JanCsome parts of IBM are 200% pro-linux/unix, other parts don't know it exists...00:01
dazmanIt's certainly something we need to start looking at though.. in terms of getting things to a point where these sort of solutions are very plug in, install and work.. and manageable for most people moving forwards.00:02
nomingziRemote clients (who granted remote dial-in) can easily create VPN connection to server and the logon info (user ID & password) can be saved. so this create security problem if more users create VPN connection from unsafe (or home PC) to our server, how can I prevent this? what are the cheap-way of secondary authentication? Please advise.02:27
uvirtbot`New bug: #315427 in samba (main) "winbind is not started before samba, but should" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31542702:51
uvirtbot`New bug: #317355 in tomcat6 (main) "jaunty alpha3 - tomcat6 install doesn't listen on port 8009 " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31735505:41
stiv2ki have openssl installed but a script is unable to locate it on my system07:24
lukehasnonamewhereis openssl07:25
hadswhich openssl07:25
lukehasnoname /usr/bin/openssl07:25
hadsadjust script here07:26
stiv2ki was missing libssl-dev07:34
stiv2koh boy, missing make07:34
hadsAh, so not actually openssl07:35
didrockskirkland: seems to have an issue for screen-profile with putty07:46
didrocks(F2,F3,F4) is binded in (/, *, -). Other keys are corrects07:47
didrocksdid you also removed shift+tab?07:47
didrocksjdstrand: you didn't answered my last IRC question so that I can test ufw. Do I have to take the test on hardy?07:52
ScixWould this guide apply for intrepid as well? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Debmirror08:20
Scixatt the keyring section08:30
jahorhello i'm interrested in incorporatin a tomcat multi instance launcher. anyone working on something similar?08:40
uvirtbot`New bug: #317401 in openldap2.3 (main) "Wrong documentation for TLSCipherSuite" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31740108:50
incidenceHey, any idea why couriertls is eating all the CPU?09:00
incidenceroot      9069 98.5  0.0  16316  1752 ?        R    Jan07 11337:19 couriertls -localfd=5 -tcpd -server09:00
_rubentls is cpu intensive, so not *that* surprising09:01
_rubenprobably working on a lot of data .. or its messing around09:02
incidencewell yea, but there is no way to reduce that?09:02
_rubencould try to 'nice' the process, but still it'd use any avail cpu cycles .. or perhaps courier has some throttling built-in09:03
henkjanhmm, remapped ctrl-a -> ctrl-g in screen-profiles is annoying09:03
hadsSo it is.09:04
henkjanvim /usr/share/screen-profiles/keybindings/common :)09:05
Ward1983why would ubuntu have xen if it is not working because its missing tons of crap :@10:14
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 205450 in xen-3.2 "xend fails to connect guest to dom0 block device or loopback file" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:14
Ward1983by that i mean ubuntu 8.04 server10:16
hadsThere's loads of stuff in universe10:16
Ward1983hads, universe isenabled :s10:16
Ward1983so nobody in ehre runs xen? haha10:30
_rubenhmm .. nl.archive.ubuntu.com points to the uk mirror10:40
henkjan_ruben: jeeves must be playing with his toys :)10:43
Jeeves_One of the filers failed me yesterday night10:44
Jeeves_so I had to ask Canonical to switch to them10:44
Jeeves_Now, they're failing me by not respoding to my request to switch back :)10:44
_rubenouch :P10:45
Ward1983nobody runs xen here? nobody has had this problem?10:46
Ward1983its on 8.04 btw, when xen was not dropped yet10:46
Ward1983well... kindof not dropped10:46
_rubenperhaps it being broken was the reason for it getting dropped10:47
Ward1983because its done so crappy that it looks liek they draopped t back then10:47
Ward1983_ruben, maybe but other distros do not seem to have trouble with it10:47
Ward1983so i gonna have to instlal anotehr distro :(10:47
hadsUse them?10:47
henkjanWard1983: you can ttry to ask zul10:48
Ward1983hads, i did not say that to mock ubuntu10:48
Ward1983henkjan, letś see if zul responds then thanx :)10:48
Jeeves_Ward1983: kvm rules10:48
* hads likes kvm10:48
* _ruben likes esxi10:49
* Jeeves_ too10:49
Jeeves__ruben: bah!10:49
* Jeeves_ too's hads 10:49
Jeeves_not _ruben10:49
Jeeves_vmware bah!10:49
Jeeves_'the internet is for porn'10:49
Ward1983Jeeves_, i heard of it once but i prefer xen now (just learning, not production environment)10:49
_rubenheard only once of porn ?10:49
Ward1983no kvm10:50
hadsIf you want supported virtualisation on Ubuntu then KVM is the way.10:50
Ward1983hads, lol i cannot even find a good ubuntu link on kvm10:52
_rubenJeeves_: for windows guests the vmware products are the best imo, and most our stuff is windows, which i, luckily, have not much to do with :)10:52
Ward1983so much for support10:52
Ward1983im just depressed now10:52
Ward1983gtg for a smoke10:52
Ward1983might aswell give up10:52
Ward1983this is the third distro :(10:52
Jeeves_Ward1983: Skip Xen10:52
Ward1983only ubuntu 8.10 worked and i had to compile the kernel mytself10:52
Jeeves_Xen will die, slowly10:52
Ward1983Jeeves_, well i compiled the xen kernel on 8.10 and it sorked perfectly10:53
Ward1983Jeeves_, how come?10:53
Jeeves_Ward1983: Linux has adopted kvm10:53
Jeeves_(Linus, that is)10:53
Jeeves_Redhat switched from Xen to kvm10:53
Ward1983Linus is a a**hole10:53
Ward1983dont even like him one little bit10:53
Jeeves_Ward1983: So what?10:54
_rubenjoy .. dns is updated :)10:54
Ward1983Jeeves_, he intends to give linux to the community to do with it what they want but he keeps all kinds of cool stuff out of linux ,therefore it is not to be considered free imho10:54
* _ruben hits the sync button10:54
Ward1983Jeeves_, what would be better on kvm btw? im considering it but i just learned all kinds of xen stuff for nothing then :(10:56
_rubenbit.nl.archive.ubuntu.com became NXDOMAIN though .. not that it really matters10:56
Ward1983btw the info it just plain wrong, xen can use extensions just aswell10:57
Ward1983whatever makes people go for kvm i guess10:58
Ward1983For hardware without virtualization extensions Xen and Qemu are popular solutions. ¨10:58
