calimerthat doesn't sound good00:00
Babynah, I've packaged much more difficult games :)00:00
calimerso with what is on your site, what else needs to be done?00:01
LaserJockno, I got it00:02
LaserJockI just edited a game!! ;-)00:02
calimeryou should see the kids on it, they go nuts00:02
calimerif you want I have some pictures of stuff made by kids00:03
Babywe have to upload enet before, btw00:03
calimerI'll try to update the codebase and such this weekend00:04
Babylets fix and upload enet00:04
calimerso enet is the last piece of the puzzle?00:05
calimerand thanks so much both of you :D00:05
Babyenet 1.2 is the stable00:05
Babythanks to you :)00:05
calimerthe idea that this could happen wants to make me jump around00:06
BabyI'm trying to find out if goneri finally packaged enet00:06
calimerimagine how many more kids would have access, it is crazzyy00:06
calimerI gotta relax00:07
LaserJockcalimer: I sent you an email00:09
LaserJockbut that's sort of all I'm going to be able to work on it00:10
calimerdid you see Baby's link too?00:10
LaserJockwell, there you go, forget my email then ;-)00:10
BabyI'll try to update it00:11
BabyI'm trying to dinf out if enet 1.2 is in debian or not00:11
calimerbut is it about set then LaserJock besides the enet stuff?00:11
Babybut my connection si crap today00:11
calimerI can try to search too00:11
LaserJockcalimer: I dont' know, I'd have to look at Baby's package00:12
LaserJockmy guess is whatever Baby says is right ;-)00:12
calimerthat what you are looking for baby?00:12
calimermaybe this more specifically00:12
BabyI need it ti be in proper debian :)00:13
BabyI'm still trying to open that web page :(00:16
Babyit's in experimental00:16
calimerwow guess it is going slow00:17
calimerhopefully that isn't too bad00:17
LaserJockcalimer: if Baby (and whoever else) can get sandboxlite into Debian by Valentines Day we can get it into Jaunty00:17
calimerwe might not even really need enet00:17
Babythere might be a problem for getting it into sid00:17
calimerthat is for the networking00:17
Babygetting it into experimental could be enough?00:18
calimerif people want to coop edit and such they will need enet00:18
calimerwhich is quite cool, especially for a teacher with students00:18
calimerbut then they could just dl 2.3 I guess00:18
Babyi seem to remember that enet 1.1 wasn't enough00:19
LaserJockBaby: yeah, I think experimental would be enough for us to get it into Ubuntu00:19
Babybut 1,2 won't get into sid until Lenny release00:19
Babycool :)00:19
Babyis there a difference between the code in lite and sandbox?00:22
Babynot in the data, in the code00:22
calimerlite is a much older codebase00:24
calimerbut I am going to try to update the lite codebase, and data this weekend, or maybe even tonight00:24
Babymy plan would be00:24
Babyto have a single sandbox-bin package, and then two data packages, sandbox-lite and sandbox-data00:25
calimerit should hopefully be a quick thing00:26
Babydid I already send you my patches, btw?00:26
calimerjust what you had on your webpage I think00:26
BabyI'll have to add the descriptions, and all that stuff00:28
Babythe package still builds :)00:29
calimerso how much work is left really?00:30
calimerI'm trying to understand it all00:30
calimerI can probably get the code stuff done tonight00:30
LaserJockBaby: would sandbox-data be in non-free?00:30
calimerand then perhaps the new textures, if they end up working out okay, over the weekend00:30
Babyyup LaserJock00:31
calimerthe lite version of the data should be okay in free though right?00:31
Babybut at least sandbox-lite would be in main00:31
Babyand sandbox itself too00:31
LaserJockBaby: would you separate the source package?00:31
Babyotherwise it would have to go into contrib00:31
LaserJockI was just trying to think of how it would work in Ubuntu00:31
Babyit cannot contain non free stuff in main00:32
Babynot even the source00:32
LaserJockif they're separate source packages we can easily drop -data in Multiverse and the rest in Universe00:32
LaserJockBaby: right ok that's consistent with how we do it, good00:32
BabyI plan to generate -bin and -lite from main, and have -data in a different package in non-free00:33
Babyand then either depend o -lite | -data   or make -lite and -data provide some common name00:33
Babyoki, package works00:35
LaserJockyou could do -lite and -data-nonfree and have them both provide -data00:35
Babynow all the polish00:35
Babyyup, something like that00:35
Babyor -full00:35
Baby-lite and -full00:35
LaserJockyeah, that sounds good00:35
calimerso it sounds like it has a real chance to make it in00:36
BabyI'll upload my patches somewhere00:37
calimerwe can put all that stuff on my site if you want00:38
calimerwhatever we need hosted I can put on the site00:39
