NCommanderbryce, how can I get trace messages out of Xorg?00:02
bryceNCommander: strace the X binary.  However, stracing X rarely produces useful output00:06
bryceI usually end up using some combination of gdb and debugging print messages in key areas00:06
NCommanderThat will get the TRACE( )informatoion?00:06
NCommanderWell, I'm not getting anything out of the fbdev driver00:07
NCommanderI can't even tell if its probe function being run00:07
brycegdb - breakpoints00:08
* NCommander grabs his ddebs00:08
brycedebugging prints use X's internal debug/trace function calls (look around in whatever module you're working on for examples)00:08
* NCommander nods00:09
NCommanderRight, but how do I get those trace calls to actually print something, I'm not seeing anything with GDB00:09
brycethey should be printing to your Xorg.0.log; if not then presumably there's some option or flag that needs set00:10
NCommanderOh, thanks00:11
* NCommander is an idiot, plain and simple00:11
NCommanderAt least I found my issue00:11
NCommander        /* For now, just bail out for PROBE_DETECT. */00:12
NCommander        if (flags & PROBE_DETECT)00:12
NCommander                return FALSE;00:12
NCommanderWhy didn't I see that earlier ...00:12
brycebtw fwiw exit error messages print to your /var/log/gdm/ files00:12
bryce(although sometimes I find it useful to shut down gdm and use startx, so the errors show up at the console)00:12
NCommanderDebugging Xorg is a whole new ballgame00:13
brycetell me about it00:14
NCommanderbryce, want to wager a guess why probing is disabled by default on the fbdev driver?00:18
NCommanderdoesn't seem like it00:22
NCommanderI make Xorg segfault!00:22
brycesometimes I also find it interesting to grab the git tree (cgit.freedesktop.org) and browse the changelog for the specific file... sometimes people include more details in their commit message why bits of code were added00:25
NCommanderah, handy00:52
NCommanderI'll try that00:52
pwnguin(10:29:01 PM) Justin Dugger: can you bring up a terminal?04:54
pwnguin(10:29:06 PM) Dave: yes04:54
pwnguin(10:29:27 PM) Justin Dugger: ps aux | grep firefox04:54
pwnguin(10:30:13 PM) Dave: GOD DAMMIT04:54
pwnguinwrong paste buffer =(04:54
pwnguinjldugger@jldugger:/var/log $ ls -l XFree86.0.log 04:55
pwnguin-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 42035 2005-05-08 01:15 XFree86.0.log04:55
RAOFOld school!05:11
pwnguini just upgrade, and upgrade05:13
pwnguinwhich apparently nobody does05:13
pwnguinbecause i get random bugs like "oh we switched to adm instead of admin"05:14
pwnguinmeanwhile, my poor friend dave has been suffering in 8.04, where compiz seems to be crashing everything05:15
pwnguinwherein he has just admitted to adding things to xorg.conf to fix something05:17
bryce"It was slow, so I turned on some experimental options which sped it up.  Btw, it's crashing a lot, do you know what that might be?"07:30
tseliotseb128: I have rewritten my patch but I'm not sure as to whether it solves the problem since I can't reproduce the it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-desktop/+bug/31440609:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 314406 in gnome-desktop "xrandr plugin of g-s-d crashes on startup" [Medium,Confirmed]09:40
tseliotthe patch is in my branch: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~albertomilone/gnome-desktop/tseliot-fixes09:41
seb128tseliot: I'll give it a try thanks09:41
seb128tseliot: did you try to use an intrepid config?09:41
tseliotseb128: no, I didn't09:41
seb128that's what was making it crash09:41
tseliotdo you have one09:41
seb128there is one on the bug no?09:42
seb128let me look09:42
tseliotah, right, it wasn't attached but only copied and pasted09:42
seb128the xml is in the bug description09:42
seb128one of the dup has one too09:42
tseliotok, let me try it09:43
tseliotseb128: when I log in an error dialog tells me that the settings cannot be applied and g-s-d doesn't segfault09:52
seb128ok good09:52
tseliotseb128: however I was able to reproduce another bug (with my own xml file) which creates an endless loop. I would like to fix this one too09:53
seb128the one you were discussing on the chan yesterday?09:54
tseliotI think that when the backlight is changed, the driver reprobes outputs, etc.09:55
seb128do you want to get that in the same upload? that's also a gnome-desktop change?09:55
tseliotyes, it's in gnome-desktop and it would be nice to have both patches in the same upload09:55