Jeeves__ruben: That's not the right hostname11:02
_rubenJeeves_: not sure where i found it, but i ran into it when i was looking for info on the mirror11:03
_rubenperhaps a temporary fluke in the matrix11:05
Jeeves__ruben: That's the hostname in launchpad11:06
ivokshow do we handle merges?11:39
henriquelmHello there11:44
henriquelmCan you guys tell me what is the command line to upgrade and ubuntu server from the CD?11:44
henriquelmI don't have the graphical interface installed11:52
henriquelmI have tryed the command gksu "sh /cdrom/cdromupgrade", but it didn't work11:52
ivoksthere's no gksu11:53
ivoksthere's sudo11:53
ivoksgksu is grpahical tool11:53
ivoksi'm not sure cdromupgrade is CLI script11:53
henriquelm[ivoks]: I was just following the instructions of ubuntu's website (http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading), but like you said, the instructions are for those who have graphical interface.11:56
Ward1983so i decided to try kvm12:00
Ward1983but i read it needs a modified qemu, is that taken care of allready if i install it in 8.04 64bit ?12:00
Ward1983i dont read anything about it here so: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/kvm12:00
ivoksWard1983: kvm is modified qemu12:06
ivokseverything you need for kvm is in ubuntu already12:06
ivokskvm (userspace) is modified qemu, while kvm (kernel) is a kernel module12:07
Ward1983ivoks, ok so i just follow the steps on the URL i gave?12:08
Ward1983just to make sure12:08
Ward1983(just had a bad experience with xen + 8.04 64bit)12:08
ivoksWard1983: what do you want to achive?12:09
ivoksinstall another ubuntu in vm?12:09
ivoksor some other os?12:09
Ward1983ivoks, lol no12:09
ivokscause, if you want ubuntu, ubuntu-vm-builder would speed things up a lot12:09
Ward1983ivoks, i wanted to learn xen first but since xen dosnt work and i did do some domUs before i might aswell learn kvm (people here suggested it since its supported and xen is not)12:09
Ward1983ivoks, ubuntu-vm-builder is for building virtual ubuntuś ?12:10
Ward1983ivoks, is it similar to xen-toolsś debootstrap installations?12:10
Ward1983that wiould be nice :)12:10
ivoksyes, it debootstraps ubuntu and/or debian12:10
Ward1983ivoks, sorry i thought you were gonna suggest virtualbox etc :) because you asked what i wanted to achieve12:11
Ward1983oh very nice i liked that about xen :)12:11
Ward1983thanx for the tip12:11
Ward1983ivoks, any idea on the speed compared to xen?12:12
ivoksi don't know any exact numbers, but i don't see how faster from kvm it could be12:13
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
Ward1983ivoks, well xen was insanely performanet here lol, i was really amased12:13
Ward1983hopefully equally amased by kvm then12:13
ivoksi use kvm12:15
Ward1983is it popular with companies?12:18
Ward1983i know xen is12:18
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
john_doe1How do I limit my mail server to only send mails for clients when using login?12:24
ivoksWard1983: xen is dying12:38
ivoksWard1983: even those who pushed it, now move to kvm (redhat)12:38
ivoksubuntu decided in boston (2007.) to go with kvm12:39
frippzwhy do I miss /usr/bin/qemu-kvm on my Intrepid install? is there a package that contains this binary?12:41
Ward1983ivoks, is there any advantage for 8.10 isntead of 8.04 for kvm bt?12:44
ivoksnewer version? :)12:46
henkjanWard1983: newer kvm version i suppose. Hardy has kvm 62. Intrepid has v7212:46
Ward1983ivoks, newer kvm version aswell?12:46
Ward1983ah ok :s12:47
Ward1983i would think they would make updates for 8.0412:47
Ward1983since its LTS12:47
Ward1983is it also in desktop 8.10?12:47
Ward1983have that one on my external HD :p installs pretty fast12:48
henkjandesktop and server are the same repo's. Only a different default install12:48
Ward1983ah nice thats what i hoped12:48
Ward1983i didnt fiddle with server much yet12:48
henkjanapt-file reports no /usr/bin/qemu-kvm for me12:48
Ward1983lol i was trying the same henkjan12:49
Ward1983apt-file owns12:49
henkjanWard1983: server install is a basic ubuntu install without a graphical interface12:49
Ward1983henkjan, and alternate install?12:49
henkjanalternate install is for eg small memory systems12:50
Ward1983also minial install no?12:50
Ward1983well basic install12:50
frippzhmm, seems that /usr/bin/qemu-kvm is the same as /usr/bin/kvm12:50
Ward1983well going to reinstall 8.10 lol12:51
Ward1983if only i knew xen didnt work beforehand i would have kept it... lol12:51
huayra_I need a cron job to repat a certain shell command every 30 minutes as root13:20
huayra_how do I do it?13:20
huayra_I'm totally ignorant on cron and need this done quickly13:20
huayra_some help... please? :)13:20
erik78secrontab -e13:21
erik78seThen a quick google for the syntax for cron13:21
erik78seor "man cron", go to the end and loot for a valid example13:21
erik78seMake sure you do "crontab -e" as the correct user that is about to run the cron job.13:24
uvirtbot`New bug: #317465 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "libmysqlclient15-dev_5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu1_i386.deb error 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31746513:25
dazmanThere's also /etc/crontab if you want it system-wide.. so not specific to one user.13:25
erik78seWhat is the main method to administer user rights on a server as part of securing a server? sudoers?13:45
erik78seIf I would like a user to be able to mount/unmount devices, etc... how whould I do that the "debian/ubuntu" way ?13:46
Deepsspecify 'user' as an option in the fstab entry for your mountpoint, and users can mount/unmount it13:46
erik78seOk, that would be "a" way, but I'm sure its not the main metod... I'm not specifically interested in devices, but security in general....13:47
erik78sesudo for example13:47
erik78se... I'm comparing it to the desktop "gnome-authorizations"... where you can like change stuff like that in a GUI.13:48
erik78se... do you understand what I'm after ?13:48
Deepsnot entirely, but if you're after the ability to allow users to run a limited subset of commands wiht elevated privledges, sudo is probably the way to go13:49
