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* asac reboots to new kernel09:59
asac_that didnt work out :/10:20
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asacfta2: ok so test_handlerService.js seems to fail if gconf is not available ... so screen/chroot  etc.11:39
asacso the gconfd needs to be started most likely11:40
fta2asac, you are referring to -testsuite, right?12:23
asacfta2: to make check in general12:26
asacfor me the OS handler stuff fails when running that in a screen12:26
fta2file a bug and fix it :)12:27
asacnot really fixable i think12:28
asacunless i know how to start gconf in screen12:28
fta2ask seb, he should have plenty of packages doing just that at build time12:29
asacgconf testing?12:29
asacjs> Components.classes["@mozilla.org/browser/shell-service;1"].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIShellService).desktopBackgroundColor = 0xFFEEAA;13:21
asacGConf Error: Failed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due to a system crash. See http://www.gnome.org/projects/gconf/ for information. (Details -  1: Not running within active session)13:21
asacso seems its orbit13:36
asacwhat the hell is orbit? there is no server? i dont see a binary13:37
asacwelcome sunilmohan ;)13:40
sunilmohanasac: hi :)13:41
sunilmohanI am helping wikz with Spicebird packaging13:42
sunilmohanI saw a patch with unix/packages-static file13:42
asacyeah ... now that i read your name careful i figure that13:42
asacsunilmohan: that patch isnt wanted upstream afaik. fta2 did it for tbird (if you refer to tbird patch)13:43
sunilmohanactually I was also worried about it.13:43
sunilmohanwindows/packages-static and installer/Makefile.in (list of files to exclude) are pain to maintain13:44
sunilmohanmany times we forgot something or the other in these two files and removed-files and had major problems13:45
sunilmohanunix/packages-static looks like another problem if we have to maintain it13:45
sunilmohanI think some who reusing the exclusion list from installer/Makefile is a better idea.13:46
sunilmohanso for now asking wikz not to prepare a similar patch for Spicebird13:47
fta2asac, orbit is a corba client (maybe server too)13:48
fta2it's supposed to be deprecated in gnome13:48
asacfta2: yes. gconf seems to use it though :/13:48
sunilmohanAlso, removing FORTIFY_SOURCE in mozilla applications not the right thing. The crashes are due to unfixed problems. I have reopened the upstream bug and submitted patches: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41261013:51
ubottuMozilla bug 412610 in Startup and Profile System "MAXPATHLEN too small for glibc's realpath()" [Normal,Reopened]13:51
asacsunilmohan: we dont remove FORTIFY SOURCE anymore afaik13:59
asacsunilmohan: we just use the patch that landed13:59
asaccould be that we dont have that on tbird branch yet13:59
asacfta2: ^^ ?13:59
sunilmohanasac: the landed patch is not enough AFAIK, atleast for thunderbird14:00
asacsunilmohan: seems like your last patch is ready for landing14:02
fta2asac, it may still be in my tb3 branch (not sure), but it's not meant to be there anymore, i prefer the patch, but upstream is still unsure as it touches several modules14:02
fta2i'll have a look when i have time14:02
asacsunilmohan: do all r+ patches still need to be committed?14:02
sunilmohanfta2: upstream review+ed changes in other modules also (except one which is still pending)14:03
sunilmohanasac: yes! except the one that was committed originally rest need to be checked in14:03
sunilmohanasac: last three patches need sr also.14:04
fta2the patch in xul & ff has been r- and needed to be split to have separate reviews14:04
fta2some parts got a r+14:04
asacsunilmohan: who is not superreveiwer14:04
asacsunilmohan: bholley14:05
asacbenjamin and roc are superreviewers14:05
sunilmohanso its ok if they don't give a sr explicitly if they are superreviews?14:05
asaci think so ... at least thats what reed tells me all the time ;)14:06
asacand there frequently land patches with just r=roc ;)14:06
sunilmohanok :)14:06
jcastroasac: hand wavy estimate, how many patches would you say you've sent to network-manager these past 2 cycles?15:56
jcastrolike, a bunch, a few, etc?15:57
asaca bunch ;)16:11
asacjcastro: why past 2 cycles?16:11
jcastroasac: I'm just trying to determine if it's enough to ask upstream to participate in a survey16:12
jcastrosince we're hitting up n-m during a hug day I wanted to know how upstream feels about our patches16:13
asacjcastro: ask him about intrepid cycle16:15
jcastroit's primarily dan williams right?16:15
asacjcastro: you can look at the mailing list month per author16:15
asaci also sent a few through bugzilla16:15
asacand so on16:16
jcastrothank you sir16:16
asacjcastro: yes mostly Dan16:16
asacjcastro: I expect that his claims will not be really objective as he - as upstream - obviously wants more ;) ... but should hav at least improved considerably16:17
jcastroyeah they always say that.16:17
jcastroI am not really concerned about gathering that kind of statistics because we'll always not have enough16:18
