Seeker`Cpudan80: suggest something sensible, I'll add it00:00
FlannelDapper's Ubiquity was the only one with a whole lot of issues.  Well, except the "must create root partition" from a few later ones (I can't recall which)00:25
FlannelOf course, we certainly wouldn't lose a whole lot removing that page from the factoid.  It's likely linked to in the Dapper release notes? (hopefully?  I can't check right now).00:28
Seeker`Flannel: yarp00:29
FlannelI say just s/ and...KnownIssues//00:33
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:37
Seeker`!install is  Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall00:37
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, Seeker` said: !install is  Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall00:37
ubottuThe operation succeeded.00:37
ubottuThe operation succeeded.00:37
Seeker`!install is Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate00:37
ubottuBut install already means something else!00:37
Seeker`Ubottu: no, install is Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate00:38
ubottuI'll remember that Seeker`00:38
ubottuinstall is Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate00:38
Seeker`Ubottu: no, install is <reply> Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate00:38
ubottusigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.00:39
Seeker`!install is <reply> Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate00:39
ubottuBut install already means something else!00:39
Seeker`Ubottu: no, install is <reply> Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate00:39
ubottuI'll remember that Seeker`00:39
Seeker`all done00:39
ubottuIn ubottu, pepperjack said: dpkg is so much more awesome03:40
ubottuDaSkreech called the ops in #kubuntu ()03:57
* genii crawls in and makes his way over to the coffeepot04:33
geniiMan, days of scroll to catch up on04:34
tritiumgenii: that's what coffee is for ;)04:35
geniitritium: True, true. Although I've basically been on broth and fruit juice :/04:36
tritiumOh no!  You've been sick, eh?04:36
geniiYes, pneumonia04:37
tritiumOh, man.  Sorry to hear that.  I'm glad you're doing better.04:37
geniiFlannel: That diet is over-rated04:37
geniitritium: I had stomach flu at the same time, made for lots of fun ...not!04:39
geniiAt least I made it in to one of my workplaces tonight. I'll be back at my regular job tomorrow. 04:40
geniiAnyhow nice to see you crazies :)04:41
tritiumYou too!04:42
* genii hands out large mugs of coffee04:44
geniiAnything exciting since Monday?04:45
tritiumI don't remember -- I've slept since then.04:45
geniiI'd left my laptop at work04:45
tritiumThat was bizarre.04:50
geniitritium: in #u ?04:51
Flannelyou mean girlbuntu?04:51
nickrudanyone here quit smoking recently?05:35
AmaranthI'm trying05:46
nickrudtough. I just jumped up to grab one, realized there's none in the house ;)05:48
geniiI smoked 2 cigs over 3 days. But only because I'd light it, then hack up a pint of fluids and have to put it out again. 05:48
nickrudheh. One way to start I guess05:49
geniinickrud: I was pretty freaking cranky05:51
nickrudthat was the illness, not the nicotine withdrawal :)05:52
geniiI think both05:52
* genii chews a Nicorette05:53
nickrudI'm using a patch to avoid the withdrawal, or most of it anyway. I used it once before, actually completed the entire sequence without smoking. Then, when I stopped using the patch a major life change stressed me out and ... well it's a common story05:54
geniinickrud: Right now with the gum I'm down from 1 1/2 packs a day to about 6 cigs. But still a ways to go05:55
geniiAlso the gum is pretty horrid05:56
nickrudping me if you need someone to Just Say No :)05:56
nickrud34 year habit. I have hopes still05:57
geniinickrud: 27 years here05:57
geniiMy doc keeps insisting I quit05:57
nickrudMine just says 'Consider it said.' Next checkup he might brighten up a bit05:58
geniiAt least we'll still have coffee...06:00
nickrudoh yes. I'm spending the money I save on an espresso machine06:02
nickrudmy last one broke years ago. It's a great way to start the morning, a fresh, steaming latte06:03
geniiCool :)06:03
geniiWell, time for sleep.... good night all06:06
nickrudgenii, you also. 06:07
NGL-Jabrroa_would you mind removing my forward ?06:41
NGL-Jabrroa_ill respect your rules06:42
NGL-Jabrroa_i just need to do !emerald themes06:42
NGL-Jabrroa_and ask some questions06:42
NGL-Jabrroa_!emerald themes06:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about emerald themes06:42
NGL-Jabrroa_any ops in here?06:42
nickrudyep, sorta. ikonia appears away06:43
ubottuThe operation succeeded.06:43
NGL-Jabrroa_could you please remove whatever is forwarding me here?06:43
nickrudNGL-Jabrroa_, ikonia didn't leave any clearance for us; you'll have to talk to him06:44
NGL-Jabrroa_ikonia banned me for talking about PS3 ubuntu and he asked me to stop and i did not. i am sorry and i will not disrespect your rules06:45
NGL-Jabrroa_well could you do somethin for me?06:45
NGL-Jabrroa_type !emerald themes06:45
NGL-Jabrroa_in #ubuntu?06:45
nickrudNGL-Jabrroa_, yeah. I expect him to respect my bans, unless I leave terms for removal. Least I can do is respect his06:46
