open to suggestions.03:58
kerncoI'm trying to use the Amazon MP3 downloader, but it doesn't run giving the error "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::length_error',  what():  basic_string::_S_create03:58
Eutychusi hate nero03:58
vorianDaSkreech: which bot?03:59
DaSkreechAshampoo is one03:59
vorianoh, yeah03:59
DaSkreechvorian: That "person" comes in from time to time This is the third time I've seen them do that. Nick is always some form of negro or nigger Can the Bot scan for stuff like that and trigger an alert?04:00
DaSkreechEutychus: deepburner is very simple and good04:00
Eutychusk. i will dl the md5 and the deepburner and try again... thank you, DaSkreech04:01
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:01
dwidmannDaSkreech: I bet it can, getting it to do that though, ask the owner of the bot?04:02
* fidji probablement en train de jouer au Go04:03
stnormaldoesn't medibuntu come with a flash player?04:05
PSiL0flash player?04:07
PSiL0or.. I use vlc to play downloaded flv files04:07
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash04:07
stnormalahh, ty04:07
PSiL0anyone tried amarok
White_Pelicanis skype available in the repositories?04:12
PSiL0!skype | White_Pelican04:15
ubottuWhite_Pelican: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto04:15
DaSkreechfidji: Espanol ?04:17
BluesKajPSiL0 , I tried amarok 2 and I din't like it much ...dumbed down so it's supposedly esdier to use, but in doing so it dumps some of my fav features , so i reinstalled amarok 1.404:18
BluesKajerr easier04:18
PSiL0BluesKaj:  Hmm, that was my reaction when trying their beta 2 release04:18
PSiL0Once I heard 2.0 wasn't too different, I held off... looks promising, but I'm hesitant from upgrading when I have 1.4.10, for the most part, working the way I want it to work04:19
p_quarlesBluesKaj: the nightly builds are more like what you're used to; plus, they can be installed side by side04:19
DaSkreechBluesKaj: Eh?04:20
DaSkreechBluesKaj: When was it dumbed down to be easier to use?04:20
PSiL0p_quaries:  Hmm, if that's the case, I might try it again...  I just want to see if amarok 2's feature set is enough to convince me to drop 1.4.1004:21
PSiL0or mature enough..04:21
jack_is digikam installable with kde4.2beta - still seems to want to rip out gwenview and some plasmoids as well as replace some libs with older versions04:21
BluesKajp_quarles  , well i'll wait til they reinstitute the the bitrate that various net radio stns are using for example04:21
DaSkreechBluesKaj: your estimation or you have an informant?04:22
DaSkreechjack_: Beta is gone now04:23
jack_sorry, meant rc04:23
BluesKajno informants , but i'm sure they got compalaints04:24
DaSkreechBluesKaj: I'm sure too but they didn't dumb down anything in an effort to make it easier to use04:26
DaSkreech The rewroote and reimagined everythign from scratch04:26
DaSkreechSo just like KDE 4.0 some things just haven't made the cut as yet04:26
BluesKajwell DaSkreech , it looked like that to me with that silly interface ...I wasn't impressed04:27
DaSkreechBluesKaj: That was one of the things that kinda happened to be around when 2.0 shipped. they don't like it either04:27
p_quarlesyeah, it's simplified because they haven't (yet) reimplemented all the features04:27
=== snake_ is now known as albuntu
compubombanyone in here use the new KDE ?04:31
DaSkreechBluesKaj: http://amarok.kde.org/blog/archives/852-Drive-by-Mockups.html04:31
compubomb4.2 ?04:32
DaSkreechcompubomb: tell us what you think the new KDE is and we will answer04:32
DaSkreechOk :)04:32
compubombi'm running ubuntu and was wondering if it's worth trying out.04:32
DaSkreechcompubomb: technically 4.2 doesn't exist yet04:32
compubombwell kde 4.2 rc104:32
DaSkreechcompubomb: I think it's worth your time to look04:32
compubombDaSkreech: last time i tried kde 4.x the audio didn't work and it just felt really unpolished.04:33
DaSkreechcompubomb: I think it's worth your time to look04:33
BluesKajgetting late here ..sacktime for me ...g'nite04:33
albuntuDaSkreech: hi :)04:33
DaSkreechcompubomb: 4.0 was really interesting but not worth a hard look for those not dedicated 4.1 was hard on both sides not enough to be sold just broken enough to be aggrvating04:34
DaSkreech4.2 is sound enough to encourage hardened tech users to look at it and smooth enough to live in04:35
DaSkreechhi albuntu04:35
albuntui managed somehow to resolve that crash problem04:35
DaSkreechalbuntu: Great!04:36
albuntuthanks :) removed the sources from sources.list , updated , restarted and it was gone. than i reactivated the sources and its ok. it was strange. i didnt understood what was causing that but this solved the problem04:37
DaSkreechThat would :)04:38
albuntuby the way any idea on how to add a desktop launcher from terminal ? i am playing with the live cd. i know i have to add them to /etc/skel but dont know how because i am in chroot04:39
DaSkreechI don't understand what you are trying to do04:41
tweakedehNo one in the windows channel will reply to me. Does any one know how to make a autorun file open a folder?04:41
tweakedehWould I use 'action=' ?04:41
tacosarecoolDaskreech should I update to 4.2?04:43
tacosarecoolit is in release candidate now04:43
DaSkreechtacosarecool: I don't know should you?04:43
tacosarecoolI will04:43
DaSkreechThere you go04:43
tacosarecoolHow do I get 4.2 enable unsupported updates?04:44
DaSkreechtacosarecool: Read the topic04:45
geniialbuntu: /etc/skel is a template which is used for when you add new users. Not really related to your Q of how to add a desktop launcher from a terminal04:49
albuntugenii: i am playing with an ubuntu live cd04:50
albuntuand i wanted to add to the live cd desktop some launchers04:50
albuntuso from what i read in google i have to put them in /etc/skel04:50
albuntubecause thats the default desktop04:50
albuntuyou know what i mean04:51
DaSkreechalbuntu: We don't04:54
genii /etc/skel is not some default desktop. It's a directory layout which is used when the system adds new users04:54
DaSkreechat least I don't04:54
geniiWhen you do: adduser <username> it looks at /etc/skel for what should be in their /home/username04:55
albuntugenii: yes. but for the live cd it acts as a desktop. sorry if i am not saying the right thing and you are misunderstanding me but for the live cd it acts as the user desktop and thats what i want to do exactly. to put some launchers in there so after the ubuntu install they show in the desktop of the created user during the install04:56
DaSkreechalbuntu: I'm not sure the live CD works like that04:57
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution04:58
albuntuDaSkreech: if you check the Live CD /etc/skel it has the Examples inside04:58
albuntuand the examples launcher takes you to the examples folder04:59
DaSkreechalbuntu: Not saying it doesn't just last time I tried it didn't work like that04:59
geniiDaSkreech: Well, if you put something into /etc/skel of livecd before install, then whatevers in there is used as the template for the user which is created during install. But thats acting same as it usually does04:59
DaSkreechgenii: huh didn't work when I tried it05:00
DaSkreechbut that was like 7.0405:00
albuntugenii: exactly thats what i was saying05:00
DaSkreechalbuntu: In any case you probably want a .desktop file05:00
albuntuit takes the desktop of the created user from /etc/skel05:00
DaSkreechWhich is my contribution to the discussion05:00
albuntuDaSkreech: right i want a .desktop05:00
geniialbuntu: Not the desktop. the entire contents of their home directory. The Desktop folder is only one folder in their home dir05:01
albuntugenii no. i meant that i want to add the .desktop files to the etc/skel. that would do the trick05:01
albuntui have installed what i needed with chroot05:02
albuntuand now the only problem is to make the shortcuts that i want from the terminal05:02
albuntufrom chroot05:02
beachsurfini'm tired of this showing up: http://dpaste.com/109255/05:13
beachsurfinhow to remove it?05:13
beachsurfini did apt-get remove *some important lib* but used ctl-c to stop it when i saw that it was about to removed all these libraries. now i have this message each time i want to use apt05:14
astromme-laptopapt-get autoremove will remove them. /shrug05:14
beachsurfinnot wanting to remove them, that's for sure05:17
beachsurfinmy sys will be broken05:17
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu__
=== ubuntu__ is now known as ubuntu_
DaSkreechbeachsurfin: Not with auto remove05:19
beachsurfinthis had better not be a sick joke :P05:20
DaSkreechbeachsurfin: Nothing there is critical to the system05:21
DaSkreechthat can mostly be put back with a apt-get install kubuntu-desktop05:22
astromme-laptopthose are all development packages05:22
astromme-laptopso if you're compiling things... you might run into some problems, but you can get them back easily05:22
DaSkreechlibjasper isn't :-)05:22
astromme-laptopO.O ok05:22
DaSkreechbut it's really non essential05:23
DaSkreechnothing there is really important05:23
* beachsurfin sits and waits for potential catastrophy05:25
beachsurfindoom and gloom, the 'ol nutcracker05:25
=== nicholas_ is now known as tacosarecool
tacosarecoolkde 4.2 is epic!05:26
tacosarecoolit's a little bit more laggy but more stable05:27
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!05:37
nashkI have 2.6.27-11 installed and want to downgrage to 2.6.27-1005:37
nashkhow would I do that?05:38
DaSkreechapt-get install kernel-generic=2.6.27-1005:40
DaSkreechOr some such05:40
geniilinux-kernel-2.6.27-XX-generic or -386 or such such be the packagename. If you deinstall the -11 the -10 will stil be there installed and in grub05:41
geniilinux-image-    rather05:42
geniiDaSkreech: I'm having caffeine deficiency :)05:42
nashkgenil: Nope, I haven't done that.05:42
DaSkreechgenii: I'm outta chocolate05:42
nashkI installed -11 with adept05:42
nashktrying to find a way to do through it, but it only show -905:43
geniinashk: -10 may not exist.05:43
genii!info linux-image-2.6.27-10-generic05:44
ubottuPackage linux-image-2.6.27-10-generic does not exist in intrepid05:44
genii!info linux-image-2.6.27-10-generic hardy05:45
ubottuPackage linux-image-2.6.27-10-generic does not exist in hardy05:45
genii!info linux-image-2.6.27-9-generic05:45
ubottulinux-image-2.6.27-9-generic (source: linux): Linux kernel image for version 2.6.27 on x86/x86_64. In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.27-9.19 (intrepid), package size 22848 kB, installed size 92124 kB05:45
geniinashk: There is no -1005:45
nashkgenil: Yeah, but I'm trying to simply downgrade to whatever is lesse than -1105:47
nashkbut I can't find -11 in adept05:47
nashkhow can i list pachages with apt-get05:47
Frederickfolks I cannot make Xserver work I have (EE)No devices detected. When the installer first set up it I had terrible flicker problems now it does not work after envyng05:48
DaSkreechFrederick: tried the X fix in recovery mode ?05:49
FrederickDaSkreech: yes05:49
DaSkreechWhat did it output?05:49
TraceRouteusing the menu editor for the k menu, is there a way to edit the sub menus? like in my internet menu theres a submenu that says more applications but when I look through kde menu editor its not showing the sub and i can't edit them05:50
geniinashk: You can use like: sudo apt-get update             then: apt-cache search linux-image-2.6.27                     which should return a list of all the 2.6.27 kernel images available to install05:50
FrederickDaSkreech: I have the error I mentioned No devices detected.05:50
DaSkreechFrederick: that's what is returned when you run xfix ?05:51
DaSkreechWhat's the output of sudo lshw -C video05:51
FrederickDaSkreech: lemme run it again oki?05:51
DaSkreechFrederick: Can You login here from the command line?05:51
FrederickDaSkreech: im on irssi05:52
FrederickDaSkreech: oki I have 2 controlers listed one is my gpu the other is the onboard video card05:52
FrederickDaSkreech: ?05:53
FrederickDaSkreech: are you there?05:55
DaSkreechFrederick: Yes?05:58
DaSkreechFrederick: try disable one in the BIOS05:58
FrederickDaSkreech: can I pvt youso I can post the output of the command?05:58
DaSkreech do you use both?05:58
Frederickoh nice call!05:58
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)05:58
FrederickI will try the bios step oki?05:58
=== k4v is now known as m4v
TraceRoutedoes anyone know how to edit the more application submenus in kde menu editor06:05
tacosarecoolhow do  get rid of radio button?06:06
tacosarecoolHow do I get rid of thhe radio button?06:07
tacosarecool!how to get rid of radio butto06:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about customize06:10
DaSkreechWhat radio button?06:10
tacosarecoolyou know that round thing on top06:10
tacosarecoolyou see the icon then you see another icon06:11
Frederickim back but theproblem remains06:11
Fredericknow I have the crazy flicker again06:12
DaSkreechFrederick: Wha video card?06:12
kalorindoes anyone know much about the knetworkmanager vpnc plugin?06:12
DaSkreechtacosarecool: top of where?06:12
tacosarecoolany windows06:12
FrederickDaSkreech: Geforce 8800 GTS I had it working perfectly with older kubuntu06:12
kalorinit works GREAT on my laptop running 8.04 but not on my desktop running 8.1006:12
tacosarecoolthe 0 will a period in06:12
kalorinjust can't get it to connect, or for that matter even see that vpnc is a possible configuration06:12
kalorinnew connection shows wireless and wired and that's it06:13
FrederickDaSkreech: I have an error when I try to run the nvidia program to configure the video06:13
kalorinwondering if I'm missing a package or something06:13
tacosarecoolOh if you have ubuntu and kubuntu log into ubuntu first then kubuntu?06:13
tacosarecoolthat's what I  have to do on laptp06:13
FrederickVALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Device section "Configured Video Device" must have a Driver line.06:13
djsebsonHi ;]06:14
DaSkreechtacosarecool: Button with a Button?06:14
DaSkreechFrederick: Which error?06:15
tacosarecoolNext to the tool tip06:15
DaSkreechFrederick: paste bin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:15
DaSkreech!hi | djsebson06:15
ubottudjsebson: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!06:15
FrederickDaSkreech: http://pastey.net/10636606:16
=== navid_ is now known as nahy
DaSkreechFrederick: oooook06:18
FrederickDaSkreech: any idea about what is messed up?06:18
DaSkreechFrederick: try switch Driver "nvidia" to Driver "nv"06:19
FrederickDaSkreech: and re start X right?06:20
DaSkreechFrederick: yes06:20
djsebsonin kde 4.2 RC1 does not work desktop cube? : (06:20
FrederickDaSkreech: no chnge06:23
FrederickDaSkreech: I seem to be using a wierd frequency thou06:23
tacosarecooldaskreetch I'm talking about the circle that has a period in it that's on top of any window06:23
tacosarecoolfor example you see the name firefox on the window but before that on left06:24
tacosarecoolthe radio button I think it's called06:24
DaSkreechFrederick: Is your monitor correct?06:24
DaSkreechdjsebson: It works Press Ctrl+F1106:25
DaSkreechtacosarecool: oooh you mean the sticky button ?06:26
FrederickDaSkreech: how do I select it?06:26
tacosarecoolwhat's the point of it?06:26
djdarkmanhello, can someone tell me how can I get usermake on hardy?06:27
djdarkmanI can't seem to find a package for it06:27
afd_hi! I'm using kde 4.2 latest beta with ubuntu intrepid and I get this error when trying to compile a binary plasmoid (these plasmoids worked on the first beta, but they crash plasma under the new one) http://dpaste.com/109260/06:27
tacosarecoolit's not a package it's a  command06:27
afd_any ideas on what I can do?06:27
DaSkreechtacosarecool: It pins a window to all the desktop so if you switch desktops you still see the window06:27
djdarkmantacosarecool: yes but which package contains it?06:27
DaSkreechFrederick: It's in the xorg.conf are those settings right?06:28
DaSkreechdjdarkman: usermake ?06:28
tacosarecoolOh it's useless06:28
djdarkmanDaSkreech: yep06:28
tacosarecoolto me06:28
tacosarecoolCause I don't use multi desktops06:28
DaSkreechafd_: being looked at now you should have a new set of packages soon that will work06:28
nahyis there anything like system restore in linux?06:28
afd_DaSkreech: thanks! :)06:29
tacosarecoolyou mean sudomake?06:29
FrederickDaSkreech: SYNC AND REFRESG?06:29
DaSkreechFrederick: Right are those out of line for your monitor?06:29
lovredoes anyone here know Matlab? i need some help. sorry for offtopic...06:30
lovredoes anyone here know Matlab? i need some help. sorry for offtopic...06:30
lovreoops and sorry for spam :(06:30
tacosarecool!lovre offtopic06:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lovre offtopic06:30
FrederickDaSkreech: seemed to be wrong I fied it will reboot X oki?06:30
tacosarecool!lovre #kubuntu-offtopic06:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:31
tacosarecool!lovre social06:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lovre social06:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about stickbutto06:31
lovretacosarecool: what are you trying to tell me :D06:32
tacosarecoolgo to #kubuntu-offtopic06:33
tacosarecoolHow do  I get rid of sticky button?06:34
lovrewash it?06:35
kalorinso, does anyone know how to get knetwork-manager-vpnc to actually allow you to configure a vpnc connection?06:35
FrederickDaSkreech: seems tha same06:35
kalorinall i can get it to do is show wired and wireless as connections06:36
FrederickDaSkreech: seems better now06:36
DaSkreechFrederick: Make up your mind :)06:36
tacosarecoolDo yo have gnome also like me?06:36
tacosarecoolI use kde mostly06:36
kalorinI installed the network-manager-gnome package as well06:37
kalorinand it does the same thing06:37
ubottuFrom more information on vpn please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gaming_VPN_Using_PPTPD06:37
kalorinI see the VPN tab, but it's grayed out like I can't use it06:37
tacosarecoolkalorin get rid of gnome package06:37
kalorinyeah i did06:37
kalorinafter i saw it also wouldn't work06:37
kalorinit's like it doesn't know that vpnc is installed06:37
kalorinor the kernel doesn't have a module or something06:38
kalorinjust weird06:38
tacosarecoolI use kde mostly06:38
kalorinwondering if I should force a reinstall of all these packages06:38
kalorinit works great on my laptop that's running 8.0406:38
kalorinbut this desktop running 8.10 just no go06:38
tacosarecoolHmm reinstall knetwork06:38
kalorinreally strange06:38
FrederickDaSkreech: can you give me the adress of that website that explains how to install flash and java/06:39
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash06:39
tacosarecoolflash you get from synaptic06:39
ubottuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre or sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu !Dapper06:39
=== sebr is now known as sebr_afk
DaSkreechFrederick: kubuntu-restricted-extras installs that plus MP3 support etc06:40
Frederickthanks a lort06:41
Frederickit is so good to be back to linux06:41
tacosarecoolChrome should be released by june for linux and mac06:42
DaSkreechChrome is a windows Application06:43
FrederickKDE4 seems to rock06:43
kalorin_ok removed network-manager network-manager-kde network-manager-gnome network-manager-vpnc06:43
kalorin_still no VPN option in knetworkmanager06:44
kalorin_any other ideas/06:44
kalorin_it's like it's missing a package or something06:44
DaSkreechk I have to head to bed now06:46
DaSkreech I have to get up at 4:30 to go to a conference06:46
DaSkreechIt's 2:00 now06:46
tacosarecoolHow do I get rid of sticky button06:46
FrederickDaSkreech: thanks a lot for all06:46
DaSkreechtacosarecool: Try a different style or a different window manager06:46
DaSkreechalt+F3 and play around in there06:47
DaSkreechFrederick: Sure06:47
tacosarecoolI hope th06:50
tacosarecoolis doesn't happen lol http://www.sltrib.com/business/ci_1141620306:51
kalorin_so I can go ahead and run kvpnc06:51
kalorin_and configure it and it connects fine06:51
kalorin_but knetwork manager gives me no options06:51
kalorin_go figure06:51
kalorin_like not even an option to create a vpnc connection there06:51
kalorin_just flat out isn't there06:51
kalorin_I mean go figure06:51
lgkany suggestions on tracking down / installing my onboard gpu drivers?06:52
kalorin_yeah install envyng06:52
lgkenvyng, is this package i can get through adept?06:53
lgkty :D06:53
kalorin_sudo apt-get install envy<tab><tab>06:53
kalorin_it's really nice for getting that stuff06:53
kalorin_way better than the old pull, unzip, build, install06:53
kalorin_oh and pray06:54
lgkim assuming it's a kind of auto-detector?06:54
lgkpray :(06:54
kalorin_yeah it does a bang up job06:54
kalorin_just give it a try06:54
kalorin_can't miss06:54
lgkmind me asking why the two tab's after envy ?06:55
lgki see06:55
kalorin_auto-completion is your friend, that's why :)06:56
lgksorry i've got no exp with linux ;d06:57
lgkwhen i tab tab it's basically ls in a directory.. what am i doing :D06:57
lgksudo apt-get install envyng-core ?06:58
lgkor qt06:58
kalorin_qt I believe06:58
kalorin_yeah qt06:58
nahyis there anything like system restore in linux?06:58
lgkty tons kalorin :D06:59
kalorin_i was sure happy to find it ;)07:00