calimershould I put the other files you have on your apache on there too?00:39
Babyhave a look at them if you want in case that something can be included in your side :)00:39
BabyI'll upload a newer version in a moment00:40
BabyI want to update the descriptions00:41
calimerI wish I had a way to give you upload access to a folder00:41
calimerbut I can only do it so it gives access to all my sites00:42
calimerwhich are you updating?00:42
calimerand want all sandbox stuff from the apache on the site?00:43
calimermight as well00:44
Babyjust one sec00:45
BabyLaserJock: if I upload enet to my PPA and later sandbox depending on it, will it get enet from there?00:46
BabyI'll upload it to PPA then XD00:51
Babynow that I've learnt ;)00:51
LaserJockBaby: you can even make one PPA dependent on another00:52
Babythat goes a bit beyond my knowledge right now ;)00:53
LaserJockalthough that makes it more complicated for users00:53
BabyI use jaunty as distro in changelog?00:53
LaserJockyou can do any supported Ubuntu release00:55
Babybut the idea is including it in jaunty, isn't it?00:55
LaserJockbut it's harder to get testing for it00:56
Babycool, then jaunty will be :)00:56
calimerI'm so glad you guys know what you are doing00:56
LaserJockif you want to get packages for Ubuntu users to use you'd want to do intrepid00:56
LaserJockbut for your own testing Jaunty will be good00:56
LaserJockcalimer: that's why we get paid the big bucks ;-)00:57
Babycan I upload it to both in PPA?00:57
calimerhopefully it is more than I get paid :D00:57
LaserJockBaby: you need to use different versions00:58
Babythat can be done :)00:58
LaserJockBaby: I *think* you can upload to one and the copy in the UI00:58
BabyI'll add a ~intrepid1 to the one in intrepid00:58
LaserJockbut I tend to just do it the old fashioned way00:58
LaserJockwe would normally do -0~intrepid0~ppa1 perhaps00:59
LaserJockit's not a big deal00:59
Babyhow long :)01:00
LaserJockI think they like people to use ~ppaX to signify it's from a ppa01:00
LaserJockyou have no idea01:00
BabyI'm doing -0miry1 :)01:00
LaserJockwe can usually double or triple the length of Debian versions01:00
LaserJockpart of being a derivative01:00
Babyin maemo they do something like that01:01
Babyand one of the packages broke the synaptic-like program they use for a friend of mine01:01
Babytoo long version name, so GUI went mad :P01:02
LaserJockBaby: this is a version of Flash we had:
LaserJockand I even know what that means ;-)01:04
calimerbtw I really like this article01:05
LaserJockBaby: here's a PPA version 4:4.1.96-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa201:05
LaserJockBaby: so they do -0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppaX01:06
Babyquite crazy, isn't it?01:06
LaserJockwell, it ensures that any official release will override it01:07
LaserJockwhether it be the main archive or -updates, -security, -backports01:07
Babycalimer:  :)01:07
calimerI think I will brb and work on updating this codebase01:07
BabyI've used this description:01:08
BabyDescription: cooperative 3D game design tool for kids - lite game data01:08
Baby Platinum Arts Sandbox is a game design tool based on the Cube 2 engine01:08
Baby that allows users to quickly and easily create and edit their own worlds01:08
Baby while playing the game, even cooperatively.01:08
BabyLaserJock: yup, I know the rationale behaind it :)01:08
calimerI have been using 3D game maker more recently01:10
calimeras in like the last few days01:10
calimerwhatever gets it the most hits01:10
calimerwhat do you think sounds better, game maker or game design tool?01:15
calimerand I'm working on updating this source right now :D01:16
Babyprobably game maker sounds better01:16
calimercooperative 3D Game Design Tool for kids and adults01:17
Babygame design tool sounds too abstract, like doing it on paper but never implementing it :)01:17
calimerbtw I have an updated thing I lik emore01:17
calimerlet me get it01:17
Babydesign as in different than implementation01:17
calimerPlatinum Arts Sandbox is an open source easy to use standalone 3D Game Maker and 3D Game Design program currently being used in many schools throughout the world that allows kids and adults to create their own video games, worlds, levels, adventures and quests, even cooperatively! The goal is to make it accessible to kids but also powerful enough for full game projects. With a simple click and roll of a mouse wheel users can modif01:18
calimery the world however they want. In the words of Margaret, a nine year old Sandbox whiz I babysit for, “Press Edit and go fulfill your dreams!”. Now features new game modes such as sidescroller, machinima, kartmode, RPG, and more!01:18
Babywow, you write even longer sentences than I!01:18
calimerthat is my brief version :D01:18