NGL-Jabrroa_ok fair enough06:46
nickrudthat has no usable factoid. 06:46
nickrudNGL-Jabrroa_, I think you can /msg ubottu without being in #ubuntu.06:47
NGL-Jabrroa_no output06:48
nickrudNGL-Jabrroa_, also, please don't idle here, ikonia is usually active early morning west coast time06:48
NGL-Jabrroa_ok sorry ill leave :)06:49
nickrudI'll tell him you were polite, when I see him06:49
topylii think this was the one who claimed to have i386 ubuntu running on a "modded" ps3 and kept talking about it. sort of offtopic for #ubuntu, and also a bit doubtful :)06:51
topylii may have the wrong nick, can't remember06:51
nickrudah, I remember now. I never actually looked at the log, just for a comment from ikonia06:51
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa_: hello08:56
NGL-Jabrroa_hey man08:56
ikoniaI believe your looking to get the ban forward removed (I've just read the logs)08:56
ikoniais that correct08:56
NGL-Jabrroa_so what do you say to my rewuest?08:56
ikoniaI won't be removing the forward at this time08:56
ikoniayour attitude and offensive nature, as well as your digregard for people is unacceptable08:57
ikoniaand you are still showing those signs08:57
NGL-Jabrroa_how so?08:57
ikoniai have no confidence what you won't start telling more nonsense about PS3 and intel chips, nor will you respect people, nor will your language be approrpiate08:57
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa_: so you don't remember calling us "fucking retards" or anything like that ?08:57
NGL-Jabrroa_but you have no buisness in what i say in other channels. 08:58
ikonia"or you're fucking gay"08:58
NGL-Jabrroa_i appologize for that08:58
NGL-Jabrroa_i am reallly sorry08:58
ikoniathat was in a private message and in this channel08:58
ikoniaI don't believe you at this time08:58
NGL-Jabrroa_i was worked up08:58
elkbuntuand what's to say you wont get worked up again?08:58
ikoniano - you where telling in my opinion lies, and wanted to make a a "event" 08:58
NGL-Jabrroa_trust me i wont08:58
ikoniaI don't08:58
elkbuntuNGL-Jabrroa_, i dont trust you.08:59
NGL-Jabrroa_now you cant say its a lie you dont even have a ps308:59
NGL-Jabrroa_its my buisness08:59
ikoniaI can say in my opinion your telling lies08:59
ikoniaand your evidence is non-existant08:59
NGL-Jabrroa_yes you can08:59
ikoniaI'm not interested08:59
ikoniaI don't believe you, 08:59
NGL-Jabrroa_haha my "evidence" im not allowed to give fully09:00
ikoniayou don't give any - you just keep saying you don't know how it's done your friend did it09:00
NGL-Jabrroa_this has nothing to do with this channel09:00
ikoniathen you called is fucking retards for not understanding something you don't know yourself09:00
ikoniait does - your attitude is not acceptable towards people09:00
ikoniaand as I said - this was done in this channel09:00
NGL-Jabrroa_yea well you were assuming thats its immposible09:00
ikoniaso I won't be removing the ban at this time09:00
ikoniaso if there is nothing else I can help you with at this time, i'd request you leave the channel and go about your day09:01
NGL-Jabrroa_well when could you ? i need answers to things and im not going to cause trouble09:01
ikoniawhen I see a bit more maturity from you09:02
NGL-Jabrroa_and you see none now?09:02
NGL-Jabrroa_how so?09:02
elkbuntuNGL-Jabrroa_, ubuntuforums.org may be more suited to your temperament09:02
NGL-Jabrroa_how so?09:02
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa_: how so what ?09:03
NGL-Jabrroa_how am i being immature at this moment?09:03
ikoniaI didn't say at this exact moment09:03
ikoniaI said I don't believe you at this exact moment09:03
elkbuntuNGL-Jabrroa_, you're already showing a tendency to repeat just because an answer did not happen quick enough09:03
NGL-Jabrroa_well i am serious when i say i am not going to cause any more trouble and just want to go back to learn.09:04
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa_: you told me yesterday "ubuntu is fucking gay, losers use it" or words to those efect09:04
ikoniahas that opinion changed ?09:04
NGL-Jabrroa_ive changed my perspective on that 09:05
ikoniain a day - wow09:05
NGL-Jabrroa_and other things this week09:05
NGL-Jabrroa_no not in a day09:05
ikoniawell, I don't believe you as I said earlier, so I won't be removing the ban today (last time I'll say this) so I'd request you go about your day 09:05
NGL-Jabrroa_ubuntu is deff not my fav and yes i would think its for new users09:05
NGL-Jabrroa_but i still learn09:06
ikoniawell, I think we've discussed this as far as it's going to go today, so your welcome to go about your day 09:06
NGL-Jabrroa_yea later man09:07
ikoniaI'll update BT so it paints a clearer picture of his behaviour09:07
ikoniaFYI: 17:01 < NGL-Jabrroa> shut the fuck up09:08
ikonia17:01 < NGL-Jabrroa> why dont you go back to your gay ubuntu channel?09:08
ikoniafrom yesterday so it's logged09:08
elkbuntuwow, so not even 24hrs?09:09
ikoniahence why I don't believe him09:09
ikoniahe's telling packs of lies in tons of channels about being the PS3 mod guy, when people (not me) question him on it as it sounds not realistic he responds with shut up fucktard, you don't know anything09:10
