m0sh3nice, thanks00:00
Odd-rationalem0sh3: you might want to try some console irc clients like irssi or weechat.00:00
WinterWeaverbobbyd, how do I run the applet? I tried to add to the gnome panel, but the only extra applet I saw there was a FreqScaling monitor, it does not measure the temperature00:00
Kevin___Does anyone have any ideas on my issue? I have a lot of important stuff on there and I'm really not sure what to do.00:00
nightrid3rKevin___: can you ssh into the box?00:01
CarolinaSwampcan you echo an end of line character ? ie echo "line 1 \n line2 \n" > file00:01
bobbydWinterWeaver: you need to install it with synaptic, then add "CPUFreq monitor" in the applets menu00:01
Kevin___Nightrid3r: I have a web admin interface installed and can access a terminal prompt from there.00:01
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WinterWeaverbobbyd, yup that's exactly what I did, but it't not measuring temperature at all, only cpu frequency00:02
bobbydWinterWeaver: does it have temp enables in the preferences?00:02
lrdApexTrying to install the 64bit flash player in firefox.  i downloaded the .so file and copied it to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ doesnt seem to work.00:02
ZeroA4como monto um dispositivo raid pra manutenção ?00:02
nightrid3rKevin___: worst case scenario, you can backup your stuff trough webmin00:02
ronidoes anyone know a cli method that will tell me my external ip address, not the one my router gives me with ifconfig?00:03
oholiabyme: that's sweet man, well done :D00:03
bobbydKevin___: can you just do ctrl-alt-f1 and get a terminal?00:03
WinterWeaverbobbyd, there is no option for preferences... left click gives be a list of presets for cpu frequency, right click just gist the standard gnome panel options (ie. move, remove etc.), but no preferences00:03
bobbydKevin___: remember ctrl-alt-f7 to get back here :)00:03
lrdApexroni: probably do some cool wget whatsmyip.org and fish it out of there :)00:03
bobbydWinterWeaver: weird, I've got preferences :)00:04
Kevin___bobbyd: I have the machine at work so I'll have to check tomorrow. See, the error keeps popping up when I hit OK so I'm not sure if it'll let me do a ctrl-alt-f100:04
ronilrdApex: thanks ill mess with that00:04
Kevin___bobbyd: Can I just run the commands from webmin?00:04
lrdApexroni: or if you like ruby they have some nice ways of crawling web pages00:04
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.00:04
WinterWeaverbobbyd, you have the same version of ubuntu ? 8.0400:05
bobbydKevin___: the other thing to do is log in as root (use the recovery option at the GRUB prompt), you then have full access to the machine and could create another user account, or transfer the data00:05
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox00:05
ZeroA4how can i mount an soft raid md device on a liveCD for rescue some files?00:05
bobbydWinterWeaver: 8.10 here, but this has worked for a long time for me00:05
lrdApexanyone installed adobe flash 64bit plugin for firefox?00:05
bobbydKevin___: I don't know, sorry00:06
ubottuYou can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava00:06
pio_lrdApex, activate medibunturepo and ues it to install flash00:06
pio_medibuntu repository*00:06
Kevin___bobbyd: Sorry, I'm not totally sure what or where the GRUB prompt is...00:06
bobbydKevin___: it's the text you get on boot when the machine starts up00:06
bobbydbut as someone said, you could also just ssh to it from Linux, or Windows using something like Putty00:07
Kevin___bobbyd: Ok. I'll try it out. Thanks guys.00:07
lrdApexpio_: rather not add the extra repo and do this manually, any suggestions?00:07
nightrid3rcan i get my screen higher than 800x600 on a vesa card (my laptop card is not supported otherwise)? sis 771/671 card00:11
ymeoholiab, thank you for your help00:11
Jack_Sparrownightrid3r, 1024x768 will work for vesa00:12
yuri_how do i send mail from the command line? something like $ sendmail emailaddress subject body ?00:12
marabout_Can anyone tell me if Ubuntu (hardy) normally uses the IPv4  protocol or is that an anomaly on my system?00:12
m0sh3Hello ppl00:12
m0sh3back on ubuntu :)00:12
m0sh3and pidgin00:13
nightrid3rJack_Sparrow: i know but i can only set 800x600 trough the gui util and have no idea how to setup Xorg.conf00:13
m0sh3can you have a fusion of ubuntu and kubuntu at the same time?00:13
zc00giim0sh3: yeah, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop00:13
nightrid3rm0sh3: yes you can00:13
Jack_Sparrowswitch between yes00:13
m0sh3oh ok nice :)00:14
m0sh3i'll still have all my files right?00:14
zc00giiJack_Sparrow: via the kubuntu-dekstop you can00:14
m0sh3ok thanks00:14
zc00giim0sh3: yes, just uses a different window manager00:14
ruffles_how do i connect to another channel?00:14
Jack_Sparrowzc00gii, fusion of both no, select between kubuntu and ubuntu under options when you login ,. yes00:14
remix_can anyone help me,in setting up my wireless network.Icant figure it out00:14
zc00giim0sh3: there's fluxbox, xubuntu-desktop, and many more, I suggest getting ccsm too00:15
m0sh3what is fluxbox?00:15
zc00giiJack_Sparrow: essentially, yeah sort of, you have eachothers programs00:15
ruffles_zc00gii: they are called KDE FLUXBOX ang GNOME00:15
kitchezc00gii: it's the same operating system just a different desktop environment00:16
zc00giim0sh3: a down to earth, simple, windows manger, think of it as the Windows Classic style of Linux00:16
zc00giikitche: I do kow that, even kubuntu itself is, and ruffles_, I was saying the packages (I hate posting too many lines)00:16
m0sh3that would be a good idea, since i wanna change from windows to linux00:16
zc00giiKDE is alot like Windows(Kubuntu window manager)00:17
m0sh3i don't like the idea to be paying for software right now that i'm in my college years00:17
m0sh3yeah i have tried that one00:17
m0sh3but personally prefer Gnome00:17
Jack_Sparrowhttp://xwinman.org/          for info on wm's00:17
m0sh3gives me a different taste than windows00:17
ruffles_there are pople who think microsoft copied KDE for windows acutally00:17
xiphosI like windowmaker, myself00:17
zc00giiKDE4 is like Win7, and KDE3 is like vista and older ones00:18
remix_does anyone know how to setup a wireless network in ubuntu?00:18
xiphosAnyone present able to assist with a tv tuner ausio issue?00:18
nightrid3ri think microsoft first runs over it with a train before they copy but thats just me :)00:18
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:18
Jack_Sparrowxiphos, tvtime. mythtv. linuxmce etc?00:19
ari_stressmorning all :)00:19
zc00giiremix_: just type the routers IP address, look in the routers manual00:19
pdtpatrickremix can you be more specific ..you want to join a network or you need to install a wireless card?00:19
m0sh3i tried Win7 looks nice but it is the same thing, just some new features but none of them to be recalled.00:19
xiphosJack_sparrow: All of the above00:19
PixelBitchI updated Ubuntu and now X gets stuck in an infinite restart. I'm only able to start the system and use TTY1-6...is there any way I can just "restore" my intall to the current release and blow away everything non-standard?00:19
pdtpatrickremix if you want to join a wireless network then at the top right, you will see your network, click on it and click on the wifi essid you want to join, then put in the password or paraphrase and you should be set00:20
zc00giim0sh3: I just wanted a free windows excuse for apps I need to run on Windows lol00:20
xiphosI cannot get any apps to play audio directly.  I have to cat /dev/audio1 to /dev/audio, and that results in mono-only sound, and a 2 second delay.00:20
pdtpatrickremix if however you are having problems, then install wicd and that should be basic enough to work00:20
m0sh3lol xD00:20
m0sh3i have it on a dvd, i installed it for like 2 days00:21
Jack_Sparrow!ot > m0sh300:21
ubottum0sh3, please see my private message00:21
m0sh3then i unistalled it and installed linux00:21
xiphosI'm watching TV with tvtime now, with the 2-second delayed audio. It's very annoying.00:22
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m0sh3ubottu, ok, sorry man my bad00:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:22
xiphosSo, /dev/audio1 is definitely the correct TV tuner audio device. It even shows up in alsa.00:22
m0sh3join ##ubuntu-offtopic00:23
Kevin___When entering the Ubuntu Recovery Mode, will it boot GNOME or will it just give me a command prompt?00:23
PixelBitchAny way to restore ubuntu to a pristine state without doing a full reinstall?00:23
xiphosBut TVTime, MythTV, XAwTV, linuxmce, etc refuse to acknowledge /dev/audio1 as a valid audio input.00:23
m0sh3join #ubuntu-offtopic00:23
ardchoillePixelBitch: I have been told that's not really poosible00:24
megabyte_Im using NVIDIA Grahpics version 173 with a FX 5200 anyone able to get dual monitors working correctly??00:24
nightrid3rxiphos: give kdetv a try, i always use it and never had any probs00:24
\Kirawhy doesnt ubuntu use a rolling release system? It would be WAY more effective00:24
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Jack_Sparrowkira Offtopic00:24
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remix_but i have a usb antenna00:24
PixelBitchardchoille: Really? I've got the packages on my HDD, I just want to jump back into the before times of long, long ago where things worked00:24
Jack_SparrowPixelBitch, the suggestion would be then to have a backup00:25
PixelBitchJack_Sparrow: Yeah...00:25
zc00giiremix_: is it a adapter or router? if a router the default GNOME network manager will do00:25
Jack_SparrowPixelBitch, did you just install video drivers or a bunch of other stuf00:25
ozzloywhat's the equivalent of ipconfig /renew on linux?00:26
nightrid3rremix_: is your adapter supported ??00:26
nightrid3rozzloy: ifconfig00:26
unopozzloy, sudo dhclient  <interface_name>00:26
linux_trojansudu ifup eth0 is that renew IP?00:26
PixelBitchI let Ubuntu do it's update via update manager and now my X is stuck in an infinite restart00:26
Jack_SparrowPixelBitch, Were there perhaps unsupported repos in your source list.. or things youinstalled manually00:27
unoplinux_trojan, that brings up an interface, not necessarily renew the DHCP lease.00:27
Doonzhey guys just wondering if you could recomend a gui feeling unrar utility to use in a shell00:28
linux_trojanunop: well you have to do sudo ifdown eth0 first?00:28
PixelBitchJack_Sparrow: Possibly. Is there any way to just go back to a defacto Ubuntu install without doing a full wipe? I've got my important bits on other HDDs and machines.00:28
unoplinux_trojan, even then, an ifup doesn't necessarily renew a DHCP lease.00:28
Jack_SparrowPixelBitch, there is no rollback00:28
linux_trojani see00:28
PixelBitchJack_Sparrow: Gotcha. Welp, I'm off to reinstall. Thanks for the help matey.00:29
oholiablinux_trojan: can you not just do dhcpcd stop and then dhcpcd start?00:29
Jack_Sparrownp sorry it wasnt a better answer00:29
linux_trojananyone know how to download video from a camcorder in ubuntu?  google info is very weak, could use some help00:29
ardchoillePixelBitch: A good thing to do right now is try and figure out what you did wrong so as to not repeat the mistake. Can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list file ?00:29
ardchoille!paste | PixelBitch00:29
ubottuPixelBitch: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:29
linux_trojanlol oholi:  didnt think of that one00:29
Jack_Sparrowardchoille, Stuck in a boot loop from what he said00:30
PixelBitchUhmm...I'm in TTY2 atm, so I'm not sure how I'd go about posting anything to paste bin without going through some telnet fun.00:30
ardchoilleJack_Sparrow: ah, ok, I was thinking it was a problem with xorg00:30
Jack_SparrowPixelBitch, You can try this.. one sec00:30
ardchoillePixelBitch: nevermind, I may have misunderstood the problem00:31
linux_trojanI need help downloading video from a camcorder, anyone available?00:31
ardchoille!info pastebinit00:31
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10-1 (intrepid), package size 9 kB, installed size 88 kB00:31
PixelBitchardchoille: I will move my sources and x confs from the HDD before I reinstall just so I can have my fsck-ups for future reference00:31
Jack_SparrowPixelBitch, sudo apt-get install pastebinit  && pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list    (Provide Pastebin link in channel)00:31
remix_i have a router and adapter..but im just trying to get ubuntu  to find/reconize it00:32
remix_ the adapter00:32
remix_im not sur00:32
remix_thanx but ill be right back00:32
PixelBitchJack_Sparrow: Nice. One sec...00:32
ZINGt my finger print reader to be used instead of my password?00:32
webbianybody that is currently using qtcreator?00:32
ZINGany idea on how to get my finger print reader to be used instead of my password?00:32
ardchoillewebbi: you might ask in #kubuntu as well00:33
yogi192so i setup nat on my ubuntu server and its working, so i was happy till my brother tried to play xbox360 and the mtu setting is too low for him to play :-(00:33
julmummahi there, what's the name of the software that allows to switch mouse focus from one separate X screen to the other?00:33
PixelBitchJack_Sparrow: http://www.pastebin.com/f1648707 ...btw, that's a handy lil' script00:33
yogi192is there anyone here that can help with mtu settings, i tried sudo ifconfig eth0 mtu 1500, that set the mtu but didnt work00:33
EverettZLooking for a good howto on setting up Intrepid as a NAS.00:33
webbiardchoille: Ok00:33
Jack_SparrowI got a million of em00:33
Jack_SparrowPixelBitch, Interesting that it is empty00:34
PixelBitchJack_Sparrow: Erm. One moment.00:34
the_padawanhi all, i'm using 8.04. I have an additional monitor connected to my laptop (Radeon RV250). In screen resolution settings I have "clone screens" unchecked. However, both screens display the same thing - I do not have an extended desktop. Does anyone know what might be wrong?00:34
ardchoilleJack_Sparrow: I believe that was an error00:34
xiphosnightrid3r: Allright, I'll give kdetv a try. Thanks.00:35
ZINGany idea on how to get my finger print reader to be used instead of my password?00:35
att0is there a difference between KB/s and KiB/s?00:35
kitcheatt0: one has a few more bytes to it then the other00:36
julmummaAntharian, thank you very much00:36
PiciZING: On a laptop?00:36
ZINGno pc00:36
att0kitche: so no real difference?00:36
nightrid3rZING: only the print reader from ibm thinkpad is supported atm00:36
ZINGi got a digitalpersona for work computer00:36
Jack_SparrowPixelBitch, nano /etc/apt/sources.list00:37
kitcheatt0: not really besides the calculations00:37
att0kitche: great, thanks00:37
PixelBitchJack_Sparrow: Repo sources: http://www.satedproductions.com/tmp/sources.list.txt00:37
PixelBitchJack_Sparrow: btw, thanks for helping00:37
ardchoillePixelBitch:  Looks like you did an upgrade00:38
Jack_SparrowPixelBitch, no.. that looks fine..  what video card do you have?00:39
PixelBitchardchoille: Ah, yes. Tried that after the updates borked my GDM.00:39
Jack_Sparrowardchoille, yes, and that is when things went wrong00:39
tylorI tried to plug in my Ubuntu system into a projector via a s-video port, i went to screen resolutions and when i extended my screen to the projector it asked something about making a virtual screen resolution, i accepted and put in my password and now my screen is messed up, when i log in i can see all of my screenlets, which are suppose to be in a widget layer, and my background, no panels or desktop icons, i can alt+f2 and run "gnome00:40
tylor-display-properties" and it looks normal, but i press apply, and everything is fixed except my widgets, anyone had this problem or know how to help?00:40
PixelBitchJack_Sparrow: According to lspci, NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (rev a1)00:41
Deletehey man00:42
PixelBitchJack_Sparrow: Which sounds right...it's been a while since I've really paid attention00:42
Jack_SparrowPixelBitch, Ok..00:42
ardchoilleJack_Sparrow: Perhaps his xorg.conf is bad?00:42
Jack_SparrowPixelBitch, sudo apt-get install nvidia-xconfig      ?  One sec00:43
Jack_Sparrow!info nvidia-xconfig00:43
ubottunvidia-xconfig (source: nvidia-xconfig): The NVIDIA X Configuration Tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0+20080522-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 68 kB, installed size 212 kB00:43
chmacI'm mid way through an install, forgot the /boot partition, so I've gone back to the partitioner and formatted it.00:43
Jack_SparrowOk see if that will install00:43
chmacNow I want to install grub onto it, but that step is failing.00:43
chmacAny suggestions on how to debug? Or how to install the bootloader? I'm using an encrypted lvm00:43
wyoungJack_Sparrow: yarh!!00:43
PixelBitchJack_Sparrow: installed00:44
chmacI have an "execute a shell" option in the installer00:44
xiphosnightrid3r: Well, it partially worked. :)00:44
=== baytes is now known as eights
Jack_SparrowPixelBitch, try sudo nvidia-xconfig  it should remove your driver00:45
xiphoskdetv seems to just automagically cat /dev/audio1, and little else.00:45
Jack_SparrowPixelBitch, We are grasping straws here.. but worth a try00:45
PixelBitchJack_Sparrow: TTY7's trying to take over and flickering00:46
Deletexiphos, devildogs0311?00:46
tylorI tried to plug in my Ubuntu system into a projector via a s-video port, i went to screen resolutions and when i extended my screen to the projector it asked something about making a virtual screen resolution, i accepted and put in my password and now my screen is messed up, when i log in i can see all of my screenlets, which are suppose to be in a widget layer, and my background, no panels or desktop icons, i can alt+f2 and run "gnome00:46
tylor -display-properties" and it looks normal, but i press apply, and everything is fixed except my widgets, anyone had this problem or know how to help?00:46
sysdocHey guys when searching for a file in Nautilus, is there a way to open the containing folder?00:46
CrocoJetHi for all ! I had 2Gb Ram (2x1Gb) and now remove 1Gb. Do I need make re-install of ubuntu intrepid?00:46
PixelBitchJack_Sparrow: TTY7's trying to take over and flickering...then I get the "The display server has been shut down 6 times..."00:47
xiphosDelete: Thanks, but I'm now firmly convinced it's because this is a cruddy software/firmware-based tuner.00:47
nightrid3rCrocoJet: no00:47
ardchoilleCrocoJet: no00:47
Jack_SparrowPixelBitch, Reboot to recovery mode and see if you can startx00:47
xiphosI should just spend the extra and get a decent, hardware tuner card.  Thanks for the help!00:47
CrocoJetno adjust when installing?00:47
Jack_SparrowPixelBitch, I am thinking gdm was still running in the background00:47
giacomo_chow come my bluetooth icon won't show up in my noficaction area?  i have it set to shoe the icon always00:47
Deletexiphos, whats the brand?00:47
ardchoilleCrocoJet: nope, the OS will see the change and there shouldn't be anything you need to do00:47
CrocoJetardchoille, thanks !00:48
giacomo_cit's set as always display icon... it worked in 8.04, but not in 8.1000:48
xiphosDelete: Avermedia AVerTV GO00:48
nightrid3rxiphos: a nice cheap bttv card is around 40 euro00:48
somenobodyNot to be a bother but I have a problem, ubuntu can recognize my wireless card, but when I try to connect to my router, it just doesn't work. Is this a problem caused by my wireless card or the router itself?00:48
PixelBitchJack_Sparrow: bbiab00:48
xiphosThis thing's a saa713400:48
julmummaAntharian, x2x seems like a great application but I would prefer not have a ssh-server for only the purpose of moving mouse pointer between the displays00:49
xiphosIt is junk.00:49
wolv3hi all00:49
wolv3is all busy?00:49
xiphosWhat's that, like $200 these days, nightrider?00:49
Deletewolv3, No, what do you need?00:49
Deletexiphos, lol no00:49
fromero69I go this error: error brokencount>000:50
wolv3i got black screen00:50
ndowenshey, does ubuntu not have a stable,testing,unstable rep like debian, instead of having the release name as the repo in apt00:50
kitchendowens: nope00:50
fromero69I go this error: error brokencount>0 HELP PLEASE00:50
wolv3Delete: i got black screen with nvidia drivers00:50
ardchoillewolv3: which vid card do you have?00:51
Deletewolv3: are you using Intrepid? And what card are you using00:51
xiphosNightrid3r: Know any good digital receivers that use bttv? Like fun I'm spending money on analogue, what with the US going analogue dark in a few weeks.00:51
wolv3intrepid and 7900GT/GTO00:51
whileimhereI have a PDF form to fill out. is there a program that makes it easy on ubuntu?00:51
ndowensah ok thx00:51
wolv3i use envy with 177 and 173 drivers and some result00:51
nightrid3rxiphos: i'm from europe so i have no id we just start with digital00:52
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk00:52
vigowhileimhere: OO00:52
xiphosFair enough, and I had gathered. :)  Thanks again for all the help00:52
Sylphidhow can i make my terminal flash?00:52
whileimhereI tried and OO doesnt like it00:52
vigowhileimhere: Open Office can do that00:53
vigowhileiamhere: Uhmmmm,,,errr,,,did you search Synaptic for another PDF app?00:53
whileimhereIs there an adobe reader for linux?00:54
eseven73whileimhere: yes there is00:54
whileimhereI saw x-pdf but that is a viewer no editing in it00:54
eseven73!medibuntu | whileimhere you have to get adobe reader this way:00:54
ubottuwhileimhere you have to get adobe reader this way:: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org00:54
=== Deivis is now known as iron-savior
Victorixplease i search a french ubuntu channel00:54
whileimhereThanks! :)00:55
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr00:55
Victorixthank's a lot eseven7300:55
SchuenemannI have a brand new installation of intrepid in my notebook (lenovo N200) and the audio is VERY low. If I have it at 60% it's almost inaudible. Any suggestions?00:55
eseven73!pm | fromero6900:56
ubottufromero69: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.00:56
vigotried headphones?00:56
fromero69I need some help please, could someone help me with linux00:56
ardchoillewhileimhere: you the one looking for an app to edit pdf's?00:56
RatinhoHi, Somebody have experience with Ubuntu Server 8.10 and Xen?00:56
Sylphid!ask fromero6900:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask fromero6900:57
whileimhereardchoille yeppo00:57
Sylphid!ask | fromero6900:57
ubottufromero69: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:57
vigoI dunno,,just thought a test with headphones might determine if is an output or hardware error00:57
Victorixplease i have a simple question00:57
ardchoillewhileimhere: apt-cache search pdfedit00:57
Victorixcan i install xubuntu on my laptop Toshiba tecra 8100 PIII 128 Mo ?00:57
fromero69I get error: brokencount>000:57
Victorixif yes how00:57
kitchewhileimhere: no such program is made yet I believe but since pdf is a open standard I m sure there will be one at one point00:57
skandlous<---- noob alert... this is my first linux computer and ubuntu was recommended to me. i went to download it and i want to knoiw if i can run the iso file straight up when it finishes00:57
ardchoille!info pdfedit00:57
ubottupdfedit (source: pdfedit): Editor for manipulating PDF documents. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.1-2 (intrepid), package size 2481 kB, installed size 7564 kB00:57
whileimhereLOL okay i will stick to the adobe product for now then.00:57
Sylphidfromero69, that doesnt tell anyone anything... what are you trying to do ... what program is it erroring on... we need something more to get an idea of where you having problems00:58
nightrid3rskandlous: burn the iso IMAGE to cd end reboot00:58
kitcheardchoille: yeah it's a bit limited it seems compared to adobe's at least last time I knew00:59
fromero69I am trying to run the package manager and it says error:brokencount>000:59
skandlousnightrid3r: are there any downloadable executables that i dont have to burn first00:59
ardchoillekitche: Ah, ok. I used it once and it seemed ok, but I didn't get too deep into the app00:59
nightrid3rskandlous: no all you need is in the iso00:59
Ratinhoanybody use xen in Ubuntu Server 8.10 that can help me?00:59
nightrid3rskandlous: remember to burn as an image, not as data dsik00:59
outofthemadnessSchuenemann: maybe try adjusting the PCM volume01:00
fromero69 I am trying to run the package manager and it says error:brokencount>001:00
VictorixPlease can i install xubuntu on my laptop Toshiba tecra 8100 PIII 128 Mo ?01:00
Sylphidfromero69, open synaptic and go to edit and click fix broken packages01:00
bartekHi there, what's the proper way to  tie a command to a specific script script in a dir (i.e: /var/lib/some_script) ? Using alias in .bashrc or ?01:00
outofthemadnessSchuenemann: in the volume control that is01:00
vigofrmer69: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=41818201:00
skandlousok thanks... i need to get a burner first... running an asus eee and dont have an external cdrom yet01:00
Schuenemannoutofthemadness, it's already maxed. And that distorts the sound...01:00
Schuenemanneverything is maxed, actually01:01
nightrid3rVictorix: should work01:01
whileimhereI am not sure what happened but after the last few updates my wireless kicked in and has been working without dropped signals.01:01
fromero69this is my 3rd day using linux so I dont know much about anything. i tried to use synaptic manager but I got this  messageE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:01
fromero69E: _cache->open() failed, please report.01:01
nightrid3rwhileimhere: the magic of updates :)01:01
jtajibartek: I'd put a link to it in a directory already in your path, like /usr/local/bin01:02
bartekjtaji: good idea! thanks01:02
Sylphidfromero69, Applications > Accessories > Terminal01:02
nightrid3rfromero69: open a terminal and type in the dpkg..... command01:02
Sylphidfromero69, then type sudo dpkg --configure -a01:02
fromero69okay ill do that01:02
outofthemadnessSchuenemann, that's all I've got to suggest. I had that same problem, but that's how I solved it. My PCM volume was too high... IIRC there is a linux audio channel on freenode. I might suggest trying there01:03
linxehare there any tools that can take a pdf and reencode all the images to a particular dpi/resolution/size?01:03
Newfie_richHey all, just wondering what is the command to compile a java program in terminal?01:03
linxehoutofthemadness: #lad / #lau01:03
echo_Hello! What is a good GUI Ubuntu program for archives?01:03
fromero69okay I entered that command and now it's back at the promtp frank@ubuntu:~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a01:03
fromero69[sudo] password for frank:01:03
fromero69Setting up java-common (0.30ubuntu3) ...01:03
fromero69Processing triggers for man-db ...01:03
fromero69Processing triggers for doc-base ...01:03
FloodBot2fromero69: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:03
fromero69Processing 23 changed, 2 added doc-base file(s)...01:03
echo_IE: ZIP, ARC01:03
gonewestcoastNewfie_rich: I thought Java was an interpreted language?01:04
linxehgonewestcoast: it is justintime compiled01:04
PixelBitchJack_Sparrow: thanks01:04
weed37hi guys i use rapidshare for dling all my stuff and use the rs manager i just installed ubuntu on my sony vaio latop aand am used to vista or xp i was wondering if there is an app like rs manager i can use for getting my liles in linux01:04
fromero69okay sorry01:04
whileimhereIs the XFCE desktop really lighter on the system than GNOME?01:04
eseven73echo_: archiver, fileroller maybe01:04
skandlousnew question but not ubuntu specific: if updates fail to install is that because they dont pertain to my current distro and or system reqa01:04
Newfie_richgonewestcoast: ok but do you know how to compile java code?01:04
nightrid3rwhileimhere: yes it is01:05
linxehwhileimhere: yes. I know someone using it on a p20001:05
gonewestcoastNewfie_rich: Apparently not. :-p01:05
eseven73whileimhere: yes but xfce is getting more bloated every day01:05
echo_Hello. What's good software for ZIP and RAR files? Right out of the box, I can't extract anything, it says unknown archive so I guess I need better software. Anyone?01:05
linxehNewfie_rich: you use javac to compile the code to java bytecode (for the vm). the JVM then compiles it to native code or interprets it.01:05
whileimhereOn a p2 wowo01:05
eseven73whileimhere: if you really want something lightweight, try fluxbox01:05
fromero69I ran the command sudo dpkg --configure a01:05
h4mx0rwhileimhere: or lxde its pretty nice01:05
nightrid3recho_: rar is in the repo's01:05
weed37hi guys i use rapidshare for dling all my stuff and use the rs manager i just installed ubuntu on my sony vaio latop aand am used to vista or xp i was wondering if there is an app like rs manager i can use for getting my liles in linux01:05
linxehwhileimhere: p1, 200mhz :)01:05
whileimhereeseven73 I have tried it but my wireless was not there.01:05
Sylphidfromero69, run synaptic now ... should be fine01:06
whileimherea p1 linxeh? WOWW01:06
linxehNewfie_rich: you can in theory compile java to native code completely, but it is completely going against the whole point of the language. you should have used C.01:06
rxsHi! how do i disable xv output and change it to X11 in gstreamer. Using ubuntu 8.04 and xserver-xorg-video-ati01:06
echo_nightrid3r, I don't know what that means. Repo's?01:06
h4mx0rwhileimhere: your wireless can be setup manually in /etc/network/interfaces then just ifdown wlan0 and ifup wlan0 or whatever it is called if not wlan001:06
eseven73whileimhere: yep no panel icons or menus really :) that's what makes it lightweight01:06
whileimhereAhh but I am lazy and like some things auto.01:06
nightrid3recho_: use synaptic and search for rar01:06
powertool08Does anyone know of a program to create cd labels (for cd itself not case) specifically with the memorex template WL-OL502501:07
Newfie_richlinxeh thanks for your help that all i needed to know01:07
echo_nightrid3r, I am doing that, however nothing is GUI based (well, the last couple I've tried at least.)01:07
matrim26can anyone help with a printer issue? I'm on a windows network, and I'm trying to access a network printer. I got through the printer config stuff, and then it asked me for the "Password for root on localhost". Now, I know there is none set. Is there some way to get around that? Or something specific I'm supposed to put in?01:07
fromero69wow thank you so much01:07
fromero69it was such a simple fix lol01:07
h4mx0rwhileimhere: to get your wireless up in fluxbox you have to edit its startup file and do wirelessprogramthing & then next line have exec fluxbox01:07
powertool08matrim26: Try your username/pass01:07
nightrid3recho_: its for a server ?01:07
eseven73whileimhere: lightweight window mangers can run things automatically too, but you have to edit a file01:07
eseven73seems me and h4mx0r are on the same page :)01:08
echo_nightrid3r, no, it's not for a server.01:08
h4mx0rwhileimhere: try doing leafpad ~/.fluxbox/startup01:08
matrim26powertool08: tried it, didn't work01:08
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE01:08
powertool08matrim26: Try localhost:631, maybe you can set it there somewhere01:08
nightrid3rechinos: hmmm arch should use rar to open the files01:09
skandlousif an update fails installation repeatedly does that just mean it doesnt apply to my system01:09
matrim26powertool08: as the username or password?01:09
RatinhoIF somebody use XEN virtualization on ubuntu server 8.10 please private-me01:09
linxehNewfie_rich: the article in wikipedia on java is quite good01:09
rxsHi! how do i disable xv output and change it to X11 in gstreamer. Using ubuntu 8.04 and cannot find gstreamer-properties01:09
h4mx0reseven73: yeah, I usually use fluxbox but been loving lxde. Tried playing some yesterday with xmonad but its bit confusing and restrictive in ways01:09
eseven73h4mx0r: lol i just installed lxde last night, its ok i guess. but i love my fluxbox :)01:09
powertool08matrim26: No, in a browser, go to localhost:631 to get to the cups web interface01:09
h4mx0rrxs: what's xv output?01:09
nightrid3rskandlous: could be or maybe there was an update done from source01:10
whileimhereThere used to be a pacman screensaver in the xscreensavers anyone know where it is now?01:10
echo_nightrid3r, Karchiver looks promising, I'm going to try that.01:10
h4mx0reseven73: hey I got a question for you which do you prefer conky or gkrellem?01:10
eseven73conky is good, havent had much time with gkrellem01:10
nightrid3recho_: that should work together with rar01:10
h4mx0reseven73: i heard there was something else called xmodbar but it isn't in the repos perhaps renamed with some other tools01:11
rxsh4mx0r: i really dunno exactly .. but I know that my driver supports only one xv port for video and I would love to use x11 output with software scaling01:11
echo_It appears it works with all typical archives. I am extracting a DVD movie image, what is good burning software?01:11
mrwesecho_: K3b01:11
echo_mrwes, thank-you.01:12
h4mx0rrxs: so umm what you trying to do with that then?01:12
eseven73h4mx0r: yeah i donno, im on my Fedora box at the moment so i couldnt check :)01:12
skandlousthanks night01:12
mike12hey does anyone know how to free up space01:12
h4mx0reseven73: do you know how to get battery status and thermal temperatures listed in conky? I use a laptop and it would be helpful01:12
ogrei setup gnomenu and have an extra icon on there I want to get rid of. its that ubuntu one at the bottom of gnomenu. http://img49.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot4fv8.png01:12
wyoungyes | rm -fr /01:12
rxsh4mx0r: okay .. let me put it this way .. I really dont care what gstreamer uses, as I dont use any app that works directly with it ... I use xfce and mplayer for my needs .. but then skype has a gstreamer dependency and uses xv for video output ... but can also use X1101:13
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!01:13
eseven73h4mx0r: that requires lm-sensors and a good .conky script01:13
wyoungyes I wouldnt run that command btw01:13
ogreh4mx0r,  its really personal pref. i prefer conky myself01:13
wyoungbut that is a way to free some space01:13
h4mx0rogre: right click the button and select edit menu should be option to delete the ubuntu thing01:13
eseven73wyoung: that is not helpful at all. :/01:14
jtajiwyoung: it's a way to destroy your system, please don't give that sort of advice here01:14
TheFunkbombgood evening01:14
wyoungeseven73: it is if you are in a root shell01:14
rxsh4mx0r: in mplayer I use X11 with zoom enabled for watching videos .. I have long forgotten about gnome and gstreamer ... and I remember a command called gstreamer-properties  .. it used to work in 7.10 .. but then ... now .. I kind of find nothing similar01:14
eseven73no its not01:14
mrweswyoung: with the / and blow away everything? sigh...01:14
eseven73stop suggesting it01:14
TheFunkbombhow can I make VLC my default movie player instead of the stock 8.10 player? (totem?)01:14
whileimhereThe Ubuntu thang is a funky thang that none should delete.01:14
h4mx0rrxs: so is skype not playing or is there an error? does it have something to do with not being able to run other sound apps while listening to voice?01:14
h4mx0reseven73: ah lm-sensors I forgot all about those thanks01:15
mike12hey is there anything i can delete to free up space01:15
kinja-sheepTheFunkbomb: Right-click on the video file and go to the properties to change "Open with..."01:15
mike12it keeps sayin somethin is full01:15
linxehare there any tools that can take a pdf and reencode all the images to a particular dpi/resolution/size?01:15
powertool08mike12: anything you aren't using01:15
TheFunkbombkinja-sheep, beautiful01:15
nightrid3rwyoung: stop getting linux info from bash.org01:15
rxsh4mx0r: its not about voice .. its about the video ... if it uses the xv output .. i cannot have both my video and the other parties video .. I would love to use X11 w/ scaling and be able to see that01:15
eseven73h4mx0r: yw01:15
mike12im can delete everything01:15
jtajimike12: 'sudo aptitude clean' will clear out the package cache in /var/cache/apt/archives01:15
mike12i just wanna like reset the computer01:16
kinja-sheepmike12: Try sudo rm -rf * /tmp && sudo aptitude autoclean01:16
wyoungnightrid3r: xkcd actually :01:16
ogreh4mx0r,  any idea where the tick box for that icon is?01:16
mankashanybody know about hostpad module01:16
mike12do i just look for that in a folder01:16
TheFunkbombkinja-sheep, that doesn't make it the default player though, does it?01:16
rxsh4mx0r: I have complete control on my sound w/ alsa ( not a big fan of pulse .. though I have read the white papers and I am impressed with teh sliding window approach )01:16
templaedhelwhen I run tremulous its all slow when you go into a server it totally freezes01:16
kinja-sheepmike12: Run it in the terminal.01:16
DevilDoc5someone got time for a person considering "the switch"01:17
mike12ok just type sudo01:17
wyoungDevilDoc5: ok, fire away01:17
kinja-sheepmike12: Run in the terminal --> sudo rm -rf * /tmp && sudo aptitude autoclean01:17
h4mx0rrxs: yeah i'm using pulse with 8.10, is it possible to hear multiple sound streams or do I have to switch back to alsa.01:17
