tenangcan anyone help me with my graphics card driver install and setting my screen resolution?01:05
fyrmedicanyone help me troubleshoot a atheros wireless networking issue?04:15
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szrim using xubuntu, when i press Alt+F2 to open a directory in GUI , i get permission denied06:02
szrcan someone plz help06:02
nikolamszr try to use gksu command, like gksu thunar or something06:24
nikolamit is the same like sudo command but with gui06:24
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tawany idea how change what ctrl-alt-del runs?11:50
taw(running xubuntu 8.10)11:51
nikolamI have a small problem with dpkg.12:20
nikolamAfter one update12:20
nikolamThat is Hardy 64bit with additional repositories12:22
tawdpkg -l linux-image-\*12:32
nikolamSo that is it, some of repost use that kernel or something12:36
tawtry to remove that problematic kernel, and then run upgrade again?12:38
tawapt-get remove linux-image-2.6.28-rc1-custom12:38
nikolami never appied it.12:39
nikolamE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.12:39
nikolammaybe I should disable all external repos in sources.list?12:40
tawdpkg -r linux-image-2.6.28-rc1-custom12:41
tawis that kernel from external repo?12:42
nikolami never installed it12:45
nikolami think so12:46
nikolamdpkg - warning: ignoring request to remove linux-image-2.6.28-rc1-custo which isn't installed.12:47
nikolamI will edit sources.list12:47
Pres-GasGood morrow13:51
tawany idea how change what ctrl-alt-del runs? (running xubuntu 8.10)13:56
ablomentaw, /etc/event.d/control-alt-delete << in there is the app that runs when you press ctr+alt+del13:58
ablomentaw and look at https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/1923413:59
jarnostaw: Just change Xfce's respective keyboard shortcut setting.14:06
jarnostaw: xflock4 is called by default.14:07
tunahi. I have 2 sound cards. how do I set which one is the default?14:50
tuna(in a just installed clean slate installation of Xubu 8.10)14:50
gabkdllytuna: hi14:51
gabkdllytuna: maybe alsamixer can help you out?14:51
gabkdllySiVA_: hi14:52
SiVA_how do I add "launchers" to the upper panel? Right now there is just Firefox and Help14:52
gabkdllySiVA_: right click on the panel14:52
gabkdllySiVA_: a magic menu will appear that will help you on your quest14:52
gabkdllySiVA_: there should be some option to add an object14:53
gabkdllytuna: did you try the sound tool in the xfce settings menu?14:54
gabkdllytuna: it lets you pick a sound device, might be just what you are looking for14:54
tunaum, how? it lets me change the settings of both of my sound devices14:55
gabkdllytuna: but I can't make promises, I have never had a machine that has had more than one sound card14:55
tunabut having the correct device selected from it changes nothing14:55
gabkdllyalsamixer lets you choose a soundcard with the -c option, I just read that under "man alsamixer"14:56
gabkdllyI gotta go. later14:57
charlie-tcatuna: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems#Checking%20sound%20device%20assignment14:59
charlie-tcatells how to set the default card14:59
tunathank you14:59
charlie-tcano problem.15:00
jarnosWhy does Xubuntu use gnome-power-manager instead of xfce4-power-manager?15:04
Myrttijarnos: I'd suspect it currently handles the options of what to do on certain power levels better than xfce4-power-manager, but I can't be sure15:12
tunaI tried based on tht guide, and managed to change the order of my sound devices. But, now I have NO default sound card. The card I want to have as default is #0, but the default box in all kinds of audio settings is blank.15:15
charlie-tcaDid you do a restart or logout-login?15:17
tunalogout-login would have no effect whatsoever on kernel modules15:18
tunaCharlie-tca: ehm. it appears that the format for that file is rather strict, and I fucked it up. Now works perfectly. Thank you.15:29
charlie-tcaYou´re welcome. I´m glad I could help. Good luck15:35
icmp_requestHello guys! :-) In the latest LiveCD, how is floppy identified under /dev? I've tried /dev/fd0 but it doesn't exist... /dev/fd is a symlink to ttys17:33
icmp_request(actually, fd is symlink to /proc/self/fd)17:36
charlie-tcaI thought it was automatic; let me take a look17:38
icmp_requestwell, no disk on floppy was present on boot... thanks charlie :)17:39
icmp_requestI've got nothing on /mnt neither /media, no directories17:39
charlie-tcaicmp_request: is this in 8.10 intrepid?17:43