ikoniathen later on when questioned he says "I don't know how to do it, I don't know how it works, my friend does it"09:10
ikoniabeing a liar in other channels is not my business however it is when he uses these lies to miss-lead people in #ubuntu09:10
ikoniathe fact that he still clings to his lies does not make me think he's ready to be back in #ubuntu as I don't think he can be straight with people09:11
ikonia(my opinion)09:11
ubottuIn #ubuntu, unop said: ubottu's brain is fading09:13
FlannelWhat on earth?09:41
Flannel"I'm not that Fuzzy that was here just minutes ago" in #u09:42
* Flannel wonders if the world has gone further insane.09:42
FlannelSo, apparently info works in queries now for everyone, but now its double posting in channels for non-editors09:43
elkbuntuchecked for a full moon?09:43
Flanneljussi01, stdin ^^09:44
Flannelelkbuntu: Full moon was two days ago09:44
elkbuntuFlannel, lag effect maybe09:44
FlannelI suppose.09:44
elkbuntutheres *always* a peak of idiocy on a full moon09:44
Flannelstdin: Only non-editors09:48
stdinFlannel: get someone to try it now09:48
Flannelstdin: there you go09:49
stdinI really do quite dislike supybot right now...09:50
elkbuntuonly now?09:50
stdinwell, only when I have to fix it09:51
stdinthe rest of the time I try not to think about it09:51
stdinbtw, don't complain that /msg ubottu !info ... doesn't work for anyone who's logged in, consider it a compromise09:53
stdin/msg ubottu info ... still works for us09:53
elkbuntui usually leave of the !/@ when i pm anyway09:54
jussi01err, stdin did you do that?10:26
jussi01bazhang: bots gone10:30
bazhangjussi01, oh thanks :)10:30
ubottujussi01 called the ops in #ubuntuforums ()11:59
jussi01far out!12:01
ubottujussi01 called the ops in #ubuntuforums ()12:39
* elkbuntu looks at asus-tek in -ot.12:44
elkbuntui know i would have12:44
jussi01oh please.12:46
Myrttido I want to know12:59
elkbuntuhe told someone off for not being on gtalk, when that person had never been on gtalk with him in the first place13:05
elkbuntuikonia, i have the kb typed out, how long do you think until he messes up do you think?13:07
ikonia3 minutes after he next joins the channel13:08
ikoniaapologies for stepping in but I wanted to make it %101 clear that fishing for peoples information wasn't nice13:08
ikoniajust so there was no miss-understanding13:08
elkbuntuhe's been told a zillion times before13:09
ikoniacouldn't be more clear this time13:09
ikoniano "stalker" words or anything like that, %101 clear13:09
elkbuntui mean, he's come within inches of asking Myrtti and i what colour our knickers are before. he's on his very very last chance13:09
ikoniathats simpley not acceptable13:10
elkbuntui'm serious, if he's creepy once more, he's gone. everyone, you have permission to kb13:10
ikoniaand for the channels interest, I am currently wearing grey13:10
elkbuntui dont think i even looked at the colour when i put them on this morning13:10
elkbuntui'm tyring to figure out if he's hitting on ilya now...13:11
elkbuntui cant even make sense of ilya13:13
topyliquite o4o at times13:18
elkbuntuoh, so ilya is a regular?13:19
elkbuntuhis sentances are seriously breaking my language parsing13:20
PiciI've never seen the name before.13:20
PiciAnd I have no idea what hes talking about.13:20
elkbuntubazhang, are you around at all?13:23
bazhangelkbuntu, yep13:24
PiciWeird. 1 google hit for 'Brushshian'.  And its nsfw.13:24
elkbuntubazhang, could you PM ilya in russian and see if he understands?13:24
bazhangi'm betting ilya is vent313 is sp0rty13:24
ikoniaPici: look in -ot13:24
ikoniait's "from the bathroom"13:24
Piciikonia: I've been watching.13:25
ikoniaI don't speak bathroom, so I'm out13:25
elkbuntuPici, and it's not even the actual word13:25
elkbuntuand um... yeah, that's a wow13:25
bazhanglong time stalker aka sp0rtily and many other nicks13:26
ikoniaoh good13:26
ikoniaanother crazy13:26
* elkbuntu double-checks the moon phase13:26
bazhangrivaling sken for ban evasions13:26
ikoniabazhang: where is he/she banned from 13:27
bazhangikonia, sp0rtily from -ot afaik13:27
elkbuntubazhang, got anything to back it up?13:27
ikoniaabout to ask13:27
topylisuspiciously quiet13:31
elkbuntubazhang, show me a link and i'll boot for evasion right away13:32
elkbuntu@bansearch sp0rtily13:33
ubottuNo matches found for sp0rtily!*@* in any channel13:33
bazhangits him, from the way he talks, the name ilya was the n=ilya from sp0rtily, the phrasing; just need him to say something about the universal priniciples of love13:33
elkbuntu@bansearch vent31313:33
ubottuNo matches found for vent313!*@* in any channel13:34
ikoniaOT is most odd today13:38
bazhangwell had asus-tek in here yesterday, but he left very abruptly13:38
bazhangnow he refuses to come back13:38
ikoniahe's logged out so not causing a problem13:39
elkbuntubanforward him here13:39
bazhangwonder if a bf would cure that13:39
ikoniaI'd leave him be until he does something13:39
ikoniait's only time and he responded to the request to stop fishing13:39
bazhangthe hate arabs and suspicious of jews was not enough?13:40
ikoniaI think we all see that taling to him doesn't do anything13:40
Piciikonia: +113:40
