hggdhhah! kernel oops on mac80211...00:01
DanaGI've gone back to the previous kernel, where backlight control actually WORKS.00:11
shadowhywindhay all, I am currently running intrepid, and want to move up to jaunty, any easy way to update from the console, or do i have to do it from the cd?01:52
RAOFshadowhywind: The release notes mention it.02:10
RAOFIf you're running GNOME, you can run 'gksudo "update-manager -d"'02:11
RAOFIf you're at a console, "sudo do-release-upgrade -d" will upgrade.02:11
RAOFThere's probably an equivalent for KDE, if that floats your boat.02:12
david__how do i get firefox on jaunty?02:16
RAOFIt's installed by default?02:16
david__RAOF: do not see it on here?02:16
RAOFYou're using Ubuntu, not Kubuntu, right?02:16
RAOFIt's not in Applications->Internet->Firefox Web Browser?02:17
david__all i see is konquerer02:17
shadowhywindRAOF: what about ext4, only way to update that would be from the cd correct?02:17
RAOFdavid__: So, you're using Kubuntu.02:18
RAOFWhich _doesn't_ have firefox installed by default.02:18
RAOFshadowhywind: No; you can mount your existing ext3 partitons as ext402:18
david__yeah i know im asking how to get it?02:18
shadowhywindROAF oh nice02:18
RAOFdavid__: Right.  So, by going to the software installer app in Kubuntu (which is, I believe, called "adept"), searching for "firefox", and installing it.02:19
RAOFdavid__: Incidentally, these questions suggest that Jaunty is unlikely to be useful for you. It *will* break, several times, between here and release.02:19
RAOFshadowhywind: http://ext4.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Ext4_Howto#Converting_an_ext3_filesystem_to_ext402:20
david__RAOF: yeah i know it will break im just putting it through its paces02:21
tigerzMy audio card doesn't work after I upgrade to Jaunty, any one can help me?02:46
AppleBoyanyone know if the jaunty alpha2 supports mobo chipsets based on intel x58 ?03:03
AppleBoyI need a livecd that can boot on my system, so far others have failed :/03:03
legodudewhat's the consensus about jaunty stability?03:12
burnerhelp!  I lost my sound playback!03:13
burneri don't get error messages, but I don't hear anything with my Intel 82801H onboard sound :\03:14
x1250burner, volume is not muted? :) try alsamixer -c 003:15
burnerall 100%03:15
burnersnd_hda_intel and a lot of other snd_****  are listed in lsmod03:16
burneri don't know what other information may be relevant or what log files to check from here03:19
x1250burner, maybe you could try /var/log/daemon, $ dmesg, and /var/log/kern.log03:20
burnerwell... thanks x1250.  I hate to say I'm baffled.03:27
* burner shrugs and chalks it up to alpha testing days03:27
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ubottuUbuntu bug 311716 in linux "The slider brightness Applet has value inverted after the last update (2.6.27-11)" [Medium,Fix committed]05:56
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lucentsomething regressed terribly06:41
lucentanyone else notice that X11 / mouse performance got "weird" lately?06:41
lucentX11 is hogging 40% CPU and the mouse is super jumpy06:41
* DanaG has had a different regression: backlight control GONE.06:44
DanaGhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/311716 -- the "fix" for this issue I did NOT have.... broke backlight control entirely!06:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 311716 in linux "The slider brightness Applet has value inverted after the last update (2.6.27-11)" [Medium,Fix committed]06:44
lucentit's an ACPI bug?06:46
DanaGDifferent issue than yours.06:47
lucentmaybe, maybe not06:47
lucentmy system starts freaking out when I change the brightness06:47
lucentit could be an ACPI bug06:47
lucentI also notice that the brightness applet shoes a ghostbusters when I'm booting up06:47
lucent(i.e. the NO in NO SMOKING sign)06:47
x1250lucent, try monitoring with top, maube there is some other process which is using your cpu?07:00
lucentx1250: nope :(07:14
lucentx1250: just X11 whoring everything07:14
lucentI "think" it goes away if I switch from VT to X11 and back again a few times07:14
lucentthat's not exactly scientific of me07:14
lucentI'm having trouble to think of what the cause might be, or how to report it07:15
x1250lucent, does this happen with an empty Xorg session? no firefox running, etc, etc.07:17
lucentwell, not empty07:18
lucentI have a lot of crap on my gnome panel07:18
lucentI'm going to boot Alpha 3 when it's released and see if there's a problem07:18
lucentif there's a problem then I'll follow up some more07:18
DanaGMy brightness applet also shows the "cannot get laptop panel brightness"/07:19
