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wgrantIs it intentional that branches for a project's development series are named lp:<project>/<series> outside their project page? Shouldn't it just be lp:<project>?09:41
BasicOSX Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server.09:43
BasicOSXTry reloading this page in a minute or two. If the problem persists, let us know in the #launchpad IRC channel on Freenode.09:43
BasicOSXThanks for your patience.09:43
wgrantBasicOSX: Where did you get that error?09:44
danilos https://launchpad.net/ | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Help contact: danilos | launchpad-users@lists.launchpad.net10:42
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hennigeJust my luck - dev.launchpad.net seems to be offline. Do you know anything about that, danilos?12:14
daniloshennige: I just accidentally plugged the cord out of the socket, sorry, I'll plug it back in :)12:15
hennigedanilos: please do that ;)12:15
mrevellhennige: I've asked IS to take a look. help.lp.net seems to be affected too12:18
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mrevellThe dev and help wikis are back online12:24
theseinfeldwhat is going on with launchpad that is so slow12:58
theseinfeldnetwork timeout, the server bugs.launchpad.net is taking too long to respond...13:00
papapephi! i've got a little problem that I would ask to you if there's a way to solve it...13:04
papapeplaunchpad related, of course13:04
papapepthanks: it seems I registered twice in launchpad, the first one I don't remember exactly when, and another one afterwoods, about two years ago.13:05
papapepnow I've got two accounts, but the one active, the last one13:06
papapephas not exactly the name I want13:06
nhandlerpapapep: You can merge the accounts13:06
papapepwow! really?13:06
nhandlerOne second, I'll get a link13:07
wgrantpapapep: Note that you can also easily change your account's name.13:08
papapepwgrant: well, not really, when I try to update the second account name, lauchpad13:08
papapeptells its occupied by another account (the first one...)13:08
papapepnhandler: thanks a lot, I'll try to do it13:09
papapepnhandler: another problem....I don't have the mail account that I entered in the first account, so I am not able to receive  the instructions ....13:11
papapepit seems I registered really a long time ago, the first time...as I don't have this mail account for ages13:11
nhandlerpapapep: Then I think a Launchpad admin will need to do it for you.13:11
nhandlerBut I'm not sure13:11
papapepperhaps sending a mail to feedback@launchpad.net?13:12
papapepor is there any admin here?13:12
kikopapapep, I can merge accounts for you13:13
kikoif that's what you need13:13
kikowhat are the accounts13:13
papapepkiko: thanks!13:14
papapeppapapep, and papapep-gmail13:14
kikopapapep, which one do you want to keep?13:14
papapeppapapep-gmail, afterwoods I'll change its name to papapep :-)13:15
kiko    *   papapep@gmx.net13:16
kikopapapep, done!13:16
papapepthanks a lot!13:16
kikomerging accounts is pretty cool13:16
kikono problem, if you need anything else just ask13:16
* wgrant suspects that LH needs a good kicking.13:20
kikoI hear somebody's going to work on LH next friday! :)13:24
beunoand thursday!13:24
wgrantAnd yesterday. Or was it the day before?13:24
wgrantLH isn't entirely dead, but it times out more often than not and never gives me anything more than the title when it does work.13:25
kikothat's the usual #launchpad trio's positive vibe I'm getting :)13:25
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Hobbseekiko-phone: glad to see that you keep getting what you expect.  Wouldn't want to disappoint, after all.13:26
wgrantNo, no, I actually recall somebody lp-bzrish saying a day or two ago that he was going to work on it 'tomorrow'.13:27
kiko-phonethey  have medication for the permanently depressed you know!!13:27
kiko-phonewgrant, maybe michael, but the plan is for a sprint (not a splint) next week in buenos aires13:27
beunowgrant, mwhudson has been working on making LH and Apache get along better13:27
wgrantHey, it works now. And it's quick. Excellent.13:28
beunoand, as kiko-phone mentioned, I have special guests next week!  :)13:28
wgrantbeuno: Good to know.13:28
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kfogelCan anyone translate this? http://linmagazine.co.il/enterprise/2009/01/16/launchpad-under-agpl14:18
kfogel(Is it just repeating what the English says, in Hebrew?)14:18
vadi2Launchpad today is awfully slow today (some actions don't even complete but get a network timeout). Is this known?14:19
stdinkfogel: http://translate.google.com/translate?prev=&hl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Flinmagazine.co.il%2Fenterprise%2F2009%2F01%2F16%2Flaunchpad-under-agpl&sl=auto&tl=en14:19
theseinfeldvadi2 yes14:20
theseinfeldvadi2 and it sucks!14:20
theseinfeldI've been fighting with it for the last 3 hours, almost...14:21
theseinfeldand there are many things that fail due to slow LP, like uscan to check upstream etc...14:21
jpdsSome *.ubuntu.com sites are going slowly for me too, maybe someone's poking stuff in the DC.14:21
theseinfeldyeah, jpds, I also had issues with wiki today... didn't check all...14:21
theseinfeldmight be related to alpha3? release yesterday?14:22
