duffrecordsI've finally configured my myth box to the point I can watch ATSC channels, with occasional hiccups when there's a lot of motion happening.  I read that XvMC smooths that out quite a bit, but I can't enable it because of this error: xdpyinfo: unable to open display "".01:29
duffrecordsI tried setting the $DISPLAY variable to localhost:0 but that didn't help01:30
rhpot1991duffrecords: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/XvMC01:31
duffrecordsrhpot1991: that's the guide I was following.  I'm re-reading it to see if there's something I missed01:34
duffrecordsI had the absolute path to the XvMC library in /etc/X11/XvMCConfig.  maybe that was it01:41
quintenhi all01:50
Nixon<all> Hello quinten!01:50
quinteni'm trying to enable a static ip configuration01:50
quinteni noticed that network-manager was running, which i believe only loads network when the user logs in to the desktop?01:51
quintencan i safely uninstall that? if so, what's the default network configuration in mythbuntu 8.10?01:51
duffrecordsrhpot1991: the XvMC extension loaded and I configured it in the playback profile.  but now the livetv screen is blue and the CPU maxed out so I had to kill the frontend over ssh01:53
duffrecordssame thing happens with xvmc-blit and opengl01:56
Shadow_Mwhat vid card01:57
duffrecordsNVIDIA GeForce 5500 FX01:57
Shadow_Mare you trying to watch hd when it maxes out01:59
Shadow_Mand are you using the glx drivers01:59
duffrecordsit's a x.1 channel.  let me restart it with a different setting to check if it's HD or SD.  I'm using nvidia-glx-new-envy02:02
Shadow_Mhmm i would try to avoid envy but thats me02:03
Shadow_Mis your cpu dual or single core02:03
duffrecordssingle.  yeah, I know.  usually I install the nvidia driver manually but I was feeling lazy this time02:04
Shadow_Mah alright well if you are trying to watch hd it might not work too well02:05
Shadow_Mi am pretty sure its recommended to use a dual core try another channel02:05
duffrecordsyeah, that was an HD channel.  let me try XvMC with a SD one02:05
Shadow_Mis it all the channels giving you an issue02:06
duffrecordsSD has a blue screen too02:07
rhpot1991duffrecords: are you on intrepid?02:07
Shadow_Mhmm can you just use xv?02:07
duffrecordsbut if I use libmpeg2 it ok, except for a hiccup every few seconds02:07
rhpot1991mythtv 0.21 then?02:08
rhpot1991errr 0.20.102:08
duffrecordsI try to avoid new Ubuntu releases until they've been out for several months.  they're full of surprises in the beginning02:08
rhpot1991dpkg -l mythtv-frontend |grep ^ii02:08
duffrecordsis that parameter an i or L?02:11
duffrecordsI stayed with Hardy because it has LTS02:13
tgm4883_laptopnot a problem02:14
tgm4883_laptopno weekly builds though?02:14
duffrecordsmythtv build?02:14
duffrecordsno, just the one from the repo02:14
duffrecordsmaybe I should do that02:14
tgm4883_laptopperhaps, i'm not sure what your original problem was though02:15
rhpot1991I ask cause in 0.21 they have playback profiles02:15
rhpot1991so different video gets different settings02:15
rhpot1991might be a problem with your playback profile02:15
tgm4883_laptopweekly builds are made from the -fixes branch02:15
rhpot1991IIRC cpu-- breaks a lot02:15
duffrecordsdo they still use playback profiles in the newer versions02:16
rhpot1991playback profiles are really really really nice02:16
rhpot1991but its not like the old version where you just say xvmc and everything uses it02:16
duffrecordsright, you can make a set of rules depending on what kind of video it is02:17
duffrecordsI was testing out a simple custom profile because the default ones aren't efficient enough with my hardware02:18
rhpot1991dunno about envy, but to enable XvMC all you normally need to do is put libXvMCNVIDIA_dynamic.so.102:18
rhpot1991 in /etc/X11/XvMCConfig02:18
duffrecordsdid that02:18
duffrecordsthe xorg log says it loaded that extension02:18
duffrecordsbut xdpyinfo still says unable to open display "".02:19
