Melikhaha wow this is so confusing00:00
Meliki installed nvidia-glx-180, and nvidia-glx-96 shows up in hardware drivers00:01
enycdamn proprietary driver mess00:03
Melikyeah tell me about it00:03
Melikenyc,  theres the screenhost lol00:05
Melikand when i try to click activate it just re-downloads the 96 drivers00:06
Melikand then removes my xorg00:06
Melikenyc,  do u know where "hardware drivers" gets all its data from?00:08
enycMelik: no ;-)00:08
Melikdamn, if there was some sort of config file00:08
enyc;-) im sorry i understand your frustration but i dont know00:09
Melikheh, its all right00:09
Melikhopefully i'll run into someone in this channel who might be of help00:09
* enyc has display-corruptien in 8.10 64bit on this nvidia00:09
enyc'it was not available with acceleration at lal originally but eventually the bugs with 64bit compile were sorted and now it sort of works ;-)00:09
Melikim pretty sure if somehow i can activate the nvidia-glx-180 driver through hardware drivers00:10
Melikim more than positive it will work00:10
enycnit seems i have to use nvidia-96 for this NV18/mx400000:11
enychave you got it working under 8.04 (hardy)?00:11
enyc'intrepid includes never xorg and other changces............00:11
Melikeverything in my system was working fine in intrepid00:11
Melikexcept my webcam00:11
ethana2Melik: we actually have a club..00:12
ethana2-11 kernel will make it work, don't worry00:12
Melikwhat ethana2?00:12
ethana2Melik: uvcvideo..00:12
ethana2...which is 2/3 of the webcams I've seen00:13
tretlewell its officially the 16th in ireland and the uk and alpha 3 aint out yet00:14
Meliktretle, im pretty sure there almost done00:15
ethana2Melik: oh?  I usually add a day or two for alpha release00:15
ethana2just so I can get some sleep00:15
tretleare they getting the images ready or is it that there are bugs holding it back?00:15
Melikcouple more things left00:19
tretlewill it be released when the fixed commited bugs are accepted or are we waiting for the triaged ones too?00:21
apokaanyone experiencing gnome/X freezing on them when using firefox?00:35
apokait might be more than just FF, i havent opened anything else yet..00:35
apokaor it could just be the nvidia drivers, but either way it's pooched00:36
sidneyI wonder will they take some tips from super ubuntu01:00
tretlesuper ubuntu looks like it kind of sucks01:02
doug___hey guys i am using ext3 how do i get the features of ext4 without formatng, and do i really need to use ext4 for anything besides speed01:02
tretleincluding wine, amsn, vlc and mplayer as default arent good things01:03
doug___why is providing wine a bad thing01:03
tretleeither is including the propietary flash player01:03
doug___how coudl that every be bad01:03
doug___has no drawbacks,01:03
tretlebecause wine is the wrong way of approaching the problem01:04
doug___and what is the right way for someone to run there windows app on linux01:04
doug___because that is the problem the problem isnt that a linux alternative doesnt exist..01:04
doug___becasue that is not the users problem01:04
tretlealcohol never fixes your problems, lol01:05
tretlethe right way is a native port, alternative etc01:05
tretlewine has done nothing but encourage laziness among devs of gaming project's and also google to some extent with picasa01:06
ethana2I disagree.01:07
tretlebefore the problem with game devs was that they didnt think there was enough people using linux now some of the lack of interest is due to the fact that they would rather rely on people having to run wine instead of producing a native port.. Allot of the time using wine as an excuse.01:08
ethana2you can't rely on a dynamic wine01:08
ethana2compile it in or it WILL break.01:09
ethana2and Mattel isn't going to port their software to linux regardless of wine01:09
tretleI dont see the point in including wine in ubuntu, ubuntu is oss and should be endorsing oss software alternatives and not emulating windows closed source apps01:10
doug___ok i totally disagree01:11
doug___and here is why01:11
doug___ubuntu is linux for humans right01:12
doug___and humans sometimes wnat to use certain apps that they can only find in windows01:12
doug___whos job is it to code the alternatives users or dev01:12
tretleemphasis on the "linux" there01:12
doug___who is ubuntu for users or des01:12
ethana2that's what I fix.01:12
ethana2ethbuntu: desktop computing for everyone01:12
ethana2because if a better kernel comes along, however doubtful that is01:13
doug___the  inclusion of wine is for the user base of ubuntu not for dev01:13
tretleits no ones job, yet everyones job. hence the beauty of oss01:13
ethana2screw linux; and if it doesn't (probable)01:13
ethana2the end user shouldn't even need to know what kernel they're on01:13
doug___no...its not...01:13
doug___im sorry01:13
ethana2drop the linux01:13
doug___my mother uses linux01:13
ethana2my mother uses an Ubuntu Dell01:13
doug___its not her job to go out learn c java, perl python...instead of installing her wine apps...01:13
tretleno one is asking her too01:14
doug___and instead devote her time to learning these lang and make an alternative01:14
ethana2remove wine if you don't like it01:14
ethana2and making alternatives only goes so fast01:14
ethana2you can do what you know01:14
tretleinstall it if you want to use it01:14
doug___im just saying...adding it to wine is for the good of the users01:14
ethana2the lumiera and gimp folks can't whip everything else into shape01:14
ethana2doug___: and I'm with you.01:14
ethana2I can finally tell people that windows apps will Just Work in Ubuntu01:14
