astromme-laptopalonea: =/. sorry to hear that. I use a nub (Lenovo X61 tablet) and so I'm 'immune' to that in a sense.00:01
aloneaastromme-laptop: heh. after using a touchpad for 3 years, a mouse is foreign to me. I do like touchscreens though, for movement at least. I hate the iphone keyboard.00:02
astromme-laptopalonea: Interesting. I use a mouse at college with my desktop. I can't live on a touchpad/tracknub for more than about a month....00:02
dudu2256do you speak portuguese00:03
aloneaastromme-laptop: tracknub....ewww. but yeah. have mastered video games with it. wow...fps's..I am good.00:03
astromme-laptop!pt | dudu225600:04
ubottududu2256: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:04
blight_!de blight_00:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about de blight_00:06
NGL-TwYsTeD!de Jesus00:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about de Jesus00:07
NGL-TwYsTeDwell ubottu arent you in luck00:07
NGL-TwYsTeDdid you all know that Jesus Christ bore the sin for every one00:07
NGL-TwYsTeDso that no man shall have to perish00:07
NGL-TwYsTeDbut have ever lasting life00:07
NGL-TwYsTeDthrough the confession of sins00:07
NGL-TwYsTeDand by the Grace of our God Lord Jesus Christ you can be saved00:07
yusnielhola a todos00:08
BluesKaj!religion | NGL-TwYsTeD00:08
ubottuNGL-TwYsTeD: Some things are inappropriate for #kubuntu. Controversial topics, which often turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)00:08
NGL-TwYsTeDits not a religion00:08
NGL-TwYsTeDits a relationship with the father00:08
NGL-TwYsTeDjust like im talking to you right now00:08
NGL-TwYsTeDJesus Preached against orginized religion00:08
mefisto__and how does this relate to kubuntu, NGL-TwYsTeD?00:09
BluesKajdo you have  a relavent question about Kubuntu ?00:09
NGL-TwYsTeDwell i have many relevant questions00:09
dr_willisI suggest you ask them then.00:10
NGL-TwYsTeDi suggest ill just idle and watch00:10
dr_willisI guess you dont have many relevant questions then...00:11
NGL-TwYsTeDmaybe i dont need to ask to many questions00:11
yusnieli have a problem. When I run command aptitude update in the Konsole, this launch the next error message00:11
yusnielIgn file: intrepid/main Translation-es00:11
NGL-TwYsTeDmaybe a question for you is why is it your concern? what i have thats relevant?00:11
BluesKajno matter how good your intentions are, NGL-TwYsTeD, if you have nothing to ask about kubuntu or linux , then pls refrain from filling the text box here with thoughts irrelavent to this chat00:11
NGL-TwYsTeDdr_willis :D00:11
aloneaforgot to plug in laptop...00:11
yusnielMy OS is Kubuntu 8.1000:11
dr_willisalonea,  :) hate when that happens00:12
yusnielcan answear me someone??00:12
aloneadr_willis: really. not on my game today00:12
NGL-Jabrroayusniel:  idk sorry bro00:12
NGL-TwYsTeDyusniel sorry00:13
dr_willisyusniel,  try a 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get upgrade' then try again?00:13
yusnielthat ok00:13
NGL-TwYsTeDpraise the Lord i love 8.1000:13
NGL-Jabrroaim installing it right now :)00:13
maxbaldwinMe too NGL-TwYsTeD00:13
maxbaldwinhey st33med00:13
st33medhey, came for the ---00:14
st33medyou know00:14
maxbaldwinyeah. me too.00:14
NGL-TwYsTeDhi st33med00:14
yusnielnothing, continue this error. I have a local repository..00:14
NGL-TwYsTeDst33med you know about the good news?00:14
NGL-Jabrroasup st33med00:15
NGL-TwYsTeDwhat os would John the baptist use00:15
NGL-TwYsTeDif he had a computer00:15
NGL-TwYsTeDi believe him and Jesus possibly would be using Kubuntu00:16
NGL-TwYsTeDwhat do you think NGL-Jabrroa00:16
Zorixanything but windows00:16
maxbaldwinlet's try keep on topic00:16
NGL-Jabrroahmm cant say lol but maybe00:16
NGL-Jabrroayes not windows :)00:16
maxbaldwinsupport channel, not an offtopic chat.00:16
NGL-TwYsTeDGod bless  this channel00:16
NGL-TwYsTeDand every one in it <300:16
NGL-TwYsTeDthats support right there you cant buy or download maxbaldwin00:17
dr_willisyusniel,  got a problem?00:18
chrisrogersgreetings, i have a question, i'm trying to upgrade to the latest release from 8.04.1 and it wont' seem to let me00:18
NGL-TwYsTeDchris rogers i beliebe i can help you00:19
dr_willisyusniel,  are you going to tell the channel the problem? or do we have to play 20 questions to guess it?00:20
yusnielnothing, I execute the command apt-get update and the error message00:20
dr_willisclarify the whole problem from the beginning - may be a good idea. Ive been in and out all day00:20
NGL-Jabrroahe already said it00:20
tekstacyAnyone good with SSH? I can ssh localhost, but when I try to ssh another machine, it times out. Port 22 is open.00:20
NGL-Jabrroascroll up00:20
dr_willisNGL-Jabrroa,  and as i said ive been in and out of the channel a lot.. so i dont have it all.00:20
NGL-Jabrroanp :)00:21
NGL-Jabrroaim just telling ya :)00:21
dr_willisPlus what i did see him say.. made no sence.00:21
elwoodtekstacy: can you ing the other machine? can you try using the ip instead of hostname? is the sshd running on the other machine?00:21
NGL-Jabrroahmmm well idk what it means lol00:22
yusnielWell, I need update my repositories, My repositories are local repositories, but I run the command aptitude update this command try the next error message00:22
yusnielWriting extended state information... Done00:22
yusnielGet:1 file: intrepid Release.gpg [189B]00:22
yusnielIgn file: intrepid/main Translation-es00:22
yusnielIgn file: intrepid/restricted Translation-es00:22
yusnielIgn file: intrepid/universe Translation-es00:22
yusnielIgn file: intrepid/multiverse Translation-es00:22
yusnielGet:2 file: intrepid Release [65,9kB]00:22
yusnielReading package lists... Done00:22
tekstacyelwood, Yeah, it pings    yeah, sshd is running00:23
aloneathe flood are coming!00:24
NGL-TwYsTeDchrisrogers glad to help :D00:24
elwoodtekstacy: try with ssh youruser@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx with ip00:24
NGL-Jabrroawell i have to go to help watch kids for bible study so i will bbl everyone :) God bless00:24
yusnieldr_willis, you can help me?00:24
NGL-TwYsTeDGod Bless00:24
dr_willisIgn file: intrepid/multiverse Translation-es   -> means its ignoreing the file - as far as i know.. whats the actual proplem? is it actally not doing somthing?00:25
=== NGL-Jabrroa is now known as NGL-Jabrroa_
tekstacyelwood.  It even worked before, then stopped working durring several updates.       Kinda reminds me of Windows like that00:25
elwoodtekstacy: strange, which updates? this should be the question :)00:25
tekstacyelwood, that's what I did. Moth machines are on a small lan.00:26
yusnielthat's the problem00:26
tekstacyelwood, that is a VERY good question. I haven't tried to use ssh for a few months, it could be many00:26
dr_willisyusniel,  whats the problem? does it fail to later install stuff? or what?   If the file has allready been downloaded/read - it gets ignored due to it not needing to get reread...00:27
dr_williswhen i do a 'apt-get update' i get several lines like -->  Ign http://winff.org intrepid/universe Translation-en_US00:28
dr_willisthats because that file has allready been read/downloade and not changed. so it dosent need to get redownloaded00:28
tekstacyIs there an easy way to wipe out all the ssh stuf, config files, binaries, and just start over?00:29
yusnielno, I can install any package without problems.00:29
chrisrogersNGL-TwYsTeD: starting the upgrade, thanks for the help00:29
=== anthony is now known as Guest80734
yusnielok, that's ok00:29
mefisto__I had a repo that was no longer online. somehow that was causing the official repos to not update properly. once I removed the bad repo from sources.list I suddenly had over 100 upgraded packages00:30
MakuseruHi, I just reinstalled Kubuntu, and I seem to be having a display problem. The largest resolution I can select is 1152x864. Before I reinstalled i ran at either 1280x960 or 1400x1050. How can i force a resolution, or add another resolution to my choices under "Display" in System Settings?00:31
yusnielor is not a mistake...ok, thank you00:31
yusnieltthank you dr_willis.00:31
dr_willisyusniel,  its a 'feature'00:32
=== fd is now known as Ratchet4620
dr_willisso a lot of worrying about nothing. :)00:32
tekstacyelwood, I think I might just bite the bullet and upgrade to 8.10 on both machines and hope for the best (*snif* Bye KDE 3.x, I'll miss you....)00:33
yusnielok, dr_willis, I am new in this world, and I need help. Thanks again.00:33
Ratchet4620how do i change the read write permisions on my exturnal HD and my other partions so that i can delete things and move files there00:34
NGL-TwYsTeDyusniel no worries :D00:34
dr_willisRatchet4620,  it will depend on the filesystem of the external HD00:34
Ratchet4620its ext200:35
tekstacybye all. Thanks for the help00:36
* tekstacy tips hat to dr_willis00:37
dr_willisRatchet4620,  what i do for exceranal ext2/3 drives is make each user a directory and chown/chmod that dir to be owned by the specific user. That way they have full access  to that directrory00:37
dr_willisand thus can use it to store things in.00:37
dr_willis with ext2/3 the  big thing to be aware of is the files owner.00:38
dr_williswith ntfs/vfat - its all controlled by the MOUNT options.00:38
dr_willisthats the big picture/thing to rember. :P00:38
dr_willisif you want the user to own the whole drive..  'sudo chown user.user /media/DrivesCurrentMountPoint'  (AFTER the drive is mounted)00:39
MakuseruHi, I just reinstalled Kubuntu, and I seem to be having a display problem. The largest resolution I can select is 1152x864. Before I reinstalled i ran at either 1280x960 or 1400x1050. How can i force a resolution, or add another resolution to my choices under "Display" in System Settings?00:47
dr_willisMakuseru,  what video card? what kind of monitor?00:58
Makuserudr_willis: ATI Radeon 7200 (i think), Monitor Dell E772p.00:59
dr_willisYou did install the fglrx drivers?  On many of my systems - i cant use all reh res's untill i get either nvidia or fglrx setup first00:59
MakuseruMy card is too old for that,01:00
dr_willisfor the fglrx? Then you are using the 'ati' drivers?01:01
MakuseruI'm not sure what drivers it's using, Xorg just says "Configured Video Device"01:01
dr_willisIts possible its using the vesa driver. instead of the  ati driver.. Id be suprised if it  couldent use fglrx also.. but ive not used any ati card since i got rid of  my last one 2 years ago.01:03
=== Taladan_ is now known as Taladan
dr_willisYou may want to check the forums If they are up. for that Exact video card and whats reccomdnede to use01:03
Makuserudr_willis: I rememeber trying to get fglrx to work when i was into Beryl(Compiz) and finding out that my card is too old to use it. But how would i go about installing the ati driver?01:04
dr_willisThat hardware manager tool   normally.01:04
dr_willis!find jockey01:04
ubottuFound: jockey-common, jockey-gtk, jockey-kde01:04
dr_willissudo jockey-kde01:04
MakuseruI dont see where i can install from there.01:05
dr_willisit should show all drivers/hardware that it knows about..01:05
dr_williscould be its not able to use fglrx -01:05
MakuseruIt didnt display anything in it.01:06
szrhawaiidoes anyone know witch plugin or file i need to download from the package manager for my ipod so i can manage my songs throug amarok01:08
DrXanyone know how to give just ONE user Read Only rights to an ext3 volume?01:09
p_quarlesDrX: whole disk encryption01:10
dr_willisDrX,   what do you want other users to be able to do?01:11
techbwhi all.01:17
szrhawaiidr_willis or p_quarles do any of you happen to know how to get my ipod to share info with my amarok or what i have to configure to make it work or if there is a program i have to download that specifically does that only01:17
techbwis there some way to boost volume in Kubuntu, my sound is not as loud as in Windows, it is bearly audible, have tried adjusting volume, it is currently on max01:17
dr_willisIve never had an Ipod. and i rarely use amarok. so  No idea szrhawaii01:18
techbwnever mind managed to adjust it ....thx anyways01:19
dr_willistry that alsa-mixer techbw  it could be  your volume controlls re not  controlling the right mixer.01:19
szrhawaiithanks anyways01:19
szrhawaiiyour mixer should do the trick01:19
techbwexactly what i did...opened also and saw that the bottom of the window there is a control similar to windows master volume control, for peaks, and changed that01:19
szrhawaiidid it not work01:20
szrhawaiiif you click the sound icon on your icon try than mixer then you should have a window open to adjust all the different mixers did you do that part or the first part01:21
dr_willisive noticed that in some cases that console alsa-mixer tool has more 'sliders' to play with :)01:22
szrhawaiiyep it does but you can add those to the mixer also01:22
szrhawaiiwell i got my music from my ipod but how do i put music on it now01:23
techbwhow can i set vlc media player to automatically open when clicking on a movie file01:27
techbwmovie files keep wanting to open with kaffeine and it does not have the codecs to play them, but the play in vlc01:28
Zorixcodecs are built into vlc01:28
dr_willisI forget were kde4 even keeps its file-extension defaults.. :) but its in that area some where techbw01:29
DrXdr_willis: anything they want EXCEPT create folders in the root of /volume/sharedir01:30
szrhawaiiyou can always just get rid of kaffiene if you have vlc01:30
dr_willisDrX,  mke a sub directroery for the user.. give then ownership of the directrory..  they then can do whatever they want in there.01:30
techbwyeah...just remove it...although it is downloading the codecs now..so hopfully it too will be able to open the files01:30
szrhawaiiwhy would you need kaffiene and vlc anyways01:31
DrXdr_willis: no, i need a backup user that has RO access to the entire ext3 volume01:31
szrhawaiithey are both video players01:31
mefisto__szrhawaii: some videos play better in one than the other01:32
szrhawaiii prefer mplayer but vlc is better than kaffiene01:32
dr_willisDrX,  i belive thats what groups are for.. but ive rarely had to mess with the owner/user/world permissions and groups.01:32
DrXdr_willis: i read an article and i'm thinking of creating two groups, e.g., all and backup and then create a user backupop and add it to the backupgrp and then add all other users to the all group and lastly setfacl -d -m group:allgrp:rw /sharedir and setfacl -d -m group:backupgrp:r and maybe do a chown .all /volume/share01:32
szrhawaiiand if he has kaffiene he must have kde 3.5 not kde4 because the default for the kde4 is dragonplayer01:33
DrXdr_willis: perhaps this warrants testing on a non-live system before rolling out to a production server...01:33
dr_willisDrX,  always a good idea.  it proberly can be done with th eexisting permission system.  theres also the Other enhanced securiity permission systems.. but ive rarely ever used those.01:34
legodude_I hate manpages so much01:39
MakuseruHi, I just tried running "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" to fix my resolution. And it was going normal untill it to the keyboard/mouse part. After that it just exited and closed. Does anyone know why this would close before i got to the part where i could select resolutions?01:49
dr_willisI was thinking that method of reconfiguring X was a bit out of date.01:50
MakuseruIm not using the latest version of Kubuntu though.01:51
MakuseruIm on 8.04.01:51
MakuseruAnd that's always worked before when i couldnt force the res i wanted.01:51
dr_willisi was thinking its been out of date since 8.04 :) but perhaps not01:51
NGL-TwYsTeDMakuseru http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading01:51
NGL-TwYsTeDthis i believe will help you bro01:51
NGL-TwYsTeDif you done with 8.1001:51
dr_willisI normally just isntall the nvidia drivers and the res's get 'fixed'01:51
MakuseruNGL-TwYsTeD: I have no intent to upgrade01:51
NGL-TwYsTeD8.04 im sorry01:51
NGL-TwYsTeDMakuseru ok apologies just trying to help :)01:51
MakuseruTried it yesterday, and it broke my computer. =(01:52
ActionParsnipdr_willis: they phased that out in hardy, much to everyones disappointment01:52
dr_willisevery time they make any progress 1/2 the peopel complain they want it the old way... :)01:53
dr_willisNow  people get mad the  xorg.conf files are so minimal01:53
ActionParsnipdr_willis: true, I dont get why its getting like that, just seems all these ex-windows users are terrfied of text files01:54
