tapoxiHey everyone, has anyone seen the video of the woman from Wisconsin?12:54
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ktogiasHey everybody. I am from Greece. Our locoteam (ubuntu-gr) produces a free community online magazine that has a new issue every 2 months. We call it ubuntistas. 23 hours ago we released our second issue and we are thinking about the third one. We think that it would be very cool if we had an interview from Mark at our next issue. I am asking here to give me a hint about whether we have any chance of having Mark talk for our magazine or not, an21:21
ktogiasd if it is feasible some guidance about how to try to contact him.21:21
ktogiasI would not like to bother his if there is no chance or in some in-appropriate way... An though is welcome...21:22
boredandbloggingktogias: just email him21:22
boredandbloggingand I would suggest making the subject clear so that he sees it21:23
boredandbloggingUbuntu Greece Magazine Interview21:23
boredandbloggingor something21:23
ktogiasthanks boredandblogging, I will take your advice into consideration.21:24

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