* kalorin_ backs up his system07:00
kalorin_<---- dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/sdb107:01
* kalorin_ hsrugs07:01
lgkoh man07:01
* kalorin_ shrugs07:01
kalorin_igk, nice huh?07:01
lgkhow do i access it? :D07:01
lgk ./envyng \ fail07:01
kalorin_it failed?07:01
kalorin_maybe it's just for ati or nvidia07:01
kalorin_not sure07:01
kalorin_time for bed though07:01
lgkinstall went fine07:01
lgkbash: ./envyng: No such file or directory07:02
kalorin_oh no07:02
lgkah, oh well thanks :D07:02
kalorin_just envy07:02
kalorin_or rather go to the kicker menu07:02
kalorin_there's an icon07:02
lgkty :D goodnite07:02
kalorin_or jsut type envyng07:02
kalorin_or in your case, envyng -k07:02
kalorin_for kde07:02
lgkthat worked07:03
lgkout of everything07:03
kalorin_if -t for text07:03
kalorin_out of everything?07:03
lgkyah it's not in utilities07:03
lgkand ./envy didn't work07:03
lgkbut envyng -k did07:03
kalorin_no not ./envy07:03
kalorin_just type it, it's not in your directory where you are, that's with the ./ is for07:04
kalorin_it's in the command path07:04
lgkbut, it's giving me a list of 6 gpu's, 1 being nvidia, 5 being ati, and they are ALL recommended lol07:04
kalorin_thus no need to put the ./ in front07:04
lgkgotcha, ./ = immediate directory07:04
kalorin_do you know what's in the machine?07:04
kalorin_nvidia or ati?07:04
lgkit's some onboard crap07:04
lgkemachines older thing07:04
lgkno clue if it's nvidia or ati haha :D07:04
kalorin_it might not detect onboardcrap so well, I've never tried it with that07:04
kalorin_might be able to tell from the dmesg07:05
kalorin_get out of there and type dmesg | more07:05
kalorin_and read to see if it gives a hint07:05
kalorin_otherwise it's open the machine for you sadly07:05
kalorin_or pull emachines site and put the model in adn see if it says there07:05
kalorin_ok laters07:05
lgkit's already open to lazy to bootdown and check it out haha07:05
lgkthank you :D nite07:05
nahyi tried to install tor but adept faced an error and since then all of my installations return an error07:06
lgkare you getting fatal errors07:07
nahynot a lot07:07
lgkthat ish happend to be on the previous kubuntu install, but it did it for almost everything i opened :D07:07
nahybut the first app i tried was gimp and so on07:07
nahyit says that it is installed but i cant use it07:08
lgkim still having troubles getting flash to work in konq lol07:09
lgkor even FF07:09
nahyi see07:09
hushardits quite straight forward instaklling the plugins isnt it07:10
nico_my laptop still does not have sounds..07:10
nico_i am almost giving up07:10
nico_been battling this for a week now..07:11
nico_i need help ((07:11
JzegeHi I tried to activate the desktop effects for kubuntu 8.1, but then my screen went black and white. Is there any way to off the effects?07:21
teepsi have an issue with an ethernet connection not working.  This is a fresh install of kubuntu on an older dell lappy07:41
teeps"failed to activate" "connection was not provided by any settings service"07:42
teepsbueller... bueller... anyone... anyone?07:43
xp-killerhow do i know witch programes are using what port?07:45
xp-killerteeps: so if u dont have internet conection how are u in here?07:47
teepsdiff computer07:48
xp-killerteeps: u try pluging in the othe pc direct to the box?07:48
teepsyeah... i'm using a connection that I know works because I used it on another puter about a 1/2 hr ago07:49
teepsand this isn't a wireless issue... this is hardwire07:49
xp-killerteeps: if your router have internet?is the cables plug in good?u check see if its not the fir wall blockin your pc?can u conect to the router from the pc by doing something like
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
MinusSevenis Kubuntu female friendly?07:59
tictricMinusSeven: certainly08:00
p_quarlesMinusSeven: what does that mean?08:04
cupidtooI have a Kubuntu question.  I recently installed it via the Wubi installer.  When I first installed it, it defaulted to 1600x??? screen resolution but had about a one and a half inch black border around the entire screen.  I normally use 1024/768 so I figured the display would fill the screen fully but it still has that same black border.  I use Windows XP a lot so I don't want to have...08:10
cupidtooto keep stretching and shortening the width and height of my screen each time I change OSs... any ideas on how to fix this?08:10
cupidtooanyone home??08:15
teepssome are home.... just waitin by the phone08:16
teepsjust _waiting_ for that call08:16
cupidtooAnyone home that could possibly answer my question?  ;)08:16
edgyHi, when I reply to a message the old one is not quoted! The standard template looks like this: http://pastebin.ca/1308989 what's wrong please?08:22
tokihey anyone able to help me with a ubuntu resolution problem08:25
edgytoki: what's your problem?08:27
tokiok im pretty sure my drivers are running ok  i think my problem is with my machine not reconizing my monitor its a 32" hd lcd with vga inputs08:28
edgytoki: again what's the problem?08:33
edgytoki: you  cannot change the resolution?08:33
tokiedgy: its not reconizing my monitor im using my 32" hd lcd08:35
edgytoki: what do you mean by not recognizing? you want to set a higher resolution and it doesn't change it?08:36
tokiit doesnt give me the option for a higher resolution 640*480 is the highest i can get08:38
nahyi tried to install tor but adept faced an error and since then all of my installations return an error08:43
nahyis there anything like system restor in linux that i can use to correct my adept?08:45
edgytoki: what's you vga card?08:46
tokinvidia fx 520008:46
edgynahy: launch synaptic and remove it08:46
edgynahy: you will find a section called broken08:47
edgytoki: and you are sure the drivers of nvidia is installed properly?08:47
tokiedgy: yeah i can change everything for the card just not the resolution it gives me one option for monitors crt-0 and the highest resolution it gives me is 640*48008:49
dwidmannnahy, try running "sudo apt-get -f install", or "sudo dpkg --configure -a"08:49
nahythank you08:50
dwidmannDepending on the error, it may be too soon for thanks08:50
edgytoki: in system settings -> display you cannot see but 640*480?08:51
nahyi paste what it returned08:52
tokiedgy: correct08:52
nahyldconfig deffered processing now taking place08:53
nahyis that ok?08:53
edgytoki: then try editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf manually and sepcify the resolution08:54
tokiedgy: ok how do i do that08:54
tokiedgy: i have the xorg open but im a noob sorry08:55
nahyfor apt-get -f it returned dpkg was interrupted08:56
nahyi tried --configure -a08:56
nahyit returned: ldconfig deffered processing now taking place08:57
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »08:57
edgytoki: see this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8397308:57
edgynahy: try sudo apt-get -f remove08:57
edgynahy: or dpkg -r your_broken_package08:58
nahyReading package lists... Error!08:59
nahyE: Unable to write mmap - msync (28 No space left on device)08:59
nahyE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.08:59
dwidmannno space left on device says something nahy09:00
nahyshould i delete some of my files and try again?09:00
nahydwidmann: ?09:01
tokiedgy: hey thanx for the help and the link its to late for me to start something this in depth tonight09:01
edgytoki: np and it's better to ask on #nvidia they may give you easier solutions09:02
nahydwidmann: should i delete and try again?09:02
edgynahy: yes09:02
dwidmannnahy: delete some stuff and try again sounds like a good plan09:03
dwidmannnahy: df -h will let you know which device is full09:03
dwidmannshould also serve as assurance to prove that the device in question actually is full09:03
rdylinaanyone alive09:05
=== carsten is now known as tmcg
dwidmannnope, stone cold dead09:05
nahymy root folder is full but im afraid and dont know which one should i del09:06
dwidmannnahy: clear out /var/cache/apt/archives first09:07
dwidmannnahy: next do /var/log09:07
Alan_LockwoodIs there any aplication like "nvidia-settings" for ATI ?09:08
nahyyou mean delete something in those folders?09:08
dwidmannnahy: you can probably get away with deleting everything in /var/cache/apt/archives, as per /var/log, you can delete any of the archived files09:09
dwidmann(*.gz, *.bz2)09:09
MinusSeveni went back to Ubuntu09:09
MinusSevenWhen I installed Kubuntu, and installed the 4.2 beta kde, sound only worked for one program at a time09:09
Alan_LockwoodAny ATI user here?09:10
stdinAlan_Lockwood: I think fglrx-amdcccle is what you're looking for09:11
nahydwidmann: something strange: in context menu, move to trash is not active09:13
dwidmannnahy: you'll need root privileges to do it09:13
dwidmannnahy: and moving to trash isn't a valid option for 2 reasons09:13
dwidmannnahy: a), seeing as the partitionis full, so then is the trash can09:13
nahyi can go root just in bash09:13
dwidmannnahy: sudo -s09:14
dwidmannnahy: or you could opt for something like kdesudo dolphin09:14
nahywhen root is full cant i send something to trash?09:15
dwidmannnahy: sending to trash moves something to the same partitions trash can, if the partition is full then the trash can is full too09:16
dwidmannnahy: you'll have to delete the stuff for real, and seeing as the files I pointed you at are non-critical (logs and a cache) you won't miss them anyway09:17
nahyi see but i cant still delete them because i cant go root sorry09:18
dwidmannnahy: why can't you?09:19
nahyi said that in dolphin i dont know what to do to be root09:19
dwidmannnahy: you have to launch it with the command kdesudo dolphin for it to have root privileges, I've mentioned that before haven't I?09:20
nahyim so sorry, i know that it's crazy09:20
nahyi found it09:21
nahydoes shift+delete remove them forever?09:22
dwidmannnahy: should09:23
nahynow i have 13% of my root free can i free up further more?09:27
nahyand is it necessary that i run apt-get -f remove?09:30
nahydwidmann: and is it necessary that i run apt-get -f remove?09:30
nahydwidmann: now i have 13% of my root free can i free up further more?09:32
nahydwidmann: now i have 13% of my root free can i free up further more?09:34
dwidmannnahy: well, that might be difficult09:35
dwidmannnahy: you've cleaned out the expendable stuff already09:35
nahyok thank you a lot my friend09:35
fjellrev1I know this may be far fetched but here goes: Anyone have any experience when it comes to laptop fans?mine is running at full speed all the time,not so elegant in the study hall :)09:43
nahydwidmann: yesterday i installed gimp after all i wanted to run it but i can't see it in my graphic apps but i find it in adept installed09:45
dwidmanntry to run it manually then, to see if it's really installed09:47
nahyhow to run it manually?09:48
nahyyes yes it's running09:48
nahyi typed gimp and it ran09:49
nahythank you again09:50
dwidmannnahy: , maybe logging out then logging back in will add it to the menu09:50
fjellrev1nahy: or you could make your own shortcut if that fails,think the correct path would /usr/bin/gimp09:51
nahythank you too09:53
zenumhey, i'm having a bit of a problem with krdc 4.1.3 where the main screen doesn't have a window border or title bar, thus preventing me from moving/resizing the app09:53
zenumdoes anyone know of any way I can somehow restore the functionality?09:53
cuzntzenum try system settings>window behavior09:55
zenumcuznt: i'm using gnome, but I do have kde installed, if I get it to come up right in kde would it remember the settings in gnome?09:56
cuznti think so09:57
Salze_fjellrev1: I've got an ThinkPad X40 and there is a script for (this) ThinkPad that regulates the fan speed.10:08
easyfit_hey, I'm trying to get my wired network working on my laptop, and I can get it to work if I do stuff manually in a terminal, but the "helpful" knetworkmanager doesn't do the job... it's like it's not even updating the system with the config I type in... any idea what's going on here?10:09
easyfit_for example the IP i type in doesn't get set to eth0 when I check it out with ifconfig10:10
easyfit_it does work fine for the wireless though10:11
Salze_easyfit: AFAIK NM doesn't work for static IPs.10:12
easyfit_oh... so basically I'm just out of luck then10:13
fjellrev1Salze_: I have a fujitsu-siemens amilo not sure if I want to experiment with others :) if you dont vouch10:13
Salze_Can't you use dhcp?10:13
easyfit_another strange and annoying this is that even if I configure it manually so I can for example ping google and use konqueror to browse the web, firefox can't find a connection10:14
easyfit_Salze_, afraid not10:14
Salze_easyfit: That might be due to ff "thinking" that you don't have a connection. I think you can tell him not to try to be smart - but I don't know how.10:15
ActionParsnip1easyfit_: sometimes firefox loads up in offline mode10:15
easyfit_hmm I see...10:15
ActionParsnip1easyfit_: let me get you the fix10:15
easyfit_ActionParsnip1, that would be great10:15
ActionParsnip1easyfit_: to get it online for the session: file -> work offline (or similar)10:17
ActionParsnip1easyfit_: here's the fix for all sessions: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+question/3192510:17
easyfit_I'll try that... I might lose the IRC connection when I kill the wireless now, but thanks for the help!10:18
ActionParsnip1easyfit_: np man10:18
ActionParsnip1lord only knows why firefox is crippled like that10:23
easyfit__it actually seems to be working now... wireless disabled and I can browse with firefox, thanks :)10:23
ActionParsnip1i'd recommend opera :)10:24
easyfit__opera seems to be a good browser, but I work a lot with web development so it's better for me to use a 'bigger' browser10:25
ActionParsnip1easyfit__: good to test with all browsers10:31
easyfit__yepp, but still, there's some good reasons for using firefox for daily usage if that's what the people you're building for is using... not saying that I don't care about making it work in other browsers as well...10:33
easyfit__besides, I'm happy with ff, work well for me, has some useful plugins as well10:34
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP310:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about amixer10:36
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)10:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nothanks10:36
PSiL0!thanks Psil010:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about thanks Psil010:37
PSiL0!thanks | Psil010:37
ubottuPSiL0, please see my private message10:37
* PSiL0 kicks stupid bot10:37
ActionParsnip1ubottu ftw10:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ftw10:38
sniper435afternoon - can anyone help me with an issue with kde 4.2 rc?10:43
ActionParsnip1!anyone | sniper43510:43
ubottusniper435: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?10:43
sniper435I've just installed kde 4.2 rc from the kubuntu-experimental repos (i was running 4..2 beta 2 from the same place), since the upgrade kde is very unstable, specifically kwin is constantly crashing.. pretty much as soon as its re-run itself after a crash it goes again10:45
ActionParsnip1sniper435: thats one reason i dont use kwin10:45
ActionParsnip1sniper435: is there anything in logs / dmesg?10:46
sniper4351 sec..10:46
sniper435nothing obviously related to kwin or the crashes in dmesg logs10:47
modman24got a quicky question10:47
ActionParsnip1sniper435: try all the system logs10:47
ActionParsnip1!ask | modman2410:47
ubottumodman24: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:47
sniper435what do you run if not kwin i've never had a problem with it before10:47
sniper435oki, i'll brb...10:48
ActionParsnip1sniper435: ive always run fluxbox but i use kde apps10:48
modman24just loaded up kubuntu, i plugged in my external hd that i have all my stuff on, im trying to copy stuff off... its a usb 2.0 port and a usb 2.0 drive. but im only getting transfer speeds of 900kb10:48
modman24anyone know whats wrong... ive googled around and not found anything of use10:49
sniper435nope, nothing in the logs10:49
ActionParsnip1modman24: what does dmesg say  about the device, you'll find it at the bottom if you unplug it and plug it back in10:50
modman24how do i run that... im not used to kubuntu... i switched from pclinuxos10:51
ActionParsnip1modman24: its a terminal command10:52
ActionParsnip1modman24: well, konsole in kde10:52
modman24sb-storage: device scan complete10:54
modman24[   21.973036] scsi 3:0:0:0: Direct-Access     WD       5000AAV External 1.65 PQ: 0 ANSI: 410:54
modman24[   21.983275] sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] 976773168 512-byte hardware sectors (500108 MB)10:54
modman24[   21.996256] sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] Write Protect is off10:54
modman24[   21.996261] sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] Mode Sense: 21 00 00 0010:54
modman24[   21.996264] sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] Assuming drive cache: write through10:54
modman24[   22.010255] sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] 976773168 512-byte hardware sectors (500108 MB)10:54
modman24[   22.022251] sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] Write Protect is off10:54
modman24[   22.022258] sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] Mode Sense: 21 00 00 0010:54
modman24[   22.022261] sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] Assuming drive cache: write through10:54
ActionParsnip1modman24: please use pastebin in future10:55
modman24any ideas?10:55
modman24i have like 48gb of music to transfer.10:56
modman24and at 900k... thats gonna take days10:56
ActionParsnip1is both reading and writing slow, or is it only one direction thats slow10:56
modman24i dont have anything large i can copy to it to test.10:57
ActionParsnip1modman24: you could create a file using dd10:57
ActionParsnip1modman24: http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showtopic=16322910:58
modman246.4 k write speeds10:59
modman24so what are your thoughts?11:01
ActionParsnip1modman24: read those link i pasted11:01
sniper435Well i'm still stumped on whats wrong with kwin, as yet i've not seen any reports of anyone with a similar problem with the kubuntu-experimental packages either11:06
modman24it says to turn off "synchrous" but i dont know where that option is.11:07
ActionParsnip1modman24: me neither, i dont use usb drives, too slow11:09
ghostcubeanyone knows about buggy 64 bit 4.1.4 update ?11:09
ActionParsnip1modman24: have a websearch round, see where you can set it11:09
sniper435i think thats a mount option, you can either mount sync or async11:11
sniper435i dont know how you change how kubuntu auto mounts it, maybe fstab?11:11
ActionParsnip1man mount ?11:12
BattleStarJesusI'm not sure why but my dbus server is not starting?  I found out because I can't delete my trash.  How can I begin to resolve this issue?11:13
ActionParsnip1!trash | BattleStarJesus11:14
ubottuBattleStarJesus: The location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash11:14
ActionParsnip1BattleStarJesus: try manually emptying trash manually11:14
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BattleStarJesusIt is empty.11:19
BattleStarJesusBut the data is still on my drive nothing has been deleted?11:19
ghostcubehmmm its definetly that update to 4.1.4 has broken my 64 bit system anyone knows if this will be fixed or anything is known11:20
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: what's broken and how is it broken?11:22
ghostcubegood question it starts with an strange crash handler report direct after starting kde 4.1.4 then the sound settings in systemsettings are broken i cant open them and amarok isnt starting anymore11:22
ghostcubeyesterday this seemed to be cause not all packages was build11:23
ghostcubebut today i have all packages as it seems11:23
ghostcubeand all windows from system hasent got window decorations of compiz11:23
sniper435compiz or kwin?11:23
sniper435fair enough, only wondered as my upgrade to 4.2 rc has broken kwin11:24
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: you using an nvidia gfx card?11:25
ghostcubeyep gt 860011:25
ghostcubeit worked like charm till 4.1.411:25
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: you need some xorg.conf options in screen11:25
ghostcubeeh ?11:25
modman24i cant get it to work still.11:26
ghostcubeActionParsnip1, to get systemsettings workjing and amarok ?11:26
ghostcubeok for the decos maybe but i wouldnt lknow which settings11:27
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: add these lines to your screen section to get the windows decorations back:11:27
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: Option "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "True"11:27
ghostcubeActionParsnip1, oO iam compiz support i have all lines inside xorg.conf11:27
ghostcubebut thx11:27
ghostcubebtw iam on nvidia-glx-18011:28
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-392734.html11:28
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: i thought you said you were missing windows decorations11:28
ghostcubeActionParsnip1, only from the system windowws11:29
ghostcubeall others working11:29
ghostcubedolüphin is missing11:29
ghostcubesystemsettings is missing11:29