duffrecordsso I was wondering if that had something to do with it02:19
rhpot1991running that via ssh?02:20
duffrecordsyeah.  oh, that's right.  I forgot about that02:21
duffrecordsok, XvMC is listed in xdpyinfo02:22
duffrecordsI guess a recent build would be the next step02:22
rhpot1991I'd think its prob a problem with them envy drivers you are using02:24
duffrecordsis the envy driver actually different?  I thought it was just a script that automates the installation02:25
Shadow_Mthey have been known to cause issues before02:31
duffrecordsI got rid of the envy driver and installed the nvidia one manually, but I still can't use the XvMC extension.  instead of a blue screen, it's black this time03:16
duffrecordsI'll put the output in pastebin in a sec03:16
phunyguyhey guys..03:50
phunyguyis there a line to add or uncomment to add the latest nvidia drivers to aptitude?03:50
phunyguyright now i am stuck at 17703:50
phunyguyand i know there are newer ones out there03:50
Nifty360My tuners look to be up and running, but they will not record. They were working up until about 4 days ago.  The main tuner is a PVR-150 the other is a pinnacle PCTV.  Thanks for the help.03:57
Nifty360Oh, yeah, running mythbuntu 8.10.03:58
Nifty360Not too sure what other info is needed, ask and I will gladly find out for you.04:03
dashcloudNifty360: I'm not really sure what I can do, but since I use a pvr-250, I can try a little04:31
dashcloudcan you pastebin the section from dmesg where it mentions IVTV?04:32
Nifty360Wow, that has alot of info, any way to narrow the search?04:35
Nifty360never actually used pastebin before.04:37
dashcloudthere's a clearly marked section that says IVTV Start, and IVTV End04:37
dashcloudif you do dmesg |less , it will let you step through all the output on the screen04:38
dashcloudyou can also then use /IVTV to find (hopefully) the block where it mentions your card04:39
Nifty360right that part, I found it.04:40
Nifty360it is a little long, I have a third tuner that isn't fully setup yet.04:41
Nifty360its under nifty360 on pastebin.com04:42
=== N1X0N is now known as Nixon
hadsNifty360: It's customary to paste the link in the channel04:43
hadsHaha nice error message04:45
Nifty360thanks, I worked really hard at getting it.04:46
hadsI mean on line 56 of the paste04:46
hadsIf you follow those instructions from there down that may help.04:46
Nifty360I tried that before with that card, with no luck.04:47
Nifty360that is currently an unused card, I should just take it out of the box.04:48
Nifty360it was a cheap sabrent purchased on woot.  I never expected too much from it.04:49
dashcloudNifty360: if you do figure that out, please post somewhere with the details on how you did it.04:49
dashcloudyour other card appears to be loading fine04:50
Nifty360I plan on it. Just don't want to attempt that right now. Just want the other two working.04:50
Nifty360the hauppage and pinnacle cards load and are "ready to record" according mythtv info, just nothing actually starts the recording process.04:52
Nifty360Like right now, one of them should be recording lost, but I got nothing.04:52
dashcloudokay- first make sure you have v4l2-ctl installed (can't remember the package name)04:53
ZinnMythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/   You can use mythbuntu-log-grabber from the Applications menu or via command line to automatically post the most relevant logs to our pastebin.04:53
Nifty360I shall look for it.05:01
dashcloudsounds right05:04
Nifty360installing now.05:04
dashcloudyou'll want try capturing something from your card with cat /dev/video0 >test.mpg (replace if you want to test a different card- 0 is card 1)05:16
dashcloudif that doesn't work, hop on over to the #v4l channel (or the mailing list) and ask them for help05:16
dashcloudv4l2-ctl lets you access every feature of your card, and will let you change the audio & video inputs (plus any outputs the card may have)- mythtv normally does all this for you05:17