ethana2that's crucial.01:15
doug___how could yo not be i mean wine is one of the ONLY ways you can convince smoe people to swtich01:15
ethana2most people**01:15
doug___words rigth out of my mouth01:15
ethana2in fact I need to get IE working right now01:15
doug___that is SO huge for linux conversion01:15
ethana2so I don't have to use school computers to get to myFolder on blackboard01:15
doug___you tell them...hey use these apps instead but01:15
doug___if you cant fid one then just install your old ones01:15
doug___ok wait...i thought firefox could masquerade as ie01:16
ethana2it's not a useragent issue.01:16
doug___(sp? maybe)01:16
ethana2IE actually does something ff doesn't01:16
ethana2has to do with activedirectory stuff01:16
ethana2I think01:16
tretleI hqave converted alot of people to ubuntu over the years and when they first start using it there are some questions like how do i install winamp etc but when they figure it out they prefer the alternatives... And out of all of them including my parents non of them wanted to go back to windows01:16
ethana2my sister still wants MSN01:16
ethana2because emesene and aMSN aren't there yet.01:16
RAOF_ethana2: But that's a barefaced lie!  Windows apps will _not_ Just Work in Ubuntu, even if we had wine installed by default.01:17
RAOF__Some_ windows apps would, but many still wouldn't.01:17
ethana2RAOF_: I thought there would be a warning and then it'd install wine automatically and run 'em01:17
tretleThe only problems which I have found myself arent ubuntu's fault.... Stuff like closed standards implemented with microsoft office01:17
ethana2RAOF_: I look forward to Gallium replacing wine3d so the wine folks can focus on the actual win* API01:17
ethana2tretle: yes, they exist.01:18
RAOF_ethana2: As I understand it, that's technically infeasable.01:18
ethana2RAOF_: whoa01:18
RAOF_ethana2: Because to implement a d3d state tracker, you need to implement win32.01:18
tretleethana2, are you forcing her to use ubuntu or something... theres nothing wrong with someone prefering windows and if they want to use it let them.01:18
ethana2you can't have .dlls with functions written in gallium?01:18
ethana2tretle: I have to support it then.01:18
ethana2I can not support what I do not use.01:18
ethana2windows isn't worthy of being called an operating system01:19
ethana2the girl I'm dating uses OSX, and that's fine, it's actually worth something01:19
* tretle close to getting ubuntu installed on a secondary partition on every pc in his college01:19
ethana2tretle: nice01:19
tretleI have the former head of it on my side01:19
doug___nic nice01:20
doug___you guys read abotu the entire country of korea switching to linux01:20
ethana2doug___: seriously?01:20
tretlethe idea is to install it on the second partition and slowly migrate stuff01:20
ethana2I wish Ubuntu could run windows apps in place01:21
tretledoug___ I heard tha\t alright01:21
ethana2like a windows chroot01:21
ethana2and just use almost all the .dll files you paid for in the first place..01:21
tretlehmmmmmmm.... while we are at it we shold have ubuntu load super nintendo, nintendo 64 and playstations roms as default01:22
doug___yes its pretty sweet, now its only a corporate switch but still pretty cool01:22
doug___ok come on that is kinda silly LOL01:23
ethana2doug___: if people expected that of us, then yes01:23
ethana2they do not01:23
ethana2oh, tretle, not doug___01:23
doug___i was like um01:23
doug___but yes you are right01:24
doug___and the HUMAN pop expects wine to be there...because they expect to be able to use all there software in linux01:24
ethana2wouldn't hurt to recognize the ROM mimetypes..01:24
doug___what is the first thing someone asks when you proposition linux01:24
doug___"can i still run itunes"01:24
doug___"can i still run (insert game here)01:24
doug___i think this is huge01:25
ethana2does amazon have an API open to, say, rhythmbox?01:25
doug___goal has always been software that "just works"01:25
ethana2like, could we make an iTunes competitor?01:25
ethana2it's not just window /software/01:25
ethana2those 'designed for windows' stickers are no joke, as any kernel hacker can tell ya01:26
doug___actually i have a friend who is trying to dev an mp3 aggregater  that will be as featureful01:26
doug___yes you are so correct01:26
tretle_ethana2 unfortunately they havent released an api people could use in apps like rhythmbox to access the mp3  store01:26
ethana2tretle: :(01:26
doug___i know this is way off topic..anyone ever use rosetta stone01:26
ethana2we need to request that of them01:26
ethana2doug___: nope01:27
doug___cries...i want to try it out but i want some feedback...01:27
doug___someone tha has used it01:27
tretle_ethana2 - banshee comes close to dethrone itunes01:31
doug___hey what is the best way to rip dvds..i use to use anydvd and clonedvd01:32
doug___i haveint found much help on the linux side fo things01:32
ethana2tretle: can you buy music through it?01:32
ethana2doug___: brasero01:32
ethana2doug___: new DVDs are obfuscated more though, so _everything_ will fail01:32
ethana2until it's all updated01:32
ethana2it comes with ubuntu01:32
ethana2under 'sound and video01:33
doug___so no real way to backup recent dvds01:33
doug___i have it01:33
ethana2even dd fails01:33
ethana2I don't know what on earth they did to them, but it sucks01:33
ethana2no app I've tried even has a helpful error message01:33
tretle_not yet but they are waiting for the amazon api, I was discussing it with gabaug back when 1.0 was released and theres a few developers ready to jump at the api when released, i doubt rhythmbox will pick up support for the store as quick01:33
