pochumrooney: if only a few files are licensed under the CC license, after the GPL license, say something like "For $(files), the following license applies:" and then put the license00:01
pochumrooney: e.g. http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/e/emesene/emesene_1.0.1-2/emesene.copyright00:01
pochuthat has the GPL for the application, but a few files are licensed under different terms00:02
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mrooneypochu: what can I use to handle line lengths and indentations correctly, to fit in the specs for `copyright` ?00:06
mrooneyfor http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/legalcode00:06
pochuno idea00:07
pochuI just copy&paste, and try to fit everything in 80 chars lines00:07
pochuare you following the new copyright format proposal?00:08
pochuif so, look at the specification :)00:08
mrooneypochu: well I mean it isn't within 80 chars and it is long, I don't want to trim it by hand00:10
ScottKm3ga: Hello.00:10
ScottKm3ga: Automatic syncing is all done from Sid, but we can pull from both Testing and Experimental if needed.00:11
ScottKWe're past the point in this release cycle where it happens automatically now, so now would be a good time to do rebuilds to get things sequenced correctly.00:11
m3gaScottK: i think the problem is that lanaguages like ocaml and haskell require a little more care in the packaging and that there hasn't been enough expert care in this area.00:17
pochumrooney: if you leave it as is, does lintian complain?00:17
pochumrooney: if not, I think you can leave it as is00:17
ScottKm3ga: As I understand it they have to be built in a certain sequence that our automated and semi-automated methods don't support.00:18
ScottKm3ga: I think that's a different way of saying the same thing.00:18
m3gaScottK: i've got two packages in intrepid (one ocaml and one haskell) which are broken. i'll do an analysis of why and report back.00:20
ScottKm3ga: OK.  If you can look at Jaunty too, that would be very useful as this stuff is much harder to fix post-release.00:20
m3gaScottK: yeah, i have jaunty in a vm. i'll  test there as well. However, my experience of the last several releases of ubuntu is that for ocaml libraries, it always a different one thats broken in some subtle way.00:22
asomethingmrooney: I don't know what the diff between cc-by and cc-by-sa is, but human-icon-theme seems to have cc-by-sa 2.5 already formated. Might mean less work for you00:24
ScottKm3ga: This has come up before and I think the issue is they have to be built in a certain order.00:24
mrooneyasomething: ahh cool, I'll look into that, thanks!00:25
ScottKm3ga: What we need is someone who understands the language/packages to help us get them sequenced right.00:26
m3gaScottK: i think the problem is better solved by software tools rather than man power  :-)00:32
ScottKm3ga: All I need is the tool then.00:32
RAOFWasn't the issue that some hash of the dependencies was encoded into each build, and so you needed to ensure that each rebuild of a node triggered the rebuild of all children?00:35
m3gaScottK: I need to  do a little research and testing.00:36
ScottKm3ga: OK.  Let us know.00:36
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RAOFI take it no-one is shephearding Banshee through the various gnome-sharp transitions?02:22
_16aR_I have a question. I'm packaging a little software02:38
_16aR_So I thought I should post a need-packaging bugreport on launchpad first, right ?02:38
vorianthat helps02:39
_16aR_but the problem is : I don't see the needs packaging option, and when I want to name my package, lp say it isn't there ...02:40
_16aR_normal, I don't have finished it yet02:40
nhandler_16aR_: File the bug against Ubuntu02:40
nhandlerAnd there is no needs-packaging option. Just title the bug '[needs-packaging] Foo'02:40
_16aR_against project ubuntu instead of distribution/package ?02:41
nhandlerAdd the needs-packaging tag02:41
_16aR_so : summary = mypackagename, tag = needs-packaging, distribution = ubuntu ?02:42
_16aR_and no text inside ?02:42
nhandlersummary = '[needs-packaging] yourpackagename'02:43
nhandlerText includes the URL, license, and any other relevant info02:43
RAOFAnd a description of what it actually *does*!02:43
vorianwhat does it to?02:44
* vorian hopes for new kde goodness02:44
_16aR_hexdiff : a ncurses "visual" diff editor in hexadecimal02:44
_16aR_ncurses goodness, though02:45
voriansounds promising02:45
_16aR_it helped me a lot, so ... I think it should be good to have it in ubuntu. moreover, it's only 5 .c source file. So, lightweight and easily compiled02:46
nixternaljames_w: what is involved in listing teams a member belongs to (or admins possibly) with launchpadlibs? it seems the team_memberships isn't incorporated yet02:51
james_wnixternal: it might be person.memberships_details02:56
nixternalahh, let me try that02:56
james_whttps://edge.launchpad.net/+apidoc/#team_membership if you haven't found it02:58
james_wteams = [mem.team for mem in person.team_memberships]02:58
james_wbut you'll want to filter on status02:59
nixternalahhh haaa, that's the one :)03:08
_16aR_in cdbs, how to override or add value to the CFLAGS variable for example ,03:25
_16aR_in my makefile, it does CFLAGS+=blabla, but when pbuilder build it, they don't appear :(03:26
RAOF_16aR_: It depends on what cdbs rules you're using.03:27
RAOF_16aR_: I'd guess you want to be here: https://perso.duckcorp.org/duck/cdbs-doc/cdbs-doc.xhtml#id252830403:27
_16aR_debhelper and makefile03:27
_16aR_already read03:28
RAOFSo DEB_MAKE_ENVVARS is your winner.03:28
RAOFIt gives exactly an example of setting something in CFLAGS there.03:28
_16aR_RAOF: ok, but all I want is to add the cdbs default CFLAGS, to the one already in the Makefile of my Package03:29
RAOFIt'll set that automatically.03:29
