xivulon_cjwatson I get partman-auto-loop/unclean-host error although the virtual disk file is empty and should not generate that00:22
kirklandi'm having trouble installing from today's desktop-amd64 installer, failing on formatting the partition00:25
kirkland"The ext3 file system creation in partition #1 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) failed."00:26
cjwatsonxivulon_: logs again, I guess :-/ Too late for me to attempt to debug it now00:26
cjwatsonkirkland: same for you00:26
cjwatson(unless evand's handy)00:26
kirklandcjwatson: not an emergency00:27
cjwatsonwell, it might be if other folks are seeing it00:27
kirklandcjwatson: i'll gather for you though00:27
kirklandcjwatson: yeah, i'm just doing some daily iso testing ;-)00:27
cjwatsonoh, I should update partman-auto-loop for ext4, I notice00:27
kirklandcjwatson: evand: I like the presentation of the encrypt-home bit!  cheers for that!00:27
cjwatsonall evand's work00:27
kirklandcjwatson: particular logs you want?  the usual?00:28
CIA-3partman-auto-loop: cjwatson * r47 ubuntu/ (autopartition-loop debian/changelog): Add ext4 support.00:28
xivulon_cjwatson I guess this is due to autopartition-loop, will have a quick go myself at it00:28
cjwatsonkirkland: syslog and partman00:28
kirklandcjwatson: sure00:29
cjwatsonxivulon_: odd, I can't imagine how that would fire if there weren't really any images00:29
cjwatson'mount -t auto -o loop,ro /host$path /tmpmountpoint' has to succeed00:29
cjwatsonyou might want to set -x it to see exactly what's going on00:30
kirklandcjwatson: what should I file the LP bug against?00:31
* kirkland always gets it wrong :-)00:31
cjwatsonalternate => debian-installer, desktop => ubiquity00:31
cjwatsonas a rule of thumb00:31
xivulon_already done that (-x)00:32
kirklandcjwatson: ah, i usually file this sort of thing against partman00:32
cjwatsonoh, you can do that but TBH it is tricky to figure out which partman component is involved without code inspection00:32
cjwatsonI get it wrong on a regular basis00:32
cjwatson(I'd rather partman were just one big component really, but it wasn't my idea and it's pain to merge them)00:33
kirklandcjwatson: that's the part i meant i always get wrong :-)00:36
kirkland* kirkland always gets it wrong :-)00:36
kirklandcjwatson: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/31770900:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317709 in ubiquity "jaunty: ext3 filesystem creation failed" [Undecided,New]00:37
kirklandcjwatson: with partman, syslog, and screenshot00:37
cjwatsonJan 16 00:30:33 ubuntu ubiquity: /bin/partman-commit: 23: stralign: not found00:38
cjwatsonJan 16 00:30:36 ubuntu udevd-event[7286]: mknod(/dev/pktcdvd/control, 020660, (10,62) failed: Too many levels of symbolic links00:38
cjwatsonJan 16 00:30:36 ubuntu partman: mke2fs 1.41.3 (12-Oct-2008)00:38
cjwatsonJan 16 00:30:36 ubuntu partman: Could not stat /dev/sda1 --- No such file or directory00:38
cjwatsonthe combination of all of that is not all that encouraging00:38
cjwatsoncan you check whether /dev/sda1 exists?00:40
cjwatsonthe stralign thing is harmless but I'll fix it anyway00:42
xivulon_cjwatson I zeroed the virtual disk and it works, looks like a left-over from a previous test (not sure why because I uninstalled)00:43
cjwatsonxivulon_: hmm. oh well ...00:44
xivulon_well sort of works, seems to get stacked on the same point as last time00:44
xivulon_logs on their way00:44
CIA-3partman-base: cjwatson * r122 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog partman-commit):00:44
CIA-3partman-base: Resynchronise partman-commit with partman, fixing harmless warning about00:44
CIA-3partman-base: stralign.00:44
cjwatsonkirkland: I'm wondering if the udevd failure there rendered it somehow unable to create /dev/sda1. Would be strange00:45
cjwatsonor whether it actually wasn't /dev/sda1 at all. 'udevadm info --export-db' or similar might be worth hunting through00:45
kirklandcjwatson: this a kvm, qcow2 disk00:47
cjwatsonsame as I use for testing00:47
cjwatsona single mknod() failing shouldn't break anything else, from my reading of udevd's code00:48
xivulon_cjwatson, paste.ubuntu.com/10538301:11
evandkirkland: cjwatson: the design was mpt's suggestion02:10
davmor2cjwatson: there seems to of been an epic fail with ubiquity oem so I'm trying an alt install of it.  If I get a fail I'll throw up the log files10:35
davmor2encrypted lvm is causing issues with the ext2 /boot failing to partition10:37
davmor2cjwatson: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/31761810:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317618 in debian-installer "Xubuntu jaunty-alternate-i386.iso fails to re-partition 40GB drive w/multiple partitions" [Undecided,New]10:41
cjwatsondavmor2: bug 317791 perhaps?11:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317791 in oem-config "oem-config-dm installer fails" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31779111:50
cjwatsonbugger, it's going to take over three hours to download the desktop image12:02
davmor2cjwatson: sorry away just got back.13:40
davmor2I can reproduce it every time the install is different to what is already on the hd13:41
