* tretle wonder's whether shiki-colors could be the default theme for jaunty00:53
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socsomeone from the dusttheme team online?16:55
* _MMA_ has a bad mem and can't remember who was managing it. :-/16:57
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socsomeone from the dusttheme team online?19:11
SealVis it possible for all notification panel icons to be simple one color icons, while making sure that nonpanel icons are complex?19:41
_MMA_SealV: ATM, no. But soon it might be possible. Well, they *can* be, but they won't be contained to the panel.19:42
SealVhow soon? having too many colors in the panel is not desirable, imo19:43
_MMA_If I knew a ETA I woulda said. ;)19:44
SealVmma: did you see the update on mr bun?21:09
_MMA_SealV: No.21:28
SealV:o I fished up the tail and added a bit of spice to the background its on the wiki, I am really looking for some critique21:29
SealV*finished thinking too much of food21:29
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