_16aR_I can copy the CFLAGS of the package into the debian/rules, but if it could be automated03:30
_16aR_not really, it overrides it :(03:30
RAOFThen you need to patch the makefile.03:30
RAOFOr, rather, if the CDBS flags are overriding the ones in the Makefile then you need to add the Makefile's flags to the ones specified by CDBS.03:31
RAOF / build environment.03:31
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stochasticcan anyone point me in the direction of how to format a debian/watch file?07:38
TheMusostochastic: the uscan manpage probably has something about them.07:39
dholbachgood morning07:39
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hyperaircan anyone review my package? it's already got an advocate. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=codelite08:42
didrocksdholbach: morning (and yes, I was awake before ;))09:09
dholbachgood morning didrocks! :)09:09
dholbachI was not saying that you're slacking :)09:09
didrocksI hope so :p09:09
liwdirecthex, that's a pretty unfortunate piece of news, and shines a rather bad light... on Verizon and MATC09:23
directhexliw, but to the drooling residents of madison, wisconsin, who looks like the baddie?09:24
liwdirecthex, they're blissful in their ignorance and nothing can make them look bad09:24
directhexliw, the article was televised, even09:25
slytherinI wonder if the girl even bothered looking into the applications menu to see that there was already a word processor.09:27
directhexslytherin, the article is bunk. afaik there isn't even a link to dell.com/ubuntu from the main dell.com site, certainly no full-size laptops in their regular site come with or can be configured with ubuntu09:28
directhexslytherin, obviously blame shifting to cover dropping out. 2 semesters of work, over pretend requirements for windows? nah, not happening09:29
directhexgiven at the bottom both parties involved said they'd get their stuff working for her anyway09:29
slytherinright. And if I was spending $1100 to buy a laptop I would make sure 10 times that I was getting exactly what I wanted. Claiming that Ubuntu was provided without any prior notification is a complete lie in my opinion.09:30
directhex"The main thing to note is that when you choose open source you don’t get a Windows® operating system. If you’re here by mistake and you are looking for a Dell PC with Windows, please use the following link."09:31
directhexfrom the warning text on dell.com/ubuntu, which you need to individually seek out09:31
stochasticnasty letters need to be written to that editor09:35
stochasticwhaddya know, here's the contact info: http://www.wkowtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=8388593&nav=menu1362_12_109:37
millicrimeny that's just lousy journalism09:46
james_wvorian: I wish you hadn't uploaded ncpfs, there are quite a few problems with the package that I am working on09:49
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savvasdoes anyone know someone from pkg-puppet-devel in debian? http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=51182610:45
ubottuDebian bug 511826 in puppetmaster "manpages and/or binaries misplaced in wrong packages" [Normal,Open]10:45
savvasI provided patches, I need that fixed so I can request a sync and close bug #116417 on launchpad :)10:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 116417 in puppet "puppetmasterd and puppetca have no man pages" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11641710:48
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stochasticI've run into some issue uploading a package I'm working on to my PPA, I get this rejected message: phat_0.4.1-0ubuntu1.dsc: Section '-' is not valid11:06
stochastichere's the control file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105100/11:06
stochasticsorry, I should post this question in #launchpad shouldn't I11:07
siretartstochastic: better paste the changes file you've uploaded11:09
siretartin addition to the dsc file11:09
stochastichttp://paste.ubuntu.com/105101/ the changes file11:10
karoogahi, anyone got a moment to review my package?11:10
siretartthere you have it. the section is empty11:10
karoogaIt's: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=366011:11
stochasticwell there's two different sections in the control file11:12
stochastichere's the dsc file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105102/11:12
stochastichow do I format that?11:13
siretartstochastic: you probably need to specify a section for the source as well11:16
savvasah yes11:17
savvasI had that problem before11:17
savvasI think you have to use Section: libs for source11:18
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stochasticwould someone like to give my package a REVU? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=calf12:16
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stochasticIf I'm building a series of packages that depend upon one another, is there any way to get pbuilder to be configured to pull from a PPA repo?12:29
mok0stochastic: yes12:34
mok0stochastic: you're not talking about a circular depency I hope12:34
stochasticnope, linear12:35
mok0stochastic: you have to use the --othermirror switch12:35
stochasticokay, thanks I'll look into that12:36
mok0stochastic: or, --login to the pbuilder with --save-after-login and exit the source.list file12:36
stochasticmok0, it doesn't seem to be able to pull from the repo, though it did get the listing from pbuilder update and I can see the package in apt-cache policy12:57
stochasticam I missing something?12:57
stochasticdo I need pbuilder to verify the repository?12:58
mok0stochastic: sorry I was afk13:00
mok0stochastic: Is the package in the Build-Depends?13:00
mok0stochastic: how did you add the repo?13:01