mike12ok thanks01:17
h4mx0rrxs: about your problem though why do you say your limited to only one output?01:17
h4mx0rmichal_: try ctrl + c01:18
rxsh4mx0r: xvinfo | grep ports says 101:18
DevilDoc5I was wondering, as I seem to have tethered myself to "the beast" via various games and applications, is there a (preferably) free accurate windoze replicator that will allow me to still play my games and such?01:18
rxsh4mx0r: now that sucks .. as I can have only one xv playing at the same time :(01:18
kinja-sheepI think I just sent mike12 to his death.01:18
h4mx0rrxs: wow.. mine says 3201:18
VantraxDevilDoc5, Look at Wine, but it wont play everything01:18
ogrekinja-sheep,  i saw that.01:18
Vantrax!wine | DevilDoc501:18
ubottuDevilDoc5: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help01:18
DevilDoc5cool thanks will check it out01:18
gianluigiSalve a tutti!01:19
nightrid3rDevilDoc5: games are problematic but some apps may run under wine01:19
wyoungDevilDoc5: wine is in the right direction01:19
h4mx0rDevilDoc5: also look at winetricks, playonlinux, and the ubuntu forums advanced wine section. They help a lot01:19
VantraxDevilDoc5, put it this way, not everything works, but the Orangebox does01:19
Vantraxso did Doom301:19
wyoungDevilDoc5: or you can buy vmware with opengl support01:19
DevilDoc5also how about YIM?  Preferably with Webcam support as I need this for my business dealings01:19
rxsh4mx0r: what graphics card do u have ? I am long time ubuntu user ( feel ashamed to say that as I cant find gstreamer settings .. )01:19
kitcheVantrax: why would you use Doom3 with wine just use native Doom3 :)01:19
wyoungDevilDoc5: but legally you still need a windows licence to run windows in a vm01:19
kinja-sheepogra: My mistake.  Shouldn't have the wildcard in it.  At least he's freeing up some spaces. :|01:19
DevilDoc5I was actually talking about Combat arms and BF201:20
templaedhelANYONE???? TREMULOUS CRASHES X01:20
Vantraxkitche, native doom3 came out after01:20
rxsh4mx0r: I have a ati x300 .. the worst of the lot and have struggled with it for over 3 years ... mostly with the ati-fglrx driver .. but then ... now with the open source and xrandr I have better control01:20
DevilDoc5I still have windows licenses from old comps, that are unused, those should work no?01:20
CrocoJetUbuntu make use dual channel memory ?01:20
VantraxDevilDoc5, BF2 works in wine01:20
DevilDoc5Yahoo Instant Messenger01:20
VantraxCrocoJet, yes01:20
kitcheCrocoJet: yes if your system handles dual channel memory01:20
kinja-sheepTheFunkbomb: Yes -- It does make it the default player.01:20
h4mx0rrxs: I don't use gstreamer much myself either Iike using smplayer a bit though. I have a nvidia 7600 go. Yeah ati is like that they just cheat to beat benchmarks no real settings though and most only play at max performance01:20
DevilDoc5awesome thank you01:20
nightrid3rCrocoJet: your motherboard does01:21
TheFunkbombkinja-sheep, okay, thanks01:21
CrocoJetdo you have idea % performance .. single channel and dual channel ?01:21
wyoungCrocoJet: that is up to your motherboard01:21
DevilDoc5thank you all very much for your help this evening01:21
kinja-sheepTheFunkbomb: And if you happen to run a different file that opens up the different player -- Name it to VLC -- Because of different in filenames extension + possible formats.01:21
wyoungCrocoJet: te os doesnt have control over that01:21
rxsh4mx0r: anyway .. I dont want to install gnome ( cant stand metacity ! ) .. so do you know how I can invole gstreamer-properties in 8.04 ?01:21
ogrei setup gnomenu and have an extra icon on there I want to get rid of. its that ubuntu one at the bottom of gnomenu. http://img49.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot4fv8.png I am in "edit menus" and cannot find which icon it is01:21
h4mx0rrxs: what driver you using for it though? the proprietary one recently was released as open source and they have been integrated some01:21
h4mx0rwell not recently actually quite a while back01:22
rxsthe open source01:22
CrocoJetok, thanks for information !01:22
rxsh4mx0r: the open source one01:22
h4mx0rrxs: why can't you just install gstreamer without gnome? I mean even xubuntu and kubuntu use it for some things.01:22
kinja-sheepogre: Seems like it's in the theme you used....01:23
Vantraxyou need all the dependancies h4mx0r01:23
rxsh4mx0r: yes I did install all the stuff but still cant find the settings manager !01:23
fromero69hi it's me again fomero69, I have downloaded Ubuntu to msi wind, and there are a few problems that I need help with01:23
Vantraxfromero69, grats01:23
h4mx0rrxs: didn't know there was a manager app for it01:23
ogrekinja-sheep,  yeah so i can just edit it in the theme then?01:23
rxsh4mx0r: did a aptitude install gstreamer*01:23
fromero69I help resolving the suspension problem with the msi wind01:23
kitcheh4mx0r: huh the open source driver is not the same as proprietary for ati really01:23
rxsh4mx0r: what version of ubuntu do you use ?01:23
h4mx0rfromero69: what's msi wind?01:24
kinja-sheepogre: I'm not expert.  If you can.  Sure.  I suppose you should try renaming the icon (to something else) and it may disappear.01:24
fromero69it's a netbook no cd rom01:24
h4mx0rkitche: yeah they are both a bit different01:24
rxsh4mx0r: come to think o it .. they did some stuff with gnome and integrating all gnome stuff into some settings thing ... lemme look around for a sec01:24
fromero69everything works fine, I just need to run some codes in the terminal but I cant see to make it work01:24
ogrekinja-sheep,  ill give it a go. i think i can fix it01:24
kinja-sheepogra: Alright.  Good luck.  :)01:25
h4mx0rrxs: I'm on 8.10 right now. Thinking about reformatting though I've messed up this laptop so much lol. And it would be nice to have a separate /home incase I want to multi boot other systems01:25
fromero69I found the solution but I just cant make it work for some reason here's the link01:25
rxsh4mx0r: yes... a separate /home  is the bets way01:26
Vantraxfromero69, suspend is a common problem across linux in laptops01:26
fromero69oh really01:26
rxsh4mx0r: come to think of it ... i have not changed my home .. may be deleted a few configs over time .. but from 6.04 ... its been the same home01:26
fromero69why would that be? is because of linux and the programming?01:26
Vantraxfromero69, are you using 8.10 or 8.0401:26
h4mx0rfromero69: not really a problem just a lot of people whom know the word suspend also know enough tech to whine like a newbie :/01:27
fromero69I am using 8.10 and I have found the solution on the website http://wiki.msiwind.net/index.php/Ubuntu_8.04_Tweaks I just cant make it work for some reason01:27
rxsh4mx0r: dont have the patience to download 8 GB of mail :)01:27
fromero69hahaha like me you mean lol01:27
nightrid3rfromero69: the instructions are for 8.0401:28
tester_I am programming on linux and need to get my program work to have access to some files which require sudo, so right now I use with gksudo and it works okay, is there way to create a shorcut or something to di it01:28
fromero69yeah I guess that is the problem01:28
tester_I do not want a user to do that ever time he/she uses the app01:28
fromero69I figured it should still be the same01:28
fromero69so I just need to find something for ubuntu 8.1001:28
james_Does anyone have experience recovering files from NTFS partitions?01:28
rxshow do i invoke gnome prefernces using command line ?01:29
gonewestcoastjames_: More than I'd like.01:29
tester_james_ how bad is it01:29
wyoungjames_: not in ubuntu01:29
h4mx0rtester_: umm use sudo or drop privileges01:29
* fabos est content01:29
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:29
h4mx0rtester_: I use kismet a bit and it requires partial root access maybe try a similar method01:29
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr01:29
tester_h4mx0r, I am using gksudo right now, was hoping there was a way to create a shortcut or something01:29
james_gonewestcoast: business MYOB accounting files, all gone01:29
fabosjoin #ubuntu-fr01:29
nightrid3rfromero69: going for 8.04 can keep you out of the upgrade cycle for a longer time so this might be a wise choice01:30
tester_maybe we will be write a simple shell script01:30
eseven73fabos: its /join01:30
gonewestcoastgonewestcoast: Gone how?01:30
gonewestcoastjames_: Gone how?  Baleeted?01:30
Sylphidhow do i make my terminal flash?01:30
rxshas gstreamer-properties been discontinued from 8.04 ? if so how does one set the gstreamer properties .. particularly video output01:30
kinja-sheepI think I'm experiencing a filezilla bug.  <_<01:30
fromero69yeah I see01:30
james_gonewestcoast: A friend accidently deleted them with a program called CCleaner01:31
gonewestcoastjames_: Okay, this isn't even remotely covered under Ubuntu.  Go talk to #windows about it.01:31
fromero69I have no cd rom so I used wubi to install the software and it just installed ubuntu 8.1001:31
h4mx0rfromero69: dont' use wubi get a usb to install ubuntu there is simple app for it01:32
james_ gonewestcoast: okey doke, thanks01:32
nightrid3rfromero69: get an usb dvd drive and use that01:32
h4mx0rfromero69: use this program http://lubi.sourceforge.net/unetbootin.html01:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unetbootin01:32
fromero69okay thank you01:32
h4mx0rfromero69: wubi would be translating the ntfs to a native linux file system and slow things a tiny bit on disk access01:33
tester_man how do I automate gksudo01:33
fromero69thank you very much01:33
tester_it still prompts me to select an app to run01:33
fromero69everyone thank you!01:33
tester_Is there a separate forum for programming questions on linux?01:34
h4mx0reseven73: they should add that program to ubottu its very nice. burning cds is so obsolete.01:34
eseven73h4mx0r: yeah good idea01:35
Sylphidtester_, your best of asking in a forum for the language you are coding in01:35
ninjabuntuWhen in a Terminal I want to be able to type the command "clear" to also be usable with the command "cls" I sure that can be accomplished with a custom Linking so something like that...01:35
h4mx0rtester_: there are lots of programming groups, and there are some bug/error channels you can keep track of. You checked launchpad yet its kind of nice01:35
lolcakesninjabuntu: its called an alias01:35
eternaljoyI have a 1080p .mp4 file that wont play using mplayer or VLC.  Anyone know why?  It plays sound, but screen is black01:35
eseven73first the floppy drive , now cdrom goes obsolete haha, what's next.01:35
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:36
eternaljoyeseven73: having a good day? :)01:36
h4mx0rninjabuntu: set an alias for it in your .bashrc file01:36
whileimhereI know this is a dumb question but when   I am at work I use the XP program called Remote Desktop to access other computers does ubuntu have something like that and will it work with XP workstations?01:36
eseven73eternaljoy: always :)01:36
ninjabuntulolcakes: yeah thats it... h4mx0r: now how to do that for the clear command...01:36
Sylphidninjabuntu, alias cls='clear'01:36
h4mx0rninjabuntu: I also set some streamed music servers in my bashrc for a few genre I like incase I get bored with cli :)01:36
lolcakeswhileimhere: its Terminal Services Client in Aplications->internet01:36
tekteeneternaljoy: try to play it in mplayer using the command line and the -v and -frames 1 options. Look for errors.01:37
=== rob is now known as Guest42047
lolcakesTerminal Server Client*01:37
eternaljoytekteen: what?01:37
whileimhereAlso is there an open source Virtulization program?01:37
lolcakesyes, Virtualbox01:37
tekteeneternaljoy: your video, play it with mplayer using the terminal01:38
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox01:38
nightrid3rwhileimhere: XEN01:38
h4mx0rwhileimhere: yeah its called terminal server something another. Some of the clients features aren't installed by default though so if you want vnc or x11 streaming support should install those packages01:38
eternaljoytekteen: how?01:38
ninjabuntusylphid: so wait... I go into the folder where Clear is, and type Sudo alias cls='Clear'01:38
lolcakesninjabuntu: edit your .bashrc01:38
tekteeneternaljoy: I do not know how to open a terminal in ubuntu01:38
tekteen!terminal | eternaljoy01:38
ubottueternaljoy: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal01:38
ninjabuntulolcakes: the command to edit that is?01:38
h4mx0rtekteen: it is under accessories!!01:38
TraceRouteDoes anyone know how i can stream movies from linux to my xbox 360?01:39
lolcakesninjabuntu: "sudo nano ~/.bashrc"01:39
eternaljoytekteen: ok ty01:39
tekteenh4mx0r: I am not a gnome person01:39
h4mx0rtekteen: don't panic! do ctrl alt f2 if you can't find a terminal then ctrl alt f7 to get back to desktop01:39
gunspojagday all01:39
eternaljoy!thanks | tekteen01:39
ubottutekteen: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)01:39
ninjabuntulolcakes: ahhhh ok...01:39
gunspojawhat is the proper procedure for removing an ubuntu installation on a dual-boot windows system?01:39
h4mx0rtekteen: I know gnome scared the heck out of me when I first used it and couldn't find a terminal01:39
jtajilolcakes, ninjabuntu, no need for sudo to edit your own .bashrc01:39
lolcakesoh true01:39
h4mx0ryeah that would make it unaccessible to your user01:40
tekteenh4mx0r: I use alt+f2 command gnome-terminal01:40
tekteeneternaljoy: ok01:40
lolcakesyeah my bad, sorry ninjabuntu01:40
tekteeneternaljoy: where is the video?01:40
h4mx0rtekteen: I think alt f2 leaves some sort of run daemon going for one reason or another01:41
Sylphidhow can i make my terminal flash?01:41
eternaljoytekteen: desktop01:41
=== bobby is now known as odium1
eternaljoytekteen: it says mplayer not installed01:41
lolcakesSylphid: explain01:41
lolcakesSylphid: you mean look fancy, or flash on and off?01:41
tekteeneternaljoy: sudo apt-get install mplayer01:41
eternaljoySylphid: take its trench coat off01:41
h4mx0rsylphid: umm try getting a terminal that will render a gif as its background? sounds very glitchy though01:41
eternaljoytekteen: ok ty01:41
calipsoanyone know the command to open the gnome menu editor?01:41
Sylphidlolcakes, flash on and off like an alert01:41
lolcakescalipso: right click menu -> edit menu01:42
pyropheliawhen you create a 770 directory, how can you cd to it if your not part of the group or the owner?01:42
calipsololcakes: i removed it by accident :(01:42
tekteeneternaljoy: once that is done, run the command: cd Desktop (capital D counts)01:42
lolcakesoh the command01:42
pio_hey, i have a freaking problem with my built-in microphone on a asus f3jc laptop. All guide i've read so far tells me that this was a problem from ubuntu dapper and now it should works fine01:42
jtajicalipso: alacarte01:42
eternaljoytekteen: ok01:42
tekteeneternaljoy: tell me when that is done01:42
DaphkoHallo jemand noc hda!?01:42
pio_i use intrepid and the mic does not work01:42
Daphkoohh english01:43
eternaljoytekteen: ok brb01:43
Daphkocan anybody help me to boot the ubuntu iso from my usb stick !?01:43
danc3Daphko: what would you like us to do?01:43
pyropheliapio_, this may be a stupid question, but is the mic selected as a primary record source?01:43
ninjabuntulolcakes: ok I entered the .bashrc then at the very bottom I entered [alias cls='clear'] with out the brackets and saved but nothing happens when I type cls and hit enter.01:43
cinco29is it easy or hard to setup ftp server on ubuntu?01:43
Sylphidlolcakes, h4mx0r im trying to have my terminal flash on an event in a custom bash script01:43
danc3cinco29: it's easy01:43
pyropheliapio_, critical yet, often over looked option01:43
kinja-sheepninjabuntu: source ~/.profile01:43
jtajininjabuntu: type 'source .bashrc' in the terminal01:44
vigoDaphko: Is USB set up as a boot thing in BIOS?01:44
Daphkoi can boot from usb01:44
pio_pyrophelia, there are 5 input options, i've tried all01:44
calipsothanks jtaji and lolcakes01:44
h4mx0rcinco29: there are a lot of ftp servers, what kind you looking for? there are also other methods of transfering files like ssh or ntfs/samba which perform well in their own regards01:44
lolcakesninjabuntu: http://wazem.blogspot.com/2007/10/how-to-create-command-alias-to-save.html01:44
cinco29okay ima search on google to find out how. i don twanna bother yall professionals:)01:44
pyropheliapio_, what program are you using as your mixer?01:44
vigoDaphko: I am stumpered then,,let me look at the boards01:44
eseven73Sylphid: emacs does that , ifyou disable the 'bell' you can make the entire app blink/flash :)  and Emacs can run terminal stuff, mystery solved :)01:44
bastid_raZor!usb > Daphko .. the 2nd link may be what you're looking for01:45
ubottuDaphko, please see my private message01:45
h4mx0rSylphid: yeah I heard you. Been waiting for someone to answer you, it sounds neat01:45
pio_the volume control that comes with intrepid01:45
cinco29well im trying to setup ftp server for my brother to access my pc and just get what ever he wanna get01:45
tekteeneternaljoy: are you almost done? having problems?01:45
ninjabuntuok perfect... will that work from now on? or will i have to keep typing 'source .bashrc' every time I want to use that...01:45
gunspojacan I use grub to fix an error 22 with the MBR, or do I have to boot from windows cd/ubuntu livecd to fix this problem?01:45
eternaljoytekteen: 80%01:45
pio_pyrophelia, also i've tried to configure using System - Preferences - Sound01:45
lolcakesninjabuntu: .bashrc gets loaded everytime you start bash, so no01:46
h4mx0rSylphid: I did a few kool things with eterm before like invisible terminal. Perhaps there is an option with it try doing terminal --help to see or read the man pages01:46
nightrid3rcinco29: vsftpd will do fine01:46
ninjabuntuthanks guys...01:46
cinco29cool can i get that from the add software thing?01:46
nightrid3rcinco29: yes01:46
pyropheliapio_, in the volume control window, do you see a tab called 'switches' with "Microphone capture" checked?01:46
h4mx0rcinco29: yeah I heard lot of good things about vsftpd before and ultimately decided on using it myself01:46
cinco29see i like this os so much im trying to bring him to the better side lol01:46
pio_pyrophelia, yes, but not now. It shows to me 5 sound devices, just 2 have input option01:47
cinco29h4mx0r good to know01:47
h4mx0rcinco29: why what other os you use? I feel bad for not trying out solaris or bsd :/01:47
gunspojaI followed some instructions on a forum that said to remove ubuntu from a dual-boot system you just get rid of its partitions.  turns out that doesn't work :P so now I have a grub error 2201:48
* lolcakes wonders how to shot web01:48
djeikHi, I'm installing Ubuntu on a Sony VAIO and when I get to the "Prepare partitions" screen, none of my partitions are listed and all of the buttons are grayed out except "Back" and "Forward". Why does this happen?01:48
cinco29i also have windows xp...01:48
eseven73cinco29: this ftp server not gonna be accessed from that outside world is it? If so you might want to try ssh server its more secure01:48
djeikand what do I do to fix it?01:48
pyropheliapio_, click on preferences and make sure your microphone capture option is being displayed and checked01:48
cinco29but i have seen the light which ubuntu is01:48
echo_I can't get any software to properly unrar my RAR archive of a DVD movie. Whenever I try to unarchive it, the three different pieces of software Im using either A) say its not an archive, B) shows a very small file to extract (which isn't the whole archive, the file it shows is only 200 megs, it should be over 4 gigs) .. does anyone have any archive software they prefer?01:48
lolcakesgunspoja: boot your xp cd into recovery mode, then run "fixboot" and "fixmbr"01:48
cinco29only my brother will access it. thats all01:48
gunspojalolcakes, ok I'll go try that.  thank you :)01:49
echo_KArchiver isn't working for me, nor is the Gnome archiver. It works under Windows so I know there is nothing wrong with the archive itself.01:49
eternaljoytekteen: ok thanks. it plays the video now :-)01:49
pio_pyrophelia, i checked it, but does not show the volume option01:49
eseven73cinco29: ok because FTP is not encrypted :)01:49
cinco29i got you01:49
bastid_raZorcinco29; use winscp, probably safer and easier01:49
tekteeneternaljoy: mplayer worked?01:49
eternaljoy!thanks > tekteen01:49
ubottutekteen, please see my private message01:49
nightrid3rdjeik: probably ubuntu not recognising your sata controler01:49
h4mx0rgunspoja: umm think you have to format the mbr (master boot record) then repair it with whatever other os or boot loader you use01:49
lolcakesecho_: sounds like the archive is damaged?01:49
tekteeneternaljoy user !helpersnack01:49
cinco29i wanna see how many can i bring over to the light side and leave windowz the darkside01:49
eternaljoytekteen: yes, cheers big ears :-)01:49
pyropheliapio_, you know what, I have learned that I dislike this program.  install alsamixer :)01:49
ubottuWow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!01:49
echo_lolcakes, no, as it is fine via Windows.01:49
djeiknightrid3r: hmm okay, the drives show up in cfdisk... so the basic drivers seem to be working at least. is that not good enough for ubuntu?01:50
cinco29winscp is for ubuntu?01:50
tekteeneternaljoy: thanks tells me not to thank the bot01:50
eternaljoy!helpersnack | tekteen01:50
ubottutekteen: please see above01:50
lolcakesehco_: you you have not installed unrar01:50
gunspojah4mx0r, actually I'd be quite happy to use grub, I don't really mind01:50
pio_pyrophelia, i checked Microphone Capture and Capture01:50
eternaljoytekteen: :-)01:50
djeiknightrid3r: so I possibly need chipset drivers?01:50
pio_pyrophelia, i ahve alsamixer installed01:50
echo_lolcakes, I have installed Unrar.01:50
bastid_raZorcinco29; no, it will be used on the xp/vista and will be able to access your box.01:50
h4mx0rcinco29: do you and your brother share the same network? if so why not try nfs its faster. Or if its remote stuff ssh is nice if you set the encryption keys right01:50
zmanning_my text all of a sudden has huge spacing like in pdfs and certain apps! all i did was reduce the font size in Appearance.  any idea what this could be?01:50
pyropheliapio_, use that to select your mic and turn the volume up.  it's a little bit more flexible than this app01:50
cinco29we in different states01:50
eternaljoy!helpersnack | bastid_raZor01:50
ubottubastid_raZor: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!01:50
lolcakesehco_: the free or nonfree version? the nonfree version can handle more archives01:51
nightrid3rdjeik: yes but i have no idea how to fix that01:51
pyropheliapio_, arg01:51
djeiknightrid3r: alright, thanks a lot01:51
pyropheliaok I lied01:51
pyropheliathey changed it on me01:51
Sylphidh4mx0r, i cant remember... what is the command to search all the man pages?01:51
pyropheliait not routes to pulse :x01:51
pio_pyrophelia, when i open, it just show speakers volume01:51
pyropheliapio_, yea sorry about that, they changed that option in 8.1001:51
echo_lolcakes, I installed the free version.01:51
vigoSylphid: man man01:51
pyropheliapio_, 1 sec01:51
lolcakesecho_: try the nonfree version01:52
bastid_raZor!botabuse | eternaljoy01:52
ubottueternaljoy: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".01:52
eternaljoy!botabuse | bastid_raZor01:52
ubottubastid_raZor: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".01:52
h4mx0rgunspoja: did you just reinstall grub or make any boot changes with which systems you have? if so you might need to check the config files and make sure they are pointed at the right sections of the hard drive01:52
cinco29what about gftp??01:52
lolcakesimo, the best gui ftp client for nix is FileZilla01:52
pio_pyrophelia, ok01:53
h4mx0rcinco29: different daemon and different performance specs.01:53
echo_lolcakes, after installing the non-free version 'File Roller' is now seeing it properly.01:53
h4mx0rlolcakes: yeah filezilla is very nice from what I've tried01:53
cinco29oh ok01:53
eseven73cinco29: you really need ssh server if its going to be going outside your local network01:53
lolcakesecho_: that sounds promising. is it working?01:53
cinco29im looking for that one right now01:53
h4mx0reseven73: not really, but ftp is usually for sharing with lots of random people01:54
eseven73ftp isnt secure though01:54
echo_lolcakes, it is!01:54
eQukftp cant be very secure01:54
lolcakesecho_: welcome :)01:54
h4mx0reseven73: torrenting > ftp bandwidth wise01:54
vigoeseven73 is absolutely correct, use SSH01:54
eQuk*cant be01:54
eQukwhay cant i type01:55
fyrmedicHow do I install packages from the repo's without internet access on the target machine?01:55
kinja-sheepWhat's the good application that'll colorize the terminal?01:55
tester_Okay, so I have gksudo working without prompt from the terminal(NOPASSWORD in sudoer), yeah it is the worst idea ever, but I need this. But now wen I run the same command via shell script it still asking for password and a prompt comes up, is there some I need to do in the script?01:55
nightrid3rfyrmedic: apt-oncd01:55
pyropheliapio_, do you have the capture tab present in your Volume control window?01:55
kinja-sheeptester_: Just a thought.  Try removing sudo from your script.01:56
pio_pyrophelia, Recording Tab01:56
kinja-sheeptester_: It is likely that it didn't ask you for the password in first place because of 15-minutes window.01:56
pyropheliapio_, yea, go to preferences and make sure it's checked.  it's between "Playback" and "switches" It seems that mic's are muted and input volume set to 0% by default01:56
fyrmedicnightrid3r; thanks I'll give it a try. Do you know if restricted hardware drivers are on it?01:57
tester_No still asking, but from terminal it works okay01:57
tester_so when I type gksudo myapp.exe, it works, but exact same from shell ask for promt01:57
nightrid3rfyrmedic: it will have whatever you want on them01:57
cinco29the name of the proggy im looking for is called,... ssh server?01:57
nightrid3rcinco29: yes01:58
kinja-sheepcinco29: What are you trying to do?01:58
rww!info ssh-server | cinco2901:58
ubottuPackage ssh-server does not exist in intrepid01:58
pio_pyrophelia, hmm, i unmute it. When I reopen the app it's muted again :S01:58
nightrid3rcinco29: try sshd01:58
kinja-sheep!info openssh-server | cinco2901:58
ubottuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell server, an rshd replacement. In component main, is optional. Version 1:5.1p1-3ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 278 kB, installed size 764 kB01:58
eseven73cinco29: http://www.jonathanmoeller.com/screed/?p=53601:58
rwwkinja-sheep: there we go. I always forget the "open" :O01:58
cinco29thank you01:59
dmi3onhi all, i dont know exactly what i need and how to do it i have at work win vista and home ubuntu how do i set up ubuntu so i can control vista at office (in office computer just connect to a router no server)01:59
kinja-sheeprww: Any chance you know a nice package that will colorize the ascii output in the terminal?01:59
tester_Why, why why, it works from terminal and not from shell script... I am newbie that is why for sure....but why...02:00
rwwkinja-sheep: output from an ssh session, or in general? because stuff like ls is colorized automatically for me...02:00
kinja-sheep!info tsclient | dmi3on02:00
ubottutsclient (source: tsclient): front-end for viewing of remote desktops in GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 0.150-1ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 308 kB, installed size 1136 kB02:00
kinja-sheepBla.  Wrong one.02:00
kinja-sheeprww: General.  Take a look at supercat. ;)02:00
vigokinja-sheep: remote dektop thingy?02:01
eseven73dmi3on: tightvnc maybe (assuming you or your boss will open the port for the work computer)02:01
nightrid3rdmi3on: you have to configure your router to forward the ports to your windows pc02:01
eseven73which i think is 5900-590102:01
eQukignor me, testing colours02:01
tester_Why, why why, it works from terminal and not from shell script... I am newbie that is why for sure....but why...02:01
h4mx0rkinja-Sheep umm the coloring is set in your .bashrc perhaps you edited it some how02:01
kinja-sheepvigo: for dmi3on.  Not you.02:02
pyropheliapio_, mine seems to record with or without it so I'm not sure :x02:02
dmi3onis there any way to do it with out configuring router ?>02:02
pyropheliapio_, ask your question again maybe somebody with a bit more xp can help :(02:02
h4mx0rtester_: ?02:02
nightrid3rdmi3on: no02:02
eseven73dmi3on: nope02:02
tester_Okay, so I have gksudo working without prompt from the terminal(NOPASSWORD in sudoer), yeah it is the worst idea ever, but I need this. But now wen I run the same command via shell script it still asking for password and a prompt comes up, is there some I need to do in the script?02:02
kinja-sheeprww: Yes, the color worked for ls -al, because of the profile/bashrc.  However, I'm looking for much more colors.  htop (better than ps).... and... You know.  Let me find you a link.02:02
h4mx0rdmi3on: you can do a reverse connection02:03
nightrid3rdmi3on: unless there is a vpn server02:03
pio_pyrophelia, it almost worked02:03
dmi3onits just big router for like 16 computers02:03
Jpdotahey i'm in intrepid and i'm thinking about upgrading my laptop's hard drive, what's a good way to get info about the connection my laptop uses to the hard drive?02:03
kinja-sheeprww: Example in Gentoo's using supercat -- http://supercat.nosredna.net/html-example-spc.html02:03
h4mx0rdmi3on: I'd suggest nx or vnc reverse connection to home02:03
h4mx0rdmi3on: its not a very good fix but would give you a graphical remote desktop02:04
dmi3onwhat it means reverse connection ?02:04
tester_some suggest me something as well, I am a good person too, I do go to church ever now and then02:04
h4mx0rdmi3on: it means the system behind the firewall connects outside to the other system02:05
h4mx0rdmi3on: rather than you connecting into the server the server connects to the client02:05
nightrid3rdmi3on: the most important question is "will your boss allow this"02:05
lolcakestester_: any reason why you need to use gksudo?02:05
lolcakestester_: why not normal sudo?02:06
tester_it is a gui app02:06
* odium1 puzzled02:06
dmi3onyes, just i dont want touch router because if some thing will stop working i will be first who to blame :)02:06
quintenhey, i had network-manager installed. i just removed it and i set up the network using /etc/networks/interfaces02:06
tester_quinten you are hardcore now02:06
dmi3onso i need do it with out touching router02:06
lolcakestester_: but you're running it from a shell script? you can use normal sudo in the shell script, it doesnt matter what type of app it is02:06
quinteni want to make sure that the networks start up before a particular service. anything else i need to check?02:06
pio_I have a problem with my built-in mic. I use intrepid on Asus f3jc laptop. The input volume it's too low, i badly hear my voice02:06
tester_what is gksudo for then02:07
h4mx0rpio_: have you turned it up with alsamixer?02:07
lolcakestester_: a graphical interface for sudo02:07
tester_please ignore, I will check online02:07
tester_wow, thats it02:07
pio_h4mx0r, yes02:07
tester_I thought it had something to do with gdm/x02:07
lolcakestester_: otherwise little terminals would pop up when you try and make system changes with gui apps02:07
nightrid3rdmi3on: then the reverse thing is the way to go02:07
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:07
lolcakesthen im completely wrong02:08
pio_h4mx0r, with the volume control that comes with intrepid i couldn't get it to work02:08
TraceRouteyay streaming media to xbox is even easier than on windows =)02:08
dmi3onh4mx0r, how hard is to set up nx or vnc reverse to set up ? i need to run one only one program in vista from ubuntu thats all02:08
tester_jackPsparrow thanks02:08
=== rachel is now known as Guest12376
quintenin old versions of debian, usually networks would all be up well before the graphical desktop. i don't want to break anything, but i need that to be the case for my setup02:08
tester_So back to my question then, how to run gksudo from a shell command or desktop shortcut02:08
quinteni'm assuming that was changed to make a faster bootup02:08
rootidjust use the Package Manager02:08
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot02:08
Rohan_SMHello ppl How do I update this OS ? I just installed Ubuntu Ibex02:09
tester_All I want is a user should be able to run the app without having to type password02:09
h4mx0rdmi3on: try this http://www.nomachine.com/ just set the vista machine as server and have it connect out to you every 10-20  minutes or so then you run the client at home and get a nicely compressed remote desktop02:09
tester_Rohan, synaptic02:09
Jack_Sparrowubottu, Getting a script to run at boot before login: Put it in you ~/.bashrc. Something like: export PATH=$PATH:~/bin ...02:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:09
shiloh7Vista?????? didnt think that word was allowed in here02:09
lolcakestester_: "Why is it an issue? Well, to be perfectly honest, most of the time it isn't.". Id just run with sudo unless its causing problems02:10
lolcakesif it works02:10
tester_or apt-get if you are hardcorecakes, it does not02:10
tester_I tried and I got an error02:10
Rohan_SMPardon me but I dont understand how to pick important updates of ubuntu. Do I need to mark them manuly or they will be auto marked ?02:10
pio_h4mx0r, with the volume control that comes with intrepid i couldn't get it to work. Using alsamixer i can hear a bit of recorded sound with my mic.02:10
Jack_Sparrowtester add the app/command to sudoers02:10
tester_sparrow I did, NoPASSWORD:ALL02:11
nightrid3rRohan_SM: use synaptic02:11
shiloh7apt-get isnt hard core, its linux02:11
dmi3onh4mx0r, thx  how save is it ?02:11
tester_shiloh, why do that when there is a GUI02:11
lolcakesshiloh7: no, its debian package management. linux is the kernel02:11
Jack_Sparrowlolcakes, Dont run gui apps with sudo, it will come back and bite you eventually02:11
Rohan_SMYes I have opened it02:11
quintenalternatively, how can i make a service depend on another one? i'm not that familiar with upstart...02:11
tester_Sparrow, it already did bite me02:11
nightrid3rRohan_SM: now klick on mark updates02:11
Jack_Sparrowtester_, You dont want to set it like that for all apps.02:12
nightrid3rRohan_SM: then klick apply02:12
shiloh7tester, because i like using terminal02:12
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:12
Etheraelhey guys, does anyone know how to assign some labelling system to your workspaces to keep track of it, like mentally I use a workspace for coding, a workspace for recreation, workspace for blahblah, is there anyway to actually get them labelled this way so you can quick switch to workspaces based on what you're looking for rather than scrolling through them and seeing what's running and figuring it out from there or trying to memorise wh02:12
Etheraelat number is what?02:12
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
Rohan_SMI clicked mark updates couple of times but apply button is still greyed02:13
h4mx0rdmi3on: the only problem is if your ip changes but if on the client side at home you install this other app it reports to a static site online what your ip is so the server connects to that server to see where you are02:13
pio_With the volume control that comes with intrepid i couldn't get my microphone to work. Using alsamixer i can hear a bit of recorded sound with my mic, but it's too low. I use intrepid on a Asus f3jc laptop, any ideas??02:13
tester_Sparrow I do02:13
lolcakesEtherael: yes, right click->preferences and give them names02:13
tester_security is no concern for me02:13
tester_it is either this, or enabling root account login02:13
shiloh7pio_, did you use mic boost in alsa?02:14
xMopxWould backing up a Ubuntu partition with partimage then restoring it later on, work?02:14
Etheraellolcakes, When I right click prefs all I get the option for is "columns and rows"02:14
dmi3onh4mx0r, what other application ?02:14
Jack_Sparrowtester_, You just want all users to be able to install apps? With synaptic02:14
tester_xMopx, try clonezilla02:14
Etheraelif you mean in the workspace switcher at the top02:14
pio_shiloh7, no02:14
xMopxtester_: Would it work better? Or would partimage not work?02:14
shiloh7pio_, there in options, there is a mic boost options, 20db02:14
nightrid3rRohan_SM: or try this one http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-do-i-update-ubuntu-linux-softwares/02:14
tester_Sparrow, i just want them to be able to run my application (which access some restricted files), without requiriung to type password or anything02:14
shiloh7i have to use it myself for teamspeak, etc02:15
tester_xMopX, clonezilla is just easier02:15
lolcakesEtherael: yes, right click a workspace->preferences, then "Workspace Switcher Preferences" comes up and under "Workspace Names" you can name them (assuming you're using 8.04 or 8.10, I dunno about other versions)02:15
tester_I use it a lot02:15
h4mx0rdmi3on: well I read this nx guide and it mentioned a place.. trying to find it02:15
Rohan_SMThanks a lot I ll check that02:15
Etheraellolcakes, the task switcher only lets me pick how many columns and rows I want.02:15