davmor2cjwatson: my hd has borked a bit on the test machine that I was installing oem on so I need to wipe and try again13:42
cjwatsondavmor2: I didn't mention it here, but I figured out the problem13:42
cjwatsonnew parted upload is working its way through13:42
cjwatsonwill have affected both d-i and ubiquity, I'm afraid, probably pretty much hosing all partitioning :-(13:43
davmor2never mind give me something to do any ideas on when the new images will be up?13:44
cjwatsoncouple of hours - the new parted won't have finished publishing yet13:47
cjwatsonslangasek is already going to hurt me, I'm sure13:47
cjwatsonsince it was due to a patch I shoved through at short notice for wubi13:48
davmor2charlie-tca: there's a fix in place for the partitioning issue but it will need a respin on most of the images14:08
charlie-tcaGood news, then!14:08
charlie-tcaI am trying to be patient :-)14:09
davmor2cjwatson: here borrow my stab/bullet/bomb proof vest for when you tell slangasek14:18
* charlie-tca thinks it _can_ be that bad14:24
cjwatsonI pushed in a late change which broke the world. That tends to make one unpopular14:28
davmor2especially as the release date has been pushed back a day already :(14:32
davmor2cjwatson: on a plus side most of the apps have been tested now so it's only the installer14:38
cjwatsonas long as nobody uploaded changes ...14:40
davmor2and waiting for the images14:40
davmor2no don't point that bit out to slangasek though ;)14:40
xivuloncjwatson left you some logs yesterday night, not sure if you noticed, doesn't look to different from previous one14:50
cjwatsonxivulon: I thought you said the problem was solved - anyway there was a parted bug I created by trying to fix your previous issue14:51
cjwatsonso that could easily be it14:51
xivulonwill today iso include all relevant fixes?14:51
cjwatsonI'm about to rebuild14:51
cjwatsontoday's is broken14:52
xivulongood I will test tonight14:52
xivulonthanks for the patches14:52
xivulonreading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDSJaunty/Report/Foundations it seems that grub2 will happen for jaunty, my understanding of what happened at UDS (I missed that track) was quite different15:04
cjwatsonit doesn't say that at all15:05
cjwatsonit's in a section marked "These features involve development or other actions by the community, and thus we cannot guarantee their implementation within this release cycle"15:05
cjwatsonnot at all definite15:05
xivulonthanks for clarifying15:06
CIA-3partman-target: cjwatson * r743 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog finish.d/fstab_removable_media_entries):15:23
CIA-3partman-target: Fix disk_containing function to use its argument rather than relying on15:23
CIA-3partman-target: $dev.15:23
cjwatsonevand: assigned bug 317068 to you since you said you were working on the same thing yesterday15:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317068 in ubiquity "ubiquity crashed with InstallStepError in configure_user()" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31706815:26
superm1xivulon, grub2 was supposed to be added as an option into the installer (and preseedable) so more feedback could be gathered on it this cycle from what I recall in discussions15:27
tjaaltonI'd be willing to test it, and make it available15:29
cjwatsonI think somebody needs to get its update-grub equivalent up to par with our Ubuntu modifications to grub first15:30
cjwatsonand in general check all our modifications over - which will be a fairly long job unfortunately15:30
tjaaltonhmm :)15:30
tjaaltonI'll poke it next week15:30
tjaaltonoh, that's not a part of the installer.. what does d-i need in order to be able to use it?15:31
cjwatsongrub-installer already has basically the relevant code15:33
cjwatsonDebian did that15:33
cjwatsonalthough we've temporarily disabled it until such time as we actually want to use it15:33
tjaaltonand what about the gtk+ frontend?15:33
evandcjwatson: ok; thanks15:34
cjwatsontjaalton: no progress since you last asked15:34
superm1cjwatson, who wrote a majority of the update-grub modifications?  perhaps since they are best versed upon what was changed they should be the one who opts to poke it?  I added a few things in it in hardy at some point to bring it closer, but i'm sure there is still a lot missing15:34
tjaaltoncjwatson: heh ok15:34
cjwatsonsuperm1: err, a cast of thousands^Wseveral15:34
cjwatsonno matter who does it it'll be a matter of painstakingly going through the diff15:34
superm1cjwatson, ah...15:34
tjaaltonheh, debdiff is 12k lines :)15:39
tjaaltonof the package, update-grub alone is ~1000 lines15:43
superm1well update-grub would be the only thing that needed updating though.15:52
CIA-3oem-config: cjwatson * r577 trunk/debian/ (changelog oem-config-udeb.postinst): Suppress user-setup's encrypted home directory question in OEM mode.15:54
tjaaltonI see slangasek on the list of update-grub contributors :)15:59
superm1cjwatson, why suppress that question in OEM mode?  Shouldn't users of preinstalled systems be able to have the same question presented?16:01
xivulonhad a couple of patches in the update-grub related to wubi, but if grub2 supports loop mounting and vfat/ntfs they might not need to be ported16:02