stochasticI went through the .pbuilderrc file as directed here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto#Using%20the%20%27othermirror%27%20option13:02
mok0stochastic: hm, I wonder if you also need to include the --othermirror option when you invoke the build13:03
stochasticI'll give it a try, but it pulled the new source when I did pbuilder update13:04
mok0stochastic: that should be enough I would think, but you never know :-)13:04
slytherinstochastic: What is the problem you are facing?13:06
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stochasticslytherin, I'm trying to get pbuilder to pull a dev library from my PPA repo13:07
slytherinstochastic: let me take a look at your pbuilderrc13:07
slytherinstochastic: have you pasted it anywhere?13:07
stochasticI know the second part is kinda pointless, but that's what the howto told me to add13:09
slytherinstochastic: when you did pbuilder update, did you use --override-config option?13:10
stochasticI guess I should have?13:10
slytherinstochastic: yes13:10
stochasticoff I go...13:11
huatsnorsetto: !!!13:13
huatsso happy to see you my old friend  !13:13
mok0huats: you can SEE him?13:13
huatswe miss you !13:14
norsettohuats: I'm not old, I'm just generationally challenged ;-)13:14
huatsnorsetto:  :)13:14
* pochu waves :)13:14
norsettoheya pochu13:14
pochuhey hey norsetto!13:14
pochuhi huats and mok013:14
* pochu refreshes his ppa waiting for a build to start13:15
huatshey pochu13:15
mok0Hi pochu!13:15
james_whey norsetto13:15
norsettohi james_w , how's life in lovely Bristol?13:15
james_wnorsetto: great thanks, how are you?13:15
norsettohuats: better not to ask about Toulouse  ;-)13:15
norsettojames_w, surviving ;-)13:16
james_wgood :-)13:16
huatsnorsetto: ;)13:16
mok0OK guys let's not get all emotional here... back to work!13:17
* pochu goes back to refresh his ppa :P13:17
norsettomok0: he, this reminds me the joke about the two finnish drinking together13:18
mok0norsetto: yes?13:18
norsettomok0: well, one of the two said skoll to the other13:18
norsettomok0: and the other replied, in an harsh tone, are we drinking or talking!?13:19
mok0I guessed that! :-D13:20
norsettomok0: well, I knew you would, you viking ;-)13:20
mok0raphink: Can we nuke greycstoration from REVU?13:22
raphinkhmmm we could mok013:22
raphinkalthough it could be an interesting package to have13:22
raphinksince this functionality is not included in gimp13:23
mok0raphink: The last comment from norsetto says it's part of gimp-plugin-registry13:23
mok0raphink: I agree, that app is awesome, I have used it on some of my photos13:23
mok0raphink: ok, I'll leave it, I thought you might have given up on it13:24
norsettomok0: yes, quite a catch-all that package, can't say I like the approach ...13:25
mok0norsetto: oh? Why not?13:25
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norsettomok0: not very maintainable IMHO13:26
=== neversfelde is now known as neversfelde_
norsettomok0: and why should one oblige a user to install 30 applications when all he needs is one?13:27
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mok0norsetto: is that what goes on? I only recall that it makes an app13:27
mok0and a plugin13:27
mok0norsetto: in any case, cgreystoration is superb at removing visible noise from your photos...13:28
mok0norsetto: much better than anything else I've seen, even PhotoShop13:29
norsettomok0: I was talking about the gimp-plugin-registry package13:29
mok0norsetto: ah13:29
mok0Well, in that case, shouldn't we push that package forward? raphink?13:29
raphinkmok0: sure13:32
mok0get to work, raphink ;-)13:32
raphinkmok0: some KDE apps have it by default now, like krita and digikam e.g.13:32
raphinkmok0: well, has it been reviewed yet?13:32
mok0raphink: greycstoration? Yes a long time ago13:32
raphinkI lack time ;)13:34
raphinkyou can tell, I'm sure ;)13:34
hyperairmok0: could you review codelite again please? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=codelite13:34
mok0hyperair: I've already advocated the package, someone else needs to, as well13:35
mok0hyperair: just don't do any new uploads13:35
raphinkoh and you reviewed it yourself even mok013:35
mok0raphink: that's why I asked13:35
raphinkhehe I see13:36
hyperairmok0: i know you have, but i did a new upload13:36
raphinkI'm probably not very up-to-date with new rules13:36
raphinkconsidering maintainers and so on13:36
hyperairmok0: nhandler has advocated the package, but yours was lost after upstream came up with a new version13:36
raphinkI think that it might not be a really good thing that policy changes so fast13:36
* mok0 looks13:36
raphinkso people who knew the rules a year ago don't anymore and need to spend time re-reading them13:36
mok0raphink: I don't see an upload since the comments13:37
raphinkno, I didn't upload anymore mok013:37
raphinkI have to find time to look at it ;)13:37
raphinkquiet a few things in your comments are new to me13:38
raphinkit wasn't done like that last time I made new packages ;)13:38
raphinkso I need to check these new rules13:38
mok0raphink: yeah, just ask here13:38
raphinkmok0: the last comments seems to indicate that greycstoration is already packaged13:39
raphinkas part of another package13:39
mok0hyperair: I am puzzled, AFAICS my advocation is still there, but REVU fails to count it13:39
mok0hyperair: ah, it's for another upload13:39
hyperairmok0: yeah it's another upload. nhandler advocated this upload, but not the one you advocated. partly because debian/copyright was off and there was a new version from upstream13:40
mok0hyperair: very strange, it keeps adding my comment to the previous upload...13:42
mok0hyperair: never mind13:42
mok0hyperair: I will upload it now13:42
hyperairmok0: thanks13:43
mok0Thanks for your work, hyperair13:43
mok0hyperair: codelite is now in the new queue https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text=14:02
