seelenot sure.. i thought tonio said he was packaging it.  thats why i asked00:00
nhandlerThis is really annoying. For some reason, ever since I went back to intrepid, I can no longer create a jaunty pbuilder. I have tried several times, but it always complains about not being able to resolve archive.ubuntu.com\00:23
bobesponjait looks like akonadi depends on mysql-client-5.0 but amarok depends on mysql-client-5.1 on jaunty01:06
seeleyes, apparently you can't have both installed at the moment01:09
bobesponjaok, thanks,  I hope it gets fixed soon =)01:11
ScottKseele: I think it (kpackagekit) is still in the New queue.  In any case it's not in Main yet, so can't be on the CD.04:44
ScottKhttps://wiki.kubuntu.org/JauntyJackalope/Alpha3/Kubuntu is where the Ubuntu release announement will point to for Kubuntu release notes.05:54
* ScottK really hopes nixternal has put something there.05:54
ScottKnixternal: Looks nice06:20
nixternalthank you sir06:23
* ScottK added a bit of bad news and took out the Kmail returns bit as it didn't, in the end, fit on the alternate CDs and I don't know if it is still on the Live or note.06:24
ScottKnixternal: How'd the archive reorg call go?06:24
ScottKHow was the result?06:24
nixternalfor 1 hour talk talk talk, then at the end, oh, we will just send out the email06:24
nixternalin otherwards, they should have just started an email thread about it in the first place06:25
ScottKSounds typical.06:25
nixternalresults = NULL06:25
ScottKWhat's email gonna say?06:25
ScottKGo read the spec?06:25
nixternalI hope not, because the spec is garbage06:25
ScottKcjwatson has been editing it a lot today and yesterday.06:25
nixternalthe archive reorg has potential, they just need to clarify the hell out of it first, otherwise people are going to get scared06:26
nixternalya, because mark tasked him with everything06:26
* ScottK is subscribed to the page and he's been spamming my inbox.06:26
ScottKWell I think he's a good guy for the job.06:26
nixternalhell ya, way to knowledgeable too06:26
ScottKI also think he really gets what Ubuntu would want out of this and not just what Canonical would want.06:27
ScottKSpeaking of Mark, did you see the pasting I sent to ubuntu-devel yesterday about this whole Desktop Experience thing?06:28
nixternaland today on my gnome desktop, I saw the first round of annoying ass notifications06:29
ScottKIt'll be interesting to see how it works out.06:30
nixternalat least now, all notifications have the option to shut them up forever06:30
ScottKThat's good.06:30
nixternalthe only notifications I want are: you've got mail, foo has crashed, and the one everyone hates "are you sure you want to quit?"06:31
nixternalI hate the KDE4 logout now because it is so easy to accidentally shutdown when trying to reboot, or vice-versa06:32
ScottKI like the quassel notifications when I get hilighted.06:32
nixternalI did for a while, then I got tired of it...if I am not looking at my irc screen, I am probably working..and if I am working, I don't want to be bothered at that time06:32
nixternalanywho, time for bed06:33
ScottKGood night.06:34
markeyhum, was there a security bug in the kernel?07:33
markeygot another kernel image update07:33
markeyand I'm asked to reboot..07:33
markeythe rebooting thing is getting really not nice :)07:33
markeyreminds me of vista07:33
* markey kills the update notifier07:34
* markey wants live-patching capability of the kernel :)07:35
markeysomeone was working on that, I need to google it07:36
Sputmarkey: kexec07:49
Sputhas been around for years, but for some reason, it's hardly used07:50
markeySput: ah yes07:51
markeySput: is the technology.. usable?07:51
Sputno idea07:51
markeyas if robust and safe?07:51
markeyme neither07:52
markeybut it's highly interesting, imho07:52
markeyespecially for servers07:52
* Sput migrates to work07:56
markeyanyone know how to get -dev packages for NEON?08:46
markeyI'm having great trouble with building amarok against it08:46
markeypicks up KDE 4.108:46
markeyand fubars08:47
markeybuilding works, but runtime linking is hosed. amarok runs with KDElibs 4.1, and tries to use KIO-Slaves from 4.208:47
markeywhich is.. wrong on so many levels08:47
markeyit craps out08:48
freeflying_kontact keeps on crashing when connect to gamil via imap, anyone encountered this?09:34
Nightrosemarkey: are you using neonmake?10:31
Nightrosejcastro: Congratulations!10:31
