keesjames_w: when you're fixing FTBFS (wiipdf, vobcopy) can you send the patches to Debian too?00:15
james_wkees: done00:15
james_whttp://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=511971 and http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=511978 for those two, the others are all filed too00:18
ubottuDebian bug 511971 in wiipdf "Should check return code from system() calls" [Normal,Open]00:18
keesjames_w: cool!  :)00:21
keesjames_w: normally I include something like  (debug bug #...)  in the changelog so it can be checked during a merge00:21
james_wyeah, but I prefer not to have to wait for a round trip with the Debian BTS00:22
james_wthought that does seem to be a lot quicker recently00:22
slangasekkees, jdstrand: is there an Ubuntu security 'overview' page I can link to from this debconf message?00:54
slangaseksomething that tells the user how bad they are for not installing security updates on a regular basis? :)00:54
keesslangasek: hrm00:54
slangasekubuntu.com/usn isn't it; I don't find anything under help.ubuntu.com that looks good00:55
slangasekif there isn't one, we can certainly punt for now00:56
keespunt, then.  I can't find anything either00:57
* kees adds it to his todo list00:57
billisnicewhere is ubuntu 9.04 alpha 3?02:27
Hobbseeit hasn't been released yet02:30
billisnicei thought it was due out today?02:30
billisnicethe 1502:30
pochubillisnice: delays happen sometimes :) it will be announced to the appropriate mailing list when it's available02:31
Hobbseeas far as i know, it's still being tested, and will be released today or tomorrow02:31
pochuwhich is ubuntu-devel-announce02:32
billisnicewill ext4 be in this release?02:35
Hobbseeby default?02:36
billisniceby default02:37
billisnicebetter yet, are there instruction for installing linux 2.26.28 with ext4 on 8.94?02:38
Hobbseei'm sure #ubuntu+1 can help you with questions of that nature, and I don't believe it's by default02:40
slangasekno.  Why is ext3 insufficient?02:40
slangasekusing ext4 on 8.10 would certainly be an unsupported configuration02:41
billisnice8.10 is slow on my old compaq, i though ext4 would speed it up02:41
slangasekit almost certainly won't02:41
billisniceno speed difference?02:41
slangaseknot in any meaningful sense02:42
billisnicei wish it were faster02:42
billisniceArch Linux is so much faster on my old machine, but i like ubuntu02:43
slangasekthere are a lot of factors that may be contributing to that; the filesystem is not likely to be a major factor though, ext3 is already a very good filesystem and it's hard to go very far up from there for general desktop use02:44
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RAOFHm.  There don't appear to be alpha-3-candidiate desktop images for testing. Are there likely to be some soon, or shall I just test alternate instead :)03:57
dholbachgood morning06:25
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tritiumkirkland: screen-profiles looks useful not only for server machines with no graphical desktops, but also for mythbuntu boxes with overscan issues, where it's often hard to see the top panel, and hence easy to miss update-manager notifications, etc.08:05
tritiumVery nice!08:06
dholbachkees, seb128: did you have a look at huats' check-symbols script? :)09:02
seb128dholbach: no09:02
seb128dholbach: I've no real interest to it to be honest09:02
seb128I like my version better and use that one ;-)09:02
huatsseb128: no real interest in my stuffs ... thanks seb128 :P09:03
dholbachseb128: because your version has french messages?09:03
seb128dholbach: no, because I don't use pbuilder and I'm not interested to something which wants build and install things09:03
dholbachseb128: he changed the tool to not require that09:03
seb128the version I'm using compare the build directory to the system version09:03
seb128dholbach: right, to work on deb thoughs, which still means downloading the current version deb09:04
seb128where I do use the installed version ;-)09:04
seb128anyway I will have a look but I had other things on my todolist for this week09:04
huatsseb128: sure :)09:05
mvoseb128: is your version public ;) ?09:15
seb128mvo: no, it's too much of quickly written code to be published on the web ;-)09:16
* mvo hugs seb09:16
* mvo hugs seb12809:16
* seb128 hugs mvo09:16
mvodholbach: that would be a good topic for the developer week, library packaging 10109:18
dholbachmvo: the schedule is full already, but if you'd do it the next time, that'd be awesome :)09:19
dholbachseb128: freedom hater! :)09:19