hyperairmok0: okay thanks14:06
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apacheloggersiretart, lool: could one of you please take a look at bug 29076814:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 290768 in xine-lib "Using KDE4 trunk all multimedia apps crash because of Xine" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29076814:24
mok0siretart: pinnngg14:25
loolapachelogger: Is there any backtrace of this crash somewhere?  I see a crash file, but I suspect it wasn't sent with apport and hence hasn't the proper tags / wasn't retraced14:26
loolAh there's a partial one upstream14:27
siretartmok0: yes?14:27
mok0I am not able to log on to revu although I am an -admin14:27
loolsiretart: Do you reproduce the above crash with xine?14:31
loolsiretart: With LC_ALL=it_IT.UTF-8 or fr_FR.UTF-8, it doesn't crash14:34
loolAh that's intrepid actually14:34
looland amd6414:34
loolapachelogger: Ok; it's a bug in the italian translation on launchpad14:39
loolEnglish: load_plugins: static plugin found14:39
loolCurrent Italian: load_plugins: plugin %s trovato14:39
JontheEchidnait's a bug with german too14:41
JontheEchidnaI think it'd probably be a good idea if most translations were checked14:41
loolJontheEchidna: I don't seem to have the right to change them14:41
loolJontheEchidna: Do you know who to contact for such cases?14:41
mok0"Would you hold it against me if I said you had beautiful thighs?"14:41
loolI wonder whether that qualify as a SRU regression14:42
mok0"A hoovercraft has eels"14:42
JontheEchidnalool: nope, I just had a german guy in #kubuntu with the same crash yesterday14:42
* JontheEchidna speaks english14:42
JontheEchidnaobviously ;-)14:42
loolJontheEchidna: I also tried looking at the reporters and thought some didn't have an italian sounding name14:43
loolI'm moving the discussion to #ubuntu-devel as it sounds like a SRU regression14:45
loolErr kubuntu-devel14:50
* directhex mails mok0 an eel-filled hovercraft14:51
siretartlool: sorry, I don't have a jaunty system to test14:54
loolsiretart: it's an intrepid issue14:58
loolsiretart: It seems like a string issue14:58
* mok0 thanks directhex15:03
siretarthm. gxine works fine for me in german locale on i38615:04
siretartneeds more investigation...15:04
mok0Ah none of you young guys remember the Monty Python sketch about the Romanian Parleur15:04
mok0directhex: yes, sorry hungarian15:10
mok0Hehe yes that's the one... priceless15:12
mok0directhex: re: JontheEchidna asking for a review of all translations ;-)15:15
directhexsounds like a rather major task15:15
directhexcan't we just put an automatic check on matching numbers of %s et al on all languages, when publishing translations?15:16
JontheEchidnaapparently the rosetta dudes are gonna scan the translations for the errors15:17
directhexthat's okay then15:18
directhexapachelogger, remember the ubuntu-calendar packages?15:34
apacheloggerdirecthex: nope15:43
anakronHi all15:47
anakron:) good morning...here in chile15:47
anakrongood [random]15:47
directhexapachelogger, it was some wallpaper, released monthly, a while back. there may have been boobies involved. check packages.ubuntu.com15:49
JontheEchidna"there may have been boobies involved". You now have my full, undivided attention. :P15:49
JontheEchidna[/sexist remarks]15:49
anakronhi rain15:51
mok0I just reviewed http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=nx but I feel very unsure about that package. I'd appreciate if someone else could take a look.15:53
hyperairooh nx15:57
hyperairi remember there was an unofficial repository containing that once15:57
directhexJontheEchidna, i suspect that's why it was removed. despite the month with the naked guy.15:58
JontheEchidnado not want15:58
directhexJontheEchidna, check the deps/suggests of http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/ubuntu-calendar - no promises on which contains whom and in what state of undress.16:00
directhexhint: you won't like jan16:02
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apacheloggerdirecthex: oh well, I am not a fan of boobies :P16:51
hyperair..what was that and what prompted it?16:51
jpdshyperair: I'd rather not know.16:51
directhexapachelogger, but that was probably a major factor in the calendar being dropped16:52
Nafallohyperair: calendar packages back in warty16:52
Nafallolate response :-P16:52
jpdsNafallo: Ah right.16:52
* apachelogger was on his way home16:52
apacheloggerdirecthex: kubuntu-wotm wouldn't go to official archives and either way have moderation16:53
directhexapachelogger, the calendar was moderated. t'was in main i think!16:53
directhexanyway, hometime16:53
apacheloggerone moderation crew that was :P16:53
Nafallothe calendar was paid for photographic art AFAIK16:54
hyperairNafallo: you mean the monthly ubuntu calendar thing?16:55
Nafallohyperair: yes.16:55
hyperairah those16:55
karoogais it acceptable to include copyright+licence info as a patch for files in a package which don't have it included (from upstream)?16:55
hyperairno i don't think so16:57
hyperairbut i feel lucky that the upstream maintainer was cooperative regarding the license issues16:58
hyperairyou should contact upstream and see if they're willing to cooperate16:58
karoogahyperair: i had cooperation initially but now about 3 months later - nothing.16:58
hyperairkarooga: bug the upstream maintainer some more?16:59
hyperairif not ask a motu for guidance16:59
hyperairwhoever it is who reviewed your package perhaps17:00
karoogahyperair: RainCT17:00
karoogahyperair: i've already sent a couple of emails upstream.17:00
hyperairkarooga seems to be having some issues with upstream and copyright stuff17:01
hyperairRainCT: ^17:01
karoogaoh hi, RainCT :-)17:01
hyperairheh that was prompt17:01
