slangasek_MMA_: right; there is an apt-setup fix that's applicable to all alternate CDs, so we might want to reroll for that as it is00:13
slangasek_MMA_: but that's certainly unrelated to nvidia problems...00:13
slangasek_MMA_: TheMuso just says a tester already ran into the apt-setup problem, so I'm respinning now00:14
_MMA_slangasek: Ill try to test on another box. I get this on 2 boxes so far and TheMuso is reporting successful virtual tests.00:14
* TheMuso will test on real hardware this time.00:14
TheMusoAlthough they will take longer due to slower hardware. :)00:15
slangasekrespin done00:24
TheMusoslangasek: Thanks00:24
* TheMuso syncs.00:24
* _MMA_ as well00:25
TheMuso_MMA_: actuallyt hey are not up on cdimage yet.00:26
TheMusoactually even00:26
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mathiazslangasek: ok - I've tested -server amd64.05:45
mathiazslangasek: I'll do i386 tomorrow.05:45
slangasekcheers :)05:45
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aramorning all :)07:38
aramorning davmor208:33
davmor2morning ara08:34
xivulonhi all, re #204133 and the new ntfs-3g package in hardy proposed.09:44
xivulonthat includes the cking patch to add syncio.09:45
xivulonhad a quick chat with slangasek, the package will not be dropped and should in fact be tested09:45
xivuloneven though users are not expected to make use the new functionality (which is active in 8.10)09:45
xivulonwhat should be tested IMO is whether that introduces any regression in terms of normal ntfs usage09:47
xivuloni.e. you mount an ntfs partition with the hardy proposed ntfs-3g, hammer it, and check whether you have any fs corruption09:48
xivulonthere should be no change as without the optional mount flag the behaviour is expected to be identical to before09:48
xivulonfor good measure, you might want to test also when mounting with "-o syncio", same procedure as above09:49
xivulonmyslef and cking tested that with 8.04(.1?) and was ok, the same option has also been used in 8.10 (although as part of a larger upstream changeset)09:50
slangasekxivulon: it's best if you can put a test case in the bug description that describes how to do the regression testing09:53
xivulonwill do09:53
xivulonplease see https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/wubi/+bug/204133/comments/6710:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 204133 in wubi/8.04 "wubi install unusable - Buffer I/O error on device loop0" [High,In progress]10:25
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davmor2Finally I can get to do some testing :)15:01
rubysis alpha3 available yet?15:03
davmor2rubys: it can be tested for alpha3 yes.  These are the current images available http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all/all15:07
davmor2morning cgregan how's things?15:10
cgreganhey davmor2, I am freezing!15:11
cgregandavmor2: otherwise ok15:11
davmor2-5 not surprising :)15:11
cgreganThey are calling for -5F soon15:12
cgregandavmor2: Not the worst I've experienced though15:12
* cgregan thanks ubuntu gods for not putting OEM Services in Fargo North Dakota15:13
davmor2slangasek: how heavy a coverage do you want on the available iso's?15:13
slangasekdavmor2: the usual sparse coverage for alphas15:13
slangaseki.e., at least one test per image, at least one test per test case type15:14
davmor2slangasek: np's I'll start as soon as they finish syncing :) any idea on when the others will be up15:14
slangasekwhen they're viable, which they aren't yet15:15
slangasekwe're looking at Friday for the alpha release now, unfortunately15:16
davmor2Cool gives more time to test :)15:17
* davmor2 start's on ubuntu alt's15:19
davmor2so no nvidia drivers in jaunty a317:02
sbeattiedavmor2: BTW, did the change I committed to the dl-iso script fix the issue for you?17:08
davmor2seemed to thanks I got all the images this morning at any rate :)17:09
mathiazslangasek: -i386 server iso tested and all test passed. same for -amd64 server iso :)17:17
davmor2slangasek: I've not marked the nvidia driver issue as serious because you can cope with the usable desktop on the nv driver.  But I think it definitely needs to go in the release notes.17:20
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