xMopxAh. I dont have a problem with difficulty, but thanks, Its good to know it should work, lol02:15
pio_shiloh7, ill try that02:15
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:15
lolcakesEtherael: thats odd, what version of ubuntu are you using?02:16
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs02:16
Etheraellol: 8.1002:16
mysticdarkhackhello all02:16
dmi3onh4mx0r, thank you very much02:16
h4mx0rdmi3on: try no-ip.com that will give you a dns name to use instead of an ip02:16
kylockwoodhey, i lost sound with flash on ubuntu 64, using flash 64bit alpha with iceweasel02:16
Etheraelhelp about on workspace switcher says ; workspace switcher 2.24.1 copyright redhat02:16
mysticdarkhackI need advice on where to put my swap partition. Beginning or end?02:16
pio_shiloh7, i couldn't locate any boot option02:16
tester_okay, I love shell commands, command line, I hate GUIs, and have my linux system on a 386 CPU. Will I get some help now :-)02:17
lolcakesEtherael: Well, I dont know whats going on, it has that option on mine02:17
mysticdarkhackand also linux filesystem. Beginning or end?02:17
danc3mysticdarkhack: doesn't matter02:17
h4mx0rdmi3on: its not the one I was recommended to use but it gets the job done02:17
snarksteri just cant get ubuntu to load. i installed windows first on its own hard drive, then ubuntu on its on drive, but now just windows comes up.02:17
dmi3onh4mx0r, will you be here tomorrow so i can ask you more questions ?02:17
trojatraAnyone have an M-Audio Fast Track working with Ubuntu?02:17
tonsofpcshow can i tell if my kernel sees my display as a framebuffer device?02:17
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
eseven73lol tester_02:17
Etheraellolcakes, when you right click does it have an about option? is it still the redhat one?02:17
marine is this update mandatory acpi-support02:17
lolcakesEtherael: yup, its 2.21.1 copyright 2001-2002 (lol) redhat02:18
tester_Did you guys see, I HATE GUIs, I do everything from command line02:18
tester_now help me02:18
nightrid3rsnarkster: you have to install grub on the windows drive02:18
Etheraelhrm, that's actually older than my version02:18
tonsofpcstester_: screen -U02:18
Jack_Sparrow!helpme > tester_02:18
Etheraelmaybe it got removed? why would they do that? :/02:18
ubottutester_, please see my private message02:18
lolcakesI dunno :(02:18
shiloh7pio_, it isnt a boot option, double click the volum icon02:18
shiloh7alsa pops up02:18
Wicked!player > Wicked02:18
ubottuWicked, please see my private message02:18
mysticdarkhackdanc3, I see and won't it effect or loose any advantage?02:18
tester_You know what, windows is so much better, no02:18
danc3mysticdarkhack: correct02:19
Rohan_SMThis os is just incredibly fast :D02:19
node357tester_, I thought you said you hated GUI02:19
tester_Sparrow, stopping sending your minion to attack me02:19
shiloh7pio_, under edit>preferences, there is a selectable box for mic boost02:19
tester_well yeah I did, I use cmd shell02:19
tester_like dir and stuff02:19
node357oh okay02:19
snarksternightrid3r: oh? i didnt know that02:19
tester_more fun then explorer anyways02:19
nightrid3rsnarkster: common mistake02:19
shiloh7pio_, then under the switches tab, you have to select it to be enabled02:20
mysticdarkhackdanc3, well I just had my swap to be end and filesystem to be beginning. So, you think it all good right?02:20
danc3mysticdarkhack: yes02:20
lolcakestester_: so I guess you program in COBOL and use ed as an editor?02:20
gizmocan i ask how to set off the invite mode using xhat?02:20
tester_and 1 and 0 is all I do02:20
Rohan_SMI have seen some people twisting desktop intu cube etc. Is that possible with ibex ?02:20
dmi3onh4mx0r, can i PM you ?02:21
mysticdarkhackdanc3, thanks02:21
lolcakesRohan_SM: yes, install compizconfig-settings-manager02:21
pio_shiloh7, ok02:21
nightrid3rRohan_SM: if you have nvidia or ati card02:21
mysticdarkhackboy I hope my new laptop down't break02:21
lolcakesRohan_SM: assuming you have proper 3d drivers that are working02:21
Jack_SparrowRohan_SM, yes02:21
lolcakes!compiz | Rohan_SM02:22
ubottuRohan_SM: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:22
Jack_SparrowRohan_SM, Install ccsm  sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager Next go to system...pref..advanced desktop effects....  On the first page  put check next to rotate cube and desktop cube.. dbl click general options... up closer to the top...  click on desktop size  and set them to 4, 1 and 1  top to bottom... ctrl+alt+(Left Mouse Button) then move mouse02:22
mysticdarkhackanyone here own a sony vaio z series?02:22
tester_I do02:22
lolcakesmysticdarkhack: I dont, but I head the vaios are a prick to get working with linux02:22
redvamp128I have a question/issue (though have found a workaround using GnomBake)02:23
andrew_need help with firefox, buttons bookmarks and url not showing address, it went coo-coo02:23
marine is this update mandatory acpi-support02:23
Sylphidh4mx0r, well it looks like i should be able to use \a to trigger the bell in bash ... just gotta figure out how to make it a visual bell not audible02:23
marine is this update mandatory acpi-support02:23
tester_mystic yes, i have 202:23
marine is this update mandatory acpi-support02:23
danc3mysticdarkhack: I own a Sony VAIO FZ-4000, but I wish I didn't02:23
marine is this update mandatory acpi-support02:23
redvamp128you can always uncheck it -- and it should not install02:23
lolcakesandre_: delete your ~/.mozilla/firefox directory02:24
mysticdarkhacklolcakes, yeah and been doing some research on the z series and it hard getting it working when it has two gpu02:24
Mean_Adminanyone use Time Vault ?02:24
redvamp128why not create a new profile02:24
andrew_ok ill do that02:24
nightrid3rmarine: give poeple a chance to breacht and think about your question02:24
redvamp128for firefox (andrew)02:24
redvamp128see if that works before removing firefox02:24
shiloh7pio_, find it ok?02:24
tester_MS sucks, and windows xp and vista are lame02:24
trojatraCan anyone help me set up an M-Audio Fast Track recording hardware with Ubuntu?02:24
mysticdarkhacktester_, were you able to get ubuntu working on it?02:24
jtajiSylphid: in ~/.inputrc add the line 'set bell-style visible'02:25
tester_mystic Fedora02:25
lolcakestester_: werent you saying you were a MS lover a few seconds ago?02:25
redvamp128Profile Manager - MozillaZine Knowledge Base <http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_Manager>02:25
mysticdarkhackdanc3, why?02:25
tester_lol, just trying to fit in dude02:25
shiloh7dont say that tester, i make allot of money off vista, PC repair02:25
vanaxHey can anybody help me mounting a hard drive?02:25
redvamp128Though now you have all the Win7 ramparting for help02:25
danc3mysticdarkhack: because it's a piece of shit, and doesn't work well with linux02:25
FlannelHowdy guys.  Think you could take the non-support topics to #ubuntu-offtopic?  thanks02:25
Flanneldanc3: Please watch your language02:25
odium1yeah i make my living off of ms's shitty os's02:25
Jams44Hey, does anyone know how I can make a drive accessible on the desktop that is connected to my server (via FTP)?02:26
shiloh7redvamp128. its still micro-soft virus magnet junk02:26
redvamp128andrew_:  try this -- create new profile first -- Profile Manager - MozillaZine Knowledge Base <http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_Manager>02:26
mysticdarkhacktester_, I have to agrre with you on ms02:26
lolcakesJams44: samba?02:26
vanaxHey can anybody help me mounting a hard drive?02:26
Jams44lolcakes: ill take a look!02:26
shiloh7odium1, cheers to ya mate02:26
lolcakes!mount | vanax02:26
ubottuvanax: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap02:26
kylockwoodi need help with flash 64 alpha sound problems02:26
redvamp128I have gottone official invite for it -- but don't have a system to run it--02:26
andrew_not showing a .firefox directory02:26
nightrid3rvanax: man mount02:27
tester_Guys dont you love the way the command line looks, all those shiney charatcters on a dark black background, it is just so aswesome. GUIs.. NO THANKS YOU02:27
vanaxlolcakes : problem is, its got all my shit from window son it, so im just wanting to mount it to get the files off02:27
andrew_sorry nevermind02:27
Flanneltester_: Did you have a support question?02:27
redvamp128make sure it is not running first02:27
mysticdarkhacksoon money is just a toilet paper02:27
lolcakestester_: try converting a video with mecoder then come back and tell me you love the cmd line02:27
redvamp128should kick over to the profile manager ( I am also running a second config of FF 3.202:27
nightrid3rlolcakes: that should cure him :)02:27
tester_Flannel, yes, I am trying to gte gksduo work from a shell script(withput requiring the prompt for password), I have modified the sudoers with NoPASSWd, and from terminal gksude wors as expected02:28
lolcakesvanax: you can share a folder on windows using normal methods, then type "smb://windowsserver/share" into nautilus to access it02:28
redvamp128also running it in Wine as well02:28
tester_but form script it asks for password02:28
Flanneltester_: Try using sudo instead.02:28
ReilithionI cannot get Magic SysRq to work.02:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about beep02:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about beepmediaplayer02:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bmp02:29
Wickedstupid bot!02:29
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs02:29
redvamp128My question -- is does anyone else have issues with Brasero -- it goes to burn an image -- but then kicks out the cd-- Gnome bake says (" Yes no problem") and burns it just fine... even used the .deb of the new version.. still no fix.02:29
Jack_Sparrow!botabuse > wicked02:29
ubottuwicked, please see my private message02:29
Rohan_SMGuys is it possible to run my photoshop CS3 and 3DMax on this ?02:29
=== noodles_ is now known as noodlesgc
Jams44Also, how do i change the login out of kde back to whatever the gnome default was? i changed it when i installed kubuntu onto ubuntu but i dont like it02:29
lolcakesRohan_SM: maybe, with wine. no guarantees, best use GIMP and blender or something02:29
Reilithioncat /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq outputs 1.  But Magic SysRq does not seem to have any effect.02:29
FlannelRohan_SM: You'd have more luck talking to the wine people in #winehq, and also check out their app DB02:29
tester_Flannel, that is not a good idea, to use Sudo where gksude shoudl be used, Sparrow can make his minion convey this to you02:30
Wickedso whats the beep media player package called in ubuntu?02:30
mysticdarkhackhey tester_ was fedora able to use the two gpu in vaio z?02:30
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:30
Flanneltester_: You just said "a script" you didn't mention anything about what said script is doing.02:30
Wickedi only see one labled experimental02:30
Wickedbmpx                                                                                                                            - Beep Media Player eXperimental02:30
lolcakesWicked: search for "beep media" in synaptic02:30
Rohan_SMI know GIMP its good but I paid for my Copy of Photoshop and its support etc. :D02:30
Jack_Sparrowtester_, He knows the difference02:30
redvamp128andrew_:  did that new profile work?02:30
tester_mystic, I did not check, it came up fine, and all my porn plays aokay02:30
tester_so that part i can confirm, video okay, audio okay02:31
lolcakesRohan_SM: then run it on windows? I doubt theyll support it running on wine02:31
vanaxisnt there just an easy way to mount the hard drive as is and read the files off it?02:31
mysticdarkhackporn, geez02:31
Wickedlolcakes, not seeing it02:31
Flannellolcakes: When helping, please be helpful.02:31
lolcakesvanax: not across the network? smb is the closest thing if its windows->linux02:31
tester_vanax mountmanager or ntfs configuration tool02:31
redvamp128Does anyone else have the issue of 8.04 and Brasero02:31
DVA5912How well does ubuntu support dual monitors? I am on windows and im looking to go to ubuntu but i just spent fifty dollars on a new graphics card for the TV out and dual screen support and would like not to loose it02:31
eseven73too much info tester_02:31
pio_shiloh7,  noo02:31
FlannelRohan_SM: If wine won't run it, you can always run windows in a VM (seamlessly) to use those programs.02:31
dubican anyone help me? why does gpaint dont have an undo option?02:31
pio_shiloh7,  microhone boost not present, it's a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/22078702:31
DVA5912the card is an EVGA E-GeForce 7200 GS02:32
vanaxnono not on the network, like i just reformatted my windows PC and put ubuntu on it, and i had another 320gb hd that i put all my files on, its my other hard drive02:32
mysticdarkhackanyone know if thinkfinger will work on ubuntu vaio z?02:32
pio_shiloh7, any other way to boost the mic??02:32
shiloh7pio_, what version ubuntu are you using?02:32
lolcakesDVA5912: the closed source nvidia drivers have an excellent settings manager that can do all that for you02:32
redvamp128I think if you run the - restricted drivers - for your video card -- Nvidia supports Dual Monitors (unsure of Ati)02:32
vanaxi jsut plugged it in, and ubuntu wont let me read the files02:32
ReilithionDVA5912: I am using dual monitors under Ubuntu right now.02:32
pio_shiloh7,  inprepid,02:32
Flannelmysticdarkhack: You'll have to check the thinkfinger documentation (and your fingerprint reader model/etc) to see if its supported.02:32
pio_also have the bug02:32
shiloh7pio_, 8.10?02:32
andrew_thank you so much for ur help, my firefox is back02:32
illuminatahttp://www.wkowtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=9667184&nav=menu1362_2 apparently your os is causing quite a bit of grief for this wisconsin woman. i hope you respond accordingly02:32
nightrid3rDVA5912: nvidia support is very good in ubuntu so it should work02:32
illuminatashe's sulking in #gentoo.et, i'll be leaving02:32
DVA5912lolcakes: closed source? As in from the manufacturer02:33
ReilithionDVA5912: You may have to edit your xorg.conf file manually, though.02:33
lolcakesDVA5912: yes, from their website, or "System->Administration->Hardware Drivers"02:33
DVA5912Reilithion: How does it looks02:33
pio_shiloh7, yes, 8.1002:33
shiloh7pio_, im using 8.04 LTS< good to know about that bug in 8.1002:33
pio_shiloh7, it appear in this version too02:34
tester_I will try to be succinct, I modified sudoer, so that no password is required when I use sudo or gksude from command line. Now when I run the same command gksude "followed_by_my_app_name" I get the propmt for password. I do not want that. All  my does is, read and modify dhcp.conf, as well some other restricted files02:34
mysticdarkhackFlannel, you know another alternative finger reader for ubuntu?02:34
DVA5912Cool thanks lolcakes and Reilithion. Now should my internet be faster under ubuntu? its going crazy in windows02:34
ReilithionDVA5912: It looks very nice.  I did have some trouble setting it up initially, and I still cannot move windows from one screen to the other (due to the way I've set it up.  This should become possible once RandR 1.4 is released).02:34
tester_I am doing this to automate some taks I do for clonezilla02:34
shiloh7pio_, i dont have any other suggestions02:34
Rohan_SMToo bad windows is nothing in comparison of this. I mean its really fast. I tried this at my friend some blue desktop and black skin etc. and its working very nicely as per him. So I thought of giving it a try. Indeed it switch windows programs etc. at incredible speed.02:34
lolcakesDVA5912: that almost entirely depends on the speed of your connection, not the OS. try it and see02:34
TheFunkbombhey, does anyone have any issues with playing .avi files in VLC player?  I have the w32 codecs02:34
Flannelmysticdarkhack: Is it not supported?  As far as I know, thinkfinger is the defacto fingerprint software.  And it isn't just for thinkpads.  You really should check to see if yours is supported.02:35
redvamp128So any reason why Brasero bums out but Gnomebake works without issue>? 8.04 and Brasero 0.7.1 or 0.8.402:35
vanaxare there any other channels where i can get some help?02:35
wcdlis anyone could run photoshop under wine02:35
DVA5912Cool looks promising. Now i can install this first into windows to test right?02:35
lolcakesTheFunkbomb: VLC has its own codecs, the w32 codecs are for mplayer02:35
usserwcdl: cs2 worked just fine for me02:35
TheFunkbomblolcakes, okay, do you have any idea why they won't play in VLC?02:35
mysticdarkhackFlannel, I haven't read it yet but just wanted to know in case if it doesn't02:35
wcdlusser: normal install?02:35
lolcakesTheFunkbomb: theres probably 32767 reasons, what error is it giving you?02:35
shiloh7TheFunkbomb, do they play in SM player?02:36
usserwcdl: yea on latest wine you dont need to do anything special02:36
wcdland about cs3?02:36
Flanneltester_: Whats wrong with just calling that script with sudo?  If the only thing the script does is modify files, `sudo script` should work just fine, without any security issues.  Also, sudo will work fine for that usage as well.02:36
usserwcdl: cs3 is not supported02:36
TheFunkbomblolcakes, no error.  just no movement.02:36
wcdlwich wine ?02:36
TheFunkbombshiloh7, yes, they play in Firefox and the default movie player02:36
lolcakesTheFunkbomb: is it just for avi, or for all video?02:36
Flanneltester_: Also, you really shouldn't remove the password for all of your programs.  You can, however, remove the password requirement for that particular script rather easily.02:36
Jack_Sparrowwcdl, Check the appdb.. kinda lame or ask in Wine hw or see the virtual solutions available02:36
usserwcdl: 1.1.12 is the latest i believe02:36
tester_Flannel, I am hoping to create a shortcut on desktop, or put a script on the desktop, when someone clicks on it, want it to run02:36
ConstantineXVIis there a reason that ubuntu attempts to run (windows) autorun stuff?02:36
redvamp128wcdl:  try asking it in #winehq02:36
pio_shiloh7,  :(, thanks02:36
TheFunkbomblolcakes, wmvs play fine02:36
jp_sfis there a daily and or weekly build for Ubuntu (like Debian for instance)?02:36
ReilithionDVA5912: I would suggest running from the LiveCD.  It will allow you to test Ubuntu a bit without having to modify anything on your hard drive.02:37
TheFunkbomblolcakes, I haven't tried mpgs02:37
redvamp128THough 1.1.13 should be out this friday02:37
shiloh7TheFunkbomb, i had some issues with VLC this last go around to, i just got rid of it and am using SM player, i like it better02:37
Flanneltester_: That's fine.  You can make the shortcut include the sudo stuff very easily.02:37
lolcakesTheFunkbomb: not sure whats going on then, aside form making sure you're using the latest VLC, you could try smplayer. its less broken02:37
redvamp128if they keep the current release schedule (it has been about 2 weeks )02:37
Vantraxjp_sf, Ubuntu goes by 6 monthly builds02:37
Jack_Sparrowjp_sf, no roilling releases except for jaunty which is not ready02:37
tester_Flannel, you are god that is all I want man02:37
redvamp128wine is generally on a 2 week release schedule02:37
TheFunkbombshiloh7, lolcakes, thanks02:37
DVA5912lolcakes: this doesnt look prommising: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/evga-e-geforce-7200-gs-wont-work-with-the-nvidia-drivers-567849/02:38
shiloh7lolcakes, yeah i love sm player  :)02:38
tester_right now my script is just this  gksudo /home/tesg3/ReadWrite02:38
mysticdarkhackwell I'm off now yall,02:38
mysticdarkhackthanks for the help02:38
TheFunkbombI'll check out sm player.  is it in the stock repositories?02:38
cs_studentWhen ubuntu freezes from a program is there a ctrl-alt-delete type method of terminating the program/02:38
jp_sfJack_Sparrow: Ah ok I'm going to an installfest and I was wondering if I could have a weekly-build something instead of updating after the install02:38
whackedok anyone have an idea what could cause this message "network cable unplugged" with windows xp, i am now connected with same computer on dual boot with ubuntu  ?02:38
=== sektor is now known as sektor1952
usserwcdl: actually it appears that cs3 is also supported http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=6584 my apologies02:38
Jack_Sparrowjp_sf, Stick with ibex and copy /var/cache/apt/archives after you do the updates on the first or see aptoncd02:39
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers02:39
tester_whacked, r u kidding me, it means exactly what the message says02:39
Gneacs_student: yeah, if that doesn't do it, alt-sysrq-k  should take out everything on tty702:39
whackedok so the answer is ?02:39
Jack_Sparrow!attitude  > tester_02:39
tester_f'in cab;le is unplugged02:39
ubottutester_, please see my private message02:39
sektor1952has anyone had any issues recompiling the latest kernel?02:39
ReilithionDVA5912: I see.  Your card may yet work with an open-source driver.02:39
lolcakesDVA5912: thats from 2007, its 2009 (of course they still may not work, I dont know, I have an 8600GT)02:39
user01how do i open ms access databases in linux?02:39
jp_sfJack_Sparrow: Ah great yes exactly what I'm looking for02:39
Jack_Sparrow!kernel > sektor195202:39
ubottusektor1952, please see my private message02:39
Gneacs_student: you might have a few remnant programs still running, best to check the process list02:39
whackedi am talking to you know using the same cable nic modem and router right now02:40
Jack_Sparrowjp_sf, all of your updates are in that folder or go the apt on cd route02:40
lolcakesReilithion: the open source nvidia drievr is really bad, no 3d acceleration at all or xvideo02:40
Gneawhacked: is the clip on the network cable firmly attached on both ends?02:40
hexidigitalhi folks. anyone know off hand what the max file size is for ext3?  I've read 2^32 but i'm trying to verify this.02:40
sektor1952Jack_sparrow: I know how to compile the kernel, but I am getting an error02:40
tester_I am sorry02:40
sektor1952that I can't seem to clear02:41
tester_right now my script is just this  gksudo /home/tesg3/ReadWrite02:41
wcdlusser: i was asking to see if anyone has it already installed02:41
Reilithionlolcakes: Yeah, I know.  It's really too bad.02:41
tester_so how do make a shortcut02:41
jp_sfJack_Sparrow: yes will do that thx02:41
wcdlbut thanks anyway02:41
whackedI been using ubuntu for 2 weeks now on same cablee nic router modem02:41
DVA5912Cant hurt to try.....   If i could only get to the downloads page its notr loading at all02:41
TheFunkbombI think maybe the avi issue was with the movie.  I just loaded up a movie I know that works and it goes fine02:41
Gneatester_: add this as the first line:  #!/bin/sh02:41
lolcakesReilithion: Its making me look at ATI cards as my next graphics card, its great how amd are releasing specifications02:41
Jack_Sparrowsektor1952, We dont support peoples efforts to compile their own kernel...  It works for all of the regulars that know how to do it02:41
wcdli will try to install it now02:41
jtajihexidigital: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems02:42
Gneawhacked: did this problem just start occurring today?02:42
Reilithionlolcakes: I am using a Radeon X850.  It's not too bad.  It has some 3d accel, but lacks many features.  I couldn't run Planeshift, for instance, because multitexture support sucked.02:42
whackedit happen after installing ubuntu 8.1002:42
hexidigitaljtaji:  i mostly ignore wiki links when looking for information, but i'll have a look.02:42
lolcakesReilithion: yes, but due to specifications being available, it will get better a lot quicker than nouveau02:42
whackedi been running xp and ubuntu 7.10 for 18 months02:42
tigerzhi guys, I got a audio issue on jaunty. Am I in the right channel?02:43
TheFunkbombI need to find a site where I can download a practice .mpg movie02:43
tester_Gnea I still get the password prompt02:43
whackedi just formatted the linux partition02:43
Reilithionlolcakes: R500-R700 chips may get a lot better, but the X850 uses an R420 chip, which AMD has not made any promises about.02:43
Gneatester_: of course, you're using gksudo02:43
BellinXFelonhey how can i change permissions for my seagate external hard drive?02:43
tester_I have modified the sudoer file so that no password is asked02:43
user01are there any write drivers for mdb files?02:43
tester_Gnea, but from command line it works okay02:43
tester_no password is asked there02:43
ussertigerz: go to #ubuntu+102:43
jp_sfwhacked: yes it happens02:44
Daphkois the encrypt home directory function important !?02:44
Gneawhacked: are you using a different system to irc with?02:44
gilothgood evenin' everyone02:44
whackedI am on same computer02:44
whackedhad a dual boot for 18 monthas02:44
whackedand never a problem02:44
Gneawhacked: if you're connected now, then what exactly is the problem?02:45
whackedformatted my linux partition for a clean install of 8.1002:45
whackedno longer can connect on my windows though02:45
wcdlfirefox is leaking too much memory how can i fix that, anyone??/?02:45
Gneawhacked: #windows can help you with that then02:45
ReilithionDVA5912: In summary, good support for your graphics card is not likely going to be easy to come by.  If you want hardware 3D accel under linux, either go beg nVidia to make better linux drivers or get a different graphics card -- preferably one based on one of the ATI R5xx-R7xx chips.02:45
jp_sfwhacked: It looks like a driver problem in XP I have seen this problem with broadcom, I would suspect first the Bios, then I would suspect the eth0 not being properly shutdown, in any case if a bios solution doesn't solve it then reinstall the driver in XP02:46
tester_So gksudo I have to do something else then02:46
tester_since it is a gui based app I need to use gksudo02:46
wcdland also the flash videos are too much slow ubuntu 8.10 flash 1002:46
supCHOCOHey I have a problem playing Mp3's02:46
wcdlcan someone help me02:46
whackedyes i think the nic is suspended somehow02:46
tester_wcdl, I use that and it works fine02:46
nightrid3r!mp3 | supCHOCO02:47
ubottusupCHOCO: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:47
whackedi have reinstalled driver02:47
whackedhave original cd02:47
jp_sfwhacked: the latest one from the vendor ?02:47
Gneawhacked: again, please take it to #windows02:47
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
whackedi have it02:47
Gneajp_sf: please, #windows02:47
Rohan_SMHow do I become root and type commands in Ubuntu linux ? is that su or sudo ?02:47
wcdltester_ : when u open a video on youtube..... can u watch it without stoping?02:47
tester_whacked, go to device manager, and from networks, u shud see your device there, does it say working there02:47
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:48
ReilithionRohan_SM: sudo su02:48
whackednetwork shows local are connection02:48
Gnea!sudo | Rohan_SM02:48
ubottuRohan_SM: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)02:48
Jack_SparrowReilithion, That is not the best way02:48
abhi_csecould any one help me hear plz02:48
jp_sfGnea: well not really I think the problem is that when Ubuntu stop it stops the eth0 when windows reboot the etho is not detected s the related question is there a way to shutdown a machine without shutting down eth002:48
abhi_csehey Jack_Sparrow02:48
Jack_SparrowReilithion, Sudo SU:  Instead of sudo su please suggest sudo -i as properly sets up the environment variable in the resulting shell.02:48
Rohan_SMThanks a lot02:48
abhi_csecaptain Jack_Sparrow  i think02:49
whackedok np02:49
whackedthank everyone02:49
abhi_cseany help hear plz http://pastebin.ca/130870502:49
ReilithionJack_Sparrow: Cool.  I was unaware of that flag.02:49
Gneajp_sf: well, i'm sure #windows will enjoy your theory02:49
whackedproblem was coaused by installing 8.1002:49
lolcakesjp_sf: thats windows being crap, its impossible to restart a PC whilst keeping the network interface active (Im pretty sure anyway)02:49
whackedfinal point02:49
Flannelabhi_cse: There are better places for kernel homework help02:50
abhi_cseFlannel: Ty02:50
jp_sflolcakes: I would think so too02:50
abhi_csebut its a quize question i collected a week ago02:50
ReloaDhello im having a problem02:50
abhi_csei just want to know ans Flannel02:50
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:50
ReloaDi finished configuim my pctv card02:50
Flannelabhi_cse: yes, but this isn't the place.  Try ##linux02:51
abhi_csety Flannel02:51
ReloaDbut now i can only get to work with the aplication in admin mode02:51
ReloaDthis is the error um geting02:51
ReloaDv4l2: open /dev/video0: Permission denied02:51
ReloaDv4l2: open /dev/video0: Permission denied02:51
ReloaDv4l: open /dev/video0: Permission denied02:51
ReloaDno grabber device available02:51
FloodBot2ReloaD: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:51
GneaReloaD: make sure you're part of the video group02:51
ReloaDanyone care to help my02:51
aedwardsi need help with my computer bad...anyone care to help me?02:51
Gnea!ask | aedwards02:52
ubottuaedwards: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:52
tester_gksudo from sscript.....02:52
luddite im in flux box on intrepid and want to change the gnome theme  - how do i open it from the command line instead of  >system / preferences / appearences ?02:52
ReilithionHow can I get Magic SysRq working?  I have already added kernel.sysrq = 1 to /etc/sysctl.conf02:52
ReloaDsorry Gnea02:53
aedwardsim havin trouble with my computer readin drives or USB drives. what would cause this?02:53
Gnealuddite: gnome-control-center02:53
dubiHello, can anyone tell me where the undo function is on gpaint. I cant undo a drawing... thanks02:53
AndyIBAnyone familiar with making the gHamachi script and the newer hamachi versions on 8.04?02:53
ludditeGnea - that easy - thanks Sir02:53
Gnealuddite: cheers02:53
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:54
GneaReloaD: sorry for what?02:54
tester_gksudo from sscript.....02:54
lolcakesaedwards: define 'having trouble'02:54
TheFunkbombSo, if I have SMPlayer, do I need Mplayer or VLC at all?02:55
Flanneltester_: Don't use gksu, use sudo.  We already covered this.02:55
Gneatester_: you keep saying that over and over, as if it's supposed to mean something... just state your problem in human-readable-format, please.02:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gksdu02:55
lolcakesTheFunkbomb: SMPlayer uses mplayer afaik, and you wont need vlc02:55
TheFunkbombthanks lolcakes02:55
tester_I will try to be succinct, I modified sudoer, so that no password is required when I use sudo or gksude from command line. Now when I run the same command gksude "followed_by_my_app_name" I get the propmt for password. I do not want that. All  my does is, read and modify dhcp.conf, as well some other restricted files02:55
ReloaDi didnt undesrtud wwwwwwhat you said02:55
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:55
tester_and flannl, my fail with sudo02:55
GneaReloaD: oh. open a terminal and type this:  id    do you see the word 'video' there anywhere?02:55
Flanneltester_: What?02:56
tester_fla, just running my app with sudo fails02:56
user01can i have someone at work save a mdb file in a certian format so i can edit it in openoffice?02:56
ReloaDnoop Gnea02:56
tester_it is c#, gtk#02:56
Flanneltester_: Why are you using c# and gtk to change a few files?02:57
lolcakesuser01: openoffice base cant open it>02:57
user01lolcakes, it isnt opening it right now02:57
GneaReloaD: okay, then you need to change that:  System->Administration->Users and Groups  and add yourself to the Video group (you'll need to logout/login once you've done that for the change to take effect) you should be able to use your tv card then02:57
tester_Flanl, its is a big app, part of it is access some restricted files(dhcp conf and interfaces)02:57
nightrid3ruser01: try to export the file as a CSV02:57
lolcakesuser01: right. sorry, I have not played with oo.o base at all so I have no idea.02:57
tester_all I need to be able to do is use gksudo from a shell script/shortkut on my desktop02:58
ReloaDthak you very much Gnea02:58
tester_if that happens I would be so happy02:58
GneaReloaD: you're welcome02:58
ryanhaigh/j #gnome02:59
AppleBoyanyone know if the jaunty alpha2 supports mobo chipsets based on intel x58 ?02:59
GneaAppleBoy: the people in #ubuntu+1 can answer that02:59
nightrid3rAppleBoy: #ubuntu+102:59
aedwardswell i cant get my CD rom to work on ubuntu and anytime i connect any kind of USB device to my PC it wont find it...03:00
aedwardsi thought it might be becuz of my pc but it works on 8.0403:00
h4mx0raedwards: do lsusb to see what usb devices are connected then do sudo lshw to see if any devices don't have drivers03:00
ReilithionOk.  Magic SysRq.  I really would like to get it working.03:01
h4mx0raedwards: it might have something to do with udev permissions because of power issues depending upon which version of ubuntu you are using03:01
vanaxLooking for help with Mounting a NTFS Hard drive03:01
h4mx0raedwards: or it might be faulty /etc/fstab having other things listed for cd/usb device in question03:01
aedwardswell i had to turn ACPI off in BIOS just to get 8.10 to work on my pc...but i didnt on 8.04...03:01
GneaReilithion: press ctrl-alt-F1, then alt-sysrq-h03:01
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE03:01
dubiHello can anyone tell me of an alternative to gimp or gpaint?03:02
nightrid3r!ntfs | vanax03:02
ubottuvanax: please see above03:02
h4mx0raedwards: 8.04 has long term support if you want to stick with that. 8.10 is just some stable testing for the next long term release03:02
ReilithionGnea: I presume you want me to switch to the first virtual console.  That has not worked for me since I configured X to use both of my video cards.03:02
Gnea!sysrq | Reilithion03:02
ubottuReilithion: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key03:02
aedwardsso it would be better to run 8.04 for now?03:02
ReilithionYes.  I am aware of what it is.  I have tried this combination.  It does not appear to do anything.03:03
GneaB didn't do anything?03:03
ReilithionThat's right.03:03
jp_sflolcakes: I have removed the symlink S35Networking from /etc/rc0.d and my eth0 stays on after the shutdown03:03
CaptObviousI'm having issues with init.d03:03
Gneaand you're on an officially built ubuntu kernel?03:03
aedwardsy would i have to turn off ACPi on 8.10 but not on 8.04?03:03
ReilithionGnea: Yes, I am.03:03
lar50nCan I make my resolution larger than the choices given in 'Screen Resolution'? Is this determined by monitor, video card, other?03:04
CaptObviousif I log in as root and run teamspeak-server it launches fine, however if it runs as part of init.d it craps out with: Database initialization error: EDatabaseError.Unable to Load /usr/lib/libmysqlclient_r.so.15.0.003:04
jp_sflolcakes: I guess the guy left but would have been one solution for him while restarting it's window$03:04
h4mx0rReilithion: I think he is pulling your chain how about you try ctrl alt backspace to reset the graphical display or do ctrl alt f2 for a terminal you can login and do sudo shutdown -h 003:04
CaptObviousalthough /usr/lib/libmysqlclient_r.so.15.0.0 exists and is chmodded 77703:04
CaptObviousany ideas what's going wrong?03:04
h4mx0rCaptObvious: what user owns that file? do chown03:05
CaptObviousroot root03:05
CaptObviousdon't init.d tasks run as root?03:05
GneaReilithion: i'm having a very difficult time believing that...03:05
Reilithionh4mx0r: Ctrl-Alt-backspace does sometimes work.  If my system gets too frozen up, though, it will not.  Also, switching to virtual consoles no longer works for me, as I have mentioned.03:05
h4mx0rCaptObvious: well your sol I got no clue. What you trying to do again?03:05
CaptObviouslaunch a teamspeak server instance03:05
CaptObviousworks fine if I run it manually with /usr/bin/teamspeak-server as root03:06
ReilithionGnea: I can understand your skepticism.  If you throw commands at me, I will gladly reproduce their output for you.03:06
nickname-0-I ve just installed vsftpd on 8.04. I want to know if there is any way to limit the size of the FTP users' folders. thanx in advance03:07
h4mx0rReilithion: ohh I had a similar issue it was an irq problem do to this wireless driver, when it boots try going into grub and pressing e so it lets you edit the statements then at end of kernel line where it says quiet splash put irq=poll or noirq something like that or maybe its noapic are you using an amd cpu?03:07
GneaReilithion: okay, open a terminal and run this:  tail -f /var/log/syslog03:07
GneaReilithion: then:  alt-sysrq-h03:07
h4mx0rReilithion: enter dmesg when it boots and check the old error messages to find what is the problem and fix it by blacklisting or reinstalling things03:07
GneaReilithion: does it just beep at you or did something happen?03:07
ReilithionGnea: Nothing happens.  My terminal drops its Help menu.03:08
GneaReilithion: like this? SysRq : HELP : loglevel0-8 reBoot03:08
tester_Even desktop launcher does not works03:08
h4mx0rReilithion: have you just installed this system or updated recently?03:08
h4mx0rtester_: dude what command are you trying to run in a desktop icon03:09
ReilithionGnea: tail does not print any such line.03:09