karoogaRainCT:  fixing up final bits and following your review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=366017:01
karoogaRainCT: any ideas?17:06
RainCTokay, so you are more productive than me right now (/me just removed a directory with some stuff which will take him hours to redo :'()17:06
hyperairpoor thing17:09
karoogaRainCT: balls! sorry to hear it.  apt-get install recover... or apt-get install e2undel?17:09
hyperairthose only work with ext2 =(17:10
jpdsRainCT: no backups?17:11
karoogahyperair: but ext3 is just ext2 + a journal?17:11
RainCTjpds: no, I hadn't much yet, but it's stuff with which I have nearly no experience yet so I'll have to go through the docs again.. (writing python bindings in C/C++)17:13
hyperairkarooga: yes, but apt-cache show recover e2undel said it won't work with ext317:13
jpdsRainCT: Ouch..17:13
hyperairi'm interested to try out ext4. it's just ext3 + extents right?17:14
karoogahyperair: with 16TB file limits17:15
hyperairbut my hard disk doesn't even reach 1TB17:15
hyperairso to hell with that damn limit lol17:16
hggdhquestion for any: Evolution 2.26 will require libpst at an updated version (0.6.x) than what is available on either Ubuntu or Debian. How do you want me to request it?18:27
=== RainCT_ is now known as RainCT
slytherinhggdh: asking in wrong channel. evolution is in main. So check if anyone has already thought about this or working on this in #ubuntu-devel.18:38
hggdhslytherin, Evo is in main, but libpst is currently in Universe. After upgrading we will need a MIR on it18:41
slytherinhggdh: right. But you should still check if the maintainers of evo have already thought about this or not.18:42
hggdhslytherin, I did. I also help on Evolution...18:44
slytherinhggdh: hmm. in that case file a bug for update of libpst. And you can work on as well if you want. :-)18:45
hggdhmy doubt is Debian does not have an up-to-date libpst, so we would need to package from source -- and I am not sure of the process here...18:46
hggdh(so it will not be a sync, but a real needs-packaging from source)18:47
slytherinhggdh: that is all right. Debian is in deep freeze currently. So you probably won't see new libpst in Debian unstable till Lenny is released.18:48
slytherinhggdh: can you tell me exact name of the package. I can not find any libpst package in Debian/Ubuntu.18:49
hggdhslytherin,  on Debian and Ubuntu it is listed as readpst, source package libpst18:53
slytherinhggdh: Ok. I was just checking if the package has any updated version in Debian experimental.18:54
hggdh(I had already checked, this is why I came here)18:55
slytherinhggdh: please proceed with your plan then. :-)18:55
hggdhslytherin, thanks. I did not want to get anything started before checking here18:56
slytherinhggdh: make sure you log a bug first. And assign it to yourself.18:57
hggdhslytherin, I will start with a needs-packaging, of course ;-)18:58
ScottKActually for an updated package it should be tagged 'upgrade'  'needs-packaging' is just for new packages18:59
slytherinjames_w: I was just wondering. Is there any point of keeping serpentine in archives when it offers no advantage over other tools like brasero.19:15
ScottKslytherin: Unless it's abandoned upstream there's no pressing reason so remove it from Universe.19:22
slytherinScottK: well there is no reason to maintain as well. Anyway, I will leave it as it is.19:23
hggdhScottK, I will correct the bug. Thanks19:24
hggdhScottK, would the 'needs-packaging' tag still be applicable, or is there another tag to be used?19:25
directhexpoopies. intrepid doesn't support audio on this motherboard19:26
slytherinhggdh: upgrade is correct tag19:28
Chris`I have just finished packaging my first package, can someone check over the debian/control for me?19:31
maxbChris`: For submission to Ubuntu, or for personal/limited use?19:32
Chris`maxb: For submission to Ubuntu19:32
Chris`There is the control file19:32
maxbChris`: Have you read about REVU?19:32
nhandler!revu | Chris`19:32
ubottuChris`: REVU is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on Ubuntu packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU19:32
Chris`maxb: Yeah however I'd rather just make sure that this is correct first :)19:32
maxbSection: unknown19:33
Chris`Yeah just editted )19:33
maxbPriority: Networking !19:33
Chris`Section: Networking priority: extra19:33
Chris`I'm concerned about the maintainer field19:33
directhexjaunty supports it though19:33
Chris`Should that be motu?19:33
Chris`What's the name and address for the MOTU?19:33
nhandlerUbuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>19:34
Chris`nhandler: Thanks ;)19:34
nhandlerYou're welcome Chris`19:34
Chris`So when I have finished this, what must I do with the pbuilder/result directory?19:35
jpdsChris`: I think Prioirity ought to be optional, extra is rarely used.19:35
jpdsChris`: Upload the source package to revu.19:35
* Chris` goes back and edits :)19:35
maxbYour own name and email go in XSBC-Original-Maintainer:19:35
nhandlerChris`: You don't need to do anything with the pbuilder/result directory. But you could mention that it built cleanly (if it did)19:35
jpdsChris`: Latest Standards-Version is 3.8.0 too. :)19:35
maxbYou have some things in your Depends that I would have expected ${shlibs:Depends} to have taken care of19:36
jpdsChris`: And you should have a new line every 80 spaces.19:36
Chris`The Depends section, how does one go about fixing that?19:37
karoogajpds:  is 80 the magic number from 80x25 in a terminal?19:37
jpdsChris`: {$shlibs:Depends} autodetectes what your package needs normally.19:38
maxbRemove all library packages from depends. Build. Check that the shlibs:Depends substituted everything you expected it to19:38
jpdskarooga: Yes, and it makes it easier to read.19:38
maxbRead http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-binary.html#s-descriptions about the Description field19:38