ActionParsnipMakuseru: what video card do you have?01:54
MakuseruATI Radeon 7200.01:55
ActionParsnip!ati | Makuseru01:55
ubottuMakuseru: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:55
ActionParsnipMakuseru: you read that?01:55
MakuseruI cant use the latest drivers.01:55
MakuseruMy card is too old.01:55
ActionParsniplet me check01:56
ActionParsnipits an ok card01:56
MakuseruIts a crap card.01:57
MakuseruIt's from like 1999.01:57
MakuseruIf i could get dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg to work I could fix this, but i dont know whats wrong with it.01:57
ActionParsnipstill not a bad card, better than some other cards. I have a system with an nvidia tnt2 ultra 32mb01:57
ActionParsnipMakuseru: theres an xorg.conf there, looks like yuor 7200 uses the ati driver01:58
dr_willis'text files are scary! we want the sytem regiestry that just sort of Looks like a Directroy structure with text files!'01:58
ActionParsnipMakuseru: hack most of that xorg.conf out into your own and restart xserver, yiou'll be reet01:58
MakuseruAlright, ill give it a try.01:58
dr_willisboot a  live cd..  copy its xorg.conf over. :)01:58
tyutinanyone ever get kmailcvt to import from a network folder?01:58
Makuserudr_willis: thats the vibe i got when i tried 8.10, was that it was just trying to hard, trying to be to trendy and such. for the windows or mac user01:59
ActionParsnipMakuseru: i acked off being trendy for slick and smooth with fluxbox02:01
MakuseruActionParsnip: I just love KDE3, no display manage has come close to it, imo.02:02
ActionParsnipMakuseru: i use kde, just not kwin02:03
ActionParsnipMakuseru: http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj93/andrew_woodhead666/desktop.jpg?t=123207140702:03
MakuseruUpdated xorg, trying to restart now.02:06
White_Pelicanin kde 4.2 rc1, is there any way to revert back to the old adept?02:13
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Sleepin
MakuseruActionParsnip: Wouldnt start up after that edit.02:16
ActionParsnipMakuseru: then yuo need different options02:17
MakuseruDo you have any ideas why dpkg-reconfig would stop working?02:18
=== marius is now known as Guest39860
=== anthony is now known as Guest69943
ActionParsnipMakuseru: they took that thing out for some reason02:37
bucketheadAnybody know a good netnewswire solution for linux?02:43
bucketheadGoogle gave up 0.02:45
* dr_willis dsent even knwo what a newnewswire solution is02:46
bucketheadHehe.. Rss reader with sync, Lets me read it on my laptop, or on the web, or on my phone.02:47
bucketheadThere is something called akregator-newsgator in launchpad but there is absolutely no info on it.02:48
* kniolet <3 akregator02:53
bucketheadI'd love to continue using it, but it could really use a few improvements. I've filed bugs and sent emails. I think i'm unloved.02:54
knioletbuckethead: go kick fosterfeld in #akregator sometime then lol02:57
=== cjcaglejr is now known as boron5
bryan_hello all. i have removed the main panel from my install and now i cant get it back. is there anyway an terminal command to get it back?03:01
emanuelI have upgraded KDE to the RC and I'm having a few problems... I have 'restore previous session' selected in System Settings -> Advanced tab -> Session Manager, but when logout and login back it always restores a session previuos to the upgrade.03:02
emanuelAnyone noticed the same?03:02
emanuelAlso, when I'm logging out I select 'shutdown' and instead of shutting down I got back to KDM.03:03
bryan_is there any way to restore the normal bottom panel on kubunut?03:03
bucketheadbryan_: Click the cashew in teh upper right and readd it03:04
vbgunzis there a way to find out what particular type of ram the computer has? ddr1 ddr2, sdram, etc?03:04
vbgunzwithout opening it up of course03:04
bucketheadlook up the mobo online?03:05
Guest69943is there a way to change the clock to normal time instead of military time?03:05
bryan_Guest69943: that is the same question i have. i have not been able to change.03:06
Guest69943bryan_: LET ME ASK MY FRIEND SEE IF HE KNOWS03:07
Guest69943bryan no he is not on03:08
vbgunzanyone know why hovering over some pieces in plasma on KDE 4.2 RC1, you may see a checkerboard background? this is perhaps the ugliest visual element I deal with now :(03:10
Guest69943no but have the same problem03:11
bryan_when i re add the panel, it adds to the top, how do i move it?03:11
blackwaltzwow was that fast ... stock install + bootchart + profile boot ... my bootchart is 13 seconds :)03:11
blackwaltzpeak throughput in the boot sequence was 136MB/s ... got myself a shiny new SSD03:13
bryan_how do i move the panel from the top to the bottom?03:14
blackwaltzbryan: probably need to click on the shell on the right side of the panel, then you can move it however you wish03:15
bryan_blackwaltz: i have tried that several times. i dont see any option to move it and when i drag it only makes the panel bigger.03:16
blackwaltzbryan_: there should be two parts to the panel when you click the shell IIRC, the upper one that isn't nomrally present is the one you drag03:17
bryan_blackwaltz: thank you. i just got it :)03:17
Guest69943bryan_: you using kde4.1?03:19
bryan_Guest69943: i think so? i am using the standard one03:20
bryan_Guest69943: yes, kde03:20
Guest69943bryan_: couse if you booted 8.10 out of the box it doesnt give the option to autohide or move the panel03:21
Guest69943bryan_: or at least mine doesnt03:21
bryan_oh, i accidently removed it, while trying to change the clock from military time03:21
nashkWhen I plug my ipod into the pc, nothing is taking place at all in the syslogs03:22
nashkas if it doesn't see it.03:22
nashkAny ideas?03:22
bryan_nashk: do you have program installed that can handle the ipod?03:22
nashkbryan_ Amarok 2. But the thing is, the system doesn't even notice it.03:22
vbgunzwasn't there a way to see what hardware you had installed on your pc? there was a little utility for this. I dont think I have it. anyone know what it is?03:23
=== blackwaltz is now known as dwidmann
bucketheadnashk" how new of an ipod?03:23
nashkbuckethead. Not new, I think 2nd generation ipod nano. 4gb03:23
nashkworked fine with other kubuntus, but not 8.1003:24
nashkDo I need to install any libraries? I know I have libgpod, but anything else?03:24
Guest69943how do i get screensavers in 8.10?03:25
bryan_Guest69943: did you find out how to modify the clock?03:25
bucketheadHm. My main thought was that the very new ones are hostile to linux. Past that, I got nothing.03:25
Guest69943bryan_: heck no i wish03:26
anthonybryan_: you there?03:32
=== anthony is now known as Guest15338
bryan_Guest15338: yes03:33
Guest15338bryan_: go to kmenu system settings regional &language chane time there03:34
Guest15338bryan_: once you get there go to time date and change format to am pm then log out and log back in03:35
bryan_Guest15338: ok. thanks03:35
Guest15338bryan_: ill be on for while let me know if it works!03:36
bryan_yea... it worked.03:37
Guest15338bryan_:  kool beans dude03:37
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chrisrogersanybody know about missing icons in kde 4.2?04:05
chrisrogersis anybody alive?04:05
=== anthony is now known as Guest1003
Guest1003how do i get screensavers on kubuntu 8.10?04:08
chrisrogershi there04:08
shana_Hi I have a questino. I have been having issues with a old computer of mine04:09
shana_I am frustrated04:09
Guest1003shana_: whats your question?04:10
shana_i got an old server free and I wanted to put xubuntu on it but for some reason it acts up because the system is too 'old'.04:10
Guest1003is it a computer or a server?04:11
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu__
shana_it is a server I am using asa compuuer04:11
shana_sorry this wireless keyboard04:11
ubuntu__experiencing problems with kubuntu instal please help04:12
Guest1003shana_: ok so what exactly are you asking?04:12
Guest1003ubuntu__: ask your question04:13
shana_well the specs are pent 3, 256 ram, 800 mhz. Why is it not working04:13
=== shana_ is now known as sda2222
sda2222i should ask04:14
sda2222what are the common reasons04:14
chrisrogersi need help with missing icons on KDE 4.2 rc104:14
sda2222since 8.04 I can't install on the old system04:14
chrisrogersis anybody here going to be helpful04:15
Guest1003sda2222: weird couse i have the same specs on my pc and it works well04:15
Guest1003sda2222: what exactly is it doing or not doing?04:16
sda2222Hmmm. This is not common. What is the bare minimum that 8.04 should work on?04:16
Guest1003chrisrogers: be patient ask your question and wait someone will answer you if they know the answer04:17
sda2222It seems to load up live then make the screen go crazy04:19
Guest1003sda2222: You need 128 MB RAM to run the Live CD or 192 MB RAM to install live cd04:19
sda2222Hmm. Ok.04:20
sda2222This has not increased04:20
sda2222has it?04:20
Guest1003there is an alternate install method04:20
sda2222Can you elaborate please?04:22
Guest1003sda2222: The Alternate Install CD only requires you to have 64 MB RAM at install time04:22
Guest1003sda2222: you are talking about xubuntu correct?04:23
sda2222where do you get this at?04:23
Guest1003sda2222: sry drinking some beers right now but there is a channel for xubuntu04:23
sda2222Ok, thanks so much!04:24
sda2222greatly appreciate it! Lay back o the beers. hehe. Night04:25
Guest1003sda2222: google xubuntu then click on get xubuntu then scroll down click on us then scroll to alternate method04:27
Guest1003sd or whatever your geogrphical are is04:27
ondarunhow do i get the resticted driver aplet in system settings04:43
ondarunmy notebook is on 640X480 and i cant change it04:44
ondarun02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Unknown device 0844 (rev a2)04:45
ondarunit is a nvidia geforce 9100M G04:46
zachow do i install this:04:59
zacin simpler terms05:00
erossClick on installation and then the XPI file?05:02
zacdid you view the link ?05:03
erossyes, there's some tabs near the top05:03
erossinstall IE View 1.4 ?05:03
zacthanks !05:04
erossyou are wanting to install it?05:04
zacya i already did05:04
maxmahemQuestion: I want to get started setting up some schedule tasks, like kron jobs I think. Is there a KDE tool for doing this?05:08
genii!info kcron05:09
ubottukcron (source: kdeadmin): program scheduler for KDE 4. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 (intrepid), package size 201 kB, installed size 500 kB05:09
erosskcron is pretty slick05:11
erossi'm repressed05:11
maxmahemhmm.. ok I apt-getted it. Any idea where it drops the app or what its command is?05:13
maxmahemman kcron gets me some stuff, but kcron does nothing.05:13
maxmahemNo icon in my menu as far as I can tell either.05:13
geniimaxmahem: On my kde3 it's in kmenu...system....kcron      on kde4 don't know offhand05:14
erossstart up a terminal and type in kcron05:15
maxmahemtried that, bash tells me "command not found"05:15
PSiL0anyone experience dolphin becoming more and more laggy (4.1.3)?05:17
genii!info kcron-kde405:18
ubottuPackage kcron-kde4 does not exist in intrepid05:18
maxmahemjust double checked, I surely installed it via apt-get.05:18
PSiL0turning off desktop effects help05:18
tweakedehAny one in here feel like some Math 11 home work =]?05:18
maxmahemI found dolphin to be pretty buggy in the 4.2 beta, its improved quite a bit in the RC.05:19
stanley_hey guys my bluetooth control doesn't open...is there a prob with that program?? i am using kubuntu intrepid btw05:19
mister-tea-laptowhereis kron05:19
PSiL0It is funny that there never has been a problem in the last two months (4.1.3) until this past week05:19
erossI just tried that mister, in kde 4, only found the manual entry for it05:20
PSiL0there have been a few updates the past few days because it is just so strange that all of a sudden dolphin becomes extremely laggy over time..05:20
PSiL0the problem is not there after rebooting... strange05:21
erossthere's always crontab -e05:21
maxmahemkcron: /usr/share/man/man8/kcron.8.gz is what I get from whereis (and another new usefull command thanks!)05:21
PSiL0hmmm, even with desktop effects off, the lag is there05:21
erossthat's the manual entry for it maxmahem, not the actual thing05:22
maxmahemyeah thought as much.05:22
maxmahemI can pull the man page and what not up.05:22
erossmaybe it's capitalized or has some weird thing like k-cron or misspelling05:22
PSiL0okay, I can't take this any longer.. goign to update to 4.1.405:22
maxmahemman seems to indicate is should be 'kcron'05:23
stanley_can anyone help me with the bluettoth application, mine doesn't open at all, how can i solve this??05:23
maxmahemhmm seems It's a bug. Bummer. https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-bugs/2008-December/061837.html05:25
erossgood hunting05:25
erosseh slackware 12 in virtualbox has it05:26
mister-tea-laptoaccording to my synaptic you need kcron-kde405:27
ubuntuhas anybody used the new kubuntu in an old machine?05:28
PKodonHow old are we talking?05:28
=== ubuntu is now known as afner
afnerwell I am running kubuntu 7.04 in an old P305:29
afnerits runing good05:29
afnereven though it has 500mhz05:29
mister-tea-laptospecs man specs05:29
maxmahemhmm... apt-get tells me kcron points at kcron-kde4, but its not on my source list.05:29
afnerI updated RAM and an graphics card05:29
afnerlets say 256GPU and 786 RAM05:30
erosskcron-kde4 looks like it will be replaced by kcron, that's what apt is telling me05:30
afnerwhat do you think?05:30
maxmahemyeah what eross said. Well fire and a shoot. What am I to do?05:31
PKodonafner: Well, I guess it depends on what you want to do with it. Big whopping 3-D MMORPGs probably won't work, but I'm sure you'll be able to do a lot with it.05:32
PKodonafner: If Kubuntu proves to need too many resources or too much power, you could always try Xubuntu.05:33
mister-tea-laptosystem requirements^05:33
maxmahemstupid konversation keeps pointing to firefox instead of konquerer05:33
erossyou can change the setting max, to point to firefox05:34
geniimaxmahem: Settings...Configure Konversation...Behaviour..General... check off "use custom web browser"   then in the text entry field put: firefox '%u'05:35
geniiApply... etc05:36
maxmahemActually I want it to point to konquerer, my default browser, which it should be doing already.05:36
geniimaxmahem: Replace then firefox with konqueror in the example above05:36
maxmahemYeah I know. It kind of bugs me a bit though. I want to like konversation, but for a KDE component I have found its interoperability a bit lacking.05:37
afnerwell.. doesnt say much of the processor05:39
PKodonHmm, is #xubuntu on a different server than this channel? I keep seeing what looks like net splits on that channel.05:39
afnerRAM is ok... so I guess I will give it a try live05:39
afnerI am doenloading intrepid to see how it works05:40
PKodonafner: You might also try PC/OS, it's based off of Xubuntu 8.7x (Hardy), but it's got multimedia extensions Ubuntu won't include.05:41
PKodonafner: And it's supposed to work on older machines.05:41
maxmahem_so I suppose I got to wait till they fix the package unless I want to get kcron from elseware eh?05:46
chrisrogershi there everybody05:49
geniimaxmahem: Probably :/     You could go to the 4.2 RC1 as in the /topic , it may have it . I don't know that for sure though, as I'm still on kde3 for the moment05:49
maxmahem_I'm on the 4.2 RC, so no joy.05:51
PKodonstacasajac: Hello.05:52
maxmahem_we can hear, er... see you.05:52
geniistacasajac: Yes, we see you. Please, do not use all uppercase05:52
geniistacasajac: What is the nature of your kubuntu emergency?05:54
erossmaxmahem - or just use crontab -e from a terminal05:56
erossit's ok to get your hands dirty05:56
maxmahem_yeah, thats a project for tommorow I guess.05:57
maxmahem_seems this script for amarok keeps taking it down, and my sound system with it.05:57
maxmahem_so no NPR morning edition alarm clock just yet.05:58
maxmahem_any tricks for restarting the sound system after it crashes?05:58
maxmahem_I suppose I could just restart x.05:58
TraceRoutehaving a weird problem, I installed kubuntu 8.10 two days ago and so far all has been fine, but im noticing that none of my usb devices, digital camera, usb sticks etc. are mounting? anyone have a clue why?05:59
maxmahem_TraceRoute: no idea, do you have that little USB plasmlet running on your bar?06:01