ghostcubeand so on11:29
ghostcubefirefox works11:29
ghostcubexchat works11:29
sniper435i'd say your missing packages11:29
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: you'll need the xorg.conf extra bits then as far as I can tell11:29
ghostcubeActionParsnip1, wanna see my xorg.conf :D11:29
ghostcubeno thats not what i need11:30
ghostcubeits definetly an bug11:30
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ghostcubeno trigger sneeded inside ActionParsnip111:31
ghostcubesniper435, yeah yeasterday i was missing packages but whhich ones arent build does this anyone know11:31
ghostcube32 bit all online is there any 64 bit still missing11:32
ghostcubeif not its just broken11:32
ghostcubemain problem isnt the window deco11:32
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: is metacity running?11:32
marius__hello world11:32
ghostcubei have no metacity11:32
marius__bakc with my dvd issssssue11:33
ghostcubeActionParsnip1, but kwin works fine11:33
modman24still no luck getting it to work.11:33
ghostcubeActionParsnip1, the bigger problem is systemsettings and amarok211:33
wimquestion: Where can I upgrade my 8.04 to 8.10?11:34
ghostcubeseems the phonon pavckages are broken11:34
wimcan't find it11:34
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: try: Option XAANoOffscreenPixmaps "true"11:34
ActionParsnip1!upgrade | wim11:34
ubottuwim: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes11:34
ghostcubeActionParsnip1, not on nvidia11:35
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: then ive no idea, could try in #compiz later11:35
ghostcubeiam in compiz as iam supporter there lol11:35
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: personally i hate compiz as it pretty much breaks everything imho, fluxbox ftw11:35
ghostcubebut the main prob is the settings11:35
ghostcubeActionParsnip1, heh11:35
ghostcubeit worked fine till yesterday11:36
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: could try installing emerald and using that11:36
marius__help me out pls. kubuntu sees a burnt dvd as blank, and when I click it it sais "could not start process,unable to create io-slave:Klauncher said: Unknown". And of course...k3b isn't able to write anything. help please11:36
ghostcubeall worked very well till 4.1.411:36
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: well what changed since11:36
ghostcubeActionParsnip1, iam using emerald11:36
ghostcubeActionParsnip1, only 4.1.411:36
ghostcubei just updated11:36
ghostcubeall is  broken :(11:36
ghostcubeand this is not my fault in no way its just anything damaged or not ready insiode 64 bit kubuntu update from 4.1.3 to 4.1.411:37
ActionParsnip1try removing the files holding the emerald and compiz configs and rebooting11:37
ghostcubeActionParsnip1, git compiled version11:37
ghostcubeno packages11:37
ghostcubemy problem is not compiz11:38
ghostcubecan we step to themain problem11:38
marius__any idea for me?11:38
ghostcubesystemsettings ios broken11:38
ghostcubeand amarok2 is broken11:38
ghostcubeafter updating to 4.1.411:38
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: run it from terminal and you will get intelligent output11:39
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: amarokapp11:39
ghostcubei know11:40
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: when it crashes, read the konsole11:40
ghostcube:D it crashes at start lol11:40
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: i assume nothing in here11:40
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: what does the konsole say11:40
ghostcubeseems dbus not starting here11:41
ghostcubeand this is maybe the systemcrash at startup too11:41
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: try just amarok instead of amarokapp11:42
ghostcubeits amarok11:42
ghostcubethere is no amarokapp for 211:42
ghostcubeall i can say is pls no one should update to 4.1.4 64 bit it will brake system11:43
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105112/11:44
ghostcubebut thx for the help ActionParsnip1 but i think the problem is any of the packages11:44
ghostcubeActionParsnip1, you running amarok 1.411:44
ghostcubeiam 211:44
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: isnt 2 beta software?11:44
ubottuThe Neon Project provides daily Amarok and KDE 4 trunk builds as packages for Kubuntu | See http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/User:Apachelogger/Project_Neon and http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/User:Apachelogger/Project_Neon/KDE/Info for more | Support in #amarok.neon11:45
ghostcubeActionParsnip1, but you understand my problem or ? my system worked like charm till the 4.1.4 update yesterday11:45
ghostcubeso its not my fault11:46
ghostcubei want to know how to fix this11:46
ghostcubeand i dont wanna do a piing11:46
ghostcubeis there any package still not ready or not build anyone knowing this ?11:46
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: i'd log a bug11:47
ghostcubebut which  one there are too many ones lol :)11:47
ActionParsnip1for your amarok crashes11:49
ghostcubei think this results cause the systemsettings crashing too11:49
ghostcubethere is any thing wrong inside the update11:49
ActionParsnip1you could try renaming ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok11:50
ghostcubetis isnt the problem11:50
ActionParsnip1it may help, its worth a try isnt it, can can always rename back if you gain nothing11:50
ghostcubei did itr11:51
ghostcubeno changes11:51
ActionParsnip1it takes 3 seconds to try and you won't even do it?11:51
ActionParsnip1oic good11:51
ActionParsnip1i cant read minds11:51
ghostcubenp man11:51
ghostcubei dont wanna diss u11:51
ActionParsnip1its cool man11:51
ghostcubeiam glad anyone tralks to me11:52
ghostcubeeven we dont get nearer lol11:52
ActionParsnip1could run it with some form of debug options11:52
ghostcubehmm i need to install 809 mb debuug package11:52
ghostcubeand only to get the thing its not amaroks fault cause its a systm error amarok uses phonon backend and dbus for controlling and both isnt working for update reason11:53
ghostcubeas it seems11:53
ghostcubei hate it if a update kills youre system lol11:54
ActionParsnip1ghostcube: true but the OS comes with no garuntees11:54
ghostcubei now but it worked so nice with 4.1.3 and now ;(11:55
ghostcubei hate 4.x11:55
ActionParsnip1then grab the older one after uninstalling the newest one11:56
ghostcubethis couldnt be the way11:58
ghostcubei dont do a pining11:58
ghostcubebefore this i change tio xfce or gnome11:59
ActionParsnip1fluxbox here, its sweet12:00
* Tm_T <3<3 KDE412:00
ActionParsnip1Tm_T: not kwin4 though12:00
Tm_TActionParsnip1: for me it is12:00
Tm_TActionParsnip1: works perfectly12:00
ghostcubeTm_T, version of kde ? and bit range12:01
ActionParsnip1its too concerned with gloss, i want fast and snappy12:01
Tm_TActionParsnip1: it is fast and snappy here12:01
Tm_Tghostcube: 4.2.6012:01
ghostcubeah ok svn12:01
ghostcube32 bit ?12:02
ghostcube:| damn12:02
ActionParsnip1but with all the rubbish in the way, just gimme a simple task bar at the bottom and menu and im done12:02
ActionParsnip1kde apps rock but kwin is horrendous12:02
Tm_TActionParsnip1: I don't have rubbish in my way12:02
Tm_TActionParsnip1: http://www.tm-travolta.net/shots/current.png  <- yes, that panel you see is autohiding, I don't really use it12:03
ghostcubeTm_T, i began to hate 4.x12:04
apronaxselam :)12:04
ActionParsnip1Tm_T: http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj93/andrew_woodhead666/desktop.jpg?t=123202106312:05
apronaxUbuntu'da DNS adresini nasıl değiştire bilirim :)12:05
ActionParsnip1Tm_T: notice the lack of fluff12:05
ghostcube!tu | apronax12:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tu12:05
ActionParsnip1Tm_T: compared to yours12:05
ghostcube!tr | apronax12:05
Tm_TActionParsnip1: I know12:05
ubottuapronax: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.12:05
apronaxsağol :D12:06
ActionParsnip1I only have wallpaper on when people are coming over12:08
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zer0odoes anyone play NEXUIZ? (i've aske on the -offtopic but no replies, if anyone does play it or knows it please come on -offtopic ivegot some questions thanks)12:14
ActionParsnip1zer0o: i used to a while back. I dont game much now12:16
zer0oActionParsnip1: how do i SAVE the game and how do i LOAD etc... where can i find this info?12:16
sniper435ActionParsnip1: you said you use fluxbox - how o you pull up a run dialogue?12:18
ActionParsnip1zer0o: isnt it in key options, fps usually use f5 to save and f6 to load in my experience12:19
ActionParsnip1sniper435: never had, just launch apps from the right click menu, or konsole / yakuake12:19
sniper435ActionParsnip1: i tried that but most aren't there.. is there something i need to do to get them into the menu? all i12:20
zer0oActionParsnip1: in the key options u mean in the actual game? i havent found any, indeed while i was playing at some point i wanted to quit and there was no window or command mentioning "quit" or save or load so i tried them all and finally f8 got me out12:20
sniper435ActionParsnip1: all i12:20
sniper435ActionParsnip1: all i've done so far is apt install fluxbox12:20
=== floown_ is now known as floown
ActionParsnip1sniper435: log off, change session to fluxbox and log back in12:21
ActionParsnip1your autostart stuff is managed in ~/.fluxbox/startup12:21
sniper435ActionParsnip1: ok, all i've done is apt installed and logged off and into it (sorry)12:21
sniper435ActionParsnip1: there are a few programs in the menu but none of the kde ones12:21
ActionParsnip1sniper435: should be, you can add them by editting ~/.fluxbox/menu12:22
ActionParsnip1sniper435: flux does take a bit of config at first but eventually it gets nice12:22
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
ghostcubehmm in develchannelö they told me maybe still not all 63 bit packages available12:23
sniper435ActionParsnip1: thanks, i'll look into that, figured it was a very small one i could have as a backup for when kwin breaks (am on an eee 901 so space is at a premium)12:23
ActionParsnip1sniper435: totally12:23
ActionParsnip1sniper435: i personally copied the menu file that ~/.fluxbox/menu refers to, to the file so that I can control the menu personally12:24
ActionParsnip1sniper435: if you run: dpkg -l | grep xserver | less12:25
ActionParsnip1sniper435: you will see you have drivers for other vdeo cards which you do not have installed in your system, you can remove these12:25
sniper435ActionParsnip1: ta12:26
ActionParsnip1sniper435: and if your latest kernel is serving you well, you can remove the old ones12:26
sniper435ActionParsnip1: am on top of that one already :D12:27
ActionParsnip1sniper435: you could also try: dpkg -l | less12:28
ActionParsnip1sniper435: read whats installed and uninstall what you dont need12:28
sniper435ActionParsnip1: thats likely to be a long list, will get round to it though once i'm done getting fluxbox all happy - as familiar as i am in console not having a UI environment is irritating12:29
ActionParsnip1sniper435: its lighter in ram than kde + kwin12:32
ActionParsnip1sniper435: but you can run kde apps as you have kde libs12:32
estananyone know where i can stuff a script to be executed when my ext monitor is plugged in? i'd like to run some xrandr command when i plug it..12:32
estanor if xorg can be configured to activate my ext monitor and deactivate the internal one and vice versa, that would work too.12:33
ActionParsnip1estan: i dont know about automatically but you can definately have a script you run yourself12:33
estanActionParsnip1: i know that, but i'd like it automatically when the monitor is plugged/unplugged.12:33
ActionParsnip1estan: is this a laptop?12:33
estanActionParsnip1: yea.12:33
estanintel graphics.12:33
ActionParsnip1estan: theres a lil button to switch outputs, usually fn + f712:34
estani know that, it's not working and never has.. but nonetheless, i'd like it to occur automatically without me having to press anything or manually running a script.12:34
estanat the moment i use krandrtray to activate the external and deactivate the internal.. but i don't want to do that everytime it's plugged in.12:35
ActionParsnip1estan: well its clear what you desire now, maybe someone can chime in12:35
estanyea ;)12:35
ActionParsnip1personally i have no idea12:35
bazylhello everybody;)12:35
estani'm thinking if there's an ACPI event or something for the monitor plug-in action, then i could maybe configure it that way.12:35
ActionParsnip1estan: could check logs for monitor attatchment events, then write a script to check it regularly12:36
sniper435well you can find out if theres an acpi event by using acpi_listen12:37
estanhm yes.. but that's kind of a hack.. i'll investigate some more.12:37
dr_willisLife is a hack.12:37
bazylanybody know how to setup windows to auto-maximize (f.e. starting firefox browser) in kde?12:37
estananother thing i'd like to get working of course is that Fn+F3 combo i have on the keyboard.. at the moment it's not giving any X event at all (checked with xev).12:37
sniper435if so you should be able to put something in /etc/acpi/events to run our script12:37
estansniper435: ah, i was just looking around in /etc/acpi, i'll try acpi_listen. thx.12:38
sniper435estan: what is the fn+f3 combo on your laptop? or even whats your laptop12:38
estansniper435: sorry, fn+f3 is the keyboard combo meant to change between int/ext monitor on this laptop (fujitsu-siemens amilo si1520).12:39
estanbut it has never worked under linux that i know of.12:40
estanacpi_listen showed no events during monitor plugging :(12:40
estani mean, xorg does detect the monitor being present (as xrandr shows).. i'm just not sure there's a way to execute a script when it happens :/12:41
estanthere's a thing called X input hotplugging i've heard about.. but i guess that's just for input (mouse, kbd et.c).12:42
estanwhat i want is X _output_ hotplugging ;)12:42
sniper435could be12:42
sniper435if theres no acpi event i'm not sure what to suggest12:42
ActionParsnip1sniper435: if you want you can bind a shortcut to fbrun which will allow you to launch any app like krunner12:42
estanhm. maybe i should look at HAL.12:42
estanActionParsnip1: hm. what's fbrun?12:43
estanand i need to get Xorg to even recognize the fn+f3 as a pressed key first.. even "xev" isn't showing anything when i press it.12:44
ActionParsnip1estan: its a fluxbox app that will bring up a box you can type a program name in and it runs12:44
estanbut this auto-thing is what i want working first of all. because i can always use krandrtray for switching manually instead of the key combo.12:44
estanActionParsnip1: okay.12:44
sniper435estan: again is there an acpi event in acpi_listen when you press the key combo?12:45
estansniper435: no.12:46
estanand not when i plug/unplug the ext monitor either.12:46
estani'm trying to find out if HAL may be using Xorg events somehow, because i mean the Xorg server recognizes the monitor being plugged/unplugged (as can be seen with the xrandr command).12:47
sniper435estan: no, i got that.. any hotkey i've come across generates an acpi event when pressed (if the correct module is loaded in kernal anyway) was setting up similar things on my eee recently12:47
estanyea, i'm thinking something more fundamental is wrong with that key combo thing.12:48
estanbut i can live without that, but i'd really like the ext monitor to be activated automatically when plugged in, and deactivated when removed.12:48
atnogood evening12:49
estanbleh, lshal --monitor shows no events during monitor plug/unplug either :/12:50
* estan asks in #xorg instead.12:52
atnois there a way to have exactly the same /home/username at work and at home?12:52
atnois there an easy synchronisation option?12:52
drdozerxrandr crashes my kde session sometimes12:52
drdozerI think my gfx driver doesn't like my gfx card12:53
drdozerI'm using the latest kubuntu, with all updates12:53
drdozerany ideas?12:54
atnodrdozer: do u have an ATI or NVIDIA gfx? are you using custom drivers or the ones coming with ubuntu?12:55
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drdozermy tablet has an intel gfx card, and I'm using the bundled driver12:56
atnodrdozer: can u copy/paste the last 15 lines of your /var/log/Xorg.0.log using this site http://www.pastebin.com ?12:57
Orbjinzoim curious12:59
Orbjinzoare you getting any x errors13:00
Orbjinzowith the battery?13:00
atnodrdozer: paste the whole /var/log/Xorg.0.log nothing usefull at the last 15 lines13:00
Orbjinzocause its a known issue atm if thats the case.13:01
drdozeratno: http://pastebin.com/m547f40ae13:02
drdozerit trunchated it part way down13:02
_lummhow come plasma and x are eating that much cpu and ram13:04
_lummafter 5+ days uptime is there any known bug or workaround?13:04
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BlueEagle_lumm: Sounds like a small memory leak if it is something that manifests itself after a couple of days.13:31
pablo_ku ku13:33
vbgunzanyone know how KDE 4.2 RC1 broke Yakuakes splitting?13:33
* fidji probablement en train de jouer au Go13:43
BluesKaj!fr | fidji13:45
ubottufidji: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr13:45
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xp-killerwhere can i find  Azureus.config file?13:54
xp-killeror even better how can i put  Azureus to default?13:55
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xp-killeri cant download13:56
compilerwriterAnybody here a kmail guru?13:56
Tm_Tcompilerwriter: please don't ask to ask, just ask (:)13:57
BluesKajnot a guru , but I've used it in the past13:57
luke_anyone help with a 64 bit install13:57
BluesKajxp-killer, use ktorrent ... more stable and doesn't hog the cpu cycles13:58
luke_have just built new system with sata dvd + harddrive .... but the cd for 8.10 spins then go for install and get io error please rebbot ???13:59
xp-killerBluesKaj: ktorent even worst it dont download13:59
compilerwriterWell here it is BluesKaj the wifes XP box got infected with a trojan.  I downloaded her email to my computer to keep her box emptied out whilst we got rid of the trojan.  I put it all in one folder for her via a filter as it came in.  Is there a quick and dirty way to forward the whole morass 500 plus emails back to her now that her machine is clean again and she can get her own email?13:59
BluesKajyou have to set up your ports properly with any torrent client , xp-killer14:00
BluesKajcompilerwriter, the only way i know how is to route it thru gmail, but I'm sure there is a better way ...using avast antivirus on her pc ?14:01
BlueEaglecompilerwriter: That depends on the email client she was using.14:02
compilerwriterIt was avg that missed the trojan.14:02
compilerwriterThe email client that has the email now is kmail.  I just need to find a good way to forward it all in one feld swoop if at all possible BlueEagle14:03
compilerwriterI just want to forward it back to her account so that she can download it to her machine.14:04
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BluesKajcompilerwriter , do you have a gmail acct ?14:05
compilerwriterno I don't BluesKaj14:05
doktoreasare you planning to release a livecd with 4.2 once it come out?14:05
BluesKajand compilerwriter , avg is not effective anymore , try avast , it's free and very effective14:06
xp-killerBluesKaj: does it makes a difference wa speed conection u have by downloading by p2p?i had a 512 dsl from one company switch to another and take a 8 mega but p2p downloading slower14:07
BluesKaj azureus is java heavy and slow14:08
BlueEaglexp-killer: The speed you get obviously depends on how many people seed the resource you are downloading.14:08
xp-killerBluesKaj: yea but ktorent up loading at more than 60kb and downloads is at 20k14:09
BluesKajyou have to forward the right ports on ktorrent ...anything above 50,000 should work due to the ISP throttling of ports below that number14:11
Anubisi tried wi-fi radar to see if there is some wireless networks near me but i wasnt able to start that application14:17
labhi. I'm trying to download new plasmoids from KDE-Look.org. I don't understand why the built in plasmoids installer shows me only some of the available plasmoids... any suggestion ?14:19
wesleyhello i have a osx install dvd, and i want to convert it to a iso to make a backup, how can i do that ?14:29
derjenshello everyone14:30
derjensi have an ogg music collection in amarok which i want to burn to mp3 cd's for my car radio14:31
derjenshow to achieve that most comfortably?14:31
JohnFluxderjens: step 1, buy a car radio that support ogg :-D14:32
JohnFluxderjens: I think Amarok comes with a way to convert to mp314:33
derjensJohnFlux, 2 problems: most car radios dont support ogg or the packaging doesnt memtion it + no extra money for a new car radio:)14:34
JohnFluxderjens: hmm, google suggests installing 'soundkonvertor' using synaptic14:34
JohnFluxthen restarting amarok14:34
JohnFluxderjens: apparently you get a Tools->script->convert option in amarok or something14:35
JohnFluxderjens: oh, actually it might not be converted to kde4 yet14:35
derjensit doesnt need to be an amarok way. some console magic is okay14:36