DanaGSo it is the same breakage-due-to-supposed-fix.07:19
DanaGlucent: what video driver?07:19
lucentDanaG: intel, let me check which one07:20
lucentii  xserver-xorg-video-intel                  2:2.5.1-1ubuntu707:21
x1250lucent, tried using Option "AccelMethod" "EXA" on Section Device?07:24
x1250lucent, could you post /var/log/Xorg.0.log on pastebin?07:25
lucentx1250: okay, I will try that :)07:25
lucent"content too big (max 512KB)" from nopaste.com lol @ that07:27
x1250lucent, paste.ubuntu.com :P07:28
lucentthere's no upload option07:29
lucentforget that07:29
x1250lucent, ok07:29
* DanaG hasn't used Intel video.07:30
DanaGI just remember that nouveau has been sucky and cpu-devouring each time I've tried it on an old NV17 card I have around here.07:30
lucentx1250: I have sussed it07:36
lucentthe gnome brightness applet causes the stupid things to happen07:36
lucentwhen I remove the gnome brightness applet, then the bad behaviors disappear on next login07:36
x1250lucent, great :)07:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dailty08:18
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/08:19
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes08:20
peterzkde-4.2-rc1 (4.1.96-ubuntu2) doesn't work for me -- plasma instantly crashes10:27
pisiHi. I upgraded my 8.10 to jaunty by dist-upgrade and converted the only partition I had to ext4. I was under the impression, that jaunty can now do ext4, including grub2 support. I installed grub2 but in chainload mode  and now I can't boot into ubuntu.11:22
pisiI have not yet succeeded with reinstalling grub2 with the live cd... any way around it? Or I need an ext3 boot partition _11:23
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pisiSo if there is a way/tutorial on how to install grub2 from live cd would be great. Chrooting into the disk partition from livecd and reinstalling grub-pc currently fails with "cannot find a device for /boot/grub"11:43
histoAny chat of chromium with the next release at all? They are getting close to 2.0 which will finally get rid of the winHTTP allowing linux compiling finally11:50
histoAs an open source browser if their dev is quick enough I think it should definitely be pushed in ubuntu.11:51
ubuntuhay all, trying to install jaunty and have a quick question before i do. I was going to give ext4 a spin. But i can't select it from the installer, any ideas?13:47
TheInfinityubuntu: you can get it via alternate installer13:47
ubuntuah nice, I will switch over to the alternate installer and give that a try, thanks13:48
avisare we at a point with jaunty where 64 bit should be adoptable (not too problematic for things like flash and other things) with jaunty ?13:50
ikoniaavis: I think so13:51
ikoniaavis: the flashplugin-nonfree package is available13:52
ikoniaavis: but thats still using the 32bit wrapper from what I can see13:52
aviswould you suggest a switch to 64 bit at this point ?13:52
ikoniadepends if it would benifit you, or you want it13:54
fosco_avis: i use 64bits since hardy with very few problems13:54
avisok..  thank you13:55
ikoniafosco_: i think it's more relevant that this is an alpha release13:56
ikoniain terms of his question13:56
fosco_ou, thought he was asking for 32 vs 64 only :)13:56
ikoniahe may have been, just not how I read it13:56
avisi'm further confused :)  but what the heck, i'll try 64 bit.  :)13:57
ikoniaavis: out of interest how much ram do you have13:57
avisi have 4gb13:58
ikonia(not that that's the only factor)13:58
ikoniayeah, go for it 113:58
avisok  thank you13:58
ikoniaavis: you'll be fine, you'll find any breakage will most likley be because it's jaunty, not 64bit13:58
ikoniaavis: if you do have any problems shout and we can work out if it's 64bit or jaunty though, but I'd put money on jaunty13:59
fosco_me too14:00
clustyvery excited when I heard the news that alpha 3 includes support for ext414:10
clustyis it the case?14:10
clustywanted to comfirm :D14:10
avisyes has ext4 support14:10
PiciBut the install will not use it by default.14:11
clustyPici, well i usually self pertition my disk14:11
ahzThe package bleachbit has been added to apt over a week ago, but it doesn't show up in the Add/Remove Programs GUI?14:11
clustyso I can choose i guess?14:11
Piciclusty: I believe so.14:11
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fffaiouhm, i heard someone mention that in jaunty ext4 support was only available in the alternate installer at this point, though, it didn't gave that option at all in the manual partitioner (for amd64).  any ideas?14:47
