atcurtisDoes the lp repository browser/cset view not work?02:33
mwhudsonit usually works02:36
mwhudsonatcurtis: which page is giving you grief?02:36
atcurtisI can't view any of my revisions or source tree at https://code.launchpad.net/~starbuggers/sakila-server/mysql-5.1-wl82002:37
mwhudsonoh mysql :(02:37
mwhudsonspm: want to do the honours?02:38
atcurtisknown issue?02:38
spmmwhudson: I'd be delighted02:38
spmmwhudson: 2.502:38
spmatcurtis: give it another 30ish seconds and try again?02:39
mwhudsonatcurtis: mysql branches are at the large end of what it can cope with comfortably, let's say02:39
atcurtisspm: sure... I'll can give it a bit longer because I am going to get a drink.02:39
atcurtismwhudson: understood... it is a lot of stuff in one repo.02:40
mwhudsonif we restart it every so often it works for a while02:40
spmthere. looks to be fine now.02:40
mwhudsonactually on my plate today/tomorrow is making it more resilient, if not actually more efficient02:40
spmmwhudson: promises promises....02:41
spmmwhudson: you keep teasing us with these promises. :-P02:41
mwhudsonyes well, the other stuff i'm doing first inevitably takes longer than i'd hope :)02:41
CarlFK1I wrote this, but now I cant edit it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpdatingADeb05:13
CarlFK1I see "show/hide editing options" but I see no option to edit05:13
CarlFK1found em05:15
CarlFK1um.. I am 90% sure they weren't there at first05:15
dlynchAm I the only one who cannot access https://launchpad.net ?05:17
CarlFK1I think there is someone else near the south pole that is having troubles05:18
CarlFK1worked for me though05:19
dlynchI'm in Manila05:19
spmdlynch: can you access https://launchpad.net/@@/launchpad-logo-and-name.png05:26
dlynchspm: not so far.......05:30
spmdlynch: ok. what does traceroute/mtr give?05:30
stubdlynch: I can get there from Bangkok, but it is often slow. We are still going the wrong way around the planet (since the last cable cut - I don't think it is fixed yet).05:32
stubdlynch: We should be going via Europe to the UK, but instead going via jp and us.05:34
dlynchspm, stub: traceroute is giving me Hong Kong, Japan, West Coast, East Coast, then London, then no replies after gw0-0-gr.canonical.com05:36
spmdlynch: what ipaddress are you coming from - the same as your irc?05:36
spmcan pm if you'd prefer05:36
stubdlynch: That is the same as I'm seeing from Bangkok05:37
stubdlynch: Lack of traceroute for that final few hops doesn't affect Launchpad05:37
stubI used to go via Amsterdam with a much better ping ;-(05:39
spmstub: just a better ping?05:41
stubprobably equates to packet loss too and other things.05:41
stubLocal Thai net is pretty conjested too - 300ms before I leave the country05:42
spmheh. Tho you do get funkies. had one a month or so ago - from westcoast US traversed half of europe.05:42
stubI do keep getting SSL dropouts to the UK05:43
spmstub: when you mtr - do you see vanadium?05:44
stubgw0, jujube. No vanadium.05:45
spmhrmm - wonder if that actually means anything....05:46
stub4-5% packet loss in Japan, 2% in san jose, 4-5% in London05:46
spmweird - I lose 0.4% in SanJose, but that's it05:47
dlynchgw0 is 21 hops for me (plus the hops out of the local network)05:49
stubI can improve packetloss by turning off bittorrent05:50
rockstarstub, why would anyone ever do that?05:51
stubBrings the pings down too ;)05:52
spmsorry - our dogs were going nutso at a bluetonge lizard in the yard :-)05:52
spmdlynch: so as we were chatting - sniffing tools. a simple test is ensure most network using tools are not running, and then capture the mtr traffic05:52
spmso somthing trivial like 'sudo tcpdump -n' will dump pages of text to the console fairly quickly05:53
dlynchso I shut down firefox etc, except IRC05:53
spmno need to shut it down - just dont do any browsing at the same time05:53
dlynchor do I keep firefox open with a page trying to access LP?05:53
spmthat works too. stop accessing LP. start the tcpdump. try and access LP. in that sequence05:54
dlynchspm: ok, I'll do it in about 5 mins, when I finish upgrading ubuntu 9.0405:55