Reilithionh4mx0r: I updated this system from 8.04 back in early November, I believe.03:09
ReilithionI have never before tried Magic SysRq, so I don't know if it ever worked for me..03:10
GneaReilithion: okay, it shouldn't do the help menu if you pressed the SysReq/PrintScreen key along with the left-alt key...03:10
ReilithionLeft alt?  I'll try that.03:10
GneaReilithion: making sure that you press the left-alt key *first*03:10
=== gaintsura_ is now known as gaintsura
bonhofferi can't delete a file  -- from sudo  rm -f foo.mp3, i get  rm: cannot remove `foo.mp3': Read-only file system03:11
bonhoffercan't sudo chmod03:11
BellinXFeloncan anyone tell me how to change permissions for a seagate external hard drive?03:11
Harley^Howdy :)03:11
bonhofferin nautilus i can't move to trash03:11
h4mx0rReilithion: then what are your problems exactly? I mean you've been using it for a while now03:12
Nomexousbonhoffer: You need to remount to volume with rw permissions03:12
ReilithionGnea: I held left-alt, PrintScreen, and pressed H.  It brought up 4 "Save Screenshot" windows.  Which is weird, because I intentionally changed the "Save Screenshot" key combination to Ctrl-Printscreen.03:12
GneaReilithion: I see....03:12
h4mx0rbonhoffer: do sudo su and delete it as root with the force option -f03:12
Nomexousbonhoffer: I'm assuming it's some sort of detachable media?03:12
letalisbonhoffer: yeah its setup read only atm03:12
bonhofferyes -- sansa media player03:13
GneaReilithion: if you reboot the system with only one monitor attached, can you drop to console then?03:13
bonhofferh4mx0r, i tried the su and delete as root03:13
ReilithionGnea: I am not sure.  I'm pretty certain, however, that I could drop to a console if I edit xorg.conf and remove reference to one of my video cards.03:13
h4mx0rBellinXfelon: format it.. use gparted03:14
WintervenomHow do I make Ubuntu always force-mount NTFS media that is inserted into the machine?03:14
h4mx0rBellinXfelon: well gparted can change most stuff without formatting.. just be sure to backup incase you accidentally mess something up03:14
GneaReilithion: better to just reboot and see what happens without modification of xorg.conf - could be a symptom of a bigger problem03:14
lolcakesWintervenom: I dont think you can, I saw it was a feature in 9.0403:15
AndyIBAllright, dualboot, ASUS M2N32-SLi mb, haven't dug up the bios v. yet. Won't fire up 8.04 without Kernel Panic due to missing APIC, I turn off Adv. ACPI - APIC services in the BIOS and it boots smooth, but then windows won't boot. Any answers?03:15
ReilithionI'll do that then.  bbiab.03:15
tester_h4mxr, I have created a GUI app, which lets a user add/modify/update clonezilla machines from the GUI, and it modifies some restricted files03:16
h4mx0rAndyIB: turn apic back on and use the kernel option noapic in grub?03:16
AndyIBh4mx0r, I do tht and the system freezes after about 20 min.03:16
=== inx-live is now known as mdg
h4mx0rAndyIB: /boot/grub/menu.lst change the kernel line to have noapic03:16
lolcakesI wonder how windows does it, you never need to play around with acpi and apic when booting that03:17
h4mx0rAndyIB: are you sure it is related?03:17
h4mx0rlolcakes: it automatically has it off in windows I think03:17
AndyIBI've tested it about 2 times with the noapic in the bootline and it froze every time.03:17
pryodudehaving trouble booting the new distro?03:17
yuri_anybody know a cli tool that will strip an html file of all html tags and leave only the text? I am using espeak with wget http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random but it reads the html tags... any ideas?03:17
lar50nso i want my resolution larger, run 'sudo lspci -vvnn' but i don't know how, what or if i can configure it to be more than 800x60003:18
Nomexousyuri_: Perhaps use w3m with the -dump option03:18
lolcakesyuri_: sed with a regex probably, dont ask me how though :P03:18
pryodudeanyone having crc errors with the new distro?03:18
yuri_thanks guys will mess around03:18
AndyIBh4mx0r, It's not a major problem, but it's still annoying to have to enter bios every time I want to swap os03:19
Gnea!info html2text03:19
ubottuhtml2text (source: html2text): advanced HTML to text converter. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3.2a-5 (intrepid), package size 89 kB, installed size 276 kB03:19
Gneayuri_: ^^^03:19
Nomexousyuri_: w3m -dump www.google.com, for example03:19
yuri_im trying to create a daily alarm that will read a random wikipedia article to me using the synth03:19
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:19
Gneayuri_: awesome :)03:19
lar50nthat's cool yuri_03:19
h4mx0rpryodude: http://lubi.sourceforge.net/unetbootin.html03:19
h4mx0rAndyIB: I agree, what processor you using?03:20
pryodudeanyone know a lot about kernel and crc errors?03:20
AndyIBh4mx0r, n AMD 64 3800+03:20
h4mx0ryuri_: use a cron job and festival with a text based browser03:20
pryodudethat's not my problem03:20
william_i was wondering if there was a way to tell if samba is shareing out to the network03:20
pryodudeI can install it but once it's installed I get crc errors when I try to boot03:21
mdghowdy!  How are you?03:21
pryodudeI tried a different hard drive and that worked for a bit03:21
AndyIBh4mx0r, and before you ask, I'm not running the i68603:21
pryodudethen it didn't and I get the same errors as before03:21
h4mx0rAndyIB: all I can say is check dmesg afterwards and google around03:21
AndyIBI men I'm not running the x64 >_>03:21
AndyIBthis keyboard is killing me. sorry.03:21
yuri_h4mx0r: interesting03:21
h4mx0rAndyIB: good for you, higher benchmarks on things you actually use03:22
zetherooHow do I change the keyring password?03:22
h4x0rhello yuri03:22
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:22
AndyIBI'll look around h4mx0r, thanks for trying.03:22
Harley^I have Ubuntu Studio installed and lsb_release gives the following information;  Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 8.04.1 Release: 8.04 Codename: hardy   IS it possible to UPGRADE to the 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope edition directly ? IF so, is the ISO image available for download ?03:22
h4mx0ryuri_: try getting some better voices for festival though default ones are lame. I would suggest links for the text browser03:22
william_is there anyone that knows alot about samba03:23
h4mx0rwilliam_: I know enough to use nfs :)03:23
william_is there a way to tell if its shareing out to the network03:23
wolv3guy i need some help with xorg.conf03:23
zetherooHow do I change the keyring password?03:23
hendrixskiHow can I find out which file is being called when I type a command in the commandline?03:24
yuri_h4mx0r: thanks for the tips. the default british dude is quite annoying03:24
jtajihendrixski: 'which command'03:24
h4mx0ryuri_: got to be some sort of text browser reading setup for blind people somewhere try to find a good script03:24
hendrixskijtaji, lemme try that03:24
nightrid3rlar50n: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105040/03:24
jtajizetheroo: apps > accessories > password and encryption keys... password tab03:25
hendrixskioh cool03:25
h4mx0ryuri_: there is a site I used before had hundreds of nice voices to use but my main system is down getting a new cpu fan :/03:25
nightrid3rlar50n: put that in /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:25
hendrixskijtaji, thanks :-)03:25
zetheroojtaji: whats supposed to be there?03:25
yuri_h4mx0r: thats what google is for, right?03:25
jtajizetheroo: I have an entry "Unlock password for default keyring"03:25
Gnea!ask | rmokhtar03:26
ubotturmokhtar: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:26
rmokhtarthank you03:26
zetheroojtaji: not here ... this is Ubuntu Hardy03:26
tester_Yeah, my app fails with sudo alone03:26
AceBlade2581What are the advantages of using x64 over x86?03:26
tester_need to figure out gksude from a shell script, and no password prompt, as nopaswd in sudoer is not helping me in this03:26
rmokhtarI just messed up my audio. I had a problem, I was trying to use Livestation and Firefox simultaneously, but whichever one starts first, hogs the audio output03:27
rmokhtarnow I can't hear a thing03:27
jtajizetheroo: you could delete ~/.gnome2/keyrings/default.keyring , then you'll be prompted for the password again next time03:27
hendrixskiAceBlade2581, x64?   you mean x86-64-bit?03:27
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Sleepin
tester_Ace, more memory for your OS and programs03:27
eseven73!away > DS-Sleepin03:27
ubottuDS-Sleepin, please see my private message03:27
zetheroojtaji: would I be able to setup a new password?03:27
AceBlade2581yes, sorry, i'm contimplating switiching03:27
jtajizetheroo: yeah03:28
draco1889im having some trouble with my microphone and audacity, i got it to work but the recording is low and the audacity wave form is not centered03:28
rmokhtarumm, anyone want to help?03:28
scienteswhy doesnt ubuntu ever upgrade the kernel-package to allow people to build vinialla kernels?03:28
zetheroojtaji: but deleting that file will not remove all my other GPG keys ... right?03:29
hajmolahey, does anyone know how to install e17 in intrepid?03:29
jtajizetheroo: no that has nothing to do with GPG03:29
hendrixskiAceBlade2581, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X86-64           Well, if your computer is a 64 bit machine then you should use the 64 bit install.   If you're looking for a new computer, 64 bit is the way to go, they're faster and can hold more memory03:29
jtajizetheroo: they're in ~/.gnupg03:29
kdubyais there any way to reinstall the default packages03:29
kdubyawithout knowing what they are03:29
hendrixskihajmola, ooohh... umm, I just saw that a while ago and was thinking of doing it myself... lemme see if I can't find the link03:30
nightrid3rkdubya: no03:30
kdubyai broke this laptop i got from dell03:30
AceBlade2581i'm running an old AMD Socket 939 Athlon 64 X203:30
hajmolahendrixski: thanks03:30
nightrid3rkdubya: reinstall is the only way, backup your stuff first03:30
AceBlade2581only 2 gig's, i'm just curious if anyone knows if it's worth it?03:30
luis08hello everyone! I've just installed Ubuntu 8.10 on my EeePC 900, but I can't get Ethernet to work... I've tried to unplug the battery, but yet it doesn't work... any ideas? thank you!03:30
kdubyai removed freaking clutter03:30
AceBlade2581(lol both ram and proc speed)03:30
kdubyaand it broke all kinds of crap03:30
h4mx0rscientes: I think there are some guides to how to build custom kernels that apply with the other programs03:31
lufisThe "Create a USB startup disk" will let you install ubuntu from a usb drive right?03:31
AceBlade2581lufis: Yes03:31
lufisAceBlade2581: cool beans, thanks!03:32
scientesits just not up to date enough03:32
scientesit is in debian03:32
h4mx0rlufis: yes it works well on usb http://lubi.sourceforge.net/unetbootin.html03:32
AceBlade2581now do i open a drive to share it on a network?03:33
nickrudluis08, try #ubuntu-eeepc , they specialize03:33
hendrixskihajmola, This guy's package repository has it for Hardy... if you just replace that with intrepid then it should work    http://sathyasays.com/2008/11/18/a-comprehensive-list-of-ubuntu-hardy-heron-and-ubuntu-intrepid-ibex-repositories/03:33
hendrixski:-/ wow that's a long link.... I should've tinyurl'd it03:33
Sylphidcould anyone tell me how i can do one of 2 things... either max my memory usage forcing  swap to be used..... or force a program directly into swap03:33
hendrixskianyways... gotta go :-)03:34
kdubyaforce using swap03:34
kdubyawhat on earth for03:34
truenthey guys, i've done it before.. but having trouble for some reason.. i have a wifi connection via usb to my comp.. works fine.. i want to then forward that connection to a router,.. (using firestarter).. dhcp works fine on the router, but i dont think any traffic is forwarded.. any ideas?03:34
hendrixskiSylphid, adjust "swapiness"   google it03:34
Sylphidkdubya, i know sounds silly03:34
kdubyayourcomputer just too fast for your tastes?03:35
Sylphidkdubya, i have a machine that is crashing and i believe it may be due to a corrupt swap fs03:35
nickname-0-I ve just installed vsftpd on 8.04. I want to know if there is any way to limit the size of the FTP users' folders. thanx in advance03:35
h4mx0rtruent: umm look up ip masquerading and forwarding with iptables03:35
hajmolahendrixski, thanks man03:35
EruditeHermit_hi, if I am trying to debug a sound problem, what is the basic test that I should run?03:35
kdubyawell, you could just open like like 5000 tabs in firefox03:35
Sylphidkdubya, but i want to verify my theory before trying to implament a fix hoping and waiting to see if that fixes it03:35
Sylphidkdubya, no X03:36
h4mx0rSylphid: how much memory do you have?03:36
truenth4mx0r yeah doing that now..03:36
ReilithionGnea: I have booted with one monitor detached.  Ctrl-Alt-F1 now causes my monitor to go to an invalid video mode.03:36
=== five_ is now known as Guest45462
h4mx0rtruent: I have some script I used before, don't know if it works now or what it was about since I tried same thing before but your welcome to it, want pastebin?03:37
draco1889im having some trouble with my microphone and audacity, i got it to work but the recording is low and the audacity wave form is not centered03:37
CoUrPsE|DeAdI've set up the global shortcut keys in amarok, but they dont work, is there a enable short cuts option somewhere in amarok?03:37
Sylphidh4mx0r, 1G03:37
truenth4mx0r, sure03:37
Reilithionh4mx0r: What was that you were saying earlier about doing something with grub and blacklisting something?  Is there a guide for that?03:37
h4mx0rSylphid: yeah why don't you delete the swap partition 1gb is plenty03:38
GneaReilithion: could you please pastebin your xorg.conf and /var/log/Xorg.0.log files?03:38
Sylphidh4mx0r, not for a heavy mail server03:38
Gerinychi can't get nvidia drivers to work, whenever i install nvidia-glx-*** in symantic and restart, the screen goes to 800x600 and says something about no supported devices03:39
h4mx0rsylphid: then vm.swappiness=0 in /etc/sysctl.conf should turn swap off03:39
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
Sylphidh4mx0r, lemme rephrase ... a mailserver running spam scanners03:39
timedroidIs there any way to stop getting the keyring password prompt to unlock the WPA password on Intrepid?03:39
h4mx0rGerinych: what nvidia card you using? perhaps you need the regular or legacy one03:39
disappearedngany 1 here uses the Eee pc?03:39
CoUrPsE|DeAdI've set up the global shortcut keys in amarok, but they dont work, is there a enable short cuts option somewhere in amarok?03:39
timedroidI do03:39
disappearednghow do I boot into the Bios into the EEE pc?03:40
h4mx0rSylphid: well can't you take it offline to run some tests?03:40
disappearednglike when I restart my eee pc I get into windows really quickly03:40
Sylphidh4mx0r, yes and no.... its in a remote location03:40
disappearedngI can't even modify my boot sequence03:40
Sylphidh4mx0r, gotta make a trip to get to it03:40
Gerinychh4mx0r: nvidia geforce 7600gt, i recently reinstalled ubuntu and the old one ran nvidia0glx-177 with no problem03:40
ryanhaighhi all im having issues with nautilus showing duplicate drive entries in the places sidebar, the duplicates are not in the places menu or on the desktop03:41
pryodudeat least you can consitatly boot03:41
ReilithionGnea: Here is my xorg.conf:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/105041/03:42
ReilithionAnd here is my /var/log/Xorg.0.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105042/03:42
timedroiddisappearedng, mash F2 after reboot. You can turn off turboboot after that03:42
ryanhaighi found a bug about duplicate entries where someone had restarted dbus, that worked for me, but apparently its not a good idea (according to the bug report)03:42
disappearedngyeah thx03:43
disappearedngthx a lot man03:43
disappearedngany good tips for installing ubuntu on eee pc?03:43
disappearedngwhat desktop environment are you using?>03:43
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
lolcakesdisappearedng: isnt there a version of ubuntu tailored specifically for netbooks/the eee?03:44
disappearedngwhat really?03:44
timedroiddisappearedng, I'm using GNOME with OpenBox as a window manager03:44
Joker_-_I just re-installed ubuntu and I forgot what to do with that black screen of death (not the compizz fix, the other one)03:44
* Panarchy says Hi03:44
Joker_-_I think the last time I had to boot in safe mode, but I dont have this option anymore for some reasons...03:45
Joker_-_anyone has an idea?03:45
disappearedngyou mean Easy Peasy03:45
lolcakesdisappearedng: no, I mean http://www.canonical.com/projects/ubuntu/nbr03:45
usserdisappearedng: just using openbox here03:45
usserdisappearedng: theres really no need for custom install anymore, intrepid supports eee out of the box03:46
Joker_-_Black-Screen of death here. Anyone can help? (how to boot in safe mode would help me)03:46
PanarchyI'm trying to limit my Ubuntu installation to only including the following: Network/Internet capabilities, GNOME, DPKG, Apt-get & generic drivers. Can someone please tell me how I can do this? Should I use something like debootstrap? Please tell me what to do!!! Thanks in advance03:46
timedroidWell, the ACPI stuff still doesn't work in Intrepid03:47
GneaReilithion: not sure.. :/ maybe you should use the radeon module instead of ati?03:47
Joker_-_Panarchy: linux from scratch? gentoo?03:47
timedroidThe default kernel, that is03:47
Nautilus__is there a place (in ubuntu or Gnome) I can check to make sure mysql files are being backed up in UTF-8?03:47
rgreerive got an HP laptop and ubuntu 8.1, can't get the sound to work, having trouble installing sound drivers, any ideas heh?03:47
usserPanarchy: server cd, install bare minimum and build on that03:48
PanarchyJoker_-_ Well I would like to keep all the icons of ubuntu and with most of the functionality of debian03:48
Joker_-_Panarchy: see usser's idea... ull have to add gnome tho03:48
Joker_-_Panarchy: server's install doesnt provide a gui03:48
Joker_-_so, anyone could help me real quick with that black screen??? the wife is going crazy Ill have to go soon ;)03:49
Joker_-_I'd like to have the basic setup running before I go to sleep...03:49
pryodudeprint a normal screen03:50
pryodudeand tape it over03:50
ReilithionGnea: doesn't the ati module just load the radeon module if it detects the right card?03:50
lar50nhow do i modify my xorg.conf to increase my screen resolution? how can i tell the max my video card will allow? :)03:50
GneaReilithion: never seen it do that03:50
Panarchyusser: Hmm, I'll give that a go03:50
Joker_-_pryodude: funny, but not that helpfull :P03:50
Sir_Sidsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop03:50
Sir_Sidthatl get you a gui03:50
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: talking to me?03:50
pryodudewhat window manager are you using?03:50
Sir_Sidyes Joker_-_03:50
nightrid3rlar50n: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105040/03:51
Joker_-_I have a GUI, thats a normal fresh ubuntu install so it's gnome03:51
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:51
Sir_Sidor ubuntu-base i think for gnome without all the office options03:51
Sir_Sidah then what do you need?03:51
rmokhtarhello everyone. I need some help. I'm having problems with my audio, using Ubuntu Ibex. I was fiddling around to get Livestation and Firefox to play nice with audio and now I can't hear a thing. Can anyone help?03:51
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: I have a black screen and thats it03:51
jp_sfPanarchy: have a look into https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:51
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: ubuntu boots, I see the kernel boot and then ubuntu's splash then bam, nothing03:51
error404notfoundcan anyone tell me why I get: http://pastebin.com/m715193e0 ?03:51
pryodudego  to preferences03:52
pryodudethen sound03:52
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: I remooved compiz and all, but it aint changing anything03:52
pryodudeand  mess with the stuff there03:52
Sir_SidJoker_-_, so X doesnt boot at all. you have command line acess tho?03:52
igor47where do i change which services run at startup?03:52
tj83Hey guys, I need a #ubuntu  OP about ubottu's function anyone available?03:52
jp_sfPanarchy: then if you want X and gnome you will have to install it x-window-system-core gnome-core gdm ...03:52
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: I can have acces to a sheel if I boot in recovey mode, but I dont have internet in that mode so i'm pretty much screwed03:52
Reilithionh4mx0r: Yes, I am using an AMD 64-bit processor.  Is there a guide for fixing this irq problem?03:53
rmokhtarI wouldn't be asking if I didn't do that03:53
rmokhtarI tried almost everything I could think of03:53
Reilithionor whatever it is03:53
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: I would need a safe-mode graphical...03:53
Gnea!factoids | tj8303:53
ubottutj83: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:53
rmokhtarI tried removing pulseaudio03:53
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: but I can'T find the option to star ubuntu in graphical safe-mode03:53
Gerinychi can't get nvidia drivers to work, whenever i install nvidia-glx-*** in symantic and restart, the screen goes to 800x600 and says something about no supported devices03:53
rmokhtarI tried reinstalling pulseaudio03:53
Sir_SidJoker_-_, ah yeah I was going to just recommend you find a sample xorg.conf and place it in /etc/X11/ but if you dont have internet that may be a problem03:53
tj83Gnea, i know what ubottu is.... I need to know how to add a factoid to the database03:53
Sir_SidJoker_-_, find one and move it over using a usb drive03:53
Gneatj83: you don't, but you can request one for the ops to approve03:54
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: theres is no way to boot in graphical safe mode?03:54
WebcamWonderGuys, for checkinstall. It is ./configure, sudo make, and sudo checkinstall right?03:54
pryodudefresh install03:54
Sir_SidJoker_-_, It normally boots when X fails automatically03:54
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: I dont get why they have remooved a usefull option... sounds pretty much stupid to me...03:54
usserWebcamWonder: no need to make03:54
Sir_SidJoker_-_, What version are you using?03:54
rgreerwhats the command line to install alsa03:54
usserWebcamWonder: just ./configure && sudo checkinstall03:54
WebcamWonderusser: ./configure, and sudo make install directly?03:54
tj83Gnea, well i have a supybot using the Encyclopedia plug same as ubottu in our channel also the database file for ubottu as well. so ya i need it for another channel not this one03:54
WebcamWonderusser: Ahh.. yeah.. sorry checkinstall.. Awesome thanks03:55
tritiumrgreer: it's already installed03:55
Sir_SidJoker_-_, Intrepid?03:55
rgreerdamn, my sound doesn't work is there another sound driver i should try to install as well?03:55
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: imo X doest really fails, (8.10) it's just that the drivers are somehow incorrectly sending signal to the monitor or something caus I dont drop to a shell and I have no error. It just hangs there03:55
Gneatj83: k, well the webpage tells how to do it03:55
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: yup intrepid03:55
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: I just downloaded it03:55
tritium!sound | rgreer03:55
ubotturgreer: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:55
mortal1just out of curiosity, has anyone done a job search on monster lately?03:56
Shadow_Mi have a quadcore and am wondering what i should do to take advantage of its processing power while booting and running ubuntu03:56
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: last time I installed, I used some modded version called UE (ultimate Edition) and it had a safe graphical mode...03:56
rmokhtarOK, I'm seriously need some help. I just spent 5 hours on this. I'm having problems with my audio, using Ubuntu Ibex. I was fiddling around to get Livestation and Firefox to play nice with audio and now I can't hear a thing. Can anyone help?03:56
mortal1I can't for the life of me figure out how to do a search by multiple locations?03:56
Sir_SidJoker_-_, so does intrepid, they never removed it03:56
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: so ho do I boot in that safe mode?03:57
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: I dont have this option at any time03:57
phunyguyok, is there a way to aptitude the latest nvidia drivers?03:57
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:57
phunyguyi know there is a newer release than 17703:57
phunyguyand i am having some issues with video03:57
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: it must be a parameter but Ive been googling for about an hour and I couldnt find it03:57
Sir_SidJoker_-_, Im looking for it as well now03:57
CoUrPsE|DeAdI've set up the global shortcut keys in amarok, but they dont work, is there a enable short cuts option somewhere in amarok?03:58
LeefmcQuestion: Whats the best way to rip a cd to mp3? Sound Juicer seems to be bugged beyond belief. In my year+ of using ubuntu, it has always had a bug limiting its ability to rip mp3s heh03:58
HammerjakCoUrPsE|DeAd, do you have compiz enabled?03:58
Sir_SidJoker_-_,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43848603:58
pryoduderhythmbox works for me03:58
Sir_SidJoker_-_, see if that helps03:58
Joker_-_lots of ppl having a problem similar to me, but everyone had the mouse cursor mooving and remooving compiz fixed the problem... but it doesnt work for me03:58
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: checking it03:59
Leefmcpryodude: Talking to me?03:59
tritiumLeefmc: you probably didn't install the proper mp3 support packages03:59
prontoIs there an easy way to manually controll fan speed on a nvidia graphics card03:59
Leefmctritium: Actually i already ripped one cd to mp3, but then the bug showed its ugly head. I cant rip the 2nd03:59
Leefmctritium: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64671503:59
CoUrPsE|DeAdHammerjak, I dont think so...03:59
Sir_SidJoker_-_, Its one of the initial entries so you may have seen it already03:59
Hammerjakok, nevermind then, compiz hijacks the global shortcuts and i thought that might've helped03:59
Leefmctritium: I'll try rhythmbox, im sick of juicer heh04:00
Sir_SidJoker_-_, but that Ctrl Alt F1 seems it may work?04:00
TheFunkbombare there any sites dedicated to building a computer specifically for Ubuntu?04:00
rmokhtar<-- gives up04:00
rmokhtarwill do a fresh install04:00
rmokhtarthank you and take care04:00
phunyguyok, is there a way to aptitude the latest nvidia drivers?04:00
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: the ctrl-bkps or ctrl+f1 etc wont work but im gonna try the other thing04:00
phunyguyi know there is a newer release than 17704:00
tritiumrmokhtar: fresh install?  Why?04:00
phunyguyand i am having some issues with video04:01
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: about the safe mode04:01
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: brb04:01
tritiumphunyguy: no04:01
johnofthedead24Hello all. I'm very new to ubuntu; in fact, I haven't even installed it...just looking for some help/advice/insight04:01
Hammerjakphunyguy, i see 180 on apt04:01
EpamekMajor problem/question: I installed ubuntu on my macbook 4.1 and overwrote the mac partition in an attempt to get ubuntu to single boot.  now nothing boots and my disk is stuck in the drive.04:01
phunyguyis there a source to enable?04:01
Hammerjaki see nvidia-glx-180-dev is that what you mean?04:02
Hammerjakthen yes :)04:02
tritiumphunyguy: intrepid-updates04:02
phunyguyits a last-effort before i throw the pc out the window04:02
LeefmcOh gawd. Rhythmbox uses the same code for cd ripping as sound juicer. The no-mp3-profile bug is following me :o04:02
LeefmcIm doomed heh04:02
phunyguyim using that one tritium04:03
phunyguybut its mythtv 8.10 not regular ubuntu04:03
rmokhtarwhat do I do exactly?04:03
jeeves_Mosswhat is the channel for Wine?04:03
FloodBot2phunyguy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:03
Hammerjakwhat about medibuntu?04:03
phunyguythank you FloodBot204:03
CoUrPsE|DeAdi did a silly, :(04:03
tester_gksudo suck04:03
jeeves_Mosshas anyone here got Flash CS3 working through Wine?04:03
CoUrPsE|DeAdi did 'compiz' and i stopped all my shoutcuts.04:03
ReilithionGnea: if I echo h > /proc/sysrq-trigger, the help line does show up in /var/log/syslog.  Is that helpful at all?04:03
tester_no hope, no way to use it in shell script or a shortcut, and use it without password prompt04:03
jribtester_: do you have a question?04:04
NGL-TwYsTeDhow do i get the icons on bottom of the screen like mac in ubuntu04:04
tritiumphunyguy: make sure you have the intrepid-updates repository enabled, and have done a "sudo apt-get update" recently.04:04
johnofthedead24i've been reading about putting the Ubuntu live CD (iso) on a thumb drive but it looks like it can only be done in Ubuntu. I just bought a netbook (with no cd/dvd drive). I've got a 16gb flash drive that i just made bootable and was wondering if anyone knows how to put ubuntu live cd on a thumb drive and then boot from that thumb drive.04:04
HammerjakNGL-TwYsTeD, install AWN04:04
phunyguyi found it04:04
Gerinychi can't get nvidia drivers to work, whenever i install nvidia-glx-*** in symantic and restart, the screen goes to 800x600 and says something about no supported nvidia devices04:04
phunyguyi was looking just for the update to "happen"04:04
tritium!sound | rmokhtar04:04
ubotturmokhtar: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:04
Epamekanybody runnin gubuntu on a macbook here?04:04
Epamekrnnung ubuntu*04:05
Epamekshit i give up04:05
jribEpamek: best to just ask the channel your question.  If someone knows the answer, they will try to help you04:05
tritiumEpamek: easy on the language, please04:05
phunyguyi should have known to to an apt-cache search  ;)04:05
Epamekof sorry forgot where I was :(04:05
rmokhtarThank you tritium04:05
johnofthedead24I seriously need some help. I can repeat my question if anyone is willing to help me04:05
rmokhtarwill do04:05
tritiumsure, rmokhtar04:05
EpamekI accidently overwrote my mac partition with ubuntu in an attempt to single boot and now I can't boot an OS at all.04:06
tritiumphunyguy: there's not been an update of it.04:06
pepperjackGerinych: do a lspci or lshw and make sure the busid (in lspci the 01:00:00 num on left side) matches the busid in /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:07
timedroidjohnofthedead24, there was some program for windows that loads the ISO and sets up the USB drive automatically04:07
WebcamWonderQuick question, does checkinstall actually calls make?04:07
johnofthedead24any clues on what to search in google to find it?04:07
lfaraoneHi, I'm on a brand new laptop and the load-cycle count is already up to 140, should I be worried? (just unboxed 5 hrs ago)04:07
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: just does the same thing04:07
Sir_Sidic hmm04:07
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: but I tryed to manuelly configure eth0 and it worked so now I've got internet...04:08
Sir_Sidhave you tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:08
johnofthedead24timedroid, any clue of what to search on google?04:08
Sir_SidJoker_-_, excellent, what video card do you have?04:08
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: I ran dhclient and installed sshd04:08
WebcamWonderlfaraone: Google it. There was an infamous bug with the harddisk power management04:08
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: Imma work on that from work tomorrow.. my gf is going crazy I gotta go ;)04:08
Sir_SidJoker_-_, alright, goodluck04:08
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: I promised her I wouldnt work all night long ;)04:08
Sir_Sidnice hah04:09
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: thx for the help, for the records, it's a geforce 8800 512mb04:09
timedroidjohnofthedead24, I think I have it  on my Windows partition yet, just need to mount it and check04:09
jribEpamek: what is your goal?04:09
Sir_Sidalright well install the nv drivers and see what happens04:09
Joker_-_Sir_Sid: will do, thanks again, cya!04:09
johnofthedead24timedroid. so if i'm understanding you correctly, just mount the ISO to the thumbdrive in the same way I would burn it to a cd and then check the md5sum?04:10
EpamekAt this point, it's just to get an OS running again, but I don't see how I can get that to happen with ubuntu failing to boot, no mac OS, and a boot disk stuck in my disk drive.04:10
lfaraoneWebcamWonder: I did. I'm on intrepid, and I've been plugged in the whole time to power.04:10
HammerjakEpamek, you can't boot from the boot disk?04:10
pepperjackEpamek: just a matter of re-installing grub id think. you can boot livecd?04:10
timedroidjohnofthedead24, I think you need somethiing else04:11
jribEpamek: I never installed ubuntu by itself on my macbook, but afaik grub is supposed to be able to boot.  Do you get a grub menu?04:11
Epamekthe livecd is stuck in the computer and won't eject.  And, I'm not getting a grub menu.04:11
WebcamWonderlfaraone: Here is the bug describing everything, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi-support/+bug/5969504:11
tritium!macbook | Epamek04:11
ubottuEpamek: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot04:11
jribEpamek: what do you get?04:11
tritiumEpamek: have you perused that?04:11
johnofthedead24timedroid, if you have any idea of a software name, or if anyone does that will allow me to put the Live CD on a thumb drive from windows, please let me know04:11
rogueapplecan anyone help me get my sound working on my laptop? works fine when I boot to windows, but when I boot to ubuntu, no sound04:12
LeefmcQuestion: So is sound juicer the only way to rip mp3s? there has got to be another way..04:12
Hammerjakjohnofthedead24, can wubi do that? or boot from the livecd and do it?04:12
EpamekI did to dual boot my imac but forgot to make the necessary changes for my macbook.  Do you guys know if i can bring it into a shop to get the cd manually removed?04:12
nightrid3rjohnofthedead24: http://lubi.sourceforge.net/unetbootin.html04:12
johnofthedead24hammerjak, i have a netbook, so no disk drive04:12
pepperjackEpamek: paperclip?04:12
Hammerjakoh, i thought you said the disk was stuck in the drive04:13
LeefmcEpamek: It has no eject button? If its like my mac pro, hold the mouse buttons down while booting, that'll eject it04:13
johnofthedead24nightrid3r thank you SO much. thanks to timedroid and hammerjak as well for all your help04:13
jribEpamek: you can't boot from the livecd by pressing 'c' while it is booting?04:13
Hammerjaklol, got people mixed up, nm :)04:13
=== JamesMowery is now known as JamesMowery|away
pepperjackEpamek: on PCs there is always a small hole in the door you can insert a paperclip or similar item to force eject04:13
jrib!who | Epamek04:13
ubottuEpamek: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:13
LeefmcEpamek: Not on macs04:13
Epamekooh good idea I'll try that out.  I'll try the c boot and the paperclip if that doesnt work.04:13
Leefmcpepperjack: Not on macs.04:13
doubletokerwhat is a good wap network testing tool?04:13
Leefmcpepperjack: I have a mac pro, no paper clip heh.04:14
lfaraoneWebcamWonder: Thanks04:14
jribEpamek: don't stick a paper clip in your macbook04:14
MMouseepamek- if you hold down option on boot you'll get a silly screen which asks you what you want to boot, hit eject and you'll get the cd04:14
WebcamWonderQuick question, does checkinstall actually calls make?04:14
WebcamWonderQuick question, does anyone knows if checkinstall actually calls make?04:14
Gerinychpepperjack: my xorg.conf doesnt have an entry for my video card. I think it's broken, because I can remember a bunch of devices in the file and now there are only 3 entries04:15
EpamekMMouse:  I've tried that a few times and not only do I not get an image of the disk like i normally would, the disc doesnt eject...04:15
HammerjakGerinych,  dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  ?04:15
Gerinychhammerjak, im doing that now04:16
ari_stresshi guys, something strange happens here. my 'mc' midnight commander now use 'joe' when editing files. why is that?04:16
zetheroojtaji: that file "default.keyring" does not exist on my system04:16
=== rachel is now known as Guest93273
LeefmcArgh, i hate all the stupid little holes in linux heh, its so great, but it has a lot of little pockets of rough spots.04:17
pepperjackGerinych: it doesnt really need a new entry the only thing you really want to check typically is the busid and then driver. so you presumably have a Section Device and under that a Identifier Card0 or whatever and then a Driver  "nv" or whatnot then busid.04:17
fyrmedicI have an issue with atheros based wireless. I ran sudo lshw -c network and it recognizes my atheros controller but with iwconfig and ifconfig it isn't there. This is a fresh install of xubuntu from the alternate cd on a acer aspire one netbook. I don't have wired internet at this time.04:17