seb128ok, let me know when you want to get those sponsored09:55
seb128I'll not upload right now anyway due to the jaunty freeze09:56
tseliotseb128: also I didn't say that my patch fixes bug 314 as I wasn't sure that it could actually fix the bug. I'll correct the changelog too09:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314 in baz "Repeated "adding revision" output when archive-mirroring a specific revision" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31409:56
tseliotseb128: I can solve the other problem only if I stop both gnome-settings-daemon and gnome-power-manager on my laptop10:51
* tseliot tries preventing g-s-d from listening to any kind of randr event10:56
tseliotno, it doesn't solve the problem11:01
tseliotseb128: I have found a workaround for the 2nd bug12:35
tseliotseb128: the reak problem should be in either X or in the Intel driver though12:35
seb128what is the workaround, wouldn't it better to fix the driver?12:36
tseliotseb128: if I prevent both g-s-d and gnome-power-manager from listening to RandR events I can't reproduce the problem12:37
tseliotyes, it would be better to fix the driver instead. I've never touched Intel code but I'll see what I can do12:38
tjaaltonis this the 'randr-probe bombing' bug, making the session slow?12:39
tjaaltonAIUI it only happens with the updated libxrandr12:40
tjaaltonbut you already knew that?12:40
tseliotno, I didn't12:40
tseliotok, I'll have a look at the diff then12:40
tjaaltonbug 30730612:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 307306 in xorg-server "upgrade to 2: makes session utterly slow" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30730612:41
* tseliot > lunch12:41
tseliotseb128: I have fixed another issue in my patch so that it doesn't complain that the xml in .gnome2 is missing when no configuration file is available14:14
seb128tseliot: ah good14:14
tseliotseb128: I'll put it in my branch soon14:14
tseliotseb128: another thing. Currently if some of the devices described in the xml are not connected you get an error message on login (every time) which says that your settings cannot be applied. Do we really want this?14:16
seb128I would say we don't no14:16
tseliotok, in which case do you think we should show the error dialog?14:17
tseliotseb128: shall I simply ignore the error and prevent g-s-d from showing the dialog every time?14:23
seb128I think that makes sense14:25
NCommanderbryce, w.r.t. to the machine id autoconfiguration mechanism discussed on the list, do you think there will be any issues getting that included in Ubuntu Xorg packages? (I'm working upstream git, but it probably will take some time/effort before the changes would flow from upstream into Ubuntu)15:15
tjaaltonNCommander: sure15:49
tjaaltoner, I mean it's possible to just add a patch for now15:50
tjaaltonwhen it works15:50
NCommandertjaalton, well, I'm drafting an email to xorg@lists.fd.org15:55
NCommandertjaalton, is there an Ubuntu-X list I can Cc?15:55
tjaaltonsure, ubuntu-x@l.u.c15:56
NCommandertjaalton, thanks :-).15:57
* NCommander adds this channel to his AJOIN list15:57
NCommandertjaalton, sent :-)16:05
tseliotseb128: I have updated my patch and the changelog in my branch: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~albertomilone/gnome-desktop/tseliot-fixes16:08
seb128tseliot: ok, sponsoring will not be for today they are still working on the alpha but I'll give it a try later and let you know how it works for me16:08
tseliotseb128: ok, great16:08
seb128tseliot: could you add a comment to the bug to say that you have an updated version?16:08
NCommandertseliot & bryce, I'd like feedback on my load mechanism once you get a few minutes.17:56
superm1bryce, i'm assuming intel 2.6 will be pulled in for jaunty, correct?  If so, i might try to formulate some patches that will get HDMI audio working without jumping to a whole knew alsa version19:06
tjaaltonsuperm1: correct, once it builds against the kernel drm headers19:07
superm1oh that's still not sorted :(19:07
superm1where's the disconnect right now?19:08
tjaaltonit needs some compat stuff in the headers19:08
superm1so would it make more sense to ship this then in the X package where you guys can control it for most of the release and switch to the kernel one when you know it gets stable then, or is this more of a one off thing that shouldn't be happening very often?19:09