erik78seYeah... What I'm after is if you run a large server park, you need a very flexible way of centrally manage "rights" in your server park. Like having a central "sudoers" file is one example. Some people have the sudoers-file in an LDAP... I'm curious how Ubuntu has thought about that. Its needed in large environments.13:51
huayra_      # m h dom mon dow user command13:52
huayra_       42 6 * * * root run-parts --report /etc/cron.daily13:52
huayra_what is the 42 ?13:52
Deepsruns at 06:4213:52
huayra_number of cron process? how do I know the number?13:52
Deepserik78se: i dunno, sorry13:53
huayra_thx people13:53
huayra_you rock!13:53
Deepshuayra_: minute, hour, day of the month, month, day of the week13:53
Deepshuayra_: if you want something running every 30mins as root, you could do 0,30 * * * * root /path/to/command13:54
Deepsand it'd run /path/to/command as root every hour on the hour and on the half hour13:54
huayra_one hour is ok13:54
huayra_is just the command for refresh of a planetplanet install13:55
Deepslikeiwse, if you replaced 0,30 with 3,33; it would run 3 mins past and 33 mins past13:55
gclericdoes anyone know if Canonical will every sell Landscape for local installs rather than a service over the internt?13:55
Deepsalternateively, if you wanted something more frequent (e.g. every 5 mins), you could do */513:55
erik78segcleric: I'm hoping for that too...13:56
erik78se... or I would have to write my own ;)13:56
gclericerik78se: would be nice. =)13:56
huayra_I can run sh /path/to/file right?13:59
huayra_or just /path/to/file.sh14:00
Deepsyou can do however you want14:01
erik78seYou need the exact name of the file14:01
Deepsif you do sh /path/to/file, you wanna probably do /bin/sh instead of sh14:01
Deepssince $PATH may not be set appropriately within your cron14:01
Deepsif you do /path/to/file.sh, you need to make sure /path/to/file.sh is executable (chmod +x /path/to/file.sh)14:02
huayra_now I gotta go14:04
erik78segcleric: Have a look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_open_source_configuration_management_software14:04
uvirtbot`New bug: #308548 in ec2-ami-tools "ec2-ami-tools patch for excluding persistent network files" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30854815:10
cowmixanyone running VMWare Server 2.0 on 8.10?15:19
kirklanddidrocks: is "(F2,F3,F4) is binded in (/, *, -)" in putty your customizations, or putty's defaults?15:21
ivokszul: ping15:27
zulivoks: hi15:28
ivokswhat's up?15:28
zulnot much how are you?15:28
ivoksgreat... i've merged bacula15:28
ivoksa sec... phone15:28
zulsweet...gimme :)15:28
john_doe1How do I limit my mail server to only send mails for clients when using login?15:30
RoyKhi all. iss it possible to tell ufw to allow everything from eth1?15:32
jdstrandRoyK: not yet15:32
RoyKcan I use custom iptables rules with ufw in a clean way?15:33
jdstrandRoyK: sure-- just look in /etc/ufw/*.rules15:33
RoyKthose won't be overwritten with ufw?15:33
jdstrandRoyK: look at the pathname :)15:34
jdstrandRoyK: ufw allows configuration in /etc/ufw/before*.rules and /etc/ufw/after*.rules15:34
RoyKbefore and after ufw rules?15:35
jdstrandRoyK: see the NOTES section of the manpage15:35
Juacohey ppl15:56
Juacoi'm having a problem with my date configuration, apparently Ubuntu 8.04 is getting wrong values for UTC time, consecuently i cannot ntpdate synch to the Active Directory at the office (because of kerberos), anyone could give me a hand, or has a clue about this?15:58
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)15:59
Deepschange 7.10 to 8.04 though, heh15:59
JuacoDeeps: thx, i'm checking it. (this looks like a weirder issue to me tho)16:01
didrockskirkland: putty's default, unfortunately :/16:04
kirklanddidrocks: can i reproduce it on putty on Linux?  or just windows?16:05
Deeps"(F2,F3,F4) is binded in (/, *, -)" in putty?16:06
didrockskirkland: do not have the choice at work (windows XP only)… So, didn't tried in Linux16:06
didrocksDeeps: for screen-profiles, I had this behavior16:06
kirklanddidrocks: so in putty, when you hit F2, what happens?16:07
didrockskirkland: it prints B16:07
didrocksC, & D for F3, F416:07
Deepswhen i hitf2/f3/f4, i get: ~~~16:07
* Deeps grabs screen profiles now though anyway16:08
didrocksyes, if you can confirm Deeps, it should be great :)16:08
Deepsurr, heh, how? i'm looking at https://edge.launchpad.net/screen-profiles and i cant find anything on what PPA to add16:08
didrockskirkland: remember that it was on my server that I had some strange issues and have to use termcap xterm* instead of xterm16:09
didrocksDeeps: add kirkland's ppa16:09
kirklandDeeps: didrocks: not necessary ...16:09
Deepswhich/what/how/where? lol16:10
kirklandjust install the deb16:10
Deepsworth updating the screen-profiles with some info on how to get it16:10
Deepsurr, screen-profiles page on launchpad16:10
kirklandDeeps: doing now ...16:11
Deepsis there a dpkg option to automatically grab and install dependancies?16:11
dazmanthe menu on screen profiles doesn't like some terminals.. but I need to get round to filing a bug report.  I presume thats going to be more of a terminal issue possibly16:11
dazmanwhich is why I've not submitted a report yet whilst I test it a bit further.16:11
Deepse.g just now i got dependancy issue (missing python-newt), and i've manually apt-getted it,16:12
kirklandDeeps: oh, well, dependency resolution is what you'd get from apt-get and my PPA :-)16:12
Deepsthat's a no then16:12
dazmanDeeps: apt-get -f install will fix that.. (I had to do it too for screen-profiles)16:12
didrocksDeeps: dpkg is just a single package tool. It does not handle automatic dependencies resoution16:12
Deepslol, less /usr/share/doc/screen-profiles/README: see launchpad/screen-profiles!16:12
Deepsdidrocks: yeah thats what i figured, but there's always a chance there's been upgrades to it ;)16:13
Deeps(that i'm unaware of!)16:13
=== dendrobates- is now known as dendrobates
Deepsok, i guess i'm still needing to do something more as i start a screen and it all looks normal16:15
Deepsand f2-f9 dont do anything16:15
kirklandDeeps: run select-screen-profile16:15
kirklanddidrocks: okay, so here's what I can suggest ....16:15