ethana2does amazon know this?01:33
tretle_well yeah, I have sent an email before explaining to them that if they release an api then rhythmbox/banshee devs could integrate it and their service would have more penetration01:35
tretle_seeing as rhythmbox is default for ubuntu and banshee is default for opensuse01:35
doug___that is one of the big thigns that held me back for awhile but then i just started downloading everything01:35
ethana2doug___: if it's not on jamendo.com, I don't hear it01:36
doug___but i would liek to be able to do easy conversions of avi etc to dvd01:36
tretle_I would expect them to relesae an api soon though especially after the announcement of drm free itunes, they need to do something to compete01:36
ethana2I make a rare exception01:36
ethana2tretle_: yeah, that was kind of their reason d'être01:36
ethana2I probably spelled that wrong..01:36
tretle_doug___ avi->dvd can be done in brasero01:36
doug___can it...01:37
doug___i never really tried ot much01:37
tretle_yup since intrepid or maybe hardy01:37
doug___i only do it for others..i see no need for dvds01:37
doug___i rather have 12-24 eps on a dvd instead of 401:38
tretle_you can create dvd's and svcd01:38
doug___can one run into problems iwth propsed updates and why is it still trying to update to kernal 27 when 28 is out01:38
RAOF_doug___: Yes, that's why they're in -proposed - to check whether they break, before rolling it out to -updates.  And because Intrepid was released with the 27 kernel.01:42
doug___so it wont update ?01:42
ethana2doug___: you can dist-upgrade if you trust it to not screw up config files01:42
doug___would it01:43
ethana2but wait until jaunty goes stable if this is intrepid you're talking01:43
ethana2doug___: would it what?01:43
RAOF_Not to the -28 kernel.  But it will have (some) bugs fixed against it.01:43
doug___woudl it screw shit uo01:43
ubottuPlease watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!01:43
ethana2if you're talking about dist-upgrade, I personally don't use it01:44
ethana2I do a clean install every time01:44
ethana2and I dual boot two versions of Ubuntu01:45
ethana2so if I need a working webcam or skype right now, I can boot into 8.0401:45
tretle_anyone got issues with firefox displaying some webpages incorrectly and not displaying some images?01:49
tretle_also for some odd reason epiphany-webkit uses xulrunner instead of webkit01:50
ubottuA schedule of Jaunty Jackelope (9.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule01:59
lucentuh, the ISO hasn't hit the mirrors, has it?02:20
lucentI mean it's announced on the wiki but not available for download?02:20
lucent"Get it while it's hot. ISOs and torrents are available at: "02:20
ethana2lucent: it's announced on the wiki?02:20
ethana2right now?02:20
lucentmaybe that should read "Get it while it's not."02:20
ethana2get it before your delorian runs out of banana peels!02:21
Meliklucent,  can u link us?02:21
lucenthttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/jaunty/alpha-3/  is 404 here02:21
lucentMelik: <a href="">us</a>02:22
lfaraoneHey, I need to test out S/R in the new jaunty release, what's the best way to test w/o messing yp my existing install.02:22
Melikinstall a new partition?02:23
ethana2lfaraone: flash drive probably02:23
ethana2oh, yeah, new partition02:23
ethana2well actually, that will mess with your exisiting install i think02:23
Melikor just install through wubi or something02:23
ethana2new kernel updates for it won't apply because it'll take over grub02:23
Melikif u are dual booting02:23
lucentwhat does "Triaged" mean in a bug task anyways02:24
lucentis that like "procrastinated"02:24
lfaraonelucent: it means it has enough info in it for a developer to take a look at it.02:25
lucentah okay02:25
temppyethana2: you can use a configfile directive to fix that (in menu.lst)02:25
lfaraoneMelik: I'm exlusively 'buntu.02:25
ethana2temppy: oh?02:25
lucentthe word meaning is a bit strange to me. Thanks for the re-phrase02:26
lfaraoneethana2: I currently use LVM. How hard would it be to resize my existing LVM partitions?02:26
ethana2logical volume?02:26
ethana2I'm not sure02:26
Melikbest bet is what ethana2  said, a flash drive02:27
lucenthow difficult is it to resize the filesystem without LVM?02:27
lucentLVM itself just provides block devices02:27
lfaraonelucent: supposedly lvm makes it easier.02:28
lucenteasier to resize block devices, yes02:28
lucentit doesn't magically know how to resize filesystems02:29
shadowhywindhay all i was wondering if anyone was getting kernel panics with jaunty?02:32
lucentshadowhywind: depending on how loud I shout at it02:32
lucentnot really02:32
Meliklol lucent02:32
lucentit's mostly obscenities anyways02:33
lucentI don't blame it for wanting to panic02:33
lucentshadowhywind: which hardware configuration?02:33
shadowhywindinteresting, because earlier today, my laptop froze for the 5thish time, I restarted, and then constantly got kernel panics, finally had to restore a backup of intrepid02:33
shadowhywindlucent which hardware did you want to know?02:33
lucentx86 or 64-bit, laptop or desktop, are you running anything strange like a fancy graphics card02:34
shadowhywindamd64, HP laptop, no fancy graphics card since its a laptop02:35
lucentshadowhywind: there's ACPI issues that were exposed recently02:35
lucentwould try booting with acpi=bios or acpi=off see what happens02:35
lucentalso you could just be having overheating issues02:35
shadowhywindhehe thats probably what the cause is, since intrepid has been the first release that i haven't had to use acpi=off or noapic02:35