spmdlynch: np.05:55
dlynchok, finally got the tcpdump: http://pastebin.com/d6b08539306:19
dlynchspm: sorry that took so long ;)06:20
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stochasticI've run into some issue uploading a package I'm working on to my PPA, I get this rejected message: phat_0.4.1-0ubuntu1.dsc: Section '-' is not valid11:08
stochasticnevermind, #ubuntu-motu is answering my questions11:14
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nil1hi, I've pulled wrong stuff how can I reverse?12:54
andrea-bsnil1: please, can you explain your situation better?12:55
nil1oh everything is fine!!!! pull vs push English confusion, apology!!!12:56
andrea-bsno problem :)12:57
nil1but that's a good opportunity to get to know what I should if I push something wrong...12:58
andrea-bsnil1: run `bzr uncommit` to your local branch and then push with the --overwrite option13:00
nil1andrea-bs: what is the difference between uncommit and reverse?13:01
andrea-bsnil1: uncommit removes the last commit from the branch, so it won't appear in the log; reverse remove the latest changes, but keeps the commit in the branch13:02
nil1got it, thx!13:03
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vadi2Hi. I remember a while ago there was a Drupal module for authenticating Launchpad users. Does anyone know if a similar plugin has been made for Wordpress?14:43
mrevellvadi2: It's something we're working on. Let me see if I can get some more info.14:44
vadi2ok, thank you14:44
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* NCommander is curious to see how much he broke by changing his launchpad uid16:23
jpdsNCommander: Chances are, you busted your @ubuntu email. :p16:32
NCommanderjpds, probably16:32
NCommanderNot that I used it ever16:33
NCommanderjpds, who do I bug to get that fixed :-)16:33
jpdsNCommander: Read: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuEmail16:34
NCommanderWorks for me16:35
NCommanderNow I can actually use them16:35
NCommander(my old LP ID predates my Ubuntu involvement, and I hated my nick)16:35
* NCommander hugs jpds 16:36
vadi2mrevell: found anything?16:36
* jpds hugs NCommander.16:36
NCommanderNow I just need to decide if I'm going to keep firefox/thunderbird/sunbird, or just go to Seamonkey16:37
NCommander(I'm getting a little tired having to install extensions for each app seperately)16:37
mrevellvadi2: I should have an answer in 20 mins or so. Just need to wait for the right person to become available.16:38
mrevellvadi2: Still in testing right now. I'll post an update on the LP blog if there's more news16:49
vadi2thanks for your time16:49
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mathiazhi - is it possible to grant access to a private branch to a team that is not the owner of the private branch?17:08
CarlFK1https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/317227  if I post that to a non edge person, they will get redirected to the right url, right?17:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317227 in linux "skb_over_panic skbuff.c:128 invalid opcode: 0000 [1] SMP " [Undecided,New]17:08
CarlFK1or better yet, is there a non edge url on the page somewhere I can click/copy?  or do I just drop edge from the url?17:09
charlie-tcayou can use https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/317227 and it will give the same bug report17:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317227 in linux "skb_over_panic skbuff.c:128 invalid opcode: 0000 [1] SMP " [Undecided,New]17:13
maxbYou just drop edge. from the url17:13
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sidneianyone available that can create a project group for me?17:55
Ursinhabug 31169017:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311690 in launchpad-foundations "Delay between blob submission and blob availability causes Launchpad to OOPS." [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31169017:56
Ursinhathanks ubottu17:56
matsubarasidnei: file a question in launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion with the project group name and the projects that should be under it. the CHR will take care of the request17:57
