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didrockshi folks :)08:29
mvohey didrocks08:29
mvohey huats08:29
didrockshi mvo08:29
seb128lut didrocks huats08:30
seb128hey mvo08:30
didrocksplop seb128 ;)08:30
mvoseb128: I have a very strange issue wihen I login via gdm in latest jaunty, my mouse is broken, can left click on anything. but when I kill gdm and just run startx everything is normal? it could be my HW, but I suspect its something else08:30
huatshey seb128 and mvo08:30
huatsmorning everyone08:30
seb128mvo: the mouse is broken on the gdm screen or in your session?08:32
mvoin the session08:32
mvoI think its fine in gdm08:32
mvobut i need to verify, I never use it there08:32
seb128since GNOME didn't change recently I would tend to blame xorg rather than GNOME08:33
mvoit seems to be happening after something is loaded08:33
mvoI only recently upgraded this machine08:33
seb128any mouse error in Xorg.0.log?08:33
seb128you can move the mouse pointer and right click?08:33
mvoI can move the pointer, haven't tried right click08:33
mvoI will do that soonish (after applying todays updates and reboot) :)08:34
didrocksseb128: I tried to work on bit on gnome-games' package and I have two question08:35
seb128didrocks: tried a bit? that's not enough ;-)08:35
seb128just ask ;-)08:36
didrocksseb128: the libtool version is not bumped to the right version, even in jaunty (I just realized it after pbuilder login, apt-get install build-dep... :( and tried to autoreconf..)08:36
didrocksso, I have to update the libtool for it, I think08:37
seb128didrocks: ?08:37
seb128didrocks: do you are an autoconf patch?08:37
didrocksand generate it08:37
seb128that means you didn't do it correctly08:37
seb128try running autoreconf rather to update it08:37
didrocksso, what I do is the following:08:38
didrocksapply the patch to the configure.in (with the right patch system)08:38
didrocksthen "autoreconf -i --force"08:38
didrocksand generate the new patch against ./configure08:38
seb128Keybuk: hey08:39
seb128Keybuk: do you have some clue about what to do when running into a such error, I got that recently on a package too I think and autoreconf didn't solve it either08:39
didrocks(and I also tried, in the case, to remove aclocal.m4, as I had no trace of change against it, but it is regenerate)08:39
seb128didrocks: Keybuk knows about libtool so he might be helpful there08:39
didrocksgreat, will wait for him08:39
didrocksbut you see nothing's wrong with this procedure?08:40
seb128didrocks: no, autoreconf should be updating everything that needs to be updated08:41
seb128didrocks: what do you call against configure? you need to get the changes for all the files autoreconf updates08:41
didrocksseb128: ok, will see Keybuk's hints so08:42
seb128if the package is using quilt that's the suck, either do a find . and quilt add everything or update the patch using some other way08:42
didrocksseb128: that's what I did (and yeah, it is using quilt). I think I have missed nothing08:43
didrocks(and it is shouting at aclocal.m4, which I remember, I have explicitely "quilt add" it)08:43
didrocksseb128: my second question was to activate or not cluttering08:47
didrocksfrom NEWS file:08:47
didrocksTherefore, at this time, we recommend that clutter only be enabled by default08:47
didrocksby distributors that ensure that OpenGL acceleration is working for hardware08:48
didrocksfrom the three major vendors: Intel, NVidia and ATI.08:48
didrocksbut we are not sure that OpenGL acceleration is activated on the final user desktop08:48
didrocksso, I think we don't have to activate it08:48
seb128don't no08:48
seb128we don't have lot of CD space to waste anyway08:49
seb128let's wait for upstream to stabilize that before using it in ubuntu08:49
didrocksseb128: we agree, but I prefer to have your ack :)08:49
Keybukthat error is because you used --force09:25
seb128Keybuk: shouldn't autoreconf update everything when you use the force option?09:28
Keybukexcept it won't downgrade aclocal files09:38
Keybuk(because it can't)09:38
Keybukyou generally don't want --force09:39
Keybukthat would have not downgraded libtool09:39
seb128Keybuk: you could perhaps update libtool to 2.2.6 to avoid such issues? ;-)09:39
Keybuk(without that)09:39
Keybukyes, I should09:39
seb128that's what debian experimental has09:39
seb128and those tarballs are rolled on debian experience install apparently09:39
seb128experience -> experimental09:40
didrocksKeybuk: so, why I still have this issue when I rm aclocal.m4 ?09:40
didrocks(aclocal.m4 is then generated)09:41
didrockssorry, I must admit my knowledge in autoconf tools are quite limited :/09:41
Keybukdidrocks: does the package have an m4 directory?09:43
Keybuk(ie. are the contents of aclocal just include lines)09:43
didrocksKeybuk: can't look at the aclocal file right now, but yeah, there is an m4 directory09:43
Keybukyou'd need to remove the files from there too09:44
didrocksso, while libtool is not update. I have to rm this directory as --force will not downgrade them?09:44
didrocksok, right :)09:44
didrocksthanks a lot!09:44
didrocks(oh, without the "!", I learnt some days ago, it was rude in English ;))09:45
seb128I doubt that will work correctly09:45
didrocksseb128: you think that the new configure.in is dependant of the new libtool version?09:45
seb128no, but the m4 directory is not only autotools files, it has some specific macros defined there09:45
Keybukyeah, you need to only rm specific ones09:46
seb128the easier way is really to get Keybuk to do the libtool update and use that version ;-)09:46
didrocksok, will give it a try. But if I can help to update libtool package...09:46
didrocksseb128: you're right, less work for me :)09:47
seb128ok, I'm away for half an hour, bbl09:47
Keybuknew libtool uploaded10:15
seb128Keybuk: thanks10:19
didrocksKeybuk: thanks :)10:33