charlie-tcaThat should be in the alternate cd, not desktop cd14:48
fffaiothats what i installed from.  the alternate cd, for amd64, had no ext4 option14:48
fffaioactually i didn't install.  i wanted to ask first14:48
TheInfinityfffaio: its only in latest builds, afaik not in alpha4 - sorry forgot to say this ;)14:49
fffaioi'm pretty darned sure my eyes aren't failing me either.  i looked over that page pretty well14:49
TheInfinitylatest -> daily build14:49
fffaioooh.  latest builds.  ok.  how do i get a hold of one of those ?14:49
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/14:50
fffaiothank you14:50
legodudeany comments on jaunty stability?15:21
shadowhywindHi all, I am trying to install jaunty with ext4 , however during the install I can not select ext4 any ideas how to get ext4?15:21
legodudewhat version of jaunty are you using?15:22
legodudealpha1 or nightly?15:22
shadowhywindalpha 215:22
shadowhywindfrom an iso15:23
hggdhI think ext4 is available on alpha315:23
CarlFK1I am trying to use a jaunty kernel with ibex (mainly to see if it fixes https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/31722715:23
shadowhywindis there a alpha 3 release yet?15:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317227 in linux "skb_over_panic skbuff.c:128 invalid opcode: 0000 [1] SMP " [Undecided,New]15:24
CarlFK1but now nvidia won't load, and the ibex nv driver dosn't support my card15:24
CarlFK1(WW) NV: Ignoring unsupported device 0x10de0531 (GeForce 7150M) at 00@00:12:015:24
legodudeshadowhywind: does alpha2 kernel support ext4?15:24
legodudeI also believe that you can later convert ext3 to ext415:25
shadowhywindlegodude: I have no idea15:25
hggdhshadowhywind, we are getting ready to put it out15:25
CarlFK1what's the name of the xorg package that contains the open nv drivr?15:25
legodudealpha2 is from 19th, ext4 is from 24th15:25
hggdhand there are already images available for alpha3, for tests: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all/all15:26
legodudeCarlFK1: xserver-xorg-driver-nv15:26
shadowhywindI just found the alpha3 cd , for somereason it hasn't been posted on kubuntu's website15:27
hggdhit is not yet a final image, shadowhywind15:27
shadowhywindhggdh dang...15:27
hggdhbut testers are welcome -- see the link I posted above15:28
CarlFK1legodude: thanks.15:28
hggdhof course, the usual disclaimer applies... this can break, and break bad15:28
legodudehggdh: how stable is current alpha?15:28
shadowhywindhggdh that i know.. amd64 user here as well.. hehe so i get double screwed15:28
hggdhwell... I have been running jaunty since beginning. Lately it is pretty much stable15:28
legodudeany major show stoppers?15:29
legodudeI couldn't get nv/nvidia to work with jaunty on my nvidia machine, but this laptop is intel15:29
hggdhyes: if you use encrypted root, there is/was an open bug on that: grub would not work15:29
legodudenot a problem for me15:29
legodudemaybe I'll image this drive first then try and upgrade15:30
hggdhimage it and boot from CD; install on a virtual machine15:30
legodudeno CD, VM won't do anything for my hardware problems15:30
hggdhalso, from yesterday on I am getting kernel oops on wireless15:30
legodudewhat wireless?15:31
legodudedevice drivers or general wireless?15:31
hggdhin the mac80211 kernel module15:31
legodudemy iwlagn is borked on 8.1015:31
hggdhso I am not sure it is related to b43 or not15:31
legodudeI believe that is a common module15:31
legodudeso I'm gonna wait for sure15:31
legodudedon't want to trade wireless problems for bigger wireless problems15:32
shadowhywindarn't most wireless problems "big" problems.. hehe15:32
hggdhshadowhywind, I am also running on AMD6415:33
legodudeshadowhywind: right now it kinda works15:33
legodudewhereas before it would panic15:33
hggdhwell, *I* am running it. And, as I said, have been since the beginning, but being extremely careful on updates, cherry-picking them a few at a time15:34
hggdhand maintaining .deb from previous versions, so that I could downgrade (which I did a few times)15:35
legodudeyeah I don;t have time for such shenanigans15:35
apokalyp1hmm no support eh15:47
apokalyp1can i discuss something crapping out still? :>15:48
apokalyp1udev keeps renaming my ethernet devices from something sensible (eth0-2) to something retarded (eth3-5)15:49
apokalyp1does it read from /etc/udev/rules.d or /lib/udev/rules.d15:51
RaffaeleI'm italian15:57
RaffaeleI wanted to ask when left alpha 3?15:58
apokalyp1i'm not sure when alpha3 is due to be released16:00
Raffaeleok thanks the same16:02
charlie-tcaRaffaele: Probably be tomorrow now. It is in testing today16:03