jcastromostly I am taking a measure of how patches are going back and forth amongst a group of projects to get and idea of how it's going16:18
jcastroso that when someone says "ubuntu doesn't send patches" I have hard data to say otherwise16:18
asacjcastro: i think the best way to do that is to look at the amount of patches we have in the package16:19
asacjcastro: compare 0.6 (hardy) vs. 0.7 (intrepid) package16:19
jcastrooh hey, for the nm bugs, there's not many open upstream tasks16:20
asacbecause when we dont have patches there, we cannot send them upstream ;)16:20
asacjcastro: we dont use bugzilla really16:20
asacjcastro: its a mixed thing16:20
asacjcastro: bugzilla and mailing list16:20
asacall real issues get discussed on irc and fixed on ml16:20
jcastrook so that's why there's not many upstream linkages?16:20
asacone reason16:21
asacjcastro: i will not change my upstreaming behaviour until gnome and mozilla have the launchpad plugin so i dont need to do senseless proxying after forwarding bugs16:35
asacjcastro: current mode of operation is to spot really important issues and drive them in a way that they get fixed16:36
asacat best upstream ... if not possible downstream16:36
asacthats difficult enough. I saw a bunch of gnome bugs where they just forwarded random crash backtraces. thats one approach, but i strongly believe its not the right approach16:37
asac(not saying my approach is better - i see the deficiencies, which require resources to fix)16:37
asacso what we need to get the right way of doing things is:16:38
asaca) launchpad plugins everywhere (maintainer like me just needs to figure out whether its upstream, properly file it upstream against the right component and then monitor discussion between reporter and upstream)16:38
asacb) use upstream crash report system16:39
jcastroasac: hey, I'm just gathering info, I didn't say anything about changing the way you work!16:39
asacc) QA resources that properly triage bugs ;)16:39
asacjcastro: sure ... just wanted to make that point anyway ;)16:40
jcastroheh, I know, I get that lot. :p16:40
asacbut a) would remove the urgent need for QA resources for new bugs16:40
asaci think i could cope quiet well with the inflowing ones16:40
asaconce a) is there we would need a one time effort to clean all the cruft up that accumulated over time16:41
asacwhich is quite a lot16:41
asacjcastro: also being able to split components for big packages in launchpad would be precious ... bugt i think i already mntioned that before16:42
asacbut otoh, if all goes upstream because a) exists we might not need it in LP as its properly categorized in upsream racker then16:42
jcastroyeah don't worry we'll spend alot of time talking about this in berlin, heh16:42
jcastroI just want to gather info before hand16:42
asacjcastro: sure. do you know whether gnome would be perceptive for installing the launchpad plugin? have you asked?16:44
jcastrothat is a long and bitter struggle16:45
jcastrobasically, they have a very customized 2.x install16:45
jcastroand moving to 3.x would be very painful16:45
jcastrothey want to move, (the plugins are now in upstream bugzilla btw)16:45
jcastrobut they are kind of stuck in a bad place at the moment.16:45
asacjcastro: hmm ... sme for mozilla? during UDS the bugzilla admins there seemed to be open to drive this forward16:47
jcastroI am unsure on the status of mozilla but I know it's on the list.16:48
jcastroI believe kiko is working that himself, I will ask though16:48
[reed]I made a call16:51
[reed]I will not add the launchpad plugin to Bugzilla until launchpad is open source16:51
asac[reed]: isnt the launchpad plugin opensource?16:51
[reed]I don't think it makes sense for Mozilla to support a closed bug tracker16:51
[reed]it may be, but it still doesn't make sense to support launchpad first before supporting integration with other bug tracking systems (like other bugzilla instances, for example).16:52
asacwhere did you communicate that?16:52
[reed]I mentioned it in #mozwebtools a while ago... don't think I've said anything to kiko yet16:53
[reed]brb in 10 min.16:53
asac[reed]: isnt there a difference? lp plugin is ready16:53
asacbug bz vs. bz doesnt do that?16:53
asacyou should communicate that16:53
asacblog about it ... if its an official decision16:53
* asac off shopping16:53
NCommanderIs there any reason why the version of Sunbird installed by default is debranded?17:15
vadi2Hi. My firefox decided to start crashing on gmail now, but I'm unable to find the instructions on how to provide the backtrace for it. Does anyone have them handy?17:22
vadi2Solved, I think... flash was acting up. It's happy now.18:01
fta2jcastro, did you decide which workflow you wanted to stick with for gwibber? 1 or 2 branches? deb only branch or merged branch? --export-upstream or tarball with get-orig-source? etc18:13
jcastrofta2: I have no idea. Mind if I wait 2 weeks so I can sit down with asac and have him explain to me exactly how to do this?18:15
jcastroI've only ever bumbled around in a PPA, I have no actual workflow18:16
jcastrobut I am hoping to learn a way to do it smartly18:16
fta2ok, no problem, i'll follow my own idea in my ppa until you decide, without impacting the team branch18:17