derjensi have just looked into scripts and there is a transcoding section but the list of scripts is badly labeled. if i wanna use some script i need to ask in amarok channel14:37
derjensany other ideas?14:37
derjensi will ask in #amarok at parallel14:37
Anubishow can i see wireless networks near me ?14:38
ActionParsnip1yo yo yo14:39
JohnFluxAnubis: click on K then type knet  - you should get an option for knetworkmanager14:39
JohnFluxAnubis: if not, install it14:39
xp-killerBluesKaj: how do i make ktorent download 2 torent at the same time?14:39
JohnFluxxp-killer: just open 2 torrents...14:40
xp-killerJohnFlux: i did but the other torent is on stalled14:40
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: then no one is seeding it14:40
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: or you have all the available chunks for that file14:41
BluesKajselect another torrent to download , some will stall but it has to do with the source not the app14:41
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: click the torrent then click chunks or files, i forget which it is14:41
BluesKajor even peers14:41
xp-killerActionParsnip1:  BluesKaj there are more than 10000 people seeding the the file14:42
xp-killerits the app14:42
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: doesnt mean they have 100$ of the file14:42
xp-killeryea but even if the dont have 100% even 50% it sopose to start downloading cause on azureus it was downloading14:42
BluesKajxp-killer sure there are ...how many are actually connected ?14:43
xp-killerbut i play with the option so azureus went crazy and stop downloading14:43
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: if you create a torrent and only allow 99% of it out and then vanish (meaning only you have 100% of the data), everyone else will download off the person who downloaded the 99%, but as no one has the last 1% and never will, te download never completes14:43
BluesKajlook at the peers section and see how many are actually seeding14:43
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: and until the person with this missing 1% reconnects to give everyone else the 1% thats missing it will never get completed14:44
BluesKajand how many have 100% of the app14:44
xp-killerActionParsnip1: i aint created the torent if i did i wouldnt want to download the file i have allready14:44
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: im not sayinig you id, someone else made the torrent you are downloading but may not have uploaded 100%14:45
xp-killerActionParsnip1:  BluesKaj anyway i fix it its good to go14:45
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: so the file gets stalled14:45
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: ive got a few files on 98% and i have all available chunks at the moment. I just need someone to seed the other 3% otherwise its never gonna complete14:46
BluesKajppl don't realize that some ISP's are throttling all ports nowadays14:46
xp-killeri know about that. ActionParsnip1 what speed conection u have? does ktorent download at a good speed for u?cause i have 8 mega and its downloading at max 25 to 50 kb14:47
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: i have 2mb link, the downloads via torrents depends entirely on who is uploading14:47
xp-killerppl dont realize sometimes its not the isp's but the app that sucks14:48
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: via http I can get 250k/s on a good server14:48
bazylpeace !14:48
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: the data can only come down as fast as folks upload it to you, the client is intranscient14:48
xp-killerActionParsnip1: wow u have a 2meg i have 8 i never touch 80kb in my life14:48
BluesKajxp-killer . it doesn't matter what your ISP speed capability is ..it's the sources speeds and client setups that determine your DL speed14:48
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: what contention ratio do you have?14:49
xp-killerActionParsnip1: im going to change internet company allready there router sucks14:49
BluesKajthat won't make any diff14:49
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: if your connection is hugely contended like 200:1 your link will suck during peak times14:49
xp-killerActionParsnip1: if i set the app to upload 1 kb /s u dont tink it makes a diff?14:50
=== elwghost is now known as elwood
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: regular consumers don't look into that then get sucky service14:50
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: none at all, the channels for up / down traffic are seperate14:50
xp-killerActionParsnip1: i only touch 800kb by ddl's14:50
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: try downloading the iso from kubuntu official torrents, see how fast it will fly14:51
xp-killerActionParsnip1: download a torent "ktorent " is at 0 D,0 U put U at 1 and u will see your D drop also14:51
xp-killerActionParsnip1: im going to try it14:52
brmassaGuys, why KDE4.1.4 for Ibex removed the "Hibernate" and "Suspend" from the Menu?14:52
xp-killerActionParsnip1: give me the link i didnt save the link to the torent14:52
somekoolhi, my kubuntu system does not see my 2GB of RAM. I have HIGHMEM enabled in my kernel. what else could be wrong? I search the forum and everywhere without success. it seems everything is configured properly.14:53
Tm_Tsomekool: how much it does see and how much there should be?14:54
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: 32bit or 64bit?14:54
xp-killerActionParsnip1: anyone its just to try the speed14:55
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: http://torrent.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/simple/intrepid/desktop/kubuntu-8.10-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent14:55
BluesKajsomekool , what makes you think it's not seeing your 2G Ram ?14:56
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: if you are using ktorrent, enable the web interface for it too, youo'll need to tinstall php-cli package ;)14:56
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: then you can connect to it via http://<servername>:808014:56
xp-killeri open that port already14:56
xp-killeri have to open it on upn port also?14:56
=== adam_ is now known as Adola
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: ive opened no ports on my router and it works fine14:57
xp-killerActionParsnip1: u have maybe a good router mines sucky14:58
xp-killerActionParsnip1: the link u game bugging out the pc14:58
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: thats the official torrent for the 64bit intrepid desktop iso14:59
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: ask a buddy if you can borow a router and see if it improves the situation14:59
somekoolBluesKaj: ls -l /proc/kcore15:00
derjenshow to get mp3 encoding support in sox??15:00
derjensi have just installed sox and it says it was compiled without mp3 enc support15:00
somekoolTm_T: 897M / 2G15:00
xp-killerActionParsnip1: the oompany tells me i cant use no other router it wont work and the phone must plug to the router15:00
Tm_Tsomekool: nice, sounds more of an bios/hardware issue than linux fault15:01
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: weird15:01
xp-killerActionParsnip1: i know15:01
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: not heard of that, what company is it?15:01
xp-killerActionParsnip1: but i havent try any other router yet so i never know if there lying or something15:01
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: you may want to hunt around15:01
xp-killerActionParsnip1: u dont know of them i live out of the states15:01
xp-killerActionParsnip1: i hunt around and they was a better price15:02
BluesKajsomekool , try htop ..it lists the available mem and swap etc right at the top as well as what's using cpu and mem15:02
somekoolBluesKaj: htop shows 2G15:04
somekoolkcore ain't relevant anymore ?15:04
BluesKajsomekool , dunno , never used it15:04
xp-killerActionParsnip1: wow i just touch a 200kb download and it still going up15:06
xp-killerActionParsnip1: .... it stick to limit 230kb for the iso if u reach 200kb with your 2meg conection and i only hit 230 with 8 meg conection that means my conection is crapy15:08
lordnoidhi, my slim glow theme (and many more themes) suddenly disappeared in KDE 4.2 Beta :/15:09
xp-killerBluesKaj: wheres ActionParsnip1?15:09
* BluesKaj wonders why xp-killer doesn't understand that the source determines his DL speed15:10
Tm_Txp-killer: you cannot get data faster than the other end sends15:10
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: sounds like it, i'd check you SLAs in your contract15:11
xp-killeri understand that but i have 8 mega and ActionParsnip1 2 mega i only reach 230kb download and ActionParsnip1 200kb15:11
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: as I said, if your connection is hugely contended it makes it cheap but also makes it suck15:11
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: my connection is contended 30:1 so its quite swift15:12
Thorhow can disable the wireless card?15:12
xp-killerActionParsnip1: how do i know what is mines?15:12
=== antonio_ is now known as Maf_
* BluesKaj gives up15:12
ActionParsnip1xp-killer: you can contact customer services or it may be in your contract15:12
* BluesKaj directs his attn elsewhere15:13
Thoris that enough to disable the wireless card from knetworkmanager ?15:13
ActionParsnip1paece out kids, im off for a sleep15:13
RurouniJonesxp-killer: You have used speedtest.net haven't you?15:14
xp-killerBluesKaj: i install compiz but now want to upgrade if i do will my comfiguration stay?i have a lot of stuff i dont want to loose is the new update more stable than the one im on?15:14
xp-killerBluesKaj: RurouniJones yes i use speed test but the answer wasnt clair u have a good site for speed test?15:15
BluesKajcompiz is just a desktop effects thing..i have it turned off most of the time15:15
xp-killerBluesKaj: will i have to reinstall my graphic card drivers?15:15
ondrgThor: right click on icon > deactivate connections > turn off wireless15:16
xp-killerBluesKaj: well i use compiz to atract more xp users to linux15:16
Thorondrg: thanks15:16
Thorit's my first time when i use wireless on the linux :D ...15:17
Tm_T!caps > xp-killer15:18
ubottuxp-killer, please see my private message15:18
Thorso i'm trying to be cautious15:18
xp-killerTm_T: SORRY15:18
doktoreashello everybody how can I avoid this error with kopete: This is most likely because the QCA TLS plugin is not installed on your system.15:18
RurouniJonesxp-killer: speedtest.net - The result is in Bbit. Divide that by 1024 and you know how fast your real line speed is in Mbit15:18
RurouniJonesIt will probably be a hell of a lot less than the advertised 8Mbit15:19
=== tupac is now known as Tupac_shakur
mefisto__I'm having trouble watching video at: http://www.collider.com/entertainment/news/article.asp/aid/10483/tcid/1  it slows everything way down in firefox and konqueror. could someone try that page and tell me if it's working?15:19
xp-killerRurouniJones: ok15:19
khakanemefisto__: working fine here15:20
mefisto__khakane: and the video plays normally?15:20
khakaneactually no15:20
khakaneits skipping really badly15:20
khakanebut system is fine15:20
BluesKajmefisto__ , it's slow15:21
mefisto__khakane: ok thanks. at least it's not me15:21
BluesKajit's not your pc , it's the quality of the video..poorly encoded15:21
xp-killerRurouniJones: it says 6249 down n i have an 8 meg :(15:22
khakanei do have a quick question, im using hddtemp, but i have to be root to get temps of drives or i get permission denied accessing drive, what can i do to make it so regular user can view hddtemp?15:22
RurouniJonesxp-killer: That is pretty good to be honest15:23
RurouniJonesMost 8MBit lines are around 5-6.5'ish in my experience15:23
xp-killerRurouniJones: not it sopose to reach about 7500 to be good for me15:24
ron__hello people15:24
=== ron__ is now known as Barackuse
Barackusequick question15:24
RurouniJonesI don't think I have ever seen a consumer 8Mbit connection running at 7.5Mbit15:24
RurouniJonesI think the highest was 7.2'ish15:24
BarackuseHow does one creat icons for applications on your desktop so they run with root access15:24
RurouniJonesThe lowest was around 3.something15:24
xp-killerRurouniJones: if the company says they gives 8 meg they should at least give me very close to that cause if they say i have tp pay 60$ for 8M and i giva them 45$ they will be mad15:25
khakanexp-killer: im sure their AUP says UP TO 8mbit15:25
khakanenothing you can do15:26
RurouniJonesxp-killer: Re-read the contract15:26
Barackusethink I figured it out allready15:26
RurouniJonesI am sure khakane said is true15:26
RurouniJonesALL ISPs user the "Up to X Mbit"15:26
khakanexp-killer: if you want to know why, try going and pricing a 10mbit direct pipe to your house15:26
khakaneand i bet its more than 65$/mo15:26
khakanebut, you will surely get all of your 10mbit15:27
RurouniJonesWhere x is the theoretical limit15:27
xp-killerkhakane: RurouniJones i will just change company thats it the other company i had 512 was even better just cost more money plus i had a phone bill to pay15:27
RurouniJones512KBitI am sure15:28
RurouniJonesAnd he is a Linux user that tries to switch XP users to Linux...15:29
ZehavaI'm being told by Amarok that it cannot save the configuration file due to /home/name/.kde/share/config/amarokrc is not writable15:31
Zehavahow can I fix this?15:32
Zehavawhat's the apt command for updating all available packages?15:36
emil_can some one tell me how i enter quakenet? XD15:37
mefisto__Zehava: sudo apt-get update15:37
Zehavaokay, thank you15:38
mefisto__Zehava: chmod +w ~/.kde/share/config/amarokrc15:38
Zehavathanks, that fixed the config error15:40
emil_is it possible to connect to quakenet? anyone have to server name and port?15:40
emil_nvm i fixed it :)15:42
BluesKajemil_ ,http://www.quakenet.org/15:42
mefisto__just curious, can anyone tell me what the "rc" stands for in config files eg, amarokrc, kaffeinerc ?15:42
emil_thanks anyway :)15:42
Picimefisto__: run control or run command15:43
BluesKajemil_ , this is a kubuntu help channel , any more questions about quakenet should be in their help chat15:43
emil_oh sorry, just installed ubuntu and this was the only channel i could enter15:44
PeperJohnnyhiho guys. so im trying to install jaunty alpha2 right now and it tells me to type a name of a mirrorserver..do you have a name for me?15:45
khakaneubuntu.. so easy my 3 year old uses it.15:46
dominiquehi there, does anyone know what "NET: Registered protocol family 10" in bootlog means? My boot process hangs there..15:47
blip-hi all,  whenever i close Dolphin fm under KDE3 i get this message from KDE http://img60.imageshack.us/my.php?image=snap2um1.jpg   ... any ideas what may be causing this ?   (my hdd is plenty empty)15:47
blip-kubuntu 8.04 ^^^15:47
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
khakaneblip-: make sure you own that file15:49
khakaneand have permissions to modify it15:49
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.15:49
=== dominique is now known as dominiques
blip-khakane: that fixed it.  somehow i ignored the error message as i didn't expect not to have perm to my own home dir.   thanks15:51
khakaneblip-: no problem bro15:52
=== IagoBR is now known as Elloc
Riddell** Alpha candidate CD images need tested, volunteers welcome15:55
khakanehey im runnin kde 4.2 beta, and i noticed (and forgive me here i dunno the proper packagename) that it doesnt tell me there are updates available down in the taskmgr15:56
khakanei went to apt-get upgrade and there were 100+ packages ready for update15:56
khakanewhen i was on 4.1 nearly every morning it told me there were updates15:57
Riddellkhakane: check if update-notifier-kde is running15:58
khakaneRiddell: i have update-notifier-common installed, no -kde15:58
khakaneinstalling now15:59
jojohanhello, has the kuake package been removed from kubuntu 8.10? i used to install it from the repositories, but i cannot find it now16:12
vorian!find yakuake16:14
ubottuFound: yakuake, yakuake-kde416:14
jojohanexcellent, thanks!\16:15
Frederickfolks howdo I re-install and reconfigure kde on kubuntu?16:26
JohnFluxFrederick: move your $HOME/.kde  to $HOME/.kde.bak       to get a clean user configuration.  Note that this folder contains kmail emails as well though16:29
gekkoohow can i disable the knetworkmanager so it doesnt autostart after login?16:34
kieneriihttp://www.kubuntu.org/doc/index.php is not available!16:36
JontheEchidnagekkoo: remove knetworkmanager.desktop from /etc/xdg/autostart16:40
gekkooJontheEchidna: great thx, was just thinking about if its actually beeing used or if its a left-over16:41
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=== gp_ is now known as gp2you
gp2youanybody here16:55
MetaMorfoziSHi all16:55
MetaMorfoziSDoes grub need any ext3 partition, or /boot or etc to be able to boot windows?16:56
MetaMorfoziSJust windows, no ubuntu from now...16:56
gp2youhow can i remove kde416:56
gp2youits pure torture to use16:56
MetaMorfoziSmy friend removed her kubuntu, and want to be able to boot windows again16:56
gp2youMetaMorfoziS: edit grub16:57
MetaMorfoziSand the easiest way is if she be able to restore grub with a livecd16:57
MetaMorfoziSwhat you mean?16:57
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=== ward_ is now known as wardloockx_makin
=== wardloockx_makin is now known as wardloockx_diner
LazersKHey, how can I see how mcuh free sapce is eflt on a disk in dolphin?17:07
bastid_raZorLazersK; in a terminal you could type df -h .. in dolphin i don't know17:09
=== john is now known as Guest25500
TheZLasersK: hover your mouse at the bottom status bar...17:11
LazersKi'm running uot of sapce on my fourgig. Dx17:12
TheZdon't fill / :)17:12
ashwinLazersK; Dolphin shows the free space on the lower right side of the window17:12
LazersKIt doesn't..17:12
TheZDoes on mine... :|17:12
TheZcheck to see if you have hosed your settings by looking for it.. see ifyou can rest them back to standard... ?17:13
LazersKI'll look.17:13
LazersKalso, can i install aplications to non-kubuntu drives?17:13
LazersKSay, windows on C:, Kubuntu on D: can i install programs to C: ?17:13
hallownameLazersK: with much skill im sure you haven't attained yet if you mention C: and D: on linux... under linux your C: exists as /media/nameofdrive...17:15
hallownameLazersK: but no, not easily...17:15
LazersKWell, yes.17:15
LazersKBut typing C: is quicker.17:16
wesleyHow can convert my osx install dvd to a iso image? ( meant as backup )17:16
hallownamewesley: acetoneiso17:18
LazersKHuh. so you can't install programs on different drives?17:18
wesleyhallowname thanks ( and that will be safe ? )17:18
hallownameLazersK: o, well in the case of wine apps, you can use wineconfig to point to /media/disk/wine instead of ~/.wine17:18
wesleyshit konqueror doesnt work17:19
hallownameLazersK: as far as dpkg with .debs, no, but you can use apt-get source, and compile the binaries, then store them on /media/disk17:19
hallownamewesley: yup17:19
bukharini recently got into backports... until now i was content with normal updates.17:19
LazersKWell, i'm out of space then.17:19
bukharinand following kubuntu.org, i added a pps...17:19
bukharinbut was wondering now...17:19
bukharinis there any way to explore the contents of the ppa, to determine if there are newer versions of some other program?17:20
bukharinfor example, the newer amarok was in a different package... how can i know wath other newer versions are there with diferent packages names, since of coruse apt would not offer them for update?17:20
bvalek2bukharin: sometimes there are virtual packages17:21
bukharinbvalek2: how so?17:22
bvalek2like linux-2.6 will always refer to the newest kernel17:22
bukharinoh, eys, i understand.17:22
bukharinbut for example...17:22
bukharinamarok 2 was packaged as amarok-kde417:22
bukharinand from what i saw, there other packages with -kde4 names...17:22
LazersKHuh, the panel locked up17:22
LazersKCan i restart it?17:23
bukharinso... what i want to know, i suppose... is if i can assume that the -kde4 packages in intrepid are packages in preparation for jaunty that i can isntall as prerelease, or if not...17:23
kalorin_wow 8.10 VPN is a mes17:23
bukharinif there's any way to "browse" or get a list of the available packages in the ppa...17:23
kalorin_8.04 worked ok but that seems to have been broken recently as well17:23
kalorin_does anyone QA this stuff?17:24
bukharinkalorin_: install rkward under 8.10 and get a taste of QA if you want messes :S17:24
bvalek2bucharin: if you want consistent packages, use Debian stable :)17:24
bukharinbvalek2; yeah, kinda thinking about that a lot lately...17:25
kalorin_I guess I jsut don't get why no one does plain old functionality testing, can you still get a vpn connection to work in networkmanager ? yes/no17:25
kalorin_does it connect?17:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about acetoneiso17:25
kalorin_does it disconnect cleanly17:25
bastid_raZorthere is a #kubuntu channel for those of you using Kubuntu/KDE17:25
kalorin_that sor tof stuff17:25
kalorin_so eacy17:25