Raffaelemmm ... ok thanks, maybe it's because of time zone because here in Italy had to leave today.16:05
apokalyp1is there any way to disable udev from generating ethernet names?16:09
charlie-tcaIt was due on 01-15-2009, but got moved to 01-16-200916:09
charlie-tcaapokalyp1: not that I know of, but I am not that familiar with it. Maybe someone else?16:09
* apokalyp1 pokes #ubuntu+1 with a pointy stick16:10
* hggdh jumps16:10
hggdhapokalyp1, I just noticed the same16:10
hggdhand no, I do not know what causes. I am guessing udev16:10
apokalyp1something keeps modifying my old /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules16:10
hggdhso probably the udev log would have something on it16:10
apokalyp1messages tells me its renaming interfaces ,but not why16:12
hggdhon my side, latest change on 70-... was on Jan 1116:12
apokalyp1udev: renamed network interface eth0 to eth516:12
apokalyp1(on boot obviously)16:12
hggdhand I got 5 identical entries there16:13
CarlFK1should an apt-get install (something) be allowed to drop my network connection?16:13
CarlFK1cuz I did that over ssh, and it looks like it dropped it:  * Restarting Hardware abstraction layer hald                            [ OK ]16:13
apokalyp1CarlFK1: i noticed that my ethernet dies when nvidia is updating16:13
apokalyp1hggdh: im gonna try renaming my 70-persistent-net to be greater than 75-persistent-net-generator16:14
CarlFK1i had just given up on nvidia...16:14
apokalyp1but i dont want to risk rebooting not being near my server, in case it gives out16:14
hggdhapokalyp1, heh. be careful. Be near the server ;-)16:14
hggdhright now I am building evolution trunk, and cannot test it16:15
CarlFK1i am at a prompt on the local box - how do tell apt to continue/redo what it was doing?16:15
apokalyp1i gotta find the right video resolution too, since the screen size is being cut off16:15
PiciCarlFK1: Whats it asking?16:15
apokalyp1dpkg --configure -a16:15
apokalyp1should restart it16:16
apokalyp1but you might wanna double check, heh16:16
apokalyp1my intrepid->jaunty died a couple times (upgrading over ssh) and i had to run that command16:16
CarlFK1dpkg --configure -a - just returned to a prompt16:17
CarlFK1Pici: the previous run stopped at: * Restarting Hardware abstraction layer hald16:17
CarlFK1ifconfig eth0 = no IP16:17
apokalyp1just run ifconfig, see if your devices were renamed heh16:18
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PiciCarlFK1: If it dropped you to a shell prompt, I'd say that it was done.16:18
CarlFK1Pici: it didn't drop me to a shell, it dropped my ssh connection16:19
CarlFK1but it's possible that Restarting...hald was the last thing it needed to do16:20
CarlFK1ill reboot and see if everything is in place...16:20
PiciCarlFK1: if dpkg --configure -a   didn't do anything, then there probably wasn't anything left to do.16:20
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DanaGI just removed my persuistent-net file.16:22
DanaGOr rather, edited it so the duplicates all number the same.16:22
DanaGHandy hint: run remote upgrades in "screen"/16:22
apokalyp1Local Headlines                                                           It's Cold16:27
SuperLagSo, what do you guys think of Jaunty? anything noteworthy?16:28
apokalyp1i'll tell you if my onboard gforce 9400 and audio over hdmi work nicely :>16:28
hggdhinteresting. My /etc/udev/rules.d is missing *most* of the default rules...16:28
apokalyp1hggdh: yeah, it looks like /lib/udev/rules.d is the new home16:29
hggdhdarn... looked at the package file list, and did not notice the directories16:31
apokalyp1if you look at the 70-persistent-net.rules it will probably have duplicate entries16:36
apokalyp1but with different names16:36
hggdhI deleted them all, and restarted udev16:48
apokalyp1did it work?16:49
hggdhnow my 70-persistent-net has 3 entries: wlan0, eth7 for the bcm4312, and eth8 for the asix16:49
hggdhno, it did not16:49
apokalyp1yeah, thats what it was doing..incrementing16:50
miikwhen is alpha3 come?16:50
miikits supposed be today16:50
miiki dont see it16:50
SuperLag*sigh* sloooooow.....16:50
hggdhmiik, probably tomorrow16:51
apokalyp1miik: tomorrow16:51
miikits jan15, i been eagerly waiting!!16:51
SuperLagAt this rate, I'll have the .iso in.... 30 days? :)16:51
apokalyp1well now its jan 1616:51
miikits delayed always :(16:51
miikwow, you're in the future!!16:51
miikfor me is jan1516:51
SuperLagthe servers must be getting hammered16:51
miikyaeh, that would make them superlagged16:51
apokalyp1hggdh: http://www.shallowsky.com/blog/linux/gutsy-persistent-net.html16:52
