m3gaScottK: thats my problem :-) i've seen breakage in both ocaml and haskell libs.00:00
ScottKWhat we need is someone who can tell us what needs to be done and in what order since none of use really know about those things.00:01
ScottKIf someone can do the analysis, we can probably make it happen.00:01
m3gai think what it needs more than anything is process; testing that the complete set o libs does work.00:02
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m3gaScottK: does ubuntu  pull from debian testing or from debian unstable?00:04
ScottKm3ga: This discussion if probably better on #ubuntu-motu since the packages are all in Universe.00:04
ScottKm3ga: Mostly unstable.00:04
m3gaScottK: just joined -motu00:10
maxblaprice: Correct, .ex just means "example" - though those files, even when renamed are not really "built into the package" so much as "used to build the package". Please direct similar future questions to #ubuntu-motu, which is a more on-topic forum for guidance on learning packaging.00:11
lapricesorry, i didn't realize this was not the correct channel.00:12
TheMusoslangasek: When you get a minute, I think we will need studio disks rebuilt, due to include the fixed apt-setup package. One of our testers ran into bug 316618.00:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316618 in apt-setup "jaunty alternate cd media change error" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31661800:12
TheMusoslangasek: Thanks in advance.00:13
slangasekheh, just making that comment on #ubuntu-tsting00:13
slangasekor on #ubuntu-testing, rather00:13
TheMusohe ok.00:14
cjwatsonsuperm1: (addressed Matt Domsch's mail now)00:29
calccjwatson: who is in charge of reviewing SRUs currently?00:38
calcah i found the group :)00:39
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maxb(roughly) how many days should I wait for ubuntu-devel@ moderation before seeking a kindly moderator here to expedite matters?01:27
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superm1maxb, eventually nvidia with have an open libvdpau library and those packages that were provided right now will go away.  they're named the way they're named right now in case that doesn't happen by the time nvidia-185-graphics-drivers is out01:48
superm1nvidia didn't really provide a time frame for when libvdpau will be open01:48
superm1bryce,^ if you are interested too01:48
maxbSo, if 185 shows up in the meantime, it will just need to conflict with 180 explicitly? And if additional versions, then the conflicts lines just grow longer, and hopefully nvidia gets around to doing it properly before it gets silly?01:49
superm1maxb, exactly01:50
maxbgg, makes sense01:50
superm1once libvdpau is open it will be installed by default likely too since ffmpeg will likely be linking to it..01:51
ArneGoetjecalc: pong01:56
calcArneGoetje: heh nevermind slangasek and I worked out what he wanted to do for alpha 3, he had been thinking about rerolling langpacks but decided against it02:07
superm1bryce, i updated one bit on there, but otherwise looks right02:27
brycesuperm1: great thanks02:28
ArneGoetjecalc: is there anything we need to change in the language-support packages for oo.o3?02:29
calcArneGoetje: i don't think so02:44
calci just found out the main drive in my computer is subject to sudden death at ~ 3mo of use02:45
* calc is going to back all his data up onto an external drive asap02:45
LaserJockcalc: 3 months?02:49
calcyea the lovely Seagate 7200.11 1TB drives02:49
LaserJockgeeze, and 1TB too :(02:50
LaserJockcalc: too many OO.o builds? :-)02:50
calcthe 1.5TB had the problem which was revealed over a month ago and apparently they now know the 1TB are affected too but no solution yet02:51
ArneGoetjecalc: I avoid to buy Seagate and WD for exactly that reason. Too much bad experience.02:56
ArneGoetjecalc: the last WD I bought failed after 2 weeks. :(02:56
LaserJockgo Maxtor! ;-)02:56
superm1um didn't seagate buy maxtor?02:57
superm1eg http://www.seagate.com/maxtor/ existing02:58
LaserJockwell, there you go02:58
keescraaap.  I've got 2 of those drives.02:58
ArneGoetjeI've never had problems with Hitachi02:58
RAOFHm.  Alpha-3 freeze means shephearding f-spot and tomboy through the gnome-sharp2 transition so I can get the new version of smuxi is... unlikely :)03:08
cjwatsondidn't hitachi make the notorious deskstar (aka deathstar)?03:08
* kees is currently backing up everything to is handy 1TB usb drive....03:09
ArneGoetjecjwatson: that was IBM (before taken over by Hitachi), yes. But despite the name, I've never had any problems with them... maybe I was just lucky... ;)03:09
cjwatsonit's amazing how half the web forum posts I read castigate Ubuntu for doing nothing but changing the desktop background, and the other half complain about how we haven't changed the theme much for several releases03:12
ArneGoetjebut since my last encounter with WD (which costed me 20000 NT$ to get the data recovered by a profesional data rescue company, I have invested in a hardware raid 5 solution. :)03:12
cjwatson(obviously both missing the point rather substantially)03:12
* kees needs eSATA. usb is slow03:14
RAOFUrgh.  The new volume control notification applet is really annoying.03:16
cjwatsonthe way it's horizontal and semi-offscreen?03:17
RAOFNo, that's the new panel applet.03:17
RAOFThat's also more than moderately annoying.03:17
slangasekRAOF: are the gnome-sharp2 bits in place in the archive?  we didn't have gnome-desktop-sharp2 yet, last I was looking at that03:17
RAOFI'm talking about the notification icon that only pops up when something's playing a stream.03:17
RAOFMeaning that it's impossible to change the volume before something starts playing, and the volume icon is always in a different spot.  Score!03:18