* lucent blares obscenities directed at his dell laptop02:36
* ethana2 blares obscenities directed at lucent's dell laptop02:36
lucentit refuses to go through with the order I'm placing for a russian bride02:36
shadowhywindI don't think its an overheating issue, since i never had an issue with overheating before + its on a cooling pad. I will try the acpi=off option tomorrow and see what happens02:37
lucentoh I've got an off-topic question02:37
lucentany of y'all experienced with making Windows XP OS install *from* a flash stick?02:37
lucenti.e. no CDROM02:38
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info02:38
lucentI'm confused, when will Alpha3 ISO's be built?02:48
ethana2lucent: when the showstoppers have fixes released02:49
ethana2lucent: I usually count on all alphas being 24 hours late02:50
RAOFOr, rather, when a set of daily isos go through testing without showstopper (install) bugs.02:50
lucentah okay02:50
RAOFYou can help make this happen by _testing_ the isos if you wish, http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/02:50
lucentI don't have CD-R's, or I would help02:51
lucenthaven't found a way to configure an alternate ISO onto a flash stick that works02:52
ethana2RAOF: does a VM install 'count'?02:53
RAOFethana2: Yes, but mention the vm-ness.02:56
RAOFlucent: I've done it before; it requires messing around with a netinst image or somesuch.02:57
lucentyeah I guess unetbootin is not enough02:58
lucentRAOF: I want an installer that has support for at least LVM and ext4, and then the option to add grub202:58
lucentgrub2 has LVM and ext4 support, both which I need to boot my machine02:59
RAOFActually, I think I used a Debian initramfs for the USB stick, but I forget.02:59
RAOFYou're not trying boot-on-lvm are you?02:59
lucentI am using it now03:00
RAOFThat doesn't work with grub, does it?03:00
lucentboot-on-ext4-on-lvm works with grub203:00
RAOFRight. How did you bootstrap that?03:00
lucentdid an ordinary install, copied the filesystem offline, set things up from a liveusb boot, and then restored from offline03:01
lucentthere's no support in the installer for this03:01
lucentbut it works.03:01
RAOFYou just need to add a layer of encryption to make it perfect (and unbootable)03:01
lucentlol @ that03:01
lucentI had whole-disk crypto and decided not to do that03:02
lucentit's too slow on laptop system03:02
RAOFgrub2 will apparently be growing crypt support in the nearish future.  That's kinda cool.03:02
lucentgrub2 will not be adopted by major OS distro though03:03
ethana2why not?03:03
lucentit breaks too many things in the server market03:03
toresbeHrm, is there *any* talk about the faulty nVidia drivers  on an ubuntu website?03:03
ethana2we have separate server and desktop versions....03:03
toresbeI mean, I know it's broken, but I'd love some more info than that. :)03:04
lucentwe'll see what happens though with that new Redhat managed boot splash thing03:04
RAOFBut that doesn't have anything at all to do with grub2!03:04
lucentif grub2 doesn't support pretty graphics, it won't get used03:04
RAOFIt already does support pretty graphics, though.03:05
RAOFYour choice of VESA modes (on x86-like archs, at least).03:05
lucentyeah I'm not arguing for or against grub203:06
lucentit works for my situation03:06
* toresbe thinks the bootloader having graphics is a bit of a distraction. The bootloader shouldn't have graphics because the bootloader shouldn't be *visible* unless one is dualbooting03:06
lucentI've always wanted to cram Linux into a single msdos partition and now I've done it03:06
toresbein which case... text is fine03:06
ethana2RAOF: VESA != pretty graphics03:06
ethana21440x900 isn't VESA03:06
ethana2everything is stretched and stuff03:06
RAOFIt's not going to be adopted by anyone until it's got an actual release, though :)03:06
toresbeethana2: actually it is03:06
ethana2toresbe: it is?03:07
RAOFIt is in _my_ video bios, yes.03:07
ethana2I suppose my main data is that my VTs are 600x800 or something03:07
toresbeethana2: that is a VESA standard resolution03:07
ethana2toresbe: interesting..03:07
lucentis there a suggested tool to take an Ubuntu live install desktop cd ISO and put it onto an USB stick to use as an installer?03:07
lucentI've used unetbootin03:08
RAOFSystem->Administration->Create USB Stick03:08
toresbeethana2: If you're on a PC, the VT is 720x40003:08
lucentRAOF: that creates an installer, or does it install to a usb stick the running system?03:08
ethana2toresbe: I am, but why is that?03:08
toresbeethana2: (though calling it 720x400 is less than meaningful since it is not addressable as graphics)03:08
ethana2how can I change it to 1440x900?03:08
ethana2toresbe: well yes, I realize that, but I'm saying..03:09
toresbeethana2: You can insert the fb modules, but that really is a bit more trouble than it's generally considered to be worth :)03:09
ethana2I'd like to use it CLI only off a flash drive as a portable ogg player..03:09
RAOFThat takes a desktop iso, puts it on a usb stick, makes it bootable, and optionally adds a writable storage area.03:09
toresbehttp://www.mjmwired.net/kernel/Documentation/fb/fbcon.txt :)03:09
lucentRAOF: perfect, thanks03:09
toresbeNobody here has a link about the nVidia situation, though?03:10
lucentRAOF: I wish it worked from the menu though03:10
lucentRAOF: needs gksu03:10
RAOFIt doesn't?03:10
* toresbe misses things like... video03:10
toresbewhich nv doesn't have :(03:10
RAOFlucent: Calls with gksudo for me.03:10