dholbachyou're saying that for years already09:19
dholbachI had to write my own script09:19
seb128I think I gave you my version09:19
seb128it just doesn't work for you pbuilder lovers ;-)09:20
seb128since pbuilder clean the build directory after build and give you debs and my version uses the build directory09:20
dholbachit was written in French!09:20
Mithrandirdholbach: French is the new Chinese09:20
seb128which everybody knows is the universal language ;-)09:20
* dholbach hugs seb12809:20
* seb128 hugs dholbach09:20
dholbachMithrandir: eh?09:20
liwI wanted to switch to reprepro for updating my local mirror, but it seems to want to create Release.gpg itself, so that's a bummer09:22
Mithrandirliw: I think you can tell it not to09:22
liwMithrandir, you can tell it to not sign it, but I can't figure out a way to get it to just use the one from Debian or Ubuntu09:23
liwdebmirror is OK with me, though, it just occasionally barfs09:24
directhexMithrandir, french would be the new chinese if the people who were meant to be spreading it weren't on strike09:24
pochuanybody from Valencia on the channel? :)09:25
dholbachpochu: tried #ubuntu-es too? :)09:25
pochugood idea :)09:26
Keybukit seems mean to say this, but compared to Fedora and OpenSUSE, our installer is a bit ugly10:18
loolIt seems it's fun day today10:28
loolcupsd: ../sysdeps/posix/getaddrinfo.c:1457: rfc3484_sort: Assertion `src->results[i].native == -1 || src->results[i].native == a1_native' failed.10:28
RAOFUniverse is meant to be enabled by default, right?10:29
MithrandirKeybuk: compared to RHEL, it's wonderful.10:29
loolOf course I need to print something right now10:29
persiaRAOF, Ought be.10:29
RAOFOk.  So, it isn't on the amd64 livecd.10:29
persiaIt's enabled by default in the installed system, but not on the livecd.10:30
loolWhy don't I get an apport crash?  It's an abort and I get a core file10:30
Keybuklool: development release?10:30
loolKeybuk: Yes, and apport enabeld10:30
looland EDS wants all my CPU now *sigh* someone let me do my work10:32
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lachlan__Hello.  Where do you do your automount, is that in one of the gnome packages, HAL, or somewhere of its own?10:36
Keybuklachlan__: of plugged in devices?  a number of different packages are all involced10:38
lachlan__Ok.  But if I remove GNOME, can I put something in there to speak to HAL and do the automounting, or is there something else?10:39
Keybukyes, KDE has a similar architecture, for example10:39
lachlan__Ok, thanks, that's what I was hoping :)10:40
RAOFHm.  Where should "Universe not enabled on amd64 livecd" be filed?10:41
StevenKRAOF: I can recall a similar bug already filed on livecd-rootfs10:42
RAOFYup, just found it, thanks.10:42
persiaShould that be a bug?10:44
* persia thought it was intentional, to reduce download size, etc. in the temporary system10:45
ograit should be enabled in the final sources.list, not during build of the livefs10:47
ogralivecd-rootfs switches over in the end10:47
RAOFHm.  Ubiquity's being a bit of a problem child.11:48
kirklandtritium: thanks!12:36
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Notch-1i'm in live usb persistent mode (kubuntu intrepid), and i can't disable autologin, why? after reboot it is enabled again...13:32
cpufreakw 2313:57
ion_benc: compcache 0.5 has been released. It would be nice to get it into jaunty’s kernel.14:04
jcastroI have post UDS announcements in the -devel and -devel-announce queue if someone can approve those sometime today that would be swell.14:04
LordMetroidWhere can I leave suggestions?14:23
LordMetroidI am thinking it would be useful if rm or overwriting files in general would move them to the gnome-trash, don't know if it is such a good idea though so I would like some feedback...14:24
Pici!brainstorm | LordMetroid14:25
ubottuLordMetroid: Post your ideas for ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!14:25
LordMetroidThank you pici14:26
cjwatsonjcastro: hmm, I noticed that you'd used the wrong date just after approving the -devel-announce message14:28
cjwatson"which took place from 8-12 April"14:28
cjwatsonjcastro: want to correct the -devel one?14:28
evandjcastro: devel approved14:31
jdstrandcjwatson: hi! I'd like to test preseeding with a new ufw package before uploading. I know about mini.iso and I know about preseed files. what I'm not sure about is how to specify multiple mirrors in the preseed file (ie, the main one, and one with my new ufw package). Is this possible? Can you point me to a url for docs on how to do it?14:34