RAOFslangasek: Looks all done to me.03:19
RAOFUrgh, wrong page.03:19
slangasekRAOF: ooh, ok.  Well, maybe we can transition f-spot and tomboy if we desperately need more CD space for alpha-3. :)03:20
slangasekRAOF: you've confirmed that they build ok now against the new versions?03:20
RAOFNo, not tomboy or f-spot.03:20
RAOFDid it for banshee, because that was something I could fix ;)03:21
RAOFI'll do it for the others now if you like03:22
slangasekit would be useful to have that done so that we can transition them at the best opportunity03:22
RAOFI'll check & attach debdiffs to the transition bug, I guess.03:24
slangasekRAOF: awesome, thanks03:25
calcbacking up 1TB over USB is going to be slowww03:26
calcshould take ~ 14hr or so i guess03:26
* RAOF should get >=4GB of ram on his next purchase. Building things on a tmpfs is just too nice.03:29
calcRAOF: i'm thinking of buying another 4GB for my system to bring it up to 8GB (max for my chipset)03:33
RAOFWell, that's not gone well.  Apparently no package in the archive contains gnome-panel-sharp-2.24.pc03:34
slangasekRAOF: ah, that's what I meant earlier wrt gnome-desktop-sharp203:34
slangasekwe need gd#2 2.2403:35
RAOFWhy did the -0ubunt1 build succeed then?03:35
slangasekof which?03:36
RAOFOf tomboy.03:36
RAOFThe upstream version doesn't seem to have changed.03:36
slangasekbecause it was built against the older gnome-sharp2 that still had gnome-panel-sharp, I think03:36
slangaseker, no; maybe it was that tomboy had code that, *if* it detected g# 2.24 or better at build time, it requires this new .pc03:37
slangasekanyway, if gd#2 isn't updated yet, that's definitely the first step03:37
RAOFAh, yes.  There it is, conditional on gnome-sharp being >= 2.23.9903:39
RAOFRight.  New gd#2.24!03:39
* RAOF goes and checks pkg-cli-libs03:39
RAOFAh, so no quick joy there.03:45
RAOFAnd you made the last, unuploaded checkin to svn.  Score.03:45
ebroderAny core devs willing to sponsor uploads into {hardy,intrepid}-proposed for LP #216761?04:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 216761 in xen-3.3 "errors in xendomains init script" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21676104:07
ScottKebroder: We're in the middle of a freeze for Alpha 3, so no.04:17
ScottKUnless it fixes something critical for Alpha 304:17
ebroderScottK: It's not Jaunty - it's for Hardy and Intrepid04:17
ScottKebroder: Since pitti asked bryce to sponsor it, I think I'll let him do it.  Otherwise you might ask zul.04:43
ebroderOk. Did bryce actually get that request? He wasn't subbed to the bug04:45
ScottKDunno, but I just highlighted him.04:48
ScottKIt's late here, but I imagine he'll get it eventually.04:48
ebroderOk, thanks04:49
nixternalbryce: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105046/04:54
nixternalthere are a few of us witnessing this right now with kde4 in jaunty...any ideas?04:55
slangasekcalc: um, that's disturbing, OOo finished both i386 and amd64 in < 6h?04:56
pwnguinslangasek: maybe database didn't build or something04:56
slangasekcalc: huh, but 2ubuntu3 took the same time, so I guess things got faster in 3.0?04:56
slangasekor maybe the buildds got an upgrade and I hadn't noticed until now :)04:57
brycenixternal: weird, never seen that05:43
bryceexaCopyDirty sounds familiar05:44
nixternalbryce: ya, we noticed that tonight, however it seems to not be the root of our issue actually...there are one of two things going on that are kde4 related..but I thought I would pass that by you05:44
detWhen I upload a new package to that replaces an older one (the name of the package changed, what can I do to ensure that an aptitude upgrade will upgrade the package), I tried putting "Replaces: X" in the control file, but it isnt working.06:04
slangasekyou would want to create a "dummy" package under the old name to ensure upgrading06:07
slangasekbut why did the package name change?06:07
detIt is in a PPA, and the old maintainer gave it a confusing name.06:09
slangasekcreating a dummy package is the only way to ensure an upgrade06:09
detok, thanks06:09
detI think I have another solution, actually.06:10
detThere is 1 metal package that people install to bring in all the packages, so I just added a conflict on the old package in the meta package06:10
detand changed the depend on the new package06:11
slangasekright, if you have a top-level package whose name will stay the same, that's a better solution :)06:11
detBtw, what is the best way to ensure that a hardy package has an lesser version number than an intrepid package06:12
detIs there any kind of established naming scheme ?06:12
detRight now I am using "XXX-0ubuntu1~ppa2" for intrepid and "XXX-0ubuntu1~ppa1" for hardy06:13
detIt would be nice to number then independently somehow06:13
detXXX-0ubuntu1~ppaX and XXX-0ubuntu2~ppaX maybe ?06:14
RAOFI tend to use foo-0~intrepid~ppa1, foo-0~hardy~ppa1, etc.06:14
detRAOF, does that only work because I > H ?06:14
slangasekI would lean towards foo-0~ppa1~{hardy,intrepid} or foo-0~ppa1{hardy,intrepid}or foo-0~ppa1.8.{04,10}; that way the release it's built for is the least significant part of the version06:17
detbtw, how do "-" and "~" differ ?06:18
slangasek~ sorts earlier than anything, including end-of-string06:19
slangasek- has a special meaning, in that the last occurence of it in a version number is taken to be the delimiter between the upstream version and the Debian revision06:20
RAOFslangasek: But that won't sort below official backports?06:20
detbtw, why use "-0", I was told to use "-0ubuntu1", but I dont understand the rational for either06:20
slangasekRAOF: well, true; I wasn't worrying about those06:20
slangasekdet: if Debian hasn't packaged that upstream version yet, we use "-0" so that our versions sort earlier than an eventual "-1"06:21