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didrocksseb128: so, I have some work to do this week-end :) I am pretty confident with the new libtool version now10:34
seb128didrocks: ok good ;-)10:34
mptArneGoetje, I've updated the mockups in <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyLanguageSelectorImprovements> and specified the behavior details.11:37
mptArneGoetje, I don't see a spec for the font settings anywhere11:44
mptasac, rickspencer32: Do 3G connections have signal strength in the same way wireless connections do?17:48
rickspencer32mpt: not that I can see17:56
rickspencer32mpt: http://theravingrick.blogspot.com/2009/01/ubuntu-rocks-mobile-broadband.html17:56
Nafallohaha. I'm SO going to plug in my parents 3G dongle and show them why they are wrong.18:07
rickspencer32Nafallo: note that Verizon implies to customers that they need that NZAccess Manager app18:12
rickspencer32I assume it's spy ware, but don't know that for a fact18:12
Nafallodoesn't all of them tell lies based of little knowledge? :-)18:13
rickspencer32I suppose18:13
rickspencer32I think that's part of what happened to that poor lady who got Ubuntu from Dell. Her ISP told her she couldn't connect to the internet without their software18:14
rickspencer32What reason would she have to doubt them?18:14
Nafalloyea. I assume so as well.18:14
calcrickspencer32: probably not spyware just lack of training employees to know how to do it any other way18:28
dobeyrickspencer32: it's not so much spyware as it is a single point of failure for customer service to deal with. it's much easier to train your 10,000 people sitting in a call center to deal with issues from one program, rather than all the possible combinations of ways to configure networking across the board18:31
rickspencer32calc: dobey: you make me feel cynical18:34
rickspencer32I also suppose that Windows probably doesn't work well with 3g, so they had to do some plumbing themselves. They wouldn't expect an OS to be able to adapt fast enough to just work18:35
dobeyrickspencer32: it's easy to feel cyncical about the corporate bottom dollar problem :)18:35
dobeyrickspencer32: well, Vista probably has some built-in stuff, where XP does not, and so it's easier to just have the one program there again for support18:36
Nafallodobey: Vista had problems with regular DHCP on my last flatmates laptop... just saying :-)18:37
dobeyrickspencer32: i know for example, the WPA support in XP is rather crap, so even though the wireless card in my laptop works in XP without the special intel program, it won't work with WPA G networks18:37
dobeyrickspencer32: so i have to use the intel program to use wireless18:37
dobeyNafallo: so does my xbox360. think MS just does some weird stuff to DHCP, and it breaks horribly in some cases18:38
Nafalloagreed :-)18:38
dobeyit's like how outlook mobile on my phone doesn't seem to want to do smtp for some reason18:39
Nafalloand then you get some weird mode like restricted internet or whatever... which I think means that you're on local link.18:39
dobeyyeah, it does a weird thing where it assigns a default local ip18:40
Nafallooh. not link local then?18:40
dobeyNafallo: i've seen a similar problem before, but i'm pretty sure it was a hardware problem, because neither wireless nor hardwire would work, even if i manually configured the ip18:41
Nafallothis wasn't. it worked from time to time :-)18:41
dobeyNafallo: well it assigns a local ip, and i think actually doing zeroconf stuff over wireless depends on some other settings, and whether or not you set up a network18:41
dobeylink local with only yourself isn't particularly useful18:42
Nafalloyea... well... my Ubuntu didn't fail so... ;-)18:42
Nafalloeven if it had, I've de-installed the link local stuff :-)18:43
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chrisccoulsonping mvo - i notice you've got a branch of update-notifier that uses EggSmClient. Is that going to appear in Jaunty at all?20:21
mvochrisccoulson: I have not fully made up my mind about it20:21
mvochrisccoulson: I created it to help the effort to get rid of libgnome as a dependenc20:22
chrisccoulsonthe only reason i ask is because of bug 30232620:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 302326 in update-notifier ""Restart Now" informational applet does not work" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30232620:22
mvoI also don't quite remember if that was all dependencies in u-n against libgnome20:22
mvooh, thanks chrisccoulson20:23
mvogood catch20:23
chrisccoulsoni just wrote a patch that uses DBus to restart the system20:23
mvochrisccoulson: I think for now re-adding gnome_programm_init() is fine20:23
chrisccoulsonbut that was before i noticed your EggSMClient branch20:23
mvoI was thinking about the dbus approch20:24
mvobut I was afraid of breaking compatiblity with xubuntu20:24
chrisccoulsonthe dbus patch is quite small, and I just tested it out20:24
mvo(or kde)20:24
chrisccoulsonah, yeah, i hadnt thought of that20:24
mvothe nice thing about the current way is that its truely cross desktop20:24
mvo(everything else I dislike on the xmpp stuff) :)20:24
chrisccoulsonyeah, it would be nicer if we could just use DBus20:25
chrisccoulsoni can do a patch that reinstates gnome_program_init if you like?20:25
mvochrisccoulson: that would be very nice20:25
chrisccoulsonno problem, i'll work on that20:25
mvochrisccoulson: its maintained in bzr, but normal diff is just fine as well20:25
chrisccoulsoni did the Dbus patch in a bzr branch, so I can do the new patch there as well20:26
mvochrisccoulson: nice20:26
mvoI will be around for another 1-2h - if I'm gone, just add main-sponsors to the report and someone will surely pick it up :)20:27
chrisccoulsoni'll do that - thanks20:27

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