PiciI think that the next time he does something is the last. Hes been given enough chances already.13:40
ikoniaPici: exactly, plain and simple13:41
elkbuntuban forward him here. if we keep waiting, we'll keep missing opportunities13:41
PiciDon't ask him to join here, just place a kickban and be done with it.13:41
ikoniaI concur 13:41
ikoniatalking to him does nothing13:41
Tm_Tit does13:41
ikonia? really, I've not seen any sign of that13:42
PiciTm_T: Nothing useful.13:42
Tm_Tthat's another story13:42
bazhangI'll take a shot if desired13:42
elkbuntuTm_T, he knows he's doing the wrong thing. if he didnt he would have come here.13:42
Tm_Telkbuntu: I know that13:42
bazhangwolf_loonie is tiredwolf?13:43
ikoniadon't know13:43
ikoniahis disuise is good13:43
elkbuntuwrong isp13:44
topylibazhang: if that's true, he deserves a medal for support13:48
bazhangtopyli, yep13:48
bazhangclassic comment 'to move a piece of plastic'13:49
elkbuntudefinately sounds right13:49
ikonianice spot13:50
Picino. Its not him.13:51
ikoniaspoke too soon13:51
elkbuntuwhy would he bring up nick?13:52
elkbuntuhowever, the isp is inconsistant13:52
ikoniaI think I'm going to have to go the doctors soon, this flu is getting out of control13:53
bazhangikonia, oh no13:53
bazhangtake care of it first13:53
ikoniaI've avoided the doctors all week, but it's getting too bad now13:53
bazhangtake a break, seriously ikonia 13:54
ikoniaI am13:54
ikoniaI'm off work :)13:54
ikoniahowever I'm also bored, hence being online13:54
bazhangbut if you have a fever then don't wait13:55
elkbuntuthe domain is also anonymised13:55
elkbuntuanyway i'm late to bed. night13:55
ikoniabazhang: yes, I think you are right13:55
bazhangnight elkbuntu 13:55
ikoniagood night13:55
jpdsTm_T: Well, at least she got the ISP and uni helping her.14:00
Tm_Tjpds: after the news14:00
Tm_Tjpds: I fail to see why he didn't contact those at the first place14:01
jpdsHmm, yea.14:01
PiciMeh. I'm sorry to hear about the crazy zealots/trolls that were mean to the reporter.14:02
Tm_TPici: me too14:02
Picielkbuntu: Still around?14:15
PiciEr, nevermind, I just read that you were leaving.14:16
ikoniaPici: gizmo or omzig normally uses "ultimate edition" or some other distro 14:19
ikoniaI can't remember which one, but after a long process we worked out it was a dirivative14:20
bazhangubunto ?14:20
bazhangat least spellcheck it, sheesh14:21
ikoniaall of a sudden he has the logo in the top left14:21
bazhangoh sorry, from the article14:21
ikoniahe didn't have that before14:21
ikoniaI think he realises hes about to be busted14:21
ikoniaplease ban c-0-r-e from ottfopit14:25
ikoniaban dodging14:25
ikoniayup - confirmed ban14:25
ikoniaplease remove14:25
ikoniahe's dodging removing his cloak14:26
ikonia#ubuntu-offtopic *!*@unaffiliated/c-0-r-e jussi01 Jan 10 2009 18:33:55 14:26
ikonia@bansearch c-0-r-e14:26
ubottuNo matches found for c-0-r-e!n=c0re@ in any channel14:26
ikoniayup, doding14:26
ikoniadodging even14:27
ikoniaPici: topyli nickrud nudge14:27
Piciikonia: noted14:27
bazhangace0fspades is trying something similar14:27
ikoniawhere ?14:27
ikoniaI don't see that nick14:27
bazhangnot sure of exact spelling, he had a proxy ask for a new cloak in #freenode yesterday14:28
bazhangac304sP4des likely :)14:28
Piciarg. I broke my alias, one moment14:30
ikoniaPici: ha ha14:30
ikoniaall of a sudden he identified14:30
ikoniaI wonder if its on auto join14:30
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:31
ikoniahe had it on auto join 14:32
ikoniahe's removing it14:32
ikoniatopyli: too late......keep up ;)14:32
topyliwork is interfering with my hobbies :(14:33
Myrttican I vent? I vented #elsewhere too, but I need to vent more14:34
PiciMyrtti: sure14:34
Jack_SparrowMyrtti, PM me if you need a shoulder to lean on14:35
Tm_TI guess this doesn't reguire shoulders14:35
MyrttiI'm getting a company laptop after one year of waiting. They sent the laptop already yesterday, which means the laptop has been in the post office shelf for atleast 35 mins now ready to be picked up...14:35
topyliyou vented poorly #elsewhere. let go this time!14:35
Myrttisince nobody apparently has the freaking tracking number, I have to wait until tomorrow. Which is when I leave to UK. So now I'm supposed to move my stuff from my work desktop to my work laptop and send the desktop to the office tomorrow?14:36
Tm_TMyrtti: external drive, if possible14:37
Myrttitomorrow the mailman will bring me the package slip14:37
Tm_Taye but too late14:37
MyrttiTm_T: I'm not going to take anything extra to UK with me14:37
Tm_TMyrtti: hmmm, sometimes you get stuff without tracking number14:37
Tm_Tatleast I do14:37
MyrttiI'm hauling already two years of account statements so I can finish up with my bookkeeping14:38
MyrttiTm_T: yes, but you have a small post office. This is Hervanta. I'm fairly sure it's impossible to get the package with "about this size, and oh for me"14:38
Tm_TMyrtti: try14:38
Tm_TMyrtti: I have been using big offices too14:38
MyrttiI really can't be arsed.14:38
Myrttiit just might be that I'll transfer all my needed stuff to an external drive and attach that to my home server which I'll leave running while I'm away14:39