slangasekin theory the Debian maintainer could release a -1 version that includes all of our changes, and we want to ensure we'll be able to sync that version from Debian06:22
detOk, thanks06:22
detwhy the 1 on the end then ?06:22
Mithrandirdet: because we might want to update the packaging or add patches later too06:22
Mithrandirso it might be 0ubuntu2, 0ubuntu3 and so on06:23
detXXX-0~0hardy~ppaX and XXX-0~1intrepid~ppaX, does that seem like a reasonable scheme ?06:23
detbasically, RA0F's scheme, except prepend a number to the codename06:24
LaserJockwhy would you do that?06:24
detseems like a bad idea to depend on the sort order of the codename06:25
LaserJockthat's why the codenames sort06:25
Mithrandirbetter use the release version, then.06:25
detfor now :-)06:25
detthey cant do that forever06:25
detand they didnt always sort in the past06:25
LaserJocksince breezy06:25
detrelease version is a good idea, thanks06:25
detXXX-0~8.04~ppaX and XXX-0~8.10~ppaX it is06:26
Amaranthguaranteed to work until the year 300006:26
detAnyways, after Zany Zebra, this sorting system breaks down06:27
detand I dont like to use things that are fundamentally broken06:27
detand not until year 300006:27
StevenKAmaranth: Further, since we only minus 200006:27
detwe are on j very soon, so 16 letters left, aka 8 years06:28
AmaranthStevenK: I guess if you want 100.4 :P06:28
detThanks for the help guys06:28
Amarantherr, that'd be 210006:28
* StevenK laughs06:29
Amaranthso, good until then06:29
Amaranthmight need a new scheme if it makes it that long06:29
det  spring: Depends: spring-lobby which is a virtual package.06:29
detI made the metal package conflict with the old package, and depend on the virtual package that the new package provides06:30
detbut aptitude is complaining06:30
det$ apt-cache show springlobby | grep Provides06:32
detProvides: spring-lobby06:32
det$ apt-cache show spring | grep Depends06:32
detDepends: spring-engine, spring-lobby, spring-installer, ca-installer06:32
detAm I doing something that is not allowed ?06:32
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dholbachgood morning07:39
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siretartcould you please give us your opinion on the jack issue? my last update to the mailing list was on monday, but the issue is open since mid december08:27
siretart-ECHAN, sorry08:27
LaserJocksiretart: is that JACK in Main?08:29
siretartLaserJock: no. I currently don't see jack suitable for main08:29
siretartbut that's just my personal humble opinion08:30
LaserJockall the music apps that would be nice to include in Edubuntu require JACK08:30
LaserJockhowever we are working on some Universe metapackages that would make it less of an issue I think08:31
asacsiretart: what happened to the glorious iceowl/experimental upload ;)?09:23
siretartasac: ah, on my harddisk, not uploaded yet. just a sec09:39
siretartLaserJock: do you know someone actively working on jack in ubuntu?09:39
LaserJocksiretart: there was discussion for Intrepid with Ubuntu Studio folks09:40
LaserJocksiretart: I think bigon perhaps was looking at it09:40
bigonLaserJock: at jack?09:41
BabyLaserJock: ping!09:42
LaserJockbigon: maybe my memory is failing me, it's almost 2am :-)09:42
LaserJockBaby: yeah?09:42
BabyLaserJock: are you looking at KDE4 as a foundation for an educational desktop for kids? (ref: http://laserjock.wordpress.com/2009/01/13/why-we-need-edubuntu-to-succeed/ )09:42
bigonLaserJock: I dont remember I've work on jack09:42
siretartasac: uploaded09:43
LaserJockbigon: hmm, were you looking at freebob?09:43
asacsiretart: thanks09:44
LaserJockBaby: Edubuntu is currently "adding on" to both Gnome and KDE4, however I'm currently interested in what KDE4 can offer09:44
LaserJockBaby: maybe pop over to #edubuntu and we can chat about what Debian's doing09:45
BabyI'm very interested in KDE4 as a foundation for a desktop targeted at kids (Debian Jr project). I've just talked to Aaron about it, even though it doesn't have direct educational purposes, I think it would be good to collaborate09:46
Babyyup :)09:46
cjwatsondet: you mentioned using Replaces earlier; it doesn't mean quite how you described it, and you should probably read the policy manual carefully because this is an area where people often get confused10:31
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cjwatsondet: A Replaces: B on its own actually just means that A contains some files also contained by B (so B here is usually "foo (<< some-version)")10:31
detI went the dummy package route10:32
detA Replaces B; A Conflicts with B; New dummy package of B that depends on A10:33
cjwatsonfor a single package with no complicating dependencies from elsewhere, Conflicts+Replaces+Provides should do it; the Provides may not always be necessary10:33
cjwatsonslangasek is right that there are cases that can only be solved by a dummy package, though - apt doesn't always work it out10:33
cjwatson(Conflicts+Replaces means something completely different from Replaces alone)10:34
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mdzmvo: have you seen bug 312092?  It seems to break upgrades from intrepid to jaunty12:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312092 in update-manager "Failed to update to jaunty via update-manager " [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31209212:08
mvomdz: checking it now, thanks - I think its a side-effect of new code that tries to ensure that if one component is enabled it should be used consistently (in -updates and -security as well) - looks like partner somehow entered this12:10
mdzmvo: yes, that's what the log messages seem to indicate12:10
mdzmvo: I have a system ready to upgrade to jaunty if you want a tester12:10