dashcloudanother thing to check is if your cards need firmware (check the mythtv wiki for that), make sure it can be found05:19
dashcloudif all of these work, and mythtv still doesn't work, I'm not really sure what to tell you then05:20
duffrecordshey, what's a "frame CRC mismatch"?05:24
tritiumHmm, fresh mythfilldatabase, and still only data for today's programming.  All future days list "NO DATA"05:55
tritiumI even unchecked "useonairguide" for all channels through mythweb interfaces.05:56
Nifty360ok, don't think any of that worked.06:26
Nifty360when I try to scan for channels in mythtv setup, mythtv setup crashes out and asks me to run mythfilldatabase as if I backed out of it.06:27
Nifty360here is the pastebin link for my logs:  http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/f1fcb645506:50
slaine_Hey guys12:39
slaine_I've got a PVR-500 analogue card setup with myth, recording my cable TV12:40
slaine_all works great12:40
slaine_I've got an idea for a STB for my bedroom and was going to setup RTSP streaming on the combined frontend/backend12:40
slaine_What I'm wonderings, will MythFrontend play back the mpg files if I change the format of them from Program Streams to Transport Streams12:41
dashcloudI think so14:04
slaine_I guess I'll just check it out later14:09
Lokiasehello, can someone help me to config my ati remote wonder, I did all the steps in the wiki but it doesnt work... please help, i am a bit noob in ubuntu....14:37
mycosyshi guys :) just installed mythbuntu on an ol deskproEN (i815) with a U3100mini and 512MB. Whenever i try to play anything in myth i get a blue screen, but audio. VLC and Gstreamer crash when i try to play dvd. any clues? Worked OK with my old aanlog tuner + knopmyth, but just didnt have the kick for live with analog.14:39
mycosysSorry - should add mackine has p3-866 and is merrily memtesting atm - 2 passes good.14:41
slaine_Can VLC and Gstreamer play anything at all ?14:42
Lokiasethe support in this channel is close to 0 ....14:42
mycosysCnat remember the name of the player - but it fetched and played from utube fine14:43
rhpot1991Lokiase: not a good way to get help14:43
Lokiaserhpot1991: result is the same14:43
rhpot19912 things14:44
rhpot1991Most people are here because they like to help the community, not because they are payed to do so, they come and check from time to time but aren't always paying attention14:44
slaine_mycosys, well, I'd suggest getting some mpgs to test vlc and or gstreamer to make sure that you can play correctly14:44
rhpot1991It is hard to get hardware help in here, what do you think the odds are that someone out of the 55 people in here have the same remote you have?14:45
mycosyswill try14:45
rhpot1991couple that with the fact that a good portion of those people are idling and your results will not be very good14:45
slaine_There's a bunch of stuff required to get linux playing DVD, but assuming you can play locally stored mpeg files then it's just a case of getting the nitty gritty of dvd playback sorted, plenty of wiki entries on how to do that too btw14:45
rhpot1991!forums | Lokiase14:45
ZinnLokiase: The Mythbuntu forums are located at http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=301.  If you aren't getting a timely response here, there are lots of very active individuals there that may be able to help.14:45
rhpot1991your best bet is to ask about hardware in there, unless its something very very common14:45
Lokiasemy remote worked, I do blacklist, and now it doesn't... and I just followed the wiki ...14:46
rhpot1991did you blacklist the modules it needs?14:46
rhpot1991cause that will do it14:46
Lokiaserhpot1991: wich are needed?14:47
rhpot1991dunno, I don't have that hardware14:47
LokiaseI blacklisted lirc atiusb14:47
rhpot1991I'd bet both of them14:47
rhpot1991do you know what blacklisting modules does?14:47
Lokiasenot really14:48
rhpot1991basically turns them off14:48
rhpot1991why are you blacklisting them in the first place?14:48
rhpot1991link me to the wiki you were following14:48