RAOFtoresbe: You'll need a recent geforce card, the -180 drivers, and IgnoreABI until nvidia decide to fix it.03:11
toresbeRAOF: but if I use that, X keeps crashing.03:11
RAOFFailing that, nouveau is _almost_ installable :)03:11
RAOFIf you grab nouveau-kernel-source from new, xserver-xorg-video-nouveau is installable, and should offer you sweet Xv.03:12
lucentRAOF: my mistkae03:12
lucentRAOF: I'm guessing then it doesn't want to install to SD03:12
lucentI have a USB<->microSD adapter03:13
RAOFMaybe; it uses HAL to find all the mounted USB sticks, so it might be ignoring your SD.03:13
toresbeRAOF: Hrm, it works better in single-monitor mode :)03:14
lucentRAOF: is that a bug or ... do I do something about it?03:14
RAOFlucent: It might be a bug; perhaps the filter is too strict.  I presume your SD card simply doesn't show up?03:14
lucentSD  card shows up on desktop as SD image picture03:17
lucentthat part works fine03:17
lucentusb-creator doesn't list any devices03:17
RAOFRight.  That's what I meant.03:18
lucentis there an over-riding mode?03:18
RAOFNo; I'm trying to find that hal-device-browser thingy.03:18
lucentthanks, I will be happy to test any suggestions03:19
lucentRAOF: gnome-device-manager  I think03:25
lucentUSB Device > USB Mass Storage Interface > SCSI Host Adapter > SCSI Device > SD/MMC Drive > 1.9 GB Volume03:25
lucentRAOF: also "d-feet"03:30
* RAOF needs to find one of his USB sticks before he can help compare.03:30
lucentnone on your keychain?03:35
lucentif d.GetProperty('storage.bus') == 'usb' and \03:38
lucentin /usr/share/pyshared/usbcreator/backend.py03:38
RAOFRight.  That's what I was trying to find.03:39
RAOFAnd your SD card has a bus property of...? :)03:40
lucenttrying to figure that out03:41
RAOF_That_ you can find in gnome-device-manager :)03:41
RAOFAlthough you need to turn on View->Device Properties.03:41
lucentoh, aha!03:42
lucentdrive_type is sd_mmc03:43
lucentis that what you want?03:43
RAOFstorage.bus is what we're after.03:43
RAOFSince that's what it's searching for.03:43
lucentstorage.drive_type=sd_mmc, storage.bus=usb, storage.removable=True03:46
RAOFHm.  Try running usb-creator from the command line; it may mention why it's rejecting it.03:48
lucentRAOF: it doesn't output verbosely anything though03:50
RAOFJaunty really is much less responsive while rsyncing the contents of $HOME.03:50
RAOFAHA! There it is.03:52
RAOFif d.GetProperty('storage.drive_type') != 'disk': continue.03:53
RAOFThat's why it doesn't see your SD card.03:53
* lucent stabs03:53
lucentso what's the solution though?03:53
RAOFI'd probably file a bug.  As long as you can boot from an SD card, I can't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to install to it.03:53
lucentadd an option to the interface to allow SD?03:53
RAOFUrgh, no.03:53
RAOFJust allow SD cards, too.  Make that check more accurate.03:54
lucentSD cards are not generally bootable03:54
lucentit would confuse a lot of people03:54
RAOFOh, really?  Why is yours bootable then?03:55
lucentthe card is attached via an external USB memory storage reader03:55
lucentso it's really a USB reader and the BIOS treats it like a USB stick03:55
lucentmy internal PCIe attached SD reader is not bootable03:55
RAOFSo, still file the bug; it's just not quite such a slam-dunk easy fix.03:56
pwnguini thought we fixed this for intrepid03:57
* lucent agrees03:57
pwnguintheres already a bug filed iirc03:57
lucentpwnguin: #?03:57
pwnguinwhats the package?03:58
lucentusb-creator command, um...03:58
lucentpwnguin: split between app-install-data and usb-creator03:58
lucentmostly usb-creator03:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 280336 in usb-creator "support for SD cards and removable media" [Wishlist,Confirmed]04:00
pwnguinapparently not04:01
pwnguinlucent: go knock some heads ;)04:02
lucentpwnguin: I'm all out of bubblegum04:03
lucentRAOF: removing that check in two places from backend.py does allow the device to appear in usb-creator list04:08
andresmhi have 64-bit laptop, would you suggest me to try out Jaunty 32 or 64-bit? I am currently running Intrepid 32-bit because I remember having some issues with sound and builtin webcam05:53
brandihi. Anyone know why I might be getting a blank white screen when starting KDE from KDM in Jaunty? I checked the config file and compositing is set to false. I don't see anything else significant about the issue on the forums or google.06:14
geniibrandi: Intel 810 video card?06:15
brandiactually. it's an nvidia06:27
brandiolder model.06:27
brandithat was weird06:29
brandiIt does seem to be a driver issue though. KDM loads and looks fine. Once in KDE, I can bring up the process manager w/ keyboard shortbuts.06:30
brandiha shortcuts.06:30
brandiI can not start KDE in "safe mode" however and my NIC is also not detected -- ifconfig -a shows only the loopback device.06:31
x1250Xorg doesn't seem to recognize Mode 0666 in Section "DRI" anymore. I have to constantly do a manual sudo chmod 0666 /dev/dri/card0, or I get permission problems and no hardware acceleration. I guess I'll file a bug report. Any one else experiencing this?07:25
Melikanyone have an idea when alpha 3 is going to get released?08:03
peterzanybody else have trouble with kde 4.2-rc1?08:06
=== acuster is now known as avc_afk
zsakrEvolution 2.24.2 has a bug in ubuntu?10:26
x1250zsakr, sure it has, try searching launchpad.net for all open bugs10:30
zsakris there a chan for evolution?10:30
x1250no idea10:31
=== acuster is now known as avc_afk
shadowhywindhas anyone tried the nvidia drivers yet?17:53
shadowhywindalso, I am having issues with menu's not displaying what they should. they just show the frame of the menu, any ideas on how to fix18:01