mvomdz: thanks, I will ping you when its fixed12:11
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slangasektkamppeter: milestone freeze is still in effect, please don't upload new upstream versions of packages that are on the CDs right now12:31
jakonA regression has been found in acpi-support released yesterday: apm of desktop disks is set to 128 instead of 25412:41
jakon-> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi-support/+bug/5969512:41
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/59695/+text)12:41
jakonThe regression is in acpi-support (0.109-0hardy1)12:42
cjwatsonjakon: have you suspended and resumed?12:42
cjwatsonslangasek: ^-12:43
jakonThis has nothing to do with that i guess12:43
jakonThere are two bugs in the scripts12:43
jakonThey don't handle the case of on_ac_power returning 255.12:43
jakonI attached two patches that should fix this to the bug tracker (last 2 comments)12:45
slangasekthe second is a patch to the resume script; I see the bug, but how does that change anything on a non-laptop system?12:46
slangasekor do you mean for it to be applied to all four copies of the script?12:46
jakonOh yes12:47
jakonThe script in resume.d is irrelevant (the whole folder is)12:49
slangaseknot entirely12:49
slangasekit just isn't used by default12:49
jakon;) ok12:49
slangaseksigh; there's nothing about acpi-support that doesn't make me weep12:56
tkamppeterslanagsek, sorry, but changes are small, as we already had Foomatic 4.0 development snapshots in Intrepid. So all these packages are only bug fixes (for the last bugs fixed before Foomatic 4.0 official release).13:16
slangasektkamppeter: doesn't matter, they're not supposed to be uploaded during the freeze.13:16
slangasekcjwatson: acpi-support 0.109-0hardy2 uploaded to hardy-proposed, please review13:17
cjwatsonslangasek: will do, can you mail the TB (CC me) as per standard procedure for regressions?13:18
slangasekgar, bug #59695 is way too unwieldly13:22
cjwatsontkamppeter: the reason not to upload these things despite the small changes is that they can cause other builds to be delayed, which causes a problem for the release manager getting things out on time especially when he's already been up for too many hours13:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 59695 in dell "High frequency of load/unload cycles on some hard disks may shorten lifetime" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5969513:22
slangasekI'm getting repeated timeouts :(13:22
Hobbseeslangasek: try edge.launchpad.net13:22
Hobbseehrm.  it's falling over on that too, it seems.13:22
slangasekI got it to load at last, so I'm good now13:23
cjwatsonif Ralph and Jakob confirm the fix, and somebody on a laptop confirms that it doesn't regress for them, I think we can push this on through to -updates13:25
cjwatsondo we need to block downloads of 0.109-0hardy1 and 0.114-0intrepid1?13:25
slangasekjakon: can you test the 0.109-0hardy2 package once it's built and available in hardy-proposed?13:26
slangasekcjwatson: the impact of the regression is to cause decreased drive performance on systems with acpi-support installed and without batteries; I'm not sure the user-facing disruption of blocking the downloads is warranted13:27
jakonYes, can test that13:27
cjwatsonit's only decreased performance, not damage?13:27
jakonI guess13:27
cjwatsonI don't know, I was asking13:28
slangasekcjwatson: until we roll out the new update, affected systems will have a greater rate of increase in load cycle count as well13:28
jakonThere won't be any immediate damage13:28
slangasekbut nothing that should be damaging if we're rolling out a new update shortly13:28
pochucould a core-dev please approve the Intrepid task in bug 295490? TIA.13:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 295490 in liferea "Liferea doesn't start with "Aborted" error." [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29549013:29
jakonI don't know if there are (old? strange?)disk that will hang when set to apm 12813:29
slangasekjakon: well, I don't think we should take precipitous action based only on speculation that some drives might fail under standard conditions13:30
jakonThere is certainly no need to act precipitately, but this should be fixed sometime soon.13:33
jakonThe "hanging" ide led reported in launchpad frightened me a little13:33
slangasekyes, working as fast as I can to get it fixed13:34
cjwatsonslangasek: I just noticed that I declared "layers" to be the Name in archive-reorg and that you objected to it on the grounds that they weren't layered. Can I convince you on the grounds that they're partially layered? :-)13:34
slangasekI don't think you can cnvince me, but you can make the declaration anyway and I'll live with it13:34
cjwatson(I figured I'd just take the blame)13:34
cjwatsonactually I was sort of also thinking of them as something that a user could layer onto their minimal system13:35
cjwatsonbut mostly as "oh my god we have spent hours on this name"13:36
Hobbseesnowflakes!  :P13:38
cjwatsonI'm noticing an amazing similarity between this IRC log and the log of the one coinciding with that UDS session that I happen to have open ...13:43
jakonJust a note for testing acpi-support: I don't have desktop pc, i faked one by replacing on_ac_power with a "exit 255" shell script. But that should do i think.13:46
slangasekcjwatson: 0intrepid2 accepted13:46
slangasekcjwatson: er, no it wasn't13:47
* slangasek reads the whole subject line13:47
slangasekcjwatson: ok, there - /now/ 0intrepid2 is in unapproved13:50
cjwatsonslangasek: accepted13:58
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maxbHow long should I wait for ubuntu-devel@ moderation before it becomes reasonable to ask on IRC for a kindly moderator to expedite matters?14:08
