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didrockshi everyone09:08
seb128lut didrocks09:08
huatshello seb12809:09
seb128lut huats09:09
didrockshello seb128 (huats, déjà dit bonjour 3 fois sur d'autres chans, alors ça va ;))09:09
huatssame here ;)09:10
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kwwiiKeybuk: hey, quick question...do you think there is any good reason to keep shipping a 640x480 usplash pic?11:27
asacseb128: why would gconf want to talk to orbit?13:41
seb128asac: because it's using it for communication?13:42
asacseb128: ok. is there  a way to make gconf not use that (for testing purpose)?13:43
seb128not that I know no13:43
asacseb128: i have some issues with unit tests that use gconf ... and running them not in a desktop session13:44
asacdoes gnome have unit tests?13:44
seb128not a lot13:44
asace.g. make check13:44
seb128some of the pygobject, pygtk, pygnome, etc have but that's about it13:45
seb128and glib, gtk13:45
asacseb128: orbit seems not to be a daemon. is that provided by some other server?13:45
asacor is that P2P'ish ;)? .e.g. no central instance required13:45
seb128asac: there is no daemon afaik, you get a /tmp/orbit-user directory and sockets there13:47
asacseb128: which process provides that?13:48
asacor is that just a mkdir ... and then if you have a corba server it puts its info in there?13:48
seb128asac: I don't really know how it works, I think liborbit2 does the work13:49
asacseb128: yeah. so how is gconfd started? auto activation of orbit?13:49
asacor no clue ;)?13:49
seb128gconfd is a dbus service13:50
asacthen why does gconf need orbit? ;)13:50
seb128it uses it as a communication bus13:50
seb128to communicate between clients and the gconf server13:51
asacwhy doesnt it use dbus for that if its a dbus service?13:51
seb128there is a dbus port for maemo but that didn't go to GNOME yet13:51
seb128because doing dbus activation was easy13:51
seb128but rewritting all the communication code is not13:51
seb128so they didn't do that yet13:51
asacok. so dbus only does activation. orbit does communication (legacy)13:51
asaclets see if that helps ;)13:52
seb128your issue might just be that the gconfd server doesn't get started if you have no dbus session bus13:52
seb128asac: bug #28593713:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285937 in gconf "gconftool-2 in Intrepid not working from cron" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28593713:53
seb128asac: that has a similar issue and a workaround described13:53
seb128asac: try using dbus-launch to run your testsuite maybe and see if that makes a difference?13:54
asacseb128: funny thing is that gconftool-2 works13:54
asacthough maybe its just that i dont have write permission13:54
seb128if gconftool-2 works that means that the gconfd server is running and that client-server communication works13:55
seb128could be that your environment is unset by the testsuite or something?13:55
asacyes. but it spits out the above error on setting a char13:55
seb128ie DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS not being correctly set13:55
asaclet me check something13:56
asac env | grep -E '(ORBIT|DBUS)'13:57
asac-> nothing13:57
asacbut gconftool -R /system13:57
asacdumps content13:57
asacanyway thanks.13:58
asacwill do something else for now13:58
seb128the dbus session variable is only required when the server is not running to spawn it14:00
seb128not sure about the orbit one14:00
crevette(I didn't read the backlog) I used to launch application requiring gconf like dbus-launcher $myapp14:07
crevetteseb128, hey, you don't plan to ship the new gdm for jaunty I guess? did you test it again, I remember you found several showstoppers.14:17
seb128crevette: no and no14:17
seb128we will have it in universe as gdm-new or something14:17
seb128but we don't plan to switch to it by default before getting mirco's browser ready which is not for this cycle14:18
seb128crevette: why?14:18
crevettejust to know14:18
seb128it doesn't bring anything really useful and reduce the number of settings and option14:19
seb128ie that's a no win for users14:19
seb128and we already got too many of those "GNOME is dropping things user rely on for no good reason"14:19
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crevetteasac, did you see the line I posted earlier ?14:24
asaccrevette: let me check14:26
asaci dont know whats up with this. i think restarting dbus worked14:54
asacand helped without doing anything else14:54
* Tm_T is starting to hate dbus14:54
pochuasac: hi :) can you approve the intrepid task in bug 295490, so that the bug appears in the SRU team page?14:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 295490 in liferea "Liferea doesn't start with "Aborted" error." [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29549014:57
seb128pochu: you just need to subsribe ubuntu-sru for that no?14:59