Ngthere are no current undertakings in our datacentres14:23
theseinfeldso any valid explanation? I asked also in #launchpad-dev about this14:24
danilostheseinfeld, vadi2: Launchpad team is working to resolve the issues, we believe we know what the root cause is14:24
vadi2danilos: thank you14:25
theseinfeldthanks danilos14:25
theseinfeldhope is not DoS attack...14:25
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danilostheseinfeld: no, it's actually a step in improving performance (increasing redundancy) that is causing us "slight" issues14:29
danilostheseinfeld: it's being actively worked on, afaik14:29
kfogelstdin: thanks.  heh, it translates "Canonical" as "Knonikal"14:30
stdinkfogel: yeah, I noticed that too14:30
maxbThe last comment in bug 125103 implied signed ppas would be this week... maybe someone in the know could add a revised estimate?14:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 125103 in soyuz "ppa archives are not signed" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12510314:43
danilosmaxb: next Launchpad release is scheduled for January 28th14:45
danilosmaxb: oh, sorry, this is already released14:46
maxbIf the information in the bug is to be believed, the code has already been released, and it's just the lack of key generation14:46
danilosmaxb: and we do have signed PPAs afaik, let me check with teammates14:46
maxbCelso's PPA is signed. I think that's about it for now?14:46
bigjoolsright, we're waiting on some hardware with a random number generator so that there's enough entropy to sign all the PPAs14:47
bigjoolsit'll be ready when it's ready, I don't know any more14:48
maxbWould be great to have that in the bug comments, rather than an estimated date which is about to pass14:49
savvasrandom number generator ?14:50
bigjoolsyes, you need one to generate entropy14:51
savvasoh cool14:52
savvaswait.. the entropy I know has to do with energy and biometabolism :P14:52
savvasnever mind, I'll search for it14:53
nhandlersavvas: When you generate a key, you are told to move your mouse around and do stuff like that to make it more random. Same idea here14:53
jgastaldanilos: Hi, I'm considering hosting my open source project on launchpad it however does not yet have some features I want, is there someplace where I can find info on what features are targeted for the 2.2.1 and subsequent releases?14:53
savvasnice hehe14:54
jpdsI usually hit: ctrl, alt, shift keys.14:54
danilosjgastal: yeah, go to https://launchpad.net/launchpad-project and look at milestone pages (though, they are usually filled in only for one or two future milestones)14:55
danilosjgastal: for longer term planning, we've got some data on https://dev.launchpad.net/VersionThreeDotO as well14:55
jgastaldanilos: thanks, I'll look at both of those14:56
danilosjgastal: btw, do you mind sharing what bits are missing for you to be able to use Launchpad?14:57
savvasnhandler: how much do such machines cost, out of curiosity?14:58
jgastaldanilos: not at all, there is one thing that for me is crucial, that is not yet available, that is some form of document sharing, like being able to upload an image or a text file to a blueprint14:58
nhandlersavvas: I have no idea.14:58
jgastaldanilos: another feature I would really like, but is not crucial is a project wiki.14:58
jgastaldanilos: I see both are proposed in the blueprints section of launchpad itself so I'm hoping they are scheduled to be implemented soon14:59
danilosjgastal: ah, nice, both have been discussed over and over again, but nothing has been agreed on so far: since everybody is interested in those, it might happen sooner than anticipated, but it's hard to predict14:59
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danilosjgastal: it would mean some reshuffling of priorities, so it's hard to say when (considering it's also not the simplest thing around to implement)15:00
jgastaldanilos: Ah yes, I was about to ask what the issue might be. There is always a lack of developers. I imagine it would be quite cumbersome to implement that for something the size of launchpad.15:01
jgastaldanilos: forgot to mention something else I would like but also not crucial(and probably dificult to implement) is a "help wanted" section, where projects could post what kind of help they are seeking.15:03
danilosjgastal: indeed, and everybody in the team would like to see that happen too :)15:03
danilosjgastal: yeah, that one is probably of low priority, which means not in the near future15:04
daniloslow == lower than other stuff we mentioned here15:04
jgastaldanilos: that I imagined, but I guess being in launchpad might be enough to atract attention of people wanting to help so....15:04
jgastalof courser we always want to add features, it is just not easy.15:05
danilosit's not that hard to add features, it's harder to keep them working with everything else :)15:05
jgastalwell, thanks for the help. Got to go now.15:07
ignasis there any open document on the internet that describes the way in which you are functionally testing launchpad?15:19
ignasI am interested in - how are you creating the in memory (i assume) testing databases15:20
ignasfrom what I know launchpad is using some kind of SQL database to store the data15:20
