kwwiiGuten Morgen liebe Sorgen09:44
kwwiianyone know of any 3D ubuntu logo? (preferably laying down)11:49
SealVanything new? thorwil I recorded myself in hindi and marathi. I will upload them as seen as I can.13:50
thorwilSealV: excellent :)13:50
savvasthorwil: about the 1 2 3 4 idea? did you get it in greek or serbian?14:08
savvaswould you like in greek-cypriot dialect as well? hah :P14:09
savvasthorwil: would you mind if I forward your emails to some ubuntu-related lists? ubuntu-cy and ubuntu-loco-contacts specifically14:15
savvasthat is, if you still need more sounds14:15
thorwilsavvas: no, no greek or serbian, yet14:41
thorwilsavvas: forwarding is ok14:42
savvasok great14:47
thorwilso far i have finnish, italian, german and not quite up to the requirements english and spanish14:48
savvasI'll quote you on that :)14:54
kwwiithorwil: as promised, I will try to make an english version when I get back from london15:41
kwwiiie tomorrow or on the weekend15:41
thorwilkwwii: good :)15:41
_MMA_kwwii: So how is the stay in London anyway?15:42
savvascold? :P15:44
savvasum hi, does anyone know if I use a GPL font (free sans), can I release the svg to Public Domain?19:42
thorwilsavvas: i would guess no19:54

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