pochuseb128: the status is fix released, so I don't think it will appear in their bug list right now15:01
seb128ah ok15:01
seb128mvo: could compiz stop switching workspace when clicking on a border? ;-)15:06
seb128or viewport or whatever those are called15:06
Nafalloseb128: hmm... I have this totem/compiz bug again :-)15:07
seb128Nafallo: which one?15:07
Nafalloseb128: trying to find it :-)15:08
Nafallobug 28359215:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 283592 in totem "bacon_video_widget_set_fullscreen" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28359215:08
Nafalloseb128: should I do the workaround or would you like some debugging? :-)15:09
Nafallota :-)15:09
seb128Nafallo: can you run15:12
seb128gdb totem15:12
seb128run --g-fatal-warnings15:12
seb128thread apply all bt full15:12
seb128and copy the stacktrace on the bug?15:12
seb128bonus point if you have the corresponding debug versions installed ;-)15:12
Nafallohehe. yea. didn't. are those somewhere easy to find those days? :-)15:13
seb128Nafallo: seems similar to http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56308015:14
ubottuGnome bug 563080 in Movie player "Totem stuck in fullscreen mode" [Normal,Needinfo]15:14
seb128Nafallo: sudo apt-get install totem-dbg libglib2.0-0-dbg libgtk2.0-0-dbg15:14
asacpochu: thats a dejavu bug?15:14
asacdidnt we fix exact the same issue in hardy?15:14
pochuasac: jaunty, yes15:15
asacno ... i mean hardy15:15
asaclong time ago15:15
seb128Nafallo: in fact the stacktrace is not required, looking at the upstream bug that's due to a wrong ini config15:15
pochuasac: like this? https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/liferea/1.4.14-0ubuntu315:16
Nafalloseb128: that's state file seems to be using maximum resolution indeed.15:16
seb128Nafallo: what would be useful is how you got that one created15:16
seb128Nafallo: do you switch between screens or screen-resolution?15:16
Nafalloseb128: nope. laptop at 1280x80015:16
seb128always laptop screen?15:16
Nafalloseb128: 720p movies and DVDs are larger then the screen I suppose... :-P15:16
Nafalloseb128: yepp. always.15:17
seb128you never plug it on a tv or a dock station or something?15:17
Nafalloseb128: nope. never :-)15:17
seb128if you find a way to trigger the buggy config15:17
seb128ie playing a dvd or something15:17
Nafallohehe. I wish :-)15:17
seb128that would be useful15:17
seb128until then just remove the ini and enjoy15:17
Nafalloseb128: oki :-)15:17
Nafalloseb128: ha! edited the state file to a "less than screen size" value :-)15:18
seb128Nafallo: that's working now?15:18
Nafalloseb128: yea.15:18
Nafalloand editing back to screensize breaks it! \o/15:19
seb128the upstream bug sort of suggested that15:19
seb128now the trick is to figure how to trigger a buggy config ;-)15:19
Nafalloseb128: might be more useful to make it not break at max res. ;-)15:24
seb128Nafallo: that's a good point but somewhat orthogonal15:24
seb128if you have a bugzilla account feel free to add a comment on the bugzilla bug ;-)15:25
NafalloI think I had back when I had an account on bugzilla.ubuntu.com ;-)15:25
hggdhseb128, a question: for the Outlook .pst importer on Evo 2.26... will we need a MIR for libpst?15:37
hggdh(and, of course, an upgrade to current)15:37
seb128hggdh: yes, but once we have the required version I expect15:37
hggdhso we should start with a sync request?15:37
* hggdh thinks the needed version is on deb experimental15:38
seb128if debian has it but I was under the impression that was not the case there15:39
dljoynerhi all15:41
seb128hey dljoyner15:41
hggdhyes, ou are correct... so we do need a new/update package15:42
dljoyneranyone having problems with synfig15:42
seb128dljoyner: try #ubuntu, that channel is to discuss desktop work not user issues and dunno what synfig is but that's not something the desktop team work on15:46
dljoynerthank you15:47
dljoynerwhat does this team work on, info for future reference15:48
Nafallopackage the desktop15:48
seb128desktop applications you find on the standard Ubuntu CD15:49
seb128ie, mostly the GNOME desktop15:49
dljoynersynfig is a 2d animation application pkg with ubuntu 8.1015:50
davmor2Guys is there meant to be 'system tools' with 'file browser' in it?15:56
seb128there is a bug about the file browser thing already opened15:59
davmor2seb128: cool thanks16:00
seb128don't focus on such details for early alpha versions16:00
seb128there is other priorities than to clean menu entries16:00
mvoseb128: compiz> how do you mean? what switches viewports for you?16:04
seb128mvo: configure a desktop layout having several rows, open gedit, double click on the title bar, left click at the bottom of the screen16:05
davmor2sbe128: I'm just generally looking through, rather than picking faults, it just looked out of place immediately so I thought I'd check if it was staying for future reference :)16:05