Myrttiso I'll be able to access the data14:39
Myrttibut damn, I'm sooooooo angry14:40
ikoniawell I can now see why c-0-r-e is banned14:42
ikonia14:31 <ikonia> do you have #ubuntu-offtopic on auto join by any chance ?14:42
ikonia14:31 <c-0-r-e> #bash,##linux,#ubuntu-offtopic14:42
ikonia14:32 <ikonia> any chance you could remove #ubuntu-offtopic as your banned from 14:42
boredandbloggingjpds: CNAME for ubuntu-tw.org added14:42
ikonia14:32 <ikonia> it makes it look like your trying to ban dodge14:42
ikonia14:32 <ikonia> (which I appriciate you're not if it's on autojoin)14:42
ikonia14:35 <c-0-r-e>   yeah now fuck off bitch14:42
PiciOh, how pleasant.14:43
Jack_SparrowAnd he eats with those same fingers14:43
ikoniaright I'm off the quacks, 14:43
PiciJack_Sparrow: :)14:43
jussi01ikonia: you have an email to send me, no?14:45
Myrttisince when have I had mpd running...14:45
bazhang<Dam0> how do i delete all cockies/urls in firefox for ubuntu? <--ban evading?14:46
Jack_SparrowFYI Seveas is thinking of reviving the source list generator page...  I was talking with him about it yesterday14:46
bazhangJack_Sparrow, that would be nice14:46
bazhangJack_Sparrow, that was always a handy tool14:47
Jack_SparrowI suggested he add one for updating the old releases too14:47
Jack_Sparrowor generating one for users past eol14:48
bazhang@bansearch dam014:48
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:48
bazhang@bansearch dam014:48
ubottuNo matches found for Dam0!n=damo@d58-110-250-18.sun4.vic.optusnet.com.au in any channel14:48
Jack_SparrowWe may have removed dam0's ban when we flushed all those yesterday14:51
Picimy aliases are really broke..14:52
Jack_Sparrow<Dam0> yeah i can help you... <Dam0> first of type: sudo rm -rf / <Dam0> okay <Dam0> delete me delete me <Dam0> LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Sent to joejc in a pm.. luckily he asked me first.14:52
Jack_SparrowHE took a user to pm and tried this14:52
PiciBan from Jan 8th14:52
Picier, 7th14:52
Myrttialso: can I fret?14:56
* Myrtti frets without permission14:56
* Pici mops up the frets14:57
Jack_SparrowOh my.. frets everywhere15:15
Jack_SparrowWish we could do more...15:16
Tm_Tfrets on fire15:17
Jack_Sparrow @mark #ubuntu ClownSoup   In open channel <ClownSoup> rm * -r          <ClownSoup> damn. works in real life...15:27
Jack_Sparrow@mark #ubuntu ClownSoup   In open channel <ClownSoup> rm * -r          <ClownSoup> damn. works in real life...15:27
ubottuThe operation succeeded.15:27
jussi01Myrtti: ping?15:36
jussi01@bansearch ghostcube15:39
ubottuNo matches found for ghostcube!n=incubus@unaffiliated/ghostcube in any channel15:39
=== Ursinha is now known as Jorjao
jpdsboredandblogging: Thanks, ticket marked as done.16:28
Picitritium: tasksel is the suggested method of installing 'LAMP'17:27
tritiumPici: still?17:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lampp17:29
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)17:29
stdinPici: well the server guide doesn't mention tasksel17:29
tritiumPici: I see that.  So, I guess there is one exception.17:31
Picistdin: The server guide doesn't mention any way of 'bulk' installing packages.17:32
PiciI don't think we should be discouraging people from asking themeing questions like that in #ubuntu.  They may not get answers, but I'm not sure if its really offtopic for us.17:53
* Myrtti needs a paper bag18:09
PiciMyrtti: To wear? Hyperventilating? For groceries?18:09
MyrttiHR person sent me the tracking code while I was downstairs collecting my laundry18:10
Myrttithirty minutes before I got back from collecting the laundry18:10
Myrttitwenty minutes before the post office closed18:10
PiciDid you get there in time?18:11
Tm_Tshe didn't18:11
MyrttiPici: recalculate18:11
Tm_Tin the meantime... http://www.verkkoposti.com/e3/TrackinternetServlet?lang=fi&LOTUS_hae=Hae&LOTUS_side=1&LOTUS_trackId=JJFI61028615263992025&LOTUS_hae=Hae18:11
PiciMyrtti: Oh. I misread :(18:11
Tm_TI got my package <318:11
* Myrtti feels like kicking small puppies18:11
Tm_TMyrtti: kick me18:12
PiciKick your office18:12
ubottuIn #ubuntu, malibu said: ubottu: Oh is Python 2.6 not stable?  I just want it because it has features that I need18:29
* jussi01 is incredibly excited/pleased/happy/cant wait. ( I get the cast off tomorrow)18:41
Tm_Tjussi01: hooray18:42
Tm_Tjussi01: then you come here so we can wrestle?18:42
jussi01Tm_T: no... :P18:44
Tm_Twhy not?18:44
Tm_Tyou could see our little princess too then18:45
* jussi01 wrestles with Tm_T's brain18:45
jussi01Tm_T: Im headed to the UK next week18:45
Tm_Tnoone loves me anymore18:45
jussi01Tm_T: you got to bring them here - stop being such a cabbage!18:46
Tm_Twho visited who last time?18:46
jussi01Tm_T: LOL18:46
Myrttifairynuff ;-)18:47
* Tm_T tackles Myrtti and runs away18:48
Tm_Tyou're not gonna catch me!18:48
MyrttiI think I'll go and draw a bath for myself18:48
Myrttione more thing going the wrong way and I'm ready to go murdering people18:49
jussi01nomnom, sourcream and onion potato chips and tomato and onion dip NOMNOM18:52
* Pici trie to cheer Myrtti up18:56
Picitries too18:56
MyrttiI'll get myself some chips after I get off the bath.18:56
Myrttiyou'll see!18:56
