newz2000(cccoold heeere)15:26
nandnewz2000: hey! Guess what was the performance bottleneck? The session table, with 1.5M entries! That was making a 600ms query for every user, even non registered15:29
nandDrupal sucks at session handling15:29
newz2000yeah, I've had this exact problem myself15:29
newz2000it's worse when you're using mysql since table contention is a serious problem15:29
nandwe put a cron to clean it regularly15:34
nandand for info, the mix of drupal internal cache and squid is bad : registered users are being server anonymous pages15:34
newz2000there are three options aren't there, none, basic and extreme15:35
newz2000did you try the minimal caching option?15:35
nandI did the basic (since not sure about this extreme options side effects)15:37
nandright now I've removed drupal internal cache, only squid is live15:37
newz2000let me check ubuntu.com... I think the basic is the suggested option15:37
nandit is15:38
newz2000no, we're running disabled too, so I guess you're on the right track15:38

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