miikwow, that sucks, 2k/s i downloaded that on my 28.8k, like 15 years ago16:52
apokalyp1could just delete it ;x16:52
miiki download porno today at 1,1 megabyte/s16:52
miikon my 100 mbit/s connection16:52
hggdhapokalyp1, thanks, will read it in a few -- gotta go out & buy lunch. BRB16:52
SuperLagI thought about trying a torrent, but I think I'd get a not-so-nice visit from someone in the IT dept :)16:53
apokalyp1hggdh: i think i found it17:05
apokalyp1/lib/udev/write_net_rules compares ATTR{address} and /etc/udev/rules.d/70.... has ATTRS{address}17:05
apokalyp1if you can rename your ATTRS->ATTR in /etc/.. and test it that'd be super17:06
hggdhwill look at it17:09
apokalyp1i should have inspected the newly generated entries before canning them :/17:15
hggdhwill try now a reboot17:17
* apokalyp1 crosses fingers17:19
shadowhywindand jaunty is now fully installed17:22
apokalyp1are your ethernet interfaces renaming themselves?17:24
shadowhywindat this moment in time they are the same name as in intrepid17:24
shadowhywindQuassel IRC program is very odd... i like konversation better17:25
hggdhapokalyp1, after renaming the interfaces on 70-persistent-net and rebooting, I am back to wlan0 and eth017:27
apokalyp1awesome :)17:27
apokalyp1should that be submitted as a patch or something to rename those upon upgrading?17:28
hggdhI am not sure... I am guessing that deleting the 70-persistent-net.rules & rebooting should do the trick17:29
hggdhbut a bug reporting it would be good17:29
hggdhwithout rebooting, even renaming them & 'sudo invoke-rc.d udev restart' did not do the trick17:30
hggdhI will test, later on, deleting 70-persistent.rules & rebooting17:32
apokalyp1are you registered on launchpad?17:35
hggdhyes I am17:39
avisi'm getting cannot resolve errors when trying to do a sudo apt-get update i've tried switching servers, even tried disabling ufw, can't figure  it out.  somehow, web traffic, works though.17:42
apokalyp1well depending on that other attempt feel free to file a fix ;D17:42
Piciavis: In Jaunty?17:43
avissurely others out there, can install pacakges though.  i cannot even install any packages.  or update my system17:43
avisyes in todays daily desktop build17:44
avisi really can't figure it out :(  i have web traffic just fine.17:44
apokalyp1can you pastebin it ?17:45
avisi tried to have it find the best server, and it seems to not be able to select any of them.17:45
Piciavis: Which mirror are you using?17:45
avissure what would you like me to pastebin ?  what file ?17:45
avisthe main ubuntu mirror for example Pici17:45
avisthe default mirror17:45
Piciavis: Can you browse to it in a browser?17:47
avisi thought it might be a firewall setting, and couldn't find any obvious reference to such a thing.  its literally a fresh install.  wont allow a update on the default server, wont even allow to find the best update server either, its like the apt-get update functions just aren't working, though web traffic is.  pigdin wouldn't work either.  but firefox would.17:47
avisyes output of what file pici or you mean the sudo apt-get update error message ?17:47
Piciavis: I mean open http://archive.ubuntu.com in firefox, does it work?17:48
avisthat sure does17:48
Piciavis: Please paste the output of apt-get update then17:49
avisyes.  the sudo apt-get update error messaage is failed to fetch http://  could not resoluve 'archive.ubuntu.com'17:49
avisi will pastebin the entire output one second17:50
Andre_GondimI can't send a bug cause there is a problem with apport17:55
avispigdin's irc function isn't working either, oddly.17:55
avisyou can report a bug manually at launchpad outside of apport, Andre_Gondim17:56
Piciavis: Does `dig security.ubuntu.com` return anything?17:57
avisit sure does, i however, do not understand it17:58
apokalyp1can you ping security.ubuntu.com17:58
apokalyp1or 'host security.ubuntu.com' does it say it has an ip address?17:58
avisid 13276 amd 103 msec ping time17:58
avisi can ping it.  its going to auckland.canonical.com17:59
avislet me try the host command17:59
PiciI'd normally ask you to look into your proxy settings, but those should be fine since its a fresh install.18:00
avishost indeed returns security.ubuntu.com's ip address18:00
avisyes its a fresh install alright.18:00
avisi could check the proxy settings anyway, in case of a misconfiguration in packaging18:00
apokalyp1try using a local mirror?18:01
avisproxy says direct internet connection18:01
avisoddly it wont allow any mirror at all, can't choose any, can't even let it find the best server either,  will return an error18:02