kirklanddidrocks: the keybindings are defined in /usr/share/screen-profiles/keybindings/common16:16
Deepsoh, wow that just took an age to load16:16
kirklandDeeps: will do the first time, calculating updates available;  next load should be instantaneous16:16
kirklanddidrocks: perhaps you can come up with some keybindings that work for putty16:17
Deepsswitched to ^G instead of ^A? brave16:17
kirklanddidrocks: if you do, we can check them in and store them in /usr/share/screen-profiles/keybindings/putty16:17
kirklanddidrocks: and add an option to the configuration screen to switch your keybinding profile16:17
kirklandDeeps: yeah, i'm on the fence about that one ....16:17
didrockskirkland: ok, I will try to have a look tomorrow if I can find some useful keybindings16:17
kirklandDeeps: ctrl-a breaks emacs and go-to-the-beginning-of-the-line16:18
kirklanddidrocks: thanks.  feel free to open a bug in Launchpad to track this16:18
Deepsi see16:18
Deepsf2-f4 dont do anything on my putty either btw, i just get ~~~ output to the terminal16:18
Deepsputty 0.60/winxp16:18
kirklandDeeps: what about F9?16:18
kirklandDeeps: and F8?16:18
Deepsf5-f9 work as expected16:19
didrockskirkland: for sure. I will. I had some discussion with nijaba on what can be implemented (I have lots of ideas) and will try to have some time to enhance this.16:19
kirklandDeeps: didrocks: oooh, interesting .... f5-f9 work16:19
kirklandDeeps: didrocks: perhaps the putty profile would just adjust to those16:19
didrockskirkland: as for me. I only spoke about F{2..4} :)16:19
kirklandokay, good16:19
kirklandso i fully expect keybindings to be "hard" to solve everywhere16:20
kirklandwhich is why i created the keybindings/* dir16:20
kirklandwe'll need separate keybinding profiles, per terminal16:20
kirklandi've only been testing gnome-terminal and the tty console16:20
didrocksyes, and have to switch between them?16:20
Deepsout of interest, the red 18! i see to the left of my loadavg, thats how many packages i have that need upgrading?16:21
kirklanddidrocks: right, we'll add an option to the menu, to let you select your preferred profile16:21
kirklandDeeps: yup16:21
kirklandDeeps: that's what made the initial startup take ~5 seconds or whatever16:21
Deepskirkland: it's wrong then. i did an apt-get update just now, apt-get upgrade confirms 38 packages need updating, the number didnt changee. killed screen, started a new one, it still says 18!16:22
kirklandDeeps: hmm, interesting, okay, test something for me ...16:22
kirklandDeeps: btw, what version of Ubuntu are you running?16:22
Deepsgood question16:23
kirklandshould tell you in the bottom left of the screen16:23
kirklandokay ...16:23
Deepsoh lol, yeah, i didnt see that16:24
Deeps\o/ Ubuntu 8.04.116:24
Deepscute, i like the colours too16:24
Deepslooks very ubuntu16:24
kirklandDeeps: run, /usr/share/screen-profiles/bin/updates-available16:24
Deepsdeeps@router:~$ /usr/share/screen-profiles/bin/updates-available16:24
Nafallokirkland: you got around to fixing ppas for that product? :-)16:24
kirklandDeeps: okay, rm /var/tmp/updates-available-$USER16:25
Deepsyeah i was just looking, my cache is < 60mins old16:25
kirklandNafallo: ?16:25
kirklandDeeps: right16:25
Deepsso it makes sense that it hasn't updated16:25
kirklandDeeps: did you run the apt-get update *after* starting screen?16:25
kirklandDeeps: yeah, that'll do it ...16:26
Nafallokirkland: remember we spoke about not having those packages in your private ppa since that would install a bunch of other things? :-)16:26
kirklandDeeps: it'll pick up the update in <60 minutes16:26
Deepsdeeps@router:~$ /usr/share/screen-profiles/bin/updates-available16:26
DeepsE: Failed to write temporary StateFile /var/lib/apt/extended_states.tmp16:26
kirklandDeeps: but, you've reminded me about something interesting ...16:26
kirklandNafallo: ah, right!16:26
kirklandNafallo: well, it's in universe now :-)16:26
Deepskirkland: i tend to do everything in screen, force of habbit from when i was stuck with only a gprs connection16:26
Deepskirkland: unreliable connection, dont need stuff dying just cuz my terminal dropped off16:27
kirklandDeeps: cool, i think you've got it16:27
kirklandDeeps: nice16:27
Nafallokirkland: hehe. only jaunty then :-). I'll wait for it then :-)16:27
Deepskirkland: 18! still showing in my screen though, it hasn't updated that still16:27
kirklandDeeps: glad you like it then, please feed any instructions16:27
kirklandNafallo: well, you can install the Jaunty binary anywhere;  it's version agnostic16:27
Deepskirkland: had to restart screen for it to show the updated count16:28
Nafallokirkland: hehe. fair enough.16:28
kirklandNafallo: just wget that binary, and dpkg -i it16:28
Nafallokirkland: dpkg :-O16:28
kirklandDeeps: right so there's two ways we can solve that ....16:28
Nafallokirkland: gdebi -i damnit ;-)16:28
kirklandDeeps: we can bind a key to refresh your screen16:28
kirklandNafallo: :-P16:28
Deepskirkland: thats excellent though, i thought my machine and connection was being a bit sluggish, wouldn't have thought twice about it but saw in the bottom corner that system load was around 0.8, and promptly investigated and killed the rogue process16:29
kirklandDeeps: hmm, what rogue process?16:29
Deepskirkland: scripted automated thing from elsewhere, problem in my code, nothing else16:29
kirklandDeeps: ah, gotcha.  glad you like ;-)16:29
Deepsis very cool16:30
kirklandDeeps: i think more about how to get your updates better16:30
kirklandDeeps: fwiw, this is handled much more cleanly in Jaunty16:30
kirklandDeeps: see that conditional code in my updates-available script16:30
kirklandDeeps: basically, jaunty maintains this information in /var/run/updates-available16:30
Deepsaah, nice16:30
kirklandDeeps: so my updates-available script doesn't have to do any hard work, just read that file16:31
Deepsshame that wont get backported to hardy16:31
kirklandDeeps: which i can do every 60 seconds or something16:31
Deepsyep, that sounds like a plan16:31
kirklandDeeps: cheers, thanks for testing16:31
Deepsthank you! this is niice16:31
kirklandDeeps: didrocks: I'll be interested to see what you blokes come up with for putty keybindings :-)16:31