TraceRouteok well my usb stick does actually mount, not sure my my camera wouldn't06:04
TraceRoutebut no i don't have the USB plasmlet installed06:04
maxmahem_hmm well if your usb stick shows up okay in /mnt (or wherever) than I would suspect something is different with your camera.06:07
maxmahem_Does it use some proprietary software for data transfer?06:07
maxmahem_I only ask about the plasmlet deal because it gives some nice feedback on when you mount drives.06:09
sutinI just upgraded from SuSE to kubuntu 8.10.  The sound is so low I have to crank the kmix up to max and then hold the speaker up to my ear in order to hear anything.  Any ideas?06:12
maxmahem_check to see that the sound is turned up in alsamixer?06:13
TraceRoutemaxmahem_ no it always mounted fine in gnome im not sure why it don't want to mount06:14
sutinBingo!  Thanks maxmahem_.  Problem solved.06:15
maxmahem_Hah! I solved a problem! Score one for me!06:18
genii!helpersnack | maxmahem_06:18
ubottumaxmahem_: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!06:18
maxmahem_TraceRoute: Does the camera show up on lsusb when you plug it in?06:18
sutinAnother question: My keyboard is in international, so characters like ´~¨^ get sucked up to make accents, in X or in console mode.  Any idea how to make that go away?06:20
TraceRoutemaxmahem_ ill check in a second, im trying to delete this game off my R4 =/06:20
maxmahem_I think you can map your keyboard using xmodmap or somesuch, but thats a bit beyond me.06:20
sutinxmodmap is only for X Windows.  The effect persists even if I alt-cntl-F2 and try it on the console when X isn´t running.  I wouldn´t mind if I were French...06:23
sutinOh, well.  It is bed time now, and I have go go get some SOUND sleep.  Yay!  Bye.06:25
TraceRoutemaxmahem_ ah stupid me, Well i never had to do this before but when i connected my camera it was trying to connect to PictBridge instead of Mass Storage, but clicking mass storage on the camera did the trick06:25
tweakanyone know how to activate 3d acceleration?06:26
maxmahem_aw snap, I think I figured out what sutin needed to do, he should be able to pass his keyboard map to the kernal with loadkeys06:27
tweakmy graphics card isn't installed properly and i don't know what to do06:27
maxmahem_TraceRoute: Cool deal.06:27
tweakmy graphics card isn't installed properly and i don't know what to do. can anyone help?06:27
maxmahem_tweak: what version of kubuntu are you running and what graphics card?06:28
tweakusing ubuntu 8.1006:28
tweakgraphics card? no idea06:28
maxmahem_when you first boot up if there is a restricted driver for your card you should get a notification in your pannel on your lower right.06:29
chrisrogershowdy everybody06:29
chrisrogersanybody here?06:29
maxmahem_Failing that you can check in system\hardware drivers for it.06:29
maxmahem_from your menu.06:30
tweakit says no propriatary drivers installed06:30
||arifaXwhy is gwenview so slow when opening just 38mbyte file. system is nearly unresponsive then. any ideas?06:31
=== se7en____ is now known as se7enK
se7enKsomeone know how i get my wifi working06:32
maxmahem_tweak, you can try lspci from konsole, one of the entries should tell you your graphics card.06:32
maxmahem_||arifaX: I have found gwenview to still be a bit buggy.06:32
bdizzleout of curiosity, does anyone have an issue with Kubuntu 8.10 and firefox suddenly closing without any warning06:32
bdizzleas if someone had hit kill process on it06:33
||arifaXbdizzle: is there a save replacement. lets say uninstall gwenview and install the other and works like a charm??06:33
se7enK0b:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. Unknown device 002a (rev 01)06:33
tweak00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)06:33
bdizzlenot a clue06:33
bdizzleI mostly use gwenview to view images, but nothing else with it06:34
maxmahem_Okay you have a Intel chip, those drivers are open source and should already be installed by default.06:34
se7enKsomeone konw how to get my wifi working ... 0b:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. Unknown device 002a (rev 01)06:35
tweaki don't think it's working properly... when i try to run google earth it says my video card is not configured properly06:35
maxmahem_well no idea then, you have exahusted my scant knowledge base.06:36
maxmahem_And with that, I will quite while I am ahead on providing solutions. Night.06:36
chrisrogershey can somebody remind me how to set emerald as the default window decorator in compiz fusion?06:37
se7enKsomeone konw how to get my wifi working ... 0b:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. Unknown device 002a (rev 01)06:39
anr78I just logged into kde for the first time in weeks to see how 4.2 is coming along. A problem I have is that the notifications from kopete and the folder view window have a black background, although the rest of the theme is light. How can I change this?06:45
se7enKwhat driver do i need to get my atheros wifi working06:46
mikornHaving trouble with suspend to RAM. [ 4865.444121 ] iwlagn 0000:03_00.0: index 0 not used in uCode key  table.   is as far as it gets and freezes, there, never suspends. I have force the machine of and restart it.06:47
PSiL0hmm dolpin still slow even with nepomuk disabled06:48
lgkany1 available to help me with getting flash to work properly on konq?06:50
lgki've tried using adept, downloading the .deb file, and sudo get-apt, no problems during install, just doesn't work..06:51
lgki've rebooted, restarted konq, etc...06:51
||arifaXbdizzle: I installed kuickshow now. its faster.06:54
bdizzleum, okay?06:54
se7enKlgk i just intalled kubuntu and the kubuntu-resticted-extras and flash works06:55
lgki've reinstalled kubuntu 4 times06:55
lgktrying each differn't install method06:55
lgkeach time, i've tried both konq and FF06:55
lgki just get the typical "Either javascript is disabled or you don't have the latest flash" msg :/06:55
lgki've checked java, defualt it's on obviously..06:56
se7enKwell apt-get kubuntu-resticted-extras that helped with flash here06:56
lgki ddin't do that :D brb06:56
holycowhey guys.  would anyone know if the lock/logout applet being oriented vertically or horizontally is a kde thing or an ubuntu thing?06:59
holycowi keep on noticing that in beta runs they are organized horizontally and just before release they get organized vertically06:59
holycowanyone know?07:00
lgkdidn't do anything se7en ;/07:02
NooKia -313960.8407217149507:03
NooKiastar date log07:04
NooKiado i know you ?07:04
NooKiaor do you know me ?07:05
lgkwho knoes07:05
lgki dont07:05
NooKiayes you do07:05
lgkwho me?07:05
lgkno you!07:05
NooKiayes you07:05
lgkdo you do?07:05
NooKiais this the nut house channel ?07:06
lgkits the i need help with flash channel07:06
NooKialgk: do you suffer ?07:06
lgki do07:07
lgksuffer from lack of youtube.07:07
se7enKlgk: are you on 64bit07:07
NooKiawhat  retards watch utube ?07:07
lgkobviously not you07:08
NooKiaonly cops watch utube07:08
lgkguess im a cop eh07:08
lgkfreeze sucka07:08
NooKiaare you the channel clone ?07:08
lgki am the meme07:09
NooKiai meant CLOWN07:09
lgkyou are belong to me.07:09
NooKiayou wish07:09
lgknot rly07:09
lgkstill here07:10
lgkwhat about you07:10
NooKiayou are an idiot07:10
lgksome could say that07:10
lgkopinion's are your right ;d07:10
NooKiafreaking spam bots07:10
NooKiayes you07:10
lgkwoooooooo :D07:10
NooKiayes you07:11
lgklook whos the ass now =P07:11
NooKiayes you07:11
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se7enKlol NooKia07:11
NooKiayes you07:11
NooKiayes you07:11
NooKiayes you07:11
lgk /timer1 0 1 ASSHOLEs works wonders ;d07:11
NooKiayes you07:11
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NooKiayes you07:11
NooKiayes you07:12
lgkrumad? lol07:12
lgkkids ;d07:12
NooKiayes you07:12
NooKiayes you07:12
NooKiayes you07:12
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tweakkick it!07:13
lgkthis is the slowest, weakest spam i've ever seen07:13
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lgk!kick nookie ;D07:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kick nookie ;D07:13
tweakhey +ops! /kick NooKia!07:13
se7enKhe is getting tired07:13
lgk!kick nookia07:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kick nookia07:14
NooKiayes you07:14
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KRFno you07:14
lgkno me.07:15
lgkwhat about her?07:15
NooKiayes you07:15
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tweakand it?07:15
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lgkyou got me07:15
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lgki got nothin07:15
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se7enKi feel like shit07:15
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lgktoo much liqourrrrr ?07:15
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lgkmm time to open pack #2 for today07:16
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NooKiayes you07:16
tweak /kick NooKia07:16
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ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici or jussi01!07:17
se7enKcan someone please kick this motherfucker07:17
NooKiaI BET ITS Hawkwind07:18
NooKiakiSS MY ASS07:18
NooKia!kick LGK07:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kick LGK07:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about WAREX07:18
nickrudthis sucks a big one07:18
NooKia!GET SUB7.W3207:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about GET SUB7.W3207:18
NooKia!GET SUB7.W3207:18
NooKianickrud: ARE YOU MENTAL ?07:19
lgkhawkwind ?07:19
NooKiaTHATS MY IP07:19
NooKiaBRING IT ON07:19
lgk127.0.0.1 = mine ^^07:19
nickrudsorry, I couldn't find any ops with access07:19
holycowawesomely opped channel07:20
nickrudwell, it is only kde ;p07:20
usuarioque rollo que asiendo07:22
tweakcan anyone help me get my intel graphics card working properly?07:22
usuarioalguien de tampcio o madero para  conversar  haha07:23
=== kurumin is now known as daniel_rn
holycowtweak define the problem in here, maybe someone knows07:24
=== usuario is now known as usuario_
tweakbasically it's only got minimal support and anything with 3d graphics won't work.. like google eath07:24
holycowwell, if you have kwin effects google earth will suck07:26
usuario_QUE ASIENDO07:26
holycowyou will need to disable kwin effects to run google earth07:26
lgki needa find drivers for my onboard intel graphics07:26
tweaki have no idea if i have that or not....07:26
holycowyou can test for this if blender runs fine but google earth doesnt07:26
usuario_NO le entiendo a estas mamadas07:26
holycowtweak system settings /desktop07:26
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.07:26
tweakthat's my problem too lgk!07:26
daniel_rnAnyone know how to add a new channel? a brasilian irc server?07:27
lgkif u figure it out lemme know! :D07:27
holycowyou don't need to normally find drivers for intel07:27
holycowthey are included07:27
holycowit should work out of the box07:27
lgki dont think so ;/ this shit's laggy, laggier then xp07:27
lgkthe visuals n shit07:27
holycowtweak does blender work ?07:27
tweakholycow: I'll let u know after the package installs. :p07:28
se7enKis there a way to install gimp307:28
holycowgoogle for the package07:29
holycowotherwise you will haveto manually compile and if you have the time package it for your self07:29
tweakit's installing07:29
lgki wish yahoo would just die.07:29
usuario_quiero sexo07:29
lgkel gato negro en pantelones07:29
tweakno it doesn't work07:30
tweakcan anyone help me? I have an intel graphics card and can't get it working properly07:30
tweakoops sorry wrong paste07:31
holycowtweak there must be something on the ubuntu forums you can google07:31
se7enKgimp 3 is in experimental is it save to intall from experimental?07:31
tweakChecking for installed Python... got it!X Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)  Major opcode of failed request:  143 (GLX)  Minor opcode of failed request:  19 (X_GLXQueryServerString)  Serial number of failed request:  12  Current serial number in output stream:  1207:31
holycowi'm a bit too tipsy to remember all the commands07:31
holycowtweak try strating up glx gears and tell me if that sturts07:32
holycowi'm a little too tipsy to remember all the commands but you should be able to find some trouble shooting info in the forums07:32
holycowalso what intel chipset do you have?07:32
holycowjust type in glxgears in the terminal07:33
tweakX Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)07:33
tweakwhat's the command to chek the name of the card again? -lstl?07:33
holycowi can't remember ... wine is too strong07:34
holycowtweak well we verified that it isn't the kwin issue07:34
holycowso its weird that your intel chipset isn't supported07:34
tweak00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)07:34
holycowbrand new mobo?07:34
holycowgoogle support on that07:35
holycowif its a new mobo you may be just a wee bit early07:35
tweaklspci support? no it's not brand new07:35
holycowintel has been refreshing their chipsets faster than distros have kept up in the last oh 12 months or so07:35
holycownot brand new? weird, the drivers should be automatic07:35
holycowyou know what?07:35
holycowit may be in the restriced drivers package then07:35
holycowor whatever the version for your kernel is07:36
holycowtry installing that then restarting x07:36
holycowthen try ing to start up glx gears07:36
tweakhow do I restart x07:37
holycowlog out and log back in07:37
holycowor maybe he needs the inteli810 package if his mobo is very old07:38
tweakit's all onboard07:38
PKodonHey, who's calling who an idiot?07:38
tweakvideo, sound, eth007:38
holycowtweak, if the restricted package doesn't work please google yoru chipset and find out what package handles your chipset07:38
holycowi'm certain there is one in the repos that does07:38
PKodonOkay, perhaps I'm no longer connected here.07:38
holycowither the i810 or these restricted onse07:38
holycowanyway install and restart x and try glx gears07:39
holycowif they come up  its working07:39
tweakok.. 1 minute left o nthe install..07:39
tweaki hope it's for the right kernal?07:40
holycowdude sorry thought you knew how to do that07:40
holycowdo uname -a07:40
holycowthat will tell you the kernel07:40
holycowthen you need to match the kernel to the restricted modules07:41
NGL-JabrroaGoodnight everyone :) God bless07:41
holycowyou can search for restricted modules with apt-cache search restricted-modules07:41
tweak26279 generic07:41
holycowor something like that07:41
holycowi would MAKE SURE it matches yoru kernel number or else you aren't doing anything usefull at all07:41
tweakI'm doing it again...07:42
tweakk brb07:44
lgkinteli810 ??07:47
holycowi dont understand the question07:47
lgki have a pretty old emachines, with the onboard intel graphics07:47
lgkyou were saying inteli810could be for older mobos..07:47
holycowyes it could require that package07:47
lgksudo apt-get install inteli810 ?07:47
holycowdo lspci and find out what intel chipset you have07:48
holycowgoogle it and find out07:48
holycowlgk: apt-cache search intel07:48
holycowand see whats all in there i don't remember exactly07:48
lgk0:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated GraphicsController (rev 02)07:48
holycowremember you want to google your chipset first on whatever version of ubuntu you have07:48
lgkgoogle that ?07:48
holycowyeah try07:48
holycowand include your ubuntu version07:48
holycowusually you can find someone with relavent info07:49
lgkIntel Corporation 82865G Kubuntu 8.1007:49
holycowsounds good07:49
holycowgo for it07:49
tweaknope glxgears doesn't work :(07:49
holycowtweal google your intel chipset plus your ubuntu version07:50
holycowsomeone must have the same combo and can tell you what version you need07:50
NmLinuzhi. I have a laptop but i want to use only my VGA external monitor. How can i set xorg.conf for that??? :S07:50
holycowi'm 99% certain the drivers are in ther epo07:50
tweakmy chipset is the same as lgk lol07:50
holycowi've never run into intel chipsets that didn't work07:50
lgkhow do i access xorg.conf ? :D07:51
lgksorry nvm07:51
lgkill goggle07:51
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
holycowemacs /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:51
holycowoh heh sorry07:51
holycowforget emacs07:51
NmLinuzi know where is xorg.conf. But i don't know what i have to change on it :S07:52
lgknm linuz07:52