Chris`http://pastebin.com/d7e36385 How does this look? :)19:41
maxb'Networking' is not a valid Section. You get to choose from the list defined in paragraph 2.4 of the debian-policy-manual only19:42
directhex**** network manager19:42
directhexit keeps ignoring my static configurating, re-creating the "auto eth0" setting, and using that19:42
nhandlerThere is a web section19:43
maxbYou imply you might be using rdesktop but don't build-depend on it19:43
Chris`I haven't build-depended rdesktop, have I?19:44
Chris`"dput revu package_version_source.changes" -- Is that all that is required?19:49
jpdsChris`: Yep.19:49
jpdsChris`: No, make sure you've logged into REVU first via the web interface.19:49
nhandlerChris`: Also make sure your gpg key is in LP19:50
Chris`I am but what about the source tarball?19:50
nhandlerUse debuild -S -sa19:50
nhandlerThat will include the .orig.tar.gz in your upload19:50
Chris`Am I only uploading the changes file using that command? Or am I uploading the changes and the orig19:50
Chris`ah ok19:50
jpdsChris`: and .diff.gz and .dsc.19:51
Chris`Ok uploading... finally :)19:51
Chris`Successfully uploaded packages.19:51
Chris`Not running dinstall.19:51
Chris`Is that bad?19:52
Chris`So dinstall is just something that I shouldn't worry about?19:52
maxbNot running dinstall. == "I'm not debian" more or less19:52
Chris`Ah ok cool19:52
Chris`To close the bug, should I attach anything to launchpad now?19:53
jpdsChris`: If you did the changelog right, the bug will be automagically closed when the package is uploaded to the archives.19:54
nhandlerChris`: You shouldn't close the bug until the package gets uploaded to the repositories19:54
nhandlerThe changelog entry should include (LP: #NNNNNN) to close the bug19:54
ScottKhggdh: The tag is upgrade19:55
Chris`Oh snap, "(Closes: lp:#314430)" Does the lack of space mean much?19:55
ScottKYes it does19:55
maxbChris`: You seem to have uploaded an old version19:55
nhandlerYou don't need the word "Closes"19:55
jpdsChris`: (LP: #NNNNN).19:55
nhandler(LP: #314430) -- assuming that is a LP bug19:56
Chris`maxb: What do you mean old? I just got that tarball from the homepage19:56
ScottKIf this is for a new package, last I noticed close in changelog didn't work for them anyway19:56
maxbThe version I see in revu lacks changes you just discussed in this channel19:56
Chris`My control file?19:57
Chris`Ah strange, lemme just refix ti19:58
Chris`dpkg-source: error: syntax error in grdc-0.2.0/debian/control at line 15: line with unknown format (not field-colon-value)19:59
Chris`dpkg-buildpackage: failure: dpkg-source -b grdc-0.2.0 gave error exit status 919:59
Chris`debuild: fatal error at line 1329:19:59
Chris`debuild error =\19:59
nhandlerWhat is line 15 in debian/control?19:59
maxbYou've got all kinds of boilerplate comments left over in your debian/rules too19:59
Chris`application and a Gnome applet. Features include scrollable window, floating19:59
nhandlerChris`: Is that in the description? If so, did the line start with a space?20:00
Chris`nhandler: I'll try with a space now then :)20:00
Chris`maxb: I don't understand the rules file, how can I go about removing the "boilerplate" stuff?20:01
karooganhandler: should all source files contain copyright+licencing info?20:02
nhandlerkarooga: That would be ideal20:02
maxbChris`: You should not have commented out commands or comments that are instructions to you from the template rules file left over in the actual upload20:03
Chris`maxb: I haven't touched the rules file, that was left over from dh_make20:03
nhandlerChris`: Well, you are going to have to touch the rules file. You probably don't need everything in there20:04
karooganhandler: is it a deal breaker though?  I'm battling to get hold of upstream.  Or should I use a patch to add the details?20:04
nhandlerkarooga: What package is this?20:05
karooganhandler: a python handler for an fortran library http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=366020:07
karooganhandler: s/handler/bindings/20:08
nhandlerkarooga: I'm not seeing any license in that code. I highly doubt it would get accepted in its current state20:10
Chris`Ok I have finished with the debian files now and I have reuploaded :)20:12
Jazzvahi, do I need e-mail addresses of all upstream authors, or will one or two be enough for debian/copyright?20:19
karooganhandler: the upstream tarball doesn't have any licence.20:24
nhandlerkarooga: I know. That is an issue. It needs to have a license in it20:25
karooganhandler: I agree, that's why I added some lines in get-orig-source  http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/ppgplot-0901150900/ppgplot-1.3/debian/rules20:27
nhandlerI don't think you are allowed to simply coppy /usr/share/common-licenses/LGPL-2.1 to the source.20:28
mok0nhandler: you're not20:30
nhandlerI know mok020:30
mok0karooga: you have to ask upstream to include a license file20:30
mok0karooga: COPYING or whatever20:30
karooganhandler: this is what ScottK suggested I do...20:30
karoogamok0: upstream is being uncooperative :-(20:31
ScottKmok0: You can repack the tarball to add license if needed.20:31
mok0karooga: then we can't distribute the software20:31
* ScottK got one in the archive that way.20:31
ScottKIf it's clear what the intended license is.20:31
ScottKYou can't just make one up.20:31
nhandlerScottK: I don't think it is clear20:32
* JontheEchidna makes up the rainbow unicorn license20:32
karoogaScottK: hehe... no it's not made up.20:32
nhandlerScottK: There are no license headers and no mention of the license in the readme or anything20:32
mok0Correct, I checked it too20:32
karoogaScottK: I had coms with upstream before he went silent.20:33
mok0There's nothing outside debian/ saying what the license is20:33