markeyNightrose: ah, no. using normal cmake/make stuff10:33
markeyNightrose: can you explain how to use neonmake?10:34
Nightrosemarkey: neonmake is a wrapper around cmake that sets all the stuff that is needed correctly for neon10:35
markeygreat, thanks :)10:35
markeywill try10:35
Nightrosehave a look at apachelogger's blog10:35
Nightrosehe wrote about it10:35
mrvanesis the akonadi dependancy on mysql-server-5.0 in jaunty a known problem at the moment?11:15
RiddellTonio_: are you going to reupload kpackagekit?11:16
Riddellmrvanes: yes11:16
mrvanesthere's a bit of a dependancy conflict between mysql-server-5.0 and 5.111:16
Riddellwe're working on it11:17
mrvanesOk, thx!11:17
mrvanesAnother question: I have libmsn, but still no msn in kopete, is that known?11:18
Riddellit would need a recompile11:19
mrvanesbut that has recently take place for 4.1.96, didn't it?11:19
mrvanesAh... ok, clear11:20
mrvanesAnd last: I don't seem to have irc plugin in kopete, is that also known?11:20
markeyNightrose: I don't seem to have NeonMake. do you know where it is?11:22
Riddellmrvanes: there isn't one11:22
mrvaneshas that been removed recently?11:23
mrvanesI'm quite sure kopete used to have irc support?11:24
Riddellmrvanes: removed in KDE 4 port11:25
mrvanesOk, that's all.... good luck on the Akonadi problem!11:25
markeyanyone know where to get neonmake?11:28
Nightrosemarkey: it is in one of the packages but no idea whichsorry11:28
markeyapachelogger has a way of writing blogs that I can't parse ;)11:28
markeyI read it like 3 times11:28
Nightrosebuild something probably11:28
smartermarkey: amarok-nightly-tools: /usr/bin/neonmake11:32
markeynota bene: I don't want to install amarok-nightly11:34
markeyI hope that won't pull it in11:34
smarterjust deps on ruby11:35
markeyok cool11:35
markeymark@Hyperion:~/kde/build/amarok$ neonmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/kde -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debugfull $HOME/kde/src/amarok11:38
markeyYou are not in the 'build' directory and there is no 'build' directory nor a 'CMakeLists.txt' file in this directory!!!!!!!!!!11:38
markeyhow to use it correctly?11:38
markeyit does make a few assumptions over your folder layout11:42
markeybuilding now11:43
markeylet's see11:43
markeygood lord, neonmake is slooooooooooooow12:00
markeygotta make it use -j3 or so12:00
Tm_Thi markey12:14
markeyyo Tm_T12:14
ryanakcaHmmm... are the MD5SUMS on the daily images out of date? rsync claims that the images match, but md5sum clais they don't12:21
markeyhmm, with NEON, kde locks my desktop after 5 minutes non-usage, although I disabled all screen savers12:23
Riddellbceb82f10a43975f1c212f09f0d0aa5f  jaunty-alternate-i386.iso12:23
Riddellryanakca: ^^12:23
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
markeyis that a bug, or just me being stupid?12:23
Riddellryanakca: was that the one you're after?12:23
ryanakcaRiddell: I'll rm it and try again12:23
ryanakcaI got: 4e3fa4923fa7466227316d1264e69ff9  jaunty-alternate-i386.iso12:23
Riddellryanakca:   rsync -CvzapP --stats rsync://cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/kubuntu/daily/current/jaunty-alternate-i386.iso .12:24
ScottKAnyone else have issues to consider for quassel?17:25
ScottKapachelogger: What do you think about putting the SSL cert in /etc so it's a conffile and if there's a user generated cert, it doesn't automatically get over-written?17:26
apacheloggerScottK: useful because?17:27
ScottKapachelogger: Because SSL along doesn't let you know you're truly talking to who you think you are.  It protects again observation of an existing connection.17:28
ScottKTo be protected against a true MITM attack you've have to validate the cert against a CA.17:28
ScottKSo it the user created their own cert, we shouldn't just arbitrarily overwrite it.17:29
ScottKSomething like that.17:29
apacheloggerScottK: quassel doesn't do that anyway?17:34
apacheloggeror does it by now?17:34
ScottKYour autogenerated cert isn't signed by a CA.17:35
ScottKSSL is really designed to prevent post-connection snooping (which we now do).17:35
ScottKThe MITM protection afforded by signed certs was a bolt on.17:36
apacheloggerScottK: well, my point is quassel doesn't give a crap who signed the cert  ;-)17:36
Sputwell, the core yells at you :)17:36
apacheloggerdefine yelling17:36
Sputand we might look into relaying that info to the client and display a different icon in that case17:36