holycowdo sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:52
peterzanybody else have plasma instant crash on them since 4.2-rc1>07:52
holycowor gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:52
peterzsurely you can suggest a kde editor :-)07:53
peterzkate or somesuch07:53
lgksudo kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?07:53
holycowoh hehe07:53
holycowwe are in THAT channel07:53
holycowi'm drunk, cut me slack :)07:53
p_quarleslgk: kdesudo kate07:53
lgkim stond :D07:53
tweaki found nothing useful07:53
tweaklgk! we're goth baked, and have the same stupid chipset07:54
lgkdid you see the url i sent07:54
tweakI'm using Ubuntu07:54
NmLinuzi have installed KDE 4.2 RC packages and now i have problems. How can i remove this packages??07:55
tweakplace a magnet to you hdd07:55
tweaknmlinuz : did you apt-get install them?07:56
NmLinuztweak no07:56
NmLinuzfrom kubuntu site07:56
NmLinuzadd repository etc07:56
NmLinuzand then update07:56
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:57
holycowNmLinuz: i "THINK" you can use aptitude to uninstall everything that came with the metapackage07:57
holycowapt just uninstalls the metapackage but leaves all the dps there07:57
holycowthe other method is07:58
holycowremove the new repo from apt sources and update your apt just to clear out the entries in the database07:58
holycowyou need to find a key kde library or two07:58
holycowif you uninstall that it will unisntall the rest of kde07:58
tweak<--- is still stuck stupid intil...07:58
holycowonce you have uninstalled all of kde you can just reinstall kubuntu-desktop and you should be fine07:59
holycowyoumight wnat to install another desktop environment during uninstall if you are not comfy with command line so that you can use your desktop while it unisntalls07:59
holycowtry something like e16 maybe ... or i don't know if that works any more07:59
holycowonce done get back into kde session and you are done08:00
tweaki must have unlucky chipset disease08:00
holycowtweak there must be somethign on google08:01
tweak? nothing useful08:01
holycowi've never seen an intel chipset not work08:02
holycoware you sure yours had 3d acceleration?08:02
tweakmaybe It's there but I'm not finding it08:02
tweakpretty sure yes. it runs googleearth fine in windows xp, just not in linuix08:03
holycowsorry i can't be of more help08:03
tweaknot ur fault08:03
tweakthank you08:03
tweakjust seems a shame to leave xp installed for one program lmao08:05
holycowif youdon't solve it today i can maybe help tomorrow08:05
holycowyeah i'm sure it can be helped for sure08:05
holycowhow do you like linux so far?08:05
tweaki've been workin on it for hours lol08:05
tweakOh I love linux08:06
tweakUsed to use Gentoox on my Xbox08:06
holycowahhh, not exactly a noob08:06
tweakclose enough lol08:06
tweakgentoox was KDE08:07
tweaki actually got wine running really nice in gentoox lol08:08
tweaktook forever to compile on a 733mhz xbox though08:08
lgki <3 linux08:09
lgkbut hate how i can't get flash to work08:09
lgkfor browsers08:09
lgkor java applets08:09
tweakmine work08:09
lgkbut java programs work fine..08:09
peterzlgk: that's a pro, not a con ;-)08:09
lgkscrew yew!08:09
lgklol peter08:10
holycowlgk: 64 bit?08:10
lgkthere are a couple java applets i use for some stuff.08:10
tweakyou have to install flash through add/remove08:10
lgkadept ?08:10
holycowapt-cache search flash nonfree08:10
holycowinstall the nonfree one08:10
lgki've done it through sudo apt-get flashplugin-nonfree08:10
holycowit will workfine08:10
tweakthat's what i'm using08:11
lgkive done it through adept for konq/ns upgrades08:11
holycowit doesn't work?08:11
lgkive done it by downloading the .deb file08:11
lgkand installing08:11
holycowdoes it work with firefox?08:11
lgknone have worked08:11
holycowyou guys are kicking my ass today08:11
lgki've formated and reinstalled kubuntu 3 times08:11
lgkfresh installs08:11
lgkeach time i tried a differn't flash install method08:11
lgkmaybe my burnt cd is bunk?08:11
holycowwell you can download the .tar.gz from adobe08:11
holycowextract it08:11
holycowand put the .so manually in the /usr/lib/filrefox/plugins i think08:12
holycowit should work08:12
holycowit sounds like its not symlinking properly08:12
tweakif it's a live cd you can check it's integrity by booting it up08:12
lgklive cd?08:12
tweakyour install CD08:12
holycowyeah if it gets to a desktop to let you install08:12
holycowthen its a live cd08:12
lgkholy,. extract the files into a directory, then manually mvoe them to /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/ ?08:12
lgkit's live then08:13
holycowhow do you check the disk for corruption again? i forget08:13
lgkrofl this bitch got pulled over for using her phone while driving, her excuse was 'i didn't think texting was aprt of that law'08:13
tweakif the integrity was dammaged though it wouldn't have finished installing08:13
tweakwhen you boot from the live CD it's an option right away08:14
lgki checked my memory08:14
lgkthe cd for defects08:14
lgkall passed08:14
lgkmy buddy08:14
lgkwho convinced me to get linux08:14
holycowtry extracting the tar.gz manually08:14
lgkis so effin confused08:14
lgkimma try that right now brb :D08:14
tweaksomehow.....it's Bill Gates' Fault08:14
holycowand copying the .so file to the location i posted above08:14
holycowthat should work08:14
lgkjsut the .so08:14
holycowthats it08:14
lgkwhat about for konq, i don't have ff installed on this install,08:15
tweakgates needs another pie!08:15
tweakor maybe a shoe thrown at him08:15
lgkballon filled with freshly poured jello mix08:16
lgkblueberry jello08:16
tweakballoon filled with milk eggs and vinegar!08:16
lgknow all flash embedded files are just blank boxes...08:17
tweakit'll save you bandwidth!08:17
lgktime for another bowl08:17
tweakthank it08:17
tweakpick it, pack it, fire it up come along.. and take a hit from the bong08:18
holycowlgk: restart firefox?08:18
holycowyou can remove the .so to get rid of that problem08:18
tweakuninstall firefox and re-install using synaptic?08:19
holycowno no08:19
holycowjust delete the .so he put in that plugin folder08:19
tweakhere's the strange part08:20
lgkhere's the thing08:21
lgki haven't done anything08:21
lgki was opening konq08:21
lgkto a youtube page to get the link to the flash download08:21
tweakinitially when i installed google earth it ran but the graphics were cutting in and out and then it would fail. after playing with xorg.conf it won't even start now. I've reverted to default settings but still same thing08:21
lgkand now all flash is blank ;d08:21
eagles0513875!enter | lgk08:22
ubottulgk: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:22
holycowlgk: uh what?08:22
holycowi told you to dwonload it from adobe.com08:22
* tweak worships the holdcow08:22
* tweak worships the holycow08:22
holycowjust go there with firefox and download the .tar.gz manually08:22
holycowboobtube knows dick08:22
lgkholy, when you dont have flash installed, a flash object will have a direct link to the download...08:23
lgkthats what i was referring to why i went there :D08:23
holycowyeah not always08:23
tweaksometimes hitting it works08:23
holycowthats brand new in the latest releaes08:23
lgkmk, download tar.gz08:23
holycowit installs the flash in your ~/.firefox/plugins dir08:23
holycowyou can actually put the .so in there08:24
* tweak holds off the hoards of people trying to remove the prime rib from holycow08:24
holycowit will then only work for your account ... /usr/lib/firefox..whatever/plugins/  is for all the users on your system08:24
eagles0513875tweak: thats off topic btw08:24
holycowtweak, we have world class anal ops here08:25
holycowyou will get in trouble if you so  much as get a syllable off topic08:25
holycownot kidding08:25
holycowbut you know08:25
tweak /apologize08:25
holycowwhen we have spammers for an hour08:25
holycowthey won't do jack08:25
lgki like to08:25
eagles0513875im not an im im just watching ur back side08:25
lgkuse one liners08:25
lgkalso for my speech08:25
lgkenter key08:25
lgkis my best friend ;d08:25
eagles0513875holycow:  that is y u do ! op it alerts any and all ops08:26
eagles0513875lgk: they dont like it in here08:26
lgkseems like only you dont :(08:26
tweaklgk any luck on the chipset?08:26
lgkhell na08:27
tweaki hear ya08:27
tweakit's like the rarest chipset ever or something08:27
lgkand it's onboard, sad part08:27
lgkis yours pretty old?08:27
tweakyup totally08:27
lgkthis box is an old ass emachines lol08:27
holycowoh that old08:27
tweak? dunno... 3.02ghz processor08:27
holycowyou may need an older driver than the i810 ... but maybre not08:28
lgkthis is 2.5ghz, 512mb08:28
eagles0513875what chipset lgk08:28
holycowoh thats not bad08:28
lgkwhat was that cmd holycow08:28
tweak3.02ghz 1GB here08:28
tweakthinking bout upgrading to dual core08:28
lgkIntel Corporation 82865G Integrated GraphicsController (rev 02)08:28
lgki got a 2.6 athlon x2 dualcore08:28
lgksoooo fuckin nice08:28
tweakthat line is almost a swear i've searched it so much08:29
lgkgoign from single core 512mb to dual core 4gb is z0mg!~08:29
tweakhow hot can a processor get before it fries?08:29
eagles0513875went from single core athlon 64 2ghz 3200+ to an intel core 2 quad q9550 2.83ghz with 12mb l2 cache and 8gb of ram lol08:30
=== yanira is now known as nathalidaniela
tweakhey i think i have a c64 300baud modem kicking around somewhere08:30
lgki need a motorola surfboard cable modem08:31
lgkgot onE?08:31
lgk~ :D08:31
tweakRCA here08:31
lgki borrowed my girls moms when her comp took a dump, i plugged it into our cable outlet for shits n giggles, we got highspeed cable :D08:31
lgkold building, i think the cable system is ran throughout08:32
eagles0513875u lucky bastard08:32
lgkjust need the modem08:32
lgkhad to give it back D08:32
lgkim back on piggybacked wireless08:32
eagles0513875what was the download and upload speeds08:32
tweaki know how to fix our chipset issue08:32
lgktypical comcasy for my area, i was upwards of 2mb downs from m$ site (i live in wa state)08:32
lgkdidn't test out up08:32
lgktypical down off torrents was 200-400k sec08:33
tweaki get 600 sometimes08:33
lgki jus too lazy to sace $20 for a modem ;d bud sacks more important08:33
eagles0513875damn im on bout a 6mbps down and 1.5 up on comcast back in houston08:33
lgki've never had any file down at 6mb :D08:34
* tweak gags08:34
eagles0513875lol im here on an island in the mediterranean in europe and i have 10mbps down and 512 up08:34
eagles0513875and 80gb monthly download08:34
lgkyour limited?08:34
* tweak is in Canada08:34
holycoweagles0513875: do you mind me asking where?08:34
eagles0513875island of malta08:34
lgkeagles do you get 10mbs download speedS?08:34
tweakit's -30 outside!08:34
holycowmalta? nice08:35
eagles0513875ya lgk im hopping that my webhosting business with time will branch off into another cable isp since there is only 1 cable isp08:35
eagles0513875just about lgk08:35
eagles0513875holycow:  its 60 miles south of scicily08:35
bazhanglgk, watch the language08:35
holycoweagles0513875: awesome :)08:35
bazhang!wtf | lgk08:35
tweakbad boy08:35
ubottulgk: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:35
lgkwtf = what the fudge! duh! :D lol08:35
holycowah here we go08:36
bazhang!enter | lgk08:36
ubottulgk: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:36
eagles0513875come into offtopic08:36
tweakso to fix our chipset issue.....08:36
lgk!blow me | bazhang08:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about blow me08:36
bazhang!ops | lgk08:36
ubottulgk: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici or jussi01!08:36
lgkOH NOES08:36
tweakwe just need to buy a new videocard08:36
lgkban me.08:36
lgktrue tweak08:36
holycowright on dude, i do the same08:36
lgki needa find a decent slimprofile for my dual core setup08:36
eagles0513875lgk:  you dont wanna mess around with ops08:37
holycowno one caares about ops08:37
tweakthey can make you dissappear08:37
holycowbeing banned from here is not a threat of any kind08:37
lgklol seriously ;d08:37
lgkif i get banned im not gonna /wrist or anythign ;/08:38
lgkmybe shed a tear, MAYUBE08:38
holycowdude just msg me if you are banned i'll help08:38
holycowby then i'll be banned too08:38
tweakalong with me]08:38
eagles0513875its super hard to get unbanned08:38
lgkthere's too many workarounds to get back in...08:38
eagles0513875been trying to get myselff unbanned from motu and dev irc channels08:38
holycowwho cares08:38
lgkbut is it worth the 5 seconds to get around the ban? no :D08:38
eagles0513875not in relation to ubuntu channels08:38
ikoniaeagles0513875: you've been told not to discuss your bans in here08:38
ikoniaeagles0513875: this is why you are banned as you cannot follow simple instructions08:39
lgkBAN PLZ08:39
holycowno discuss them08:39
ubottuOFFTOPIC DISCUSSION: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici or jussi01!08:39
ikonialgk: thats not needed08:39
ikonialgk: stop that08:39
lgkis this channel really this lame?08:39
holycowno one can stop you from discussing your bans08:39
ikonialgk: if you don't like it - leave08:39
holycowyoru bans are your right to discuss all you want08:39
holycowignore them08:39
lgkare you apart of saftey patrol ikonia?08:39
tweakworse than disney08:40
bazhanglgk, stop08:40
lgkwtf is up with you people08:40
lgkseriously tweak08:40
lgkBUKLE UP08:40
Eutychushello room. where can i find the md5 hash check for  kubuntu-8.10-dvd-i386.iso? i looked on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes but didnt fint it.08:40
lgkOH NOES08:40
eagles0513875perm ban is on the way08:40
eagles0513875hi ikonia08:40
ikoniaeagles0513875: hello08:41
tweaki've been trying to figure out this stupid intel chipset all darn day08:41
eagles0513875i tried to warn him08:42
eagles0513875idiot didnt listen08:42
ikoniaeagles0513875: please leave it08:42
tweaki just want to run google earth that's all08:43
eagles0513875!google earth08:43
ubottuGoogle Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository08:43
holycowikonia: i can guarantee you one thing08:43
holycowyou and all the other ops08:43
eagles0513875tweak: purge what you already have08:43
tweakhow do you mean?08:44
antiquarkDoes Akonadi actually work? Or are the Kubuntu packages broken?08:44
tweaksudo apt-get remove googlearth?08:44
=== tweak is now known as totallystumped
eagles0513875sudo apt-get purge google earth or how ever its spelled08:46
eagles0513875!info google earth08:46
ubottuearth is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']08:46
eagles0513875!info googleearth08:47
ubottuPackage googleearth does not exist in intrepid08:47
eagles0513875tweakedeh: did u install it form source08:47
ubottuGoogle Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository08:47
totallystumpedno from binary08:47
kishoreare there any planned updates to the koffice2 beta packages?08:47
kishoreor do i have to build from source to try it?08:48
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu_
=== ubuntu_ is now known as nomingo
nomingolol i just installed this thing :P08:50
totallystumpedwhich thing?08:50
nomingoneat toy so far08:50
Eutychushello... where can i find the md5 hash check for  kubuntu-8.10-dvd-i386.iso? i looked on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes but didnt fint it.08:50
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows08:51
eagles0513875Eutychus: is that what you are looking for08:51
nomingooh this is a place for questions?08:51
totallystumpedwill someone install google earth to verify that it runs properly in ubuntu?08:51
eagles0513875nomingo: yes08:51
eagles0513875!ask | nomingo08:51
ubottunomingo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:51
Eutychusi dled kubuntu-8.10-dvd-i386.iso and i cant find the md5 hash to verify it.08:52
Eutychusi meant the md5 sum on the website.08:53
nomingo!ask how do i get my ov511 webcam working?08:53
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:53
eagles0513875nomingo: just ask your question in here and if anyone knows the answer they will help08:55
ian_Morning, I'm still having problems with kde 4.2 RC and kwin, has anyone else experianced or heard of problems with this release?08:55
nomingohow do i get and verify if my "ov511" webcam is working?08:55
p_quarlesEutychus: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/8.10/release/MD5SUMS08:56
p_quarlesEutychus: hint: I only googled the name of the .iso you mentioned ;)08:56