karoogathat was about 3-4 months ago20:33
mok0karooga: I've had to abandon packages where upstream was not responsive20:34
mok0karooga: it's no fun20:34
karoogamok0: so what are my options? tarball myself and dump on launchpad or sourceforge?20:34
mok0karooga: you mean distribute it yourself?20:35
karoogamok0: yup?20:35
mok0karooga: It's a possibility20:35
karoogamok0: it's really only 3 files in total anyway...20:36
karoogaI think I'll try sending a forth email to upstream20:37
mok0karooga: we're talking about ppgplot, right?20:37
karoogamok0: yes20:37
mok0karooga: tbh, if you need it for your own work, just package it and use it locally. There's a ton of plotting packages in Ubuntu, some much more advanced. Yes I am brutal :-)20:39
karoogamok0: perhaps I can make it easy for him by including a patch to his code... maybe even a script to repackage it.20:39
mok0karooga: well that is a good way to get things done20:39
mok0karooga: you are really in love with this software, huh ;-)20:40
karoogamok0: I'm already doing that :-)  but there's no coolness factor for getting your first package accepted.20:40
mok0karooga: I understand, but there's LOTs of other software that you could package20:40
mok0karooga: you might even "hijack" a package from REVU, many are abandoned there20:41
karoogamok0: hehehe... it's a love-hate relationship - I hate the C/fortran interface.20:41
karoogamok0: loving the python one.20:41
mok0karooga: ok! Just probing you...20:42
maxbDo people manually sweep revu for packages that are outdated, or is it worth pointing out, for example, that the unetbootin in revu is older than the one in jaunty?20:45
karoogamok0: I did start http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=pyephem  but realised I had to package the library separately20:45
nhandlermaxb: Usually, when a MOTU reviews a package, they check if it is the most recent version before advocating20:45
mok0karooga: ok, anyways, since you are keen to do work, while you are waiting for an answer to your ppgplot patches, I am sure there are REVU uploaders that could use assistance pushing packages through. Look for old ones in the "Needs Work" section and contact the packager if you can take over20:46
maxbyup, but what about discarding unreviewed obsolete packages?20:46
mok0maxb: what do you mean?20:46
nhandlermaxb: They would have had to have been reviewed in order for someone to notice it was old ;)20:46
karoogamok0: cool beans - any recommendations off hand?20:47
mok0karooga: it depends on your interest20:47
maxbWell, if the version in jaunty is greater than the version in revu, it would be reasonable to semi-automatedly archive them?20:47
mok0karooga: there's one called python-crontab that even has one advocate20:48
nhandlermaxb: If it is in Jaunty, it shouldn't be on REVU20:48
nhandlermaxb: REVU is only for brand new packages20:48
maxbWell that's the point. I'm asking if it's useful to point out such erroneous packages, and if so, how is best.20:48
mok0karooga: ah, python-crontab is not that old20:49
nhandlermaxb: Poke a MOTU. They can then archive the upload on REVU20:49
mok0karooga: python-polib is old and has a not-answered review20:50
maxbMOTUs, consider yourself poked re http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=unetbootin to be archived :-)20:51
mok0maxb: why?20:52
karoogamok0: great thanks.  Will look into them.20:52
nhandlermok0: He said it was in jaunty20:52
mok0ah I see20:52
maxbin jaunty with greater version20:52
nhandlermok0: You want to handle it? If not, I'll do it in a minute or two20:52
mok0maxb: thanks. Done.20:52
mok0nhandler: archived20:54
mok0So, we're well into REVU day!20:55
nhandlermok0: I still have 11 more hours20:56
karoogamok0: I see there is a newer version of python-polib out.  Does one work on newest version and archive the old one?20:56
mok0karooga: you'd just package the newer one and overwrite it20:57
nhandlerkarooga: When you upload a newer version to REVU, it will replace the older one20:57
mok0we often ask uploaders to upgrade20:57
karooganhandler: brill!20:58
nhandlerThat is another reason why a debian/watch file or a get-orig-source rule is so great20:58
nhandlerkarooga: ???20:58
karooganhandler: a big thumbs up to the guys working on revu code :-)20:59
nhandlerkarooga: Thank RainCT, not me20:59
karoogais an MIT licence a problem?20:59
Chris`http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grdc -- If you have the chance, can you review this for me please?20:59
mok0karooga: I hope not, otherwise we can't run the X-server21:00
mok0Chris`: I'll take a look21:01
Chris`mok0: Thanks :)21:01
=== emgent_ is now known as emgent
iulianCould someone please unsubscribe uus from bug #317544?21:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317544 in eqonomize "Please sync eqonomize 0.6-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31754421:01
* nhandler goes to look21:02
mok0iulian: can't you do that yourself?21:02
iulianmok0: I'm not a member of uus.21:02
iulianSo, I cannot.21:02
mok0iulian: ah, but you should be21:02
mok0iulian: you're MOTU now21:03
nhandleriulian: Done21:03
iuliannhandler: Thanks.21:03
nhandlerYou're welcome. Now go and join UUS21:03
* iulian looks for an uus admin.21:04
nhandleriulian: Bug persia about it21:04
savvaswhat's your opinion on debhelper and debian/compat version? should I use as minor as possible for backport reasons?21:05
jpdsnhandler: You can't file bugs against people tho.21:05
nhandlerjpds: I wonder what the LP admins would say if I created a bug report about that21:05
Chris`mok0: I have just fixed a Gnome --> GNOME bug, I'm going to reupload assap21:06
persiaiulian, You want to be a member?21:08
RAOFsavvas: You don't need to worry about backporting; hardy has debhelper 7 in backports, too.21:08
savvasRAOF: there's no obligation to put up the newest debhelper version, right?21:09