bukharinbvalek2: but for now, i intend to remain with kubuntu, so i wanted t know how to get the best out of the kubuntu-members ppa.17:25
wesleyhallowname how does it name in apt ?17:25
bastid_raZorheh, i am in the #kubuntu channel.. my mistake17:25
bukharinbastid_raZor: was about to (unpolitely) point that out for ya :)17:26
bukharinok. rephrasing question: could someone explain to me wath is supposed to be in kubuntumembers ppa, and how to use it best?17:27
SingAlongHow can I switch from ubuntu desktop to kubuntu?17:28
bukharinSingAlong: sudo apt get install kubuntu-desktop17:28
bukharinbut that wil leave a lot of gtk apps lying around, and install only the desktop, not the splash. you will still be able to log into gnome17:29
f_aicheleSingAlong: And then cross your fingers and pray.17:29
bukharinSingAlong... yeah17:29
kalorin_man 7.10 was solid on this stuff17:29
kalorin_how do you break that to "improve pretty"?17:30
kalorin_>< close to going back17:30
SingAlongf_aichele: Anyway to keep both Gnome and KDE?17:30
=== mm_ is now known as ksa-24
bukharinkalorin_ i guess we've been through that one a lot recently...17:30
f_aicheleI remember having both on Debian.17:30
kalorin_I mean I just don't get why non-graphical packages would be affected by a new GUI?17:30
kalorin_vpnc and resolv.conf17:30
f_aicheleUsing either kdm or gdm as default display manager, and being able to select either kde or gnome sessions.17:31
kalorin_I get on the vpn, and it doesn't pick up the dhcp DNS servers and such, so i ahve to go manually put htem in the resolv.conf file17:31
bukharinok. does anyone here know a little bit more than me about the kubuntu-members ppa? please?17:31
kalorin_just stupid simple stuff that things have been doing right for years17:31
kalorin_now all the sudden p00f?17:31
f_aicheleBut if that will work with Kubuntu, I've never tried myself.17:31
bukharini remembr trying to switch once, and it was not easy. mainly because over-desktop tings like splash, the login manager and networkmanager and stuf...17:32
BluesKajSingAlong, usually one can open either KDE or Gnome at the login page , if both gnome and kubuntu-desktop are installed17:32
bukharinyou can get a kde instal working on ubuntu, fairly easily, though.17:32
BluesKajoops, too late17:32
bukharinSingAlong sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop will install KDE and leave you with both enabled.17:33
f_aicheleOK, so that still applies: GNOME + KDE can co-exist under Debian still.17:33
BluesKajhe left, bukharin17:33
BluesKajno patience17:34
bukharinBluesKaj: do you know if theres anyone here associated in any way to kubuntu.org?17:35
bukharinim trying to use their ppa...17:35
BluesKajnope , i don't17:35
bukharinguess i will have to go to the (sloooow) forums.17:35
BluesKajare you looking at kde4.217:36
=== wardloockx_diner is now known as wardloockx_start
=== wardloockx_start is now known as ward_starvinf
bukharinBluesKaj: not yet...17:36
=== ward_starvinf is now known as ward_starving
bukharinBluesKaj: i just wanted to know if there's more pre-realese packages that could be of interest, like amarok-kde417:36
BluesKajwell, just apt-get update after you copy the ppas into your sources list17:36
bukharinBluesKaj: actually, kde4.2 is in another pa... kubuntu-experimental or something.17:37
BluesKajamarok 2 ?17:37
bukharinBluesKaj: well, there's the trick: at least amarok was in another package.17:37
bukharinBluesKaj, so apt wouldn offer it as update.17:37
bukharinyes, amarok217:37
bukharini had to install it on its own, and that package takes over amarok and replaces it17:37
BluesKajif you have the updated ppa ..I already tried amarok 2 using that deb17:38
bukharinBulesKaj: lost ya there. i only followed the instructions on the release notes "add ppa, instal amarok-kde4"17:38
BluesKajyeah, but if you decide to revert to amarok 1.4 , all your settings will be saved if you remove amarok2 , then delete it's ppa in your sources.list and apt-get update and install amarok 1.4 again17:39
BluesKajnot many ppl are impressed with amarok 217:40
dwidmannBluesKaj: amarok2 will get there soon I'm sure ... it's like a flower that hasn't blossomed yet17:42
stnormalis there a way to probe my hardware to figure out exactly what kind of NIC I have installed?17:43
BluesKajbukharin http://www.kubuntu.org/amarok2-beta217:44
stdinstnormal: KMenu -> System -> KInfoCenter or "lspci" from the command line17:44
dwidmannstnormal: what does lspci | grep Ethernet say17:44
stnormalahh, that's perfect17:46
stnormalthanks guys17:46
bukharinBluesKaj: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/amarok-
bukharinBluesKaj: since the 2.0 release, amarok-kde conflicts with amarok.17:48
BluesKajit worked ok bukharin , but it lacked some features that I liked on the old version , so I dumped it17:48
Lokiasehello all, i want to install kubuntu and it says: ACPI: BIOS age (1999) fails cutoff (2000), acpi=force is required to enable ACPI17:49
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
=== kb is now known as Guest68299
mefisto__Lokiase: and you want to try enabling ACPI?17:52
LokiaseI don't know, i want to install kubuntu to that pc, either how17:53
mefisto__Lokiase: what it means is that that machine is old, and kubuntu is assuming that ACPI won't work correctly, so it will be disabled after install17:54
mefisto__Lokiase: so power management features won't work. eg, if you do a shutdown, the system will go down, but not turn off the pc17:55
Lokiaseso how can I install it? it now gives errors17:55
Lokiasewhy? that did work under windows17:55
thornsWill 4.2 be in the repos soon?17:56
mefisto__Lokiase: to enable it, you need that "acpi=force" in the kernel line after install17:56
thornsWill 4.2 replace 4.1?17:57
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wesleywesley__ can i have your grub18:05
legodudehow do I get changelogs for packages?18:05
wesley__ofcourse you can i will copy paste it18:05
gabrielequalche italiano che mi venga in aiuto? prima volta su irc18:06
wesley__http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/105256/  here you have it wesley18:06
wesleythank you18:06
legodude!it | gabriele18:07
ubottugabriele: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)18:07
gabrielegrazie ubottu18:07
wesleyisnt that funny i talk to myself18:08
kieneriikönnt ihr mir einen torrentclient empfehlen?18:10
legodudertorrent macht spass18:10
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.18:10
kieneriilegodude: gtk wenn möglich18:11
legodudehrm, ich kenne nichts, nur rtorrent18:11
stnormalwhat is the name of the network manager that loads by default?18:13
legodude"ich kenne keine"18:13
legodudestnormal: knetworkmanager18:13
bobesponjahow can I get the akanodi server to stop crashing everytime I start kmail or kopete?18:26
hyper_chbobesponja: what version of kde?18:27
AdolaHow do I find out what version of libmsn I have?18:27
bobesponjahyper_ch: 4.1.9618:27
hyper_chbobesponja: don't restart the computer ;)18:28
bobesponjahyper_ch: thanks for the useful advice :p18:28
hyper_chbobesponja: you're welcome :)18:28
daUsing Wifi, in my desktop copmuter,can I get the net from a neighbor accross the street?18:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about legal18:29
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o18:30
dais it legal?18:30
AdolaYeah, it's called stealing!18:30
AdolaLike stealing cable.18:30
hyper_chBluesKaj: how do you know it's not legal?18:30
mefisto__da: do you mean without the neighbour's permission and cooperation?18:30
bobesponjaBluesKaj: yes it is technically legal to use a non protected Wifi network cause technically the network is accepting your connection, at least in the US it's legal18:30
Adolaoh, that's cool.  I thought it was illegal.18:31
Tm_Tbobesponja: we are not in the US18:31
Adola(Go America!)18:31
mefisto__da: they probably have software designed to stop you doing that18:31
AdolaSo, libmsn version?18:31
Adola(I've got to reply to a question in a bugreport)18:31
BluesKajnot here in Canada, illegal use of someone elses paid service18:31
bobesponjaTm_T: well technically, the router is giving you Ack so you're not breaking into anything18:32
Tm_Tbobesponja: doesn't matter18:32
bobesponjaTm_T: a judge would have a hard time proving you're doing something illegal18:32
hyper_chthere are about 200 different legislations out there18:32
Tm_Tbobesponja: doesn't matter18:32
bobesponjaTm_T: well, yes it does18:32
Tm_TAdola: apt-cache show <yourpackage>18:32
Tm_Tbobesponja: it doesn't matter in here18:32
BluesKajit's wrong anyway ,whether or not it's legal in the states makes no difference , IMO at least18:33
Tm_Tas in, this channel18:33
bobesponjayou said it was illegal, I was correcting, you should have said it was illegal in this channel :p18:33
BluesKajyes it is illegal in this chat cuz it's wrong18:33
Tm_Tbobesponja: it's also illegal in many countries18:34
bobesponjaI don't think it's wrong18:34
BluesKajtoo bad :)18:34
BluesKajit is here18:34
Tm_Tbobesponja: what you think is irrelevant too (;)18:34
PiciRegardless of its legality, its also offtopic for (K)Ubuntu channels.18:34
bobesponjaTm_T: so is what you think :p18:34
mefisto__Pici makes a good point18:35
Tm_Tbobesponja: actually my thinking matters, shame though18:35
bobesponjadoesnt matter to me though18:35
Tm_Tvery irrelevant in this discussion, so, lets move on, shall we (:18:35
daIf a city has free Wifi, that's legal18:36
AdolaOk, libmsn isn't the name of the package..18:36
AdolaDoes anyone know what it is?18:36
hyper_chAdola: what program do you need to know the version?18:36
AdolaI need to know libmsn for Kopete18:37
JontheEchidnaAdola: apt-cache policy libmsn18:37
AdolaI guess it's msnlib18:37
bobesponjada: who care if it's legal, just do what'ver feels right to you, that's what we all do anyway, even our leaders, actually our leaders are the worth in that respect =)18:37
JontheEchidnaAdola: apt-cache policy libmsn0.118:38
daokay,thank you all...18:38
AdolaJontheEchidna: That didn't work.18:38
hyper_chhuhu JontheEchidna :)18:39
AdolaBasically, all I'm saying is that I need the latest version of msnlib18:39
Tm_TAdola: latest release is not packaged yet18:39
AdolaUm, I guess the latest I can get then?18:39
=== DS-Away is now known as DarkSmoke
byteme_hey guys18:47
byteme_can one use a router if it is connected to the web, but not a computer?18:48
byteme_using the web as a pure wireless connection18:48
byteme_is that possible?18:48
BluesKajwhat device , byteme_  ?18:50
=== stephen is now known as techbw
robert__ups, wrong window xD18:50
byteme_I ahve 3 machines... 2 laps and 1 desktop18:50
BluesKajall wifi , yes18:51
techbwhi, could comeone help in setting up compiz, I have installed all the required packages, but when running compiz  --replace nothing happens18:51
byteme_and I was wondering if I could use all the PC in the office wirelessly18:51
robert__You mean like, if they are connected to the router?18:51
eraya problem of we exists18:52
BluesKajtechbw look for compiz on the kmenu/applications/system18:52
=== CoJaBo-Dell_ is now known as CoJaBo-Dell
eraywe know a few english18:52
byteme_we are moving the office arround and the layout that works best is nowhere near a internet jack18:53
techbwif you meaning advanced desktop effects, I have enabled that, I have also installed the kde-compiz-configuration18:53
BluesKajyes as lomg as the machines are configured with diff IP addresses which any router can assign18:53
byteme_we are trying to avoid putting another jack in the place18:53
techbwand I select the things that I want enabled but nothing works18:53
erayhow to install nvidia fx5500 driver on kubuntu intrepid18:53
BluesKajeray look in adept , it should be listed in the properties of one the drivers that comes up in the list18:54
byteme_so I can just have the router connected to the web (with no PC connected to the router) and get to the web18:54
BluesKajas long as the roiuter has wireless capability , byteme_18:55
byteme_obviously, yeah18:55
BluesKajnot all do18:55
byteme_I understand18:55
byteme_ours do cause we use laptops in the office18:56
BluesKajyour router is hardwired to a DSL or Cable line ?18:56
BluesKajok then you should have no probs18:56
techbwdoes anyone have a good site that has step by setup to setup compiz, I was working from one the other day on my desktop pc, and it works.18:57
erayBluesKaj: i dont understand18:57
byteme_great, the phone co. is giving us the run around18:57
BluesKajeray , open adept , put your nvidia card name in the search bar18:58
byteme_so this is great18:58
byteme_thank you very much18:58
erayBluesKaj: thanks i trying18:58
erayBluesKaj: found 4 package19:00
=== ibrar_ is now known as ibrar_away
* ibrar_away is away: Gone away for now19:00
MetaMorfoziSsorry, wrong window19:00
AdolaCould someone tell me how to "Check with my distrobution"19:01
eraynvidia-glx-97, nvidia-glx-173, nvidia-glx-71, nvidia-glx-177, nvidia-glx-18019:01
eraywhich package ?19:02
ulysses__Adola: lsb_release -a19:03
AdolaYes, but, How do I get the latest version of libmsn?19:04
BluesKajeray click on each one of the drivers in the list and click on properties..look for your card model number in the list , when you find it , install that driver19:05
bukharinAdola: that's very weird, i'm on msn with kopete right now19:05
AdolaYes, but, I'm getting timeout errors.19:05
robert__what was the command to run a installation as root?...Nvidia-drivers :P19:05
AdolaActually, I don't get any errors.19:05
AdolaBut, I've been fighting this in #kopete for 2 days now.19:06
AdolaThat's what we've came to19:06
bukharinwhat kubuntu are you on? hardy?19:06
erayBluesKaj: i saw19:06
erayBluesKaj: 173 supports and installed19:06
bukharinAdola: i might be wrong, but if you are on intrepid, then you shuld have the very same kopete and libmsn packages as me. and it works...19:07
bukharinAdola: so it is either a different thing, or you have other version19:07
erayand nvidia-xconfig configured but x dont work19:07
erayBluesKaj: what we do in this instance ?19:08
AdolaDid you read that link?19:08
AdolaThe guy said I have an old version.  Does anyone know how to get the most recent version?19:08
bukharinAdola: i read it19:08
erayBluesKaj: ?19:09
erayhelp please19:09
=== SteBo is now known as SteBoo
SteBoohi! I use my dell XPS M1303 with an external LCD panel connected via HDMI. Since KDE 4.2 RC1 the KDE session crashes when I try to turn off the notebook's internal LCD with krandrtray. Can anyone help me with this problem?19:11
bukharinAdola: i don't have libmsn installed, and i am on msn19:12
bukharinAdola: unless the package has other name...19:12
bukharinAdola: how did you find out the version number?19:13
SteBooSteBoo: With KDE 4.2 Beta 2 this worked well.19:14
Adolabukharin: From Synaptic.  It said "Installed version blahblabhlbah"19:14
bukharinAdola: what is the pacakge's name? i don't see it in the repos, or in my apt19:14
bukharinAdola: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=default&section=all&arch=any&searchon=names&keywords=libmsn19:16
bukharinAdola: this is weird.19:16
Adolabukharin: I'm not sure it's a problem with my version.19:17
Adola(I've got a developer from #kopete and a bug report out helping me)19:17
AdolaThe developer says It's noto my version19:17
bukharinAdola: i'm not saying it isnt... i'm just trying to see if there's a newer version packaged... but i AM on msn, i dont have libmsn as a package on its own, and i have not installed any version of kopete or libmsn outside the repos...19:18
bukharinAdola: guess i, at least, can help you much. sorry for your time.19:18
AdolaIt's ok...I'm forced to use Pidgin for now....19:18
* Adola shudders19:18
ummelsAdola: what versions of kopete and libmsn do u have installed?19:20
davidehello, I'm italian and you?19:21
AdolaVersion 0.60.8119:21
raidenovichhow can i start amarok in default mode with default settings?19:21
ummelsAdola: i have version 0.60.82; do u have upgraded to KDE 4.2 RC1?19:22
MetaMorfoziSraidenovich > you want to remove your settings? (eg you have messed up sg)19:22
AdolaUsing KDE 4.1.85 (KDE 4.1.85 (KDE 4.2 Beta2))19:22
raidenovichexactly :o19:22
AdolaAnd upgrading right now isn't really an option.19:22
ummelsAdola: right... maybe ubgrading to RC1 helps19:23
AdolaI'm on dial-up, I will have to wait to go to a friends house19:23
ummelsAdola: why not?19:23
raidenovichi tried to enable surround sound... well it didnt work and now i cant start it19:23
ummelsAdola: right...19:23
MetaMorfoziSraidenovich > mv .kde/share/apps/amarok/ .kde/share/apps/amarok_old/19:23
MetaMorfoziSraidenovich > and  mv .kde/share/config/amarokrc .kde/share/config/amarokrc_old19:24
raidenovichvery weird MetaMorfoziS i dont have /home/nick/.kde on my usb stick kubuntu, but on my laptop i have that folder19:26
MetaMorfoziSyes, weird19:27
MetaMorfoziSare you using amarok 2?19:27
MetaMorfoziSnot matters...19:27
raidenovichi think im just going to boot, then i reset all data19:27
raidenovichthanks anyway :)19:27
MetaMorfoziS.kde is the folder of both kde4 and kde3 apps (idiotism at high level)19:27
BluesKajweird, adept has changed ... we used to be able to get prperties with a right click on the tile in the app list... no longer works for me19:28
Neremori've a very big problem19:28
Neremori had a similar problem once and i remember that it was hard to fix it19:28
Neremori have some stupid dependencies19:29
Neremorone package needs another package, otherwise i get the "wrong dependencies"-error.19:29
Neremorbut i can't install this package because it stands in conflict with an other package, that i can't remove because that would mean to remove kde19:30
Neremori think you see this circle ;)19:30
ummelsNeremor: what packages?19:31
Neremori have to install "kde-icons-mono" because i would get the wrong dependencies error. if i try to do this i get the following error:19:31
Neremorthere's a conflict with this file "/usr/share/icons/mono/scalable/apps/kmouth.svgz" that means with the package "kmouth"19:32
Neremorbut i can't install kmouth19:32
Neremorbecause it's a dependencie of kde19:32
Neremorbo wait19:32
Neremorkmouth is a dependencie of kdeaccessibility which is a dependencie of kde19:33
Neremorit's a bit dificult19:33
ummelsNeremor: yes, kdeaccessibility and kde are only metapackages19:33
ummelsNeremor: you could deinstall kmouth or force an install of kde-icons-mono by some option19:33
=== Maniac is now known as Guest29060
Neremordoes not work19:34
ummelsNeremor: what does not work?19:34
BluesKajNeremor , try synaptic/edit/fix broken packages, if the "apply "check mark is green, click on it ...it might resolve some probs19:34
p_quarleskdeaccessibility is not a dependency of kubuntu-desktop or kde-core19:34
ummelsp_quarles: true19:35
p_quarlesthe metapackage "kde" includes everything and the kitchen sink, which is why youl shouldn't usually use it19:35
Neremorapt-get does not have a force command19:35
ummelsNeremor: but dpkg has ;-)19:36
Neremorif i try to remove kdeaccessibility i get an error that it is a dependency of kde19:36
p_quarlesyes it does, but you don't need to use it19:36
* BluesKaj backs off...too many cooks19:36
ummelsNeremor: if you don't need kmouth, I guess it's best to remvoe kmouth19:36
p_quarlesNeremor: again, you *don't* need the package called kde19:36
Neremorbut that would mean that i would have to save the packages first and afterwards try to install them with dpkg?19:37
p_quarlesNeremor: install kubuntu-desktop19:37
Neremorthat means i could remove kde?19:37
ummelsNeremor: yes, it's just a metapackage19:37
Neremorwhy is kde in the packges if it is the same as kubuntu-desktop?!19:37
p_quarlesthat will give you everything you're likely to need and more, and will allow you to remove the kde metapackage without losing anything (except kmouth)19:37
Neremorok :)19:37
ummelsNeremor: it has only dependencies on other packages19:37
p_quarlesit's *not* the same19:37
martijn81is the newest k3b compatible with bluray? because k3b has destroyed my dvd-burner and i have to buy a new one19:37
Neremorthat will make things easier19:37
=== varghese is now known as vabgeo
mefisto__martijn81: how did k3b destroy your dvd burner?19:38
Neremorthank you VERY much that worked for me :)19:39
ummelsNeremor: no problem19:39
martijn81mefisto__: it was going to burn in UDF mode (for larger files) but it did not succeed... after this point i quitted k3b but the drive kept burning the dvd all night long, very weird...19:39
vabgeohi all19:40
martijn81it's a Benq DW 1640 iirc19:40
martijn81but is it?19:42
raidenovichsomeone tried to install kubuntu 8.10 on the asus eee 1000h?19:42
martijn81because otherwise i would not buy an bluray burner19:42
yao_ziyuanis there a gui program that checks the file system on the fly?19:42
yao_ziyuangtk+ or kde19:42
vabgeoIs the release date of Jaunty fixed? i see it as April 09? wanted to know before i download the daily build....19:42
p_quarlesvabgeo: Dapper was the only release to be delayed significantly, so far; it can happen, but it usually doesn't19:43
vabgeop_quarles: thanks so I can download the Jaunty daily without fear of capping my b/w limit..19:44
ActionParsnipyo yo yo19:46
mick_Hi is this the right place for Kubuntu support?19:52
ActionParsnipyes it is19:52