Eutychusp_quarles, thank you,.08:56
ian_nomingo: is that from an eeepc by any chance?08:57
nomingonope, its a relatively old but good webcam, d-link c100 and supposedly its driver is based on ov511 in linux according to various internet things08:58
ian_nomingo: fair enough, just thought i reconised it..08:59
ian_Can anyone help with some problems i'm having with kde 4.2 rc from the kubuntu-experimental repositories? or point me towards someone who can09:02
nomingothis is as far as i got... http://www.qbik.ch/usb/devices/showdev.php?id=47009:03
Ace2016_-Hi all09:05
Ace2016_-where is kde4 installed to?09:05
nonamehello. how to add a user to sudoers file?09:13
ruhaan_jslipis there a way to connect to a wifi network via terminal?09:13
=== noname is now known as Guest6596
ian_Guest6596: i would have thought the best way is to add them to the admin group:09:13
ian_Guest6596: sudo adduser $USER admiin09:14
ian_*admin even09:14
Ace2016_-ian_: doesn't sudo use the wheel group?09:15
Guest6596ian_: permission denied :S09:16
ian_Ace2016_-: i've always used the admin group - seems to work for me09:17
ian_Guest6596: are you in the sudo group?09:17
Guest6596ian_: i dont think so09:18
Guest6596i simply add a new user to my distro09:18
Ace2016_-Guest6596: you need to use the command with a user that can already use sudo09:18
Guest6596to get default settings etc09:18
Ace2016_-run the command as the old user09:20
Guest6596Ace2016_-: how to do that? sudo -u <old_u> ?09:20
Ace2016_-su oldusername, then use the old users password, then use sudo09:21
Guest6596ok i do that09:21
Guest6596in the sudoers.tmp09:22
Guest6596where i have to add my username?09:22
Ace2016_-add yourself to the admin group09:24
Guest6596$username ALL=(ALL) ALL    ?09:25
Ace2016_-but change $username to your username09:26
ActionParsnipyo yo yo09:31
eagles0513875hi yo yo yo ActionParsnip09:32
eagles0513875im running into a really weird issue when vncing into my linux laptop09:35
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: whats going on?09:36
eagles0513875im using the real vnc viewer to connect using krfb on kde 4.2 rc109:37
eagles0513875the colors are ok but when i star moving around they turn relaly bright yellow and pink and what not and its super jittery09:37
eagles0513875the text and what not is all blurry too09:37
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: is it over Lan or wan/09:37
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: you could try disabling compression09:38
ActionParsnipand make the vncserver poll the whole screen09:38
kieferIs this the place to report bugs found when testing KDE 4.2?09:38
ActionParsnip!bugs | kiefer09:39
ubottukiefer: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots09:39
eagles0513875kiefer: ask in kde channel they can link you cuz i dont remember the link off the top of my head09:39
ActionParsnipkiefer: there may be one for kde 4.2, I'd ask in #kde09:39
ActionParsnipthere you go09:39
JohnFluxOr  Help->Report Bug   in every KDE program09:40
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: the funny thing is bandwith isnt the issue its something else and i have vnc viewer set to use full colors09:40
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: what about compression?09:40
kieferok, thanks09:40
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: i think its a setting on the client rather than the server09:41
nomingoquestion, i'm watching video just fine in regular view, but whenever flashplayer goes fullscreen, the video gets realy slow even though the sounds is fine, its like watching a slideshow. any ideas?09:41
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: doesnt look like there is any09:41
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: of course there is09:41
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: is it the windows vnc client?09:41
eagles0513875yes it is09:41
ActionParsnipand what client is it?09:41
eagles0513875its the vnc viewer free edition from real vnc09:42
eagles0513875im using krfb on my linux laptop and connecting to it from a windows machine09:43
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: here are the options for realvnc09:43
eagles0513875do i need it on linux if im using krfb as the vnc server09:44
ActionParsnipits for the client, the server takes the settings that the client is using09:44
ActionParsnipyou could also try another client like tightvnc maybe (also free) see if it acts the same09:44
TomatejcI'm sorry, my english is very bad but #kubuntu-es is alone. I have Kubuntu 8.04 with KDE 3.5. Kernel: 2.6.24-23-generic. I have a very annoy problem with sound. This problem appears when I upgrade kernel from 2.6.24-19 to 2.6.24-21. I did solve the problem with this blog: http://kkubasik.wordpress.com/2008/03/31/sound-problems-in-ubuntu-hardy/ but when I upgrade kernel to 2.6.24-23 this problem appears again and I can't solve it with that. Anyone09:45
Tomatejc can give me an advice?09:45
TomatejcI'm sorry again, my english is really really bad, I can read it, but writing it... well, you saw it ;)09:45
ActionParsnipTomatejc: are you using hardy or intrepid (lsb_release -a | grep -i code will tell you)09:46
TomatejcAce2016_-: Hardy09:47
ActionParsnipok cool09:47
ActionParsnip!sound | Tomatejc09:47
ubottuTomatejc: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP309:47
ActionParsnipTomatejc: try that and head back if you have no joy09:47
Tomatejc"Activar el sistema de sonido" (enable the sound system) is ok09:48
Tomatejcgoing to link09:48
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: same issue with tight vnc09:50
Tomatejcfirst ok, second ok09:50
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: well now we know its your servers settings09:51
Tomatejcin Kubuntu is "/lib/modules/" ?09:51
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: server setting on what krfb09:51
ActionParsnip!info krftb09:51
ubottuPackage krftb does not exist in intrepid09:51
ActionParsnip!info krfb09:51
ubottukrfb (source: kdenetwork): Desktop Sharing for KDE 4. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid2 (intrepid), package size 446 kB, installed size 688 kB09:51
eagles0513875and yes it does btw the bot is wrong09:52
eagles0513875but i dont have many options to change with it09:52
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=33270509:52
ActionParsnipTomatejc: what sound device does lspci say you have?09:53
TomatejcActionParsnip: lspci ?09:53
eagles0513875that explains alot lol09:53
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX09:53
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX09:53
TomatejcActionParsnip: it's big, wait a moment please09:54
TomatejcActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/d6059a38409:54
ActionParsnipTomatejc: ok so its an Intel Corporation 82801EB09:55
ActionParsnipTomatejc: go forth and websearch how to set it up, intel stuff is pretty supported09:55
TomatejcActionParsnip: thank you, I'll try first install modules, I didn't with 2.6.24-23, maybe that's it09:56
ActionParsnipTomatejc: looks like the sound card doesnt like your kernel (if the numbers match) http://tehpost.blogspot.com/2008/07/ubuntu-no-sound-using-intel-corporation.html09:56
ActionParsnipTomatejc: looks like you may have to compile alsa: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=54225909:58
TomatejcActionParsnip: I tried that (compile alsa), works first time ( to 2.24.21), but didn't now ( to
=== DS-Sleepin is now known as DarkSmoke
ActionParsnipTomatejc: you will need to recompile it for the new kernel ( i think )10:00
TomatejcActionParsnip: I did it, but doesn't work =(10:01
ActionParsniphmm, id sit on the old kernel for now. If the older kernel serves you well theres no real need to upgrade10:01
TomatejcActionParsnip: maybe that is the solution, back to 2110:02
ActionParsnipand then try find some help for your sound card with that kernel. Does Intrepid not work for you?10:02
TomatejcActionParsnip: I don't like KDE 4.1, doesn't work fine with my nVidia FX520010:02
MinusSevenjust got on, are you talking about the problem of only one program being able to use sound at a time?10:03
ActionParsnipi seee10:03
ActionParsnipMinusSeven: no, its no sound in a particular hardy kernel10:03
TomatejcMinusSeven: no, all Kubuntu10:03
MinusSevenI had a problem with only one program at a time being able to use sound10:03
MinusSevenbut works fine in Ubuntu10:03
Eutychushello again. i am not very good at this. i have dled kubuntu-8.10-dvd-i386.iso onto my hd. i have checked it with md 5 and the hash numbers check. when i try to burn it as a dvd no matter if it is nero, infrarecorder or deepburner the finished product is the ubuntu  8.10 cd disk. 4gigs dl but only 780 megs burn. does anyone know what i am doing wrong?10:04
Eutychusi am wasting dvds10:04
ActionParsnipEutychus: did you md5 check the image before burning?10:04
ActionParsnipwhat speed did you burn at?10:05
MinusSevenanother thing I found weird was, in the clock settings, I put in an ntp server, and it couldn't contact it10:05
Eutychusit burns at about 4-5x10:05
ActionParsnipEutychus: thats ok, can it go slower?10:05
Eutychusi think so.10:05
ActionParsnipEutychus: are you burning the image with a windows operating system?10:06
ActionParsnipEutychus: its not an ubuntu problem10:06
ActionParsnipEutychus: its a windows issue, head over to ##windows10:06
ActionParsnipyour windows OS is having issues burning an ISOfile10:06
Eutychusdo i tell them the same thing that i told you?10:07
ActionParsnipEutychus: its great you md5 checked it though, most people dont then moan when the installer fails10:07
ActionParsnipEutychus: yes, the 780Mb of 4Gb burned is exactly what they need to know10:08
Eutychusthanx actionparsnip... i am changing the window to windows.10:08
Eutychusi really like kubuntu btw.10:09
MinusSevenit doesn't have a self checker like some distros have10:09
MinusSevenI think eventually kubuntu will have to be bigger than what fits on a cd10:09
ActionParsnipMinusSeven: I thought there was a verify cd on the first boot screen of kubuntu (before going to desktop)10:10
MinusSevencould be10:10
MinusSevenwhat about my problem of putting in an NTP server address in the clock settings, and it says it can't connect to it?10:11
ActionParsnippeople need to md5 too, many dont10:11
MinusSevenI thought it could be a firewall problem, but its outgoing10:11
ActionParsnipMinusSeven: can you telnet to the servers port?10:11
MinusSevenhaven't tried10:11
ActionParsnipMinusSeven: worth a crack10:11
MinusSevenwhat if I try and it doesn't work?10:11
MinusSevenI shouldn't need to enable any incoming ports should I?10:12
ActionParsnipMinusSeven: i dunno if ntp will connect with telnet but its worth a shot10:12
ActionParsnipMinusSeven: well the request for time goes into the ntp10:12
ActionParsnipso i'd imagine so10:12
MinusSeveni'll go try some things10:13
MinusSevenbe back later10:13
cuznti know how to md5 check in windows10:13
cuznthow do you md5 check in kde?10:13
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows10:13
TomatejcActionParsnip: well, I can't solve it10:14
Tomatejcthanks a lot anyway10:14
EutychusreHello. the windows guys say that the iso is inflated. when i checked the iso with winrar their was only 480k of info stored in the iso even though windows sez that the iso is taking up 4 gigs on the hd. i must be doing something wrong or am not smart enough to figure it out. how do i get a dvd of kubuntu?10:26
fildowas hardy before ibex?10:27
ActionParsnipfildo: yes10:28
ubottuUbuntu 8.04-LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.10:28
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is the current release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ - Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81010:28
ActionParsnipfildo: its easy to work out, hardy is 8.04, released on 4th month 0810:29
ActionParsnipfildo: intrepid is 8.10, released on 10th moth 0810:29
ActionParsnipEutychus: where are you getting the iso from?10:29
fildoActionParsnip: thnx. nah i have ibex and hardy. i just grabbed  the wrong cd when i installed . lol10:30
fildoall good .10:30
ActionParsnipEutychus: good choice10:32
=== geek is now known as Guest71021
ActionParsnipEutychus: i'd try the http method, just to test10:32
=== Guest71021 is now known as faileas
ActionParsnipEutychus: torrents assign the space then populate the empty file with data which is consistant with what the windows guys are on about10:33
Eutychussomeone mentioned that i should try imgburn and see if that will work.10:33
Eutychusic. i was putting ubuntu on my friends laptop and really messed it up when trying to convert ubuntu to kubuntu.10:34
=== vito is now known as vito_
=== mm_ is now known as ksa-24
Eutychusthat is why i would rather just have the dvd.10:35
faileasEutychus: the difference between the two is a single metapackage10:35
faileasyou can probably find a guide to snip out the bits you don't need10:35
ActionParsnipEutychus: try downloading via ftp / http instead of torrents, it may give you a better image10:35
SlimeyPeteyou should have been able to just do "apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"10:35
faileasActionParsnip: that seems wierd, torrents do check the file automatically10:36
faileas(what's the issue again? ;p)10:36
cortneyanyone know if it's possible to enable kde desktop effects in a virtualbox install of kubuntu in windows vista? (uhh.. ya..)10:36
ikoniacortney: no10:37
cortneycompiz won't work either?10:37
ikoniacortney: there is no direct access to the video hardware10:37
ActionParsnipfaileas: its burning about 800Mb then stopping, winrar shows the data in the iso as less10:37
faileascortney: IIRC at the moment virtualbox dosen't support opengl, which is what both kwin's compositing engine and compiz needs10:37
faileaschecked the md5 sum?10:37
cortneyuhh, it says it supports opengl10:38
cortneylittle box "enable opengl support"10:38
faileascortney: it uses opengl to wrap dx IIRC10:38
* Eutychus will try dling from http10:38
faileasbut the guests don't support it10:38
faileaseither that or it was windows only10:38
cortney*cough* direct rendering: Yes10:39
ActionParsnipcortney: you could always ask in #vbox, maybe they know a thing or 310:40
faileasits been a while since i used it10:40
cortneythis could be really cool ;)10:40
faileas*but* i'm quite sure its in the manual that it dosen't work10:40
ActionParsnipcortney: or just try it, see what you get10:40
ActionParsnipcortney: you can always uninstall it10:40
faileas(i was running it on a windows box. bloody thing kept crashing, well more than usual)10:40
cortneyalready going to, after I update to rc4.2... this isn't my comp.. i'm setting it up obviously for some numbskull girl ;)10:41
ActionParsnipcortney: i doubt they'll need compiz as a new user10:41
ActionParsnipcortney: but its you setting it up, go crazy10:41
cortneyonly takes a couple minutes to setup anyway..10:42
faileascortney: i hope it isn't the one mentioned on slashdot ;p10:42
cortney? what one mentioned on /.10:42
faileasshe bought a dell with ubuntu... and dropped out of school cause of that ;p10:43
faileas(cause she's too dumb to use OOo or call tech support ;p)10:43
cortneyhaha.. that's retarded..10:43
faileaslettme grab the link. its periphrally on topic anyway ;p10:43
cortneyI already messed it up once trying to enabled desktop effects in kde after live install without updates, resulted in a black screen...10:43
=== cuznt is now known as Forrest_G
Forrest_Gretarded is as retarded does10:43
cortneythank ubuntu for recovery consoles...10:44
=== Forrest_G is now known as cuznt
ikoniafaileas: it's not on topic10:44
faileasikonia: my bad then10:45
afd_hi! It's not possible to compile plasmoids with the 4.1.96 packages. Is there an ETA when will this be fixed?10:45
cortneyI can confirm that10:46
cortneycan't compile plasmoids in 4.1.9610:47
ActionParsnipfaileas: its offtopic but funny10:48
afd_I need at least 3 non-bundled plasmoids to feel at home on kde 4.2! I'll have a seisure atack if they don't come soon :-)10:48
cuzntwhats a non bundled plasmoid.10:48
ikoniatry using stable product versions ?10:48
cuznti know what a plasmoid is10:48
cortneyand I personally use two ruby ones... which doesn't work in rc1 but was fixed a couple days after it was released...10:49
afd_ikonia: let's not get into kde 4.1 discussions, they're not worthy10:49
