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asomethingAny council members around? I'm a Ubuntu member, and would like to receive an ubuntu irc cloak. LP: https://edge.launchpad.net/~andrewsomething01:30
Davieyasomething: You need freenode staff, not a council member01:49
DavieyPriceChild , nalioth or Gary01:49
DavieyI suspect they are not online at the moment01:49
Davieybetter try in >9 hours01:49
asomethingDaviey: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/Cloaks says "do not go to Freenode staff first" and to ask an Ubuntu IRC Council member01:50
Davieyasomething: fair enough, but council members (AFAIK) can't do it01:51
Davieyyou need an ack from a council member, then the staff apply it01:51
asomethingDaviey: ok, thanks01:51
asomethingnalioth: thanks!02:08
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PriceChildDaviey: People should go to council members (atm only me elky and nal are gcs though) Any of those will be able to get the cloak applied.11:53
elkbuntuPriceChild, and i cant do anything but palm them off onto you guys or gary12:07
PriceChildelkbuntu: you can get any freenode staffer to apply the cloak, just like any gc?12:08
elkbuntuPriceChild, not with my online times i cant12:08
elkbuntuusually there's not a staffer in sight when i hunt12:08
PriceChildthere's more than 3 freenode staff and other group contacts seem to manage just fine without being online as staff12:08
jussi01speaking of which, is it the plan to make the other council memebers gc's?12:09
elkbuntujussi01, it's not an instantaneous thing12:13
jussi01elkbuntu: yeah, Ive realised it. Just trying to figure out how it works, not particularly pushing it12:13
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[NikO]PriceChild, they /k an autjoin user22:00
PriceChildfun, thanks22:00
[NikO]in fact +L on this channel it's like give caviar to pig :)22:04
Myrttiheads up on [00:39] ~~~cxbv [n=rty@c-98-246-9-52.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []22:40
Myrttijust flooded #ubuntu22:40
[NikO]i see22:40
Myrtti[00:45] ~~~asdas [n=rty@c-98-246-9-52.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu22:46
MyrttiPriceChild: ^22:46
[NikO]is it a #ubuntu-tr user ?22:58
jester-[NikO]: not sure but surely is a dickhead23:06
[NikO]of course ... :)23:06
[NikO]i steal have in mind to write a supybot plugin who keep nick / hostmask / channel, and permit search into them ...23:08
jester-floodbot do it ask to LjL23:11
[NikO]floodbot is not a supybot no ?23:12
jester-[NikO]: fllodbot is made by LjL and another his friend23:13
Myrttithey're written in... *drumroll*23:13
Myrttiand no, the code is not available23:13
[NikO]i just see a part of it23:14
[NikO]anyway, i will write a supybot + sqlite one23:14
jester-yes the code is not public for now23:14
mama21mamaI unjustified ban on "kubuntu-es"23:22
[NikO]mama21mama, pv the op who ban you23:23
mama21mama[NikO]: This was Elidix23:24
[NikO]is on23:24
[NikO]so tell with him23:25
mama21mamame that were without justification?23:25
m4vi'm sorry, mama21mama Elidix got feed up with you people, so the ban won't be lifted at the momment23:26
mama21mamaElidix this crazy?23:26
mama21mamaI did not ban me for nothing23:27
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nicolas__i don't understand ...23:59
nicolas__i can group this nick with mine23:59

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