BabyPlatinum Arts Sandbox is an open source tool to make 3D games in an easy way :)01:20
Babys/to make/to design and make/01:21
calimerwhatever gets em coming :D01:21
calimeralmost ready to test this code update01:25
Babymy web doesn't work anymore01:26
Babymaybe something with my ISP or the router01:26
calimerwhat is going on with it?01:26
Babysimply times out01:26
Babyevery page01:27
calimersometimes for me just turning off the power of my router and then on again helps01:27
Babyyup, I'll do that, but I'll go to sleep too then01:27
Babycan you tell me if in https://launchpad.net/~miry/+archiventhe enet package built properly?01:27
Babyit should have a green tick01:28
Babyor a moving circle if it's still compiling01:28
calimerit says error not found01:28
calimeris the end of that link right?01:28
calimerhmm I forgot I need to use 2.3 code01:29
calimernot what is in the svn01:29
Babyas soon as enet is compilet I'll upload sandbox and go to sleep01:30
calimerso when you wake up tomorrow I should have the source updated01:33
calimerI'll send you an e-mail with the new package01:33
Babycool :)01:33
calimerI think I got everything, now gotta compile and test01:34
calimerthere is only one thing I am hmm about01:35
calimerthere is a new sidescroller mode where you can jump on an enemies head and make it fall over and disappear01:35
calimerthough lite won't have the models to show the enemies or the player anyway01:35
calimershould I just keep it in anyway?01:36
calimersince it is part of the "non debian free" version01:36
nothingmanhi, all13:48
nothingmanupdating my image so I can log in from my school's laptops13:54
nothingmanwish me luck!13:54
nothingmanOK, so suddenly a package has replaced my dhcpd.conf, so I found and replaced it with a backup that looks exactly like my original, and dhcp3-server still won't start14:10
nothingmanbut I should have a better-working image now! :-P14:10
nothingmanis there a way to make a generic user -- one that's the same on any terminal, has few enough priv's, and can run firefox without it complaining the second time it's run?14:34
nubaehmm, I thought that was already fixed14:36
nubaewhat release u running?14:37
nothingmanEdubuntu Hardy Heron, 8.0414:54
nothingmanactually, this is edubuntu installed on top of ubuntu14:55
nothingmanI mean, it was a desktop machine and then I wanted to use it as my server at my school14:55
nothingmanand using your fatclient script gives a GPG error for medibuntu14:56
nothingmannot sure why14:58
nothingmanbut it seems to depend on packages on that server14:59
nothingmanor maybe I just have a list of crap servers in my sources.list14:59
nubaeyeah because there is no gpg key add command in the script... u need to force it to use unsigned packages15:01
nothingmanjust with -f or --force?15:02
nothingmangot it15:02
nubaethats the one15:02
nubaemaybe allow-authenticated is the same15:03
nothingmanis that from the ltsp-build-client?15:13
nothingmanI think I got it15:20
nothingmanI edited your script15:20
mib_dp49tlI am trying to install edubuntu on a netbook with the edubuntu iso file mounted.  How do I launch the add-on?15:32
mib_dp49tlhello? anyone available?15:34
sbalneavmib_dp49tl: Not sure.15:35
mib_dp49tlok, thanks!15:36
sbalneavI always just burn the cd and insert mrt15:39
sbalneavargh internet slowing down.15:39
mib_dp49tlyeah, me too.  I just don't have a cd on this little netbook.15:45
nubaeadd-on cd should just autostart15:45
nubaeu can put it on a usb stick, or mount the iso15:46
nubaeif you've just downloaded it15:46
mib_dp49tlI have copied the contents to a usb drive, but it will not autostart.15:46
mib_dp49tlI have launched the cdromupgrade script, but it only does the ubuntu upgrade15:47
mib_dp49tlI have mounted the iso using mount command, but it won't autostart the edubuntu install.  I am downloading the iso again, just in case I have a corrupt copy.15:49
nubaestrange, and u clicked on the mounted disk?15:53
mib_dp49tlI am new to linux... but here is how I mounted it:  mount edubuntu.iso /cdrom -t iso9660 -o loop15:56
nubaeand u clicked on cdrom to see the contents and launch the autorun?15:56
nubaeu probably shouldn't mount it at /cdrom15:56
mib_dp49tlok, I'll try to mount it at another point.15:57
mib_dp49tlI mounted it at /iso.  I am able to see the contents of the folder, but it does not autorun.  I think that I may just get out my ide-usb adapter and hook up a cdrom drive.16:01
LaserJockhighvoltage: yeah, I've been dugg all right. Right now #2 in linux/unix16:05
LaserJockif I would have known people were going to read it that much I would have been more careful about how I wrote it :(16:05
highvoltageLaserJock: awesome. glad to see that your site is handling it nicely too.16:05
highvoltageLaserJock: if you did, it probably wouldn't have gotten dugg16:06