ikoniaI'm not - I'm saying if you want stuff to work, use the stable versions10:49
ikoniacomplaining that development releases won't work won't get you very far10:49
cortneyor svn if you have the space10:49
afd_cortney: non-bundled = stuff I need to compile10:49
cuzntman so much i need to learn10:50
cuzntthey dont make brain sponges anymore do they?10:50
cortneyI know afd_.. I'm trying to convert a ruby plasmoid to c++, but I can't get it to compile using the examples and other cmakelist files from others in playground10:50
afd_ikonia: it is my duty as a user to complain. Don't you work in IT?10:50
ikoniaafd_: don't be silly please10:50
cortneycmake fails saying the cmake compiler isn't set... amongst other errors..10:50
cuzntim just happy my card games were fixed10:51
afd_ikonia: I'm just joking, don't take it too harsh. I'm a developer as well, so I know what it's like. I had a discussion yesterday on this channel and somebody said the updates are coming really soon now10:51
afd_and saying "you have the source code, fix it" is not a solution. I don't have a year to learn how to fix a bug. I know exactly how much knowledge a developer needs to get things done, and I really appreciate that10:53
ikoniaafd_: so why are you asking when it will be fixed ?10:53
cortneypersonally I'm used to building autoconf packages not cmake ones so it's new to me..10:53
afd_ikonia: because I'm like a kid on christmas :)10:53
afd_there are some goodies but I can't get them10:54
cortneyafd_ how does it fail for you?10:54
cortneycmake errors?10:54
ikoniaafd_: what do you expect the channel to do ? - speak to the developer/package maintainer10:54
afd_yesterday somebody on this channel told me the packages were compiling and they'll come soon. I came here today to ask when will they be finished10:55
ikoniaafd_: speak to the package maintainer10:55
afd_cortney: something about a plasma cmake file from the system being changed10:55
afd_ikonia: I'll not go that far, I thought somebody on the channel knew... sorry to be a pain the ass10:56
cortneyhmm afd_, mind if I ask, how'd you install the dev tools for plasmoids? (one at a time or some virtual package?)10:57
afd_cortney: I'm not developing plasmoids, I'm trying to compile some from kde-look.org10:59
afd_I've had them compiled with the previous kde 4.2 beta, and when I upgraded plasma would breka10:59
afd_I've erased my ~/.kde folder and now I have a new profile, but I can't compile them11:00
afd_this is the error I get11:01
afd_I don't exactly remember which package you need to compile plasmoids... something like kdeworkspace-dev, I think11:03
afd_and cmake11:03
afd_and the rest of -dev packages11:03
cortneyoh afd_ that's a problem with the package11:05
cortneyafd_ edit the CMakeLists.txt file, remove that line11:05
afd_cortney: no, not true11:06
cortneythe error explains it kind of, there is plasma is now part of kdelibs11:06
cortneythat is...*11:06
afd_look at line 911:06
cortneyyeah findPlasma is now depricated11:07
cortneyand the cmakefile uses it because it hasn't been updated11:07
afd_exactly my problem :) that cmake file needs to be updated11:07
afd_but it's a system file, it's not a part of the plasmoid11:07
cortneyyou can do it, it's fairly easy, it's not learning a whole new language11:07
cortneyread the error, it provides instructions11:08
cortneyremove that line, scan it for any ocurrences of those varibles and change them where applicable, then retry11:08
afd_I'm not worried about a new language, I'm worried about the libraries that come with it :)11:08
afd_ok, let me try11:09
afd_if you say it will be easy11:09
cortneyit'll take 2 minutes tops11:09
afd_cortney: sorry, I can't fix it. The FindPlasma.cmake file just raises the error and says that file is not needed anymore. I've changed the CMakeLists.txt file from the plasmoid source to delete the find_package(Plasma REQUIRED) line and I still get the error11:20
afd_sorry, user fault11:21
afd_there was another CMakeLists.txt file, in the applet root11:21
cortneyso it works now ? ;)11:23
afd_no... now the build fails... probably the library is not defined11:23
afd_I'm gonna read the FindPlasma.cmake again to figure out what I need to include in that make file11:23
cortneyPlasma should be part of kdelibs...11:23
cortneymight want to ask in #plasma-devel or something11:23
afd_it doesn't find some header file, probably the location was not included11:24
cortneyor the header file has changed location11:24
afd_In file included from /tmp/adjustableclock_0.9/applet/plasma-adjustableclock.cpp:21:11:24
afd_/tmp/adjustableclock_0.9/applet/plasma-adjustableclock.h:36:40: error: libplasmaclock/clockapplet.h: No such file or directory11:24
cortneyagain, #plasma-devel or #plasma, they may be able to give you a hint11:24
afd_ok, thanks11:25
cortneybrb, booting 4.2rc111:25
IndigoJohi everyone11:28
IndigoJodoes anyone know if the intrepid packages for KDE 4.2rc1 have finished building yet?11:29
wsjuniorhow can i pair my bluetooth phone with my laptop from command line?11:30
=== Benchos is now known as dg9kb_work
wsjuniorcould anybody tell me how to pair bluetooth devices with kubuntu from the command line?11:36
wsjuniorcould anybody tell me how to pair bluetooth devices with kubuntu from the command line?11:41
e66Hello, I am downloading intrepid repo dvd.I want to extract those dvds in a local folder then use the local files as apt source so that I can install by synaptic or apt. How can I make a local repository in hard disk?11:44
wsjuniori cant believe i gonna have to install gnome tools to have such feature.. damn :/11:44
wsjuniore66: use APTonCD11:44
wsjuniore66: http://aptoncd.sourceforge.net/11:45
e66wsjunior: I dont want to burn those iso. because thsoe dvd willbe corrupted soon.11:45
kusanagi_im running kde right now... but when i run "sudo aptitude show kde" in status says "not installed"11:52
kusanagi_how is that possible? :S11:52
e66kusanagi_:  you are in kubuntu-desktop.and you arerunning kdm.11:54
kusanagi_so i dont need to install it?11:55
kusanagi_i mean... shouldnt it be useful for something?11:55
e66kusanagi_: when you install kubuntu-desktop everything is installed11:55
kusanagi_so kde is some kind of metapackage like kubuntu-desktop?11:56
e66better check kubuntu-desktop11:56
e66kusanagi_: is it your name or taken from kyo's last name? :P11:57
z55can one of you tell me if the ./configure command works?11:57
z55on kde11:57
lantjiehey guys11:58
lantjiehow is it going11:58
e66z55:  ./configure normally  configures the source tree that is in thecurrent directory.11:58
kusanagi_e66, no ghost in the shell :) major motoko kusanagi11:58
lantjiei have a question11:58
=== hit is now known as eltato
z55e66: can u use this command11:59
kusanagi_i know that im running kde 4.1 but how do i know kde's version?11:59
lantjiehow must i mount a iso file11:59
lantjiecan you guys please help me12:00
e66!pm | z5512:00
ubottuz55: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:00
tweakanyoneever patched a kernel?12:02
marek_hi, i added a user with userad, i created a password, but i cannot connect from other host via ssh... what can i do?12:18
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ActionParsnipyo yo yo12:26
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charles__pagina brasil17:22
charles__sala brasil17:22
geniicharles__: /join #ubuntu-br17:22
charles__obrigado genii17:23
charles__ajuda na configuraçao da placa de video fx 520017:23
Pici!br | charles__17:23
ubottucharles__: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.17:23
charles__jatentei de tudo ativar pelos restritos num ta ficando bao17:24
bazhangcharles__, english here17:24
MMinervachi parla italiano17:24
charles__pode ser em qualquer lingua17:25
charles__pra isso tenho tradutor17:25
bazhangcharles__, /join #ubuntu-br17:25
alfteckhi all17:25
charles__to fazendo a perguta la mais ninguem17:25
Knysliux001Hi. is there any GUI to manage samba shares in Kubuntu Intrepid?17:28
=== CodeGuru is now known as SolidLiq
* genii hands gymkolker a coffee17:33
geniiHm. Odd17:33
toborhi all, foolish questio, i just tried to get the bash source package with "apt-get install source bash"  didn't work. I was under the impression that it wouldwork.  can someone hand me a clue?17:34
geniitobor: apt-get source bash17:35
serenityi'm using kde4.2rc1 but can't add google gadgets.17:35
toborgenii: gracias!17:35
* tobor hands genii a taco or a beef-n-chicken burrito. 17:36
tobor its lunchtime here. :-)17:36
geniitobor: You'll then need to un-compress the file, cd into the dir it makes and do the usual compiling steps17:36
toborroger. I can manage that (most days anyway, provided not too many margaritas the night before.. :-) )17:36
* genii munches on burritos17:36
=== snake_ is now known as albuntu
Torchwhat do i do if i don't have the folder view plasmoid anymore after upgrade to 4.2rc1?17:45
Torchnm. found it.17:47
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darkdelusionsI really wish I could find a local retailer who would price match Amazon :) but that is never gonna happen17:52
diretrixboa tarde! estou no Brasil, só falo e escrevo em portugues. Podem me dizer se estou no lugar certo pra tal?17:56
Pici!br | diretrix17:56
ubottudiretrix: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.17:56
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gdedomenicoI had an error while upgrading to KDE 4.2-RC1 from kubuntu 8.10 (KDE 4.1.3). The installation of python-kde4 failed trying to replace /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/PyKDE4/plasma.so because it also belongs to python-plasma and anotherone with kdebase-workspace-libs which failed to replace /usr/lib/kconf_update_bin/krdb_clearlibrarypath. Automatic recovery failed. I tried dpkg -- configure -a but some dependencies are not configured for18:01
gdedomenicoI can't start KDE anymore18:01
hyper_chdamn, the nVidia driver 180.06 have issues... a lot runs much better but FF runs worse :(18:12
mnidДобрый вечер ^_^18:12
hyper_ch!ru | mnid18:12
ubottumnid: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke18:12
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gdedomenicook i discovered --force-overwrite option... it goes much better now...18:17
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots18:18
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serenityall kde4.2rc1 users: are google gadgets working for you?18:48
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JontheEchidnaserenity: nope, google gadgets needs to pass a security review before we can build against it18:49
JontheEchidnaso plasma doesn't have GG support yet18:49
JontheEchidnayou can follow progress of the review here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/google-gadgets/+bug/31477818:50
serenityJontheEchidna: so it will be included although feature freeze is over18:51
JontheEchidnaubuntu hasn't entered feature freeze yet18:51
serenityJontheEchidna: sure, my fault. Thought of kde18:52
serenitythanks for the info18:53
velgaухты, тут еще кто-то есть)19:05
velgaвсем привет!19:05
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke19:06
DanuHello please anyone knows how to convert wmv to avi?, i used this command : mencoder infile.wmv -ofps 23.976 -ovc lavc -oac copy -o outfile.avi but it didn't work19:13
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MikeHHrm, I'm having issues with my desktop effects, I can no longer enable them since they crashed, I've since rebooted to no avail19:15
MikeHI'm using an ati card with the fglrx drivers19:15
Jason_COhi folks -- i just recently installed the KDE4.2 beta2 packages on my intrepid system - having a bit of a fit with compiz however19:36
Jason_COit had not been working right in 4.1 so i had it disabled and was using the normal kde stuff - i try to install it now and im getting an error19:36
geniiCompiz and KDE4 don't play nice together, since KDE4 now has compositing effects builtin19:36
Jason_COok --19:37
Jason_COso what do i do?19:37
Jason_COhow do i theme and stuff?19:37
Jason_COheres the specific error im getting19:38
Jason_CO Depends: libplasma2 but it is not going to be installed19:38
dominik_ghi, do you really need compiz? kwin provides some compositing effects too (simply right click on some window decoration and go to settings)19:39
Jason_COwell.. i just tried that and i don thave a settings option19:40
Jason_COi like for example the desktop cube19:40
urmel291Jason_CO: Go to "System Settings" -> Desktop19:40
geniiJason_CO: I'm currently still running 3.5.10 so not much help on this specific issue. You could try asking in #compiz-fusion channel19:41
urmel291Jason_CO: u can configure kwin's effects there (with KDE 4.2 it also has a cube effect)19:41
Jason_COthanks -- im looking at it there19:41
dominik_gI have a question on my own: I am experiencing some issue with plasma having installed the 4.2 RC 1 packages from ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental. I cannot add plasmoids to the desktop. The respective widget just hangs. Should I report this problem, and if yes, where?19:42
urmel291dominik_g: any plasmoid or a specific one?19:43
urmel291domini_g: i have no problem adding for example an analagous clock to the desktop19:43
dominik_gWell, I tried a bunch. It hanged with all of them.19:44
dominik_gStrangely enough, I can add plasmoids to the panel without any problem.19:44
dominiqueCan someone recommend me a graphical ftp client for kde4? kftpgrabber is buggy (crashes after processing multiple uploads)19:45
dominik_gI just tried the analagous clock: same problem.19:45
urmel291dominik_g: strange... have u tried with a test user and empty .kde?19:45
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dominik_gurmel291: You are right, I should have tried that already. I will check this..19:46
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Jason_COthe kde effects are not really up to what im looking for - -compiz and emerald work great on my laptop -- anyone know why compiz-kde keeps throwing the error?19:55
Jason_CO Depends: libplasma2 but it is not going to be installed19:55
dominik_gI have now checked my plasma problem with a test account and adding plasmoids is working fine! Thanks for your help!19:55
Jason_COand what to do about it --19:55
urmel291dominik_g: no problem... must be a problem with some config file then19:55
Jason_COi tried looking at the libplasma2 in synaptic -- its actually got libplasma3 installed19:55
geniidominique: I'm partial to filezilla for firefox, it's platform-independent19:56
Jason_COif i try to un-install it -- it tries to wipe out all the 4.2 stuff19:56
dominik_gurmel291: Exactly... I am trying to track this down now...19:56
urmel291dominik_g: good luck19:56
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mefisto__dominique: I just use konqueror for ftp19:59
dominik_gJason_CO: I think your problem has to do with an incompatibility (of the packages) of compiz-kde and kde 4.2 (you are using kde 4.2, isn't it?)20:02
dominiqueCan someone recommend me a graphical ftp client for kde4? kftpgrabber is buggy (crashes after processing multiple uploads)20:02
Jason_COyes - -im using kde4.2 beta 220:02
Jason_COdominik_g: recomend filezilla20:02
Jason_COworks great20:03
dominik_gwe have two dominik/que... :)20:03
zac_how do you mount .iso files20:04
Jason_COoops -- sorry20:04
HazaGentlemen.. I have an issue with my sound card. I have both onboard sound and a 5.1 Soundblaster. It would seem that my Kubuntu has picked up both the onboard and the 5.1 but defaults to using the onboard sound. How might i default to using the 5.1 instead?20:04
zac_what program do is there for mounting .iso files20:04
Jason_COdominique:  recommend filezilla20:04
SlimeyPeteHaza: disable the onboard in the BIOS?20:04
SlimeyPete's probably the most effective way20:04
dominiqueJason_CO: Thank you :)20:05
HazaSlimeyPete: Not a bad idea and i had already actually thought of that but can you believe if i do then the system goes nuts (I think the motherboard may be a little cheesed)20:05
mefisto__Haza: I had the same problem. this is how to set default soundcard: first find the name of the card you want as default with: cat /proc/asound/modules20:06
zac_Is there a program like Daemon Tools, or Alcohol 120% for mounting .ISO files on kubuntu nightly ????20:06
HazaJust to be sure.... im guessing im right in thinking my OS picked up my 5.1 if i look at KMix and can choose from two cards on the pulldown20:06