cjwatsonjdstrand: yeah, search for "apt-setup/local" in the installation guide14:34
jdstrandcjwatson: thanks!14:35
cjwatsonjdstrand: beware that there are some ordering issues in how the system is installed14:35
savvasdoes anyone know if there are plans for /etc/security/time.conf to have a folder as well? /etc/security/time.conf.d/ ?14:35
cjwatsonjdstrand: the bulk of stuff installed by tasksel is done without honouring apt-setup/local*/*, I think - you'd be best off arranging for an absolutely minimal installation, and then using pkgsel/include to get ufw14:36
savvas*for pam time module14:36
cjwatsonsavvas: in general, we only do that when it is necessary for packages to drop in extra files. Users should just edit that file directly14:36
jdstrandcjwatson: excellent. thanks :)14:36
cjwatsonjdstrand: hmm, this may be a bit tricky since ufw is in standard14:37
jdstrandtasksel tasksel/first multiselect ubuntu-minimal?14:37
jcastrocjwatson: yikes, april, I don't know what I'm thinking14:37
jdstrandthat was what I was going to try...14:37
cjwatsonjdstrand: no, that won't work14:37
cjwatsonjdstrand: try: 'tasksel tasksel/skip-tasks string standard'14:38
savvascjwatson: I need it for timekpr, a 'computer nanny' sort-of, to limit computer usage - but /etc/security/time.conf belogs to a package, isn't that breaking a policy?14:38
cjwatsonand then 'd-i pkgsel/include string ufw'14:38
cjwatsonsavvas: yes, it would be. You'll need to file a bug on pam requesting support14:38
savvasok thanks :)14:38
cjwatsonand there might be some other way you can achieve the same effect14:38
jdstrandcjwatson: I current have 'tasksel tasksel/first multiselect ubuntu-standard', should I leave that and use what you just recommended with it?14:38
cjwatsonafter all, time.conf is the configuration for a specific pam module14:39
cjwatsonjdstrand: you can take that out permanently since it isn't needed14:39
jdstrandok, cool14:39
cjwatson(and is the wrong name anyway, the task name is just 'standard')14:39
cjwatsonstandard is installed by default; in this case, you need to turn that off so that it gets installed from your local repository14:39
jdstrand(I'm looking at a preseed file from hardy, so it likely needs other changes)14:40
jdstrandcjwatson: gotcha :)14:40
savvascjwatson: I'm currently using debian/postinst and debian/postrm to make it work with /etc/security/timekpr.conf, but it would be easier if there was such a folder to drop in my package-related time.conf - maybe I should file a bug directly upstream ?14:41
cjwatsonsavvas: file a bug with Ubuntu pam to start with14:41
savvaswill do14:42
savvasthanks for the help :)14:42
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gpledis their any chance the power update script would put my second monitor is sleep mode?15:24
Keybukmvo: around? need some help with python-apt15:27
mvoKeybuk: yes15:27
Keybukmvo: I'm trying to map from a binary package name to a source package name15:28
Keybukand can't seem to figure out how ;)15:28
KeybukI've been reading the extensive documentation for literally seconds!15:28
gpledi lost one of my 4 monitors after the last update15:28
gpledsecond monitor on first card15:28
Keybukgpled: have you tried looking under things on your desk?15:29
gpledis their a way i can check if it is being forced to sleep mode?15:29
cjwatsongpled: I would never put anything much past acpi-support, but I would doubt that the update was responsible15:29
cjwatsonall it did was hdparm15:29
gpledthe monitor works, until xorg kicks end15:29
gpledthen it goes black15:29
gpledif i shutdown, or reboot, it comes back to life after x is done15:30
mvoKeybuk: import apt; apt.Cache()["upstart"].sourcePackageName15:30
mvoKeybuk: it that sufficient ?15:31
KeybukI had the cache object from apt_pkg.somethingorother, and that didn't have any properties15:31
cjwatsonpython-apt has two layers, one of which looks like apt's C++ layer and one of which looks like Python15:32
cjwatsonfor most purposes nowadays you really want the stuff from the apt module, even if it does raise a FutureWarning ;-)15:32
ScottKWhat with the layers and all.15:32
mvoKeybuk: the apt_pkg interface is a bit low-level, I would recommend not using it unless there is stuff in it that is not available via the "apt" interface15:33
mvoKeybuk: there is even good documentation available for all this these days: http://people.debian.org/~jak/python-apt-doc/15:34
mvocjwatson: *cough* I need to remove that stupid^Wover-cautious warning15:37