rhpot1991ok so did you do lirc_atiusb?14:49
rhpot1991or did you typo above?14:49
LokiaseI opened  modprobe blacklist file14:50
Lokiaseand added blacklist lirc_atiusb14:50
rhpot1991there was no option for ATI in MCC?14:51
Lokiasetheir was, but not the one I have14:51
rhpot1991did you try it first?14:51
Lokiasei did but the buttons werent correct14:51
rhpot1991did any of them work?14:52
Lokiasebut the strange thing is, everything went fine, when i teted with irw everthing was wonderfull, I did the reboot and nothing14:52
rhpot1991ok, with MCC or with what you followed with the wiki?14:52
LokiaseI think the prob is, when I do lsmod | grep -i ati, nothing appears and the wiki says it should14:53
Lokiasebut I don't know how to solve it14:54
mycosyshey - mplayer, vlc and totem all handled the test mpg and wmv i keep on my handheld. So the isue is probably Xv/XVMC?14:54
mycosyshave the restricted codecs installed14:54
rhpot1991Lokiase: try unplugging the usb and plugging it back in?14:54
slaine_mplayer should be able to playback the mpeg with XvMC output14:54
slaine_one of the vo parameters14:54
rhpot1991mycosys: nvidia?14:54
mycosysi815 as i said14:55
mycosysthe chip xvmc was first made for14:55
rhpot1991I don't know intel xvmc, might want to take a look at this: i81514:55
Lokiaserhpot1991: unplugging doesnt sove14:55
slaine_what about modprobe'ling the lirc_atiusb14:56
slaine_sudo modprobe -a <module name>14:56
mycosyswhich says XVMC is fine on i81514:56
rhpot1991I still wonder why you are blacklisting that14:56
rhpot1991if modprobing it works then you need to pull that from the blacklist14:57
slaine_mycosys: could mplayer use it as a vout when you tested with the mpeg file ?14:57
rhpot1991I think you need to restart lirc after modprobing as well14:57
mycosysdidnt check14:57
slaine_mycosys: give it a shot14:57
mycosysfor 2am poerson - how do i get it to?14:57
slaine_it'll tell you if it's working14:57
slaine_google for mplayer xvmc ?14:58
rhpot1991mycosys: for nvidia you used to have to enable it yourself, dunno if intel is the same14:58
slaine_something like14:58
slaine_mplayer -vo xvmc <filename>14:58
slaine_but I don't use mplayer that often so I could be wrong14:58
mycosysthink i will hav at it in the morning - finally lagging14:58
rhpot1991Lokiase: forum posts seem to say that blacklisting that is unneeded14:59
rhpot1991you'd normally only blacklist if that module was interfering and you needed a different one14:59
rhpot1991I really think thats a typo, cause in the suse guide they blacklist ati_remote not lirc_atiusb15:01
rhpot1991and the ubuntu one is based of the suse one15:01
mycosysthanks guys btw :)15:02
Lokiaserhpot1991: ok thankx, i will try it15:04
rhpot1991Lokiase: its a pretty easy check, just remove the blacklist and reboot15:05
rhpot1991if that works I'd update the wiki15:05
slaine_reboot, sheesh, what is this, Windows 9515:05
slaine_just do the modprobe and restart lircd15:05
rhpot1991positive it will modprove with it still in the blacklist?15:06
slaine_no it won't, I should have specified after removing it from the blacklist15:09
Lokiaserhpot1991: do you know how I can make subtitles show with my remote??15:15
rhpot1991Lokiase: figure out what the button is and add an entry to ~/lirc/mythtv15:16
* rhpot1991 can't type today15:16
rhpot1991looks like there is no key assigned to subtitles, so you will need to do that15:18
Lokiaserhpot1991: I removed the blacklist and still not better15:31
rhpot1991Lokiase: did you either modprobe lirc_atiusb or reboot?15:32
rhpot1991and if you modprobed did you restart lirc?15:33
LokiaseI did a reboot15:33
Lokiasehow do I restart lirc?15:34
rhpot1991shouldn't be needed if you rebooted15:34
slaine_does lsmod show the module ?15:34
rhpot1991what does lsmod | grep -i ati show15:34
Lokiasesrr guys, had pc crash, can you still help me with the remote prob?15:42
rhpot1991Lokiase: unplug and plug the usb in and then lsmod again15:43
Lokiaserhpot1991: empty...15:43