emgentmvo: ping14:19
Riddellcalc: I see the openoffice source has patches for KDE 4, have you tried them?14:23
mvoemgent: pong14:30
jakonslangasek: acpi-support 0.109-0hardy2 looks good, just tested it15:14
slangasekjakon: great, thanks.  Could you follow up to the bug report as well?15:15
jakonWill as soon as launchpad is up again15:17
jakonOk, that is now.15:17
jakonCommented in launchpad15:23
jakonslangasek: Do you plan to use the pm-utils script i posted? ( http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21210580/95hdparm-apm ) Because it also contains this bug. If yes, i will update it.15:29
slangasekjakon: hadn't looked at it in detail yet15:35
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calcRiddell: yes they don't work16:07
calcRiddell: i'm going to be talking to some people to see about why soon16:08
calcRiddell: i used them in the previous build from a few weeks ago and got lots of bug reports about it not working at all16:08
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Riddellcalc: a shame, do you know who was working on them?16:19
calcRiddell: i think Kendy of Novell16:24
calcbut i haven't pinged him about the KDE issue yet16:24
calcRiddell: just asked him but i am not sure if he is online right now16:25
calcRiddell: kendy says it is pretty much completely broken and he hasn't had time to work on it16:39
loolsiretart: Do you have any commit on upstream xine-lib?  I'd love it if you could merge the two "%s" additions upstream17:00
Riddellcalc: a shame that17:00
calcRiddell: it will work better with kde3 support than it does in alpha3, aiui the file picker is missing currently17:01
calcRiddell: but it won't have full kde4 integration unfortunately :(17:01
calcRiddell: gio support doesn't work right either but it is being worked on luckily17:02
rtgsuperm1: wrt bug #317270, can you clarify which kernel version? I assume its Jaunty.17:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317270 in linux "Dell Studio XPS 16 touchpad doesn't return from resume" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31727017:09
superm1rtg, yes that was with jaunty17:10
rtgsuperm1: thanks17:10
mib_uo1mgbbsanyone familiar with ext4? may I use ext4 as logical drive?17:19
cjwatsonmib_uo1mgbbs: ext4 is independent of whether you're using primary or logical partitions (so "yes")17:20
mib_uo1mgbbsthe funny thing is while i'm installing xubuntu 9.04, I choose ext4 as logical drive cos my primary drive is winxp, the partioner dunno for what reason is showing ext317:22
mib_uo1mgbbscan anyone enlighten me?17:25
calcugh my laptop just died i think17:25
maxbmib_uo1mgbbs: ext4 can be misinterpreted as ext3 by things which don't know about ext4 properly17:26
LaserJockcalc: hard drive?17:28
calcLaserJock: no it just went black showed a bunch of blue crap on the screen then didn't respond, its rebooting ok though17:28
calcLaserJock: i'm still working on backing up my desktop though17:28
mib_uo1mgbbsis there a way I can confirm wheteher I'm currently using ext4 or not?17:29
calcmib_uo1mgbbs: mount?17:29
mib_uo1mgbbsi need to restart my computer to boot xubuntu17:31
cjwatsonmib_uo1mgbbs: there was a known partitioner bug that may have caused that kind of symptom; make sure you're running an absolutely current daily build17:35
cjwatsonmaxb: really shouldn't be relevant in the installer, I believe I've caught everything17:35
cjwatsonmib_uo1mgbbs: if you're encountering this with a current daily build, please don't ... reboot17:37
cjwatsonbah in excelsis17:37
calci think the fuse ntfs support is a bit buggy, my drive claimed to be full when i used around half of it17:42
calcso i reformatted it as ext317:42
calcwell didn't really claim to be full but refused to allow me to write any more to it in any case17:43
cody-somervillecalc, that could be due to an error causing it to remount as ro17:43
calcgot a bunch of cp: cannot create regular file "foo" Operation not supported messages17:43
calchmm maybe it remounted during the middle of the copy, not certain17:44
calcit copied about 390GB of 500 to do when it showed those17:44
cjwatsonEOPNOTSUPP is rather unusual and does *not* mean "disk full"17:47
cjwatsonntfs-3g appears to return it basically when it gets garbage requests17:48
calchmm ok17:48
calcit did that for cp and mkdir, etc17:48
cjwatsonNg: I'm trying to work out what's happening in this bug of yours - it seems that there may be multiple problems17:57
cjwatsonNg: can you tell me what you did at the ignore/cancel prompt?17:57
siretartlool: err, how comes that the translations are THAT broken?18:00
Ngcjwatson: I tried both, neither took me to any kind of disk selection thing, they'd just bounce me to the menu (I assumed that Ignore was thinking I just had a strange disk and I'd fix it up with partman, but partman clearly didn't want to run)18:00
Notch-1anybody knows what means "unexpectedly too meny pseudo-links" from aufs? i'm using kubuntu intrepid in live mode with persistence file (with both -7 and -9 kernel)18:00
siretartlool: and does this also happens with the translations provided by upstream?18:00
cjwatsonsiretart: separate bug we're investigating18:00
cjwatsonnevertheless it is still a xine bug (and probably a security flaw)18:00
cjwatsongettext and gcc provide facilities to test for this, which for some reason didn't manage to fire in this case18:01
cjwatsongcc handles it under -Wformat-security18:01
siretartusers can override the paths gettext uses?18:01
cjwatsontranslations should not be considered fully trusted anyway; show me a maintainer who reads every line of every translation they merge18:01
mvomdz: a fixed upgrader is now availabe (for the bug you mentioned earlier18:01