Riddellsalut mathiaz, able to accept my post to ubuntu-server mailing list?16:15
mathiazRiddell: yop - I'll get to it in a moment16:15
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ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", the "apt:/" URL in KDE, or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!17:00
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tjaaltonhmm, are we ever going to have a real lib64 dir and leave lib for 32bit stuff?18:08
tjaaltonthere are proprietary apps which assume that18:08
sridI'm just curious if folks are working on automated testing, or have they dropped it already? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/automated-testing18:08
sridI'd be interested in contributing to it as I am working on similar efforts at my job18:08
ogratjaalton, did you see the fix for evtouch ?18:10
tjaaltonogra: yes, thanks :)18:11
james_wsrid: #ubuntu-testing may be a good place to discuss it18:11
ograshould work for other input drivers as well18:11
jdstrandcjwatson: fyi-- your suggestions for ufw preseed testing are working wonderfully. thanks again! :)18:12
cjwatsonjdstrand: excellent18:12
tjaaltonogra: yeah, there are quite a few which ftbfs, but no one uses them..18:15
maxbtjaalton: Was having /usr/lib pointing at libs for a non-default ABI ever considered? It seems bit strange.18:15
ScottKsrid: I think #ubuntu-qa is where to discuss automated testing.18:16
ScottKOr testing....18:16
tjaaltonmaxb: no idea18:17
tjaaltonI'm just a bit surprised that for instance Bakbone lists Ubuntu as supported for both 32 and 64bit client/server (and Debian too), where it fails to install on 64bit..18:18
tjaaltonsince it assumes lib64 is for 64bit, and lib for 32bit libs -> fail18:18
maxbOh, I misread your earlier question as querying the state of an ongoing debate.18:18
tjaaltonmaxb: it was, I don't know what the status is18:19
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tjaaltonmaxb: wait, what debate?-)18:21
maxbThe concept that /usr/lib would contain 32-bit stuff on an amd64 system seems pretty bizarre to me. I've never seen anyone suggest it before, so I'm wondering if there's some mail thread somewhere that I've missed, or if it was before I started following the lists18:23
tjaaltonthat's what the rpm world is doing18:24
tjaaltonand what LSB assumes18:24
tjaaltonwe have the lib64 symlink pointing to lib..18:25
maxbHow odd.18:25
tjaaltoninherited from debian18:25
maxbNo, I mean the rpm and LSB behaviour is odd18:26
tjaaltonok, what do you suggest?-)18:26
maxbI don't pay much attention to either, but it surprises me that they would do something different to what the FHS says18:26
tjaaltonand what does it say18:26
tjaaltonsee for instance http://lists.debian.org/debian-amd64/2004/07/msg00039.html18:27
maxbFHS says /lib<qualifier> and suggests that /lib would be a symlink to one of them (the platform default, I'd hope)18:28
tjaaltonwhat would that help?18:29
tjaaltonthen you'd have lib, lib32 and lib64 on a 64bit system18:30
tjaaltonand lib, lib32 on 32bit18:30
cjwatsonwhat the rpm world is doing> I'm not sure switching to become incompatible with the Debian world is obviously better18:30
tjaaltoncjwatson: I understand, that's why I'm not suggesting to do the move, but asking if someone would know if there are any plans in the debian world to do something about it18:31
cjwatsonas far as I'm aware, the Debian world thinks that the rpm world is wrong in this and should be fixed18:31
cjwatsonare there any plans in the rpm world to do something about it?18:31
tjaaltonnot that I know of18:32
sridhmm, #ubuntu-qa has no members18:33
sridScottK: ^^18:33
* ScottK misremembered then. Sorry18:33
ScottK#ubuntu-testing then18:33
cjwatsonI bet there are proprietary applications expecting the Debian-style approach too18:34
tjaaltoncjwatson: well, AIUI LSB says that lib64 and lib should be separate, so if the vendors assume that things will break in debian & derivatives18:37
cjwatsonthat's as may be, but it's essentially impossible to change in Debian systems without a total rebuild of everything (completely breaking mirrors, etc.) and so is very unlikely to happen; so the LSB would be better served by figuring out a way to support both (e.g. with clever personality hacks) rather than standardising something which isn't standard18:38
tjaalton"isn't standard" meaning what's out there and not what's in LSB? :)18:38
tjaaltonI realize it would be a huge effort, therefore I'll just contact Bakbone support and ask for an explanation :)18:39
