sathyanWe have a product to integrate into main repository.00:11
sathyanI would like to understand who figures out the filelayout structure.00:11
sathyanI understand that there is a spec that dictates where things go00:11
sathyanCurrently all our product files are rooted under a single directory. I would like to work with someone who could guide me on where the files/directories should go in ubuntu00:12
sathyanSomeone can help?00:12
sathyanIf you cannot connect, please send an email to Sathyan.Catari@sun.com00:12
sathyanAppreciate your help00:13
ScottKsathyan: We use the FHS, so that's the place to start.00:13
lifelessI'm assuming this is a java package00:34
ScottKGood point.00:35
sathyanexcept for a few native(shell scripts), rest is java01:16
L3538como programo pra linux em java?16:11
sathyanIs there a version of Apache Felix in main repository?19:39
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cg_uirabuenas, estoy intentando usar iReport22:10
cg_uirame asegure de tener instalado lo siguiente antes de ejecutarlo: # aptitude install sun-java6-jre # aptitude install sun-java6-jdk # aptitude install sun-java6-javadb # aptitude install sun-java6-bin # aptitude install sun-java6-plugin22:11
cg_uirami pregunta es si necesito instalar tambiƩn jasper report22:12

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