fosco_i'm using alpha2, gnome menu is ok but i can't get the nvidia driver working18:04
Ienorandwhen is alpha3 due?18:14
charlie-tcawhen it gets finished with testing by QA18:15
fosco_maybe in 1 or 2 days18:17
charlie-tcaWe have hope :-)18:18
ArcSighterhello everybody?18:19
fosco_wellcome? :)18:19
ArcSighterhow is jauntu running? I want to upgrade or downgrade because I had terribly slow down issues with intrepid18:19
ArcSighterwhat do you people recommend?18:20
fosco_ArcSighter, jaunty is in a very early stage18:20
bazhangwill jaunty run with minimal ram?18:20
bazhangie 312MB?18:20
fosco_bazhang, 256mb just as intrepid18:20
bazhangfosco_, thanks18:20
ArcSighterwell I'll downgrade to hardy then, because I can't work in my pc18:21
fosco_if you are low on ram try a lighter desktop like xfce or openbox18:21
ArcSighterterribly slow after upgrading to 8.1018:21
ArcSighterfosco_:  no, hardy ran just fine18:21
fosco_ArcSighter, yes, you'd better downgrade18:21
ArcSighterwith 312 mb ram18:21
drakesoft hello, everybody! I want to download the alpha 3 of kubuntu (jaunty), but the download server says "not found". When is the release of the cd images?18:22
ArcSighterfosco_: do you have any clue of what may be causing this slowdowns18:22
fosco_not sure, ask in #ubuntu18:22
hggdhArcSighter, the best place to get info on Intrepid is #ubuntu,18:22
ArcSighteryes i come from there18:23
ArcSighterthey can't figure out anything18:23
hggdhdid you look at you memory utilisation?18:23
fosco_general instructions, keep an open terminal with the top program running to see what is happening18:23
ArcSighteryes sure18:23
ArcSighterI got thunderbird consuming 20% of RAM , firefox 9 and a loadavg of 15.42 8-(18:24
fosco_sometimes trackerd uses excessive resources, try disabling it18:24
hggdhArcSighter, top should tell you what is using CPU18:25
hggdh(or htop)18:25
x1250ArcSighter, try changing to another video driver. Maybe you're having problems with that, and Xorg is slowing down. Try using the opensource driver for your card, or vesa.18:27
x1250drakesoft, I guess nobody knows yet, but you can always use the daily builds, if you're impatient.18:30
ArcSighterfosco_: I've already done that18:31
ArcSighter(disabling trackerd)18:31
ArcSighterI just said everytime I open a desktop app such as firefox or thunderbird it consumes a lot of cpu/ram18:31
ArcSighterthey did fine in hardy, so I'm lost, some say is the unstable kernel18:31
ArcSighterbut I don't know18:31
ArcSighterx1250: i'll install the restricted drivers for my ATI card but that wasn't necessary in hardy18:31
hggdhArcSighter, you still did not tell us what is using CPU18:32
ArcSighterfirefox, thunderbird, pigin, xorg18:32
x1250ArcSighter, whats the output of $ glxinfo | grep -i "opengl vendor" ?18:33
tretlehi, i was wondering where i could find daily live cd builds18:33
ArcSightera second18:33
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/18:33
ArcSighterx1250: DRI R300 Project18:34
x1250ArcSighter, thats fine.18:34
tretlebrilliant, thanks for the link... ext4 here i come :) :P18:34
drakesofthmm i want to test kubuntu amd64 alpha318:34
ArcSighterx1250, i'll log in a different user18:34
ArcSighterto test18:34
ArcSighterwait a minute18:34
arcsighterx1250: i'm in another user18:38
arcsighterI'll test18:38
arcsighterx1250 Im in another user, even with VE enabled and I got no slowdowns18:41
x1250arcsighter, then try cleaning your gnome configuration for the bad user, and that should do it.18:41
arcsighterexactly which dirs18:42
arcsighterwait, let me open thunderbird18:42
arcsighterfor testing18:42
arcsighterok it's working18:43
arcsighterwhat should I delete .gconf .gconfd .gnome2 .gnome2_private18:43
x1250arcsighter, yep, try that.18:44
arcsighterall of them18:44
arcsightera fail-safe gnome won't do fine???18:44
x1250I don't know what fail-safe does, so I can't tell.18:46
arcsighterfail-safe gnome session18:46
arcsighterok I'm off18:46
Ienorandhow do I upgrade to latest jaunty from ibex?18:48
x1250Ienorand, in terminal: update-manager -d18:49
Ienorandx1250: nice cheers18:50
Ienorandx1250: So apt-get is unable to do this?18:51
PiciIenorand: update-manager does some additional manipulation to properly upgrade to a new release. Including automatically updating your sources.list etc.18:52
x1250I read in DistUpgradeController.py that it runs with --force-overwrite by default. update-manager-0.96.3/DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeController.py seems to have all the magic.19:09
x1250also, man update-manager has some info.19:09
x1250well, little info.19:10
mvo_x1250: what do you want to know?19:10
mvo_(what specific information)19:10
x1250mvo_, just reading the thing to get an idea of what it does. I don't know what I'm looking for until I see something interesting.19:12
mvo_x1250: heh :) check out the DistUpradeQuirks.py then too19:13
mvo_it deals with the little oddities that creep in19:13
mvo_(also the quirks section for jaunty is very small)19:13
x1250oh, ok, thanks, I'll read that :)19:14
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woody86anybody else having problems with xorg eating their CPU after updating to jaunty?19:32
BUGabundo1woody86: still with older xorg19:33
BUGabundo1until nvidia fix their driver19:33
BUGabundo1other then dual monitor, I see no prob19:33
BUGabundo1but when on dual monitor, system can be slow! its nice to type stuff and see it show only a few secs latter!19:34
mikhmvI have problem with xorg19:34
=== avc_afk is now known as acuster