LaserJockhighvoltage: that's why I'm on wordpress.com16:06
highvoltageLaserJock: aaah16:06
LaserJockhighvoltage: I got dugg once before, ~30k hits in one day16:06
highvoltageI changed hosting to a dedicated server when I got dugg, and then I never got dugg since :)16:07
LaserJockthe interesting thing about digg is it gives you hits for a long time afterword16:07
LaserJockI still get quite a few from the original one like 1.5 years ago16:08
LaserJockI wish I was more careful though, after reading the digg comments16:08
highvoltageyou can't, it's impossible16:08
highvoltagethere's always someone who will show you something that you could've done better16:08
LaserJockwell, another post I think might be in order16:08
highvoltagea good blog entry now is better than a better one tomorrow16:08
LaserJockbecause I want to talk about new devices and getting software to kids *before* school16:09
LaserJocka lot of people say "school doesn't matter they have Windows at home"16:09
LaserJockbut I think we're also going to get those people via netbooks and newer devices like the classmate16:09
nubaeLaserJock: have u looked at salasaga?16:10
LaserJockno, I haven't16:11
nubaethere were some questions about a tool to create learning objects16:11
nubaerather than using edu apps16:11
nubaehttp://www.salasaga.org/ seems to be the answer16:12
highvoltagenubae: like plasmoids?16:12
LaserJockI looked at it briefly when you mentioned it before but I have tried it or anything16:12
nubaento sure what plasmoids is/are16:12
LaserJockit's kinda hard to explain16:14
LaserJockbut basically KDE widgets16:14
nubaeah right, yeah now I know what u mean16:15
LaserJockthere's some really big potential there i think for educators16:15
nubaethese are .swf files that are like edu tutorials with some interactive parts16:15
LaserJockand aseigo at least seems really eager to help16:15
nubaeyeah I saw the last couple days, a lot of activity in here16:16
LaserJockthe trick is to turn excitement into progress16:17
nubaewell, we definitly have people wanting to contribute now16:17
nubaeseems like the edubuntu community is growing again16:17
nubaeI'll be at Fossdem in February, and I'll try promoting it a bit there too16:18
Ahmucki have a question.  i know there is a progarm that will create flash type of presentations in linux.  however recently i've been struggling with digging through hundreds of programs to find that one jewel.  whereas as a windows user, i would simple go to adobe and get a flash creator and then do it htere.  another example is screen recording, etc.16:18
highvoltagefossdem sounds like it's going to be awesome16:18
nubaewill u be there?16:18
nubaeAhmuck: salasaga16:19
Ahmuckis there a set of packages that would allow gui tutorials without having to dig and dig to find the right one?16:19
highvoltagemaybe I'll go next year.16:19
nubaeyeah, its close to where I'm at... 59€16:19
Ahmuckah, yes, that is the one i was thinking about ealier.  does  edubuntu list these?16:19
nubaeAhmuck: its being considered16:19
nubaebut its still alpha software16:19
Ahmuckis it possible that edubuntu could package catagories of the best / educator friendly software?16:19
nubaeI don't know if it would even belong in universe app bundle16:20
nubaeAhmuck: are u on the edubuntu-devel list?16:20
nubaewe had a discussion on there about that16:20
Ahmucknubae: nope16:34
Ahmucki tend to avoid devel lists16:35
nubaethe edubuntu one is quite tame...16:35
Ahmuckk, ill look at it16:35
Ahmucku have a link16:35
LaserJockAhmuck: don't avoid us, we don't bite :-)16:35
* Ahmuck looks at other dev scars and considers16:36
Ahmuckk, i'm going to start making video tutorials16:36
Ahmuckpoint me to a link to sign up and i'll sign up on the dev list on a wait and see option16:37
=== Ahmuck is now known as Wassenburg
=== Wassenburg is now known as wass_clone
LaserJockAhmuck: the -devel list pretty much like the -users list except we talk about more stuff that we talk about in here16:38
=== wass_clone is now known as Ahmuck
Ahmuckheh heh, i forget when you nick change it's across all channels16:39
* Ahmuck picked batch mode16:41
LaserJockI really really wish I could get rid of that option :(16:42
LaserJockthe digests are only good if you never ever ever plan on replying to a message16:42
LaserJockand since -devel has less traffic than -users it's not much of a benefit16:43
LaserJockI gotta run16:49
LaserJockbut make sure to digg: http://digg.com/linux_unix/Why_we_need_Edubuntu_to_succeed16:50
LaserJockit even made Boycott Novell ;-)16:50
=== You're now known as ubuntulog
nubaeI just think those kind of reports are totally misleading18:33
nubaeIf this girl doesn't take the time to go review or read up about ubuntu, especially considering she's never heard of it before, she shouldn't be using it18:33