Lokiaseand no lines in the blacklistfile anymore...15:44
rhpot1991ok do sudo modprobe lirc_atiusb15:45
rhpot1991then lsmod again15:45
Lokiasenow there are things15:45
Lokiaselirc_atiusb, lirc_dev and usbcore15:45
rhpot1991ok now sudo /etc/init.d/lirc restart15:46
rhpot1991and then test with irw15:46
Lokiasethree times OK15:46
Lokiasestopping .... OK        loading modules.... OK            starting....OK15:47
rhpot1991ya thats good15:47
Lokiaseand now?15:49
rhpot1991run irw15:50
rhpot1991and hit buttons on the remote15:50
Lokiaseconnection refused15:50
Lokiaserhpot1991: it shows: connect: connection refused when I typ irw15:53
Lokiaserhpot1991: read http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/ATI_Remote_Wonder did I need to copy the text below in step 7 and 8 and paste it under the other info in the files or did i to replace the file completely?15:56
rhpot1991Lokiase: replacing completely, though 8 you could get away with appending but you will leave uselss junk behind that will never be used15:58
Lokiaserhpot1991: so remove older info in the files and just past ONLY the info that is in the examples below?15:59
rhpot1991yep, might want to back up the old15:59
rhpot1991dunno if you ever answered me, but when you setup with MCC did any buttons work?16:00
Lokiaserhpot1991: any buttons worked yes, but not all16:01
rhpot1991I'd say its easier to just get that back up and fix your buttons, but your call16:01
Lokiaserhpot1991: in my lircd.conf file their is only one thing : include /usr/share/lirc/remotes/atiusb/lircd.conf.atilibusb , do I remove this ?16:01
rhpot1991may as well try to finish this up first16:01
rhpot1991Lokiase: yep, thats pointing at the one from MCC16:02
Lokiaserhpot1991: and the mythtv-file I also replace completely?16:04
rhpot1991Lokiase: ~/.lirc/mythtv ?16:04
LokiaseSo remove all the info from that file and copy paste the 'example of a lircrc" in it?16:05
rhpot1991here is what those files are16:06
rhpot1991lircd.conf is a config of your buttons on your remote16:06
rhpot1991lircrc aka .lirc/mythtv translates the buttons from lircd.conf to keystrokes which mythtv uses to do specific things16:08
Lokiaseis their a command in nano to clear the whole file in once? i'm pressing my delete-button for minutes now to clear the file16:09
Lokiasecontrol K, found it :)16:09
Lokiaserhpot1991: what do I select in MCC now?16:10
rhpot1991nothing if you are doing those by hand16:10
LokiaseI replaced the files, but when I do restart lirc, it now gives 2 fails...16:11
rhpot1991if you are doing all this by hand then you should prob select "none" in MCC16:13
Lokiaserhpot1991: please help, I did modprobe and lirc restart and have a fail...16:13
rhpot1991alternatively you could choose custom and point it at the config and tell it lirc_atiusb16:14
rhpot1991Lokiase: any messages?16:14
Lokiaserhpot1991: irw doesnt work16:14
rhpot1991<rhpot1991> Lokiase: any messages?16:18
Lokiaserhpot1991: messages?16:18
rhpot1991when you tried to restart lirc16:19
Lokiasewhen I do all the steps in the hyperlink, everyting goes fine untill I do /etc/init.d/lirc restart....16:21
Lokiasesudo ;)16:22
Lokiaseeveryting goes fine now, exept irw, the command works, but nothing when I press a button16:24
rhpot1991Lokiase: try to do sudo /etc/init.d/lirc reload16:26
rhpot1991then restart again, then irw16:26
rhpot1991restart lirc that is16:26
rhpot1991I'm not sure it matters as I think restart reloads, but better to check16:27
Lokiaseok rhpot1991 i'm back at 0... lsmod gives me nothing...16:28
Lokiaseplease repeat the steps with me please16:28
rhpot1991ok, lets start here, in MCC do you have it as "none" now?16:29
Lokiaseand now I did modprobe lirc_atiusb16:30
rhpot1991now sudo modprobe lirc_atiusb16:30
rhpot1991need a sudo on that16:30
Lokiaseand lsmod | grep -i ati16:30
Lokiaseand the 3 lines discribed in the wikilink are back :)16:30
Lokiaseso far so good16:30
rhpot1991ok now sudo /etc/init.d/lirc restart16:31
Lokiaserhpot1991: now I'm gonna check the two files again16:31