NoisyDudeHello! Is this the right place to ask for guidance on setting up lvm on ubuntu 8.10 server?04:17
nickrudari_stress, sudo update-alternatives --config editor  should fix that04:18
WebcamWonderAre you guys sure, it is ./configure && sudo checkinstall. Or is it ./configure && make && sudo checkinstall?04:18
ari_stressnickrud: many thanks dude. i'll try that04:18
nightrid3rNoisyDude: yes04:18
Gerinychpepperjack, oh, well, ill fix the file and check the busid04:18
pepperjackfyrmedic: is there an entry for the aspire one in the hardware section of the wiki?  most people record problems there04:18
zetheroohow do I make a new password for my keyring?04:19
Epamekcould I perhaps try putting an ubuntu startup thingy on a flash drive and starting with that from the option screen?04:19
NoisyDudeI recently setup bubuntu 8.10 server on a system with 3 drives, all 200G. I used one to load linux and I want to setup lvm with raid1 on the other two. but I am getting an error...04:19
gnutronzetheroo: i unistalled seahorse and disabled gnome-keyring manager, fixed that nag of a problem and i still use gpg under cli no probs no more.04:20
NoisyDudeAnything I do gets me "Can't open /dev/sdc exclusively - not removing. Mounted filesystem?"04:20
NoisyDudedrives are not mounted04:20
fyrmedicpepperjack: I don't know I will check it, though I haven't had a lot of luck with the forums and such today.04:20
zetheroognutron: ok ... thanks ... I still need seahorse though so I have to find another solution04:20
HammerjakNoisyDude, is your /etc/fstab correct?04:20
Hammerjakyour drives might've gotten remapped to a different device id (/dev/sda, /dev/sdb)04:21
Gerinychhammerjak, im in process of reconfiguring the thing, but im stuck at the screen where it says "For the X server to handle the keyboard correctly, a keyboard model must be entered.  Available models depend on which XKB rule set is in use." and it just goes on. it says <Ok> at the bottom but i can't highlight it or click it04:21
EpamekHaha I got it out!  Thanks a lot guys.04:21
NoisyDudeit seems so... no reference to either sdb or sdc04:21
HammerjakGerinych,  hit 'tab'?04:21
Gerinychhammerjak, oh, wow i feel stupid, thanks04:22
Hammerjaki love the easy problems04:22
* nickrud lives for low hanging fruit04:22
NoisyDudeone thing that may be related... I had ubuntu 8.10 desktop on this system and I was able to have lvm running. Now that reloaded 8.10 server and killed partitions using fdisk I cannot use them.04:22
LeefmcQuestion: Anyone with sound juicer mind giving me the gstreamer line in the default mp3 profile?04:23
Gerinychpepperjack: i fixed xorg.conf, but i can't see any busids at all. Here's what's in my xorg.conf right now: http://pastebin.com/m91a96b504:25
NoisyDudeHammerjak: the only references in fstab are for sda (my linux drive) and a couple CD/DVD units. that's it.04:26
HammerjakNoisyDude,  well... that probably tells you why it can't mount /dev/sdc04:26
pepperjackGerinych: sorry im cli only at the moment04:27
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
NoisyDudeDon't I have to "pvcreate" etc the device prior to mounting them?04:27
LeefmcThere we go, finnally got it working. I removed sound juicer and used asunder. :D04:28
Leefmcthank god there is an alternative.04:28
albuntuhello to all04:28
albuntucan anyone tell me how can i create a desktop launcher from terminal ?04:29
NoisyDudeHammerjak: Don't I have to "pvcreate" etc the device prior to mounting them?04:29
Hammerjaki don't know, i've never used that command04:30
Hammerjakyou can do 'mount -t ext3' or something04:30
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:30
Hammerjaki don't know the command offhand04:30
=== JamesMowery|away is now known as JamesMowery
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
WebcamWonderCompiling pidgin with checkinstall gave me a bunch of error 1... Any clue?04:33
FrozenFireNot really anything to do with technical support, but check out http://www.ubuntu-trading.com/ Apparently there's a Ubuntu soft drink...04:34
FlannelFrozenFire: Try #ubuntu-offtopic04:34
FrozenFireAh, ok. Sorry ;)04:34
meistergradoHow does one set up a printer on Ubuntu?04:35
robcrontab -e04:36
rob5 * * * * echo test04:36
robdoesn't work04:36
robany ideas?04:36
Hammerjakmeistergrado, System -> Administration -> Printing04:36
=== rob is now known as Guest85328
rmokhtarHi everyone04:36
rmokhtarI tried going through the Sound troubleshooting guide04:37
rmokhtarand I still can't hear anything04:37
rmokhtarany ideas?04:37
girlbuntuis there an irc#xubuntu? i need personalised help with XUBUNTU04:38
Flannelgirlbuntu: /join #xubuntu04:39
girlbuntuwhere is xubuntu irc?04:39
Flannelgirlbuntu: /join #xubuntu04:39
jp_sfGuest85328: user must be in /etc/cron.allow otherwise only root can cron04:40
girlbuntuwhat is he talking about?04:40
albuntucan anyone tell me how to add a launcher from terminal ?04:40
rmokhtarok, thank you everyone I guess I'll look for help elsewhere04:40
tritiumgirlbuntu: he's answering your question04:41
Hammerjakalbuntu, 'ln -s <launcher> ~/Desktop' ?04:41
Hammerjakis that what you're asking albuntu ?04:41
girlbuntui know, i can't seem to get a bit of help here?!?!?!04:41
albuntuHammerjak: yes. a launcher for firefox for example. sorry for my bad english by the way04:41
tritiumgirlbuntu: you were given the answer to your question.  How is that not help?04:42
girlbuntuwho is answering my question????04:42
Hammerjakalbuntu, so you want firefox on your desktop right?04:42
WebcamWondergirlbuntu: type /join #xubuntu04:42
WebcamWondergirlbuntu: #xubuntu is the name of the channel04:42
Gneagirlbuntu: you type this in irc:  /join #xubuntu04:42
albuntuHammerjak: yes but i know how from gnome. i want the terminal command. thank you04:42
girlbuntumy husband set this computer up............im having trouble with it!!!!!!!04:43
girlbuntuhe is at work04:43
AbtZgirlbuntu, what is your problem?04:43
girlbuntueveryone is yelling at me!!!04:44
* Gnea smells a troll04:44
* WebcamWonder agrees with Gnea04:44
Gneagirlbuntu: not in here we're not, but I sure do see you not staying calm in here.04:44
AbtZgirlbuntu, then cover your ears :)04:44
* jp_sf troll mode on, yep it is04:44
girlbuntuwhat is he talking about????04:44
Gneagirlbuntu: is this your first time on IRC?04:45
Hammerjakalbuntu, you can try 'ln -s /usr/bin/firefox ~/Desktop'04:45
jp_sfalbuntu: the command you are looking is updatedb ?04:45
Hammerjakand it will put a symlink on your desktop04:45
Hammerjakthough i've never tried that04:45
albuntuHammerjak: thank you. i'll try that and tell you back the results04:45
jp_sfHammerjak: and sudo chmod u+x /usr/bin/firefox ~/Desktop04:45
jp_sfHammerjak: and sudo updatedb04:46
girlbuntuit's the first time i have ever used this computer, my husband left me with little instruction on how to use it04:46
Hammerjakjp_sf, i didn't realize you could chmod a symlink....04:46
albuntujp_sf: i have to do updatedb after that ?04:46
AbtZwhat's the purpose of chmoding the link?04:46
jp_sfHammerjak: hum ... well I mean chmod -H ...04:47
geniiAbtZ: Futility, since it doesn't work04:47
Gneagirlbuntu: okay then, well we can help you, but you need to, please, be patient. we have been trying to help you, but everytime someone tries to, the only thing i see you doing is freaking out with all of the punctuation. that doesn't solve problems, it only creates more problems. do you understand?04:47
girlbuntuubuntu (debian) does not use updatedb04:47
jp_sftrue a chmod will do anything .... unless you do a -H04:47
girlbuntuhow can i check for dangling symlinks on ubuntu?04:47
Gneagirlbuntu: with the commandline.04:48
tritiumYou go to hardly knowing how to use it, to looking for dangling symlinks, and knowing about updatedb?04:48
girlbuntucan i install the kernel just like slackware?04:48
jp_sfHammerjak: my bad04:48
ubottuThe location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash04:48
AbtZgenii, it works for me04:48
girlbuntuhow do i custom compile a kernel foe ubuntu?04:49
=== merch is now known as IamReck
fyrmedic1Atheros wifi on aspire one netbook:  I have done a lot of researching on this issue. The card is recognized as "unclaimed" on lshw -c network. ifconfig and iwconfig don't report it. I don't have wired networking available to that machine at this time. Does anyone know of a solution other than ndiswrapper. Additionally, the restricted driver is enabled in hardware manager.04:51
albuntugirlbuntu are you on drugs ?04:51
Gneaalbuntu: she left (probably is04:51
kostmoSuddenly all my themes are gone04:51
albuntuGnea: lol04:52
surjeetplese i want to inastall php04:52
FlannelGnea: That's not really necessary.04:52
Rohan_SMHello I wish to create guest account for my Ubuntu Ibex. I'm following the gui though I need some help and hints. Just to be on safer side04:52
Gnea!php | surjeet04:52
ubottusurjeet: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)04:52
GneaFlannel: ...04:52
mortal1does anyone here use vncviewer on a regular basis?04:54
albuntujp_sf: Hammerjak i created the symlink and did sudo updatedb and it didnt worked as well as i was expecting because it says it is an executable file and give options to run in terminal , execute and run. and it also doesnt have an icon.04:54
Rohan_SMUsername can't contain Capital letters right ? and I will have to choose unprivileged profile right ?04:55
Hammerjakalbuntu, did you do that chmod command also?04:55
WintervenomPower went out in the middle of filesystem shifting.  Am I screwed?04:55
rwwmortal1: Do you have a question about it?04:55
GneaWintervenom: 'shifting'?04:55
jp_sfHammerjak: even if he did it wouldn't have done much04:55
=== puff2 is now known as puff`
GneaRohan_SM: you can use capital letters if you want04:55
AbtZmortal1, yep04:55
mortal1yeah I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the -via option that lets you automagically tunnel with ssh encryption04:55
WintervenomGnea:  In the partitioner.  On the partition for home.04:56
jp_sfHammerjak: I see you are trying to blame I see04:56
Hammerjakjp_sf,  i just assume everyone is smarter than me :)04:56
GneaWintervenom: should be okay, you're starting the installation over?04:56
albuntuHammerjak: no04:57
Rohan_SMAny hint on Advanced>> Main Group Settings ? And Home Dir is it going to be created automatically ?04:57
albuntuHammerjak: what is the chmod command for that ?04:57
Gnea!vnc | mortal104:57
ubottumortal1: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX04:57
sn007akeHello All ..... I have a question.... Wondering if anyone Knows the website or name of program that you use to detect the best video drivers and installs them.04:57
GneaRohan_SM: it usually is, yes04:57
=== jay is now known as Guest76818
Rohan_SMAny hint on Advanced>> Main Group Settings ? what should I choose ?04:58
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX04:58
jp_sfalbuntu: forget the chmod, sorry I made a mistake, what exactly are you trying to start Firefox ?04:58
WintervenomGnea:  Yes.  I was resizing the root and home partitions.  It resized root, and started moving home.  It finished moving the partition and was on moving filesystem.  Power died at thee gigs in.04:58
=== Guest76818 is now known as jaybinks
Wintervenom* three04:58
rwwWintervenom: eek. That's one of the places you /don't/ want it to die :(04:59
AbtZjp_sf, i made the symlink, it appeared on my desktop, and double-clicking launches firefox for me - no chmodding necessary04:59
albuntujp_sf: can i pm you and explain it there if it is not a problem for you ?04:59
GneaWintervenom: did you have a backup of /home someplace else?04:59
jp_sfAbtZ: yes yes you are right, I'm sorry I will read man chmod 3 times, sorry05:00
GneaWintervenom: s/did/do/g05:00
AbtZeven got an icon for it. granted, i use xfce05:00
WintervenomTo make things worse, it's my friend's laptop I was working on.  :'(05:00
AbtZlol, why are you apologizing? :)05:00
GneaWintervenom: I'll take that as a no...05:00
relaxabitso stickam mic does not work eh?05:01
=== JamesMowery is now known as JamesMowery|away
=== chilli0_ is now known as chilli0
GneaWintervenom: bootup the livecd and see if you can read it05:01
jp_sfAbtZ: no just had the feeling that for the next 2 hours I will have somebody why are you trying to chmod a symlink (joking)05:01
ryanCHwhat is the package name for xmms under ubuntu with aptitude?05:01
Gnea!xmms | ryanCH05:01
ubotturyanCH: xmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious, bmpx, or xmms2 instead.05:01
jp_sfAbtZ,: that said you can chmod a symlink though using -H05:01
AbtZjp_sf, i am no chmod expert. what does it do?05:02
relaxabitdoes anyone use the mic on stickam.com?05:02
jp_sfalbuntu: sure sure, but you know the idea of spaeking here is that when I speak I have AbtZ that correct me it provides us a third neutral opinion to validate my claims05:03
Rohan_SMAny hint on Advanced>> Main Group Settings ? in  Users Settings ?05:03
jp_sfAbtZ: well sometimes you may want to change the permission on a symlink that comes as lrwxrwxrwx you can do that using -H05:04
WintervenomGnea:  I am doing that now.  I just explained to him what happened.05:04
relaxabitanyone in here use the mic in stickam.com?  anyone use firefox 3.0.5 and flash is working well?05:04
GneaWintervenom: good luck05:05
rwwRohan_SM: Leave it blank or set to the group with the same name as the username.05:05
Rohan_SMok thanks a lot05:05
AbtZalbuntu, what window manager or DE are you using?05:06
relaxabithey AbtZ ? do you use firefox 3.0.5?05:07
Foxgguy2001i has a linux05:07
* Foxgguy2001 feels accomplished05:08
albuntuAbtZ: gnome05:08
AbtZrelaxabit, yes. or no, not really, i use opera, but i have firefox 3.0.5 installed05:08
AbtZalbuntu, and what is it that doesnt work for you when you create the symlink?05:08
albuntuAbtZ: it works but it doesnt open when i double click it. it says that its an executable file and give me the 4 options05:09
albuntui do execute and it opens firefox but i want more an .desktop file than a symlink05:09
meistergradoQuestion: recursive scan in clamTK antivirus: serves to scan everything in a directory? directory scan just gets individual files within directories05:10
AbtZbtw, jp_sf, the -H option is for chown, not chmod05:10
rgreeri have an intel ich9 sound card which is not listed under alsa's supported soundcards, is there another driver i can get?05:10
xiambaxomg! the ubuntu channel is now larger then the debian channel05:10
AbtZalbuntu, i get it05:10
xiambaxi havent been on freenode in awhile05:10
xiambaxthis is intense05:10
relaxabitso AbtZ  opera works with stickam and the mic?05:11
AbtZalbuntu, this is not my area of expertise, but try finding the firefox .desktop file on your computer and just copying it to your desktop05:11
gnutronAbtZ: I haven't used XFCE for ages but can't you make a shortcut for FF off the menu and put it on a panel?05:12
AbtZrelaxabit, stickam? no idea what that is. opera works for browsing :)05:12
relaxabitAbtZ,  does flash work?05:12
AbtZrelaxabit, yes05:12
relaxabithow did you get it working AbtZ ?05:12
AbtZgnutron, maybe, i dont know, i dont need it --  i use gnome-do for almost everything05:13
Rohan_SMI m having very annoying xperiance with firefox in ubuntu. It keeps saying "your browser has been updated and needs to be restrated" but in fact I havent any update. I restarted firefox as well as ubuntu more than twice but It just keeps poping up below address-bar. Closing, Restart, Reboot nothing is helping. What should I do ?05:13
gnutronAbtZ: Ok.05:13
AbtZrelaxabit, i installed opera :) it was working out of the box for me05:13
relaxabitnot for me man?05:13
Light-Rohan_SM, try deleting your ~/.mozilla/firefox directory05:13
AbtZLight-, wont that remove his bookmars too?05:14
Light-Abtz: probably05:14
Light-Rohan_SM, back up your bookmarks first05:14
Rohan_SMI m sorry but its beyond my understanding to locate something installed in Linux :\05:15
AbtZrelaxabit, dunno, maybe you dont have the flash package installed. google on how to best install it in ubuntu05:15
Light-Rohan_SM, ~ is your hole directory (Places->Home). Then press CTRL+H and you will see .mozilla. go into that and delete the firefox directory05:15
tripchronic_i inserted a USB stick into my computer which holds a 2GB micro SD card, linux shows USB DISK under Places but doesn't seem to open it up?05:15
AbtZrelaxabit, it should actually ask you, as soon as you enter a web page using flash, if you want to install it or not.05:16
relaxabitAbtZ, why no tell me how you installed it?05:16
relaxabitno it does not05:16
AbtZrelaxabit, 'cause i dont remember :)05:16
rgreeri have an intel ich9 sound card which is not listed under alsa's supported soundcards, is there another driver i can get?05:17
gnutronRohan_SM: are you looking for a file or program?05:17
Light-rgreer: you could try oss4, although dont ask me how to use it and dont ask for support05:17
AbtZrelaxabit, here, check this out: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/flash05:17
rgreercan install it with sudo apt-get install oss405:18
Light-if theres a package available, which I doubt05:18
rgreeryeah couldnt find it05:19
rgreertheres a soft drumming thats played quietly, but i can't play any sounds05:19
rgreerlike cd's or anything05:19
Light-you could buy a cheap PCI card for like $1505:20
rgreerits on my laptop05:20
rgreerive got vista paritioned on here as well and it works find on that05:20
rgreeri just hate vista05:20
Light-so do most of the people who've had to use it I think05:21
AbtZrgreer, why? its at least more secure than XP :)05:21
Light-AbtZ, why, because it has User Account Control? :P05:21
rgreerit's just obnoxious05:21
rgreerisnt very resource-friendly05:21
SteelflintVista wasn't too bad, for me, but the first thing I did with it was shut off the User Account Control.05:22
TorellI turned it off and BSod within 10 minutes05:22
SteelflintI have a laptop I use for work that has it on there.05:22
AbtZUAC is a way of trying to emulate the sudo/root-password window in linux. unfortunately for MS, due to the inherent design flaws in the core of the OS itself, UAC sucks ass in comparison05:22
AbtZit's more or less the only way to do it, though05:22
SteelflintI completely agree, AbtZ .05:23
Torellaye, agreed05:23
* nickrud looks around, wondering how he wandered into ##windows05:23
Rohan_SMHello again I tried deleting mozilla folder but it just keeps poping when I next launch firefox. "your browser has been updated..."05:23
Light-Rohan_SM, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling firefox?05:24
AbtZnickrud, well, we should be allowed to trashtalk the OS for a little while, no? :)05:24
rgreercan you have oss4 and alsa installed?05:24
Light-rgreer, yep, you have to tell apps to use oss though05:24
=== JamesMowery|away is now known as JamesMowery
jinja-sheepIt's not possible to send notification messages via terminal? :(05:25
Light-rgreer, and oss4 has alsa emulation anyway (dunno how good it is though)05:25
Gneajinja-sheep: write, wall05:25
rgreerwheres a good website to get it off of?05:25
jinja-sheepGnea:  write wall ?05:25
nickrudRohan_SM, try sudo apt-get install --reinstall firefox-3.0 firefox-3.0-branding05:25
=== five_ is now known as Guest12248
AbtZSound on Linux is a complete and utter mess, unfortunately05:26
Gneajinja-sheep: they are basic terminal commands to do what you're looking for05:26
core4hi . . .05:26
Light-rgreer: http://www.opensound.com/05:26
jinja-sheepGnea:  Oh alright.  Will look at the manual.  Thanks.05:26
GneaAbtZ: sounds fine here05:26
Leohey,everyone,this is my audio device infomation :00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02), and ICH9 is not in the soundcard list for intel. is there any channel to my sound problem?05:26
Light-rgreer: you're probably better off downloading and compiling the source (click "Developers") unless you want to go along with their licensing crap05:27
AbtZGnea, it is still a mess. google around and read about PA, ALSA, OSS etc05:27
GneaAbtZ: the only thing that's ever a mess is the implementation. most distributions don't have that problem.05:28
nickrudthe only thing wrong with sound in linux is you need a doctorate to understand and configure it ;(05:28
AbtZGnea, i havent every had much problems with linux, but the big ones that i have had, have all been sound-related05:28
SteelflintLight, thanks for the tip to Rohan earlier on the home/ctrl+h thing, it enabled me to find my Thunderbird install location and import my email files from my old Thunderbird(WinXP) install, been trying to figure that one out the last couple days.05:28
Light-Steelflint, no problem :)05:29
rgreerif im using ubuntu 8.1, how do i find out what version of linux im using?05:29
GneaAbtZ: i've had so many problems with linux over the years that i don't even look at something like the sound driver itself as a problem anymore05:29
nickrudused to be easy, but very inflexible; now it's very flexible but not very easy. I expect the easy to come back soon05:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH irc.qukenet.org05:29
Light-rgreer: uname -a05:29
AbtZi remember all the shit i had to go through to get my 5.1 surround sound working properly for my AC97 sound card.. bleh05:29
nickrudAbtZ, please think disney g rated language in #ubuntu, policy etc05:30
tritiumAbtZ: language, please05:30
GneaAbtZ: 5.1 is easy or difficult, depending, again, on the implementation... also, please do watch your language around here05:30
nickrudpile on AbtZ !! :)05:30
AbtZsowy, guess im a big potty mouth :P05:31
tgoi am trying to compile a custom kernel module on a ps3 running ubuntu but the symlinks inside /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.25-2-powerpc64-smp05:31
tgoare broken05:31
tgoand i have a bunch of launchpad entries going back to november about it05:31
tgoand its still not fixed for this arch05:31
tgoand symlinking to the ports dir does not work either as suggested05:31
a931bwWhat is Qt?05:32
nickrudisn't the ps3 a community supported release?05:32
tgoit has lots of errors in the top level headers about shift sizes05:32
SteelflintUhh oh, TechSupport left, whatever shall we do?! heh05:32
Gneatgo: don't the ps3 people have their own mailing list?05:32
sheepa931bw: it's the widget toolkit used by KDE and several programs05:32
Light-a931bw, QT is the widget toolkit KDE is based on05:32
tgook this channel is useless05:32
rwwa931bw: The set of programming libraries used to display buttons, windows, and other "widgets" by KDE (the GNOME equivalent is gtk)05:32
nickrudfor ps3, probably except on random occasions05:32
rgreeranyone know the easiest way to download oss4?05:33
rgreerhaving some trouble heh05:33
Light-rgreer, with your web browser05:33
nickrudrgreer, you probably won't get much help here putting in oss4; it gets too busy here to do much more than support official release software.05:34
CarlFK1this used to work (like a year ago) $ espeak hi; PaHost_OpenStream: could not open /dev/dsp for O_WRONLY PaHost_OpenStream: ERROR - result = -1000005:34
* nickrud looks around at the quietude05:34
Light-rgreer, http://www.4front-tech.com/developer/sources/stable/gpl/05:34
Light-rgreer, now you're on your own05:34
rgreerthank you sir05:34
rgreerappreciate the helpo05:34
nightrid3rrgreer: http://www.opensound.com/05:35
a931bwHow i can install Skype on my ubuntu 7.0405:35
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto05:35
rgreeryeah i went to opensound, can't figure out which version to download05:36
jinja-sheepGnea:  Err, It's not what I'm looking for.  Run a command in your terminal --> notify-send 'Your mom says' 'I love you very much!'  <--  You'll see Dbus session, but it's not possible to do it over the ssh ?05:36
Light-try 4.1 build 105105:36
a931bw Depends: libqt4-core (>=4.2.1) but it is not installable05:37
a931bw Depends: libqt4-gui (>=4.2.1) but it is not installable05:37
sheepa931bw: which version of ubuntu did you say you were using?05:37
Light-a931bw, upgrade to 8.10 and try again05:37
rwwjinja-sheep: try `DISPLAY=":0" notify-send 'Your mom says' 'I love you very much!'`. That works for running other graphical apps via SSH for me.05:37
a931bwi'm can't05:37
sheepa931bw: 7.04 isn't even supported anymore and qt4 isn't in the repositories for it05:37
a931bwOkay i'm going to shcool05:37
jinja-sheeprww:  With the backtick too?05:38
Light-a931bw, without mad leet hax, you will not get qt4 to run on 7.0405:38
rwwjinja-sheep: nope, take out the backticks05:38
NoisyDudeI am somewhat of a newbie and I need to get rid of all the raid modules loaded at startup by ubuntu SERVER 8.10. How can I do that?05:38
jinja-sheeprww:  Noted.  Will test it.05:38
NGL-TwYsTeDok with AWN manager how would i set it up to look like the icons on bottom of desk like mac when move over them they highlight kind of like dreamlinux05:38
rwwjinja-sheep: let me know if it works, I'm interested in doing something similar :)05:38
jinja-sheeprww:  And my mom love me.  Lol.  It worked. ;)05:39
jinja-sheeprww:  What evil trick do you have up your dirty sleeves? :O05:39
=== eric is now known as talntid
rwwjinja-sheep: awesome! Yeah, the usual problem with graphical apps in ssh is that the DISPLAY variable isn't set right (that variable tells the program which Xorg session to use), hence that working :)05:40
jinja-sheeprww:  I thought you are going to do something with the... :005:41
jinja-sheepAs in the smiley face.05:41
jinja-sheeprww:  Will try the DISPLAY command.  New trick for me. :)05:41
Rohan_SMWhat is good software (ubuntu)to rip audio cds ? I wish to use AAC codec05:42
quaalhow do i release a program from the terminal05:42
quaalwithout closing the program05:42
RegressLessIs it possible to watch Fox.com TV shows on Ubuntu? <--Not just a random question.05:42
CarlFK1how do I run a script after networking is up?05:42
rwwjinja-sheep: oh! :0 is the weird notation that variable needs. If you have more than one Xorg session running, they get numbered :1, :2, etc.05:42
CarlFK1quaal: huh?05:42
quaalCarlFK1, install wicd05:42
AbtZquaal, use screen05:42
nightrid3rquaal: ./command &05:42
quaalCarlFK1, what05:42
quaalnightrid3r, yea i know but i already ran the program05:43
medoEnter text here...hi every body05:43
Frederickfolks I cannot make Xserver work I have (EE)No devices detected.05:43
redvamp128you were talking about -- OSX style menus have a heads up at this05:43
rwwquaal: Ctrl-Z to suspend the program, then type "bg" to switch it to the background.05:43
jinja-sheeprww:  Got it.  DISPLAY=":0" firefox worked too.  Just for GUI applications.  Great.  Now I know how to launch GUI-related apps.  :)05:43
quaalrww, sweet thanks05:43
rwwquaal: Dunno if that'll close the program when you close the terminal, though, but it'll get you back a terminal prompt.05:43
medoi want to speak for any one05:43
quaalrww, lets find out!05:43
rww!who | redvamp12805:44
ubotturedvamp128: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:44
AbtZrww, i think all programs you run from a terminal close when you close said terminal05:44
quaalrww, nope, thunderbird still open. you win05:44
RegressLessIs it possible to watch Fox.com TV shows on Ubuntu? Please tell me before my wife switches back to Vista!05:44
\Kirasometimes ubuntu server lags. Like when I try to connect to the http port on firefox, it takes so long that I have to refresh, then it loads instantly. Sometimes I get the same thing with ssh. Any ideas why?05:44
quaalRegressLess, no it isnt. fox banned ubuntu05:44
Frederickfolks I cannot make Xserver work I have (EE)No devices detected.05:45
Frederickwhen the instaler fist set up it I had trerrible flicker problems05:45
AbtZRegressLess, why would she want to do that anyway? :)05:45
AbtZrww, yeah, looks like i was wrong. cool :)05:45
RegressLessquaal: It seems that way, but surely there's a workaround05:45
tritiumRegressLess: you can, with a TV tuner card.05:45
RegressLessAbtZ: She likes her stupid TV shows05:45
rwwRegressLess: You could try running Firefox under Wine. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=405397 . Doesn't look like you can do it in a native browser, though (the Move Networks codec thing it needs is Windows and Mac only :( )05:46
redvamp128NGL-TwYsTeD:  check this one out http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2008/05/howto-install-brand-new-dock-with.html05:46
jinja-sheepWhat do you mean?  Fox banned Ubuntu?  I'm lost.  Watching Fox shows via Internet?05:46
DezineI don't have a cd drive or a usb thumb drive to install Ubuntu.. How can I go about installing on an empy hard drive other than wubi? Or could I install with wubi and move it to a physical drive?05:46
AbtZRegressLess, bittorrent is your fruend :)05:46
RegressLessrww: it works, if you want to call it that. It is really bad on Wine05:47
workingchairHey guys, is there a way to get the scroll wheel to scroll between workspaces when I have no visual effects checked under appearance preferences?05:47
redvamp128RegressLess:  which winversion 1.1.12 is the best one yet05:47
CoJaBoRegressLess: What happens when you try it on ubuntu?05:47
=== GodTodd_ is now known as GodTodd
rwwRegressLess: That sucks :(. That Move codec thing is used in a bunch of different networks' on-demand things, not just Fox.05:47
FlannelDezine: What do you currently have on the computer?05:47
talntidever tried to install ubuntu via Wubi INSIDE wine?05:47
redvamp128I watch most fox shows on Hulu05:48
Frederickcan I have help on xserver?05:48
kevi1just installed ubuntu on a compaq presario V2000, cant get wireless towork. have tried several online fixes and get the response in terminal of "package cannot be found"05:48
jinja-sheepworkingchair:  Probably not.  Switching workspaces via mouse sounds like a visual effect. :)05:48
DezineI have an empty hard drive available05:48
RegressLessCoJaBo: you get a message stating only Windows and Mac are supported05:48
Dezinealready installed I mean05:48
FlannelDezine: try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromWindows05:48
CoJaBoRegressLess: Try changing the Firefox user agent to one from the Windows version.05:49
RegressLessredvamp128: 1.0.105:49
DezinePerfect, thank you Flannel05:49
CoJaBoSome sites ban Linux users for no reason.05:49
Rohan_SMThanks for the help nagging of "firefox has been updated..." stopped05:49
jinja-sheepCoJaBo:  Avoiding DDoS, I guess.  <_<05:49
rwwCoJaBo, RegressLess: user-agent changing doesn't help, I've tried. The site needs a codec thing to be installed to work, and it's only available for Windows and OS X.05:49
CoJaBorww: Whats the codec/plugin it uses?05:50
CarlFK1rww: got a url?05:50
\Kirasometimes ubuntu server lags. Like when I try to connect to the http port on firefox, it takes so long that I have to refresh, then it loads instantly. Sometimes I get the same thing with ssh. Any ideas why?05:50
RegressLessrww: if you try wine, it seems like it's just flash player05:50
jinja-sheeprww:  How about VirtualBox?05:50
kevi1just installed ubuntu on a compaq presario V2000, cant get wireless to work. have tried several online fixes and get the response in terminal of "package cannot be found"05:50
\Kirakevi1: install the package, then05:50
rwwCoJaBo: Some Move Networks ( http://www.movenetworks.com/ ) thing. I'm not sure on the exact details; I ended up just using my roommate's OS X computer :(05:51
kevi1kira: how do i do that? i'm using sudo apt-get when i get the error message.05:51
redvamp128You may want to go to the Devside RegressLess:05:51
jinja-sheepkevi1:  Use the ethernet cord.  Update all packages -- Then you set up the Wifi part later on.05:51
bullgard4Why divides the Configuration Editor its keys in (more than) two branches: apps and schemas?05:51
workingchairjinja-sheep, right, but I'm just wondering if there is a way to select specific visual effects.  is there a config file with each visual effects setting that I can turn on, or something?05:51
\Kirakevi1: you want sudo apt-get install insertpackagenamehere05:51
kevi1jinja-sheep: I have the ethernet cord connected. did the updates it wanted me to do.05:51
redvamp128RegressLess:  I have mine setup to auto update with each development release--05:52
pyro2927question: i dual boot OSX and ubuntu. is there any way to let amarok access my itunes library? the directory is showing up as locked05:52
jinja-sheepworkingchair:  You could switch the workspace using keyboard shortcuts... if that helps.05:52
kevi1kira: when i do that, it says "E: Couldn't find package packagenamehere"05:52
CoJaBorww: In cases I have seen, the only thing that doesn't play is the ads (which require WMP). The video plays fine, and is usually flash.05:52
RegressLessredvamp128: Devside? Development side? what do you mean, please tell me this secret!05:52
RegressLessredvamp128: I would like that05:52
\Kirakevi1: before downloading any packages, you have to run the command: sudo apt-get update05:52
jinja-sheepkevi1:  What command did you use?05:53
RegressLessredvamp128: you mean wine, I suppose05:53
workingchairjinja-sheep, what is that shortcut.  I could probably live with that...05:53
\Kirakevi1: that will update the packages you have with the ubuntu package server, so it can tell you of updates and find the packages to downlaod05:53
kevi1kira: i didn't know that. i'll try it now05:53
operawhat it dmesg05:53
jinja-sheepworkingchair:  It's under System --> Pref --> Keyboard Fsckcut.05:53
\Kirasometimes ubuntu server lags. Like when I try to connect to the http port on firefox, it takes so long that I have to refresh, then it loads instantly. Sometimes I get the same thing with ssh. Any ideas why?05:54
RegressLessSo did we get any ideas out of that?05:54
RegressLessI'm just as lost as I was05:54
jinja-sheeprww: I said VirtualBox earlier.  Did you get that?05:54
workingchairjinja-sheep, thanks05:55
kevi1kira and jinja-sheep: thanks for the help. I've got to finish this later. but thanks!05:55
jinja-sheepworkingchair:  Welcomed. :)05:55
rwwjinja-sheep: Yeah. I never tried VirtualBox, though that might work. I might be making a WinXP virtualbox client at some point, so I'll check it out.05:55
redvamp128RegressLess:  check for a pm05:55
rootboxvirtualbox sux05:55
CoJaBolol, yes, it does05:56
johnofthedead24can anyone help me connect via wireless?05:56
CoJaBoAny error, and your VM is toast.05:56
jinja-sheepVirtualBox > RootBox. :)05:56
RegressLessI can never tell if programs suck (in Ubuntu) because I don't have that much experience05:56
rootboxjinja-sheep: ######ßß05:56
RegressLessI end up thinking it's me05:56
rootboxwhats the deal05:56
rootboxvirtual box suxx05:57
rootboxits like that05:57
FloodBot2rootbox: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:57
rootbox? stupid bot05:57
jinja-sheepRegressLess:  It's just same as Windows applications.  Sure there are tons of them out there but you generally don't test them or avoid them in first place.05:57
rwwrootbox: That bot is there for a good reason ;)05:57
Frederickfolks I cannot make Xserver work I have (EE)No devices detected. When the installer first set up it I had terrible flicker problems now it does not work after envyng05:57
jinja-sheepRegressLess:  The trick is to find out which works the best... Ask around.  Etc. :)05:57
Tanis143Ok, got a video capture question05:57
johnofthedead24I just got an Averatec Buddy and have installed ubuntu on it. Can anyone tell me how to get the wireless card to work?05:58
=== whuffor_ is now known as whuffor
wilemanyone have any luck with an acer aspire one and ubuntu?05:59
Light-johnofthedead24, if its not supported out of the box, you'll have to use ndiswrapper05:59
Light-!ndiswrapper | johnofthedead2405:59
ubottujohnofthedead24: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:59
Tanis143I've looked all over for this solution and have found nothing. Using XawTV I can get video, but no audio. I've checked line in volume, all the way up. I've hooked my speakers directly to the vid cap card, no audio. I know the card works because it worked fine under windows just last week05:59
jinja-sheepwilem:  What problem do you have? :o05:59
crunchbanghow do I browse the local network on crunchbang06:00
Light-wilem: I have an Acer Aspire and it works (not aspire one though)06:00
Light-crunchbang: you chose the wrong distro06:01
* jinja-sheep is in the bathroom with his Aspire One just to talk with you guys.06:01
wilemjinja-sheep: just wanted to see if anyone has got the netbook andubuntu tp work06:01
Light-crunchbang: try something like linneighborhood06:01
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
jinja-sheepwilem:  I used Ubuntu-UMPC.  It worked for me.  However, you should avoid Ubuntu-Mobile version.  It's aimed at touchscreen laptops.06:02
wilemsorry typing isnslow and messed up. iphone keyboard is hard to get used to06:02
crunchbangI like it so far just can't browse the network, what's linneighborhood?06:02
Tanis143Ok, how do I register a nick on freenode?06:03
jinja-sheepLol @ Wilem and his iLostPhone.06:03
Light-crunchbang, a legacy application for browsing smb networks. ideally you'd use nautilus, but crunchbang doest use that06:03
jinja-sheep!register | Tanis14306:03
ubottuTanis143: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode06:03