hyper_chmick_: ask you you'll be helped - maybe19:53
mick_I just installed Kubuntu on VirtualBox, and I noticed that it won't give me a display size of more than 600x80019:54
martijn81nevermind, just ordered a lite on19:54
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
p_quarlesmick_: that's entirely a virtualbox issue, not kubuntu; you need to install the guest additions19:55
mick_I Googled the issue, and apparently it affects people who use it as a host operating system.  Any suggestions?19:56
p_quarlesagain, you need to install the guest additions19:56
mick_I don't understand19:56
ActionParsnipmick_: websearch for virtualbox guest additions19:57
ActionParsnipmick_: and you will19:57
mefisto__mick_: or you could try your question in #vbox19:58
p_quarlesit's not terribly complex: you just need to grab the guest-additions cd image from Sun's web site and install it in the guest machine19:58
p_quarleswhere they will tell you what I've already just got through saying . . .20:00
hyper_chp_quarles: he didn't join #vbox yet20:00
* hyper_ch give p_quarles a cookie20:01
ActionParsnip!cookie | p_quarles20:08
ubottup_quarles: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!20:08
tweakanyone around to help?20:08
ActionParsnip!ask | tweak20:08
ubottutweak: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:08
tweaki have ubuntu 8.10 installed. not sure why but firefox has lost my bookmarks, and does not open to my homepage despite the settings, does not allow back, forward or reload. I tried reinstalling it through synaptic but still same thing20:10
ActionParsniptweak: if you run ls -a do you see a .mozilla folder?20:11
ActionParsniptweak: thats yuor firefox profile, jump into ~/.mozilla/firefox there and see if there are multiple profiles. They will be named random letters20:13
tweakso cd~/.mozilla/firefix and get an ls?20:13
tweaktweak@tweak-desktop:~/.mozilla/firefox$ ls20:15
tweak3izal57c.default  Crash Reports  profiles.ini20:15
ActionParsnipok then the 3iz... folder is your firefox profile20:17
tweakrm -r?20:17
ActionParsnipif you run firefox -p you can make sure your profile points to that folder20:17
ActionParsniptweak: that will remove the profile folder which i dont think you wanna do20:18
tweakfor the love of linux thank you!20:19
ActionParsnipall better?20:19
tweakyup :)20:19
* fidji est de retour.20:19
ActionParsniptweak: if the profile is vastly important, BACK IT UP20:19
p_quarles!away | fidji20:20
ubottufidji: You should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»20:20
mefisto__tweak: what did you do? firefox -p ? or did you delete the profle folder?20:20
megatronhola aguien me dice un servidor en español20:20
* fidji probablement en train de jouer au Go20:20
* fidji ne joue plus au Go20:20
tweakI did firefox -p and deleted the default user profile, then created a new one.20:20
p_quarles!es | megatron20:21
ubottumegatron: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.20:21
tweakwhen i did firefox -p from xterm it brought up a window for the firefox profiles20:21
arusselhow can I insert 'special characters' in application ? (I have a us keyboard)20:21
tweakapplications/accessories/character map20:22
ActionParsniparussel: define special characters please20:22
eagles0513875hi ActionParsnip20:23
ActionParsniphi eagles051387520:23
eagles0513875how r you20:24
arusselActionParsnip: é20:24
ActionParsniparussel: i'd use charmap, i think in some apps if you put e' it changes to that20:24
ActionParsnipand other such20:24
mick_How do I join #vbox?20:25
ActionParsniplike e^ should change, i think its abstracted but im unsure20:25
ActionParsnipmick_: /j #vbox20:25
tweak /join #vbox20:25
mick_Okay, I think I just figured it out.  Sorry about that.20:25
tweakwhen i tried to run google earth it sais it could not run because my graphics driver is not installed properly. how can i fix/update my graphics driver?20:26
* arussel wonders how many people did join vbox trying to shoz how to do it ...20:27
arusselActionParsnip: isn't charmap an application ? I need something at the window manager level .20:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about charmap20:28
ActionParsniparussel: i think tweak said it best: tweak: applications/accessories/character map20:29
eagles0513875!info charmp20:30
ubottuPackage charmp does not exist in intrepid20:30
tweakwhen i tried to run google earth it sais it could not run because my graphics driver is not installed properly. how can i fix/update my graphics driver?20:30
ActionParsniptweak: do you have video drivers installed?20:31
tweaki have no idea?20:31
tweakjust installed from dvd so whatever is default?20:31
eagles0513875run jockey that finds all restricted drivers20:32
peepsaloti am thinking about trying Kubuntu, just curious if you guys could tell me why you prefer it over ubuntu?20:32
ActionParsniptweak: then you dont have 3d accelleration, what video card do you have (lspci | grep -i vga will tell you)20:33
ActionParsnippeepsalot: i like kde apps20:33
ActionParsnippeepsalot: if you have ubuntu you can sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop and it will injstall20:34
tweaki used to use kde in Gentoox on XBOX20:34
peepsalotActionParsnip, which apps?  why do you like them better?20:34
ActionParsnippeepsalot: habit of a long long time20:34
tweaktweak@tweak-desktop:~$ lspci | grep -i vga20:35
tweak00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)20:35
arusselActionParsnip, tweak: I don't have a accessories section in applications20:35
ActionParsniptweak: ok, yuo need to find out how to configure that card, right now you will be using vesa drivers which wil not give 3d accelleation20:35
tweakI have the CD for it, but i'm sure it's for windows20:36
tweakand i hate windows20:36
ActionParsniptweak: yes it will be, there are drivers in the reos, you just gotta fnid which one20:36
ActionParsniptweak: and what config it wil need to get the driver working well20:37
tweakhow do i go about that?20:37
ActionParsniptweak: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/14628420:38
J-DiiAnyone else having HUGE trouble with kubuntu 8.10? I have been using Kubuntu since 6.04, was very satisfied. But 8.10 is a catastrophe!20:38
ActionParsniptweak: i used: ubuntu intel 82865G20:39
J-DiiIs it me or is it kubuntu?20:39
ActionParsnipJ-Dii: are you fully updated20:39
J-DiiI get crashes all over the place. Apps don't start (even after killing them), Kmail forgets my accounts etc...20:40
ActionParsnipJ-Dii: exactly what is the issue, and which version of kde are yuo running?20:40
J-DiiActionParsnip: I think I am20:40
J-DiiActionParsnip: KDE 4.x20:40
ActionParsnipJ-Dii: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:40
ActionParsnipJ-Dii: 4.1 is ok, 4.2 is a bit hit and miss, 4.x isnt much info in this situation20:40
tweaki'm totally lost lol20:41
tweaki went to the page you suggested20:41
ActionParsniptweak: yuo have a file /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:41
J-DiiActionParsnip: the apt-update thing didn't do much - I was only missing the latest acpi-support...20:42
ActionParsniptweak: it dictates keyboard, mouse, display of yur x server (the pretty graphical thing you are looking at)20:42
* ibrar_away is away: Gone away for now20:42
ActionParsnipJ-Dii: might help some (maybe)20:42
J-DiiActionParsnip: where do I check kde version?20:42
=== ibrar_away is now known as ibrar_
* ibrar_ is back.20:42
ActionParsnipJ-Dii: help -> about kde in any kde app20:42
J-DiiActionParsnip: :-)20:42
tweakyes i am aware of that, i'm just not sure how to add the 3d acceleration you were talking about20:42
ActionParsniptweak: you specify the video driver and the resolutions in that file too, if you copy some of the lines from that link to your own xorg.conf yu will get full 3d accelleration20:43
J-DiiActionParsnip: Konversation's about says 3.5.10, Dolphin says 4.1.320:43
ActionParsniptweak: you need to do some websearching dude, its too massive for me to sit and pontificate on irc about it20:43
ActionParsnipJ-Dii: then you have 4.120:43
techbwhi all, can someone let me know if compiz will work on laptop integrated SiS661 graphics20:44
ActionParsnipJ-Dii: do you have full write / read access to ~/.kde and ~/.kde420:44
J-DiiI had been upgrading since 6.10. Could this be a source of error?20:44
J-DiiActionParsnip: there is no ~/.kde4...20:44
J-DiiActionParsnip: only ~/.kde20:45
tweakSection "Device"20:45
tweakIdentifier"Configured Video Device"20:45
tweakSection "Monitor"20:45
tweakIdentifier"Configured Monitor"20:45
tweakSection "Screen"20:45
tweakIdentifier"Default Screen"20:45
tweakMonitor"Configured Monitor"20:45
tweakDevice"Configured Video Device"20:45
arusselis anyone using skim ? I am having trouble to use/install it.20:45
tweakthat's the contents of the file20:45
ActionParsniptweak: dont flood20:45
ActionParsniptweak: imagine if all 338 of us did that20:45
ActionParsniptweak: ok well you can see how bare your xorg.conf is cmopared to the one in the link20:46
ActionParsniptweak: you need to populate20:46
mefisto__tweak: http://paste.ubuntu.com/ for that kind of thing20:46
J-DiiActionParsnip: so, should there be a .kde4 directory?20:46
ActionParsnipJ-Dii: if there isnt one and you log in the system would have made you one?20:46
J-DiiActionParsnip: I just logged in a few minutes ago...20:47
ActionParsnipJ-Dii: try sudo chown -R yourusername:yourusername ~/.kde; sudo chmod 755 ~/.kde20:47
J-DiiActionParsnip: (and not for the first time)20:48
J-DiiActionParsnip: I did have full access to .kde already.20:48
tweakActionParsnip: Should i cut the complete contents off of the page and paste it at the bottom of that file?20:48
J-DiiActionParsnip: but .kde4 is completely missing.20:48
mefisto__I thought intrepid uses only .kde and not .kde420:49
ActionParsnipJ-Dii: its not needed then, if it was neded and missing you would get a stock .kde4 from the system20:49
ActionParsnipmefisto__: i was covering all bases :)20:49
J-DiiSo kubuntu works for all of you?20:50
J-Dii(8.10 that is)20:50
tweak<--- is using Ubuntu20:50
ActionParsnipJ-Dii: if you rename ~/.kde and rebot yuo willl get a fresh one which you can reset up as if you'd never logged in20:50
J-DiiShould I try to reinstall it from scratch?20:50
ActionParsnipJ-Dii: yeah, s'fine20:50
J-DiiActionParsnip: moving .kde was the first thing I did after the upgrade :-)20:51
tweakActionParsnip: Should i cut the complete contents off of the page and paste it at the bottom of that file?20:51
J-DiiI am also getting ugly artifacts in the task bar. How do I get rid of that?20:51
J-DiiThis one looks like my Kmail error: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=169166#20:52
J-Diihas that one been fixed yet?20:52
mick_I noticed that unlike Windows, where the icons appear directly on the desktop, the seems to be a small area titled "Desktop".20:53
mick_What is the rest of the space used for?20:53
mefisto__tweak: replace what you have with what's on that page. you can leave the info section at the beginning with lines starting with a #20:53
mick_How do I get the desktop icons to reappear?20:54
tweakcan that screw everything up?20:54
mefisto__tweak: it could not work. that is, X won't start and you won't get a graphical login20:56
mick_mefisto: How do I get the desktop icons to reappear?20:56
=== DS-Away is now known as DarkSmoke
tweakand if that happens what should i do?20:57
mefisto__tweak: you can back up your /etc/X11/xorg.conf (rename it to xorg.conf.bare or something) so you can easily restore it if you need to20:57
tweaki just ommited the previous settings with #20:57
mefisto__mick_: I'm not the best person to ask about kde4 issues. I've hardly used it at all20:57
TraceRoutecan any of you help me with this error. http://pastebin.com/m54ad074320:57
AdolaI can't copy files from a CD of mine.  I'm using konqueror and KDE 4.2 beta.  the file will only end up being like 4-5 mB even though i's a 400 MB file20:58
mick_Okay.  I wasn't sure if people could see my posts.20:58
mick_I'm inexperienced with IRC20:58
tweaki do not have the permission necessary to save the file?20:58
mefisto__tweak: you need root privileges to do things outside your home directory21:00
TraceRoutenevermind, just needed to run makeinstall as sudo21:00
mefisto__tweak: so you could do: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup21:01
NmLinuzPlease Help! I have installed KDE 4.2 RC Packages on my laptop, but i use an external monitor (22") and now i can't see the panel down! :(21:02
NmLinuzmy laptop screen is 1280x800 and my external monitor 1680x105021:03
yao_ziyuansome basic questions:21:03
tweakok i have done it21:03
tweakam going to reboot21:03
tweakhope this works!21:03
yao_ziyuanhow to clean apt-get package cache?21:03
tweakor am screwed21:03
yao_ziyuanwhat is autoremove? what is autoclean? what is clean?21:03
AdolaI need someone to help me with a problem with File transfers21:04
ing42Anyone else with sound problems in KDE 4.2 RC ? Seems there is a problem with phonon-backend-xine. Amarok won't even start...21:04
dr_willis!apt | yao_ziyuan21:05
ubottuyao_ziyuan: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)21:05
laurielegitDoes anyone know the name of the plasma debbugging symbols package in synaptic/adept/apt? I can't seem to find them by browsing or searching21:06
AdolaI can't copy files from a CD of mine.21:07
AdolaThe files won't finish coping.21:07
hyper_chwhat kind of cd?21:07
Adolahyper_ch: It's actually a DVD.  it's got files on it.  (Alot of .7z's)21:08
hyper_chAdola: should be no problem to copy21:08
ummelsing42: do u have a non-english locale? there is bug with xine on non-english locales21:09
Adolahyper_ch: It is.  When I try to copy a file.  That little...Box pops up in the lower left hand corner and says "moving" and I only get about 3-4 MB's worth of data..Then it stops copying.21:09
hyper_chAdola: are you sure it stops copying or is it just minimizing?21:09
ing42ummels: yes I do. Interesting.. should I uninstall the german locale then ?21:09
mefisto__laurielegit: should be the package name, with -dbg or -dbgsym added to the end21:10
Adolahyper_ch: It stops.  Beacuse, I can go back and check the file.  And it's still at 3 MB.  or whatever it gets (It varies)21:10
hyper_chAdola: are the files larger?21:11
AdolaYes, 400+ MB21:11
tweakwell it worked, sort of21:11
tweaki am booted up and everything21:11
Adolahyper_ch: Ok...Very odd.21:11
AdolaIt's working now....21:11
Adolao.O  Thanks!21:12
tweaknow googleearth give me a different error lol21:12
pucko-Hello. How do I know what my dvd device is called in the filessystem? is there a sane way to find out automatically?21:12
AdolaOk, now I've got another question.21:12
Adolacan ARK read 7z's?  Because when I open it it says "Error reading file"21:12
tweakAdola: You need to install 7zip21:13
hyper_chpucko-: what do you mean?21:13
hyper_chAdola: no, not by default21:13
AdolaOk, so sudo apt-get install 7zip21:13
pucko-hyper_ch: I don't know if it is /dev/sdb or something else?21:13
AdolaIs that right?21:13
tweakit's in add/remove programs i believe21:13
mefisto__pucko-: it should be /dev/scd0 and scd1 if you have two, etc21:14
ummelsing42: u just need to set the default locale to german, i guess21:14
ummelsing42: english21:14
pucko-mefisto__: oh.. so my other question then, how am I supposed to know that? is there some way I can find out for any given system (in a script for instance)?21:15
NmLinuzHow can i set my default monitor and my resolution to Xorg? PLS help21:15
ing42ummels: indeed. export LANG="en_GB" and now amarok starts fine21:15
mefisto__pucko-: /dev/cdrom should also symlink to /dev/scd021:16
ummelsing42: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xine-lib/+bug/29076821:16
ummelsing42: good21:16
pucko-mefisto__: it wasn't so on my system..21:16
tweaki cannot get googleearth to work. i know this computer is capable, it runs uner xp21:17
pucko-mefisto__: anyway, thanks..21:17
eagles0513875night all21:17
ing42ummels: thanks for the link and the hint!21:18
ummelsing42: no problem21:18
tweaki apt-get install'd an app and it doesn't work... .so how do i remove it?21:23
mefisto__tweak: apt-get remove <package>21:23
martijn81tweak: sudo apt-get remove <packagename>21:23
martijn81good night all21:24
tweakmy hard drive is in two partitions, one for xp and one for linux. I chose to have linux only use 50 gigs of space on the partition instead of the whole thing, but it turns out i want to use the whole partition. how can I accomplish that?21:29
mefisto__tweak: you want to delete the windows partition?21:30
tweakjust use the full partition for ubuntu21:32
tweaki'm not sure i'm making any sense21:32
=== sebr_afk is now known as sebr
mefisto__tweak: so you have 2 partitions, and some unallocated space?21:32
NmLinuzfor the default settings i have to install kubuntu-desktop package??21:32
=== williamn is now known as typowill
tweakyes because i chose for linux to only use 50 gigs on it's partition instead of the full 100 gigs on it's partition21:33
mick_I just opened up firefox-3.0.5.tar.bz2 in Ark, and now I'm not sure what to do.21:34
mick_What do I do?21:35
p_quarlesmick_: unless you're using an old version of Ubuntu, 3.0.5 is the default Firefox in the repos; no need to get the tarball21:35
mick_p_quarles: I don't follow.21:36
mefisto__tweak: I'm not following. do you have qtparted installed? that makes it easy to see graphically what partitions you have, and whether you have any unallocated space to either grow existing partitions or create new ones with the unallocated space21:36
p_quarlesmick_: you can install Firefox via the package manager; you don't need to download the one that Mozilla packages21:37
tweaki have 44.75 gigs unacounted for. how do i change my linux partition size21:38
mick_p_quarles: Just so I know, how do I do this in Ark?  (I'm used to Windows, where everything is installed via installation wizard.)21:38
tweakGParted i have installed21:39
p_quarlesmick_: the package manager is an installation wizard; use that21:39
cplusplus2i am using an old kubuntu;)21:40
cplusplus2 can i update my system without installing any new livecd?21:40
marius__hello ppl21:40
AdolaAnyone know abut epsxe?21:41
tweakmephisto_: how do i resize my ext/2 filesystem21:41
mick_p_quarles: In Windows, software is installed by directly downloading and running an installation wizard, which then executes most of the process automatically.  Does Linux work that way?21:41
mick_I should mention that I am very new to Linux.21:41
astromme-laptopmick_: Nope, you use what's called a package manager21:42
mick_What is Ark?21:42
astromme-laptopmick_: The package manager knows what software is prepared for linux and allows you to install (which does the download, unpack, install, setup)21:42
cplusplus2i am using an old kubuntu;)  can i update my system without installing any new livecd?21:42
p_quarlesmick_: it varies tremendously by distribution; in Kubuntu (which is the only distro this channel is meant for) you use the package management system21:42
astromme-laptopmick_: Ark is for extracting archives. it is not (normally) for installing software21:42
tweakmephisto_: how do i resize my ext/2 filesystem21:43
astromme-laptopmick_: What are you trying to install? Or are you just curious in general?21:43
astromme-laptoptweak: resize2fs21:43
astromme-laptoptweak: man resize2fs for help21:43
tweakk will try that.21:43
tweakcan an ext/2 filesystem be converted to an ext3?21:43
astromme-laptoptweak: However, you need to know how to increase the size of your partition first if you want to resize your filesystem21:44
astromme-laptoptweak: I would suggest using a gui such as gparted or qtparted. Use your package manager (adept) to install either21:44
mick_Just so I understand, if software is installed via package manager, what is the purpose of the tar.bz2 files?21:45
tweaki have gparted running right now21:45
astromme-laptoptweak: You can mount an ext2 fs as ext3 just by changing your /etc/fstab. To add a journal.... there is a command, I don't remember off the top of my head21:45
tweakwhat do I do?21:45
marius__I am having problems with the sound. it seems the sound only works with external speakers. I am using a toshiba satelite laptop. and yep...sound card = hda21:45
marius__any idea?21:45
mefisto__tweak: yes it can. to do any of this, the partition cannot be mounted. you can boot with a livecd to do it21:45
marius__help pls21:45
astromme-laptopmick_: tar.bz2 and tar.gz usually contain archives. compressed files21:45
tweakah boot with my live cd ok21:45
astromme-laptopmarius__: What version of KDE/Kubuntu and what apps are you using sound with?21:46
p_quarlesmick_: there are many uses for them, including distributing binary software; the only thing they have in common is that they contain compressed archives21:46
tweakbut if I boot from my live cd i won't have gparted?21:46
mick_astromme-laptop: Kind of like .zip files in Windows?21:46
p_quarlesmick_: some will have executable binaries, like the one you have, and others will have installation scripts21:46
astromme-laptopmick_: Exactly21:46
astromme-laptopmick_: Which can contain anything21:47
p_quarlesmick_: but Firefox 3.0.5 is already packaged and much easier to install on Kubuntu via Adept/Synaptic/apt-get21:47