sidneimatsubara: it's been sitting there for about a mont already :(17:58
sidneiquestion 54843 fwiw17:58
matsubarakiko-phone: ^\17:58
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kiko-phonewhat what?18:06
lamalexanyone know who runs ubottu?18:08
Ursinhalamalex, you should ask it18:08
Ursinhaubottu, owner18:08
ubottuThis bot is owned by jussi01 - Questions about ubottu should be asked in #ubuntu-bots18:08
lamalexgood call18:08
sidneikiko-phone: question 54843, whenever you get a chance plz18:09
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sidneikiko-phone: danke!19:21
kiko-phonesidnei, no problemo! now get me some z3c lave19:28
sidneikiko-phone: would you get off the phone, i wouldn't mind talking to you :)19:28
sidneikiko-phone: still on the phone?19:59
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kiko-phonesidnei, you wanna talk over the phone too?20:00
sidneikiko-phone: not necessarily. i'm going away soon. just wanted to get my lp branch pushed somewhere, and i don't have access yet20:01
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kiko-phonesidnei, oh! access where?20:01
sidneikiko-phone: can't push to lp:~sidnei/launchpad/<branch>, if you know what that means20:02
kiko-phoneI do, but that's strange I think20:02
kiko-phonelet me fix it20:02
Philip5spitfire_: btw, i reinstalled yesterday and went for 64bit now instead and i guess that mean there will be much more 64bit packages on my repo from now on :)20:18
sidneikiko-phone: are we there yet?20:18
spitfire_Philip5: great ;)20:18
spitfire_Right now I switched to 8.04, because of my inter graphics card.20:19
spitfire_I'm going to backport few things.20:19
spitfire_It'll be a little hard.20:19
Philip5i have some stuff backported for hardy in my hardy repo20:19
spitfire_For example I need new pulseaudio, which can only work with bluez-420:19
spitfire_which is included since intrepid:/20:20
Philip5that might be tricky20:20
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spitfire_Philip5: thanks, but when I do backporind I'm sure I haven't missed out anything.20:20
spitfire_I know bluez-thing will be tricky.20:20
spitfire_I will backport some things from jauntu, some from intrepid, and debian-experimental.20:21
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kiko-phonesidnei, try now.20:29
sidneikiko-phone: seems to be working20:29
uwsi just made a mistake while pushing a branch to lp20:30
kiko-phonesidnei, I likes the sound of dat!!20:30
uwsis it possible to remove a branch altogether?20:30
kiko-phoneuws, that is life. mistakes happen. yeah, you can just delete with the little minus next to the branch name20:30
jpdsuws: Mistake on one push or the whole branch?20:30
uwsi accidently pushed a branch for a gedit-plugin as a branch of gedit it self (which it clearly isn't)20:30
uwsjpds: whole new branch20:30
uwsthat one should be gone20:31
uwsi tried to remove the files using sftp20:31
uwsso the .bzr/ is already gone ;)20:31
uwsbut it's still on the website and the directory itself is still there20:32
Chris`Hey, can I speak to a LP sysadmin please?20:32
beunoChris`, what's up?20:34
Chris`beuno: Do you mind if I were to query you?20:34
mwhudsonuws: little red minus sign icon next to the branch name20:34
beunoChris`, sure, go ahead20:34
mwhudsonuws: next time though, you can edit the branch and move it to a different project, no need to delete it20:34
sidneikiko-phone: you got mail (and branch)20:35
uwsmwhudson: ok thanks. there is no lp project for this plugin yet20:36
uwsmwhudson: is it okay to create one for really minor pet projects like editor plugins?20:36
mwhudsonuws: if you just clear the project field, it will become a +junk branch20:36
mwhudson(in the spirit of http://www.samba.org/junkcode/)20:37
uwsmwhudson: say i have a branch on my machine, and i want to share it using LP, but there the branch is not related to a project, what is the syntax to use for "bzr push lp:???" ?20:37
mwhudsonuws: bzr push lp:~uws/+junk/branch-name20:37