Sputit spits out a warning on the shell17:36
ScottKWhich no one would ever see.17:37
ScottKSince we just run the daemon.17:37
Sputchanging the statusbar icon in the client could be feasible, but I need to check that with EgS17:37
ScottKapachelogger: I don't think it's urgent, but I do think we (with upstream) need to get this sorted.17:37
ScottKapachelogger: See my earlier rants about DNS cache poisoning.17:38
apacheloggerfirst upstream then we, don't worry about problems that aren't our problems yet :P17:38
Sputwhat we probably can't do is asking the client for advice, i.e. displaying a messagebox asking if we should proceed - QSslSocket needs an immediate decision17:38
ScottKSput: The first thing I think is to give the user a warning if the cert is changed.17:38
ScottKIf it's changed, just don't connect17:39
ScottKKind of like SSH does if the fingerprint is changed.17:39
ScottKWhich if they did, we wouldn't want to over-write an existing cert at all automatically.17:40
apacheloggerSput: we need a way to override $defaultcertpath ... maybe some start argument ... so our init script can check if $usercreatedcert is available and if not inovke core with a generic cert in /etc17:40
Sputthat reminds me, I have some patches to apply in the ssl department17:41
* Sput tries to rememember what they did17:41
* apachelogger goes back to parsing lp17:41
ScottKSput: SSL is currently working in the sense that I can't sniff my password anymore.17:43
ScottKSput: Is there a way we can set the default to SSL for quassel-client connecting to quassel-core?17:43
Sputah, that should be default anyway17:44
* Sput wonders why it isn't17:44
ScottKIt may be just a carryover in my case.17:44
Sputno I think it's like that17:45
Sputbut we don't handle gracefully if the core doesn't support ssl17:45
Sputso that might be a problem17:45
* Sput opens a BR17:45
ScottKSput: Which of you is the person to talk to about buildiing with -DLINGUAS=....17:46
SputScottK: probably me17:47
ScottKOK.  If I get stuck, I'll ping you.  Thanks.17:47
SputScottK: by default, we build all available languages17:50
Sput-DLINGUAS is for restricting those17:50
ScottKWell then I'm missing a build-dep or something.17:50
Sputhmmm, does cmake spit a warning related to lrelease?17:51
ScottKNo translations in any .deb17:51
ScottKI'm bulding with logging enabled now and I'll check.17:51
* ScottK forgot that the last time.17:51
Sputyou'll need lrelease for generating the translations for now17:51
Sputwe are looking into alternatives, either supporting pre-generated language files or switching to gettext rather than Qt linguist, but I'm not sure if that'll happen for 0.417:52
Sputwe didn't get the gettext stuff to work yet :/17:52
ScottKIt's generating them (I look at the last official build https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/quassel/0.4.0~git090113-0ubuntu1/+build/837388/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-i386.quassel_0.4.0~git090113-0ubuntu1_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz)17:55
ScottKThey just don't seem to end up in either the .deb or list missing.17:55
Sputoh, they should be integrated in the binary17:55
smarterSput: hey, feature request before I forget: when someone privmsgs you, his name should be the color you've chosen for highlights, not for standard messages :]17:56
Sputmaybe you do have translations?17:56
ScottKMaybe I do, but that kind of makes language packs tough.17:56
Sputyou can check in F7 -> Appearance -> General17:56
ScottKSure enough17:56
SputI think at the very least we should support adding .qm files separately17:56
ScottKRiddell: ^^^ Translations are there, just embedded in the binary17:57
SputI'll put that in the tracker too17:57
ScottKThat may well end up on the 'must have' list.17:57
ScottKRiddell: Can rosetta deal with .qm files?17:57
RiddellScottK: no (but I wouldn't have thought you'd consider that a bad thing :)17:58
ScottKRiddell: I'm trying set my personal feelings aside and work with the system ....17:58
ScottKBesides, if it's split out it makes it smaller on the CD17:59
apacheloggerhttp://paste.ubuntu.com:80/105638/ that is way too lame17:59
NCommanderRiddell, when you plan to upload kde4libs?17:59
* apachelogger needs to find a better way to tear lp apart :S17:59
NCommanderRiddell, I assume after freeze, right?18:00
colomarseele: Thanks for the info. I've looked at the screenshots before, but I don't think they depict every step of the process. Let's hope Daniel will work with us18:00