cody-somervilleInstall the disk mounter application? :P17:44
icmp_requestyes I'm using this version17:44
ubottuTo mount floppy disks, see here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MakeFloppyDriveAvailableToEveryone17:44
icmp_requestcody-somerville, there is no /dev/fd0 that's what I mean :P17:45
icmp_requestwhat's the name of the disk mounter app?17:45
icmp_requestI'm using livecd but I think I've got enough RAM to install it on tempfs17:47
charlie-tcalooks like fdutils17:49
icmp_requestno success, fdmount does not recognize fd0... what the **** is happening lol17:52
icmp_request(it says it doesn't exist and it doesn't)17:52
charlie-tcaMaybe time to file a bug report? If you do, let me know the number so I can confirm it.17:55
charlie-tcaOtherwise, I'll file it when I get time17:55
icmp_requestyou mean no /dev/fd0 may be considered a bug?17:55
charlie-tcaI consider it a bug that the floppy drive is not being seen17:56
icmp_requestI see... you mean udev is not seeing floppy drive?17:57
charlie-tcaI don't have an installation of intrepid with a floppy drive right now, but I will when finish testing jaunty today.17:57
icmp_requestoh charlie, bug reports are on xubuntu website?17:58
icmp_requestI'll send them an ls of my /dev17:58
charlie-tcaI have not checked udev, but if I install fdutils and don´t have a visible floppy drive, that is a problem.17:58
icmp_requestor I need to subscribe to mail list?17:58
icmp_requestif I type "fdmount", it says: "drive fd0 does not exist"17:59
charlie-tcafile it here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs17:59
charlie-tcaDo you have a launchpad account?17:59
icmp_requestnope but no problem I'll create one17:59
charlie-tcaOkay, thanks. Let me know the bug number when you are done.18:00
icmp_requestok, thank you charlie! :) I have to go now but I'll be back later take care and thanks18:00
charlie-tcaThanks for helping18:00
icmp_requestcya later :)18:01
bowgartHow do I change the screen resolution to a higher res than 600x80018:11
Pres-Gasbowgart, what is your video card?18:11
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution18:12
bowgartTrident Cyberblade XP Ai118:12
Pres-Gasbowgart, the wiki page referenced by ubottu is the place to start.18:14
Pres-GasDo you know what resolutions are available usually?18:14
bowgartI have tried looking but to no avail18:14
Pres-Gas1024x768 is relatively safe these days18:15
bowgartin windows I get 1024 x768 Max on ubuntu 600x800 max18:16
bowgartthe display option in setting manager only displays 600x800 as amax res18:19
likemindeadHell all. Anyone have any luck setting up dial up internet access in Xubuntu?18:19
likemindeadYikes... *Hello!18:20
Pres-Gasbowgart, follow the wiki page and manually add the 1024x76818:25
likemindeadbowgart: have you tried "dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" ?18:25
bowgartOk Thanks a lot :)18:26
likemindeadDial Up Modems--anyone?18:27
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Drakaeni have a question about sound issues...19:25
* likemindead scowls at all the lurkers here.19:26
* Pres-Gas raises head from desk and wipes drool from chin.19:28
* Pres-Gas scrolls up to likemindead19:30
Pres-Gaslikemindead, is your modem a winmodem?19:31
likemindeadUnsure. The box in question is not near me. I was just curious as to other's experience with dial up modems in Xubuntu.19:35
Pres-Gaslikemindead, they are not good...most of them these days are cheap ones that utilize windows to do most of the heavy lifting19:36
Pres-GasThat should be a good starter for you when you get back to the machine19:37
likemindeadLuckily the computer in question is an old PII beast. I found the Ubuntu wiki page with the DialUpModemHowTo and it looks promising.19:38
Pres-Gasahhh, good19:41
likemindeadComputer is for grandparents who've been using Juno (:::gag:::) for years.19:42
likemindeadAll they want is email on the cheap.19:42
likemindeadJuno won't work in Linux, but Dial Up 4 Less will.19:42
* likemindead shrugs.19:43
Pres-Gaslikemindead, you sure they will not like one of those internet tv thingies?  I mean, a PII?19:51
likemindeadIt's running Xubuntu quite well, actually. 500MHz processor and 384MB RAM.19:53
likemindeadEr... 450MHz, I think.19:54
Pres-Gashmmmm 384 is a good number19:57
* likemindead is away: Fear not--I shall return! ^_^20:02
Ben_Cswonder if xubuntu runs well on geode lx80020:04
Adam_is xubuntu a better flavor for a t43 than ubuntu?20:35
charlie-tcaWhat are the specs on the t43?20:41