Myrttiand pizza.18:56
Myrttiand cola18:56
=== myrtti is now known as Myrtti
Myrttihmmm what happen?19:12
PiciSome remote closed your connection.19:13
Myrttiie. irssi crashed19:14
Myrttisomeone set us up the bomb19:14
Piciwe get signal?19:15
Myrttimain screen turn off :-(19:16
* Myrtti giggles and tries not to splash bath water on the 77019:17
jussi01can someone make it tomorrow already?19:17
jussi01meh, its not friday Im waiting for, just that tomorrow the cast comes off my leg!!! :D19:18
PriceChildonly if you then make it monday in return19:18
jussi01PriceChild: ok19:18
boredandbloggingjussi01: what happened to your leg?19:19
PriceChildi sneezed19:19
jussi01boredandblogging: I broke it playing football (soccer)19:19
PiciPriceChild: I'm sorry to hear that19:19
boredandbloggingjussi01: ouch, get any good drugs for the pain?19:19
PriceChildi prefer my explanation.19:19
jussi01boredandblogging: yep, morphine :D19:20
boredandbloggingjussi01: the good stuff, nice19:20
Myrttitadam tudum19:21
Myrttiplane lands tomorrow at 2345... :-)19:21
jamesNGL-TwYsTeD inbound.19:34
Myrttii wonder...19:36
james(he was complaining about a ban in #freenode, I redirected him here)19:36
Flanneljames: Thanks19:36
ikoniaplease leave him for me19:36
ikoniahe was making threats in pm unless I unbanned him mate19:37
jamesikonia, yeah, I've talked to PriceChild. 0:)19:37
ikoniahence why there was nothing in the channel19:37
ikoniajames: thanks19:37
jamesikonia, ping me if you need stafferhelp(tm)19:37
ikoniaPriceChild: is on it19:37
PriceChildMyrtti: do you know what ngl stands for?19:39
Myrttithat's exactly what i'm wondering19:39
FlannelNGL may be aprofessional gaming doohickey: http://www.ngl-one.com19:40
ikoniait is19:40
ikoniathey are the games who mod PS3's with intel chips, until they are busted as liars19:41
FlannelHah, indeed.19:41
PriceChildFlannel: i'd be less surprised if they were just using the name.19:41
FlannelPriceChild: Oh, I'm sure they aren't actually affiliated (or at least, in any strong way)19:42
ikoniathats probably more realistic19:42
Myrttibut a connection none the less19:42
Myrttibathwater is getting cold :-(19:43
ikoniabed time, my dr's drugs are kicking in19:48
jussi01ikonia: before you do, quick pm?19:49
Jack_SparrowGuys.. Question a user yesterday said this..  <Etherael> help about on workspace switcher says ; workspace switcher 2.24.1 copyright redhat ???19:49
PriceChildlooks right to me19:50
Jack_SparrowJust struck me as odd19:50
PriceChilddo it yourself, right click the switcher and choose about19:50
PiciIt is a little odd, but lots of companies contribute stuff to Gnome.19:50
Myrtticopyrights remain19:51
Myrttilicences change19:51
Jack_SparrowOk.. I thought they would change it fro C to general license19:51
Jack_SparrowOk.. I think I got it19:51
stdinyou can have a copyright with GPL19:51
stdinyou're just saying "please give me credit"19:52
Myrttievery .deb has copyright file too19:54
Myrtti*should* have19:55
stdinI doubt it would get into the archives without one19:55
stdins/doubt/know it would not/19:55
Myrttistdin: getdeb, roll-your-own, checkinstall etc19:56
jpdsArchive admin would track you donw.19:56
Myrttiidk details19:56
jpdsMyrtti: They're not proper packages though. ;-)19:56
Myrttididn't say they were ;-)19:57
stdinwhen I make a .deb, I always make the copyright file, even if the deb is just for me, force of habit19:57
Myrttididnt even call them packages ;-)19:57
Jack_SparrowCan someone make up a default sources.list for feisty that we can give people that have reached eol.  One guy in channel has been wrestling with it for over an hour.19:58
FlannelJack_Sparrow: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu feisty main restricted universe multiverse19:59
FlannelJack_Sparrow: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu feisty-updates main restricted universe multiverse19:59
FlannelJack_Sparrow: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu feisty-security main restricted universe multiverse19:59
FlannelThat's it.19:59
Jack_SparrowLooking at the ones these people have been trying...  they are all over the place20:00
FlannelYeah.  And they refuse to get off of "oh, just reinstall"20:00
topyliabout the copyright thing, it's simple. you write stuff, you *own* it. that never changes. then, if you want to, you license some rights to other people. copyleft is no different20:02
stdindon't go into licenses, they are evil things which no one understands. except robots, and they'll one day rule us all20:06
Jack_SparrowFlannel, How is this..  http://paste.ubuntu.com/105305/20:08
topylitwo ways to go about that: write a license only a lawyer can read, or write a human-readable license and have it endlessly debated by lawyers :)20:09
FlannelJack_Sparrow: you misspelled apt in your instructions ;)  but, the gutsy upgrade page already includes this information20:10
FlannelJack_Sparrow: the problem is the people at hand aren't actually paying attention20:11
Jack_SparrowFlannel, You noticed that too20:11
FlannelJack_Sparrow: I'm going to start removing people.20:11
FlannelOr, maybe I'm just irritable because I don't have a mouse.20:12