apacheloggerScottK: lang packs are though anywy, since rosetta doesn't support qt translations18:00
ScottKSounds like unless they move to gettext embedded is fine.18:01
apacheloggerScottK: we tried to run them through gettext, which spit out qm files which should be usable for quassel, but for some reason that didn't work18:01
* apachelogger didn't care because it's really a rosetta issue and not ours :P18:01
smarterapachelogger: oh my18:02
smarterscary code18:02
ScottKConsidering the language pack crap we had at the last release, I have a hard time getting worked up over making life easy for Rosetta.18:03
smarteryou know there's like tons of super cool html parsers in ruby? :]18:03
apacheloggersmarter: that would help how?18:03
* apachelogger could run a regexp among the whole thing and store matches in an array18:03
apacheloggerwouldn't be any less hackish though18:03
SputScottK: the .qm files embedded in the binary are not very large (about 50K per language), but yeah I do see the reasoning18:04
apacheloggeranyway, once I have a sane way to get the data from lp putting it into a status tracker is fairly easy18:04
SputI will tackle the build system over the weekend18:04
apacheloggertechnically I just need to do a rails scaffold ;D18:04
SputScottK: I will also look for a way to simplify all the resource-related cmake options we have now, and probably offer a blanket -DEMBED_DATA or somesuch18:05
* apachelogger needs to take a shower and join some friends for dinner18:05
Sputbugs filed, assigned, targeted for 0.418:05
NCommanderRiddell, did you respond to my ping, or did I just loose my mind?18:07
* ScottK assigns a high probability to both events.18:07
ScottKNCommander: He did respond to your ping or we've both lost it.18:07
* NCommander whacks ScottK 18:08
NCommanderI personally don't care if my patch or upstreams gets used18:08
NCommanderI just want kde4libs building on ARM :-)18:08
* ScottK too18:13
RiddellNCommander: probably not, I'm busy doing install testing18:21
* NCommander shrugs18:21
NCommanderI'm not picky either or, I just need the archive to defrost :-)18:21
* seele wonders when Jono is going to respond to the college student who got an Ubuntu laptop issue18:22
ScottKseele: I'm sure he will be as proactive about such issues as he always is.18:25
quassel88ScottK waves \o18:39
quassel88Testing the new snapshot.18:39
quassel88Sput: The right-click stuff 'feels' more solid.18:41
* quassel88 notes that rickspencer3 and I have the same cel phone provider ;-)18:42
ScottKSput: I just checked and when I 'add' a new core the default is SSL not checked.  We rather want the opposite.18:45
SputScottK: yeah, BR filed18:46
* ScottK grumbles at apachelogger.19:02
ScottKYou're find the pid file and notice if quassel-core is already running doesn't appear to be working.19:02
* ScottK waves his hands \\o/ and declares it good anyway.19:03
* ScottK uploads19:03
* seele waits for the good word19:04
ScottKThat was for Jaunty.  I'll toss one at my PPA too.19:04
ghostcubelool, ping19:08
ScottKseele: It's uploaded to the PPA.  Just give it a bit to  build19:13
seeleScottK: ok thanks19:14
ScottKseele: It's built.  No easy way to tell if the binary is published yet.19:37
seeleScottK: i just downloaded the .deb from your PPA site, that seems to have worked ok19:45
ScottKseele: OK.  The right click stuff should be better now.19:46
seeleScottK: cool, thanks19:48
seeleseele_q: ping19:49
seeleweird.. i only got my notification after the second one19:49
seeleseele_q: ping19:49
seeleoh, that's nice how the hole line lights up instead of just your nick name19:50
loolghostcube: pong19:57
loolghostcube: But I'm going afk19:57
loolghostcube: So it's cool if you can test the de langpack: revert to the broken xine-lib and try upgrading the langpack19:57
ghostcubelool, hi i just wanna say the problems with the deco of dolphin and konsole is away i fixed it by removing the rc files of both apps19:58
loolghostcube: If you can test kdelibs downgrade, that's even better19:58
loolghostcube: Was this problem related to xine?19:58
ghostcubenope seems to be wired kwin prob not creating the window in window normal mde it makes it fullscreen no idea why but after removing all worked fine again the only thing i have is the crash report at startup for kwin but this is libc6 related19:59