didrockskirkland: I am at home now, so, no windows ATM. But I will give you that tomorrow :)16:33
kirklanddidrocks: sure, no rush16:33
kirkland(me doesn't really care, as he no longer has to use putty!)16:33
Deepssheds some light16:33
kirklandDeeps: ooooh, good one16:34
* kirkland files a bug to track this16:34
Deepsand infact, changing putty keybinds to xterm r6 resolves16:34
didrockskirkland: we searched with nijaba about getting more interactivity with screen (like, retrieving the list of currently opened windows in screen like :windows does. But it seems complicated)16:34
didrocksDeeps: you have maybe to document that somewhere16:34
Deepsgood point16:35
* Deeps files as a bug?16:35
Deepsoh kirk's doing that already16:36
didrocksyep :)16:36
kirklandDeeps: i'm doing it16:36
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 317550 in screen-profiles "f1, f2, f3, f4 not working in putty" [Undecided,New]16:36
kirklandsubscribe if you like16:36
didrocksI will and confirm it.16:36
kirklanddidrocks: ah, i just took the liberty to mark it confirmed, since 2 of you are seeing it ;-)16:36
kirklandDeeps: would you add that url you found?16:37
didrockskirkland: ok. I opened and saw it as "New" in the meantime :)16:37
Deepskirkland: just did16:39
Deepswoo, my first contribution to ubuntu16:39
kirklandDeeps: cheers ;-)16:42
didrockskirkland: do you know a good way to retrieve screen's current opened windows? I can't get them in, let's say, variable with "screen -X windows"16:42
Deepshmm, another potential bug16:43
kirklanddidrocks: hmm, i'm not sure ... http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jaunty/en/man1/screen.1.html16:43
kirklanddidrocks: that manpage is like 200 pages long :-)16:43
Deepswhen creating a new window, it starts a new terminal, and there's a space on the command line already16:43
kirklandDeeps: jdstrand reported that one ...16:43
kirklandDeeps: well, he mentioned it, didn't open a bug16:43
didrockskirkland: yes, and I tried to see every options in CUSTOMIZATION but didn't find useful stuff :/16:43
kirklandDeeps: you're welcome to open a bug ... i have no idea what's doing that16:44
paltI have a problem with an ubuntu server when downloading files to it. When I download big files say a dvdiso the file get corrupt somehow (The md5sum doesn't match). This doesn't happen for "small" files say 200M. Any idea what the problem could be? I would guess its the discs running in RAID 116:44
Deepskirkland: ok, will do, gotta pop out now will do it when i get back though as it'll irritate the hell out of me when it happens ;)16:44
paltfsck says that the file system is okay :)16:44
Ivanhoepalt: Your RAID1, what kind of controller / discs?16:44
kirklandDeeps: cheers16:44
paltsoftware RAID with mdadm.16:45
IvanhoePalt: Have you run an extensive memtest86 memory check?16:45
IvanhoeCan anyone tell me how to change the textmode of the console on server 8.10 taxtmode only16:46
uvirtbot`Ivanhoe: Error: "^textmode" is not a valid command.16:46
paltIvanhoe: No, perhaps I should try that. Is there any way to do so with remote access?16:46
IvanhoeNot really, to do a proper memory test, you need physical access t the machine, and depending on how much memory you have installed it can be a very time consuming process.16:47
IvanhoeDoes your server use ECC?16:47
kirklandDeeps: jdstrand: fixed the extra-whitespace-on-new-window problem :-)16:47
jdstrandkirkland: \o/16:48
jdstrandkirkland: what was it?16:48
kirkland-register n "^g^c ^gA"   # Goes with the F2 definition16:48
kirkland+register n "^g^c^gA"   # Goes with the F2 definition16:48
IvanhoeIf you are suing softwraid and getting md5sum mismatches, it is most likley flakey RAM. Do you have any non-raid volume on which to test?16:48
jdstrandgood to know it was something teeny16:48
kirklandjdstrand: very16:48
IvanhoeSo anyone know how to change the textmode of the console?16:49
Ivanhoeeg dos mode con: cols=132 lines = 50 ?16:49
Deepskirkland: lol, i just filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/screen-profiles/+bug/31755816:50
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 317558 in screen-profiles "new windows start with a leading space on the command line" [Undecided,New]16:50
* Deeps out16:50
kirklandDeeps: excellent, i'll close it with my patch16:50
paltIvanhoe: No, the server only contains 2 discs in the RAID. But I'll test the RAM tomorrow :)16:50
IvanhoeGood luck palt.16:52
J_Phi all, I have a server with feisty (7.04), but somes packages don't works more.. Err http://archive.ubuntu.com feisty/main smartmontools 5.36-8ubuntu216:55
J_P  404 Not Found [IP: 80]16:55
J_PSo, Are there a place with all packages of feisty ? for me download smartools.deb and install manucally with dpkg ?16:56
NafalloJ_P: feisty is End Of Life and removed from the archive servers.16:56
J_Pahh :-(16:56
NafalloJ_P: the repository is still available from old-releases.ubuntu.com IIRC16:56
J_Pahh ok16:56
J_Pthat is fine :-)16:56
NafalloI strongly suggest you upgrade however.16:57
Nafallo...cause you won't receive handy things like say... SECURITY UPDATES on feisty ;-)16:57
J_PNafallo: yes, I know.. Do you that are there a problem upgrade directaly to 8.0.4 ?16:58
J_Por 8.1016:58
NafalloJ_P: you can't skip versions with non-LTSes.16:58
NafalloI'm not sure how difficult it would be considering the archive have moved.16:59
J_PNafallo: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/feisty/main/binary-i386/ don't have any binary16:59
NafalloJ_P: that's not how the archive works dude...17:00
paltIvanhoe: Thx :)17:00
NafalloJ_P: deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu feisty main <-- will work17:01
J_PNafallo:  ahh in the poold dir works :-)17:02
J_PNafallo: don't have smartools in http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/s/  :-(17:05
NafalloJ_P: you are running feisty now yea?17:06
J_PNafallo: yes17:06
NafalloJ_P: why don't you replace your sources.list with the new location of things, apt-get update and then use the package manager as you usually do?17:06
J_PNafallo: what new location ?17:07
NafalloJ_P: old-releases17:07
J_PNafallo: ahh ok :-)17:08
NafalloJ_P: does that make sense?17:08