Ngcjwatson: I think my suggestion would be that if partman fails to run and there are other disks in the system, offer to choose one, or maybe add that as a third option in Ignore/Cancel18:02
siretartsure. I'm just wondering about the severity of the issue. and if that would warrant updating released versions of xine-lib18:02
cjwatsonNg: Ignore should do just that18:02
loolsiretart: I don't think so18:02
cjwatsonit doesn't need a third option which basically just means Ignore18:02
loolsiretart: No18:02
Ngcjwatson: perhaps it's something special about the disks being under /dev/cciss/ that confuses it?18:03
cjwatsonNg: I doubt it18:03
cjwatsonsiretart: I was under the impression that TEXTDOMAINDIR overrode such things18:04
cjwatsonthough I have not checked; but in any case I don't think that's relevant18:04
Ngcjwatson: hmm, ok. well I've pulled the unused card out of the machine so I could actually install it, so we do have the card floating about and could probably drop it into similar hardware to reproduce it again18:04
cjwatsonNg: I expect there are multiple bugs here really, I'm just trying to break it down18:04
mdzmvo: I will test, thanks18:04
cjwatsonNg: in particular there seems to be a bug in partman's error handling, which is why I asked what you selected18:06
cjwatsonI may have introduced that recently18:06
cjwatsonNg: after that, partman will have been completely buggered which probably explains the later problems18:07
Ngah :)18:07
Notch-1also, casper seem to boot only if i unplug & replug the pendrive first, otherwise i got dropped to a shell... i'm at 4th trial...18:07
Notch-1what is casper-snapshot for? i'm reading the man page but still i don't understand :P18:14
Notch-1it's used to enable the home persistence? or i can simply put a home-rw named empty image to the pendrive and boot?18:17
siretartlool: 19:18:30 < _ds_> ISTM that the second half of the patch is broken anyway: looks like the wrong xine_log is patched.18:22
siretartlool: perhaps you could join #xine/oftc and discuss it directly with darren?18:23
Ngcjwatson: huh, looks like the next machine on my list has the same hardware. Is there anything I can do RightNow to provide more information? otherwise I need to yank that card too ;)18:31
loolsiretart: sure18:33
=== RainCT_ is now known as RainCT
rtgkirkland: after selecting the encrypted home option, I'm curious why I still have a .Private ecryptfs mount. Is this expected behavior?18:46
kirklandrtg: that's where your encrypted data goes18:47
kirklandrtg: /home/rtg/.Private gets mounted on /home/rtg18:47
rtgkirkland: What does encrypted home mean? I thought it would supersede .Private18:48
kirklandrtg: yes18:48
kirklandrtg: ALL of /home/rtg will be mounted on /home/rtg/.Private18:49
kirklandrtg: we just need a place to put your encrypted data18:49
kirklandrtg: and that place is /home/rtg/.Private (for lack of a better place to put it)18:49
rtgkirkland: that makes my head hurt. how can I mount on a directory that is within the filesystem being mounted?18:49
kirklandrtg: easily.  by just doing it.18:50
kirklandrtg: where would you prefer this data?18:50
kirklandrtg: alternatively, we could mount /home/rtg on top of /home/rtg18:50
rtgkirkland: no preference, I'm just confused.18:51
kirklandrtg: but i found that even more confusing18:51
rtgperhaps my understanding of file name spaces is insufficient.18:51
kirklandrtg: sorry, am i being to terse?18:51
kirklandtoo terse?18:52
kirklandrtg: when your encrypted home is unmounted18:52
kirklandrtg: your home data is unvailable18:52
rtgkirkland: speaking of file names, in what state is Halcrow's filename encryption patch?18:52
kirklandrtg: your unmount /home/rtg dir is perm'd 50018:52
kirklandrtg: so you can't write anything inadvertantly there18:52
kirklandrtg: you have a couple of symlinks in that dir18:53
rtgkirkland: ok, I'll ssh as root and mess with it.18:53
kirklandrtg: pointing to your .ecryptfs meta data18:53
rtgyeah, in /var/lib18:53
kirklandrtg: and a README.txt telling you that your home data is not mounted18:53
kirklandrtg: when you do mount your encrypted home dir18:53
kirklandrtg: the stuff in /var/lib/ecryptfs/rtg is used to basically do:18:54
kirklandrtg: mount -t ecryptfs /home/rtg/.Private /home/rtg18:54
kirklandrtg: and then all of your data is decrypted through that mountpoint for you18:54
kirklandrtg: and .Private is masked from your view18:55
kirklandrtg: which keeps you from farting around inside of there18:55
rtgits the mount abstraction that I found confusing. I didn't know you could do that.18:55
kirklandrtg: yup yup18:55
rtgcool. how about file name encryption?18:55
Ngcjwatson: probably unnecessary, but just to confirm, the hardware boots fine post-install if I put the empty controller card back in18:56
kirklandrtg: i'm pinging tyhicks18:56
cjwatsonNg: yeah, I'm sure it's just parted. I'm probably not going to do anything more withit until tomorrow though, sorry18:56
kirklandrtg: it's been the salting of filenames that has given them trouble18:57
Notch-1excuse me, the .Private dir is really mounted on /home/userhome ?? i tried the encripted home only in ubuntu studio but it seem simply to mount the encrypted dir in /home/userhome/.Private, what i'm missing?18:57
cjwatson*with it18:57
kirklandrtg: i'll send tyler an email, and cc you on it, asking for status, and the possibility/difficulty of us carrying it18:57
Ngcjwatson: that's fine. I may well come back here tomorrow anyway. I'm not done and it's reassuring to be here in person for random acts of madness ;)18:57
kirklandrtg: <tyhicks> kirkland: I got an email saying they were removed from morton's tree and placed in linus' tree18:58
rtgNotch-1: don't confuse the Intrepid Private option with Jaunty encrypted home. they look quite similar. Hence the previous discussion.18:58