HazaOne being my 5.1 PCI card20:06
urmel291zac_: "sudo mount -o loop <file>.iso /mnt"20:06
Hazamefisto__: Im listening20:06
SlimeyPeteyeah, sounds about right20:07
mefisto__then edit alsa-base: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base20:07
Hazamefisto__: Right, checking it out now20:08
zac_urmel291: do i have to put home/zac/desktop/filename ?20:08
mefisto__at the end of that file, add "options snd-<soundcard-name> index=0"20:08
urmel291zac_: if the iso image is on your desktop yes: /home/zac/Desktop/filename20:08
mefisto__Haza: index=0 will be the default soundcard20:08
zac_urmel291: it is on my desktop, but idk the exact file name of it, is there anyways for me to get the exact name ???20:09
urmel291zac_: use "ls /home/zac/Desktop" (if that's the right directory) to see which files are on ur desktop20:10
raidenovichwhen i download a package with "sudo aptitude download **************" where is it saved?20:11
Piciraidenovich: the current directory.20:11
urmel291zac_: i guess filename is the label of the icon though20:11
raidenovichah, nice20:11
raidenovichthanks Pici20:11
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Hazamefisto__: Just to doublecheck before i commit the changes to the file....20:12
zac_zac@Black-feet:~$ ls /home/zac/Desktop20:12
zac_poweriso-1.3.tar.gz  W7.iso20:12
Hazayou said snd-<soundcard-name>20:12
Hazamy sound card is called..... "snd_emu10k1"20:12
zac_i want to mount the W7.iso file20:12
sidneyhow do i get a list of the channels20:13
urmel291zac_: so the filename is W7.iso, use "sudo mount -o loop ~/Desktop/W7.iso /mnt" to mount it into /mnt20:13
HazaIm guessing i want to replace that one line above so it looks like..... options snd_emu10k1 index=020:13
mefisto__Haza: ok so make it "options snd_emu10k1 index=0" (without the quotes)20:14
Hazamefisto__: Just making sure mate ;)20:14
zac_it says its mounted20:14
geniizac_: Actually you'll need likely: sudo mount -t iso9660 -o loop isoname.iso /mountpoint20:14
zac_now where do i go to view the .iso file ?20:14
mefisto__Haza: and you can add the other soundcard too if you like, make it index=120:14
Hazamefisto__: Well the onboard sound card works. but its just basic and i have this PCI 5.1 just sitting there doing nothing and lovely 5.1 speakers to go with it :)20:15
Hazamefisto__: So im guessing i need to restart my sound process or something20:15
urmel291genii: don't think it's necessary anymore20:15
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.20:15
geniizac_: The iso contents will be listed in the dir /mnt if it was the command you executed just earlier from urmel29120:15
mefisto__Haza: correct. what you've done determines the order the modules will load on boot20:16
HazaAnd thats what decided the default eh?20:16
geniiurmel291: Ah, nice.20:16
Hazamefisto__:  So... last (hopefully) question... What is the command to restart my sound system without rebooting the whole machine?20:17
mefisto__Haza: there's also the asoundconf command, but the alsa-base edit works always and is fully permanent (see "asoundconf --help")20:18
mefisto__Haza: I don't think restarting the sound system will do it. the modules need to be reloaded, like on boot up20:19
mefisto__Haza: but you can try20:19
Hazamefisto__: sudo ./alsa-utils restart        <--- look good?20:20
Hazain the /etc/init.d/ dir20:20
Jason_COok -- im back from talking to the compiz-fusion people -- they say that somehow (unknown how) libplasma3 has somehow gotten installed on my system inplace of libplasma 2 -- apparently libplasma3 is part of jaunty -- not intrepid -- ive followed the instructions on the kubuntu website for installing kde4.2beta2 -- (add the ppa etc) now what do i do?20:21
mefisto__Haza: I don't have alsa-utils on my system. I can do "sudo alsa reload" or "sudo alsa force-reload" if something has stopped the audio and won't release it20:22
raidenovichis it normal that when i download a .deb file and want to give it to another computer with an usb stick that the second computer cant see the debian file?20:22
Hazamefisto__: Well i tried the above command i said and got..20:22
Haza * Shutting down ALSA...                                                                                                [ OK ] * Setting up ALSA...                                                                                                   [ OK ]20:22
sahil_when is kde 4.2 scheduled20:23
HazaThen i checked KMix and indeed the 5.1 was the defaul in the pull down20:23
HazaBut it looks like sound still comes from the onboard20:23
HazaSo i'll go with the system restart20:23
mefisto__Haza: and what about cat /proc/asound/modules ? does the right one have a 0 ?20:24
stdinsahil_: http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Schedules/KDE4/4.2_Release_Schedule20:24
urmel291Jason_CO: do u have libplasma2<sth>.deb in /var/cache/apt/archives ?20:24
urmel291raidenovich: no, that's not normal20:25
Jason_COurmel291: no20:25
urmel291Jason_CO: have u tried "sudo apt-get install libplasma"?20:26
urmel291Jason_CO: libplasma2, sorry20:26
Hazamefisto__: Nope20:26
HazaIts still at 120:26
HazaSo a reboot20:27
Jason_COThe following packages have unmet dependencies:20:27
Jason_CO  libplasma2: Depends: kdebase-workspace-libs4+5 but it is not going to be installed20:27
Jason_CO              Depends: kdebase-workspace-data (= 4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid1) but 4:4.1.96-0ubuntu2~intrepid1~ppa1 is to be installed20:27
mefisto__Haza: I'm sure there's a way to unload/reload the modules rather than just restart them, but I don't know how, other than reboot20:27
Jason_COurmel291: theres a bunch more explaination that i can pastebin if u want me to20:27
urmel291Jason_CO: right, i see the problem20:27
Hazamefisto__: No worries mate. Ive just gone and shutdown all my apps / servers anyhow20:27
Jason_COurmel291: excellent20:27
HazaSo, i'll give it a try20:27
Hazabrb! o/20:28
urmel291Jason_CO: Wait a sec20:28
Jason_COurmel291: no worries -- relaxin in my easychair20:28
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urmel291Jason_CO: KDE 4.2 needs libplasma3, it is in the PPA from where u got KDE 4.220:31
Jason_COlibplasma3 is installed - its not allowing compiz-kde to install cuz thats demanding libplasma220:32
urmel291Jason_CO: yes, since compiz-kde is not compiled for KDE 4.220:32
clouis ubuntu still gnome fixed or will they more and more better support kde?20:32
urmel291Jason_CO: i don't see an easy solution to ur problem20:32
Jason_COfor some odd reason compiz and kde4.2 work great on my laptop at work -- just cant get it to work here20:33
Jason_COis compiz-kde required to make compiz run on kde?20:33
Jason_COor do i have a diff issue there?20:33
urmel291Jason_CO: yes, it is required as far as i know20:34
_mr_Scompiz can be started from the cli. check if you can start compiz this way.20:34
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Jason_COworking on it20:36
Hazamefisto__: Ping20:38
_mr_Soooops wrong channel20:38
mefisto__Haza: how did it go?20:38
Hazamefisto__: well... :)20:38
HazaIf i do... cat /proc/asound/modules20:38
HazaI only have one sounds card now20:38
HazaThe onboard one20:38
Hazathis is confirmed by the lack of drop down in the KMix window20:39
mefisto__Haza: so the onboard one didn't load at all? I have both mine in that alsa-base file, the second one is index=120:39
Hazamefisto__:  The onboard one did load but the PCI one did not20:40
mefisto__Haza: so the wrong one is loaded20:41
Hazathe cat /proc/asound/modules yields....  0 snd_hda_intel20:41
Hazaand the PCIAnd the line i added was....... options snd_emu10k1 index=020:41
Haza-and the PCI < forget that20:41
Hazaif you like i can always pastebin the alsa-base file?20:43
mefisto__Haza: sure20:43
Hazamefisto__:  Two seconds20:44
mefisto__Haza: maybe you should add both cards index=0 for default, index=1 for the onboard sound20:44
Hazamefisto__: I was thinking the same thing20:44
Hazamefisto__: http://pastebin.com/d41c76ac420:45
HazaSo ill just add options snd_hda_intel index=1 at line 41?20:46
nashkI'm not sure if this is kubunut related, but in my firefox, the I move the cursor, the page also moves with it as if I'm hodling downt he bar to the right. It's very annoying and it seems like the devs though it's a UI enhancement. Any idea how I can disable it his?20:46
Jason_COheres what happens when i try to start compiz from terminal (via fusion icon)20:46
mefisto__Haza: yep20:47
_mr_Sfrom the file you have pasted, it seems to be an issue with GLX extension. Hav eyou configuerd your xorg.conf for compiz ?20:49
Jason_COnot that im aware of -- how would i do this?20:49
Hazamefisto__: Okay mate. Sounds good (no pun intended). I'll add the line and restart20:50
_mr_Swhich card tyoe are you using nvidia or ati ?20:50
HazaAnd grab a beer while im at it! :D20:50
mefisto__something tells me Haza is australian20:50
Jason_CO00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)20:50
_mr_Sthis is an intel card ( laptop or mainboard )20:51
_mr_Slet me check something20:52
Jason_COok - thanks for your help20:52
geniiso 86520:52
_mr_Stake a look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-542565.html20:54
_mr_Sthis might do the trick20:55
kidsnice to see everybody here20:58
Hazamefisto__: Well mate that worked!21:00
mefisto__Haza: great21:00
HazaI have both cards again and the default is the 5.121:00
Hazamefisto__: You're a star mate! I owe you a beer if you ever happen to pass through Edinburgh ;)21:01
mefisto__Haza: I suppose that means if you add more soundcards, you'd have to add them to alsa-base, or remove them all. otherwise the modules won't load21:01
HazaOh thats okay. Since i work in open source im pretty used to manually setting things :D21:02
mefisto__Haza: I was guessing you were in australia, from the "mate" and the beer :)21:02
HazaAnd usually in XML =/21:02
* Haza is an Englishman living in Scotland ;)21:02
Hazamefisto__: Anyway, Thanks again. Now i can fully enjoy my music while i work again! :D21:04
mefisto__Haza: np, glad to help21:07
slack__hello is somebody on?21:07
ulysses__hy, i want to install a plasmoid, but it requires ksgrd/SensorClient.h and ksgrd/SensorManager.h, what packages have i to install?21:07
slack__have you instaled apt-file?21:08
jussi01!tab | slack__21:08
ubottuslack__: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.21:08
slack__search that with apt-file , it will say you what you need (sorry for my english)21:08
ulysses__thanks for the help, and i also speak very bad english, i am from hungary:)21:09
slack__somebody has put in work pkgsrc of netbsd in *ubuntu??21:09
slack__how i install pkgsrc in kubuntu , if i can't get "echo" bsd version?21:13
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raidenovichsalut, how can i install a tar.bz2 file in kubuntu?21:41
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)21:46
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cplusplushow could i find out the kubuntu version?21:51
rickestcat /etc/*release*21:52
geniicplusplus: lsb_reelease -a21:52
geniibah typos, etc21:53
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cplusplusoh my kubuntu is old:21:54
balaramhablas español21:55
cplusplusDISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS"21:55
cplusplushow could i update?21:55
balaramhay alguien que hable español?21:55
cpluspluswill i need kubuntu live cd?21:55
cplusplusto get kubuntu 8?21:55
vincenzociao a tutti21:55
stshey all21:55
cplusplusvincezo like luca toni?;)21:56
Tm_T!es | balaram21:56
ubottubalaram: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.21:56
vincenzobut i prefer del piero21:56
Tm_T!it | vincenzo21:56
cplusplusvincenzo, do you know his song?21:56
ubottuvincenzo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)21:56
Tm_T!ot | cplusplus21:56
ubottucplusplus: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!21:56
vincenzook thx21:57
cplusplusvincenzo, chekc private msg21:57
balaramalguien quiere hablar español, se puede?21:58
geniibalaram: /join #ubuntu-es21:58
cplusplusvincenzo, cool?21:58
cplusplusvincenzo, ?22:01
ulysses__hy again, i tried to install a plasmoid, but it requires SensorClient.h, and apt-file doesn't find it, can somebody help me, what di i have to install?22:03
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mefisto__ulysses__: I have hardy installed and it finds it: kdebase-dev: /usr/include/kde/ksgrd/SensorClient.h22:06
ulysses__i have intrepid, and kdebase-dev is installed22:07
mefisto__ksgrd sounds like it might be ksysguard22:07
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ulysses__in /usr/include/kde isn't ksgrd directory22:08
TheCilsomeone here?22:08
mefisto__ulysses__: it also finds (running hardy, remember) kdebase-workspace-dev: /usr/lib/kde4/include/ksgrd/SensorClient.h22:11
AisonI tried to setup a vpn connection with openvpn. I create a new connection in kde network-manager, select vpn->openvpn->X50922:12
Aisonadd the necessary keys22:12
Aisonbut nothing works, I cant even see some status window that shows what goes wrong22:12
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.22:13
ulysses__mefisto__, thanks, it works!22:13
mefisto__ulysses__: what works?22:13
ulysses__oh, nothing, error again22:14
cyberponixIf computer screen goes black and starts beeping when trying to install what does that mean?22:14
ulysses__i try to install http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/yasp+Yet+Another+SystemMonitor+Plasmoid+?content=9414422:14
cyberponixIf computer screen goes black and starts beeping when trying to install what does that mean?22:14
cyberponixMy disks are fine computer is brand new22:15
[1]felixHi guys. I'm trying to install kubuntu 8.10 with "unetbootin" program (CD installation isnt an option for me now), but when I boot to "unetbootin" and start kubuntu live's installation, through installation process I cannot see my partitions (to chose root, home...)!? Anyone knows what's the problem?22:16
cyberponixI cant even get that far man...22:16
mefisto__cyberponix: at what stage does it do that?22:18
andypls1guys can anyone help me?22:28
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:29
mefisto__ulysses__: is ksysguard installed on intrepid? or has it been replaced with something else?22:29
ulysses__mefisto__, yes, it is installed, i must use: cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=release -DKDE-4.1=true ../22:30
ulysses__before i use "make" and "sudo make install"22:30
andypls1ok when i turn the wireless button on, Linux doesn't recognise it, even though it works under Windows. When I dmesg, this is the output:22:30
ulysses__and the plasmoid works fine:)22:30
andypls1[   94.212021] iwl3945: Radio Frequency Kill Switch is On:22:31
andypls1[   94.212025] Kill switch must be turned off for wireless networking to work.22:31
andypls1[   94.744760] atkbd.c: Unknown key pressed (translated set 2, code 0x88 on isa0060/serio0).22:31
mefisto__ulysses__: so you've solved it?22:31
ulysses__yes, i solved22:31
ActionParsnipandypls1: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=82029722:33
cyberponixmefisto__ u still around?22:34
ActionParsnipandypls1: http://www.intellinuxwireless.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=145422:34
cyberponixok so I got past the black screen...22:34
ActionParsnipandypls1: little clearer here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=290841422:34
andypls1ok i'll read them22:34
cyberponixnow it has a comand line screen and I dont know it22:34
cyberponixis it cause of Nvidia maybe?22:35
billDoes anyone know how to activate the cube effect.22:35
cyberponixbill you will need to get compiz fusion22:36
billHow do you use it?22:36
cyberponixonpen your package man and search for compiz22:36
ActionParsnipbill: you need to have video drivers installed first, then compiz will work fine22:36
andypls1sudo /usr/share/acpi-support/state-funcs22:36
andypls1sudo: /usr/share/acpi-support/state-funcs: command not found22:36
mefisto__cyberponix: so what happened? you've just installed, and no graphical login?22:36
cyberponixno I cant even install22:36
cyberponixBill you will need to install it make sure you have  3d graphics card22:37
terrorbitehi all i was wondering if anyone knows if there is a adobe shockwave version for kubuntu 8.10 without installing windows version of firefox22:37