J_PNafallo: yes17:09
J_PI forgot that.. uaehuae17:09
J_PNafallo: but I can upgrade one LTS to another with ?17:10
J_Pfor example a 7.0.4 to 9.0.4 ?17:10
NafalloJ_P: the built-in tools for upgrading probably doesn't work for this anymore, but you really want to go 7.04 -> 7.10 -> 8.04.217:11
NafalloJ_P: LTS would be 6.06 -> 8.0417:11
J_PNafallo: ok..17:11
J_Pnow other example..17:11
NafalloJ_P: since you are not on an LTS that will however not work :-)17:11
J_Pif I have the 5.0.4 ?17:11
Nafallo5.04 -> 5.10 -> 6.06 -> 8.0417:12
J_Pthe old-releases can be used to upgrade until get the oficial like as 7.10 ?17:12
J_PNafallo: but are there sources list for all old releases ?17:12
J_Pto upgrade.. ?17:12
NafalloI would hope so. but as I said, I'm not convinced about the status for do-release-upgrade for those EOL'd versions.17:13
NafalloJ_P: looks like it.17:13
=== _jmedina is now known as jmedina
SlownI have problem with my proxy17:28
SlownI use squid with squidGuard module17:29
SlownI have installed a filter17:30
Slownbut it doesn't work17:30
Slownany one can help me ?17:30
jmedinaSlown: have you seen in the squid or squidguard logs?17:32
Slownno problem17:32
jmedinacoulod you paste bin your squidguard config?17:32
Slownyes one minute17:32
jmedinaand, are you sure squid is loading squidguard childrends?17:32
SlownI don't use squidguard children17:33
SlownI use a blacklist17:33
jmedinaI mean, squid redirects requests to a squidguard process and squidguard a few childrends17:34
jmedinayou can see that in /var/log/squid/cache.log17:34
Slownyou're here ?17:40
jmedinaSlown: try to add the         log             blocked.log option to you dests17:44
Slownwhat's blcoked.log ?17:44
jmedinaa file in the "logdir" directory17:46
jmedinaI dont remember if you need to create it by hand or squidguar automatically will create it17:47
Ward1983KVM == supported???18:06
Ward1983virt-manager is a year old....18:06
Ward1983cannot even install debian from hhtp......18:06
Ward1983it seems both xen an  KVM are supported for about 50%18:07
* jmedina uses xen and kvm by hand18:11
* jmedina preferes xen-tools18:11
ivoksvirt-manager != kvm18:24
Ward1983yeah nobody that uses kvm will use virt-manager18:37
Ward1983sarcasm alert18:37
ivokswell, i don't use it18:51
sommervirsh rules :-)18:59
ivokscli :)19:00
sommerpart of libvirt-bin19:00
sommeruseful when dealing with multiple vms... I've found19:01
stiv2ki am having issues with this cron script not executing19:20
stiv2k0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * *   ircd   /home/ircd/Unreal3.2.7/ircdcron/ircdchk >/dev/null 2>&119:21
ivoks*/10 * * * * would be easier :)19:22
stiv2khmm ok19:22
stiv2kbut its not executing regardless, my irc server isnt coming up19:22
ivokscheck /var/log/syslog19:22
ivoksyou should see if it's executing or not19:22
stiv2kJan 15 14:20:01 rickb /USR/SBIN/CRON[8087]: (ircd) CMD (  /home/ircd/Unreal3.2.7/ircdcron/ircdchk >/dev/null 2>&1)19:23
ivoksso, it's executing19:23
ivokstry running the program19:24
ivokssudo -i <- become a root19:24
ivokssu - ircd <- become ircd user19:24
ivoks /home/ircd/Unreal3.2.7/ircdcron/ircdchk19:24
stiv2kit doesnt let me do that19:24
stiv2ki say su - ircd and im still root19:25
stiv2kroot@rickb:/etc/apache2# su - ircd19:25
ivokssu ircd19:25
ivokswhat chell does ircd have?19:25
stiv2kno shell19:25
ivoksthen su -s /bin/bash ircd19:26
ivoksand, does it work?19:27
stiv2kbash: /home/ircd/Unreal3.2.7/ircdchk: No such file or directory19:27
stiv2kwrong dir19:27
stiv2k/home/ircd/Unreal3.2.7/ircdcron/ircdchk: line 47: /home/ircd/irc.rickb.net/src/ircd: Permission denied19:27
ivoksthere you go19:28
stiv2kthe ircd binary is owned by root (wtf)19:28
Nafallokirkland: would /usr/share/screen-profiles/bin/updates-available make sense to run every 10-15 minutes rather than each hour? :-)19:56
Nafallomaybe even 5-10 minutes ;-)19:56
kevinbrewsterQuestion: I have a server with apache2+ssl requiring a RCA pass phrase on start up. When I restart server, it hangs waiting for me to enter passphrase. Once I ssh to the server is there a way to bring that process to the "foreground" (so to speak) so I can enter in the passphrase?19:58
Nafallokirkland: especially if reboot-required is that often :-)19:58
ivokskevinbrewster: openssl rsa < key > new_key20:04
ivokskevinbrewster: (that's: don't ask password at all)20:05
ivokstake care... battery low20:06
kevinbrewsterYes, I'd rather not disable the password though. Just want a way to enter it in on restart through ssh20:06
hadsOnly thing I can think of is some sort of hack to start it in screen20:12
uvirtbot`New bug: #317542 in openvpn (universe) "Error in sysv script (dup-of: 271777)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31754220:15
Nafallokirkland: how about using Malone to translate screen-profiles? ;-)20:22
MatBoystarnge question maybe, but is ubuntu better on iscsi than debian ?20:23
uvirtbot`New bug: #315507 in php-suhosin (universe) "Unable to remove Suhosin patch" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31550720:40
uvirtbot`New bug: #316441 in php5 (main) "PHP session garbage collection" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31644120:40
kirklandNafallo: right, I agree on making updates-available more frequent, now that it's using caching20:46
kirklandNafallo: before, it would run the whole calculation every time20:46
Nafallokirkland: haha. nice :-)20:46
kirklandNafallo: that's an expensive operation, and i didn't want to run it more than every how20:46
kirklandNafallo: but now, with the caching, i'll make it happen more frequently20:47
Nafalloawesome :-)20:47
Nafallokirkland: will we have translations somewhere in Malone as well? I wouldn't mind making it Swedish even though I don't use the language myself anymore ;-)20:47
kirklandNafallo: sure...  do you know how to set that up?20:49
* kirkland doesn't20:49
kirklandbut i'm happy to have it translated20:49
Nafallokirkland: hmm. never done it myself :-)20:49
kirklandNafallo: well, if you can help me figure that out, i'd love to get it using LP translations ;-)20:50
kirklandNafallo: i've checked the box in LP :-)20:50
kirklandNafallo: so there's a tab at https://edge.launchpad.net/screen-profiles20:50