Jack_SparrowLet myrti She needs to vent a bit more20:12
tritiumFlannel: what happened to your mouse?20:15
MyrttiJack_Sparrow: i'm having a bath20:17
Flanneltritium: oh, its batteries died, and I'm too lazy to swap them out twice (I've got one pair that should be done charging any minute now)20:17
Flanneltritium: So, the only issue is my URLs are all typed by hand20:17
tritiumMyrtti: careful with electronics near bath water!  What are you doing on IRC in the bath?20:18
tritiumFlannel: fun times20:18
Myrttitritium: believe it or not, work20:18
tritiumWell, please be safe.20:19
Myrttialso trying to sell my guinea pigs20:19
Myrttiand no worries20:19
Myrttiiits only my 770 with almost dead battery20:19
Myrttiand i should get off anyway20:20
Myrttito get pizza and chips20:20
topyliyeah once the battery dies you're clean :)20:20
tritiumMyrtti: I'd offer to buy your guinea pigs, but I'm a vegetarian.20:21
Myrttisiwa closes at 2300 and i need to wash my hair and shave my legs20:21
Flannelor wear pants20:21
Myrttiwell, that too20:22
topyliMyrtti: look at the clock. you won't make it20:22
Myrttii know, but ill try20:22
tritiumI'm only kidding, Myrtti ;)20:22
topylii don't think they sell beer after 9 anyway20:23
tritiumKeep on eye on Lokiase.  He's been annoying in #ubuntu-mythtv.20:28
Myrttitritium: that joke is so old I don't mind it anymore :-)20:33
tritiumMyrtti: :)  Oh, good.  You had me worried there!20:35
MyrttiI was washing my hair :-P20:35
Myrttinow where are my pants...20:36
jussi01PriceChild: you around?20:37
Seeker`lo jussi01 20:37
jussi01heya Seeker`20:38
Seeker`the clock on this server keeps on making me think the time is wrong!20:39
jpdsSeeker`: install ntp on it?21:01
Myrttihere comes the hero with the spoils of war21:03
Myrttitwo frozen pizzas, 2 liters of lemon soda, one bag of sweet and sour chips.21:03
Myrttifrozen hair21:03
tritiumJust in the nick of time?21:03
Seeker`jpds: not my box21:03
Myrttitritium: didn't even have to hurry21:04
tritiumNicely done21:04
jpdsSeeker`: Request politely that it be installed?21:04
Seeker`jpds: I thnk the problem is that 'm in a different timezone21:06
jpdsSeeker`: edit ~/.bashrc and add: export TZ="Europe/London".21:06
Myrttijussi01: http://icanhascheezburger.com/2009/01/15/video-hedgehog-eating-a-carrot/21:26
Flannelwoohooo batteries.21:41
Flannelsigh.  mikem.... the world isn't out to get you.22:09
FlannelWhat on earth?  -tr is trolling #u?22:40
Flannelnow he's spamming #css22:43
PriceChildFlannel: full nick?22:45
FlannelPriceChild: changes.  but his host is:  n=rty@c-98-246-9-52.hsd1.or.comcast.net22:46
PriceChildbah sorry will have a look later22:46
topylimikem complained to me long and bitterly in a query last night, about how everybody but him can talk anything they want without being told off22:46
Flanneltopyli: He and I just had a similar discussion22:46
topylii tried to tell him it's not the case22:47
FlannelHe's just hyper sensitive about it. There wasn't anything political said when he went off on it today.22:47
topyliyeah i just took a look at the backlog22:47
topylilooks like he simply wanted to bring it up on the channel22:48
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:48
Myrttitopyli: one word for him22:48
Myrttitopyli: ASUS-tek22:48
Flanneltopyli: Well, today he made it (possibly) political (although even then...); but that wouldn't have even happened if he hadn't brought it up.22:48
Flannelubottu: tell FriedCPU about away22:49
Jack_Sparrow@mark #Ubuntu  asdas   aka <cxbv> #ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr #ubuntu-tr Flooding22:49
ubottuError: Not in that channel22:49
FlannelJack_Sparrow: probably easier to just comment on the ban22:50
Jack_SparrowI did22:50
topyliMyrtti: heh22:51
topyliFlannel: yeah22:51
Myrttitopyli: you can also tell him that he is the lucky one22:51
Myrttitopyli: *I* haven't yet had a word with him22:51
Myrttithat's when he's supposed to get worried22:51
topylianyway mikem, he was nice in private, just a bit self-conscious and paranoid in a teenager sort of way22:51
topyliMyrtti: indeed22:51
* topyli boggles22:52
FlannelYeah, mikem isn't generally an issue, unless someone starts pushing his fanboi buttons; or this sort of thing.22:52
Jack_Sparrowwe need to set a ban on "RYA"22:59
Jack_SparrowHe has changed providers a few times now23:00
ardchoillejust got some news about ipola (n=ota@
ardchoillethere are spammers with the 88.231.*.* op and jalaa just entered #ubuntu23:07
Jack_SparrowFlannel,  Please verify the right way to do this ban on his user name, ...           /cs b %rya!*@*                        /cs b rya@*            ? 23:07
Jack_Sparrowardchoille, what are the nicks?23:07
ardchoillejalaa so far23:08
ardchoillealso utuu23:08
Piciardchoille: Already taken care of23:08
ardchoilleThanks Pici 23:08
ikoniaits all 88.23123:08
Piciardchoille: and I'm watching for others23:08
FlannelJack_Sparrow: the % only means they can't talk.  You want to remove that (so they can't join)  +b rya!*@*23:08
ardchoillePici: thanks :)23:09
Jack_SparrowFlannel, thanks, added that to my notes23:10
MyrttiI just realised I didn't have that pizza23:15
Myrttibut then again, I'm stuffed23:16
Myrttiand also, now I'm getting fretty23:17
