xivulon_cjwatson, here is the partman log http://paste.ubuntu.com/105013/00:07
cjwatsonkhashayar: bug 31661800:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316618 in apt-setup "jaunty alternate cd media change error" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31661800:09
cjwatsonit was indeed very peculiar, I couldn't actually reproduce it myself, but I *think* I've fixed it00:10
TheMusocjwatson: Neither was I, i.e unable to reproduce that issue. had no problem with CD testing.00:12
khashayarcjwatson: I can confirm that it was fixed here as well. Now waiting for those ubuntustudio disks :-)00:20
cjwatsonkhashayar: great, good to have confirmation!00:29
cjwatsonxivulon_: (acknowledged, may take a while to digest)00:30
xivulon_let me know if there is any further info you need I have the system running atm00:31
cjwatsonI might simply be too tired to attempt it tonight :-/00:31
xivulon_that makes 2 of us00:32
cjwatsonthat's odd, why isn't that device PED_DEVICE_FILE00:34
cjwatsonoh, of course /dev/loop2 wouldn't be00:35
cjwatsonxivulon_: this completely breaks wubi, right?00:39
xivulon_yes, ubiquity just stops00:39
xivulon_or better it keeps churning for a long time (until I stop it)00:39
cjwatsonxivulon_: fixed in the parted upload I just did, I *think*00:51
cjwatsonobviously it's possible it will fail later00:51
cjwatsonthat said I'm not sure why it's hitting that code path to begin with (that should be for old kernels only, I think), but honestly can't be bothered to figure it out right now :)00:52
xivulon_cjwatson, thanks, was tempted to try the patch, but have to sleep, will give it a go tomorrow00:53
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NgI think I found two more bugs, only one of which matters at the moment - I started the installer with a disk tha tpreviously had a couple of primary partitoins and a large logical one used by LVM19:18
NgI've removed all the LVs and the VG, but it won't let me remove the LVM partition, it tells me it's still in use by the VG I've removed19:19
Ngdisplaying the LVM config in that section tells me there are no volume groups19:20
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