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crunchbangthank you :) now to go to the package manager and get linneighborhood06:04
Light-crunchbang: im not even sure if it still around. basically you're looking for an app that can browse windows networks06:04
devin_does ubuntu have out of the box support for broadcom cards yet?06:05
crunchbangthis is what it comes up with A GTK+ application that allows you to browse network shares06:05
crunchbangpyNeighborhood is GTK+ 2 rewrite of a well-known GTK+ 1 tool06:05
Light-devin_: it didnt when I tried 8.04, but 8.10 might, wireless support was greatly improved06:05
=== less is now known as more
jinja-sheepdevin_:  Mostly likely... Yes.06:05
Light-crunchbang: try pyNeighborhood then06:05
Brack101hi I get this message when trying to run a windows program with wine that has a "gold" rating on appdb. wineserver crashed, please enable coredumps (ulimit -c unlimited) and restart.  Can anyone shed some light on this?   Wine 1.1.1206:05
devin_so if I used the livecd of the newest ubuntu, I should get it to work?06:06
jinja-sheepBrack101:  You might have more luck with Wine IRC.06:06
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
Light-devin_: try it?06:06
Light-Brack101: are you using wine from the wine repos or wine from the ubuntu repos?06:06
devin_sweet, thanks a lot06:06
Brack101Light- wine repos06:07
crunchbangso I installed it and now what am I looking for?06:07
nickruddevin_, depends on the broadcom: my laptops 4311 has worked since gutsy, with the various fwcutters06:07
Light-Brack101, ohk, thats what you should be using. Your error doesnt really help us much, best talk to the wine people06:07
Brack101it also says this wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000048 at address 0x70d09697 (thread 0009), starting debugger...06:08
jmazikowskiHi, I'm running 8.04 on my HP dv6000 laptop. I've been running it for a while with no issues, but today my wireless card decided to refuse to connect to any and all wireless networks.06:08
Tanis143Ok, can ya'll see me now?06:08
=== JamesMowery is now known as JamesMowery|away
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
Tanis143jmazikowski, have you checked to make sure the card is switched on?06:08
Light-jmazikowski, was it in and out of standby when the issue occured?06:08
Light-that too06:08
jmazikowskicard is on, it sees the networks but won't connect06:09
jinja-sheepBrack101:  What are you using WINE for?06:09
Light-jmazikowski, its probably NetworkManager being crap. Have you tried enabling/disabling networking and wireless?06:09
Tanis143Anyone here good with video capture cards?06:10
jinja-sheepBrack101:  This is why you should use VirtualBox instead of WINE -- http://ardchoille.nfshost.com/Linux/WineRunsWindowsViruses06:10
tomoyuki28jpI am having trouble on this.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1039907  I appreciate it if anybody can help me out.06:10
CarlFK1jmazikowski: I have a 6700.  lspc - doe you see 03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)06:10
lonelhi any one here using open ldap with ubuntu?06:11
jmazikowski<CarlFK1>I don't quite understand what you're asking...06:11
Frijoliebasic question for someone who's willing to help06:12
Brack101Ok so the wine people are telling me to revert to 1.1.11....how can I do that with apt?06:12
CarlFK1jmazikowski: know how to run commands at a shell prompt?06:12
jinja-sheepBrack101:  What do you need WINE for?06:12
Frijolieoften times I get a window which is huge and I cannot resize it because it expands beyond my taskbar(s)06:12
sidd1Hi i am getting the gnome-settings-daemon error after which everything freezes . Is there something i can do which can fix it or do i need to reinstall os . please help me06:12
jmazikowskiyeah... what do you want me to run?06:12
jinja-sheepBrack101:  See the link I gave you.06:12
CarlFK1jmazikowski: whoops, the command is lspci (missed the i)06:12
Frijolieis there a way to move the window around so it can be resized?06:12
jmazikowskiyes, i see that Atheros Comm. one06:12
jinja-sheepFrijolie:  Hold ALT and move the Windows around with your mouse.06:13
Frijoliemore specifically where I can get to the bottom-right corner of the window06:13
Frijoliejinja-sheep: i'll try that06:13
Brack101jinja-sheep: FileMaker Pro....not worth it to buy a windows license to use one program06:13
rohilHi all. I am having troubles getting my wireless to work on my Sony Vaio vgn cr22g/b with ubuntu 8.10. How to get it to work ? Will installing ndiswrapper help ? thanks06:13
CarlFK1jmazikowski: dmesg - you will probly see a stack dump - the module crashed (does that to me dayly.  so I reboot.  I here there is better stuff you can install, but for now I just wait for ubuntu guys to roll it in06:13
crunchbangpyNeighborhood failed to scan workgroup06:13
Frijoliejinja-sheep: well that will let me move it around but the top edge just "bumps" against the bottom edge of my top taskbar06:13
LuckileeIs anyone familiar with "gfxboot" from the ubuntu repositories? I am trying to get an ubuntu themed grub, like Linux Mint's grub, but the instructions I found through Google don't seem to work anymore.06:14
Frijoliejinja-sheep: the bottom-right edge is still below the bottom taskbar06:14
FirestoneQuick question: Is Ubuntu 9.04 in beta yet? If not, does anyone know when it will be? I'm very interested in the ext4 filesystem and want to try it out, but I try to stay away from alphas06:14
sidd1Hi i am getting the gnome-settings-daemon error after which everything freezes . Is there something i can do which can fix it or do i need to reinstall os . please help me06:14
=== JamesMowery|away is now known as JamesMowery
jinja-sheepFrijolie:  You can enable the plugin that'll allow you to resize.06:14
Frijoliejinja-sheep: does this have something to do with Compiz?06:14
nickrud!jaunty | FiReSTaRT figure on beta a month, month and a half before release06:14
ubottuFiReSTaRT figure on beta a month, month and a half before release: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.06:14
jinja-sheepFrijolie:  Let me check.06:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dmesg06:15
jinja-sheepFrijolie:  What application is it you're having issue with?06:15
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
FrijolieJinja-sheep: it's not one particular application06:15
jinja-sheepFrijolie:  Small resolution? :O06:15
Frijoliejinja-sheep: it happens to numerous applications06:15
Frijoliejinja-sheep: no I'm running 1280x800 resolution06:15
jmazikowskiCarlFK1: I don't see a dump of any sort06:16
operawho can tell me the different between dmesg and less demesg06:16
Frijoliejinja-sheep: like right now, I've got a Nautilus window that I need to resize06:16
rwwFirestone: It's in Alpha, not beta, right now. Also, you're probably better off asking in #ubuntu+106:16
nickrudFrijolie, alt-middle click the window06:17
CarlFK1jmazikowski: when you click the networkmanager icon, do you get a list of APs?06:17
phrostbiteI am trying to remember the command in the terminal to install the ubuntu restricted something or other that has the java in it. I know its sudo apt-get then the name of the file but i cannot rmember what its called.06:17
jmazikowskiopera: adding 'less' makes it so that you can go thru it like pages...06:17
crunchbangpyNeighborhood failed to scan workgroup what am I doing wrong?06:17
jinja-sheepFrijolie:  You might want to "sudo aptitude install compizconfig-settings-manager"  -- From there -- Be sure your visual effects are at its max -- And check out the Compiz Setting Manager under System -- Look for a resize plugin that'll let you resize using keyboard and/or mouse.06:17
rwwopera: dmesg lists all of the kernel output messages since you started the computer. "dmesg | less" scrolls that output so you can press space after each page to read the next page. dmesg less does nothing.06:17
=== ein_ is now known as cita
Frijolienickrud: Thanks!06:18
=== cita is now known as ce_citha
rwwphrostbite: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras06:18
jmazikowskiCarlFK1: When I click the networkmanager icon it gives me a list of the networks around me and "wired network"06:18
Frijolienickrud: that did it06:18
phrostbiteThank you so much rww06:18
jinja-sheepnickrud:  I learned something new. ;)06:18
Frijolienickrud: so it was something having to do with Compiz...06:18
rwwphrostbite: No problem. Good luck getting Java set up :)06:18
phixxorhey I'm following forum instructions but I haven't heard anything in a while. Can someone help me get grub working again? I get a file not found error06:18
nickrudFrijolie, I've had similar problems, and resizing the window cleared it up permanently. Some setting got out of wack, as best I could guess06:19
Frijolienickrud: alright, I'll look into that. Thanks for the tip!06:19
phixxorcan I use the grub commandline to make it work again?06:20
phixxordo I need to edit the file06:20
CarlFK1jmazikowski: well, my lame advice is to reboot.  if that works, do that for a few weeks and hope an update fixes it :)06:20
NGL-TwYsTeDany one know why or how to fix my programs keep starting up in top left corner and they cant be moved.06:20
jmazikowskiCarlFK1: I06:20
jmazikowskiCarlFK1: I'll give it a shot... just seems weird that it started doing it all of a sudden after working for months06:21
nickrudjinja-sheep, try alt- other buttons as well, both are useful06:21
ryanCHis there a deb package for 3ddesktop in ubuntu using aptitude?06:21
Luckilee Is anyone familiar with "gfxboot" from the ubuntu repositories? I am trying to get an ubuntu themed grub, like Linux Mint's grub, but the instructions I found through Google don't seem to work anymore.06:21
operai know ,thank you06:22
* phixxor is waiting for next available person to help with grub06:23
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help06:23
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion06:23
jinja-sheepryanCH, compizconfig-settings-manager06:24
NGL-TwYsTeDryanCH i can help you with that if you wish06:24
nickrudLuckilee, you can install startupmanager, it's a gui interface to setting up grub and usplash06:24
NGL-TwYsTeDi got the install so far06:24
jinja-sheepnickrud:  What's it I'm looking for -- to replace the boot screen -- ?  uplash ?06:25
nickrudjinja-sheep, usplash for the moving bar with ubuntu text above06:25
Luckileenickrud: thanks, I'll give that a try06:26
jmazikowskiCarlFK1: as odd as it may sound, it looks like it worked. connected right up. i guess actually shutting down and booting worked better than just 'rebooting'06:26
crunchbangpyNeighborhood failed to scan workgroup what am I doing wrong?06:26
ryanCHi tried compiling 3ddesktop, but it can't find "gl/glu.h" or any opengl files, what can i do to install these?06:27
nickrud!find glu.h06:27
ubottuFile glu.h found in autoconf-archive, gambas2-doc, libfltk1.1-dev, libglu1-mesa-dev, libroot5.18 (and 2 others)06:27
nickrudryan8403, libglu1-mesa-dev06:28
nickrudryanCH, ^^06:28
jinja-sheepnickrud:  How do I configure usplash?  According to the aptitude, it's already installed (usplash + usplash-theme-ubuntu).  I don't see anything in System.  Might be hidden tho.06:28
ryanCHso i just install any of those?06:29
phixxormy grub menu shows up, but none of the linux entries work. Can someone help me fix them?06:29
rohilHi all. I am having troubles getting my wireless to work on my Sony Vaio vgn cr22g/b with ubuntu 8.10. How to get it to work ? Will installing ndiswrapper help ? thanks06:29
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork06:29
nickrudjinja-sheep, you can use startupmanager, or   sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so06:30
nickrud!usplash | jinja-sheep for more details:06:30
ubottujinja-sheep for more details:: please see above06:30
jinja-sheepnickrud:  ^^ Up there. ;)06:30
lovredoes anyone here know Matlab? i need some help. sorry for offtopic...06:30
rohilI do .. a little bit06:30
nickrudjinja-sheep, yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't ask questions you can find the answers to yourself :P06:30
jinja-sheepnickrud:  =P06:31
crunchbangpyNeighborhood failed to scan workgroup what am I doing wrong?06:31
phixxordoes anyone here have experience with grub?06:32
mattgyver83how can i make ubuntu recognize a Network Access point, or PAN service?06:32
unknowncodei'm a new user ubuntu8.1006:32
unknowncodeand i need to get a driver for06:33
unknowncodeinter 82845G/GL video driver06:33
meistergradoyessir phixxor, do you need to fix the bootloader by chance because it was overwritten by windows?06:33
mattgyver83phixxor, what are you trying to do with grub?06:33
camelelgood morning all06:33
unknowncodegood morning06:33
StuntManMikecan someone help me06:33
mattgyver83StuntManMike, with?06:34
cameleli hope06:34
StuntManMikeshort answers concerning grub and windows xp06:34
phixxormattgyver83, meistergrado: my grub menu shows up correctly, and I can boot into windows thorugh it. but when I try to access my ubuntu installation, I get a file not found error06:34
camelelgo for it06:34
StuntManMikeI think someone's already in the subject..06:34
StuntManMikeI have two SATA HDD06:34
meistergradooh gosh, no idea then, phixxor.06:34
Flannel!enter | StuntManMike06:34
ubottuStuntManMike: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:34
mattgyver83phixxor, did you run into any errors when installing, or did you just run a live cd?06:34
StuntManMikeok alright let me just do some test06:35
mattgyver83... or, did you possibly edit the grub menu06:35
phixxormattgyver83, meistergrado: this happened as a partitioning fiasco, but I got the partitions back up and running. now I just need to fix grub06:35
camelelyou have 2 sata hd's06:35
unknowncodeplz i need to config my vga card06:36
StuntManMikeyeah im writing now06:36
mattgyver83phixxor, if it was due to a partitioning error its probably more worth your while to reinstall ubuntu.06:36
camelelwhat's the problem then?06:36
unknowncodeon ubuntu 8.1006:36
camelelah kk06:36
Uranellushello, how can I find out with what options a packages was configured before it was compiled?06:36
meistergradoDoes anybody run an antivirus program through WINE? I thought it was as practical solution to cleaning the XP partition of my dual-boot from ubuntu, which won't be affected...06:36
phixxormattgyver83: No, that's not necessary. All my partitions have been restored thanks to testdisk06:36
mattgyver83in theory it shouldnt run into any errors, hold on a second.06:36
phixxormattgyver83: the partitions are completely readable and in the right place. no lasting damage has been done06:36
mattgyver83no problems before this?06:37
camelelmeistergrado: i advice you to download Hiren's emergency boot disk, it will allow you to scan through a live system06:37
camelelvery professional tool06:37
camelellots of options06:37
meistergradocamelel: scan my windows partition from ubuntu? or how so, can you elaborate on the process?06:37
phixxormattgyver83: no problem before this. if you want to see the whole forum thread, I can link it to you06:37
camelelsure 1 sec06:37
StuntManMikeI have two SATA HDD. One is 40 GB, the other one 160 GB. On the 40GB one, Windows XP is installed, and on the other one, there are just some temp datas. So, to be sure I wasn't gonna lost the data on the WinXP one, I physically disconnected it and then installed Ubuntu on the other one, keeping the files that are already on it. I remember checking the "install boot loader" during Ubuntu install. Now I just plugged in the WinXP dri06:38
mattgyver83please do06:38
meistergradocamelel: i've been using clamTK virus scanner on the 50.1gb partition... i've gotten 4 hits or so.06:38
crunchbangpyNeighborhood failed to scan workgroup what am I doing wrong?06:38
camelelmeistergrado: http://masyudhis.blogspot.com/2008/07/hirens-boot-cd-96.html06:38
phixxormattgyver83: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1038880&page=206:38
StuntManMikeI know it has something to do with the grub thing, and I read interesting things about "reinstalling" it.. but since it's installed on the disk that's not booting, I wouldn't know if I can (re)install it on the WinXP drive without any problem.06:40
meistergradocamelel: The link is borked, file not found on Rapidshare :/06:41
phixxorStuntManMike: that seems like a pretty convoluted problem, but Super Grub Disk may be able to fix it, as it can fix many boot problems06:41
camelelah sec mate06:41
phixxor!super grub disk | StuntManMike06:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about super grub disk06:42
StuntManMikecan't I do it directly from the terminal, running Ubuntu Live CD?06:42
BigMikeI found a root kit under home\documents I deleted the files and it didnt seem they were in use since I could delete them all Is there anything else I should do??????06:42
phixxorStuntManMike: sgd is better06:42
mattgyver83phixxor, you just receive file not found?06:43
StuntManMikeok. it's a grub boot cd?06:43
crunchbangpyNeighborhood failed to scan workgroup what am I doing wrong?06:43
phixxorStuntManMike: yes. it can also be a floppy if you want06:43
unknowncodei need to configur  xserver-xgl06:43
meistergradoI plan on wiping both my XP and ubuntu installs to start anew, i have some sound problems in this ubuntu install. :\06:43
phixxormattgyver83: yes06:43
unknowncodehow i can06:43
unknowncodeanyone know06:43
phixxorunknowncode: this is after a fresh install?06:44
StuntManMikeok thanks for the resource I'll try that. I'm *pretty* new to Linux, is SGD intuitive enough?06:44
mattgyver83Unfortunately looking at that forum, the only thing i can think is that somewhere in your menu.lst the path isnt correct.  Otherwise myself id assume it was corrupt, backup and reinstall.06:44
camelelmeistergrado: http://www.9down.com/Hiren-s-BootCD-v9-4-Incl-Keyboard-Patch-22256/ donwload as torrent06:44
mattgyver83But, that might not be the case.06:44
camelelit's a good tool to have06:44
phixxorStuntManMike: yes, it happened to me to, immediately after installing linux the first time :P06:44
unknowncodei get the all  updates06:44
cameleleven not only for anti-virus scanning06:44
phixxorStuntManMike: it has really good explanations06:44
StuntManMikephixxor: ok..06:44
StuntManMikealright thanks. I'll try that. anyway.. what's the worst thing that can happen??06:45
unknowncodephixxor:and install it06:45
phixxorunknowncode: alright, did hardware drivers install the correct drivers?06:45
crunchbangcan someone please help me06:45
phixxorStuntManMike: the only thing worse it could do is mess up your booting06:45
camelelStuntManMike: have you tried to put only /boot on your bootable hardisk and / and home on diffrent hd?06:45
crunchbangpyNeighborhood failed to scan workgroup what am I doing wrong?06:45
phixxorbut seeing as yours is already messed up... heh06:46
unknowncodephixxor:i have a problem with my vga car06:46
phixxorunknowncode: what kind of card, what kind of problem?06:46
StuntManMikecamelel: obviously no, 'cause I don't quite understand your jargon =P06:46
SimonXhello, anyone know how to kill user who access url in squid?06:47
phixxormattgyver83: alright, so check the paths, and if they are correct, backup and reinstall?06:47
britta_?question. Does anybody have a suggestion why nothing happens when I click the download link on http://earth.google.com/intl/en_uk/ ?06:47
SimonXI am using Intrepid06:47
unknowncodephixxor : 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 03)06:47
StuntManMikebritta_ right click on the link06:47
britta_StuntManMike: when I right click I get a menu...06:47
* m4rtin sleepy :)06:47
meistergradocamelel: still not working, for some reason I can't unrar files :\06:47
rohilguys to get wireless to work, what will i have to do ? The wireless adapter seems to be Lan Express IEEE 802.11g pcl-e adapter. Only the driver for this adapter will suffice ? please help.06:47
StuntManMikewell choose open URL06:48
rwwbritta_: Do you have NoScript or something similar active. The URL it sends me to is http://earth.google.com/intl/en_uk/download-earth.html06:48
camelelStuntManMike: ok when you setup Ubuntu, one of the first steps is to make linux partitions, now, what i advice you is to decrease the size of your windowx xp partition using PQ magic, and creating a new partition for mount point "/boot" , it needs to be 1.5 times the amount of ram you've got06:48
mattgyver83phixxor, IMO its the easiest out06:48
mattgyver83backup your data if you can salvage it and reinstall ubuntu06:48
FireVaihi everyone06:48
britta_rww yes, that's the url. No script is not active, but adblock+ is06:48
FireVaii need a lil help please06:48
cameleland the rest of the partitions.. can be on a non-bootable partition06:49
Tanis143Anyone familar with video capture cards in here?06:49
FireVaii'm kinda new to ubuntu06:49
phixxorrohil: do you have windows drivers for this device? if ubuntu doesn't configure it automatically, ndiswrapper may wokr for your card06:49
StuntManMikecamelel: damn your solution seems hard and dangerous06:49
StuntManMikecamelel: (for a linux novice like me..)06:49
Tanis143I'm having issues getting the sound out of my vid cap card06:49
camelelStuntManMike: ok let me try and simplize it06:49
FireVaii configured my kernel, but lost as to what to do next.. can someone help please06:49
britta_StuntManMike: that's not an option in the menu.06:49
mattgyver83Your manually partitioning?06:49
phixxorcamelel: will sgd work for StuntManMike ?06:49
crunchbangpyNeighborhood failed to scan workgroup what am I doing wrong?06:49
StuntManMikebritta_: well I don't know then!06:49
phixxorcamelel: super grub disk06:49
camelelshould work in my opinion06:50
StuntManMikeyeah I'm more with phixxor solution :P06:50
britta_StuntManMike and rww thanks06:50
mattgyver83Does anyone know how i can connect to a PAN, or Network Access point in ubuntu?06:50
cameleli thought my solution is easier :P06:50
phixxorhaha, you will see why it's called super06:50
StuntManMikeok ok I'll burn it right now06:50
unknowncode phixxor:i have i windows driver  but whats ndiswrapper06:50
SimonXhello, anyone know how to kill user who accessed url in squid?06:51
rohilphixxor , I am on windows partition of the same laptop and can access wifi through the same driver06:51
phixxorunknowncode: sorry, that was for someone else. what problem are you having with your graphics?06:51
StuntManMikewell I do have a simple solution: everytime I wanna boot in Ubuntu, I just need to go in the BIOS settings, disable the SATA containing WinXP and when booting from HDD, It'll boot Ubuntu on the only left disk06:51
rohilso yes my windows has its driver .. thats how i am chatting right now06:51
omid8bimohey guys, sometimes my hdd starts working hard and i don't know why, and slows down the system. how can i find out what is eating my harddisk I/O?06:51
StuntManMikebut that's not soooo practical06:51
ryanCHhow do you zoom in using 3ddesktop?06:51
meistergradoCedega vs. WINE?06:51
FireVaiso can someone please help with this kernel config please06:52
phixxorrohil: alright, great. check to see if your card works with ndiswrapper in the wifi docs, and if it does, you can install ndiswapper06:52
FireVaii have it done, i just dont know what to do next06:52
mattgyver83meistergrado, if you have to use windows, use windows ';\06:52
cameleli'll be right back06:52
phixxor!wifi | rohil06:52
ubotturohil: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:52
FireVaimake and make install arnt working]06:52
w00b3what's the ubuntu equivalent of character map?06:52
meistergradoI mean for games... that is literally all I need from windows, aside from printer drivers and networking..06:52
FireVaisays i am missing my bzimage06:52
phixxorrohil: use the wireless cards supported link on that page06:53
unknowncodephixxor: when i type compize in the terminal a got this (Checking for Xgl: not present.06:53
unknowncodeNo whitelisted driver found06:53
unknowncodeaborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity06:53
unknowncodeWindow manager warning: Failed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due to a system crash. See http://www.gnome.org/projects/gconf/ for information. (Details -  1: Failed to get connection to session: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the re06:53
FloodBot2unknowncode: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:53
CarlFK1how do I make espeak work? (it used to, I think the pulse audio hozed it06:53
phixxorunknowncode: if you are using integrated graphics you may not be able to use compiz, or have hardware acceleration06:53
rohil@phixxor , thanks ! let me check and get back06:53
=== ein_ is now known as michelle
omid8bimohey guys, sometimes my hdd starts working hard and i don't know why, and slows down the system. how can i find out what is eating my harddisk I/O?06:53
[[thufir]]how do I start/stop a service?  /etc/....?  can't find it06:53
FireVai[[thufir]], type top in a terminal06:54
sheep[[thufir]]: /etc/init.d?06:54
camelelSGD owns06:54
unknowncodephixxor: ooopss06:54
FireVaithen hit ctrl C when you see it, and then type kill PID number or killall <name of process>06:54
StuntManMikeBE RIGHT BACK if everything went well06:54
StuntManMikethx again everyone06:55
[[thufir]]sheep:  ah, that's it I think06:55
w00b3what's the ubuntu equivalent of character map?06:55
w00b3or is there one?06:55
phixxorunknowncode: it's ok :P06:55
Light-I think its in Applicatons->Acessories06:55
rwww00b3: Applications > Accessories > Character Map06:55
halyconhey everyone I occasionally get a really odd display problem sometimes when I start ubuntu or right now when I resumed from Standby the whole screen is filled with __ covering the whole screen. Is there anyway I can fix this without restarting?06:56
w00b3who would have guessed06:56
unknowncodebut i have a general problem like when i play a movie and make it full screen the screen play slow06:56
omid8bimoany one?06:56
FireVaiunknowncode, are ya using compiz?06:56
FireVaioh ok06:56
Light-halycon: it looks like you're one of the unlucky ones that standby doesnt work properly for06:56
phixxorunknowncode: your computer might just be too slow06:57
w00b3how do you download the Mongolian characters?06:57
FireVaican someone point me in the right direction on finishing this kernel config please?06:57
unknowncodethx for ur help phixxor :)06:57
halyconLight-, oh there are sometimes when it resumes fine but right now I just resumed and my display is all corrupted06:57
phixxorunknowncode: no problem :)06:57
FireVaihalycon, how old is your monitor?06:58
mattgyver83halycon, maybe just crtl+alt+backspace and log back in06:58
Light-halycon: try ctrl+alt_backspace (to restart X) and if that doesnt work then you'll need to restart the whole PC06:58
w00b3id like to order some mongolian fried characters please06:58
phixxorw00b3: mmmmmmmm06:58
halyconFireVai, it is the lcd of my laptop and it is only a year old or less06:58
FireVaioh ok halycon06:59
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:59
halyconok guys07:00
mattgyver83Does anyone know how i can make ubuntu recognize my NAP, or PAN service (not even sure if there two different things007:00
halyconill give that s hot07:00
w00b3ubottu doesnt know anything about characters07:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nap07:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pan07:00
Light-what is NAP/PAN?07:00
mattgyver83Network Access Point07:00
unknowncodeanyone here write a java application on ubuntu terminal07:00
Light-unknowncode, lolwut07:01
mattgyver83PAN is a service, i belive its what you use to create a NAP07:01
Light-mattgyver83, never heard of it lol07:01
CoUrPsE|DeAdwhen putting applications into sessions to boot up when logging in, what should i added to the command to make the application get sent to a different virtual desktop?07:01
mattgyver83Light, me either!  Im just trying to tether internet connection from my G1 to my ubuntu laptop, and thast what i gotta do...07:02
mattgyver83some bull...07:02
unknowncodei mean i want to write a java and compile it07:02
unknowncodeon ubuntu07:02
Light-mattgyver83, so like internet connection sharing? try Firestarter07:02
dnyyMy sound has stopped working.  It was working fine until I went into services/daemons and checked "alsa-utils" then unchecked it (was unchecked originally).  I've tried reloading, force reloading, and reinstall.  Nothing seems to work, though.  Any ideas? :(07:02
mattgyver83go to alsa-mixer, make sure that the volume is up07:03
dnyyIt is, not muted either.07:03
mattgyver83or i think you can actually alsa-mixer restart07:03
Light-dnyy: what does "sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils start" do?07:03
rohil@phixxor , Atheros which is the manufacturer of my wifi card is not listed in the "Cards supported" page but it is listed at the main wifi docs page07:04
mattgyver83I have problems every once in a while with videos hanging and i have to restart alsa07:04
dnyyLight- says "Setting up ALSA.." But no sound still.07:04
mattgyver83Light, i think it just starts the ALSA daemon.07:04
mattgyver83oh, nm07:04
dnyyHow do you restart alsamixer?  I've tried suspending/reloading/etc alsa and nothing has worked, but I don't get any errors to go by. :/07:04
mattgyver83im pretty sure its alsa-mixer restart, that didnt work?07:05
Light-dnyy: have you tried restarting your PC? (making sure alsa-utils is checked in Services)?07:05
rwwLight-: /etc/init.d/alsa-utils doesn't start or stop anything. It stores and restores the volume level on shutdown and startup. ALSA has a kernel component and is started there, iirc.07:05
dnyyLight- I havne't restarted WITH it checked, because it was unchecked previously (when sound was working).  Should I try it anyway?07:06
dnyymattgyver83: restarting alsamixer did nothing. ;/07:06
mattgyver83sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart07:06
mattgyver83sorry, i was way off.07:06
dnyySays its shutting down, starting up, then finishes. But no sound. :/07:07
Light-dnyy: dunno whats going on then, try with it checked if all else fails07:07
dnyyI wish it'd at least give me some errors. :(07:07
rwwdnyy: run "alsamixer" (without sudo) at the terminal and make sure that your volume isn't muted07:07
dnyyrww: it isn't07:07
rwwdnyy: Did you check that in alsamixer, or in the GUI?07:07
mattgyver83does it still do it after a reboot07:07
Light-dnyy: In system->preferences->sound, click "test" by one of the thingys, does an error come up?07:07
dnyyI'm using openbox, don't have a sound test. ;/07:08
dnyythat I know of, at lesat07:08
dnyyleast*  I'm spelling horrible right now. ;<07:08
mattgyver83And have you tryed different types of media to make sure its just not a volume setting on one (ie youtube player turned down)07:08
dnyyYuh, it doesn't even play the startup sound in GDM07:08
Light-dnyy: to launch from terminal is gnome-sound-properties07:08
mattgyver83Man, might be broke.  j/k outta my scope...07:09
omid8bimohey guys, sometimes my hdd starts working hard and i don't know why, and slows down the system. how can i find out what is eating my harddisk I/O?07:09
CoUrPsE|DeAdwhen putting applications into sessions to boot up when logging in, what should i added to the command to make the application get sent to a different virtual desktop?07:09
dnyyLight- brb, gonna restart first.07:09
Light-omid8bimo, its probably because Linux is swapping out to disk07:09
Gumbydoes anyone here know what a .bundle is?  I'm downloading the latest vmware and it comes in .rpm and .bundle07:09
omid8bimoLight-: i don't have any swap drive07:10
Light-Gumby: lolwut, never heard of it07:10
GumbyLight-: I know07:10
Light-omid8bimo, thats a little dangerous :\ dunno then07:10
omid8bimoLight-: i know :)07:10
rwwGumby: VMWare Workstation or Server?07:10
Gumbyrww: workstation07:10
omid8bimoLight-: i just wanna know where to check and find out that specific process07:11
rwwGumby: According to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Workstation you should just be able to run it in a terminal. See that page.07:11
Gumbyrww: thanks07:11
Light-omid8bimo, no idea sorry, all I know about is top and the system monitor thingy in gnome07:11
omid8bimoLight-: thanks anyway dude07:12
dnyyWhen it booted back up alsa-utils was unchecked again. :/07:13
Light-dnyy: virus? :P im out of ideas then, do you have gnome-sound-properties ?07:14
=== webirc-6 is now known as Thxpnp^laptop
dnyydon't have it07:14
dnyyI'll install it real quick if it doesn't require a shit ton of other gnome things07:14
Light-it probably will07:14
Light-all it does is allow you to choose default audio providers and test them07:14
Light-if the test fails it usually produces a good error though07:15
dnyydoesn't even show up in apt-get07:16
dnyyI do have gnome-volume-manager, though07:16
gogereaverthe servers burbing ahhh07:17
dnyyhaha, I half feel retarded and half still don't get it07:17
dnyygnome-volume-manager had everything muted even though it wasn't showing so in alsamixer07:17
dnyyI didn't know I had gnome-volume-manager, much less use it, so I have no idea how they got muted. :/07:17
operai type "sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf" in terminal. how can i quit?07:18
Light-dnyy: so its working now?07:18
dnyyLight- Yup, thanks for the help. :)  Still horribly confused as to what happened, but at least it works. :P07:18
gogereaverthis key :07:18
gogereaverthats shift07:18
gogereaverthen save and quit via commands07:19
gogereaveror have a forgotten lol07:19
moDumasshey all, um, had a power outage and now i cant mount my hdds07:20
Light-moDumass: errors?07:20
moDumassi get a "mount timeout" error07:20
gogereavermoDumass chkdsk them if there ntfs07:20
moDumassLight-, yeh mount error 110 = Connection timed out07:20
Light-fsck them if theyre ext07:20
moDumassLight and gogereaver, they exist, my other machines are streaming from them07:20
Light-eh? cant you only copy data from a MOUNTED drive?07:21
rwwopera: To quit and save changes, press the escape key, then the : key, then the w key then enter, then escape colon q enter. To quit without saving, do escape colon q! enter07:22
rwwopera: Oh, and next time, use nano instead of vi. Vi is ridiculous.07:23
Light-rww: careful, you might start a religious war :P07:24
chriswkactually vi allows you to queue commands so writing to file and quitting is done in one step by :wq07:24
gogereaverLight- hehe07:24
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moDumassLight-, no i can usually read, write, do the whole lot07:25
moDumassbut now, this machine cant even see the NAS07:25
gogereaverthe wars on07:25
Light-oh, so you're mounting nfs shared drives from a nas?07:25
=== JamesMowery|away is now known as JamesMowery
Light-or smb drives?07:25
moDumassLight-, the are smb drives07:25
gogereaveri bet the samba keys changed07:26
Light-gogereaver: samba has keys? lol07:26
trollboywhy is it, when I click on a window it doesn't get focus.. although I can select/drag/etc... I have to alt-tab or click on the application bar07:26
gogereaverLight- if hes using securty07:27
gogereaveror the ip adresses changed07:27
Light-right. I was going to suggest restarting samba on the nas, making sure he could ping the nas, then trying again07:27
vikymy boot drive is shown as unknown in gparted and i get grub eroor17 at boot what is happening?07:27
moDumassLight- and they are streaming to an xbmc at the moment, but i usually can read and write to them from this machine, but not today07:28
gogereaverviky: it usb07:28
vikyno normal hdd07:28
Light-moDumbass: dunno whats going on then07:28
pentatonicbeen years since i've been on irc07:28
gogereaverviky: well you can try supergrub live cd to try and fix it07:28
Yuki_narutofanAnyone can help get Ubuntu connected via ADSL?07:28
gogereaverviky: or the ubuntu live cd07:28
operahello. i type' sudo -i" to arrive the "#"state  ,and how can i return back the "$" state?07:28
vikyi am on ubuntu live cd right now07:29
Flannelopera: use 'exit' to leave a root terminal07:29
HemebondEvening all. Is Firefox really slow for everyone else?07:29
Light-Yuki_narutofan, plug into adsl modem. im assuming DHCP is enabled on the modem. thats all there is to it07:29
pentatonicopera: sudo passwd07:29
gogereaverYuki_narutofan use the network setup in ubuntu it has adsl settings07:29
damohey, whats the best tv tuner card for a pc running ubuntu?07:29
pentatonicwill ask for user password, then promt for ne UNIX passwd. that will be your root password. then07:30
Yuki_narutofanConnected, but it doesn't work. Also, I need to do it from the command line.07:30
Yuki_narutofanWhen i restart networking, I get "No DHCPOFFERS received."07:30
pentatonicuse new password07:30
pentatonicyou be logged into rot07:30
Yuki_narutofan...and cannot ping anything on the Internet07:31
Flannel!noroot | pentatonic07:31
ubottupentatonic: We don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)07:31
pentatonicmakes sense07:31
gogereaverYuki_narutofan sometimes you need to powercycle a modem with a new os07:31
balrog__is there a way i can tell (on a macro scale) how similar two files are?07:31
gogereaverYuki_narutofan sounds like it07:31
TuxMan2how do I send a command to an xterm windows??? for example : xterm -geometry 120x40  ....." how to make it list files ?? (ls)?07:31