ghostcubethe xine prob is fixed by the new packages from you and the proposed ones from today19:59
ghostcubethis wasnent happening as i used the 4.1.3 runtimes that we testet before the xine-lib thing20:00
ghostcubethe kwin crash20:01
ghostcubeso everything seems to work like in 4.1.3 execpt this startup crash report and i cant tell u exactly whats causing this20:02
ghostcubebut this seems not to be a hughe thing cause evrything is acting "normal"20:03
loolghostcube: Ok; I mostly care about this xine issue20:03
loolI'm not tracking all KDE issues closely20:03
ghostcube:) np but for me the xine prob is fixed with the new packages all crashes i get before relating to xine are gone20:04
ghostcubesyst3emsettings work fine again amarok2 works fine again dragonplayer works again all like it should20:05
loolghostcube: Ok; I'm interested in more info on the xine issue, but otherwise I'll leave it here20:06
loolThanks, and bye!20:06
* lool &20:06
ghostcubeok bye20:06
ScottKAre we still considering to want to support Hardy --> Jaunty upgrades from KDE3?20:30
smarterScottK: I don't think we can, Ubuntu doesn't support it and we can't fix every single package in the archive so that it works for people having gnome installed or any other stuff that could break20:36
ScottKOK.  I played around in a chroot yesterday and there's only one KDE related package conflict.20:39
ScottKIt should be easy enough to work around.20:39
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
mluser-workDoes anyone know if there is a replacement package for kooka in kde 4.2?21:01
torkianoScottK: thank you for the quassel update, but I report that the minimize to tray function still not work21:05
* smarter just noticed trolltech.com^Wqtsoftware.com is now available in 5 languages (:21:05
* NCommander is still in shcok on the OMG Qt is LGPL21:13
Sputtorkiano: yes, working on that21:18
Sputas in, there is something fishy going which we try to pinpoint21:18
smarter[18:56:03] <smarter> Sput: hey, feature request before I forget: when someone privmsgs you, his name should be the color you've chosen for highlights, not for standard messages :]21:21
Sputuh, I didn't understand what you mean :)21:22
smarterin the list on the left(buffer view?), with chans and nicknames of people who pms you21:23
smarterthe nicknames don't appear in the hl color when someone speak to you, imho it should since this person is directly speaking to you21:26
smarterSput: is it clearer or is my English that bad after 10PM? :]21:26
Sputsmarter: if you speak to me, the message is highlighted21:27
Sputor do you mean that queries should be colored differently in the buffer list?21:27
smarteryes, that's probably what I mean :D21:28
smarterSput: verstehst du was ich sage jetzt? :]21:32
Sputvielleicht :)21:32
* ScottK summons the spirit of ace KDE triager JontheEchidna.21:32
Sputbugs.quassel-irc.org -> else I will probably forget21:32
JontheEchidnaoh hai there21:33
ScottKJontheEchidna: Would you please have a look at bug #31798321:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317983 in meta-kde "ksmserver crashes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31798321:33
Sputthx :)21:33
ScottKMy totally wild guess is they didn't get the rebuilt quickaccess21:33
samppadigikam 0.10.0-beta8 problems here (digikam starts but cant see any pics on albums), Lure around?21:33
Luresamppa: hi! intrepid or jaunty?21:34
samppahi Lure, intrepid21:34
smarterSput: actually, I might even try to provide you a patch since it shouldn't be too hard to patch (:21:34
Luresamppa: you use digikam-experimental ppa?21:34
Sputeven better :)21:34
samppaLure: yes21:35
Sputthough I'm still not sure why one would want that21:35
Luresamppa: with 4.2rc (kubuntu-experimental)?21:35
JontheEchidnaScottK: probably a dupe of bug 31779521:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317795 in kdebase-workspace "KDE-4.2-rc1 plasma instantly crashes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31779521:35
samppaLure: yes21:35
* Lure is not sure if rebuild would be needed due to rc changes...21:35
Luresamppa: can you start it from command line and paste terminal output somewhere?21:36
samppaLure: yes, or i can paste the errors that appear in .xsession-errors21:37
ScottKJontheEchidna: Ubuntu Release was concerned about it, so please triage 'em up.21:37
JontheEchidnasure thing21:37
JontheEchidnano clue why it would say ksmserver was crashing rather than plasma...21:37