tjaaltonwell, shouldn't happen anymore after this :)19:09
brycetjaalton: what's the next step we should do for getting the kernel headers sorted?19:12
tjaaltonbryce: filing a bug and assigning it to jbarnes (doing right now)19:12
tjaaltonthere, freedesktop bug 1959119:14
ubottuFreedesktop bug 19591 in General "intel driver doesn't build against 2.6.28 drm headers" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1959119:14
brycetjaalton: are there any kernel-side changes to be done in ubuntu?19:18
tjaaltonbryce: whatever comes from that bug19:18
tjaaltononce it's applied upstream, it'll be pretty simple for them to pull19:18
tjaaltonthem = kernel-team19:19
bryceok great19:19
tjaaltonone fix was pulled in earlier, but it wasn't enough19:19
bryceso.. next question is xserver; how are we with that, anything I can help get sorted out?19:20
tjaaltonI've merged it locally.. the only thing that probably should be added is the build-dep on linux-libc-dev, and adding it to xserver-xorg-dev deps19:23
tjaalton*the only thing missing until ok to upload, that is19:23
tjaaltonI'll have time tomorrow :)19:23
bryceok cool19:23
bryceperfect; we're in freeze still today anyway :-)19:24
tjaaltonthe drm header mess is holding mesa too19:24
bryceerk, not fixed in the latest rc?19:25
tjaaltonit doesn't build19:26
brycewhat's the plan there?19:26
tjaaltonthe same fix as with -intel19:26
tjaaltonthe dri driver from mesa doesn't build19:27
tjaaltonpractically the same error too19:27
bryceok, do we need a bug in on it too, or will someone (jesse?) address it when intel is addressed?19:27
tjaalton'drm_i915_flip_t' undeclared19:27
tjaaltononce the drm headers are fixed, the dri driver should build19:27
tjaaltonso it's the same bug19:27
tjaaltonalso mentioned there19:27
tjaalton(on the bug)19:28
NCommanderbryce, how much do you know about regular autodetection? it *looks* like the FBDevProbe functions are called, so I'm now extremely confused20:42
bryceNCommander: I've tinkered with it only a bit, and more with the PCI stuff than the probe stuff20:43
NCommanderWell, I'm just seeing if I'm loosing my mind about how AutoConf works20:43
bryceiow, at this point you may know more than me... but feel free to bounce ideas off me20:43
NCommanderWell, it looks like the probe functions ARE called20:43
NCommander(i don't see where, the backtrace says its somewhere in xf86CallDriverProbe from InitOutput)20:43
NCommanderOh wait, this may be one of those **** I'm an idiot things :-)20:45
NCommanderIts getting to the fbdev prober because its falling back on it20:46
NCommander(no other drivers are loading)20:46
NCommanderWHich in turn calls its own probe functions.20:46
* bryce nods20:46
NCommanderMystery solved20:46
NCommanderNow if I can just figure out how to sanely get info out of FB devices :-)20:46
brycesometimes the fallback logic feels like pinball ;-)20:47
NCommanderThis code base burns in all sorts of unclean ways20:47
NCommanderFiguring out the build system was the first fun bit20:47
NCommanderI always wondered why it was called the X strike force20:47
NCommanderNow I know20:47
NCommanderYou are ****ing kidding20:57
NCommanderthe FB ID string can have nulls in place of spaces20:57
brycethat's crazy20:57
NCommanderUgh. it makes me want to scream, rant, rave, find the developer who designed this mechanism, and beat into them that NULLs shouldn't be used like this!20:58
NCommander       printf("  id          : \"" "%c%c%c%c" "%c%c%c%c" "%c%c%c%c" "%c%c%c%c" "\"\n",20:59
NCommander              fscreeninfo.id[0],  fscreeninfo.id[1],  fscreeninfo.id[2],  fscreeninfo.id[3],20:59
NCommander              fscreeninfo.id[4],  fscreeninfo.id[5],  fscreeninfo.id[6],  fscreeninfo.id[7],20:59
NCommander              fscreeninfo.id[8],  fscreeninfo.id[9],  fscreeninfo.id[10], fscreeninfo.id[11],20:59
NCommander              fscreeninfo.id[12], fscreeninfo.id[13], fscreeninfo.id[14], fscreeninfo.id[15] );20:59
NCommanderThat's what's required to print out the ID string20:59
NCommanderMY EYES20:59
bryceoh the fun things you find in the dark corners of that which we call X.  ;-)21:02
NCommanderThat isn't X21:02
NCommanderThat's kernel madness21:02
bryceahh, even darker corners21:03
keeser, wrong channel21:10
keesNCommander: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105325/21:10
* NCommander doesn't quite get how xf86MatchDevice works ...22:17

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