mikhmvmy xorg freeze too often19:35
x1250woody86, thats probably a video driver issue, what video card?19:35
=== jason32 is now known as DBO
mikhmvanybody have problem with random freezing xorg in juanty?19:38
woody86BUGabundo1 , x1250 , it's an integrated ittel chipset19:38
BUGabundo1intel as been going a bit under the road lately. they used to be so stalbe19:39
x1250IIRC, there is some info about intel on ubuntuforums.org, but maybe old info.19:40
x1250woody86, try using vesa, or creating a new user and see if it works better.19:40
woody86x1250, how can I switch over to vesa? I've never had to switch drivers before19:41
x1250woody86, put a line that reads: Driver "vesa", on /etc/X11/xorg.conf, under Section Device.19:42
x1250woody86, then pastebin your xorg.conf, to see if its ok.19:43
geniiIf it's an i810 they don't like vesa as a driver much, you just get white screen. For them you need specifically i810 driver19:43
woody86I have the 945gm chipset19:44
charlie-tcax1250: you get the i810 to work in jaunty?19:44
aq12s1Hi - I upgraded from Intrepid to Jaunty yesterday - Nvidia drivers (v180.22) worked after adding IgnoreABI, my AR5007 chipset (which was unsupported in Intrepid) was detected (as ath5k is now included). Sound worked fine as always. Just wanted to say that the release is looking great and I didn't have any major problems - congrats on the great work you've done. :)19:45
x1250charlie-tca, IIRC there were some problems with intel on alpha2. Don't know now.19:45
BUGabundo1aq12s1: is 180 in the repos or PPA?19:45
BUGabundo1or are you using nvidia version?19:45
charlie-tcaI think they continue... I put in an nvidia MX4000 because of it19:46
mikhmvCan anybody recommend driver for Intell X4500HD?19:46
aq12s1I think nvidia-glx-180 is in the repos19:46
BUGabundo1aq12s1: I'll have to check19:46
BUGabundo1$ apt-cache policy nvidia-glx-180  Installed: (none) Candidate: 180.22-0ubuntu219:47
BUGabundo1you are correct19:47
BUGabundo1let me try to see if I can make may 8400m G work with it19:47
aq12s1good luck (Y)19:47
BUGabundo1so I can bump Xorg that is queued in UM19:47
woody86x1250, here's my xorg.conf: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/105675/19:48
x1250woody86, looks ok to me.19:48
woody86x1250, ok, now ctrl+alt+backspace enough to get it to work, or do i need to reboot?19:49
x1250woody86, no reboot, just restartx, ctrl+alt+bckspce, or end your session. Getting to gdm will do.19:50
woody86ok, brb19:50
BUGabundo1wasn't c+a+d disabled on Alpha2 ?19:50
charlie-tcayes, BUGabundo119:51
x1250BUGabundo1, it can be enabled in Section "ServerFlags", Option "DontZap" "False"19:51
charlie-tcano, sorry, ctrl+alt+bkspace was, though19:52
BUGabundo1charlie-tca: but I still have it on, and didn't manually changed anyting19:52
BUGabundo1yeah backspace19:52
charlie-tcaI haven't been able to use it with alpha3 prerelease either19:53
BUGabundo1but I do! just did yesterday and today19:53
x1250BUGabundo1, it was disabled in the new Xorg.19:53
BUGabundo1but as I said, I still have xorg updates in queue19:53
BUGabundo1ahh ok19:53
charlie-tcacould be me. My emachines can't find the keyboard today19:56
woody86x1250, nope, couldn't ctrl+alt+backspace, so had to reboot, and then error came up when trying to startx: 'no screen found'19:57
woody86so had to remove vesa driver to start it19:57
x1250woody86, that sound like a bug. vesa _should_ work, but well, there seems to be a practical difference between is and should. Maybe open a bug in launchpad?19:58
x1250woody86, try creating another user, and see how it goes19:58
woody86ok, lemme try19:59
woody86the 'unlock' feature is grayed out in 'users settings'20:00
woody86x1250, is there a way to do it with the command line?20:01
x1250woody86, $ sudo adduser woody8720:02
woody86x1250, you sir, are a genius! :)20:13
x1250woody86, thats what my mom says :D, lol20:13
woody86x1250, now if I remove this new user will it go back to being screwy?20:13
=== mvo__ is now known as mvo
x1250woody86, try cleaning up your local dirs, .gnome*, .gconf* and friends.20:16
woody86x1250, removing them?20:20
x1250woody86, or moving them, your choice.20:21
woody86x1250, ok, then what?20:22
x1250just restart X and your user should be like brand new, or sort of.20:23
woody86ok, brb again20:24
Melikis jaunty still on freeze?20:30
woody86x1250, cool, now ho can I remove the fake user completely?20:30
Melikjaunty alpha 3*20:31
x1250woody86, use deluser command20:33
woody86ok, I removed it from the 'user settings' page again, but the home folder is stall there?20:34
hggdhwoody86, sudo rm -rf /home/fakeuser20:34
hggdhno spaces on the directory name20:35
hggdhbetter yet20:35
hggdhcd /home20:35
hggdhrm -rf fakeuser20:35
woody86hggdh, x1250 thanks guys :)20:36
woody86I'm gonna reboot to test it all out :)20:37
woody86hggdh, x1250 Thanks again guys! Everything seems to be working great now :)20:53
x1250woody86, great :)20:53
mphillls -al21:11
jnjackinsalpha 3 being released today?21:13
mphillprobably not21:18
mphilljust get the daily live cd21:18
mphillor run update-manager -d21:18
woody86well my xorg was working fine, until I closed my laptop lid. Now it's back to eating my CPU :(21:41
woody86anyone have any ideas?21:43
mphillwoody86: do you know which process is sucking up the cpu?21:45
mphilltry putting " xset -dpms " in your ~/.xsession or ~/.xinitrc file (no quotes)21:48
mphillthen run sudo /etc/init.d.gdm to restart X (this will end your irc session)21:49
mphillsorry " xset -dpms s off "21:50
woody86mphill, those files in the home dir? I can't find them21:53