danilosignas: I don't know of any, though we'll probably be making our internal documentation public in the next few months15:21
danilosignas: it will show up on https://dev.launchpad.net/15:21
ignasdanilos: can you at least tell me the principle?15:21
ignasdanilos: like - are you using sqlite for testing and mysql for deployment15:22
ignasor setting up a mysql server for each checkout15:22
danilosignas: no, database (postgres) is being used for testing as well15:22
danilosignas: I haven't worked much on the testing infrastructure, so don't know much more15:22
ignasi see, are you setting up one for every checkout, or are developers just creating a "testing" database in their system postgress install15:22
danilosignas: testing database is created by each developer on their own system (though it's done mostly automatically)15:23
ignasi see, so it's not "bzr branch + make run"  on a clean machine15:24
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danilosignas: no, initial set-up is a bit more involved15:27
ignasdanilos: thanks for the info15:28
ignasI am trying to find out what is the industry standard for such a setup ;)15:28
alfHello, I was wondering if someone knows what are the planned features regarding launchpad mailing lists.15:35
alfI am mostly interested in non-team member posting. There is some information scattered in wishlist reports15:36
alfbut nothing about what is actually planned.15:36
danilosbarry: <alf> Hello, I was wondering if someone knows what are the planned features regarding launchpad mailing lists.15:38
danilos I am mostly interested in non-team member posting. There is some information scattered in wishlist reports15:38
danilos but nothing about what is actually planned.15:38
danilosalf: just pasting question for barry who just joined and might know the answer :)15:38
alfdanilos: ok, thanks!15:38
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barryalf: non-team members can post to mailing lists today.  the first time you do so, your message will be held for approval.  once approved, you can post freely to that list.  if you get approved on 3 different lists, we consider you a lp member "in good standing" and you can then post to any mailing list freely15:39
barryalf: is that what you're looking for or something more specific?15:40
alfbarry: I assume that if you are approved, you are approved just as a poster (not as a team member)?15:43
barryalf: correct15:43
barryalf: and specifically, you are not subscribed to the ml, meaning you will not get responses if people don't explicitly cc you15:43
barryalf: our wishlist includes a nosy feature, but that is currently unscheduled15:44
alfbarry: Actually I think I may be looking for such a nosy feature (namely subscribing to a mailing list) without becoming a team member15:45
alfbarry: eg the project-dev team/mailing list15:46
barryalf: the nosy feature would only "subscribe" you to threads you've started or responded to (the latter which is a bit difficult until we put up an imap or nntp backend)15:46
alfbarry: ok, what about the feature I described above?15:47
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cr3how can I delete a series?18:24
beunocr3, you can't currently, it's being worked on18:24
cr3can an LP administrator please delete this series for me: https://edge.launchpad.net/checkbox/0.318:26
beunobdmurray, ping18:26
beunocr3, you'd have to file a question in: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad18:27
cr3beuno: done, https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/5771918:29
bdmurraybeuno: pong18:30
beunobdmurray, re: bug #31795018:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317950 in loggerhead "no long possible to view greasemonkey scripts in loggerhead" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31795018:31
beunois this the URL that makes you download it:  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~gm-dev-launchpad/launchpad-gm-scripts/master/annotate/head%3A/lp_question_comment.user.js  ?18:31
bdmurraybeuno: yes it is18:32
beunobdmurray, that's *very* odd, it doesn't for me  (or anything in the code)18:33
bdmurraybeuno: do you have greasemonkey installed?18:33
beunobdmurray, I don't18:34
bdmurraybeuno: that is probably why then, I mention it because it used to work.  What did the url used to be?18:34
beunobdmurray, the revision id instead of the filename18:35
beunoer, no18:36
beunoone sec18:36
beunook, you used to have the revid instead of head:18:38
beunoand the fileid instead of the filename18:38
beunobdmurray, so maybe greasemonkey things that since the URL is the filename, it's suppose to download it?18:39
beunoit sure didn't end in  *.js18:39
bdmurraybeuno: yes, I agree it is because of the URL ending in the filename18:40
beunobdmurray, there's not much I can do about it, since the URL change was explicit so URLs where predicitable18:42
bdmurraybeuno: okay, that makes sense to me18:49
beunobdmurray, so are you ok if I mark the bug as "Won't Fix" or "Invalid"?   whatever hurst your feelings less  :)18:49
bdmurraybeuno: Yes, I'm okay with either18:53
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Nafallocould someone take a look and review those please: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/screen-profiles/+imports20:55
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