billI have the effects on. I have effects. But I don't know how to get the cube on the screen22:37
cyberponixso u have compiz correct?22:37
billI have a nvidia 55 card. Yes I have compiz.22:38
cyberponixyou will need to go to the desktop effects and edit them as u like it is graphical and easy to use22:38
billNo alt tab key or anything like that?22:39
ActionParsnipbill: if you have installed compiz use ctrl+alt+click drag the mouse22:39
cyberponixI think it was in k butten>util or sys22:39
cyberponixI dont have it anymore...22:39
mefisto__cyberponix: so what stage are you at? does the livecd boot up? or are you using alternative-install cd?22:39
ActionParsnipbill: you will need to run: compiz --replace to start it22:39
billLet me try22:39
terrorbitecan anyone help me please with lack of shockwave issue22:39
cyberponixlive cd from kubuntu ship it free used it many times never ran into this b 422:39
ActionParsnipbill: if you dont have 3d, it wont run22:40
cyberponixit says (initramfs)22:40
ActionParsnipcyberponix: you missing your kmenu?22:40
cyberponixthen I can type in commands however I dont know what to type22:40
cyberponixI have nothing I cant even install22:40
ActionParsnipcyberponix: you can use apt-get install in a konsole22:41
mefisto__cyberponix: so the livecd doesn't boot22:41
cyberponixit does but after laungu select and the options screen it goes black then into command line22:41
ActionParsnipcyberponix: did you check the cd for defects on the first boot screen?22:42
cyberponixyes its fine22:42
ActionParsnipok thats good22:42
ActionParsnipis your ram ok?22:42
cyberponixbrand new computer just bought it thismorinbg22:42
ActionParsnipyou can test that too with the cd22:42
ActionParsnipcan still be bad ram, its worth a test just to isolate it out22:42
cyberponixit boots into vista just fine I dont want windows I want my linux back22:42
ActionParsnipthe livecd runs purely in ram22:43
ActionParsnipso bad ram can affect it22:43
cyberponixit has three gigs prefectly good ram more than enough22:43
ActionParsnipit may have a fault22:43
ActionParsnipits not a question of quantity22:43
ActionParsnipits worth checking just so you know its not that22:44
ActionParsnipyou could try some bootoptions22:44
cyberponixI was thinking it might be the intagated nivida card maybe that is the issue?22:44
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | cyberponix22:44
ubottucyberponix: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions22:44
ActionParsnipcyberponix: you may have to disable acpi until you get installed, or dma22:45
ActionParsnipcyberponix: read the link, you can add kernel options to the livecd before its booted22:45
cyberponixie vid drivers?22:45
ActionParsnipno, stuff like turning off power options for proprietary power chips (like ni acer lappys)22:46
ActionParsnipcyberponix: if you disable most advanced functionality the install will run bad but once it boots from the installed system it will be ok22:46
cyberponixthis is an acer desktop22:47
ActionParsnipyeah figures22:47
cyberponixdoes that have anything to do with it? lol22:47
ActionParsnipthey use some propritary power management crap that used to be a BIG pain in the ass22:47
ActionParsnipid say so22:47
BattleStarJesusI am trying to configure a desktop to preform as a wireless access point.  I am having trouble finging a proper tutorial that I can follow.  What method should I use?22:47
ActionParsnipdisable acpi and dma for the live install and get kubuntu installed22:48
ActionParsnip!ics | BattleStarJesus22:48
ubottuBattleStarJesus: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php22:48
cyberponixhow do I do that?22:48
ActionParsnipcyberponix: read the link, it tells you22:49
ubottuFor a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions22:49
cyberponixi didnt see the "list" link b 4 thanx22:50
ActionParsnipnp man22:52
cplusplusiis it allowed to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /usr/local/lib ?23:04
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Stalker72When I try to install Kubuntu using the Alternative CD, at the CD-ROM step, I have to manually write something. The default is "/dev/cdrom". What do I do? My CD-ROM is SATA and it's very new (fresh PC build).23:05
ActionParsnipStalker72: i dont think you can write to /dev/cdrom without a cd burning app23:10
FisherPricemy livecd of ubuntu 8.10 won't even boot on my machine23:11
Stalker72ActionParsnip: I don't have an OS on the PC right now.23:11
FisherPriceit crashes out23:11
Stalker72ActionParsnip: When I try the normal install, there is a black screen with text saying BusyBox and (initramfs), etc.23:11
ActionParsnipFisherPrice: did you md5 check your iso before burning, and also verify the burned cd is ok once you booted to it23:11
FisherPricewhich is disappointing since in order to get a clean instal of intrepid is to install 7.10 and upgrade using the updatemanager23:11
FisherPriceActionParsnip: yep23:11
FisherPriceit's OK23:12
Zorixuse unetbootin and install from usb flash drive23:12
FisherPriceI've heard some pple needing to use that from the flash drive23:12
ActionParsnipFisherPrice: try some boot options then23:12
FisherPricei haven't tried it yet since i don't have a flash drive large enough yet23:12
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | FisherPrice23:12
ubottuFisherPrice: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions23:12
FisherPriceActionParsnip: if it were that easy.. i did that23:12
ActionParsnipFisherPrice: many dont use md5 checks, I assume nothing in here23:13
FisherPriceI tried everything23:13
FisherPriceActionParsnip: good not to assume anything23:13
FisherPriceoriginally i didn't23:13
Stalker72ActionParsnip: I've tried installing Linux with 3-4 different CDs, but everyone I get a screen saying BusyBox, (initramfs), etc.. What can I do?23:13
FisherPricethen when someone here suggested it i checked23:13
FisherPriceStalker72: that's what i got initially23:14
FisherPricenow it just crashed out...23:14
Stalker72Can it have something to do with the HDD?23:14
FisherPriceI wish i could get a log file or something but the best i can do is take a photo23:14
FisherPricethat's what i might do soon for anyone that's intrested23:16
Stalker72FisherPrice: Does your BIOS detect the hard disks?23:16
FisherPriceStalker72: yep23:16
FisherPriceI'm using the comp now23:16
Stalker72Are you inside Kubuntu?23:16
FisherPricewell, I originally installed kubuntu23:16
BluesKajStalker72 , could be your hardware .Is your pc really new or really old ?23:16
Stalker72BluesKaj: I just built it.23:17
FisherPriceI'm using gnome now, cause i like compiz better23:17
Stalker72Do you want the specs?23:17
BluesKajahhh, a hal prob I bet23:17
ActionParsnipStalker72: i'd try different boot options and / or disable unnecessary hrdware in bios23:17
mefisto__Stalker72: does the motherboard have a driver update maybe?23:17
mefisto__Stalker72: I mean bios update23:18
shodan45is it possible to specify a resolution to kubuntu (live cd) with grub?23:18
shodan45I get scrambled video :(23:18
BluesKajcompiz runs on kubuntu as well , FisherPrice23:18
Stalker72mefisto__: Maybe, but how can I install it anyways? I'm pretty new to the Linux world. :P23:18
Stalker72ActionParsnip: I've disabled floppy.23:18
shodan45with opensuse you get a nice menu in grub :/23:19
FisherPriceBluesKaj: yeah, not as well from my experience23:19
ActionParsnipStalker72: stuff like lan, audio, acpi23:19
BluesKajStalker72 , have you tried to install windows ?23:19
Stalker72BluesKaj: No23:19
Stalker72ActionParsnip: I'll give it a try23:19
andypls1guys how do i change my resolution23:20
FisherPriceBluesKaj: unless it's changed since 8.0423:20
shodan45errr, freaky.... I switched virt terminal & back to X, now it works......23:20
FisherPricei haven't tried compiz on kde since feisty23:20
FisherPriceno, since gutsy23:20
Stalker72BluesKaj: Is Kubuntu compatible with all the latest hardware?23:20
FisherPriceStalker72: if you have drivers then it's compatible.. i don't think it's related23:21
Stalker72FisherPrice: Drivers for Windows you mean?23:21
Stalker72FisherPrice: The MB and GPU (etc.) always comes with driver CDs.23:22
FisherPriceStalker72: no, as in if you can use OpenGL in linux then compiz will work23:22
FisherPricei don't think you can get compiz for windows23:23
Stalker72You talked about drivers. What kind of drivers do you mean? The ones that come in the boxes or Linux drivers?23:23
FisherPricelinux drivers23:24
Stalker72Aren't they loaded automatically (except GPU drivers)?23:24
FisherPriceStalker72: normally the GPU drivers have to be loaded specially, what 3d video card to you have?23:25
Stalker72FisherPrice: GTX 26023:25
FisherPrice!nvidia | Stalker7223:26
ubottuStalker72: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto23:26
Stalker72FisherPrice: But how can GPU drivers fix the installation problems? :P23:26
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FisherPricesry, it can't you were talking about compiz etc... if you can get kubuntu installed, then make sure you look at that23:27
Stalker72Well, I can't get it installed. :P23:27
Stalker72BusyBox, (initramfs), blablabla...23:28
FisherPricewell, have you tried pressing F4 to get extra options?23:28
FisherPriceI've tried booting in "Safe Graphics Mode"23:28
FisherPricenormally it works23:28
FisherPriceI'm going to try it again later23:28
Stalker72When should I press F4?23:29
FisherPricewhen the CD boots up, and you get options like "Boot Ubuntu to try it", "Install Ubuntu", "Memory test" etc23:29
FisherPricethe wording is a little different, but hopefully you get the gist23:30
Stalker72before I get the options, or after?23:30
FisherPricethose are the options23:30
Stalker72yeah, but should I press F4 at that screen?23:30
Stalker72ok, let me try, brb23:31
FisherPriceselect the "safe Graphics" enter/escape out of that list, then press enter again23:31
FisherPricethat should start the boot process23:31
FisherPriceif you want to install it, make sure you select "instal ubuntu" before you press F423:32
Stalker72can I boot without Kubuntu being installed?23:32
FisherPricehave you got that23:32
FisherPriceyes, that's the first option23:32
Stalker72live thingy?23:32
FisherPriceyou can safely select "Install Ubuntu"23:33
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Stalker72after that it starts loading23:33
Stalker72then i get the same black screen23:33
Stalker72it doesn't get to the inst. process23:33
FisherPricebacause once you are in, you have to manually select "install ubuntu"23:33
FisherPriceyeah, that black screen might have something to do with the graphics23:33
FisherPricein safe mode it should get around that issue23:34
FisherPricetry it either way23:34
Stalker72so I press escape when it's booting?23:34
FisherPriceif you boot it up to just use it then next time try the install23:34
Stalker72ooh ok23:34
Stalker72so I try to install from the live session?23:34
FisherPriceit's live no matter what23:35
Stalker72do you want me to try to access the live session first?23:35
FisherPriceit's sorta hard to explain.. the top option doesn't have the instal option23:35
FisherPricethe install ubuntu does23:35
FisherPricethat's about it23:35
FisherPriceyeah, just try it... but try the "safe Graphics" mode23:36
Stalker72before, I was able to click Install Now from within the live session23:36
Stalker72ok, so I tap Esc all the time when loading?23:36
FisherPriceand for the record, I'm not on the ubuntu support team23:36
FisherPricehrm, let me try on the other computer... it loaded OK23:36
Stalker72ok, sec, I'll try23:37
c0debr8kerburn it to a dvd instead of a cd23:37
c0debr8kerthat was the only way i could get ubuntu to install23:39
TimSdpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.23:40
FisherPriceOK, I was wrong, ubuntu have changed things a little...23:40
FisherPriceyou can cancel the install and get to the livecd23:41
TimSAnyone help out as to what I can do about this error?23:41
c0debr8keri couldnt install ubuntu after burning to cd's............ burnt to dvd and had no problems23:41
Stalker72I don't think I have a DVD.23:42
Zorixuse unetbootin to install from usb flash drive23:42
Stalker72FisherPrice, I pressed F4, pressed Enter on Safe graphics mode. Nothing happened.23:42
FisherPricedid you press <Enter> twice ?23:42
FisherPricetry that23:42
mefisto__c0debr8ker: when you say you couldn't install, do you mean the livecd wouldn't boot?23:43
c0debr8kerit would boot but wouldnt never setup at all ..........would just hang up23:43
FisherPricec0debr8ker: keh, i don't understand... you burnt the cd image to a DVD?23:44
ActionParsnipStalker72: you could boot from minimal iso (10mb) and only download the packages you want to install rather than the full system23:44
Stalker72Safe graphics mode retrieved the same black screen.23:44
Stalker72with BusyBox and (initramfs) etc.23:44
Stalker72How do I do that, ActionParsnip?23:45
ActionParsnip!minimal | Stalker7223:46
ubottuStalker72: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD23:46
ActionParsnipStalker72: 64bit is 10Mb, 32bit is 9Mb23:46
Stalker72The Alternate CD, which I also tried, retrieved lots of errors...23:46
Stalker72/dev/cdrom thing, etc.23:46
ActionParsnipStalker72: as long as the minimal system detects your network adapter you are sweet23:46
Stalker72ActionParsnip: Are there Kubuntu minimal CD images?23:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unetbootin23:47
ActionParsnipStalker72: it doesnt work like that23:47
cplusplushow could i get the latest version if ffmpeg?23:47
cplusplusfrom svn23:48
ActionParsnipStalker72: minimal gives you lan access and a kernel, onc its booted you can choose to install the kubuntu-desktop23:48
Stalker72ActionParsnip: ???23:48
Stalker72ActionParsnip: Oh, ok!23:48
ActionParsnipStalker72: you can chosose to install anything you choose, or just simply drop to cli so you can setup the whole lot manually23:48
Stalker72ActionParsnip: You want me to burn it?23:48
mefisto__but it seems the kernel is not booting for Stalker7223:48
cpluspluswhats that? ->23:49
cplusplusroot@gerald-desktop:/home/gerald/opencv-1.1.0/samples/c# apt-get purge ffmpeg x264 libx264-dev23:49
cplusplusE: Invalid operation purge23:49
ActionParsnipcplusplus: try: apt-get --purge remove ffmpeg x264 libx264-dev23:50
Stalker72mefisto__: What should I try first then?23:50
ActionParsnipcplusplus: if thats what you meant (to uninstall)23:51
cplusplusremove works23:51
cpluspluswhat is git?23:52
cplusplusgit clone git://git.videolan.org/x264.git23:52
Stalker72ActionParsnip: Shall I try the minimal CD and report back?23:52
mefisto__Stalker72: don't know. just trying to understand what could be going wrong. have you tried other boot options from ActionParsnip's link?23:53
ActionParsnipStalker72: its worth a try, remeber to md5 check ;)23:53
tweakedehCan some one help me force mount my USB?23:53
Stalker72ActionParsnip: The whole md5 check thing is confusing me..23:53
cpluspluswhats that?23:53
cplusplus/usr/bin/gitfm: fatal error: `chdir' failed: permission denied.23:53
cplusplusi am root23:53
cplusplusand chdir permisson denied?23:53
ActionParsnipStalker72: well you download the file and it can get malformed in transmission23:53
Stalker72ActionParsnip: If I write at minimal speed?23:54
ActionParsnipStalker72: yes write at minimal speed23:54
Stalker72ActionParnsip: 2.4x is ok?23:54
ActionParsnipStalker72: the good image has been hashed,if the hash you calculate is different to the one in the md5 sum then its good23:55
ActionParsnip!md5 | Stalker7223:55
ubottuStalker72: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows23:55
Stalker72ActionParsnip: I read that earlier and it's confusing me.23:56
ActionParsnipStalker72: ok are you using 64bit or 32bit?23:56
andypls1guys i have a serious problem23:56
Stalker72ActionParsnip: amd64 (64-bit)23:57
andypls1i updated my Nvidia drivers23:57
andypls1and  now the resolution of my screen is higher23:57
andypls1but i want a smaller one, like the one i had before23:57
andypls1so if i manually change the resolution23:57
andypls1the quality of the new resolution is not good23:57
andypls1i just want to see everything a little bit bigger, using the same resolution23:58
andypls1what should i do?23:58
mrdigitalim trying to do the 8.10 live cd23:59
mrdigitalit wont use my graphics card23:59
mrdigitalit keeps giving me lines23:59

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