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cprofittpleia2, you here?18:46
pleia2cprofitt: yep18:46
pleia2cprofitt: you should send out a note about the class tomorrow! :)18:46
cprofittI will -- we have an issue...18:47
cprofittforestpixie needs a bit more time if it is available18:47
cprofittpleia2, I am also going to setup my blog for future classes as well.18:47
pleia2that's fine18:48
pleia2she can have as long as she needs :)18:48
pleia2nothing else scheduled in here until monday18:48
cprofittSorry for not getting out the email earlier...18:48
cprofittwith my 20th anniversary being yesterday my mind was on that instead of Ubuntu18:49
cprofittI also got a LUGOR meeting organized and booked with a location in two days...18:51
cprofittpleia2, where is the mailing list for classroom?18:51
* pleia2 points to /topic18:52
pleia2you can subscribe, or I'll just approve your message when it comes in18:52
cprofittk... at work... but doing it now18:53
forestpixiecprofitt: I know you're at work do you want me to talk about my issue?18:54
cprofittno... you can talk with pleia218:56
cprofittto make sure the time is set18:56
forestpixieok will do :)18:57
pleia2forestpixie: yours is the sudo & root?18:57
cprofittpleia2, email sent.18:58
forestpixieno mine is on the 7th Feb - a partition one18:58
forestpixiethis one - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Education/Events/0207200918:58
forestpixieIt's done for an hour but if I can have longer it would be good18:59
pleia2oh, yes longer is fine18:59
pleia2cprofitt: just let it through :)18:59
pleia2forestpixie: it's not unusual for classes to run over their time, so no worries :)19:00
cprofittthanks pleia219:00
forestpixieoh that's good :) so I don't have to worry too much then - personally I can't see it being less than 90 minutes19:00
forestpixiecprofitt: have you spoken to bodhi at all about our ideas?19:01
cprofittforestpixie, no... I have not...19:01
cprofittWould you want me too...?19:01
cprofittI have just been handling things and then passing him the final stuff...19:02
* cprofitt ponders if he has forgotten what the 'ideas' are19:02
forestpixiesorry - he and I have had an idea about my lesson and maybe easwar's - I can drop you a lineif you like = easier while you're at work19:02
forestpixiea shared virtual terminal for them to watch in real time19:03
cprofittah... yeah that would be nice... tonight we could talk -- past 8pm GMT-519:04
forestpixiepleia2: thanks for that - didn't want to have someone knocking on the door :)19:04
pleia2welcome :)19:04
forestpixiecprofitt: well I can try and be awake as well - but that's 1AM here :)19:05
cprofittyou can send me an email at cprofitt@ubuntu.com too19:05
forestpixieok I'll do that - then you'll have some idea of what he and spoke about before you see him :)19:06
pleia2cprofitt: should set your email client up to use it :)19:06
forestpixieI can sleep then lol19:06
nhandlerforestpixie: If you want to do that, you should consider using screen ;)19:07
forestpixienhandler: yea - we were I think - it's all abit new to me so I forget bits :)19:07
forestpixiethe deal was bodh set up a vm with virtual disks for me to play with - then everyone ssh in as readonly - except me so I could do stuff and they watch19:08
forestpixiemore or less :)19:08
forestpixiethat's like a rash - I've seen it everywhere...19:11
cprofittThat person should be given the Darwin award for stupidity19:12
pleia2cprofitt: that is unkind, I would be upset and have trouble if someone sent me a computer with an OS I'd never seen, especially if I encountered problems that made it impossible for me to get my work done19:16
pleia2I mean, some hacking at it and most of us would be fine, but she's a pretty normal kid19:17
pleia2plus I think it's an important lesson for us when doing this advocacy stuff, this is the kind of gap we're looking to breach19:19
cprofittpleia2, but Dell does not send you Ubuntu machines unless you order it19:30
cprofittnor do they make it easy to find19:30
cprofittso something doesn't line up IMHO19:31
cprofittthe fact that she is going to technical school doesn't 'feel' right either19:32
cprofittpleia2, but I guess I should not be so quick to call it an Eye Dee Ten Tee error19:33
cprofittThen again the sub-headline enraged me a bit...19:33
cprofitt"Shuttleworth baby kills college dream"19:33
pleia2cprofitt: so you disagree with the premise of the story that Dell made a mistake, and believe anyone going to a technical school is stupid if they can't make their way around a different OS?19:33
pleia2Dell does make mistakes, and there are a lot of reasons to go to a technical school19:34
cprofittTrue... Dell does...19:34
cprofittand there are lots of reasons to go to technical school.19:34
cprofittSo it is not Ubuntu that caused the issue... but Dell.19:35
pleia2and the original reporting of the story was great, that news outlet actually helped her out with ubuntu and it ended up being OK in the end19:35
pleia2but it's the internet, so articles like the one you posted show up...19:35
pleia2making everyone look stupid and helpless and linux evil19:36
cprofittwell I stand corrected and redact my earlier statement19:36
cprofittpleia2, it was not clear that Dell made a mistake...19:37
pleia2cprofitt: you said yourself that the ubuntu option is hard to find, do you really think someone could order one by mistake?19:38
cprofittpleia2, so as I read it she was going to an IT program (hence the need for the computer) at a technical college and ordered an Ubuntu machine on purpose19:38
pleia2it's not like they are cheaper, and there are warnings when you're placing the order19:38
cprofittpleia2, no... I do not think they would order one by mistake...19:39
pleia2cprofitt: she said she'd never even heard of Ubuntu19:39
cprofittbut a person could order it not knowing that they had...19:39
cprofittif they were directed too by a 'friend' or some such19:39
pleia2I think Dell making a mistake is much more likely19:39
cprofittpleia2, if I read it as Dell made a mistake then clearly she is not the issue... it was the slant I took on it... that caused my original reaction19:40
pleia2ah :)19:40
cprofittand to be honest, the hack job that the article did in explaining things19:40
cprofittit really comes off as a made up story that is trying to stick it to Ubuntu and Shuttleworth19:41
cprofittthe second tag line about "Shuttleworth baby kills college dream" really sets a negative tone with the focus on Ubuntu19:41
* pleia2 just dislikes the immediate knee-jerk reaction of so many Linux users to call someone "stupid" when they have problems with a new OS19:41
cprofittif it had said "Dell error causes college delay" I would have taken it differently19:41
pleia2the original story is called "27 News Troubleshooter: Woman blames Dell for missing online classes"19:42
pleia2and they're doing a follow up story because of all the attention19:43
pleia2"Ubuntu Users Send Hate E-Mail, Flood WKOWTV.COM Over Story"19:43
pleia2makes me sad :(19:43
cprofittThe original title is the correct one...19:43
cprofittand would have caused me to more accurately read the article19:44
cprofittand not 'jump' to a conclusion19:44
* cprofitt smiles19:44
cprofittthanks for setting me strait19:45
cprofittI dislike knee-jerk reactions as well... and actually use Windows so I would not bash people based on OS preference19:45
cprofittI am not a zealot19:45
pleia2The young woman also contacted 27 News to report she's being harassed on her Facebook account by Ubuntu users.19:45
* pleia2 sighs19:45
pleia2it's really upsetting19:46
cprofittThat is bad -- Ubuntu users should not harass her19:47

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