nubaeif she bought a new dvd recorder or oven or whatever, she'd have to look at the damn manual...18:34
nubaewhy does she think it should be different for an even more advanced piece of equipment18:34
ograshe didnt18:43
ograshe didnt notice she bought ubuntu, she just picked the cheapest offer ... when she had ubuntu on the laptop she bought, she called dell to get windows18:44
ogradell told her she will be fine with ubuntu18:44
nubaeI mean after she got the laptop18:44
nubaedell convinced her it was a good choice18:44
ograwhich was wrong, they talked her into it18:45
nubaeyeah, but thats sales and marketing... people also talk vista users into getting that piece of crap18:45
ograwhen she figured it wasnt the case and called dell again they said they wouldnt give her windows18:45
nubaepart of the game, even though its totally immoral and wrong :-)18:45
ograwhich caused her to go to the press18:45
nubaebut she chose to spend no time to get to know her system18:46
ograshe didnt want to18:46
ograand thats the point18:46
nubaeright, but she agreed with dell to keep ubuntu18:46
ograbut found out she doesnt get along with it18:47
ograand got told off the second time18:47
nubaeyeah that was wrong... but she should still taken at least an hour to get to know her system18:48
ograshe took several days before she called dell and asked for windows18:48
nubaeI've installed ubuntu for many beginners, that never heard of it before... and when they took the time, they all saw that it was possible to open .docs, and that it was possible to get on the internet easily18:48
Ahmucki've found it's easier to introduce people to linux via linux only apps.  those apps that are show stopers18:48
Ahmuckhugin, evolution, etc18:49
ogranubae, but she didnt have anyone showing it to her, was desperate and just wanted to get what she knows ...18:49
nubaeyes, in several days she didn't see openoffice openned .docs...18:49
nubaeMy grandmother would figure that out in a couple hours18:50
ogramy mom does ... but she is open to it18:50
ograthis girl wasnt but dell forced her into it18:50
ograand its her godgiven right to go to the press with that18:50
nubaeyeah, I'm just annoyed at the reporter misleading18:51
ograwatch the show, the article puts it in a worse light than the show actually is18:51
sbalneavogra: You know, Ubuntu could have a real public relations coup here18:51
LnsI think that whole thing is lame - people have to learn new interfaces all the time with M$ Office (ribbon bar?), Vista, etc...what's the diff here?18:52
nubaeLns: none, I agree with u18:52
ograsbalneav, it already does ... sadly not the most positive one18:52
sbalneavShuttleworth should phone her *personally*, and point her how to save her documents in Word18:52
sbalneavImagine the press:18:52
Lnstotally! the community comes to the rescue.18:52
sbalneav"Hey, has Bill Gates ever phoned YOU and helped you?"18:52
sbalneavThis could be totally turned around.18:53
sbalneavInto a triumph18:53
sbalneavI'm making a note here:18:53
sbalneavHUGE SUCCESS!18:53
Lnsany publicity is good publicity..its all in perception18:54
Lnsjust think of how many people will hear the word ubuntu now'18:54
Lnsand get interested18:54
ogranot many18:54
Ahmuckinteresting, activepen is nothing more than a tablet, which we have18:54
ograits either people who already know it and read the article or watched the show online18:54
ograor its a bunch of local people in wisconsin18:55
ograso yes, the popularity rises ... but thats a local tv station18:55
ograwont rise much :)18:55
Ahmuckactually, this type of press is not good press18:56
Ahmuckthere is a war beggining with linux/windows18:56
Lnsah..well i heard about it on slashdot, but again thats kinda the choir18:56
Ahmuckin the media.  first the teacher that told her student's it was illegal to use and pass out oss software and now this18:56
ograLns, but slashdotters *know* ubuntu already18:57
LnsAhmuck: war is good business. Just ask GWB ;)18:57
Lnsogra: exactly, hence the choir18:57
Ahmucklol, depends on what side your on18:57
LnsAhmuck: we're on the good side! =)18:57
sbalneavI read a report that someone was going to help her get the internet online, and show her how to save her documents.18:58
Ahmuckjust reviewed activepen software, and whiteboading.  so i assume that there is nothing in linux that will  connect?18:59
Ahmuckverizon is going to help her get online with linux - this is good, as it will help linux users in the long run18:59
Ahmuckand the university is going to help her with documents, this is good for linux as well, because it forces the university to adjust to the needs of the students19:00
Ahmuckeven us linux students19:00
Lnswow, thats nice they're going to help w/linux and not shaft her..19:00