savvasI mean, I've looked in debian and ubuntu policies, couldn't find anything21:09
RAOFsavvas: No.  You don't have to use compat 7.21:09
iulianpersia: Yes, please.21:09
iulianThat was fast. Thanks.21:10
RAOFsavvas: You might _want_ to use compat 7, so you can use the moderately awesome dh tool.21:10
RAOFLike CDBS, but without so much crazy arcane makefile hunting!21:10
savvasnew features?21:10
persiaiulian, Thanks for helping out: closing all the bugs for which we have  fix already available is fairly high priority :)21:10
superm1RAOF, is it in misc different backports for earlier releases so you dont lose backportability?21:11
savvasRAOF: Could you point me to a link with more information? :)21:11
RAOFsuperm1: It certainly works back to hardy; I'm not sure if dh 7 is backported to gutsy or earlier, though.21:12
superm1RAOF, oh an you just said that above. sorry i should have read scrollback more than 3 lines up21:12
RAOFsavvas: The dh manpage is pretty good http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jaunty/en/man1/dh.1.html21:13
maxbrmadison says no backports other than hardy21:14
savvasok thanks21:14
mok0Chris`: ok, I attached my review!21:17
Chris`mok0: Thanks a bunch :)21:17
karoogaIn the upstream tarball, is the licence in COPYING or LICENCE? or does it not really matter too much as long as it's there?21:36
Chris`karooga: I'd assume as long as it's there it should work but wait for a proper MOTU to answer ;)21:38
karoogaChris`: yeah, that's my gut feeling too.21:39
nhandlerkarooga: If it is there, you are fine. The name doesn't matter. While you are at it, try and get license/copyright headers for the actual script too21:40
karooganhandler: i will do.21:41
karooganhandler: I see revu complains about copyright in the examples - is this an issue?21:42
nhandlerWhat examples karooga? And what does it complain about?21:42
karooganhandler: I should say the complaint is "*No copyright* UNKNOWN".  The examples are are example scripts shipped with package.21:44
karooganhandler: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/report.py/legal?upid=449021:44
nhandlerkarooga: It is complaining about the scripts not having proper license/copyright headers21:44
karooganhandler: yeah.  But am I just being academic about wanting to fix them too?21:46
nhandlerkarooga: You personally can't fix it. Upstream would need to do that. The headers aren't as important as including a license in the source, but some MOTUs don't like packages without headers21:48
karooganhandler: cool21:50
karoogathanks for the help this evening nhandler, mok0 and Chris`.  Lights out time.21:52
Chris`karooga: Nos da ;)21:52
LaserJockwhat the way to enter a directory before running make in debian/rules?22:45
DktrKranzjpds, I hadn't the chance to look at new launchpadlib feature in ubuntu-dev-tools, how can I use requestsync to avoid "IOError: No credentials found" each time?22:45
RAOFLaserJock: cd dir && $(MAKE) ?22:45
jpdsDktrKranz: Get the latest version in jaunty.22:45
RAOFOther options probably include $(MAKE) -C $DIR22:45
DktrKranzjpds, I've it already22:45
jpdsDktrKranz: 0.55?22:46
jpdsDktrKranz: OK; look at: man manage-credentials22:47
DktrKranzI launched manage-credentials as suggested, imported credentials but it still fails with IOError22:47
DktrKranzprobably I don't use it correctly22:47
jpdsDktrKranz: Where did your credentials get saved?22:48
jpdsDktrKranz: It ought to be: ~/.cache/lp_credentials/ubuntu-dev-tools-write_public.txt .22:49
pochudoes that belong to .cache or to .config?22:52
jpdsDktrKranz: Odd, it's working here..22:52
jpdspochu: .cache.22:52
DktrKranzjpds, I re-launched manage-credentials with -e parameter and this time it worked22:52
jpdsDktrKranz: Hmm, didn't use that for my token.22:53
jpdsDktrKranz: Can you check if /usr/share/ubuntu-dev-tools/common.py has something like: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/105356/ ?22:56
DktrKranzjpds, it has. My error was probably due to the fact I played with my environmental variables such as DEBEMAIL22:57
jpdsDktrKranz: Ah, ok.22:57
DktrKranzI'll try to have a look tomorrow22:57
DktrKranzwith a  clean environment22:57
jpdsReport any bugs/errors, I'll fix them :)22:58
DktrKranzsure :)22:58
Skiessican I ask here for a package to be upgraded?23:16
nhandlerSkiessi: It would be best to file a bug report about it on Launchpad23:16
Skiessiyes but I'm not the bug-reporting-in-launchpad type23:19
SkiessiI'll just mention it here and be wondering in a few years why they still haven't updated it23:21
quadrispronhandler: thank you very much for your feedback! (you're right, and finally I've attached an ubuntu-to-ubuntu.debdiff to the last merge I've worked on :))23:36
nhandlerI'm glad to hear that quadrispro23:37
nhandlerI have no doubt that you will make a fine MOTU23:37
nhandlerKeep up the great work23:37
quadrispronhandler: thanks a lot23:37
Chris`Hello can someone explain to me how to build my debian/watch file?23:56
pochuChris`: look at uscan(1), it has some examples23:57
pochuuscan's manpage (section 1)23:58
nhandlerChris`: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jaunty/en/man1/uscan.1.html23:58
Chris`Ok thanks pochu & nhandler23:58
pochuhey nhandler :)23:58
nhandlerChris`: There is also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/DebianWatch23:58
nhandlerHi pochu23:58
pochudidn't we have a cool bot for manpages?23:58
nhandlerNot in here23:58
nhandlerI know I added manpage support to my bot23:58
pochuah ok23:58
Chris`nhandler: I've found the recipes guide to be absolutely no help at all regarding Debian/watch =x23:58
nhandlerWhat didn't you like about them Chris` ?23:59
Chris`That they didn't work :)23:59
Chris`Ah the manpages are helping though23:59

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