avisi dont have a repository here at home or anything i just tried it out today18:02
apokalyp1edit /etc/apt/sources.list18:02
apokalyp1and do a replace/18:02
avisreplace what for what ?18:02
SuperLagIs Torrent going any faster than a straight HTTP download from the mirrors? (for the Jaunty a2 image)18:05
avisthis is the default /etc/apt/sources.list it gave me.  oddly, it looks very normal http://www.pastebin.ca/130933418:06
apokalyp1you can replace archive.ubuntu.com with something located on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors that suits your area18:06
apokalyp1im not sure if you can replace security. though18:06
avisi will try that.  its worth a shot.18:07
apokalyp1they should have jaunty-security18:07
apokalyp1at least this will tell you if your apt is broken or not18:07
shadowhywindhay all question, some of the menus on the taskbar open but do not display anything, any ideas?18:11
legodudehow do I view the changes associated with a new version of a package?18:17
legodudeI've tried aptitude, but it doesn't seem to honor my other repos?18:17
Picilegodude: I have apt-listchanges installed, this requires me to review the changelogs before I update any packages.18:19
Pici!info apt-listchanges18:19
ubottuapt-listchanges (source: apt-listchanges): package change history notification tool. In component main, is optional. Version 2.83 (jaunty), package size 60 kB, installed size 496 kB18:19
legodudePici: dumb question, how do you use it?18:20
legodudeI tried it also and it just seemed to hang?18:20
Picilegodude: It automatically comes up after doing apt-get updats.  It may also come up for update-manager, but I don't use that tool.18:21
legodudeso you do a apt-get upgrade and it pops up?18:21
PiciYes. After downloading the packages though.18:22
legodudeI want something where I can put in a package name and check it out18:24
Picilegodude: You can use launchpad for that, i.e: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash18:25
legodudealso grrr18:27
PiciIt wouldn't be too hard to whip up a script to pull that info down.  I'm not sure if launchpadlib has support for getting that information yet though.18:27
miikplz alpha3 plz!!18:28
miikwhy no alpha3?? :(18:28
Picimiik: Because the isos actually need to be tested before they are released.18:30
aviswhat package contains the apt-get function ?  i'd like to try and revert to a older apt-get, since other people, have no trouble, my sources.list is actually just fine.  pinging the internet works.  firefox works.  not sure what to do.18:42
apokalyp1!info apt18:42
ubottuapt (source: apt): Advanced front-end for dpkg. In component main, is important. Version 0.7.19ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 1640 kB, installed size 5312 kB18:42
avissimply, apt.  got it.  thank you18:43
toresbeavis: FYI, you can search for package name based on content by using packages.ubuntu.com18:43
avisooh ty18:47
avisam i the only one that seems to have this problem ?18:47
apokalyp1the irc logs aren't searchable are they?18:47
avisindeed they are.  i didn't think it would be a problem if i asked18:48
apokalyp1no, sorry that wasn't pointed at you18:48
apokalyp1this is the 4th hour i've been in here and i was looking for an easy way to search for my udev issue18:49
apokalyp1instead of viewing each page :/18:49
avisoh ?  i use xchat so the search function is easy for me, for the duration of he logged in irc session, else i have to go to a terminal and use grep18:50
apokalyp1was referring to http://irclogs.ubuntu.com :p18:50
aviswas just trying to be helpful.  see you all later18:51
apokalyp1did you get apt working?18:52
apokalyp1did it resolve the mirror?18:53
avisnope it sure did not.  i'm actually jumping ship and trying out amd64.  that was my original intent, to switch with jaunty to 64 bit, but now that i'm having this issue, i'm triyng out the daily build of the alternatve cd of amd64, and with fingers crossed, hoping that'll update just fine.19:15
avisis intrepid's medibuntu repsostory acceptable for jaunty ?19:19
astromme-laptopavis: kde or gnome?19:25
astromme-laptopavis: With kde the most recent build might have some issues with plasmoids... the updates today should have cleared that all up. So, if you get no plasma.... alt-f2, start konsole, and uprade19:26
avis-i owe the channel an apology.  my problem with sudo apt-get update is related to my router not refreshing the fact that i dropped opendns dns servers, it needed a reboot for to drop opendns, which was keeping me from being able to update.  problem was actually my router, definitely not jaunty.  i'm sorry for putting ya'll through the trouble19:28