Flannelbalrog__: besides diff?07:31
Yuki_narutofanI power-cycled07:32
Yuki_narutofanThe modem is connecting ok07:32
Yuki_narutofan...and pppoe is connecting ok, but I still cannot ping the Internet07:32
HemebondIn fact my whole Ubuntu system is quite slow since upgrading to 8.04.07:32
vikydo i need to format my boot and reinstall the grub?07:33
gogereaverviky no07:33
gogereaverviky you can restore grub manuly07:33
vikyhow to do that?07:33
balrog__Flannel: well, they're completely different files, not just different versions of files07:33
Flannel!grub | viky, first link07:33
ubottuviky, first link: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:33
gogereaverviky easy way is to use supergrub07:33
Flannelbalrog__: right, diff works on arbitrary files.07:33
gogereaverviky its a grubtoolset on a live cd07:34
TuxMan2ok found it07:34
vikyok i will try supergrub07:34
soulangelalguien habla español07:34
Yuki_narutofan..also, when I do ifconfig, I see two entries for eth0: eth0 and also eth0:avahi -- not sure what that means07:34
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.07:34
damoi have a pci video card how do i get it to run on ubuntu?07:34
damoi have a pci tv card how do i get it to run on ubuntu?07:35
balrog__Flannel: well, they arent that similar so im going to get thousands of different lines returned.  is there a way i can get diff to count the different lines in the files?07:35
viky"find  /grub/stage1" gives error 1507:36
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
gogereaverviky as i said try the toolset cd it can even boot a broken grub setup07:37
IkanCould someone assist me with making grub my default bootloader?07:37
gogereaverIkan it should be07:38
Yuki_narutofanI get pppoe connected but cannot access the internet... any ideas?07:38
Ikangogereaver, I installed the grub onto the ubuntu partition itself07:38
Defcon1IKan did you install windows again or something?07:38
IkanI had vista installed previously07:39
bthorntonwhere do I set the passkey for Bluetooth on an laptop running Intrepid?07:39
gogereaverIkan you can use the live cd or supergrub to move grub07:39
IkanI attempted to do that07:39
gogereaverIkan then supergrub07:39
Ikanbut then Vista says it can't find bootmgr in which I need to replace said grub07:39
Defcon1you followed this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435107:40
IkanDefcon, I used a slightly varied version of that07:40
IkanI'll try using those exact same steps then07:40
Flannelbalrog__: try diff -y --suppress-common-lines filw1 file2 | wc -l07:40
Rohan_SMYuki if you need to login b4 connecting to internet try that. Ubuntu needs no NIC drivers. If your ISP provides some software to login such as dialer install it b4 logging in. if You are using DHCP then you need to repair connection by clicking on it. If you dont use DHCP then configure it properly07:40
Flannelbalrog__: that'll output diff in (one of the combinations) of sane ways that you'll then be able to count the lines of.07:41
Defcon1i recently installed windows 7 and reinstalled grub follwoing the first section07:41
Yuki_narutofanRohan, it's already logged in, already connected. CHAP is authenticated.07:41
gogereaverDefcon1 vista with more blot07:42
gogereaverDefcon1 ll07:42
damoi need a little help here, what should i do? --->>> You must run mythtv-setup as a user in the 'mythtv' group in order to complete mythtv configuration.  Note that this program requires an X display, so you must either login to an X session as a user in the 'mythtv' group, or otherwise arrange for that user to have access to your X display.07:42
=== JamesMowery is now known as JamesMowery|away
balrog__Flannel: that should work.  thank you for your help.07:43
xp_prg2hi can anyone help me to make a cgi-bin directory?07:43
Defcon1gogereaver i like the interface better, and i dont think there is more bloat07:44
roarkecan anyone help me download a file from an ftp, but make it encrypted?07:45
leonida1how do i make an irc account07:45
dnyyleonidal: '/msg nickserv register' and it'll tell you what you need to do07:46
dnyyI can't remember it offhand07:46
Boohbahroarke: sftp07:46
opera!atp get07:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about atp get07:46
Boohbah!apt | opera07:47
ubottuopera: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)07:47
Flannel!apt | opera07:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about atp-get07:47
roarkeBoohbah, how do i use sftp?07:47
* Panarchy says Hi07:47
Flannelroarke: Do you control the server?07:48
Brack10Hi there...07:48
roarkei have a login07:48
* gogereaver dies07:48
PanarchyI'm trying to work out how to boot into my computer07:48
PanarchyI get an error in GRUB07:48
Brack10for PPC support, should I use the community port or go with another distro?07:48
Boohbahroarke: try connecting with an sftp client to see if they offer that service07:48
gogereaverPanarchy you can restore the windows mbr and use wingrub to boot linux07:48
Flannelroarke: Ah.  Well, if they only provide ftp access, you can't.  But, try to connect to the server and instead of using 'ftp' use 'sftp' on your client (almost all clients support both)07:48
roarkeit can't be done with the terminal?07:48
ubottuThe graphical user interface (GUI) in Ubuntu is composed of many elements, including the !X server, a window manager, and a desktop environment such as !GNOME or !KDE (which themselves use the !GTK and !Qt toolkits respectively)07:48
palluhello all of you07:49
Flannelroarke: sftp is equivalent to ftp07:49
Panarchygogereaver: Is there a better way?07:49
Flannelroarke: (the programs, that is)07:49
gogereaverPanarchy thats how i do it being my drive is usb and grub doesent like that07:49
Panarchygogereaver: Wait, everything is working again07:50
roarkeAlso, to use a proxy, do you have to pay usually?07:50
PanarchyTook 3 repeats of the exact same method ( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=442945 )07:50
camelelPanarchy: i have Ubuntu running from y USB flashdisk07:50
PanarchyBut now is booting normally!07:50
camelelwhat's the error you're getting?07:50
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
PanarchyThanks anyways guys07:51
gogereaverroarke thers a tone of free puplic proxys07:51
gogereavergetting a fast one can be hard07:51
roarkeah, i need one to make use of my gigabit connection07:51
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
gogereavergood luck07:52
Panarchyrarke: Tor?07:52
gogereaverwhy would you wanna proxy a gigabit07:52
roarkeisp is blocking the site i'm dling from07:53
roarkewell, limiting it07:53
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
Panarchyroarke: Read into VPN things07:54
Panarchysuch as Steganos07:54
Panarchynot free though07:54
Boohbahroarke: get a cheap vps hosting service and run openvpn on it07:55
syn-finvirtual private server07:55
PanarchyVirtual Private Server?07:55
gogereaverget a new isp07:55
syn-finwww.1and1.com for example07:55
Panarchynever heard it before07:55
moDumasshmm, drives dont show up in gparted either07:55
gogereaveronly way to make those lame isps stop limiting07:56
gogereaveri dunped comcast when they blocked bt07:56
moDumassbut they are drifting through the same router that connects the nas to the xbmc07:56
roarkei'm at a university07:56
syn-finenforce encryption on bt thats all you have to do07:56
moDumassraorke, also change the port thats used and use something like tor07:56
gogereaverdoesent mater i have windstream now knothing is limited07:57
gogereaverfaster and cheaper07:57
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s_abiramithis is a question i get .. .could any one help me with this  . .plz .. . .http://pastebin.com/m88e03f207:59
Flannels_abirami: again, this is not the correct channel for those sorts of questions.08:01
s_abiramiwhere can i ask Flannel08:01
Flannels_abirami: Earlier today I told you to try ##linux.  But really, as this is homework, perhaps you ought to read your course materials, or ask your classmates, etc.08:02
achilleshello, what file does the command show "crontab -l" is it /etc/crontab ?08:03
miranda_psianyone know much about fixing problems with wubi disk UUIDs?08:03
s_abirami:) but i cant understand that Flannel  so only i am seeking for help from u08:04
[[thufir]]how do I find where catalina_home is for tomcat?  it's not where the ubuntu help page says it should be.08:04
zophyit is good for you to be meeting me08:05
proximo /msg NickServ identify08:06
Flannelachilles: /var/spool/cron/crontabs/*08:08
Flannelwell, * is usernme08:08
achillesFlannel, thank you .. I got confused .. I see tasks not in /etc/crontab ... thanks08:08
miranda_psianyone know much about fixing problems with wubi disk UUIDs?08:09
jinja-sheepDangerous question -- Is it even possible to wipe out everything in ~/ ?08:09
Flanneljinja-sheep: everything in your homedir?08:10
jinja-sheepFlannel:  I went through several test trails and messing around on this computer.   However, my laptop is a clean slate... with all my preferred apps and configurations.08:10
Flanneljinja-sheep: Yes, its possible to wipe out everything from your home folder.  That's how it starts before you log in for the first time, etc.08:11
[[thufir]]when tomcat is installed via https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/tomcat.html where is CATALINA_HOME located?08:11
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
miranda_psianyone know much about fixing problems with wubi disk UUIDs? or how to recover information from the root.disk file?08:13
jedexi booted intrepid live cd, mounted a 500gig vfat usb drive, and the drive shows a capacity of 465gb. any idea how to fix this?08:13
jinja-sheepFlannel:  What about ssh+sftp?  So if I ran a command "sudo m -rf /home/chris/*"  -- That'll still safe, right?  Then start transferring large amounts of files?  I'd need to preserve openssl-server... ?08:13
jinja-sheepjedex:  It's the size.  Manufacturers use 1000 MiB.    We use 1024 MiB.08:14
* CoUrPsE|DeAd nods with jinja-sheep.08:14
miranda_psijedex: there is no problem to fix there - hdds dont have the capacity they say and the filesystem itself uses a part of that...08:14
Flanneljinja-sheep: your SSH server doesn't exist inside of ~/08:14
=== Freeyorp_ is now known as Freeyorp|Away
jinja-sheepFlannel:  You're right.  I was aware of .ssh... but it's just known_hosts.  Blah.  However.... When I do make the transfer, the configuration and everything will be same?  (Wouldn't mess up?)  Both are running amd64.  I need to learn more about the importance of home directory... and to narrow the gap of home directory in linux... in my head. :)08:16
jedexthe same drive in my windows box shows 12 gigs free on the drive08:16
tokihey guys im a noob to linux  i have a reesolution problem im pretty sure my drivers are fine i just think im having problems with my monitor being reconized  its a 32" hd lcd with vga outputs08:17
Flanneljinja-sheep: actually, ~/* won't touch dotfiles at all, since * doesn't glob to dotfiles by default08:18
jedexthere is only 453gigs used on the drive08:18
jedexbut intrepid says its full08:18
jinja-sheepFlannel:  Is it the wrong command?  What command should I be using?08:18
g0tchahey guys. 9.x is already out or something?08:19
jinja-sheep!januty | g0tcha08:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about januty08:19
jinja-sheepHmm. :o08:19
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.08:19
jinja-sheepThanks Yasumoto. :)08:19
Yasumotog0tcha ^^08:19
Yasumotono worries, just happened to catch it :)08:19
miranda_psianyone know much about fixing problems with wubi disk UUIDs? or how to recover information from the root.disk file?08:19
jedexany idea why the 12 free gigs is not available on linux, but it is on xp?08:20
jinja-sheepmiranda_psi:  I don't use WBUI.  You might have better luck in the forums or... WUBI Faq.  I'm sure you checked them tho, right?08:21
jinja-sheep!swap | jedex08:21
ubottujedex: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info08:21
tokiany help guys08:21
jedexswap space is allocated for external drives as well?08:21
jedexi mean, on the drive itself08:22
miranda_psijinja-sheep: quickly, but I didn't find anything useful08:22
jinja-sheepjedex:  External drives, not really.  Either Ubuntu (or you) generally set swap space on the same drive Ubuntu is installed to.08:22
Flanneljinja-sheep: That will work to copy all files/folders that don't start with a dot.  http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/globbingref.html  Is a reasonable rundown of how it works.  However, I can't find the page I'm looking for.  *dont* use '.*'  There's a better one (that's extremely dangerous), let me find it.08:22
jedexjinja: thats what i thought - so there shouldnt be any swap space on my external usb then right?08:23
jinja-sheepFlannel:  I kept telling myself that one day, I always want to try the deadliest command on my testing machine.  >_>08:23
jinja-sheepjedex:  Right.08:23
jedexhm, so any idea why linux thinks the drive is full?08:23
jinja-sheepjedex:  You say you got 500G. That's the marketing numbers.  500 sounds better than 488 something.08:24
jedexyeah, i understand that now08:24
Myrttijedex: have you deleted the trash?08:24
jinja-sheepjedex:  What do you mean by that.... full ?08:24
jedexthere's i guess ~465 max - but only 453 is used08:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about openldap08:24
jinja-sheepjedex:  If you plugged the external drive in, and can't access... that might be chown permission issue.08:24
ubottuLDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information and installation instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer08:24
jedexwindows can see that there is ~12 gigs free, but linux doesnt08:24
Myrtticheck if you have a hidden .Trash directory on the drive.08:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pdns08:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pdns-server08:25
jinja-sheepjedex:  Run "sudo aptitude autoclean"08:25
CoUrPsE|DeAdshould be 488GB.08:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about powerdns08:25
jedexi can access it, and read and write to it. linux thinks i have about 250k free08:25
tokihey can anyone help with a resolution problem08:25
ubottuDNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, and is an internet system used to translate names into IP Address.08:25
CoUrPsE|DeAdHumm, my calcing must be wrong, that still seems to much.08:25
Flanneljinja-sheep: I suppose it's .[!.]*08:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dhcpd308:26
Flanneljinja-sheep: The !. is important, because you don't want it to recurse *up* the tree (..)08:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dhcp308:26
ubottudhcp is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a protocol for automatic IP assignment from a router. Ubuntu uses dhclient as a DHCP client but other ones (and DHCP servers too) can be obtained from the !repos. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DHCP08:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dhclient08:26
jinja-sheepFlannel:  What about the extra packages that weren't in ~/ ?  (such as openssl-server).  I'm trying to resort back to clean slate with the installation (alternate disc) progress.08:26
jinja-sheepwithout **08:26
Flanneljinja-sheep: There are no packages that install to ~, I don't know what you mean.08:27
ActionParsniphey all, quick question about x forwarding. Am I correct in thinking that ALL computation is done on the server side and the only thing the client does is display the app itself? Is that correct?08:27
ArmandiuxGSUbuntu Spanish Server?08:27
jedexill try that, thanks guys08:27
tokiActionParsnip: hey can you help me again with my resolution problem still cant figure it out08:27
ActionParsnip!es | ArmandiuxGS08:27
ubottuArmandiuxGS: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.08:27
ActionParsniptoki: what video card?08:27
miranda_psianyone know much about fixing problems with wubi disk UUIDs? or how to recover information from the root.disk file?08:28
jinja-sheepFlannel --   "sudo rm -rf ~/.[!.]*"   -- Correct?08:28
jinja-sheepI'm ftping certain files and directories before I do that.08:28
Flanneljinja-sheep: What are you talking about?  You just want to remove everything from your homedir?  You don't need to sudo anything in your homedir.08:28
Flanneljinja-sheep: Also, you shouldn't have to force anything in your homedir either.08:29
tokinvidia fx5200 pretty sure my drivers are working just not reconizing my monitor08:29
Flanneljinja-sheep: Explain what exactly you're trying to do.  Then we can help you.08:29
sloopyActionParsnip, yes, but display processing can be done local if you are using a fb instead of DRI08:29
tokiok im a noob so sorry but i have no idea what that means08:30
s_abiramiis there any way to bypass root pasword or to make automatic login by editing any files using live CD08:30
jinja-sheepFlannel:  It's for the directories.  I'm trying to make (this) machine resorting back to clean slate --- wiping out everything that I may install.... -- I suppose an exact clone of what's on my laptop right now.08:30
w00b3ירחם, אוי אלוהים, הייתי עיוור, אבל עכשיו אני רואה.08:30
w00b3sorry wrong window08:31
Flanneljinja-sheep: Ok.  *nothing* in your homedir has anything to do with the packages you've installed.  Your homedir only has your preferences and personal files.  To remove whatever packages you've installed, you'll have to use apt-get (or whatever your favorite package manager is).  If you actually want them to be identical to each other, you can use the following method:08:31
Flannel!cloning | jinja-sheep08:31
ubottujinja-sheep: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude --disable-columns --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate08:31
dayo_can anyone help me with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6547323#post654732308:32
ActionParsnipsloopy: cool, cheers man08:32
sloopyActionParsnip, np08:32
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning08:32
ActionParsniptoki: have you run sudo nvidia-xconfig or whatever it is?08:32
sarmisakdayo_: try this; 2>&1 > ....log08:33
ActionParsniptoki: you may have to manually edit xorg.conf for your monitor08:33
sarmisakdayo_: just 2 is not enough08:33
moDumassthis sounds wrong "hosts:          files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns mdns408:33
tokiActionParsnip:  yeah and like i said it allows me to edit the card functions fine just when i try to choose my monitor it only has crt-008:34
jinja-sheepFlannel: What distro flavour are you using?  The LTS version?08:34
dayo_sarmisak that worked, thanks! :-)08:34
tokiActionParsnip: how do i change it manually08:34
Flanneljinja-sheep: 8.04, yes.08:34
ActionParsniptoki: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf_works; gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:35
jinja-sheepFlannel:  Thank you for the links.  I'll be reading up on them now.  So I only have to do the said command then sync the home directory.  Pretty much it.08:35
jinja-sheep(said command for install/purge packages).08:35
ActionParsniptoki: the first bit backsup the good xorg.conf08:36
sarmisakdayo_: no p.08:36
Yuki-narutofanNeed some help here... I cannot access the Internet, though my ADSL line is connected.08:37
=== sean is now known as Guest84485
Yuki-narutofanWhen I restart networking, I get "No DHCPOFFERS received."08:37
Yuki-narutofanWhen i try to ping a host on the net, I get "Destination Host Unreachable"08:38
miranda_psianyone know much about fixing problems with wubi disk UUIDs? or how to recover information from the root.disk file?08:38
ActionParsnipYuki-narutofan: if you specify a static ip can you ping hosts?08:38
drcodehi all08:38
drcodehow can I burn files into dvd direct from filesystem08:39
drcodeI don't want to convert it into ISO08:39
Yuki-narutofanmiranda, when I try to specify static IP, I get other errors08:39
sarmisakYuki-narutofan: do you have a dhcp server on the network?08:39
[[thufir]]in installing java documentation, there's no file jdk-6-doc.zip instead it's jdk-6u10-docs.zip but does that matter? rename the file to what apt wants?08:39
sarmisakYuki-narutofan: or maybe you should check your network cable or card08:40
Yuki-narutofanI have eth0 connected to an ADSL modem, and ath0 as a wireless ap. There is a DHCP server for the wireless, yes.08:40
Yuki-narutofancables and cards are ok08:40
Dam0hi how do i configure my bt878-based TV card?08:41
ActionParsnipdrcode: can you clarify please, if you use a cd burning softwrae like k3b you can burn any files as long as they fit on the media08:41
ActionParsnip!tv | Dam008:41
ubottuDam0: http://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Me-TV (GNOME), Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out08:41
ActionParsnipDam0: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies-archive.cfm/621883.html08:42
SeverianHas anyone here setup an encrypted swap partition in Intrepid.  I get an error when booting after install and I suspect my /etc/crypttab may be wrong.08:43
ActionParsnipDam0: you need to modprobe bt878 and add the bt878 word to you /etc/modules08:43
Yuki-narutofanWhen I restart networking, I also see "dsl-provider: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device", but it looks like there is a pppoe connection08:43
Dam0ActionParsnip: ok i am new to ubuntu can u please guide me though this proccess?08:44
CoUrPsE|DeAdAnyone know any software for shoutcast broadcasting? Something that allows you to use mic?08:44
tokiActionParsnip: ok so how do i chAnge the settings in xorg08:44
sarmisakYuki-narutofan: ok, you are BEHIND the adsl modem, why is your system looking for dsl-provider?08:44
ActionParsnipDam0: sudo modprobe bt878; gksudo gedit /etc/modules08:44
sarmisakYuki-narutofan: I believe there is a pppd configured in your system, maybe you should check your /etc/network/interfaces file for more information08:45
ActionParsnipDam0: type at the end bt878 then press enter to end the line, save and exit08:45
Yuki-narutofanAnybody? i have spent hours on this and am ready to wipe Ubuntu and go back to Fedora08:45
ActionParsnip!ics | Yuki-narutofan08:45
ubottuYuki-narutofan: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php08:45
Yuki-narutofanI've looked at /etc/network/interfaces for hours08:45
Dam0ActionParsnip: ok done08:46
ActionParsnipDam0: you can now follow the guide08:46
=== bolexxx_away is now known as bolexxx
ActionParsnipDam0: editing that file will make that module load at boot08:46
ActionParsnipYuki-narutofan: can you pastebin you interfaces file please08:47
Yuki-narutofanthanks bot08:47
Yuki-narutofanwhat is pastebin?08:47
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:47
Yuki-narutofanok, let me try that08:47
Dam0ActionParsnip: i have no reply with damo@damo:~$ lsmod | grep bt8xx08:47
farciarz84hi, I want to configure vinagre from console, is't possible?08:47
ActionParsnipDam0: try lsmod | grep bt808:48
Dam0here i have; bt878                  17464  008:48
Dam0bttv                  171028  1 bt87808:48
bullgard4How to determine the executable file for the Invest applet?08:48
ActionParsnipDam0: ive not setup a tv card since mandrake 6 so i'm not an ideal guy to ask, i think the factoid will help08:49
Dam0okay mate cheers08:49
ActionParsnipbullgard4: which invest08:49
ActionParsnipbullgard4: if its a program08:49
Dam0factoid: can u plsm help me?08:49
ActionParsnip!tv | Dam008:49
ubottuDam0: http://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Me-TV (GNOME), Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out08:49
Dam0ohh u mean the website;;p08:49
farciarz84want to configure vinagre from console, is't possible?08:50
Dam0damo@damo:~$ ls -ld /dev/dvb/*08:50
Dam0ls: cannot access /dev/dvb/*: No such file or directory08:50
Dam0    <--- i have this error08:50
bullgard4ActionParsnip: '~$ which invest' does not produce any output. Do you have a better idea yet?08:50
ActionParsnipbullgard4: what is this "invest" thing?08:51
ActionParsnipDam0: try: file /dev/dvb08:51
ActionParsnip!info vinagre08:51
ubottuvinagre (source: vinagre): VNC client for the GNOME Desktop. In component main, is optional. Version 2.24.1-0ubuntu1.1 (intrepid), package size 971 kB, installed size 4580 kB08:51
Dam0didnt work08:51
bullgard4ActionParsnip: An applet. "Track your invested money."08:51
ActionParsnipDam0: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=40746308:52
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: considering its a vnc client for gnome id imagine you have a gui app to configure it08:53
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude --disable-columns --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate08:54
kinja-sheep--disable-columns is outdated.  What's the correct replacement?08:54
moDumasshey all, does anyone have any experience with CIFS becuase I cannot get this NAS to mount08:54
=== HacKBoX_ is now known as h4ck_b0x7
farciarz84ActionParsnip no, I want to configure vinagre (on my remonte pc ) but I have only a connection over ssh08:55
moDumassi can see it via browser, ie log in and set passwords08:55
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: oic, you could always use x forwarding to run the gui app as long as you have xlibs on the client pc08:56
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: but i see your point08:56
ActionParsnipbullgard4: you could always try: find / -name invest* 2>/dev/null08:57
farciarz84ActionParsnip how can I make x forwarding?08:57
CoUrPsE|DeAdIs there a command to ask my ISP what it nameservers are?08:57
farciarz84assuming I have a xlibs08:57
CoUrPsE|DeAdnslookup domain aint doing much good.08:57
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: if you havent changed ssh setup it will forward x08:57
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: if you are using a windows client you will need to install x libs08:57
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: if you are using a linux client: ssh X username@server08:58
=== ziroday` is now known as ziroday
farciarz84ok try tnx08:58
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: with putty you need to configure some settings08:58
farciarz84I'm using linux08:59
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: you can then launch gui apps over the secure link08:59
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: then ssh X user@serv08:59
ActionParsnipmight be lower case x08:59
bullgard4ActionParsnip: I have tried an alternative: The GNOME Search_for_Files. It does not return an executable file. (Otherwise I would not have posted a question here.) I returns some Python scripts.08:59
ActionParsnipyou can launch stuff like firefox and open office and stuff like that08:59
ActionParsnipbullgard4: ahhh then i'm guessing its a screenlet type of thing?09:00
farciarz84ActionParnisp ssh: Could not resolve hostname X: Name or service not known09:00
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: man ssh09:00
Seveasgooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodmorning #ubuntu!09:01
SeveasI love the smell of netsplits in the morning :)09:01
useruseruseruserSeveas, hi09:02
Seveaswoah, irseek k-lined?09:02
bullgard4ActionParsnip: I am using GNOME. In GNOME terminology, it is an applet. I believe that a screenlet is a term that roughly describes a similar thing. I do not know the exact diffeences.09:02
MyrttiSeveas: happens quite often09:03
Severianfarciarz84, If you can't call your ISP and ask, just use OpenDNS servers. and
SeveasMyrtti, ah, they must be doing something naughty then09:03
ActionParsnipbullgard4: you could add a script to startup to run the script at boot09:03
MyrttiSeveas: haven't looked into it09:03
bullgard4ActionParsnip: Well, I could. But this is not my problem. I would like to know more about the programming of this applet.09:04
ActionParsnipbullgard4: open the script in your favourite text editor, or contact the devs09:05
farciarz84ActionParsnip : I have put in console according to manual ssh -x -a user@ip but after authorisation no x war rised:( but normal ssh session09:06
superkuhI am having trouble on 8.04 64bit with a util-linux recommended update due to what seems to be a trivial architecture sub-naming check in a Errno.pl. Can I just edit it to pass? I have lots more detail here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/105079/09:06
bullgard4ActionParsnip: I have tried to find out where the devs linger but could not find that out so far. I have tried to find a subscription site to the associated mailing list but could not find it yet either.09:07
stdinfarciarz84: it's -X not -x, -x disables X11 forwarding09:07
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: should be: ssh -X user@server09:08
ActionParsnipbullgard4: thats all I can suggest, they made the app so they are the best folks to ask unless you can learn python and can decode whats going on09:08
farciarz84but it's the same09:09
bullgard4ActionParsnip: Yes. Thank you.09:09
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto09:09
[[thufir]]does anyone install tomcat from apt?09:11
ActionParsnip[[thufir]]: apt-cache search tom | grep -i cat09:11
ActionParsnip[[thufir]]: should tell yu the package name09:11
stdinfwiw, 'apt-cache search tomcat' shows it too09:12
unop!search tomcat09:12
stdin!info tomcat609:13
ubottutomcat6 (source: tomcat6): Servlet and JSP engine. In component main, is optional. Version 6.0.18-0ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 22 kB, installed size 252 kB09:13
stdin!info tomcat5.509:13
ubottutomcat5.5 (source: tomcat5.5): Servlet and JSP engine. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.5.26-3ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 57 kB, installed size 360 kB09:13
ActionParsnipstdin: didnt know if it was all one word, hence grep09:13
unopubottu's brain is fading09:13
stdinActionParsnip: I (attempted) to use it a few years ago, so I remembered09:13
stdinunop: you wanted !find, !search is for factoids09:14
ActionParsnip!find tomc*09:14
ubottuFound: apache2-suexec-custom, atomix, atomix-data, automake, automake1.4 (and 46 others)09:14
ActionParsnipoh well09:14
stdin!find tomcat09:15
ubottuFound: libtomcat6-java, tomcat6, tomcat6-admin, tomcat6-common, tomcat6-docs (and 7 others)09:15
stdinhttp://package.ubuntu.com is good too09:15
ActionParsnipjust curious of what he can do09:15
stdin* http://packages.ubuntu.com09:15
ActionParsnip!info tomcat*09:15
unopstdin, i seem to remember a factoid for tomcat09:15
ubottuPackage tomcat does not exist in intrepid09:15
=== k is now known as Guest47316
stdinActionParsnip: !info uses apt-cache show, !find uses apt-cache search, and then apt-file search if that returns nothing09:16
stdinso wild-cards are passed directly to them09:16
ActionParsnipwas just thinking if you did tomcat* it would output for both versions09:17
bullgard4ActionParsnip: In a local IRC channel a well-known Ubuntu developer told me that both terms are fuzzy and mean essentally the same.09:17
stdinnah, it's not smart enough :)09:17
Guest47316what do you people talk about on here09:17
ActionParsnipGuest47316: support for ubuntu questions and issues09:18
ActionParsnipstdin: he's pretty badass09:18
Guest47316anyone out there know how to bring back a panel on ubuntu09:19
ActionParsnipstdin: although !torrent and !torrents always gets me confused09:19
useruseruseruserGuest47316, what's a panel?09:19
ActionParsnipGuest47316: do you mean the top and bottom gnome panels?09:19
FenyaПривет народ! а  русскоговорящие есть?09:19
stdinActionParsnip: can't blame the bot for that, that's us editors ;)09:19
unop!ru | Fenya09:20
ubottuFenya: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke09:20
ActionParsnipstdin: true, you rapscallious bunch :P09:20
dAnjouHi ... wouldn'it be nice, if xchat joins automatically #ubuntu (or in my case #ubuntu-de :P) on startup (I mean, without any configuration, after installing ubuntu like in opensuse)?09:20
Guest47316yes, but let me try to explain, on my original panel I had a wifi bar that help me connect to a wireless network ever since I deleted it I have not been able to reconnect to my wifi09:20
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
reisidoes anyone know how to use oprofile with ubuntu server (missing vmlinux -- only compressed is available)?09:20
ActionParsnipdAnjou: pidgin has an autojoin option, maybe xchat does too09:21
dAnjouActionParsnip: you misunderstood me09:21
unopdAnjou, well, the default server and channel are irc.ubuntu.com and #ubuntu .. so all you have to do is connect09:21
dAnjouunop: in xchat?09:21
unopdAnjou, yes09:21
dody_hai how do you do?09:21
dayo_dAnjou i use irssi09:22
subtwoGuest47316: Try running "nm-applet&" from a terminal09:22
dAnjouafair xchat connected to nothing at my first start09:22
dayo_dAnjou on a screen session on our server09:22
ActionParsnipdAnjou: http://xchat.org/faq/#q2309:22
c0nfl|ct bom dia09:23
dAnjoua damn09:23
dAnjouActionParsnip: i said: you missunderstood me09:23
Guest47316 Could not acquire the NetworkManagerUserSettings service as it is already taken.09:23
unopc0nfl|ct, good day to you too!09:23
dAnjoui know how to autoconnect09:23
c0nfl|ctun :p09:24
dAnjoui need no technical support09:24
c0nfl|ctunop,  :p09:24
[[thufir]]ActionParsnip: i mean, do you download it or use apt?09:24
ActionParsnipdAnjou: then wassup?09:24
ActionParsnip[[thufir]]: sudo apt-get install <app name>09:24
dAnjoudayo_: i use irssi too09:24
Guest47316subtwo did not work09:24
[[thufir]]right, but how do you configure CATALINA_HOME from the apt version?  there are no directions for that09:25
=== Juliiiie is now known as antoine[maison]
ActionParsnip[[thufir]]: its the same version as if you install it via synaptic09:25
w00b3How Do you open a .bin file anyone?09:26
ActionParsnip[[thufir]]: "apt version" doesnt mean anything as all the package installers use the exact same repositorys09:26
dAnjouActionParsnip: my concern was, that xchat should automatically join #ubuntu after a fresh installation of ubuntu without any configuration09:26
dAnjouand unop means, xchat do it already09:26
ActionParsnipdAnjou: not everybody will want that09:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bin09:26
ActionParsnipdAnjou: assuming what a user will want to connect to is very rude imho09:27
dAnjouActionParsnip: it would be easier for beginners09:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about swappiness09:27
ActionParsnipw00b3: chmod +x <binfile>; ./<bin file>09:27
ActionParsnipdAnjou: it could be an install time option maybe09:27
dAnjouand ubuntu is mainly for beginners, isn't it?09:27
dAnjouopensuse do it too with konversation09:28
ActionParsnipdAnjou: not really, madriva is pretty user friendly09:28
FlanneldAnjou: This discussion isn't really on topic for this channel.  You should try #ubuntu-offtopic09:28
ActionParsnipdAnjou: and suse is nice for beginners too09:28
dAnjouActionParsnip: ubuntu want to be for beginners09:28
subtwoGuest47316: Ok, you probably already running the network manager then. try running "gnome-panel&"09:29
CoUrPsE|DeAdwhen putting applications into sessions to boot up when logging in, what should i added to the command to make the application get sent to a different virtual desktop?09:29
dAnjouFlannel: a thanks, it should be mentioned in the topic09:29
ActionParsnipdAnjou: i disagree but its offtopic here09:29
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_webkit
Guest47316ok so nm-applet did not work now what09:33
ActionParsniptry wifi-radar maybe Guest4731609:33
camelelcan anyone tell me the name of the package in ubuntu that lets you import my douments files from the windows machine on the same computer?09:34
zcat[1]is there a way of accessing 'gnome speech services' from the command line?09:34
icqnumberwhat package is suggested to use with gnome vim-gnome or vim-gtk?09:35
Flannelicqnumber: vim-gnome09:36
icqnumberFlannel, please explain you suggestion09:37
subtwoGuest47316: You said that the panels were gone, start them with "gnome-panel &"09:39
Flannelicqnumber: vim-gnome is in main, vim-gtk is in universe.  Other than that, they appear extremely similar except they depend on different packages.09:39
Fuzzyhey guys, i have question how to run exploits ?09:40
icqnumberFlannel, ok, thank you09:40
Fuzzyany help? i'm not that fuzzy who were here just minutes ago09:41
Fuzzysomeone will help or no?09:44
Guest47316have panel already but before I had the panel that came by default. On there I had a wifi bar once i deleted that panel I could never find my wifi bar again09:44
Flannel!helpme | Fuzzy09:44
ubottuFuzzy: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience09:44
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines09:44
ApocalypseI'm set to update my 8.04 to 8.10, but I have some old packages that needs updating and I'm on a slow link, would the 8.10 update also update them? I don't want to re-download 300mb of packages all over again :(09:45
ikoniaApocalypse: in some situations it has to update old packages before the update09:45
Apocalypseikonia: That's what I read but how do I know which packages? Obviously firefox, openoffice, etc isn't critical to the system - but there's like 200 more that I can't figure out :(09:45