marius__well...the problem is with linux itself...sound won't work in either in mandriva or ubuntu. but anyway...it's a 8.04 kde 3.521:47
tweakmefisto_: but if I boot from my live cd i won't have gparted?21:47
astromme-laptopmarius__: there is a way to set your default alsa card... alsa-set-default? something like that. try googling21:48
astromme-laptoptweak: If you have an Ubuntu live cd you will21:48
mick_So what you're saying is that software can be installed from compressed files, but it's easier to use a package manager?21:48
marius__thanks a lot...I'm on it hahahah21:48
astromme-laptoptweak: If you have a Kubuntu live cd you can install qtparted/gparted with the package manager21:48
astromme-laptoptweak: They will just install to ram and disappear when you reboot21:49
astromme-laptopmick_: Yep, more or less21:49
tweakok. anyone know how to mount my ext2 as ext3?21:49
mefisto__tweak: if it's not already on the livecd, you can install it just like on an installed kubuntu21:49
astromme-laptopmick_: Pretty much.. if something is packaged (which more or less everything you want will is) it is better to use a package manager. It takes care of dependencies (other software that is used by the software you want to install), etc...21:50
astromme-laptoptweak: Change the "ext2" entry to "ext3" for your fs in /etc/fstab21:50
mick_In case I have to install software that isn't part of a package, what file should I look for when I open it up in ark?21:51
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astromme-laptopmick_: There's really no standard for that... there is usually a README or INSTALL file that tells you the specific info21:51
astromme-laptopmick_: But like I said... nearly everything you would want is packaged.... even a lot of bleeding edge stuff is packaged (see kubuntu intrepid 4.2 RC packages...)21:52
astromme-laptopmick_: For example.... I have 26000 packages that I could install. I have installed around 1000 (most of that was installed when I installed kubuntu)21:53
=== fiesta_zac is now known as clingon_zac
mefisto__tweak: ext3 is just ext2 with journalling. to create a journal: tune2fs -j /dev/sda1 (you need to do that when the partition is not mounted, so livecd usually) and make the changes to /etc/fstab mentioned above21:54
mick_You had me at "you can install Firefox via the package manager".21:54
sidneyhas anyone used a program called paragon ntfs to enable windows and linux to work together21:54
mick_How do I do that?21:55
astromme-laptopmick_: Are you using Kubuntu or Ubuntu? (Or other)21:55
=== clingon_zac is now known as |zac|-sk|8|er-
astromme-laptopmick_: Open up adept from the menus. It's probably in system tools or similar21:55
mefisto__mick_: start adept and search for firefox, or in konsole, type: sudo apt-get install firefox21:55
astromme-laptopIt might be called "Package Manager" or "Adept Package Management" or something like that. I don't remember off the top of my head21:56
mick_I'm in Konsole.21:56
astromme-laptopmick_: Once you have Adept open, search for firefox.21:56
astromme-laptopmick_: Or use what mefisto__said21:56
astromme-laptopmick_: in konsole, "sudo apt-get install firefox"21:56
astromme-laptopput in your password when it asks21:56
mick_btw is it possible to change the password so that it's blank?  I'm the only one who uses this computer, and I find the password thing annoying.21:58
astromme-laptopmick_: There is a way (I don't remember offhand, google might tell you) but I don't suggest it21:59
mick_Why don't you reccomend it?21:59
sidneyit's more helpful not to have a password when learning22:00
p_quarlesmick_: because it enables an otherwise minor potential security hole to turn into someone owning your computer; and (I could be wrong) but I believe it's against channel policy here22:00
mick_Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/x/xulrunner-1.9/xulrunner-1.9_1.9.0.4+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.10.1_i386.deb  404 Not Found22:01
mick_Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/f/firefox-3.0/firefox-3.0-branding_3.0.4+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.10.1_i386.deb  404 Not Found22:01
mick_Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/f/firefox-3.0/firefox-3.0_3.0.4+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.10.1_i386.deb  404 Not Found22:01
mick_Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/f/firefox-3.0/firefox_3.0.4+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.10.1_all.deb  404 Not Found22:01
mick_E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?22:01
p_quarles!paste > mick_22:02
ubottumick_, please see my private message22:02
FrauHansenhi guys. following problem: fresh install of 8.10 kde4 using wubi. the network doesnt work, static IP is configured in /etc/networking/interfaces. even LAN doesnt work. ifconfig shows eth0 with right config though22:02
mick_Sorry about that, I'll use pastebin in the future.22:03
astromme-laptopmick_: Are you on the internet with the computer you're trying to install firefox on?22:03
FrauHansencant even ping neighbours pc in lan. host not found :( what did i miss?22:03
sidneyI'm looking for a way for linux and windows to talk22:03
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: Is your netmask correct? Can you piing via ip?22:04
mefisto__mick_: passwordless sudo is like leaving your car keys in the ignition22:04
astromme-laptopsidney: samba22:04
ummelsmick_: Run "sudo apt-get update" first22:04
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: Also, what's you're routing information? "route"22:04
FrauHansenastromme-laptop, netmask is OK, copied the config from working kubuntu and only changed the IP22:04
sidneysamba is for networking right22:04
astromme-laptopummels: ohh... he doesn't have an up to date list... and the old packages aren't in the archive. nice22:04
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: Routing might be bad.... ?22:05
astromme-laptopsidney: Yeah? Oh, do you mean in a dual boot machine?22:05
ummelsastromme-laptop: that's what i'm suspecting, yes22:05
mick_mefisto_: Good analogy :)22:05
sidneyi have a fat partition but22:05
FrauHansenastromme-laptop, route says link-local, and default, which is
cplusplus2i locate and find not working? -> http://rafb.net/p/JPuw1h94.html22:06
astromme-laptopsidney: You can read to/from your windows drive from linux. If it's NTFS you might need ntfs-3g (packge install with adept or apt-get)22:06
mick_astromme-laptop: yes22:06
astromme-laptopmick_: Is it working now? After you "sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-get install firefox"?22:06
FrauHansenastromme-laptop, on the working machine (default gw) is resolved to a hostname, but not on the trouble pc22:06
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: is your /etc/netmask correct?22:07
FrauHansenastromme-laptop, there rout hangs for a while (timeout i guess) and then displays the IP of the default gw22:07
mick_I should continue?22:08
FrauHansenastromme-laptop, file doesn't exist (neither on the working pc)22:08
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: err... /etc/resolv.conf22:08
mick_Let me rephrase: Should I continue?22:08
astromme-laptopmick_: Continue with what? what have you done?22:08
FrauHansenastromme-laptop, we copied this one from the working pc, too...should be OK then22:09
mick_sudo apt-get install firefox; "Do you want to continue [Y/n]?22:09
astromme-laptopmick_: Yep22:09
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: ok... so you have a correct ip and netmask and route namserver but you can't ping? not even by ip?22:10
sidneysudo apt-get install NTFS-3G ?22:10
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: Does nslookup domain.com (e.g. nslookup google.com) work?22:10
mefisto__mick_: by the way, that uppercase Y means it is the default choice, so hitting the enter key means "yes"22:10
astromme-laptopsidney: Lowercase, but yes22:10
mick_Good to know22:11
astromme-laptopmick_: Also, "sudo apt-get update" refereshes the list of packages that can be installed... which is also a good idea to do before installing anything.22:11
FrauHansenastromme-laptop, cant ping by IP, nslookup is also not working...it's like the cable is loose, but it's not, we checked 4 times22:11
sidneygod that was easy22:12
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: Lights are on with the port? interface is up? you have the right interface? (eth0/eth1/eth2...e tc?)22:12
sidneythe first easy i'll tried to do on this computer22:12
FrauHansenwell we didn't try to name it eth1 yet22:12
astromme-laptopsidney: Good to hear =)22:13
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: Eh?22:13
sidneyastromme-laptop: thanks22:13
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: what interfaces do you have? "sudo ifconfig -a"22:13
SudoKingHow can I reset Xine settings or restore it to a different date? I tried to change the deinterlacing method b/ the setting stays the same and the music is accentuated, sound doesn't work in some apps.22:13
FrauHansenastromme-laptop, eth0 and lo22:13
astromme-laptopSudoKing: Move/remove "~/.xine" I think22:13
tweakdoes anyone know how to wipe free space?22:13
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: Hmm, then you should be fine...... I have no idea, sorry.22:14
FrauHansenastromme-laptop, what happens when you "rename" the config for eth0 to eth1?22:14
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: you know how you have eth0 and lo? I have 2 network cards on my computer (on my mobo and a second in a pci slot) so I have eth0 and eth122:14
FrauHansenastromme-laptop, like change only all "eth0" to "eth1" in the configs?22:14
mefisto__sidney: you might want to install ntfs-config too. it automatically sets up your fstab so that your windows partition will be mounted automatically on boot. or you could edit /etc/fstab yourself22:14
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: Things would break unless you had a second card that was eth122:14
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: And my wifi on my laptop is wlan0, etc...22:15
tweakdoes anyone know how to wipe free space?22:15
david_edmundsontweak: what?22:15
FrauHansenastromme-laptop, its an old laptop doesnt even have wireless onboard, i doubt that is has 2 network cards22:15
astromme-laptopmefisto__, sidney: also.. kde4 will auto-mount it (iirc) when you click on it in dolphin.22:15
tweakor 0 write free space?22:15
FrauHansenastromme-laptop, it has a modem but is that important?22:15
david_edmundsonwhat do you gain from doing that?22:15
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: Shouldn't be22:16
sidneynow i'm lost22:16
mick_It's working!  Thank you.22:16
david_edmundsonif it's free - that won't gain you any more space22:16
astromme-laptopFrauHansen: Honestly I have no idea, sorry. I don't know what could be wrong22:16
sidneyked you mean the desktop as opposed to gnome22:16
FrauHansenastromme-laptop, i' m out of ideas, too :(22:16
astromme-laptopmick_: No problem, enjoy. If you want to search for a package you can use "apt-cache search" or use adept from your menus.22:17
astromme-laptopsidney: Yeah. Kubuntu is KDE22:17
sidneyi'm gnome22:17
mefisto__tweak: type "man shred"22:17
sidneyso the first option sounds best22:18
tweakjust curious.. in windows you need serrious software like norton and all that crap..... like spoyware sweepers and defragmenters and disk cleaners.... is any of that applicable in ubuntu?22:18
astromme-laptopsidney: You have gnome from ubuntu, not kde from Kubuntu? There is a #ubuntu support channel that is usually better suited to gnome questions22:18
sidneyok thanks you did well22:19
astromme-laptoptweak: For the moment? Nah, I don't use any of it. As linux gains popularity I'm sure some sort of protection would be needed.22:19
david_edmundsontweak: turns out there's a program called "zerofree" that does it22:19
astromme-laptopsidney: Again, no problem.22:19
tweakapt-get install?22:20
astromme-laptoptweak: But you probably have a number of years before that's a real problem22:20
tweakwhat about defragmentation?22:20
mefisto__tweak: I wouldn't say you NEED any of that on a linux system generally. Unless you're worried about passing on viruses through emails to others22:20
astromme-laptoptweak: ext3 (the filesystem) manages itself in a smart way. You don't need to defrag it.22:21
ubottuk3b is a feature-rich and user-friendly burning application for KDE (and, as all KDE applications, works fine on GNOME). For a guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/K3BHowto22:21
david_edmundsonyeah - but the only reason you'd want to do it is if you're trying to compress a virtual disk22:21
tweaknot worried about passing on viruses to others22:21
astromme-laptoptweak: You can install clam antivirus on linux (I think it even has a package) but I wouldn't worry about it.22:22
david_edmundsonclamAV is mostly for putting on your email/firewall server (if you're an IT admin) to check for windows viruses22:22
david_edmundsonbut it's not needed for a user level22:23
tweaki just know windows piles the crap everywhere as soon as you open explorer and hides your cache so even if you use cleanup some cache still remains.. looking to get rid of said cache if it exists i suppose22:23
david_edmundsonyour main cache "/tmp" gets emptied on boot22:23
tweaki love linux22:24
tweakthe app zerofree i can't run unless booting live22:25
tweaklive from cd22:25
tweakcan't figure out how to use shed despite man22:26
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p_quarlestweak: it's really simple: shred /path/to/file22:27
tweaki want to shred free space22:28
paloako sa mate?22:29
p_quarlestweak: is the partition empty?22:29
p_quarlestweak: then shredding it will get rid of your data22:29
astromme-laptoptweak, I don't think there's an easy way when the filesystem is mounted.22:30
tweakanyone used the app zerofree?22:30
tweakso i need to boot from a live cd then do it?22:30
D_Edtweak read "apt-cache show zerofree"22:30
D_Edthat tells you what the package does22:30
D_Edyou probably don't want to use it.22:31
=== SiVA_ is now known as SiVA
tweakI know i used norton to do this to an ntfs filesystem..22:31
p_quarles"Zerofree has been written to be run from GNU/Linux systems installed as guest OSes inside a virtual machine. If this is not your case, you almost certainly don't need this package."22:32
p_quarlestweak: as the page for that app indicates, you can use dd to create an zeroed file in the empty space on the partition; this would need to be done via a live disk, and is risky enough that you shouldn't think about doing so without backing everything up22:33
qcjnhi, what is keyring. A pass word manager ? But mostly, where can i configure keyboard shortcut to my own taste ?22:33
tweakis ubuntu portage?22:34
tweakwhen I shift-delete files or use rm -r are they truly removed or are they recoverable?22:36
mick_What is a tarball?22:37
p_quarlesthat just de-links them; yes, they are recoverable22:37
p_quarlesmick_: just a slang term for a tar archive22:37
tweakok. how do I make them unrecoverable?22:37
mick_what is a tar archive?22:38
tweaka tarball is what smokers caugh up lol22:38
mick_p_quarles: What is a tar archive?22:38
p_quarlesmick_: you're repeating yourself22:38
tweakhow do I make my already deleted files unrecoverable?22:39
mick_No, I'm not.22:39
tweakit's just like a zip or a rar only it's a tar22:39
p_quarlesmick_: you asked the same question twice; it's rude22:39
mick_I should have phrased that differently.  I was seeking clarification.22:39
cplusplushow could a add the path of a .so file during starting of a program?22:39
p_quarlestweak: the things we've already discussed are your options; there is no safe way to do that without backing up the data you want to keep22:40
dr_williscplusplus,  i think theres a command line way of doing that.. ive seen some games do it.. but i cant rember how/syntax22:41
dr_williscplusplus,  it may be somthing to do with LDPRELOAD (but im guessing from memory)22:42
cplusplusLD_LIBRARY_PATH better?22:42
dr_willisthat would alter the LD path.  which may also do what you want.22:43
tictactatichi guys, i've upgraded to kde 4.2 rc1, I apparently messed up some rc file migration. I've fixed plasma (deleted plasmarc files, rebooted kde)22:43
tweakdoes anyone know how to mount a fatx hard drive?22:43
tictactaticbut I still have a problem with keyboard shortcuts22:43
dr_willistweak fatx? you mean a normal 'fat/fat32' drive? if so its documented all over the place.  :) either use a fstab entry, or mount it manually, or perhaps isntall/run that ntfs-config too. to allow users to mount/read/write them on the fly22:44
tweakyup fatx.... it's the filesystem a regular xbox uses on it's hard drive.22:45
tictactatice.g. ctrl+esc, or alt+f2 or anything else, doesn't work and furthermore disables keyboard input in any open application window22:45
tictactatichas anybody had similar experiences?22:45
dr_willistweak ya better google for that then.. I barely recall that.. and I dont  recall the details.22:45
sadf#ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr22:45
SudoKingastromme-laptop: I removed the .xine folder, however the sound is still the same =\22:47
cplusplushow could i print LD_LIBRARY_PATH?22:48
mick_Should I install Javascript or Flash first?22:48
SudoKingyou shouldn't need to install javascript oo22:48
mefisto__mick_: do you mean java?22:48
mick_Oh yeah, I forgot.22:49
mick_mefisto__: I meant Java22:49
mefisto__mick_: doesn't really matter which you install first22:49
SudoKingMy sound system is bothering me, the sound is very accentuated, voice doesn't appear or its crackly in some cases and doesn't show up at all in some apps. I'd just like to reconfigure it or rebuild the sound system, but removing the xine folder didn't help :|22:50
LeeJunFankonsole problem under kde 4.2 rc1 - when hitting tab to complete first time after opening - I get a long 20sec or so hang. Anyone else?22:50
=== anouar is now known as fannen_hp
mick_On a different note, which file type is best for installations: .tar.gz, .rpm, YUM, or .deb22:51
dr_willismick_,  i find that the type dosent matter... its whaat your disrto uses.. tha tyou should be using22:52
mefisto__mick_: .deb is what you need for k/ubuntu. .tar.gz is just an archive (like .zip or .rar)22:52
dr_willisif its a deb based disrto.. stick with debs. :)22:52
dr_willisnext would be using source if you cant find a deb.22:52
SudoKingor be simple and use the repository ._.22:52
dr_willisThen if all else fails theres those somewhat neat. but problamitic autopackage/klic archives that some times work22:53
p_quarlesthe K/Ubuntu repositories contain .deb files22:53
SudoKingif you use an apt interface, better than using dpkg to install from deb22:53
dr_willispackage management/software installing - is such an 'interesting' topic.22:55
mick_a program called KdeSudo is asking me for my password before I install something.22:55
=== zirunic is now known as ziruni
=== ziruni is now known as zirunic
mick_Is that a legit request, or is it phishing?22:56
LeeJunFanmick_: it's legit22:56
mefisto__mick kdesudo is just the graphical version of sudo (the program you're starting needs "root access" to work properly)22:56
LeeJunFanit needs to have your permission to install software outside your user home directory.22:56
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)22:57
mick_Is that what that minor security hole is that can be exploited on a passwordless system?22:57
LeeJunFanwell, a truly passwordless system is a major security hole.22:58
Zorixis there some reason the kubuntu team has missed its alpha 3 deadline22:58
astromme-laptopmick_: That's one way of getting root privs yes.22:58
ytooxquick question, I have a atheros 802.11 wireless card on my laptop and for some reason the wireless drops randomly and it says that the strength is 80%22:58
ytooxhow can I fix this?22:58
astromme-laptopZorix: They were writing release notes yesterday, are you sure they missed it?22:58
TheZsudo is the _opposite_ of an insecure system...22:58
Zorixastromme-laptop, not on cdimage.ubuntu.org22:58
ytooxanyone can help me?22:59
astromme-laptopThere were some game-breaking bugs yesterday with regards to plasmoids. You didn't have a plasma desktop with the packages because it crashed. Perhaps they waited until the fixed packages were built and uploaded22:59
TheZsudo allows the control of which apps can be used by non-root, logs it, and is certainly better than the windows alternative-"all or nothing".22:59
astromme-laptopZorix:  /are waiting22:59
dr_willissudo has a LOT of features that people rarely notice. :)23:00
Zorixastromme-laptop, that explained why i updated my alpha 2 vm and the desktop got hosed23:00
astromme-laptopZorix: Yep. You had a black screen after the loading screen?23:00
TheZyour sw is asking for the password so that a malicious program can't do anything seriously dangerous on its own...23:00
Zorixactually it was white screen, astromme-laptop23:00
astromme-laptopZorix: Ok, still probably the same.23:01
Zorixthought so23:01
Zorixytoox, sorry i cant help23:02
Zorixytoox, probably releated to the driver23:02
Zorixi just have a broadcom wireless card23:03