Piciavis-: Its good to know anyone if someone else runs into the problem.19:29
avis-thats just it.  it wasn't jaunty..  it was my router inability to drop opendns without a reboot :(  but i appologlze and thank you all for the help, just the same19:32
apokalyp1no worries19:35
miikwhen alpha3?20:43
fosco_comming soon20:43
miikit jan15, i dont see it20:44
TheInfinityits ready when its done.20:44
charlie-tcadelayed at least 24 hours20:44
miikits always delayed20:49
fosco_well, join the develop team and speed up the process :-)20:50
hggdhbetter delayed than bad20:50
TheInfinitymiik: if you just upgrade your alpha2 installation you already have an alpha 320:51
miikbut i wanna see news for whats in alpha320:52
scizzo-miik: don't be in a hurry20:57
scizzo-miik: the changes will be up on website.....www.ubuntu.com/testing20:58
shadowhywindhay has anyone else ran into a problem of random hard-lockups21:24
BUGabundoshadowhywind: not yet21:24
shadowhywindinteresting.. might have been what i was doing then...21:25
BUGabundounless you count the NM-applet locks when it asks for keychain password and you deny it21:25
BUGabundoshadowhywind: can you reproduce it?21:25
shadowhywindwill try again in a few, I just installed so i have been doing alot in synaptic (not sure if it was that or not)21:26
shadowhywindok running into one other issue, i was in the middle of a install when it froze last time. now i can't get postfix installed, any idea?21:32
BUGabundoshadowhywind: how much disc free?21:37
BUGabundorun a df -h21:38
shadowhywind6.7 gigs21:38
scizzo-why not say the error you get when trying to install it?21:38
shadowhywindsorry, i should have posted that. here is the error21:39
shadowhywinddpkg (subprocess): unable to execute post-installation script: Exec format error21:39
shadowhywind*grumble* sorry, didn't mean for that to send 3 lines21:39
shadowhywindhehe nevermind i got it to install21:41
Melikwhen is release date for alpha 3?22:31
RyeBryedoes the nvidia 180.22 driver work with alpha 2?22:32
anderskYes, but you need to set Option "IgnoreABI" "True" in the ServerFlags section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf.22:32
Melikif i dont have that option, should i go ahead and create it?22:34
RyeBryeI created that entire section and it just worked22:34
anderskWell, the nvidia driver would fail to load without it.22:34
RyeBryehttp://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1020248.html just copy and paste the "Section ServerFlags" part into the xorg.conf22:34
anderskOh.  Yes, create that section if you don't have it.22:35
RAOFandersk: That's not actually true.22:37
RAOFAt least, not anymore.22:37
RyeBryeRAOF? the ignoreABI?22:38
apokalyp1you can startx -- -ignoreABI22:38
RAOFThe version of the nvidia-glx-180 driver (180.22) that's currently in the archives officially supports our X server.  You can install it using the hardware drivers manager, or however else you would normally install drivers.22:38
RyeBryeRAOF- on mine it was the case. my system is updated to the latest jaunty packages and I had to edit that22:38
RAOFRyeBrye: Yes.22:38
apokalyp1i know i have 180.18 installed22:38
apokalyp1and it needs the ignoreABI22:38
MelikRAOF, i have the new 180.22 drivers22:39
Melikand a Nvidia GeForce 6100 nForce 405 card22:39
Melikbut it cant read it22:39
RAOFBy "can't read it", what do you mean?22:39
Melikugh, i go to system > administration > hardware drivers22:40
Melikand it says "No propitiatory hardware drivers are in use in this system."22:40
RAOFHave you manually installed the drivers from nvidia.com or somesuch?22:40
apokalyp1Melik: run nvidia-xconfig22:41
apokalyp1and it'll edit your xorg.conf22:41
apokalyp1and then it magically works ;)22:41
MelikRAOF,  i have, but later removed it and installed through the repositories22:41
Melikapokalyp1,  i've run that22:41
apokalyp1i had the same problem with 180.xx not showing up22:41
RyeBryeanyone here know anythign about the rt2860 wireless card and the status of it in the latest jaunty alpha?22:41
apokalyp1even after using the module - you can check in Xorg log22:41
RAOFYou'd need to have nvidia-glx-180-modaliases package installed, I believe, but that should be installed by default.22:42
apokalyp1actually come to think of it, i had to install that separately22:42
Melikyeah i dont have that22:42
RAOFThen you don't have nvidia-common installed; install it, and Hardware Drivers should pick it up.22:43
RAOF(The modaliases data is what Hardware Drivers uses to map between the hardware ID of your card, and the drivers that can make it go)22:43