xivulonI can play with that once I can get the installation to complete16:03
cjwatsonsuperm1: the suppression is in the first stage; I haven't yet got round to *adding* the question to the second stage but I agree that that makes sense16:03
cjwatsonsuperm1: i.e. it doesn't make sense for the OEM customisation user to have an encrypted home directory16:03
superm1cjwatson, oh okay :)16:22
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davmor2xivulon: cjwatson: evand: Umenu is still coming up with invalid CD detected16:44
davmor2wubi starts up and immediately starts downloading from the interweb16:47
evanddavmor2: jaunty or 8.04.2?16:50
davmor2latest respin of jaunty16:50
davmor2evand: this one 8e01f42693bb81a9b27bc4224cf5bb64 *jaunty-desktop-i386.iso16:52
evanddavmor2: we're on the cusp of replacing umenu and wubi with a python rewrite, but have not done so yet.  So I'd hold off on testing them for the time being.16:52
davmor2evand np's16:53
* davmor2 moves onto m-a instead16:53
cjwatsonsorry, didn't realise the rewrite was happening16:54
cjwatsonwell, at least not soon16:54
davmor2cjwatson: np's I needed xp on for migration-assistant anyway :)16:55
evandNo worries.  xivulon has been working on it, and it seems to almost be ready enough for the CDs.17:01
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CIA-3partman-target: cjwatson * r744 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog finish.d/fstab_removable_media_entries):17:59
CIA-3partman-target: Fix use of udevinfo rather than udevadm info when checking if a disk is17:59
CIA-3partman-target: USB.17:59
davmor2meh hd is playing up need to low level format it18:04
kirklandcjwatson: is there a desktop iso yet that fixes the filesystem creation failure i had yesterday?18:29
cjwatsonkirkland: yep, current one18:29
cjwatsonit turned out to be a parted bug I introduced, once I reproduced it (albeit on alternate)18:29
kirklandcjwatson:  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/current/jaunty-server-amd64.iso ?18:30
kirklandcjwatson: sorry, that's server18:30
cjwatsonkirkland: not affected18:30
kirkland wget http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/jaunty-desktop-amd64.iso18:30
kirklandcjwatson: cool, thanks, i'm downloading18:31
davmor2yay hd fixed try again19:02
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cjwatsonevand: just looking at the oem-config language screen - would it be worth sorting the languages down then right, rather than right then down? so:21:41
cjwatsonA D G               A B C21:41
cjwatsonB E H  rather than  D E F21:41
cjwatsonC F I               G H I21:41
cjwatsonI find it rather hard to read at the moment and am wondering if that's why - FWIW the gfxboot language screen is sorted the first way21:42
cjwatsonI think people are typically used to reading right then down for flowing text, but down then right for columns (compare newspaper layout)21:43
evandcjwatson: sure, I'm not tied to either way21:45
cjwatsonhmm, except it isn't clear to me that you can tell an iconview to do that21:49
cjwatsonit seems to be pretty set on laying them out in rows21:52
cjwatsonI filed http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=568033 upstream22:02
ubottuGnome bug 568033 in GtkIconView "horizontal item ordering for GtkIconView" [Enhancement,Unconfirmed]22:02
CarlFK1alt installer: where all is the username used?  /home/user and /etc/passwd is all I can think of22:05
cjwatsonI wouldn't like to try to list every possible place22:08
cjwatsonprograms have a bad habit of copying the username around22:08
cjwatsonI'd just grep for it if you care22:08
cjwatsonand 'find' as well, since it ends up in filenames (e.g. the crontab spool)22:09
kirklandcjwatson: hmm, i still haven't successfully installed the jaunty desktop :-/23:21
kirklandcjwatson: latest try ended with a python backtrace23:22
cjwatsonkirkland: with encrypt-home enabled?23:22
kirklandcjwatson: tried to send an error report but my connectivity is poor at the moment (in the car)23:22
kirklandcjwatson: yup23:22
kirklandcjwatson: i'm trying without now23:23
cjwatsonkirkland: that's known23:23
kirklandcjwatson: ah, okay23:23
kirklandcjwatson: evand looking at it, or does he need my help?23:23
cjwatsonI've lost the bug number, but it's on the jaunty tech overview page23:23
cjwatsonbug 31706823:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317068 in ubiquity "ubiquity crashed with InstallStepError in configure_user()" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31706823:23
kirklandcjwatson: gotcha.  so that's not going to be fixed in time for the alpha?23:23
cjwatsonno, afraid not23:23
kirkland:-/ :-/ :-/23:24
cjwatsonwe only found out about it rather too late23:24
kirklandi know, i understand23:24
cjwatsonyeah, I'm disappointed, but there you go23:24
kirklandi've downloaded an ISO a day trying it :-)23:24
kirkland(2 some days)23:24
kirklandwell, on the bright side, we might get the filename encryption in the kernel and working before the next alpha23:25
cjwatsonit wasn't helped by me screwing up parted ...23:25

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