x1250gnome-system-log is getting in my nerves. Why can't it open the damn logs at the las page? Ok, let it open it in the first line, the first time the log is opened, but every time the log is viewed, is just too much. I guess I'll open a bug report on gnome's bugzilla.21:56
Hagg1Does anyone know how much Alfa3 is delayed?21:58
BUGabundo1Hagg1: isn't it out yet? autch21:59
Hagg1BUGabundo1: Alfa3 should be out as of yesterday according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule but http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/jaunty/alpha-3/ gives HTTP40422:01
apokalyp1it's out when QA is finished22:01
hggdhbtw, help is welcome ;-)22:01
BUGabundo1yes it should22:02
BUGabundo1that's why I ask Hagg122:02
Hagg1maby I'll try with alfa2 for the moment,  I only want to use a LiveCD to confim a bug in a DVB-driver, no big stuff22:05
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
Hagg1hggdh: what needs to be done with the QA, and where do I find it?22:06
Hagg1BUGabundo1: what do you ask me? I'm confused22:08
hggdhHagg1, channel is #ubuntu-testing; help with testing the ISOs is needed22:09
hggdhHagg1, the ISO you will get is pretty much the final ISO (if no problems)22:10
Hagg1hggdh: is there anything special you want me to test or report (exept from my bug #229879)?22:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 229879 in linux "My DVB-card is flooding the consol with "recv bulk message failed"" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22987922:14
BUGabundo1Hagg1: if the installer allows you to set 2 partitions (one ext4 and one swap) let me know!22:15
BUGabundo1there was a bug with it, and it made me postpone my fresh install22:15
Hagg1BUGabundo1 & hggdh: shall I post output from lshw or something somewhere, to confirm what is working, or do we ignore the working hardware?22:16
BUGabundo1Hagg1: bug 31008322:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 310083 in ubiquity "ubiquity crashed with KeyError in partman_edit_dialog()" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31008322:17
Hagg1BUGabundo1: where can I find a daily ISO where the fix is included?22:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dailies22:25
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/22:25
hggdhHagg1, current ISO testing images are at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ if you want to help22:30
Hagg1hggdh: ok? What is the difference between the images on your link and the images on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ ?22:31
hggdhthe link provides the most-near-real ISO images for Alpha3 right now, and probably supersede the latest daily22:33
hggdhi.e., if the tests are successfull, they will become official Alpha322:34
Hagg1ok, it seems to be the same iso at the moment; 20090116.322:36
Hagg1hggdh: where do I find the iso on your link? I only find testcases22:39
Melikanyone know what pktcdvd is?22:39
Melikbecause i get this error at boot up, something like:22:40
hggdhHagg1, weird. I can get the images. Each option on the page will navigate you to another page, with the images22:41
joejcwhats new in jaunty?22:42
hggdhMelik, packet DVD writer?22:42
Melikmknod /dev/pktcdvd/control22:43
hggdhjoejc, pretty much everything, if you are talking about programmes22:43
Melikhggdh, honestly no idea22:43
Melikits some error like that22:43
joejchow buggy is it?22:43
Hagg1hggdh: ahh, now I found them.. the link is camoflaged :)22:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315979 in udev "mknod for /dev/pktcdvd/control fails after update to udev 136" [Undecided,Incomplete]22:44
hggdhHagg1, heh :-)22:45
Melikbash: cd: /dev/pktcdvd/: Too many levels of symbolic links22:45
hggdhMelik, you have a /dev/<whatever> file in 9.04?22:47
hggdhjoejc, is is -- right now -- quite unstable. Read the channel title ;-)22:48
joejcis it usable as a main os?22:48
Melikwhat hggdh ?22:49
hggdhjoejc, if you know Linux, and you are not afraid of having to recover from bad things, then use it. *I* do, but I have had some very bad experiences22:50
hggdhMelik, Jaunty should not use /dev anymore22:50
Melikhggdh,  is there any way to revert back to intrepid?22:53
hggdhMelik, not really, apart from a full reinstall.22:55
hggdhMelik, did you install any non-ubuntu package/programme?22:56
Melikyeah i have a couple22:56
Melikman i just dont want to do an entire install :/22:57
Meliktoo long to configure22:57
Melikand remove un-needed bloatware22:58
hggdhwould any of these deal with DVDs?22:58
hggdhwould any of these non-ubuntu packages deal with DVDs?22:58
Melikoh no22:58
hggdhpity. It would simplify the issue...22:59
Melikeh its fine22:59
Meliki think im going to do a minimal ubuntu install22:59
Melikand just build up from there22:59
hggdhwell, yes, you could.22:59
hggdhMelik, pktcdvd seems to be a kernel module23:02
hggdhhum. the module is not present anymore on 2.6.28-423:03
Hagg1USB keyboard does not work on bootmenu in livecd (daily:20090116.3), and it has not on earlier versions either, should I file a bug or a wishlist?23:19
milos_has anyone manage to make nvidia-180 driver work?23:44
* ST47 observes that the latest jaunty alpha has a weird terminal beep23:49
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope (alpha) discussion channel | Jaunty is NOT RELEASED and NOT SUPPORTED, it will most certainly break your system in bad ways. Jaunty Alpha 3 CD Images Available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/jaunty/ | Join #ubuntu for Intrepid Ibex (8.10) and previous versions support

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