Nafallokirkland: awesome :-)20:51
kirklandNafallo: hmm, i have checked the box, but it doesn't think so ....20:51
kirklandNafallo: okay, cache changes commited, pushed20:55
* Nafallo updates trunk locally :-)20:56
kirklandNafallo: okay, i uploaded the .pot and .po files20:57
kirklandNafallo: now, we're waiting on LP human review20:57
Nafallohmm. bzr says I'm up to date. probably will have to wait a bit ;-)20:57
kirklandNafallo: you need revision 5920:59
Nafalloyea. bzr update is probably not the same as bzr pull ;-)20:59
Nafalloworked now20:59
Deepskirkland: on screen -r, does it refresh the updates count if the cache is > 60mins old?21:00
kirklandDeeps: not sure ... test it out and let me know21:00
Deepskirkland: i think it does, last time i tried to reattach to my screen it was painfully slow21:01
Deeps5-7 seconds to get the session back, on a 750mhz p321:01
kirklandDeeps: i'm surprised by that ....21:01
Deepswe're well past 10  seconds now21:02
Deepsand it's back21:02
kirklandDeeps: that doesn't seem right21:02
Deepsadmittedly, the 15min load avg is 1.7621:02
Deepsdue to the abismal cifs stack21:02
Deepsi should look for and/or file a bug about that21:03
GreenCulthi all21:14
GreenCultsomeone here have to install ubuntu on raid sata server?21:14
stiv2kis this supposed to happen?21:24
stiv2k/dev/sdb3 on /root/test type ext3 (rw)21:24
stiv2k/dev/sda3 on /root/test type ext3 (rw)21:24
stiv2ki can't unmount this now21:24
oly562I believe Im slowly but surely killing my server here. can someone take a look at my pastebin, its the synaptic errors listed using the gui. trying to fix up deps and errors, seem to be making it worse. thanks!  http://www.internetworkpro.org/pastebin/919/21:26
oly562brb going for a smoke21:27
MatBoyI can't ping or traceroute any host with good settings, hard set, but using dhcp everything works :S21:29
MatBoyI had this twice already21:30
maw_MatBoy: when you use a static IP are you sure your gateway is the correct IP?21:32
MatBoymaw_: 200% sure21:32
maw_can you  1) ping your loopback address 2) ping your adapter address 3) ping your gateway?21:32
MatBoybtw, what weird is when I try to use another gateway, one subnet lower, eth0 can't be started21:32
maw_and finally 4) ping something outside the gateway21:32
MatBoymaw_: can't ping my gatway :S21:33
MatBoybut everything localhost I can21:33
maw_what is your IP and subnet?21:33
MatBoy192.168.11.x and
maw_is the gateway ?21:33
maw_ /24 =
MatBoymaw_: nope, 11.25421:34
maw_that should be fine as .254 is the upper limit address in /2421:34
maw_run netstat -rn and show us the output21:35
MatBoyyep, I use it onother hosts too21:35
GargoyleWhat's a good program for monitoring server cpu and mem usage over time, so I could get a weekly or monthly summary?21:36
* Gargoyle give maw_ a cookie21:37
_Cidthats RDD based, right?21:37
maw_round robin database21:37
_Cidoh, just looked it up cacti is a web interface to RDD ...thats nifty that is21:37
maw_MatBoy: what is the output of "netstat -rn"21:38
Ward1983thanx for suggesting kvm earlyer21:38
Ward1983its total crap21:38
MatBoymaw_: routes are OK as on other hosts21:38
maw_yes cacti is great, but make sure you don't expose it to the internet. It is known for having security vulnerabilities21:38
_Cidguess not a priority :)21:38
maw_but it captures data well21:38
maw_and you can write your own scripts to capture data as well21:39
maw_it is very robust21:39
Deepsmunin's another useful tool in this situation21:39
maw_MatBoy: can I please see the output?21:39
maw_there are a lot of snmp based monitoring/performance capture programs out there21:39
maw_I just like Cacti as it doesn't require an agent on every machine21:39
MatBoymaw_: itś OK, I have checked it21:40
MatBoya have a default route for and uses *21:40
MatBoyand uses my gateway21:40
maw_wait... if it says and then that is wrong21:41
maw_it should be
maw_but even so... apparently your gateway is on the same subnet so it should respond to ping21:42
maw_you need to dump your ifconfig and routing details for more help21:42
MatBoyyes it says that21:42
MatBoyand uses gateway
MatBoythat is normal21:43
MatBoyreally weird21:45
MatBoyah I think I already know21:45
* Gargoyle loves linux tools... cacti up and running already!21:52
MatBoymaw_: stays weird21:54
MatBoyaaah !!!!21:58
Jeeves_cacti is nice, for small and easy setups22:12
Gargoyledoesn't seem to want to show me a network graph... I'll read the docs tomorrow22:21
MatBoyweird this, I can't ping my gateway but can ping other hosts that can ping the gateway :S22:22
GargoyleMatBoy: You messed up your subnet?22:24
MatBoyGargoyle: nope, I can ping other hosts in the subnet22:25
MatBoyI have the idea that it's a ubuntu-server issue with static ip's22:26
ustai did a big wrong, now using ubuntu server 8.04 but i changed my chmod settings. i did chmod -R 644 / and my system now not starting, can anyone help me pls. Thanks a lot22:26
GargoyleMatBoy: I have run ubuntu servers on static IP's for years22:27
Gargoyleusta: You would probably have to re-install the system!22:28
Gargoyleusta: I mean, you could probably reset the permissions by hand, I don't know if there is an automated method?22:29
GargoyleMatBoy: Your gateway should be like any other host. If you can ping other hosts, then you should be able to ping the gateway.22:30
MatBoyGargoyle: yes, but I have updated my box now using dhcp, itś rebooting now22:32
MatBoywith static IP again22:32
MatBoythere was an issue in iproute I thought22:32
MatBoyI have had this before 2 days ago with a new install22:32
ustaGargoyle, i have a lot of domain on my system22:32
simplexioi have static ip configured and work like it should be22:34
MatBoyGargoyle: just can't ping my gateway :S22:34
GargoyleMatBoy: Pastebin the ip settings if your node and the gateway. (I assume they are all in the same switch?)22:35
MatBoyGargoyle: aha, that IP can't ping the gatway22:35
MatBoyweird !22:35
MatBoyset another IP and everyting is fine22:35
MatBoybut I want that IP :P22:35
simplexiomy best quess is user error :) i have done it many times, looking fifth time into subnet mask and then notice that it's actually wrong22:35