Ahmuckverizon or the uni?19:00
Ahmuckor both19:00
Lnsits all exposure for linux now, which is good. Ahmuck - verizon19:00
sbalneav'Sides, LOTS of people buy winderz boxes everyday, and can't get connected with 'em, or can;t figure out how to do something, I fail to see how someome managed to even blow this one up into the story it became.19:01
LnsWe have a good potential with that exposure with Vista being so crappy in people's eyes19:01
Lnsand seeing that lots of ppl are coming in to the rescue for her19:01
Lnspeople see the community behind linux and they will like that19:02
AhmuckUbuntu fans read our story and linked to it on Linux fan message boards and other technology blogs.  By Thursday morning, several major technology websites featured WKOW's article on their front pages.19:02
AhmuckThat's also when the comments - many of them angry, rude, and hateful - started pouring in.19:02
Ahmuckand there is the problem19:02
Lnsjust dont feed the trolls..they'll go find something else later, as they did before...19:02
ograand there were rude comments ...19:03
AhmuckThe young woman also contacted 27 News to report she's being harassed on her Facebook account by Ubuntu users.19:03
ograreally rude19:03
Lnsack..well that sucks19:03
ograbut they made up probably 10%19:03
Ahmuckit appears that dell is contacting her.  it may be that they are going to do an exchange to windows ?19:03
ograthe text doesnt cover what the news guy says in the show; that they recieved also a lot of help offers19:04
sbalneavAnd as for idiot FanBoi/Grlz spamming her blog, that's just stupid people being... well, stupid.19:05
LnsWe need to remember that the media will only expose what will raise ppl's eyebrows19:05
Lnsthat will be mostly bad stuff. We need to counter that19:05
LnsEspecially since M$ has a big part of the media, they can use it as leverage19:06
Lnssmear campaigns, etc19:06
Lnswhich this could just be the start of19:06
ograLns, why do we have a link to suse documentation on the ubuntu ltsp page now ?19:10
mib_dp49tlHey guys, I am still having issues install edubuntu on a Dell Mini 9.  I have ubuntu 8.10 installed, and I have extracted the contents of the edubuntu iso onto my usb stick, but I do not get an autorun.19:10
Lnsogra: I was going to put the other distro ltsp pages on there for reference..is that a bad thing?19:10
ograwell, it will confuse19:11
Lnshow so?19:11
ograspecifically since suse doesnt use ltsp but kiwi19:11
ograso none of our commands is valid for them, none of their commands is valid for us19:11
Lnsmaybe i can make a subsection of the links or something, "other LTSP related projects" ?19:11
Lnsnot a big deal either way, just wanted to be all inclusive19:12
* ogra is still pretty upset about the suse fork of ltsp19:12
sbalneavmib_dp49tl: You didn't burn the cd?19:12
mib_dp49tlI don't have a cd drive for the netbook.19:12
ografedora at least goes with upstream so the commands rughly apply19:12
ograbut suse is totally off19:12
sbalneavogra: mib_dp49tl's got the .iso file, how does he install edubuntu again?  I can't remember the magic.19:13
ograloop mount it ?19:13
LnsI guess I can take it out, I was just thinking it would be nice to have so people can explore the "big picture" - not that im trying to get ppl to go with other distros, but i mean, everyone has a choice..was just putting the information out there19:13
mib_dp49tlI did that, but it will not autorun.19:13
ograor make an USB key out of the iso might work19:13
mib_dp49tlI am not sure what to execute19:14
ograsystem->administration->"create usb startup disk"19:14
Lnsogra: was just trying to go with the concept of "ubuntu" :)19:14
ograLns, well, suse refuses to go with that concept19:15
sbalneavogra: No, he's got ubuntu installed, and he's just wanting to add on the Edubuntu disk.19:15
ograsbalneav, right19:15
sbalneavIt's something under the package manager, isn't it?19:15
ograyou can somehow point synaptic to a cd drive indeed19:15
Lnsogra: i know.. but its still thin client/friends related. Personally i think we should have MS terminal services links on there too, if for nothing else to show that we are trying to include everything..that way we can be seen as a central hub type of place, and people wont think we're trying to be the only thing out there19:16
mib_dp49tlI need to create an image for 100 of these!!19:16
ograwell, then put an "EVIL FORKS" section in and put it there19:16
Lnsogra: lol19:16
Lnsi dont think that would be a good idea19:17
ograit would also be pretty much alone in that section19:17
ograbut thats what they did19:17
Lnsogra: your perspective, not everyone's19:17
Lnswe need to be unbiased19:17
ograyes, and i'm bitter about my code being abused like that19:17
ograbut i've written GPL code so i cant complain19:18