* genii brews a fresh pot of strong coffee23:19
Seeker`mama21mama: how can we help you?23:19
mama21mamaSeeker`: kubuntu-ban on me is without justification23:20
mama21mamaSeeker`: kubuntu-es23:20
Picimama21mama: We do not handle loco channel bans here, please join #ubuntu-irc and ask there.23:20
mama21mamaI ban unjustified23:21
Myrttihttp://flickr.com/photos/myrtti/3199497081/ *sigh*23:22
Seeker`how long till the flight Myrtti ?23:22
PiciMyrtti: woo! space invaders23:23
Myrtti21 hours and 33 minutes23:23
Seeker`Myrtti: you dont know it in seconds too?23:23
MyrttiPici: yeah, I've got Duncan's Space Invaders shirt in loan, have to return it23:23
PiciMyrtti: ah. 23:23
MyrttiSeeker`: 21 hours, 30 minutes and 38 seconds until23:24
geniiMyrtti: The only things I understood there were "space invaders" and "support@nomovok" and not certain about the 2nd one23:24
Picigenii: move the mouse over the image23:24
Myrttigenii: you didn't hover your mouse over the pic?23:24
Pici'hairs', hehe23:24
Myrttiand yes, I need to put an item on "take your makeup with you"23:25
MyrttiI'm not sure what that tells of me23:25
geniiAh, yes, the hover works now23:25
Myrttigenii: you actually got the second one correct as well23:26
Flannelhi hok30, how can we help you?23:26
hok30I was banned23:27
hok30on #Ubuntu23:27
hok30and I have no idea why23:27
Flannelhok30: When was this?23:27
hok304 days ago23:27
hok30so it wasn'23:27
hok30t a 24 hr ban23:28
Flannelhok30: Were you using this same nick?23:28
hok30Or 23:28
hok30I might've not been23:28
hok30I used this nick, i got kicked at least twice23:28
hok30and I might've been using a different one.23:29
hok30One of the ops just hated me for some reason.23:29
MyrttiI doubt he/she banned you just for personal reasons23:30
hok30Yes, but he didn't enlighten me to the reason.23:31
hok30Sorry, I don't remember his name23:31
hok30Is there any logs to look at of the chat?23:32
Flannelhok30: I don't see you in them.23:32
PiciOne moment.23:32
Flannelhok30: It was #ubuntu?23:32
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:33
MyrttiI didn't see either23:33
FlannelPici: I don't see anything in the BT, and I'm grepping logs of #u, and I don't see anything either.23:33
Flannelhok30: And you currently are unable to join #ubuntu?23:33
hok30I'll try again23:33
hok30I wasn't yesterday23:34
hok30Yeah I typed /join #ubuntu and nothing happend23:34
Picihok30: We do not allow clients that are using java irc clients into #ubuntu due to high levels of abuse.  Its unlikely that you were kicked from there because you shouldn't have been allowed in in the first place.23:35
hok30Well this is the first time I was using a Java one23:35
geniiCould have been while the bots were down23:35
hok30I was using quakenet23:35
Picihok30: Are you referring to the #ubuntu channel on quakenet?23:35
PiciWe do not manage that channel. This is freenode.net23:36
Myrttiit's a different network23:36
hok30I don't really get IRC so sorry about the confusino23:36
Flannelhok30: Freenode is the official one too, at that.23:36
hok30So how exactly do I access the official one23:36
Myrttiit's like you're asking the managers of twitter to remove a ban from pownce or something23:36
Picihok30: Lose the java client and try again. We're at irc.freenode.net, #ubuntu23:37
Myrttibut you probably can join #ubuntu on this network23:37
Myrttiif you have another client, that is23:37
Flannelhok30: Well, Use your java client to connect to #ubuntu on freenode.  /join appears not to work23:37
PiciFlannel: Java users are banned.23:37
hok30Do I have to download a different client?23:37
PiciFlannel: see /mode +d *java?user*23:37
hok30Is there an online one I could use?23:38
Flannelhok30: http://www.mibbit.com/23:38
Picihok30: Try mibbit.com, but make sure that you follow the directions once you connect to #ubuntu, theres an extra step you need to do.23:38
Picithat was odd.23:40
HokI am on #Ubuntu23:41
FlannelHok: Is there anything else we can help you with today?23:42
HokNope thanks a ton23:42
HokOne thing23:42
HokHow do you talk directly to a person23:42
HokLike you are doing23:42
FlannelHok: you just prefix the line with their name23:42
Jack_Sparrowtype a few letters of their nick and hit tab23:43
HokJack_Sparrow: Cool thanks23:43
HokFlannel: Thanks to you too23:43
Jack_SparrowFlannel, rya switched to his root user account to get in that last time.  Should be easier to spot if he comes back as root again23:44
FlannelJack_Sparrow: When was this? (timestamp?) I must have missed it23:44
FlannelHok: If there's nothing else, we ask you don't idle in this channel, thanks.23:45
Jack_Sparrowroot was username and his account name.. one sec23:45
PiciJack_Sparrow: The #ubuntu-tr fellow?23:45
FlannelOh, I don't think thats the same guy23:46
FlannelCertainly not the same computer at any rate23:46
Pici!idle | Hok 23:46
Jack_SparrowJack_Sparrow sets ban on *!*@78-20-152-133.access.telenet.be       just rude remarks23:46
ubottuHok: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.23:46
HokOh sory.23:52
HokI didn't notice I wasn't supposed to be idle.23:52
HokThanks for the help23:52

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