Luresamppa: this sounds like rebuild is needed, will upload packages to force rebuild21:38
samppaok, thanks in advance21:38
smarterSput: well, I've got standard messages in green and highlights in red, if someone privmsg me, I might not see it since my eyes aren't attracted by the green21:38
Sputwell, we could just try it out and see how the users react :)21:39
smarterSput: and this makes sense too since highlights are just a way to let know someone you're talking to him21:39
ryanakcaRiddell: Thanks, that one worked :)21:40
* smarter will take a look at quassel's code tomorrow21:42
smarter'night everyone21:42
Luresamppa: digikam and kipi-plugins uploaded, should build in hour or so21:53
Luresamppa: same problem in jaunty - so thanks for finding it out21:54
* Lure uploads digikam/jaunty21:54
samppaLure: thanks for quick fix, i'll be glad to try new packages tomorrow21:55
RiddellScottK: have you tried the live CD?  do you get the crash slangasek was having?22:44
Riddelljings, the default colours for konsole now are crazy22:44
vorianRiddell: i just did a fresh install with the cd22:49
vorianlive cd worked fine22:50
seeleRiddell: patch konsole to ship Linux colors by default :P22:51
JontheEchidnalinux colors +122:55
Riddellvorian: thanks please add to iso testing site if you havn't already22:57
Riddelli prefer white/black over linux colours but either isbetter than light grey on not so light grey22:58
seelewhite on black looks like it's glowing.. but probably looks better in well lit rooms23:00
* JontheEchidna uses linux colors with the Inconsolata font23:03
ScottKRiddell: I have not tried the liveCD, but I only have i386 here anyway.23:06
* ScottK needs to get back to chopping tomatoes for bruschetta23:07
ScottKWe're having a party at the house tonight and my wife got delayed at work, so I get to play chef in the meantime ...23:07
ScottKAs an added bonus it's all people from her work who I've met approximately twice.23:08
Riddellvorian: did you test i386 or amd64?23:09
seeleScottK: are you still bringing $MIDDLE_CHILD to the linux chix meeting on sunday?23:10
ScottKseele: Yes.  $YOUNGEST too if that's OK (got no baby sitter)23:10
seeleScottK: i dont think it will be a problem, during normal business hours it's a family-oriented restaurant23:11
seeleyou've got a 17 year old daughter. what do you mean you have no baby sitter?23:12
ScottKseele: Do I know where it is?  Is this the one at the Pirate place?23:12
ScottKseele: She has a prior engagement elsewhere.23:12
seeleScottK: yeah.. same place as the kde party in silver spring23:12
ScottKOK.  Great.  $YOUNGEST will like pirates.23:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tu23:13
seelehmm.. no tiny url.. what a useless bot23:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tiny23:13
ScottKGot it.  Thanks.23:13
ScottKBTW, we got a new factoid here today:23:14
ubottu#kubuntu-devel is the development channel for Kubuntu, please use #kubuntu for support questions and #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks23:14
ScottKOr at least new to me.23:14
seelekubuntu-offtopic huh?23:14
seelethis channel would be dead a whole lot of the time if that was enforced23:14
ScottKWell there are times when enforcing it is necessary.23:15
seele(probably helps with traffic #kubuntu though)23:15
seeledid you add that?23:15
ScottKI wanted one for #ubuntu-motu that said "Just because they can't answer your question in #ubuntu, doesn't make this a support channel"23:15
ScottKI got pointed at that one that already existed for #ubuntu-devel23:16
ScottKSo we got the Ubuntu version of that on for motu and that one for here.23:16
ScottKOK.  Back to the tomatoes.23:16
seelechop chop23:16
nixternalanyone tested the latest alternate? I have a new megastation in the office that I want to install Kubuntu on, and I want to do Jaunty23:18
Riddellnixternal: please test and report on iso testing site23:21
nixternalhehe, will do I guess23:22
Riddelland what's a megastation? do you play sonic the hedgehog on it?23:22
nixternalno, dual quad-core, 16GB of ram, and 400+GB of SaS storage23:23
Riddellseele: pirate place? with eye patches and english west country accents?23:23
seeleRiddell: oh yes.. it's great!23:23
seeleRiddell: www.piratztavern.com (warning, bad flash)23:24
seeleall the staff dress up and talk like piratz and they have a band that comes in and sings drinking songs on fridays23:24