TheZytoox: look at logs, run from command line, enable debugging, Google, etc... Your problem may be general (see logs), or it may be specific to either your card or the hw.. who knows?23:03
ytooxquick question, I have a atheros 802.11 wireless card on my laptop and for some reason the wireless drops randomly and it says that the strength is 80%23:03
Zorixmight want to submit a bug report?23:04
ytooxwhat would I be looking for on the logs23:04
ytooxI don't know what they're about23:04
TheZon boot: dmesg | less23:04
ytooxhold on23:04
Zorixdoes it work on the kubuntu live cd23:05
ytooxI am already on my laptop and dont have the live cd23:05
fannen_hpj ai quelque question svp23:05
TheZalso /var/log/*.log23:05
Zorixytoox, do you dual boot windows or anything23:05
ytooxonly linux23:06
TheZif you plan on troubleshooting your system, you may need to become pretty sharp on the command line.23:06
Zorixytoox, has it worked at all before?23:06
ytooxyeah, it works but it looses the signal pretty easy23:06
Zorixbut has it always done this?23:06
ytooxevery other computer around me works fine23:06
ytooxbut mine connects and disconnects23:06
Zorixthose computers with the same wireless chip?23:06
=== mike is now known as Guest4907
TheZsame band?23:07
ytooxno, but at least it tells me that the network is up and running23:07
=== Ardarandir1 is now known as Ardarandir
Zorixytoox, well you need to figure out if its a defective chip, a buggy driver, or some bad config/package23:07
ytooxwell, I am not a computer savy23:08
ytooxyou expect me to do that?23:08
ytooxis there anyone in charge?23:08
Zorixwhat is the exact chip model23:08
fannen_hphow want to  help me please  i have quetions23:09
dr_willis'please state the nature of the linux emrgancy'23:09
Zorixfannen_hp, you need to ask in english to get a response23:09
TheZwell.. _I'm_ certainly not in charge! :)23:09
ytooxZorix: how do I find that out23:09
Zorixytoox, run dmesg in a shell and scroll up look for something that says wireless23:10
Zorixor lspci might work23:10
BluesKaj!wifi | ytoox23:10
ubottuytoox: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs23:10
ytooxdon't see what you told me23:11
dr_williswireless can be such a pain.. but  i must say.. its gotten MUCH better then it was like  a year ago23:11
Zorixytoox, we cant help you unless we know what chip model23:11
Zorixits in there somewhere23:11
Zorixcheck https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported23:12
ytooxthis is what hardware database says23:12
ytooxMarvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8055 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 13)23:12
ytooxAtheros Communications Inc. AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)23:12
ytooxis that the model?23:13
Zorixi did some research23:14
Zorixapparently it has been an issue for others as well23:14
Zorixcheck this http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5535562&postcount=323:14
mick_How do I install WINE?23:15
Zorixytoox, found that by this forum entry: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=89417723:15
Zorixmick_: http://www.winehq.org/download/deb23:15
astromme-laptopmick_: Take a guess. it has to do with "sudo apt-get install"23:16
astromme-laptopOr... Zorix might have a newer package as well... dunno23:16
Zorixthe wine in the official repo is outdated23:16
Zorixwinehq repo is newer23:16
peanutbutterninjanyone want to deal with a complete linux noob for a couple of minutes23:17
Zorixmick_: scroll down to the alternate install method for kubuntu at the bottom23:17
peanutbutterninjive got a really stupid question23:17
Zorixwhat is the question23:17
ytooxthis is driving me crazy23:17
maxbaldwin!ask | peanutbutterninj23:17
ubottupeanutbutterninj: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:17
astromme-laptoppeanutbutterninj: just ask it, we don't need a backstory. And no question is too newb23:17
peanutbutterninjive got two 250 GB harddrives on my computer and theyre ntfs23:17
sidneyastromme-laptop: that worked great, truely amazing what this thing can do if ubuntu cant help i'll be back23:18
peanutbutterninjand i heard partitioning a single drive for multiboot was kind of dangerous23:18
Zorixytoox, your chip isnt well supported yet it seems, it will take some work to get working23:18
peanutbutterninjdoes it matter if im putting kubuntu on its own drive and leaving the windows one alone23:18
astromme-laptopsidney: What was this about? automounting ntfs?23:18
sidneythe ntfs is read from ubuntu23:19
derjenshey, i want to use lame to encode audio to mp3. which program to use to decode ogg?23:19
mick_How do I check which version of Kubuntu I'm running?23:19
astromme-laptopsidney: Great =). I'm using it as well23:19
derjensi want to pipe an ogg file to lame in order to get an mp3 file...23:19
astromme-laptopmick_: "lsb_release -a"23:19
peanutbutterninji know that, but i remember that trying to partition a single drive to multiboot windows and something else was dangerous if the drive was originally ntfs23:19
Zorixpeanutbutterninj, i dont think either way is that dangerous, as always when making partition changes, make backups just in case23:20
peanutbutterninjwould that be a problem if i have 2 drives and i just want to completely format the one that doesnt have windows23:20
Zorixyou can23:20
Zorixit doesnt care23:20
TheZPBJ: what kind of problem were you thinking it would have? Reading it?23:21
peanutbutterninja few years ago i partitioned an ntfs drive to boot windows and ubuntu and the computer wouldnt boot and i was told partitioning ntfs with linux was a bad idea23:21
mick_I scrolled to the bottom of the page and pasted sudo wget http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/sources.list.d/intrepid.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list into the Konsole23:21
peanutbutterninji dont know i was just wondering if it was going to completely kill my computer again23:21
Zorixpeanutbutterninj, ntfs and partition resizing has gotten better in recent times23:21
mick_It seems to have finished rather quickly.  Is there another step?23:21
astromme-laptoppeanutbutterninj: formatting ntfs under linux isn't always great. However, it's really really improved in the last 2-3 years23:21
=== german is now known as Guest89988
TheZPBJ: Partitions can be anything, and only relate to booting if pointed to by your boot loader (either windows or linux (a la grub, etc.))23:22
Zorixmick_: type sudo apt-get install wine23:22
sidneydoes Linux have to be defragmented?23:22
peanutbutterninjim just going to be formatting a second internal drive that doesnt have anything crucial to booting windows on it, is it for sure going to be able to handle that23:22
Zorixmick_, the previous command loaded the winehq download server into apt-get's sources so you can install from it23:22
astromme-laptopmick_: What that first step did was install what is called a "repository" to your system. Your computer now knows to go to a separate place to get the wine packages23:22
peanutbutterninjand installing kubuntu on the one i format23:23
* astromme-laptop lols as he gave the same info as Zorix23:23
astromme-laptopsidney: no23:23
Zorixat least we agree23:23
astromme-laptopTrue, which can't always be said of an irc chat23:24
aloneahow do you set your trash can folder to essentially go nowhere? Like, when I delete something, it does not move the files to a real place. basically I dont want a trashcan function23:24
Zorixalonea, i usually just hold shift when deleting and it bypasses the trash23:24
TheZalonea: try /dev/null23:24
TheZbe careful, though! A soft link should work... You can also have a cron task simply delete it periodically...23:25
aloneaZorix: I know I can do that, but I was told once you can make your trash a sort of blackhole and thats what I am aiming for.23:25
TheZThat makes more sense.. you know, like hoursly.. this way you still have a l;ast chance to grab stuff! :)23:25
Zorixalonea, you can sym link it to /dev/null like TheZ stated23:25
aloneaZorix: thanks23:25
=== mike is now known as Guest65394
mick_Processing triggers for libc6 ...23:25
mick_ldconfig deferred processing now taking place23:25
TheZ /dev/null ah.. the black hole of Linux.. I like it!23:25
mick_Did it finish?23:25
Zorixbut if i were you i would set up a cron to delete at certain times like TheZ stated as well23:25
Zorixmick_, yes, you should be able to launch an exe by typing: wine something.exe23:26
geniimick_: Yes it finished23:26
aloneaTheZ: indeed.23:26
astromme-laptopmick_: in general if you get back to the promt ( the $ ) you have a successful command that finished23:27
astromme-laptopmick_: it will tell you if it errored23:27
astromme-laptopmick_: Also, you should be able to click on a windows .exe and have it autoload with wine23:27
mick_If I want to install WeatherBug for Windows, do I just download the Windows installation wizard and go through the process as though I were using Windows23:27
mick_Thanks \Kira23:28
astromme-laptopmick_: Did you say you're using Kubuntu 8.10/Intrepid?23:28
\KiraNo problem23:28
Zorixmick_, keep in mind, not everything works with wine23:28
astromme-laptopmick_: You can install a weather plasmoid that gives you temps23:28
cplusplushow could i print LD_LIBRARY_PATH_23:28
astromme-laptopmick_: I'm not sure what you need the weatherbug for but it'll do temps.23:28
mefisto__mick_: wine is far from perfect though, and doesn't necessarily work with everything23:28
astromme-laptopcplusplus: 'echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH'23:28
Zorixcplusplus, type: echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH23:29
mick_I know.  It lacks some of the features on the Windows version.23:29
astromme-laptopmick_: Ok, just checking23:29
cplusplusis a  echo LD_LIBRARY_PATH usually empty?23:29
cplusplusis a LD_LIBRARY_PATH usually empty?23:30
Zorixits used to override defaults23:30
estanhrm hrm, i've started running KDE from trunk and it's quite okay, however knetworkmanager (kde3) keeps popping up. even though i quit it, it's there when i log back in again.. anyone know how to get rid of this? (i'm using knetworkmanager from KDE playground instead).23:31
Zorixcplusplus, if you have libraries in a non-standard directory not in the path, then it allows the program to check another directory23:32
Zorixestan, check /home/username/.kde/Autostart23:33
blight_hi, is it possible to install 8.10 with KDE3.5 instead of KDE4? i don't like KDE4 at all :(23:33
Zorix8.04 was last to use kde 3.5, but i dont know if the 8.10 repo has kde 3.523:34
mefisto__it doesn't23:34
Zorixblight_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96369523:35
mefisto__you'd have to compile from source and figure everything out for yourself, or find a 3rd party repo and cross your fingers23:35
blight_i found some forum thread which says that it's beeing worked on23:35
estanZorix: yea, it's empty (my KDEHOME for this KDE is ~/.kde-trunk).23:35
blight_Zorix: yeah this one23:35
aloneafrom source isn't too bad unless things don't go right.23:35
blight_"19-11-2008, Important!, The KDE3 repositories are offline now. Madscientist159 and Kubuntu Team are working to provide official KDE3 packages/repo for Kubuntu Intrepid."23:36
blight_<3 KDE3.523:36
aloneablight_: out of curiosity, what do you dislike about kde4?23:36
mefisto__blight_: it's easier to just stick to 8.04 and enable backports etc23:36
Zorixestan, check /usr/share/autostart/23:37
Zorixim still on 8.04 waitinf until 4.x is usable enough23:37
estanZorix: nothing networkmanager-related in there :/23:38
blight_alonea: it's slow atm, has some crashes, and shows "random" (uninitialized) pixmaps sometimes, and i dont like the new concepts23:38
blight_alonea: i.e. the "scrolling startmenu" is one of the worst menus i have ever used23:38
blight_or the way how panels are configured23:38
Zorixestan, try searching your disk for knetworkmanager maybe its somewhere else.. do a find / -name *knetworkmanager*23:38
estani'm thinking maybe plasma is confused because i have been using both knetworkmanager from kde3 and the one from KDE SVN trunk at the same time.. and it launces both.23:38
Zorixblight_, the start menu can be configured for classic mode too23:38
blight_alonea: and the taskbar - it's just a single row even if you have 20 items in it with each beeing only 30px wide but 80 heigh23:39
aloneablight_: to each his own, but on the pixmaps are you talking about how the icons don't show up right a lot23:39
blight_Zorix: where?? please tell me23:39
Zorixkde 4.2 can have multi row, blight_23:39
estani think it's in plasmarc, but i can only find stuff related to the knetworkmanager that i _want_ running there.. i think.. a bit hard to tell it apart.23:39
Zorixblight_, right click on the K menu and its an option there23:39
estananyway, thx for the suggestions Zorix.23:39
blight_alonea: no, i.e. the taskbar tooltips are shown before they are drawn and will show "old/uninitailzed/random/memory pixels"23:39
blight_Zorix: <3 thanks23:39
blight_lol how could i have missed this option23:40
Zorixi found it by accident one day23:40
blight_alonea: or if i press "ctrl+alt+del" the whole background is uninitialized23:41
aloneablight_: hmmm... not sure if I have that problem. As for the scrolling menu I don't use it much since there is only about 5-6 progs I use and I put them on the favorites23:41
aloneablight_: but I can understand your dislike for it.23:41
blight_i'm on a dualcore athlon64, using the 64bit version23:41
Zorixi think there's a better way to do that as well23:41
blight_KDE4 is just not ready for productive use23:42
blight_and i use(d) KDE and the tools heavily ;)23:42
noaXessnt now.. but it will.. end of january.. if 4.2 is available23:42
Zorix4.2 will be usable i think23:42
blight_end of jan? ok thats not too far away23:42
=== stefan__ is now known as SteBoo
aloneablight_: not having that issue, but then I have the pre-release turned on in my repos.23:42
Zorixim waiting for details on 4.3 too23:43
blight_alonea: i see23:43
* estan is on trunk and it's quite okay..23:43
astromme-laptopblight_: You can revert to the old-style menu by right clicking it and selecting "Switch to classic menu style"23:43
blight_4.3... q4/2009? ;)23:43
Zorixsomewhere around there23:43
blight_astromme-laptop: yeah i was already told that, thanks23:43
aloneablight_: and 32 bit version. also, are you using the beta kde (4.2 I think) or 4.1?23:43
astromme-laptopblight_: Oh lol, wasn't scrolled down totally. whoops23:43
SteBoohi! the comic plasmoid from KDE 4.2 RC1 crashes all the time when I hover with the mouse over it. is there a workaround?23:44
blight_alonea: 4.1.323:44
estanbut i think people should stop asking the question; "when will it be ready for being productive with?".. it's not a fixed point in time when that will happen. for some it's been OK to work with for a long time, for others it's not yet.23:44
estanit happens gradually.23:44
SteBooactually the whole plasma crashes23:44
aloneablight_: ah ok. same then. yeah, I haven't had too many problems. just icon issues in taskbar. as for crashes, none here.23:45
astromme-laptopTrue, gradually... for example I was working with kde4 since last year at this time.... however I would certainly say it's better now than back then. /shudders23:45
* estan can bet his ass that with 4.2 released, some people will say "nope, not ready yet".. and then some people will take the bait and start going "it will be ready by 4.3"..23:45
estanand the cycle starts again, it's useless.23:45
aloneablight_: but some issues might definitely dissapear with the pre-release packages.23:45
Zorixits been usable since its release of 4.0, just not feature complete as 3.5 yet23:46
blight_alonea: klipper and such stuff sometimes crash23:46
blight_and krunner23:46
aloneablight_: ah, I have never liked that app and wish it dead sometimes. ^_^. I have had a few random crashes from apps. I do have tons of crashes from kate now that I think of it.23:47
astromme-laptopNow... it does show something that I keep jumping on the developmental releases instead of the stable branches23:47
blight_i dont have any problems with kate hehe really strange23:47
astromme-laptopI think that means that a) development moves at a very fast pace and the devs blog about it... so I end up wanting the shinyness23:47
astromme-laptopand b) up until now I was still yearning for some missing functuality that I had a hard time living without (or had to use kde3 packages for)23:48
aloneablight_: well, nothing bad really happens unless I open a file from dolphin that loads into it. and the program still works, I just get an error popup23:48
blight_i really don't like that krunner thing which you get when pressing alt+f2 - it's seriously bugged! if you have the "applications" enabled it will look for apps, and if you type i.e. "konvers" and press "return" very quick then krunner has just parsed "kon", then reacts to "return" too early and runs i.e. konsole23:48
blight_instead of konversation23:48
astromme-laptopblight_: I've seen that as well23:48
blight_yeah its really a bad bug23:48
aloneablight_: yeah, it gets a bit crazy on me sometimes when I use it.23:49
astromme-laptopalthough, with that said, I can't seem to get it to happen with KDE 4.2 RC. Maybe I'm not fast enough23:49
blight_but i better stop complaining - i could fix it myself if i like but i am too lazy so i shutup   ---   <3 KDE (3.5)  ;-)23:49
dr_willisI must admit - i normally use GNOME now a days23:50
blight_thanks for the info, help and tips :)23:50
blight_dr_willis: there's no "gdevelop" ;)23:50
astromme-laptopblight_: I'm not saying that you shouldn't =P23:50
aloneablight_: your welcome.23:50
astromme-laptopblight_: It was and still is a great environment23:50
blight_oops sorry23:50
blight_alonea: :)23:50
astromme-laptopblight_: /agreed23:50
astromme-laptopI would say I have a few core reasons why I use kde....23:51
Zorixany news on konversation's kde4 progress?23:51
astromme-laptopA: kio-slaves. B: Amarok (1.4 and 2.0). C: Dolphin. D: the possibility of linux/win/mac kde E: Qt23:51
faydriss(if using a single drive, note that Windows 7 requires minimum 16GB). I23:51
faydrissthats unrea;23:52
astromme-laptopSpeaking of windows 7...23:52
blight_wow thats two or three times what vista needs isnt it?23:52
Zorixid like to see them stick windows 7 on a netbook without killing it23:52
astromme-laptopI tried it on an old laptop of mine. And lo and behold it has the check marks on each file in the file browser... that lets you add/remove from your selection. Sound familiar?23:52
aloneafor some reason, I dislike dolphin...23:52
dr_willisastromme-laptop,  vista has that feature also. if you enable it.23:53
astromme-laptopIt's exactly what happens in kde4.... so interesting how things change23:53
faydrissim not a big dolphin phan either23:53
astromme-laptopdr_willis: Interesting, I did not know. It's now enabled by default, at least on dev builds.23:53
dr_willisits a 'tablet-pc' feature.23:53
astromme-laptopI find dolphin clean and usable and free of "cruft"23:53
dr_willisastromme-laptop,  vista --> tools -> folder options -> enable check box for selection23:54
astromme-laptopdr_willis: Cool, thanks.23:54
faydrisshow much hard drive does kde use?23:54
astromme-laptopWindows 7 is really emphasizing the tablet and touch market. That is (imho) a good thing23:54
aloneabut I do say, I am still frustrated from all the missing things from right clicking certain things...like extracting archives and installing debs23:54
astromme-laptopfaydriss: A clean install of Kubuntu takes like 3-4 gigs iirc23:55
aloneaI reallllly want my right click extract all back. badly.23:55
dr_willis tablet and touch market - then you realize how FILTHY your hands are... :)23:55
dr_willisand the screen is constantly  nasty.23:55
astromme-laptopalonea: I have it... maybe it's new to 4.2?23:55
faydrisshands are not as gross as money23:55
dr_williswife took back her 'touch screen' phone.23:55
=== faydriss is now known as cuznt
dr_willisshe keep hitting the wrong buttons due to her fat phingers. :)23:56
aloneadr_willis: well, I got a touch pda and its not dirty looking if I use a screen protector23:56
astromme-laptopdr_willis: Sure, but whatever.. I'll take it for the interface ideas that can be introduced23:56
astromme-laptopdr_willis: I have a touch + digitizer laptop. The screen does get bad but I just wipe it off with my shirt every day and I'm good to go. I really only notice it in direct sunlight type usage times.23:56
dr_willisi really really HATE how all these games for my GB-dualScren have these touch pad features..  instead of using  (or using with) the normal analog controlls..23:57
aloneadr_willis: heh. big fingers can be a problem, though with the newer windows 6.1 updates they got options to make all the buttons bigger. or if you wanna install a custom os...23:57
aloneaastromme-laptop: possibly...I am kinda spazzing without it23:57
astromme-laptopalonea: I know the feeling23:58
aloneaastromme-laptop: and my touchpad is still kinda insane in intrepid. its gotten slightly better than before, but if I sit in the right way I am constantly having my cursor moved 7-8 spaces from where I was just typing in mid sentence23:59

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