uwswhat is the "+" for?20:37
uws"meta-project" or something?20:38
mwhudson+ isn't valid in project names20:38
mwhudsonso it's a marker that you're outside the project namespace i guess20:38
mwhudsonthe "do i create a project or not" decision is a bit of a tricky one20:38
mwhudsonthe question i ask is "do i want to be able to file bugs for this code", if not, it may as well stay +junk for the moment20:39
uwsok, but the "+junk" seems a fixed string, e.g. "+playground" doesn't work (just tested this)20:39
uwsanyway, thanks. the ~uws/+junk/ will do20:40
mwhudsonmaybe that would be a neat idea, allow +anything20:46
mwhudsonhow this is all handled is a little bit up for discussion at the moment20:46
uwsjunk sounds like "throw away anytime"20:48
uwstoo negative for a place to publish the hard work of creative minds ;)20:48
lamalexbut also you don't want LP turning into a place where people just push anything20:49
* lamalex goes back into the shadows20:49
Nafallois there an easy guide to setup translations for a project? :-)20:49
uwslamalex: yeah, it's a trade off20:50
mwhudsonwell, so long as it's still easy to find what you want, i don't see an excess of stuff as a problem20:50
mwhudson(our sysadmins may thing differently, of course :)20:50
spmmwhudson: 'rm -f' and 'drop database' solve pretty much all the space issues I've ever come across ;-)20:52
mwhudsonspm: doesn't quite meet the "conservation of inconvenience" threshold though20:52
spmdoes for me!20:52
mwhudsonspm: you'd skip the awfful branches then somehow?20:54
spmmwhudson: na. no favouritisim here20:54
spmjust move everything to g i t h u b :-P20:54
* rockstar slaps spm20:56
spmrockstar: the smiley was .. implied :-)20:57
rockstarspm, oh, that slap was for no reason.  I just wanted to slap you.20:58
* thumper slaps spm too21:01
thumperno smiley fromme21:01
* wgrant slaps Launchpad, just to be different.21:03
Ursinhawhere's beuno to slap spm too21:05
* thumper slaps the librarian21:05
thumpermwhudson: I've lost your "fix" for bzr plugin loading21:05
spmUrsinha: you're all too kind :-)21:06
thumpermwhudson: damn, wrong channel21:06
kirklandafter uploading a .po/.pot file for translations in LP, who has to review that?21:14
kirklandthere's something about a human processing that needs to happen21:14
thumperkirkland: I think a translations bod needs to eyeball it21:18
thumperkirkland: however I'm not 100% on that21:19
kirklandthumper: right, so that's a member of some LP team?21:19
kirklandthumper: i'm curious what team that might be ;-)21:19
thumperkirkland: maybe just a translation-expert?  not sure21:19
kirklandthumper: hrm, okay21:20
mdkekirkland: pretty sure it is someone in ~rosetta-admins22:58
kirklandmdke: cheers!22:58
mathiazis it possible to grant access to a private branch to a team that is not the owner of the private branch?23:08
james_wmathiaz: read access?23:09
mathiazso is it possible to grant read-only access for a private bzr branch to certain people?23:16
lifelessmathiaz: yes23:18
lifelessmathiaz: subscribe them23:18
djsiegelHello, the GNOME Do project has two main LP projects, do and do-plugins.23:20
djsiegelPeople almost always file bugs that should be filed in do-plugins, in the do bug property.23:20
djsiegelIs there a good way for us to say "Hey! Report plugin bugs at do-plugins..." ?23:21
djsiegelIt doesn't look Like I can put anything message at http://bugs.launchpad.net/do23:21
djsiegelI need a big, flashy "your computer may be at risk" ad23:22
james_whi djsiegel, if you go to do's main page and go to "change details" you can fill in the box titled "If I’m reporting a bug, I should include, if possible:  (Optional)"23:23
james_wthat will be displayed on the bug reporting page23:23
james_wthough currently it's a little un-obvious, which I don't like23:23
wgrantCompletely unobvious, I'd say.23:24
djsiegelAh, wonderful!23:24
james_wwgrant: the setting, or the guidelines on the reporting page?23:24
wgrantAlthough it's better than it used to be, when it was in a bright yellow box.23:24
wgrantjames_w: Both!23:24
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