rtgkirkland: no shit, I'll go look.18:58
kirklandrtg: this is without salts18:58
kirklandrtg: so this is more like "filename obsfucation"18:59
rtgkirkland: so, encrypted but crackable 'cause all filenames use the same key?18:59
Notch-1ah ok thanks, so jaunty has the entire home encrypted while intrepid use only the .Private dir, right?18:59
rtgNotch-1: correct18:59
Notch-1excuse me, another flash question: to enable loop-aes i can simply use module-assistant?19:00
rtgNotch-1: I believe you can choose to _not_ encrypt home, then install ecryptfs-utils later on in order to encrypt just .Private.19:00
rtgkirkland: true? ^^19:00
calcinteresting it appears sparc wanted to build OOo this time19:01
Notch-1nono, i prefere entire home encrypted, thanks :P19:01
rtgNotch-1: well, that has performance implications of you're a developer.19:01
Notch-1you mean with entire home encrypted or with loop-aes module?19:03
rtgNotch-1: entire home19:03
Notch-1oh sure, it's not a big deal for me...19:04
kirklandrtg: that's absolutely true19:05
kirklandrtg: encrypting just Private will still be supported19:05
kirklandrtg: useful for auto-login systems, for instance19:05
rtgkirkland: you'd just about have to for the dist-upgrade case.19:06
kirklandrtg: where you want to automatically login, but not mount up your documents until you need them19:06
kirklandrtg: i'm going to *try* and get a live migration script working19:06
kirklandrtg: i have it written down on paper; not implemented it19:06
kirklandrtg: will probably hack on it on the plane over to Munich19:06
rtgspeaking of which, we should finalize our plans a bit. phone call next week?19:07
Nafallokirkland: hehe. running screen-profiles on my laptop :-)19:21
Nafallokirkland: works a lot better since last time I tried.19:21
LaserJockhmm, CD size must really be tight if we're dumping tracker off for the moment :-)19:27
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KeybukLaserJock: not really, since it's not even enabled by default19:55
rtgkirkland: I backported all of the relevant patches to fs/ecryptfs since v2.6.28. Next I'll see if it actually works. Some file name encryption is better then none.20:35
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kirklandrtg: cool, thanks.  keep me posted21:02
kirklandrtg: also, if you publish a test kernel, i'll gladly try it in a kvm21:02
rtgkirkland: gimme a bit, its just about done building21:02
rtgkirkland: I'll send an email later. I'm gonna go catch some rays. its the first sun we've had in a couple of weeks.21:04
kirklandrtg: sounds fine by me21:04
rtgkirkland: watch in http://people.ubuntu.com/~rtg/2.6.28-4.11-ecryptfs. the debs are copying, but I haven't tested them. I'll check back in a few hours.21:10
kirklandrtg: cheers21:10
calclooks like Seagate might be announcing the 7200.11 problem tomorrow21:13
calcas of today their tech support still denies there is anything wrong with the drives21:13
calcif anyone here has a seagate 7200.11 be careful with it as it sounds like the problem may affect the entire line-up21:16
BUGabundosebner: ping21:19
BUGabundojust updated bug 30898521:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 308985 in seahorse "seahorse segfault when adding remote server ssh key" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30898521:19
calcslangasek: ping21:21
DktrKranzBUGabundo, he's won't be online too often, he's in army right now. He will probably on IRC during weekends, though.21:21
BUGabundomaybe I got the wrong nick?21:22
BUGabundolooing for sebastien21:22
BUGabundohumm seb something!21:22
calcBUGabundo: its late for seb128 so he may be asleep21:23
BUGabundoI guess sebner was the 1st and only catch of my auto complete DktrKranz21:23
BUGabundothanks calc21:23
BUGabundoI'll wait for the bug mail21:23
DktrKranzBUGabundo, heh :)21:24
* BUGabundo blames autocomplete21:24
Keybuktake *that* lsb_release21:30
BUGabundoKeybuk: !cat /etc/lsb-release | head -n 221:37
Keybukholy crap21:39
Keybukthat one little change reduces the boot speed by 6-8s alone!21:39
Keybuk54s seems to be the right cut-off point here21:40
Keybuk71s in intrepid21:40
Keybukso that's 17s faster now ;)21:40
Keybukrtg: \o/21:40
slangasekcalc: pong21:43
BUGabundoKeybuk: here are mine http://fileland.bugabundo.net/fotos/Linux/bootchart21:43
BUGabundolet me upload the lastest there21:43
calcslangasek: the disks are still oversized?21:59
BUGabundocalc: daily are... the alpha3 shouldn't be21:59
BUGabundolet me check21:59
slangasekcalc: desktop CDs are a little oversized.  We spent the night applying some questionable liposuction techniques, they should be down to size here in the next few hours22:00
BUGabundocalc: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/jaunty/ A3 still isn't out22:00
calcslangasek: ah ok22:00
calcBUGabundo: yes i know, i was wondering if he needed any more changes for OOo :)22:00
BUGabundocalc: we are getting new packages daily now of OOo from the PPA?22:01
calcBUGabundo: i think i helped reduce it by ~ 90MB ;-)22:01
BUGabundonot bad22:01
calcBUGabundo: no not daily, i was doing them as i updated for jaunty but it became too much work this week, but i should put a new version in ppa for rc222:01
calcBUGabundo: iow its far from automated daily ;-)22:02
BUGabundocalc: I ask because I've been getting packages for the last 3 days22:02
BUGabundohow is in charge of synaptic?22:02
BUGabundoor better yet the quick search?22:03
primes2hogra: Are you here?22:12
primes2hogra: Hello for first...22:13
ograprimes2h, i was about to cal it a day, wahts up ?22:15
primes2hogra: :-) There is a patch that needs to be uploaded in Hardy. bug #21171022:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 211710 in xaos "Wrong characters codification in Xaos translation - broken UTF support" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21171022:16