Riddellquoffing grogg23:26
ScottKseele: I just reminded $YOUNGEST "We're going to a meeting with a bunch of women who are really into computers". Her excited response was, "I'm really into computers!".23:27
ScottKSo she's psyced for it.23:27
ScottKShe's 5, so into computers means something a little different to her, of course.23:27
ScottKAnywhoo.  More tomatoes await ...23:28
seeleScottK: even if she isn't in to computers, there are always the pirates!23:28
seeleRiddell: quoff?23:29
Riddellcan't be a pirate if you don't quoff yer grog23:35
* nixternal made it through the massive layoffs today - took on more job responsibilities though23:35
Riddellthat sounds nasty nixternal23:36
nixternalit was very nasty actually, and still is, but I am safe for the time being...thank god I know this Linux stuff :)23:36
LaserJockseele: do you do any video usability tests, like video taping how people use stuff?23:40
LaserJocknixternal: wha???? I thought you only knew Vista ;-p23:41
seeleLaserJock: sometimes i tape, yes.  but it's not really useful.  people just use it as marketing material (proving a point, but it's not a tool)23:41
* seele is still unclear on quoffing. several images come to mind..23:41
seelenixternal: were those the only layoffs or might there be more?23:42
LaserJockseele: well, I was wondering if it was useful if you're not there23:42
seeleLaserJock: not unless it's being moderated by someone who knows what they are doing.  just taping users doing stuff doesn't really help23:43
seeleLaserJock: rather, the economic cost. i would get little out of watching tapes.  even less if someone who didnt know what they were doing were the moderators.  the most is when i'm watching live23:44
seele~ud quoff23:48
seele!ud quoff23:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ud quoff23:48
seele!urban quoff23:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about urban quoff23:48
seele~urban quoff23:48
kubotuquoff (1/3): Alternate spelling of quofe (also quoaf or quof). noun: Penile flatulence (air or gas escaping from the penis through the urethra), a.k.a. a dick fart. verb: To emit penile flatulence. ETYMOLOGY: "Quofe" is the male form of queef. NOTE: Quofes are a rare phenomenon compared to queefs because it is m... After Reginald's catheter was removed, he tried to take a piss, but ended up letting a quoff at the...23:48
seeleRiddell: ^^ I don't think that is what you meant? heh23:48
* seele is almost sorry she did that23:48
seele~urban quoff 223:50
kubotuquoff (2/3): To drink, particularly an alcoholic beverage Fancy going t'pub and quoffing some ale?23:50
seeleah heh, that's probably it23:50
* seele can't resist..23:51
seele~urban quoff 323:51
kubotuquoff (3/3): Hair, although short but somehow really big. wow, that guy has a really nice quoff23:51
seeleah, that's not so bad23:51
JontheEchidna~urban kde23:53
kubotukde (1/5): Acronym for "The K Desktop Environment" Kde is a desktop enviroment for the X11 system, commonly used by Linux with XFree86 and xorg. Commonly used. Matthias Ettrich started KDE in 1996. It uses the Qt graphic library. Based on "look and feel" and features. KDE is extremely powerful for experts and ... I love using "kig" for help on my geometry homework and "flashkard" for help memorizing. Except I h...23:53
JontheEchidna~urban kde 223:54
kubotuKDE (2/5): A popular linux desktop manager. I am using KDE as my linux desktop manager.23:54
JontheEchidna~urban kde 323:54
kubotukde (3/5): Kool Desktop Environment. Starts with "K", cuz CDE, or Common Desktop Environment used CDE I sometimes use KDE. on my linux.23:54
JontheEchidna~urban kde 423:55
kubotuKDE (4/5): a Windowing Mananger for Linux, made popular by people who don't know any better. Based QT, a port of Microsoft's god awful MFC classes for Windows to Linux. Clouded with nasties and released under GPL instead of LGPL like GTK. Those who know better who Gnome. Gnome 2.8 beats KDE 3.x every day of the week hands down.23:55
JontheEchidnanot factual any more, biotch23:56
JontheEchidna~urban kde 523:56
kubotuKDE (5/5): Ultra-slow, overly graphical Linux desktop enviroment. Default in SuSE, Lycoris, and other distros generally aimed at the new user. "I use KDE because I want my computer to feel like Windows 2000 on a 486-DX2"23:56
JontheEchidnaI should have stopped at 323:56
seelewow wtf23:56
seelelooks like GNOME FUD :P23:57

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