Melikokay i got all the modelaliases and nvidia-common22:44
Melikis a restart needed?22:44
avisboth banshee and rhythmbox are not working at the moment in jaunty.  it wont let me file a bug report either.22:44
RAOFMelik: I don't think so, no.22:45
Melikstill no propitiatory drivers found22:45
dtchenavis: rhythmbox at least works fine here. what's the issue?22:46
MelikI'll brb22:47
avisi get this error Failed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due to a system crash. See http://www.gnome.org/projects/gconf/ for information. (Details -  1: Server ping error: IDL:omg.org/CORBA/COMM_FAILURE:1.0)22:48
avisFailed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due to a system crash. See http://www.gnome.org/projects/gconf/ for information. (Details -  1: Server ping error: IDL:omg.org/CORBA/COMM_FAILURE:1.0)22:48
avisFailed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due to a system crash. See http://www.gnome.org/projects/gconf/ for information. (Details -  1: Server ping error: IDL:omg.org/CORBA/COMM_FAILURE:1.0)22:48
avisFailed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due to a system crash. See http://www.gnome.org/projects/gconf/ for information. (Details -  1: Server ping error: IDL:omg.org/CORBA/COMM_FAILURE:1.0)22:48
avisFailed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due to a system crash. See http://www.gnome.org/projects/gconf/ for information. (Details -  1: Server ping error: IDL:omg.org/CORBA/COMM_FAILURE:1.0)22:48
avisi'm so sorry22:48
avisi thought i only did that once22:48
avisthat was a mistake.  i meant to only do that once22:48
tritiumavis: careful, you've already been banned in #ubuntu for spamming22:48
dtchenavis: is it reproducible with a fresh user?22:49
avisspamming ?  what did i spam tritium ?  i'd like to know what i did that was wrong ?22:49
tritiumavis: no, my bad, wrong nick22:50
avisanyone know of something i can use in jaunty that'll let me rip a cd and place it neatly in my ~/Music folder, something that fetches song tracks ?  rhythmbox gives me that error. and i have no idea how to approch fixing it outside of waiting for an updated package22:52
dtchenavis: sound-juicer already does.22:54
avisquite oddly, every single sound application seems to return that error for me :(22:54
avissound juicer.  i'll try that :)  thanks22:54
dtchenavis: Applications> Sound & Video> Audio CD Ripper22:54
dtchenAudio CD Extractor*22:54
avisaudio cd extractor is missing for me.  there was some fuss about jaunty wanting to remove some packages to satisfy dependencies.  i'll apt-cache search that though22:56
dtchenavis: that's the sound-juicer package22:57
avisyes i see it.  ty22:57
avishmm. thats crashes as soon as i run it too :(  sending a bug report22:58
RAOFSorry people, I was mistaken.  You _do_ still need IgnoreABI for nvidia-glx-180 to work.  I was confused by suspend/resume working so well!23:02
dtchenRAOF: heh, i was just going to say that it's still required23:03
dtchenparticularly since i've pinned xserver-xorg{,-core,-input-{synaptics,evdev}} for that reason23:04
dtchenotherwise you get extremely erratic behaviour on certain window managers and, say, firefox-3.*23:04
td123just asking.. is alpha 3 postponed?23:05
RAOFdtchen: Yeah.  The IgnoreABI experience is hardly flawless :)23:05
Melikdpkg-divert: error checking `/usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libGLcore.so': No such file or directory23:15
Melikdpkg: error processing nvidia-glx-96 (--remove):23:15
Melikwhat does this mean :/23:15
Meliki cant remove the glx-96 to install glx-180 :/23:15
Meliknvm i fixed it23:19
raevolis there a good place to get news/infos on jaunty development?23:20
raevolcool thanks23:23
melikguys :/ i just lost my xorg, what are the names of the packages i need to run it?23:28
brk3hi, please can someone help.. ive just installed one or two jaunty packages and i think it upgraded some important packages like udev or libc in the process. now my X server wont respond to mouse keyboard input23:42
brk3is there a way i can downgrade to the way it was before?23:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 123:44
Melikdamn this sucks, ive installed nvidia-common, nvidia-glx-180, all the modelaliases.. and it still won't show up in hardware drivers23:46
brk3what is the line to add to apt to upgrade to jaunty..23:49
tretleupdate-manager -d23:49
tretlealt f223:49
brk3ok, one last question.. what would be a good permission saving command to back up my home dir23:52
fosco_cp -aR23:53

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