maxbI'm left utterly bemused on what train of thoughts led to the LSB deciding that on amd64 systems, /usr/lib should *not* contain libraries of the default ABI18:40
tjaaltonmaxb: what default ABI?18:40
cjwatsontjaalton: yes, I mean reality not what's written down18:40
maxbThe, uh, one after which the platform is named? :-)18:40
cjwatsontjaalton: default ABI, i.e. what your main userspace is18:40
cjwatsonI'm entirely with maxb on this18:41
cjwatsonit isn't necessary in general since the linker can say (at least in theory, I forget whether it really does this but it clearly could) "oh, it's a 32-bit application, I'd better look in that library path over there instead"18:42
cjwatsonyou might have to run it under linux3218:42
waltersexcept that application installers need to know where to put things18:43
cjwatsonthe lsb is not short of query tools18:44
cjwatsonthey could easily have created one that asks18:44
cjwatsonand of course lsb applications should not be installing into /usr/lib anyway18:44
tjaaltonsorry, was on the phone18:45
walterseh, the whole issue sucks and i can understand debian not adopting multilib; what i think would be crazy though is adopting multilib, but reversing the naming from the multilib everyone else uses18:45
tjaaltonok I get the ABI issue now..18:46
cjwatsonexcept that adopting what everyone else uses would mean a rebuild of world and an ABI event18:47
cjwatsonand that third-party applications should really *not* need to depend on the system library path18:47
cjwatsonthe LSB should be nominating a safe subset of practices rather than a wishlist18:48
walterscjwatson: yeah, ABI break is a problem...i guess the only other option is incompatibility forever18:53
cjwatsonbeing different is not necessarily being incompatibl18:54
cjwatsonthere is no intrinsic reason why having a different default library path is actually an incompatibility, with properly written applications18:54
cjwatson(yes, I know there are lots of little glitches, but those are system bugs rather than intrinsic incompatibilities, IMO)18:54
walterscjwatson: the problem is that this knowledge does end up in a variety of tools; years ago I had to untangle gstreamer which does some caching of its plugin .so files, it had to be made aware of multilib18:59
cjwatsonright, that was the sort of "little glitch" I was referring to; those are things the system can and should fix, though, and are not in principle things the LSB ought to have to worry about18:59
cjwatsoni.e. a more productive LSB approach would have been to cause those sorts of problems to result in LSB test failures19:00
cjwatsonbut not otherwise mandate particular paths19:00
waltersanyways, back to working on code and pretending flash doesn't exist19:00
tjaaltonthanks for the conversation :)19:03
tjaaltonI understand the issue a whole lot better now19:05
ograoh, you were cornered by the colin mafia :)19:06
tjaaltonmore like the 2&4 year old mafia19:06
tjaaltonand got distracted19:07
tjaalton(the kids..)19:09
albuntuhello to all19:10
albuntusorry if i am wrong here but i wanted to ask how to edit the gnome panel from terminal19:10
Picialbuntu: you'd need to modify the gconf keys that control that data by using gconftool.  I dont know the paths for those keys off the top of my head.19:13
albuntuPici: thanks :) gconf can be used via terminal right ? because i dont want the gui one19:14
albuntui know i have to look for the xml files19:14
albuntuand i am trying to find them19:15
ScottK#ubuntu for help.19:15
albuntuScottK: ok thanks. i tried there but i got no answer and thought to try here. sorry19:16
simiraalbuntu: I believe there's also #ubuntu-help19:17
albuntusimira: it takes to ubuntu19:18
albuntui know it :)19:18
albuntuthank you :)19:18
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calcok so seagate put out the KB article now acknowleding the drives are defective21:42
calcwaiting on hold to get a firmware update now21:42
Nafallocalc: which drives?21:44
directhex1.5tb ones are known dodgy21:46
directhexdunno if calc means thosed21:47
Nafalloah. good I bought WD instead then :-)21:47
Nafallothere was someone in -server saying he had just bought 4 of those... he might be interested in the news :-)21:47
directhexafaik it's fixed in a new firmware21:48
directhexbut still21:48
directhexi'll stick with samsung tyvm21:49
Nafalloouch. all 7200.11... that's more than 1.5TB21:54
calcNafallo: http://seagate.custkb.com/seagate/crm/selfservice/search.jsp?DocId=20793121:54
calcthey finally put the KB article back up a bit ago21:54