Lokiaserhpot1991: restart OK16:32
Lokiaserhpot1991: files OK16:32
rhpot1991now irw should give you something hopefully16:34
Lokiasedont i need to do the ps -ef | grep lircd?16:34
rhpot1991if it says it restarted ok then you shouldn't need to16:35
rhpot1991thats just checking that lircd is running16:35
rhpot1991feel free to if you want though16:35
LokiaseOK, now the irw16:36
rhpot1991it runs and doesn't fail though?16:38
Lokiaseno fail, it runs but no reaction when i press a key16:38
rhpot1991try multiple keys?16:39
Lokiasei did16:39
rhpot1991do this: ls /dev/lirc*16:40
rhpot1991what does that return?16:40
Lokiaseit says: /dev/lirc0   /dev/lircd16:41
rhpot1991ok lets try this:16:42
rhpot1991sudo /etc/init.d/lirc stop16:42
rhpot1991sudo mode2 -d /dev/lirc0 -r16:42
rhpot1991then hit some buttons16:42
Lokiasestop doesn't work: give me 'fail"16:43
rhpot1991anything more specific than that?16:43
Lokiaseno, it just does: stopping remote control daemon(s): LIRC           [fail]16:45
rhpot1991ok run ps -ef | grep lircd16:45
rhpot1991see if its even running, might not be16:46
Lokiaseone return: 1000       7265   6939   0  17:46  pts/0     00:00:00 grep lircd16:47
rhpot1991ok so just do the mode2 line16:48
Lokiase"invalid option -- 'r'"16:49
rhpot1991mode2 --raw -d /dev/lirc016:50
* rhpot1991 is guessing at the command16:50
rhpot1991its something like that16:50
rhpot1991sudo that too16:50
Lokiase"unrecognized option --raw"16:50
rhpot1991try to leave it off I guess16:51
Lokiasecode: 0x14e30e000016:51
rhpot1991thats when you hit a key?16:51
Lokiasethat was the beginning16:52
Lokiasewhen I hit a key16:52
Lokiasealways 2 new lines come16:52
rhpot1991ok good16:52
rhpot1991that means your configs are the issue I think16:52
rhpot1991you may need to add your propper info into /etc/lirc/hardware.conf16:52
Lokiaserhpot1991: ?16:53
Lokiaserhpot1991: dont understand, srr :)16:53
rhpot1991should have the propper info for your device16:55
rhpot1991so REMOTE_MODULES="lirc_dev lirc_atiusb" or something like that16:56
rhpot1991most other things should be ok as defaults16:57
rhpot1991remember when I said it would be easier to use MCC and adjust the buttons about 3 hours ago?  :)16:57
Lokiaserhpot1991: pc crash, sorry16:58
Lokiaserhpot1991: you told me something bout harware?16:59
rhpot1991Lokiase: get my PM?17:01
Lokiasecan someone help me, my remote doesn't work anymore17:19
Lokiasecan someone help me, my remote doesn't work anymore17:23
Lokiasecan someone help me, my remote doesn't work anymore17:26
Lokiasecan someone help me, my remote doesn't work anymore17:28
Lokiasecan someone help me, my remote doesn't work anymore17:31
Lokiasecan someone help me, my remote doesn't work anymore17:33
Lokiasecan someone help me, my remote doesn't work anymore17:36
Lokiasecan someone help me, my remote doesn't work anymore17:38
Lokiasecan someone help me, my remote doesn't work anymore17:43
Lokiasecan someone help me, my remote doesn't work anymore17:45
Lokiasecan someone help me, my remote doesn't work anymore17:48
Nixon6 repeats doesn't help anyone get to you faster17:49
LokiaseNixon: i know, but I did some changes with rhpot1991 and I want to repear the remote settings to the beginning now17:50
Lokiasecan someone help me, my remote doesn't work anymore17:55
Nixon7 times didn't help either dude17:57
Nixonheh, now what was I doing17:57
tgm4883_laptopNixon, +4 before you showed up17:58
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Lokiaserhpot1991: are you back please?18:27
Lokiasecan someone help me with my remote please?18:29
mycosys1!rtfm @ Lokiase18:31
ZinnSorry I don't know about rtfm @ Lokiase18:31
Lokiaserhpot does, but he's not here :(18:32
tgm4883_laptopLokiase, some people do have jobs ;)18:34
Lokiasetgm4883_laptop: I know, but i'm looking the whole day to fix it...18:35
superm1Lokiase, you are best off making a post at the forum right now if no one is around to help in here18:35
LokiaseI hope that rhpot1991 returns18:36
mycosys1or even try googling lirc.conf18:36