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primes2hyou commented it  some time ago...22:17
primes2hTormod provided a patch for Hardy and he tested it.22:17
ograprimes2h, oh, right, that somehow drowned in my huge todo list22:17
primes2hI just subscribed ubuntu-sru but it needs to be uploaded in main, so I asked you...22:19
ograi'*ll take care for it (not tonight anymore, but i'll care, promised :) )22:20
james_wdoes anyone know if we will have python-central for jaunty?22:21
primes2hogra: Thank you very much, do it when you want... :-)22:21
james_wthe new python-central, sorry. 0.6.8?22:21
ograthabks for the head up ... i really forgot about it22:21
primes2hogra: Don't worry, I can understand you, I usually have a lot of things in my mind and sometimes I face this kind of problem too ;-)22:23
calcis there a way to tell cp not to follow mounts?22:42
Mithrandir-x ?22:42
calcah i just searched for the wrong thing, thanks! :)22:42
Keybukcalc: though that doesn't work on bind mounts, for obvious reasons22:47
keeshrm, usplash bouncer hangs during input22:51
kirklandcjwatson: lookey there .... a member of ~rosetta-admins for 3 hours now :-)  i wonder if I can talk you into reviewing the po/pot i submitted for screen-profiles :-P23:00
cjwatsonI'm only there for emergency work23:01
kirklandcjwatson: (not urgent at all)23:01
kirklandcjwatson: gotcha, no worries23:01
kirklandcjwatson: happened to catch your name, and tenure, figured i'd pick on the rookie23:01
cjwatsonyeah, I'm not a regular member, as it were, or you'd be justified23:01
cjwatson(actually I may not even need my access, will see)23:02
Skiessican I ask here for a package to be upgraded?23:11
Skiessibristol is a bit out-of-date23:12
directhexSkiessi, if it's not in Main then here's not the place to ask23:15
keesKeybuk: so, the new udev doesn't respect the old saved interface names?23:28
Keybukit should do23:28
keesKeybuk: ah! hm. it moved my eth0 to eth5 because the kernel driver name changed.23:29
keeser, no...23:29
keeswtf happened.23:30
Keybukpastebin < 70-persistent-net.rules23:30
keesI will, need to get the net back up on that machine23:31
keeswhere is ifrename go?23:31
Keybukit went away23:33
Keybukto the darkest, blackest pit from whence yada came23:34
Keybuk(if it had a command-line "rename this interface to this" mode, it might have stayed around - but it was expressly written as a boot time thing with conffile, so we dropped it in favour of udev renaming)23:35
keesI liked having it around.  means I can't set device names without rebooting.  :(23:35
slangasekkees, jdstrand: how do you feel about dropping openssl-blacklist as an ssl-cert dep in jaunty?23:36
keesslangasek: makes me sad, but I leave it to cjwatson's discretion23:37
jdstrandslangasek: IIRC openssh-blacklist was already downgraded to Suggests?23:37
cjwatsonopenssh-blacklist going away made me sad too23:37
cjwatsonbut I think we had no choice23:37
slangasekkees: well, the only thing ssl-cert uses it for is checking the integrity of the local snakeoil key, yes?23:37
jdstrandslangasek: yes23:38
keesKeybuk: http://pastebin.osuosl.org/2332723:38
keesslangasek: oh! I misread.  ssh/ssl23:38
keesslangasek: is it a CD space issue?23:38
cjwatsonKeybuk: I thought it did have such a command-line mode. I must be misremembering23:38
keesKeybuk: note eth0 vs eth523:38
jdstrandheh.. openssl-blacklist is pretty big23:38
slangasekjdstrand, kees: so anybody who hasn't been ignoring security updates in 8.04 for 9 months, or has upgraded to intrepid, already has the fix; the only case not covered is "people who never install security updates and are going to jump straight to 10.04 LTS"23:39
slangasekkees: yes, CD space23:39
keesKeybuk: it did have a "rename this interface to this" mode.  that's what I used it fore.23:39
slangasekKeybuk: I wonder where I'm expected to have seen these parport errors in intrepid :)23:39
keesslangasek: right, which was the logic with the ssh blacklist too.  seems like it follows to move it to suggests for ssl too.  jdstand?23:39
slangasekwell, if we drop it below a depends, the ssl-cert postinst can't use it anymore23:40
keesKeybuk: though I did have to run it with -c /dev/null or something23:40
slangasekso we might as well drop it out completely; other packages that use ssl certs still depend on it, e.g. openvpn23:40
jdstrandslangasek, kees: I'm ok with it23:40
* slangasek pounces23:41
keesKeybuk: yeah,  ifrename -c /dev/null -i OLDif -n NEWif23:41
keesKeybuk: anyway, that doesn't matter so much atm.  do you have any idea what caused the problem with my net rule?23:42
slangasekkees, jdstrand, cjwatson: should we maybe leave a debconf note in place, so that if the user *was* still upgrading from an old version of ssl-cert, they at least get a warning?23:45
jdstrandslangasek: seems a long shot that no updates were made in those two years, but it would probably be best23:47
cjwatsonslangasek: if it's straightforward to detect the situation without the blacklist, yes23:47
jdstrandslangasek: actually-- isn't an upgrade required before doing a do-release-upgrade?23:47
slangasekcjwatson: yeah, that code is already there, I just have to drop the one extra 'if' before displaying the debconf question23:48
slangasekjdstrand: sure.  There are still users that bypass do-release-upgrade, though.23:48
* jdstrand nods23:49
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* Nafallo hides and ponders if he should looking at why he isn't using it :-P23:51
slangasekyes, you should ;)23:53
* Nafallo grabs code23:55
* ogra prefers update-manager23:56
Nafalloogra: I don't use x on servers I'm afraid ;-)23:59

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