Adam_1.83ghz centrino, 1gig ram, 60gb hddd20:43
Adam_actually, what's the terminal command to display hardware20:44
charlie-tcalshw or lspci20:45
Adam_excellent, now what's the ubuntupaste url20:45
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)20:45
charlie-tcaI don't know how much difference you will see with that system. On older, slower or low-memory systems it is significant20:46
Adam_ah, i thought this might be old enough to warrant a switch20:47
charlie-tcaCan not tell you for sure. Maybe with the cpu you have it will be more responsive or faster20:48
Adam_hrm if I wanted to output it to  a file on a the desktop, is the command line: lspci -v > ~/Desktop/specs20:48
Adam_man >20:48
charlie-tcalspci -v > ~/Desktop/specs , yes20:49
likemindeadI just generally prefer Xubuntu, even on my newer (old) hardware. Play with both LiveCDs and see what you think.20:49
* likemindead is away: Fear not--I shall return! ^_^20:49
Adam_if the file specs doesn't exsist, how can I create it in that line?20:50
charlie-tcalikemindead is right. I run Xubuntu on my 64-bit 2.2 with 3 gb ram20:50
charlie-tcaWhat file specs?20:50
charlie-tcaYou mean to create the file itself?20:50
Adam_nvm got it to work, forgot the ~20:50
charlie-tcayeah, that part counts20:51
Adam_I've learned a lot today, today has been a good linux day20:53
charlie-tcaIf you find Ubuntu a little slow, I would give Xubuntu a try. You can have both desktops installed, too20:58
charlie-tcaBesides, I like the colors better with Xubuntu20:59
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php21:11
antonehenryhey there, looking for some help if anyone wants to give me some ideas21:17
antonehenryi'm trying to use xubuntu over a LAN.  the LAN is wired via ethernet, but there is not connection to the internet.21:18
antonehenryin windows, using ethernet would just assign the computer a local ip address.  xubuntu will not assign an ip address to the server21:19
antonehenryhopefully someone knows the solution, or would tell me if a router would just do the trick21:19
TheSheepyou can assign an ip address yourself21:20
antonehenrygood idea!  do you know how to do that in xubuntu?21:21
TheSheepright click on the network icon, select 'edit connections' and there set your interface to static ip and set the ip and mask there21:21
antonehenrydon't see anything for static.  but for "manual" get ip21:23
TheSheepthat'd be it21:24
antonehenryhmm... won't let me save it though21:25
charlie-tcaantonehenry: Did you add a connection?21:26
antonehenryno, i'm editing eth021:27
antonehenryneed to add?21:27
charlie-tcaChange to Manual, click the add button on the right, fill in ip address, click mouse under netmask, fill in, click again under gateway, fill in21:28
charlie-tcathen click in the white under the added entries or it goes away. then close21:28
antonehenryi don't know what to put in gateway21:28
charlie-tcaAre you on a router?21:29
antonehenryno, it's okay though.21:29
antonehenryit did it for me21:30
antonehenrymy server now works!21:30
charlie-tcaIf it goes away when you restart the computer, do it again, using add instead of edit21:30
antonehenryi did use add21:31
antonehenryafter your suggestion21:31
antonehenryworks like a charm21:31
charlie-tcaOn the first page?21:31
antonehenryadded another wired connection21:32
charlie-tcaThen you are in good shape21:32
antonehenryyou use xubuntu for server purposes?21:32
charlie-tcaI use xubuntu for everything!21:32
antonehenrywould it be crazy for me to use my server as just a browse the internet and word processing computer too?21:33
charlie-tcaand my server is connected to the internet21:33
charlie-tcano, not crazy. But you should have a firewall21:33
antonehenrythink the bad guys are going to want to mess with my tv shows and movies?21:34
charlie-tcaNot really, but they don't know what is on the system.21:36
Pres-Gasantonehenry no, they want your machine to be a zombie and a spam spewer.21:36
Pres-GasMaybe a hidden ftpd server for them, etc.21:36
antonehenrynow i need to learn how to firewall in xubuntu21:37
|ntegra|I'm having trouble with nm(network manager),, how can I reset/flush all its info -keyring etc?21:40
Pres-GasI would read up on ufw or firestarter, antonehenry21:41
antonehenrythank  you21:41
Pres-Gasnp antonehenry21:42
* charlie-tca yeah, that's the one! braindump...21:42
Pres-Gas|ntegra|, what version of xubu are you running?21:42
|ntegra|bummer I can't just gconf-editor right?21:43