Lokiasenobody who can help me with my remote?19:12
MythbuntuGuest71I am having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to transfer the tons of ripped DVD and music media that I have accumulated on my windows boxes overh the years.  I have JUST recently installed mythbuntu on a box and wish to use as my main media server.  I am brand new to linux as well.  I have tried many things I've googled with little luck so far.  Any help would be appreciated19:15
tgm4883_laptopwhoops, browsed away19:17
tgm4883_laptopwelcome backk19:17
MythbuntuGuest78I was the one who asked the ? about file xfer19:17
Shadow_Mhey superm1 you here my samba issue is back19:20
Lokiasenobody with remote-knowledge?19:20
Shadow_Mwhats wrrong with the remote19:22
Shadow_MLokiase, whats wrong with the remote19:23
tgm4883_laptopLokiase, you can get away with reasking your question unprovoked about every 4 hours providing there have been some channel joins in between19:23
tgm4883_laptopBut if you keep asking the same question every 10 minutes, i'll ban you19:24
LokiaseShadow_M: I followed the ati remote wiki for mythbuntu, but now it doesn't work at all, so I want to go back to the manufact. settings...19:25
Shadow_Mhmm in terminal type irw19:25
Shadow_Mand press keys on the remote19:26
LokiaseShadow_M: irw doesn't give a thing19:26
Shadow_Mwith irw sitting there you have to push buttons with the remote directed to the connected receiver19:26
Lokiasewhen i press the remote, nothing happens19:27
Shadow_Mthen thats a config issue make sure youn read the wiki right19:27
Shadow_Myou mah of had to reload irw to use the new config file19:28
LokiaseI did it ten times, but still not solved19:28
Lokiasei restarted the pc, everything, nothing helps19:28
Shadow_Mdid you try looking at the mythtv wiki19:29
Shadow_Mare the batteries still good19:30
Lokiaseyes, they are new19:30
LokiaseI changed some files, and now it doesnt work19:30
Shadow_Mwell change them back19:31
LokiaseI did, I think19:31
Shadow_Myeah if you did it would be detecting something right now irw which listens to input from your reciever gets nothing19:31
Lokiaseso were is the fault?19:32
Shadow_Min the files you changed19:32
Lokiasei changed tem back19:33
Shadow_Mare you sure you changed everything you still broke something19:33
Lokiasei'm pretty sure19:33
LokiaseShadow_M: i changed hardware.conf, /lirc/mythtv, lircd.conf ...19:37
Shadow_Mwhy dont you try using the mythbuntu control center19:39
LokiaseI do19:39
Lokiasebut it doesn't seems to work anymore19:40
Shadow_Mhmm it could be that the driver for your receiver isnt being loaded check dmesg19:41
LokiaseShadow_M: don't know how to find it in dmesg19:44
Shadow_Mtype in dmesg in terminal and sift through the output for something  related to ati remote19:45
LokiaseShadow_M: nope19:48
Shadow_Mhmm dont know but thats def not good19:49
Shadow_Mi would review everything you did no mater hwo small19:49
LokiaseShadow_M: i allready did19:50
Shadow_Mthen sorry just going to have to wait for someone that knows more than i19:50
LokiaseShadow_M: frustrating, waiting for houres19:50
Shadow_Myeah well you can also look in forums we have all been there these chans are logged19:51
LokiaseShadow_M: cant believe there is nobody who can solve my prob20:06
Shadow_Mi am sure there is eventually but you also need to be patient20:07
LokiaseShadow_M: i started with this issue this afternoon, you can imagine it freaks me out by now20:08
Shadow_Mi guess i have had much worse happen if you dont want to wait for someone to help you are fully able to try and fix it yourself20:11
LokiaseShadow_M: tried a lot, nothing helps, just weird that restoring my files to fact-settings, didn't solve the prob20:11
Shadow_Mthere is still something off20:12
LokiaseShadow_M: rhpot1991 gave me command to do, i didn't understand the commands, just did them, and he doenst answer anymore20:13
MythbuntuGuest78sorry you're having such a hard time of it Lokiase.  I truly feel your pain man...20:14