fta2i also like incremental changelog, until it is really pushed to the repository.18:20
fta2jcastro, ^^18:23
jcastrowhat do you mean?18:24
fta2we keep the changelog open with UNRELEASED until we really push to universe or main. PPA doesn't count, so we add new entries in there, we bump the version/date/etc when needed.18:27
fta2look at our *.head branches18:28
jcastroah I see18:30
fta2to maintain my ppa, i have one clone per arch for each branch. that's where i close the UNRELEASED, not in the main branch18:32
fta2(i use a script, it's not manual)18:32
fta2in a nutshell, when i want to push, lets say firefox-3.2.head to my ppa, i run sync-ppa.pl firefox-3.2, it will create/update the 3 ppa branches (ff-3.2.head.ppa.hardy/jaunty)..18:35
fta2i just have to paste the dput command that the script created18:36
fta2but well, i'm lazy, 1 or 2 commands is all i'm willing to do to update my ppa18:36
fta2ok, i have to run, beer time, cu18:39
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Jazzvaubiquity.xpi has some binaries... will have to build it from source.20:24
Jazzvahmm... having libubiquity.so and ubiquity.xpt (binary files) in source package is bad, right?21:52
Jazzvasince the source grabbed from hg repository contains them too...21:52
asacJazzva: of course22:00
asacJazzva: its not platform independent22:00
asacJazzva: we need to build from real hg sources22:00
Jazzvaasac: but I thought I grabbed the real hg sources :)22:01
JazzvaI just followed their instructions presented at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Labs/Ubiquity/Ubiquity_0.1_Development_Tutorial#Getting_the_Source22:01
Jazzvaand the source still contains those files... guess I'll see at #ubiquity channel if we can rebuild them somehow22:02
asacJazzva: are there .so files in a hg clone?22:03
Jazzvahere http://hg.toolness.com/ubiquity-firefox/file/2c70735eb550/ubiquity/platform/Linux_x86-gcc3/components22:04
asaci guess tahts just as a convenience there22:04
asacso users can more easily work on js22:04
asacwe should santize the tarball then22:04
Jazzvathere are also for Windows and Mac OS X... but we can remove those22:04
asacas long as the sources are there22:04
asacotherwise it wouldnt be free software ;)22:05
Jazzvaright... I'll try to rebuild them (after dinner)22:05
Jazzvaasac: ah... I should read better :). print "    build-components - build C++ XPCOM components"22:06
ftaasac, damn, i wanted to add something into liferea22:11
asacfta: to SRU?22:12
ftaoh, it's the sru, nm22:12
ftahm, my 18M adsl is in fact ~9.2M :(22:15
asacfta: how do you measure?22:25
ftamy last apt-get upgrade, with the netspeed_applet2 applet22:26
ftanot rocket science22:26
ftai just upgraded my adsl service from 8M to 18M + 3G for just 2.50€ more22:27
asaci will switch provider and go from 16 (effectively 8) to 32 and will pay 17 EUR less ;)22:32
ftaasac, how much?22:32
ftafor 32M ?22:32
asacthe middle thing ;)22:33
asacand 2M up ;)22:33
asac(which is what is more important for me)22:33
asaccable ;)22:33
ftamy box says 11.9M / 0.9M, not sure where the truth is22:34
asacmy dsl has officially 16 / 122:35
asacbut its really more like 8 / .50022:35
ftai could take the fiber but i don't really need that22:35
asacif its top-performing22:35
asacsometimes more like .700 / .020 ;)22:35
asaci couldnt take that ... but i cant stand instability anymore ... and suddenly there is this great offer ;) (which wasnt available before in my house)22:35
asacfiber isnt anywhere here ... cable is probably the best that exists22:36
ftai have the choice between *dsl, cable and ftth22:36
asacmy mother has some kind of cable thing, but its fiber right from the street afaik22:37
asacnot sure if thats normal ;)22:37
asaci actually dont want to care. i only go crazy when i have disconnects or lame uploads - especially to debian.22:38
* asac doing reconnect stuff ... probably off for a while22:49
LnsOk, a free pizza to anyone who can fix this longstanding bug =) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/1903322:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 19033 in firefox "systemwide default startup homepage ignored" [Medium,Confirmed]22:58
Lnsasac: fta: The issue we were working on before regarding entropy in FF3 has been fixed with the PPA pkg - thank you!!!22:59
ftaLns, what do you get as home page when you start ff?23:18
Lnsfta: my normal homepage that i set as a normal user23:23
Lnsand the default start.ubuntu.com if its a new prof23:23
ftaLns, you have ubufox installed, right?23:27
Lnsfta: yes, i believe so23:36
Lnsfta: yes23:36
ftait overwrites the homepage23:36
ftaunless the user changed it23:36
ftaso it looks like your bug23:37
Lnsare you kidding??23:37
Lnshold on, im on the phone but i'll test in a min23:38
Lnsfta: disabling ubufox and using: lockPref("browser.startup.homepage", "www.google.com"); in /etc/firefox/pref/firefox.js doesn't work :(23:50
ftawhich ff ?23:51
ftaLns, ^^23:51
Lnsfta: 3.0.5+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.04.123:53
ftaso it's /etc/firefox-3.0/pref/firefox.js23:53

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