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Charles0Hello, I'm fairly sure I want to make the switch to Linux.. today.. but I have a couple of questions first :s One is about the upcoming release (in April?) If I install an older version of linux now, will i have to redownload/install the newer version? Or will that be done automatically.. I'm most tentative though, because last time I tried Linux I spent days trying to get connected to my wireless network, but couldn't - and so I w01:59
Charles0:s alright.. I'll just try my luck :| Will be back if things go wrong :p02:01
Charles0Cya o.o02:01
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Picijester-: Hi, anything we can help you with today?17:20
jester-Pici: i'm here as irc operator of italian locoteam, is it possible?17:22
Picijester-: Oh, thats fine :)17:22
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[NikO]could someone explain why op action deop ?20:35
[NikO]i prefer have only one bot op20:36
[NikO]and just one line due to action20:36
Pici[NikO]: We prefer to know who did the action, as that will go onto the banlist and its how we've written our bantracker.20:40
[NikO]a bot can do that no ?20:40
[NikO]each kick quiet or ban made via uBOTu-fr are signed with the author20:41
Pici[NikO]: Sure, but then we'd need that bot in all of our channels, and if the bot is down it won't work.20:41
[NikO]the only thing we do urself is akick20:41
stdinit does, freenode recommends only to have +o when you need it, and we choose to follow that recommendation20:41
[NikO]stdin, i understand that20:41
[NikO]but 3 lignes each 10 seconds .. i prefer 1 ligne for that case20:42
PiciWith the traffic that #ubuntu gets, those lines are pushed off the screen pretty quickly.20:42
Nafalloaliases ftw :-)20:42
PiciIndeed. All my op/deop events are all aliased.20:43
[NikO]Pici, i hope for you :)20:44
stdinmost channels follow the same suggestion regarding auto-op20:44
Pici[NikO]: http://nullcortex.com/2008/06/irssi-aliases-scripts/20:44
[NikO]thanks :)20:45
[NikO]stdin, but floodbot is always op, so it the same to use floodbot as main bot, and threads of him for flood no ?20:45
stdin[NikO]: the FloodBots only preform actions that require +o20:47
stdinit makes sense for them to have it20:47
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[NikO]http://www.ubuntu.de/ is it normal ?21:55
jpds[NikO]: Non.21:56
Nafallohaha. nice!21:58
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