Lnsogra: and I totally understand your point of view..and personally i agree with you, suse/novell can kiss my ass..I just dont want to try and convince others of my personal opinions19:19
ograi mailed a good bunch of suse people and had a lot of conversations including offering them help to DTRT ... but they are not wanting to work with upstream19:19
ograso i cant change it19:19
Lnsthat sucks19:19
sbalneavmib_dp49tl: I'll see if I can figure it out for you, one sec.19:20
Lnsbut that's their choice.. again, i was only trying to link to related projects so people can have the information, if they want it19:20
ograso you have to maintain strange kiwi config files that trash your system setup and have to call *special* kiwi commands to execute them19:20
ograyes, i understand what you aim to do, i wouldnt complain if you would link fedoras, gentoos, debians or even altlinux's pages19:21
sbalneavmib_dp49tl: I don't happen to have a cd image here, what 's in the root of the cd?19:21
ograsbalneav, should be a standard package archive19:21
Lnsogra: well debians is already on there..i was planning on getting the rest of them up there right now19:22
ograits 1.5 years ago that i even touched an edubuntu CD last though ...19:22
mib_dp49tlcdromupgrade, md5sum.txt, README.diskdefines, ubuntu19:22
Lnsogra: how about a subsection titled "Other thin-client related projects"19:22
ograwell, do what you want ...19:22
ograas you mentioned, its my personal opinion and my personal bitterness as well19:23
sbalneavI think cdromupgrade's what you run19:24
ograi know that warren feels the same though19:24
mib_dp49tlwhen I run cdromupgrade, it tells me that my ubuntu is up to date.19:25
ograopne synaptic, go to edit->add cdrom19:25
ograor run apt-cdrom add and install edubuntu-desktop on the commandline19:26
ogra(you must make sure the cd iso is mounted under /cdrom indeed)19:27
sbalneavthen that's the magic :)19:27
sbalneavmib_dp49tl: make sure the cdrom iso's mounted under /cdrom19:27
Ahmuckwith reguards to the whiteboard, a wacom bamboo tablet and a standard gimp page would work easlity enough.  however you would have to save each page19:28
Ahmuckpart of the problem is, 8.04.  wacom bamboo tablets would need to be supported out of box for educators on ubuntu19:28
* ogra would go the WIImote path ... but i have seen a live demo of that recently and indeed you need a projector19:29
mib_dp49tlok, i'll try...Thanks again.19:33
mib_dp49tlIt is now installing... Thanks for your help19:50
alkisg!info edubuntu-desktop21:37
ubottuedubuntu-desktop (source: edubuntu-meta): edubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.62 (intrepid), package size 17 kB, installed size 44 kB21:37
alkisgI'm interested in packaging some windows educational applications into .debs, that depend on wine, install in /opt and have .desktop files, extension associations, /usr/bin/appname launchers etc, so that they behave like linux applications. If these applications are closed source, but I have redistribution license for them, would they be eligible for the universe component?21:42
alkisg(maybe LaserJock is the best person for this question, so allow me to ask it again): I'm interested in packaging some windows educational applications into .debs, that depend on wine, install in /opt and have .desktop files, extension associations, /usr/bin/appname launchers etc, so that they behave like linux applications. If these applications are closed source, but I have redistribution license for them, would they be eligible for the universe componen21:43
LaserJockthey wouldn't be fore Universe21:44
LaserJockUniverse is still "Free"21:44
alkisgAh, sorry, multiverse then?21:44
LaserJockMultiverse is the non-free component21:44
LaserJockhistorically the MOTU have not liked having Windows binaries in the archive at all21:45
LaserJockthey are concerned about minimizing the number of things we have 0 control over in terms of bugs and security21:45
alkisgSo the only way to enable teachers to have easy to install windows educational applications, is to have a personal repository, right?21:46
alkisg(not a PPA, on my personal site I mean - PPAs are for open source apps only...)21:46
LaserJockwell, can you download the windows app?21:46
LaserJockI wonder if you could create a package that downloads the .exe and sets it up in Wine21:47
alkisgMaybe I could make an installer like the msttcorefonts installer21:47
LaserJockright, exactly21:47
alkisgWould this be acceptable?21:47
LaserJockmsttcorefonts is easy though because it's just extracting out the fonts and putting them in the system21:47
alkisg(for multiverse, I mean...)21:47
LaserJockI'm not sure how easy it would be to do it on a full applications21:47
LaserJockI really can't say for sure21:48