ikoniaApocalypse: if you just do the upgrade it will update what it needs to before it upgrades09:46
Apocalypseikonia: Oh, the update manager is smart enough? That's excellent - thanks for your help!09:46
ikoniaApocalypse: should be09:46
ApocalypseAt least I have a partition image of the entire system so no worries if I screw it up or 8.10 doesn't work on my laptop :)09:47
ActionParsnipApocalypse: set it downloading when you go to bed, then it can take its sweet time ;)09:47
ApocalypseActionParsnip: Hah exactly my plan - it's 4:47am here and I'm ready to enter dreamland :)09:47
Guest47316anyone know how to make xtraceroute work better09:48
=== sleepy_cat is now known as dragon_flam
zenumhey, i'm experiencing a problem today where main KRDC screen (not a remote desktop screen but the main menu) is un full screen with no window border/title bar and I can't find a way to resize/move it09:49
SonderbladeHow can I find out which kernel version was included in Ubuntu Feisty?09:49
zenumIs there some keyboard shortcut or config file somewhere that i can change so that it appears in a certain position on the screen?09:50
zenumI'm running 8.1009:50
ActionParsnipApocalypse: used to do it on 56k with fresh installs of win98 getting updated sucked09:50
subtwoGuest47316: If you're desperate you could delete (or move it) the .gconf folder in your home directory and logout/login again.09:50
FlannelSonderblade: Since feisty is EOL, its been removed from most of the "normal" places to look.  But packages.ubuntu.com still has it (for now): http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=feisty&searchon=names&keywords=linux-image-generic09:51
FlannelSonderblade: Otherwise, you'd just have to check the manifest or listing of an ISO09:51
mrselfpwnanyone have a clue about  GLXBadDrawable in wine?09:51
ApocalypseActionParsnip: I know the feeling, I had a massive yak shaving session yesterday getting this laptop to dualboot vista+ubuntu09:51
mrselfpwnwith newest nvidia drivers09:51
ApocalypseUpdating now, wish me luck! - Nitey nite all :)09:55
ActionParsnipmrselfpwn: is it one app or all apps?09:56
mrselfpwnOne app09:56
ActionParsnipmrselfpwn: what app?09:56
w00b3ActionParsnip, may i pm you09:57
ActionParsnipw00b3: sure09:57
mrselfpwnWhen i first run it, it works09:57
Fudus3I am trying out ubuntu 8.10, and having difficulty in display. It only works in safe mode; in normal the screen goes blank after the ubuntu loading screen. I can hear the loading sound, but the monitor enters power saving mode. Radeon HD 485009:57
ActionParsnipmrselfpwn: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft09:57
Fudus3this is in live cd09:57
mrselfpwnThough if I exit the game and then try to restart it i get that error09:57
mrselfpwni have to leave X and then re enter for it to work again09:58
mrselfpwnso it works only once the, the first time i run it09:58
ActionParsnipmrselfpwn: read the guide is all i can sugest. i dont use wine for games but i believe that the doc is sound09:59
mrselfpwnwell actually09:59
ronnyanyone can help me with a weird driver issue, my laptop backlight acts really weird in x11 since a few days, its fine in textmode and win3209:59
mrselfpwnunder the configuration section on that page09:59
mrselfpwnit says09:59
ronnybascially as soon as im on battery its starts to flicker and gets really dark10:00
Fudus3any suggestions on what to do?10:01
Teknokill gnome-power-manager10:01
Leo_hello.somebody help. my computer was breakdown just now.i restart it .then all 3d effects can not be used ,why? how to fix it?10:01
Leo_anyone can help?10:03
ronnyTekno: was that directed at me?10:03
ActionParsnip1Leo_: wassup>10:03
Leo_the 3d effects can not be used now10:03
ActionParsnip1Leo_: have you installed video drivers?10:03
Teknoronny: yes10:04
humphreyhello all. can anyone tell me the terminal command to erase/format a data stick please?10:04
ronnyTekno: woot, that fixed it10:04
ronnyTekno: any idea why it causes that?10:04
Leo_i worked well before10:04
ronnyits kinda annoying10:04
Teknoronny: gnome-power-manager can do dimming to save power..10:04
ActionParsnip1humphrey: run sudo fdisk -l to identify the partition10:04
Leo_and once the computer broke down ,i restarted the computer. then i can not work.10:04
humphreyActionParsnip1: will do, thankyou10:05
ronnyTekno: the thing is as soon as i kill it, the display dimming works as its supposed to10:05
ActionParsnip1humphrey: then use mke2fs.<press tab here> /dev/partition name10:05
Teknoronny: you may need to somehow disable dimming features of it10:05
ronnyany idea where to look?10:05
sushanthdo u know any program to create flash  files10:06
Teknostart it, click the tray icon and there should be something related options10:06
ActionParsnip1humphrey: so if the partition is /dev/hdg2, and you want to use fat, you'd use: sudo mke2fs.vfat /dev/hdg210:06
Fudus3now i changed the screen resolution and the display is corrupted :/10:06
Fudus3Whenever I try linux it always breaks something :(10:06
ronnyTekno: hmm, it still causes weird effects10:07
ActionParsnip1Leo_: i'd just reconfigure your video as it appears to have broken in some way then10:07
Leo_how should i fix the problem ?10:08
ActionParsnip1Leo_: what gfx card do you have?10:08
ActionParsnip1Leo_: lspci | grep -i vga will tell you10:08
doktoreashello everybody10:08
ActionParsnip1hi doktoreas10:08
doktoreasis there any syntax for adding symlink to a gzip archive?10:08
ActionParsnip1doktoreas: ln -s /path/to/file.gzip /path/to/linkname10:09
ActionParsnip1doktoreas: or if you cd to the place you want the link, you can use: ln -s /path/to/file.gzip .10:09
Leo_00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82Q35 Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)10:10
humphreyActionParsnip1: erm.. says "mke2fs.vfat: command not found" did i miss something blatant?10:11
Teknoisnt it mk2fs.vfat10:11
Teknothere is extra 'e' in your text10:12
Leo_00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82Q35 Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)10:12
zorglu_q. if i install ubuntu in a VM, will beryl effects be available ?10:12
ActionParsnip1humphrey: mkfs.vfat10:12
ActionParsnip1humphrey: if a command doesnt work, try tab completing it with less characters10:12
ActionParsnip1zorglu_: as far as I am aware, no10:13
zorglu_ActionParsnip1: ok thanks10:13
ActionParsnip1Leo_: try editting xorg.conf and using Driver "intel"10:14
Leo_i am green on ubuntu , can you tell how??10:14
humphreyhurray, it worked! thankyou ActionParsnip1 and Tekno10:17
humphrey bye all10:17
ActionParsnip1humphrey: np bro10:18
ActionParsnip1Leo_: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:18
ashvalaHow do I update my EEE pc to OOO 3.0?10:19
ashvalathetutorials fail10:19
moDumasspop quiz.. make my nas go - with your huge mutant brains -10:19
Leo_i use this command only to open a blank file xorg.conf.  is that right?10:20
ActionParsnip1Leo_: the X in X11 is capitalised for a reason10:20
ActionParsnip1Leo_: linux is CasE SenSiTIve10:21
SonderbladeFlanel: thanks10:21
Leo_yes i know10:22
Leo_i typed it  capitalised10:22
ActionParsnip1Leo_: you can copy / paste to the terminal, no need to type10:22
ActionParsnip1Leo_: try tab completing the folder names10:22
Leo_ok , thanks10:22
Ward1983so xen on ubuntu server 8.04 is just not working? (is it there to waste bandwidth and HD space or something?)10:25
Leo_Section "Device"10:25
Leo_Identifier"Configured Video Device"10:25
Leo_Section "Monitor"10:25
Leo_Identifier"Configured Monitor"10:25
FloodBot1Leo_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:25
Ward1983so xen on ubuntu server 8.04 is just not working? (is it there to waste bandwidth and HD space or something?)10:25
ActionParsnip1Leo_: under "Configured Video Device", add a line that reads: Driver "intel"10:26
Ward1983hello olrrai10:26
olrrainatilus question: how to confirm when I move a folder using mouse?10:26
ActionParsnip1Leo_: save, close gedit then restart xserver10:27
ActionParsnip1Leo_: you may find if its no good that it uses the i810 driver10:27
ActionParsnip1Leo_: i couldnt find a great deal but you're gonna be wrestling that file10:27
Leo_okay , thanks a lot10:27
Ward1983olrrai, as in: it sohuld ask you first before moving?10:28
Ward1983ask if youŕe sure10:28
olrraiWard1983: yeah10:28
Ward1983im not sure of that10:28
olrraiWard1983: ok10:28
Ward1983olrrai, does it have to be with the mouse?10:28
Ward1983sorry dunno then10:29
olrraiand to confirm delete?10:30
SeverianHowdy.  I have a system running Ubuntu Feisty.  It has a CD drive, but can't boot from the CD.  If I put the Intrepid CD in, is there anything I can run the installer?  And, I can't update from Update-manager.10:31
moDumassfor some reason gparted cant see my nas, and cifs has it in there, with the right path, like nothing has changed, but i cannot for the life of me mount it10:31
moDumassactually, hangon10:31
ActionParsnip1Severian: why can't you upgrade?10:33
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
SeverianActionParsnip1, not enough disk space.  When I first set it up, I gave 200 meg to /boot.  I deleted everything on /boot except the current kernel. The updater says there is not enough room.10:34
ActionParsnip1Severian: try: sudo apt-get clean10:35
moDumasssudo mount -a10:35
moDumassmount error 13 = Permission denied10:35
moDumass what what what what i sudo`d and everything, im guessing NASTASIC is denying me10:35
moDumasssorry didnt meant o paste across 3 lines10:35
SeverianWhen I first set this system up, I had a bootable CD, but it broke and I am using a USB one now.  The system is old enough not to support booting from USB.10:35
SeverianActionParsnip1, that will not help.  The / partition has plenty of space.  /boot is too small.  There are no packages on that partition.10:36
ActionParsnip1Severian: could copy the isos to the usb and mount it, then upgrade from that10:37
Padhuserverian: what about floppy drive10:37
ActionParsnip1Severian: why does /boot come into the equation with updates10:37
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
SeverianActionParsnip1,  /boot is where the kernel and a few special files go.  During the update, both the old and new ones will be there.  My drive does not have enough room.  It is the Ubuntu Installer script that stops and tells me this.10:39
ActionParsnip1Severian: strange10:40
doktoreasActionParsnip1: I mean how keep symlink inside a zip archive10:40
SeverianAssuming I mounted the USB drive with the installer on it, what would I run from the installer CD.10:40
yaccI just wondered where the arch command has gone?10:40
ActionParsnip1doktoreas: you can't, you'd have to extract it as far as I know10:40
olrraisee u later10:41
bazhang!give me a test10:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about give me a test10:42
moDumasswhat should .smbcredentials look like?10:53
bullgard4'~$ invest-chart' will call the program 'Financial Chart'. At the same time the GNOME terminal prints: "Data Dir: /usr/share/gnome-applets/invest-applet." What does this message mean?10:55
=== rob is now known as Guest34515
jitu3485I am not able to kill a process even with ; kill -9 <pid> . how to kill that?10:56
oCean_moDumass: the file may contain 2 lines (username= and password=)10:56
bullgard4jitu3485: Did you try the sudo prefix?10:56
moDumassocean yeh thats all thats in there10:56
elaksomfanhi have someone the main, intrepied 8.10  package main list please?10:56
jitu3485bullgard4, yes i tried with that also10:57
oCean_moDumass: the file should be chmod'd (chmod 600 /home/mydir/.smbpasswd)10:57
moDumassoCean_, this is in my nsswitch file though "hosts:          files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns mdns410:57
bullgard4jitu3485: Did you try 'killall' yet?10:57
elaksomfanhi Can someone please help me I cant find, nearly nothing in synapitc please have someone,  the most importand dist package lists? please10:57
jitu3485bullgard4, not yet , let me try that10:58
jitu3485bullgard4, will it make me logout10:58
bullgard4jtaji: No.10:58
bullgard4jitu3485: No.10:58
oCean_moDumass: not sure what the problem is, you asked about samba config, right?10:59
moDumassoCean_, .smbpasswd or .smbcredentials?10:59
alex_sleiborgHey. I've have problems installing openoffice. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/105099/10:59
moDumassoCean_, i had a nas connected, i can see it if i brows to its IP10:59
moDumassbut i cant mount it anymore10:59
oCean_moDumass: well, I use '.smbpasswd' and in /etc/fstab file in the options: "credentials=/home/myhomedir/.smbpasswd"11:00
oCean_moDumass: can you ping the ip?11:01
StuckMojohi. is there a doc somewhere explaining how the new dbus based networking works?11:01
bullgard4elaksomfan: Please edit your /etc/apt/sources.list list. But first back it up!11:01
StuckMojoi.e. to set an interface to be static ip or dhcp you used to configure /etc/network/interfaces...11:01
StuckMojobut now you don't11:01
oCean_moDumass: to get some (error?)output try mounting one of the drives manually. For example "mount -t smbfs //ipaddress/drivename /mnt"11:01
moDumassoCean_, i fixed it, didnt learn anything, but used a backup of my fstab file11:01
|MIRV|hello, can someone tell me the name of the package that is supposed to help with video drivers (ati) .. I can't remember for the life of me..11:01
oCean_moDumass: ah, all's well, that... and so on? :)11:02
StuckMojoand to bring it up and down you used to do ifdown eth0; ifup eth011:02
StuckMojobut that doesn't work now that NetworkManager is in the mix11:02
bullgard4elaksomfan: You can do that more conveniently by using System > Administration > Software Sources. Enable missing repositories there.11:03
|MIRV|my friggen video runs like crud in jaunty  :(11:03
elaksomfanthanks master11:03
moDumassoCean_, seems that way11:04
moDumassoCean_, thanks though11:04
StuckMojois there a bot in here like dpkg in #debian?11:04
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: indeed11:04
ActionParsnip1!hi | StuckMojo11:04
ubottuStuckMojo: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!11:04
bullgard4StuckMojo: Yes.11:04
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: do people still listen to stuckmojo11:05
StuckMojoActionParsnip1: i doubt it. i never did, i just liked the name ;)11:05
muibehi! I was looking for xorg.conf but there was nothing else but a blank file in /etc/X11/ - where am i going to find it nowadays?11:05
ActionParsnip1haha classic11:05
StuckMojohmmm...ubottu doesn't have quite as complete info as dpkg11:05
StuckMojoi asked both about networkmanager, dpkg's answer was more complete. ubottu just gave me the project url11:06
StuckMojodpkg told me to see /usr/share/doc/network-manager/README.Debian for how to set it up11:06
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: depends what you wanna know11:06
StuckMojowell..say i wanted to change eth0 to be a static ip11:06
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:06
StuckMojoand i don't want to use lame ass gnome gui tools11:06
dayo_StuckMojo /etc/network/interfaces11:07
dayo_StuckMojo vim /etc/network/interfaces11:07
StuckMojodayo_: yeah but that's empty now that network manager is in the mix11:07
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: gksudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces11:07
dayo_StuckMojo populate it?11:07
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: that will will superceded anything network manager will do11:07
StuckMojowill putting the old dhcp style entries in there break NM?11:08
dayo_StuckMojo http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu8.04-lts-p311:08
unopStuckMojo, NM will detect a manual configuration and ignore that interface.11:08
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: it will set the interface to dhcp no matter what nm says11:08
StuckMojoi just feel silly that the only way i now know how to dhcp a new address is: /etc/init.d/dbus restart11:08
StuckMojoi see11:09
StuckMojonetworking restart doesn't seem to do it anymore11:09
ubuntu_first_timanybody here?11:09
dayo_StuckMojo u want it static or dhcp?11:09
StuckMojoand with an empty /etc/network/interfaces, ifdown eth0 throws an error11:09
StuckMojodayo_: well...what i really want to know is how to control an NM managed interface from the command line11:10
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: if you rename the file and reboot you will get a stock one11:10
quibblerubuntu_first_tim, hello11:10
dayo_StuckMojo completely empty? you should have at least: uto lo11:10
dayo_iface lo inet loopback11:10
ubuntu_first_timhey, i need some help with installing Ubuntu11:10
StuckMojolike simple stuff like take it down and back up11:10
ubuntu_first_timcan you help me please?11:10
dayo_StuckMojo auto lo11:10
StuckMojodayo_: yeah it only has lo in there11:10
unop!install | ubuntu_first_tim11:10
ubottuubuntu_first_tim: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate11:10
StuckMojoActionParsnip1: which file? interfaces?11:11
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: yes, if you rm it and reboot, the system will see it missing and generate another11:11
ubuntu_first_timi read all the manuals, i think i have a special problem11:11
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim just ask11:11
ubuntu_first_timi couldn't find a documanted solution11:11
quibblerubuntu_first_tim, what is the problem11:11
protectorhey guys...have a question. gives BitchX for Ubuntu 8.10?11:12
ubuntu_first_timok, i have 2 HDD on my PC: 1-40GB(windows) and 2-500GB(which is partitioned 400-100)11:12
StuckMojoActionParsnip1: well that's nifty11:12
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: pretty much :)11:12
ubuntu_first_timnow, i want to install ubuntu on the 100GB part of the 2nd disk11:12
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: im sure theres a way without rebooting but i dont know it11:12
ubuntu_first_timand when i choose it, it gives me an error11:12
StuckMojoon my laptop, NM actually works nice. but my desktop has multiple interfaces for instance. i'd like to know how to work with NM there if i plug the cable into the wrong one or some such11:13
ubuntu_first_timthat i havn't chosen a root *something*11:13
StuckMojoi just feel blind now11:13
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim copy the error to pastebin so i can have a look11:13
ActionParsnip1ubuntu_first_tim: delete the 100Gb partition so its unallocated, then tell the installer to use the largest contiguos unallocated space11:13
StuckMojook well thanks guys11:13
james_ubuntu_first_tim: whats the error say?11:13
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim yeah, sounds like u need to redo the partitions11:13
StuckMojojust the fact that i can fall back on interfaces and have things work, have NM move out of the way, that's a good thing to know11:14
ubuntu_first_timActionParsnip1: But if i delete this partiotion, i also delete the 400GB partition, no?11:14
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim like ActionParsnip1 said, delete the 100GB and then redo11:14
ubuntu_first_timActionParsnip1: But if i delete this partiotion, i also delete the 400GB partition, no?11:14
StuckMojoaha! /usr/share/doc/network-manager/README.Debian has the info i need11:14
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: no. only delete 100gb11:14
StuckMojoDevices listed in /etc/network/interfaces _will_ be managed by NetworkManager11:14
StuckMojounless the ifupdown system-config-setting is enabled and is setup to run11:14
StuckMojoin "Unmanaged mode"11:14
ubuntu_first_timand how do i delete this partiotion?11:15
StuckMojothere's an /etc/NetworkManager dir, which has some stuff in it11:15
ubuntu_first_timthrew ubuntu?11:15
StuckMojook cool11:15
StuckMojothanks for the head start guys11:15
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: its the interfaces file in /etc/network11:15
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: yes11:15
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: u're using the gui installer, right?11:15
StuckMojoto NM's credit, i haven't had to be concerned about it up to now, it's "just worked" :)11:15
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots11:16
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: ok. just delete the 100gb. nothing else. then let it use the free space11:16
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: i never use it, i always populate the interfaces file myself11:16
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: deleting the 100gb will create at least 100gb worth of free space for the installer to work with11:16
ubuntu_first_timdayo: but how do i delete it? i'm using CD ubuntu right now11:16
StuckMojoActionParsnip1: well my desktop i'll have to do that. this lappy was a clean install11:17
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: click on the 100gb, then choose delete from the menu11:17
StuckMojoActionParsnip1: since it just worked, i never messed with it11:17
StuckMojoActionParsnip1: but my desktop is Sid, and it was WAYYYYY out of date11:17
ubuntu_first_timand it wont delete the 400gb for sure?11:17
StuckMojoActionParsnip1: dist-upgraded a couple months ago and the network was dead after11:17
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: not it won't kill the 400 unless u select the 40011:18
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: maybe you need to get the drivers installed / compiled for the new kernel11:18
ubuntu_first_timsweet, i'll try it as we speak11:18
StuckMojoActionParsnip1: the work lappy is nice, so i haven't messed with it11:18
dayo_ubuntu_first_speak: ok11:18
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: im just familiar with the conf files so use those, saves space having gui apps doing nothing11:18
ubuntu_first_timbtw, in the docs, it says about adding a swap partiotion as well... do i need it?11:18
StuckMojoActionParsnip1: i don't think so. it's probably just...busted. i had waited way too long to upgrade. im sure lots of shit is broken. apt touched like 1000+ packages11:19
FloodBot1StuckMojo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:19
StuckMojoprobably should just do a fresh install11:19
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: sounds likely11:19
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: it's a good idea. allocate make twice your RAM size to swap11:19
StuckMojoi really have no need of Sid anymore now that Ubuntu is around11:19
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: i have 2gb or RAM so i made my swap partition 4gb11:20
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: ubuntu doesnt suit all needs necessarily11:20
glandonwow i so could have used this place when i was having resolution issues with my nvidia graphics card11:20
dayo_!swap | ubuntu_first_tim11:20
ubottuubuntu_first_tim: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info11:20
StuckMojoActionParsnip1: yeah this Sid install is probably.....hell 4-5 years old11:20
ActionParsnip1glandon: its why its here11:20
ubuntu_first_timwhen i partition it, i should set it as primary?11:20
pisiHi. I upgraded my 8.10 to jaunty by dist-upgrade and converted the only partition I had to ext4. I was under the impression, that jaunty can now do ext4, including grub2 support. I installed grub2 but in chainload mode and now I can't boot into ubuntu11:20
StuckMojoActionParsnip1: and it started as a -testing install11:20
ActionParsnip1StuckMojo: nice, i'd clean install to give it a minty feel11:20
apocolyps1any1 know much about boot up screen resolutions...............11:21
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: yeah11:21
StuckMojoyeah it'll just be tough to get the stuff off there i want to keep11:21
zirodaypisi: jaunty in #ubuntu+111:21
pisiis there a way around it? I have not yet succeeded with upgrading grub from the jaunty live cd ...11:21
glandonyea well im kinda new to all this and didnt realize it was all here till after i had gotten everything set up11:21
erUSULpisi: go to #ubuntu+1 for help about jaunty11:21
StuckMojoi need a new drive anyway, one of my raid1 disks is dead anyway11:21
ActionParsnip1apocolyps1: edit your xorg.conf so the leftmost resolution is the one you want to use11:21
ubuntu_first_timwhere's the NTFS option?11:21
StuckMojook well enough chatting ;) thanks a lot gents! ever need help with PostgreSQL, i'm always in the channel during weekdays central time11:22
nightrid3rubuntu_first_tim: use ext311:22
apocolyps1action: resolution is fine under x, its just my boot up screens grub etc11:22
alex_sleiborgAnyone who can help me with some problems with the package manager and openoffice? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/105099/11:22
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: at a 100gb. maybe set swap to double-ram-size. /root to 50gb and the rest to /home11:22
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: or 30gb for /root. depends on what u plan on installing, later on11:23
ActionParsnip1apocolyps1: like I said, the screen res for that uses the leftmost res in xorg.conf so move the desired one to the left in the modes list in screen and you'll get that resolution for the boot screens, grub will always use the same res11:23
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: ext311:23
ActionParsnip1dayo_: i wouldnt advise users use /root11:23
orthodoc_my firefox is fullscreen everytime it launches. How do I turn it off?11:23
ActionParsnip1dayo_: /root is the root users home directory11:23
apocolyps1action: oh sorry will try11:24
StuckMojoalex_sleiborg: where are you getting these from?11:24
ActionParsnip1orthodoc_: press F1111:24
ubuntu_first_timdayo: ext3 will work with my files on the windows Hard disks?11:24
zirodayalex_sleiborg: try remove the openoffice.org-writer2latex package11:24
StuckMojoalex_sleiborg: why is it saying they're untrusted?11:24
glandonis anyone in here familiar with the game armegetron? i have it installed but when i try to play it it trys to use a resolution that isnt supported by my monitor i can support up to 1440x90011:24
dayo_ActionParsnip1: i usually create swap /root and /home11:24
orthodoc_ActionParsnip1: that brings it back , thanks but thats not the probelm11:24
alex_sleiborgStuckMojo: Don't know11:24
nightrid3rubuntu_first_tim: no windows cant read ext311:24
muibewell, can someone plz say where i find xorg.conf -file in intrepid?11:24
muibewell, can someone plz say where i find xorg.conf -file in intrepid?11:24
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: u will need to install something on your win partition to access ext3. but it works11:24
zirodayorthodoc_: try launching firefox in safe mode with, firefox -safe-mode. If that fixes it then use safe mode to remove all your configurations and plugins11:25
orthodoc_ActionParsnip1: How do i preven it from launching that way again?11:25
nightrid3rmuibe: /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:25
Boohbahnightrid3r: yes it can, with the proper software :)11:25
erUSULmuibe: if there is one (it is not mandatory) it will be in /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:25
ActionParsnip1orthodoc_: hold ctrl + shift and click the X to close it11:25
orthodoc_ziroday: thanks i will try that11:25
ActionParsnip1orthodoc_: should be ok11:25
ubuntu_first_timand does it work the other was round?11:25
erUSUL!repeat > muibe11:25
ubottumuibe, please see my private message11:25
muibeerUSUL nightrid3r : well, it is a blank file11:25
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: yes11:25
ubuntu_first_timthrew ubuntu, am i able to accsess files on windows?11:26
alex_sleiborgziroday: It says that it isn't installed, and i should try to remove openoffice.org11:26
erUSULmuibe: as i said modern Xserver releases do not need it11:26
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: i advice to keep the win->ubuntu access read-only, tho11:26
erUSULmuibe: althought you can crete one if you want11:26
StuckMojoalex_sleiborg: doesn't seem to be installing all the stuff that you'd normally get11:26
orthodoc_ziroday: fisrfox in safe mode doe snot prevent it from launching in full screen mode11:26
ubuntu_first_timdayo, well, there goes nothing, wishh me luck :)11:26
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: good luck11:27
zirodayalex_sleiborg: the reason you are having these issues is that you are using externel repos. Remove openoffice and openoffice.org-writer2latex and then reinstall just openoffice11:27
apocolyps1actionParsnip1: my xorg.conf has nothing in it about modes??11:27
Boohbahubuntu_first_tim: http://www.fs-driver.org/11:27
ubuntu_first_timagain, the same error: No root file system is defined.11:27
ubuntu_first_timPlease correct this from the partitioning menu."11:27
glandonscrew it hey im looking for a good freeware game for linux preferably fps or rpg with good graphics any ideas?11:27
zirodayorthodoc_: so firefox -sade-mode didn't work? What about pressing F11 twice?11:27
lanoxx-ubuntu_first_tim, you have to set the mount point to "/"11:27
lanoxx-for the main partition11:27
nightrid3rBoohbah: thanks for the tip11:27
orthodoc_ziroday: will try that11:27
zirodayglandon: there are a few, you can look at urban terror which is a FPS11:27
Boohbahglandon: http://www.happypenguin.org/11:27
quibblerubuntu_first_tim, the first partition should be /    not /root11:28
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: what partitions did u use11:28
alex_sleiborgziroday: So now i have removed it, and what shall i do next?11:28
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: sorry, my mistake. /   NOT /root11:28
StuckMojoalex_sleiborg: do this: apt-get clean11:28
ubuntu_first_timi took the 100gb11:28
StuckMojoalex_sleiborg: that will force the packages to be downloaded again11:28
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: u need to make a / partition. that the root partition11:28
lanoxx-ubuntu_first_tim, you should have at least / and swap, optionally also /home and /boot if you like11:28
=== ziroday` is now known as ziroday
reel_Hi all, How does one set timeout for getaddrinfo/nslookup/ ? I tried adding options timeout:4 in /etc/resolve.conf but it does not help.11:29
erUSULglandon: Urban Terror11:29
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: it should work now11:29
zirodayalex_sleiborg: reinstall openoffice11:29
orthodoc_ziroday: pressing f11 twice didn't help either...11:29
ubuntu_first_timin the docs, it says :". Lastly enter the mount point as /. ", so i put "/." instead of " / " :)11:29
zirodayorthodoc_: erm okay, how about alt + left click and then dragging it down. Does that show the window bar?11:30
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: LOL11:30
StuckMojoalex_sleiborg: you do that?11:30
ubuntu_first_timit asks me now whether to import from windows, should i?11:31
ActionParsnip1+1 urban terror11:31
alex_sleiborgStuckMojo: 2 sek11:31
StuckMojoalex_sleiborg: then try again, but if it gives the message about untrusted, say no.11:31
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: i usually click no11:31
lanoxx-ubuntu_first_tim, yes you can to that, it will im port settings from windows11:31
lanoxx-like you background and stuff11:31
alex_sleiborgStuckMojo: I'll try that, i'm just making a apt-get upgrade11:31
lanoxx-some settings and i dont know what else11:32
StuckMojoalex_sleiborg: apt-get clean will delete all your downloaded .deb files, so it will grab them again next time11:32
StuckMojoalex_sleiborg: you may need to edit your /etc/apt/sources.list to remove whatever whacky repo you got the bad files from11:32
orthodoc_ziroday: thanks for the help.11:32
ubuntu_first_timi clicked install!11:32
zirodayorthodoc_: did alt + left click fix it?11:32
orthodoc_ziroday: what worked is at thsi link:https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+question/3431211:33
ubuntu_first_timit's not a problem i'm doing it while using the live session, right?11:33
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: is the install running,now?11:33
StuckMojoglandon: urban terror is great, but so is...umm...Enemy Territory. ET is based on RTCW online11:33
StuckMojoglandon: it's free11:33
zirodayorthodoc_: I did recommend you hit F11 to get rid of full screen mode :)11:33
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: yes the live session is good11:33
orthodoc_ziroday: i did dude, but it repeated everytime i restarted11:34
ubuntu_first_timand one last thing (i think :) ), i chose the partiotion to be logical, is that ok?11:34
=== CrEddy_ is now known as CrEddy
ubuntu_first_timthis is what is says in the docs: "Click Create new partition. Select Logical, Ext3 and set it to use the remaining space."11:35
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: which partition?11:35
ubuntu_first_timthe root11:35
orthodoc_ziroday: the point is it got stuck in the maximise position11:35
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: / should be primary, i think.11:35
orthodoc_ziroday: see what wc.000123 has written at the link i provided earlier11:35
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: the rest can be logical11:36
ubuntu_first_timcasue the docs say: Click Create new partition. Select Logical, Ext3 and set it to use the remaining space11:36
iQwertyHi, I wrote this guide about setting up an Ubutu/Lighttpd server: http://nanotux.com/blog/the-ultimate-server/ I put quite a lot of time into writing that guide, but now I see that it's quite hard to get the word out about it.. Do you guys like it?11:36
Oprtzwhen i use this commans " sudo apt-get install update " i got this error ( E: Malformed line 55 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist)11:36
OprtzE: The list of sources could not be read.), ans i am nor able to update my system11:36
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: the guide said / as logical?11:36
orthodoc_ziroday: anyway thanks a lot!11:37
zirodayOprtz: please pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list11:38
Oprtzwhen i use this commans " sudo apt-get install update " i got this error ( E: Malformed line 55 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist) E: The list of sources could not be read.), ans i am nor able to update my system ???? thnx11:38
zirodayiQwerty: you can chat in #ubuntu-offtopic :)11:38
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: the guide assumes u're resizing the windows partition. but u're not11:39
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: so make / primary and /home too11:39
henriquelmHello there11:39
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: in this case even swap can be primary11:40
henriquelmCan you guys tell me what is the command line to upgrade and ubuntu server from the CD?11:40
ubuntu_first_timwell, damn, it's about to finish...11:40
ubuntu_first_timand no cancel button11:41
quibblerubuntu_first_tim, don't worry11:41
ubuntu_first_timshould i redo the whole thing?11:41
ActionParsnip1Oprtz: check that line in your sources.list file and see whats what11:41
iQwertyziroday: OK, thanks! Didn't know about that channel11:41
ActionParsnip1Oprtz: pastebin it if you want11:41
quibblerubuntu_first_tim, no let it finish you should be ok11:41
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: it's ok. let it ride11:41
FloodBot1ubuntu_first_tim: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:41
OprtzActionParsnip1: when i double click source list, it shows me software resources menu and not the list11:42
Oprtzcan i paste the picture of source list?11:42
ubuntu_first_timdayo, thanks a lot11:42
ActionParsnip1Oprtz: gedit /etc/apt/sources.list11:42
ActionParsnip1!paste | Oprtz11:43
ubottuOprtz: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)11:43
OprtzActionParsnip1:  ok11:43
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: u're welcome :-)11:43
ubuntu_first_timmay i ask whereabouts you're from?11:43
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: abuja11:43
terryxhow do i send my document as fax ?11:43
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: that's the capital of nigeria :-)11:44
OprtzActionParsnip1:  here is the link : http://paste.ubuntu.com/105111/11:44
ubuntu_first_timnever been there :)11:44
eeos1M$ question! can you install ubuntu using CLI only on a remote machine, cosidering you are logged in using ssh?11:44
ikoniaeeos: no11:44
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: what about u? where are u from?11:44
Ranakahi have ubuntu intrepid installed and want to install mandriva 2009. question is.. muss i format /home partition to install mandriva? cause i have 0.5TB of data in my home partition11:44
ubuntu_first_timi'm at 95%, if it disconnects, i thank you very much11:44
ubuntu_first_timi'm from tel aviv11:44
dayo_ubuntu_first_tim: israel. never been there either. and u're very welcome :-)11:45
eeosikonia: there is no way to do it?11:45
ikoniaeeos: no11:45
ActionParsnip1Oprtz: you have a line that says deb ... in that file11:45
eeosikonia: hwat I am iterested in is to install a small par of ubuntu, so that kernel and rivers and ssh are working .... so not the whole ubuntu ....11:45
terryxhow do i send my document as fax ?