LokiaseMythbuntuGuest78: lol, don't laugh ;)20:14
MythbuntuGuest78and how do I log into this chat as a real person, not a guest20:14
MythbuntuGuest78oh no.  I wasn't laughing at all.  I'm having newbie issues left and right myself,.20:15
LokiaseMythbuntuGuest78: depends on wich client you are using20:15
MythbuntuGuest78came in through the chat.  that's prob why.  I don't have an actual IRC client20:15
Shadow_Mwhat chat20:16
LokiaseMythbuntuGuest78: try '/nick yournick'20:16
MythbuntuGuest78through muthbuntu support.  the java based irc client.  guess I should get me a real client20:17
=== MythbuntuGuest78 is now known as bnicely
Lokiasebnicely: told you ;)20:17
bnicelytks shadow_m, that worked20:17
Shadow_Mwasnt me20:18
bnicelywhoops, lokiase I meant20:18
Lokiasenow my remote issue :p20:18
LokiaseShadow_M: so when the ati remote is not in that list, ist not loaded, recognized by the system?20:23
Shadow_Myeah esp that irw doesnt see anything20:23
Lokiasedamn, everbody knows the prob, nobody the solution20:24
ZinnLokiase: Please watch your language.20:24
LokiaseZinn: language? :s20:24
erb_i use the /etc/network/interfaces file to do my wi-fi on my laptop but i noticed that when the laptop comes out of hibernation it doesnt tell the wi-fi to come back online20:49
erb_and short of rebooting i'm unsure of how to wake the wi-fi back up20:49
=== erb_ is now known as erb
=== erb is now known as Guest78429
Guest78429crap i hate this nickserv stuff20:52
=== Guest78429 is now known as erb_
tritiumerb_: then configure your client to automatically identify you20:52
erb_identify me as what though is what i gotta figure out20:52
erb_i've been erb on irc since 199320:52
erb_just not on freenode20:52
erb_someone else registered erb unfortunately20:53
erb_and this one too but at least it doesnt automatically change the nick on me20:53
Lokiasetritium: no solution please?20:59
tritiumYou're asking me for no solution?20:59
Lokiasetritium: sorry, i ment, do you find me a solution please21:00
bnicelydecided to do something fruitful today.  switching my 9 year old son's box over to xbuntu21:01
tritiumLokiase: no, I suggest you read those two URLs ActionParsnip gave you.21:01
Lokiasetritium: I did but I dont understand a word of it21:02
tritiumLokiase: sorry21:02
Lokiasetritium: why?21:02
tritiumOK, I've gone through the "NO DATA" troubleshooting guide here: http://forums.schedulesdirect.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=295, and verified via freeguide and gnome ontv applet that my schedules direct data is good.  So, the "NO DATA" in the mythtv guide and mythweb must be a myth-specific issue.22:09
tritiumI'm currently running mythfilldatabase --refresh-all now.22:10
tritiumIf that fails to update my listings, then what?22:10
tritiumOK, mythfilldatabase --refesh-all *failed*!  :(22:14
tritiumI've even tried to disable EIT wherever I could, since it appears the little tiny bit of valid listings data was coming from the over-the air channels only.22:17
tritiumThis is truly bug-worthy.22:17
tgm4883_laptoptritium, possible that your XMLID doesn't lineup?23:29
phunyguyok, does anyone know how to fix the slow program guide issues....23:48
phunyguyi am using nvidia geforce 8200 onboard video, and in program guide it pegs my CPU to 100%23:49
phunyguyi have checked all icons23:49
phunyguyand tried all deinterlacers...23:49
phunyguyall video modes...23:49
phunyguynothing works.,23:49
phunyguyit is the X process that peaks.23:49
phunyguyi have tried 173, 177, and 180 drivers...23:49
phunyguybeen working on this for a week now,.23:50
tgm4883_laptopout of curiousity, did you try using a lighter weight guide?23:54
tritiumtgm4883_laptop: yes, that was it.  I had to manually enter each and every channel XMLTV ID.23:56
tgm4883_laptoptritium, yea that sucks when they don't match up right :/23:56
tritiumtgm4883_laptop: ;)23:56
tritiumAt least I'm up and running now.23:57

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