LaserJockcertainly they would me more accepting of that approach as opposed to having the full .exe in our archive21:48
alkisgFor full windows applications, uniextractor works wonders :)21:48
LaserJockI might suggest you talking with Scott Ritchie, I think his IRC nick is YoKozar or something21:49
LaserJockhe is our Wine maintainer21:49
alkisgIn #ubuntu-motu?21:49
LaserJockhe might be there21:49
LaserJockyou could ask #ubuntu-motu anyway21:49
alkisgOK, thanks LaserJock21:49
LaserJockbut be warned, you'll probably get some "no way!" comments :-)21:49
LaserJockI know we've had arguments over it in the past21:50
alkisgWell, I already have a personal repository in my site, so it would be easier for me to just put them there, I just wanted to make them more generally available...21:50
LaserJockbut Scott Ritchie is really interested in making Wine more usable for people so he would be a good resource21:50
LaserJockbdoin: you still around? how's gcompris going?21:58
Ahmuckdoesn't wine-doors do this now?21:59
Ahmuckalkisg: doesn't wine-doors do this now?21:59
bdoinLaserJock: hi21:59
alkisgAhmuck: not exactly, it installs per user, I'd like to install for all users22:00
bdoingcompris does its best to survive in this cruel world !22:00
Ahmuckah, with individual .user files22:00
alkisgSo I'd make a .deb file out of each application22:00
Ahmuckin the individusl user directory for configuration?22:00
LaserJockbdoin: I was wondering if you were getting any feedback from people using gcompris on netbooks?22:00
Ahmuckalkisg: any chance an app could be written that one could automate the process?22:00
bdoinI have been reported that it comes pre-installed on asus eeepc22:00
bdointhe windows version22:01
LaserJockbdoin: really!?22:01
bdoinsorry, the linux version22:01
LaserJockbdoin: that's fantastic, congrats on that22:01
alkisgAhmuck: not really - you'd need to rework wine for that22:01
LaserJockbdoin: you were working on moving to a new canvas or something, right?22:02
bdoinyes, I am still on it but its long.22:04
bdoinI made a beta recently to show this work but not many people seams to follow it22:05
LaserJockbdoin: do you want people to be testing it a lot more22:07
LaserJockbdoin: perhaps we can use a PPA to let Ubuntu users test it out?22:07
bdoinnot yet, it was more a preview of the ongoing work22:08
bdoina PPA ?22:08
ballHow do I specify which interface I want LTSP to use?22:09
alkisgball: you mean the dhcp server?22:11
ballalkisg: yes, I know that was at least one part of it.  I'm trying to help someone who's trying to roll out Edubuntu at a school22:11
alkisgFor dhcp, you do: sudo dpkg-reconfigure dhcp3-server22:12
ballhe's got issues with one of his interfaces and wants to know how to ask Edubuntu to use another.22:12
alkisgThe rest of the stuff will use whatever NIC is valid for the target IP22:12
alkisgSo he should have a correct /etc/network/interfaces file...22:12
ballI would drive over there and help him, but a) I don't know Linux that well and b) it *way* too cold.22:13
alkisgHeh... you could ask for ssh access, and help him remotely22:13
ballalkisg: even if he could grant that, I wouldn't feel confident asking because I'm a bit lost when it comes to Linux.  If it were BSD I'd have a clue.22:14
alkisgYou may also tell him to ask whatever question he has here or in #ltsp...22:15
ballCome to think of it, I could set up a test system here.22:15
LaserJockbdoin: sorry, a PPA is a Personal Package Archive22:15
ballalkisg: I'll see if he's up for that.22:15
LaserJockbdoin: it's a Launchpad feature that lets you make your own package repositories22:15
LaserJockbdoin: we could, for instance, package up your beta and put it in one of these PPAs which would allow people to apt-get it rather than having to compile it themselves22:16
bdoinwell thanks, I see but I have enough work like that. I don't want to manage linux packaging unless it is cross distro22:16
LaserJockbdoin: well, i was sort thinking we'd do that for you, I wasn't expecting you to do it22:17
bdoinIt's fine if someone want to take care of that, i'll appreciate22:18
LaserJockbdoin: do you have a wiki page for it?22:18
Ahmuckok, wow.  we have a projector, and i'm sure i could get 50.00 from the budget.  this is windows, but does this work in linux?22:20
bdoinLaserJock: http://gcompris.net/wiki/index.php/Developer's_corner22:21
LaserJockbdoin: so you'd want the gcomprixogoo branch packaged, right?22:23
bdoinyes, I updated the wiki page to be more precise22:25
LaserJockbdoin: well, I think I'll take a stab at it. I'm really busy with school and other Edubuntu stuff so it may take a bit ;-)22:37
LaserJockbdoin: it'd be nice to give you some help with testing that out22:37
bdoinI plan to have completed in a couple of monthes22:37

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