Pres-Gas|ntegra|, if you right-click on the NetworkManager Icon, there should be an option to "Edit Connections...".  You should be albe to dump the saved stuff from there21:44
R1cochetPres-Gas: is there a way to edit the settings and have them saved as system settings?21:45
|ntegra|unfortunately (I've read this in !networkmanager) there is only "enable wired" "enable wireless"21:46
R1cochethe said to right click on it21:46
Pres-GasSeahorse (aka Passwords and Encryption Keys) may also have some stuff to blow away.21:47
|ntegra|i totally did21:47
|ntegra|I figure I'll have to go command line on this (which is cool) but I can't find the info on the net just yet21:49
jon_snowhi Pres-Gas :) Xubuntu is now on my laptop and Huawei Internet Key it works21:53
antonehenrynext step: buy a power supply that has sata connectors.21:56
antonehenrymy next step, cause the one i have in my server has none.  and i have a TB drive waiting to get used here21:58
Pres-Gasjon_snow, that is awesome, congrats!21:59
Pres-GasGotta catch a bus21:59
retourI need help with ssh. I have 2 Xubuntu machines, both have ssh-agent running but I cant connect to them - "connection refused"!?22:15
powertool08Hello all, When I start xfce on a live cd the mouse cursor is not displayed in the same place that the mouse is actually at. How would I fix this?22:16
charlie-tcaYou have to configure the "to" machine with ssh-server22:16
charlie-tcapowertool08: Sounds like a wireless mouse out of calibration22:17
powertool08charlie-tca: Its a corded usb mouse, the weird part is that I used the live cd a couple of weeks ago and didn't have this problem, being a live cd, it shouldn't be a configuration change, and its the same hardware.22:18
charlie-tcaHow far off is it (just curious, don't know what to do with it)?22:19
retourcharlie-tca: "ssh-server command not found" should I "apt-get install ssh-server" ?22:19
powertool08charlie-tca: the cursor is about 4 inches to the left of where the click action occurs22:19
charlie-tcapowertool08: glad it ain't mine! :(22:20
powertool08charlie-tca: The vertical alignment is correct though.22:20
charlie-tcaretour: openssh-server22:20
charlie-tcaI find it in synaptic package manager22:21
retourcharlie-tca: Thx, installing right now. BTW this will be machine of LAN in my home - behind router with masquerading. Should I worry about safety?22:25
alienkidhi guys I installed pyNeighborhood but when it trys to scan my workgroup it says "failed to scan workgroup [workgroup name]" help22:25
charlie-tcaretour: Is the router open to the internet?22:25
charlie-tcaif it is, you might want to read up on ufw or firestarter22:26
retourcharlie-tca: what do you mean open? In my config there is no DMZ - non of the computers is connected directly - all of them use 192.168.X.X network and router is Gateway and DNS server ( so there is no direct connection to even DNS servers outside my LAN22:29
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Brack102downloading openoffice.org from http://archive.us.ubuntu.com is going REALLLY slow....shouldn't it be at least kinda fast?22:34
knomeBrack102, depens on where you live. you also might try another server.22:38
knomeBrack102, server loads can be temporarily quite huge.22:38
Brack102is there a server list somewhere?22:38
antonehenrynow i've got another question22:40
charlie-tcago ahead22:40
knomeBrack102, archive.[countrycode].ubuntu.com i suppose. at least :)22:40
Brack102well that's what I'm using22:41
antonehenryin order to connect to the server, i need to type in a password with every restart of the computer.  also i cannot write to the folders that are shared on xubuntu.  i'd rather not have a password required so i can map network drives in windows22:41
knomeBrack102, maybe try us222:41
knomei remember that being online also..22:41
Brack102do I set this in my sources.list?22:41
knomeBrack102, you should be able to change the server from synaptic also22:42
Brack102btw I'm running xubuntu on an old IBM 900 mhz PIII with 256 mb ram :)22:42
Brack102running decently well22:42
Brack102memory is deff the bottleneck22:43
antonehenryfound out how to change "read only"22:43
charlie-tcaantonehenry: I don't know; I don't have windows except in the wall22:43
knomeBrack102, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors22:44
antonehenryi'm asking how xubuntu would not require any other computer of any OS to give a password to connect22:44
Brack102it was my other computer hogging the connection :)22:51

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