simplexioMatBoy: ip mask and gateway ip ?22:35
GargoyleMatBoy: Which two IP's and subnet?22:35
MatBoyI used
MatBoyit worked before22:36
MatBoynowhere used22:36
simplexiomask /24 ? and gateway ip ?22:37
MatBoyrebooting my esxi machine to see if it was still in that switch maybe22:37
MatBoysimplexio: yep and gatway ip .25422:37
MatBoyI use it in a lot of places like that22:37
simplexiowell it should work..22:37
simplexioand i think there should be something in dmesg if there is another machine with same ip22:38
MatBoyI have the idea that ESXi hold it somewhere in the lun22:38
MatBoythe iscsi_mod was loading weird too22:39
ustai did a big wrong, now using ubuntu server 8.04 but i changed my chmod settings. i did chmod -R 644 / and my system now not starting, can anyone help me pls. Thanks a lot22:42
simplexiousta: reinstall, its fastest that way22:42
jmedinareally bad :S22:43
MatBoymaybe the router is messed up22:44
ustasimplexio, i have data and working webserver22:44
maw_usta: have you tried to boot into fail safe mode?22:45
simplexiousta: well.. backup data, and reinstall. you can boot into into in signle user mode22:45
ustai tried maw_22:45
simplexiousta: aka add single into bootline in grub22:46
MatBoyok, router had a issue with the IP :D22:46
simplexiousta: if singe user mode dosnät work then use livecd to rescue data22:46
ustasimplexio, thanks i will try now22:47
maw_usta: this is a good example why partitioning using FHS is quite benficial ... you could probably just reinstall without losing any data22:50
simplexioFHS ?22:52
Deepsfilesystem hierarchy standard22:52
simplexioallready open22:54
simplexiogoogle is fast :)22:54
maw_/etc /home /var /usr /tmp ...are the important ones. If you standardise your deployments then you can add a new partition to every system that will always include your data... maybe a /data *shrug*.22:56
simplexioability to easily move home directory own harddisk was one main reason why i use linux in my main desktop nowdays22:56
maw_irc truncated my first / :|22:56
ustahow can i start ubuntu server safe mod?22:56
maw_if you have grub, I think it is F222:56
maw_spam it when the server is starting... right after POST22:57
simplexioon my computer i just press anykey until i can choose kernel and boot options22:57
simplexiohas anyone come with good disk layout for postgresql server. i mean disk layout for laxy ppl so i can use normal tablespaces ?22:58
uvirtbot`New bug: #317667 in apache2 (main) "Please sync apache2 2.2.11-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31766723:00
FurabolosAnyone alive?23:15
* genii makes a fresh batch of coffee23:18
FurabolosI suppose no one is using vmbuilder with a FS different from ext3, right?23:20
FurabolosGawd, this channel needs some heavy caffeine injection23:24
* genii hands Furabolos a large coffee in a shiny new Ubuntu mug23:27
FurabolosHey, thanks23:27
FurabolosMay I ask a bit of milk?23:27
* genii pours a bit of milk in the coffee23:36
* owh notes that most coffee roasts these days expect a little sugar - to be used like a condiment - think: adding pepper or salt.23:43
oly562k im back23:44
oly562I believe Im slowly but surely killing my server here. can someone take a look at my pastebin, its the synaptic errors listed using the gui. trying to fix up deps and errors, seem to be making it worse. thanks!  http://www.internetworkpro.org/pastebin/919/23:45
oly562any takers. im pretty nix savoy, i could really use some help on this, i made the switch to ubuntu a month ago23:46
owholy562: The real question is "What did you do before these errors?"23:48
hadsYou will get more help with CLI tools in this channel.23:48
oly562its really hard to say23:49
oly562i been adding software, with apt-get install23:49
oly562thats about it23:50
oly562im a cli kinda guy23:50
oly562fire away... what do you need to know, so forth. i can follow well23:50
oly562looks like a lot of deps23:50
owholy562: There are logs in /var/log/apt*, you'll also have cli logs if you execute `history`23:50
Deepswhat was the last thing you tried to install before it all went pear shaped?23:51
oly562so my first quesiton is, by doing apt-get -f install whatever  seems to not be fixing the missing lol23:51
oly562Deeps: ok, well i was installing xaos23:51
hadsBug 31601323:52
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 316013 in util-linux "apt-get dist-upgrade failed - architecture (i486-linux-gnu-thread-multi- does not match executable architecture (i486-linux-gnu-thread-multi-2.6.24-14-server)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31601323:52
oly562i just signed up for a launchpad account, since M4 popped us as a Crash incident.23:52
xp_prghi all, I need help configuring apache2 to allow my perl and python cgi's to play together, anyone good at that?  http://pastebin.com/d4751a09d23:53
oly562i was trying to also install alien but these errors existed prior, this just reminded me i had an issue23:53
oly562i was trying to make and rpm into a .dep. well i started too, then i saw all the errors again from previous synaptic installs23:54
oly562i cant even remove programs now23:54
oly562nor add them with out these errors coming up. i will seperate pastebin them, they are the core progs with issues, like gettext, po-something, and um debhelper23:55
oly562yadda, brb23:55
oly562im a vi guy, and i tried installing emacs to see what it would do, same thing, just added to the list of progs with errors23:55
owholy562: Did you see the work-arounds in that bug report?23:56
oly562oh not yet, let me check that out, thanks23:56
oly562i wasnt doing a dist-upgrade so i past that one lol23:56
oly562im not using kernel-server23:57
oly562by the way23:57
oly562Linux pluto 2.6.24-19-generic #123:57
oly562i think the question i was also going to ask was... when it says..... Package whatever is not configured yet23:58
oly562what that means23:58
oly562and dependency problems - leaving unconfigured23:58
oly562all over that pastebin prior23:59
oly562i tried reinstalling things, so forth, same errors23:59
oly562i see that apt-get is like yum is like rpm, they all have issues with deps when trying to remove/add23:59

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