seb128no need to bother the rt guys about such questions though16:05
seb128mvo: it switch to the desktop bellow the current one in the grid there16:06
mvoseb128: hm, not for me it seems :/16:07
mvoI have a 2x2 layout16:07
seb128and you are on the first row?16:07
seb128I've no gnome-panel at the bottom if that matters btw16:07
mvoI have one, but only on half the screen16:07
seb128dnd it on an another corner to try?16:08
mvoseb128: aha, now I can reproduce it16:08
seb128ah ;-)16:09
asacpochu: yeah16:10
mvohm, it looks like it thinks there is a drag-n-drop event going on16:10
seb128mvo: I'm probably the only one to be annoyed about that so don't bother too much ;-)16:10
mvohow strange16:10
seb128mvo: it sometimes moves the dialog on the other screen too16:10
mvoseb128: I'm a bit busy right now, but please remind me about it16:10
seb128mvo: in fact it happens often because evolution displays errors in the statusbar which is at the bottom and add icons you can click to display or close the error16:11
seb128mvo: so half of the time when I click on those it sends me to an another workspace too16:11
davmor2mvo: you know the issue that was in intrepid where the tickboxes for the compiz options were empty well it's back16:36
davmor2tseliot: ping16:46
tseliotdavmor2: yes?16:46
davmor2tseliot: are you working on Hardware drivers again?16:47
tseliotdavmor2: yes, when I have the time16:48
tseliotdavmor2: what's the problem?16:49
davmor2I got today jaunty.5 image and hardward drivers isn't detecting my nvidia gfx card at all16:50
tedgseb128: A couple questions: Are we still shipping tracker by default?  Do you think we'll ship pvanhoof's tracker EPlugin also?16:50
seb128tedg: no it has been dropped for alpha3 and dunno about this one16:51
tedgseb128: Okay, the plugin uses tracker, so without it there isn't much of a point :)16:51
tedgThey were, I guess, dependent questions.16:52
seb128we might reconsider installing it when it starts working correctly16:52
seb128it seems some guys are working a lot on rewritting it for months but they didn't roll any tarball yet16:52
tedgYeah, I was talking with him about it.  Apparently Nokia wants to ship it with their ITs.  So, it would have to be MUCH more efficient.16:53
tedgThey're also adding an RDF store, so it could be a lot cooler at the same time :)16:53
seb128inotify is still an issue though16:54
tedgYup.  I'm waiting for you-notify ;)16:54
seb128I'm not going to work on any notify thing ;-)16:55
seb128ok, I've to go,16:56
johanbrThere's a discussion on the tracker mailing list of a release next week.16:59
tseliotdavmor2: yes, that's because the drivers don't work in Jaunty and therefore pitti blacklisted them. This should be fixed soon16:59
davmor2tseliot: okay cool thanks for the info17:00
calcugh seb128 disappeared already :\17:10
calcrickspencer3: from talking to the redhat OOo guy it appears the weird samba issues, etc are probably caused by a bug in gnome gvfs17:11
calcrickspencer3: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=479199 (read the last few comments if interested)17:11
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 479199 in gvfs "posix apis unreliable on files mounted over gvfs, e.g. truncate, open, causes OpenOffice.org to fail to save." [Medium,Assigned]17:11
calcrickspencer3: i need to verify on ubuntu but if thats the cause its good news in a way that it isn't a OOo bug but it is much more widespread in that case :-\17:15
calcrickspencer3: gnome bugs are at least more likely to get fixed quicker than OOo bugs upstream17:15
calcouch that bug does affect ubuntu also18:32
calcbug 317587 filed about the issue18:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317587 in gvfs "posix apis unreliable on files mounted over gvfs, e.g. truncate, open, causes OpenOffice.org to fail to save" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31758718:41
Tm_Tcalc: ah, good, gooood </Darth Sidious>18:46
calci guess for most programs they don't really care that truncate is broken18:54
calcbut it seems to confuse the hell out of OOo18:54
Jazzvahi, do I need e-mail addresses of all upstream authors, or will one or two be enough for debian/copyright?20:14
Jazzvaoops, wrong channel. sorry20:19
pochuasac: but this fix is better than setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH, isnt it? It's also the one we have in Jaunty20:59
asacpochu: looking at debdiff21:10
asacpochu: oh yeah. its a complete different issue now that i look at the bug21:12
asacpochu: the bug title made me believe that its a regression from the LD_LIBRARY_PATH thing ... but it isnt21:12
asacpochu: approved21:13
asacpochu: you want me to sponsor too?21:16
pochuasac: yes, please :)21:41
asacpochu: almost forgot. but now done22:00
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pochuasac: thanks :)22:32

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