calcit affects all seagate 11th generation drives including maxtor apparently21:54
calcit looks like it might not affect the 1.5TB drive so maybe they fixed the issue earlier and hoped not to worry about it for the smaller capacities21:55
calcit affects from the list 1tb, 750gb, 640gb, 500gb, 320gb, 250gb, 160gb drives21:56
directhex<directhex> i'll stick with samsung tyvm21:56
calci'll let you know how it goes once i get through the phone queue, however long that takes21:56
calcdirecthex: samsung spinpoint f1?21:56
calcdirecthex: aiui they have some problem as well, but i don't have one so didn't look into that much21:57
directhexcalc, generally. been using them since the old p80 series appeared21:57
NafalloWD Green for me :-)21:57
calcapparently the hitachi are good as well now that IBM isn't involved anymore ;-)21:58
directhexi like samsung. they do what seagate were famous for - quiet, low-noise21:58
tritiumNafallo: nice, quietest and lowest power-consumption drives you can buy.  :)21:58
directhexand cool-running21:58
Nafallotritium: yea. part of why I wanted them so badly :-)21:58
calci think i'll get a 2-3tb drive at the end of the year21:58
directhexheat matters in confined spaces21:58
calcplenty of room to build OOo then ;-)21:58
tritiumNafallo: I'm putting the new WD Green 1TB in my next HTPC build.21:58
directhexdeathstars are still hotter than the surface of the sun after a couple of minutes21:59
Nafallotritium: putted my two into a small enclosure using hardware raid1 :-)21:59
calci tried building one of those Shuttle sff systems a few years ago and it was very easy to overheat drives in that, ended up returning the system21:59
tritiumNafallo: sweet!21:59
Nafallowell.. "small"21:59
Nafallohttp://www.edge10.com/digital_storage.php <-- DAS20021:59
* tritium drools22:00
directhexcalc, wifey has a shuttle, with a spinpoint ni it - no overheating issues ;)22:00
calcdirecthex: i think the newer ones are a bit bigger as well to help alleviate the heat issues22:01
calcdirecthex: the one i got was an i865G based system22:01
directhexcalc, this one's p31 based, but uses the ancient g2 chassis22:02
directhexg5 IS bigger22:02
calcdirecthex: of course i was also trying to overheat the drive to make sure it wouldn't fail on me when doing dev work22:02
calcdirecthex: i ran a couple full disk reads on it and monitored the heat ;-)22:02
directhexthe real hot spot, literally, is the geforce 8800 - since the pcie slot is on the outside of the mobo, the card has about 5mm next to it until it's got the outside of the chassis... no airflow...22:03
calc27m and going for hold queue22:06
calctheir 800 number was actually busy earlier when i tried calling22:06
sbeattiecalc: really? I've had a few different 2 hd shuttles that have been rock solid -- but they're all servers so I've never added video cards to cook my disks with.22:19
calcsbeattie: the i865G i had was integrated graphics and still got too hot, but that was around 4 years ago now i think22:24
mattias_hi um... where can i get started in regards of learning to write a program for ubuntu?22:26
sbeattiecalc: I have an i845g that I've had running since before then, with the disks in software raid 1.22:27
calcso the fix isn't actually done yet they thought they had fixed it and announced the issue then found out the bug wasn't fully fixed yet (i suppose) and will be sending it via email to everyone once its done22:32
slangasekkirkland: is bug #309541 still a going concern in alpha-3?  The bug is still only marked 'fix committed' for Linux22:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 309541 in linux "Jaunty Alpha 2 Installation: encrypted home directory broken" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30954122:36
superm1are we still frozen for a3 or is /t just not updated yet?22:37
directhexoh, minor note: if your gdm default session changes (e.g. to 'mythbuntu'), guest sessions don't work22:37
slangaseksuperm1: feel free to consider us unfrozen, the milestone will be published shortly22:39
superm1slangasek, great thanks22:39
tedgWhy is there PPA builds in queue if there are idle machines (instances)?  https://launchpad.net/+builds22:43
slangasekthat page claims they aren't in queue :)22:45
tedgslangasek: Heh, well the aren't now.   I think it's a cron thing, they get moved in at a specific interval.22:48
TheMusobryce_: The mitac audio patch you put together is now upstream. Will be pulling it and a few others to pass onto the kernel team next week.23:05
bryce_TheMuso: awesome23:06
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